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trek bikes archive 2022

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Trek Bicycles Catalog 2022 D. D. Teoli Jr. A. C.

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Uploaded by danielteolijr on May 3, 2023

SIMILAR ITEMS (based on metadata)

"Rub the area with candle wax of a color that contrasts with your paint. Lightly wipe it off with a rag. The wax stays in the indented area of the S/N. Now you can easily read the number. I have included a photo of the results from my bike. In this case I used a red candle to make the serial number stand out. Note that even with the serial number filled with wax, the leading "0" is almost imperceptible."

Serial Number Descriptions

The serial number descriptions are divided into five categories. Click on the link below to go to the appropriate category.

Prior to Late 1980 | Late 1980 to Late 1986 | Late 1986 to 1999+ Foreign Built After 84 | Jazz by Trek | Missing Serial Numbers


Before late 1980, Trek used an alphanumeric serial number scheme. Each seven-character number consists of three letters mixed with numerals. The serial number list and the code for the list are not available from Trek (but hope springs eternal). In the meantime, we have the results of the serial number decoding project:

The second number is the last digit of the year , 6, 7, 8, 9 (for 197X) and 0 for 1980. See note below , **** , for year exceptions . Again, this is the date of serializing, not necessarily model year.

The last three characters - The final letter ranges from A to Z and the final two numbers go from 01 to 99. The last letter might be a run designation, with the last two numerals the frame number in that run? Alternatively, the letter extends the range of the character from 0 to 9 (if a number) to 1 to 26. This gives a range of 2600 for the 3 characters. Any other ideas for these last three characters?

The rest of the code defines time to a month. Perhaps once Trek was nearing more than 2600 bikes/frames of a given model per month, a new serial number scheme needed to be developed. Hence the change to the sequential system that was started in late 1980.

* There is no Model 310 in the brochures on the site; however, a frame has been reported that has Ishiwata high tensile double butted main tubes with the SN A4F9H67. It has touring length chainstays. According the the SN, it apparently was made in June 1979, after the TX300 is no longer in the brochures, but no similar frame is listed. Another small mystery; for now we'll call it a 310. ** One interesting variant of the SN code has been submitted. It has a leading B and has eight characters instead of the usual 7 (B4K6B109). It has SunTour dropouts, and had a partial tubing sticker that included the text "TENSION BUTTED". The date from the SN is Nov. 76. Probably a TX200 with an extra character in the SN. *** Several frames with a leading serial letter of G have been reported with Columbus tubing stickers. TX700 frames were available as special order, with Columbus tubing instead of the specified Reynolds 531. These bikes were designated as Model TX770. However, this model did not appear in any of the Trek brochures on this site.

**** Year Exceptions:

A. Serial numbers beginning with M or N (41X and 61X bikes or frames) seem to have a different meaning for what normally is the year digit. The year digit is the fourth character in the number. In the 50 M and N serial numbers that have been sent in by owners, the year numbers go from 0 through 9. The remaining part of the serial numbers seem normal. According to the brochures, Trek did not make 41X and 61X bikes or frames during 76, 77, 78, and 79 and also not in 83, 84, 85, 86, 87, 88, or 89. These serial numbers apparently do not follow the year convention used for other Trek models. It is likely these frames, SNs beginning with M or N (Models 41x and 61X), were contracted out or were made in a separate Trek facility, and were given the old serial number form so as not to interfere with the sequential numbers being assigned by Trek in their main shop, which began in late 1980. This variation to the SN system may have been done to extend the numbering system. By using the fourth character as an extension of the last three, the serial numbers could be extended from 2600 possible combinations to 26,000 for a given month. For M and N leading serial numbers, if the TREK letters on the seattube have no colorwrap behind, the bike is from 1980 or perhaps 1981. If it has a colorwrap, the bike is probably from 1982. B. Serial numbers for four model 510 frames (with a leading F) have been reported that have similar unexpected year dates. (Our thanks to Rich Ferguson, Fred Gomez, and Chris Tank.) The fourth characters are 2, 3, 4, and 5, there may be more. The frames have the early TREK graphics on the seattube. These frames may be related to the M and N leading serial number bikes in the section above. C. One early TX700 (leading G), an evaluation frame sent to a bike shop, had a 4 in the year digit. Another impossible year code. This 4 may signify an evaluation unit. D. Trek used this form of serial number (leading O "oh") for their custom-made 950 frames. The production (non-custom) frames were numbered using the late 1980 to 1986 system described below. Three (leading O) 950 frames have been reported that contain unlikely year codes of 5, 6 and 7. Model 950 frames were not made in 1975, 76, or 77, but only in 1980, 81, or 82, (according to the brochures). Another 950 frame was reported with a 0 (zero) in the year code, but was painted as a 1982. From the geometries, they all appear to be custom frames.

When a Trek frame was repainted by Trek, an additional set of numerals was often stamped into the bottom bracket to indicate the frame was repainted. These numbers were usually four digits, in the form NNNN.

Late in 1980, Trek changed to a new numbering system for their frames built in the U.S. The frames were numbered sequentially, beginning with number 000001. The record of the assembly runs was documented in a handwritten journal. Trek (Kevin Tita) graciously provided a copy of the journal for this web site. The list ended in November of 1986 with number 279975. This serial number system actually extended through at least 1997 (see Table II below).

The journal includes run number, model number, frame size, and serial number range. Incidental information, including dates and comments on the frames, appears sporadically through the journal. A "run" was for a particular frame size and frame model.

We all owe thanks to Luker White who generously donated his time to convert much of the paper list to digital form.

These data were mined to produce bike production by model for each calendar year. The results can be seen on the Trek Bike Production by Model, Late 1980 through 1986 page.

Click on the date link in Table I below to go to the detailed serial number information for that year.

Table I - 1980 to 1986

N otes for Table I:

  • Table I contains dates of frame serializing, and are not necessarily model year. At some time late in each year (generally September or October) frames were built for (then painted with colors for) the next model year. This journal information is summarized by year in Table I. The year designations in the table are approximate; not all of the runs are sequential in time. This may be a result of subcontracting some frame fabrication.
  • For some years, the model number given may be the lowest number (or an X00 number) for a series of models that have the same frame. For example, a 1981 frame appearing on the list as a Model 610 could have been built into either a 613, 614, or 616 bike.
  • Some of the Model 170 serial numbers are 6 digits but do not follow the numerical sequence. A future task is to sort 170 numbers. Some of these are presented in the 83, 84 link at the bottom of the table.
  • Some early and mid 80s bottom brackets were marked with 58TSI or 60TSI. In the early 1980s Tim S. Isaac designed new lugs and a new bottom bracket shell for Trek. The new bottom bracket shell is typically marked with 58TSI (or more rarely, 60TSI). This designation is not part of the serial number but is a model number of the shell. The TSI are Tim's initials. The 58 or 60 refer to the angle between the seattube and the downtube.
  • Some frames in this period have a leading "A" before the 6 digit number. This may be more prevalent on lower level models. The "A" may not be part of the SN. Just disregard it when looking up the number in the tables below.
  • Frame Sizes in the SN list below are as given on the paper copy. For some entries, only a two-digit number was given, the extra 1/2 or 3/4 inch was dropped. So - an entry of 22 inches really means a 22.5" frame size, 19 means 19.75", 25 means 25.5".
  • The list has two major gaps, corresponding to missing pages. Page 9 ends with SN 027870 and the next page starts with 029118. Page 61 ends with 210065 and the next page starts with 215226.

LATE 1986 to 1999+

This 6 digit (7 digit beginning in 1993) code extended into at least 1999, at least for some models (generally mid to upper level and made in the US). The number may or may not have a leading zero, making the six digits into seven digits prior to 1993. The model is not available for these numbers but the year can be determined or estimated from Table II below. The information in the table is from serial numbers submitted by site visitors. Our thanks to them. In contrast to the serial number dates in Table I above, the years in Table II represent model years, not the date the serial number was applied.

Table II - Model Years 1987 to 1999


Three different serial number forms have been submitted for 1983 Trek Model 400 frames. One, marked "made in Japan", begin with JS followed by six numerals. The SN was located on the bottom of the bottom bracket. A second serial number is 81765. According to the Trek-provided SN list, this corresponds to a 22" (22.5") Model 400 frame made in 1983. This SN form is for frames/bikes made in the US The number was marked on the bottom of the bottom bracket. The third number is 403300950, which indicates foreign built, but the nation of origin sticker was missing. This number was marked at the bottom of the down tube. It is likely this 400 was made by the same manufacturer as the 1984 bikes described in the paragraph below. For the 1983 Model 400, it appears Trek used three sources for their frames or complete bikes.

Several 1984 Trek 460s, 420s and 400s have been reported with 9 digit numeric serial numbers stamped on the lower seat tube instead of on the bottom of the bottom bracket. These frames, or complete bikes, apparently were made in Japan by an outside contractor. The numbers submitted are in the range of 401000000 to 440000000.

An 8 or 9 character alphanumeric code was used for mid- and low-level frames subcontracted in Taiwan. Most of these bikes were labeled "Made in Taiwan" (although the sticker often is easily removed). This form of serial number appears to have been used during the period 1987 to 93. The number leads with a T (for Trek?) then a numeral, one letter or two, then five (sometimes 4) numerals. Sean Hickey suggested the first numeral is the year of manufacture, and the letter is the month of the year (A - L). This is confirmed by serial numbers that were submitted by other Trek owners. If there are two letters after the year numeral, the first is the month. The second runs from A through at least Y. It might be a way of extending the 5 digit number series by a factor of 26.

A later 8 and then 9 character alphanumeric SN scheme, used beginning in about 1989, also begins with a T (for Trek?). These later T numbers were used on lower level subcontracted frames but do not follow the 2nd and 3rd or 3rd and 4th character date meanings above.

Beginning in about 1993 (model year 94), an 8 character alphanumeric code was used for some bikes. It begins with G and another letter (e.g. GN, GQ, GR, GS, GU, GV, GW, GY and GZ). These are followed either by: 6 numerals, or a numeral and a letter followed by four numerals. The first numeral in the SN may be the year of serialization.


Jazz is a line of foreign-built, entry-level bicycles that Trek sold in the early 90s. (See the history page for a bit more info and the brochures page for a 93 catalog). There seems to be at least three serial number types:

  • A Flipside model had the serial number JT0116 stamped on the bottom bracket shell. The JT probably stands for "Jazz" and "Trek". The numbers may be the sequential frame number, beginning at 0001.
  • The second type is a 10-character serial number. The first two characters are letters which are followed by eight numbers. Examples are JT09010099 and FI08003231.
  • A Latitude model has a 10-digit, all-numeric serial number: 1230707859. This number also was stamped on the bottom of the bottom bracket shell.

These three serial number forms may mean that Trek used at least three subcontractors for the Jazz line.


A few owners of early Treks, mostly, from 1976 through the early 80s, report their frames are not marked with serial numbers. A past Trek employee wrote that the police in the Madison and the surrounding area said TREK was famous for bikes with no serial numbers. Seems hundreds didn't get any numbers at all. The serial number guy just missed a few?

Three other possibilities: 1. In the early years Trek allowed, and even encouraged, their workers to use company equipment and materials to build personal frames after hours. These frames often were not serialized. The practice stopped after production was increased, resulting in little available down time for the equipment. 2. The serial number on a repainted frame that was not first stripped, may disappear under the new paint. 3. The number is under the plastic cable guide attached to the bottom of the bottom bracket shell.

Prior to Late 1980 | Late 1980 to Late 1986 | Late 1986 to 1999+ Foreign Built After 82 | Jazz by Trek | Missing Serial Numbers

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*Trek is a trademark of Trek Bicycle Corporation, Waterloo, WI

All copyrights in the TREK brochures, pricelists, owner's manuals and photographs displayed on this website are the sole property of Trek Bicycle Corporation, Waterloo, Wisconsin.

All materials in this site not copyrighted by others are Copyright © 2001-2015 Skip Echert Web Associates , All rights reserved.

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Trek Rail 9.7

  • AUS $ NZD $ USD $ CAD $ GBP £ EUR €

Colour / Miami Green/Nautical Navy, Matte Lithium Grey/MatteTrek Black

Size / SM (high, low), MD (high, low), LG (high, low), XL (high, low)

Weight / 50 lb 9.9 oz (22,960 g)

At a glance

- ABP (Active Braking Pivot) suspension system

- Removable Integrated Battery (RIB) system

- Geometry adjustable via Mino Link flip chip in rear rocker link pivot

- Straight Shot frame design with Knock Block steerer stop

- Control Freak internal cable routing

- Weight given for size MD

- Includes Bosch 4A (100-240V) charger

- Includes Bontrager TLR rim strips, tubeless valves, and sealant

Where To Buy

Trek Logo


  • Frame OCLV Mountain Carbon main frame, alloy rear triangle, magnesium rocker link, Motor Armor, molded chainstay protection
  • Fork RockShox Domain RC, DebonAir spring, Motion Control damper, lockout, oversized crown for e-MTB, 44mm offset, Maxle Stealth axle, 160mm
  • Shock RockShox Deluxe Select+, 230mm x 57.5mm
  • Motor Bosch Performance CX, magnesium motor body, 250W, 85 Nm max torque
  • Battery Bosch PowerTube 625, integrated, removable, 625 Wh
  • Hubs Bontrager Line Comp 30 wheelset, 15x110mm Boost front, 12x148mm Boost rear with Rapid Drive 54 freehub and MICRO SPLINE driver
  • Wheels Bontrager Line Comp 30 wheelset, alloy, tubeless ready
  • Wheel Size 29"
  • Spokes Bontrager Line Comp 30 wheelset
  • Tires Bontrager XR5 Team Issue, aramid bead, 120 TPI, tubeless ready, 29" x 2.5"
  • Chain 447mm, 448mm, Upper slider, e*thirteen e*spec Plus, 34 tooth, Shimano SLX M7100, 12-speed
  • Crank e*thirteen e*spec Plus, 165mm length
  • Bottom Bracket 344mm (29mm drop), 339mm (35mm drop)
  • Rear Derailleur Shimano Deore XT M8100, 12-speed, long cage
  • Shifters Shimano SLX M7100, 12-speed
  • Brakeset Shimano Deore M6120, 4-piston, Shimano RT76 6-bolt 203mm rotors, Shimano Deore M6100
  • Handlebar Bontrager Comp, alloy, 780mm width, 15mm rise, 31.8mm clamp diameter
  • Saddle Bontrager Arvada, steel rails, 138mm width
  • Seatpost Bontrager Line dropper, 31.6mm, Single bolt, 36.4mm, 31.6mm, Single bolt, 36.4mm Drop: 100mm (SM) 150mm (MD/LG/XL)
  • Stem Bontrager Rhythm Comp, 50mm length, 0° rise, 31.8mm bar clamp, Knock Block compatible
  • Grips Bontrager XR Trail Comp, nylon lock-on
  • Headset Trek Knock Block integrated, 58° radius, cartridge bearings

Q: How much is a 2022 Trek Rail 9.7?

A 2022 Trek Rail 9.7 is typically priced around $7,500 USD when new. Be sure to shop around for the best price, and also look to the used market for a great deal.

Q: Where to buy a 2022 Trek Rail 9.7?

The 2022 Trek Rail 9.7 may be purchased directly from Trek .

Q: How much does a 2022 Trek Rail 9.7 weigh?

A 2022 Trek Rail 9.7 weights 50 lb 9.9 oz (22,960 g).

Q: What size wheels does the 2022 Trek Rail 9.7 have?

The 2022 Trek Rail 9.7 has 29" wheels.

Q: What size 2022 Trek Rail 9.7 should I get?

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Trek FX Sport 5 2024

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Trek Domane SL 5 gen 4 2024

Trek Domane SL 5 gen 4 2024

SCOTT SCALE 940 2024

SCOTT SCALE 940 2024

Bianchi Aria Disc Ultegra (2020)

Bianchi Aria Disc Ultegra (2020)

Trek Checkpoint SL 5 2022

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Trek Madone SLR 9 Gen 7 2024

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Trek Checkpoint ALR 4 2019

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  • As it happened: Tadej Pogačar dominates once again on Tour de France stage 15

Trek road bikes: range, details, pricing and specifications

Cyclingnews' roundup of Trek road bikes available to buy this year

A white woman riding a red Trek road bike riding past a green background

Trek road bikes you can buy today

Trek's road bike range explained.

With a history spanning some four decades, the Trek Bicycle Corporation has become one of the foremost bicycle makers in the world, and a perennial staple in our list of the best road bikes . What started out as a small steel frame-building company operating out of a carpet warehouse in Waterloo, Wisconsin, has grown enormously into a global leader of bicycle design and innovation. The Trek road bike range is based around three anagrammatic models; Domane, Madone, and Emonda - nominally the endurance, aero, and climbing bikes respectively. All are available in an array of build options, with the Domane and Emonda also available in both carbon and aluminium guises.

Trek has a history of innovating in the world of bicycle manufacture, with a particular emphasis on pioneering new materials. Bonded aluminium and carbon construction was lifted from the aerospace industry in the '80s, creating the 2000 and 2500 framesets. The lessons learned from bonded carbon were then poured into the manufacture of the brand's first full-carbon frameset, the 5000. Nowadays it has its own patented in-house carbon fibre, known as OCLV (optimum compaction low void) which is on a par with aerospace-specific alternatives

Trek continues to disrupt the industry from a manufacturing standpoint, but first and foremost it makes bikes for riders; the manufacturing innovation is only a means to an end. For some that means the very best commuter bikes , for others that means the best touring bikes , and for a lot of riders that means racing at the highest levels. It's no great surprise that Trek has become a big player in the world of gravel cycling too, and it also features on our list of the best gravel bikes . Whatever your interests in cycling, Trek has options. If you are thinking about something from the Trek road bike range, keep reading to see all the details about what's available. 

Trek Domane SL 6 Product Image

Trek Domane

Specifications, reasons to buy, reasons to avoid.

The latest model of the Trek Domane has gone through a complete makeover. The comfort-enhanced model in the Trek road bike range picks up a number of aerodynamic details, along with an all-new Isospeed decoupler design (additional flex at the steerer and seat post) and space in the frame and fork for up to 38mm of the best road bike tyres you'd care to cram in. These are changes that make the Domane an incredibly versatile road bike. The lineup is perfect for all-day comfort and the new Domane+ LT, makes our list of the best electric road bikes too.

The Domane is available in three frame types. For the budget minded, you'll want to look at the aluminium Domane AL; it's the most accessible in terms of price, and the only option for fans of a rim brake. It's entry level but it doesn't leave off the performance and adds options for racks for commuters, though it can only fit 35mm tyres rather than the 38mm max on the carbon models.

Moving up the range, the next option is the mid-range Domane SL. Stepping up to the SL means a move to 500 series OCLV carbon fibre. That opens up access to a dual IsoSpeed decoupler system, not found on the alloy version, for comfort-enhancing vibration damping. It also means space for larger tyres and storage in the downtube. If you'd like to stick with rim brakes there aren't any options for a fully built bike in the SL range but you can still get a rim brake option of the frameset.

The top-tier Domane SLR is also carbon fibre but it's a lighter 700 series OCLV. It still carries the dual IsoSpeed decoupler, but it's an upgraded adjustable version also seen on the aero focussed Madone. Like the SL, there's no fully built rim brake option available but you can still get an SLR frameset in a rim brake format.

Depending on your taste, and budget, builds are available from Claris-level at one end, through to SRAM Red eTap at the other extreme, with most options in between available.

Trek Emonda SL 6 Disc Pro product image

Trek Emonda

For years, the Emonda had been the lightweight option in the Trek road bike lineup, and one of the usual suspects in our lineup of the best lightweight bikes . This is the bike to grab when you want to head to the mountains. As technology has progressed though the modern climber's bike has somewhat disappeared; brands have been slowly moving away from labelling their lightest offering as a 'climbing bike', and instead pivoting to selling it as an all-round option, for both up hill and down dale. Trek is no different in this regard, with the Emonda filling its all-rounder spot. It's no lump though, if weight is your concern.

While the Emonda is still the bike you'd want to turn to on the steep uphill segments, it's more than that now. Aero-optimisation and disc brakes take it away from a bike only for the mountains to a much more well-rounded option. In some ways it's defined more by what it isn't than what it is. It's not the all-out aero bike and it's not an endurance bike. The Emonda is the lightest of the options but it's also a bike that does a little bit of everything.

Available models for the Emonda still cover a wide range in much the same way as the Domane, with an aluminium option at one end, with a rim brake frameset option, and two tiers of carbon above it. The SL represents the middle ground with a carbon frame at a more affordable price. Then, at the top of the range, sits the SLR with a new ultralight 800 series OCLV carbon construction. There's even an SLR frameset with a more aggressive geometry available for those competing at the highest levels or fans of ultra-responsive handling. 

Trek Madone SL 6 product image

Trek Madone

The Madone sits at the top of the range as Trek's most purebred race bike. It's aero optimised in every way, and features among our list of the best aero road bikes too. Being the range topper means that it's the most expensive option in the Trek lineup but that has more to do with a lack of low-end options rather than it necessarily being vastly more expensive. There are only SLR and SL models available, meaning no entry level aluminium choice to be had. 

After years of aero bikes carrying a reputation for being harsh and uncomfortable, Trek went in a different direction. It was the first to market its aero bike as not just aerodynamically fast, but also fast because of its comfort, primarily thanks to the addition of the IsoSpeed decoupler system lifted from the Domane.

Of course, comfort isn't the only trick for the Madone; integrated cables feature heavily, along with fully integrated cockpits on the top end models. Even lower models, without an integrated cockpit, look to cheat the wind, with truncated aerofoil tube shapes and aerodynamically optimised disc brakes. Tyre width is however much more limited than with other models, topping out at 28mm.

Trek Speed Concept SLR 6 eTap

Trek Speed Concept

The Trek Speed Concept is the Trek solution for triathletes who want the very best. For years the design had been stagnant but that all changed at the end of 2021. The brand new 2022 Trek Speed Concept is all new and faster than it's ever been before. Compared to the previous version, Trek claims the new bike saves a full six minutes over the Kona full Ironman race course. 

Moving away from a solely wind-tunnel focus, Trek has sought to create a bike that works as an entire system, rather than simply a lab-optimised object. The system approach means hydration and storage helps make not only the bike faster, but also the rider. There's an available between-the-arms (BTA) bottle that enhances aerodynamics by smoothing air between the arms and a clip allows you to drink without leaving the aero bars. It's also easy to refill during a race with a port on the top that accepts the nozzle of another bottle. 

While the BTA bottle is a separate purchase, the downtube bottle comes with every Speed Concept bike. Capacity is 750 ml and, like the BTA bottle, it also enhances aerodynamics; the system is 14 per cent faster when the bottle is in place. 

Outside of hydration there are two additional storage solutions onboard and included. The two bottles cover opportunities to enhance aerodynamics so the storage doesn't make the bike more aero. Instead, the bento box and the flat repair storage take advantage of the increased frame space to hide from the wind. 

The once-simple exercise of choosing a bicycle has become an appreciably complex decision owing to a plethora of new riding disciplines and technological advancements.

There are four different types of road bikes available in Trek’s current catalogue — aero, endurance, time trial, and climbing/do-it-all, each of which differs based on design and function.

As the name suggests aero road bikes are designed for speed while still retaining some form of compliance and comfort. Climbing bikes are ideal for hilly/mountainous routes and are pretty decent all-rounders. Endurance bikes offer a combination of durability and comfort while time-trial bikes are more outlandish-looking in their appearance and built for speed.

Trek offers a wide selection of specifications for each of the models in its range. Most of the brand's road frames are available in three different types of carbon, as well as aluminium and denoted by SLR (Trek's lightest OCLV carbon), SL (mid-range OCLV carbon) or AL (Aluminium).

Different geometry options are also available on certain models, with the majority featuring regular H2 geometry and some offered in the more aggressive H1 geometry, designed specifically for racing.

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Aaron was the Tech Editor Cyclingnews between July 2019 and June 2022. He was born and raised in South Africa, where he completed his BA honours at the University of Cape Town before embarking on a career in journalism. Throughout this career, Aaron has spent almost two decades writing about bikes, cars, and anything else with wheels. Prior to joining the Cyclingnews team, his experience spanned a stint as Gear & Digital editor of Bicycling magazine, as well as a time at TopCar as Associate Editor. 

Now based in the UK's Surrey Hills, Aaron's life revolves around bikes. He's a competitive racer, Stravaholic, and Zwift enthusiast. He’s twice ridden the Cape Epic, completed the Haute Route Alps, and represented South Africa in the 2022 Zwift eSports World Championships.

Height: 175cm

Weight: 61.5kg

Rides: Cannondale SuperSlice Disc Di2 TT, Cannondale Supersix Evo Dura-Ace Rim, Cannondale Supersix Evo Ultegra Di2 Disc, Trek Procaliber 9.9 MTB 

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Pro bike check: Neilson Powless' EF Education-EasyPost Cannondale SuperSix Evo

'Today proved that it's possible' - Kim Le Court gives her all in Giro d'Italia Women stage victory

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11 big bike launches we expect to see in 2022 from Trek, Specialized, Bianchi, Giant, Ridley, Scott and more

11 big bike launches we expect to see in 2022 from Trek, Specialized, Bianchi, Giant, Ridley, Scott and more

First Published Jan 24, 2022

2021 was a strange year for the cycling industry – and we’re still regularly reporting on how the bike shortage situation looks unlikely to end for some time yet – but despite all the disruption, we’re expecting to see some big launches from key brands in 2022. Here’s what we’re anticipating…

We always keep a close eye on the UCI's List of Approved Models of Frames and Forks and will continue to as we look out for next models on the horizon. 

The Oltre XR4 is one of Bianchi’s aerodynamic race bikes, the rim brake version of which hasn't been updated since 2016 – although a disc brake version did arrive a couple of years later .

2021 Bianchi Oltre XR4

The current model is no longer being used on the WorldTour stage. Team BikeExchange Jayco was riding Bianchi bikes including the disc version of the Oltre XR4 last season, but the one year deal has come to an end, leaving a spot open for Giant to return to WorldTour. 

Here’s Mat’s review of the Oltre XR4

Bianchi updated its lightweight Specialissima CV road bike in 2020 , adding disc brakes for the first time. This makes it even more likely that we'll soon see an Oltre XR5 or a completely new aero platform. Either way, it'll be interesting to see whether Bianchi offers a rim brake option or – much more likely – goes disc brake only.

Colnago is celebrating 68 years of frame production this year, and so it could well be that the C:68 is on the way.

Colnago C64 Super Record BDBL

Colnago stuck to its signature lugged carbon construction when it released the C64 in 2018 to mark the 64th anniversary , with only subtle changes to the profile of the previous C60. It did also come in substantially lighter and accepts 28mm tyres to meet the demand for wider rubber on a race bike. It’s long due an update though. 

Giant announced a new TCR road bike back in April 2020 and revealed the latest Defy endurance bikes in 2018.

2021 Giant Propel Advanced 2 Disc

That puts the Propel aero road bike as the model that’s most due an update, given the latest versions were announced towards the end of 2017. 

The existing Propel Advanced SL Disc frameset is already lightweight (a claimed 982g for the frame and 378g for the fork) but we’d expect Giant to lop off a few grams there by altering the material and build process, bringing it into line with the new TCR Advanced SL.

It’s the same case for women’s specific bike brand Liv, the sister to Giant. Liv’s dedicated aero race bike is the EnviLiv, and that was last updated back in 2018. 

2021 Liv Enviliv Advanced Pro 0 Disc

In the recent 2022 update to the lightweight Langma climbing frame , Liv brought over some of the aerodynamic elements, namely the EnviLiv’s tube shapes, for energy conservation in headwinds, descents and sprints. 

> Review: Liv Langma Advanced SL Disc 2022

With the Langma well and truly following the trend Specialized set in 2020 with its “one bike to rule them all” Tarmac SL7 that puts an end to the idea of separate climbing and aero bikes, it’ll be interesting to see where Liv goes with the EnivLiv. Perhaps something more akin to Ribble’s radical Ultra ? 

Ridley updated the Fenix endurance bike for 2021 but the last update to its aero race bike, the Noah Fast, came in 2018 so we could well see a new version soon.

Ridley Noah Fast Disc 1

Ridley's Helium climbing bike was also updated a little while ago in 2019.

Ridley Helium SLX Disc

Both appeared on the UCI’s list of approved framesets in July 2021 so they could officially appear anytime now.

Over last summer Scott revamped its entry-level aluminium Speedster road and gravel bikes which are both now disc-brake only and feature partially hidden cable routing. 

The Foil aero road bike was also recently updated in 2020 with internal cable routing for both electronic and mechanical shifting so it could be that the Addict is next in line for a redesign. 

2021 Scott Addict RC 40

That said, Scott massively overhauled the lightweight platform in 2019, and so it’s not like the current model is particularly out of date. The bike already has disc brakes and fully internal cable routing so it's not immediately obvious where the designers will go next. We'll just have to wait and see on this one.

Trek updated the Madone SLR road bike for 2021, but it was a new material and the introduction of a threaded bottom bracket rather than a wholesale change of design. Trek then brought the more affordable Madone SL model in line with its top-end Madone SLR bike for 2022.

But as the last full redesign was for the 2019 model year, we’d say that there’s a strong possibility that we’ll see a new Madone some time in 2022.

Trek introduced an updated Emonda in 2020 , adding aero features to its lightweight road bike for the first time, but the Domane endurance bike was last updated quite a while ago now in 2019, so that’s on the cards too. It already has big tyre clearance for up to 38mm though, so perhaps it’s the IsoSpeed tech that will be trickled down the models with an updated version will be introduced to the top-end SLR bikes.

2022 Trek Domane SL 5 2 (1)

The Scultura Endurance road bike was introduced in 2020 to fill the gap between Merida’s road race models and its gravel bikes, and the lightweight Scultura was made even lighter and more aero last summer. The reduced frontal area, adapting aero-specific Reacto design features around the head tube and fork area, as well as introducing complete cable integration with our one-piece cockpit.

It’s Meridia’s Silex gravel bike which was last updated in 2017 that's most likely to get a revamp. 

2020 Merida Silex 700

> Review: Merida Silex 200

The bike was built around modern MTB-inspired geometry and comes with plenty of luggage carrying options with its five sets of bottle bosses and rack mounting points. It’s an upright gravel bike that's well-set for touring and year-round use, but it's not for those who want to blast it. Perhaps Merida will introduce a new race version to fill the gap as it did with the Endurance version of the Scultura. 


2022 Specialized Roubaix Comp - SRAM Rival eTap AXS

Specialized last updated its Roubaix endurance bike in early 2019 with the lighter, stiffer frame also incorporating a new on-the-fly adjustable Future Shock 2.0 with rebound and compression damping.

Last year we reported on the US patent granted to Specialized on 16th February 2021 that suggests a full suspension system could be added to the Roubaix range, and so that’s on the horizon…

The system we expect to see on the Roubaix soon relies on the flex of an extended seat post and a damper hidden in the top tube. As usual, the patent is written in the most convoluted language in the world, but you can read Mat’s overview of what it’s hinting at over here.

So, if you were just blasting through and missed it, these are the 11 bikes we reckon are most likely due this year:

  • Bianchi Oltre XR5
  • Colnago C68
  • Giant Propel
  • Liv EnviLiv
  • Ridley Noah Fast
  • Ridley Helium
  • Scott Addict
  • Trek Madone
  • Trek Domane
  • Merida Silex
  • Specialized Roubaix

What updates would you like to see to these models?

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Maybe, possibly, might see.......

cmon let's have some news not speculative fluff pieces. If companies can't confirm then don't  waste readers time. 

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Erm - I think you might be on the wrong article.

No. There's nothing to confirm any updates to these bike lines. Read it again. 

You clicked on an article titled '...bike launches we expect to see...' and then complained about it being speculative. Why would you have thought you were going to find anything that was confirmed? That would have been '...bike launches we've already seen...'.

Didn't know my opinion had to pass your approval mate. I'll ask your permission in future. Ride safe. 

gerardvok wrote: Didn't know my opinion had to pass your approval mate. I'll ask your permission in future. Ride safe. 

Maybe Road.cc didn't know their articles had to pass your approval?

You must be new to the internet and comments sections. You post stuff, people respond to it - that's kind of how it works.


Quote: big bike launches we expect to see in 2022 from ... Ridley Scott...

Ah, that'll be the Blade Runner.

Cannondale CAAD14 with threaded BB and a choice of rim or disk brakes please

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Well that's a bit astonishing in its nonsensicality, people with whom the riders might associate for a few moments before the start must wear masks...

Gear-obsessed editors choose every product we review. We may earn commission if you buy from a link. How we test gear.

trek top fuel

Trek’s Fourth Generation Top Fuel Is the Pinnacle of Fast Trail Balance.

A mountain bike that does it all; yet may leave some riders asking for a bit more.

Builds, Prices, Claimed Weights

Ride impressions, notes from the field.

trek top fuel v4

.css-uyz68u{display:-webkit-box;display:-webkit-flex;display:-ms-flexbox;display:flex;font-weight:inherit;font-style:inherit;-webkit-box-pack:start;-ms-flex-pack:start;-webkit-justify-content:flex-start;justify-content:flex-start;-webkit-align-items:center;-webkit-box-align:center;-ms-flex-align:center;align-items:center;cursor:pointer;scroll-margin-top:0rem;background-color:#ffffff;color:#000;width:100%;border:0;border-top:0.0625rem solid #E5E5E5;text-align:left;padding-top:0.3125rem;border-bottom:none;padding-bottom:0.3125rem;}@media(min-width: 64rem){.css-uyz68u{scroll-margin-top:3.375rem;}} .css-b4ahb2{border-radius:50%;width:1.875rem;border:thin solid #737373;height:1.875rem;padding:0.4rem;margin-right:0.625rem;} .css-jlx6sx{display:-webkit-inline-box;display:-webkit-inline-flex;display:-ms-inline-flexbox;display:inline-flex;width:0.9375rem;height:0.9375rem;margin-right:0.625rem;-webkit-transform:rotate(90deg);-moz-transform:rotate(90deg);-ms-transform:rotate(90deg);transform:rotate(90deg);-webkit-transition:-webkit-transform 250ms ease-in-out;transition:transform 250ms ease-in-out;} DETAILS click arrow to expand

Price as tested: $8,500 (X0 AXS) Weight as tested: 29.0 lb. (size ML) Sizes offered:  S, M, ML, L, XL Model price range:  $2,700 to $10,500 Frame only:  Aluminum - $2,450, Carbon - $3,900 Fork travel:  130mm Frame travel:  120mm Recommended shock sag: 20-30% Frame tire clearance :  2.5” for 29” & 27.5 ” Bottom Bracket:  BSA threaded Seatpost:  34.9mm Shock Dimensions:  185x50mm (stock), 185x55mm (optional), trunnion Piggyback shock compatible:  Yes Coil shock compatible:  Yes Derailleur Hanger:  SRAM UDH Warranty: Lifetime frame warranty, two-year warranty on paint and bearings.  Crash replacement: Trek’s Carbon Care policy offers a “significant discount to replace a damaged carbon fiber frame, fork, or part.”

The Top Fuel was Trek’s premier full-suspension XC race bike several years ago. But starting in 2019, Trek began to transform the Top Fuel into a lightweight trail bike, bumping up the travel and relaxing the geometry but keeping some XC-like features like a remote lockout.

The third generation Top Fuel was launched in 2021 with more travel—120mm rear travel and a 120mm fork—even more relaxed geometry, in-frame storage, and Trek eliminated the remote lockouts. But 2021 was also when some brands began to debut XC race bikes with 120mm travel and slacker geometry in response to rowdier courses. ( Scott’s Spark is a good example of this trend, as is the recently launched Specialized Epic 8 ).

Trek, however, went a different direction and positioned its 120mm bike as a light trail bike and debuted a new, shorter-travel full suspension Supercaliber for XC racing . And the third-generation Top Fuel quickly found itself in a sort of no-bike land. It was intended, designed, and equipped as not an XC race bike while XC race bikes from competitors arrived with travel and geometry similar to the Top Fuel.

trek top fuel

In our 2021 review of the Top Fuel , my colleague Dan Chabanov, in addition to dinging the bike for being a bit heavy (compared to XC race bikes like the Spark), said, “Trek does say that the Top Fuel is compatible with a 130mm fork, and I can’t help but think the new Top Fuel would have made a lot more sense with the increased travel straight from the factory.”

Trek agreed, apparently, and after one model year, Trek began shipping the Top Fuel with a 130mm fork. This pushed it more into the trail bike category and helped place daylight between it and the new-school XC race bikes.

For the fourth-generation Top Fuel, Trek maintains the fast trail target. Trek retains the Top Fuel’s 120mm rear/130mm front travel while building in refinements to make the bike more dialed and broadly versatile.

Features and Details

The list of updates to the Top Fuel includes a significant frame-weight reduction. The aluminum and carbon frames are about 220 grams (almost a half-pound) lighter.

A weight reduction is always appreciated, and, built like for like, the new Gen 4 Top Fuel would be lighter than a Gen 3.

However, compared to the Gen 3 initially launched in 2021, Trek pushed the Top Fuel more into the trail category and added heavier components like longer travel, stiffer forks, and more aggressive tires. There’s also the added weight of SRAM’s Transmission compared to SRAM’s standard-mount-derailleur drivetrains.

trek top fuel v4

As a result, even with the lighter frame, the Gen 4 Top Fuel’s overall bike weights are up compared to the Gen 3 Top Fuel that launched in 2021. According to Trek’s claimed weights, the lightest Gen 4 Top Fuel, the top-of-the-line 9.9 XX AXS model, weighs 28.3 pounds in a size medium: The Top Fuel we reviewed in 2021 in an extra-large weighed 26.8 pounds on our scale.

While it has gained weight due to its added capability, it is noteworthy that a Gen. 4 Top Fuel is three-plus pounds lighter than Trek’s longer-travel (140mm rear, 150mm front) Fuel EX . That alone should make it a more compelling trail bike option for many riders.

A striking detail buried in the tech information shared with the press was that the Trek product team made the new Top Fuel’s frame less stiff. Reducing stiffness from one generation to the next is not a typical move. However, it is possible to make a bike too stiff. And that has many drawbacks. In this case, Trek says that reducing stiffness makes the new frame “more balanced and forgiving” than the previous generation and helps reduce frame weight.

For many years, Trek’s mountain bikes have featured a geometry-adjusting flip chip called Mino Link, and some of its more recent mountain bikes have featured a flip chip that makes the suspension more or less progressive.

In the new Top Fuel, Trek combined the two flip chips into one four-position chip that alters geometry and progression (14 or 19 percent progression in this bike’s case). It is a feature likely to make its way into more Trek mountain bikes in the future.

trek top fuel v4

On the theme of adjustments, Trek pitches several approved variations of the stock setup.

If 120mm rear travel isn’t enough for your needs, this Top Fuel will accept a 185x55mm shock (stock is 185x50mm), bumping wheel travel up 10mm to 130mm rear. To round out what would be a more gravity-oriented Top Fuel build, Trek officially sanctions the use of a 140mm travel fork and a 27.5-inch rear wheel for all sizes except the small. Small bikes run 27.5” wheels front and rear to give their riders “a more proportional fit and easier handling” and are not compatible with a 29-inch rear wheel.

But if you're more XC-oriented, the new Top Fuel is also officially approved for use with a 120mm travel fork. The brand says its top XC racers may use the Top Fuel with a 120mm fork and lightweight build instead of the shorter travel Supercaliber as courses and conditions merit.

Trek does not sell the Top Fuel as a complete bike in the 130/140mm gravity(ish) build or the 120/120mm XC build. Unfortunately, altering a stock 120mm rear, 130mm Top Fuel into either variant is not simple.

While the stock forks can be bumped up or down in travel with an air shaft, the swap requires tearing down and rebuilding the forks. In addition, the gravity build requires a new shock (the stock shock stroke cannot be increased), a new 27.5-inch rear wheel, and a new 27.5 tire. Based on my testing, a gravity-built Fuel EX will also need more powerful brakes. Riders who want the more XC-oriented Top Fuel will likely wish for lighter parts, particularly wheels and tires.

trek top fuel v4

Because of these hurdles, I suspect that riders who definitively know they want either the XC or gravity-flavored Top Fuel are likely to buy a frame and build the bike from the ground up exactly how they want it. And here is a good place to mention that the Top Fuel is compatible with a wide range of shocks, including RockShox’s Flight Attendant, Fox’s Live Valve Neo automatic electronically controlled shocks, and even coil-over shocks.

But for all the riders who buy a complete Top Fuel, the option to morph it into a more XC or gravity-oriented bike is there, though it will be costly.

Rounding out the suspension updates, the new Top Fuel features a touch more anti-squat, which should make it feel slightly crisper when the rider pedals.

The in-frame storage gets a polish, with improved sealing, a larger opening in the down tube, and some refinements to the routing tubes so the storage bags slide in and out more easily.

trek top fuel v4

Trek is also debuting improved bags for its in-frame storage. Previously, they had one neoprene bag for tube and tools. That one bag is replaced with two: One unpadded bag for a tube and one padded bag for tools (the padding reduces the chance of tools rattling against the frame). These new bags come with all 2025 Trek bikes with in-frame storage (carbon frames ship with both bags, aluminum frames only get the tool bag) and are also available for purchase.

trek top fuel v4

And finally, Trek relegated the Gen 3 Top Fuel’s Knock Block steering stop system to the dustbin of history.

You’ll find frame geometry pasted here for your enjoyment. Trek sent me five different geometry tables, but I’m only pasting the one that details the complete bikes—120mm rear, 130mm front, flip chip in the low position, 29” x 29” wheels (size small has 27.5” x 27.5” wheels)— as they come out of the box.


Trek’s site will have all the variations, but essentially, changing the flip chip to the high position steepens the angles and raises the BB; swapping in a 140mm travel fork slackens the angles and raises the BB; and with a 27.5 rear wheel and 140mm fork, the bike has a 64.6-degree head angle, 342mm BB height, and effective seat tube angles that are about a degree slacker than the out-of-the-box geometry.

Adding a fifth frame size is the most significant geometry change from Gen 3 to Gen 4. Like some other Trek mountain bikes, the Top Fuel now has an ML frame size that fits between the medium and large.

trek top fuel v4

Another notable change is the adoption of size-specific seat stay lengths. Sizes S and M have 435mm stays, ML and L run 440mm stays, and the XL gets 445mm stays (all sizes of the previous generation Top Fuel ran 435mm stays).

Many sizes get a seat tube angle adjustment: the small is half a degree steeper, the medium is 1.4 steeper, the large is 0.3 steeper, and the XL is 0.4 slacker.

Finally, the seat tubes are shorter—the XLs by a whopping 30mm—and there is more dropper post-insertion depth.

a red mountain bike

While Specialized tends to introduce its new bikes in high-end carbon versions, with lower-priced aluminum versions coming later , Trek, in its usual practice, is introducing its full line of Top Fuel models all at once.

The full range of seven models starts at $2,700 for the aluminum-framed Top Fuel 5 and ends at the $10k-plus 9.9 XX AXS with a carbon frame.

Regardless of price or frame material, all models have internal frame storage, fully guided hose-and-housing routing, a 12-speed drivetrain, tubeless-ready wheels and tires, lock-on grips, and a dropper post. All except the least expensive model have four-piston brakes (the Top Fuel 5 has two-piston hydraulic calipers).

trek top fuel v4

Due to the late arrival of my test bike, I don’t yet have as much time on the new Top Fuel as I like before writing a review. But I’ve gotten in some good rides on some of my most familiar trails, so I feel I have a good sense of its performance and character. Even so, I will continue to ride it and update this review if my impressions change.

In the Notes From The Field section below, I’ve outlined my journey to a good fork setup, plus my feelings on the stock brakes. My impressions here are based on how the bike rides with the fork dialed in and a larger front rotor.

The 120 rear/130 front (ish) light trail category this Top Fuel resides in is lousy with amazing bikes. A quick list off the top of my head and in no particular order: Evil Following , Ibis Ripley, Pivot 429 Trail , Specialized Epic 8 Evo, Spot Ryve, Yeti SB120 , Giant Trance Advanced, and the Santa Cruz Tallboy.

That is some stiff competition, but I think Trek made a bike that competes well against this strong field.

The expectation for this style of bike is that it as fast on the climbs and flats as an XC bike and allows the rider to go full send on the descents like a trail bike. That is impossible. So, while everyone is seeking this holy grail of speed and capability in one, many bikes lean one way or the other. For example, the Epic Evo is more XC, while the Tallboy is more Trail.

trek top fuel v4

The Top Fuel, however, feels more equalized. No, it doesn’t climb like an XC bike and descend like a trail bike—again, impossible—but it doesn’t seem to be lean one way or the other, like many of its competitors. It feels balanced: equal parts quick and capable.

That results in a handy bike, no matter the terrain or direction of the slope.

On smoother climbs, the suspension is quiet and efficient. There’s little unwanted motion, and upping the cadence is rewarded with eager thrusts. It is not as quick-feeling or firm at the pedals as some four-bar systems— dw-Link , most notably—but the Top Fuel is far from sluggish.

I will note that I ran the shock with 30 percent sag, the maximum Trek recommends. Traction is a challenge on many of my trails, so I usually prefer my suspension softer off the top. But the low end of the advisable sag range for this bike is 20 percent, and with less sag, the bike will feel more zippy.

But even with 30 percent sag, the rear end is supportive and holds the rider in a good position when the climb gets steeper. And when the climb gets chunky and technical, the rear end is sensitive and offers great traction.

trek top fuel v4

On descents, the Top Fuel is composed and surprisingly confidence-inspiring, and I experienced little bucking or jarring deflections off my chosen line. Chunder, drops, jumps, gaps, and sketchy loose chutes: The Top Fuel telegraphed it was game for all of it. The rear suspension has a lovely tune that provides access to its full travel. It has plenty of bottom-out control and good sensitivity, too.

Nothing particularly stood out about the Top Fuel’s handling as I climbed and descended. It felt…normal, I guess? I wasn’t fighting the bike and didn’t feel I needed to adjust to work around any quirks.

It worked its way through my tightest, steepest climbing trails well. The Top Fuel handled downhill corners of all varieties intuitively. It flew true as an arrow on the fastest straightaways. I could change its direction at will and with little resistance. The bike felt like I could always position it exactly where I wanted and hit my lines accurately.

But for all of its impressively well-rounded performance, I didn’t sense an extra-strong “fun” vibe from the Top Fuel like I get from the Evil Following. In that way, Top Fuel perhaps lacks a little. It is so balanced that it is—while very far from boring—a rather staid bike.

I wonder if some of this is due to the bike’s weight. My ML size, XO AXS model weighs 29 pounds on my scale, which is only 1.2 pounds lighter than Specialized’s Stumpjumper 15 I recently reviewed. The SJ15 has more travel, more adjustments, a unique and fabulous rear shock, sticker tires, more powerful brakes, and is much better on descents and rough trails.

The Top Fuel does feel more lively, rolls faster, and is a bit quicker on climbs than the SJ. But some fast trail bikes like the Trek and the 29.4 lb. Yeti SB120 presents a conundrum because they’re not much lighter than bikes with the next jump up in travel.

To me, the deciding factor is feeling. Do you want a bike that feels snappier and climbs with a bit more pep, or do you emphasize descending speed and confidence? Personally, I prefer shorter-travel bikes. I like the snap and pep of less travel and to feel the trail under my tires. However, another large part of that preference is due to the shape of my trails. I can easily understand how a rider in a different locale would go for more travel.

Choices are good, but they can also be confusing. My best advice: if you're not sure what you want, borrow and demo as many different bikes and different travels as possible.

My time on the Top Fuel so far has left me with the impression that this Top Fuel is a superb bike that isn’t extraordinary. A bike I know will perform brilliantly on most trails, and I am happy to ride it, but it also leaves me wishing for something more from it, even though I can’t pinpoint what more I want.

Non-specific whinging aside, the fourth-generation Top Fuel is an excellent light trail bike that can compete with the best on the market.

Random observations and reports from my time testing the bike.

• I appreciate that Trek gave the Top Fuel internal storage AND a cargo mount under the top tube. Having both offers the rider more options for their preferred tube/tool/cargo setup. In my case, I put a (butyl) tube and flat repair kit with CO2 and Dynaplug Racer Pro inside the frame and used the cargo mount for an i nline OneUp EDC pump mount , which I fitted with the 70cc pump with an EDC tool inside.

trek top fuel v4

• This Top Fuel offered my first chance to ride the Trek’s updated tire offerings. And they’re pretty good. The Gunnison front and Montrose rear tires offered predictable traction and seemed less flat-prone than the brand’s previous attempts. My trails are littered with tire-eating square-edged rocks, and I heard the familiar sound of a rim out several times while testing the Top Fuel. And though that sound made me mentally scramble to remember where I stashed Dynaplug, the flats, so far, haven’t happened. However, the compound does seem a bit biased towards fast rolling and does feel slightly slippery and bouncy on rock slabs and the hardest hardpack. But they seemed like a solid choice for this style of bike, and I didn’t want to tear them off after the first ride and throw on some of my favored Maxxis or Vittoria treads.

• When I pulled this bike out of the box to build it, I discovered one of the SRAM AXS pods had a dead coin cell battery. I’ve had a run of bikes with AXS pods that required a new coin cell after one or two rides. I don’t know if SRAM has a bunch of old batteries or a run of bad ones, but it’s annoying to discover your brand-new and nearly five-figure bike immediately needs a new battery.

trek top fuel v4

• The SRAM Level Silver four-piston brakes, with 180mm HS2 rotors front and rear, are barely powerful enough for this bike. I realize that weight is a big deal in this bike category and that I am biased toward powerful brakes. But on the steeper trails, this bike is otherwise capable of riding my hands were aching from pulling on the levers so hard. I bumped up to a 200mm front rotor, which helped a lot (and I may yet go up to a 200mm rear). But if you’re considering this bike’s compatibility with longer stroke shock, 140mm fork, and 27.5 in. rear wheel, the stock brakes won’t cut it. You’ll want stoppers like Codes, TRP’s DHR Evo, or the Hayes Dominion.

trek top fuel v4

• I usually don’t detail my suspension settings because I believe suspension settings result from terrain, trail surface conditions, riding style, and personal preference, so unless you are me and riding my trails, how I tune my suspension is irrelevant to you. In this case, however, I will detail a few of my fork settings because it took me a while to dial in this fork properly. The RockShox Pike on this bike has the brand’s recently revised air spring—increased negative spring volume, which softens the initial travel—and the revised Charger 3.1 damper, which has a greater damping adjustment range. Trek also ships this fork with no bottomless air tokens in the air chamber. With recommended pressure and zero tokens, the fork was an overly soft and unsupportive mess. I eventually wound up with two tokens in the fork and 95 psi in the spring, 15 over RockShox’s recommended pressure for my weight. Once the spring felt right, I found I liked the low-speed compression at -2 and the high-speed compression set at +1. This allowed me to add or subtract compression damping as trail conditions demanded.

Headshot of Matt Phillips

A gear editor for his entire career, Matt’s journey to becoming a leading cycling tech journalist started in 1995, and he’s been at it ever since; likely riding more cycling equipment than anyone on the planet along the way. Previous to his time with Bicycling , Matt worked in bike shops as a service manager, mechanic, and sales person. Based in Durango, Colorado, he enjoys riding and testing any and all kinds of bikes, so you’re just as likely to see him on a road bike dressed in Lycra at a Tuesday night worlds ride as you are to find him dressed in a full face helmet and pads riding a bike park on an enduro bike. He doesn’t race often, but he’s game for anything; having entered road races, criteriums, trials competitions, dual slalom, downhill races, enduros, stage races, short track, time trials, and gran fondos. Next up on his to-do list: a multi day bikepacking trip, and an e-bike race. 

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Here are the best electric bikes you can buy at every price level in July 2024

Avatar for Micah Toll

I’ve spent countless hours here at Electrek doing detailed hands-on testing of hundreds of electric bikes. Through thousands of miles of riding, I’ve learned these e-bikes inside and out, top to bottom and front to back. That dedication to real-world e-bike testing has helped me find the best electric bicycles on the market for just about any budget.

Below are some of the top e-bikes I’ve hand-tested for every price range, current as of July 2024. Summer is here in full force and it’s time to make the most of the warm weather! Just like the ultra-competitive e-bike selling year last year, 2024 has become the year of the e-bike sales. So check out the awesome e-bikes below, any one of which could become your next electric bike.

Best electric bikes under $1,000

The sub-$1,000 electric bike category is critical for a few reasons.

First, it’s pretty hard to produce a quality e-bike and sell it for under $1k. Most of the options in this price category make too many sacrifices in quality or longevity to earn a spot on this list as one of “the best.”

Second, many newcomers to the e-bike industry just aren’t prepared to drop several thousand dollars on a brand-new concept, making this price range critical for many first-time e-bike shoppers.

Fortunately, we’ve found some excellent options for cheap electric bikes that can still save you some serious dough.

lectric xp lite

Lectric XP LITE 2.0

The Lectric XP LITE 2.0 was recently updated and is now quite likely the king of bang-for-your-buck electric bikes.

For years, the $999 Lectric XP 3.0 has reigned supreme in the budget electric bike category. That’s still a great bike, and we’ll discuss it next, but the more affordable $799 Lectric XP LITE 2.0 is an even more wallet-friendly electric bike.

That new e-bike offers some great riding at under 800 bucks.

It’s a throttle-enabled Class 2 folding electric bike with 20″ wheels, a max speed of 20 mph (32 km/h) and a motor rated for 300W continuous and 819W peak. It’s not going to be the strongest hill climber, but it does get going quickly on flat and modestly hilly terrain.

And the biggest upgrades include hydraulic disc brakes as well as an optional Gates carbon belt drive system for an extra $100. Riders can also opt for a nearly double-sized battery for an extra $200.

trek bikes archive 2022

This is the only e-bike in this price range that I know of with a 48V electrical system. All the other budget e-bikes under $800 use a 36V system and thus suffer from weaker power.

There are some things that you give up with this model, such as that the fenders aren’t included free. But for just $799 , you’re still getting built-in lights, a hidden battery, large color LCD display and a lightweight folder. Plus it comes in five color options.

There’s a lot of value there!

Lectric XP LITE quick specs

  • Motor:  300W (819W peak) geared rear hub motor
  • Top speed:  32 km/h (20 mph)
  • Range:  Claimed up to 72 km (45 mi) or 130 km (80 mi) with long range battery)
  • Battery:  48V 7.8 Ah (375 Wh)
  • Weight : 22 kg (49 lb)
  • Price :  $799  

lectric xp 3.0 electric bike

Lectric XP 3.0

If you like the idea of a low-cost US-based company like Lectric eBikes but want something with more power than their XP LITE, consider the $999 Lectric XP 3.0 . The XP 3.0 is the newest version of America’s best-selling electric bike, and now it’s even better with hydraulic disc brakes! In my opinion, this is the current king of bang-for-your-buck electric bikes right now. It’s clear why this is the best-selling electric bike in the US.

Between the fast 28 mph speed, comfortable ride with front suspension, nimble yet thick three-inch tires, and the powerful 1,000W peak-rated motor, the bike combines high performance with an awesome price. The new version comes with a higher power motor featuring more torque, a new rear rack that can support 150 pounds (and has a passenger package option for carrying a friend), has longer travel suspension, and several other key upgrades.

There are both step-over and step-through frames available. To be honest, the frame member is low on both of them and so they’re both easy to mount, but I actually prefer the step-through. Even though low-step bikes are often considered to be “women’s bikes,” the Lectric XP 3.0 looks badass enough that no one would ever think of calling the step-through option a ladies’ bike. It’s just a more comfortable way to hop on and off.

Plus, the folding frame of the Lectric XP 3.0 means you can bring this high-value e-bike with you in a car or truck. I know several people who keep one in their RV, and I’ve even heard of folks traveling with it on their boat or light airplane.

The company also has longer-range batteries for the XP 3.0 that add 45% more range. If you’re the kind of person who likes to ride fast, that battery will help you use that power for longer rides at higher speeds.

trek bikes archive 2022

It’s hard to find a better combination of low cost and high performance anywhere in the e-bike market right now. That’s why this is the bike I used when I worked undercover as an e-bike delivery rider .

Check out my first ride experience on the Lectric XP 3.0 here .

Lectric XP 3.0 quick specs

  • Motor:  500W (850W peak) geared rear hub motor
  • Top speed:  45 km/h (28 mph)
  • Range:  Claimed up to 72 km (45 mi), but less if you’re heavy on the throttle
  • Battery:  48V 9.6 Ah (460 Wh), or larger 14Ah battery available
  • Weight : 29 kg (64 lb)
  • Price :  $999  

trek bikes archive 2022

Ride1Up Portola

When Ride1Up launched the Portola , it was pretty obvious what the game plan was: fire a shot across Lectric Ebike’s bow with a direct competitor to the Lectric XP 3.0. By all accounts, Ride1Up nailed it with an impressive competitor, the best-selling e-bike out there.

The Ride1Up Portola has a lot more going for it than just the awesome price of $995 . The bike has great performance with a maximum speed of 28 mph (45 km/h) and great components including hydraulic disc brakes, front suspension, a built-in rear rack, and a 750W motor.

There are two battery options available, either a 48V 10.4Ah or a 48V 13.4Ah, and the larger battery only costs an extra $100.

I love the sleek-looking frame and apparently, I’m not alone. Those who are on the hunt for a good-looking folding fat tire e-bike that doesn’t break the bank will likely find this to be one of the more fashionable options.

ride1up portola electric bike

Ride1Up Portola quick specs

  • Motor:  750W geared rear hub motor
  • Battery:  48V 10.4 Ah (504 Wh), or larger 48V 13.4 Ah battery available
  • Weight : 27.2 kg (60 lb)
  • Price :  $995  

ride1up portola

Propella Mini

The $849 Propella Mini almost looks a bit odd at first glance, but the quirky proportions result in a super nimble and lightweight e-bike.

It’s not particularly fast at just 18 mph. And it’s also a pedal-assist e-bike, meaning you don’t have a throttle for the days when you feel lazy. But for anyone that doesn’t mind pedaling as long as you get a decent electric boost, the Propella Mini is a great option for you.

I love the bright blue rims, white chain, and slim black frame. The look is killer. And the bike rides both smoothly and efficiently. There’s no suspension to speak of, but the upside is there’s no suspension fork to break. The bike should last a long time with modest upkeep, and it’s a definite winner for anyone that’s low on space.

See my full review of the Propella Mini here .

Propella Mini quick specs

  • Motor:  250 W (400 W peak) Bafang rear geared hub motor
  • Top speed:  30 km/h (18.5 mph)
  • Range:  32-56 km (20-35 mi) depending on pedal assist level
  • Battery:  36V 7Ah (250 Wh)
  • Price:  $849
  • Weight : 14.9 kg (33 lb)

trek bikes archive 2022

JackRabbit micro e-bike

The $999 JackRabbit OG is in one of these fuzzy areas between e-bikes and other e-rideables. In this case, it straddles the line between an electric bike and an electric scooter.

It more or less feels like an electric bike based on its ride geometry. However, the lack of pedals means that it could also be classified as an electric scooter, albeit a large-wheeled e-scooter.

But with those 20-inch wheels and bicycle seat, the JackRabbit rides much more like a small folding e-bike than an e-scooter. And its electronics match that of a light e-bike too.

The 300W motor gets the little runabout up to 20 mph (32 km/h). The small 158 Wh battery only offers around 10-12 miles (approximately 16-20 km) of range, but is also conveniently small enough to easily keep a spare battery in a cargo pocket or even a small purse.

The biggest benefit of the JackRabbit is that it is so simple that the lack of frills keeps the weight down to just 23 lb (10.5 kg)! For an e-bike, that’s almost so light that it floats.

The company also released a higher power and larger battery capacity version too , which might be good for riders who want to push harder and go farther.

See my full review of the JackRabbit here .

JackRabbit quick specs

  • Motor:  300W geared rear hub motor
  • Range:  20 km (12 mi)
  • Bike weight:  10.5 kg (23 lb.)
  • Brakes:  Rear mechanical disc brake

trek bikes archive 2022

Best electric bikes under $2,000

Once you bump up above the $1,000 limit, you start to see many more great options for e-bikes in a wide range of categories.

From electric cargo bikes to cruisers and even electric mopeds, there’s something for everyone in this price range.

Lectric One

The Lectric ONE is listed in the “Best under $2,000” category, but in many ways, it’s the best in under a significantly higher dollar value. To put it into perspective, it’d be hard to buy the gearbox alone on this bike for under $2,000, and yet that’s the price tag of the entire bike! For just $1,999 , you’re getting an e-bike with components normally found on $10,000+ bikes.

The Lectric One was unveiled as a lightweight commuter e-bike designed with an ultra high-end drivetrain based around the Pinion C1.6i auto-shifting gearbox. Paired with a Gates carbon belt drive and a true 750W-rated Stealth M24 motor (with 1,300 peak watts!), the Lectric ONE hits class 3 speeds in style with some extra premium components.

trek bikes archive 2022

Lectric ONE quick specs:

  • Motor:  750W rear hub motor (1.3 kW peak)
  • Battery:  48V 10.4 or 14Ah (500Wh or 672 Wh)
  • Top speed:  28 mph (45 km/h)
  • Range:  up to 75 miles (120 km)
  • Weight:  55 lb (25 kg)
  • Price:   $1,999

Lectric XPedition

We were the first to review this new model and we called it a runaway hit right from the start. With heavy-hauling weight capacity, the option for one or two batteries for extra long range, hydraulic disc brakes and a watt-based more comfortable feeling pedal assist sensor, this e-bike is dragging electric cargo bikes into the future.

The $1,399 Lectric XPedition has turned the electric cargo bike market upside down, finally bringing a heavy-hitting cargo e-bike to market for an ultra-affordable price.

While it’s not the nicest cargo e-bike on the market, it’s definitely the best bang for your buck thanks to a combination of high value parts and reasonable pricing.

Lectric XPedition e-bike

Lectric XPedition quick specs:

  • Motor:  750W rear hub motor
  • Battery:  48V 14Ah (672 Wh) with the option for a second battery
  • Weight:  68 lb (31 kg)
  • Price:   $1,399

Aventon Soltera.2

The $1,399 Aventon Soltera.2 is the latest version of Aventon’s beautiful city bike that offers some of the best quality fabrication that I’ve seen in this price range – or even in higher price ranges. It is offered in either a single-speed or seven-speed format.

The bike rolls on narrow tires for that efficient city ride, while still packing in a 500W motor.

The battery is a bit smaller at 36V and 10Ah, but the bike makes up for a smaller battery by being able to integrate it into the frame in a sleek and attractive package.

The beautiful color display also adds to the bike’s charm, as do the powerful headlight and frame-integrated tail light. There’s even an awesome companion app that lets your phone track your bike’s important stats. Basically, you’re getting a lot for $1,199 here!

Check out my in-depth Aventon Soltera.2 review here .

Aventon Soltera.2 quick specs:

  • Motor:  500W peak-rated rear hub motor
  • Battery:  36V 10Ah (360 Wh)
  • Top speed:  20 mph (32 km/h)
  • Range:  20-63 miles (32-101 km)
  • Weight:  46 lb (21 kg)
  • Price:   $1,199

aventon soltera electric bike

Ride1Up Turris

Ride1Up has proven itself as a high-value electric bike brand, focusing largely on efficient and speedy commuter e-bikes. While the company has many models in the $1,000 to $2,000 range, the $1,095 Ride1Up Turris (at it’s current sale price ) is one of the best bang-for-your-buck options.

A powerful 750W continuous-rated motor gets the bike up to Class 3 speeds that will have you keeping up with traffic or even passing cars when they get bogged down in the city. That extra speed over most class 2 e-bikes can be quite useful when riding on the side of the road trying to reduce the number of times a car whizzes by you. Even when riding alone or in a protected path away from cars, the extra speed sure makes for a fun ride.

The sporty tires and two choices of frame style (step over or step through) give riders plenty of options to use this bike on the trails or the streets. I love that it includes full metal fenders as well so you don’t have to spend extra on those. I’d definitely recommend spending an extra $50 for the rear rack though if you plan to use the bike as a commuter, since you never know when you’ll need to toss something on the back.

If you want to upgrade to more power and a nicer set of components, the $1,695 700 Series is worth a look. But I think the Ride1Up Turris is sufficient for most riders.

Ride1Up Turris quick specs:

  • Range:  32-64 km (20-40 mi) throttle vs. pedal assist
  • Battery:  48V 12.8Ah (614 Wh) with genuine LG cells
  • Weight : 25 kg (55 lb)
  • Price :  $1,095

trek bikes archive 2022

Lectric XPeak

Lectric Ebikes recently expanded into larger territory with the launch of the new Lectric XPeak. It’s the company’s first e-bike with a larger than 20″ wheel size, bringing some chunky 26×4.0″ tires into the company’s inventory.

The XPeak takes the form of a typical adventure-style fat tire electric bike. It features a hardtail design with a suspension fork, high volume tires, hydraulic disc brakes and a relatively large battery that is certified by the Swiss testing agency SGS to meet UL 2849 standards.

The bike is also tested to higher standards for ruggedness of the frame and fork than most e-bikes in this price range, meaning it’s likely going to last longer too. As far as fat tire adventure-style e-bikes go, there’s no better bang for your buck than the Lectric XPeak.

Lectric XPeak quick specs:

  • Motor:  750W (1,300W peak)
  • Range:  Up to 75 km (45 mi) on low power
  • Battery:  48V 14 Ah (672 Wh)
  • Weight : 39.4 kg (67 lb)
  • Price : $1,299 (may increase to $1,399 after promotional sale ends)

trek bikes archive 2022

Ride1Up Cafe Cruiser

The Ride1Up Cafe Cruiser is Ride1Up’s first non-purely commuter electric bike, and boy did they knock it out of the park on this one. Plus, at its current crazy-good sale price of US $1,095 , this is an unimaginable steal!

The Cafe Cruiser, as its name suggests, is part cruiser bike, part fast motorbike.

The cruiser bars, suspension fork, comfortable seat and pedal-forward geometry make it a pleasure to ride. The high-performance 750W hub motor and 28 mph (45 km/h) top speed make it a blast for quick errand running and fun commutes.

High-quality parts like hydraulic disc brakes complete the package, and the included fenders and rear rack increase the bike’s value.

One of the coolest features though is the passenger package that adds a rear bench seat, wheel skirt, and foot pegs, so you can carry a second rider on back. The second seat has a quick release so you can easily pop it on and off the bike whenever you need to swap back and forth between carrying your friends or a basket full of groceries home.

At just $1,595 , the Ride1Up Cafe Cruiser is priced way below fair market value, which makes this an absolute steal of a deal.

Ride1Up Cafe Cruiser quick specs:

  • Motor:  750W rear geared hub motor
  • Range:  50-80 km (30-50 mi)
  • Battery:  48V 15Ah (720 Wh)
  • Weight : 29 kg (65 lb)
  • Price : $1,095

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Rad Power Bikes RadRunner

The RadRunner from Rad Power Bikes has been an industry favorite ever since it was first announced back in 2019. The company is actually on the RadRunner 2 now, but the update only made minor changes since the original was already so well designed.

The bike uses a step-through moped style frame to create a short utility bike or mini cargo e-bike. It’s quick up to the 20 mph top speed and offers a ton of uses. When outfitted with the Passenger Package , it has a seat and footpegs that let you carry kids or adults on the back, turning this into a multi-passenger e-bike.

The high-capacity battery and powerful motor also make for sprightly acceleration and longer than average rides, so you’ll have enough power to ride all day.

The RadRunner is truly one of those do-anything e-bikes because it has so many uses. The same bike can be used for fun recreational riding, city commuting, trail riding, or grocery shopping. There’s something for everyone.

There’s even an upgraded version known as the RadRunner Plus, which adds suspension, a seven-speed transmission, a more detailed display, and the passenger package, though the RadRunner Plus costs a bit more at $1,899 .

Check out my complete review of the RadRunner 2 here .

RadRunner 2 quick specs:

  • Range:  45-72 km (25-45 mi) depending on user input
  • Battery:  48V 14Ah (672 Wh)
  • Weight : 29.5 kg (65 lb)
  • Price : $1,499

Rad Power Black Friday

Rad Power Bikes RadWagon 4

Cargo electric bikes are the workhorses of the e-bike world. They have higher weight capacities and more surface area for carrying all of your gear.

The $1,999 Rad Power Bikes RadWagon 4 is one of my favorite options thanks to the awesome build and wide range of compatible Rad accessories.

The bike’s 750W motor and large capacity battery make it easy to hit the top speed of 20 mph and ride farther than your errands will require.

Plus that long rear bench has tons of room for boxes, bags, or kiddos. I’ve had three riders on the bike plenty of times, and it can definitely do more. Plus, I love that double center kickstand for creating an ultra-stable parking platform.

Check out my full in-depth review of the RadWagon 4 e-cargo bike here .

Rad Power Bikes RadWagon 4 quick specs:

  • Motor:  750 W geared rear hub motor
  • Battery:  48V 14Ah (672Wh)
  • Weight : 34.8 kg (76.7 lb)
  • Price: $1,999

Electric Bike Company Model Y

Electric Bike Company is one of the only e-bike manufacturers that actually builds its electric bikes in the US from the ground up.

They start with bare frames and perform the entire build locally with highly trained e-bike technicians. That also allows them to offer more customization options than any other e-bike company out there.

The $1,949 Model Y is a step-through cruiser e-bike with a hidden battery in the front basket. It offers fast speeds up to 28 mph and high-quality parts like hydraulic disc brakes and top-end hardware. The color screen and leather accents on the seat and bar ends add to the classy look too!

The real treat though is getting to select the custom paint on every surface of the bike, plus your own rim colors, trim colors, and tire options. It’s incredibly customizable to the point where you’re virtually guaranteed to be able to create a truly one-of-a-kind electric bike if you wish.

Check out my full review of the Electric Bike Company Model Y here .

Electric Bike Company Model Y quick specs:

  • Motor:  1,000W peak rear geared hub motor
  • Range:  Up to 80 km (50 mi) with moderate pedaling
  • Battery:  48V with either 9Ah (432 Wh) or 18Ah (864 Wh) options
  • Weight : 26 kg (58 lb)
  • Price:   $1,949

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Velotric Discover 2

Velotric has a number of interesting e-bikes in its lineup, and I’m enjoying testing several of the company’s new models. But one of my favorites so far—thanks to its excellent on-road abilities—has got to be the Velotric Discover 2.

The e-bike isn’t just powerful or surprisingly smooth pedaling, it’s also quite safe. The punchy hydraulic disc brakes offer quick and controlled stops while the UL-certified battery and e-bike systems offer safe operations, removing the worry of dangerous thermal events.

For just $1,899 at its current sale price, riders are getting 15 pedal assist settings, a torque sensor, IPX7 waterproof rating on the battery (meaning the battery can be submerged in water), and robust strength testing that goes above and beyond typical ISO testing for e-bikes. This is an excellent bike for both commuting and pleasure rides, making it a great all-around option!

Check out my full review of the Velotric Nomad 1 here .

Velotric Discover 2 quick specs:

  • Motor:  1,200W peak rear geared hub motor
  • Range:  Up to 88km (55 mi) on pedal assist
  • Battery:  48V 14.4Ah (691 Wh) frame-integrated, removable
  • Weight : 33 kg (73 lb)
  • Price:  $1,499

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Ride1Up Rift

Ride1Up’s first adventure-style electric bike was a smashing success, helping the San Diego-based electric bike maker enter an entirely new category with a bang.

This fat tire electric bike has a powerful motor, a massive 960Wh battery and an ultra rugged frame with built-in rear rack that can carry heavy cargo or even an adult passenger on back.

With fenders, built-in LED lights and cargo capabilities, the Ride1Up Rift would also make a surprisingly good commuter bike that will traverse pot holes and other rough street imperfections just as well as it handles off-road conditions.

Check out my full review of the Ride1Up Rift XR here .

Ride1Up Rift XR quick specs:

  • Motor:  750W continuous-rated rear geared hub motor
  • Top speed:  32 km/h (20 mph) on throttle, or 45 km/h (28 mph) on pedal assist
  • Range:  Up to 96 km (60 mi) on pedal assist
  • Battery:  48V 20Ah (960 Wh) frame-integrated, removable
  • Weight : 38 kg (84.5 lb)
  • Price:  $1,395

ride1up rift XR e-bike

Velotric Packer electric cargo bike

There are a lot of electric cargo bikes on the market, but the Velotric Packer has recently become one of my go-to recommendations for several reasons. It’s fairly priced, has loads of cargo accessories, includes a UL-certified battery, comes in some eye-catching colors, and works well for transporting my three nieces and nephews around with me.

At its sale price of $1,899, this is definitely an electric cargo bike to have on your short list for it’s slick-looking design and great functionality.

trek bikes archive 2022

Check out my full review of the Velotric Packer here .

  • Motor : 750W (1,200W peak) rear-geared hub motor
  • Top speed : 20 mph (32 km/h) or 25 mph (40 km/h) when unlocked
  • Range : Up to 52 miles (84 km)
  • Battery : 48V 15Ah (692 Wh)
  • Weight : 75 lb (34 kg)
  • Price : $1,899

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Best electric bikes from $2,000 to $3,500

By the time you surpass the $2,000 dollar mark, you’re starting to get into serious e-bikes with serious performance or build quality.

If you’re spending this much, you’ll want to ensure you’re buying from a reputable company with top-notch products and service.

Ride1Up Prodigy V2 mid-drive e-bike

The $2,295 Ride1Up Prodigy V2 has brought new meaning to the phrase “low-cost mid-drive electric bike”, updating an already impressive e-bike with a new next-gen setup.

This e-bike sports a high-end German-manufactured Brose mid-drive motor and can hit speeds of up to 28 mph (45 km/h), yet is price similarly to much cheaper hub motor-based electric bikes.

It’s a perfect commuter e-bike for someone that wants high quality parts like that German mid-drive motor with 90Nm of torque, hydraulic disc brakes, bright LED lights, included fenders, rear rack, and a very comfortable saddle. Plus there’s a choice between a nice 9-speed chain drive transmission or a fancier Gates Carbon Drive belt setup with an Enviolo continuously variable transmission.

This e-bike is easily worth another $500 more than the price tag, if not more. In fact, you’ll find many of these same components on e-bikes with $3,000-$4,000 price tags all over the place. So if you’re looking for a higher quality e-bike that doesn’t cost as much as a fancy bike shop e-bike, this is the one to consider.

Ride1Up Prodigy quick specs:

  • Motor:  Brose TF Sprinter mid-drive
  • Range:  30-50 miles (50-80 km)
  • Battery:  36V 14Ah (504Wh)
  • Weight : 58 lb (26 kg)
  • Price :  $2,395

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Juiced Scorpion X

The $2,199 Juiced Scorpion X has all the old-school charm of a vintage moped, but it adds back in a powerful electric drivetrain. It also has awesome-looking cast wheels that remove the issue of spoke maintenance, plus add to the cool stance.

The bench seat allows riders to scoot forward or backward to find the best seating position, and the tall bars give a fun cruiser/motorcycle feel to the bike. With full suspension, hydraulic disc brakes, and a built-in rear rack/fenders, there are a lot of nice parts on the Scorpion X

A powerful throttle lets you blast up to 20 mph, or engaging the pedal assist can take you even faster to 28 mph. And Juiced offers a larger battery than most competitors, letting you ride this moto-styled e-bike even further.

Check out my in-depth review of the Juiced Scorpion X here .

Juiced Scorpion X quick specs:

  • Motor:  750W “nominal” (claimed 1.8 kW peak) RetroBlade rear hub motor
  • Range:  Up to 55 miles (88 km) on pedal-assist or closer to half that on throttle
  • Battery:  52V 15Ah 780Wh (removable and lockable)
  • Weight : 100 lb (45 kg)
  • Price : $2,199

Priority Current

I love the $3,299 Priority Current electric bike so much that it has become one of my daily riders. It’s the one I grab when I’m doing city riding and I know I want to be pedaling.

Becuase it doesn’t have a throttle, you’ll need to enjoy pedaling in order to enjoy this e-bike. But it makes it so much fun to pedal thanks to a torque sensor-based pedal assist that provides natural feeling assistance up to a fast 28 mph top speed.

The internally geared rear hub combined with a Gates belt drive system and powerful hydraulic disc brakes make this a very nice e-bike for the price. Plus that mid-drive motor offers tons of torque for climbing hills or accelerating quickly.

I’m also a fan of the built-in lights and included fenders, not to mention the integrated high-capacity battery that disappears in the frame.

Mid-drive electric bikes aren’t cheap, but the price is definitely a fair one for this e-bike.

Check out my full review of the Priority Current here . I also recently reviewed the Shimano 5-speed version of this e-bike, which you can find here .

Priority Current quick specs :

  • Motor:  500W mid-drive motor with torque sensor
  • Top speed:  28 mph (45 km/h) or 20 mph (32 km/h) user-selectable
  • Range:  30-60 miles (48-96 km)
  • Battery:  500 Wh frame-integrated battery
  • Weight : 24 kg (53 lb)
  • Price: $3,299

Ride1Up CF Racer1

I’m not normally a carbon fiber, drop bar, race bike kind of guy. But then again, that’s usually because those types of bikes are way out of my price range… until now.

The Ride1Up CF Racer1 brings carbon fiber road e-bikes to the common man, offering both a traditional road bike and a gravel bike edition.

At under 29 lb (13 kg), these e-bikes are some of the lightest around. I picked one up with my index finger and was shocked at how easily it left the ground.

To get there, that meant a relatively low-power motor and a smaller battery were required. But for the folks that ride these types of bikes, a big motor and heavy battery probably aren’t on their wishlist anyway. Instead, a simple extra boost, as if you’ve always got a tailwind, helps augment your own pedaling.

For just $2,295 , there’s no better deal out there for a budget-friendly carbon fiber road e-bike.

Ride1Up CF Racer1 quick specs

  • Motor:  250W 42 Nm torque
  • Top speed:  28 mph (45 km/h) on pedal assist
  • Range:  16-40 miles (26-64 km)
  • Battery:  252 Wh frame-integrated battery
  • Weight : 12.9 kg (28.6 lb)
  • Price: $2,295

ride1up CF Racer1 electric bike

Ride1Up REVV1 FS

This full-suspension electric moped-style e-bike is a masterclass in high performance electric bike design. Sure, it’s an obvious SUPER73 imitation, but it’s a really well done imitation.

It handles well, it’s got great rubber between you and the road, the suspension gives a comfortable ride, and it’s got plenty of extra power.

Despite the 750W label, the e-bike can be unlocked to make use of nearly 1,500W of peak power. I was able to reach a top speed of 37 mph (59.5 km/h) during my testing (not on public streets!).

But the bike ships in Class 2 mode with a 750W limit and 20 mph (32 km/h) maximum speed, meaning you’ll have to contact the company to request an unlock for the bike to be used above Class 2 speeds and power levels.

All in all, the $2,395 Ride1Up REVV1 FS is an amazing e-bike for anyone who wants a moped-style ride with full-suspension, high quality 4-piston hydraulic disc brakes and a design that rides almost like a motorcycle, yet in a bike form factor.

Check out my complete Ride1Up REVV1 FS review here .

Ride1Up REVV1 quick specs:

  • Motor:  Bafang 750W continuous hub motor
  • Top speed:  20 mph (32 km/h) out of the box, 37 mph (59.5 km/h) when unlocked
  • Battery:  52V 20Ah (1,040 Wh)
  • Weight:  93 lb (42 kg)
  • Price: $2,395

ride1up revv1

Tern Quick Haul

The Tern Quick Haul is an electric cargo bike from the famed cargo e-bike company Tern. It holds the distinction of being the most affordable model in Tern’s lineup.

That says a lot, because Tern is known for its high quality e-bikes that are built to be ridden every day for real world errands, carpool duty and more. These e-bikes are meant to replace cars, and they do just that for many riders. With a huge list of accessories, you can outfit a Quick Haul for just about any job.

The Tern Quick Haul features a mid-drive Bosch motor, hydraulic disc brakes, Tern’s vertical parking rack, and a relatively lightweight but high utility design that is meant to carry just about anything in your life.

We had the chance to test a pair of Quick Hauls at Eurobike in Frankfurt last year, which you can learn more about here.

Motor:  Bosch Active Line Plus mid-drive motor Top speed:  20 mph (32 km/h) with pedal assist (no throttle) Range:  Up to 60 miles (96 km), less when riding in highest power Battery:  400Wh, removable/lockable Weight:  50 lb (22.8 kg) Price : $2,999

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Ariel Rider X-Class

When it comes to fast, powerful electric mopeds on a budget, it’s hard to compete with the $2,399 Ariel Rider X-Class . This is the e-bike I usually recommend when someone simply wants the most power and speed for the least amount of money.

The impressive performance comes from a powerful 1,000W motor that actually puts out closer to 2,000W of peak power. It can be limited to 20 mph if you’d like, but I got it up to 36 mph in unlimited mode.

The bike rolls on 20″ moto-style wheels and comes with nice parts including hydraulic disc brakes, a bench seat, dual suspension, and a big moto-style headlight.

You can see my full review of the Ariel Rider 52V X-Class here .

  • Motor:  1,000W (2,000W peak) rear hub motor
  • Top speed:  36 mph (58 km/h), but can be limited to Class 2 speeds
  • Range:  Up to 75 miles (120 km), less when riding at top speed
  • Battery:  52V 18Ah (936 Wh), removable/lockable
  • Weight:  80 lb (36 kg)
  • Price : $2,399

Rad Power Bikes Rad Rover 6 Plus with accessories

Technically the Rad Rover 6 Plus is priced at $1,999 . And with its free shipping, it comes in under the $2k mark. But I’m including it in the $2k-$3k category because you’re going to want to add a couple of important accessories to this one.

Rad Power Bikes has one of the widest arrays of e-bike accessories on the planet . In fact, it might have THE widest selection. And I’d highly recommend adding the rear rack ($79) to the RadRover 6 Plus, at the very least. It simply adds even more utility and turns an adventure bike into an adventure/hauling bike.

Accessories aside, the RadRover 6 Plus is an awesome ride and packs in some real value. It is the highest-spec e-bike in Rad’s lineup and includes hydraulic disc brakes, redesigned suspension fork, an upgraded frame with a new semi-integrated battery, new displays that are easier to read and use, and so much more.

This is absolutely an e-bike that is worth checking out for anyone that does adventure-style riding and needs big tires combined with high power, and who wants the support and comfort provided by going with North America’s largest e-bike company.

Check out my full RadRover 6 Plus review here .

RadRover 6 Plus quick specs:

  • Range:  45-72 km (25-45 mi) depending on throttle or pedal assist
  • Weight:  33.3 kg (73.4 lb)

Best electric bikes from $3,500 to $5,000

Above $3.5k, you’re entering some seriously dedicated e-bike territory.

These e-bikes either feature top-shelf components like drivetrain and brake parts, or pack in so much power that they couldn’t possibly be priced any lower.

Either way, you’re not in Kansas anymore. You’re heading down the e-bike rabbit hole.

Tern is renowned for building high-quality electric bikes that double down on utility features. The newly updated Tern HSD is the company’s more affordable utility e-bike, offering many features you’ll find on its higher end GSD but at a price that more riders can stomach.

The HSD uses small 20″ wheels and includes a folding stem, making it nice and compact. But taking it one step further, Tern outfitted it with its innovative rack that lets you park the bike on its tail, meaning it takes up barely more space than a coat rack in the corner of a room.

The bike’s Bosch mid-drive and high capacity batteries provide a high-end e-bike drive, and they are matched with a variety of performance drivetrain options that you can select from, depending on how high you want to spec the bike.

Whether you’re ferrying around kids or buying a week’s worth of groceries, the HSD is a solid option.

Check out my detailed first ride experience on the Tern HSD here .

Tern HSD quick specs:

  • Motor:  Bosch Active Line Plus mid-drive
  • Top speed:  32 km/h (20 mph) with electric assist
  • Range:  42-110 km (26-69 mi) depending on pedal input
  • Battery:  Bosch PowerPack 400 Wh
  • Weight : 25.4 kg (55.9 lb)
  • Price:  $4,299

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The CSC FT1000MD sounds like a motorcycle name because it comes from a company with motorcycle heritage. CSC Ebikes was born out of CSC Motorcycles, a company with several decades of two-wheeler experience.

The FT1000MD is the company’s highest power option. The fat tire e-bike comes with a 1,000+ watt motor known as the Bafang M620 Ultra. It’s the most powerful and highest torque e-bike mid-drive motor on the retail market. CSC paired it with a big battery, quality suspension, hydraulic brakes, built-in lighting, and more to create a high performance and high-quality adventure e-bike.

I was able to hit speeds of around 34 mph with the motor in unlocked format, though you can limit it to 20 or 28 mph to fit into class 2 and class 3 designations.

Check out my full review of this incredibly powerful e-bike here .

CSC FT1000MD quick specs:

  • Motor:  1,000W continuous Bafang M620 mid-drive
  • Top speed: 54 km/h (34 mph) when unlocked
  • Battery:  48V 16Ah (768Wh) with Samsung 35E cells
  • Frame:  6061 aluminum
  • Suspension:  Front suspension fork with preload and damping adjustment, plus lockout
  • Brakes:  Tektro hydraulic disc brakes with 180 mm rotors
  • Weight : 34 kg (75 lb)
  • Price:  $3,299 or save $200 with discount code ELECTREK

csc ft1000md electric bike

Ariel Rider Grizzly

When it comes to all-wheel-drive electric bikes, the $3,299 Ariel Rider Grizzly is one of my favorites.

This incredible e-bike is really more of a small electric motorcycle. It uses two high-power motors – one in each wheel – to offer speeds in the mid-30s and acceleration that will get you there in the blink of an eye.

Full suspension and hydraulic disc brakes make this an e-bike that handles well at any speed, and the bright red paint job looks as aggressive as the e-bike feels. It even comes with footpegs pre-installed so you can carry a passenger with you.

Plus it’s got double batteries to feed those two power-hungry motors, so you’ll be able to ride this e-bike pretty darn far too, as long as you aren’t too demanding from the throttle.

Check out my full in-depth review of the epic Ariel Rider Grizzly e-bike here .

Ariel Rider Grizzly quick specs:

  • Motors:  Dual 1,000W continuous hub motors (1,850W peak or 3.7 kW combined)
  • Top speed:  36 mph (58 km/h) when unlocked, but can be limited to Class 2 speeds
  • Battery:  52V 35Ah (1,820 Wh) between two removable/lockable batteries
  • Weight:  105 lb (47.6 kg)

Specialized Turbo Como SL

For more of a cruiser/city e-bike experience, the $4,800 Specialized Turbo Como SL is a great option. This e-bike offers a much more upright ride for a fun, relaxed vibe.

The e-bike features a high-quality mid-drive motor, hydraulic disc brakes, Gates carbon belt drive, and an eight-speed internally geared hub. Those are a lot of nice parts!

And don’t forget the slim fenders, front basket, and cruiser bars that all look super elegant, complimenting the nice lines of the Turbo Como SL.

This may not be a low-cost e-bike, but it definitely offers a ride that makes it worth it.

See my full review of the Specialized Turbo Como SL here .

Specialized Turbo Como SL quick specs:

  • Motor:  Custom Specialized SL1.1 mid-drive motor
  • Range:  Up to 100 km (62 mi), or 50% more with range extender
  • Battery:  Downtube-integrated 320 Wh battery
  • Weight : 20.5 kg (45 lb.)
  • Price:   $4,800

If you’ve been looking for a high-end trekking electric bike that was built with a combination of high-quality parts and the latest technology, look no further than the $4,550 Greyp T5.

There’s a reason why Porsche bought this e-bike company – it’s simply one of the best.

It uses Greyp’s own in-house developed 700 Wh battery combined with a mid-drive motor to offer a hardtail trekking e-bike. In addition to the awesome bike design, the built-in tech is what really opens people’s eyes. Integrated cameras at the front and rear of the bike can serve as dash cams or livestream your rides. Plus you can capture all of your ride footage on the bike instead of bringing along a Go-Pro camera.

There’s also an app that allows you to take full advantage of the built-in eSIM card, giving you connectivity to the bike and letting you check all your vital stats, find its location, and more – right from your phone.

The bike is truly a high-end offering by itself, but the embedded tech makes it a rarity in any category.

See my first ride review of the Greyp T5 e-bike here .

Best electric bikes above $5,000

You just couldn’t stop, could you? I showed you plenty of awesome e-bikes that didn’t cost most of a paycheck. But you just haaaaaaad to keep going.

Fine, here they are. These are some of the most expensive e-bikes out there that we’ve tested and that I’d actually recommend someone buying, if you can pony up the cash.

Fuell Flluid-2 and Flluid-3

The $5,495 Fuell Flluid-2 and Flluid-3 are great examples of what happens when a motorcycle designer applies his tradecraft to a smaller platform, creating an e-bike built to a higher standard.

The Fuell Flluid’s smooth mid-drive motor with built-in gearbox and Gates carbon belt drive setup combine to make an ultra-responsive and polished electric powertrain. The two removable batteries built into special cutouts in the frame offer long-range riding without looking like a packhorse carrying massive batteries.

The e-bike is nearly maintenance-free thanks to the belt drive and hydraulic disc brakes. The duo removes the two most common maintenance issues with bikes: chain wear and brake adjustment.

Flying fast at 28 mph (45 km/h) is a blast, and doing it on a smooth-riding e-bike with Pirelli tires is even better. Then add in the ultra-bright lights, built-in fenders and rear rack, the suspension seat post, color LCD screen and other niceties, and now you’re left with a high-end e-bike that could serve you for years as a daily commuter e-bike designed for nearly maintenance-free high mileage riding. The only downside is that the bike is quite heavy at 36 kg (79 lb). But you can’t expect all these great parts and dual batteries on a featherweight bike!

Check out my full review of the Fuell Flluid here .

Fuell Flluid quick specs:

  • Motor:  750-1,000W rated Valeo mid-drive motor with built-in gearbox
  • Range:  Up to 200 km (125 mi) with dual batteries (though Fuell-3 has just a single battery)
  • Brakes:  Tektro hydraulic disc brakes on 180 mm rotors
  • Weight:  36 kg (79 lb)
  • Price: $5,495

fuell flluid electric bike

GoCycle G4i+

When it comes to ultra-premium folding electric bikes, there’s only one name that comes to my mind: GoCycle. These are the most impressive folding e-bikes I’ve ever seen. And they better be – they were designed by a former McLaren engineer.

Between the carbon fiber work, single-sided wheels, high-tech tires, trippy LED dot display, innovative rear suspension, and completely enclosed drivetrain, there’s a lot of high-end stuff going on here.

The speed will vary from 15-20 mph depending on which country you buy the bike in, but the performance is only part of the equation. The quick folding and light, compact design of the e-bike is the real winner here.

Check out my full review of the GoCycle G4i+ here .

GoCycle G4i+ quick specs:

  • Motor:  500W front hub motor
  • Top speed:  20 mph (32 km/h) in the US
  • Range:  up to 50 miles (80 km)
  • Battery:  36V 10.4Ah (375 Wh)
  • Weight : 37.2 lb (16.9 kg)
  • Price:   $6,999

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Serial 1, the electric bicycle company that spun out of Harley-Davidson, has several awesome electric bike models. While most fall under the $5,000 mark, I’m going to recommend their top of the line model: The $5,599 Serial 1 RUSH/CTY SPEED . If you’re in the market to buy a Serial 1 e-bike, you might as well go for the best.

Like all of Serial 1’s e-bikes, it’s got a great design and ridability. Serial 1 scored top e-bike designers from companies like Trek, so they know how to build an awesome bike with killer geometry. They also brought in the Harley-Davidson LiveWire electric motorcycle engineers to build the custom battery, so it’s top of the line too. Then they used pro parts like the Brose mid-drive and Gates carbon belt drive setup. Basically, it’s an incredible e-bike. And with a 28 mph (45 km/h) top speed plus a huge 706 Wh battery to ride all day, the performance matches the build.

Serial 1 even goes above and beyond with their own custom weight bearing fenders that also happen to be functional racks (both in the front and rear), their own custom designed lights that throw serious illumination up front and give you great rear visibility from dropout-mounted lights, and there’s even a glovebox in the bike!

Basically, there’s a lot to like here. Yes, it’s expensive. But you’re not just paying for the H-D name on the side. It’s actually a high quality, high performance electric bike regardless of the badging.

Check out my full first ride on the various Serial 1 e-bike models here .

Motor:  High torque Brose TF MAG mid-drive motor Top speed (tested):  45 km/h (28 mph) Battery:  706 Wh Serial 1 custom battery Range:  25-115 miles (40-185 km), likely more in the 30-50 miles range with normal riding Weight:  26.7 kg (59 lb) Price:   $5,599

FREY EX Pro electric mountain bike

The FREY EX Pro is a high-end electric mountain bike with crazy high power. It uses the same motor as the CSC FT1000MD we featured above (the Bafang M620 mid-drive), but cranks up the current to provide closer to 1,500W of power.

It’s enough to destroy chains if you aren’t careful. We know. Several of us here at Electrek have done it.

The FREY EX Pro not only features high-end parts like a RockShox Lyric fork and Magura MT5e hydraulic brakes, but it even comes with dual batteries so you can ride farther and stay on the trails longer.

I’ve personally taken this e-bike back UP a downhill mountain bike course – that’s how powerful it is.

It may be expensive, but it saves you several thousand dollars compared to many European electric mountain bikes with similar components but a fraction of the power in the FREY.

See my full review of the FREY EX Pro here .

  • Motor:  1 kW continuous, 1.5 kW peak-rated Bafang Ultra mid-drive motor
  • Top speed (tested):  59 km/h (36 mph)
  • Battery:  Dual 48V 14Ah packs (1,344 Wh total)
  • Range:  Varies  considerably  by ride style/terrain, but 30-100 km (20-60 miles) is the ballpark
  • Weight:  34 kg (75 lb)
  • Price:   $5,580

Top comment by OliveDucky

1–I have a Lectric XPLite. It’s great to load in the SUV or RV with my wife’s Liberty Trike, which weighs only 50 lbs AND comes apart into two 25-lb pieces. Easy on my old back! The new RAD and Lectric trikes are good, I’m sure, but would be unusable for me. Too heavy.

2–RE: the importance of the sub-$1000 list…I think this also applies to some of the Chinese EV cars, the 50-mph, low-priced category. If brought here, or built here, they’d allow far more people to get into an EV, as a primary city car, or even a suburban 2nd car.

The Tern GSD improves upon the Tern HSD with even more capability and even nicer components. There are multiple versions that can take you up to nearly $10k, but even the lower-tier versions are not “low tier,” if you know what I mean.

Parts like automatically engaging electric locks, 10-speed Shimano Deore transmissions, Magura MT5e quad-piston hydraulic disc brakes, and more set these e-bikes apart from the rest of the pack.

If you’re getting a Tern GSD, you’re getting a fully qualified car replacement. There are many people that use these instead of buying a second car. When you look at it like that, the price suddenly seems pretty reasonable.

Check out our full review of the Tern GSD here .

  • Motor:  Bosch Cargo Line mid-drive
  • Range:  42-85 km (26-53 mi) depending on pedal input
  • Weight : 33.6 kg (74 lb)
  • Price : $5,399

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Micah Toll is a personal electric vehicle enthusiast, battery nerd, and author of the Amazon #1 bestselling books DIY Lithium Batteries , DIY Solar Power,   The Ultimate DIY Ebike Guide  and The Electric Bike Manifesto .

The e-bikes that make up Micah’s current daily drivers are the $999 Lectric XP 2.0 , the $1,095 Ride1Up Roadster V2 , the $1,199 Rad Power Bikes RadMission , and the $3,299 Priority Current . But it’s a pretty evolving list these days.

You can send Micah tips at [email protected], or find him on Twitter , Instagram , or TikTok .

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trek bikes archive 2022

Lectric XP 3.0 e-bike sale

Best $999 electric bike ever!

Rad Power Bikes sales

Rad Power Bikes sales

Great e-bikes at great prices!

trek bikes archive 2022

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trek bikes archive 2022

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Tour de France 2024: le classement général des coureurs et des équipes après la 15e étape

trek bikes archive 2022

Tadej Pogacar a assommé le Tour de France en remportant en solitaire dimanche la 15e étape au Plateau de Beille avec plus d'une minute d'avance sur Jonas Vingegaard. Au classement général, le Slovène compte désormais 3 minutes 09 d'avance sur son grand rival danois qu'il a décroché à 5,4 km du sommet.

>> Revivez la 15e étape du Tour de France

C'est déjà la troisième victoire d'étape dans ce Tour pour Pogacar, la 14e au total et la deuxième en deux jours dans les Pyrénées où il semble avoir tué tout suspense avant même la dernière semaine et le final dans les Alpes. Le leader d'UAE, qui vise un doublé Giro-Tour inédit depuis 1998, a construit sa victoire en deux temps lors de cette étape très difficile, courue sous une forte chaleur, avec cinq grands cols au programme.

Le classement du maillot jaune après la 15e étape du Tour de France

1. Tadej Pogacar (SVN), UAE Emirates

2. Jonas Vingegaard (DAN), Visma Lease a Bike à 3'09"

3. Remco Evenepoel (BEL), Soudal Quick-Step à 5'19"

4. Joao Almeida (POR), UAE Emirates à 10'54"

5. Mikel Landa (ESP), Soudal Quick-Step à 11'21"

6. Carlos Rodriguez (ESP), Ineos Grenadiers à 11'27"

7. Adam Yates (GBR), UAE Emirates à 13'38"

8. Giulio Ciccone (ITA), Lidl-Trek à 15'48"

9. Derek Gee (CAN), Israel – Premier Tech à 16'12"

10. Santiago Buitrago (COL), Bahrain-Victorious à 16'32

15. Guillaume Martin (FRA), Cofidis à 38'28"

Le classement du maillot blanc après la 15e étape du Tour de France

  • Remco Evenepoel (BEL), Soudal Quick-Step
  • Carlos Rodriguez (ESP), Ineos Grenadiers à 6'08"
  • Santiago Buitrago (COL), Bahrain Victorious à 11'13"
  • Matteo Jorgenson (USA), Visma-Lease a bike à 14'56"
  • Ben Healy (IRL), EF Education-Easypost à 24'07

Le classement du maillot vert après la 15e étape du Tour de France

  • Binay Girmay (ERI), Intermarché-Wanty avec 368 pts
  • Jasper Philipsen (BEL), Alpecin-Deceuninck avec 277 points
  • Bryan Coquard (FRA), Cofidis avec 147 points
  • Arnaud De Lie (BEL), Lotto Dstny avec 142 points
  • Anthony Turgis (FRA), Total Energies avec 141 points

Le classement du maillot à pois après la 15e étape du Tour de France

  • Tadej Pogacar (SVN), UAE Emirates avec 77 points
  • Jonas Vingegaard (DAN), Visma Lease a Bike avec 58 points
  • Remco Evenepoel (BEL), Soudal Quick-Step avec 42 points
  • Jonas Abrahamsen (NOR), Uno-X-Mobility avec 36 points
  • Oier Lazkano (ESP), Movistar avec 35 pts

Le classement par équipes après la 15e étape du Tour de France

  • UAE Team Emirates
  • Team Visma Lease a Bike à 55'03"
  • Red Bull Bora Hansgrohe à 2h30"01

Tadej Pogacar

"il ne vient pas de nulle part": que faut-il penser des performances de pogacar sur ce tour de france 2024, tour de france 2024: après les chips, pogacar attaqué... par une tong, tour de france 2024: "un monde d'écart", l'ascension record de pogacar fait réagir le peloton, top articles.

Micro beIN Sports

Droits TV: BeIn Sports et DAZN sont les nouveaux diffuseurs de la Ligue 1

Droits tv de la ligue 1: 30, 35 voire 40 euros et des promos… quel prix pour l’abonnement dazn, avec un quatrième sacre record à l'euro, l'espagne achève un parcours parfait salué de tous: récit d'une soirée historique, copa america: coup d'envoi de la finale argentine-colombie retardé, des scènes de chaos devant le stade.

Euro 2024: l'Espagne sacrée champion d'Europe après sa victoire acquise dans les derniers instants face à l'Angleterre

Tour de France results, standings: Tadej Pogačar extends lead with Stage 14 win

Slovenia’s Tadej Pogačar of UAE Team Emirates extended his general classification lead with a 39-second victory during Stage 14 of the 2024 Tour de France . 

Pogačar seized the top spot in the standings after his similarly dominant Stage 4 victory and has not looked back. Two-thirds into the competition, Pogačar seems poised to win his third Tour de France title and become the first man in the 21st century to win the Tour and the Giro d'Italia in the same season. 

After a steady ride through the French Pyrenees , Pogačar made his decisive move up the final mountain climb with approximately three miles to go. Denmark’s Jonas Vingegaard — the 2022 and 2023 Tour de France winner — of Visma-Lease a Bike tried to follow but didn’t have enough left in the tank to keep up with the yellow jersey wearer. Pogačar’s 39-second lead on his top rival marks the largest lead the Slovenian has ever gained against the Dane in a Tour summit finish.

Vingegaard was, however, rewarded with a runner-up finish that led him to overtake Remco Evenepoel of Soudal-QuickStep in the general classification standings. Evenepoel was next to finish after Vingegaard and now sits in third place in the general classification standings. 

“About Tadej and Jonas, they have more experience and more power than me,” Evenepoel said after the stage. “I will continue to fight for the podium. With Jonas, you never know, he is not that far away and must have also felt that Tadej was too strong, so he will perhaps go on the defensive and there will be some moves for us to make.”

Pogačar now leads Vingegaard in the yellow jersey standings by one minute and 57 seconds, with Evenepoel a further 25 seconds behind. 

Tour de France Stage 14 results

TOUR DE FRANCE: Recap, results and standings after Stage 13

Tour de France general classification standings after Stage 14

Tour de france jersey standings after stage 14.

  • Yellow ( general classification ) : Tadej Pogacar (UAE Team Emirates)
  • Green ( points classification ):  Biniam Girmay (Intermarché - Wanty)
  • Polka dot ( mountains classification ):  Tadej Pogacar (UAE Team Emirates); worn by Jonas Vingegaard (Visma-Lease a Bike) in second place
  • White (young rider classification ):  Remco Evenepoel (Soudal-QuickStep)
  • Yellow numbers ( teams classification) :  UAE Team Emirates
  • Golden numbers ( combativity award ):  Ben Healy (EF Education–EasyPost)

Tour de France Stage 15: How to watch, schedule, distance

Date : Sunday, July 14, 2024

Location : Loudenvielle to Plateau De Beille (France)

Distance : 122.8 miles (197.7 km)

Type : Mountain stage 

Streaming : Peacock, FuboTV

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"One of the best we've ever tried at this price. So fun and capable it makes boring trails interesting and difficult trails manageable. "

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  15. 11 big bike launches we expect to see in 2022 from Trek, Specialized

    Trek. Trek updated the Madone SLR road bike for 2021, but it was a new material and the introduction of a threaded bottom bracket rather than a wholesale change of design. Trek then brought the more affordable Madone SL model in line with its top-end Madone SLR bike for 2022.

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    Tadej Pogacar a assommé le Tour de France en remportant en solitaire dimanche la 15e étape au Plateau de Beille avec 1:08 d'avance sur Jonas Vingegaard. Au classement général, le Slovène ...

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