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The 12 Best Travel-sized Skincare Sets

We love Fenty Skin’s The Glow Around 4-piece Travel Skincare Essentials Set.

face cream travel size

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35 Thousand

Despite all the (obvious) positives, traveling can wreak havoc on your skin. Among the culprits: new climates, indulgent food and drinks , fatigue, drying plane cabin air, and more. For this reason, you’ll want to pack a skincare regimen that counteracts these stressors as well as targets your unique everyday needs regardless of the location.

To help you choose the best travel kit for your next adventure , we researched and rounded up selections that address a variety of circumstances and skin concerns, and fall under the TSA 3-1-1 guidelines . Our overall favorite, Fenty Skin’s The Glow Around 4-piece Travel Skincare Essentials Set, stands out for its consolidated product lineup with multifunctional items, a reasonable price point, and the versatility to be used on nearly any type of skin. But, if you want to target specific concerns or environmental stressors, read on. We’ve culled the best items for a multitude of scenarios.

These are the best travel skincare sets to shop:

Best Overall

Fenty skin the glow around 4-piece travel skincare essentials set.

Multiple products in this vegan kit do double duty, and SPF is included.

If you prefer an even more minimalistic travel skin routine, shop the brand’s three-piece set instead.

We’ve long been traveling with Fenty Beauty products in tow, and this skincare assembly — featuring standouts from Rihanna’s Fenty Skin line — is our number one pick. The vegan set, suited for normal, dry, combination, and oily skin types, includes four miniature skincare products: an antioxidant-packed cleanser, a toner-serum hybrid, a moisturizer with sun protection, and an AHA exfoliator with a reusable applicator. It has just a little more than the bare necessities to help combat travel-induced skin stress, but it’s not excessive either; it’ll all easily fit inside a clear quart-sized bag, and won’t break the bank.

We especially love that multiple products in the kit do double duty. The 1.5-ounce Total Cleans’r face wash easily wipes away dirt, oil, and makeup, eliminating the need to pack a separate makeup-removing product. The lightweight 1-ounce Hydra Vizor moisturizer contains SPF 30 and also works well as a primer. Furthermore, the moisturizer’s pump-style container is extra sanitary for travel (so you’re not transferring any germs from your fingers into a product tub). For those who prefer a more minimal routine, the brand also offers a three-piece version of the travel kit (sans exfoliator), which comes with a trial-sized body cream.

Best Overall, Runner-up

35thousand all the radiance set.

Four full-sized products (1.7 ounces each) including an SPF 30 serum and bamboo washcloth come in a clear zip case.

It’s on the more expensive side for the size.

If you’ve never heard of 35thousand, it’s a skincare line that was made for travel — literally. All of the brand’s products are travel-friendly in terms of size, containers, and the skin concerns they address. The set is more of a splurge, but that’s because each product in this vegan kit was carefully designed to function in place of multiple other products. For example, the makeup-removing cleansing balm can double as a hydration mask when left on skin for 10-20 minutes. Or, try the refreshing and toning mist in place of water (along with the cleanser) if you don’t have access to a sink.

We love that the day serum includes SPF 30 and a subtle tint hint for added glow while on the move, and the hyaluronic acid-rich cream delivers much needed hydration. The best part? The items come housed in a clear zip case (with room for a few more products) and there’s a mini bamboo washcloth which comes in a smaller zip case to keep it separate from the rest of your stash.

Best for Sensitive Skin

Ren clean skincare evercalm skin zen trio.

Natural ingredients like plant oils can help soothe delicate skin.

You may want to consult your dermatologist first if your skin is highly sensitive.

If your skin tends to be fickle, you may want to follow a less-is-more approach to your routine. Enter this three-piece system, which includes only the essentials. The ultra-gentle cleansing milk is the perfect wash for delicate skin, and the kit follows that with a calming cream for daytime and a recovery balm with an intensely nourishing barrier for bedtime. Even if you don’t generally have sensitive skin, travel conditions (such as plane cabins, new climates, and bedsheet fabrics you’re not used to) can cause your skin to flare up on vacation, and these soothing products featuring sea buckthorn berry, jojoba, and sunflower seed oils can be a welcome relief.

Best for Combination Skin

Caudalie vinoperfect brightening solution set.

The oil-free gel moisturizer is great for warmer climates.

If you prefer a more matte finish, you might not love the pearlescent moisturizer.

Designed to target uneven skin texture, this three-piece set includes a gentle glycolic essence (which the brand recommends applying with a cotton round after cleansing), a dark spot serum (to be used on face, neck, and décolleté), and a brightening moisturizer (to be slathered on morning and night, after serum application). The oil-free moisturizer has a lightweight gel texture, which makes it a great companion for trips to warmer climates. It also has pearlescent minerals which deliver an immediate visible glow to skin.

Best for Oily Skin

Priori the clear skin now kit.

This no-fuss routine is aimed at clearing and soothing blemish-prone skin.

To avoid possible irritation, start slow with the gel perfector only. 

If your skin tends to break out under stress, you’ll need targeted products to combat the effects of a change in daily routine. This small-but-mighty set includes a two-week supply of skincare essentials designed to offer blemish control and clear oily skin. The first step is a calming lactic acid cleanser, which is still tough enough to remove eye makeup. Next comes a salicylic acid gel perfector aimed at balancing oily skin that can lead to breakouts, and that doubles as a mattifying primer. (The brand recommends starting usage at a few times a week to see how your skin reacts and before bumping up to daily application.) Finally, there’s an oil-free, silky-smooth replenishing moisturizer, which can also be used post sunburn to soothe skin.

Best for Dry Skin

Biossance miracle moisture set.

Four squalene-packed products work in tandem to help target parched skin.

The set does not include a cleanser or a product with SPF.

Plane cabins are practically synonymous with dry skin. That’s because an aircraft’s filtration system — which takes in outside air and circulates it in the cabin — causes humidity to drop well below what is comfortable for most people. Each of the four steps in this routine (a soothing eye cream, a plumping serum, a rich moisturizer, and a finishing Vitamin C oil) contain squalane , an ingredient said to have powerful hydrating properties. Not only is the kit a good fit for anyone with naturally drier skin or who may be experiencing abnormal dryness due to time of year or destination climates, but it can be great to boost lost moisture due to the flight alone. We love that this set includes a really creamy eye product, since delicate eye-area skin might need a little extra love after an aptly monikered red-eye flight .

Best for Normal Skin

Olehenriksen find your glow brightening skincare set.

Packed with vitamin C, these products can help brighten dull, travel-stressed skin.

This set does not include SPF, and you’ll want to layer some of top of any areas where PHAs were applied. 

If your skin isn’t fussy, you can focus your routine on products that target long-term skin concerns. Olehenriksen’s four-piece set is anchored by the hero ingredient Vitamin C , which can treat photoaging and hyperpigmentation. An orange fruit water-based daily cleanser, a Vitamin C serum, a nourishing gel cream, and a color-correcting eye cream are designed to help improve luminosity, which can certainly suffer when we put our skin through the stress of traveling. The weightless-feeling gel is cool to the touch, making this set ideal for warmer-weather locations — but don’t forget to pack SPF for vital sun protection, which is not included in this kit.

Best for Lips

Fresh sugar collection lip care set.

These tiny lip balms deliver moisture and a variety of subtle colors.

Depending on the length of your trip, you may not need five different options.

We’ve talked a lot about skin dryness due to travel, but don’t neglect your parched pout. Fresh’s cult-favorite Sugar lip products are famous for delivering moisture along with subtle, buildable color. They’ll do double duty on your next trip by replenishing chapped lips and potentially replacing any lipsticks you might have considered packing. 

This five-piece set includes mini versions of the brand’s best-selling colorless Advanced Therapy lip treatment (a must-have to combat drying plane cabin air), refreshing and softening Mint Rush, and three buildable tinted balms. The color balms — in rosé (a rosy pink), honey (a warm terracotta), and petal (a nude blush) — deliver a subtle tint with one swipe and a deeper shade when layered. If you don’t feel like carrying five lip products, the brand also makes a three-piece set .

Best for Eyes

Charlotte tilbury recovery skin set.

A cult-favorite cream is coupled with two soothing, hydrating serums.

This set is best suited for normal and dry skin types and does not include any cleansing products or SPF.

Jet lag, lack of sleep on red-eye flights, and more can all add up to dryness and redness around the eye area while jet setting. Charlotte Tilbury’s Recovery Skin Set is designed to restore hydration and plumpness with its trio of soothing products. Included is a half-ounce container of the celebrity-loved brand ’s cult-favorite hyaluronic acid-based Magic Cream, a mini serving of a lightweight Vitamin C serum, and a depuffing eye serum containing caffeine. We especially love the eye serum because it has a metal applicator tip which delivers a cooling sensation to your eye area when applied.

Best for In-flight Use

Shielded beauty self defense system set.

We keep these moisturizing minis close while in the air to replenish skin mid-flight.

You’ll need to pack other skincare items for a full routine as this set only has a hydrating mist, facial moisturizer, and hand and body lotion.

Plane cabins are notoriously harsh on skin and just a couple of hours in the air can leave your epidermis feeling parched. Whenever we fly, we love to keep a teeny bottle of hydrating mist — such as the soothing and energizing spritz in this three-piece kit — handy for a little mid-flight refresh. You can even apply it over makeup. Equally essential: the hand and body lotion which can aid any exposed body skin pre-, mid-, and post-flight and the nourishing facial moisturizer. Designed to protect skin against environmental elements, this set is also ideal for packing for new climates that your skin isn’t accustomed to.

Best for Warmer Climates

Image skincare ready, set, discover set.

A minimalistic skincare routine means more time for soaking in your trip .

If you prefer a more radiant finish on your beauty products, the mattifying moisturizer might not be your favorite.

When outdoor activities are on the itinerary, sun protection should be at the top of your packing list (yes, even in colder locations). With ingredients designed to hydrate and brighten — plus SPF — Image Skincare’s three-item set is a great low-fuss find for beach or warm-weather vacations. It starts with a mild cleanser, which is followed by a hydrating and brightening hyaluronic acid- and Vitamin C-packed serum. The last step, a mattifying moisturizer, offers SPF 30 sun protection. A bonus: The products come in a reusable TSA-friendly clear zip case that gives you one less thing to think about while packing for your next adventure.

Best for Colder Climates

Glossier the skincare edit.

The kit comes with two of Glossier’s cult-favorite lip balm minis.

None of the included products have any SPF. 

Cold, dry air can quickly lead to skin dryness and redness as well as chapped lips. If you’re traveling to a climate that’s chillier than you’re used to, Glossier’s Skincare Edit set could be a great companion. It includes mini versions of the brand’s makeup-removing Milky Jelly Cleanser, the hydrating Super Bounce Serum (which they recommend pressing 3-4 drops gently into skin after cleansing), a shea- and murumuru-butter-rich moisturizer (which doubles as a primer), and Futuredew (an oil-serum hybrid that should be applied as the last step in your skincare routine, after sunscreen). We love that this kit also gives you two Balm Dotcom lip balms (one non-tinted and one barely-there pink), which will certainly come in handy if your lips dry out when temperatures drop. A bonus: it includes a nylon-spandex headband that's ideal for washing your face, and everything comes in a molded, recyclable paper case.

Tips for Buying Travel-sized Skincare Kits

Prioritize portability.

When traveling, especially via plane, you’ll want your skincare regimen to follow certain guidelines. First, anything going in your carry-on should adhere to the TSA’s 3-1-1 rule (all liquids, gels, and aerosols must be in containers of 3.4 ounces or less and should all fit into a single, clear quart-sized bag). You’ll also want to minimize the number of products you’re hauling as much as possible, per the quart-sized bag. 

Consider your usual skin concerns and the climate at your destination

You’ll also want to think about the specific stressors your skin will be exposed to on your trip and stock up on products that can help combat those: Will you be spending ample time in the sun? Are you entering drying, cold weather? Will you be wearing more makeup than usual? These are all things to take into consideration when shopping for products to pack for your next vacation.

Why Trust Travel + Leisure

For this story, Talia Ergas used her experience as a beauty editor to curate the best skincare sets to suit most needs.

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All products are independently selected by our editors. If you buy something, we may earn an affiliate commission.

The 21 Best Travel-Size Beauty Products to Pack on Your Next Trip

By Danielle Sinay

Travel Size Beauty Products

Once upon a time, finding the best travel-size beauty products meant scouring the pharmacy “travel size” section and making do with that one tiny bottle of Cetaphil. But as interest in beauty, skin care, and hair care has evolved, so too have options for travel-size cosmetics. Now you can find almost any product from your beauty routine as a mini, from practical products like tinted sunscreen and thigh chafing balm to must-have face serums to tiny hair tools. Some might even be your favs you use everyday, in their original packaging, no less!

Whether you’re packing for vacation or want to test out cult-favorite cosmetics before you commit (no judgment here!), there are dozens of beloved beauty products that can now be procured in a compact, easy-to-pack, and TSA-approved form. Keep scrolling and see the 21 best travel-size beauty products ahead.

Supergoop! Mini Glowscreen Sunscreen SPF 40 Mini

Supergoop Mini Glowscreen Sunscreen SPF 40 Mini Size

Supergoop! Mini Glowscreen Sunscreen SPF 40 Mini Size

Supergoop's Glow Screen is the ultimate multitasker and therefore perfect for toting on your next trip. Not only does it provide SPF 40 coverage, but it leaves the face glowing, glimmering, and sun-kissed without leaving a white cast , and can be worn solo for gorgeous “no-makeup makeup” glam or underneath foundation for a lit-from-within look. At 1.7 oz., the original bottle is technically TSA-approved, but the 0.68-oz. mini size is ideal for carrying in day-to-day bags, purses, and pockets. The more room, the merrier, right?

Paula’s Choice Mini Skin Perfecting 2% BHA Liquid Exfoliant

Paula's Choice Mini Skin Perfecting 2 BHA Liquid Exfoliant

Paula's Choice Mini Skin Perfecting 2% BHA Liquid Exfoliant

You’ve likely heard all about Paula’s Choice Skin Perfecting 2% BHA Liquid Exfoliant, the cult-favorite toner that really, truly works. But did you know it comes in an itty-bitty 1-ounce option too? Well, now you do. It’s so small it takes up little to no room, meaning you have that much more space to pack souvenirs without worrying about disrupting your skin care routine.

Megababe Thigh Rescue Mini

Megababe Thigh Rescue

Thigh chafing is no joke, especially while walking more than usual on summer vacation. Fortunately, Megababe knows their audience and launched a mini version of their life- (and thigh-) saving anti-friction stick that’s just 0.81 oz. It’s so tiny you can throw it in any purse or even a pocket, and reapply as much as necessary. Megababe’s stick is derm approved too: “This easy-to-use formula glides on easily, and includes aloe and vitamin E to help soothe the skin, as well as pomegranate seed extract to protect the skin and grapeseed oil to help hydrate,” says Marisa Garshick, MD , FAAD, board-certified dermatologist.

Drunk Elephant Day Dream Kit: Mini C-Firma Fresh Day Serum + B-Hydra Intensive Hydration Serum

Drunk Elephant Day Dream Kit CFirma Fresh Day Serum  BHydra Intensive Hydration Serum

Drunk Elephant Day Dream Kit: C-Firma Fresh Day Serum + B-Hydra Intensive Hydration Serum

One of the hardest parts of traveling is having to part with your favorite face serums , so beauty buffs can breathe a collective sigh of relief: Drunk Elephant now offers its viral fitamin C serum in a 0.28-oz. form. The C-Firma Fresh Day Serum brightens and firms the complexion while improving skin texture and tone, and does so without clogging pores. It also comes with a mini B-Hydra serum, which provides additional hydration for a radiant finish.

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Living Proof Travel-Size Perfect Hair Day Dry Shampoo

Living Proof Travel Size Perfect Hair Day Dry Shampoo

Living Proof Travel Size Perfect Hair Day Dry Shampoo

Whether you’re prone to sweating or simply don’t have time to shower, dry shampoo is a fairly universal travel essential. The only problem? The best ones usually don’t come in travel size, especially since they’re often aerosol cans. Or, at least they didn’t, until Living Proof released a 2.4-oz. version of their best-selling dry shampoo. You can even pack this in your carry-on. See you never, greasy bangs!

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Belif Mini The True Cream Aqua Bomb

Belif The True Cream Aqua Bomb

Belif The True Cream Aqua Bomb

Gel based and lightweight, the Belif True Cream Aqua Bomb is a Glamour editor favorite that’s perfect for summer. It doesn’t clog pores, cause breakouts, or provoke excess oil production , but it is super moisturizing and gentle enough to not irritate sensitive skin. It also works remarkably well as a base or a nonsticky makeup primer or layering base, and is available in an itty-bitty 0.84-ounce mini size . So whether you want to try before you buy bigger or plan to carry it onto your summer vacation flight, you (and your skin) are covered.

Dermalogica Mini Daily Microfoliant Exfoliator

Dermalogica Mini Daily Microfoliant Exfoliator

You might be taking a break from work while on vacation, but that doesn’t mean you should have to stop exfoliating. Consistently named one of the best face scrubs, Dermalogica’s microfoliant exfoliator combats dullness and brightness without being too rough on the skin. Plus, the formula is customizable—it’s a powder that turns into a paste when mixed with water—and gentle enough to use daily. And now, it comes in a 0.45-oz. option.

Sunday Riley Power Couple Mini Kit: Mini Good Genes & Luna Sleeping Oil

Sunday Riley Power Couple Mini Kit Good Genes  Luna Sleeping Oil

Sunday Riley Power Couple Mini Kit: Good Genes & Luna Sleeping Oil

Celebrities, editors, and dermatologists love Sunday Riley’s iconic Good Genes serum—it’s cited in practically every other Drop the Routine —and with good reason. This serum smooths, brightens, and clears skin while plumping and combatting fine lines, and works in as little as three minutes. The Luna Sleeping Oil is esteemed too—Paris Hilton and makeup artist Nam Vo are both fans—since it helps brighten the skin while soothing redness and irritation. Together, these MVPs are unstoppable: And now, at 0.27 and 0.17 oz., they’re TSA-approved.

BaBylissPRO Mini Straightening Iron with Travel Pouch

BaBylissPRO Mini Straightening Iron with Travel Pouch

Most hotels and Airbnbs have hair dryers but are without essential hair tools like hair straighteners. But while some hair simply can’t be tamed with just a dryer, packing a full-size hair straightener can be a pain. Enter BaByliss, who re-created the company’s popular hair straightener in a tiny travel size, complete with a pouch. Now you can straighten and fix your hair anywhere and everywhere that has an outlet.

Oribe Mini Dry Texturizing Spray

Oribe Dry Texturizing Spray

Oribe Dry Texturizing Spray

Texturizing spray is truly the unsung hero of the hairstyling world, and Oribe’s is often credited as the industry gold standard. Adored by beauty editors and hairstylists alike, it’s great on all hair types and textures; provides lightweight hold and texture without feeling sticky or weighing hair down; adds volume, texture, and grit; and somehow smells good too. The fact that it comes in a 2.2-oz. bottle is pretty much a miracle.

Bumble and Bumble Mini Hairdresser’s Invisible Oil

Bumble and Bumble Hairdressers Invisible Oil

Bumble and Bumble Hairdresser’s Invisible Oil

Bumble and Bumble offers most of its products in travel sizes, which has earned the brand a permanent place in many beauty lover carry-ons. This oil not only makes hair smell and feel amazing, but it completely combats humidity-induced frizz while protecting hair from heat and UV rays. At 0.28 oz., it easily packs in your purse on hot, humid days so you can reapply for extra protection and frizz defense.

Tatcha Mini Liquid Silk Canvas: Featherweight Protective Primer

Tatcha Mini Liquid Silk Canvas Featherweight Protective Primer

Tatcha’s Liquid Silk Canvas is a Glamour Beauty Award winner —and considered one of Tatcha’s best products —for a reason. It smooths and blurs the skin upon application, almost like IRL airbrushing, and provides the perfect canvas for foundation, since it doesn’t budge, get oily, or lose coverage all day. Which is why the fact that it’s available in a 0.35-oz. bottle is a life-, and makeup-, saver.

Laura Mercier Mini Translucent Loose Setting Powder

Laura Mercier Mini Translucent Loose Setting Powder

Laura Mercier’s cult-favorite loose setting powder is a godsend when it comes to setting makeup, but the packaging is on the larger side, which makes it hard to travel with. Fortunately, Laura Mercier’s setting powder now comes in a perfectly combat-ready 0.33-oz. travel size so you and your makeup are set for your next trip.

Mario Badescu Travel-Size Facial Spray With Aloe, Herbs, and Rosewater

Mario Badescu Travel Size Facial Spray With Aloe Herbs and Rosewater

Mario Badescu Travel Size Facial Spray With Aloe, Herbs and Rosewater

When something is Martha Stewart-–approved , you just don’t question it. So when Stewart’s facialist Carmela Barabas revealed she uses and loves the cult-favorite facial spray that revives dehydrated skin, we knew it deserved a spot on this list. Especially since it’s so useful for dehydrated, post-flight skin and refreshing touch-ups throughout travel days.

Olaplex Healthy Hair Maintenance Kit: Olaplex No. 3 Hair Perfector + Intensive Bond Building Hair Treatment

Olaplex Healthy Hair Maintenance Kit Olaplex No. 3 Hair Perfector  Intensive Bond Building Hair Treatment

Everyone from Emma Stone to Glamour editors to hair pros swear that Olaplex No. 3 Hair Perfector is one of the best hair treatments around. Glamour even named it our choice for best hair mask over all . That said, some editors specifically point to the combination of No. 3 and the Intensive Bond Building Hair Treatment as what truly transformed their hair, which makes the fact that both are available as 1-oz. bottles that much more convenient—and good for our hair. Also of note? Their equally beloved Olaplex No. 4 Bond Maintenance Shampoo and Conditioner come in travel sizes too.

Garnier SkinActive Micellar Cleansing Water All-in-1 Makeup Remover & Cleanser Mini

Garnier SKINACTIVE Micellar Cleansing Water Allin1 Makeup Remover  Cleanser

Garnier SKINACTIVE Micellar Cleansing Water All-in-1 Makeup Remover & Cleanser

Garnier’s micellar water might not scream “cult-favorite beauty product” at first, but this versatile skin care staple undeniably deserves a spot on the list. Especially since it makes for such an ideal travel buddy, no matter the kind of trip you’re on: This classic cosmetic allows you to remove makeup, cleanse your face, and soothe the skin without any water.

Milk Makeup Mini Lip + Cheek Cream Blush + Lip Color

Milk Makeup Lip  Cheek Cream Blush  Lip Color

Milk Makeup Lip + Cheek Cream Blush + Lip Color

Milk Makeup

Who doesn’t love a multipurpose beauty product, especially when it comes to travel? There is so little space to pack as is, so having one cosmetic that acts as a beautiful blush and lip tint —formulated with hydrating ingredients—can make all the difference. Milk Makeup released special-edition travel sizes of the cult-favorite blush on their website too; they’re so compact, they can fit into the tiniest of bag or even your pocket.

Clinique Mini Take The Day Off Cleansing Balm Makeup Remover

Clinique Mini Take The Day Off Cleansing Balm Makeup Remover

Whether you double-cleanse to remove makeup or triple-cleanse just in case, a solid cleansing balm is a universal beauty staple. And Clinique’s is widely considered the gold standard in that department, so much so it was nominated for a Glamour Reader’s Choice Award for best cleanser . Gentle, hydrating, and extremely effective, this cleansing balm melts away makeup, sunscreen, and dirt, and now comes in a mini 1-oz. size.

Smashbox X Becca Mini Shimmering Skin Perfector Pressed Highlighter

Smashbox X BECCA Mini Shimmering Skin Perfector Pressed Highlighter

Smashbox X BECCA Mini Shimmering Skin Perfector Pressed Highlighter

Becca’s going out of business was heartbreaking for everyone, especially beauty buffs who loved the brand’s Champagne Pop pressed highlighter . Fortunately, Smashbox took it upon itself to bring the beloved highlighter back—and offer it in a travel size that’s so small, many fans forget it’s in their bag in the first place.

Thrive Causemetics Deluxe Mini Liquid Lash Extensions

Thrive Causemetics Deluxe Mini Liquid Lash Extensions

Thrive Causemetics Deluxe Liquid Lash Extensions mascara is another universally beloved makeup essential . Formulated with liquid fibers, orchid stem cell complex, and Japanese pepper extract, this mascara builds and lengthens lashes, encourages lash growth, and helps condition them, so you’re supporting your lashes while making them look glam too. And when it comes to the mini, it’s so tiny you'll barely notice it’s in your bag, though you’ll certainly see its effects on your glam.

Urban Decay Mini All Nighter Long-Lasting Makeup Setting Spray

Urban Decay Mini All Nighter LongLasting Makeup Setting Spray

If you’re going to bother bringing all these travel-size beauty products on vacation, you might as well make sure they stay put. Lightweight and easy to use, Urban Decay’s All Nighter setting spray really lives up to its name, remaining smudge- and transfer-proof for up to 16 hours. Translation? Your glam will stay in place whether you you embark on a historical walking tour or dance all night at the discoteque (or both). It’s no wonder it has as an average rating of 4.6 across Sephora, Ulta, and Amazon—especially now that it comes in a 1-oz. bottle.

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The 27 Travel Skincare Products You Need In Your Carry-On

face cream travel size

As difficult as it is to whittle down your wardrobe to a few key outfits for holiday travel, most beauty enthusiasts would agree it’s even harder to settle on a travel-friendly skincare routine. Besides the whole 3.4-ounce size limit thing, there’s also the issue of space. I mean, you could theoretically pack your usual line up of cleansers, serums, and moisturizers into a separate checked suitcase, but if your vanity looks anything like mine, even that would be a struggle (not to mention a hassle). Enter the latest TSA-approved travel skincare products , which are just as easy to pack as they are effective.

To determine your ideal travel routine, experts say you should consider where you’ll be going and how long you’ll be gone. “For cooler climates in general, I would recommend seeking out treatments with peptides,” Dr. Jennifer Vickers, a dermatologist at Sanova Dermatology, tells The Zoe Report; since cold, dry air can strip moisture from your skin. Stash a few of Peach & Lily’s ceramide-spiked Original Glow Sheet Masks in your bag to rehydrate on-the-go. “I like products with hyaluronic acid to really maximize hydration,” she adds, like Peter Thomas Roth’s mini Water Drench Hyaluronic Cloud Cream . Destined for a humid or tropical getaway? “A gel cream may be more favorable,” Dr. Vickers tells us — the travel-size Squalane and Probiotic Gel Cream in Biossance’s trial set is ideal. No matter where you’re going — snowy or sunny — Dr. Vickers maintains that daily SPF is a must .

View on Instagram

Just because it’s in a tiny bottle doesn’t mean it deserves a coveted spot in your carry on, though — an efficient travel routine requires downsizing in terms of both fluid ounces and skincare steps. If you’ll only be out of town for a few days, ask yourself if you truly need to pack your favorite exfoliating scrub or once-a-week mask (no shame if the answer is yes). You may also want to invest in multitasking products that fill more than one role. Peach & Lily’s Lazy Day All-in-One Moisture Pads act as a toner, essence, and moisturizer all in one; and Kopari Coconut Melt Mini can be used as an oil cleanser, lip balm, overnight cream, and even a hair mask.

Don’t forget to slip a few hydrating essentials into your purse for the plane. The recycled cabin air you’re exposed to in flight has about half the humidity level that your skin is used to, Melissa Kanchanapoomi Levin, a clinical instructor in dermatology at Mount Sinai Hospital in New York City, told Allure . In other words, skin can become dehydrated pretty quickly, leading to dry patches, dullness, and breakouts. To counteract this effect, why not skip the makeup and apply a hydrating face mask while en route? In-flight masking doesn’t have to be messy or awkward as it sounds — just slather on a thick layer of Summer Fridays Jet Lag Mask , which moisturizes skin with natural oils and ceramides, and doesn’t need to be rinsed off.

When deciding what to pack, you might as well mix practicality with pleasure. It can’t be ignored that “travel size” is interchangeable with “trial size” these days — so travel is the perfect excuse to experiment with the pricier products you’ve been considering. Cult-favorite Vintner’s Daughter Active Botanical Serum costs upwards of $200 for a full bottle, but the travel size sample is a mere $65 — who could resist?

Ahead, 27 travel skincare products that are proven to work and perfectly sized for packing.

Makeup Removers and Cleansers

Travel Size Makeup Remover Towlettes

Toners and Mists

Limited Edition Dewy Skin Mist Mini


Alpha Beta Extra Strength Daily Peel Mini


Travel Size Water Drench Hyaluronic Cloud Cream

Minis + Travel Sizes

Big skin goals start small. our minis and travel sizes are portable, packable, powerful. (priced as marked and not eligible for further discounts.).

face cream travel size

Skin School Supplies: Glowing Skin Essentials

face cream travel size

Skin School Supplies: Cleanser Refresher Course (Type 1 & 2)

face cream travel size

Skin School Supplies: Cleanser Refresher Course (Type 3 & 4)

face cream travel size

Take The Day Off™ Charcoal Cleansing Balm

face cream travel size

Dramatically Different Moisturizing Lotion+™

face cream travel size

Moisture Surge™ 100H Auto-Replenishing Hydrator

face cream travel size

Clarifying Lotion 2

face cream travel size

Clarifying Lotion 3

face cream travel size

All About Clean™ Liquid Facial Soap

face cream travel size

All About Clean™ Rinse-Off Foaming Cleanser

face cream travel size

Clinique Smart Clinical Repair™ Wrinkle Correcting Serum

face cream travel size

Even Better Clinical™ Radical Dark Spot Corrector + Interrupter

face cream travel size

Moisture Surge™ Face Spray Thirsty Skin Relief

face cream travel size

Take The Day Off™ Cleansing Balm

face cream travel size

Moisture Surge™ Intense 72H Lipid-Replenishing Hydrator

face cream travel size

7 Day Scrub Cream Rinse-Off Formula

face cream travel size

Acne Solutions™ Cleansing Foam

face cream travel size

Clinique Happy™ Perfume Rollerball

face cream travel size

Clinique For Men™ Starter Kit – Daily Intense Hydration

face cream travel size

Clinique For Men™ Starter Kit – Daily Oil Control

face cream travel size

Clinique For Men™ Starter Kit – Daily Age Repair

face cream travel size

Aromatics Elixir™ Eau de Parfum Spray

face cream travel size

All About Eyes™ Rich Eye Cream with Hyaluronic Acid

face cream travel size

Acne Solutions™ Clinical Clearing Gel

face cream travel size

All About Eyes™ Eye Cream with Vitamin C

face cream travel size

Clinique Happy™ Eau de Parfum Spray​

face cream travel size

Dramatically Different™ Moisturizing Gel

face cream travel size

Dramatically Different™ Hydrating Jelly

Clinique has bestselling skincare and makeup in travel sizes so you can easily take your complete routine with you when you travel. Looking for a travel-size cleanser? Our #1 cleanser All About Clean™ Liquid Facial Soap is gentle and non-drying. Need a travel-size toner? Refreshing Clarifying Lotion sweeps away dulling flakes. For a travel-size moisturizer, opt for Dramatically Different Moisturizing Lotion+™ or Moisture Surge™ 100H . To treat your top concern and keep up your routine when you’re on the go, take a travel-size serum with you: Clinique Smart Clinical Repair™ Wrinkle Correcting Serum or Even Better Clinical™ Radical Dark Spot Corrector + Interrupter . For makeup removal, toss travel-size Take The Day Off™ Cleansing Balm in your bag. Want a complete routine in one set? Our travel-size skincare sets are filled with the perfect grab-and-go essentials for your trip.

Yes, we have travel-size skincare sets expertly curated for a range of skin types. Keep a few on hand for your next trip. They’re also a great way to try a new routine without a big commitment. Our iconic 3-step skincare set includes a complete routine for great skin. If you’re breakout-prone, our Acne Solutions skincare has a simple routine for clearer-looking skin. Our Clinique For Men™ sets keep it simple with skincare and shaving essentials.

Yes! Our travel-size skincare products are on average 3.4oz / 100ml so you can take all your favorites with you on your trip.

Keep skin looking healthy in any time zone with a simple routine: cleanser, toner, and moisturizer. Add a travel-size serum to keep targeting your top skin concern while you’re on the go and sunscreen to protect skin. You’ll also want a hydrator in your bag, especially if you’re flying. Oil-free Moisture Surge™ 100H is lightweight yet intensely hydrates. Pat it on before boarding and reapply it during your flight to keep skin plumped with moisture.

Check out our offers page for gifts-with-purchase. These limited-quantity gifts sometimes include bags for makeup and toiletries. Select gift sets may also include bags and travel-size toiletries. These value sets come in limited quantities. If you see one like, grab it while it’s here.

Customers love our iconic 3-step skincare set—it includes a complete routine for great skin. For targeted care, two of Clinique’s powerhouse serums are available in travel sizes: Even Better Clinical™ Serum for brightening and Clinique Smart Clinical Repair™ Serum for lines and wrinkles. Our travel-size daily care set for men is a terrific value. For an easy look on the go, drop one of our favorite makeup sets in your travel bag.

face cream travel size

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Travel size d·e·j face cream® 0.5 oz.

A free gift after 3rd subscription order when you sign up for auto-replenish.

Travel Size Product Locate An Authorized Skincare Professional Near You D·E·J Face Cream®   - An intensive skin-renewing moisturizer inspired by the Dermal-Epidermal Junction (DEJ), a critical factor in skin aging, that helps improve the visible signs of aging from multiple pathways and features Prebiotic Innovation to promote a healthy Microbiome.

  • Targets the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles
  • Visibly adds volume and plumps skin
  • Brightens and evens skin tone
  • Promotes a healthy Microbiome
  • Provides antioxidant benefits to help combat environmental stressors
  • Provides intense hydration with a lightweight feel
  • NET WT 0.5 OZ
  • 5 Stars 1 Review
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  • 3 Stars 0 Reviews
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  • 1 Star 1 Review

DEJ Face Cream

Very moisturizing. However, it does pill a little on my face when I apply it over my serums.

For the price point I’d hoped it’d work better. I find myself having to reapply a half hour or so after I cleansed and applied the cream.


It is perfect for what I needed

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face cream travel size

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The "Best Gel Cleanser"

Lytic Gel Cleanser is a 7-time NewBeauty award winner!

face cream travel size

SPF that Protects and Glows

Daily Shield Tinted SPF 50 provides broad-spectrum protection for healthy, radiant-looking skin

face cream travel size

"The Best Moisturizer for Oily Skin"

Renewal Lite Facial Lotion is a 2024 NewBeauty award winner!

face cream travel size

Top Products

Lytic gel cleanser, purifying toner, renewal lite facial lotion, daily shield tinted spf 50 sunscreen.

Just wanted to say how much I love Epionce. I have never felt good about my skin, and have never tried products that actually did what they promised. It’s always been a struggle dealing with congested, clogged pores... When a dermatologist suggested products from Epionce, it totally changed the game. I love the Lytic Gel Cleanser, the Lytic TX, and the Renewal Lite Facial Lotion. These products have changed my oily, congested skin into a glowy, clear complexion. I have stopped skin picking altogether because my skin is so clear there’s nothing to pick! Thank you for exceptional, life-changing products. I’m so happy I found Epionce.

The eye serum is non-greasy and easy to absorb. It makes the eye area hydrated, brighter and looking regenerated. Highly recommended.

I love the feel of the serum. It goes on so smooth and is not greasy. The skin around my eyes looks beautiful . . . you can barely notice my crow’s feet anymore . . . this is the first eye serum that I've used that has worked for me.

I’m 25 and for as long as I can remember, I would always think to myself, “if I could change one thing about myself it would be my skin." This time last year I committed to spending all of my Christmas money on a few fancy facials and investing in a new skin care regimen. I spent months throwing money away buying trial sizes of products that were not doing the trick. My esthetician recommended Epionce products and I bought the cleanser, toner and moisturizer to start. Within one week my skin was noticeably better. A year later, my skin is better than I could have ever imagined and I actually get compliments daily. I am continuously recommending Epionce to my friends and I could not be more thankful for these products and the confidence they have given me!

Epionce has changed the texture and appearance of my skin! I have been using it day and night for 4 months. My dark spots have dramatically faded and the overall brightness of my skin has improved so much that even other people have noticed. I haven’t been this happy with my skin in years!!

I love all the Epionce products. They are extremely hydrating and moisturizing. My favorite is Medical Barrier Cream. It’s my go-to moisturizer.

I'm 32 and have struggled with blemishes since I was a young teenager. I've tried everything, literally everything. Nothing has made any difference. As I've gotten older my skin has continued to get worse and worse. Epionce was recommended to me by my medical esthetician and within just a couple days I noticed my skin looking better. I've been using it for over 6 months now and my skin has completely changed. I haven't had a single significant blemish in months. I could not recommend this product more. I had all but given up, now I tell everyone I know that this is an absolute game changer.

Katheryn T.

I absolutely love the transformation that has occurred after I have used your product. Everyone comments on how my skin has a beautiful glow to it now! I'm so excited to see my skin look so amazing! It has taken years off of my skin. I use the Lytic Gel Cleanser, Lytic Sport Tx, Renewal Facial Lotion and Ultra Shield SPF 50. Thank you so much for making such a wonderful product.

I’ve suffered from breakouts for about 6 years now...and Epionce has SAVED my skin. I’ve seen countless dermatologists and aestheticians, taking blood tests, and using every treatment known to anyone. Until finally I came across Epionce products and I haven’t looked back since! I incorporated the Lytic Gel Cleanser and Lytic Tx and I don’t need anything else for clear skin. Thank you so much!!!

I love all the products I have tried so far, but my all-time favorites are the Lytic Gel Cleanser and the Lytic Plus Tx. They cleared up my deep breakouts and continues to keep them away. If I do get the rare breakout, it is short-lived with the use of these two products!! Well done, Epionce!!

I just wanted to say that I really love your products! I have oily skin. I have been using your products for the last six months and it helped unclogged my pores, improved the texture, and lighten scars. My favorite products are the Renewal Lite Facial Lotion and the Lytic Sport Tx. I may try many different products, but...I always come back to Epionce.

Veronica M.

Lytic is life! I've brought so many of my [breakout] clients back to normal and no irritation. I also swear by it for my redness.

Sara J. - L.E.

I am forever amazed at the outstanding results I continue to see in my clients. The Lytic Tx and Renewals - "The Dynamic Duo" - have worked wonders in my clients. I'm so pleased to be partnered with this outstanding company. Dr. Thornfeldt is a genius and has pioneered a skincare company driven by results that achieve healthy skin!

Stephanie B. - Des Moines, IA

Enriched Body Cream - works wonders for my legs - absolutely love it!

Melanie B. - Naperville, IL

I love your products. They help me feel beautiful and confident going out of the house with little to no makeup on at all. My skin has never felt this amazing and been this clear. I have been using your products since this past winter. Since then, it has become a part of my daily routine. My skin is radiant and soft. The products smell amazing. My favorite is the Renewal Lite Facial Lotion. I feel confident and happy knowing my skin is protected with your products. I will always use and recommend.

I moved from Seattle to northern Colorado earlier this year, and the change in climate was a shock to my skin. My face has always been relatively clear and normal - no issues with dry or oily. After a few months of living in Colorado I started noticing some dry skin on my face. It wasn’t too bad at first, but it developed into angry, flaky, red bumps all over my face like a rash, which were not only ugly but also very painful. I tried everything I could think of to reduce the itching and redness...nothing worked. An esthetician at a spa I went to suggested Epionce...I purchased the Gentle Foaming Cleanser, the Balancing Toner, and the Enriched Body Cream. I’ve been using them for about a week and my skin is finally happy. The bumps are no longer red, the itchiness is almost gone, and the size of the affected area has decreased significantly. I can’t believe something finally worked. I no longer get upset when I look in the mirror, and I can’t wait to see what my skin is going to look like in a month. Thank you for designing something that works in this dry climate. I was honestly considering moving again because my skin was causing me so much pain and anxiety.

Madeline E. - Colorado

The Epionce line of skincare products has been a Godsend for me. The Milky Lotion Cleanser is wonderful. The Enriched Body Cream has restored my skin to a condition that is as soft as my 1-year-old grandson.

Thank you for having skincare and peel products that help us affect change for women, helping them achieve their skin care goals, and to wake up feeling beautiful in the morning. Epionce is one of the reasons we have been able to embrace success!

Tamara Q. - Washington

[Since starting Epionce] I have seen a huge difference in my skin, smoothness, lines...just hydrated! I have my son using Lytic Tx and he too has seen the difference. I recommend Epionce to all our patients and family/friends. The Absolute Best!

Rose D. - Encino, CA

LOVE [Daily Shield Tinted SPF 50] - it feels so luxurious and really feels like it covers and I see a difference in my skin!

Claudia G. - North Carolina

The Lytic Gel Cleanser is a game changer. I love that you can use it all over!

Hanna - Southlake, Texas

Epionce has not only dramatically improved the patient's skin I work with but has improved their overall confidence. I couldn't be more proud to be a part of and work with this line. Epionce is amazing!

Becky T. - Florida

I wanted to thank you SO MUCH for the Renewal Calming Cream. It is the first product ever that has not burned my face when I apply it - even right when I get out of the shower! It's so moisturizing and feels great on my skin, and I just needed you to know I'll be using this product for the rest of my life and I love it!

Alexis Q. - Colorado

I LOVE Epionce products! I have used [other brands] and I always, always come back to Epionce. The reason for trying others has to do with facials at medical spas and getting talked into trying something. Well, I know my skin and Epionce outperforms all of the others!

My husband used this once and told me to buy three more...this isn't the usual [blemish-clearing] spot cream. Definitely very effective and a little goes a long way!

Angela C. - California

The [Purifying] Spot Gel helped with big blemishes. I saw them shrink overnight.

Nikki T. - New York

...thank you for creating something so amazing that I have started to love my skin again and the way that I look...not only because [Epionce is] helping my skin, but it actually feels good... thank you for being so impactful in my life.

I have a very stubborn/persistent dry skin patch on my leg that I have seen two dermatologists, tried every lotion...and [Epionce Renewal Calming Cream] is the first cream that has truly made a difference. . . this is a hero product.

I have struggled with blemishes my whole life. It has been most frustrating now that I’m an adult as my skin is sensitive and products tend to be too harsh...using Purifying Spot Gel has changed the way I handle breakouts.

Megan P. - Boise, ID

I was given this spot treatment regimen when blemishes popped up on my chest during CrossFit. I was shocked after just one day of using it [they] started to disappear and I haven’t had an issue since!

Caroline C. - Chicago, IL

I found Epionce...and my life was changed. My skin went from feeling hard and quite frankly stressed from breakouts between the harsh chemical components and the humidity here, to soft, stunning and thriving! My skin feels alive and well, [and] I would never again put all those harsh chemicals on my skin, especially knowing now how healthy my skin is thanks to Epionce! I wish I could sell this product to every beautiful face I see! Everyone needs these products in their life for skin success!

Caroline F. - Wisconsin

Lite Lytic Tx has prevented post pregnancy [breakouts] and kept my skin bright during these hormonal changes.

Kimberly P. - Hoffman Estates, IL

I was tired of trying to find over the counter cleansers and facial lotions that wouldn't make my face break out with acne. Everything I tried, even other expensive clinical products that claimed they wouldn't make my skin break out, they did...All I can say is [Epionce is] worth every cent and I will never go back to anything else. I only use the Gentle Foaming Cleanser and Renewal Facial Lotion on a regular basis and the tinted sunscreen when needed. My face finally does not break out and does not get oily from the lotion. I'm so happy with the results of these products!!

I have been a fan of Epionce products from Day 1. I [have used] the Intense Defense Serum + Lytic Tx + Renewal for my skin type [for the] last 3 years and I look 20 years younger than my age. That's the secret of my youthfulness that I share with people. Epionce really works!

Angela U. - Hillsboro, Oregon

I never knew my skin needed help until I began using Epionce. It took a turn for the better when I didn't even know I needed it! Thank you!

Sarah G. - Kalispell, Montana

Hands down the best products I've ever used. I tell all my friends & family about Epionce.

Amanda - St. Paul, Oregon

I have struggled with my skin since my teenage years. After going on Accutane twice in undergrad, in my late 20s my skin was relatively breakout free, but rough, uneven and dull. Since high school, I’ve always used moderately priced “quality” skincare products so I wasn’t sure why now, in my late 20s, my skin now seemed so flawed. I [was] recommended the Intense Defense Serum and Lytic Tx. I walked out with both and it has transformed my skin in just weeks. I’m radiant with minimal makeup, and my face feels so soft and smooth.

Kristen N. - Nashville, TN

I firmly believe Epionce is meant for all skin types. I have used this product for over a year now. I have never been this satisfied about a product before.

Kristen W. - Spring Hill, TN

Before I tried Epionce, I was very dissatisfied with my skin. Epionce has changed the game! I will never use anything else.

Brooklyn S. - Athens, AL

I love Epionce. It works! It fits my lifestyle. It is safe and effective!

Eleanor G. - San Jose, CA

I own my own medical aesthetics practice. I constantly get compliments on my skin, and yes it's gorgeous thanks to Epionce. It's the ONLY skin care line I carry!

Brenda V. - San Jose, CA

I have used Epionce for 4 years now. It's changed the texture of my skin.

Rhonda V. - Florida

I have used the products since starting [my] business almost 9 years. I have tried others from other lines, but have always returned to Epionce because I feel results are the best...I look younger now than 9 years ago.

Joanna B. - Florida

I am so pleased to have a skin care company that provides the research to backup the integrity and science behind this amazing product line...It is a pleasure to work with Epionce.

Heather G. - Florida

I've been using your [Renewal Facial Lotion] for about 8 months now and it's the best!! I have a sensitive skin and it's the one lotion that I've used that does not dull my skin or give me a fine mist of rash. Thank you for a great product.

I have problem skin. With my current regimen of Milky Lotion Cleanser and Intensive Nourishing Cream, my skin feels better than it has since puberty.

Monica - Tulsa, OK

I have been using the [Epionce] line for over two years now and will not carry any other line in my spa! I love the science behind it!

Julli R. - Dallas, TX

I have oily/sensitive skin and the Renewal Lite [Facial Lotion] and Lytic Gel Cleanser alone have changed my face.

Ashley J. - Dallas, TX

I absolutely love this [Renewal] Calming Cream! I suffer from [dry skin] and compared to other products I have used, this cream delivers the perfect amount of hydration for my sensitive skin. I was very surprised and happy to see how quickly my skin has improved after using this cream in such a short amount of time. The formulation is so gentle I have also used it on my face. I feel the cream has worked wonders on my skin by providing an amazing protective barrier against hydration loss which has helped minimize flareups. My skin always feels great! This has become a go to product for myself and my children.

I have used several Epionce products over the years . . . the Renewal Calming Cream is one of my favorite Epionce products. This product is very rich and creamy . . . and it feels so good on the skin. It doesn’t leave a greasy feeling and I am able to wear it under my makeup. I have very sensitive skin and this product soothes my skin and helps with the sensitivity. I actually look forward to applying it every day.

I have very dry skin. I could not believe how great my skin felt and looked after using Epionce Enriched Body Cream for a short time! I LOVE this product!

Patty - Minneapolis, MN

The Epionce Renewal[s] have changed my skin as well as my clients. I can't keep them on the shelf.

Sue J. - Plymouth, MN

I have been using Epionce for two years and noticed a complete change in my skin in my 50s. People ask me all the time what I use on my skin.

Julie L. - Minneapolis, MN

I really really love the Daily Shield Lotion Tinted SPF 50! [It's] great! Even for my normal to oily skin!

Terrin H. - Minneapolis, MN

I have been using Intense Defense Serum and I love it. It has rejuvenated my skin.

Neira C. - Boston, MA

I'm so glad Epionce came out with this tinted mineral sunscreen [Daily Shield Lotion Tinted SPF 50], it acts like a primer before powder or liquid make-up. The coverage is great and it only takes about a size of a pea to do the job. I live in the SW and use it everyday for protection from the sun and my skin looks great. Thank you Epionce for another great product.

My skin has been forever changed and I have never been more satisfied with my skin care regimen. I am so happy to have been introduced to this amazing line!

Lucy B. - Los Angeles, CA

The compliments on my skin have increased significantly since beginning Epionce. My skin is smoother and brighter, and I'm definitely wearing less makeup to "cover" my imperfections.

Julie W. - Alton, Illinois

People who don't know what I do for a living compliment my skin. Even in the line at the grocery store! I ONLY use Epionce products and always will.

Emily C. - Springfield, MO

I have been using [Epionce] now for about 10 years or so. I am age 62 and have few wrinkles. My face has benefited from using this. It is amazing!

My skin continues to look younger, brighter and more dewy. The science behind the Epionce products is unsurpassed. I will never use any other product line.

Caitlin C. - Denver, CO

Not only has Epionce revolutionized our clinic and options for our patients, it has revolutionized by own personal skin appearance. This company has my utmost respect for their dedication to clinical studies and using only the best ingredients.

Janel Z. - Colorado

[Epionce] came out with Daily Shield Lotion Tinted SPF 50 and I absolutely LOVE it! I don't even use a foundation anymore, the light tint is a perfect foundation.

Pam B. - Bozeman, MT

I use and strongly recommend Epionce products. Epionce works for all skin types and you have noticeable results right away. The tone and texture of my skin has changed dramatically since using Epionce.

Lindsey M. - Helena, MT

Epionce is like clean eating for your skin. I never knew there was a line that all the natural ingredients and be able to back it up with research. It truly works and I am excited to finally use this line.

Amber H. - Frisco, TX

My patient...noticed improvement in redness in only 2 days after having no results with any other product. AMAZING! and it has LASTED!

Jessica B. - Vail, CO

I truly believe in Epionce products and appreciate the studies behind the product.

Carrie R. - KS

The compliments on my skin have increased significantly since starting with Epionce. My skin is smoother and brighter and I’m definitely wearing less makeup to cover my imperfections.

Julie W. - IL

People who don’t know what I do for a living compliment my skin, even in the line at the grocery store! I only use Epionce products and always will.

Emily C. - MO

I began using Epionce six months ago. I followed the recommended system and my skin looks beautiful! I receive compliments from everyone – family, friends, and strangers. I love Epionce!

Laura M. - TX

The Medical Barrier Cream has made a huge difference in the recovery of our laser patients. Our staff is hooked!

Anathea B. - CA

I really appreciate having an effective skin care line that is also healthy.

Tabitha C. - CA

Lucy B. - CA

I have very sensitive skin and feel that Epionce is the perfect product for my anti-aging and skin protection regimen.

Joanna G. - CA

Epionce is the perfect product for our practice. It has made me much more successful and knowledgeable.

Helen T. - CA

I love that the products are user-friendly and made with ingredients I can explain to clients.

Ermy B. - TX

I love this line of skin care products, and have been using the line for over a year now. It's really great for sensitive skin and all types-dry to oily.

This is one of the best eye creams I have ever used. Just excellent.

I have very sensitive skin around my eyes. Most eye creams cause my eyes and the skin around my eyes to burn and become irritated. I received a sample of this product and have been very impressed. Usually anti-aging products dry the skin out in order to tighten it. This product however, somehow moisturizes and tightens the skin like no other product I've used. I am a makeup artist and cosmetologist. I have worked in cosmetics at department stores and have used literally hundreds of products on my skin and this eye cream is the best one I've ever used.

This face cream is not just like any other face cream. I have bought many other face creams that promise results of younger-looking skin if used as indicated. This is the first face cream that I have tried that actually delivers the promises that it makes. I'm a middle aged woman that has noticed a noticeable difference in my face wrinkles. My face is not only smoother, but the lines and wrinkles have really diminished after using this cream. Try it, and you too will see what I am talking about.

[The Intensive Nourishing Cream is] perfect for my hydration-starved skin in Colorado. Love the way it feels, smells, works...perfect for nighttime use. I highly recommend.

Asa W. - Colorado

Epionce Renewal Facial Cream is wonderful. It has been recommended by my dermatologist. It is remarkable. One has to try it to get the full value of what it does for your skin.

I love [Enriched Firming Mask]! I'm a mask addict, I will admit...and this one is really good! Not too harsh - I could probably use it daily - I love how it makes my skin feel. I'm 56 and have somewhat sensitive skin, prone to redness, and my skin gets dehydrated easily if I'm not careful. Epionce products keep my skin looking healthy.

[The Lytic Tx provided] immediate relief from inflamed, irritated skin. I struggled for days with redness on my face, my pores looked large, skin was tired, looked unhealthy. I got a sample at a plastic surgeon`s office and it calmed everything down like 70 percent the very first time I used it! Nothing ever worked that quickly and that well. Within 2 days my skin was beautiful, healthy, pores were hugely improved, it really worked amazingly!

EB - Seattle, WA

I started buying [Lite Lytic Tx] through my dermatologist for my redness...Love every thing about it; keeps my completion nice & even. I have tried to replace it with other cheaper lotions & such, always end up giving them away and using this one.

[Lytic Gel Cleanser] does the job of removing dirt, make-up, and impurities very very well. Feels amazing on the skin and does not dry out after wash. Highly recommend it!!!!

Epionce Renewal Facial Lotion is amazing! It just takes a tiny bit- a wee dollop the size of a pea to cover facial skin and throat. It so absorbs quickly that I can apply powder base right away. My skin is combination, oily, flaky, etc., but is balanced by using this product. Well worth the price since one 1.7 oz bottle lasts me 3-4 months. I am so grateful I discovered Epionce!

Epionce User

The Epionce Enriched Body Cream is incredible. It’s the only cream I’ve ever used that actually changed my hands (rather than just temporarily relieving dryness). I want to evangelize for you and the company. Incredible stuff!

Leslie - Washington State

I switched to Epionce from [another product line] and I love it! I have yet to find a product that I can truly say this about. Within 2 days the texture of my skin changed. It feels smooth, not like chicken skin anymore. My make-up goes on evenly and I feel like I use less makeup. When I look at my face in the mirror I can see my skin looks healthier. I can feel it working!

Casey - Washington State

I had a young man come in for a skin consultation. He had been on a topical steroid for very dry skin. His dermatologist took him off the steroid, and he was in a panic because he didn’t think there was anything else he could do. I gave him Epionce samples. He came in the next day and purchased all the products I had given him because it had totally worked!

A Medical Office - California

I have had dark spots for several years, and now that I'm in my early 40s it seems as though it's worsening. I have tried several products, including medical-strength ones. I can honestly say that Epionce is the only brand that has addressed my issues. My skin is brighter, more even, and smoother. I continue to tell people of my success with Epionce. I especially love the fact that the brand is cruelty-free, and paraben-free. I am thrilled to have found Epionce!

After just a few weeks of using Epionce, I could see a difference. I have never been a believer in creams and potions but Epionce is really amazing!

Rebecca S. - Washington State

I've been using Intensive Nourishing Cream for years! It keeps my face hydrated and I love the compliments that people give me regarding my skin.

Colleen H. - Washington State

I confidently recommend Epionce because of the science supporting the technology and the consistent positive feedback I get from my clientele.  I appreciate that it is botanically based, super effective and does not contain parabens, fragrances, or sulfates. It smells and feels wonderful to use and is cost effective. It’s one of the best all-around skin care lines, if not the best.

Victoria H. - Austin, TX

I have normal skin type and it can be dry in the colder months. When I wake up in the morning the redness has completely gone down. My skin looks brighter and feels more hydrated. I do not want to take this off EVER!

Emily J. - Lincolnshire, IL

I am thrilled I came across Epionce! I have depended on medications for years. With Epionce I have been able to completely eliminate [other products] and I am beyond thrilled with my skin. Not only has it cleared, but the texture and radiance have also improved.

Kasey J. - St. Louis, MO

I really love the Lite Lytic! It smooths out my skin and lightens brown spots.

Cindy - Laguna Hills, CA

I love Lytic and Intense Defense Serum! After using it for a couple of months, my skin looked years younger. I had a client ask me if I had a face lift.  

Linda W. - Kennett Square, PA

There is a Lytic product appropriate for every skin type and skin issue. It exfoliates, deep cleans the pores, helps with blemishes and brightens the skin with no drama!  We can sell with confidence to every client that walks in the door. Everyone needs a little Lytic in their life!

Megan C. - Winnetka, IL

I have been studying and using Epionce for about 8 months now and have seen nothing but good results. The products have given my skin a smoother and more even texture. I have used them in the treatment rooms and seen amazing results in...the overall health of the skin in my clients. Epionce is my favorite skin care line and I believe in it 100%. 

Katy A. - St. Louis, MO

It's total nutrition for your skin. I love the fact that it has vitamins A, B, C, D & E. I use it every morning under my Intensive Nourishing Cream. I notice a big difference in my skin texture and luminosity when I run out and don't use it. It's pretty incredible. You too will become a faithful follower!

Debbie B. - Oak Park, CA

The Medical Barrier Cream is also a favorite of mine. I use this with all dermaplaning and peel services. It is also useful for bites, burns and skin irritations. 

Tonja S. - Norman, OK

I have tried so many skin care lines and Epionce is the only one that made an incredible difference in my skin.

Bridget - Allentown, PA

My skin has improved 100% since using Epionce!

Donna F. - Medford, NJ

I am using the LyticTx and Intensive Nourishing Cream every single day and am really loving them! I’m noticing a difference in the texture and clarity of my skin. What I especially love is that I do not have any irritation or negative reaction at all! A nice change compared to retinol!

Julie L. - Chandler, AZ

Enriched Firming Mask was more effective than any exfoliants I've ever used! My skin is smooth and the itty bitty red spots that were beginning to form all over my face is almost nonexistent. My face is super smooth.

Kaylee S. - Boise, ID

My skin is often bumpy and clogged and now has some sun-damaged spots. Since I have been using the Epionce products, I can see and feel a real difference!

Carolyn S. - Newberg, OR

I went from having beautiful skin to hormonal skin due to menopause. I was experiencing irritation, sensitivity, scaling, breakouts and minor pigmentation. My skin is back to being complementary and I am a believer!

The [Essential Recovery] Kit with the Priming Oil has been a “skin savior” after an ablative treatment such as the CO2 or Pixel! Even my most sensitive patients can use the Epionce products without any irritation, less breakouts and fewer bumps develop after treatment. We literally see a full day to two days faster recovery time. Plus, our patients love the way it soothes the skin!

Hope C. - Grand Junction, CO

The Lytic Gel Cleanser is like liquid gold, I can’t imagine my life without it.

Stacie S. - Lemoyne, PA

I began using the Renewal Eye Cream to help with dark circles and puffiness. My face looks amazing! My dad said something to me about how nice my face looks, and so did my sister. I was so impressed with it for our anniversary my husband bought me the Lite Lytic Tx, Renewal Facial Cream, and Enriched Firming Mask.

Rachael - York, PA

My favorite Epionce product is Renewal Lite Facial Lotion, and I use it daily after my morning and evening showers. I love the feel of it on my face and how it absorbs and doesn't leave my face feeling greasy. It keeps my face moisturized all day!

Scott R. - Portland, OR

Meet our latest Allure Best of Beauty Award winner: Plump Shot™ Lip Serum. Shop Now

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Lip gloss collection.

Immerse yourself in the luscious variety of Buxom's lip gloss collection. From classic glosses to nourishing lip serums and plumping lip creams, each swipe reveals a world of brilliance and hydration, perfecting your pout with every application. Elevate your lip game and embrace the ultimate shine and comfort with Buxom's luxurious lip gloss collection.

  • High Shine;Shimmer

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  • Best Seller

Spellbound Pink

face cream travel size

Plump Shot™ Lip Serum

A clinically-shown plumping lip serum infused with collagen peptides that plumps and smooths lips.

  • Regular price $29.00
  • Regular price Sale price $29.00
  • Unit price /  per 
  • Travel-Size

White Russian

Mini Full-On™ Plumping Lip Cream

Best-selling White Russian is now available in a travel-size. Bring this punch of plump everywhere you go.

  • Regular price $14.00
  • Regular price Sale price $14.00

Full-On™ Plumping Lip Polish Gloss

Plumps lips, Tantalizing tingle, High-shine.

  • Regular price $25.00
  • Regular price Sale price $25.00

A Full-On™ Revolution

Five fierce finishes and plumping through peptides (not painful irritants) - it's a revolution in pout perfection.

Berry Blast

Full-On™ Plumping Lip Cream Gloss

Creamy, shimmer-free gloss, Plumps lips.

Berry Spritz

Dolly's Glam Getaway Full-On™ Plumping Lip Cream

Limited-edition shade, best-selling creamy gloss, instantly plumps up your pout.

  • Regular price $23.00
  • Regular price Sale price $23.00

Golden Dolly

Dolly's Glam Getaway Full-On™ Plumping Lip Polish

Limited-edition golden-mauve lip gloss that instantly plumps up your pout.

Dolly Glitz

Full-On™ Plumping Lip Polish

Super sparkly version of DOLLY.

  • Regular price $21.00
  • Regular price Sale price $21.00

Full-On™ Plumping Lip Matte

Plumping, Pigment-rich, Velvety matte.

Dolly Glamortini

Full-On™ Plumping Lip Cream

Creamy, shimmer-free DOLLY gloss.

Daisy Donut

Keep It Spicy Full-On™ Plumping Lip Polish

Donut-scented, limited edition shade.

Pumpkin Pie Latte

Keep It Spicy Full-On™ Plumping Lip Cream

Pumpkin pie latte scented, limited edition.

Cranberry Smash

Keep It Spicy Full-On™ Plumping Lip Matte

Cranberry scented, limited-edition shade.

Mini Plump Shot™ Lip Serum

Collagen-infused, visibly plumps lips.

  • Regular price $17.00
  • Regular price Sale price $17.00

Mini Full-On™ Plumping Lip Polish Gloss

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Our cult-fave plumps up the shimmer and shine, with a tantalizing tingle.

This one goes down smooth with shimmer-free high shine.

Plump Shot™ Collagen-Infused Lip Serum

Lip injections who? Powerfully plumps by 18%*.  *In a U.S. clinical study of 30 people.

Learn About our lip gloss

Meet our lip plumping serum.

Our clinically-shown lip plumping serum is infused with collagen peptides that both plump and smooth your lips– all with a refreshing cooling tingle. And unlike other lip plumping serums, ours come in a range of 20 shades so you get the color payoff, too.

Lip Gloss vs Lip Serum

A lip gloss creates an emollient barrier with plenty of slip so it glides easily onto your lips. Often, you’ll find nourishing ingredients like vitamin E or hyaluronic acid to provide extra moisturization, too. A lip serum features clinical results (in our case, plumping) with advanced technology and top-line ingredients.

Try Our Best-Selling Lip Polish

Our iconic plumping lip polish gloss is the product that started it all. With plumping peptides, nourishing botanicals, and sixty shades to choose from, it’s no surprise it’s a bestseller. Experience the signature sugared vanilla scent in the shade that suits you best.

Lip Gloss FAQS

What is lip gloss made of.

Lip gloss is typically made of a combination of ingredients including oils, waxes, pigments, and sometimes additional ingredients like antioxidants and flavorings. These ingredients create a glossy, shiny texture and can provide hydration to the lips. Many of Buxom's Lip Glosses are Vegan and all are Cruelty Free.

Does Lip Gloss Expire?

Yes, lip gloss can expire. The shelf life of lip gloss varies but is typically around 1 to 2 years after opening. Expired lip gloss may change in texture, color, or scent and may not perform as expected.

How Long Does Lip Gloss Last?

The longevity of lip gloss can vary based on factors like its ingredients and usage. On your lips, lip gloss may last a few hours before needing reapplication. However, the product itself can last for years if stored properly and not exposed to extreme conditions.

How Does Lip Plumping Gloss Work?

Buxom's Lip plumping glosses contain ingredients like peptides and Hyaluronic acid to boost collagen production. Other brands use mild irritants such as menthol or cinnamon extract. These ingredients temporarily increase blood flow to the lips, causing a slight swelling or plumping effect. It's usually a temporary effect that can last for a few hours. Buxom doesn't use irritants so you won't feel the burn. Instead we add a cool tantalizing tingle.

Is Lip Gloss a Liquid According to TSA?

Yes, lip gloss is considered a liquid or gel by the Transportation Security Administration (TSA). When traveling by air, it should be placed in your quart-sized, resealable liquids bag if it's in a container larger than 3.4 ounces.

Is Lip Oil the Same as Lip Gloss?

Lip oil and lip gloss are similar in that they both provide shine to the lips, but they have different formulations. Lip gloss typically contains oils, waxes, and pigments to provide shine and color, while lip oil is primarily composed of nourishing oils that hydrate and condition the lips without much color payoff.

How to Remove Lip Gloss from Clothes?

To remove lip gloss from clothes, first, scrape off any excess gloss with a blunt edge like a spoon or a butter knife, taking care not to damage the fabric. Blot the stained area with a clean cloth or paper towel to absorb any remaining residue. Then, apply a stain remover or liquid laundry detergent directly to the stain and launder the garment according to the care instructions.

Difference Between Liquid Lipstick and Lip Gloss?

Liquid lipstick provides intense color and dries to a matte or satin finish, often with long-lasting wear. Lip gloss, on the other hand, provides a shiny, glossy finish and is typically more sheer in color. Gloss is also more hydrating than liquid lipstick, which can be drying.

Should I Put Lip Gloss Over Lipstick?

You can apply lip gloss over lipstick to add shine and dimension to your lip look. This combination can create a glossy, more lustrous finish. However, keep in mind that it may reduce the longevity of your lipstick, and you may need to reapply more frequently.

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