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journey tour europe 2022

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The Louvre Museum in Paris, France

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Red bus passing Big Ben in London

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“I love introducing guests to the diversity of Europe and all its countries have to offer.”

Maria, Travel Director

Enjoy afternoon tea in London

Sample over 300-years of history in the simplicity of homemade scones with whipped cream and jam. This deliciously British treat is best enjoyed in the afternoon, complete with a hot cup of Earl Grey, cucumber sandwiches and a tower of sugary delights.

Explore ancient Athens

You don't need to be a historian to appreciate the significance of Athens. Your love affair with the city might begin with goddess Athena’s Parthenon temple and the ruins of Acropolis, but it’s likely to end in a quaint alleyway getting a glimpse at daily life in this ancient capital. The story of Athens continues to unfold.

Catch a flamenco show in Spain

Discover the soul-stirring emotion of a Flamenco show in Spain. This expressive art-form has an intangible cultural heritage recognised by UNESCO, merging song, dance and musical instruments into a performance that has to be experienced at least once. Finish with dinner of paella or tapas to round off your perfect evening.

View the Northern Lights in Iceland

Mother Nature’s wonders come to life with the Aurora Borealis or ‘Northern Lights’. In the frosty landscapes of Iceland, this light display offers viewers a genuine pinch-me moment as vivid colours dance across the night sky.

Spend a night at the opera in Vienna

Hear the talents of traditional opera with the ghosts of Mozart and Strauss in your presence. Though there are more than few places to catch the opera in Vienna, none can compare to the State Opera House (Staatsoper).

Our top 5 things to do in Europe & Britain

There are endless pinch-me moments to be found across the many countries that make up the continent of Europe. But where to even begin? Perhaps a Flamenco show in Spain, afternoon tea in London or a Northern Lights viewing in frosty Iceland? Here are some of the highlights of our Europe and Britain trips that you're sure to love. 

Paris, France

The world’s largest gallery and the home of Leonardo da Vinci’s Mona Lisa, the Louvre is without rival in the art world and is a must see when in Paris. Allow an entire day to explore its eight departments, not missing the Egyptian antiquities, Islamic art and various halls of sculptures. End your day with sunset by the Louvre Pyramid.

London, England

The British Museum

With some eight million works within its permanent collection, The British Museum is an illustrious European landmark. Admire objects brought back from the voyages of Captain James Cook and walk in the controversial presence of the Parthenon Marbles.

Florence, Italy

Uffizi Gallery

The Tuscan capital is home to Uffizi Gallery, where the brushworks of art’s true masters can be found. Names like Raffaello, Leonardo, and Michelangelo fill Uffizi’s grand pink walls, whilst internal courtyards leading to the Arno River reveal the building’s architectural brilliance.

Best museums in Europe & Britain

When traveling Europe with Trafalgar, museum hopping is one of the best ways to understand the culture and history of the places you visit. You’ll find yourself critiquing ancient art and staring in awe at some of the world’s most prominent works. Here are some of our favorites.

Paella Valenciana

Saffron, snails, butterbeans and bomba rice are just some of the ingredients you might find in traditional Spanish paella. Despite originating from the coastal town of Valencia, Paella Valenciana is a variety without seafood. You'll love sitting back to enjoy a steaming plate over the sounds of Spanish jazz in a lively alfresco restaurant.

Beef Stroganoff

Now a staple dish in many parts of the world, beef stroganoff is best enjoyed in its birthplace in Russia with a vodka in hand. This simple dish of beef strips sauteed in a sour cream sauce offers a heart-warming taste of this country’s culinary heritage.


The Mediterranean city of Marseille is where a French culinary icon can be found and devoured. The fragrant stew of bouillabaisse, commonly served with crusty white bread, boils up the finest local seafood and seasonal vegetables with the flavors of fennel, saffron and cayenne pepper.

Best food in Europe & Britain

Our trips to Europe gravitate around indulgent local mealtimes. With new cuisines and cooking methodologies found at every turn, this continent is simply delicious. 

What to pack for a tour in Europe

People packing for a tour

With such a large expanse of space to explore, on some days, long journeys are unavoidable. The scenery will provide plenty of visual entertainment, while headphones can be used to listen to some local music or enjoy podcasts about European history, culture and politics when you're not enjoying the storytelling from your Travel Director.

A good book

Exploring Europe is best done at a relaxed pace with ample opportunity to absorb your surroundings. Dedicate a few days to sitting in a park or a cafe, alternating between reading and watching the world go by.

Versatile shoes

Within the space of one outing you may experience all kinds of terrain when in Europe. Pack shoes that can see you walking from an elegant restaurant to a cobbled footpath, with a stroll along the soft grass of a park in between.

A blank journal

With the wealth of inspiration tucked into every corner of Europe, you may find yourself compelled to write down notes or memories. At the very least to share recommendations with friends when you return home.

All climate clothing

No matter the time of year you travel, Europe can deliver a myriad of temperatures. From frosty cities of Scandinavia to the temperate hills of Portugal, layered clothing best suits the varying micro-climates across this continent.

Pack for sustainable travel

Consider your environmental impact when you next take a trip and go single-use-plastic-free by packing a reusable water bottle, a steel straw, your own shopping bags and refillable toiletry bottles.

Our Europe & Britain destinations

France Paris Cafe

Bosnia Herzegovina

Czech Republic


North Macedonia


Northern Ireland


Other worldwide regions we visit

Africa the Middle East

Australia and New Zealand

North and Central America

South America

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journey tour europe 2022


Towering castles. Untamed natural beauty. Captivating history. Can’t-miss cuisine. This is your time, your moment, your chance to discover Europe.

Destination Must-Sees

Greece Must see takeover

One of the most well-known tourist destinations in Greece, Olympia is located in the western Peloponnese, known as the “Valley of the Gods.” Surrounded by beautiful scenery from the Arcadian Mountains, it is home of the first Olympic Games that were held in 776 B. Step into history when you walk through the ruins of the ancient Olympic stadium or witness amazing sculptures at the museum.

paris europe mustsees

France’s romantic capital is a must-see destination, and a gorgeous gateway to the wonders the rest of this country has to offer. Whether your ideal Parisian getaway has you spending some free time sipping coffee at a café and watching the bustling city life, roaming the halls of art at the Louvre, or exploring the bohemian artist’s haven — the Montmartre neighborhood, there’s rich history and culture abound in every corner of the City of Light.

Europe ms1

Irish countryside:

Take in the atmosphere of quaint seaside villages, see awe inspiring views of the Lakes of Killarney and explore the picturesque town of Kinsale. Wherever you travel in the countryside, you’ll find that the rolling hills and friendly people you encounter will become a part of your fabric.

Europe ms2

Ancient cities of Italy:

Italy is positively brimming with the world’s most famous Roman ruins like the Colosseum, Pompeii and many other relics from the ancient past. In fact, many cities in Italy still hold evidence of what once was. You can find an aqueduct, city gate, Roman theater or the ruins of an entire city there.

Destination Must-Dos

Greece Must dos takeoverv2

Meteora Monastery:

Over 600 years ago Byzantine monks chose to build their monastic community atop limestone rock “towers” that extend nearly 900 feet into the air, making them virtually inaccessible. It is one of the greatest monuments in the world, and is the most important monastic center in Greece. You can climb these rocks and travel the paths hidden behind the massive rocks.

Palace of Versailles France2022

The Palace of Versailles

The iconic Palace of Versailles (UNESCO) and its gardens reflect the extravagant tastes of King Louis XIV, the "Sun King." Alongside a local guide, learn the history and admire the various rooms of the State Apartments, including the Queen's bedchamber and the famous Hall of Mirrors. Be sure to explore the incredible gardens, some of the most famous in the world, which took over 40 years to complete and include intricate architecture, elaborate fountains, and gorgeous statues.

Europe md2

Drift down a canal:

While canals are found across Europe, nothing beats a romantic gondola ride in Venice. Locals like to say the best way to explore the city is to ‘get lost.’ So take a ride along these waterways, step off and then wind your way through the intricate blend of bridges, narrow streets and grand squares.

Spain md4

This was the first capital of Spain located about 43 miles south of Madrid. The history of Toledo dates back to the Roman occupation circa 192 B.C. The old city of Toledo sits atop of a small mountain surrounded on three sides by the Tagus River, and medieval walls on the fourth. From the top of the mountain you can get a 180 degree view of the surrounding landscape.

Expert Advice


Featured Tours to Europe

See our travelers on tour, brochures that feature our europe tours, destinations in europe.

Magnificent landscapes combined with the country’s charming traditions and customs offer new experiences unlike anywhere else in the world. Famous for bullfighting, Spain allows you to grab life by the horns and dive into adventure. Whether it’s the eye-catching architecture of Madrid, the bold Spanish wines, or the shimmering Costa del Sol, this country remains a delight to the senses. Once you experience Spain, you’ll never want to leave and when you do, you’ll always be craving more.

A gem of the Iberian Peninsula, Portugal is a paradise. On the coasts, sun-soaked beaches meet breathtaking hillside towns all down the edge of the Atlantic Ocean. In the cities, ancient structures rise up shoulder-to-shoulder with modern living. Everywhere you turn, you can find mouth-watering food paired with delicious local wines, medieval architecture paired with Moorish artistic influence, and friendly locals paired with charming attitudes. No matter what you seek, when you go, where you look, or how long you stay, Portugal offers something for every traveler.

Whether it’s old-world traditions and wonderful culture, cuisine, history, fashion or natural beauty, Italy is special to many people for different reasons. Few other countries boast so many legendary cities. There are also many charming hill towns and coastal villages that showcase Italy’s amazing natural beauty. From the big cities to the small towns, there is always something exciting to see in Italy. With so many reasons to visit, the rest is up to you!

A rendezvous with a magnifique experience awaits! As cliché as it sounds, France truly has something for everyone. With over two dozen cities, each with their own nuances of the French culture and contributions to its history, architecture, art and last but not least, the gastronomical delights that the French are famous for throughout the world are yours to explore, experience and fall in love with during your stay. Coast to coast, border to border, there are seemingly endless variations on your French experience to be had. Rolling hills and scenic valleys lined with the fruit of the gods; seaside towns, along sandy beaches with views you just might be sharing with royalty; or maybe snowcapped mountain ranges providing some of the best skiing in the world and an adrenaline rush to match is what you seek. Whatever you decide, France easily makes you feel as if you have stepped out of reality and into the art you learned about and loved since you were a child.

At the heart of Europe, monumental contemporary and historic events shape today’s Germany. From the fall of the Berlin Wall to the rise of the Beatles in Hamburg, the culture of the country is marked by its influential past and present. Imagine yourself exploring postcard-worthy castles such as Neuschwanstein or wandering through medieval cities such as Regensburg. From the Bavarian Alps to the Rhine Gorge to the plains of the north, the range of Germany’s landscapes will capture your heart. Perhaps you’ll also indulge your taste buds as you sample the delicious Marzipan sweet treats of the Hanseatic port of Lubeck, which have been produced there for over 200 years. Whether on a journey on the ‘Romantic Road’ or cruising along the Rhine, know that a stein of German beer or a glass of wine from the Rhine vineyards are both a worthy compliment to a destination that offers far more than the average traveler anticipates.


Incredible skiing on the Swiss Alps and delectable Swiss chocolate are only two reasons for visiting Switzerland. Located between Austria, France, Germany and Italy, you can get quite a diverse European cultural experience depending on which region of Switzerland you choose. And though the food, music, art and people themselves are very much influenced by their European neighbors, they are all still uniquely Swiss. You will leave with plenty of memories to savor for a lifetime.

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journey tour europe 2022

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Our Europe tours connect you with the emotion and camaraderie of day-to-day life as you travel throughout its vibrant cities and along the Yellow Roads... those smaller back roads that immerse you on a deeper level offering that authentic sense of place.

  • Austria, Czech Republic and Hungary
  • England, Ireland and Scotland
  • Mediterranean & Greece
  • Netherlands & Belgium
  • Scandinavia and the Baltics
  • Spain and Portugal
  • Switzerland

Trevi Fountain in Rome, Italy, at night


Welcome to Europe

Experiential, culturally diverse, and filled with timeless art, Europe is a true melting pot of cultures on a grand scale. Whether you are traveling along our off-the-beaten-path Yellow Roads on a land journey, or aboard a small ship cruise or river cruise... you are connected to day-to-day European life, with its many historical sites and culinary treasures. The finest handpicked hotels add a luxurious sense of place... making you feel right at home.

Yellow roads of europe, land journeys, join us along the "yellow roads of europe"....

Whether you're planning your first journey to "the Continent," or want to add a new set of European experiences to your collection, our "Yellow Roads" land journeys will take you to the Europe you want to see... in Italy, France, Spain, Portugal, Greece, Great Britain and Ireland, Germany, Switzerland, Scandinavia, the Baltic States, Central Europe, the Balkans and Russia.

  • River Cruises

Cruising Europe's inland waterways on a Tauck River Cruise...

Many of our river cruise guests tell us that they believe there's no better way to explore Europe than aboard one of Tauck's custom-designed riverboats. While riverboating may not be for everyone, it may be for you... and there's no better way to find out than by joining us aboard a Tauck river cruise along the Danube, Rhine, Moselle, Rhône, Saône or Seine rivers.

  • Small Ship Cruises

Discover the best of Europe by sea...

Tauck small ship cruising began more than a quarter-century ago in European waters, with a Mediterranean cruise crafted to delight our guests with the best of land and sea, aboard a ship selected especially for the destination. This holds true today as our small ships cruises set off for European destinations in the United Kingdom and Ireland, the Adriatic and the Dalmatian Coast, Greece and the Aegean, Russia and the Baltic , Iceland, the fjords of Norway, and Mediterranean cruises to Italy, Sicily, Spain and Portugal.

Small Group Departures

Small group departures transform your travel experience throughout europe.

Small Group departures averaging 24 guests and even Smaller Group departures averaging 15 guests are available on Tauck's Europe land journeys.

Tauck Bridges Family Travel

Exciting adventures await your family on our tauck bridges trips throughout europe.

Scavenger hunts in famous museums like the Louvre in Paris... bicycle tours, train trips, boat and gondola rides... culinary adventures like a cooking class in Ireland, truffle-hunting in Italy, chocolate art in Paris... a day in gladiator school, a night in a castle, and so much more awaits on our Tauck Bridges family trips and river cruises to fun destinations including the United Kingdom, Ireland, France, Italy, Switzerland, Austria, Germany, Hungary and Slovakia.

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Featured River, Small Ship and Land Journeys

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journey tour europe 2022















Guest Favorites in Europe

Many of our Europe journeys and cruises explore some of the continent's greatest cities in one trip – Venice, Florence and Rome on a family adventure in Italy... Amsterdam, Köln and Budapest on one Danube cruise, Berlin, Vienna and Krakow on another... Heidelberg, Strasbourg and Basel on the Rhine...

Italia bella: rome to venice, budapest to amsterdam by riverboat, royal danube, berlin & kraków, the rhine and moselle, traveling with tauck, never settle for ordinary.

Travel Experiences that are as memorable as the places...

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journey tour europe 2022

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Europe Tours & Packages

Our Europe tours offer panoramic views of Paris, France

Whether you want to take your time and explore one country in depth or compare and contrast a couple, you're sure the find the perfect Europe tour from our selection of over 250 tours and river cruises from award-winning travel brands.

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Europe tours by region.

If you’re looking for royal castles, romantic ruins, historic buildings, and cosmopolitan cities, you can find it all on a European tour! Whether you’re visiting chic Paris in Western Europe, enjoying the architecture of Prague in Eastern Europe, or sightseeing through the British Isles of the United Kingdom, there’s lots to explore traveling in Europe. Check out the following recommendations for a taste of what each region offers.

Great Britain & Ireland

A tour of Great Britain , the isle comprising England , Scotland, and Wales, could take you to medieval castles, charming villages, wild moors, ancient ruins, and bustling cities. Head north to explore highlands and lochs, find ancient ruins and warm up with a nip of scotch whisky because a Scotland tour has it all! While in the United Kingdom , be sure to visit Belfast , Londonderry, and the legendary Giant’s Causeway in County Antrim, Northern Island.

Who can resist the charm of Ireland ? A tour through Ireland offers travelers wild coastlines, jagged cliffs, regal castles, famous dance moves, and lively music in local pubs. The capital of Dublin is well-known for its draw to travelers with iconic sites like The Guinness Storehouse at St. James's Gate, the famously red Temple Bar, St. Patrick’s Cathedral, Trinity College , and the Book of Kells. 

Northern Europe

Take a tour of Iceland to chase the most spectacular show on Earth—the Northern Lights and see the breathtaking night sky filled with the aurora borealis and its vast spectrum of color. Discover Viking heritage and breathtaking Scandinavian scenery on a Sweden vacation. Visit Hans Christian Andersen's Little Mermaid gazing wistfully across the harbor in Copenhagen, Denmark ’s capital. In Finland ’s capital, Helsinki, see the modern marble façades of Finlandia Hall, the Senate and the colorful stalls in Market Square. Norway 's incredible glacier countryside beckons travelers with deep blue waters surrounded by majestic snow-capped peaks and lush green landscapes.

Southern Europe

It’s said that if you only visit one European city in your life, make it Rome, Italy . With iconic sites like the Colosseum , Roman Forum, Spanish Steps, Trevi Fountain , and the Pantheon, plus Vatican City right next door, it’s the perfect first stop on a tour of Italy . Then travel to Florence for the art and Venice for the romance. Make sure you eat as much pasta and pizza as possible while you travel Italy and also try the famous Italian wines .

Venture across the Ionian sea to Greece , famous for its history, cerulean blue sea, sun-drenched Aegean islands , fresh Mediterranean diet, and warm, hospitable people.

Western Europe

Gourmet cuisine, wine, elegant architecture, world-class museums, high fashion, and stunning scenery are all the ingredients for a perfect French vacation! A trip to the Netherlands is like stepping back in time with its picturesque canals, charming windmills, spectacular tulip fields, clogs, and bicycles.

From paella to Peñíscola, tapas to Toledo, immerse yourself in the vibrant culture of the Iberian Peninsula on a Spanish vacation. Begin your Spain tour in Madrid—Europe’s highest capital—and see Plaza Mayor, Gran Vía, Puerta Del Sol, and the Cibeles Fountain. Take a trip to Portugal and discover its tradition as one of the great European naval powers, the music of the Fado guitar, and Port wine from vineyards along the Douro River Valley.

Further east, you can breathe in crisp mountain air from the rooftop of Europe on a tour of Switzerland . From the Matterhorn to Stanserhorn, the magnificent Swiss Alps cover 60 percent of the country. And a tour of Germany could take you from the fairytales of the Brothers Grimm in the Black Forest to Saxony and the cultural treasures of Dresden to the ancient city of Cologne on the Rhine .

Eastern Europe

Get off the beaten path with a trip to Bosnia and Herzegovina on the Balkan peninsula. Croatia beckons visitors to its cerulean Adriatic waters, medieval cities, and beautiful national parks.

A unique fusion of the East and West, Turkey’s cultural roots stem from almost every major Eurasian empire. 

Looking for even more inspiration? Check out our Expert Travel Advice on Trip Planning and Art & Culture to learn more about Europe travel.

Frequently Asked Questions About Europe Tours

  • When is the best time to tour Europe? While you can visit Europe all year round, most travelers prefer to visit Europe during the warmer months of June to September. More often than not, you’ll find that the sky is bright and blue, the beaches are wonderful, and the weather is perfect. Still, traveling to Europe in the Spring, Winter, and Fall has several benefits. Sites are less crowded, the weather is milder, and there are seasonal events happening like Tulip Festivals in Spring or Christmas Markets during the holidays. Want to learn more? Read all about choosing the best time for you to travel to Europe .
  • What are the best places to visit in Europe? This answer depends on what you're specifically looking for in a vacation. If you're looking to dive into the culture via the food scene, then Italy, Spain, and France are amazing places to tour. Try countries like Croatia, Greece, and Portugal if you want warmer weather and sandy beaches. For more historical sightseeing, visit Prague in the Czech Republic or Bosnia and Herzegovina in Eastern Europe. If you're a nature lover, you can't go wrong with a trip to Switzerland, Iceland, or Germany. There are so many unique places to enjoy when you travel Europe that it's hard to choose just one reason to go! Check out our picks for the top 20 cities to visit in Europe .
  • What is the best way to tour Europe for the first time? A guided vacation is the best way to tour Europe for the first time. When you travel on a guided vacation, everything is organized for you: the best hotels, the finest meals, must-see sights, the best experiences, and comfortable transportation from one place to the next. Plus, each tour is accompanied by a Travel Director, an expert with a finger on the pulse of the destinations. That means no unpleasant surprises, language barriers, or stress. Simply worry-free travel.
  • How many months in advance should I plan a trip to Europe? We recommend you start to plan your trip to Europe between 3 -10 months before you want to travel. Though, airlines don’t publish fares much further out than 10-11 months. You should look to book your vacation once you can lock in your flights. Luckily, we take care of all of that for you. If travelers know they want to go for a special anniversary or event, they’ll book years in advance so they know they’re set and can let us handle it from there.  It’s important to make sure your passport is valid for at least six months after you’re planning to return to the states. Planning earlier allows you plenty of time to renew your passport if needed. Travel rules are changing daily If you're not sure, ask your Travel Specialist or find out more with our simple destination guide .
  • How much does an average tour of Europe cost? No matter what you plan to see or where you’d like to go, you can choose Grand European Travel to plan and book your tour of Europe. When you travel with Grand European Travel, the average tour costs approximately $3,500. Though, we offer great value vacations that start as low as $1,125.
  • Decide WHERE you want to go Do you want to see one or more countries? Do you want to spend lots of time in one place, or move around? Are you looking for a relaxing trip to unwind or an in-depth trip that dives deep into a culture? Depending on what you’re looking for in a vacation, the places you’ll choose to go will vary. If you have a general idea of the region or area you want to visit, it’s easier to start narrowing down what you want to do while there.
  • Decide WHAT you want to see Are you looking to see just the iconic sites of a couple of places to get a taste of Europe and the countries you might like? Are you looking to explore in depth a region you’ve already visited and want to see again? Are there sites you simply cannot miss so you’ll need to make sure you get there while on your trip? Or, is there a special place, maybe nostalgic in ways, that you’d like to visit in Europe? Jot down a few of the highlights you’d like to hit along the way. This will help guide you to exactly when you’d like to travel.
  • Decide WHEN you want to go Again, depending on what you want to do, the time of year you’d like to go is important to figure out. If you’re looking for a romantic getaway in Venice, you might not want to visit during the high-water months. If you’re trying to see the Northern Lights in Iceland, you shouldn't go in June. Want to save some money by traveling in the Off-Season, or simply need to see the Italian Lakes in Fall? If you know where you want to go and what’s important you want to do while there, then you’ll be able to figure out the general months you’re looking to travel. 
  • Decide HOW MUCH you want to spend on your trip If you’re planning a trip of a lifetime, you’re probably going to want to splurge a bit. If you’re looking for an overview of European countries and know you’ll be going back to ones you like, you might not need to spend as much as you think. If you want an all-inclusive, luxury experience it will more than likely cost more than a tour with more optionals to add on as you go.

Why Should You Visit Europe?

There are unlimited reasons to travel to Europe. It is bursting with history, culture, and surreal landscapes, as well as a multitude of cuisines, regional wines, customs, and hospitality unique to every country on the continent. Needless to say, if you’re seeking adventure, a relaxing trip, or even just a break from the regular, you should travel to Europe.


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Experience a world beyond your expectations. Choose from our award-winning vacations on virtually every continent with local favorites and off-the-beaten-path experiences only Globus can share.

We know why you travel. You’d rather have an extra day exploring than a fancy chocolate on your pillow at night. Enjoy hand-selected inclusions and world-class experiences for value-minded travel lovers like you.

Raise your sights and set your sails for the rivers of Europe, South America, Asia, and Africa on an Avalon Waterways cruise. Elevate your cruise experience with fewer passengers, more choices, and endless possibilities.

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Globus Europe Tours

  • Europe Tours

Europe Tours and Trip Packages 2024/2025

Whether you’re an adventure seeker, a history buff, or you just enjoy the finer things in life, a Europe tour package has something to offer every type of traveler. These Europe package tours and trips explore any of the continent’s 50 countries that are diverse in size, climate, traditions - and cost! With fine cuisine, world-renowned art and music, and 23 officially recognized languages, a tour in Europe can be a cultural labyrinth that fuels wanderlust. 

  • Europe Travel Guide

+300 Trips in Europe with 6,169 Reviews

Glimpse Of Europe Tour

  • Starts Amsterdam, Holland
  • Ends Paris, France

Glimpse of Europe

  • Best price guaranteed
  • No booking fees
  • Tour Type Group Tour
  • Activities Sightseeing Tours & Art and architecture Sightseeing Tours , Art and architecture & Cultural, religious and historic sites 'data-more-tripid='21253'>+1 more
  • Accommodation Hotel
  • Transport Private Vehicle, Coach & Boat
  • Age Range 5-99 yrs
  • Operated in English
  • Brochure Price: US$ 1,695
  • Special Deal (19%): - US$ 320
  • Total Price from: US$ 1,375
  • Apr 29 10+ seats left
  • May 13 10+ seats left
  • View More Jan 1, 2019 Jan 2, 2019 Jan 3, 2019

Best Of Central Europe Tour

  • Starts Vienna, Austria
  • Ends Budapest, Hungary

Best of Central Europe

  • Tour Type Small Group Tour
  • Activities Sightseeing Tours & Art and architecture Sightseeing Tours , Art and architecture , Cultural, religious and historic sites & Mountains 'data-more-tripid='3044'>+2 more
  • Accommodation Hotel & Resort
  • Transport Train, Bus, Private Vehicle, Boat, Minibus & Taxi
  • Age Range 15-99 yrs
  • Brochure Price: US$ 3,925
  • Special Deal (25%): - US$ 981
  • Total Price from: US$ 2,944
  • May 04 Only 5 seats left
  • May 08 10+ seats left

Europe Jewel Tour

  • Ends Amsterdam, Holland

Europe Jewel

  • Activities Cultural, sightseeing, food tours & Art and architecture Cultural, sightseeing, food tours , Art and architecture & City sightseeing 'data-more-tripid='37689'>+1 more
  • Transport Coach, Boat, Taxi & Train
  • Age Range 10-99 yrs
  • Brochure Price: US$ 3,090
  • Special Deal (23%): - US$ 700
  • Total Price from: US$ 2,390
  • Mar 27 10+ seats left
  • Apr 03 10+ seats left

Europe Taster Tour

  • Starts London, England
  • Ends London, England

Europe Taster

  • Activities City sightseeing & Art & architecture tour City sightseeing , Art & architecture tour , Art and architecture , & heritage & Cultural, religious and historic sites 'data-more-tripid='37695'>+3 more
  • Transport Coach, Boat & Train
  • Brochure Price: US$ 1,815
  • Special Deal (23%): - US$ 415
  • Total Price from: US$ 1,400
  • Mar 09 10+ seats left
  • Mar 16 10+ seats left

Get Social: Central & Eastern Europe Tour

Get Social: Central & Eastern Europe

  • Activities Explorer
  • Accommodation Bungalow & Hostel
  • Transport Coach, Bus & Helicopter
  • Age Range 18-39 yrs
  • Brochure Price: US$ 3,739
  • Special Deal (10%): - US$ 374
  • Total Price from: US$ 3,365
  • Jun 05 10+ seats left

Spain & Portugal: Flamenco & Tapas Tour

  • Starts Barcelona, Spain
  • Ends Madrid, Spain

Spain & Portugal: Flamenco & Tapas

  • Activities City sightseeing & Art and architecture City sightseeing , Art and architecture , Party and nightlife & Food tours 'data-more-tripid='4978'>+2 more
  • Accommodation Hostel
  • Transport Train, Bus & Coach
  • Brochure Price: US$ 1,729
  • Special Deal (20%): - US$ 346
  • Total Price from: US$ 1,383
  • Apr 26 Only 2 seats left
  • Jun 21 Only 1 seat left

All About Balkans (4 Star Hotels) Tour

  • Starts Sofia, Bulgaria
  • Ends Athens, Greece

All About Balkans (4 Star Hotels)

  • Activities Sightseeing Tours & Art and architecture Sightseeing Tours , Art and architecture & Cultural, religious and historic sites 'data-more-tripid='17753'>+1 more
  • Transport Bus, Coach & Boat
  • Brochure Price: US$ 2,497
  • Special Deal (45%): - US$ 1,124
  • Total Price from: US$ 1,373
  • Apr 27 10+ seats left
  • May 04 10+ seats left

Small Group Food & Wine Tour Of Sicily

  • Starts Catania, Italy
  • Ends Palermo, Italy

Small Group Food & Wine Tour of Sicily

  • Free cancellation
  • Trip customizable
  • Activities Food tours & Wine tasting tours Food tours , Wine tasting tours , Cultural, religious and historic sites , Countryside and village visits & Local culture 'data-more-tripid='22521'>+3 more
  • Transport Minibus
  • Age Range 1-89 yrs

Baltic Capital Cities Tour

  • Starts Vilnius, Lithuania
  • Ends Tallinn, Estonia

Baltic Capital Cities

  • Activities Active and outdoor & Cultural, religious and historic sites
  • Transport Bus
  • Age Range 16-95 yrs
  • May 25 Only 7 seats left
  • Jun 01 Only 4 seats left

Caucasus Countries (12 Days) Tour

  • Starts Baku, Azerbaijan
  • Ends Tbilisi, Georgia

Caucasus Countries (12 days)

  • Activities Sightseeing Tours & Cultural, religious and historic sites Sightseeing Tours , Cultural, religious and historic sites , Art and architecture & National parks 'data-more-tripid='18354'>+2 more
  • Transport Coach & Minibus
  • Age Range 12-75 yrs
  • May 04 Only 6 seats left
  • May 18 10+ seats left

Irish Explorer Tour

  • Starts Dublin, Ireland
  • Ends Dublin, Ireland

Irish Explorer

  • Activities Art and architecture & Cultural, religious and historic sites
  • Transport Coach
  • Brochure Price: US$ 1,480
  • Special Deal (23%): - US$ 335
  • Total Price from: US$ 1,145
  • Mar 30 10+ seats left

European Vistas Tour

European Vistas

  • Activities Natural landmarks sightseeing & City sightseeing
  • Transport Coach, Boat, Private Vehicle & Taxi
  • Brochure Price: US$ 1,890
  • Special Deal (26%): - US$ 490
  • Apr 17 10+ seats left
  • May 01 10+ seats left

Highlights Of Portugal Tour

  • Starts Lisbon, Portugal
  • Ends Porto, Portugal

Highlights of Portugal

  • Activities Local culture & Art and architecture Local culture , Art and architecture , Cultural, religious and historic sites & Shopping and Markets 'data-more-tripid='10596'>+2 more
  • Transport Train, Private Vehicle & Boat
  • Age Range 12-95 yrs
  • Brochure Price: US$ 1,649
  • Special Deal (20%): - US$ 330
  • Total Price from: US$ 1,319
  • May 05 Only 2 seats left
  • May 17 Only 1 seat left

Croatia Sailing Adventure Tour

  • Starts Split, Croatia
  • Ends Split, Croatia

Croatia Sailing Adventure

  • Activities Sailing, yachting and motor boating & National parks Sailing, yachting and motor boating , National parks & Chill out 'data-more-tripid='37268'>+1 more
  • Accommodation Yacht Cabin
  • Transport Private Vehicle, Yacht & Boat
  • Age Range 18-40 yrs
  • Brochure Price: US$ 1,895
  • Special Deal (30%): - US$ 569
  • Total Price from: US$ 1,326
  • May 29 10+ seats left

Europe Tour Reviews

  • Valerie Kilfoil

Europe - Tour Package Highlights and Trip Insights

With so much to see, do, eat and buy, planning a Europe tour is no easy feat. There are, of course, the typical sightseeing musts: Paris’ Louvre, London’s Tower Bridge, and Rome’s Colosseum. Even Europe’s most frequent visitors will always find something new to discover. Read on for our top Europe tour highlights and Europe trip insights.

Europe Tour Package Highlights

  • Go back in time and explore the ruins of ancient civilizations in Italy and Greece
  • Snack on cheese and wine (or escargot, if you’re feeling adventurous) in the Champ de Mars, beneath the Eiffel Tower
  • Ride a bicycle through the townhouse-lined streets of Amsterdam before touring the canals by boat
  • Listen to the romantic songs of the gondoliers as you cruise through the canals of Venice
  • Indulge in an authentic Belgian waffle, drowned in chocolate
  • Enjoy an ice-cold beer from a beer stein at Oktoberfest in Germany
  • Hike from village to village in Italy’s Cinque Terre
  • Get lost between the shelves of some of the world’s most beautiful libraries, like those at Trinity College (Dublin, Ireland), Mafra Palace (Mafra, Portugal), and the Clementinum Baroque Library Hall (Prague, Czech Republic)
  • Join a Europe tour that goes through many of Europe's travel highlights in countries such as Spain , France , Italy , Netherlands and Scandinavia .

Europe Trip Insights

  • Traveling by rail is one of the easiest (and sometimes cheapest) ways to get around Europe, especially if you plan to travel for a couple of weeks (or longer). Investigate rail passes before you visit, particularly ones that can be used between countries. Interrail and Eurail are very popular among travelers.
  • Don’t skip the “touristy” destinations. Everyone travels differently, but the most popular European highlights are popular for a reason. Brave the crowds and be sure to stop by those more cliché sites - you’ll be glad you did.
  • Try not to over prepare! One of the great benefits of visiting Europe is that it’s incredibly easy to travel between towns and countries. Allow yourself some flexibility to open yourself up to new adventures (and avoid travel burnout). If you've booked a Europe tour package with accommodation, activities, guides etc. get ready to indulge and relax - you are up for a Europe trip of a lifetime. 
  • Chances are you don’t speak 23 different languages, so be prepared before you travel. Avoid carrying around heavy guide books by downloading a translation app on your phone.
  • Note that not all European countries use the Euro, including the United Kingdom , Denmark and Hungary (among others). Do your research beforehand and be ready to juggle different currencies if you’re planning an extensive trip.
  • Travelling on a budget? Check our last minute holiday and travel deals to Europe . Also, consider looking for accommodation outside the city centre. Most large European cities are very well connected by public transportation, meaning all your bucket list sites are just a quick (and often inexpensive) bus, train, or metro ride away.

Tours in Europe - Questions and Answers

You can spend a couple of months exploring Europe and still feel like you have not seen everything. Generally speaking, a two-week Europe trip should be just enough if you are looking to cover its major highlights. However, if you want a comprehensive travel experience within this duration, it is better that you focus on a region or a few countries rather than traveling all over the continent. 

Choose a single country or schedule your trip around a handful of cities in different countries. While larger European cities may require three to four days to explore, you can get around smaller destinations in a day or two. Planning your trip around a particular region will cut down your travel time and save your time in transit.

If you are planning to visit multiple countries, you should prepare a tentative list of destinations you are interested in. If it is your first trip, stick to major cities and cultural centers for the sake of simplicity and convenience. Also, be flexible and optimize your travel time and budget. Be open to changing your itinerary depending on schedules and ticket prices.

There are dozens of insurance companies offering travel insurance, which can make it difficult for you to choose the right one.

There are a number of things that you should be aware of while purchasing travel insurance. If it is comprehensive medical insurance plans that you are interested in, make sure to find out what all the plan covers. If you are concerned about certain scenarios, then check out customizable travel insurance policies and find out if the provider can cover you for those situations. You also need to determine if there are reasonable coverage limits. Check deductibles and compensation limits in the insurance policy for this.

While insurance is important, it is mostly a safeguard against emergencies. If you are on a budget, you can go with the second- or even third-best option and prioritize getting your money’s worth instead of purchasing the most comprehensive coverage.

Europe has swathes of spectacular landscapes, a rich history, and vibrant cultures. Therefore, deciding on the best travel destinations on the continent can be difficult. However, you can narrow down on highlights by choosing one overarching theme for your trip. 

If you are looking forward to immersing yourself in art and history, then Italy, Spain , and France should be on the top of your list. Head for Switzerland , Norway , or Croatia if nature is what you love the most. For beaches and water sports, you will be hard-pressed to find better destinations than Greece , Portugal , and Montenegro.

Having said that, you can also diversify your itinerary by mixing and matching different elements of the same country. Italy  tops the charts not just for its medieval monuments and Renaissance art but also for coastal scenery and sun-soaked beaches. Similarly, Spain is a foodie paradise as much as it is an architectural hotspot.

Bus services like FlixBus and BusAbout offer a convenient means of transport if you wish to move from one city to another within the same country. Although these services do travel between countries, they might not be the best choice due to a longer travel time.

Budget airlines are another great way to get around Europe’s major cities, especially when you want to cut down on travel time between two countries. Keep an eye out and you might be able to snag tickets at unbelievable rates. Services like Skyscanner can be of help. Some of the largest budget airlines in the continent are Ryanair , WizzAir , Eurowings , and EasyJet .

Ridesharing services are a godsend for those wishing to immerse themselves in local culture as they offer you the chance to catch a ride with locals along the way. BlaBlaCar is the largest one. The only downside is that it is not always as easy to book a rideshare service as it is to catch a bus or hop on a budget flight.

The USA is one of the 63 countries whose citizens enjoy visa-free entry into the EU Schengen zone along with the UK and associated states like Iceland , Liechtenstein, Norway, and Switzerland. 

This means that if you are an American citizen with a valid US passport and want to travel to Europe for a limited amount of time for tourism or business purpose, you can do so anytime you want to. However, if you have more long-term plans (say, you intend to get employed, study, or simply live in Europe for an extended period of time), you will need to apply for a visa. The type of your visa and required documentation depend on your goals. 

Update for 2022: EU is set to launch ETIAS (European Travel Information and Authorization System) by the end of this year. It is similar to ESTA and is supposed to help simplify travel procedures and decrease security risks. All travelers allowed to travel to the EU and associated states visa-free will require an ETIAS authorization. This also includes US citizens.

If your country has a visa-free agreement with the EU, you are allowed to spend up to 90 days within a period of 180 days. Keep in mind that the countdown starts on the date of your entry and ends on the date of your exit. So, for example, if you fly into an EU country on the first of the month and exit on the 15th, it will count as a 15-day stay.

There are 63 countries in the world that have a visa-waiver agreement with the EU . If your country is part of this agreement, you can travel to Europe visa-free. You do, however, need to show the following to be allowed into the Schengen Zone and associated states.

  • A valid passport: Your passport should have a validity of at least 3 months at the time of your entry into Schengen and be less than ten years old.
  • Purpose of entry: In addition to your passport, you also require documents that prove that you are there for tourism purposes. These documents can include invoices for hotel reservations and booked tours. 
  • Proof of financial means: You also need to carry documents proving that you can support yourself during your stay in the region.

As long as you have got all three, all you need is a plane ticket to your chosen destination. 

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  • Europe family tour packages
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  • Europe travel deals

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journey tour europe 2022

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European Travel in 2022 is Booking Up: How to Plan Your Trip Now

Updated:  February 23, 2022

Customers rate Zicasso's travel referral service  5  on a scale of 1 to 5 based on  1537  reviews on Trustpilot

We match you with top tour companies that specialize in the trip you want,  whether it's a customized private tour or a group tour.

Oia White City, Santorini Island, Greece

Oia White City, Santorini Island, Greece

Whether looking for the perfect couple’s trip to Greece, a family getaway to Spain or the trip of a lifetime to Italy, now is the time to consider your vacation plans for 2022.

With Zicasso travel specialists reporting many top properties and destinations are already booked at 90% and upwards for summer 2022, planning now may be the only way to ensure your first-choice options can be yours to enjoy.

From how to pick your travel dates to which country to visit, this short guide to European travel 2022 will get your plans moving in the right direction.

Pick Your Travel Dates - Tips for Every Season

Determine your travel goals, find inspiration and new ideas, customize and personalize your vacation.

Summer Tuscany scenery with red poppy flowers and grain fields surrounding cute Vitaleta chapel and Pienza on the hill in Italy

Tuscany, Italy

Last-Minute Travel for March, April, and May

As entry requirements have eased over the last two weeks and logistics simplify, it is the perfect time to consider a last-minute trip.

With nearly two dozen countries across Europe welcoming American travelers , you will find fantastic weather, beautiful scenery, delicious food, sumptuous wines, historical sights, and local traditions to savor.

For vaccinated travelers, many countries in Europe offer entry without testing. To date, you can arrive in France, Germany, Greece, Greenland, Ireland, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg, Monaco, Portugal, Spain, Switzerland, and the United Kingdom without the hassle of testing.

While we do recommend testing ahead of your trip to ensure that you are healthy to travel, the pressure of taking a test outside of a precise time period certainly eases your pre-trip to-do list.

Zicasso can connect you to a travel specialist specializing in your chosen destination. At the top of the list for many of our travelers are Italy, Greece, Spain, and Portugal.

Italy Travel Tip: “A last-minute trip to Italy could be great for travelers, as long as they are vaccinated,” says Elena, an Italy travel specialist. With many popular sites requiring proof of vaccination, you can enjoy iconic sites before the summer crowds arrive.

Greece Travel Tip:  “We are still seeing availability for March, April, and the first half of May,” says Seetha, a Greece travel specialist. “It’s a fabulous time to explore the mainland of Greece, discover the wonderful nature, gastronomy, history, and culture. For islands, we’d recommend Crete, Rhodes, Corfu, or even Santorini for March or April. In May, many of the other islands would be more accessible for even more opportunities.”

Spain and Portugal Travel Tip: A last-minute trip for March is an excellent idea for those interested in Spain or Portugal. “The pandemic is easing, and in a couple of weeks, we foresee that the situation will be very good; there are no longer many restrictions, and the weather is already nice,” says Ana, a travel specialist for Spain and Portugal. With summer bookings quite full, sneaking in ahead of the crowds will offer you greater availability with desired accommodations and experiences.

Related: Where Americans Can Travel Now

For dates in June, July or August, Book Now

As international travel continues to rebound, summer dates in 2022 are filling quickly. Our travel specialists report that preferred properties are already at 90% and above for bookings in many regions. Trips postponed in 2020 and 2021 also impact availability with rising rates as itineraries are rebooked for future dates. The longer you wait to book, the fewer the options and the higher the cost.

June may be the most challenging for preferred properties and activities for the most popular destinations. If this is the month you would like to travel, connect with a travel specialist for personalized advice, as circumstances vary across Europe.

July and August will bring crowds but also opportunities to move off the beaten path and into less-discovered regions. While coastal and beach areas fill quickly, exploring the cities and smaller towns is a fantastic option. Availability changes by the minute, as do rates and choices at top properties. For travelers looking at peak summer travel dates, last-minute travel will likely not be possible, so planning now is the best chance for your ideal vacation.

The best way to secure your top choices is by speaking with a travel specialist to book your trip now. Whether you want to explore along the winding panoramic cliffs of the Amalfi Coast in Italy, wander the medieval streets of Toledo in Spain, or indulge in a sunset cruise off the coast of Santorini in Greece, your travel specialist can make your dream come true.

Consider Travel Next Fall

After the high season of summer, the crowds relent as the weather cools across Europe. Enjoy the colors of changing foliage, wander comfortably between iconic highlights, and enjoy authentic cultural experiences with fewer crowds than in the summer.

In some corners of Europe, a beach trip is still possible to enjoy in fall, and with the pleasant weather continuing, the shops are open, creative festival season swings to life, and the chance for more advantageous rates are yours.

Expert Tips for Discerning Travelers

Eiffel tower and the skyline of Paris, France

Paris, France

What do you want to see and do most?

Define your goals, and you will know where to begin your journey. Perhaps you wish to dine at Michelin-starred restaurants, are interested in staying in a castle estate property, or wish to cycle a section of the Tour de France.

Each goal you set can help refine how you travel and where you travel to make your dream trip a reality. When you work with a Zicasso travel specialist, your dreams become tangible possibilities and can inspire the outline for your Europe trip.

From private cooking classes to hidden museum galleries, driving a racecar, to leaping into a world of magic, the possibilities are endless.

Learn more: Top 15 Best Places to See in Europe | Top 10 Things to Do in Europe

Do you want to visit one country, or see several?

One of the most challenging questions to answer when visiting Europe is whether you wish to see a single country or discover multiple countries during a single trip. Many multi-country trips follow a theme often associated with the highlights of a region and visiting bucket-list destinations, while a single-country trip often focuses on a more immersive cultural experience.

For 2022, we recommend exploring a single country for your vacation. While restrictions are easing around the world, keeping your plans simple to focus on just one set of entry requirements can eliminate significant hassle and stress throughout your trip.

Learn more: Europe in 2022: 3 Reasons to Choose a Single Country for Your Vacation

Alhambra in Granada, Spain

Granada, Spain

As the landscape of travel changes, so do the possibilities to create unforgettable travel experiences. As our lives change, so do our travel dreams.

From honeymoons and anniversary trips to multi-generational family trips, action and adventure to luxury safari, Zicasso has itineraries to guide you to new ideas.

Every itinerary on our trip is a starting place, as no Zicasso trip is like any other. Every detail can be customized with the help of a travel specialist to capture the perfect Europe trip designed for you.

Start exploring with the Zicasso 2022 Travel Guide for our top itineraries for Italy, Greece, Spain, France and beyond.

Big Ben and Westminster bridge in the London evening

London, England

If you are ready to visit Europe and bring your travel dreams to life, our travel specialists are destination experts and can guide your plans based on your preferences, goals, needs, and desires. Their local connections and ability to surprise you with innovative ideas will result in a customized vacation tailored to make this next trip your best one yet.

By filling out a Trip Request, we will match you with at least two travel specialists who are experts on your preferred destination or destinations. They will compete for your business by learning what the most important factors are for you and design a personalized tour based on your dream trip. You can use the sample itineraries on our site for inspiration to see what is possible.

With Europe incredibly popular with travelers all around the world, you should not delay in making your plans to ensure your preferred destinations and activities. You can speak with a travel specialist by filling out a Trip Request or by calling our team at 1-888-265-9707 .

Learn more: 8 Most Requested Itineraries to Europe | 7 Perfect Itineraries for First-Timers to Europe

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Unique, exclusive experiences and insider access

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journey tour europe 2022

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Big savings on hotels in thousands European destinations. Read hotel reviews & find the best price on hotels for all budgets.

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  • European Best Destinations 2022

The best places to visit in Europe selected by travellers

journey tour europe 2022

Best places to travel in Europe

Over half a million of travellers from 182 countries have voted for the European Best Destinations 2022 .

Out of over 400 destinations, discover the 20 most voted destinations awarded the title of "Best European Destinations 2022".

Discover your top European destinations to visit and find inspiration among European destinations perfect for a city break , a sunny vacation , a romantic getaway , shopping , culture or immersion in nature .

Need more inspiration? Discover the Best Countries to visit in Europe , Most Beautiful Islands in Greece , Most Incredible Castles in Germany , Best Secret Destinations in Italy , Most Amazing Nature Wonders in Austria , Most Beautiful Beaches in Portugal or Spain and much more…

Book your flights , accommodation , tours and activities and discover the very best of Europe .

journey tour europe 2022

1. Ljubljana, Slovenia

Ljubljana  is a city for curious and adventurous souls. The city is a treasure trove of exciting secrets and natural joys. The proud green capital of Slovenia invites all vagabonds who are hungry for culture, art, entertainment, and large green areas, which provide a relaxed atmosphere.

It's not just travellers from all over the world who visit Ljubljana , the capital of Slovenia. Whole delegations of mayors, environmental advisers and town planners visit Ljubljana to understand the green miracle of this unique capital in Europe.

Earlier than other European destinations, Ljubljana opted for a pedestrianized historic center. In its heart, while strolling from a trendy boutique to an authentic store, a trendy restaurant or a trendy café, you can hear birdsong.

The conglomerate of colorful history and natural heritage adorns the great heart of Ljubljana . Your first visit will definitely not be your last. Ljubljana ’s authentic charm is most enjoyed by those travellers who keep coming back for the wonderful culture, cuisine and varied city life.

This year, b ook your flights to Ljubljana as well as your accommodation , tours and activities in Ljubljana and discover the European Best Destination 2022.

  Best for:  Nature,  City break, Foodies, Culture, Instagrammers,  Lovers, Families. 

  Nearest airports:   Book your flights to Ljubljana.

  Covid-19 latest information: https://reopen.europa.eu/en/map/SVN/7001

  Where to stay:  " Hotel Heritage “ situated in the real heart of Ljubljana.

Marbella European Best Destinations 2022

2. Marbella, Spain

Thanks to your votes, Marbella can also bear the title of "European Best destinations 2022. Capital of the sun in Europe, Marbella is the preferred destination for travellers looking for relaxation, shopping, refined hotels and restaurants, also local handcrafts, golf, outdoor sports, elegance and refinement for unforgettable holidays.  

Thanks to the work carried out by the City Council, Marbella also attracts more than ever  digital nomads, sports enthusiasts, gourmets, but also companies and investors . Marbella develops sustainable and responsible tourism of very high quality and is an example of good practice at European level. 

Depart from your 4- or 5-star hotel and recharge your batteries on Puerto Banus Beach. At noon, indulge your taste buds in a Michelin-starred restaurant or tapas bar in the historic center of Marbella . The authentic alleys with thousands of flowers and plants hanging on the walls and balconies are the inimitable signature of this destination which has been number 1 in your heart for decades.

Marbella ’s warm microclimate and year-round sunshine make it an outdoor sports paradise. This sunny destination is also first ranked among the  most prestigious & exclusive destinations in Europe .

Book your flights to Malaga (40 min by car or public transport) and your accommodation and tours and activities in Marbella and discover the Best destination in Spain  and one of your top 3 European destinations 2022 .

  Best for:  Beach, Sun, Nature, Golf, Foodies, Shopping, Outdoor Sport, Lovers, Families.

  Nearest airport:   Book your flights    to  Malaga Airport and your transfer .

  Covid-19 latest information: https://reopen.europa.eu/en/map/ESP/7001

  Where to stay:   " Marbella Club Hotel " is a luxurious beach front hotel in Marbella.

Amiens European Best Destinations 2022

3. Amiens, France

Would you like to take an extraordinary journey in the footsteps of Jules Verne , find yourself in a peaceful haven of canals and floating gardens, discover the most beautiful and largest cathedral in France  and enjoy a great family holiday ? Look no further: Amiens is the destination to put at the top of your travel wish list .

Ideally located in the heart of the Paris-London-Brussels triangle, Amiens is a lovely town ranking as the 4th greenest city in France . As the only French city to have three UNESCO heritage listings and dominated by its imposing cathedral, Amiens shines with its stunning architecture and natural heritage.  Amiens was the source of inspiration for Jules Verne when he settled here in 1871. The famous author left his mark on the city; his influence is visible in every corner of the streets in Amiens . 

Amiens is also home to an international garden festival to be discovered in the famous Hortillonnages site   voted the  most beautiful City Park in Europe .   The Hortillonnages, a 300-hectare green paradise in the heart of the city, can also be explored on foot, by bike, in a rowing boat, in a kayak or even on a paddle.

Don't miss the must-see Musée de Picardie, hop on a bike and head to Amiens Zoo, a real island of biodiversity where endangered species are protected in the peace of nature. Get on the little touristic train or take a horse-drawn carriage ride: both take you through Saint-Leu, a typical historic district marked with colourful houses. This is an ideal place to taste some local specialities such as “ficelle picarde”, or to have a drink in the evening on one of the many terraces along the Somme river.

Above all, Amiens is a city where people like to relax. You don't have to rush from one place to another; just experience the friendliness of the inhabitants, the gentle bustle of the pedestrian shopping center or immerse yourself in the nature.

  Best for:   Families, Nature Lovers, Culture, City Break, Foodies.

  Nearest airport:   Book your flights to Paris (1h) or Brussels (3h).

  Covid-19 latest information:


  Where to stay:     “ Hotel Marotte ” offers a tea room, a champagne and wine bar.

Plovdiv European Best Destinations 2022

4. Plovdiv, Bulgaria

Did you know that Plovdiv , besides being one of your European Best Destinations 2022, is the oldest continuously inhabited city in Europe and one of the most ancient in the world? As the main cultural centre of Bulgaria,  Plovdiv  deservedly won the title of European Capital of Culture 2019. 

The city is home to impressive monuments of antiquity – the 1st-century theatre, the Roman Stadium from the 2nd century, the Ancient Forum, fine examples of Roman mosaic heritage, seen in The Bishop’s Basilica of Philippopolis (4-6th century) and in The Small Early Christian Basilica (4-6th century), and others.

Plovdiv Old Town, the city’s finest gem, is a cultural phenomenon that enchants with its beautiful and richly decorated Revival houses. Thanks to the economic and cultural impulse carried by the Mayor of Plovdiv, Mr.  Zdravko Dimitrov  but also the Deputy Mayor in charge of Culture & Tourism Mr. Plamen Panov and the Tourism Department of Plovdiv this destination is also ranked first among your  Best Cultural Destinations in Europe 2022.   Plovdiv  has also been the  most voted Bulgarian destination  since the creation of this competition in 2009.  

Plovdiv is the city in which millennial history, culture and heritage are in harmony. Ancient and eternal, artistic and modern, cosmopolitan and romantic, this city is so captivating and full of life.

  Best for:   Culture, Architecture, Instagramers, Foodies, UNESCO, Lovers, City Break, Wine lovers.

  Nearest airports:    Book your flights to Plovdiv.

  Covid-19 latest information:   https://reopen.europa.eu/en/map/BGR/7001

  Where to stay:   " Plaza Hotel Plovdiv " offers an airport shuttle service from Plovdiv Airport.


5. Leuven, Belgium

Welcome to Leuven , a picturesque city in the heart of Belgium, an ideal destination for an exciting all year round city break with your friends, family or individually, a destination awarded among the " European Best Destinations 2022 "

Thanks to its rich and varied offering in heritage, art, culture, science, beer, gastronomy and shopping , this town is an invite to stroll and discover. Moreover, it’s very easily accessible and everything lies within walking or biking distance. The moment you walk out of the Leuven Railway Station, you can already feel the radiation of a hip & urban vibe in an historical setting, guaranteed to draw you into its vibrancy. 157 nationalities from all walks of life call it home and are the beating heart of this 21st century-old university town. 

This attractive destination is also on the first place of the podium of the Best Open-Minded Destinations in Europe , a ranking of destinations actively working on accessibility, social diversity, solidarity, tolerance, respect and living together. 

Enjoy shopping in attractive, car-free shopping streets , from eco fashion to major chain stores, from markets with local products to souvenir and gift shops. You are in the land of chocolate, beer and gastronomy so don’t forget to drop by one of the many cosy cafés and charming restaurants you can find one around every corner. Home to the legendary and world-famous Brewery Stella Artois , Leuven has an incredibly rich brewery history (goes back to 1366!). It’s without a doubt the capital of beer. Experience the local breweries in action and enjoy a wonderful beer after your tour.

Book your flights to Brussels-Zaventem Airport as well as your accommodation in Leuven and discover one of the "European Best Destinations 2022"  and the best Belgian destination to visit in 2022.

  Best for:  City Break, Events, Culture, Gastronomy, Shopping, Instagram, Lovers, Friends.

  Nearest airport:   Book your flights to Brussels-Zaventem Airport (20 min by public transport or car).

  Covid-19 latest information:   https://reopen.europa.eu/en/map/BEL/7001

  Where to stay:  " PentaHotel Leuven ". The Grote Markt is 400 m away.

European Best Destinations 2022 - Oradea

6. Oradea, Romania

Considered one of the most beautiful cities in Romania, Oradea is one of your must-see destinations in 2022.

Oradea is a city that fully enjoys each season and pumps live energy in a surprising architectural landscape, becoming one of the region’s best-known destinations for slow and stress-free tourism .

Situated on the western Romanian border, at only 490 km from Vienna, Oradea breathed in the influence of the occident in every moment of its long history. The architectural patrimony in Oradea is so unique that the city has been voted the  most beautiful Art Nouveau town in Europe .

Oradea is the city of the young, of health and relaxation. It was voted the “ Most beautiful city in Romania ”. Boosting an incredible events agenda that spread all year long, Oradea is the perfect destination for city break tourists. Cultural addicts can enjoy an impressive range of exhibitions in local museums and unwind during one of the Philharmonics or Oradea National Theatre performances. The Nymphaea Aqua Park is the perfect place to ‘recharge your batteries’, offering a whooping area of 7 hectares, 10 water slides and 15 pools. 

This year discover one of the best destinations to visit in Romania and one of your favorite destinations in Europe.

journey tour europe 2022

7. London, UK

After Brexit, Covid and border closures, it is high time to rediscover London in 2022, one of Europe's most extravagant destinations. Capital of the United Kingdom, London brings together like no other destination, traders, business people, eccentrics, artists, creators, designers and more. Its tourist offer goes well beyond Big Ben, the London Eye and Madame Tussauds, which will always delight young and old. London is also an atmosphere, parks of rare beauty ranked among the most attractive city parks in Europe .

Head for Portobello flea markets and colorful houses that are the backdrop to legendary films like “Notting Hill” . Discover the eccentric and colorful neighborhood of Camden Town. Stroll between the tidy commercial streets of Regent Street and Oxford Street to the designer, artistic and independent shopping districts of Carnaby Street or Covent Garden; do not miss the gay and LGBTQ district of Soho and marvel at the theater posters hosting world renowned musicals.

There are a thousand good reasons to visit London this year. Our favorite times to discover London is in spring and summer. It’s less crowded and the parks in the city center and surrounding areas like Richmond Park, are sublime with flowering plants ancient trees and deer roaming freely. 

Book your flights to London, your accommodation and your tours and activities in London , such as a " Magical London: Harry Potter Guided Walking Tour ". 

Want to leave the city for a few days? Discover the Best nature Wonders in England , the Best Hidden gems in England and Best places to visit in England and treat yourself to an unforgettable tailor-made stay.

  Best for:  Shopping, Foodies, Instagram, Lovers, Families, Culture, City Break, Events.

  Nearest airports:   Book your flights to  London.

  Where to stay:   " Motel One London " 800 m away from Tower Bridge.

Nijmegen European Best Destinations 2022

8. Nijmegen, Netherlands

Nijmegen is the oldest city in the Netherlands with a city center full of important historical locations. And it’s not just a rich cultural history that Nijmegen has to offer: a large number of students, numerous events and festivals , unique hot spots and cosy restaurants all add up to an unprecedented liveliness in the city. Just put your feet in the sand at our city beach next to the river Waal, or relax at one of the numerous sidewalk cafes.

A large array of both chain stores and small and unique specialty stores will complete your Nijmegen experience, whether you’re here for a day or for the entire weekend. And don’t forget to have a drink and a bite to eat at one of the many restaurants and cafes .

This year treat yourself to a city break combining nature, culture, shopping, outings, gastronomy in one of the most sparkling destinations in Europe. Nijmegen is the Dutch destination that has received the most votes since the creation of this competition, ahead of Amsterdam and Rotterdam. It is also ranked  Best Youth Destination in Europe.

Book your flights to Amsterdam or Rotterdam (1h15) or even from Germany to Dusseldorf (1h15) or Weeze (50 min), your accommodation in Nijmegen and your tours and activities in the Netherlands , such as a " Nijmegen: 2-Hour Tour of the Oldest City in the Netherlands ".

  Best for:  Sustainable Tourism, Youth,  Food, Culture, City Break, Nature, Nightlife, Families, Events, Shopping.

  Nearest airport:   B ook your flights to  Amsterdam or Rotterdam Airport (1h15).

  Covid-19 latest information:  


  Where to stay:   " Hotel Credible ". Situated in the best rated area in Nijmegen.

European Best Destinations 2022 Lahti Finland

9. Lahti Region - Finland

This year you put sustainable tourism destinations at the top of your ranking.

The city of Lahti is a gateway to the Finnish Lakeland – the largest in Europe. Finland has over 188,000 lakes and the water is the cleanest in the world . Lahti is located only an hour north of the capital Helsinki , the international airport and port and just 2.5 hours away from St Petersburg by train.

As European Green Capital , Lahti is a frontrunner in climate work and a pioneer in sustainable and smart solutions. In the Lahti region , you can experience pure and diverse nature sustainably.

From Lahti the waterway opens up from local lake Vesijärvi to the pure Lake Päijänne which is the second biggest lake in Finland , providing drinking water to the whole Helsinki region. 74% of the city area is covered by forest, while 11% consists of bodies of water. The best tap water in the world, filtered and purified naturally by the Salpausselkä ridges, is an everyday luxury for the people of Lahti . A Lakeland Finland holiday is all about relaxing in connection with nature . 

A Finnish traditional sauna, swim in open pure lakes , slow walks in the forest and nights in a private lakeside villa are essentials for every visit. The Lahti region is one of the busiest cottage holiday destinations in Finland.

This year, discover Lahti  also    awarded the title of European Best Sustainable Destination 2022.

Book your flights to Helsinki, your accommodation at the best price in the Lahti Region and your tours and activities in Finland .

  Best for:  Nature, Outdoor Sport, Sustainable Tourism, Wellness, Foodies.

  Nearest airports:   Book your flights  to  Helsinki (1h by car, 40 min by public transport).

  Covid-19 latest information:   https://reopen.europa.eu/en/map/FIN/7011

  Where to stay:    " Solo Sokos Hotel ", located at the very heart of Lahti.


10. Istanbul, Turkey

For decades, Istanbul has been ‘the destination’ for travellers looking for a change of scenery, authenticity, culture, traditions and a certain sweetness of life. 

Cosmopolitan city, straddling two shores and two continents, sparkling generous city, Istanbul remains, surprisingly, a city on a human scale. Steeped in an incredible historical past, it is teeming with exceptional sites such as the Topkapi Palace, the Maiden’s Tower and its legends, and sumptuous mosques open to curious visitors.There are plenty of off-beat sites for those who really want to soak up the native culture and leave tourist crowds behind.

A short trip across the Bosporus on one of the city's typical ferries will land you at Üsküdar, a bustling town with many important examples of Ottoman architecture and some great food shopping. If you want to go further afield, the Bosporus 'villages' have much to offer: wooden Ottoman houses and the village ambience of Arnavutköy, the fortress of Rumeli Hisari with its unforgettable views over the water and fresh seafood.

During your stay in Turkey do not miss to visit the best hidden gems in Turkey such as the Cappadocia Region .

Do you want sun and relaxation? Discover the best beaches in Turkey . Extend your stay and discover the Best Castles in Turkey  and Best Tours and Activities in Turkey for exceptional trips.

Book your flights to Istanbul, your accommodation at the best price as well as your tours and activities in Istanbul , such as the " Istanbul: Bosporus Cruise ". 

  Best for:  City Break, Culture, Instagramers, Foodies, History Buffs.

  Nearest airport:   Book your flights to  Istanbul and your transfer .

  Covid-19 latest information: https://www.turkishairlines.com/pt-pt/announcements/coronavirus-outbreak/travel-restrictions/

  Where to stay:  " Sumahan on the Water " for its unique location on the bank opposite the old town.

European Best Destinations 2022 - Amalfi Coast

11. Amalfi Coast, Italy

The Amalfi Coast is considered one of Italy's hidden gems as well as the perfect place for a honeymoon or a marriage proposal and the whole Amalfi Coast awaits you for sunny, gastronomic, romantic, utterly unforgettable holidays. 

With its steep cliffs resembling the cliffs of Madeira in Portugal , the Amalfi Coast stretches for more than 50 kilometers of breathtaking landscapes . The traditional fishing villages of the Amalfi coast are incredibly colorful and utterly charming as they nest like eagles in the cliffs on the rock spurs.

Come and visit it outside the high season; in spring, lemon trees perfume the sea air of the Amalfi Coast and in September-October the incredible vineyards carved out of the cliffs come alive. Rightly considered a jewel of Italy , the Amalfi Coast is a legendary destination , a mythical vacation spot that has turned the heads of illustrious heroes such as Ulysses bewitched by the sirens. Amalfi, Ravello, Positano, colorful villages await you during your stay on the Amalfi Coast.

Book your flights to Naples, your accommodation on the Amalfi Coast and your tours and activities on the Amalfi Coast such as a "From Naples: Sorrento, Positano and Amalfi Full-Day Tour". 

Ready for an unforgettable stay in Italy ? Discover the Best hidden Gems in Italy , Best Christmas Markets in Italy , Best Castles in Italy , Best Nature Wonders and Best Beaches in Italy for a 5-star vacation in one of the most beautiful countries in Europe .

  Best for:  Lovers, Instagramers, Foodies, Hikers, Wine Lovers.

  Nearest airports:   Book your flights to  Naples (1h30) or Rome (3h30).

  Covid-19 latest information:   https://reopen.europa.eu/en/map/ITA/7011

  Where to stay:   " B&B Al Pesce d'Oro " for their private balconies overlooking the sea. 


12. Prague, Czech Republic

It used to be slightly crowded like Barcelona , London or Paris but Prague is the perfect destination to discover in 2022. Many travellers have left the big cities, wishing to escape the crowds for secondary, lesser-known destinations. The result? Prague , like Lisbon , Venice and London , are much more pleasant to visit nowadays.

Don't hesitate for a second to put this romantic destination at the top of your travel wishlist. Do you like discovering cities away from the crowds? Wake up a little earlier than usual, at 5.30 am-6am, and walk around Prague before city life starts up again. Discover its markets, cafes, restaurants at dawn, watching the sun rise over the most beautiful monuments of Prague . This little tip will cost you nothing (other than a few hours of sleep) and will allow you to see Prague from a different perspective.

Need more reasons to visit Prague in 2022? You have ranked it among your Best Christmas Markets in Europe , Best destinations to celebrate New Year's Eve , Best honeymoon destinations in Europe, Best places to propose in Europe and Best Fairy tale destinations in Europe .

Book your flights to Prague, your accommodation and treat yourself to extras from a selection of the best tours and activities in Prague , such as a " Prague: Sightseeing Dinner Cruise on Open-Top Glass Boat ".

  Best for:  Lovers, Instagramers, Foodies, Shopping Addicts, City Break.

  Nearest airport:   Book your flights to Prague.


  Where to stay:  " Boho Prague " the Old Town Square is 600m away.

European Best Destinations 2022 - Rome

13. Rome, Italy

With London , Paris , Prague and Barcelona , Rome is one of the most visited destinations in the world. A true open-air museum, Rome is utterly fascinating. People obviously come here to discover "Roma Caput Mundi" the capital of the world and the power of the Roman Empire. We marvel at the Colosseum, considered one of the 7 wonders of Europe , or at the Spanish Steps, considered one of the best places for a marriage proposal .

Obviously ranked as your best destinations to visit in Italy , Rome has been regularly on the podium of your best destinations in Europe for over 10 years. Rome is much more than a city, so why not extend your stay for a few days and discover the province of Rome.

The province of Rome is a matching frame for the many treasures of the capital and the surrounding area has, more or less directly, experienced the influence of the history of the Eternal City. The region has a great deal to offer: sea, nature, good food and villages rich in history and art . 

Sea, hills, lakes, rivers and vineyards: the surroundings of Rome offer a kaleidoscope of diversity and attractions for nature lovers. Don't forget to make a wish at the Trevi Fountain . The best possible wish is to come back to Rome.

This year, book your flights , your accommodation in Rome as well as your tours and activities in Rome , such as a " Rome: Street Food Tour with Local Guide " and discover one of the best destinations to visit in Europe .

  Best for:  Lovers, Families, Foodies, Culture, History Buffs, Shopping Addicts, City Break.

  Nearest airport:   Book your flights to Rome.


  Where to stay:  " Singer Palace Hotel " set 350 m from Trevi Fountain.


14. Bavaria, Germany

Bavaria is Germany 's most visited region and one of the favorite destinations for travellers new to Europe. A historic region, with its many legendary castles ranked among the most beautiful castles in Germany , such as the "Neuschwanstein Castle", a fairy tale castle located a few kilometers from Munich Airport, Bavaria is also a modern and open-minded region.

Bordering on Austria and Switzerland, Bavaria has an incredible history and traditions that fascinate travellers from all over the world who come to discover the Oktoberfest, a colorful event combining tradition, funfair, regional gastronomy, songs and dance in Munich , its capital. 

Green and rich in wild flora and fauna, Bavaria offers the largest forest in Europe for those looking for a trip combining nature, outdoor sport, culture, gastronomy and history. Traveling in winter? Do not miss the best ski resorts in Germany ; the most stunning, Garmisch-Partenkirchen and Oberstdorf are located in Bavaria . 

During your stay visit the enchanting Christmas markets in Germany : some Christmas markets in Bavaria such as Rothenburg ob der Tauber are classified among the most beautiful Christmas markets in Germany.

This year, book your flights to Munich, your accommodation in Bavaria as well as your tours and activities in Bavaria , such as a " From Munich: Neuschwanstein Castle Full-Day-Trip " and discover one of the  European Best Destinations 2022.

  Best for:  Nature lovers, Instagrammers, Foodies, Outdoor Sport, History buffs.

  Nearest airports:   Book your flights to  Munich as well as your transfer .


  Where to stay: " Ameron Neuschwanstein Alpsee Resort & Spa " set in Schwangau, 1km from Neuschwanstein Castle.

European Best Destinations 2022 - Athens

15. Athens, Greece

Over the last ten years Athens has repeatedly been ranked among your top of the Best European Destinations .  Travellers will return time and time again for the Acropolis or the Temple of Poseidon and will also discover much more than historic sites in Athens , a youthful city resolutely turned towards the future.

During your stay, be sure to visit the Varvakios Agora, an amazing indoor and outdoor food market. This is the perfect place to mingle with the true Athenians and experience the unique ambience of this authentic market.  You will love to stroll with them through the Monastiraki neighborhood teeming with bars, cafes, restaurants, markets, small shops, flea markets and Greek handicrafts.

Did you know that many theories indicate that philosophy was born in Greece thanks to the great clear horizons which allow the spirit to escape? Take a walk and leave the city center to visit the Athens ’ seaside, its restaurants and fish markets or take refuge in the green oasis of the" National Gardens"; 16 hectares of pure nature await you in the heart of the Greek capital . Kids will love the small zoo where they can see pretty little Greek goats, chickens, peacocks and other feathered animals.

Extend your stay by a few days and discover the Best Hidden Gems of Greece such as the clifftop monasteries of Meteora.   Book online your tours and activities in Greece , such as the "From Athens: Full-Day Meteora Trip by Train". 

Do you want sun and relaxation? Discover the most beautiful beaches in Greece . Still need some inspiration? The Best Castles in Greece , Best Things to do in Greece , Best Nature Wonders in Greece , Best Islands in Greece : just take your pick.

Book your flights to Athens, your accommodation , tours and activities in Athens and discover one of the best destinations to visit in 2022 .

  Best for:   Citybreak, Culture, Families, Foodies, Shopping, Instagram, History. 

  Nearest airports:   Book your flights to Athens and your transfer .

  Covid-19 latest information: https://reopen.europa.eu/en/map/GRC/7002

  Where to stay:  " Athens Life Gallery " located in the sophisticated suburb of Ekali.

European Best Destinations 2022 - Clonakilty

16. Clonakilty, Ireland

Awarded by the European Commission for its commitment to sustainable tourism combining environmental protection and local development of regional products, Clonakilty is one of Ireland's top sustainable tourism destinations .

Clonakilty was founded by Richard Boyle, Great Earl of Cork in 1588, and is usually flush with color from the traditional shop fronts to the many flowers and plants blooming along the narrow bustling streets.  A number of festivals take place in Clonakilty every year including the West Cork Rally, an International Guitar Festival and the Michael Collins Festival. Music, good food and a bit of ‘craic’ (good time) can be had in the many hostelries in this delightful town.

A long list of restaurants, cafés and bars, all serving the very best of what West Cork has to offer, will make sure you are well looked after while the wide range of amenities, leisure activities and attractions will ensure your experience of Clonakilty is truly memorable.

For these reasons Clonakilty is not only one of the best destinations to visit in Europe, it is also one of your best gastronomical sustainable destinations and one of the best destinations in Europe for sustainable experiences . 

Book your flights , accommodation , tours and activities in Clonakilty , such as a ‘ Whale watching tour ’. 

Need more inspiration? Discover the Best Beaches in Ireland , Best Hidden Gems in Ireland , Best Places to Visit in Ireland , Best Castles in Ireland  and Best Tours and Activities in Ireland .

  Best for:   Nature lovers, 

Sustainable Tourism, Foodies, Outdoor Sport, Families.

  Nearest airports:   Book your flights to Cork (50 min by car, 2h by public transport).

  Covid-19 latest information: https://reopen.europa.eu/en/map/IRL/7002

  Where to stay:  " Clonakilty Park Hotel " in the heart of Clonakilty.


17. Vienna, Austria

Vienna is one of the capitals of love and one of your favourite destinations in Europe in 2022 .

Vienna is an ideal destination for romantics: what better than a horse-drawn carriage ride followed by a visit to the Royal Palaces of Vienna ? And in the evening, a waltz to the sound of Strauss's Blue Danube to transport you to the time of the Empress Sissi?

That being said, Vienna is also the perfect city for a sparkling, original city break for friends, families, lovers and singles.

An openly gay-friendly city (you’ll remember Conchita Wurst was from Vienna ), it is also one of the safest cities in Europe . The feeling of security is very high and these cities are known for their quality of life and low crime rate.

We love Vienna in spring and summer, with its parks classified among the most beautiful city parks in Europe ; its amusement park "The Prater" in the heart of the city is considered to be one of the best places for a marriage proposal . 

Do you want to meet people? Meet at the Palmenhaus; in addition to being the largest greenhouse in Europe , it houses a bar and a super trendy restaurant where you can eat Austrian specialties or drink lighter cocktails more suited to cruising.

Book your flights to Vienna, your accommodation , tours and activities in Vienna , such as a " Vienna: Classical Concert at the Mozarthaus ".

  Best for:   Lovers, Signles, Foodies, LGBTQ+, City Break, Families, Culture, Safe holiday.

  Nearest airports:   Book your flights  to Vienna as well as your  transfer  from the airport.

  Covid-19 latest information: https://reopen.europa.eu/en/map/AUT/7002

  Where to stay:  " High Street Suites " for a perfect stay in the heart of Vienna.


18. Lucerne, Switzerland

Lucerne is a real postcard destination that attracts travellers from all over the world. 2022 is probably the best time to find out as it has been less crowded since the pandemic.

Geographically, it lies in the heart of Switzerland and, historically, the Lake Lucerne Region with the world-famous city of Lucerne (or Luzern) is Switzerland’s birthplace. Its landscape is shaped by the spectacular Alps covered in a magical blanket of snow in winter. You could say that the Lake Lucerne Region is a “pocket-size version” of Switzerland. 

No other region offers so many memorable Swiss vacation moments in such a small area: enjoy a raclette (cheese fondue) on a winter boat trip on Lake Lucerne , spend a day in the snow in the foothills of the Alps with a panoramic view of the mountains or take a  gentle winter stroll through Lucerne, the “Festival City” and “ Christmas City ” in the heart of Switzerland.

Enjoy memorable excursions on a paddle-steamer on Lake Luzern, soak up pure nature on the close-by mountains and relax in the mild climate of the “Lucerne Riviera” with its great offers of wellness hotels. The idyllic lakeside villages of Weggis and Vitznau on the shores of Lake Lucerne on the sunny southern flank of Mt. Rigi offer a variety of holiday experiences.

Book your flights to Zurich (50 min by car or public transport), your accommodation in Lucerne and your tours and activities in Lucerne such as a " Classic Rigi Round Trip from Lucerne ", and discover one of the  European Best Destinations 2022.

  Best for:  Families, Instagrammers, Lovers, Shopping Addicts, Nature,  Foodies, Culture. 

  Nearest airport:   Book your flights to Zurich Airport (50 min by car or public transport).

  Covid-19 latest information:   https://reopen.europa.eu/en/map/CHE/7002

  Where to stay:   " Hotel des Alpes ". Stay in the heart of Lucerne.


19. Graz, Austria

Austria is a very trendy destination for history buffs, culture and shopping. It is also a premier destination for those looking for sustainable tourism destinations like Landlust and Mostviertel . It also attracts travellers looking for the most beautiful Christmas markets in Vienna , Graz , Innsbruck or Salzburg . If Vienna is a must-see destination, so is Graz . 

Although the second-largest city in Austria with a quarter of a million residents, Graz is by no means a “big city” and you can drift happily for hours and hours in the lanes. 

Comfortable footwear goes easy on busy feet here. In the historic old town with its roads, streets, squares and courtyards there’s lots to explore and even more to be enjoyed, for Graz is also the culinary capital which you should not only see but taste as well. You should obviously use your sense of taste and smell, because in no other city is “Austria’s delicatessen” as omnipresent as it is here. 

Leave the beaten track and also discover the Best Hidden Gems in Austria , the Best Castles in Austria and the Best Nature Wonders in Austria .

Book your flights to Graz or Ljubljana (2h), your accommodation in Graz and your tours and activities in Graz , such as a " Graz: Old Town Highlights Private Walking Tour ".

  Best for:  Nature lovers, Hikers, Gourmet Lovers, History Buffs; Families, Sustainable tourism.

  Nearest airport:   Book your flights to Graz.

  Covid-19 latest information:   https://reopen.europa.eu/en/map/AUT/7002

  Where to stay:   " Park Hotel Graz ". Stay in the heart of Graz.


20. Crete, Greece

In 2022 discover the secret of longevity by visiting Crete , one of the best destinations in Europe .

This Greek island bathed in sunshine and warm winds is an ideal destination for lovers of wild life but also for farniente and relaxation. Come drink your raki (cretan brandy) while enjoying a typical meal; it is said that the secret of longevity of its inhabitants is its gastronomy.

Visit the historical sites of Petras and Kommos, dive into the warm blue waters of Matala or Falasarna. Stay in the legendary city of Heraklion or in the beautiful port cities of Chania and Agios Nikolaos.

Book your accommodation in Crete and your tours & activities in Crete such as a wine and olive oil day tour or a Heraklion and Knossos half-day tour or a discovery tour of Greek mythology.   

  Best for:  Foodies, Beach, Sun, Families, Lovers. 

  Nearest airport:   Book your flights to Chania or Heraklion Airport.

  Covid-19 latest information:   https://reopen.europa.eu/en/map/GRC/7002

  Where to stay:     " Hotel Port 7 " located right at the entrance of Agios Nikolaos'port, 100 m from Kitroplatia Beach.

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Image Tours Traveler Reviews

Heart of europe® circle tour - sep-2023.

journey tour europe 2022

Scandinavia & Baltic Highlights Tour - May-2019

journey tour europe 2022

Spain & Portugal Tour - Apr-2017

journey tour europe 2022

HEART OF EUROPE® Circle Tour - Apr-2019

Treasures of italy tour - sep 2018 - feb-2019, heart of europe grand - sep 2019 - feb-2020, repeat traveler - sep-2019, memberships & alliances.

journey tour europe 2022

Cosmos | Affordable Touring

Experience a world beyond your expectations. Choose from our award-winning vacations on virtually every continent with local favorites and off-the-beaten-path experiences only Globus can share.

We know why you travel. You’d rather have an extra day exploring than a fancy chocolate on your pillow at night. Enjoy hand-selected inclusions and world-class experiences for value-minded travel lovers like you.

Raise your sights and set your sails for the rivers of Europe, South America, Asia, and Africa on an Avalon Waterways cruise. Elevate your cruise experience with fewer passengers, more choices, and endless possibilities.

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Train & Rail Tours & Trips in Europe

Explore Europe with a train adventure that will take through world-renowned locations such as France (Paris), Italy (Rome, Venice and Florence) or the beautiful city of Prague. If you feel like going even further, Spain (Barcelona and Madrid) are a great choice. While you're in Europe, don't miss out on London and discover everything it can offer.

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112 train & rail tour packages in europe with 978 reviews.

Berlin to Venice (15 Days) (including Salzburg) Tour

  • Train & Rail
  • Sightseeing
  • Christmas & New Year

Berlin to Venice (15 Days) (including Salzburg)

Berlin to Rome Tour

  • In-depth Cultural

Berlin to Rome

Great trip, many good memories and new experiences

Mediterranean Express: Rivieras & Railroads Tour

Mediterranean Express: Rivieras & Railroads

Hey is anyone going on the Mediterranean Express trip on 8th September, looking to get to know my fellow travellers a little before I arrive! :)

Glacier Express & Porsche 911 Rail & Drive Experience Tour

Glacier Express & Porsche 911 Rail & Drive Experience

Paris to Barcelona: Tapas & Train Rides Tour

Paris to Barcelona: Tapas & Train Rides

Central Europe Group Rail Tour (18-35) Tour

Central Europe Group Rail Tour (18-35)

I am so happy I took this trip! I love that there is a planned activity in each city but you also get free days to explore on your own or with new friends. Every city was stunning and I met some great people as well. The thing that made me want to leave a review the most was honesty our tour leader , Cristina was a delight and a perfect balance for our group. She made this trip more memorable then I could have imagined and had great tips for each city too!!!!! Truly an unforgettable experience I would highly recommend. I wish I did the whole Europe tour instead of just central Europe.
  • 10% deposit on some dates Some departure dates offer you the chance to book this tour with a lower deposit.

European Romance Tour

European Romance

Whole of Europe Group Rail Tour (18-35) Tour

Whole of Europe Group Rail Tour (18-35)

Our tour guide was always on hand when we needed him. Everything was organised from getting us to each destination and getting our daily travel tickets. All the activities were great but the gondolas in Italy (venice) were my highlight! Richard was always on hand when we needed him from getting lost around places and being a phone call away in helping. It was a good way to meet people when a solo traveller and everything is done for you! 5/5!

Highlights of Europe (Classic, Summer, Start Amsterdam, End London, 13 Days) Tour

Highlights of Europe (Classic, Summer, Start Amsterdam, End London, 13 Days)

Contrasts of Switzerland (8 Days) Tour

Contrasts of Switzerland (8 Days)

The tour guide picked people she liked and hung around them although she did not speak to everyone other than tour info. She walked very fast like she was in marathon and people had problems keeping up to her. She misleading and assumed things about people without speaking with them. She did not care about some people. At one point the group left us and we did know where they went. She also stuck in away from the others and spoke to rest of the people with her back to us; in other words segerated us from the others. I spoke to her and she quickly changed things so we could sit with others. I will be writing Trafalgar about this when time for me is available. However, Trafalgar should know about this. We consider her a poor tour guide and requires more training. She is assumtive with a poor attitude about people that are slower than others. She does not treat all with respect.
  • €100 deposit on some dates Some departure dates offer you the chance to book this tour with a lower deposit.

Rome, Florence, Cinque Terre & Venice in 7 Days Tour

Rome, Florence, Cinque Terre & Venice in 7 Days

nice experience. Emma was a good guide.

Italy By Train Tour

Italy By Train

Well done booking the hotel , excellent service from hotel’s and people to pick us up from the airport and taking us back! Thank you! We enjoy it!

London to Istanbul Rail Adventure Tour

London to Istanbul Rail Adventure

London to Istanbul Rail Adventure + Cappadocia Extension Tour

London to Istanbul Rail Adventure + Cappadocia Extension

Train tours Italy: Venice, Florence, Rome, Sorrento by train Tour

Train tours Italy: Venice, Florence, Rome, Sorrento by train

Our tour guide, Constantino, was great. There was not as much free time as the literature led you to believe. I missed seeing Michaelangelo’s David because of a schedule change. The only four star hotel was in Venice. Hotel in Sorrento the bathroom was soooo outdated and not safe. Hospitality staff at hotels were very gracious. Both Florence and Pompeii guides were outstanding but guide for Vatican was terrible. Too long in Venice, not long enough in Florence

What people love about Train & Rail Tours in Europe

Overal a great experience, the guides ensure you have an authentic experience and take care of the difficult parts of traveling. It's a long trip and designed for those wanting to see much of central Europe in a short amount of time. I have taken away many good memories with the people I travelled with, and have formed a deeper understanding of western art, history and culture. Highly recommend.
The highlight of our year so far! ? Me and my partner loved the Central Europe Tour ?(2 weeks), we would recommend it to ANYONE! And we would even suggest doing the Whole of Europe tour (4 weeks), as we could have easily carried on travelling with this company and the amazing people we met! ?The whole trip was thoroughly planned and so enjoyable! Such a stress free experience, especially for someone like myself who gets quite anxious when travelling - I would 100% do again!?? I met some incredible individuals, and the group planned activities were just what we needed to establish really strong bonds straight away! We have definitely made some lifelong friends and memories we will forever cherish! ??? The creation of the WhatsApp group chat with all our fellow travellers beforehand was so beneficial!? It broke the ice and put our minds at ease about the uncertainty of the upcoming trip ? And our guide Cristina ? - was brilliant, super friendly, helpful, considerate and extremely knowledgeable - educating us all. She was available 24/7, and we had the pleasure of spending our last day in Venice with her! ??? She deserves a lot of credit for making all our experiences amazing and unforgettable! Thank you Cristina ?? We look forward to our future bookings with Euroventure! ??

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The tourist train connecting Villefranche-de-Conflent to Latour-de-Carol, passing over the Bridge of Cassagne, in the Pyrenees.

10 of the best train journeys in Europe, chosen by Lonely Planet

A new book on rail travel across the continent showcases gorgeous scenery, historic routes and adventures at a slower pace

R ailways in Europe are many things. With their grand stations, history and evocative destinations, they evoke a timelessness that is absent from the uniform experience of flying. In recent decades, high-speed services have complemented classic routes, while the demand for more climate-friendly travel has grown and new options have sprung up, including a recent wave of night trains.

Lonely Planet, which for nearly 50 years has championed a down-to-earth, connected style of travel, has produced a new Guide to Train Travel in Europe aimed at unlocking adventures by rail from any starting point on the continent. Here the authors pick fantastic journeys from the book.

Paris to Berlin – fast or slow

Liège-Guillemins station in Belgium, created by the architect Santiago Calatrava.

A well-established network of high-speed trains and a huge choice of slower options connects two of Europe’s great cities. A glorious three-country tour would allow you to head from Paris to Brussels, travelling on to Cologne via the space-age architecture of Liège-Guillemins station. Cologne’s cathedral is so close to the station you can hardly miss popping in before boarding an onward ICE German fast service to the capital, which takes less than five hours. To see more than the immediate surroundings of the station buildings in each city, book separate tickets for each leg at trainline.com , or add in a stop of a few hours or an overnight booking via Deutsche Bahn ( bahn.de ). A high-speed connection from Paris via Frankfurt is also possible.

Amsterdam to Vienna on the Nightjet

Passengers look outside the window of a Nightjet train at Vienna station.

One of several recent additions to Europe’s sleeper train scene, the Nightjet service operated by Austrian Railways ( oebb.at ) departs every evening at 7pm or 7.30pm from Amsterdam. As you doze off, the train will trundle alongside the Rhine, passing Cologne and Koblenz, then continuing south-east through Germany and entering Austria at Passau. A 9.19am arrival in Vienna ensures time for a lie-in and breakfast. This train can easily be combined with the Eurostar service from London or a ferry from Newcastle to Amsterdam , or from Harwich to Hoek van Holland .

Loop the loop in North Wales

A steam train on the Ffestiniog Railway, in Snowdonia.

Some of the world’s most beautiful narrow-gauge railways can be found in Wales and two of the best can be combined in a loop that takes in the mountains and coastal scenery of Snowdonia. Catch a service from Llandudno Junction – which has main line connections – down the Conwy valley to Blaenau Ffestiniog . Change for the celebrated Ffestiniog Railway , a distinctive steam-hauled service that winds 13 miles down to the coast at Porthmadog. Return via the sublime steam service of the Welsh Highland Railway under the summit of Snowdon to Caernarfon, where you can catch a bus to Bangor and main line services.

From Bastia to Ajaccio through the Corsican interior

Train passing a derelict station at Lumio, Corsica, with snow-covered mountains in the distance under a deep blue sky.

The Chemins de Fer de la Corse ( Corsican Railways ) is a narrow-gauge railway centred on Ponte Leccia – from where three main lines head to Ajaccio, Bastia and Calvi, all providing incredible views of beautiful and rugged terrain. The route linking Ajaccio and Bastia is the longest and most celebrated, taking three and a half hours, so is best done with an overnight stop, rather than attempted as a day trip. Corsica is well served by ferries from mainland France such as Toulon, Marseille and Nice, opening up a tempting train-and-ferry route from the UK.

Dublin to Madrid by train and ferry

View from the cliff walk between Bray and Greystones, with  grassy cliffs and sea, in Co Wicklow, Ireland.

It is possible to head from Dublin direct to mainland Europe. A largely single-track line skirts the Irish Sea heading south as far as Wicklow before veering inland and stopping in the appealing county town of Wexford, set on the estuary of the River Slaney. It’s a short hop along the tracks from there to the port of Rosslare for the twice-weekly ferries to Bilbao , which take about 30 hours. Then it’s a five-hour rail journey on to Madrid. Recommended stops take in Burgos’s treasured cathedral, the former Spanish capital of Valladolid and Segovia’s Roman aqueduct and Alcázar fortress.

Venice to Palermo – across the water in Italy

The statue of Garibaldi outside Palermo train station, Sicily.

Heading from top to toe in Italy, this dramatic journey’s potential stopping points need no introduction. Fast Frecciarossa trains connect Venice to the gastronomic centre of Bologna in 90 minutes, with Florence 40 minutes down the line. An hour and a half further on you’re in Rome. From here the south of Italy opens up. For one of Europe’s most unusual rail experiences take a train service all the way to Sicily. At Villa San Giovanni in Calabria, you and your carriage board a dedicated ferry to Messina, in Sicily, from where the hectic fun of Palermo is a slow-rolling four and a half hours’ ride away along the coast. There are several daily intercity and night services that run from the mainland, via the ferry, through to the Sicilian capital including sleepers direct from Milan, Genoa and Pisa.

From coast to coast, via a mountain high – Oslo to Bergen

A Flåm Railway train running through a valley, in Norway.

A contender for Europe’s best train trip, the Bergen Line ( Bergensbanen ) thunders past southern Norway’s mountains and lakes between Oslo and Bergen, reaching 1,222m at Finse station, where a snowball fight is generally on offer. The trip takes nearly seven hours, which passes quickly in a blur of incredible scenery on a comfortable intercity service. There’s scope to do a longer version of this route taking the Norway in a Nutshell tour, which includes the Flåm Railway – possibly the world’s most scenic branch line – and a boat journey through Nærøyfjord and Aurlandsfjord.

Paris to Barcelona on the slow train

The Petit Train Jaune (little yellow train), crossing the Pont Séjourné viaduct in the French Pyrenees.

These cities are linked by a fast train , but there’s a leisurely route south through France to the Pyrenees via Limoges, Toulouse and through magnificent rural and mountain scenery to Latour-de-Carol. While it’s possible to reach Latour-de-Carol by direct night train from Paris, you would miss the slowly unfolding views you can enjoy when doing this journey in daylight. From Latour-de-Carol a commuter line runs all the way to Barcelona and takes just over three hours. Possible stops along the way include fortified Ribes de Freser and Ripoll, home to an ancient monastery and a good starting point for hiking trails.

Budapest to Split on a sleeper

Old Hungarian train at Lake Balaton, in a beautiful landscape, with Tihany in the background.

During the summer there’s a tempting night service between Hungary’s capital and the Adriatic. In recent years the train has left Budapest at midnight, getting into Split after lunch. En route it passes the Hungarian holiday playground of Lake Balaton and Zagreb, Croatia’s capital. Once on the Adriatic coast, buses head south to Dubrovnik, while ferries and catamarans radiate out to nearby islands.

Locarno to Domodossola through the Swiss Alps

View of snowy peaks out the window of a restaurant near Titlis mountain, Switzerland.

Pretty much any journey in Switzerland promises jaw-dropping scenery, and on several routes trains run slowly specifically to show off the mountains, rivers and lakes that can be seen from the window. Travelling between Locarno in Switzerland to Domodossola in the Piedmont region of Italy, the Centovalli (Hundred Valleys) Railway is a short but scenic service past 52km of waterfalls, chestnut groves, church-topped villages, deep ravines and vineyards. Highlights include the Isorno Bridge near the village of Intragna and Intragna’s gorge.

These routes, plus tips on rail travel, are featured in Lonely Planet’s Guide to Train Travel in Europe by Tom Hall, Imogen Hall and Oliver Smith (£19.99), available at shop.lonelyplanet.com

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  • Rail travel

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  11. 10 Best Europe Tour Companies & Operators 2024/2025

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    Follow your curiosity around up to 33 countries, traveling at your own pace by train. Find your pass. Tour Europe by train. with 1 Pass. Create the itinerary. for your perfect trip. Travel flexibly on trains. that don't need reservations. Stay conscious.

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    10 of the best train journeys in Europe, chosen by Lonely Planet. A new book on rail travel across the continent showcases gorgeous scenery, historic routes and adventures at a slower pace. Tom ...