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St Petersburg

Planning a trip to Saint Petersburg? Our travel guide contains up-to-date, personal information on everything from what to see , to when to visit , where to stay , and what to eat !

Saint Petersburg

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Why visit Saint Petersburg?

Saint Petersburg, Petrograd, Leningrad... under any of its names, it's an elegant city with an eventful past . Built by Peter the Great in the early 18th century as a display of the power of Imperial Russia to the world , it's an important artistic and cultural center thanks to the wealth of monuments  and museums  that tell its story.

The City of Tsars and the former Russian capital, Saint Petersburg is also intrinsically linked to the water, earning it the nickname " Venice of the North " for its impressive number of canals and bridges . Lavish palaces, exquisite gardens, and some of the world's best museums complete the city's offering for locals and tourists alike.

Relive the elegance of Imperial Russia by visiting Saint Petersburg's fairy tale chateaux: Peterhof Palace , the Winter Palace , and Catherine Palace await you in all their glory. For a well-deserved break after sightseeing, stop in at a local restaurant to indulge in Russian specialties: caviar, vodka, and beef Stroganoff anyone?

From May to June, the White Nights make Saint Petersburg even more magical, with impossibly beautiful sunsets bringing almost-endless summer nights to a close.

Where to start?

If you're going to travel to Saint Petersburg and you don't know much about the city yet, the first thing to do is to dive into its legendary history - understanding the past will help you understand the present. Next, check out our practical hints and tips on traveling to the city, before discovering which of its most important museums , monuments , and attractions pique your interest.

Looking for a place to stay?

Booking your accommodation in advance is the best way to get great discounts. Our detailed guide on where to stay in Saint Petersburg  will help you decide which neighborhood you'd like to look for hotels or apartments in, and our hotel search engine will find you the best deals!

Hotels in St. Petersburg - reserve here for the best prices!

Why is our Saint Petersburg travel guide the best?

Introducing Saint Petersburg is a  city guide written by travelers for travelers , and contains personalized advice to help you make the most of your trip to the city.

All the information in this guide is valid as of April 2021. If you find any errors or have any comments, please feel free to contact us .

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13 Things To Do In Saint Petersburg | Russia’s Most Beautiful City

By Author Christian L.

Posted on Published: January 17, 2021  - Last updated: September 11, 2021

Categories Europe , Destinations , Russia

Once known as Leningrad and before that Petrograd, Saint Petersburg, Russia, is the country’s second-largest city. Set next to the Neva River, close to the Baltic Sea, this city is home to over 5 million people.

It’s the world’s northernmost city, founded by Peter the Great and named after Saint Peter the apostle. Once home to the Tsars of Russia, it is today known as the country’s cultural capital.

With iconic sights such as Hermitage Museum, Nevsky Prospect, Peterhof Palace, and so much more, it has a fascinating heritage ripe for exploration. Without further ado, let’s dive into the 13 best things to do in St. Petersburg. 

Visit Saint Petersburg, Europe´s most beautiful city

Top Things to do in St. Petersburg, Russia

St. Petersburg, Europe, has grown into one of the top tourist destinations on the continent. Although it might get very cold in winter, there are still plenty of things to do – and the summers are absolutely perfect! Saint Petersburg is one of the prettiest cities in all of Europe .

Keep reading for some of my favorite choices. 

1. Visit The World Famous Hermitage Museum

Saint Petersburg,St.Petersburg,russia,Hermitage Museum,russia

One of the city’s most popular attractions (with over 3 million items in its esteemed collection), State Hermitage Museum showcases everything from fine art to ancient artifacts. 

Even if you don’t plan on entering inside, the exterior is an architectural gem in itself. The columns are all in white with green/gold facades that can be viewed from the river or Palace Square.

If you’re visiting St. Petersburg, Russia, your trip would not be complete without stopping past this world-famous landmark. It’s also a great activity to do no matter what time of year you are visiting – and a perfect way to escape those cold Russian winter days. 

Saint Petersburg,St.Petersburg,russia,Hermitage Museum,russia

There are six buildings in the museum complex in total. Five of which – Winter Palace, Small Hermitage, Old Hermitage, New Hermitage, and Hermitage Theatre – can be accessed by the public.

Within, you’ll be treated to Egyptian collections, artifacts dating from ancient Mesopotamia, and classical Greek jewelry, pottery, and sculptures. This is any historical culture lover’s dream. 

Saint Petersburg,St.Petersburg,russia,Hermitage Museum,russia

Keep exploring, and you will find collections of prehistoric relics from the Palaeolithic era to the Iron Ages, European fine arts, Impressionist works, Catherine the Great’s personal collections, and so much more.

In fact, you’ll need an entire day or possibly longer to explore this incredible museum complex. If you only have limited time in St. Petersburg, be sure to add this museum to your itinerary! There are also guided tours available if you want a more educational experience. 

Did you know? The Hermitage Museum is the world’s second-largest art museum.

hermitage museum saint petersburg

2. Take in a Performance at Mariinsky Theatre

The Neoclassical Mariinsky Theatre is home to Russia’s revered opera and ballet companies.

The theatre – named after the wife of Tsar Alexandra II, Empress Maria Alexandrovna – has been here since 1860 when it was known as the Kirov Theatre.

This magnificent building, since it opened, has hosted stage performances and premieres from Tchaikovsky and Mussorgsky and famous ballets such as Sleeping Beauty, Swan Lake and The Nutcracker. 

Today, in addition to hosting live performances, the theatre has its own record label, which focuses on releasing music by Russian composers Stravinsky, Tchaikovsky, and Rachmaninov.

If you enjoy the arts and are going to be in St. Petersburg for several days, book tickets to see a world-class performance – you won’t be disappointed.

3. See Jewelled Eggs at the Faberge Museum

The House of Faberge was founded in St. Petersburg in 1842 by Gustav Faberge. Originally a jeweler, he became famous for designing jewel-encrusted eggs for the Tsars of Russia and is arguably the most famous goldsmith of the modern era. 

Today, you can view these iconic collection pieces in the Faberge Museum. It showcases 4,000 items in total, including Faberge Easter eggs, jewelry, silverware, home decor, and fantasy-themed objects.

The incredible jeweled eggs are famous all over the world, and there are several museums dedicated to them. But if you want to learn about Gustav Faberge, his family, and how it all began, this is the museum to visit. You can purchase a ticket in person or online. 

4. Spend an Hour Canal Cruising

St. Petersburg is built on 42 islands, and once upon a time (before bridges were constructed), cruising was the only way to navigate the city.

Saint Petersburg,St.Petersburg,russia,Hermitage Museum,russia

On a Golden Ring boat tour, you’ll see some of St. Petersburg’s iconic sights along the Kryukov Canal, including St. Nicholas Cathedral, Saint Isaac’s Cathedral, and the Mariinsky theatre.

Saint Isaac's Cathedral in central Saint Petersburg.

You’ll dip beneath the famous colored bridges on Neva River whilst enjoying views of Peter and Paul Fortress, Vasilyevsky Island, and the Summer Garden. This is truly one of the most breathtaking ways to take in all the beauty that St. Petersburg has to offer. 

This tour also only takes around an hour, so you’ll have plenty of time to revisit your favorite spots throughout the day!

Saint Petersburg,St.Petersburg,russia,Hermitage Museum,russia

5. Discover Church of the Savior on Spilled Blood

Saint Petersburg,Russia,Europe,Church

One of St. Petersburg’s architectural masterpieces is the Church of Our Savior on Spilled Blood.

This former Russian Orthodox Church was completed in 1907 and is built in Baroque, Neoclassical, and Russian Revival design. It is one of the city’s main attractions, with ornate domes, intricate frescoes, and 7,500 square meters of mosaics inside. 

If you don’t wish to enter, you can gain incredible views from Griboedov Canal. But if you do venture inside, you’ll be rewarded with interior frescoes and mosaic works depicting biblical scenes and figures created by celebrated Russian artists of the time.

The Church of the Saviour of Blood is built on the spot where Emperor Alexander 2 was assassinated in 1881 – hence the name. So, not only will you be able to appreciate the fine architectural designs, but also explore an important part of Russian history. 

6. Take a Rooftop Walk-in St. Petersburg

If you have viewed the city from canals and rivers, try it from the rooftops! You can take a guided rooftop walk in the city, seeing streets and skylines from an elevated perspective.

One particular tour to highlight is the Official Rooftops Excursion of St. Petersburg. Just a few minutes from Nevsky Prospect, these sites offer vistas of Fontanka River and Trinity Cathedral – and that’s just the first roof.

The second roof boasts views of St. Petersburg’s old center, St. Isaac’s Cathedral, Kazan Cathedral, and the Church on Spilled Blood.

This is a truly incredible way to see the city in all its glory, plus the tour provides you with binoculars so you can see everything in great detail.

7. Admire Nevsky Prospect’s Magnificent Architecture

Saint Petersburg,St.Petersburg,russia,

The main street of St. Petersburg is Nevsky Prospect. Begin at the intersection at Stroganov Palace before venturing to Kazan Cathedral. While you walk, take in the monuments dedicated to Catherine the Great and browse goods at The Passage – Nevsky Avenue’s premier department store.

This store was quite the trailblazer. It opened its doors in the late 1840s and was one of the first buildings in Russia to use gas for lighting. Then, in 1900, an electric station was installed on an underground floor.

Once you’ve finished shopping and enjoyed a fresh cup of coffee, continue to the Russian National Library – the oldest public library in Russia – and Alexandrinsky Theatre (which was built for the Imperial troupe of Petersburg).

8. Visit the Island of Peter and Paul Fortress

Peter and Paul Fortress saint petersburg

Set on an island connected by bridges, Peter and Paul Fortress is instantly recognizable from its needle spire, which dominates the skyline. The fortress was originally built to defend the maritime city from Swedish invaders.

Saints Peter and Paul Cathedral

However, Peter the Great defeated the opposition before it was even completed! It has since served as a military center and prison for political dissenters and, latterly, as a museum.

Inside the vast complex, you can see Peter and Paul Cathedral, visit the resting place of the Romanovs, and watch military processions or the firing of the noon-day gun.

It’s a great day trip for anyone interested in Russian, maritime or military history. There are also plenty of group walking tours available. 

9. Sample Russian Vodka in a Ryumochnye

A visit to Russia wouldn’t be complete without sampling the local drink – vodka, and the best place to do this is in a Ryumochnye. This is a specific style of 19th-century Russian drinking house that not only offers some of Russia’s best vodka but also a short history lesson.

You could call it a bar, but it’s more than that – most mainstream Ryumochnye have a definite Soviet vibe and are places for working men to kick back and enjoy vodka with their buddies.

Beverages come in bottles or shot form, and some places offer self-service and snacks.

If that sounds too hardcore for your taste, there are updated versions of Ryumochnye in the city, like Mayak in St. Petersburg, where you can gain a similar experience. 

10. Enjoy local Saint Petersburg Craft Beer

saint petersburg craft beer

Although most people think of vodka when visiting Russia, you can also enjoy some of the best craft beer in Saint Petersburg . Russia’s second-largest city has an exciting, rapidly growing craft beer scene, in part due to its history and geography.

Historically, the Russian empire was influenced by Northern Europe, and the Dutch & English beer-drinking culture eventually made its way here. Today, Saint Petersburg is home to a growing number of modern microbreweries, cool taprooms, and stylish bars.

craft beer saint petersburg

Saint Petersburg is also home to Stepan Razin Brewery, the oldest brewery in Russia (now, of course, owned by Heiniken). It opened in 1795, but today the building is known as the Saint Petersburg Beer Museum, showcasing the history of beer in Russia and the Soviet Union.

Russia’s largest and most popular brewery, Baltika, is also located in Saint Petersburg, and it’s possible to take a tour of their huge brewery.

11. See the Majestic Catherine Palace

A stately palace of blue and gold, Catherine’s Palace is located 26 kilometers south of St. Petersburg. Named after the wife of Peter the Great, this place was originally a two-story modest building commissioned in 1717.

The exterior, which stretches for one kilometer in circumference, is surrounded by woodlands, lawns, gilded balconies, and reliefs. However, the interiors are even more impressive.

With great halls, a white dining room, an amber room, and more. It’s the perfect place to step back into history and discover what life was like as a Russian aristocracy.

12. Explore Peterhof Palace

peterhof saint petersburg

If you’re going to visit Catherine Palace, you should tour Peterhof too. It’s a 40-minute drive away, but you can even take a hydrofoil speed boat from right behind the Hermitage in Saint Petersburg center.

Sitting close to the Baltic Sea, Peterhof Palace was constructed by Peter the Great to be Russia’s version of Versailles. The opulent residence surrounded by sculptures, fountains, and tiered staircases leading to the grand entrance evokes mystery and the history of a bygone era.

Inside it is lavishly decorated with dazzling chandeliers, one-of-a-kind artworks and beautiful ceiling frescoes.

Peterhof garden.

On a guided tour, you can learn more about the palace’s history. Discover the Throne Room, Portrait Hall and Peter the Great’s Oak Study. You’ll see dining rooms set for dinner, grand ballrooms where dancing and gatherings would take place, and décor which defies time.

Peterhof saint petersburg russia

The palace offers great insight into his life and legacy, and if you are interested in history, art and interior design, you’ll love it.

Want to know more about Peterhof?

13. Spend a Day by the Finnish Border at Vyborg

Just over an hour from central Saint Petersburg by train is the city of Vyborg. It sits on the Gulf of Finland and was first settled back in the 12th century. The city has been occupied by Finnish and German forces and suffered extensive damage during the Second World War. However, it has since been rebuilt. 

It’s a charming center to wander around, with narrow cobbled streets, a medieval castle, and Finnish art nouveau structures sprinkled throughout. An easy day trip from St. Petersburg, it can also serve as a stop-off point if you’re crossing into Finland to continue your adventure.

Want to know more about Saint Petersburg?

Where is St. Petersburg | Is St. Petersburg in Europe?

If you want to know “Where is Saint Petersburg?”, you’ve come to the right place. Beautiful St. Petersburg is located in northern Russia. Russia is a massive country, so it is no surprise that many people want to know “Is Saint Petersburg in Europe?”. The answer is yes. 

How to Get to Saint Petersburg

The maritime city is well linked to Europe by air, sea, rail and road. Depending on where you’re traveling from and the rest of your itinerary, you can use one of the following ways to arrive at St. Petersburg.

You can fly into Saint Petersburg through Pulkovo International Airport. There are around 1,100 international flights a week and 1,200 domestic flights operating in and out of the local airport.

Although many flights from European cities to Saint Petersburg are direct, you may have to change flights if flying from further afield.

It’s also possible to travel to St. Petersburg by train. The most popular (and most frequent) routes operate from Moscow, Helsinki, and Tallinn. However, there are options to travel from other areas in central Europe, central Asia, and eastern Europe by rail.

There is a central bus station in Saint Petersburg, with services to and from Moscow, Pskov, Novgorod, Vilnius, Riga , Tallinn and Helsinki. Some of these journeys can be long and arduous.

Therefore, thorough research and choosing the right bus company is important.

Baltic Sea Cruises also operate to St. Petersburg as part of a larger itinerary, and St. Peter Line Ferry sails from Helsinki in Finland and Tallinn in Estonia.

Exploring Saint Petersburg, Russia

Saint Petersburg is the 5th most populous city in Europe and also a leading tourist destination. Although people sometimes forget about Russia, this city is breathtakingly beautiful and provides plenty of cultural and historical attractions.

Now that you know where to go, I hope you have an amazing time in Russia’s most beautiful city.

Friday 19th of January 2018

Thank you! So great review about our St. Petersburg!

What to do in St. Petersburg in 1 day - Probe around the Globe

Thursday 11th of May 2017

[…] more about the beauty of St. Petersburg from the Unusual […]

Friday 17th of June 2016

Which hostel did you stay at? I am potentially thinking of going to Russia for World Cup 2018 after my World Cup trip to Brazil two years ago. Saint Petersburg is one of the host cities, and so I am very interested in learning more about this city and recommendations from fellow travellers who have been.

Christian L.

I stayed at Soul Kitchen Junior, and I will go so far and say its by far the best hostel I have ever stayed at!! Anywhere in the world, no other hostels even get close to it:)

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Just sit back, wander around the virtual sights on our tour and discover the unparalleled beauty of St. Petersburg, Russia.

Start your tour here and follow the NEXT links... or select one of the landmarks below.

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Why is St. Petersburg regarded as Russia's cultural capital?

You can't deny the beauty of St. Petersburg - as well as its rich cultural legacy.

You can't deny the beauty of St. Petersburg - as well as its rich cultural legacy.

For three years in a row - from 2016 to 2018 - one city has won the World Travel Awards international prize for "World's Leading Cultural City Destination". It is St. Petersburg in Russia. It turns out that the jury has regularly been recognizing the "city on the Neva" as the cultural capital of the whole world, not just Russia.

Residents of St. Petersburg are rather blasé about this state of affairs and take it as their due. "Cultural capital is the old label given to St. Petersburg. And it is nice that this has been recognized by the international community," is how Olga Fedorchenko, the head of the St. Petersburg association of guides and interpreters, commented on the first WTA award in 2016. In fact, the city on the Neva was declared the cultural capital of Russia only 20 years ago.

Baptism by culture

The Church of the Savior on Spilled Blood, one of the most iconic symbols of St. Petersburg.

The Church of the Savior on Spilled Blood, one of the most iconic symbols of St. Petersburg.

It was Boris Yeltsin in 1997 who called St. Petersburg the cultural capital of Russia for the first time. He was handing over Central Television's fifth channel, historically allocated to St. Petersburg, to Moscow's Kultura [Culture] channel. "He must have felt uncomfortable and wanted to say something pleasant," historian Lev Lurye observed ironically. But the phrase was coined and became the city's brand name.

tourism authorities

But the phrase is indeed unusual: it is rare that a country has a separate "cultural capital". For example, London, Rome or Paris are the capitals of Britain, Italy and France in every sense of the word, including the number and quality of their theaters, museums, exhibitions and other attributes of culture. So why is St. Petersburg in a league of its own?

Imperial legacy

This engraving depicts how St. Petersburg was being built back in the 1700s.

This engraving depicts how St. Petersburg was being built back in the 1700s.

Between 1712 and 1918 St. Petersburg, founded by Peter the Great in 1703, was the capital of Russia in every sense of the word. The Emperors of the Romanov dynasty lived in this grandiose city, as close to Europe geographically as it is possible to be, and from here they ruled the country. The city was built at a time when Russia morphed from a country stewing in its own juice into a European power. The city became a symbol of transformation and of Russia’s turning towards Western culture.

"St. Petersburg, one of the most beautiful cities in the world, owes its architectural excellence not just to Russian but also French and Italian architects. They created masterpieces completely intrinsic to St. Petersburg and themselves stayed here for the rest of their lives," philologist Irina Arnold said in her essay Identity of the People of St. Petersburg.

Imperial St. Petersburg was a magnet for talented and ambitious people from the whole country, so St. Petersburg benefited most from the powerful cultural upsurge of the 18th and 19th centuries. "All notable writers, poets, painters, architects and composers sooner or later ended up in the capital," Elena Bobrova, a journalist and guide from the Peterswalk tour company, tells Russia Beyond. "They worked here, they suffered here (like Dostoyevsky, for example) and they enjoyed their fame here. Monuments, buildings and memorial plaques - everything reminds us of prominent people in Russian history."

Splendor and decay

The Siege of Leningrad was dreadful for all its citizens indeed.

The Siege of Leningrad was dreadful for all its citizens indeed.

The 20th century was a difficult time for St. Petersburg/Petrograd/Leningrad. The Bolsheviks' decision to move the capital to Moscow led to a major drain of creative people: Some left for the West, while others followed the new authorities to Moscow. The Siege of Leningrad from Sept. 1941 to Jan. 1944 during the Great Patriotic War when the city lost, according to different estimates, from 600,000 to 1.5 million people, came as a heavy blow. And up to the end of the Soviet era, the authorities treated the city in a harsh way: censorship raged and representatives of the intelligentsia who did not support the regime had a semi-legal status.

Even in the new Russia, in which St. Petersburg enjoys the status of cultural capital, the city has many everyday problems. "What do we have in addition to The Hermitage?" asks Yuri Mamin, a film director from St. Petersburg. "All cities have their monuments, and some of them may be ancient, but they don't become cultural capitals as a result."

The backside of St. Petersburg is, in fact, as admired by its citizens as its shining palaces and museums.

The backside of St. Petersburg is, in fact, as admired by its citizens as its shining palaces and museums.

St. Petersburg remains the most European city in Russia in terms of both geography and architecture, but it has its fair share of problems. The city center is overburdened with cars and advertising, and in the winter there are problems with snow clearance. Behind the picture-perfect facades lurk gloomy backstreets and garbage dumps, while historic buildings decay and collapse. On the other hand, it is this combination of splendor and decay that creates the spirit of St. Petersburg, which the locals are proud of no less than of the Hermitage or Mariinsky Theater.

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1-Day Package

Price from: $239 per person ( private tour)

Sights to see:

  • The Peter and Paul Fortress
  • The Church of the Savior on Spilled Blood
  • The Hermitage Museum

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2-Day Package

Price from: $379 per person ( private tour)

  • Peterhof Gardens & Palaces
  • Catherine Palace and Amber Room

3-Day Package

Price from: $479 per person ( private tour)

  • Yusupov Palace
  • St. Isaac’s Cathedral

Best Shore Excursions 2022

No Russian Visa Required for cruise ship or ferry passengers arriving to St. Petersburg.

You can choose ANY local authorised travel company (not just cruise ship companies) for Visa-Free Shore Tours.

All you need is your valid passport and our Tour-Ticket!

Museum & Walking Tours

The Capital of fountains Peterhof gardens, palaces & pavillions

Richer than the Romanovs Yusupov Palace

Amber and Gold Catherine Palace and Park, the Amber Room

The stories from the smallest island The Peter and Paul Fortress

A Russian mosaic fairytale The Church of the Savior on Spilled Blood

Romantic Getaway Alexandria Park & Small palaces

A Journey to the Middle Ages Vyborg

300 years of history with a Panoramic view St. Isaac’s Cathedral

“All I see is hilly Pavlovsk…” Pavlovsk Palace and Park

Myths and Legends of St. Petersburg walking tour

The 1001 rooms of the Palace The Hermitage Museum

City Tour of St.Petersburg Drive & Walk options

Life, Love and other mysteries Gatchina

Tailored Tours

See the sights you are interested in most! Whether you’re visiting Saint Petersburg for general sightseeing, a family holiday or something a little more romantic, just let us know your preferences and we’ll help you create your own custom made set of tours and activities!

News & Events

  • The Festival of Icebreakers on the Neva river
  • Day of the Hermitage Cats
  • Saint Petersburg’s Night at the Museum
  • Victory Day 9th May in St. Petersburg
  • Day of the city
  • See All The Events in Saint-Petersburg

Latest News

How to apply for an electronic visa to St.Petersburg?

Friday, September 27, 2019

The citizens of 53 countries will be able to visit St. Petersburg and its neighboring Leningrad region with a free electronic visa from October 1. On September 27 Russian government passed a law on the issue. This is how it works…

Congratulations St. Petersburg! Another award to the list!

Sunday, December 9, 2018

This year the city has been awarded twice and collected World Travel Oscars and the titles of “Europe’s Leading Cruise Destination” and “World’s Leading Cultural City Destination”. The double-victory is a great honor for us as in 2018 St. Petersburg competed against the recognized leaders such as Paris, Rome, Venice and Amsterdam.

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Compare your Hotel or Travel company offer to our prices for private tours of St. Petersburg. Book 100% Private tour for the price of a mini-group tour and see exactly what You want to see!

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We provide private city tours, shore excursions and walking tours of St. Petersburg for groups, individuals and business travellers. Our itineraries are always planned to meet your interests, budget and pace, so that you always get the best offer and see more for your money.

15 years  of experience

We have been providing tour services since 2005. We are one of the most experienced private guide services in St. Petersburg and we have many international awards and 5-star reviews.

Licensed Tour Service

We are licensed Tour operator company (RTO 020589) and all our guides are professionals, accredited by local authorities and museums. ensuring you have the best possible tour experience in St. Petersburg. Our professional drivers accompany you throughout your trip in St. Petersburg.

Personal Approach & Flexibility

Our itineraries are planned individually depending on your wishes, budget and party size. If you’re looking for Skip-the-line entrance to St Petersburg’s museums with none of the crowds that normally accompany group-tours then we’re the service for you. Our professional guides combine all this with warm smiles and a personal touch; truly the stuff good memories are made of.

No deposit  needed

Payment is made upon arrival, so there are no obligations when you book. No credit card fees and we take cash payment in your preferred currency. We also offer a full refund in case your plans change (see Terms & Conditions).

Visa free   shore excursions

Visiting St. Petersburg is visa-free if you come by cruise ship. If you are a cruise passenger who is interested in taking a shore excursion in our wonderful city, we will take care of all the document formalities to arrange your private St. Petersburg tour.

Russian Language Courses

Yet another good reason to visit St. Petersburg – group and individual courses in Russian language with the very best teachers in the heart of St. Petersburg. These courses will help you to better understand the culture and history of St Petersburg and Russia, and maybe even help you discover the famous “Russian soul”.

Hotel & Airport transfers

We provide hotel/train station/airport transfers in modern & air conditioned mini-buses and cars. If you book any tour with us, a one-way the transfer is complimentary (not applied for special offers).

All-you-might-need Inclusive Service

We provide all the guests with bottled water, city-map, ponchos/umbrellas and welcome sweets. From pick up until departure, we will assist you and help to find the best place for a snack, or lunch, help with booking theatre tickets, answer your call or e-mail, and much more.


Daria K. Highly recommend!

Visited September 2022

Highly recommend!

Was travelling with St Petersburg Guided tours with my native english speaking husband. All was super organised and amazing! Our guide Valeria was super informative. Our driver Vladimir was super qualified too. I hope to come back soon.

Marios S. Unforgettable 3-Day tour in St. Petersburg

Cyprus. Visited in September 2022

Unforgettable 3-Day tour in St. Petersburg

We were very privileged to have enjoyed a fantastic 3-Day private tour in Saint Petersburg. Our amazing tour was even more exciting, interesting and smashing with Valeria, our tour guide who gave the most of her herself and with her extremely historic background and her fluency in the English language, made us love this beautiful city and enjoy every second of it. This was not a simple tour for me and my wife, it was a deep dive into Russian rich history and civilization. Valeria planned a dreamy daily agenda starting from a city tour to churches and cathedrals, palaces, museums, statues and many more attractions. We've been in a lot of countries taking tours but this one in St. Petersburg really stood out by far. We absolutely recommend "St.Petersburg Guided Tours" We won't forget the gentle Vladimir, the mini bus driver. I'd love to come back again. Thank you.

Raj P. Two days St Petersburg private tour. Booked online

Visited October 2019

Two days St Petersburg private tour. Booked online

We took a private 2 day tour of St Petersburg oct 2019 and was top notch! ALL DONE ON LINE, BEFORE OUR CRUISE STARTED. Prompt and efficient. All information and documents arrived via e mail. The company [St.Petersburg Guided Tours] did not even charge my credit card until the day I started my tour. No hidden charges and no surprises. They delivered more than we expected. Zara was our guide. University education degree in Russian history !! Very knowledgeable, fluent in English. Cheerful. I am a railway train buff and wanted to ride the St Petersburg's Metro. She made it happen even though it was not on the itinerary. Alexander was our driver. Extremely professional and courteous safe driver. We felt very safe all the time with him around. Valeria [owner] has a fleet of low mileage Mercedes mini vans, which are very clean and have complimentary bottled water for guests. Anyone who visits St Petersburg should ONLY use this company and ask for ZARA as the guide and ALEXANDER as the driver.

JSK R Patel M Patel

bbyron281415. What a great two days


Perth, Australia. Visited September 2019

What a great two days

What an amazing city. We did the two day tour which took in most of the fantastic tourist sites of St Petersburg. However this wouldn’t have been complete without our guide Valeria from this tour company. Her knowledge and passion of the city and Russia was amazing. We had communicated via email and everything worked perfectly that was organised by the tour company which also included the visa. This would have undoubtedly had been one of most memorable holiday events. We had looked at what was on offer with the cruise line however the numbers in each tour and costs put us off. Would totally recommend this tour company without hesitation. A big Thank You.

Rachel C. 1 1/2 day private tour of St Petersburg

London, UK. Visited August 2019

1 1/2 day private tour of St Petersburg

From the very first contact via email with St Petersburg guided tours we knew we were in good hands. We hand picked our tour and our every request was met by Valeria putting together our tour just as we had asked,including a ride on the metro taking in some magnificent stations. Olga, our guide & Dmitry, our driver/guide, were informative, relaxed, so knowledgeable and passionate about their city and heritage. During the initial car tour we were filled with the wonder of their city, the architecture, the history, the beauty of this awesome city. None of our questions were taken lightly, they answered us with passion and detail. The stunning night time cruise was truly breathtaking- we would recommend a night cruise over the day cruise but try to find a cruiser with tourist information over the speakers- the musician we had on our boat was lovely but we could not really hear Olga talking over the music and we were there primarily to find out about the city! The following day Olga made 'Catherine' come to life at her palace and we loved how she described the magnificence of the Peterhof ground & the history of the fountains. The stunning views over the Baltic were an added bonus. Dmitry was always one step ahead of us - the car was there as soon as we had visited all our destinations to whisk us off to the next one. We did not queue anywhere- Olga confidently striding into each destination with an air of calm authority! We cannot express enough how incredible our experience was of St Petersburg and without the input from Olga and Dmitry we would have come away with just the sites as a reminder rather than full of wonder and knowledge. Thank you all.

Sylvia L. Fabulous Private 2 Day Tour!!!

San Diego, California. Visited August 2019

Fabulous Private 2 Day Tour!!!

"St. Petersburg Guided Tours" provide fantastic customer service with a 5 STAR guide & driver. All questions, prior to trip were answered right away by Valeria via email. We wanted a 2 day customized PRIVATE TOUR for 4 people, including seeing the Grand Choral Synagogue. Valeria was so accommodating in providing exactly what we requested PLUS a fantastic guide, DARIA & great driver, Andrew. These 2 are the best team. We never had to wait in a line, ever! We saw other tour guided waiting in long lines with their tour groups. Daria, was like royalty and got us in right away. In additon, she stayed with us the whole time and explained everything thoroughly, and never appeared disinterested. Andrew always had his Merecedes Van waiting for us when we finished a site. In addition, St. Petersburg Guided Tours provided us the Best Price and I researched multiple Tour Companies. 3 other tour companies did not provide the customer service, price or tour itinerary we wanted. Our first day in St. Petersburg was a 12 hour day, since we wanted to see many sites and do a canal ride. We got to see all sites on list. Did not go to tourist traps that other tour compaines go to. We wanted a quick lunch: Daria did this. Before returning to cruise ship, Andrew stopped at a hotel so our friend could use the WC. So accommodating! Day 2: tour 9:00 am-4:45 pm to be back on the ship by 5:30 pm. We saw everything on wish list with perfect representatives!! Daria, Andrew and Valeria, you were wonderful!

 Afaircop. Our best tour ever – highly recommended

Guildford, UK. Visited July 2019

Our best tour ever – highly recommended

We had such a great time - we would love to do it all again. We requested for a two day custom tour . Valeria arranged advance skip the q tickets and also the visas. We also left the ship at a leisurely 8.30 whereas the coach tours left at 6.45 am! on the first day we met Valeria at the port and then we toured st petersburg by private van and visited the Peter and Paul Fortress, the Cathedral of the saviour of the spilled blood, an exquisite gift shop, had lunch in a traditional pie shop and then went to a Matryoshka workshop to learn to paint our own Russian dolls and then on to the hermitage museum for a grande finale to the day. Day 2 we travelled on the metro and saw the opulence of the stations then went on to the Catherine Palace as we especially wanted to see the amber room. After lunching locally we went to see the fountain gardens at Peterhof. Throughout our tours Valeria amazed us with the history of St Petersburg and the sites we visited - she was extremely knowledgeable and told us many anecdotes and witty stories which brought the history of the sites to life. We really felt immersed in St Petersburg and its history and enjoyed every moment The tour was excellent value (especially compared to the ship tours ) and was perfect for our family. Thank-you so much to Valeria and our driver Andrew we hope we can come back and see more.

Janice. Three perfect days

Melbourne, Australia. Visited June 2019

Three perfect days

We had a private tour of three days organised by St Petersburg Guided Tours. Valerie was v helpful in assisting us to create the itinerary that we wanted. Zara, the guide, is very knowledgeable about art, Russian history, and the country. She has a lovely personality, and great sense of fun. She took great care of us during the tour. She gave us good recommendations for where to eat in the evenings, how to get around and what to see in our time after the tour. Pavel is an excellent and safe driver.

The advantage of the private tour was that we were able to see all of the main sites in three days. It was tailored to our interests and we learned so much about St Petersburg and Russia. It was at our pace, and had flexibility each day, to spend more or less time at various places. We are keen walkers and Zara happily tramped miles thru various parks and along avenues.

Joan. Fabulous St. Petersburg Visit During Baltic Cruise

San Bernardino, California. Visited May 2019

Fabulous St. Petersburg Visit During Baltic Cruise

We visited as part of a Princess Cruises Baltic Cruise. After reading rave reviews of, I contacted them by email and was pleased with the response and suggested 2 day tours. During several discussions, Valeria offered a tour that covered the sights we were interested in, as well as some that she thought were important. There were 6 retirees in our party. We were met at the port by Nadia, who was an excellent tour guide with a delightful personality. She had been an exchange student in the US so was especially good with our American English. The van driver, Michael, was superb, managing to park immediately near the sights, and to get pick-up locations so our walking was minimal. We visited the Church of the Spilled Blood, St.. Isaacs, the Faberge Museum and the Hermitage on day 1, then drove to the Catherine Palace and Peterhof Garden with a brief shopping stop on day 2. Nadia suggested lunches in lovely local restaurants which offered great food and atmosphere. We felt secure the entire time of our visit. Valeria, the company owner, made a point of meeting us in person to thank us for the reservation. The prices for our private, customized tour was just over half the cost of the ship's offerings. I heartily recommend St. Petersburg Guided Tours.

Peter Sammons. Outstanding

Peter Sammons

Derby, England. Visited August 2018


If you want to see St Petersburg from a cruise ship and have only 2 days then the people to contact are St, Petersburg Guided Tours. We had 2 days full of information, we saw all the sites and travelled on the Metro (London tube needs to learn). From our first contact via email with Valeria who put our tour together, who arranged our 2 day visas, to meeting Nadia our guide and our driver Dmitri everything went like clockwork. Nadia was a mine of information especially in the Hermitage Museum. The price we paid was far less than the same type of tour organised by the ship and we had the benefit of one to one, not mixed in a group trying to hear the guide. At all sites that admission charges were required Nadia went of to get the tickets and then said follow me and walked us to the front of the queue, we never had to wait. We had lunch breaks both days , we had said we only required a snack and they took us to small fast food cafes which was ideal (we paid for both their meals). Would we go to St.Petersburg again, definitely, and we would certainly use St.Petersburg Guided Tours, Excellent.

PhilandSus. Exceptional Private Tour

Christchurch, New Zealand. Visited July 2018

Exceptional Private Tour

At short notice I managed to secure a full day St Petersburg private tour for my husband and I. We were just delighted with our guide Valeria..from her warm greeting at the Port, her knowledge of her city and the history to all the little extras like NO waiting in queues at all. Because we didn't have to stand in line with other tour groups, there was no wasting time and we were able to fit so much into our day. Our car was modern and comfortable and our driver was fantastic...he'd drop us at the door and the 3 of us would scoot in to where we wanted to already purchased to present....and after he'd be waiting out front ready to go again!. Valeria took us to her favourite lunch eat divine fresh bakery items and great coffee. She was so easy to chat to about everyday life in St Petersburg it was a real treat. She asked if we wanted to stop for any souvenir shopping which I did, and we went to a little shop tucked away with the most fabulous selection of Russian dolls and handpainted Christmas decorations along with lots of other interesting souvenirs (very reasonably priced). With limited time in St Petersburg this was the absolute best way to get around and see everything you want to see at your pace (we packed heaps in) and no frustrations that can be encountered even with small tour groups. Valeria was fun and energetic, highly organised and with her excellent English, just a jewel of a tour guide. Highly recommend to anyone who wants a personal and totally engaging tour of St Petersburg. THANKYOU WE WILL BE BACK! X

Rena3207. Stunning!

Port Phillip, Australia. Visited June 2018

I visited Russia with a negative, if as it turned out, a somewhat uninformed view of Russia and as a result a low expectation of our Baltic cruise stop in St Petersburg; well, what a surprise that turned out to be, absolutely stunning! We booked through St Petersburg Guided Tours and was lucky enough to have Valerie (Valaria) organize, reorganize and then lead our small group of 4. She has patience, perfect English, a genius for context and for painting the picture that gives such colour and realism to the visual experience. St Petersburg is a seriously great experience. I’ve drawn the deep breath at the Pyramids and the Sphinx, the Terracotta Warriors, Angkor Wat and the Forbidden City etc. I can assure you St Petersburg resides in the top three. The Hermitage, Peterhof Fountain Park and Grottos and the Yusupov Palace plus much more just dashed my preconceptions. Our 2 day private tour for 4 with Valarie turned out to be a steep discount to even the elite class of 16 from the ship. Strongly recommend both the city and St Petersburg Guided tours. Sonny

olibats2017. How to pick the right guide


Seville, Spain. Visited May 2018

How to pick the right guide

Since St.Petersburg is visited by over 7 million tourists (of which 3.5 m foreigners, most of which package tours) picking the right tour guide can be tricky. I was lucky to find Valeria of St.Petersburg Guided Tours (not to be confounded with similarly named Tour-in-StPetersburg). I booked a 3-day private tour and everything went smoothly and as promised. The communications by by email and also by WhatsApp during my visit was rapid and efficient. I wanted to see Moscow after my 3 days in St.P. and she advised how to get there best (by Sapsan high speed train) and booked tickets and seats for me since international reservation on Russian Rail did not work. Also, Valeria showed flexibility according to the weather and knew how to skip long queues of mass tourism. A memorable experience I can warmly recommend to other individuals or small groups. I wish Valeria much success with her small sympathetic enterprise.

MM R. My research to find a great Tour Operator paid off

Havelock, New Zealand. Visited August 2017

My research to find a great Tour Operator paid off

We wanted to have a more personal tour for our 3 days in St Petersburg. One where we could go at our pace but more importantly see things as locals would. There are many operators in StP and difficult to work out which is best for you. After much research (having been a Travel Agent for many years) I chose to work with Valeria. We could not have been happier with the arrangements and contact we had at all times and the confidence I felt when dealing with her. From the purchasing of theatre tickets to the day to day schedule we were not rushed but were able see all our desires. Having Nadia as our guide was special in its self as we learnt so much about the people and the way of life in StP through Nadia. She effortlessly moved us to the front of queues ensued we were moving in the right space to be in front of the most famous paintings and works or art while others could only stretch to get a glimpse. Our transport and driver couldnt be faulted, clean vehicle personable driver always waiting when we were ready to move onand excellent driving skills. We would definitely use Valeria and her company again and would recommend her for a hasslefree option when travelling to StP

Givemeaholiday. Thank you so much for your excellent service


London. Visited in June 2016

Thank you so much for your excellent service

Unfortunately we have extremely limited time in St Petersburg, but Valeria collected us from the station and dropped us off to the airport having a ranged to maximise 100% fully our very limited time in St Petersburg.

I had been desperate to visit the Hermitage Museum since I was very young and therefore this was the highlight of the trip. Valeria had organised a route through the museum that we saw everything without wasting a minute.

I cannot more highly recommend the service that we provided an extremely pleasant way in which you assisted us with everything.

Many thanks. I really hope to visit again to finish seeing your most beautiful city and museum.

Kathryn Fitzgerald. Excellent service, knowledgeable guide

Kathryn Fitzgerald

Salt Lake City, Utah, United States. Visited June 2014

Excellent service, knowledgeable guide

We took two day tours with Valeria, one to Peterhof and one to Catherine Palace and Pavlovsk. Valeria, our contact and guide, is extremely knowledgeable about the history, architecture and art work of the sites. Not only were the tours efficiently arranged and excellently conducted, Valeria was happy to provide additional information, such as recommending restaurants and a tour of the best subway stations. She responded immediately to my first email of inquiry and followed through on every question. She clearly loves her city and is enthusiastic about sharing it.

We are tripadvised!

Frequently Asked Questions

What about tipping for a guide and a driver?

Tips for the driver and your guide are is not included in the cost of your tour. Tips are at your discretion but if you’ve enjoyed your tour you might wish to leave a tip of 10% for your guide and 5% for the driver.

Is it true that I can leave the cruise ship only when I book a tour from the cruise company?

No. Moreover, it is not true that the ship will depart without you. The cruise companies are focused on large groups, while we provide private tours. If you book any tour with us, you`ll have private tour service for the best price as well as the perfectly planned itinerary, so you`ll be back to the ship on time, and definitely won`t miss it.

I saw the list of the tours you offer. I would like add changes to the program. Is it possible?

Yes. All of our itineraries are designed to give you an unforgettable experience of St Petersburg but we are happy to make any changes we can to ensure our tours better suit your individual interests, wishes, and budget, so long as those changes don’t conflict with the seasonal availability and operating hours of Museums, events and points of interest. The main advantage of our tours is that they are always private and can be customized even upon arrival.

I am not a cruise traveler, and do not want any package tours. Can I book one museum visit with your company?

Absolutely! We provide individually planned itineraries in St Petersburg and its Imperial suburbs for all kinds of tourists. Whether you are looking for one of our premade 2-3 days intensive programs, a tailored tour or simply a single visit to a single museum or point of interest (such as our “the Hermitage only” tour) we can cater to all needs. Just e-mail us with your preferences. Other Russian city trips and excursions are available upon request as well.

How can I pay for the tour?

You can choose any option you like – credit card, Paypal or cash payment on arrival. The price stays the same. We will provide you with all the detailed information regarding payment after booking confirmation.

Do I need Russian visa for visiting St Petersburg?

If you arrive by a cruise ship, you do not need visa. You will however, need a tour-ticket (a document confirming the tour you booked with us) which you will need to present to the passport control. We will provide you with this document. If you plan to arrive by plane, we will provide you with visa support in the form of a tourist invitation letter, which is necessary for all tourist visa applications. Get more information about Russian Visa .

We are #SafeTravels member!

We are #SafeTravels member!

Our company is registered by the Federal Agency for Tourism and licensed to work in travel business. We have all necessary certificates and have implemented health and hygiene global standardized protocols against COVID-19.

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19 Top-Rated Tourist Attractions in St. Petersburg, FL

Written by Lura Seavey and Lana Law Updated Dec 24, 2023 We may earn a commission from affiliate links ( )

The city of St. Petersburg, known locally as St. Pete and famed for its perpetual sunshine, lies on the Pinellas Peninsula on the central Gulf Coast of Florida, between Tampa Bay and Boca Ciega Bay. Off the western side of the peninsula is a chain of long, narrow islands with some of Florida's best beaches.

The city is compact and easy to navigate. Many of the top attractions are near one another, making visiting more than one in an afternoon an easy task. St. Petersburg is one of Florida's cultural hot spots with a fine selection of world famous institutions, including the Dali, Imagine, and Fine Arts Museums along with the Morean Arts Center.

However, St. Pete's isn't all about culture. Mere minutes away is St. Pete's Beach and the gorgeous soft sands and warm waters of the Gulf of Mexico. Turning inland, the city of Tampa is another fun place to explore, with more things to do and great restaurants.

Explore the best places to visit in the city and surrounding areas with our list of the top attractions and things to do in St. Petersburg.

See also: Where to Stay in St. Petersburg

1. Soak Up the Sun at St. Pete Beach

2. the dali museum in st. petersburg, 3. see nature come alive at the sunken gardens, 4. head out to the new st. pete pier, 5. explore beaches and history at fort de soto park, 6. check out the colorful chihuly glass collection, 7. st. petersburg saturday morning market, 8. waterfront arts district, 9. imagine museum, 10. museum of fine arts, 11. enjoy some nature at the boyd hill nature preserve, 12. drive the sunshine skyway bridge, 13. run, walk, or cycle the pinellas trail, 14. weedon island preserve, 15. great explorations children's museum, 16. clearwater marine aquarium, 17. visit john's pass village & boardwalk, 18. take a drive to clearwater beach, 19. sand key park, where to stay in st. petersburg for sightseeing, tips and tours: how to make the most of your visit to st. petersburg and clearwater, map of attractions & things to do in st. petersburg, fl, saint petersburg, fl - climate chart.

St. Pete Beach

Just a 20-minute drive from downtown St. Petersburg is the fun beach town of St. Pete Beach. Home to a spectacular wide and long stretch of soft, golden sand lapped by warm, clear water, St. Pete Beach has been drawing legions of visitors for years. The list of things to do in St. Pete Beach is long, and includes lazing on the beach (of course!), parasailing, fishing, jet skiing, and frolicking in the ocean.

An assortment of accommodation is available, ranging from old-school Florida hotels to condos, right through to luxury resorts. Restaurants along the main street all have outdoor patios, perfect for grabbing a light lunch or a pleasant dinner once the heat of the day has passed. St. Pete Beach is just one of many fantastic beaches along this stretch of coastline; others include Treasure Island, Madeira, Redington Shores, and Indian Shores.

The Dali Museum in St Petersburg

The Salvador Dali Museum in St. Petersburg houses a comprehensive collection of paintings by this Surrealist master, with a total collection of more than 2,000 works of art. Dali's entire artistic career is represented, from his early work in Impressionism and Cubism to later experiments in more "Classical" styles.

Oil paintings, watercolors, original drawings, sculptures, graphics, photographs, and prints are among the exhibits. The Dali Museum Library and Center for the Avant-garde are also housed here, which preserve books, magazines, newspaper clippings, and other important documents related to Dali, Surrealism, and Avant-garde influences.

Address: One Dali Boulevard, St. Petersburg, Florida

Official site:

Sunken Gardens

The Sunken Gardens began as the hobby of a plumber named George Turner and have evolved into a St. Petersburg institution. First conceived of in 1903, Turner transformed a lakebed into a six-acre tropical garden, which eventually became so popular that he started to charge admission.

The Turner family continued to care for and improve upon the garden, and it was finally purchased by the city in 1999, becoming a community effort. Today, you can walk the paths and enjoy the rare plants, some of which are as old as the garden itself.

You'll have a chance to see tropical flora from all over the world, and enjoy the ambience of waterfalls, footbridges, and even resident flamingos. The gardens also conduct horticultural programs and garden tours, as well as host special events, including weddings.

Address: 1060 Gulf Boulevard, Clearwater, Florida

Address: 1825 4th St. N., St. Petersburg, Florida

Official site:

Aerial view of the new St. Pete Pier

The brand-new St. Pete Pier is a far cry from what used to exist in the same space only a few short years ago. Today the Pier is more than just an extension into the ocean; now it's 26 acres of fun, food, activities, and entertainment.

Blending seamlessly into the surroundings, the pier area is an ideal place to spend an afternoon with the family or an evening out with a group of friends. You'll find six different restaurants ranging from Teak, a fine-dining establishment with fantastic views, right through to the more casual Fresco's Waterfront Bistro offering vistas of the incredible array of pleasure craft moored nearby. For a snack by the beach, pop into the Spa Beach Bistro.

The St. Pete Pier is 3,000 feet long and can be a nice place to visit for a stroll, but it can also feel like a long walk in the hot Florida sun. Fortunately, a tram runs from end to end making a walk out and a tram ride back a popular combination.

Spread throughout the St. Pete Pier area are public works of art , one of the most spectacular being the work by Janet Echelman called Bending Arc . Near the end of the pier is the unique Olnetopia by Nick Ervinck. Also definitely worth checking out is the sculpture of the Benoist Airboat first flown by Tony Jannus in 1914.

Don't worry, you can still fish at the new St. Pete Pier – just walk all the way out to the end, where you'll find a platform. Bait and tackle are available nearby.

Address: 800 2nd Ave NE, St. Petersburg, Florida

Official site:

View of the beach from the pier at Fort De Soto Park

Five different keys make up the 1,136-acre Fort DeSoto Park, the largest park in Pinellas County. Most people come here to enjoy the beaches, but numerous nature and recreation trails offer great opportunities for hiking, birding, biking, and rollerblading, and there are also two fishing piers.

The park is named for the fort located on the southern end of Mullet Key , built in 1898 during the Spanish-American War. Remains of the fort can be visited on a self-guided tour, and a small museum with historical information is located in the former Quartermaster Storehouse. Other buildings on-site include civilian quarters, barracks, the bakery, and the former hospital, among others.

This is a particularly popular spot for bird-watchers , home to at least 328 species of birds.

Pelicans and shorebirds at Fort De Soto Park

Camping is also popular here. The park has 238 sites just a short stroll away from the beach. Sites have electricity and water; central washroom buildings have flush toilets and showers. The campground has special sites set aside for those traveling with pets. The county has recently upgraded the playground in Campground Area #2, with new features that children will be sure to love.

Camping reservations can be made six months in advance for non-residents, seven months in advance for residents.

Address: 3500 Pinellas Bayway S., Tierra Verde, Florida

Official site:

Chihuly Collection

St. Petersburg is proud to be home to the Chihuly Collection. Found at the Morean Arts Center , the collection is spread out over 10,000 square feet and is housed in a specially designed building. To get the best experience and understanding of the items you are about to see, start your visit by watching the short video on Dale Chihuly's life and his creative methods.

The collection has some of the artist's finest pieces, including Ruby Red Icicle Chandelier, Macchia, Ikebana, Tumbleweeds, and many others. The colors are incredible and varied; the shapes formed are unlike anything you've ever seen.

For a peek into how these amazing pieces of art are formed, be sure to visit the Morean Arts Center Hot Shop (additional fee). Here, you'll see the artists hard at work blowing glass into fantastical shapes.

Official site:

Sunflowers for sale at the St. Petersburg Saturday Morning Market

St. Petersburg is considered one of Florida's most livable cities for its mild climate, cultural institutions, and overall quality of life. Part of what makes it an attractive place to live are things like the St. Petersburg Saturday Market. Each Saturday, over 125 vendors set up and showcase their goods.

It's an ideal place to collect all the freshest ingredients such as meats, cheeses, vegetables, and sweets for your Saturday night get-together dinner. It's also a great spot to search out that eclectic or unique piece of artwork for that blank space on your wall. Feeling a bit of hunger coming on? You are in the right spot. Over 15 different cuisines are represented by vendors cooking up the tastiest dishes you can imagine.

In addition to all the great shopping, local musicians fill the air with the sounds of music. The market runs from 9am until 2pm. In the fall and winter (October 2nd to May 28th), the market is located at the waterfront at the address below. In the summer, it is located at Williams Park, 301 1st Ave N.

Location: 100 1st Street NE, St. Petersburg, Florida

Official site:

Aerial view of St. Petersburg's waterfront area

Just back from St. Petersburg's waterfront area is a delightful area known at the Waterfront Arts District, one of five located throughout the city. Stately old trees line the streets, and several city parks provide public space to rest and relax. Park the car and just wander around; you'll be amazed at what you find.

The area is home to many of the city's most popular cultural institutions, including the Dali Museum, the St. Petersburg Museum of History, The James Museum of Western & Wildlife Art, along with many others. All are within walking distance of one another.

In addition to the museums, the area is full of shops and restaurants, many of which have lovely shady patios, ideal for lunch or dinner. Walk towards the water past South Straub Park, and you'll come across the St. Pete Pier to your left and Demens Landing Park to your right.

The area is roughly defined as a long rectangle running from Beach Street/1st Street South to 3rd Street and 7th Avenue North and 7th Avenue South.

Imagine Museum

The Imagine Museum is one of the top museums in the United States for art created out of glass. The museum is the proud home of the extensive Trish Joy Collection of over 1,500 pieces, 500 of which are on display at any point in time. In addition, you'll find other interesting collections, including the spectacular 1,000 Buddha installation.

One of the best ways to experience the museum is to take one of the three free tours included with your admission. The first of the three tours is titled Journey of the Imagination. It is a fascinating multimedia and augmented reality experience.

The second tour is the Introduction to Studio Glass, and details the development of this art form starting in the 1960s.

The third tour, Introduction to International Studio Glass, showcases the evolution of studio glass work in Europe. Tours are generally 30 minutes in length and take place on specific days.

Official site:

Museum of Fine Arts in St. Petersburg

St. Petersburg's Museum of Fine Arts is considered the premiere art museum in the Tampa Bay area, home to over 20,000 works of art that span 5,000 years of human creativity.

The collection includes Greek, Roman, and Asian antiquities, African art, ancient art from the Americas, and European art. Among the better-known artists featured here are Monet, Rodin, and O'Keefe, and the museum hosts traveling exhibits and temporary galleries.

Collections also include a large photography collection, a gallery of glass art, and a sculpture garden. Docent-led tours are available for full museum tours, and visitors can request tours that focus on the areas that interest them most.

The museum is located in a lovely setting in St. Petersburg's waterfront downtown area.

Address: 255 Beach Drive NE, St. Petersburg, Florida

Official site:

Boyd Hill Nature Preserve

This lovely park is a beautiful retreat for those looking for a little nature. The park features six miles of walking trails and boardwalks that explore the area's varied ecosystems, including swamp woodlands and a willow marsh.

The park is also part of the Great Florida Birding Trail and home to the Birds of Prey Aviary, and rangers provide guided tours, which often spot turtles and other wildlife. The park also offers nature camps and picnic facilities and has a playground, picnic areas, and shelters.

A great way to explore the park is to take one of the tram tours. For a modest fee (in addition to your park admission) you'll cover far more of the park in a shorter period of time and learn about the flora and fauna from an expert.

Also on site is a gift shop, and the park hosts annual nature events like a butterfly count conducted by the North American Butterfly Association.

Sunshine Skyway Bridge

Located on I 275, the Sunshine Skyway Bridge crosses the water at the entrance to Tampa Bay. This spectacular bridge is impressive from a distance but driving across it offers a unique perspective. Stretching 12 miles in total, a little more than four miles of the bridge rises high above the ocean, allowing for large vessels to pass below.

Two main pillars tower above the road, and the high points add some eye-catching drama to the bridge. It took five years to build, and is now considered one of the world's most beautiful bridges. Views of the bridge are particularly beautiful at night when it is lit up.

If the wind is blowing, pull off at the northern Skyway Rest Exit and check out the kiteboarders racing across the water under their colorful kites.

Pinellas Trail

The Fred Marquis Pinellas Trail, created along an abandoned railroad corridor, is a 37-mile-long park and recreation trail, running from the downtown waterfront of St. Petersburg to Tarpon Springs.

This multi-use trail is enjoyed by walkers, runners, cyclists, and skaters, and features a number of shops, restaurants, and cafes along the route. To help visitors navigate, nine sculptures mark the various communities through which the trail passes.

One of the lovely areas along the trail is Dunedin , a quaint town that has preserved its village-like atmosphere. It began as a seaport and trading center, and is best known today as the spring training camp for the Toronto Blue Jays.

Honeymoon Island State Recreation Area and Caladesi Island State Park are located just off the coast of Dunedin and offer opportunities for both nature and water sports enthusiasts.

Kayaking at Weedon Island Preserve

The Weedon Island Preserve covers over 3,000 acres in north St. Petersburg on the shores of Tampa Bay and can be explored on foot via nearly five miles of paths and boardwalks, and by water on designated paddling trails along the waterways.

A great place to start is the Weedon Island Preserve Cultural and Natural History Center , which houses a variety of exhibits and resources. This is a free attraction, and visitors will learn about the area's ecosystems, habitats, plants, and animals, and how humans have interacted with nature here over thousands of years. From the center, you can walk out on scenic trails.

Walking trail at Weedon Island Preserve

If you are interested in paddling or fishing, head to the boat launch area. You can set off from here, and the water is quite shallow in areas. People come here to kayak or stand up paddleboard; kayak rentals are available nearby. Next to the launch is a dock where people come to fish.

This is an excellent place for bird-watching, as well as spotting marine life in the water of this protected flood plain, including stingrays and oysters.

Address: 1800 Weedon Drive N.E., St. Petersburg, Florida

Official site:

The Great Explorations Children's Museum is an excellent place go on a rainy day, providing a variety of educational activities and fun things to do for younger kids. Children can explore and climb on an ocean-themed play structure, Longo's Cove, or dig in the sand in a beach-themed play area.

Young engineers can build using an assortment of materials provided at the "Build It" tables or stack giant soft blocks to create kid-size structures. Kids can try being a grown-up in the kid-size supermarket, help a sick puppy get better at the veterinarian's office, make "pizza" at the local shop, and learn about safety while exploring the firehouse.

Other interactive areas include an art studio, a theater, and a health and wellness exhibit sponsored by Johns Hopkins.

Address: 1925 4th Street North, St. Petersburg, Florida

Official site:

Winter at the Clearwater Marine Aquarium

Clearwater Marine Aquarium is best known as home to film dolphins Winter and Hope who inspired and starred in the Dolphin Tale movies. Among other residents are sea turtles, otters, pelicans, sharks, and stingrays, as well as an assortment of other fish.

The aquarium has regular shows, which are part of general admission, as well as special tours and activities you can choose as add-ons. One of the most popular is a behind-the-scenes tour, which allows you to see rescued and recovering animals awaiting return to their ocean homes and learn about what it takes to care for these beautiful creatures.

Other offerings include guided kayak and boat tours, which explore various topics, including the ecology of Clearwater Bay and a Dolphin Adventure Tour.

Address: 249 Windward Passage, Clearwater, Florida

Official site:

John's Pass Village & Boardwalk

Tourist trap or fun place to go shopping and hang out; the jury hasn't made a final determination on this popular attraction. If it's a so-so day or you've had enough culture or beach and are looking for something different, swing by John's Pass. You'll find a boardwalk lined by restaurants with good views over the water and constant boat traffic.

Back from the waterfront is an extensive retail area with over 100 retailers consisting of souvenir shops, ice-cream stands, and places selling things you never thought you needed. Many tour boats leave from here on excursions out into the Gulf of Mexico. Note that parking here is not free, and enforcement is stringent.

Address: 12901 Gulf Lane, Madeira Beach, Florida

Official site:

The pier at Clearwater Beach

Clearwater Beach is often rated as one of the top beaches in Florida , and even the United States. Miles of pristine white sand attracts tourists and local sun-seekers, and it's all just a 40-minute drive from St. Petersburg. A number of Clearwater's top resorts look over this beautiful beach.

The Beachwalk , Clearwater Beach's seaside promenade, stretches along the sand and is lined with souvenir shops, restaurants, and other attractions. Another popular spot is Pier 60 , a 1,080-foot fishing pier with numerous amenities, including a large bait and tackle shop, which provides rental equipment to tourists.

Family attractions include a huge beach playground and nightly sunset celebrations with entertainment and vendors

The beach at Sand Key State Park

Sand Key Park is located on the barrier island of the same name, and is home to both a beautiful beach and a diverse nature area, if you are visiting Clearwater, it's worth a stop.

The park is part of an ongoing effort to create an artificial reef in the Gulf of Mexico, and also works closely with Clearwater Aquarium to ensure the safety of the sea turtles and their hatchlings.

In addition to its walking trails, Sand Key Park is ideal for bird-watching , where heron, roseate spoonbill, great horned owl, anhinga, and common moorhen nest and feed in the salt marsh.

Sandy Key Park

The park's beach area offers a good range of amenities, including lifeguards during the summer months, concessions, and bath houses. Plenty of rentals are available, so you don't need to lug your own - you can get everything from umbrellas and cabanas to bicycles and kayaks. This beach is also one of the least expensive things to do around St. Petersburg, with only a minimal parking fee.

We recommend these highly rated hotels in St. Petersburg, near popular downtown attractions like the Dali Museum :

  • The Vinoy Renaissance St. Petersburg Resort & Golf Club : A 4-star luxury resort, this 1925 landmark property features stylish décor, multiple restaurants, a deluxe spa, and heated outdoor pool.
  • Avalon Hotel : This mid-range hotel is located in the historic district and has a funky retro feel. The rooms feature Art Deco décor. Guests have access to an adjacent pool and a free area shuttle.
  • Hampton Inn & Suites St. Petersburg Downtown : With affordable rates, a lovely outdoor pool, modern room décor, and free hot breakfast, this hotel checks all the boxes.
  • The Inn on Third : This budget-friendly hotel offers quaint décor and antique furnishings.
  • Segway through St. Petersburg: Tourists can cover plenty of ground while exploring St. Petersburg by Segway on this guided historic tour . Limited to a maximum of seven people, this intimate tour provides an up-close look at some of the city's most historic spots while a knowledgeable guide provides commentary and answers questions. Safety equipment and Segway operation instruction is included.
  • Speedboat Adventure: Tourists can take the wheel and feel the thrill of driving their own speedboat on this two-hour guided tour of Tampa Bay . Communicating with your guide via two-way headset, you will be led past some of the bay's top tourist attractions, including Sunshine Skyway Bridge, Fort de Soto, and Egmont Key, as well as several stops at scenic spots where you can spot marine wildlife like dolphins and manatees. Instruction on boat operation is included.
  • Romance on the Gulf: Couples will particularly enjoy this 2.5-hour evening cruise by yacht on the Gulf of Mexico . The cruise features live music and dancing, and passengers can enjoy the views from both the outdoor observation deck and the indoor areas, which feature picture windows to ensure a great view. For those who would like to dine during the cruise, a full-service gourmet restaurant has a wide variety of options.
  • Marine Wildlife on Shell Key: Tourists can get a great introduction to Shell Key Island on this two-hour small-group Dolphin Watch and Snorkeling Cruise. The cruise, which offers a variety of departure times to fit your family's vacation itinerary, stops on the shores of Shell Key Island where passengers can choose to swim, stroll on the beach, or snorkel using provided equipment. Guests will also get the chance to look out for sea life on the way to and from the island, including dolphins, rays, and even manatees.

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Family Fun in Tampa: Tampa sits about 45 minutes from St. Petersburg and can be reached via either of two bridges, which span Tampa Bay from one city to the other. Tampa's most popular tourist attractions include Busch Gardens and several other wildlife-focused parks, as well as good museums for families, a historic district, and the Franklin Street pedestrian center. Like many other cities on Florida's Gulf Coast, Tampa is home to several excellent resorts.


Orlando Getaway: While Clearwater Beach is a great day trip from Orlando , tourists staying here can just as easily head inland for a day in the nation's theme park capital. The city of Orlando is home to top family amusement parks like Walt Disney World and Universal Orlando, and also close to the Kennedy Space Center at Cape Canaveral.

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More on Florida

Florida Travel Guide

St. Petersburg, FL   Travel Guide

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17 Best Things To Do in St. Petersburg, FL

St. Petersburg, or "The Sunshine City," is a great place to fill up on cultural and outdoorsy attractions, ranging from the renowned Dalí Museum to Fort De Soto Park to The Mahaffey Theater. The city is infused with Spanish-American history, and full

  • All Things To Do

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Fort De Soto Park Fort De Soto Park free

Spanning five small islands, the 1,136-acre Fort De Soto Park lies at the mouth of Tampa Bay and attracts more than 2.7 million visitors a year. The park features 7 miles of waterfront, two fishing piers, multiple hiking and biking trails, picnic and camping grounds and a historic fort. Climb the stairs of the fort for a breathtaking view of the Sunshine Skyway Bridge, one of the world's longest cable-stayed concrete bridges. Then, stop by the Quartermaster Museum to learn more about the fort through historic photographs and Spanish-American War artifacts.

The park is also one of the best places in St. Petersburg to visit the beach. The popular North Beach is recognizable by the large pirate ship playground near its entrance and the myriad of seashells and white sand dollars along its sands. At the waterfront, travelers can also rent a canoe or kayak and navigate the 2-mile paddling trail or try fishing. Recent visitors raved about everything there is to enjoy at the park, especially the lengthy dog beach .

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St. Pete Beach St. Pete Beach free

U.S. News Insider Tip: Beach parking is consistently monitored and parking time limits are strictly enforced. Leaving your car parked even a few minutes past your allotted time may result in a ticket. – Jacqueline Drayer, Contributor, Travel

St. Pete Beach is a barrier island community just west of St. Petersburg and home to a large swath of award-winning beaches. Pass-a-Grille Beach is a long undeveloped stretch of public beach, perfect for a variety of water sports, including parasailing, stand-up paddleboarding, windsurfing and kiteboarding. Recent visitors raved about St. Pete Beach, noting the soft, white sand, terrific maintenance and warm Gulf of Mexico waters. However, some note a difficult parking situation.  

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Dalí Museum Dalí Museum

The waterfront Dalí Museum holds the largest collection of Salvador Dalí's works outside of Europe. The building is just as impressive as the masterpieces displayed inside. One of the architectural elements is called the "Glass Enigma" — it's composed of 1,062 glass triangles that are visible from the outside. On the inside, a free-standing spiral staircase dominates the entrance. Architect Yann Weymouth combined these surreal-inspired elements with some realistic touches: the walls are designed to be hurricane proof. The museum also features a labyrinth, gardens and the purported Fountain of Youth.

In the collection, visitors can admire the breadth of Dali's Surrealist works, in media spanning everything from watercolors to sculptures. Highlights include "The Disintegration of the Persistence of Memory" and "The Hallucinogenic Toreador." Recent travelers found the building as artistic and strange as Dalí himself, adding that it made the experience enjoyable for both children and those not particularly interested in art.

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Popular Tours

Dolphin Quest - Sightseeing/Eco Cruise, John's Pass, Madeira Beach, FL

Dolphin Quest - Sightseeing / Eco Cruise, John's Pass, Madeira Beach, FL

(315 reviews)

from $ 29.00

Evening Yacht Cruise with Optional Dining in St. Petersburg

Evening Yacht Cruise with Optional Dining in St. Petersburg

(337 reviews)

from $ 32.06

Dolphin Shelling Snorkeling Cruise in Tampa

Dolphin Shelling Snorkeling Cruise in Tampa

(256 reviews)

from $ 78.32

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Sunken Gardens Sunken Gardens

This 6-acre attraction in downtown St. Petersburg features thousands of tropical plant species, as well as a variety of exotic birds and waterfalls. Paved pathways make it easy to explore the botanical garden. Enter the 100-year-old roadside gem and follow the trail to the orchids and the Growing Stone, a fossilized limestone rock. Other highlights further along the trail include the Japanese garden, canopy of live oaks, and a flock of flamingos.

Visitors raved about the beauty of the garden, but caution to bring bug spray. They particularly enjoyed viewing the birds and note there is information available that details the history of the garden.

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St. Pete Pier St. Pete Pier free

Piers have dotted the St. Pete waterfront since the 19th century – sometimes more than one at a time! The latest pier opened in 2020, on the site previously occupied by a distinctive inverted pyramid design. The new pier is expansive – its 26 acres include a parklike setting (think: playgrounds and green space), restaurants, shopping, a splash pad, the beach and public art.

Recent visitors enjoyed the variety of entertainment options on the pier. Many noted that it felt like a true public space, despite the significant amount of restaurants and shopping opportunities on-site. Some locals expressed regret that the old pier was torn down, while others applauded it.

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Saturday Morning Market Saturday Morning Market free

The market is held every week in downtown St. Petersburg and is the perfect place to buy fresh produce and a gift or two. Choose from different types of ready-to-eat food representing more than 15 nations, whether it's Mexican tamales or European sausage. Live music plays in the center and performers like balloon artists and magicians are scattered throughout. Recent visitors found the market the best place to be on a Saturday, and many especially enjoyed the social experience.

Located in the Al Lang Stadium parking lot, the market is open from early October to late May every Saturday from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. A smaller summer market runs from June to August in Williams Park every Saturday 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. It's free to explore, but you'll want to have some cash in case any goodies pique your interest. Plenty of parking is available near the market: the South Core Garage across the street has more than 1,100 spaces with a $3 entry fee and the Sundial Parking Garage two blocks north has more than 1,300 spaces and costs $1 for the first four hours. For more information on vendors and parking, visit the market's official website .

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Pass-a-Grille Beach Pass-a-Grille Beach free

Located at the end of St. Pete Beach , Pass-a-Grille distinguishes itself from the many area beaches by offering 4 miles of undeveloped beach paradise. Unlike many of the northern barrier islands that make up St. Pete Beach, there are no buildings directly on the beach, except for the Paradise Grille. There is beautiful sand, relatively shallow water, and facilities are well-maintained.

Recent visitors had a wonderful time at Pass-a-Grille. They praise everything from the sunsets to the sea shells, as well as the nearby shops and restaurants off the beach. Couples especially appreciate the quiet and romantic setting. Travelers recommend arriving early to secure a parking space.

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Tropicana Field Tropicana Field

Located near downtown (and less than a mile from the Chihuly Collection ), Tropicana Field is the only professional sports facility that features a tank full of cownose stingrays. Thanks to a partnership with the Florida Aquarium, visitors can touch, feed and interact with stingrays throughout a game. For many, however, the draw of the field is attending a Tampa Bay Rays baseball game. The dome-covered stadium is the only MLB park that has an artificial surface with all-dirt base paths.

Recent visitors found the air-conditioned stadium to be a nice break from the stifling Florida heat and humidity. When the weather is too hot for the beach, a Rays baseball game is a good alternative. Offseason, other performances also take place at the stadium. Ticket prices for baseball games vary depending on the time of year, the opponent and the seat location. For more information on upcoming games, visit Tropicana Field's official website .

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Small Group 2 Hour Dolphin Cruise with Snorkeling to Shell Key

(1188 reviews)

from $ 64.95

Dolphin Watching Nature Cruise and Eco Tour from Hubbard's Marina in John's Pass

Dolphin Watching Nature Cruise and Eco Tour from Hubbard's Marina in John's Pass

(228 reviews)

from $ 34.95

Island Sunset and Skyway Light Show in St. Petersburg

Island Sunset and Skyway Light Show in St. Petersburg

(893 reviews)

from $ 79.10

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Morean Arts Center Morean Arts Center free

The Morean Arts Center is a collection of four venues: a general arts center, glass studio, clay studio and the Chihuly Collection . The Morean Arts Center boasts a free art gallery as well as art classes, while the glass and clay studios are used by working artists. Visitors can purchase pieces at the studios and watch glassmakers or clay artists at work. The Chihuly Collection features artwork by renowned glass artist Dale Chihuly.

Recent visitors were impressed by the eclectic and forward-thinking art on display. Many travelers recommended stopping by the glass-blowing demonstration. Whether visitors purchased art or just enjoyed the galleries, they considered this destination worth their time.

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Weedon Island Preserve Weedon Island Preserve free

The Weedon Island Preserve spans 3,190 acres and comprises aquatic and upland ecosystems. Visitors can take a variety of guided hikes, walk the boardwalks through tidal flats and mangrove forests and fish on the pier. Located deep within the preserve, the Cultural and Natural History Center features an exhibit gallery called "Connecting People and Place" that encourages modern visitors to reconnect with the environment – and learn about the area's earliest Native Americans, whose descendants collaborated on the design of the center – through 6,000 square feet of interactive exhibits. The center also offers interpretive hikes, workshops and other programs. The hours are Thursday through Saturday 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. and Sunday 11 a.m. to 4 p.m.

Recent travelers raved about kayaking the mangroves and bird-watching on the boardwalk. Fishing and picnicking are also popular activities at the preserve. The fishing pier and outlying oyster bars are ideal for catching sea trout, snook and sheepshead. Four picnic areas and pavilion are available on a first-come, first-served basis.

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Chihuly Collection Chihuly Collection

U.S. News Insider Tip: This gallery is located in St. Pete's robust craft brewery scene. There are four popular breweries located within three blocks of the collection. – Jacqueline Drayer, Contributor, Travel

Located downtown, this permanent collection of world-renowned artist Dale Chihuly is displayed in the first building specifically designed to hold the his works. The entrance is dominated by the iconic 20-foot sculpture of cerise-colored rocks and the inside is brimming with intricate glass works. Large scale installations abound and highlights include "Persians," "Tumbleweeds" and "Macchia."

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Shell Key Preserve Shell Key Preserve free

Those looking to escape development entirely will enjoy Shell Key Preserve. More than 1,800 protected acres – which include their own barrier island – is a place for humans to connect with the beauty of nature. Nesting, wintering, and migrating birds are important parts of this ecosystem, which means the area is prime for bird-watching. Trails are also on-site, should you desire a walk. There are no facilities or developments of any kind and access is only via boat. Private vessels can pull up to the island, or visitors can take the public Shell Key Shuttle.

Recent visitors called this excursion a highlight of their vacation. The waters here are shallow and clear, and some took advantage of the chance to snorkel. Some noted that the shuttle does not always make all scheduled trips – calling ahead is wise. Offseason, trips may be cancelled day-of due to weather or low attendance.

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Vinoy Park Vinoy Park free

Vinoy Park is one of the most visited parks in St. Pete. Its location on the downtown waterfront offers scenic city views. The park is well-known as a festival, concert and sporting event space. On quieter days, walkers, runners, and cyclists fill its trails.

Recent visitors raved about the walking paths and opportunities for a leisurely rest in the park. Out-of-state travelers especially enjoyed the abundant palm trees. Some note that it is easy to combine a walk through the park with a museum or shopping visit nearby. The St. Pete Pier is also in walking distance.

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Three Hour Shelling Cruise to Shell Key Preserve from John's Pass

(71 reviews)

from $ 44.95

Sharkeys Glass Bottom Fish Feeding LED Night Tour St. Pete Beach

Sharkeys Glass Bottom Fish Feeding LED Night Tour St. Pete Beach

(323 reviews)

from $ 55.00

Egmont Key Ferry from Ft. DeSoto Park

Egmont Key Ferry from Ft. DeSoto Park

(268 reviews)

from $ 49.95

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Florida Holocaust Museum Florida Holocaust Museum

The Florida Holocaust Museum was founded in 1992 by a Jewish businessman and philanthropist who escaped Nazi Germany in 1939. After serving in the U.S. Army during World War II, he collaborated with Florida business and community leaders to create a living memorial to the millions of people who died in the Holocaust. The result is one of the largest Holocaust museums in the country.

It is dedicated to "teaching the members of all races and cultures the inherent worth and dignity of human life in order to prevent future genocides." To achieve this goal, the museum has several permanent and special exhibits. These include a railroad boxcar (the same type Nazis used to send Jews to death camps like Auschwitz and Treblinka); multimedia interactive exhibits where visitors can ask survivors questions; and a core exhibit that presents the history of the Holocaust and antisemitism through artifacts, photos, and videos. There are also frequent evening events.

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Museum of Fine Arts Museum of Fine Arts

Discover nearly 5,000 years of civilization in the Museum of Fine Arts, located in the heart of downtown. Highlights include masterpieces from Monet, O’Keefe, and Renoir, a sculpture garden and a noted photography collection. The traveling exhibits and events, which include frequent musical performances and lectures, make multiple visits to the museum worthwhile.

Travelers describe the museum as an excellent survey of art history and recommend visiting on Thursday nights when admission is reduced. Many especially enjoyed the on-site cafe and live music.

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Duke Center for the Arts – The Mahaffey Theater Duke Center for the Arts – The Mahaffey Theater

Located in the heart of downtown St. Petersburg, Duke Center for the Arts – The Mahaffey Theater is a cultural jewel that seats up to 2,031 visitors. Top-quality national and international artists, such as the renowned Florida Orchestra, grace the theater's stage. The chock-full calendar includes everything from performances of Rachmaninoff's piano concertos to Zach Williams to stand-up comedy shows. Recent concertgoers raved about the seats at the theater, finding them all, including the least expensive ones, to be fantastic in terms of views and acoustics.

The Mahaffey offers on-site cash-only parking for $10 and multiple cocktail bars onsite. Patrons should plan to arrive at least 45 minutes before showtime. Tickets vary in price depending on the event and seat. For more information on upcoming shows, visit the official website .

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Boyd Hill Nature Preserve Boyd Hill Nature Preserve

For those intrigued by Florida's preserves, but wanting to stay on land, look no further than Boyd Hill Nature Preserve. Located in St. Pete itself, this 245-acre site was once a zoo and botanical garden. Reclaimed by nature, the preserve features a Main Trail, from which multiple side trails – ranging in length from just 0.15 miles to nearly 1.5 miles – allow visitors to explore different habitats.

Recent visitors highly recommend a stop here. The area is peaceful, and despite its compact size houses a variety of flora and fauna. A lucky few visitors spotted alligators, tortoises, and crabs in the water. On a hot day, be sure to wear sunscreen, a hat, and carry water.

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Things to Do in St. Petersburg, FL FAQs

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The Vinoy Resort & Golf Club, Autograph Collection

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Best Public Golf Courses in St. Petersburg

  • Best Public Golf Courses in St. Petersburg

Children’s Activities in St. Petersburg, Florida

Museums in st. petersburg, white sand beaches in saint petersburg.

Surrounded by crystalline water teaming with dolphins, it's no surprise that St. Petersburg tours take to the seas. Lunch and dinner cruises on Tampa Bay are popular St. Petersburg tours and evening dance cruises, when the moonlit Tampa Bay is sparkling with multi-colored city lights, are incorrigibly romantic. St. Petersburg visitors can also cruise the Bay waters on a vintage paddleboat to the raucous southern rhythms of Dixieland Jazz. Tours of the Florida Aquarium, including behind-the-scenes tours, bring the color and variety of Florida's sea life to land lovers. Visitors touring Florida can also book Tampa, Key West and Orlando tours, in addition to signature St. Petersburg tours, ahead of time to guarantee availability and discounted rates.

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  • Best Hotels for a Romantic Weekend in St. Petersburg
  • St Petersburg Airport: Tips For A Faster Trip
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Is St. Petersburg Safe? Crime Rates & Safety Report

St. Petersburg, United States

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St. Petersburg, Florida, is a waterfront city on the peninsula facing Tampa Bay.

Most people refer to this city as St. Pete, and the St. Pete Beach residents were so adamant about shortening the name that they formally voted to change it.

St. Pete and St. Pete Beach are two different cities, as is Clearwater and the nearby larger city of Tampa.

Combined, the Tampa-St. Pete – Clearwater area is one of the largest metro regions in the country.

While this region is home to 2.8 million people, St. Pete is home to nearly 260,000 of them.

Staying in Tampa and St. Petersburg has two different experiences.

If being close to the beach is important, then St. Pete is for you.

If you want a more urban experience, head for Tampa.

St. Pete is also a little livelier than Tampa, with great entertainment districts on the water, while Tampa offers more cultural amenities and a larger landscape to explore.

St. Pete is closer to Clearwater.

Tampa is closer to everything else that isn’t the beach.

This metro region, including Sarasota County, is a popular place for winter snowbirds looking to escape the harsh winters.

They are usually retired people who spend time relaxing in the warm weather and attending social engagements.

While St. Pete has more senior citizens demographically, it’s known for its entertainment districts downtown on the bay and as a party town.

You really can’t go wrong staying anywhere in St. Pete/Tampa/Clearwater region, but let’s explore St. Pete, and you can review our articles on the other two cities to see which works best for you.

  • Warnings & Dangers in St. Petersburg


St. Peterburg is bucking the national trend of increased violent crime at a concerning rate. While there's still work to be done, violent crime is actually down 68% over the past five years. With so much to do and see here, the risk is worth the reward, but there's not much of a risk if you follow along with the advice in this article.


The Pinellas Suncoast Transit Authority (PSTA) runs the local fixed-route bus system. You can also use ferries to get across the bay. For those staying downtown, you'll have a trolley to help you get around. The Sun Runner bus has its own lane to take you to the beach faster than driving. You can also use taxis and rideshares or get your own rental car. All options are low risk.


Just 17 pickpockets were reported in 2021, which is a number that surprised me - and I used to live in this area. There are a lot of crowded spaces and busy restaurants, so just use standard safety advice, like carrying only what you need and keeping your purse or wallet close to you when sitting down. Don't hang your purse over the back of the chair at a restaurant.


You'll need to be vigilant from June through November because that's when Hurricane Season is underway. August through October tend to be the more active months. Summer will bring thunderstorms, with flash flooding and intense lightning being the biggest risk. Winters are usually low-risk.


One of the more concerning statistics I found was the robbery rate in St. Pete. While the robbery rate is just 13% higher than the national average, 77% of those robberies were in public places - known as highway robberies. Treat this with a medium risk, just out of an abundance of caution.


Any metro area this large will get a medium risk, plus with the port activity, there's another increased value risk. There is a lot of security at the local level, from the Coast Guard, Border Patrol, and federal levels.


Scams in St. Pete focus mainly on locals and the elderly. Watch out for rental scams, too, if you choose to get a condo or home instead of staying at an established hotel. Don't use third-party websites like Craigslist and book through a local travel agency, so you'll ensure the right rental permits and protected payment methods are available.


As a single woman, I've been to St. Pete many times by myself. You'll want to use street smarts when enjoying yourself downtown, especially if you are drinking. Go with a buddy, and don't go to a private space with someone you have just met. Of course, use caution when walking around at night and stick to well-lit streets and crowded areas.


The 2021 Water Quality Report is a thumbs up with full compliance and no violations. Water quality can be impacted by flooding or tropical weather, so always check the city website if you are there during a significant weather event. Sometimes the beaches can be impacted by Red Tide, which causes a terrible smell to come from the Gulf water, but rest assured that this water isn't part of the drinking water supply.

  • Safest Places to Visit in St. Petersburg is the official tourism website, which includes all the attractions on the peninsula side of the area.

To learn about the Tampa side, go to

The statewide tourism website is

Using official tourism sites is a safer way to search the website and avoid any fraudsters trying to steal your personal information.

You’ll also have people to talk with if you have questions instead of relying on an unknown webmaster.

The art scene is vibrant in St. Pete, with seven separate areas that blend seamlessly into one stellar downtown.

  • Waterfront Museum District: High fashion and fine art define this district.
  • Uptown Arts District: For those who love locally owned and operated businesses with local flair.
  • Central Arts District: Heavy on the art side with live music options, as well as the Florida Holocaust Museum.
  • The Edge District: Eclectic and Bohemian style region in this district filled with gastropubs and nightlife options.
  • Grand Central District: It feels older because it is, and the cobblestone streets only add to the charm of this area.
  • Deuces Live District: Explore the history and culture of the African American influences in this vivacious neighborhood. Also home to the African American Heritage Trail and the Carter G. Woodson African American Museum.
  • Warehouse Arts District: A place for serious artists to see art being made and the latest works of brilliance.

You can also view an extensive collection by Salvador Dali at the Dali Museum.

The Sunshine Skyway Bridge looks like just another major bridge over beautiful water unless you look a little closer and see the World’s Largest Fishing Pier.

You’ll have to go onto the Skyway to get to the pier.

There is a pier section at each end of the bridge.

It wasn’t built as a pier.

It’s actually the only remnant of the original bridge to cross from St. Pete over to Manatee County.

That bridge collapsed in 1980 after a freighter hit one of the supporting columns.

35 people died.

You don’t have to share that story with other people if they are scared of bridges.

The Skyway is a doozie.

St. Pete Pier is a great place to enjoy the beach and tour the Tampa Bay Watch Discovery Center with interactive and mind-blowing exhibits.

Several restaurants are located on the 26-acre property with water on three sides.

If you’re heading to the beach, the closest is going to be St. Pete Beach, and it’s worth the trip to the end of the barrier island to see what remains of Fort DeSoto and the beautiful views of the gulf.

There are also tour boats that will take you to Shell Key Preserve to find some of the best beachcombing in Florida.

  • Places to Avoid in St. Petersburg

St. Petersburg is developed in a way where the main entertainment districts and tourist destinations are near downtown.

While petty crimes and the occasional violent crime will be your main concerns there, it’s wise not to drive through random neighborhoods on the south side of the city.

Use the main arteries and stick to the areas designed to bring people in for fun.

If you travel anywhere else in St. Pete, it should be to get to the airport, to St. Pete Beach, or to Clearwater.

Avoid the city if a hurricane is headed that way.

While meteorologists can’t predict the exact path of a hurricane, the “cone of uncertainty” generally gives an idea in the week leading up to a storm of where an impact zone could be.

Cities will pre-emptively start closing down businesses, schools, and airports for safety.

Hurricane Ian in October 2022 was expected to be a “worst-case scenario” for St. Pete but took a last-minute turn into Fort Myers.

  • Safety Tips for Traveling to St. Petersburg
  • Pinellas County includes St. Petersburg, St. Pete Beach, Clearwater, and Clearwater Beach. That’s why downloading the Alert Pinellas emergency notification system is ideal for any tourist exploring this region. If you want to be covered in Tampa’s Hillsborough County, sign up for HCFL Alert.
  • You’ll also need the Pinellas Ready app if you’re visiting during Hurricane Season. This provides all the help you need to prepare for a tropical emergency, including shelters, evacuation zones, and emergency information.
  • Sign up for Alert St. Pete to get emergency notifications from St. Pete Police Department. You’ll want to be aware of traffic accidents, road closures, or criminal activity in popular areas.
  • There are a lot of homeless people in St. Pete. The city is doing ongoing work to help the homeless, but don’t be surprised if you are panhandled or see a large group of homeless people. It’s better to donate to a shelter than an individual if you are so inclined. The homeless usually aren’t aggressive, but it’s best to avoid crossing their path if you can.
  • The Sunshine Skyway Bridge is a massive, tall bridge that will shut down during high winds. This means anyone heading south will have to go “the long way” to get to Manatee or Sarasota counties. The bridge sometimes remains open with a high wind advisory, so it can get a little bumpy on the drive. Keep both hands on the wheel, and don’t speed.
  • The beaches of St. Pete and Clearwater are great, but you’ll have to pay for parking. About 30 minutes south in Manatee County, beach parking is free. Sarasota County also has free beach parking. It uses a little more gas but saves a lot in parking costs.
  • You can read the annual police report on the police department’s website to see the biggest successes and challenges of the previous year. The report is very detailed, with notable cases and arrest rates for all crimes. You can also learn about the use of force and other important safety details.
  • You will have to pay a toll to get to St. Pete Beach or to cross the Sunshine Skyway. The SunPass system will cover the tolls with a device placed in the rental vehicle. Make sure you have one of the devices when you get your car. If not, check the fine print because the toll cost is likely worked into the price of the rental car, and it might be cheaper to pay the tolls one at a time. will give you all the rental car brand details.
  • The Sunken Gardens are a popular place to visit near the water in St. Pete, and it’s full of aging plants that are priceless. Don’t touch or pick the plants during your visit. Stay on the path at all times.
  • Downtown parking can be tricky, especially during big events. Use the Park Mobile app to see parking locations, costs, and time limits. You can also pay through your mobile device and not worry about feeding the meter on the street.
  • So... How Safe Is St. Petersburg Really?

St. Petersburg has a broad scope of feedback when you search for safety in St. Pete online.

If you stay out of the neighborhoods, you’re on your way to a safer trip already.

When you’re in the downtown entertainment areas, don’t let the palm trees and blue water make you forget you’re in a big city.

You need to protect yourself and your stuff.

43% of all thefts in the city are related to car break-ins, so don’t leave doors unlocked or windows rolled down.

Leave the car empty, so there’s no temptation for a thief to do a smash-and-grab.

As of August 2022, the police chief gave a report to the city council and touted a 43% decrease in homicides compared to the prior year.

This is a positive change after 2021 saw increased gun violence.

Car thefts were up significantly, giving more support to my previous statement about locking your car and using the utmost safety measures.

Avoid renting a Hyundai or Kia since those are popular to steal, thanks to a social media trend that showed just how easy they are to get.

Also, 65% of the cars that are stolen are due to people leaving the keys inside.

I’ve never understood how so many people do that.

It’s a problem echoed around the country by law enforcement.

St. Pete is built around outdoor entertainment areas, but if there’s a storm brewing or lightning in the area – head inside.

Florida is the lightning capital of North America, and it’s really intense at times.

Don’t risk it – go inside.

If you are close enough to hear thunder, you are close enough to get hit by lightning – even if it’s not raining right where you are standing.

  • How Does St. Petersburg Compare?
  • Useful Information

You'll need a U.S. Visa or Visa Waiver from the U.S. State Department to get into the country from abroad. As a popular cruise ship launch point, make sure you read the cruise ship policy regarding required documents. The Visa process through the government can take months, so start planning early.

You can only use the U.S. Dollar here (USD), and you'll be challenged to find a place that requires cash. Credit cards are a safer way to protect your money and prevent fraud.

From late winter to late fall, you'll get warm or hot weather here. T-shirts, tank tops, and sundresses are almost a dress code. Winter can get chilly, and people in Florida will dress in winter gear when the temperatures drop below 65°(F). Bring a sweatshirt and jeans for the cooler days. Sunscreen and bug spray are essential items here.

St. Pete/Clearwater has its own airport, but the Tampa Airport is just across the bay. Either one has plenty of destinations. There's a smaller airport in Sarasota, about 45 minutes south, but it's unlikely you'd choose that over the bigger airports.

Travel Insurance

Travel insurance is important to protect your financial investment in airfare and accommodations, but you also want to be protected in case of hurricane-related cancellations. You also should get supplementary health insurance since there are a lot of adventures here that could result in accidents.

St. Petersburg Weather Averages (Temperatures)

  • Average High/Low Temperature

Florida - Safety by City

Explore st. petersburg.

  • 16 Pros and Cons of Living in St. Petersburg, FL
  • How To Have An Empire-Style Vacation in St. Petersburg?
  • Where to Next?


3 Reviews on St. Petersburg

We had a relaxing, fun time.

Nice place for fishing, sailing or just to hang about on a beach without any worries. Then you can take a stroll and visit some museums, art galleries or craft stores. You’ll have a lot to do for at least a few weeks while here.

Police everywhere

The beach here is breathtaking! I remember going here just for the beach with my friends. Also, there are police everywhere so I think it is safe.

I’ve been living here for a year now and I must say, it is the best decision I have ever made. For safety issues, there are dangerous crimes happening here, so be careful.

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History of St. Pete

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Generations of Growth

St. Petersburg has always been characterized by endless sunshine, soaring pelicans, and a glistening waterfront, so it’s easy to imagine what attracted its founders here nearly 150 years ago.

Historic Preservation in St. Pete

Like most of the United States, the Tampa Bay area was home to generations of Indigenous tribes before the first White settlers arrived. While Spanish explorers came and went in the 1500s, it wasn’t until much later that the St. Pete we know began to form. 

People began moving to the area during the 1830s and 1840s, setting up homesteads, planting citrus and other crops, and raising animals. After the Civil War, more settlers arrived, including the area's first Black settlers, John Donaldson and Anna Germain , in 1868.  

In 1875 John Constantine Williams of Detroit, Michigan moved to Tampa and bought 2,500 acres of warm waterfront land that would eventually become St. Petersburg. Thirteen years later, he transferred part of that land to Peter Demens, an exiled Russian aristocrat. In exchange, Demens extended the Orange Belt Railroad to Williams’s settlement. The first train arrived in St. Petersburg in 1888, carrying empty freight cars and a single passenger. 

Legend says that Williams and Demens flipped a coin to see who would name the city. Demens won the coin toss and named it after Saint Petersburg, Russia. Williams named the city’s first hotel after his birthplace, Detroit.  On February 29, 1892 the "town" of St. Petersburg was incorporated. Then in 1903, with a population of only a few hundred people, St. Petersburg reincorporated as a "city".

Breaking New Ground

In 1914, the rich history of spring training and Florida's love affair with baseball began when the city's former mayor, Al Lang, convinced Branch Rickey to move his St. Louis Browns to the Sunshine City for spring training.

That same year Tony Jannus flew his Benoist airplane across Tampa Bay in 23 minutes, skimming across the water at a height of 50 feet. The event is commonly hailed as the birth of commercial aviation.

And the city’s first library was built along Mirror Lake, opening its doors in December of 1915. It remains in operation today.

Booming & Building

The 1920s brought the state's first big growth boom with new residents and tourists arriving by automobile, railroad, and yacht. In 1924 the Gandy Bridge opened—cutting travel time to Tampa by more than half, and positioning St. Pete to become Pinellas County's largest city.

During the Great Depression, the real estate boom crashed and St. Petersburg recovered with the help of large Public Works Administration projects in the 1930s. St. Petersburg's City Hall was built with New Deal federal funds in 1939 and remains in operation today.

During the 1940s, the city witnessed more growth. The U.S. Coast Guard Station on Bayboro Harbor was used as a training base for World War II troops and St. Pete became a major technical services training center for the Army Air Corps. More than 100,000 trainees filled every hotel in the city, swelling the population and creating a housing shortage as their families looked for places to live. After the war, many of the service members stationed here took up permanent residence with their families.


African Americans have long been an important part of St. Pete’s story, but history that centers the Black community is often a lesser-known piece of the narrative of how St. Pete came to be. The area’s first Black settlers, John Donaldson and Anna Germain, arrived in 1868. They married and created a homestead for themselves and their children on what would become 18th Ave. South and 31st St. South. For 20 years, the Donaldsons were the only African American family settled in present-day St. Pete.

The arrival of the Orange Belt Railway in 1888 brought African American men to St. Pete to build the beds and lay the rails. The new arrivals created the first of what would become several predominantly Black neighborhoods. Peppertown, near 3rd and 4th Avenues South, just east of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. St., is credited with being the first. Historians say the enclave was named for the abundance and variety of peppers grown there in gardens and pots.

Next came Methodist Town, between 9th and 14th Streets North & Burlington Ave. N and 5th Ave. N., and what was first called Cooper’s Quarters, roughly 1st to 5th Avenues South and 9th and 16th Streets South. Cooper’s Quarters later became known as the Gas Plant neighborhood for the two tall cylinders that held the city’s natural gas supply.

Through the 40s, 50s, and 60s, one such neighborhood in South St. Pete became known as “The Deuces” and developed into a thriving downtown area for African Americans and other minority communities. Home to the iconic Manhattan Casino, which drew America’s finest African American musicians, the Deuces reached its peak in the 1960s with more than 100 Black-owned or operated businesses, entertainment spots, and professional offices that served the neighborhood. 

Developing Into a Destination

The 1950s brought the advent of air conditioning, which spurred housing for retirees. Central Plaza and West St. Pete shopping centers began to draw commerce from the downtown core and as the population peaked, streetcar tracks were removed to make way for a society of automobiles. New developments included the municipal marina, the main library, a waterfront arena known as the Bayfront Center, and the Museum of Fine Arts.

In the last twenty years, St. Pete has emerged as a top destination for visitors around the world as opportunities for business and recreation have grown. A relocated Salvador Dalí Museum, Dale Chihuly’s world-renowned glass collection, an annual international mural festival, and several other major museums cemented St. Pete’s reputation as a City of the Arts. With the continued expansion of USF St. Petersburg and the presence of a St. Petersburg College campus, downtown became home to a growing number of students and an Innovation District. 

The city’s notable ‘Inverted Pyramid’ pier, a successor to the popular Million Dollar Pier, was closed in 2013 to make way for the latest iteration of the St. Pete Pier, a 26-acre dynamic extension of the beloved waterfront park system that opened in 2020.

Today, St. Pete hosts hundreds of events, bringing millions of people through downtown and to every corner of the city. A clear vision and comprehensive economic development strategy have elevated the city’s profile and attracted new investments in arts, culture, technology, and recreation. And as the city grows into its next phase, it’s the sense of community and the understanding and preservation of our shared history that will help shape St. Pete’s future.

Self-Guided Historic Tours

Residents and visitors can experience St. Pete history on foot by engaging with one of the many self-guided historic tours around the city. Heritage trails are a valuable cultural resource and an important component of historic preservation and heritage tourism. In addition to preserving personal stories, heritage trails bring life and add value to the surrounding physical environment.

Walk St. Pete: Downtown Audio & Photo Tour

The Florida Stories Walking Tour  app offers fun stories about characters from the city’s past and guides users to some of downtown’s best in historic architecture. This tour is a collaboration between the Florida Humanities Council and St. Petersburg Preservation. Inc.

Downtown & Waterfront Walking Tours

There are three routes to choose from on the Downtown and Waterfront Walking Tours . Visitors can guide their own tour or hire a professional docent to host a tour . This tour is a collaboration between the Florida Department of State—Division of Historic Resources, St. Petersburg Preservation Inc. and Southern Roots Realty, Inc. 

African American Heritage Trails

The African American Heritage Trail has two self-guided walking tours, each of which contains a concentration of resources that are significant to the history of St. Petersburg’s African American residents. Nineteen markers and a corresponding guide explore the African American community between the arrival of the first African Americans in 1868 and the Civil Rights era ending in 1968. Both trails begin at the Dr. Carter G. Woodsen Museum at 2240 9th Ave South. This tour is a collaboration between the City of St. Petersburg and the African American Heritage Association of St. Petersburg. 

Historic Outdoor Museum of Roser Park

The Historic Outdoor Museum of Roser Park is a self-guided walking tour that currently features twenty-eight markers describing the neighborhood's features and history. This tour is maintained through the Historic Roser Park Neighborhood Association.

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Saudi authorities highlight tourism commitments during un sustainability week in new york.

Saudi authorities highlight tourism commitments during UN Sustainability Week in New York

  • Tourism minister says he hopes Kingdom can help lead transformation of sector into an environmentally friendly industry that supports communities and countries

NEW YORK: The Saudi tourism minister on Tuesday reiterated the Kingdom’s commitment to sustainable development of the travel sector.

Ahmed Al-Khateeb said that under the leadership of King Salman and Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, Saudi Arabia has become one of the most promising and attractive global travel destinations.

He was speaking at the start of an event at the UN headquarters in New York that aims to encourage a concerted approach to enhance the resilience of the sector at the highest level and maximize its contribution to sustainability.

The event, which takes place during UN Sustainability Week, was convened by the president of the 78th session of the UN General Assembly, Dennis Francis, in cooperation with UN Tourism.

Al-Khateed highlighted the efforts the Kingdom is making to address the environmental impacts of the travel and tourism sector, and noted that those efforts had contributed to the establishment, with Saudi Support, of the World Travel and Tourism Council and the World Center for Sustainable Tourism.

During the past two years, Saudi Arabia has sought, in its role as chair of the executive council of UN Tourism, to enhance the representation of the travel and tourism sector in international forums, Al-Khateeb said.

This has resulted in UN Tourism and the Kingdom cooperating on a package of initiatives to help achieve this goal, including a Best Tourism Villages award, a Tourism Opens Minds initiative, and a working group to reimagine the future of tourism, Al-Khateeb added. He also noted his country’s efforts to ensure the tourism sector was properly represented on the agenda for UN Sustainability Week. 

I highlighted the Kingdom's continuous commitment for sustainable tourism development by launching initiatives that supported the transformation of tourism toward a sustainable future. — Ahmed Al Khateeb أحمد الخطيب (@AhmedAlKhateeb) April 16, 2024

Saudi Arabia topped the UN World Tourism list in 2023 in terms of growth among major tourism destinations in the number of international visitors. It also topped the list of G20 nations in terms of the number of international tourists, welcoming more than 27 million last year, Al-Khateeb said. He added that authorities in the Kingdom are developing plans and strategies to attract more than 70 million international tourists a year by 2030.

By then, he said, the Kingdom aims to have reduced carbon dioxide emissions by more than 278 million tonnes annually, designated 30 percent of land and marine territory as protected areas, and planted more than 600 million trees.

“The Kingdom has taken significant steps to launch the Sustainable Tourism Global Center, with the aim of accelerating the travel and tourism sector’s transition to climate neutrality, protecting nature and empowering communities around the world,” Al-Khateeb said.

He also highlighted major Saudi projects such as the NEOM smart city development and the Red Sea tourism project that aim to ensure they have positive effects on the climate, environment and local communities.

He also expressed the Kingdom’s aspiration for all countries to make concerted efforts, and be open to cooperation, to achieve the goal of sustainable development in the global travel and tourism sector.

Al-Khateeb said that through this important UN event, he hopes the Kingdom can spread a message to the world about the need to preserve the environment, and can help lead and support the transformation of tourism into an environmentally friendly industry that supports communities and countries worldwide.

UN Sustainability Week began on Monday at the UN headquarters in New York and continues until Friday.

Major deals signed at record-breaking trade show by Saudi Tourism Authority 

Major deals signed at record-breaking trade show by Saudi Tourism Authority 

Saudi tourism ministry showcases achievements at ITB Berlin

Saudi tourism ministry showcases achievements at ITB Berlin

Gcc countries should strengthen supply chains to ensure industrial growth: oliver wyman.

GCC countries should strengthen supply chains to ensure industrial growth: Oliver Wyman

RIYADH: Countries in the Gulf Cooperation Council region should develop supply chain resilience strategies as they embark on large-scale industrialization of their economies, a report said. 

According to management consulting company Oliver Wyman, current risk levels in the logistics sector need to be mitigated, especially for countries like Saudi Arabia and the UAE which depend on high-criticality products such as transformers and minerals which are crucial for industrial growth. 

“In Saudi Arabia, 75 percent of transformer imports originate from only three countries. Any potential disruption in transformer supply could significantly impact several sectors such as power, manufacturing, transportation, and healthcare,” the report said. 

It added that logistical issues could impact power supply, leading to decreased industrial productivity, infrastructure vulnerabilities in systems that require constant energy supply, and economic instability. 

“As GCC countries scale up their economic diversification plans, including their industrial sectors, it is vital that they redouble initiatives to increase supply chain resilience to ensure the smooth functioning of all sectors and aspects of society in the event of unexpected upheavals in the supply chain,” said Frederic Ozeir, partner and head of Automotive and Manufacturing Industries, India, Middle East and Africa region at Oliver Wyman. 

The vitality of supply chain resilience

Oliver Wyman noted that vulnerabilities in global supply chains came under greater scrutiny in recent years following the pandemic and numerous climate-change-induced natural disasters, in addition to cybersecurity threats, logistics challenges, and geopolitical issues. 

During these years, industries across the spectrum have been forced to grapple with production delays, shortages, and an increase in prices, as well as growing demand and unexpected bottlenecks, which have highlighted the critical importance of resilient logistical chains.

“For example, of all the electrical machinery and equipment imported to both Saudi Arabia and the UAE, 60 percent and 65 percent, respectively, are imported from just three countries. Similarly, for excavation machinery and valves, Saudi Arabia and the UAE import 50 percent and 55 percent of the total from three countries,” said Oliver Wyman. 

The US-based firm added that various sectors are directly dependent on the industrial supply chain, and any disruptions could have a domino effect which will amplify vulnerabilities in vital sectors that are important for health, safety, and security.

Highlighting the necessity to maintain a functional supply chain, the report noted that the healthcare industry relies on the timely delivery of medical equipment and pharmaceuticals, while the power sector hinges on a steady inflow of critical machinery and components, such as turbines, generators, and transformers. 

Moreover, GCC countries are heavily reliant on desalination machinery such as membranes, pumps, and valves because desalination is the source of most of the urban water in the region.

Saudi Arabia leading the region to ensure supply chain resilience

Oliver Wyman, in its report, also lauded Saudi Arabia’s efforts to ensure a healthy logistics sector in the Kingdom, as well as the whole region. 

“In 2022, KSA launched the Global Supply Chain Resilience Initiative as part of its National Investment Strategy. This aims to position the Kingdom as a location of choice for leading global industrial companies, attracting investments in supply chains in order to mitigate the impact of global disruptions,” said the report. 

The study added that the UAE is also focussing on improving food supply chains through various programs such as those that support local and sustainable food production, as well as by establishing new logistics hubs and deploying cutting-edge technological solutions. 

Key actions to bolster supply chain resilience in the GCC

According to the report, governments in the GCC region should develop supply chain resilience strategies that seamlessly align with their national industrialization programs. 

Moreover, such strategies should be supported by a set of enablers covering governance, private sector involvement, capabilities, and technology. 

Oliver Wyman also underscored the necessity of having a collaborative governance framework between different countries to strengthen the supply chain in the Middle East region. 

“GCC ministries of industry and mining can work with other ministries, especially those of vital sectors to ensure supply chain resilience. As an example, a GCC Ministry of Industry that collaborates with its counterpart in the Ministry of Health would be able to better develop appropriate actions for ensuring resilience of the supply chain of medical devices,” said the report. 

tourism authorities

The report also added that GCC governments should leverage the private sector as a crucial partner in their supply chain strategies. 

According to the report, countries in the region can ensure supply chain durability by incentivizing logistical resilience initiatives among the private sector, and implementing inspection and corrective actions.

Moreover, the consulting firm added that GCC countries should establish specialized teams within their ministries of industry, comprising professionals with expertise in risk assessment and management, logistics operations, data analytics, and technology to build up the logistics network. 

“Various capabilities are also required across the industrial sector, such as risk assessment and management, advanced technology integration and utilization, data analytics and business continuity planning, cybersecurity, and collaboration and information sharing,” the report added. 

The study highlighted that nations in the region should also encourage the adoption of technology through advanced manufacturing policies that will drive the use of 3D printing, robotics, augmented reality, and automation. 

Industrial cybersecurity requirements should also be considered given the connectivity and data sharing within factories, driven by automation and the Internet of Things, the consulting firm added. 

Oliver Wyman noted that GCC countries should adopt a holistic approach that combines localization with other supply chain resilience levers to safeguard the industrial growth of these nations. 

“Achieving supply chain resilience in the industrial sector is not a one-size-fits-all endeavor. The levers deployed to fortify supply chains, such as localization, shoring, and partnerships, must be applied to the supply chain components of products with high criticality and risk,” Ozeir. 

The study concluded that supply chain resilience is not just a choice for GCC nations, but a necessity, and one that will guarantee the sustainability of their burgeoning and all-important industrial sectors.

Keep politics out of global supply chain planning, Saudi minister tells Davos forum

Keep politics out of global supply chain planning, Saudi minister tells Davos forum

Future hospitality summit to shine spotlight on saudi arabia’s growing tourism industry.

Future Hospitality Summit to shine spotlight on Saudi Arabia’s growing tourism industry

RIYADH: More than 1,200 investors from across the world will descend on Riyadh at the end of April for what is expected to be the biggest Future Hospitality Summit ever seen in Saudi Arabia.

The event - set to be held at Al Faisaliah Hotel from April 29 to May 1 –  will focus on sustainable tourism and technology-driven hospitality under the theme, “Invest in Tomorrow: Today, Together.” 

Industry leaders will discuss sustainable development, investment prospects, entrepreneurship, and human capital, as well as gain insights into the continued expansion of Saudi Arabia’s hospitality and tourism sectors. 

The upcoming three-day conference, which will feature more than 150 speakers, marks the seventh industry event for the Saudi market hosted by The Bench, a British business events firm.

Jonathan Worsley, chairman of the company, said: “The objectives of FHS Saudi Arabia are strategically aligned with Vision 2030, and our carefully curated program will focus on the development and sustainable growth of the hospitality industry in Saudi Arabia, the adoption of tech, innovation, and entrepreneurship in the sector, as well as investment and job creation opportunities.” 

It will emphasize strategies to foster the growth of Saudi Arabia’s hospitality sector, positioning it as a key driver of the Kingdom’s economic diversification efforts. 

Additionally, it will facilitate collaboration in the tourism industry by spotlighting its potential and opportunities for partnerships.

tourism authorities

The first morning of the conference will be exclusively dedicated to the Global Restaurant Investment Forum, exploring Riyadh’s growing dining culture through main-stage presentations, case studies, and panel discussions.

Founded in 2015, GRIF has been a three-day conference held in Dubai and Amsterdam. This year it will be incorporated at FHS Saudi Arabia. It is mainly dedicated to investors who want to meet owners of restaurant concepts, operators and franchisors looking for growth, equity, or partners.

GRIF Culinary Tours of game-changing restaurant concepts in the culinary landscape in Saudi Arabia will take place again, as well as the Startup Den – where entrepreneurs pitch their business ideas to a panel of investor judges.

The most recent speakers who have confirmed their participation include Martin Raymond, who serves as the co-founder of the Future Laboratory and holds the position of editor-in-chief at LS:N Global. Christopher Sanderson, also a co-founder of the Future Laboratory, will be joining him.

Additionally, Mohammed Jawa, the founder and chairman of MJS Holding, Faisal Shaker, co-founder and CEO of Modern Food Company, and Nawal AlKhalawi, the founder and CEO of Asfar Experience, will address attendees.

The programme will kick off in the afternoon on April 29 with the FHS Intelligence Talks, moderated by Fritz Dickamp, managing director of Studio 49. 

Topics include “The Future of Wellness – New Data on Wellness Travel,” moderated by Aradhana Khowala, CEO and founder of Aptamind Partners, in conversation with Susie Ellis, chair and CEO at Global Wellness Institute and Global Wellness Summit, and “The Hotel of the Future” presented by Turab Saleem, partner and head of Hospitality, Tourism and Leisure Advisory at Knight Frank Middle East and North Africa.

“We are offering delegates opportunities to immerse themselves in the dynamic essence of Saudi Arabia’s market. Our enriched program encompasses an array of engaging presentations, short-but-powerful ‘10X Talks’, multifaceted panel discussions, fireside chats, case studies, and captivating site tours,” Worsley said. 

He added: “Furthermore, the event is peppered with ample networking opportunities over three days, all carefully curated to foster an environment of learning, dialogue, exploration, and meaningful connections.”

tourism authorities

On the second day, the conference will kick off with welcome remarks by Prince Bandar bin Saud bin Khalid, secretary general of the King Faisal Foundation, and chairman of the board of Al Khozama.

Plenary sessions will cover a wide range of topics including “Hospitality Investment Opportunities in Saudi Arabia in Alignment with Vision 2030” presented by Mahmoud Abdulhadi, deputy minister of Destination Enablement at the Ministry of Tourism.

A panel discussion on “A Blueprint for Successful Market Entry and Investment,” will be moderated by Edie Rodriquez, a Saudi Tourism Authority board member, with panelists Qusai Al-Fakhri, CEO of Tourism Development Fund, Fahad bin Mushayt, CEO of ASFAR, and Guy Hutchinson, president of Hilton MEA.

Also appearing will be Haitham Mattar, a special advisor to UN Tourism and managing director MEA and South West Asia at IHG Hotels & Resorts. 

In addition, there will be a case study on “Public and Private Sector Collaboration to Accelerate Lifestyle Developments and Promote New Destinations,” moderated by Mohammed Islam, host and founder of the Mo Show Podcast Saudi Arabia, as well as a panel on “Maximising Financial Resilience Through Multi-asset Allocation” chaired by Matthew Martin, Saudi Arabia bureau chief at Bloomberg.

Moreover, sustainable hospitality investment and development will take center stage in the FHS program, alongside a significant emphasis on technology. 

Industry leaders will delve into discussions on the future of artificial intelligence and the metaverse in hospitality, explore the convergence of AI, IT, and human interaction for enhancing guest experiences, and offer valuable insights on tech stack investment strategies for both owners and operators.

A fresh addition to FHS Saudi Arabia this year is the “Destination Tomorrow: Unveiling of Investment Opportunities” platform, designed to highlight innovative and emerging locations and attractions within the Kingdom’s hospitality and tourism sector.

Its primary goal is to facilitate connections between project developers, entrepreneurs, visionaries, investors, and other essential stakeholders.

Another inaugural event at this year’s FHS is the Speakers Corner, offering a distinctive chance for attendees to share personal narratives of overcoming challenges and achieving success in the industry.

Startup Den

tourism authorities

The highly anticipated Startup Den returns this year, following its success at FHS Saudi Arabia 2023.

The panel of judges for this year include Prince Saud Al-Saud, executive director of TDF Grow, Salma Arafa, an innovation expert at UN Tourism, and Maya Ayoub, the founder and CEO of District Twelve and also country director of Saudi Arabia Women in Tech. 

“The Bench is passionate about supporting start-ups and providing an opportunity for entrepreneurs to pitch their business to an expert panel of judges and investors,” Worsely said, adding: “This year, 10 finalists will take to the stage to present their business concept in what is set to be another thrilling competition.”

FHS Saudi Arabia is placing a greater emphasis on female representation than ever before, as a testament to The Bench’s dedication to empowering women in the hospitality industry and acknowledging their role within the sector. 

“Women’s contribution to the workforce has been at the helm of the historic growth and development we witness today in the region. Our unique campaign seeks to inspire Saudi executive women, champion gender diversity in hospitality, and highlight the pivotal role females play in this ever-growing sector,” Tanja Millner, production director at The Bench, said.

She added: “We are delighted to introduce FHS Women Power, an initiative focused on facilitating and empowering Saudi national women working in the hospitality sector with complimentary tickets to FHS Saudi Arabia.

Last year, FHS Saudi Arabia welcomed over 1,100 delegates and featured 150 speakers from over 35 countries with 71 sponsors and partners.

Saudi hospitality shines in Makkah during holy month

Saudi hospitality shines in Makkah during holy month

Oil updates – prices slip after iran plays down reported israeli attack.

Oil Updates – prices slip after Iran plays down reported Israeli attack

LONDON: Oil slipped on Friday following an earlier price spike of more than $3 after Iran played down reported Israeli attacks on its soil, in a sign that an escalation of hostilities in the Middle East might be avoided, according to Reuters.

Brent futures were down 48 cents, or 0.6 percent, at $86.63 a barrel by 2:55 p.m. Saudi time. The most active US West Texas Intermediate contract was down 38 cents, or 0.5 percent, to $82.35.

Explosions were heard in the Iranian city of Isfahan on Friday in what sources described as an Israeli attack, but Tehran played down the incident and indicated it had no plans for retaliation in a response that could ease concerns about escalation into a region-wide war.

Iran struck Israel with a barrage of drones and ballistic missiles on Saturday in retaliation for a presumed Israeli air strike on April 1 that destroyed a building in Iran’s embassy compound in Damascus and killed several top Iranian officers.

“Whilst the initial spike in oil may have highlighted the initial fear of further escalation, we have seen both equities and crude reverse some of those preliminary moves,” said Joshua Mahony, chief market analyst at Scope Markets.

“Events of the past week appear to be more about showing their willingness to act rather than actually seeking to incite a war ...For markets this is a best case scenario.”

Investors had been closely monitoring Israel’s reaction to the April 13 Iranian drone attacks and have been gradually unwinding oil’s risk premium this week.

Prices have fallen more than 4 percent since Monday and are set for their biggest weekly loss since early February.

“The oil market is nonetheless concerned as there is too much oil supply at stake,” said Bjarne Schieldrop, commodities analyst at SEB Research.

Meanwhile, US lawmakers have tucked sanctions on Iran’s oil exports into a pending Ukraine aid package which targets ships, ports or refineries that process Iranian crude and transactions from Chinese financial institutions involving purchases of petroleum from Iran.

Iran is the third largest oil producer in the Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries, according to Reuters data.

The US also announced sanctions this week on Iran targeting its unmanned aerial vehicle production.

Oil Updates – crude stabilizes after sharp drop on demand concerns, easing of Middle East tension

Oil Updates – crude stabilizes after sharp drop on demand concerns, easing of Middle East tension

Saudi arabia’s ai adoption ignites technological advancement and economic growth.

Saudi Arabia’s AI adoption ignites technological advancement and economic growth

  • Adoption of AI will help foster a knowledge-based economy and equip Saudi youth with skills for the digital age
  • Key initiatives, include the National Strategy for Data and AI, aim to establish Saudi Arabia as a global AI leader by 2030

RIYADH: As artificial intelligence gains global attention and becomes a buzzword, Saudi Arabia is positioned for accelerated adoption to enhance efficiency across its industries.

Over the years, AI has evolved into a transformative technology revolutionizing numerous industries and domains. Its development and adoption across sectors have spurred significant advancements, already reshaping how people live and work globally.

According to a recent report by the professional services firm PwC, the projected economic impact of AI in the Middle East by 2030 is $320 billion, with an estimated $135.2 billion attributed to Saudi Arabia.

The report also highlights an annual growth rate in AI contribution ranging between 20 percent and 34 percent across the region, with the UAE experiencing the fastest growth, followed by Saudi Arabia.

“Such growth and demand for AI demonstrated that the impact on industries can be substantial and wide-ranging both in Saudi Arabia and the wider region,” said Slava Bogdan, CEO & co-founder at Flowwow, to Arab News.

Flowwow, a global gifting marketplace, simplifies gift-giving and connects local brands with customers. It hosts over 14,000 local brands from 1,000 cities and operates in over 30 countries, including the UAE, Spain, the UK, and Brazil.

“Whether it’s hospitality, manufacturing, telecommunication, or business technologies, where Flowwow sits, I could say that AI solutions, firstly, could automate repetitive tasks, allowing employees to focus on more strategic and creative work, especially in data analysis, customer service, and marketing,” Bogdan said.

The CEO further explained how the firm’s marketers frequently utilize AI to target audiences, enhance creatives, or conduct competitive analysis, particularly in global markets like the Middle East and North Africa. This reduces decision-making time and allows for more strategic tasks that necessitate a tailored approach.

tourism authorities

“Moreover, AI algorithms can analyze large amounts of data to identify patterns and trends, helping businesses make more informed decisions,” Bogdan explained.

“This attribute can lead to better forecasting, resource allocation, and risk management, especially in the financial sector, having had 25 percent of all regional AI investments,” he added.

Speaking to Arab News, Brahim Laaidi, partner at Bain & Co., emphasized that AI adoption in sectors like energy and healthcare aids “the Kingdom’s economic diversification and fosters a knowledge-based economy, enhancing efficiency and driving growth.”

Moreover, AI is recognized for enhancing customer experience and reducing costs for firms in various ways.


• Saudi Arabia was one of the first nations to utilize data and artificial intelligence technologies to achieve its Vision 2030 goals.

• There are five prominent types of AI: machine learning, natural language processing, computer vision, speech recognition and robots.

• The Saudi Data and AI Authority has created AI ethics principles in accordance with the Kingdom’s commitment to human rights.

• SDAIA estimates SR412.5 billion ($109.96 billion) in global spending on AI by 2024 end.

“AI chatbots and virtual assistants provide 24/7 customer support, reducing costs. Multiple Saudi firms and banks use chatbots for customer service,” highlighted Laaidi.

He also illustrated how AI analyzes customer behavior to create personalized experiences, citing examples like Netflix and Spotify, which utilize AI to tailor content based on user preferences and listening habits.

Laaidi also highlighted how “AI facilitates segmentation based on behavior and profitability for targeted marketing. Coca-Cola utilizes AI for consumer segmentation.”

“In a nutshell, for most enterprises, the focus remains on leveraging narrow or vertical AI solutions to enhance specific business processes, improve customer experiences, or optimize operations,” he added.

According to Jad Haddad, head of Digital IMEA at management consulting firm Oliver Wyman, AI essentially democratizes access to intelligence, making it cheaper and more widely available.

This can generate significant efficiencies by augmenting employee capabilities, enabling them to complete tasks faster, and automating certain processes without human intervention.

Oliver Wyman estimates that up to 35 percent of tasks globally may be augmented or automated by AI in the next three years.

“In Saudi Arabia, considering the current economic structure, Oliver Wyman estimates that up to 17 percent of tasks may be affected within that time frame,” Haddad told Arab News.

AI projects and employment

It is evident that the Kingdom has been significantly investing in AI in recent years.

Key initiatives, according to Laaidi, include the National Strategy for Data and AI, aiming to establish Saudi Arabia as a global AI leader by 2030. Additionally, Neom, a planned smart city, is poised to leverage AI in urban planning and environmental management.

“The Saudi Data and Artificial Intelligence Authority was established in 2020 to regulate AI development, and Tonomous collaborates with global tech leaders to enhance the city’s projects,” he added.

Laaidi continued by stating that AI and Robotics Centers, formed through partnerships with universities and international entities, are advancing AI in the Kingdom. From a technology industry perspective, it offers diverse applications and significant benefits.

According to Cristina Carranza, global head of business development at GGTech Entertainment, AI stands as a powerful tool with vast potential to enhance operational efficiency across various domains.

“We use AI selectively, focusing on specific areas where it can augment human skills and improve processes,” Carranza told Arab News.

She gives examples of how AI algorithms are utilized to analyze player data and preferences, enabling them to tailor game experiences and enhance player engagement. “In addition, AI-driven predictive analytics help us anticipate market trends and make informed decisions.”

However, Carranza emphasized the importance of acknowledging that while AI is embraced as a tool for progress, there is a recognition of the necessity of human oversight and control.

tourism authorities

New dimensions

From GGTech Entertainment’s perspective, AI opens up exciting new dimensions in gaming and entertainment.

Carranza revealed that one significant area involves the optimization of game design processes, where AI algorithms analyze player feedback and behavior data to inform the creation of more engaging and immersive gaming experiences.

“Additionally, AI-powered tools enhance player interaction through personalized recommendations and real-time assistance, fostering deeper engagement and loyalty,” she explained.

The global head further addressed how AI-driven analytics offer valuable insights into player behavior and market trends, empowering GGTech to make data-driven decisions and maintain a competitive edge in the industry.

Bridging skill gaps

The Kingdom’s journey to become an AI leader involves challenges encompassing ethical and legal aspects, data availability and quality, as well as skill gaps, infrastructure requirements, public trust, and the need for international collaborations.

“To navigate these dilemmas, the SDAIA and the National Data Management Office have been established to construct ethical guidelines and improve data governance,” Laaidi explained.

Similarly, the National Cybersecurity Authority continues to safeguard Saudi Arabia's digital infrastructure, including AI systems.

Laaidi emphasized Saudi Arabia’s prioritization of STEM education and training to bridge skill gaps, citing initiatives like the Prince Mohammed bin Salman College of Cyber Security aimed at fostering local talent in AI-related fields.

He highlighted the importance of focusing on STEM disciplines for developing a workforce equipped with the necessary skills for an AI-driven future.

This section contains relevant reference points, placed in (Opinion field)

“Substantial investments are being made in infrastructure, with emphasis on high-performance computing and cloud computing capabilities to support AI development and deployment. Building public trust is also a key venture for the Kingdom,” the partner stressed.

In addition, the Kingdom seeks international collaborations with leading AI research entities worldwide to expedite AI capabilities. “By addressing these challenges strategically, Saudi Arabia aims to create a conducive environment for AI development and adoption,” he emphasized.

From a technological perspective, the adoption of AI can present challenges in navigating ethical considerations and ensuring human control.

“At GGTech, we recognize the importance of maintaining human oversight and ethical standards while leveraging AI technologies. To address this challenge, we prioritize transparency and accountability in our AI algorithms and processes, ensuring they are aligned with our values and ethical guidelines,” Carranza described.

She further added that they invest in ongoing training and education for team members to enhance their understanding of AI and its implications, enabling them to make informed decisions and mitigate potential risks.

Reskilling Saudi workforce    

Undoubtedly, marketers and creative leaders should prepare for the changes in their professional field resulting from AI adoption.

Bogdan explained that one of the crucial skills is the ability to ask AI the right questions and write clear prompts. He emphasized that it is necessary to understand, at least at a basic level, how AI algorithms work.

“At Flowwow, we acquaint employees with the different instruments to make AI a helpful assistant that allows us to analyze competitors’ websites, fact-check and edit texts, test tasks, and answers,” he continued.

The CEO highlighted that as the Kingdom invests resources to integrate AI into every sector, it creates more opportunities for entrepreneurs to establish their businesses and startups equipped with AI tools.

“Hence, apps and services developed with AI solutions will be on the edge. In this case, product managers and programmers should gain a thorough understanding of machine learning to create up-to-date apps,” Bogdan highlighted.

The CEO stressed that it will mostly be up to companies to invest in continuous learning and upskilling through educational short courses for their workers. “This investment is crucial to ensure that the workforce remains competitive and competent in leveraging advancements in AI effectively.”

tourism authorities

Saudi Vision 2030  

AI is a driving force behind Saudi Arabia’s Vision 2030, fueling economic diversification, smart cities, and public service transformation.

According to Laaidi, “AI boosts innovation across non-oil sectors, enables intelligent urban planning in projects like NEOM, and promotes Industry 4.0 through automation and predictive maintenance.”

“AI also improves government services via chatbots, automation, and analytics. In healthcare, AI enhances medical imaging, drug discovery, and personalized medicine,” he highlighted.

On top of that, Laaidi emphasized how AI educational tools prepare the workforce and optimize resource allocation, while support for clean energy promotes sustainability.

“Vision 2030 powered by AI seamlessly connects economic domains, accelerating progress and innovation across the Kingdom,” he affirmed.

On another note, GGTech Entertainment's use of AI aligns with the goals of Saudi Vision 2030 by driving innovation, promoting economic diversification, and empowering Saudi youth with advanced skills and capabilities, according to the firm's global head.

“One way AI contributes to this vision is by enhancing gaming experiences and promoting the Kingdom as a global hub for entertainment and technology,” said Carranza.

By utilizing AI-powered tools for game design, player interaction, and analytics, GGTech Entertainment is delivering cutting-edge gaming experiences that showcase Saudi Arabia’s technological prowess and creativity to a global audience, she emphasized.

“In addition, the use of AI creates opportunities for job creation and economic growth in the Kingdom. As GGTech expands its AI capabilities, it is investing in the development of a skilled workforce with expertise in AI technologies and data analytics,” the company’s global head said.

She concluded by highlighting how this not only aligns with the goals of Saudi Vision 2030 to foster a knowledge-based economy but also equips Saudi youth with the skills they need to thrive in the digital age.

ACWA Power, IRENA join hands to accelerate global renewable energy transition

ACWA Power, IRENA join hands to accelerate global renewable energy transition

RIYADH: In a bid to add impetus to the adoption of clean energy sources worldwide, Saudi utility firm ACWA Power has signed a deal with the International Renewable Energy Agency, said a press release issued on Thursday.

The Saudi-listed firm said that the partnership aligns with its mission to provide sustainable energy solutions and seeks to accelerate the adoption and sustainable use of renewable energy across the globe. 

ACWA Power will work closely with IRENA to share crucial insights on infrastructure investment in renewable energy, green hydrogen advancement, solar energy, smart grids, and the intersection of energy and water, the press release said. 

The Saudi-listed company also announced its participation in various IRENA initiatives, such as Green Hydrogen, Collaborative Frameworks, Project Facilitation, the Alliance for Industry Decarbonization, the Utilities for Net-Zero Alliance, and the Coalition for Action.

As per the deal, ACWA Power and IRENA will investigate avenues to mobilize finance and investment for renewable energy projects, while also supporting infrastructure for the development, storage, distribution, transmission, and consumption of renewables. 

Moreover, collaborative workshops and seminars will be arranged to exchange best practices, enhance skills, and promote awareness of the energy transition among youth, professionals, and the public using IRENA’s platforms and programs. 

ACWA Power CEO Marco Arcelli said the partnership with IRENA marks a significant milestone in his company’s journey toward a sustainable energy future.

“By combining our strengths and resources, we are prepared to drive meaningful change and accelerate the transition to renewable energy on a global scale,” he said.

The CEO added that through collaborative partnerships and innovative solutions, ACWA Power remains committed to advancing the widespread adoption and sustainable use of renewable energy, shaping a brighter and more sustainable future for generations to come.

IRENA Director General Francesco La Camera commented: “We have less than a decade left to secure a fighting chance for a 1.5°C world. Accelerating the renewable-based energy transition needs industry leaders and this deal between IRENA and ACWA Power stands for the growing commitment of global industry to act on decarbonization.”

He added: “We need to act together to accelerate the sustainable use of renewables and green hydrogen across the globe.”

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Saudi development fund agrees $50m loan deal with St. Vincent and the Grenadines

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'Go home': Overtourism sparks backlash in Spain

Agence france-presse.

'Go home': Overtourism sparks backlash in Spain

Anti-tourism movements are multiplying in Spain, the world's second most visited country, prompting authorities to try and reconcile the interests of locals and the lucrative sector.

Rallying under the slogan "The Canaries have a limit", a collective of groups on the archipelago off northwest Africa are planning a slew of protests on Saturday.

The Canaries are known for volcanic landscapes and year-round sunshine and attracts millions of visitors from all over the world.

Groups there want authorities to halt work on two new hotels on Tenerife, the largest and most developed of the archipelago's seven islands.

They are also demanding that locals be given a greater say in the face of what they consider uncontrolled development which is harming the environment.

Several members of the collective "Canaries Sold Out" also began an "indefinite" hunger strike last week to put pressure of the authorities.

"Our islands are a treasure that must be defended," the collective said.

The Canaries received 16 million visitors last year, more than seven times its population of around 2.2 million people.

This is an unsustainable level given the archipelago's limited resources, Victor Martin, a spokesman for the collective told a recent press briefing, calling it a "suicidal growth model".

- 'Go home' -

Similar anti-tourism movements have sprung up elsewhere in Spain and are active on social media.

In the southern port of Malaga on the Costa del Sol, a centre of Spain's decades-old "soy y playa" or "sun and beach" tourism model, stickers with unfriendly slogans such as "This used to be my home" and "Go home" have appeared on the walls fn doors of tourist accommodations.

In Barcelona and the Balearic Islands, activists have put up fake signs at the entrances to some popular beaches warning in English of the risk of "falling rocks" or "dangerous jellyfish".

Locals complain a rise in listings of accommodation on short-term rental platforms such as Airbnb have worsened a housing shortage and caused rents to soar, especially in town centers.

The influx of tourists also adds to noise and environmental pollution and taxes resources such as water, they add.

In the northeastern region of Catalonia, which declared a drought emergency in February, anger is growing over the pressure exerted on depleted water reserves by hotels on the Costa Brava.

"There are tourist destinations that are at the limits of their capacity," said Jose Luis Zoreda, the vice president of tourism association Exceltur .

"It's a problem that appears occasionally in the high season and in certain parts of the country, but it's getting worse".

- Loudspeaker ban -

Before the Covid-19 pandemic brought the global travel industry to its knees in 2020, protest movements against overtourism had already emerged in Spain, especially in Barcelona.

Now that pandemic travel restrictions have been lifted, tourism is back with a vengeance -- Spain welcomed a record 85.1 million foreign visitors last year.

In response, several cities have taken measures to try to limit overcrowding.

The northern seaside city of San Sebastian last month limited the size of tourist groups in the centre to 25 people and banned the use of loudspeakers during guided tours.

The southern city of Seville is mulling charging non-residents a fee to enter its landmark Plaza de Espana while Barcelona had removed a bus route popular with tourists from Google Maps to try to make more room for locals.

Housing Minister Isabel Rodriguez said over the weekend that "action needs to be taken to limit the number of tourist flats" but stressed the government is "aware of the importance of the tourist sector", which accounts for 12.8 percent of Spain's Gross Domestic Product.

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Should trump be allowed to run for office, tests expose worrying flaws in france’s anti-drone system for 2024 olympics.

With less than 100 days to go before Paris hosts the 2024 Olympics, which organizers plan to open with an elaborate waterborne ceremony on the Seine river, concerns are mounting about the efficiency of the anti-drone shield meant to protect the French capital from a potential terror attack. According to several security sources, recent tests have exposed some worrying flaws in the system.

The anti-drone system Parade has been especially developed to protect the Parisian skies throughout the July 26-September 8 Olympics and Paralympics . But various French media report that the system performed worse than expected during a March exercise.

“On two of the sites where Parade was tested, it didn’t work as well as expected. Put in other words, Parade stopped the drones , but within a much smaller perimeter than expected,” an observer of the “Coubertin LAD 2” exercise told the French weekly Marianne .

Satirical newspaper Le Canard Enchaîné said the system had performed even worse than during the first exercise, “Coubertin LAD 1”, that was held to test its efficiency. During that exercise, Parade was reportedly only able to detect one out of three malicious drones at a distance of 800 meters.

“It’s annoying that this is coming out publicly but unfortunately, contrary to the official line, things aren’t really working as we’d like,” a senior security source told AFP on condition of anonymity at the beginning of April.

Meant to detect, identify and neutralize

The scenario of a swarm of explosive-laden drones sweeping in over the 300,000 spectators seated along the 6-kilometre stretch of the Seine during the July 26 opening ceremony would be nothing short of a nightmare for French police.

There are an estimated 3 million drones in France, many of them privately owned, and the police and the interior ministry are working hard to prevent any untimely flights over the capital.

"Drones represent a very high-level threat because they are easy to use, there are a huge number of them in France and converting them into weapons is simple and very affordable. It doesn't require much logistical organization," defense consultant Marc Chassillan said.

This is why French defense equipment groups Thales and CS Group, in consortium, won the French defense procurement agency’s (DGA) tender to develop an anti-drone system back in April 2022. The contract is worth €350 million over an 11-year period. In the consortium’s tender, Parade was presented as a “scalable, modular, multi-mission system” for fighting drones.

"Parade consists of a set of radars and cameras capable of detecting and characterizing the threat. The system is complemented by a goniometer that detects radio transmissions guiding the drone," Chassillan explained. "Then there are the countermeasures: jamming to immobilize or modify the trajectory [of the drone], or the intervention of a police drone equipped with a net to capture the malicious device," he said.

The system can also shoot down drones directly, but this is a last resort because the debris generated by such an explosion could injure or even kill people on the ground.

Closed-door hearings

The latest results add to an already worrying series of setbacks for Parade. Initially scheduled for June 2023, the delivery of the six Parade systems has already been delayed several months. This prompted the French Senate Defence Committee to launch a fact-finding mission at the end of 2023.

The committee’s conservative chairman, Cédric Perrin, has since repeatedly criticized the system. And on March 20, the senators announced their report would not be made public. When Defence Minister Sébastien Lecornu concluded the fact-finding mission’s hearings on April 2, he did so behind closed doors, fueling security concerns for the Games even more.

French consortium Thales and CS group present one of the possible configurations of their Parade system in Bretigny near Paris, on October 21, 2022.

“The decision to not make the report public was taken in a collegial manner following the hearings,” Philippe Paul, also a conservative senator and co-author of the report, said. “But it’s true that the Parade system, which has been tested several times, has not performed completely satisfactorily. The defence ministry, the DGA and the air force are perfectly aware of this.”

Will Thales and CS Group be able to rectify the flaws in time for the Games? Some are not so sure. “The time to train the staff, to make significant improvements to the system, it seems impossible,” a security source told AFP in the beginning of April.

The challenge of fighting drones in an urban setting

The French air force seems to be considering alternatives after buying several Bassalt anti-drone systems manufactured by Hologarde, a subsidiary of Paris international airport operator Groupe ADP.

"It’s important to understand that the Parade system is not the only equipment that will be used to fight drones during the Olympic Games. It is a part of a whole set-up involving different systems used by the interior ministry, the Paris airports, the Air Force and the gendarmerie," Paul noted.

But despite these extra layers of security, the task of keeping the French capital free from drones, especially during the opening ceremony, will be huge for security forces.

"For an anti-drone radar, an urban environment is extremely difficult and requires signal processing. Trees, buildings and monuments make detection more difficult because they form obstacles that act as a screen and allow a drone to appear at the last moment," Chassillan said.

"The other big fear is a swarm of drones and their saturation effect. If 150 drones attack the crowd during the opening ceremony and one of them passes through, it's enough to spoil the party. Especially as the Seine is like a canyon, with plenty of perpendicular streets that can act as access corridors for drones," he said.

No direct threat

For the time being, the plan is to keep the opening ceremony on the Seine, which would be the first time in Olympic history it is hosted outside of a stadium setting.

"We can do it and we will do it," President Emmanuel Macron said in an April 15 interview with BFMTV. But for the first time, the French leader spoke of a plan B and a plan C for the ceremony should the security threat become too great.

One option could be to limit the ceremony to the area around the Trocadéro, across the river from the Eiffel Tower. Another alternative, he said, could be to move it to the national stadium, Stade de France.

Macron's comments reflect a certain degree of nervousness surrounding the ceremony, whose spectator numbers have already been halved and will be subject to certain restrictions due to security concerns.

"There's probably a bit of panic because the date [of the opening ceremony] is fast approaching. It's going to come around quickly, but there's still room for maneuver if we have to scale things back or put a plan B into place," Senator Paul said.

Earlier this week, however, Interior Minister Gérald Darmanin reassured journalists that “today, there is no real threat ” to the Olympics. But although the Games might not be subject to a direct threat at the moment, the wars in Ukraine and Gaza and the heightening tensions between Israel and Iran mean they will unfold during a particularly sensitive global context.

The deadly terror attack on the Crocus City Hall in Moscow on April 22, which was claimed by the Islamic State (IS) group, also prompted France to momentarily raise its security alert to the highest level.

This article was adapted from the original in French .

U.K. environment activists guilty of halting 'Les Miserables'

Five environmental activists from the group Just Stop Oil were on Friday convicted of trespassing for disrupting a performance of "Les Miserables" in London last year.

The three women and two men aged 18 to 28 climbed onto the stage of the Sondheim Theatre in the West End in October as actors sang the protest song "Do You Hear The People Sing?"

Two of the protesters jumped onto the orchestra pit netting while others chained themselves to the stage with padlocks. The show did not resume and audience members booed.

The five were found guilty of aggravated trespass following a trial at Westminster magistrate's court in the UK capital.

They had pleaded not guilty and will be sentenced at a later date.

Just Stop Oil wants the UK government to end all new oil and gas exploration and has promised not to let up in its protests until it does so.

Its activists have targeted numerous high-profile events over the past year, including the Wimbledon tennis tournament and British Open golf tournament.

GOP operative loses appeal of conviction for funneling Russian money to Trump campaign

A federal appeals court has upheld the conviction of a Republican operative who had been pardoned by Donald Trump in the waning days of his presidency.

The District of Columbia Circuit Court rejected an appeal by Jesse Benton, a former senior aide to Senate minority leader Mitch McConnell and Sen. Rand Paul, of his November 2022 conviction for orchestrating a scheme to conceal a $100,000 donation from a Russian national to his GOP consulting firm — and pocketing most of it.

Russian businessman Roman Vasilenko wired the money under his own name to the consulting firm, but Benton kept $75,000 for himself and gave $25,000 under his name to the presidential campaign for Trump, who posed for a photo with Vasilenko. Benton then filed a false report with the Federal Election Commission to conceal the source of the funds, the court found.

The Trump campaign was not aware of the true source of that donation.

Benton had appealed the conviction, saying Trump's 2020 pardon should have prevented the jury from hearing about his previous election crimes before convicting him of the newer charges.

ALSO READ: 11 ways Trump doesn’t become president

However, prosecutors argued that the unusual manner in which Trump handed out pardons by sidestepping the Justice Department's Office of the Pardon Attorney should have allowed them to present evidence of Benton's previous conviction for bribing an Iowa politician to switch his endorsement in 2011 to Ron Paul's long-shot presidential campaign.

The 45-year-old Benton, who is married to Ron Paul's granddaughter, was sentenced to 18 months in prison for that straw donor scheme.

tourism authorities

Busted: Paul Gosar campaign consultant linked to antisemitism and white nationalism

From 'really rich' to begging: inside trump's u-turn on one of his first campaign lies, bill barr: the gop's master 'fixer' for decades exposed.

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'Go home': Overtourism sparks backlash in Spain

Anti-tourism movements are multiplying in Spain, the world's second most visited country, prompting authorities to try and reconcile the interests of locals and the lucrative sector.

Rallying under the slogan "The Canaries have a limit", a collective of groups on the archipelago off northwest Africa are planning a slew of protests on Saturday.

The Canaries are known for volcanic landscapes and year-round sunshine and attracts millions of visitors from all over the world.

Groups there want authorities to halt work on two new hotels on Tenerife, the largest and most developed of the archipelago's seven islands.

They are also demanding that locals be given a greater say in the face of what they consider uncontrolled development which is harming the environment.

Several members of the collective "Canaries Sold Out" also began an "indefinite" hunger strike last week to put pressure of the authorities.

"Our islands are a treasure that must be defended," the collective said.

The Canaries received 16 million visitors last year, more than seven times its population of around 2.2 million people.

This is an unsustainable level given the archipelago's limited resources, Victor Martin, a spokesman for the collective told a recent press briefing, calling it a "suicidal growth model".

- 'Social revulsion' -

Similar anti-tourism movements have sprung up elsewhere in Spain and are active on social media.

In the southern port of Malaga on the Costa del Sol, a centre of Spain's decades-old "soy y playa" or "sun and beach" tourism model, stickers with unfriendly slogans such as "This used to be my home" and "Go home" have appeared on the walls and doors of tourist accommodations.

In Barcelona and the Balearic Islands, activists have put up fake signs at the entrances to some popular beaches warning in English of the risk of "falling rocks" or "dangerous jellyfish".

Locals complain a rise in accommodation listings on short-term rental platforms such as Airbnb have worsened a housing shortage and caused rents to soar, especially in town centres.

The influx of tourists also adds to noise and environmental pollution and taxes resources such as water, they add.

In the northeastern region of Catalonia, which declared a drought emergency in February, anger is growing over the pressure exerted on depleted water reserves by hotels on the Costa Brava.

"Our concern is to continue to grow tourism in Spain so that it is sustainable and does not generate social revulsion," the vice president of tourism association Exceltur, Jose Luis Zoreda, told a news conference on Tuesday when asked about the protest movements.

The group said it expects Spain's tourism sector will post record revenues of 202.65 billion euros ($215.4 billion) this year.

- Loudspeaker ban -

Before the Covid-19 pandemic brought the global travel industry to its knees in 2020, protest movements against overtourism had already emerged in Spain, especially in Barcelona.

Now that pandemic travel restrictions have been lifted, tourism is back with a vengeance — Spain welcomed a record 85.1 million foreign visitors last year.

In response, several cities have taken measures to try to limit overcrowding.

The northern seaside city of San Sebastian last month limited the size of tourist groups in the centre to 25 people and banned the use of loudspeakers during guided tours.

The southern city of Seville is mulling charging non-residents a fee to enter its landmark Plaza de Espana while Barcelona had removed a bus route popular with tourists from Google Maps to try to make more room for locals.

Housing Minister Isabel Rodriguez said over the weekend that "action needs to be taken to limit the number of tourist flats" but stressed the government is "aware of the importance of the tourist sector", which accounts for 12.8 percent of Spain's economic activity.

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Stock market today: Tech stocks smoked, Nvidia tumbles 10% to cap worst week of the year

A measure of calm was returning after Israel's retaliatory strike on Iran spooked the market and spurred a rush to safe havens such as gold.

Stick-shifted 1986 Jeep Cherokee shows where crossovers come from

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This sale is money: An identity-protecting travel wallet for $10 — could 53,000+ shoppers be wrong?

'No unexpected coin avalanche': The slim, secure bifold easily keeps all your essentials organized, fans say.

'Nothing short of exceptional': The AirPods Pro are over 20% off — snap them up for $189

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NCAA approves helmet communication, sideline tablets, two-minute warning for FBS

The NCAA approved the use of helmet communiation devices and sideline tablets for college football next season. Additionally, a two-minute warning will be incorporated into gameplay.

We found Apple AirTags on sale — get four for just $20 each

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Ford CEO Jim Farley teases a mystery Mustang

Ford is celebrating 60 years of Mustang with a series of events, and Farley's post suggests that a new variant is in the works.

The best things we saw this week: Pirates' Andrew McCutchen hits career home run No. 300

The Pittsburgh star became the 160th player in MLB history to reach the milestone.

I bond vs. high-yield savings account: Which is better for beating inflation?

Choosing a savings account that keeps up with inflation is key to protecting the value of your dollars. So which is better: A high-yield savings account or I bond?

Driving the Cadillac Lyriq, Hyundai Santa Fe and a bunch of Lucid Airs | Autoblog Podcast #828

We discuss driving a bunch of new EVs, including the Cadillac Lyriq and Lucid Air lineup in this Autoblog Podcast.

Netflix stock sinks on disappointing revenue forecast, move to scrap membership metrics

Netflix reported first quarter earnings after the bell on Thursday. Here's what to know.

Bug season is coming: Prepare with this top-selling $15 indoor fly trap that uses zero chemicals

Swap the swatter for an insect-buster that has over 16,000 shoppers buzzing.

Post News, the a16z-funded Twitter alternative, is shutting down

Post News, a microblogging site that emerged in the days after Elon Musk's Twitter acquisition, is shutting down just a year and a half after launching in beta. Founder Noam Bardin, previously CEO of Waze, broke the news in a post on Friday. "A consumer business, at its core, needs to show rapid consumer adoption and we have not managed to find the right product combination to make it happen."

Got pets? This poop-avoiding Roomba — currently $301 off — means no more messes

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Connexus Credit Union review 2024: Accounts, rates, fees, and more

Connexus Credit Union offers competitive yields on its deposit accounts with few fees and a large fee-free ATM network. Read our review of Connexus Credit Union to learn more.

Bobbi Althoff was the victim of deepfake AI porn. 'This world is scary. It's getting scarier,' she says.

The podcast host and social media influencer was surprised to learn that people thought the compromising imagery was real.

Equities platform Midas raises $45M Series A as fintech retains its sparkle in Turkey

Midas, a fintech startup that allows people in Turkey to invest in U.S. and Turkish equities, says it has raised $45 million in a funding round led by Portage of Canada. The startup is aimed at Turkey’s retail investor market and claims to have more than 2 million users.

'Good tummy camouflage': This flattering frock is a steal at $34 — save over 40%

More than 5,000 shoppers rave about this comfy midi dress — and it has pockets!

San Diego Travel Blog

Local insight to help you plan your next San Diego vacation.

A large crowd at Wonderfront enjoying music after the sun has gone down

April 18, 2024 By Julia Buescher

Discover the Ultimate Wonderfront VIP Music Experience in San Diego

The Wonderfront Music Festival is a three-day waterfront music festival held in San Diego, California, and bringing together a diverse lineup of artists from multiple genres, including rock, hip-hop, EDM and more. The festival takes place May 10-12, and will attract music enthusiasts from around the country to take in amazing live performances against the backdrop of San Diego’s stunning waterfront scenery. 

Music and much more! 

The festival showcases multiple stages spread out along the waterfront, offering attendees a dynamic and immersive experience. From intimate acoustic sets to electrifying main-stage performances, Wonderfront caters to a wide range of musical tastes. Notable headliners and emerging artists alike grace the stages, ensuring there’s something for everyone. 

In addition to its stellar musical lineup, Wonderfront offers a plethora of activities and attractions to keep attendees entertained throughout the weekend. The festival embraces San Diego’s vibrant culture by incorporating elements such as local cuisine, craft beer and art installations. Attendees can indulge in culinary delights from food vendors who will serve up a diverse array of dishes, from gourmet street tacos to fresh seafood. 

Perfect perks for VIPs 

For those craving the ultimate VIP experience, Wonderfront presents the VIP Wonderfull Pass, offering exclusive perks and privileges. VIP ticket holders enjoy dedicated entrance lines at main venue gates, ensuring swift and hassle-free entry during peak festival moments. The VIP Lounge, nestled next to the sparkling bayfront, provides a serene escape from the festival’s hustle and bustle. 

Experience every note up close with unparalleled viewing from VIP platforms, ensuring an elevated perspective of main-stage performances. The extended front-of-stage access, exclusively for VIPs, brings you closer to the action than ever before. Indulge in specialized gourmet food offerings in the VIP Lounge, catering to diverse tastes. Picture lounging in a VIP area steps away from the main stages and waterfront, with access to a VIP Limo Boat for harbor party cruises. Front-row viewing at both main stages is now expanded for 2024, featuring multiple entrance/exit points and a VIP fast lane. Dive into the VIP Hideaway Lounge within the new EDM Dance Club for an exclusive open-air club experience like no other. 

Explore San Diego’s stunning bayfront 

Beyond the music and food, Wonderfront offers plenty of opportunities for attendees to explore and engage with the waterfront. The festival encourages attendees to take advantage of San Diego’s gorgeous bayfront location by offering various water-based activities and boat tours. Additionally, attendees can discover hidden gems along the Embarcadero , from scenic parks to historic landmarks, making Wonderfront a truly immersive experience. 

The festival’s inclusive atmosphere and diverse lineup reflect its commitment to celebrating music and bringing people together from all walks of life. Whether you’re a die-hard music fan or simply looking to soak up the vibrant atmosphere, Wonderfront promises an unforgettable experience that captures the essence of San Diego’s rich cultural tapestry . 

tourism authorities

Get Your Wonderfront Ticket

tourism authorities

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Unexploded shell from WWII found at tourist destination on Okinawa

The yellow circle shows the location of 110-pound unexploded shell from World War II discovered in Onna Village, Okinawa, March 12, 2024.

The yellow circle shows the location of 110-pound unexploded shell from World War II discovered in Onna Village, Okinawa, March 12, 2024. (Onna Village)

ONNA VILLAGE, Okinawa — Japanese authorities on Thursday night planned to remove an unexploded, 110-pound shell recently discovered at a construction site in Onna Village.

A detail from the Japan Ground Self-Defense Force was scheduled to remove the ordnance, believed to be left over from World War II.

The shell was discovered March 12 by a private contractor sweeping the site for magnetic signatures, a spokesman for Onna Village’s General Affairs Division told Stars and Stripes by phone Thursday.

Eight members of the 101st Explosive Ordnance Disposal unit were assigned to remove the shell, a spokesman for the Ground Self-Defense Force 15th Brigade said by phone Thursday. The unit will deactivate the bomb by removing its fuse.

Part of the Route 58 bypass will be closed during the operation, which was expected to start at 6:45 p.m. and last about two hours, the village spokesman said.

Onna Village is a popular resort destination where many prominent hotel chains occupy the shoreline. None of the hotels will be affected by the operation.

Approximately 10,000 tons of ordnance were dropped on Okinawa during the Battle of Okinawa and nearly 2,000 tons remain undiscovered, according to the prefecture’s General Bureau website. Crews disposed of 14.7 tons between April 1, 2022, and March 31, 2023.

author picture

previous coverage

  • Workers discover 1,000-pound bomb from Korean War at construction site
  • Construction site in South Korea yields second Korean War bomb this month

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  • Disposal crews remove WWII bombs found in German town near US bases

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    1-Day Package. The best choice if you have only one day to visit St. Petersburg or would like an introduction the main sights before you continue to explore on your own. Price from: $239 per person. (private tour) Sights to see: City tour. The Peter and Paul Fortress. The Church of the Savior on Spilled Blood.

  18. 19 Top-Rated Tourist Attractions in St. Petersburg, FL

    Explore the best places to visit in the city and surrounding areas with our list of the top attractions and things to do in St. Petersburg. See also: Where to Stay in St. Petersburg. On This Page: 1. Soak Up the Sun at St. Pete Beach. 2. The Dali Museum in St. Petersburg. 3. See Nature Come Alive at the Sunken Gardens.

  19. 17 Best Things To Do in St. Petersburg, FL

    St. Petersburg, or "The Sunshine City," is a great place to fill up on cultural and outdoorsy attractions, ranging from the renowned Dalí Museum to Fort De Soto Park to The Mahaffey Theater. The ...

  20. Visit St. Pete/Clearwater

    Clearwater. Home to America's Best Beaches, a vibrant arts community and amazing outdoor experiences, St. Pete/Clearwater is a sunny destination that travelers adore. In fact, we were named among the top 100 most-loved travel destinations in the world! And Forbes named St. Pete among its "Best Places to Travel in the U.S." for 2023!

  21. St. Petersburg Attractions : The Official St. Petersburg Guide

    Petersburg visitors can also cruise the Bay waters on a vintage paddleboat to the raucous southern rhythms of Dixieland Jazz. Tours of the Florida Aquarium, including behind-the-scenes tours, bring the color and variety of Florida's sea life to land lovers. Visitors touring Florida can also book Tampa, Key West and Orlando tours, in addition to ...

  22. Is St. Petersburg Safe for Travel RIGHT NOW? (2024 Safety Rating)

    St. Petersburg, Florida, is a waterfront city on the peninsula facing Tampa Bay. Most people refer to this city as St. Pete, and the St. Pete Beach residents were so adamant about shortening the name that they formally voted to change it. St. Pete and St. Pete Beach are two different cities, as is Clearwater and the nearby larger city of Tampa.

  23. History of St. Pete

    History of St. Pete. Like most of the United States, the Tampa Bay area was home to generations of Indigenous tribes before the first White settlers arrived. While Spanish explorers came and went in the 1500s, it wasn't until much later that the St. Pete we know began to form. People began moving to the area during the 1830s and 1840s ...

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    Anti-tourism movements are multiplying in Spain, the world's second most visited country, prompting authorities to try and reconcile the interests of locals and the lucrative sector. Rallying ...

  25. Saudi authorities highlight tourism commitments during UN

    NEW YORK: The Saudi tourism minister on Tuesday reiterated the Kingdom's commitment to sustainable development of the travel sector. Ahmed Al-Khateeb said that under the leadership of King ...

  26. 'Go home': Overtourism sparks backlash in Spain

    Anti-tourism movements are multiplying in Spain, the world's second most visited country, prompting authorities to try and reconcile the interests of locals and the lucrative sector.Rallying under ...

  27. 'Go home': Overtourism sparks backlash in Spain

    Anti-tourism movements are multiplying in Spain, the world's second most visited country, prompting authorities to try and reconcile the interests of locals and the lucrative sector.- 'Social ...

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    Charlotte-based Southern Entertainment created and runs the festival. Courtesy of Carolina Country Music Fest. Southern Entertainment's Durkin predicts crowds of 25,000 to 30,000 each day for ...

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    In addition to its stellar musical lineup, Wonderfront offers a plethora of activities and attractions to keep attendees entertained throughout the weekend. The festival embraces San Diego's vibrant culture by incorporating elements such as local cuisine, craft beer and art installations. Attendees can indulge in culinary delights from food ...

  30. Unexploded shell from WWII found at tourist destination on Okinawa

    ONNA VILLAGE, Okinawa — Japanese authorities on Thursday night planned to remove an unexploded, 110-pound shell recently discovered at a construction site in Onna Village. A detail from the ...