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Murree Tour Packages

Murree is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Pakistan. Situated in the Pir Panjal Range, Murree is a hill station that offers breathtaking views of the Himalayas. Murree is also home to some of the best hotels and resorts in Pakistan. Here are some of the best places to visit in Murree

Ayubia Muree

6 Places to visit in Murree in your Murree Tour Packages

Looking for a one-day trip destination? Then Murree is the perfect place for a quick trip with your friends or family. It is located at an altitude of 7,500 feet. The distance is just 60 km from Islamabad/Rawalpindi. It is the perfect spot for the local tourists who want to escape from their daily routine or the summers heat. They can enjoy lush green trees, fresh air, a calm atmosphere, clouds on the mountain peaks. There are well-known places for visits like Kashmir point, Mall road, Patriata, Ayubia, Murree hills, etc. Lets share some of the amazing sites of Murree. 6 BEST PLACES TO VISIT IN MURREE Patriata Chair Lift Kashmir Point Mall Road Changla Gali Nathia Gali Bhurban Patriata

 Patriata Murree Tour Packages

Since after 1851 when construction of Murree town was started, Murree is known for pleasant & facinating weather.. Murree is most frequently visited hill destination among tourists in Pakistan. Millions of tourists visit Murree, located in northern Punjab, and consider it must go place in Pakistan. You will find a clear different of weather and scenery on just 2 hours away of Islamabad.

Hotels in Murree

There are many  hotels in Murree . you will find hotels almost at every point of Murree. In Holidays and weekends you are recommended to book your hotels prior your arrival. To avoid any inconvenience tourists are requested to book their Holidays Tour Packages to Murree at least 15 days before your tentative arrival trip dates as its very rushy in holidays and weekends.

How much does it cost to stay in a hotel in Murree?

In Murree you can find every type of hotel depending on your pocket and season time. In summer normal room rent varies between 2500PKR to 4000PKR, these are two star hotels. If you go for a 3 star or uxurious one, then there are many options like Hotel one, PC Hotel Bhurban, Lockwood hotel, Move n Pick Hotel, Metropole Hotel Murree and many more varying rents between 10,000PKR to 25,000.

How far is Murree from Islamabad and Lahore?

Murree is almost 70km away from Islamabad & Rawalpindi. On your own car, it will take only 2 hours of drive from Islamabad. Expressway leads to Murree from Islamabad. It takes only 7 hours from Lahore.

Attractions & things to do in Murree?

Major attractions in Murree are Pindi Point, GPO Chowk, Jheeka Gali, Kashmir Point, Mall Road, chair lifts in Patriata and Ayubia, Nathiagali, khanspur, pipeline track for trekking, and bhurban. You can visit Kohala Neelum Point from Murree as well. Mall road is famous for antiques and other traditional shops. There many other restaurants and fast food points are also available on mall road e.g. KFC, Pizza Hut, Usmania Restaurant etc…

Murree Weather

Tourists visit Murree because of its weather in both weathers, whether its snowfall in winters or cold freezed fog in summers. The hotels in Murree remains packed in peak summer and on the days of snow falling. It is slippery in winters so drivers needs to drive carefully in snow or at late night. offers 10% off on all  tour packages to Murree  and surroundings, this is limited time offer, grab the deal now!!! Pariata, Kashmir Point, Pindi Point, Mall Road, Bhurban will be visited while sight seeing spots in Murree. Discounted Murree Trips are valid for families, honeymoon, corporate tour, college or university students tour and group tours. If you plan to visit Murree for your honeymoon Trip or Family Tour to Murree & Surroundings in Snowfall or Peak Summers, then offers cheap Murree Travel packages.

Murree Direction

 Murree Expressway Road

Foreigners Attractions

There are so many attractions for foreigners who visits Pakistan specially Mukshpuri and Pipeline track.

Honeymoon in Murree

Murree is heaven for honeymooners. Its cheap, nearest to any city, awesome weather and romantic. You can book  Murree Honeymoon Package  to make your honeymoon memorable.

Murree Tour Packages

Product description: Looking for a one-day trip destination? Then Murree is the perfect place for a quick trip with your friends or family. It is located at an altitude of 7,500 feet. The distance is just 60 km from Islamabad/Rawalpindi. It is the perfect spot for the local tourists who want to escape from their daily routine or the summers heat. They can enjoy lush green trees, fresh air, a calm atmosphere, clouds on the mountain peaks. There are well-known places for visits like Kashmir point, Mall road, Patriata, Ayubia, Murree hills, etc. Lets share some of the amazing sites of Murree.

Let craft the perfect honeymoon tour experience for you and your beloved. Our honeymoon tours are meticulously designed to ignite the flames of passion in some of Pakistan’s most enchanting destinations. From secluded beachfront paradises to cozy mountain retreats, let love flourish amidst the splendor of our breathtaking landscapes. Start your journey of everlasting love with us. Pakistan Tour Packages: Skardu Tour Packages , Hunza Tour Packages , Naran Tour Packages , Swat Tour Packages , Neelum Valley Kashmir Tour Packages , Kumrat Tour Packages , Chitral Tour Packages , Murree Tour Packages , Nathiagali Tour Packages , Shogran Tour Packages , Sikh Yatra in Pakistan , Rawalakot Banjosa Tour Packages

Muree tour

Honeymoon in Murree and Galiyat 3 Days 2 Nights

Ayubia Muree

Honeymoon in Murree and Galiyat 5 Days 4 Nights

5 Days Tour Package To Shogran | Murree

5 Days Tour Package To Shogran | Murree

8 Days Tour package To Murree, Shogran and Neelum Valley

8 Days Tour package To Murree, Shogran and Neelum Valley

5 Days Tour Package To Nathiagali and Shogran

5 Days Tour Package To Nathiagali and Shogran

hunza tour

07 Days Honeymoon Package For Hunza Valley

Sight seeing.

Prepare to be captivated by the wonders of Pakistan with’s sightseeing tour Packages. Immerse yourself in the rich tapestry of our country’s history, culture, and natural beauty as our expert guides lead you through iconic landmarks and hidden gems. Explore the heart and soul of Pakistan one breathtaking vista at a time. Pakistan Tour Packages: Skardu Tour Packages , Hunza Tour Packages , Naran Tour Packages , Swat Tour Packages , Neelum Valley Kashmir Tour Packages , Kumrat Tour Packages , Chitral Tour Packages , Murree Tour Packages , Nathiagali Tour Packages , Shogran Tour Packages , Sikh Yatra in Pakistan , Rawalakot Banjosa Tour Packages


2 Days Tour Package To Murree


3 Days Tour Package To Murree

Muree Nathiagali

3 Days Tour Package To Murree and Nathiagali


4 Days Tour Package To Murree, Nathiagali, Muzaffarabad

Muree Nature

4 Days Tour Package To Murree & Rawalakot

Muree tour

4 Days Tour Package To Murree & Tolipeer

Mall Road

5 Days Tour Package To Murree & Rawalakot


3 Days Tour Package To Murree and Pir Chinasi

Abbotabad thandiani

3 Days Tour Package To Murree, Thandiani, Abbottabad

Other trips.

These are other trips.

Islamabad Muree

5 Days Tour Package for Islamabad & Murree ( 04 Persons)

4 Days Tour Package To Shogran | Murree

4 Days Tour Package To Shogran | Murree

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Murree tour packages 2024 - 2025 | Up to 35% Off on Muree Trip

Murree tour packages are very popular among couples, families, and a group of friends. Murree is Pakistan’s top tourist destination that attracts hundreds of thousands of tourists every year across the country and abroad. 

As soon as Murree snowfall season get started, tourists around the country rush to see its beauty. Murree Nathiagli are the picturesque hill stations and become winter wonderland during snowfall weather.

The charm of Murree is further enhanced by the cozy cottages and charming cafes that offer warm beverages, making it an ideal retreat for those seeking a peaceful escape from the hustle and bustle of city life.

Murree is hardly an hour drive from Islamabad, Pakistan’s capital city. Fascinating Murree Tours are perfect for honeymooning and family vacations in the year 2024. 

Murree honeymoon tour itineraries also provide excellent value for money for all new marriages, families, and cooperate tours. Click Pakistan Tourism Services will make your journey more exciting and comfortable with our expert Murree Tour Guide to assist you throughout the tour.

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Top Rated Best Murree Tour Packages 2024 from Lahore, Karachi and Islamabad

Following are our most popular Murree Trips from Lahore, Karach and Islamabad. Please select your desired ones. 

2 days trip to murree

List of the Best Murree Tour Packages with Price 2024

Murree has been renowned for pleasant and intriguing weather. Murree is one of Pakistan’s most popular hill destinations. Murree Tour Packages are famous for every traveler who want to spend his leisure time in a few holidays.

How much does a trip of Murree cost? Following is the list of murree tour packages with price. 

Murree Tour Packages from Lahore

Murree is ideal for Lahoris during the summer season because when they are troubled by the intensity of the heat, the cool, refreshing mountains of Murree await them.

The serene environment, lush greenery, and refreshing mountain air offer a much-needed break from the heat and humidity of Lahore.

Click Pakistan Tourism Services, which offers affordable Private Murree Tour Packages from Lahore. Our private Murree tour packages start at 42,000 PKR for couples. However, if you want a customized tour package, you can contact our tour operators. Our professional tour agents are always ready to make your memorable Murree trip. 

You can also click on make custom tour . Fill out all your requirements, and our agents will contact you to arrange your next trip to Murree during these summer holidays. 

Click Pakistan offers the following Murree tour packages from Lahore

  • 2 days trip to Murree from Lahore
  • 3 days trip to Murree from Lahore

We have more customized options for your Murree trip. We can also combine another destination with Murree, and it will be your luxury Murree tour package from Lahore. Some of our unique combinations are given below.

  • Murree Nathiagalli and Shogran tour package
  • Murree and Naran Kaghan Tour Package
  • Murree and Swat Tour Package
  • Murree and Azad Kashmir Neelum Valley Tour Package

Apart from travel, Murree is relatively close to Lahore; it’s just an hour’s drive from Lahore, making it easily accessible for a weekend getaway or short trip. Its proximity allows Lahoris to escape to the hills without the hassle of long-distance travel.

Lahore Islamabad motorway is the perfect route for Murree travel. The newly built Murree Express can make your journey more comfortable. 

Murree offers a range of recreational activities, such as hiking, trekking, horse riding, and cable car rides. These activities provide opportunities for adventure and exploration, appealing to Lahoris’s adventurous spirit.

One of the best adventure experiences is the chair lift in Murree, which is famous for people of every age group. 

Overall, Murree’s combination of cool climate, natural beauty, recreational activities, historical significance, and proximity make it an essential and popular destination for Lahoris seeking relaxation, adventure, and cultural experiences.

  What is the best time to visit Murree?

October-November is the best month to visit Murree, Nathia Gali, and its surroundings as the city enjoys all-around weather conditions and isn’t as crowded as it is during the peak vacation season. During this time, you can find reasonable hotel rates with the best locations. Hotel fares dropped down also during this time. In summer, temperatures in Murree can reach up to 34°C (93°F).

How You May Reach Murree and Enjoy the Beauty with our Trip To Murree Pakistan?

The distance from Islamabad to Murree is only 50 kilometres, as two roads exist, the Islamabad-Murree Expressway and the old road Murree GT road. Motorway Police serves on both roads to ensure that Murree Valley is accessible even in harsh weather conditions during winter when snowfall days occur. Murree Tour Packages offers many attractions, such as Patriata, which has the latest technology chair lift that runs all year, even on snowfall days.

Ayubia and Nathiagali are the best options for spending holidays with your loved ones. These areas have spectacular views and pleasant weather, and tourism remains open the whole year in Murree tours. Murree is home to numerous well-known hotels and restaurants ready to offer guests world-class services.

The primary objective of Click Pakistan Tourism Services is to provide tourists with the most pleasant trips and extend guided tours to make their holidays memorable. To further strengthen the ever-improving tourism sector in Pakistan, several new hotels and internet cafés are emerging fast in the area.

Best Pakistan Murree Tour packages 2024

Click Pakistan Tourism Services deals with all kinds of Murree Tour Packages nationwide. We offer Murree Tour Packages from different cities of Pakistan as below:

  • Murree tour package from Islamabad
  • Murree tour package from Karachi
  • Murree tour package from Lahore
  • Murree tour package from Faisalabad
  • Murree tour package from Multan

Places During Visit To Murree Tour Package

Murree:      .

The beautiful hill resort of Murree is one of Pakistan’s most attractive summer getaways. People from all over the country flock to this lovely hill station to avoid the scorching heat in summer. Mountains blanketed with lush greenery, a chilly climate, clean air, stunning valleys, and, most importantly, clouds on the roads leading you with joy. 

Mall Road, Pindi Point, Kashmir Point, Patriata (New Murree), Ayubia, Nathiagali, and Murree Hills are notable locations in Murree. 

Let us have a look into all these areas shortly.

The Lower Topa side of Murree has a younger mountain range known as the New Murree. It is approximately 15 kilometres from the central hill station, Murree. It’s a well-developed hill station with lovely high-elevated trees and beautiful hills. Chair lift, a must-see, has attracted tourists to the area. Patriata is also known because of the chair lift, worth seeing.

From New Murree, you may take a world-class chair lift and cable car system for 7 kilometres to Patriata. New Murree is located at ground level between the hills. The Chair Lift & Cable Car excursion is a lifetime experience. You may also see several great views of nearby and distant hills. All the hills are blanketed in snow during the winter, but you can see lush green vistas in the summer.

Kashmir Point:

To reach Kashmir Point, Leave Mall Road from the other end, trek for 15 minutes, or about 1 kilometre, and arrive at Kashmir Point. The road leading to the President of Pakistan’s Murree Residence passes by the Cadet College Murree. It is a lovely vista point. From this vantage point, you can see the Kashmir Mountains. It is the highest spot in Murree, and with growing traffic on Mall Road, it has become an essential destination for tourists.

Changla Gali:

The most significant mountain resort in Galliat is home to several hotels and guest houses for tourists. The changing weather adds colour and wonders to the Changla Gali’s beauty. Summers are cool and cold, whereas winters are harsh and snowy. Therefore, it is always preferable for tourists seeking picturesque splendour and long pine trees.


The Galliat’s most centrally placed and well-known area is Nathiagali. It is located 35 kilometres from Murree, Abbottabad, and at an elevation of 8400 feet. On one side, it offers magnificent panoramic views of the snow-capped peaks of Kashmir and Kohistan and Pothar on the other. 

To the northeast, Miran Jani Mountain’s green slopes pierce the picture. Nathiagali is a haven of natural beauty and a stunning vista of mountains. It is only a stone’s throw from 9779 feet of Miranjani and 9258 feet of Muskhpuri Mountain, both in Nathia Gali.

After Nathiagali, Ayubia has become the most stunning location in Galliat. An area of 1,684 hectares of mountainous forest was designated a national park in 1984 to preserve the lovely ecosystem and biodiversity. The park’s size was extended northward in 1998 to 3,312 hectares. 

Distance of Murree from Other cities

Following is the table for that shows the distance of Murree from other cities. 

Famous Trek in Murree Hill

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Murree Tour & Trips Packages:

For booking please call or whatsapp on 03455889948, murree tour packages:, holidays in murree:, popular murree tour packages -, book murree tour packages -, hotels in murree -, about murree tour packages -, places to visit in murree, frequently asked questions about murree hotels, what are the best hotels near mall road, what are the best resorts in murree, what are the best hotels near kashmir point and pindi point, what are the best luxury hotels in murree, which hotels are closest to islamabad airport.

4 days murree nathiagali

4 Days Murree Nathiagali Tour Package...


3 Days Murree Honeymoon Tour Package


3 Days Murree Tour Package

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Apna Trip Murree Tour Packages

Welcome to apna trip, your gateway to a magical journey through the breathtaking landscapes of murre nestled in the heart of the magnificent himalayas, murre is a paradise on earth, known for its mesmerizing beauty and tranquil ambiance. our thoughtfully curated murre tour packages offer you the perfect opportunity to explore this idyllic hill station and create everlasting memories..

Murre is renowned for its picturesque vistas, lush green forests, and snow-capped peaks. With our Murre tour packages, you can immerse yourself in nature’s grandeur as you witness the sunrise painting the sky with hues of orange and pink over the majestic mountains. Take leisurely walks amidst the pine-scented air, and rejuvenate your soul in the lap of nature.

Exciting Adventure Activities:

For adventure enthusiasts, Murre has an array of thrilling activities to offer. From hiking trails that lead to captivating viewpoints to paragliding over the lush valleys, there’s no shortage of excitement here. Our tour packages ensure you get to experience the best of Murre’s adventure offerings, all while ensuring your safety and comfort.

Exploring the Local Culture:

Murre’s charm lies not just in its landscapes but also in its warm and welcoming local culture. During your trip, we’ll take you on a cultural journey, introducing you to the local way of life, traditions, and cuisines. Indulge in the delectable flavors of the region and interact with the friendly locals to gain a deeper understanding of their customs.

Comfortable Accommodation:

At Apna Trip, we prioritize your comfort and convenience. Rest assured, our tour packages include accommodation options that are handpicked for their excellent service, comfortable amenities, and breathtaking views. After a day of exploration, you can relax in the cozy confines of your chosen accommodation and relish the memories you’ve made.

Customizable Packages:

We understand that each traveler is unique, and that’s why we offer customizable Murre tour packages. Whether you’re a solo traveler seeking solitude, a couple on a romantic getaway, or a family looking for a fun-filled vacation, we can tailor the package to suit your preferences and budget.

Travel with Confidence:

When you book a Murre tour package with Apna Trip, you can travel with confidence. We prioritize safety and adhere to all necessary guidelines to ensure a secure journey. Our team of experienced guides and professionals will be with you every step of the way, making your trip hassle-free and memorable.

Book Your Murre Tour Today:

Don’t miss the chance to experience the enchanting beauty of Murre with Apna Trip tour packages. Pack your bags and get ready for an unforgettable journey through nature’s paradise. Contact us now to book your dream vacation and create cherished memories that will last a lifetime. Let Apna Trip be your trusted companion in making your Murre trip an extraordinary one!

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murree tour packages from lahore

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Murree Tour Packages in Pakistan

The evergreen Murree is situated an hour's drive from Islamabad and is crowded by visitors all year round. however, there is a specific time of year when you can enjoy snowfall in Murree. Enjoy the variety of packages for touring the Murree with us from honeymoon packages to family packages with hotel stay, tour guide, and safe transportation facility, keeping in mind that the priority is affordability.  

murree tour packages from lahore

Murree & Shogran Combo Trip come with a variety of  tour packages Pakistan 2024 . Pakistan is a place that enriches tourist attractions. Domestic people, as well as foreign people, take several areas of Pakistan as their favorite tourism spots. Out of these spots, Murree is the most favorite one. During seasonal plans, thousands of tourists visit Murree on a daily basis.

Those visitors who are looking to spend the summer season of 2024 in Murree and are looking to get the  Best Murree Tour Packages in Pakistan  are invited by, where they cannot only book their trip but can also get the complete planning that how they can make their time good and memorable there in Murree. 

Murree Honeymoon Tour Packages | Holiday Tour Packages for Murree

Murree is surrounded by a number of beautiful and charming places. Murree is known as “the queen of mountains”. Moreover, the places like  Kashmiri point,   Pindi point,   Ayubia ,  Nathiagali ,  Mall road , new Murree,  Bhurban , and  Patriata,  etc. all add the beauty of the place Murree. All these points are the natures’ marvel. You would forget the previous one when you would move on next place. So, one who is going to arrange  Murree Tour Packages  can easily explore all these mentioned  Murree Tourist Point.        

Hiking & Camping Tour Packages for Murree

Murree offers a lot of activities to do for visitors. As we have discussed earlier that Murree is a place of mountains, so, you may get the opportunity of hiking there. There are lush green valleys you would find in Murree which is the best option for  Camping Activity . Moreover, Murree offers a lot of activities to do and  Honeymoon Tour  to Murree can also be a great option.   

Book Best Tour Package from Lahore to Murree | Tour Packages from Karachi to Murree offer pre-planned  Murree tour packages . However, you can also arrange a customized tour or  weekend tour packages to Murree  according to your needs and time availability. For both of the season, you can get the  best Murree tour plans 2024 . For example, the visitors are offered summer season Murree tour 2024 and  Winter Season Murree Tour . Moreover, also offers applicants the tour packages from different areas or cities. For example, tourists can find  Murree tour package from Karachi ,  Murree tour package from Lahore 2024 , and from some other major cities.

Muree Weather

Murree's weather is an integral part of its traveling experience. From the vibrant spring to the pleasant summer, the picturesque autumn, and the enchanting winter, each season offers a unique charm and allure. Whether it's embracing the blooming nature, seeking respite from the summer heat, witnessing the colors of autumn, or experiencing the winter wonderland, Murree's weather adds a special touch to every traveler's journey. So, embark on a memorable trip to Murree and immerse yourself in the captivating beauty and changing weather of this hill station, creating memories that will last a lifetime.

Muree in Winter.

October - March

Murree is a well-known hill station in the district of Punjab in Pakistan. It is known for its stunning beauty and pleasant weather. A large number of people attracts towards Murree due to its accessibility and varied facilities. During the winter season, Murree transform into a beautiful wonderland with cold temperature and snowfall. Travelers are advised to pack their belonging accordingly as the temperature drops below to freezing point during winter season which extends from December to February. Apart from the snowy weather, you can indulge in various fun activities like snowboarding and skiing in Murree during the winter season. Some of the natural beauty remains in Murree to visit during your trip include Patriata chairlift, Kashmir point, and Mall Road. You can indulge with the warm welcoming locals and explore the grand bazar at Mall Road. However, during winters the roads of Murree are often covered in snow and travelers are advised to plan their trip accordingly.

Muree Tours in Summer.

April - September

Murree is widely popular and one of the go-to hill stations in Pakistan. The hill station is famous for receiving a large number of tourists from all over the country throughout the year. However, the best time to visit Murree is during the summer season. When the country faces the scorching sun and extreme heat, you can escape to Murree for a relaxing summer vacation. The weather in Murree during the summer is pleasant, and the temperature is mild to cool, ranging from 20 degrees Celsius to 25 degrees Celsius. The surroundings of Murree come alive during the summer season and are filled with greenery all around. You can enjoy the bustling Mall road where you can interact with locals and enjoy shopping at the same time. Moreover, you can also involve in different outdoor activities like horse riding, trekking, a chairlift ride, and much more. You can experience rain during the summer and have the best time relaxing in Murree's comfortable hotels and resorts.

Muree in Autumn.

September - November 

Murree is a well-recognized hill station among the people of Pakistan for its natural beauty. A large number of families plan their weekend getaway to Murree due to its easy access and many other facilities. The hill station experiences all four seasons. However, fall is considered the best time to visit Murree. It is entirely covered in full bloom and vibrant nature, perfect for nature lovers. The temperature is pleasant and ranges from 14 degree Celsius to 20 degrees Celsius, creating the best atmosphere for outdoor activities and enjoying a pleasant walk on the streets of Murree. Murree has a number of hotels and resorts for its guests, coming every now and then. You can explore the famous points of the city, including Mall Road, Kashmir Points, and various more. You can have a relaxing and peaceful getaway during the spring season in Murree.

Muree Tours in Spring.

March - May

People often turn towards mountainous regions or any hill station to escape from the daily routine and stressful work conditions. Murree is one of the country's most popular hill stations, attracting many people from all over the country. The hill station is highly preferred among individuals for its accessibility, facilities, and weather conditions. The spring season in Murree brings a refreshing and vibrant energy to the atmosphere. After the cold chilly winters, the weather slowly rises, and the temperature ranges from 15 degree Celsius to 20 degrees Celsius. Visiting Murree during the spring is always a perfect idea to experience the colourful blooms and beautiful landscapes. It is an excellent opportunity to enjoy some of the festivals of the hill station during spring. You can plan your spring trip to Murree without fearing road blockage due to snow or heavy rainfall.

What are the main attractions of Murree?

The main attractions of Murree include Kashmir point, the mall Murree, Chattar Park, Sangrela Park, Dir Munjai Pakistan, a chair lift, and many more.

What are the main points of Murree?

The main points of Murree include Nathia Gali, Ayubia, Patriata, Bhurban etc.

How much do an average trip to Murree cost?

An average trip to Murree costs about RS. 10,000 per person.

Is it safe to visit Murree?

Overall it is safe to visit Murree but the behavior of the locals here with the travelers is not good.

Which month is the best to visit Murree?

The best months to visit Murree are December and January when there is Snowfall.

murree tour packages from lahore

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murree tour packages from lahore

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Murree Tour Packages from Islamabad

One Day Walking Trip Package to Nathia Gali

4 Days 3 Nights

Standard & Deluxe Package

Explore all Main Attractions

Family Sightseeing Tour

All-Inclusive Travel Plan

murree tour packages from lahore

One Day Trekking Trip to Mushkpuri Top Tour

Tour Travel Package

4 Days Trip Package to Neelum Valley Murree Hills

murree tour packages from lahore

4 Days Tour Package to Nathia Gali from Islamabad

murree tour packages from lahore

4 Days Murree PC Bhurban Hotel Tour Package

murree tour packages from lahore

4 Days Holiday Package to Murree Hills Nathia Gali

murree tour packages from lahore

3 Days Vacation Trip to New Murree Mall Road

murree tour packages from lahore

3 Days Travel Package to Murree Ayubia Patriata

murree tour packages from lahore

3 Days Tour to Murree Khanpur Dam Activities

murree tour packages from lahore

3 Days Tour Package to Nathia Gali from Pakistan

Murree Tour Packages from Karachi

3 Days Private Family Trip Package to Murree Hills

murree tour packages from lahore

3 Days Nathia Gali & Murree Honeymoon Package

Murree tour packages 2024 trips lahore, karachi islamabad:.

We have many tour packages to northern Pakistan & Galiyat. Murree will completely open at the start of the Summer season. Finally, we have announced the Murree tour packages from Lahore, Faisalabad & Karachi 2023 for your comfort. So, we have public or group tour packages starting in May and June. We also have Murree honeymoon packages for newlywed couples. The people of Gujrat Gujranwala Sialkot can join us on the way. Tourists from Karachi, Faisalabad, and Rawalpindi Multan can join us from Islamabad. So, it is recommended to join our road trip to visit Murree Nathia Gali visit explore Murree tour packages in 2023 to the fullest extent possible. We offer Trips to Murree Tour Packages Rs.18,500 – Rs.25000 travel package prices for a 2 – 5 days tour package to Murree, in your holidays.

Places to Visit in Murree Trip:

  • Nathia Gali
  • Pindi Point
  • Kashmir Point
  • Ghorha Gali
  • Changla Gali
  • Mushkpuri Top
  • Ayubia Chair Lift
  • Patriata Chair Lift
  • Ayubia National Park
  • Murree Expressway
  • Mall Road Murree
  • Samandur Katha Lake

Murree Tour Packages Highlights:

  • Sightseeing of Galiyat
  • Drive to Lower Topa
  • Explore New Murree
  • Visit Bhurban
  • Exploring Khanaspur
  • Travel towards Thandiani
  • Day Tour to Nathia Gali
  • Chair Lift at Pindi Point
  • Refreshment at Dunga Gali
  • Scenic View of Kashmir Point
  • Visit Ghorha Gali
  • Kohala – Neelum River
  • Enjoy at Changla Gali
  • Visit GPO Chowk
  • Trek to Mushkpuri Top
  • Ayubia Chair Lift Ride
  • Patriata Chair Lift Ride
  • Enter to Ayubia National Park
  • Travel on Murree Expressway
  • Walk on Mall Road Murree

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3 Days Trip to Murree from Lahore

Murree 3 days tour overview:.

Murree, Pakistan’s most popular hill station which lies 50 kilometers northeast of Pakistani capital Islamabad. It is mountainous area, forming part of outer Himalayas and it is located at a comfortable altitude of 7500 feet (2286 meters) in the Himalayan foothills at 33 54′ 30″ north latitude and 73 26 east longitude. Nathiya Gali Dunga Gali Ghorha Gali Changla Gali are the main spots of Galiyat Region. 3 hours drive to Ayubia Chair Lift, Kashmir Point Chair lift, New Murree Patriata Chair Lift attract many tourist per year. 3 days trip to Murree in reasonable rates to cover all main tourists attractions of Galiyat & Murree Hills. To visit & travel to Murree for more details and private tour Make My Trip

Brief Murree Tour Plan in 3 Days:

  • Day 1: Travel Towards Murree Sightseeing via Motorway. Night walk at Murree Mall Road Day 2: Travel to Explore Ayubia Trip Excursion. Take Chairlift Ride for Aerial View Day 3: Drive back After Chairlift Ride & Cable Car of Patriata Tour

Places to Visit in 3 Days Murree Travel:

Walk on Murree Mall Road at night remain always the best experience. Nature Lover and peace seeker turn their heads to Murree for rest & refreshment in 3 days. Remaining include Patriata, Kuldana and Gharial. River Jehlum has bounded it by in the east, KPK districts of Abbottabad and Heripur to North and West, Islamabad Capital Territory to the Southwest and Kotli Sattian Tehsil (town) of Rawalpindi district to the South. We have a wide range of Murree 3 days trip & tour. Check Weather of Murree  before visit.

Trip Itinerary

3 days tour to murree plan, day 1: travel towards murree hill via motorway.

08:00am – Departure from Lahore for Murree 3 days Trip Travel to Murree from Lahore via motorway 7 to 8 hour drive from Lahore to cover 440 km Transfer to Hotel in Murree for Rest in the evening Visit Murree Mall Road to Explore & Shopping 8:00pm Overnight Stay at Murree

Day 2: Travel to Explore Ayubia

08:00am – Breakfast from the Hotel Travel to Ayubia which is 30 km away from Murree Take 80 – 90 minutes to reach the destination Visit Kashmir point en-route to Ayubia Sightseeing short stays on the way Visit & sightseeing of Ayubia National Park Chairlift ride at Ayubia & stay for 2 hours Move back to Nathia Gali by road in 1 hour Visit & Shopping in Nathia Gali Check in & overnight stay in Hotel Nathia Gali

Day 3: Drive back after Chairlift Ride

08:00am – Breakfast from the Hotel Check out from hotel & travel to New Murree Depart for Patriata Chair Lift and Cable Car ride Patriata is 16 – 17 km away from Murree Take 30 – 40 minutes to reach there Stay for 2 – 3 hours to explore surroundings Refreshment stay in New Murree Depart for LHR/ISL at 3:00pm Refreshment stay on the way Reach Islamabad 6:00pm & Lahore 11:00pm Dreams to Journey

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Pakistan Tour and Travel

Murree Tour Packages at 35% Off - Grab a trip to Murree Now

Do you know over a million visitors book Murree tour packages each summer? It’s a famous holiday destination in Pakistan. Whether it is a honeymoon couple or a family with kids, both love a trip to Murree throughout the year. So, the tour to Murree is a sure go-to.

We have diverse Murree tour packages suitable to all walks of life. always aims to offer memorable private tours. Our 500-plus reviews speak volumes about our commitment & zeal. Murree Tours does fall under premium  Pakistan tour Packages  as per our  TripAdvisor .

List of top Murree Trip Packages 2024

These tailor-made trips to Murree are ideal in winter as well as summer. Every year, this region receives heavy snowfall. While deciding on a trip to Murree, you have plentiful options. Our Murree trip packages consist of budget and luxury options. So we have something for everyone. 


PC Bhurban Tour 3Days 2Nights


Trip to Murree Shogran


3 days trip to Murree


Bhurbhan Kashmir Combo Trip


Murree to Muzzafferabad Trip


Day Trip to Murree

Let's find out eminent murree trip packages for 2024, murree tour packages from lahore.

Do you know it’s hit 10 Celsius in Murree while Lahore clocks 47 Celsius during peak summers? Isn’t it a great excuse to beat the heat for the people of Lahore? It is ideal redemption for long days. Hurrah! Misty Fog casts a magical spell while walking in Murree. 

Our private Murree tour packages from Lahore start at around just 75,000 PKR only. At the same time, you can always spice it up with more custom options. Our team is eager to discuss your next trip to Murree this Season. 

Most clients demand luxury trips to Murree that range from 03 days to 05 days. Who wants to avoid exploring the famous Mall Road? The shrill voices of tea-selling pathans while ice cream is second to none. The narrow streets of Murree do offer a handful of local & international cuisine. 

Apart from the weather, distance is pivotal for families as Murree City is just a 6-hour pleasant drive from Lahore. So, the Lahore-Islamabad Motorway is an ideal start for a perfect holiday. The cherry on top is the newly built Murree expressway, which adds to a comfortable journey. 

In terms of activities, there are plenty on offer. One of the most amazing experiences is the chair lift in Murree and Patriata. They are famous for every age group & safe. Here, you can relax & unwind your routine that flushes out stress in no time. 

Murree trip Packages from Islamabad 

We have been offering Murree trip packages from Islamad for ages—thousands of tourists throng the hills of Murree every Season. May it be rusty autumn, busty summer, or snowfall bliss. This small town welcomes tourists all year long. So here is the catch: when we discuss Lahore, we must take advantage of the capital city. 

Each Season has its charm & magnificence. Our records show that demand for a Murree trip package increases during peak winters. Summer is also the best time. As per government records, more than 03 million tourists arrived during school holidays in June and July. 

The people of Islamabad are lucky to reach Murree in just a matter of time. 40 km easy drive enables us to get the comfort of this town where the aura of a small city greets us. I bet many would only crave to come just for a cup of tea. 

Famous attractions in Murree Tour Packages 

The following are noteworthy attractions you must explore during Murree tour Packages. We also have a detailed blog on the  top 10 places to Visit in Murree .

  • Central Mall Road
  • Pindi Point Murree
  • Kashmir Point 
  • Patriata New Murree 
  • Khaira Galli 
  • Changla Gali 
  • Ayubia Hills
  • Thandiyani 

Brief history of Murree Hills 

With its history spanning centuries, Murree has been the center of attention since the 19th century due to its scenic beauty & pleasant climate. 

Many historians believe Murree might have been driven by the word’ Murray or Saint Mary’s, but with credible research, it seems thus not valid. Interestingly,  James Abbot  founded this picturesque hill station as he founded Abbotabad as well.

The Word ‘Murree’ means high elevation in the local language. Around 1853, while James Abbot founded Abbottabad, Murree also received attention. So, various churches & colonial time buildings sprawled & spread around that time. 

During World War 1 & 2, a handful of British troops resorted to Murree for rehabilitation due to its enjoyable weather. Various British-era buildings are still around. Currently, the Pakistan army has a similar presence in town. 

Popular Season to Book Tour to Murree Hills 

  • Spring season
  • Summer season
  • Monson season
  • Autumn season
  • Winter season 

1- Spring in Murree 

In spring, Murree shrugs all the snow it entails during the long winter season. Finally, blossom captures your eyes with full bloom. Flowers thrive in all corners, from Murree to Nathiagali. 

Due to global warming, spring starts in late February & last till the end of April. Tour to Murree is ideal for nature lovers, trekkers & walking groups to touch various treks in Murree & Galyat in spring. 

2- Summer in Murree 

Summer is the busiest holiday season from May to July. There is no season better than summer. All routes & roads are accessible. The climate is mild, with temperatures around 15 to 22 degrees Celsius. Many families plan tours to Murree during this time of year. 

You can explore the vibrant eco-center of Mall Road and cable cars in Murree. If you can’t walk, then go-to pushcarts are available cheaply. You can explore the pipeline trek in Nathiagali if you love nature walks. 

3- Monson in Murree

It falls from July till September when monsoon influences the region with mist & fog. Occasional rain showers are part and parcel. The weather is the ideal time for family tours in Murree. Furthermore, the climate remains melodic—many families are also availing of Murree tour packages from Faisalabad due to the weather. 

Imagine walking in thick fog from Pindi Point to Kashmir Point when you don’t have to worry about a bone-numbing 5 to 9 routine. When you need to walk, that makes a perfect holiday in Murree. When you feel chilly, Peshwari qahwa is always around the corner. So what are you waiting for, fellas? Book your dream trip to Murree tour package now.

4- Autumn & Murree Tours

From September to November, Murree experiences a complete transformation from green to foliage red, orange & gold foliage. Autumn is the best time to explore Murree Hills if you are looking for a peaceful frenzy. 

We do offer Murree tours during the autumn season at relatively low prices. Demand for autumn tours to Murree has been inching up. An early bird discount is available for Murree trip packages in autumn. 

5- Winter Season in Murree

Winter is the most awaited Season, which spans from November to March. It’s most happening because of snowfall. Murree and adjacent allies receive heavy snowfall during the winter season. 

The whole valley encompasses a white blanket, whether donga galli, change gali, or nathiagali. People swarm in the festive streets of Murree. Millions of tourists visit this region during winter. Our Murree trip packages are available in various price brackets. 

Murree Tour Packages like never before book murree trip packages 2024 online now

Famous Treks in Murree Hills

1- Donga Gali 

 First, we have the Dunga Gali pipeline trip to Ayubia. It is an excellent, clean 3.5 km stroll that takes about 40 to 50 mins. You can move up to 8200 ft and experience tremendous nature. Keep your eyes peeled for red-billed magpies and other birds alongside the way.

2- Dogri Thandiyaani

Next, we’ve got a Trek to Thandiani (Dogri). It is the longest and most scenic hike in Galiyat. It is also called Dugri Trek and keeps Miranjani Top Trek. Dugri is a trekkers paradise for its dense pine forests, famous as the “land of the leopards.” During this trek, you will see remarkable locations like Miranjani Top, Dugri, and Beran Gali.

3- Miranjani Top 

For an adventure, attempt the Trek to Miranjani Top. Miranjani is the best peak in Galiyat, with a peak of about 9,816 feet. There are two routes to both, starting from Nathia Gali. One path passes through the mountain village of Namalimira, where you can enjoy nearby traditions and the village’s existence. Another route winds through forested hills and climbs step by step. It’s a little tricky but well worth it.

4- Muhkpuri Top 

Lastly, we have the Trek to Mushkpuri Top. It is a safe 3-hour trek to the Mushkpuri Top, the second-top mountain in Galiyat. The trek starts from Pine Hotel in Nathiagali and passes via stunning green pine forests. When autumn ends, you’ll be surprised by the vibrant colors of the flower-included meadows. Remember that this hike is only sometimes intended for those terrified of heights because it offers magnificent views of Ayubia National Park.

Couples & Families Love Murree Trip Packages

Fantastic ! It was a very nice tour, they planned everything perfectly, we had a great stay in Pakistan! Thank you so much sherry and khurram! Totally recommend the visit!

LETICIA C – Brazil, Dec, 2023

Abdul M

One of the best family trips The trip was well organized as always Everything as per plan and as per discussion. In fact better than what was discusse...

Abdul M

One of the best family trips

The trip was well organized as always Everything as per plan and as per discussion.

In fact better than what was discussed Great job as always

patrick fung 2020 15

Patrick Fung

We have joined the wonderful tour during the time. We have been in Lahore, Fairy Meadows, Hunza, Skadru, Islamabad, Peshawar and Taxila. There are dif...

patrick fung 2020 15

We have joined the wonderful tour during the time. We have been in Lahore, Fairy Meadows, Hunza, Skadru, Islamabad, Peshawar and Taxila. There are different wonderful moment during the trips such as trekking, sightseeing for historical view point and especially for the nice view of Nagar Parbat, Hunza Valley and Khunjerab. It’s my pleasure to join this tour with our best tour guide. They take care for us and provide many useful information during the trip. We highly recommend the tour we have joined

jawad q 2020 35

We chose Pakistan tours & travel for our honeymoon trip, which was arranged for August 2022, and we had a wonderful and amazing experience with th...

jawad q 2020 35

We chose Pakistan tours & travel for our honeymoon trip, which was arranged for August 2022, and we had a wonderful and amazing experience with them.

staff was very helpful and competent, and they fulfilled all of their service-related commitments. Especially the CEO Mr.Ejaz is a very cooperation and nice guy.

I wholeheartedly recommend Pakistan tours and travel, for your future unforgettable trip all over Pakistan.

Shahmeer Adnan A 2020 61

Shahmeer Adnan A

Best retreat!! Being doctor husband & wife, life’s pretty hectic & stressful. Every couple of years we plan a trip to northern areas and...

Shahmeer Adnan A 2020 61

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  • 5 Days Holiday Package to Murree & Azad Kashmir

5 Days 4 Nights

Standard & Deluxe Package

Explore all Main Attractions

Family Sightseeing Tour

Departure from Lahore Islamabad

murree tour packages from lahore

  • 4 Days Trip Package to Nathia Gali Islamabad

4 Days 3 Night Standard & Deluxe Package Lovely Tour from Islamabad Complimentary Breakfast Departure from Karachi also

murree tour packages from lahore

4 Days Romantic Honeymoon Tour Package to Murree

4 Days 3 Nights Family Trip Package Explore All Attractions All-Inclusive Package From Lahore & Islamabad

Murree Tour Packages from Islamabad

  • 4 Days Deluxe Family Tour Package to Nathia Gali

4 Days 3 Nights Best Cozy Services Sightseeing Tour from Karachi All-Inclusive Package

3 days trip to nathia gali

  • 3 Days Trip to Nathia Gali Family Tour Package

3 Days 2 Nights Explore Main Points Travel from Karachi All-Inclusive Package

3 days trip to murree family package

  • 3 Days Trip to Murree (Private Family Package)

4 Days 3 Nights Beatiful view of Jungfrau Alpine Resort by Lake Thun Hiking at Engadin Zygtlogge Tower

murree tour packages from lahore

  • 3 Days Tour to Nathia Gali Package from Karachi

3 Days 2 Nights Standard & Deluxe Package Departure Tour from Islamabad Complimentary Breakfast

Murree Tour Packages from Karachi

3 Days Tour Package to Murree from Karachi

3 Days – 2 Night Standard & Deluxe Package Best Tour from Karachi Hotel Breakfast

murree tour packages from lahore

3 Days Nathia Gali Couple Tour Package from Lahore

3 Days 2 Nights Family Trip Package Departure from Karachi All-Inclusive Package

murree tour packages from lahore

  • 3 Days Luxury Getaway to Murree Hills Package

3 Days 2 Nights Family Trip Package Sightseeing Tour from Karachi All-Inclusive Package

Pc Bhurban Honeymoon Packages

  • 3 Days Lahore to Murree PC Bhurban Tour Package

3 Days 2 Nights Standard & Deluxe Package Departure from Karachi Complimentary Breakfast

2 days trip to nathia gali

2 Days Trip to Nathia Gali (Best Couple Package)

3 Days 2 Nights Standard & Deluxe Package Perfect Tour from Karachi All Inclusive Trip Package

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Ratti Gali Kashmir vacation package

5 Days Travel Package to Arang Kel Taobat Ratti Gali

Tour package to skardu deosai

6 Days Group Tour Package to Skardu Deosai Shigar

Group travel to skardu valley

7 Days Vacation Package to Skardu Deosai Baltistan

8 Days Hunza Skardu Trip

8 Days Holiday Package to Hunza Skardu Pakistan

vacation package to azad kashmir

4 Days Vacation Package to Ratti Gali Lake Arang Kel

5 Days tour to Hunza

5 Days Trip to Hunza Valley (Group Tour Package)

3 Days Tour to Naran Kaghan

3 Days Trip to Naran Kaghan Shogran (Group Package)

3 Days Trip to Neelum Valley

3 Days Trip Package to Neelum Valley Pakistan

3 Days tour to Swat

3 Days Tour to Swat Kalam (Group Travel Package)

5 days trip to fairy meadows

5 Days Trip to Fairy Meadows Nanga Parbat Package

Customize your trip, book with confidence, search your tour, best murree tour packages from islamabad.

  • 2 Days Tour to Murree Hills Galiyat
  • 4 Days Trip to Muzaffarabad Pir Chinasi Ganga Choti

Best Tour Packages from Islamabad

  • Islamabad to Gilgit Tour Packages
  • Hunza Tour Packages from Islamabad
  • Naran Kaghan Tour Packages from Islamabad
  • Tour Packages from Islamabad to Northern Areas Pakistan
  • Swat Kalam Tour Packages from Islamabad
  • Kumrat Valley Tour Packages from Islamabad

Places to Visit in Murree Trip:

  • Nathia Gali
  • Pindi Point
  • Kashmir Point
  • Ghorha Gali
  • Changla Gali
  • Mushkpuri Top
  • Ayubia Chair Lift
  • Patriata Chair Lift
  • Ayubia National Park
  • Murree Expressway
  • Mall Road Murree
  • Samandur Katha Lake

Murree Tour Packages Highlights:

  • Sightseeing of Galiyat
  • Drive to Lower Topa
  • Explore New Murree
  • Visit Bhurban
  • Exploring Khanaspur
  • Travel towards Thandiani
  • Day Tour to Nathia Gali
  • Chair Lift at Pindi Point
  • Refreshment at Dunga Gali
  • Scenic View of Kashmir Point
  • Visit Ghorha Gali
  • Kohala – Neelum River
  • Enjoy at Changla Gali
  • Visit GPO Chowk
  • Trek to Mushkpuri Top
  • Ayubia Chair Lift Ride
  • Patriata Chair Lift Ride
  • Enter to Ayubia National Park
  • Travel on Murree Expressway
  • Walk on Mall Road Murree

How to Book the Tour ?

  • Fill the enquiry form to click on Make My Trip by click on bottom screen.
  • Send us WhatsApp message or give a Call @ (+92) 0321-8897336
  • Send details about number of persons, departure city, travel dates, hotel category, and trip duration.

30 to 40 percent advance payment for reservation of tour. Remaining you will have to pay at the departure of Tour. Receipt or Ticket will issue to you shortly after making the advance payment.

Payment Methods:

  • Bank Transfer

Why we should visit Murree?

The main tourist attractions of Murree Hills are its natural scenery and refreshing atmosphere for nature lovers. It is an ideal place for a family and kids getaway and vacation in the summer and winter seasons. You can take many day trips from Murree, including Nathia Gali, Ayubia, Patriata, and Bhurban.

What are most selling Murree Tour Packages?

  • 3 Days trip to Murree
  • 2 Days tour to Murree from Islamabad
  • 3 Days Holiday Package to Murree
  • 4 Days trip to Murree from Lahore
  • 3 Days Group tour to Murree

What is Murree famous for?

The town also serves as a transit point for Azad Kashmir, Neelum Valley, and Abbottabad tourists via Murree Expressway. In addition, it is also the nearest tourist destination near Lahore & Islamabad to visit with families and kids in less travel. The city is noted for its most visited traveler destinations and hotel availability at affordable prices. In Murree, the government of Pakistan maintains a summer retreat where foreign dignitaries, including heads of state, often stay.

When is the snowfall season in Murree?

Snow usually falls in Murree, Pakistan, in the winter season, from late November to early February. December through January and February are traditionally the best times to see snowfall because of the sharp drop in temperature and atmospheric pressure.

What is the best time to Murree?

The best time to visit Murree is during the winter months, from November to March. In summer, you can also make a trip to Murree Hills with your families and loved ones. The temperature ranges from 15-25 degrees Celsius. During the summer months, from April to October, the temperature ranges from 28-38 degrees Celsius.

Is Murree Safe & Secure to Visit ?

Murree is a popular tourist destination in Northern Pakistan, known for its pleasant weather and alluring sightseeing. The frequency of petty issues such as overrating or harassment is relatively low. Nonetheless, any travel destination requires you to be vigilant and conscious of your belongings, especially when crowded.

How much a Trip to Murree will cost?

Book Murree tour packages Rs.34,500 – Rs.46,500 per person (3-day Murree Tour Package) vacation trips from Lahore and Islamabad. Moreover, in Murree couple tour packages, trips price start from Rs.35,000 – Rs.38,000 (Murree Tour Package) & Rs.55,000 to Rs.65,000 (Deluxe Tour Package) in private. Families tour packages to Murree Hills ranges Rs.65,000, Rs.75,000, Rs.85,000, Rs.95,000, and Rs.120,000 (Murree Hills Tour Package). 10% to 15% more discount available if you are more than ten travellers. Package included hotel stays, meals and travelling with professional guide to cover all main tourist attractions from all over the World. For more information and Booking, contact (+92) 321-8897336.

How much Murree Tour cost from Islamabad?

You can book of the Murree Tour Packages from Islamabad in the range of Rs.34,500, Rs.45,600, Rs.75,500, and Rs.85,200 per head package price. Islamabad to Murree Tour package includes all tourist services and travel destinations in 2 to 5 days Trips.

What are the main tourists attractions of Murree?

There are many tourist points to visit in Murree Hills. The most famous places to stay with family are Nathia Gali , Patriata, New Murree, Ayubia, Kashmir Point, and Murree Mall Road at affordable prices.

Murree Tour Packages 2024 Overview:

We have many tour packages and trips to Murree from Lahore, Islamabad, and all over the Pakistan. Some of the famous tours in Murree Hills as following:

  • Ayubia Tour Packages
  • Nathia Gali Tour Packages
  • Thandiani Tour Packages
  • Patriata Tour Packages
  • Abbotabad Tour Packages

At its core, wanderlust is more than merely a desire to travel. Naturally, it is a profound longing to connect with the world on a deeper level, immerse oneself in unfamiliar environments, and embrace diversity’s beauty.

Murree Tour Packages from Lahore & Islamabad:

In addition to its white snow-covered mountains and lush green pastures, the hill town is known for its spellbinding vistas. So, from there hire our services or private transport to experience the lovely places of Mountains. This elevated point provides a view of the twin cities of Pakistan. To reach Pindi Point, one must climb steeply. This spot is located a mere 15 minutes’ drive from Mall Road. You can cover this distance on your feet along the beautiful landscape. Must-visit place in our Murree Tours & Vacations Packages from Lahore & Islamabad.

Divine Experience of Murree Trips:

In this divine way, mountains teem with greenery, pines reach incredible heights, the Murree Hills are dotted with oak trees, and the steep zigzags of the road appear magnificent from a hilltop. It is a place which is equally popular in summer and winter. In summer, the green hills soothe a visitor’s mind and soul; in winter, the snow-covered landscape turns the whole region into an enchanting fairyland.

Ayubia & Nathia Gali Tour Packages:

Visit Kashmir point en route to Ayubia. Sightseeing short stays on the way. Visit & sightseeing at Ayubia National Park. Chairlift ride at Ayubia & stay for 2 hours. Move back to Nathia Gali by road in 1 hour. Visit & Shopping in Nathia Gali. Check-in & overnight stay in Hotel Nathia Gali.

Landscape features of Murree:

And the landscape is simply enchanting—no better place to stay for a few days in this area. Most luxuries stay in Murree Tour Packages from Lahore, and Islamabad for honeymoon. There are many restaurants and shops selling souvenirs—a wonderful place to spend a few hours strolling amidst the green forest and miniature horse riding in Murree Trip.

Where is Murree Located?

In Pakistan, Murree is one of the most popular summer tourist destinations. So, before setting off for the Murree trip, You should study our Murree Tour Guide and packages before booking your trip. The famous hill station of Murree is located in Punjab, Pakistan. It is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Pakistan. In addition, A guide below is provided to help you plan your trip to Murree tour packages from Islamabad 2024 & Lahore as well.

Enjoy the Beauty of Murree Hills:

In short, Murree is an elegant entertainment package. You will experience mental and spiritual refreshment from this experience. If you’ve read this article, I hope you know what the  Best Places to Visit in Murree are. Malka e Kohsar is a great place to explore both summer and winter. In addition, the government is taking many steps to increase tourism in hilly areas. You should consider these places when you schedule a trip to Murree with your family or buddies to Murree Tour Packages from Lahore & Islamabad. Plan Your Trip and Cherish my Folk!

Things to do in Murree Tours Packages:

Splendid trips cover different aspects of the Murree region, including Mall Road, always full of teenagers as its hub of activities during winter and summer. Above all, Take advantage of this getaways to Murree now has a Cineplex Cinema showcasing local and international films. As a result, Murree has both 3G and 4G internet connections. So, the best part about hotels is that they can cater to all customers, whether they are luxuries or essentials.

Other Pakistan Domestic Tour Packages

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Murree, Nathia Gali & Thandiani Tour

  • Pick and drop from Islamabad.
  • Dedicated car with dedicated driver.
  • Fuel and tolls with driver expenses.
  • Reputed hotel stay with breakfast.

Tour Itinerary

murree tour packages from lahore

Islamabad to Patriata to Murree

3-4 hours drive.

We shall welcome and pick guests from Islamabad and shall start our journey toward Murree Hills . First of all, we shall visit Patriata (New Murree) of Murree hills and explore it for 1-2 hours. After the excursion starts our journey toward Murree and reaches there in 1 hour and check in to the hotel. Explore the Murree Mall road in the evening for a while.

murree tour packages from lahore

Murree to Nathia Gali to Abbotabad

After breakfast, we shall start our journey toward the Nathia Gali region where we shall visit the Changla Gali, Ayubia and Nathiagali for while. After the excursion starts our journey toward Abbottabad , a short stay at some points and reach Abbottabad till evening for a night stay.

murree tour packages from lahore

Thandiani Excursion and back to Islamabad

2-3 hours drive.

Today after breakfast we shall start our journey toward Thandiani which is about 40km away from Abbottabad, and reach there in 1 hour. Explore the Thandiani top for 2-3 hours. After the excursion starts our journey back toward Islamabad via the Abbottabad Motorway for the end of the beautiful tour.

Murree, Nathia Gali & Thandiani 3 Days 2 Nights Tour

Murree is a top tourist destination in Pakistan, but Thandiani has excellent weather throughout the year. Tourist love to visit this freezing hill station in Abbottabad. Where they can enjoy the best Murrree places at the most reasonable prices, this three-day Murree tour is famous for activities such as hiking and sightseeing. You can enjoy delicious food and unlimited arts and crafts shopping options at Murree’s Mall Street .

For the kids, the tour includes activities like watching wildlife, especially monkeys, enjoying chairlifts, nature walks, and other kid-friendly activities like swings. The itinerary begins upon arrival in Islamabad, and the third day ends late at night in Islamabad.

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Package options.

Standard (2 person)

Standard (2 person)

Includes 2017-19 Xli Car & Hotel Al Maaz Standard Room or similar

PKR: 45,000

Delux (2 Person)

Delux (2 Person)

Includes Delux Room Hotel Jawa / Moven Pick Murree / Metropole Murree

PKR: 50,000

Executive (2 Person)

Executive (2 Person)

Includes Maisonette Murree / Flatties Grand Murree / Shangrila Murree

PKR: 60,000

Executive Plus (2 Person)

Executive Plus (2 Person)

Includes Ramada Murree / PC bhurban

PKR: 150,000

Package overview.

Murree Patriata & Bhurban is just an hour drive from Islamabad and offers a perfect place to spend weekend holiday tours from Islamabad, Rawalpindi and Lahore. During Murree tour one can enjoy fresh weather of Murree, walk around Murree Mall road, Patriata chairlift and french fries of Mall road. This 2 days holiday tour package offers a comprehensive sight seeing of Murree city within your budget. This Murree tour package can be availed during weekends and weekdays.  

Murree Tour Package Includes :

  • 1 Night hotel accommodation in Murree
  • Pick and drop from Islamabad, Lahore pick and drop will be charged at extra/-.
  • Gli car with driver and Fuel
  • Driver will be your guide.
  • Courteous Staff.
  • Sceneric view of Kashmir point. 
  • Car parking is available. 

Murree Tour Package Excludes :

  • Any expense of Personal nature
  • Sight seeing outside of itinerary
  • Standard room in Standard package
  • Delux room in Delux Package
  • Executive room in Executive Package

Murree Tour Package Itinerary:

  • Day 1  Pick up from Islamabad and enroute Murree, Walk around Mall road Murree, Pindi Point, Kashmir Point, Night stay Murree
  • Day 2 Check out & enroute Nathiagali, Ayubia Local sight seeing & back to Islamabad

* This is a year long package

Also explore Swat Naran Kaghan Pakistan and Azad Kashmir tour

Package Includes

  • Pick and drop from Islamabad, Lahore pick and drop will be charged at Rs 30,000/-.
  • Xli car with driver and Fuel

Cutomer reviews

Facebook reviews.


Had a trip of Swat, Kalam, Malam Jabba and Shogran through Tourplanner in Dec 2019. Hotel and Services was very good. Our driver - Gulfraz was a very good and supportive person. I had 4 kidz and during the entire trip he was very caring and cooperative with us. Overall I am satisfied with Tourplanner. Regards Adnan Karachi

Hi, we went for Autumn Tour this year with TourPlanner. Our driver, Mr Gulfaraz is very well experienced driver, everything was very good and went smoothly. Mr Khalid also did a very good arrangement about the tour with very reasonable price.

I have planned a tour with i found quality services and competitive rates. a must try peoples

We recently had a trip to Swat with Everything was well organized and accomodations were up to the mark. Our driver cum guide Mr. Tasveer was very cooperative and guided us well throughout the trip.

Had a trip with them in November 2019, every thing was very well, including the accommodation, ride and especially our guide and driver Mr. imran. Highly recommended if you are touring with your family. ..

Once I rang and spoke to Khalid everything went smoothly. Firstly Gulfraz (driver) arrived on time at designated place of Faizabad and our Epic Journey began. We found Gulfraz not just a nice likeable person But also very competent and knowledgable. He took us to all the important places Gilgit Baltistan as well as Hunza and finally Sost.I will highly recommend this company And especially Gulfraz. Mian Zulfiqar

Thanks everyone for enjoying my company during your travel to northern areas. Regards Gul fraz Tour Guide

I had a wonderful experience of a holiday trip with my family organized by Our trip duration was 7 days in which we spent 3 nights in Naran and 3 nights in Hunza. We had a plenty of fun in a very reasonable cost with stay in best hotels in the these two towns. The driver assigned to us (Muhammad Imran) was very decent and helpful during the tour. I would recommend to all of you, especially when you are planning something with your family.

Traveling with is AWESOME times infinity. We had a superb time with Mr. Shafqat, our tour guide and brother. He was very very very courteous and friendly. Our kids had the best of times just because of Mr. Shafqat. We have returned back to Karachi but still they recall their time with Shafqat Uncle and his song collection. Thank you very much brother for the amazing service,- no hassle caused; no complain emerged; no request needed. Everything went perfect-2 thumbs up for you and Keep up the good work!!! I honestly recommend and specifically Mr.Shaqat to be's representative for your tour. Happy-Enjoyable-Memorable-Amazing Vacations!!!

I took honeymoon trip with tourplanner. 3Days/2Nights to Naran from Islamabad. I first told them to pickup on Monday, later told them to pickup on Tuesday and even on Tuesday after pickup at 11, went for breakfast and then departed at 12. Not once did I feel that I wasn't going on my own car with my own timing. The hotel room at Naran was very cozy and had a great view. Moreover, it was far enough from noises and yet at 3 minutes walking distance from the market. During visit we stopped for photos numerous times and Driver Tasweer knew well enough about every scenic spot. Apart from being a great guide, a driver who seemed to remember every blind turn, Driver Tasweer was a very patient and cooperative man. Summary: 5/5.

I visited swat-kalam last week with my family. Tour was well planned and Mr. Khalid was in contact with us throughout the tour.Our driver Isras was kind and helpful man.

Planned our family trip with them twice, to Sawat last year and Hunza this month. Accomodations were upto the mark and so the tours went as planned and we had an amazing time. Driver / guide Gulfaraz was great help and made sure we were comfortable throughout our journey both times.

I booked my tour from Islamabad to Chillas, Gilgit, Hunza for 8 days. my wife and I were looking foreward to see that part of Pakistan which we have not seen yet. Tour Planner and their driver Mr. Shujaat helped us a lot and we are very grateful to them for their help and efforts to make our tour memorable. Our dream to visit Gilgit and Hunza was shattered when we got stuck for one and half day at Thatta Paani on 29 and 30 August, 2019 it was due to two landslides. It was a natural disastor but lack of information about how long one has to wait on the road and insensitive attitude of authorities and communication breakdown between tourists and ocal Administration is to blame that we could not proceed. However, Tour Planner helped us completely changed our itinerary and we managed to enjoy some nice places and had great time. Though it turned out to be little more expensive than what intially it was. Thank you Tour Planner. Great service.

Not up to commitment Changed the hotels on the day of check in without any reason The hotel staff was completely unprofessional

Recently we planned trip with from isb to skardu. We had an awsome experience travelling with them. The arrangements were great. They keep in touch with you and immediately resolves the complaints you've during the trip. I highly recommend to plan trip with

Me and my family selected tour planner for arranging our trip for naran and shogran. We chose the deluxe package in which, the conveyance they arranged and the hotels were good. They tour was well planned, we reached the destinations on time without any delays. It was a smooth and hassle free experience.

i would highly recommend tour planner, very well managed and professional dealing.

We visited Naran area during this month (July 2019). Tour Planner are good operator and can improve their services as suggested below: 1. Driver ( Mumtaz Ali) was a great man. He demonstrated all possible attributes required to a tourist. We will give him 5 stars. 2. Vehicle Honda BRV was proven a good choice. Rating 5 3. Hotel Pine Hills is ‘’OK’. Service level is low. WiFi has poor connectivity and range. Power supply by generator is only available from 6 pm to 2 am. We recommend to bring a battery operated light. Only Telenor sim works so consider to have it. TourPkanner SHOULD ENSURE THAT GOOD VIEW ROOMS SHOULD BE OFFERED TO THE GUESTS. Rating 3 4. Friday Hotel in Shugran was good. Rating 5.

they are good people . co operative , honest and sincere . the driver come guide is also a good man and all management is good . the package is also nominal but every thing is right and satisfactory . I enjoy a lot there .Thanks tour planner .

Excellent service from beginning till End of the trip. All arrangements was amazing specially the guide was very flexible. Quick reply from the tour planner??

Comprehensive trip arranged by tour planner well planned hotels accomodation was good with quality of money. Driver pervaiz was good guide and cooperative through out trip. In main sharda tour planner gave the good options. Whenever you try to book tour. Please take the name of hotels. So that it cannot be changed. Tour planner can give you option to change hotel but you must be ready to extra money. Mr khalid is professional nd good guide. Money matters a lot. Please mention the rates of delux and premium on website. When you sent a plan please mention hotel name and tel. No

Had an amazing tour via Visited various northern places including Murree, Nathiagali, Naran, Shogran, kaghan, Muzaffarabad, Kutton, & Keren. Safe and sound journey. The driver’s facilitation and driving was very good. Recommended.

Had an amazing experience with our tour guide. It was a ten days tour to Swat Kashmir and Murree. Our driver was so much cooperative and calm through out the journey we enjoyed our traveling with him.

It was satisfactory. 5/5.

I usually visit northern areas on my own, but this time I planned to visit with my family so I decided to book a travel company. I contacted tour planner on WhatsApp and paid them the advance amount. I talked to them over the phone only twice and both times they were very much helpful. I appreciate their commitment with their customers. However, I was not satisfied with the driver, though he was not rude, clearly, he showed least interest in his job. Secondly, he was not a guide at all. He has no idea about areas and he didnt explained any place as a guide should do. All the time I had to tell him to slow down on dangerous roads of mountains but he was continuously overtaking on blind corners. I told him that on a straight road where you can seen that no one is coming from the front, you can overtake but on a blind cut and edge, you have no idea if a bus or car is coming. He never listened to me and hit the car to a front vehicle and eventually damaged the front bumper. Luckily we all were saved from any harm. I was with my kids in the car but it was not important for him. There is a typical driver mentality which is very difficult to change, its just your luck, sometimes you get good ones sometimes bad ones. During our 3 days stay in Naran, we spent a day without water, a bucket full of cold water was given to us to use in the Toilet. The second day we got water in the line, and we got hot water finally. Also, there was no heating system in the rooms. TV signals were also very bad so there was no point in watching TV. Hence spending free time in the room was a challenge. Interestingly for the last few months, there is no electricity in Naran, and this fact was told to us when we reached there, the generators worked 7 pm to 2 am only. So this is how Naraz is these days. Initially, the room which was booked for us was very small and smelly without any TV, so we requested for a change and we got this one, we had no idea at that time that this hotel room would be worst in facilities, though the staff of the hotel was very nice and polite. I do recommend this company for tours in case you are traveling with family to minimize your own efforts in arranging rooms and Jeeps, in case of teenagers and solo travelers its better to do things and manage everything at you own in a comparatively cheaper price.

very good service and nice planning enjoyed good tour with family

tour to shogran kaghan and neelum valley was great and specially our driver Mr tasweer bokhari was very nice person.

I took a package for my bhai n bhabi. It was v difficult for me to choose amongst many fake tour advisors. and honestly I was doubtful about this one too. but they proved me wrong. every aspect was wonderful. Driver guide Mr. Shafqat was v friendly, cooperative and helping. my bhai and bhabi thoroughly enjoyed the tour. all hotels were v nice and so were the services provided. I would highly recommend to families planning fr northern areas trip. Best wishes

I had a family tour of Balakot, Kaghan, Neelam Valley, AJK, Muree organized by tourplanner (Khwaja Khalid Mushtaq sb) and it was really a great experience to deal with professional team. Driver cum guide Mr. Tasveer Bukhari remained very gentle & polite, he was very much aware of the all thick n thins of places, his driving was very professional on such tricky roads .. Hats off ! It was an amazing adventure trip that we will always remember .. See ya !

Highly recommended.. I have arranged tour with tour planner. Pk to kashmir &, naran kaghan i really loved their service hotels n specially driver who explained each n every point breifly. Thanku so much tourplanner. Pk

Well, I found Mr Kh Khalid very professional in the dealing. When I was negotiating my tour package, I was very sceptical about the service; but I found the driver & guide - Mr Taswer to be very decent, well versed with all the arrangement requirements for family tour. We had no down time, everything was very well pre-arranged from car, hotel reservation, trip to Malam Jabba, shopping, etc. I would rate their service to be 10 out 10 and recommend others to avail their service.

I experienced my honeymoon trip to shogran with them, I was skeptical about the organization but contrary to my expectations the trip was totally hassle free, I had the arrangements done over call, got picked from our doorstep, the guide cum driver Mr. Naseem offered good services and was available to us all the time. By and large I am happy with them.

hi guys, I booked a trip with family for KPK and Kashmir, it was a joyful & comfortable trip. Hotels, transports and guide(TASWEER) was a good experience. all things were managed as they have mentioned in the given programme. simply it was a wonderful planning for trip . Thanks for all supports providing by Khalid

I give 10 /10. Amazing service, specially Mr. GullFraz is nice, honest and humble person.. Always remembered... Thanks

Great job perfectly done, reliable and dedicated

Amazing service,all arrangments were great,highly recommend if anyone is planning tour with family.

Excellent services and customer satisfaction relation

Excellent service. They conduct tour with utmost professionalism. I have done my private tour to Kashmir and Bhurban with in January which is a difficult month considering the weather. But I didn't face any down time during my trip. The car was spacious and clean and of newer model. We stayed at very decent hotels. We had to abort our planned visit to Keil and Kuttan due to heavy snow but they handled it so well. Our hotel reservation rescheduling was very smooth and instead we visited Shogran which was a treat to visit. Highly recommended ??

Excellent Service. I would recommend everyone.

I contacted from UK to arrange a trip for my family. The Team was very helpful, answered my questions and provided extra images of vehicle on my request. On the day of trip, the the vehicle arrived on time, was exactly what was shown to me in pictures and the driver was very good no over speeding or irresponsible driving. I was given contact details of driver before hand. I will use TourPlanner.Pk services again and definitely recommend them.

Mr tasveer was our driver such a nice man he is. tour of neelum valley was a great experience. tourplanner here you got five stars?????

They arranged 6 days tours for us. 3 days stay in Islamabad due to our conference and 3 days in swat. It was my best experience so far. From hotel staff to dinner and breakfast everything was perfect. Highly recommend.

it was great experience with my family and thy given us best service and guide thank you tourplanner for the wonderful trip

Very well organised with experienced driver. First time dealing with tour planner. Did not disappoint.

it’s great service we have plan to visit babusar taaap hunza khunjerab pass and other place with tour planner the hiace its excellent driver attitude it’s super all service and commitment ???????????????????????????????????????????????? thanks to tour planner and team

It was a great experience to visit Neelum Valley, Naran and Shogran. The trip was memorable and one prominent feature was the professionalism of the driver/guide Mr. Gulfraz. He managed every little detail of the trip on behalf of to perfection, I would highly recommend Gulfraz for anyone planning a trip via

It was great experience and feel very comfort with family. very supportive guide and others team members and good services.

I do recommend to couples who want to enjoy the northern areas of Pakistan. They have amazing services, facilitated proper with good hotels with great car experience. We took the Naran package and it went amazing and memorable. TourPlanner provided us the great guider Tasveer sahab who is well mannered and also a good photographer.

We had our honeymoon to Neelum valley last month. It was a very fine and comfortable experience with tourplanner team throughout the trip. Mr. Khalid Mushtaq remains very supporting and kind in arrangements of the trip. In addition, our driver Mr. Ejaz was very nice man and the given car was also in very good condition. one thing I want to mention that I found very relax and comfortable during entire trip. In the end, I rate team tourplanner, 4.8 out of 5.

Had great experience. Highly recomended. Amazing services including best hotel accomodations. Time management is good. I'll specialy recomend Mr Gulfaraz as a driver, a good guide with great driving skills.

The perfect solution for fuss free honey moon. Our tour was from the 9th of August till the 13th of August 2018. Chose a package for Kashmir Tour through their website and booked everything on the phone. Had a little trouble getting the package customized but in the end everything turned out great. We booked a GLI for the tour and Mr. Tasveer was our Tour Guide/Driver. Came from Karachi to Islamabad and were picked from Islamabad and dropped back there. Although being far away for urban settlements, this tour turned out to be as comfortable as it could get. Mr. Tasveer did more than just guide us, he was there to help us with any problem on the way to make sure we felt comfortable and secure. That was one of the big reasons why we enjoyed the tour without worrying about a thing. Day One: The first day was a tiring day as we had to travel from Islamabad all the way to Kutton. And that took us all day. We were already told not to expect much from the hotel at Kutton. There's not much to say about it. Though the fruit trees within the premises were a nice touch and the management was friendly. We got there minutes before dark, freshened up, picked us some fruits off the trees, shot some photos of the river (the hotel is by the side of the river), had dinner and went back to sleep to wake up early the next day. Day Two: After the complimentary breakfast we left off for Keran/ Sharda tour. It was a long drive there again. The places were nice but most of our time was spent in travel. We stayed at a hotel in Sharda as it was better for our Ratti Garli tour next day. The hotel services were similar to that of the Kuttons, the view was way better though. Greenery all around, Corn and Sunflower fields across the road at one side and river by the other. The valley was quite wide there, so the river felt a little tame and there was a lot of river side area to walk. Day Three: Got up early, stuff ourselves with the complimentary breakfast and headed out for the Ratti Gali jeeps. The off roading on those totally worn out jeeps and their busted shocks is a nightmare. The views and over all off roading experience totally makes up for it though. The jeep dropped us off at a base camp and we took a nerve wracking horse ride to the Ratti Gali lake. When going for a tour through this part of Kasmhir not visiting Ratti Gali, Kel/Arang Kel or Taobut does not make any sense. That's why the package on it's own didn't make any sense to me as none of these places were included. The Ratti Gali tour was the star of our trip. Mind blowing views. Lush green tops, turquoise lake, glacier oozing mountains, eerie slow moving clouds and the silent cold surroundings. This was a package that had it all and was the reason we chose this instead of Arang Kel or Taobut. We came trekking back to the base camp had lunch and were on our way back to the unforgiving jeep ride. Came back to same Kutton hotel we stayed the first night after the jeep ride. Day Four: This was our last day in this semi wilderness. As this morning we were headed back to Muzaffarabad and a for a trip to the Pir Chinasi top. The hotel at Muzaffarabad was better than the ones out there. But the staff still was undertrained. Which accounted for a slight unpleasant experience there. After lunch we went for the Pir Chinasi top in the evening. The Pir Chinasi was the second best thing about this tour. A cloud covered top with mesmerizing views all around. You'd be literally moving through the clouds. And there'd be clouds risings up from valley down under. So you'd be sandwiched between this multi could layered awesomeness. The commercialization of the area and the trash was a bit off a turn off though. Day Five: Headed back to Islamabad through Murree which was a treat to the eyes itself. Overall with a little unavoidable and minor setbacks. This was all I could ask from this tour. And the Tourplanner Team along with Mr. Tasveer's expertise made the whole tour totally worth every penny and left me and my wife with some truly memorable moments. Things we experienced for the very first time in our life, together. All thanks to you guys.

Everything was perfect, and I would have to say it was the vacation of a life time . I will do all I can to promote your company and your services.Thank you so much for having arranged the magnificent trip we took!

Tourplanner is one of the best domestic planner in Pakistan. it gives you door to door trustworthy and comfortable service. i had a very nice tour from Islamabad to kashmir. i highly recommend to all my friends.

Amazing experience !

I had a one-week Family tour of Naran-Kaghan-Shogran valley with TourPlanner during last week of june'18. I found TourPlanner services n arrangement excellent. Our driver also proved himself a perfect man with full of driving skills in hilly areas. Khalid sb. and Asad sb. did perfect planning n then execution with time management. Stay happy n grow more with more good services in years to come !

Highly recommended for families wishing to travel for Northern Pakistan.

We visited Thandiani.. It was a wonderful experience with Tour planner.. Their services were wonderful. All things were well organized. Driver Bilal was also very cooperative and very responsible. Thanks tour planner.. Each n every thing was amazing . Had a great time with tour planner.

Super reliable team; Pervez made the trip very pleasant. Will patronise again!

Disappointed as this was my first time with Tourplanner. The job of Tourplanner is that of a post office. You pay the money and get the driver and that is all. Nobody contacted me from Tourplanner while we are on journeys to know the situation and feed back. When we arrived at the hotel in ISL, the rooms were not ready and we had to wait for one and half hour. Very poor housekeeping was experienced. I do not know how come all the reviewers giving Tourplanner 5stars. Who knows who they are. I paid the entire sum in advance and I had to pay extra couple of thousands rupees on my return from ISL hotel. I gave every details to Tourplanner about my scheduled flight times but still I had to pay extra. Hotel at Shogran bedsheets and blankets were very dirty. I can only say driver was good. Bad experience. Guys everyone can plan on its own. You have the flexibility If You plan your your yourselves. Sorry for above comments but I had no choice

I have taken their services with lots of doubt in mind that how they will serve me and my family but I am amazed to see that the staf and the services they have given are out standing and extremely economical . All the staf are best at their job and extremely cooperative . One thing that needs to be improve is the economicity of prizes of the menu in dinner and lunch. Thanks

Thanks TourPlanner team for arranging wonderful swat/Kalaam trip. We enjoyed a lot and driver Mr. Adnan was amazing. We suggest to prefer tour-planner for visiting Pakistani Beauty.

Thanks guys for arranging the trip. All things were amazing specially the guide was very flexible. Accommodations were decent as well. The only thing which you could improve is to ask Pine Park hotel (shogran) to at least remove the worn-out blankets and increase the hot water timings (only four hours are too less for kids and infants).

It was a good experience and great comfort with full of fun with family, being first timer dealing with #Tourplanner i was a bit confused about the service but it was turned out the best of all Time, we had 7 nights tour of Kaghan Shogran, Gilgit, Hunza & Khunjrab, the hotel selection & reservation was best in the area, most important was the communication during the trip, where Tourplanner team was up to the task when ever i contact them. i recommend to all to have experience with the dedicated team ...strongly recommended for overseas Pakistani and those who really face difficulty in arranging comfortable itinerary with short time period.

It was a pleasure doing a tour with tourplanners pk and everything was done as commited by the company. Our tour guide parvaiz bhai was also very co operative and was a fine gentleman. I really look forward to plan more tours with pk tourplanners

After a rough start, things improved and I had an amazing weekend! Make sure that if you want a guide to ask before and ensure it’s not the driver who doesn’t speak much English at all.

I had a fair experience for a trip to Naran & Kaghan, they need a coordination of client with the hotel management. A part from this, rest of the trip was ok

Excellent skilful driver/tour guide and car .. very nice hotels with kind and well-mannered staff, hot water availability and wifi where possible. It was a nice trip.

Great Family trip to muzaffarabad very well organized by tourplanned team Thumbs up for all the services highly recommended for family trips

Had a trip to northern areas with tourplanner and it was awesome experience all arrangement including hotels accommodation and transportation was perfect. Highly recommended.

I had booked tour planner for family tour of 5 days tour of neelum valley and shogran in April 2018. It was my first expercience of hiring any tour planner. It was a great expercience. Hotels, car, arrangements everything was great. Staff was good and cooprative as well. Overall it was a memorable expercience. Recommended

Trip with tour planner was amazing especially the car and the driver who also was the guide and knew all areas very well.

Had a great trip of swat with very good arrangements by tourplanner. They made it hasslefree and comfortable to move and stay at different places.

It was such an amazing experience. Tourplanner provided us great services and accommodations in a reasonable prices. Inshallah we will plan a next tour with them soon. Thanks

I had visited to Neelum Valley and Shogran for 5 days with family. It was fantastic experience. Tourplanners arranged all things as per planned schedule. Driver Mr. Tasweer was very cooperative. He guided us alot. Mr. Khalid also remained in touch with us on phone. I personally recommend you that if you want hassle free trip with your family thn plan it through tour planners.

We had a fantastic trip to shogran and neelum valley. Atif made sure we could get in touch with him for any last minute changes. All the hotels were clean with very good service and the value for money was brilliant. Will definitely recommend to anyone whose planning a trip with family or friends!

Had a honeymoon trip recently to muree. Enjoyed thoroughly.Everything was perfect.Highly recommended.

It was a Good Experience. Will plan again with them.

Had great experience ,i have used their transportation and kutton residence , everything was perfect ,special thanks to Mr. Khalid and Mr. Adnan ,our tour guide and driver. Highly recommended.

Highly recomended. Amazing services including best hotel accomodations. Time management is good. I'll specialy recomend "Tasweer bukhari" as a driver, a good guid with great driving skills.

Highly recommended, reliable and excellent service. Thanks to TourPlanner Pak and specially Mr. Khaled. Awesome person to deal with.

I was planning to do one day trip to Islamabad with family and I was searching for different planners and contact Tourplanner. I had a good experience with them. First and foremost, they are very active in responding to queries. I asked queries..bargain rates and booked their services while working . no need to go anywhere. due to my tight schedule and they respond every time as cool as calm. Second, their services are up to the mark with good vehicle and good driver. Third, What they committed they followed. Places and timings were good Fourth, They deserve 5 stars but due to some minor areas of improvement, they lack 1 star. They must give a tentative plan for the trip if the visitors are new.

Used their services for 8 day tour to Kashmir and Shogran, It was arranged on very short notice and we are pleased with the services and accommodation provided throughout the tour. These guys are very responsive on emails and calls, and try to justify the commitments they have made. Highly recommended.

Hey really nice tour... Guide was so professional... Realy nice tour thanks

Had a trip to northern areas last week with tourplanner and it was awesome experience all arrangement including hotels accommodation and transportation was perfect from airport pickup to the last destination. Special thanks to Mr. Khalid & Mr. Adil (Our Guide & Driver) to provide hassle free and an unforgettable journey of my life.

Had to plan my honeymoon. I was bit concerned about it, as it is the most awaited moment of ones life . I came across #tourplanners. These guys totally worth it! 3 days trip to naran shogran, and all the way back to khanpur dam and taxilla museum was beautiful . Driver Tasweer bhai made the tour more relaxing and comfortable. He was such a nice person and a hidden photographer as well . Their services came up with the best ones. Most important was the communication during the trip, where tourplanner team was upto the task whenever i contact them. We really enjoyed the tour, which was only because of them . Highly recommended for couples, families. Thankyou #tourplanners Hope to see you soon InshAllah . *****

Waooo.. it was a good experience full of fun with family, being first timer dealing with #Tourplanner i was a bit confused about the service but it was turned out the best of all Time, we had 4 nights tour of Kaghan Shogran & Murree, the hotel selection & reservation in Kaghan Shogran was best in the area, most important was the communication during the trip, where Tourplanner team was up to the task when ever i contact them. i recommend to all to have experience with the dedicated team ...#fivestar

I went with them on tour with my wife ..we really had a awesome tour ...hotel car everything was perfect, me and my wife had a great time ..thank you khalid bhae and adnan

Had days sogran trip in dec .... extremely satisfied .. hessetle free service with the best driver Tasweer bhai he took us to all the relevant places with his sweet smile and expertise. . Khayam and Mr khalid was extremely helpful and arranged every single moment and as per our requirement ... Highly recommended for couples. . Groups families and even for ladies who want to explore the beauty alone... safe and quality service. .. thumps up to you guys!

Mr. Khalid and his team member Mr. Khayam are very professional. They guide very well, deliver what they commit and are capable to manage things quite efficiently. Our driver/guide Mr. Kashif was competent and very accommodating and supportive. Overall very good experience with them.

I hired a car from tour planner for personal trip. Driver was very cooperative and punctual. Car condition was excellent whole trip was nice will recommend to friends and families as well.

I would like to recomend tour planner for tour kashmir , neelum valley , AJK , muree . The tour was great and the guid Mr.Tasveer is very thorough professional.. all arrangments including accomadation logistic .. are well .

Tourplaner made arrangements exactly the way I wanted. I have changed my plan twice as I have family with me including two kids (one is 1.2 years old only) so I was really concerned about all arrangements but whenever I ask a question I always get a satisfactory reply from team tourplanner. Their drivers are also well experienced and will act as proper guide as they are aware of conditions ahead. That really helped us in skipping the traffic due to peak holiday season. Thanks tourplanner for wonderful arrangements.

I had plan my trip with my wife to murre in the starting week of this December, I found this tourplanner really excellent. All the arrangements from hotel accommodation to the last day drop to Islamabad was perfectly organized. Infact I change my tour plan in the mid to go to shogran siri paey also and that was arrange within minutes, really no problem with that. Our driver Adnan was really well known to the areas, management includes khayyam bhai was superb , always ready to help me in any cause followed by Khalid Bhai also. So it was well organized tour infact my honeymoon tour :) Stay blessed.

Had a good trip with Tourplanner and they are open to change the plan.

Had to get arrangements for a northern areas trip with the Mrs on a really short notice in late Oct 2017 and discovered tourplannerpk via a google search while searching for hotels. Had just 2 days to finalize so didn’t have any time to ask for recommendations from friends and family, after reading the testimonials decided to give tourplannerpk a try and it was a really good decision. Called them and they sent me a customized tour plan along with charges. Got the air tickets for KH-ISB and finalized the day before the visit along with the advance payment. Took the deluxe package, the driver/tour guide picked us up at the airport and was very nice, informative and polite. The accommodations were superb and we were looked after well. Couldn’t have expected better, everything was beyond expectation. We were a bit nervous about using a service no one among my circle had used before but it turned out to be a very pleasant experience. And since it was all so hassle free and now on will be very open to make revisits in the future.

I booked tour through tourplanner in November.Pakage was of three days to Neelum velly , nithiya gali and Azad Kashmir.It was fabulous tour.The services they provided us was really good.It was a wonderful experience.

I was travelling with another female colleague of mine for a business trip. It was a good opportunity to visit neelum valley which we had been planning to do for a bit but could not find a tour for the available dates. Tour planner provided us with a customized plan where we stayed two nights in kutton and explored kutton, keran, and upper neelum. It was a well managed tour and we completely enjoyed our stay and travel. would like to thank the tourplanner team specially our driver and tour guide tasweer bokhari. keep up the great work!

Its difficult when you travel to unknown place without any guide. But thanks to tourplanner . They can able to arrange setups of what people needs.My experience with my family was great and above the expectation. :)

I have selected TourPlanner for my Kashmir tour. I had a great and adventures tour planned and organized by Tourplanner. This was my first experience with this team and had a fabulous time and trip.Thank you so much and best of luck. I would highly recommend tourplanner to the people who wants to explore beauty of Pakistan.

A well organized tour by Mr. Khayyam and Mr. Khalid.I would highly recommend it to others as well as seeking forward to plan more tours in future ahead.Hats off to rashid bhai for his skilled driving and a wonderful company.Just for the sake of improvement my only suggestion would be if at least till Muree the hired cars be shifting process in between creates inconvinience with family.otherwise all went well.thumbs up

This was are first tour to naraan kaghan shogran and siri paya with my family. I was lil bit confused that how it will be but seriously it was our amazing tour and our driver tasveer bukhari he was also a tour guider he was such a nice person and cooperative. It was our memorable trip that i can never forget thank u tourplanner for making this trip memorable.

Great managment .food .travel.stay..recommanded to all people who visit the first time in any way of pakistan.spc thnx to mrTasweer .like a family behaviour

I went to northern areas first time ( Naran. & Shogaran). With my family from 20 to 24 Sep 2017. They were responsive and approachable. Transportation and accommodation were more then expectations.

I booked tour from tour planner in August for 5 days to Naran and shogran. It was an awesome experience with family and services of tour planner was outstanding. Especially, our guide and driver Mr. Adil sajjad was very cooperative and supportive. We enjoyed a lot and highly recommended tour planner for family tours in Pakistan.

they are blackmailers and blackmail people by taking thier videos and pics be aware

we had only 8 days and selected tour planner for our muzzafarabad islamabad and lahor trip .the response was too quick and we were on our way to Muzzafarabad next morning at 8:00... Mr Khaild has answered all our queries wd patience and arranged our driver-guide Mr Tasweer in a very short time. the driver was too professional and he was a good guide as well.he hepled to visit many places there .. on the whole the trip was well arranged and memorable with tour planners. we had a good time beyond our expectations.. may Allah bless tour planner team..

We planned naran tour last week. Tourplanner was excellent option . They delivered what they committed and were always responsive to any query. Adil Sajjad Bhai was amazing guide and good captain too! If they can consider some adjustments in rates given the increasing competition in tourism industry they ll be exceptionally good option in near future.

I booked APV for my family for visiting Rawalpindi/ Islamabad ,Muree and subsequent drop to m y destination Mianwali .As I have explore Tour planner from internet and I was little worried about arrangements as I was coming from Karachi but it was well coordinated and throughout the journey the vehicle was in time and services were good.

I booked my Tour to Swat & Neelum Valley in September with Tour Planners... Tour was gud as it was hassle free and pleasant... Our Driver Shafqat Shah for Neelum Valley was very nice and cooperative... Trip for Swat was a bit tiresome and could be better timely managed... Overall the trip was gud and left us with some pleaseant memories to cherish...

I booked a trip to Naran which went hassle free from start till end. Khalid Sb made good arrangements despite of lack of time. Cherry on the top was our tour guide Adil Sajjad. A very professional and flexible guy who handled every situation quite easily. Thumbs up guys. It had been a healthy experience.

It was my first experience with tour planner and arrangement from them was quite satisfactory. Special thanks to Mr. Tasweer

This was my first trip to the northern areas with my family. I was real nervous about wiring money to a “random” tour company just based on online reviews. The easy availability and professionalism extended by Mr. Khalid put my doubts to rest, and I did end up scheduling my trip through tour planner. From the airport pick-up to drop-off, it was all very well organized. Upon arriving at each hotel I would get a call to ensure that everything was going smoothly. When two of the hotels indicated that that the free breakfast was only for four (out of the five) family members, tour planner promptly addressed this with the front desk and the issue was resolved. I would highly recommend tour planner and will use their services again for any future Pakistan travels.

Me and wife took their 8 Days / 7 Nights Naran & Hunza Tour.. The team helped us alot in making it a memorable tour for us. I recommend their services to all visitors of northern areas of Pak . Thanks

I booked our tour in August with Tourplanner (two women on an adventurous trip to Naran, Gilgit and Hunza!) It was a fabulous trip - well organised and managed by Tour planner. I had many queries and a series of long phone calls followed to make sure everything was in place. The prompt, courteous service was very welcome! and although we found the prices a bit steep - it was well worth it in the end! Alhamdolillah, we could not have asked for a better team of operators - Both Mr Khalid and Khayyam were thoroughly professional and always a phone call/email away to address any issues. Gulfraz (our driver and guide) was simply wonderful. A thorough gentleman whom we were very comfortable with during the long days of travel. An 8 day tour spent mostly on the road can get very tiring. So its essential that the accomodations are up to the mark - safe and clean! and the driver is good and knows the routes well. We were more than satisfied with the choice of hotels (I did review them online and upgraded to the best). Nice clean sheets with hot water at the end of the day were the greatest blessings! Don't miss the Punjab tikka house Chicken tikkas and Halwa puri breakfast at dawn (Opp. Millenium Inn hotel in Naran :-) I would highly recommend Tour planner, specially to those living abroad and not having enough time to arrange things locally.

It was my first experience of contacting any tour operator for family visit of Kagan/Shogran and it went in a very smooth and nice way. They are very flexible, cooperative and professional organizers and the attitude and skills of driver (Mr. Tasweer) was also appreciable. The hotel for stay at Shogran was and average one, needs to be upgraded, and the hotels at Naran are excellent, overall it was a recommendable trip and I will definitely be sharing their contact details to families and friends in my circle. *Appreciate Khalid Bhai*

Tourplanner are capable of arranging well planned tours in very short time.Our stay at various locations along the Neelum Valley was organised very nicely which makes our tour excellent.Khalid Sahib is very co operative and humble person. Gulfaraz a hardworking person whose behaviour was very impressive during the whole trip.

we had only 2 days and selected tour planner for our muzzafarabad trip the friday night.....the response was too quick and we were on our way to Muzzafarabad next morning at 8:00... Mr Khaild has answered all our queries wd patience and arranged our driver-guide Mr Gulfraz in a very short time. the driver was too professional and he was a good guide as well.he hepled to visit many places there ..he was always in time n cope wd my girly wd his cool attitude. on the whole the trip was well arranged and memorable with tour planners. we had a good time beyond our expectations.. may Allah bless tour planner team..

It was my first trip to northern areas with family and overall the service provided by Mr. Khalid Mushtaq is excellent. Although, I had some bad experience with the vehicle maintenance and had to suffer in mansehra for broken engine belt repairs for more than two hours which would have been dangerous if it was to be earlier on mountains but driver and our guide Waqar was very humble and a very balanced driver. My sincere suggestion to Khalid Mushtaq Saheb is to please introduce some way of vehicle check/safety measures that is being provided to the family to have an enjoyable and tension free journey all along. I had very tense moments just due to the vehicle that has gear issues from the get go till the last day and had to go to the repairs after almost 1500 km journey on mountains. It could have been excellent overall if this measure is to be taken seriously.

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I am very thank full to Mr. Khalid and Mr. Khyam who manage our journey in best way and also thank full to our expert driver and guide (Gul Faraz Bhai) also is very cooperative. We enjoyed very much all the way Thanks tour planner.

Travelling and exploring Naran/Shogran with tour planners had been a good experience for me and my family.The best thing was driver (Mr Tasweer) who was very cooperative always smiling and well aware of all the view points. Stay at millenium inn was an average experience. Arcadian hotel stay at Shogran was wonderful. I would recommend tourplanners for a family visit.

Altogether it was the great and pleasant experience with TPPK. They arranged good hotels and you remain free from all issues.They have best collection of tour guide ... our tour guide Shaheryar Shah was excellent , courteous and become instrumental in making our trip memorable. I have recommended TPPK to many friends and family members.

They were the first planners i went to when v decided to visit Hunza..and after going through quite a few..ended up being the last ones i went back to and booked through. Overall an awesome experience...very cordial..gave me complete lists of places, hotels, driving time..bascially were there for any query at hand before and during the tour. Our driver was Zahid...and the best thing about him was that he enjoyed being the driver! ...and at times when road times went from minutes to hours and my patience ran thin...he was still smiling and understanding..did not get annoyed ..which i think is commendable. Overall a recommendable experience and I will be passing along their details to family n friends since the beauty in Pak should be explored!.. Keep up the good work Mr khalid. Was a pleasure. For all those reading....just be vary that it does take time so be prepared for traffic clogs (specially on Eid or near 3 big glacier spots right after Naran) and add an extra hour or 2 just to avoid any surprises! them and relax for a memorable vacay!

I had a wonder full experience of tour of Shogran,Naran and Muzafarabad with tourplanner arranged by Khalid saib.I really enjoyed this tour with my canopy on eid holidays.I appreciate tourplanner team.

Very well arranged by tour planner.. had lots of fun, above all it was safe... will plan another tour very soon..

It was pleasure working with you guys are client really appreciated your great services ..... keep up the good work ..... from :AXIS TRAVELS AND TOURS

I just completed my tour of Neelum Valley, Shogran,Naran. One thing i'll really appreciate, from day first when i called Tour Planner to fix my tour till end i found Mr.Khyaam and Mr.Khalid a very supportive and caring to there client. Our guide Pervaiz Bhai was a very confident driver and he had a good knowledge of all destinations and he really made our tour memorable. Thanks to all Tourplanner team and wishing them a successful future ahead.

Wow,what a experience.everything was best managed .most appreciable was mr gul faraz, our guide to trip to neelum vally .he was humble well behaved and courtious . May you people grow more .you delivered what you comitted .it was absolutely hastle free and fantastic

If you are looking for the Best just contact Tour Planner.

Hassle free tour from the start till the end. Every bit of the tour was well organized by Mr Khalid. The hotels provided were well rated and were much above our expectations. A tour worth remembering, thanks to Mr Khalid for making it a great vacation for us. He really has a passion to provide the best services. I would recommend Tourplanners as the best tour operators.

We were group of 26 people (Family including Kids) We had booked 3 days trip to Neelum Valley through Tourplanner. They have arranged everything from transportation to hotel to sightseeing. Overall trip was wonderful and service provided was equally great.

We travel to northern aereas like maree, ayubia, muzafarabad, shugran, Kaghan, the trip was very nice. We enjoyed alot. Mr. Khalid the owner of tourplaner is a nice guy and very cooperative and arranged all the things like hotel transport driver sight seeing etc excellent. I strongly recommend tour Planner.

I had the trip to swat and Kagan, I went to Malam Jabba and some other places like shogran and my trip was planed by tour planner. it was excellent under their plans, (Gulfraz) Guide was very supportive, he was aware of all things like the culture of the areas. I will highly recommend tour planners if you want to visit anywhere in Pakistan they will give worth to your money.

I had an excellent time because of tourplanner .pk on my five day tour to Kashmir, Balakot and Shogran. It was truly an experience of a life time, full of comfort and adventure... Truly a memory to cherish for a life time... Wonderful! Higly recomended!

This was the first time we planned to visit Murree & Nathia Gali in our life. We thanks that Almighty Allah blessed us #Tour Planner# to see the beauty of Pakistan. Our driver cum guide Mr. Parvez was very co operative and we feel him as a family membe. We enjoyed a lot. Our firt experience with #Tour Planner# is excellant. I recommend all friends to get the services of #Tour Planner# whenever they wish to visit the beauty of Pakstan. Thanks.

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Last week, I traveled to explore the beauty of Swat with few of my friends. With the splendid management of Tour Planners, our trip went amazing. Not even a minor mishap happened, Alhamdullilah. Our driver ‘Gulfaraz Khan’ was not only a perfect guide, but also a great caretaker for all of us. Thank you Tour Planners for managing our trip in such a fabulous and perfect way. Tour Planners have been added in my highly recommended list from now :). Kudos to the team for such perfection (Y).

After my recent business trip to Islamabad, my friends and I had our private tour to Swat arranged via Tourplanners. I literally chewed their brain with unlimited emails, calls, and messages and they proved to be thoroughly professional in clarifying all queries. Everything was great - The car, hotel, and itinerary as well. My all best wishes for Mr. Khayam, Mr. Khalid and our driver Gulfaraz bhai.

A well managed tour planning services with wonderfully professional and well cooperative staff.

I enjoyed my journey with tour planner and will recommend to others.

Excellent service without any hassle. Very good coaster that was sent to us for my Son's wedding. However driver lacked convey ethics . Over all we were very much satisfied with the service and would highly recommend Tourplanner to anybody wishing a hassle free trip.

It was are first family trip and the experience was awesome. Tourplanners were very cooperative, diligent and professional in their dealings with us.

Tour planner's boss or whoever is in charge is extremely good! He called and asked about my welfare everyday, which is very meticulous of him. The tour guide for Islamabad and Lahore was only able to speak abit of English and is not sure of the roads within Lahore city, which took quite bit of time to him to navigate but he is still a good guide overall! The tour guide for Karachi is also good, bringing me to cover almost the whole city. People in Pakistan is friendly and kind and i had a great trip with tour planner pk :)

This was my first experience but it was indeed very good. Now I will be a regular customer. Thanks

They had arranged a 5-day tour for us (Family of five including a five-year child) for Murree, Nathia Gali, Kohala, Nelam Point and so on. The arrangement was good, Driver was very courteous and always ready to assist. Vehicle was well maintained. Our Executive Package include Hotel nights at Blue Pine Resort and that was simple superb at the new year's eve! We would surely recommend Tourplanner for trip to Beautiful Pakistan!

We booked our 13 day Pakistan tour through Tourplanner. My friend told me about the company and our experience with Tourplanner was really good. We went to Islamabad, Murree and Muzaffarabad in winters, and our main requirement was uninterrupted geysers and heaters in all hotels. Tourplanner arranged hotels for us that met this requirement despite gas and electric load shedding. The driver picked us up from train station in Islamabad and was the guide for us in all these places. Overall it was a superb experience and whenever we get a chance, we will book the tour again with TourPlanner.

Could not have asked for a better service. Trip went perfect from beginning to end, thanks to Tour planner. Our driver Iftikhar was great and very helpful.

Very excellent and satisfied trip with tour planner .excellent services ..... And driver of APV MR. IFTIKHAR is very good , honest and careful driver we all are satisfied with his driving also on hills of muree ayubia nathiagali during snow ice . I will always demand him.

Booked 7 days package with wife and 2 kids to muree , kashmeer , abbotabad Db picture you see in my profile is from that trip We enjoyed alot driver was gul faraz and he also guided us very well Hotel rooms are comfortable for entire family And most important tourplanner packages are very affordable with the facilities they offer

Its great time with the team of tourplanner really i enjoyed my honeymoon alot i will say to all please must try tour with tour planner speacially wd families hanks tour planner for make my tour better and specially specially and specially thanks to our driver Tasweer sb he is a great person and help us alot in different places thanks tasweer sab for make our time special.....!!!!

Going back to UAE with some pleasant memories.Over all experience was good however drivers needs improvement specially when you are driving with the family & kids and should be well aware of the various locations. Next time when you guys travel please make sure of these two things. Thanks

Hi all I reallly thank tour planner to make it happen. I had 9 days and wanted my trip to b planned. I called these people in the morning to plan it and by the evening i left khi.... picking m up from the daewoo lhr till dropping m bak to the station its was fantabulous..... these people did a great job. And since it was a sudden plan they were very mch open for the changes in betweeen.... without any arguement..... the amazing hotels, complete tour,24/7 car with m...... it was THE trip i was looking fwd fr after ages and these people made it happen. The only problem that i faced was lhr hotel which was a bit of a pain h/e that can b ignored against all the wonderful days... I was bit scared since we were all women and jz a boy kid... but it was planned so nicely that i never felt that i was alone on my own Good work tour planner..... keep it up.....

Dear Tourplanner & Team, I hope this feedback finds you in good health. Now it's time to share our thoughts after having such a wonderful tour in a very short span of time. We are very proud to say that the services which you guys provided to us were beyond our expectations. Each & every single thing, from Airport Pick Up to Whole Tour to Airport Drop off, all things were organized brilliantly. Even the driver guide was too much supportive. The good thing is we felt secured & safe on the whole tour. Overall, a big thumbs up to you guys, & thank you so much for giving us such memorable memories which will remember for lifetime. I'll rate you guys 10/10. Remember us in your special prayers. Much Thanks. Kind Regards; Mr. & Mrs. Muhammad Nasar

Fantastic trip :), tour guide mr. Tasveer was good person but driving quite fast ! Hotel in abbotabad was demanchi which is good but i would suggest mr. Khalid to book executive rooms there inatead of normal rooms. Overall, tourplanner is doing great job and thanks to the whole team for arranging my trip to naran, thandiani a memorable one !!

We just planned our tour to different areas of Kashmir , Naran, Kaghan & Murree. Our driver Mr. Taswar was such a great and friendly guy. Enjoyed every stage of our tour, Hotels were hygienic as committed. I appreciate the flexibility we got from Tour Planner according to our Comfort.

We booked a family tour starting from Islamabad nd includes muzaffarabad, Naran, Muree, Islamabad nd surroundings. My experience with them was excellent, Mr. Khalid is a seasoned professional, the driver, car, commitments all were bulls eye. For slightly more from your pocket one is getting excellent convenience of booking everything from one company having enough flexibility. I highly recommend this company nd will surely going to book my next trip to north through them.

Availed good plan, schedule, car and professional driver services. It was value for money.

Me and my family spent a wonderful time in naran kaghan tour. Mr.Khawaja Khalid (Tour planner) is a nice and very cooperative gentleman who continuously in touch and managed to accommodate us according to our choice of hotels and facilitated us more then his commitment and up to our entire satisfaction. Driver Abid was well experienced, cooperative and nice guy. Toyota Corolla XLi Car was in excellent condition. we recommend tourplanner to everyone.

we just had a two days tour of Naran Kaghan on a very short notice to Mr. Khalid Mushtaq. the arrangements are pretty good and comfortable too. Driver Mr. Babar was gentle person. The stops he took was really good. over all its good.

Our trip to Kashmir with Tour Planners was the first we had done through a proper company. I must say that right from the time the driver (throughout courteous, friendly, knowledgeable of area) picked us up in the car they had promised (comfortable, sturdy for the roads, clean and hygienic), it all went like clockwork. What I liked about Tour Planner was the flexibility that they allowed. We had asked for openness and comfort even if it meant staying in one quiet place. When we got what we had said and felt it wasn't as open as we thought it would be (it was our choice and approved beforehand) our request for fast forwarding the next location was arranged within minutes. On another occasion we liked the hotel arrangement so much and the location of it that we wanted to stay an extra day; that too was arranged despite a commitment elsewhere. The point of contact in Tour Planner was never a phone call away. And when the mobile phone signals were inaccessible there was always the landline to which they answered all the time. If messages were left for the person, we always received a call back well in time. The hotels were wonderful; the owners seemed conscious that we were to be given the courtesy and respect of tired travelers which indicates the good relationship Tour Planner had with the hotel management. Once we were asked to pay the breakfast bill when in fact the deal included room and breakfast. When we informed them that we were from Tour Planner, they gave us the benefit of doubt even though the receptionist had not written down the breakfast was part of the deal. They said they'll sort it out with Tour Planner but they had been told not to bother guests if they had come from Tour Planner. I would say that perhaps Tour Planner should have a more detailed briefing from. It would help both them and the tourists. You see, explaining a requirement over phone can be difficult and not every tourist can fully explain what they want. Overall a very pleasant experience and next time we go vacationing, I would like to go with Tour Planner. We had taken two quotations and they are indeed value for money. When you go on vacation you don't mind paying a little more if you have peace of mind. here I don't think we paid more and yet had tremendous peace of mind.

Hi all, me and my wife set up a 5 day trip with Tourplanner recently & quite surprising it went very well, Alhamdulillah. At 1st i was confused about transferring online payment to a unknown tour company. But after reading the reviews from the fb, i went in with the risk & the feedback from Mr. Khayam (who managed the whole trip) was superb. Our driver Mr,Adnan was very professional and intelligent driver. His driving skills very very much appreciatable. Some minor issues with the Hotel deManchi in Naran were the lack of hot water. Other services were excellent & i recommend others as well. Thanks a lot for a lifetime experience !!

Me and my Wife booked 3 days tour to naran through Tourplanner and it was a lifetime experience. We stayed in Demanche Hotel Naran where we had a comfortable stay. There were minor issues but overall stay went good. We had tour to Lake saif ul Maluk, Lake lulusar and Babusar pass, We also witnessed surprise snowfall at Babuser Top. Provided convince (Gli Car) and driver (Mr Tasveer) really made tour very comfortable, entertaining and enjoyable. However, driving of driver was much fast ... Overall we recommend Tourplanner to others to have a great trip in affordable cost.

i booked with tour planner for muree naran and shogran tour. It was very comfortable and pleasant tour.hoteling and travel logistics were good. I recomend it esp for families as its convenient, reliable and safe.

My Experience was very exotic will definitely use the service for my trips

We took a package of Neelum Valley for 4N/5D in Sept 2016. I was my first experience with you and I must say I am impressed as everything was superb and we enjoyed our tour very much.

I started my trip with my wife and kid from Islamabad on 18 Sep 2016 from Islamabad. Mr. Gulfaraz (Driver / Guide) assist us during trip. Our Trip was awesome and Mr. Khalid also help us to explore more. I personally recommend tour planner for your family trip. Mr. Khalid I would like to thanks and appreciate your effort and help. And Special thanks to Mr. Gulfaraz (Please convey my regards to him) Thanks Tour Planner to make my trip memorable. Regards Zeeshan Iqbal

We booked 3 nights tour to Naran, babusar It was awesome experience. experienced driver(Asif bhai) with good knowledge of roads, places and local culture. Accomodition & transport arrangements was very good and timely Its value for money

We booked 4 days / 3 nights tour of Naran during the first week of Sept 2016.It was a wonderful experience visiting Naran with tourplanner. Everything is well organized and their driver Mr. Danish was a professional fellow with complete knowledge of the area.

I was planning for months and I am lucky to planned my tour with them. Mr Khalid organised every thing perfectly, besides that I am more lucky (ALHAMDULILLAH) to have Parvez as our Guide/Driver he made our trip the best he knows every thing about the area, food, stay points for photography... Thanks again brother Khalid and brother Pervez.

So here it goes...we booked a 7 days 6 nights tour starting from Islamabad till Hunza and back to Islamabad. Details r as below: Started from Islamabad till Naraan (night stay) From Naran to Hunza via Gilgit (3 nights) HUnza to Gilgit (night stay) Gilgit to Shogran (night stay) Finally back to Islamabad. I must say it was a very well organized and planned trip. Initially Naran and Shogran night stays were not included but thanks to Tour Planner guys for making this modification (from initial plan that was for Chillas night stays). Both the guys (Khalid and Farhad) were continous in touch with us to make sure trip is going good as planned. Very cooperative and nice guys and the most important thing, they are not GREEDY at all unlike many other touring companies in Pakistan. Well done guys and would love to plan another trip via Tour Planner in future. And also to mention about our driver Adnan who was a young and enthusiastic driver and very carefully drove the car in all areas.

Good company to deal with - managed my trip arrangements from start to finish very efficiently and saved me from all the hassles of hotel bookings, tour planning and transport. Will definitely recommend to others!

The driver Mr.Tasvir Bukhary was very cooperative and a good family man enjoyed his company. Some Hotels were satisfactory not meeting our expectations. Overall had a good time.

last week we visited northern areas arranged by tour planner. It was overall good experience. I strongly recommend others to take their services.

I arranged 6Days/5Nights Tour for AJK, Muzzaffarabad, Kel, Keran, Kuttan, Murree, Ayubia and Nathiagali. It was really helpful, though it wasn't mine, and i didn't travel but it was an excellent one and really helpful. I arranged for my company that was really being appreciated.

excellent service....reasonable package..driver pervaiz was a good tour guider as wel.I want to recommmand people to go through tourplanner service.THANKS TOURPLANNER.

Best hassle free experience ever! My family and i loved it. Grey Wall Resorts was Amazing! Our Driver/Guide Mr. Pervaiz was an excellent driver and guide who drove carefully and wasn't disturbed by the excitement of my two little ones playing and fighting in the car. Will highly recommend Tourplanner. to anyone looking for a hassle free vacation. Great Job Mr. Farhad! You have my thanks! Next year Skardu (Y) :)

Took a package of Neelum Valley for 4N/5D in July 2016. Overall a good experience. Things which were committed by Mr. Khalid Mushtaq prior to the visit were all provided during the visit. Driver Mr. Husnain kept good care of us throughout the tour. Hotel at Keran (Green Village) was very good however hotel at Sharda (Kashmir Lodge) was below average. Overall it was a gud experience. However a suggestion to Mr. Khalid is that he should physically visit the area himself and look for other hotel options in the Neelum Valley. There are a number of other better rental options available in the valley.

I had booked a 7 days 6 nights trip for nathiagali murree. The vehicle and driver shafqat are so nice.shafaqt is very punctual and very calm natured driver. In murree the hotel standard is not so good enough. Howerer over all trip is so memorable.

In short.... A very well executed holidays with perfection....! Credit goes to Mr. Khalid, farhad and our companion driving expert Pervaiz. A promise to my mom and my family got a perfect reply from their smiles and thanks to all the team members of tour planner to get it accomplished....! A highly recommended partner for the best holidays planning. Good job tour planner.... My promise to come back next year ....!!!!!

We booked a 3 day 2 night trip to naran. Everything was good from contacting the staff to payments, from travelling to sight seeing. Our driver shujaat was really good as well. Had some problem with the hotel stay but that was resolved. Overall a great experience with u ppl. Wil definitely travel again but here are a few suggestions 1. Food voucher shoulde be included because breakfast payment was an issue at the hotel. Had to pay for it separately. 2. Its good that the tour is flexible but a proper itinerary should be given. 3. Kindly change the pine hills hotel from ur list. Its not recommended at all.

I booked 5 days 4 night Shogran > Siripaye > Naran > Saiful Malook > Lulusar > Babusar Top in mid of july the experience was good little hassle in start then everything sort out perfectly driver Naeem was good.

We booked a 4-Day, 3-Night trip for Naran-Babusur-Saiful Maluk with Tour Planner on Eid holidays. The experience was amazing, the driver Fida was knowledgeable about the surroundings and helped us a lot to see places we didn't know about. First 2 nights were in Parhena Cottages short of Naran, amazing views and great hospitality, highly recommended. Last night stay was in Centurian Hotel Naran City, too noisy, staff un-supportive, in-dining not allowed and washrooms leaking. Though the hotel was newly built but not recommended. Infact any place in Naran city is not recommended if you want to enjoy the serene environment. Stay outside the city, Arcadian Resort is another good choice. Service by Tour Planner is highly recommended, you will feel right at home, refreshed and raring to go every morning. Thanks for the experience, will definitely try again.

It was an excellent experience withTour Planner. In start I was bit hesitant to deal with an online company in Pakistan. I booked a 5 day 4 night trip to Naran Siful Malook, Lulosar lake, Babusar top and Shogran with Sri Paye. Mr. Faraz was our main contact who arranged and organized the trip and pleasantly modified our booking on ourreuested dates. The start was not good as our driver shoukat came late bu then he explained the reason of heavy traffic from Mansehra due to eid holidays. We started our trip from Rawalpindi due to eid holidays rushwe reached to Naran in 14 hours. But it was nothing to do with Tour planner. Driver was also very friendly and responsible. Overall I am very happy and satisfied with their services and it was full return of my investment. I will surely recommend them for any trip arrangements.

Dear tour planners thank-you very much for managing such a wonderful trip to naran valley the hotel millinium was outstanding and it was a memorable trip of our family and it was very well managed and planned trip from your side thanks

It was an ok experience. Could have been much better...

Tourplanner is indeed the best in Pakistan's travel industry! Our day trip to mushkpuri and nathiagali was an unforgettable experience.Thanks to Mr Khalids recommendations and guidance throughout the trip!

As we wanted a very special trip for our honeymoon, after much research and a rather skeptical approach, we booked a 10 day/9 nights honeymoon package to Skardu with Tourplanner. And we are very glad that we did. Suffice it to say that we'd recommend them with eyes closed. The planning was seamless and we did not have any problems despite the fact that we kept shifting our plans and changing our bookings. Mr. Khalid went to every length to accommodate us to his best ability. Thank you for a lovely trip!

It was my 1st tour/Booking with Tourplanner. I booked 3Nights/4Days tour for Naran/Kaghan and Shogran Valley. Frankly I was not comfortable while booking the tour with tour operator, But amazingly it was brilliant experience. I am impressed with Khalid Sb,s arrangements all over. Everything was arranged well in time including Car, Hotel Bookings and Jeep arrangements. I did few changes in the tour as well which were managed efficiently. Insha Allah I will book the tours again and again after such a great experience. I definitely and strongly recommend TourPlanner

i organized my university trip to toli peer .thanks alot tour planner for your cooperation throughout . we enjoyed alot. place was like heaven on earth (Y)

Had loads of fun, The Driver was good and hotels were also good

My Family and I booked a 5 day tour to Murree hills and adjoining heights. The whole program was wonder full and refreshing. Not to mention the plan was well planned by Khalid and the driver (MUDDASSIR) was a thorough gentlemen a true family man! He knew the places like an expert guide and is a very safe driver. The trip was worth its price! and we look forward to making more programs with Tour planner. Keep it up KHALID.

I booked the tour with tourplanner for Kaghan- Naran for 4 nights & 5 days and I am glad that i took the right decision. Mr. Farhad and Mr. Khalid both are very cooperative and everything that was decided was provided. They helped me to plan the trip and utilize the days. The car was in excellent condition and the driver Gulfraz was very humble and knew everything about the entire area. Overall and excellent experience and will definitely plan another trip soon.

We booked car with tour planner for 6 days for a trip to kashmir and murree. We felt very comfortable throughout our trip. The car was well maintained with all the days planned. Mr.Khalid helped us a lot in planning the same. Our driver(Fida) was Ok. We changed a bit of our plan on the 4th day for which we were charged extra. Our whole trip was very comfortable and hasle free starting from our pick from the airport to drop at the airport. We definately would recommend tour planner to all :) Regards Mr&Mrs Ehsan

I booked a 6 Days / 5 Nights Murree Nathiagali & Muzaffarbad Neelum Valley AJK tour with TourPlanner. My experience with Mr. Khalid and our driver cum guide Fida was excellent. Fida Bhai was very punctual & knows almost everything about the areas were we traveled. He showed us all the worth visiting places during our travel. Car was comfortable. All the Hotels where we stayed were very good & Hotel Staff was very courteous too. Overall an excellent experience. I would highly recommend Tourplanner to people who are looking for family trips with everything arranged, so they can only enjoy their traveling.

We booked a four days tour with tourplanner for Murree/Abbottabad/Balakot. I had my own arrangements for stay but the trip was planned by Mr. Khalid. He provided us a comfortable car and an excellent driver cum guide Gulfraz who was very helpful throughout the trip. Highly recommended for families and all those who want to enjoy a care free trip with excellent customer satisfaction service.

Tourplanner dot pk = peace of mind Booking our 4 day trip to Nathiagali with tourplanner dot pk was the best choice. Mr. Khalid arranged the whole trip very nicely. Throughout the whole trip I was at peace of mind from all the hassles of hotel bookings and travelling. The drive plus guide Mr. Tasveer Bukhari is a nice and very decent person, he made our trip great. He showed nice locations and stopped wherever a nice picture could be taken. I highly recommend tourplanner dot pk for your trip, it is a great choice for first timers.

Impressed with their services. Awesome Experience. Mr. Khalid and his team know what they are doing. Specially Driver (Gul Faraz) was extremely professional and friendly.

We booked a 5 dayand 4 nights tour to Muzzaferabad, AJK (Neelam Valley). The experience was just Awsoem . The organizer Mr Khalid is a very professional and V guy. He was helpful till the end of our trip, keeping update of our locations and helping out in any way he could There was a some change in plans from his side The last minute change from Muzzaferrabad to Rawalpindi – Murree was accommodated without any hesitation. Despite all the changes we made he remained completely calm and wasn't irritated at all. I would definitely recommend Muzzaferabad and Neelum Valley to all.

I booked a 5 days tour with tourplanner. The experience was great. Mr khalid is a true gentleman who arranged the tour in a flawless manner. Our driver cum guide "tasweer" was also very couteous and professional. I definitely recommend tourplanner to every1.

My sister and I booked a 4 day trip to Islamabad, Murree and Nathiagali. Everything worked perfectly! Our driver/guide (Imran) was extremely punctual, and he was extremely helpful. Khalid was always checking on us, making sure we've reached our destination and if we needed any kind of support!. The car was comfortable, Imran was always checking if we needed stops (or pictures!) and the structure of the tour worked fine. Hotels were fine, the one in Islamabad has excellent service ( Apex guest House). Overall, an excellent experience and would recommend it for persons looking to have everything arranged.

Great experience with Tourplanner , all the arrangements were perfect and everything went smooth. Would definitely recommend.

We booked a 4 days Swat tour with tourplanner... And I must say the whole experience was flawless. Mr. Khalid is a true gentleman and I didn't need to do a lot to get my tour reservation in place. We also did a last minute Islamabad reservation with them for 1 day and that too was accommodated very easily by Mr. Khalid. The hotel, Car, driver and everything else required for the tour was all arranged perfectly. Our driver/guide Mr. Tasweer bukhari was excellent and was very well mannered and very punctual as well. I would highly recommend tourplanner to anyone wishing to travel anywhere to Pakistan. Keep up the good work.

Fabulous services... I admire tour planner and appreciate from core of heart.. Wish you best of luck in future...

Our four day stay at Murree was definitely made worth-while by Tour planner. The driver/guide was really punctual and friendly who showed us all the worth visiting places and managed the time properly. Thanks for your services. Totally recommended.

Tour Planner is the only best services provider. The most important thing which I liked is the commitment of Tour planner. I suggest everyone, please must use at least one time Tour planner. Good Management, Good Attitude, Good Performance..... ! :) Hopefully Tour planner will meet all possible expectations of every traveler in a good sense. Thank you @Team Tour Planner

Our experience with Tour Planner, Mr. Khalid and our driver cum guide Gulfaraz was just awesome. Khalid took care of every single thing from timely pick-up to comfortable hotel rooms to excursions. We are very satisfied with the service and will definitely hire Tour Planner again to make our trip remarkable. Highly recommended for others who want to enjoy a care-free trip with good client servicing.

I went on my honeymoon for 2 days to Murree, Nathiagali, Ayubia and Patriata. The driver was congenial and the whole operation was very smooth. I had a good experience. Would definitely do this again

Great experience overall. Keep up the good work !

11 Days Pakistan Tour of Lahore Islamabad Murree Swat AJK Tour,It was a wonderful experience to see these amazing places in our beloved country Pakistan! I'm happy to chose Tourplanner for this trip. Mr. Khalid is very kind gentleman & very active & professional person. He was very cooperative throughout the trip. Our driver Purdil was very supportive. hotels also were good. Overall it was a great trip. Thanks to Tourplanner for managing it so well. I'm certain to use their services again in future. Also I'm happily recommending them to my friends & family!

I planned my tour to AJK & Murree with my family, i enjoyed there with very much specially our driver cum guide MR Gulfaraz is very friendly and experienced driver, Mr Khalid is also very supported we have faced 1 or 2 small issues which was solved within no time. i appreciate and recommend tour planner to all my friends.

I went on 4 days trip to Nathiagali, Thandiani, Murree , Bhurban booked with tour planner. I am really impressed by the quality of services they are offering. Everything was well organised. I stayed in hotel Elite Nathiagali the entire period and didnt find any issues. I would like to thank our driver Perveiz who took really good care while driving as I was traveling with two infants. He remain very friendly and accommodating. I would also like to thank Mr. Khalid for his support. Overall we enjoyed the trip very much. We would like to go with Tourplanner again.

I had book for 2 days Muree Package as I was traveling with 1 Infant and 1 child along with my wife I had requested for Pickup from Islamabad but Drop at Peshawar. Everything was very nice.. Specially the coordination before, During and after the trip. Driver was also very nice and tidy. We stayed at Lookwood Hotel and Check in and Check out was very fast and smooth. Overall it was money well spent. Inshallah, next year for NARAN package I will definitely gonna take your Services.

It was my first experience with Tour Planner. Initially i was a bit sceptical about it but when the journey started i was very much satisfied with the planning, punctuality and cooperation. Good job.

I have already used services for trip to Neelum Valley last year and being satisfied customer opted tour planner for Swat/Kalam tour. It was well planned and issues were resolved promptly. Just want to suggest that attitude of driver needed improvement.

I just came back from trip , went to muree naran and shugran , i must say the 7 days of awesomeness , the most memorable time of my life , my parents enjoyed alot.. The convenience is very comfortable. Everything as per scheduled. Thank you Tourplanner pk.. A highly recommend service and Mr Khalid is a great guy, very professional and always there if you come across any problem.. Thanks bro.. Will soon contact you again.

assalaamu alikum I m Dr. shahbaz , consultant JPMC karachi.. i want to acknowledge good appreciable tour arranged by tourplanner .pk .. we planned and booked tour from karachi, tour starting from islamabad ..6 nights 7 days , including 3 night at naran , then one in sugran and two in muree. Alhamdulillah , by the special kindness of Allah , and nice planning of tourplannner our tour was done as planned .....all our discussed requirements and needs were well adjusted by tour planner .pk we were also surprised regarding extraordinary trust on us by tour planner ..

I wish it go great! Trying you for the first time!

I went to Azad Kashmir on 4 nights and 5 days tour with tour planner. It was a good experience. The customer service was great. The driver was very friendly and a good guide. Tour planner representative were in touch with me during whole tour. I felt safe and did not face any issue during my visit. I planned my own visit and would have given 5 star if i have been guided more by the company. From Lahore we went directly to Keran and it was a bad decision. A lot of travelling with family. A friendly advise would be have been stay in Kashmir. But i would also appreciate tour planner as on my request they made arrangement of my stay in Kashmir on 11th hour. Secondly we opted to go for Tobat and were advised to not stay there as there are not good hotels. It was a really bad suggestion as not staying in Tobat mean we traveled 11 hours in a day where the return was in dark night on a road with no lights and river flowing beside us. It was scary experience. I believe the service i availed through tour planner was expensive. My friend is also going to Kashmir but on lower rates and longer stay. But if you are looking for reliable service and peace of mind than yes, Tourplanner is the right choice.

We booked a coaster for Nathiagali by Tourplanner. Although small booking but we found everything fine. The timings, quality of driver, quality of vehicle, cooperation, and cost all requirements were met. We enjoyed the trip very much. We would like to go with Tourplanner again.

Our heartiest and BIG THANK YOU to Tourplanner .pk Travel Agency for our recent trekking' After a relaxing free afternoon, we headed out to our welcome dinner at traditional local Dewanekhas Restaurant. Quite fittingly, Dewanekhas translates to “celebration” in Local. Dinner Local Food was a series of yummy Excellent little entree sized dishes, accompanied by some beautiful local Mountain Documentary . This was a fine way to introduce us to Pakistani

I planned a trip last week to Neelum Valley and was not satisfied with the Hotel Bookings as everybody is asking for high rates as its a jam packed week before the holy month of Ramadan. I found Tour Planner Site on Google and contacted them they have made prompt arrangements for our 02 Groups for Staying at Neelun Valley - Athmuqam and Sharda as Karen Hotels are fully booked. Our Hotel at Athmuqam is very neat to the River Neelum and the view of the high rise mountains are breaktaking. We suggest everyone to trust Tour Planners who ever is looking for a memorable trip with family or friends. The hotel rooms are nice and clean and with breathtaking near views of the mighty river Neelum.

I went to Murree, Nathiagali, Muzaffarabad. Tour management was awesome, car was comfortable, driver(Mr. Gulfraz) was very humble and knew every thing. Every thing was according to plan. Great support without a single physical interaction. I will definitely use tourpalnner services in future too and will recommend others to use Tour Planner service..

Recently, I booked a Car for rental with TourPlanner for my honeymoon trip to Northern Pakistan including Balakot, Kaghan, Naran, Azad Jammu Kashmir. I'm really glad to mention that me and my wife are truly overwhelmed with our trip thanks to Mr. Khalid of TourPlanner for the recommendations, suggestions at all required times and above all the car was great and the driver Mr. Ajmal Naqvi was super helpful, really courteous and trustworthy person. Thanks TourPlanner for a memorable trip. Look forward to see you again in future inshaAllah. Much appreciated!

Had great experience with you guys. very well planned and supportive staff.

AMAZING TRIP !! the two words I can use to mark my trip. I am extremely delighted and satisfied with the level of continuous support and assistance which was provided to us by tour planner. The tour was well organized. Tour planner was very prompt, reliable and flexible to the change request for locations. All the hotels arrangements were amazing in different ways, meeting or beyond our expectations which made our trip more peaceful. The driver that the company assigned to us was very helpful at all times, driving us through all those chaotic and peaceful streets and roads of various cities and having the car clean and ready at all times for us. He also was our guide when traveling between cities, making it possible for us to better know the local lifestyles. The driver was well knowledgeable, extremely support and caring at all times. We were even touched with the care and love he gave to my 8 months old daughter when she became ill and we had to rush her to the hospital. The only regret is that we couldn't spend more time and wish that next time when we plan to visit the places we will give sufficient time to ourselves to enjoy the beauty of nature created by Allah. All the places we visited were breath taking for us as they were extremely beautiful for us and beyond what we can express in words. Thank you for making our trip very memorable. Truly and heartily appreciate all your kind efforts. Best Regards Talha Nasser Doha - Qatar

I went to Nathiagali for 3 days with Tour planner. Me and my family really enjoyed a lot. I must say that the services they provided us are much better than my expectations. And I'm planning to take their services again INSHA ALLAH.

Tourplanner arranged a fabulous honeymoon trip for us to Muzafarabad, Neelam Valley and Pir Chinasi. At the end, I would say they are surely one of the best. Everything was well planned and executed to perfection. The travel arrangements were fantastic, wherever we reached, the hotel was already booked and the staying arrangements made already. The locations they selected for our stay were one of the best. Food was delicious and especially the stay at Shahkot (Dreamland guest house) was superb. The driver they arranged for us was very cooperative, professional and knew his job well. Tourplanner would always be my first preference whenever I would like to have a trip arranged.

I usually prefer not to book any tour guide service as it usually restricts you to visit the places they know already and which give a shut up call to your exploring nature but I have to admit that Tour Planner and an extremely helpful nature of the guide “Kismat Khan” changed my opinion completely. It’s a usual perception that Islamabad is a capital state and has nothing to enjoy in it other than the government building. If you have the same perception, I would highly recommend you to hire Tour Planner and you will simply change your opinion about Islamabad after visiting places like “Shadhra”, “Lake View Park”, “Ayub Park” and more. I am defiantly going to consider them again for my coming trips and will highly recommend you too.

This is my first time to have a trip with some arrangement done by a tour operator. Overall I am satisfied with the arrangements done by tourplanner. Driver was impressively well experienced to drive on roads for Neelum Valley. But driver was not much aware of rout or places (we have planned to visit). He has tried to manage it by keeping in contact with the head office of tourplanner. So becasue of less knowledge of driver about places I think we have missed some places to see there. Overall Good Service/accomodation, Guset House and Hotel was also good.

Alhumdu lillah was a great trip mashaALLAH JazakaALLAH for tour planner make our.trip.awesome.specially thnx.for Fida bhai as a guider of us May ALLAH give more success to Tour.planner.

Everything including guide, hotels and management was fantastic. You were always available for help and guidance. Thanks for making my trip wonderful :)

Tourplanner made my honeymoon memorable! My whole trip to Swat was excellently managed by them and I was absolutely relaxed and tension-free during my whole trip! In all my upcoming tours, I will definitely opt up their services every time! I highly recommend them whenever you are planning your vacations!

I have experienced Tour planner recently and I am pleased to share that services are awesome. I want to use tour planner again in future. One thing they should consider that there is no plan for 1st day and last day. 1st day they just receive the guest and at last day they just drop.

It was great experience and I am fully satisfied with the services and tour planning of the Tour-planner Team.I will recommend all friends to select tour-planner for making their tour full of enjoyment. Suggestion: Someone from the team should be there at hotel entrance for guidance and reception on very first day of the tour.

Very good service, nice and co-operative people, excellent hotels, gentle drivers, economical packages, .........................................................

Me and my family spend a wonderful time in all destinations during tour. We preferred to stay in hotels then Guest houses. Mr. Khawaja Khalid (Tour planner) is a nice and very cooperative gentleman who continuously remained in touch and managed to accommodate us according to our choice of hotels and facilitated us more then his commitment and up to our entire satisfaction. Driver Gulfraz was well experienced, cooperative and nice guy. Toyota Corolla XLi Car was in excellent condition.

We arranged our Azad Kashmir trip through Tourplanner. This later proved to be the best thing we did. They had arranged our accommodation which was actually very good. Food was also good. They also handled our transport which was also very comfortable. The driver, who was also our guide, was very professional and courteous. The only issue we faced was 24 hour availability of hot water. We usually had it for 8 - 9 hours.

Few simple words about tourplanner , - Excellent - Well Organized - Strict to the plane. - Know the client needs. I will recommend tourplanner for everyone to plane your trip with tourplanner experts.

I think it will be good

I am extremely pleased and satisfied with the level of service that tourplanner provided us, We had an absolutely wonderful trip to Islamabad, Naran, kaghan, Shogran, Murree which will stay in the memory forever. I do recommend tourplanner to all my family & friends, and who ever is looking for such a wonderful trip with perfect arrangment. Thank you so much tourplanner. Regards, Danish +966561509079 Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

One of the best tour operating company in Pakistan. They have delivered what they have committed.

Very excellent and remarkable service.Good choice of hotels.very gentle and nice driver and best transportion.I will recommend tour planner for everyone planning to take pakistan tour.Real value for money.

Had a brilliant trip to naran, kaghan n shogran with excursions everyday. Very well planned. Will definitely book with tourplanner again ! Thanks for a great service !

Amazing trip up to Naran, Kaghan and Shogran!! Very well managed - great service at a very affordable price!

I hired Tourplanner for my family vacation to Naran, Shogran and Murree. I must say i enjoyed their service and tour plan. Good thing was that they were in constant follow up during the tour to make sure there are no problems being faced. Go for their services for a hassle free tour to ur favorite destination. I will definitely opt for their services for my future tours.

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Wonderful place...


Absolutely amazing! I planned a holiday with them and I was astounded by the level of customer service and professionalism with which Tour Planner handled all my queries. The hotel arrangement was amazing, the transportation arrangement was also amazing. I strongly recommend using Tour Planner's services to experience the beauty of Pakistan!

If i say my family holiday trip was excellent or good then it is wrong. it is fabulous. Every thing was book. Hotel, jeep and car every thing is as per expectation. I will definitely use them again. I highly recommend to use tourplanner for your holiday trips.

good keep it up and i am thankfull to mr khalid . inshaAllah we will meet in next year.

Overall great guidance and customer support. Hotel accommodation could have been better. Also few lack in communication to hotels. Hotel pictures to be shown prior booking. Also complete itinerary with excursions to different places should be shared with photographs. Overall: Satisfactory

Great support and guidance. Thanks Tour planner for making my trip awesome. (Y)

Good customer support from booking till completion of holiday. Exactly delivers what us promised in the package. Hotel was nice and clean and the was very good. Driver was polite and the tour guide also helped us with sight seeing. Overall tourplanner made our holiday pleasant and memorable. Highly recommended. :)


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    Private xli car with standard room in delux package. Itinerary : Day 1 Pick up from Islamabad / Daewoo Murree, check in at hotel , Night stay and sight seeing Mall Murree. Day 2 Local sightseeing Nathiagali, Ayubia and night stay Hotel in Murree. Day 3 Check out from Murree and back to Islamabad in after noon.

  19. 2024 3 Days Murree Tour Package

    Lahore Tours. See all things to do. 3 Days Murree Tour Package. 3 Days Murree Tour Package provided by Pakistan Travel Tourism. Lahore. Lahore Tourism Lahore Hotels Lahore Bed and Breakfast Lahore Vacation Rentals Flights to Lahore Lahore Restaurants Things to Do in Lahore Lahore Travel Forum Lahore Photos Lahore Map.

  20. Murree, Nathia Gali & Thandiani 3 Days 2 Nights Tour

    Murree, Nathia Gali & Thandiani 3 Days 2 Nights Tour. Murree is a top tourist destination in Pakistan, but Thandiani has excellent weather throughout the year. Tourist love to visit this freezing hill station in Abbottabad. Where they can enjoy the best Murrree places at the most reasonable prices, this three-day Murree tour is famous for activities such as hiking and sightseeing.

  21. Murree Tour Packages

    Murree Tour Packages, Murree. 4,427 likes · 160 were here. We are offering Murree Tour Packages From Karachi, Lahore, Islamabad and from other Areas of...

  22. Pakistan Tour Packages, Bhurban Murree Honeymoon Tour Trip Tourism

    Best Murree Bhurban honeymoon travel tour trip packages 2024 Murree, Bhurban Nathiagali tour. Pakistan Tourism Packages, Murree Tourism Package, Pakistan Tour packages 2024 ... 11 Days Pakistan Tour of Lahore Islamabad Murree Swat AJK Tour,It was a wonderful experience to see these amazing places in our beloved country Pakistan! I'm happy to ...

  23. Holiday Tour Package Murree (2 Days /1 Nights )

    This 2 days holiday tour package offers a comprehensive sight seeing of Murree city within your budget. This Murree tour package can be availed during weekends and weekdays. Murree Tour Package Includes : 1 Night hotel accommodation in Murree. Pick and drop from Islamabad, Lahore pick and drop will be charged at extra/-.