Foreign Travel

International travel safety - uw office of global affairs , foreign national, immunizations/medical expenses, visa/passport fees, foreign currency conversion, traveling with supplies/equipment, foreign transaction/exchange/currency fees, translator fees.

  • Register your travel  (REQUIRED)
  • UW Student Abroad Insurance (REQUIRED)
  • Travel advisories and waivers
  • Official International Student Travel Policy


  • Overseas Insurance and Travel Assistance
  • Register your travel  (STRONGLY RECOMMENDED)
  • Leading study abroad programs

Overseas Insurance for Faculty, Staff, and Other Academic Personnel

  • Effective January 1, 2024, all UW faculty, staff, and other academic personnel who are traveling overseas on official UW business will now be covered by an international emergency medical and security insurance policy. This coverage is provided at no cost to the traveler. UW is providing this coverage through Cigna. UW is using International SOS (ISOS) for emergency travel assistance. Please register your travel to set up your ISOS account and download their Assistance app. 

**For questions related to any of this content, please contact the UW Office of Global Affairs

See foreign national


  • Requires administrator approval. Approval must attest that the expense(s) are required for UW business and is recommended by either a doctor, funding sponsor, program, or public health institute [ Center for Disease Control and Prevention ](CDC) 
  • See sample approval form
  • Must be necessary/critical to UW business
  • Travel expenses related to obtaining visa are allowable if required and unavoidable to conduct UW business. Travel planning on this to be most direct route/economical. 
  • Expenses related to US work visa are not reimbursable
  • Discounted fees are available through UW contract with A Briggs
  • See receipts

Traveling With Supplies/Equipment

When University faculty, students, or staff are traveling out of the country with University owned and/or personal equipment (as carry-on or checked baggage), it is important to be prepared to document the original purchase upon returning to the United States to avoid having to pay duty tax.  If the traveler chooses not to bring documentation, the University of Washington  will not reimburse  them if they are charged duty tax.

The traveler should keep supporting documentation of the equipment purchase with the equipment as it leaves the country, while it is in the foreign country, and most importantly, when the equipment returns to the United States.  See UW Equipment Inventory Page for more information.

These fees are considered an incidental expense for foreign travel and is covered in the traveler's meals per diem (M&IE). It is not claimable as an expense. 

Service must be performed outside the US and by a non US Citizen/Green Card Holder. Any other scenario may be taxable and is not allowable through Workday. Contact the Tax Office with any tax related questions.


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