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  1. Corfu

    18°. region-id="pin-13"; One of the most popular holiday destinations in Greece, Corfu is an island in the Ionian Sea known for its cosmopolitan Old Town, spectacular sandy beaches and beautiful landscapes. Corfu has a rich history that weaves a bewildering number of influences, with the Venetians, English, French and Russians all flourishing ...

  2. Corfu

    The Museum of Dionysios Solomos: The national Poet of Greece left Zakynthos and moved to Corfu, important intellectual centre of the Ionian islands in those years. Solomos lived in a state of self-imposed isolation, and Corfu offered him the ideal environment to work on his studies in poetry. Today his house hosts a museum dedicated to his honour.

  3. Corfu travel

    Corfu. Greece, Europe. From the writings of Gerald and Lawrence Durrell to the place where the shipwrecked Odysseus was soothed and sent on his way home, Corfu has been portrayed as an idyll for centuries. Today this reputation has led to parts of the island being defiled by mass tourism, but despite this, the Corfu of literature does still exist.

  4. The Unspoilt Guide to Corfu, Greece

    The Greek island of Corfu (also known as Kerkyra) in the Ionian Sea, off the west coast of Greece, is one of the most beautiful island destinations in Greece. Here's how to find the best of Corfu - both on and off the beaten track. Get the lowdown here on the island's vibe, beaches, food and drink, unmissable sights, activities and hidden ...

  5. The Ultimate Corfu Travel Guide

    Why Visit Corfu. Corfu is different to most other Greek islands, mainly because it is covered in lush green vegetation and mountainous terrain. With over 217km of coastline and plentiful sandy beaches with turquoise water, a beautiful romantic old town and a rich cultural heritage, Corfu is a surprisingly fantastic island to visit for your ...

  6. 15 Reasons to Visit Corfu, Greece

    15 reasons to visit Corfu. Greece. Old Town of Corfu. The Old Town is a UNESCO World Heritage site and a must-visit attraction. Wander through its narrow, winding streets lined with Venetian-style buildings, visit the impressive fortresses, and discover charming squares filled with cafes and shops. Visit historical landmarks like the Old ...

  7. Guide to Corfu: Why it's my favourite island in Greece

    6. Why Corfu is my Favourite Island in Greece. For me, Corfu has it all. Unquestionably one of the most beautiful islands in Greece, Corfu is blessed with so many idyllic places that visitors are sure to fall in love with.

  8. Is Corfu Worth Visiting? 15 Great Reasons to Visit in 2024

    15 Great Reasons to Visit Corfu Historic Old Town of Corfu Ksenia and the Old Fortress in the Old Town of Corfu. Designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site, the historic heart of Corfu Town—also known as Kerkyra—is a haven for history and architecture lovers. Despite its popularity among tourists, Corfu is worth visiting for this city alone.

  9. Is Corfu Worth Visiting: 11 Reasons The Island Is A Greek Gem

    Paleokastritsa - Five beaches for the price of one, and all downright stunning. That's Paleokastritsa, the jewel of Corfu's west coast. Agios Gordios - This one sits under the lush coast mountains out west, a long beach of pebbles and sand that's very, very relaxed. Rovinia - Romantic Rovinia is a stunning pebble beach with high cliffs.

  10. Is Corfu Worth Visiting? 10 Reasons Why You Should!

    Reason 8: The Ideal Destination for a Laid-back Vacation. When planning a laid-back vacation, Corfu is truly the perfect destination. With its serene atmosphere, stunning natural beauty, and abundance of charming towns and villages, this Greek island offers an ideal setting for those seeking relaxation and tranquility.

  11. Why Visit Corfu: Your Corfu Holiday Guide

    Corfu is one of the most interesting and diverse Greek islands. It's why tourists and travelers come from far and wide to taste the cuisine, learn the history, and relax on golden beaches surrounded by white cliffs, green hills and the most perfect turquoise water. It's time, to visit Corfu. Corfu is a gorgeous Greek island in the Ionian ...

  12. Is Corfu Worth Visiting? TOP Reasons To Visit In 2024

    Why Visit Corfu, Greece 1. Corfu Old Town. While Corfu is best known for its beaches, I think Corfu town is the first place you should visit. Corfu Old Town is well worth visiting even if you visited other Greek islands before. The architecture on the island is completely different than the Cyclades or Athens itself!

  13. Is Corfu Worth Visiting?

    Corfu's Unique Heritage and Identity. Historically, Corfu has been ruled by the Romans, Venetians, Napoleon and the Brits before it was ceded to Greece in the 1860s. Visit Corfu and you'll discover that the island's varied history has left it with a unique heritage, food and identity that's unlike any other.

  14. 12 Top-Rated Tourist Attractions on Corfu Island

    1. Corfu Town Corfu Town. The island's lovely capital, Corfu Town, is a warren of cobbled alleys and elegant Venetian-era buildings, many of which now host informal seafood tavernas and souvenir shops at ground level.Centering on the Esplanade, an expansive green square, the UNESCO-listed old town is guarded by two imposing 16th-century fortresses and also includes a number of churches, like ...

  15. Why You Should Make Corfu Your Next Holiday Destination in Greece

    It is the second biggest Greek Island in the Ionian Sea and is easily reached from Italy by ferry or from the rest of Europe by aeroplane. Here's why you should make Corfu your next holiday destination. 1. Discover incredible history in the Old Town. The Old Town provides a journey into history. The Liston, an arcaded pedestrian street built ...

  16. Corfu Travel Guide for 2024

    Corfu has been one of Greece's most popular islands since the 1970s. Located in the Ionian island group in western Greece, Corfu has beautiful white sand beaches, easy connections to Italy and Albania, stunning mountains, and wild, crazy nightlife.. While it gets crowded during the summer (especially with young backpackers), there are still many quiet places to stay and see on the island as ...

  17. The Ultimate Guide to Corfu Town

    The city is understandably popular with the island's tourists - most will take at least a day trip during their visit. Additionally, Corfu Town is a major cruise port for ships travelling between Greece and Italy. So there is no shortage of souvenir shops and restaurants aimed at tourists. The main tourist area is well kept, with flowers ...

  18. Corfu Travel Guide: The Perfect Grecian Getaway

    Best time to visit Corfu. Temperatures average a toasty 32 degrees Celsius during Corfu's peak months of July and August. The summer season boasts around 12 hours of sunshine a day, but it's also when you can expect to be joined by the largest number of visitors. And although bars, restaurants and transport services taper off a bit outside ...

  19. Why you should visit Corfu- Blue Tours

    What Corfu is famous for- Top 5 reasons to visit Corfu. 1. Unique Natural beauty - The Green Island. If you are a nature lover, then Corfu is the place to go! Wherever you look around, you can see an infinite variety of green! There is an impressive number of over 4 million olive trees - most of them aging hundreds of years old - with the ...

  20. 10 Reasons why you should visit Corfu with your family

    Corfu's breathtaking nature and variety of things to do will keep you busy throughout your vacation. Here are the 10 reasons why you should visit Corfu with your kids. 1. Excellent infrastructure. Corfu is a well-organized island. You can fly directly from Corfu's international airport to a dazzling range of destinations in Europe and far ...

  21. Home

    The natural beauty of Corfu remains a constant value over time. The sea, the sun and the wind, shape the island creating an impressive coastline. Beaches with golden or white pebbles, rock sculptures, trees that extend their shadow to the water. We will be here to welcome our friends and share with them moments from our daily lives.

  22. 25 Amazing Things To Do In Corfu Town

    Why Visit Corfu Town. Corfu is known for its stunning beaches and many people come to the island to spend their holidays relaxing at the beach, having drinks under the sun and cooling down with a swim. However, the island also has a lot of historical and cultural heritage, including the old capital city. ...

  23. The 13 best things to do in Corfu

    There's more to Corfu than its comely beaches. Dig deeper and you will uncover many centuries of history in and around the cobblestoned old town capital, dating from antiquity to the present day ...

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