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A Magical Guide to the Warner Bros Studio Tour in London: Everything You Need to Know

Last Updated: February 16, 2022

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warner brothers studio tour london location

Fact: In my entire life, I’ve only cried once at a tourist attraction.

And judge me all you want, but this cryfest happened at a Harry Potter studio tour.

… Allow me to explain myself.

Like most children born in the 90s, much of my youth was spent daydreaming about the arrival of my Hogwart’s acceptance letter. As this dream dwindled with the hardships of adulting, I instead took comfort in carbs and magical movie marathons.

But, it didn’t take much for these childhood dreams to resurface. A trip to London was all it took to re-open the floodgates (literally).

Let me tell you: for a Harry Potter fan, there is no attraction on this Earth more overwhelming and amazing than the  Warner Bros Studio Tour London, (AKA London’s Harry Potter set tour), which brings you through the filming site for all 8 movies in the Harry Potter franchise.

In addition to sets, you’re also shown countless props, the best gift shop in the world, and even a chance to taste butter beer for yourself. Come on now, is it at all a surprise that I bawled when I got to the end?

Read onwards for important info to know about the tour, some tips to keep in mind and of course, a recap of the experience (with plenty of photos!) Be careful for this section, as spoilers are abound!

warner brothers studio tour london location

PS: Check out my full list of Harry Potter themed attractions and experiences in London for more nerdy goodness.

warner brothers studio tour london location

Basic information to know about the Harry Potter Set Tour

If you’re interested in booking the epic Warner Bros Studio Tour in London for yourself, then here are some basic must-knows.

Harry Potter Studio Tour Tickets Info:

I first visited this attraction in 2014 and it was a hot mess then, and has only grown in popularity in the past few years.

If this Harry Potter set tour is a must-do for you, then make sure you book your tickets WELL in advance or you risk not being able to go!

Luckily, even when tickets are sold out on the main site, there are tours you can book online that will have tickets available for sold out dates.

Sometimes, booking with a tour is worthwhile because you not only guarantee your tickets, you also get the convenience of private transport there, which is nice and much less stressful than using public transport yourself.

Here is a breakdown of different Harry Potter Studio tour options that include transport. For your convenience, I also lay out their costs and what they have to offer:

Tickets can also be purchased online from the studio itself  here.

How to Get to the Warner Bros Studio Tour in London:

Despite its name, the Warner Bros Studio London is actually located in Leavesden, which is northwest of London.

While booking a tour/private transport is the easiest and most convenient way to get there, it is still quite painless to reach via public transit, as a shuttle bus runs from Watford Junction railway station.

To get to the Watford Junction station, you need to make use of London’s overground system.

Not sure about the best route to get there? Check out this handy trip planner .  The tour’s website recommends that you arrive at Watford Junction 45 minutes prior to your tour time.  

Remember to bring change, as the cost for the shuttle bus is 2 pounds each way.

NOTE : Leave a lot of leeway for you to get there. We definitely got lost a few times due to the transfers, and were stressed to the max! For a more stress-free experience, consider prebooking a tour that comes with transport. Here’s one for under $100USD.

warner brothers studio tour london location

Tips for Doing the Harry Potter Set Tour Like a Pro

Having addressed the basics, here are some tips you should keep in mind when planning your visit:

1. Check on the Warner Bros Studio Tour website for special events

The studio tour often has special weeks during which there are specialized displays or demonstrations.

If you have quite some time in London, I suggest looking up when special events are happening and to plan accordingly.

I was luckily around for the beginning of Wand Week, so I got to see wandmakers do their thing and I even got to pose with some Death Eaters. Super cool!

warner brothers studio tour london location

2. Allow extra time for travel

Especially if you are new to London, trying to navigate the transit there can take time, so give yourself plenty of time to arrive at the studio.

That being said, do not hyperventilate if your ticketed time is fast approaching. While the reservation system does assign you a time, they won’t turn you away if you are a bit late.

warner brothers studio tour london location

3. Don’t forget to print your Warner Bros Studio Tour ticket

This will make the whole process smoother.

One girl that came with us didn’t print hers and upon arrival, she realized that her order never actually went through.

Luckily, even though they claim there is no box office at the attraction, she was able to purchase a ticket there, but do book in advance to save yourself the trouble.

4. Set yourself a budget for magical souvenirs

Trust me, when you enter the Harry Potter Studio Tour Shop for the first time, you will lose all sense of self control.

You will suddenly want all these things that you would never need.

Legit wizard robe? Okay!

Replica wand? Yes please.

There are so many amazingly crafted souvenirs for sale that you will easily empty your wallet.

For budget-conscious backpackers (like me) or large families with crying children, setting a budget beforehand is a must.

warner brothers studio tour london location

5. Grab yourself a free Warner Bros Studio Tour London passport

At some point during the tour, you might notice children getting awesome embossed stamps on a Harry Potter passport.

Uh, yeah, those are actually not just for kids!

I shamelessly (and sweetly) asked a staff member for one, and they kindly obliged.

Getting the stamps is fun and having a Harry Potter passport is pretty much the best souvenir ever.

6. Be sure to check out other Harry Potter filming locations around the UK too

If you’ve made it all the way to Leavesden, you’re actually pretty close to a variety of other Harry Potter filming locations!

While this set tour is of course incredible, there are dozens of other real-life filming locations scattered around the UK that you can visit for yourself. Click here for a full list.

warner brothers studio tour london location

Harry Potter Set Tour Recap with Photos

With those tips out of the way, I’d love to show you some photos and a brief overview of the experience from my visit in 2014. Note that they have added a lot since then, but still…

WARNING: spoilers, spoilers, spoilers. 

Some would say that the best way to experience this tour is by seeing everything first hand, but if you are curious to see photos and more, feel free to scroll further.

warner brothers studio tour london location

Your magical experience begins as soon as you walk into the building. All around the lobby are canvases with various Harry Potter characters, as well as props and other cool artifacts hanging off the walls.

Even the task of waiting in line (typically the most mundane thing ever) is a joy for this tour.

The queue moves very quickly and there is plenty for you to nerd out about as you wait.

Most notably, Harry’s  cupboard under the stairs , is right next to the queuing area, ensuring that you get a perfect view of this iconic set.

warner brothers studio tour london location

You’ll notice that groups are taken in based on their spot in line, rather than their timed reservation.

This is why there is some flexibility when it comes to your arrival time.

If you’re a few minutes late, no worries, just hop in the queue and you will make it in all-the-same.  

The tour begins with a brief video introduction to the franchise, followed by a preshow featuring Rupert, Daniel and Emma themselves.

As this preshow concludes, the screen reveals the doors to the  Great Hall!  During my tour, they invited any birthday kids to come up and help open the doors.

After  seriously  wishing it was my birthday, I bitterly watched two ecstatic kids live out their childhood dreams, revealing the first stop of the tour, the amazing…

1. Great Hall!

This is the the only part of the tour where your time will be limited, as they let tour groups in every few minutes.

As such, if you want photos, be sure to snap them  quickly !

Being in this room is an unreal feeling. In addition to the long tables, cutlery and elaborate set pieces, you also get to view costumes from students in each house, and important Hogwarts faculty as well!

warner brothers studio tour london location

2. The Big Room

After your time in the Great Hall, you are brought into the  Big Room , which houses a variety of sets, props and costumes.

Here, you are given free reign to explore for yourself and gawk at all the amazing pieces the room contains!

Highlights for me were definitely the  Potions classroom  (complete with a Snape costume on display),  the Gryffindor Common Room  and  the Weasley House .

warner brothers studio tour london location

Many of the sets also have interactive buttons where you can make objects move by pressing them.

This was especially cool in the Weasley kitchen, where the touch of a button could make an iron move on its own, make vegetables chop themselves, etc. Super neat!

warner brothers studio tour london location

For those seeking a sweet photo opp, there are several green screen opportunities to ride a broom as a Quidditch player and more! I didn’t wait in line for this bit, but it definitely looked like a lot of fun! Here are some photos from the Big Room:

warner brothers studio tour london location

3. The Backlot

After perusing the Big Room, you are brought outside to the  Backlot , home to a variety of sets including Harry’s  Privet Drive home , the  Hogwarts Bridge , the  Knight Bus  and of course,  the concession stands!  

It’s at this point in the tour that you can live out your childhood fantasy of sipping a nice, cold  butterbeer.  

warner brothers studio tour london location

Be sure to explore the bridge before you purchase a butterbeer, as no food or drink is allowed on that set. 

warner brothers studio tour london location

Now, while public opinion seems to be split on the taste of butterbeer, I have to say that  I. loved. every. single. sip.  

It’s very possible that I was blinded by the magic of my surroundings, but I would argue that it’s worth a try regardless!

NOTE: If you want to purchase a souvenir cup, remember to bring a bag or something to wrap it in, as that stuff can get mighty sticky. Here’s a sample of the cool things you’ll see in the backlot!

warner brothers studio tour london location

4. Art Department, Creature Effects and Diagon Alley

When you’re ready to go back inside, countless wonders from the  creature effects & art department  await you. Here, you really get to appreciate the depth of work put into creating a whole magical world.

I was really wowed by everything.

warner brothers studio tour london location

In this area, you will see masks, wigs, models and more of your favourite magical creatures.

In this second half of the tour as well, you get to walk through Diagon Alley. The details and work in the set will absolutely blow you away. The shops look so real, you’ll be tempted to go knocking on their doors.

warner brothers studio tour london location

5. Hogwarts Castle Model

And lastly, the grand finale of the Harry Potter set tour… The model of Hogwarts!

This one here is a real showstopper.

A walkway surrounding the model allows you to view it from all angles, taking in the fine details of this wonderful school.

For many Harry Potter fans, seeing the castle like this is a dream come true. Now, if only it were real!

warner brothers studio tour london location

At the end of the tour, just before the entrance of the Harry Potter Studio Tour Shop, you will see this wonderfully beautiful quote appear on the screen:

warner brothers studio tour london location

It was at this point that  I began to bawl.  I couldn’t help it!

Everything that I loved about the series had been shown to me in the past few hours, and for that short period of time, I got to live out my dream of seeing the magical world that made my childhood.

Messy and gross, I walked into the gift shop, which was a massive treasure trove of things you never knew you wanted or needed. Wands for every character? I’ll take 100.

And there you have it,  the most magical experience ever . One day, I  will   visit the Wonderful Wizarding World of Harry Potter, but until then, I think this tour has given me enough happy & geeky memories to last. …. At least for the next little while.

Any more questions about visiting the Warner Bros Studio Tour in London?

 Over to you – have you ever been to the Warner Bros Studio Tour in London? IF NOT, THEN WTF ARE YOU WAITING FOR? No jk, uh I meant to ask, which part would you most look forward to?!

warner brothers studio tour london location

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7 thoughts on “A Magical Guide to the Warner Bros Studio Tour in London: Everything You Need to Know”

Enjoyed every bit of your blog article.Much thanks again. Really Cool.

Thanks for reading! 🙂

bookmarked!!, I like your blog!

thanks Jane!! 😀

Hi Christina! I’m going to be traveling alone to London this week, would the Harry Potter tour be fun for a solo traveler? Also, I was considering buying a groupon for a night tour, but the picture of you holding the butter beer appears to be outside? I guess we would be missing this part of the tour if I went at night then eh?

hi Lisa, I hope this comment isn’t too late! but YES YES YES the tour would 100% still be fun as a solo traveler (provided that you like Harry Potter haha). I didn’t realize they had a special night tour, but the butterbeer was outside in a special lot where they had lots of big props and set pieces (it’s part of the tour) so I can’t imagine they would leave it out for any reason. I have my fingers crossed for you!

Thank you for this article and the pics. I always need to take a peek of the atmosphere beforehand since I’m going solo. I hope they will let me use my selfie stick inside.

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Warner Bros. Studio Tour London - The Making of Harry Potter

warner brothers studio tour london location

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warner brothers studio tour london location

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warner brothers studio tour london location

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Harry Potter™ Studio location in London | Find out the directions, best ways to get there & more

Where is the harry potter™ studio located.

Address: Warner Bros. Studio Tour London, Studio Tour Drive, Leavesden, WD25 7LR.

Find on map

Harry Potter™ Studio is located at Leavesden in Watford, about 20 miles northwest of central London. 

Closest landmark: Watford Junction

Getting to the Harry Potter™ Studio by public transport

how to get to harry potter studio | harry potter studio location

Best for: Convenience

Travel time : 15 minutes

Closest station: Watford Junction

Mullany's Coaches provides a regular shuttle service from Watford Junction to the studio. A normal route should take about 15 minutes, with buses running every 20 minutes starting at 9:20 AM. Usually, the last bus leaves between 6 and 8 PM. Please bear in mind that to use the shuttle transfers, you will need to show your booking confirmation.

You can also opt for transfer options from central London with Golden Tours who are the preferred partners of Warner Bros. Studios.

how to get to harry potter studio | harry potter studio location

Best for: budget travel

Travel time : 16 - 20 minutes

The nearest train station to Warner Bros. Studios is Watford Junction. The studio is a 20-minute train ride from London Euston and a 1-hour journey from Birmingham New Street. Take the train to Watford Junction (£4.00) and then the roundtrip shuttle service (£3.00) to the studio. Oyster cards are accepted between London Euston and Watford Junction.

There are non-direct trains available too from London Euston but the travel duration to reach Warner Bros. Studios is longer.

how to get to harry potter studio | harry potter studio location

Best for: ease of transportation

Travel time: 12 minutes (from Watford Junction)

You can also take a cab from the city to get to Warner Bros. Studios. Either catch a local taxi or book an Uber using the application. Given the long journey, you will have to shell out a fair amount of money to get to the studio.

Please note that if you are being picked up by a taxi from Warner Bros. Studios, the driver will have to present a valid booking confirmation/reservation at the car park.

Getting to Harry Potter Studios - From London Gatwick

Best for: time-saving

Warner Bros. Studios is easily accessible from the 4 major London airports. The distance of each from the studio is mentioned below:

  • London Gatwick – 58 miles
  • London Luton – 17 miles
  • London Stansted – 47 miles
  • London Heathrow – 23 miles

Getting to the Harry Potter™ Studio by Car

Getting to Harry Potter Studios - From the North

Arriving From The North

Take the Junction 6A exit off the M1 and get on to the M25, Heathrow. Next, take the Junction 20 exit and head southeast towards London (NW & C) on the A41. Keep left at the Hunton Bridge roundabout as well for the A405 (St Albans). Turn on to the left-hand fork and make the first exit to Warner Bros. Studios at the roundabout.

Getting to Harry Potter Studios - From London

Arriving From London

Take the Junction 5 exit on the M1 and continue on the A41 (North Watford) for 3 miles approximately. Take the 4th exit at the Hunton Bridge roundabout. Keep left and take the first exit. Again, keep left as you approach the Y junction and then take the first exit to Warner Bros. Studios at the roundabout.

Parking at Harry Potter™ Studios

Getting to Harry Potter Studios - Parking

Free parking is available at Warner Bros. Studios car park. For disabled visitors, a number of parking bays with blue disability badges are also available. Please note that you will have to show your booking confirmations to the Car parking Team at the entrance. If you are visiting with a group but travelling independently, each vehicle will need a separate booking to be confirmed at the entrance.

Priority Parking

This parking facility is right outside the studio tour entrance and will require an online booking to be made with an additional payment of £10. Tickets for priority booking have to be made in advance and cannot be purchased on the day. If you have opted for e-tickets, then you will receive them as a mail attachment. Otherwise, the printed copy will be posted to your address. You will also receive a windscreen sticker upon your arrival at Warner Bros. Studios.

Harry Potter™ Studio from popular stops

Harry Potter™ Studio from popular stops

  • Budget-friendly: Traveling by bus is the most inexpensive way to reach Harry Potter™ Studio in London. Mullany's Coaches provides a regular shuttle service from Watford Junction to the studio.
  • Fastest route: The fastest way to get to Harry Potter™ Studio is to drive there. It will take you about 10 minutes to get to the studio from Watford Station. 
  • Sightseeing: Although walking to the studio would be a great way to soak in the sights of the city, the walk is far too long. You can travel by bus and admire the city on your journey.

Harry Potter™ Studio from popular stops

  • Budget-friendly: Traveling by train is the most inexpensive way to reach the Harry Potter™ Studio in London. Take the train from either London Euston or Birmingham New Street to Watford Junction (£4.00) and then the roundtrip shuttle service (£3.00) to the studio. Oyster cards can be used at any station.
  • Fastest route: The fastest way to get to the Harry Potter™ Studio is to drive there. The journey takes around 50 minutes from central London to Warner Bros. Studios.
  • Sightseeing: You can admire the landscape and London city by travelling to Harry Potter™ Studio by bus. You can choose transfer options from central London with Golden Tours and have a pleasant journey to Warner Bros. Studios. Driving down to the studios is also an option for a brief and fun road trip.

Book Harry Potter™ Studio Tickets & Tours

Frequently asked questions about the harry potter™ studio location & how to get there.

The Harry Potter™ Studio is located in Leavesden, London.

The Harry Potter™ Studio is in London, UK.

You can get to Harry Potter™ Studio by bus, train, or car. Shuttle buses to and from the studio are available from Watford Junction.

The fastest way to get to Harry Potter™ Studio is by driving there or by taking a local taxi/Uber.

The cheapest way to travel to Harry Potter™ Studio is by train.

The closest bus stop to Harry Potter™ Studio is Watford Junction.

The closest train station to Harry Potter™ Studio is the Watford Junction Train Station.

Yes, you can park at Harry Potter™ Studio. There is free parking for visitor, exclusive parking bays reserved for disabled visitors as well as Priority Parking.

Yes, there are several parking spots available for disabled persons close to the entrance of Harry Potter™ Studio in London.

Walking from Watford Junction takes about 50 minutes. We suggest taking the shuttle bus instead.

Harry Potter™ Studio opening times are from 8:30 AM to 10 PM. The studio is closed on March 30, November 7 to 11, and December 25 and 26.

Getting to Harry Potter Studios - opening hours

Opening Times

Getting to Harry Potter Studios - Studio

About the Studio

Harry Potter Studio


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Harry Potter London - Warner Bros. Studio Tour

The making of harry potter - a first hand review - is it worth it and what is there.

Warner Bros. Studio Tour London - The Making of Harry Potter

Want to know what to expect on arriving at the Warner Bros. Studio Tour London - The Making of Harry Potter? This page gives you the low-down on what you will see when you arrive at the Warner Bros. Studio, tips on visiting and what facilities there are, such as places to eat, gift shops, etc.

Allow plenty of time to travel to the Studio and enough time to enjoy the huge array of sets and props to make sure you make your day a truly magical one to remember!

As a Studio Tour, you will see the real sets used in the Harry Potter films, as well as countless props and special effects.

You will spend several hours discovering how the films were made, going ‘behind the scenes’, seeing props, costumes and the amazing sets themselves.

All Things Harry Potter London & UK

New for 2024 Divination, Destiny and Dark Magic - 20 years of Prisoner of Azkaban

1 may - 4 september 2024.

Exciting new exhibits are on this year at Warner Bros Studio to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the publication of  Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban .

What's on at Harry Potter Studio in 2024?

» Book Warner Bros. Harry Potter Studio tickets

» Watch You Tube video

» What's on at Harry Potter Studio in 2024

» What will I see?

» Tours to Studio

» Where is the Studio?

» How long will I need?

» Arrival at the Studios

» Facilities & eating

» Interactive opportunities

» Accessibility & children

» Entering the Studio

» The sets

» Hogwarts Express

» Outside sets

» Creature Shop

» Diagon Alley

» Set designs & artwork

» Hogwarts Castle

» Wand tribute room

Tickets to Warner Bros. Studio Tour London - The Making of Harry Potter

Stonehenge, Bath, Cotswolds & Oxford 2-day tour from London


WB Studio Tour London - The Making of Harry Potter

Warner Bros. Studio Tour London - The Making of Harry Potter

Multiple choices of departure location including Victoria, Russell Square, Baker Street and Kings Cross.

Just select preferred option on booking page for full details.

Transport and Entrance Tickets:

Adult from £118, child 5-15 from £108

• Frequent bus departures daily • Entrance to the Warner Bros Studio Tour • Return luxury air-condioned bus with free Wi-Fi from Central London • Cheaper tickets available off-peak

What will I see at The Making of Harry Potter Video

What's on at The Making of Harry Potter in 2024

Return to Azkaban Warner Bros Studio Tour London - The Making of Harry Potter

NEW: Divination, Destiny and Dark Magic: 1 May - 4 September 2024

To celebrate the 20th anniversary of the publication of Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban  Warner Bros. Studio are putting on a new feature for 2024.

The Divination Tower

Check out Professor Trelawney's Divination classroom, with its 'tea-shop' feel, the jewel-toned velvet pouffes, numerous patterned rugs and Arabian-style lanterns.

Boggarts in the classroom...

You'll also get to see for the first time, a new section of the Defence Against the Dark Arts classroom, complete with the Boggart wardrobe and sinister Boggart jack-in-the-box.

Ride the Knight Bus...

Plus - explore the inside of the legendary Knight Bus. Experience the bus as Harry would have: as the bus rattles, chandelier sways, beds move and London’s city streets zoom past.

Search for Scabbers...

Step foot in the Great Hall, decorated with over 100 floating candles and the Hogwarts Frog Choir, and begin your search for Scabbers. Use your Studio Tour passport to receive your ‘Mischief Managed’ stamp!

Dark Arts: 13 September - 10 November 2024

Like every Halloween, The Warner Bros. Studio knows how to deliver a thrilling exploration of all things Dark Arts.

Those famous floating pumpkins will of course make their annual appearance, over the great tables laden with the spooky feast.

As always you can follow the Dark Mark - the symbol of Lord Voldemort projected throughout the Studio Tour - mark them on your passport as you go around.

Enjoy learning wand combat with the interactive display of the wand choreographer Paul Harris (he of Order of the Phoenix through to Deathly Hallows fame).

Hogwarts in the Snow: 16 November 2024 – 19 January 2025

Planning your Christmas fun for next year? Hogwarts in the Snow will be back in 2024; hold the dates from 16 Nov 2024 - 19 Jan 2025.

The festive makeover will see the Great Hall transformed with the icy silvers of the iconic Yule Ball scenes. The Gryffindor common room will be dressed for the season and a blanket of film-making snow will cover the Forbidden Forest, Diagon Alley and the magnificent Hogwarts castle model.

What will I see at the Harry Potter Studio, London?

Harry Potter chess pieces at Warner Bros. Studio Tour London

Featuring the original Studio sets of the critically acclaimed film franchise, the Warner Bros. Studio Tour London – The Making of Harry Potter is a fan and family friendly day out not to be missed! As a self-guided walking tour, you will get the chance to wander down  Diagon Alley,  peeping into sets such as the Weasley's Joke shop, and Ollivanders. You'll get the chance to step into the actual  Great Hall,  complete with banqueting table and fireplace.

Further down on this page we describe in more detail the  sets you will see on this breathtaking Harry Potter walking tour.

While the Studio Tour is aimed primarily at fans of the Harry Potter film series, if you have an interest in special effects and film sets more generally, there would be plenty to get out of this tour.

The detail you can see in the sets and props on show is awe inspiring and the information on offer as to the process of film making is very instructive. The guides are friendly and helpful and happy to chat if you want a bit of extra information. Some of them were extras from the films themselves so have a bit of insider knowledge.

Only the beginning part of the Studio Tour is guided (although guided Harry Potter tours are available)  You will see two short films and then the guide gathers everyone at the doors of the great hall. If you're lucky (like it's your birthday!) you might even be picked to open the doors. After you step into the hall, they will explain a little about this magnificent room; following this you are free to take the rest of the tour at your own pace

Booking tickets for Warner Bros Studio Tour London - The Making of Harry Potter

ticket collection desk, Warner Bros. Studio Tour London - The Making of harry Potter

This Harry Potter attraction is always very popular. Unfortunately it is not an attraction that you can just arrive at on the day and gain entry. You will need to book your tickets in advance.

The further in advance you book your tickets the more choice of dates and times you will have. However, you may find late availability on some dates, so it is always worth checking.

You have two choices when it comes to tickets: you can book independently direct from the Warner Bros. Studio Tour website , or alternatively, you can book a combined transport and Studio entrance ticket (see banner below), which will take you from central London to the Studios in Watford. For the latter option you pay extra for the convenience per ticket.

See our page Warner Bros Studio independently by public transport for more details on how to do it on your own.

There are currently three London tour operators who will take you to the Harry Potter Studio in a luxury coach, from Victoria (or Kings Cross) in Central London, with around 4-4.5 hours Studio time.

Other tickets options are available for example:

Warner Bros. Studio Tour with Oxford in one day

Warner Bros. Studio Tour with hotel pick-up from Central London

Harry Potter walking tour + Studio

Where is Warner Bros Studio Tour London - The Making of Harry Potter?

The Warner Bros Studio Tour is not in the centre of London, it is located just outside London. The nearest railway station from London is Watford Junction from where a dedicated shuttle (not free) runs to the studio.

For detailed information on how to find the Warner Bros. Studio please see our dedicated page  Warner Bros. Studio Tour London - visiting independently

For those visitors  staying in Central London , several tour operators offer a dedicated shuttle bus to the studios which include tickets. The tours often have better availability of studio tickets that can be sold out many weeks ahead.

How long is the Harry Potter tour?

Now the Studio has expanded even more, you should allow at least four hours for your visit. Realistically, allowing time for lunch and doing any extras such as Ride a Broomstick (which involve queuing time) many people find they can stay six hours or more.

If you have small children you will need to allow for making stops (see below facilities for children ).

Arriving at Warner Bros Studio Tour London - The Making of Harry Potter

JK Rowling quote Warner Bros. Studio Tour London

If coming by bus, it will take you to just a hundred metres or so from the entrance, and then you are left to walk inside independently.

There are now more queues for security; if you didn't get your tickets delivered to your home address, you will need to pick them up from the ticket machines and a box office outside, you will need to queue for this.  

You will then need to queue to go through security which includes a bag check and personal scan. If you are going on an organised tour, your arrival time will allow you about twenty minutes to queue, ready for your pre-booked entry time into the Studio itself.

Facilities and eating opportunities at Harry Potter Studios

Backlot Cafe Warner Bros. Studio Tour London

Cafes and eating places at Warner Bros. Studio Tour London

If you have any extra spare time before your tour begins, you can grab a drink in the Cafe, which also sells a range of snacks.

There are a number of cafes at the Warner Bros. Studio including The Chocolate Frog Cafe at the beginning of your tour, serving indulgent treats such as the specialty hot chocolate and ice cream.

There is also the Hub Cafe serving Starbucks drinks and snacks, and the Food Hall which includes breakfast, sandwiches and hot and cold meals, and lots from the bakery.

You can bring your own food with you but it must only be eaten in the Backlot area or outside picnic area. The Backlot Cafe is located halfway round the tour and it is here you can sample the ever-popular drink, Butterbeer!

Butterbeer is non -alcoholic and has quite a sweet froth to it, with a slight taste of butterscotch. In addition the Backlot also serves hot food – both children’s and adult’s - from a daily specials board, sandwiches and salads, snacks and hot and cold drinks.

You can choose to eat and drink inside or out, where there are nice views of the next section of the tour - the  Knight Bus, Hogwarts Bridge, Godric's Hollow and Privet Drive .

Gift shops at Warner Bros. Studio Tour London – The Making of Harry Potter

There are now three gift shops at the Studio Tour. There is the  Railway Shop , a train-themed souvenir shop, the  Forbidden Forest Shop  (selling Forbidden Forest related items), and the main  Studio Shop  located at the exit.

At these three you can purchase such Harry Potter merchandise as the books by J.K. Rowling, Hogwarts T-shirts and robes, house jumpers, pens, key rings, postcards, sweets, wands and cuddly toys. Prices range from around £2 for a postcard to around £20 for a cuddly toy.

In one section there is even a personalisation service - making that gift just that extra bit special.

There’s a toilet block in the car park (by the bus stop), and a bigger rest room in the lobby, plus a couple of small toilets in the first half of the tour and more toilets by the Backlot Cafe, halfway round the tour.

If you need somewhere to store any small suitcases (or coats and bags) you may have, you can do this free of charge in the lobby cloakroom. Pushchairs are also encouraged to be left here if possible due to the restricted amount of space in the Studio Tour.

There is free Wi-Fi throughout the Studio Tour - so you can share your photos as you go (see below for restrictions).

Digital guide hire and souvenir guidebook

If you wish you can hire a Digital Guide, with extra information on the Studio Tour, for around £5 from the desk in the lobby before you go in. You can also purchase a Souvenir Guidebook of the Warner Bros. Studio Tour London for around £10, with behind-the-scenes secrets and beautiful photography.

Photography and video footage

The cinema areas and the green-screen areas are the only parts where you are not allowed to take photographs or video footage. Otherwise, you are free to do so in all other areas of the Studio Tour.

Warner Bros. Studio Tour London encourages you to share your photos with them on social media and there are signs up around the Studio telling you how to do this.

Interactive opportunities at Harry Potter Studio including free and paid for

Marauder's Map -  Warner Bros. Studio Tour London - the Making of Harry Potter

As well as the sets and props there are also a few interactive things you can do at the Studio. For example, at  Weasley's Burrow  there is plenty to do.

There is a  wand choreography demonstration  (free), featuring a video demonstrating correct wand moves; very popular with the kids as they see themselves perform in front of two mirrors, much like the mirror of ‘Erised.’

If you wish to  ‘ride a broomstick ’ you can pay extra (check the prices on the board beforehand), to perform in front of a green screen’, on to which a marvelous Hogwarts background is super imposed, and as a memento take home with you your choice of photograph, DVD or HD USB. This attraction is a highlight so it is best to check out the queues and make your timings accordingly. Note,  photography is not allowed in this area.

Outside you can also have your  photo taken in the original  Ford Anglia car ,  like Harry and Ron, and even wobble yourself over Hogwarts Bridge!

Throughout there are  interactive touch-screen boards  which play videos showing the cast and crew, or information about the making of the films, such as the  'Marauder's Map ' board, and around the magnificent Hogwarts Castle.

Accessibility and children

Wand Demonstration Warner Bros. Studio Tour London

Warner Bros. Studio Tour London have done everything they can to make the Studio Tour accessible for wheelchair users. There is a lower window for ticket collection and step free access to the attraction. The Studio Tour itself, including the loos, gift shop and special effects green screen area, is completely accessible.

If you have small children or just need a break yourself, there are seats dotted around inside where they can sit and rest if needed. Fold up chairs are available for those who require one if you ask in the lobby. There are also toilets to be found around the Studio Tour.

There are some interactive things for younger ones to do but because of the nature of the Studio Tour and the amount of information on offer, it is probably most appropriate for children years eight and up.

As you hand your tickets over, if you have any children with you, they will be given a Studio Tour Passport each. In this A5 size booklet kids are able to collect stamps as they wander around the Studio Tour, and even find the Golden Snitch if they follow the clues on each page.

Entering the Studio and the Great Hall at Hogwarts

Entrance to the Great Hall Warner Bros. Studio Tour London

There are several 'holding rooms' before you enter the Studio itself. One you have gone through the lobby area, you queue to enter a smallish room featuring props and memories on screens of the Harry Potter films, and even Harry's cupboard under the stairs from Privet Drive - where the Story Begins...

The main cast of Harry Potter warmly welcome you to the Warner Bros. Studio Tour London – The Making of Harry Potter

When you begin your tour you are guided into a large room with cinematography on the walls, and an introduction behind the original motivations for making the films. You will see interviews with the producer and the ‘discoverer’ of Harry Potter, the production consultant, and many others who were there from the beginning.

You are then guided into a cinema room, where you take your seat to watch a short film introduced by the three main actors themselves, Daniel Radcliffe, Emma Watson and Rupert Grint. They acknowledge all the hard work of the thousands of people who worked behind the scenes on the famous films and made them become a reality.

Step inside the Great Hall at Hogwarts School

The magic really comes alive as you step in through the doors of the Great Hall, of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. As you walk down the real stone floor, you enter the vast hall, with its high ceiling and tall Gothic windows. You can see the long house tables, dressed with individual place settings, all hand created for the films. Around the edges of the hall you will see models dressed in Hogwarts robes, the great fireplace and winged beasts holding the lanterns.

At the top of the room is the high table where models of the staff stand; Dumbledore at his Owl Lectern, Professors McGonagall and Snape, in their robes, and a huge Hagrid. Here too is the famous Sorting Hat, sitting at the front, just as it did in the films. After about ten minutes you are told they have to close the doors to allow the next group to come through, but you are free to come back later if you wish.

Explore the main Warner Bros. Studio Tour London – The Making of Harry Potter at your leisure

You are then free to go at your leisure into the rest of the studios. There is so much to see here it is great to be able to take your time and wander at your own pace. One of the first things you see as you go in is the 'ice palace' used in the film The Goblet of Fire, for the Yule Ball.

Below we look at some of the amazing sets from the eight films you will get to see.

What sets will I see at the Harry Potter Studio London?

Professor Sprout's Herbology Greenhouse, Mandrake, Warner Bros. Studio Tour London

In the studios, large sets intermingle with smaller props, all of which took months to create.

Professor Sprout's Greenhouse

In 2022 a new permanent addition appeared at Warner Bros. Studio London: Professor Sprout's Greenhouse.

At the studio you will have the chance to step into the greenhouse and stop to pull out a potted Mandrake as part of an interactive display. 

Be enthralled by exotic and magical plants as you learn Herbology lessons with Professor Sprout.

Look out for the Venomous Tentacula hanging from the ceiling as you walk through the greenhouse.

A fantastic new addition to the much loved studio.

Gringotts Bank

Featuring the magnificent banking hall, with crystal chandeliers come face to face with the goblin bankers, peering down at you. Visit the Lestrange vault, including the Sword of Gryffindor and Helga Hufflepuff’s Cup, one of Voldemort’s Horcruxes.

Find out about our experience of the exhibition by reading our blog on the Gringotts Bank expansion .

Other top sets at the Harry Potter Studio

You will see the boys’ dormitory complete with made up beds around the central fire-burner.

Snape’s Potions room contains over 950 potions jars, as well as cauldrons ready for mixing on the table, dried herbs and even shrunken heads!

At Dumbledore’s Tower there is one of the most expensive set pieces created – the telescope – only used in a background scene. Here you can see mannequins of Dumbledore standing in his robes, and shelves and shelves of books, as well as old magical artefacts, such as the mysterious pensieve.

At the Weasley’s Burrow you can wave your hands over various boards, making them ‘magically’ start performing mundane household chores such as chopping carrots, knitting and ironing! This is popular with kids and adults alike. You can see here the Weasley magical clock with its nine golden hands, each pointing to one member of the Weasley family and their whereabouts.

Nearby is Hagrid’s hut with its quirky roof; a cosy indoor scene complete with mannequin of Hagrid, table and chairs, furs, lanterns and cauldron on the fireplace.

In the Gryffindor common room, more life size mannequins stand, Ron, Hermione and Harry, and you see the actual chairs by the fire, with real tapestries and portraits (all created from scratch for the films) and the wireless with ‘moving lips.’

Around the corner you can view the portrait of the Fat Lady, the Mirror of Erised , and the giant clock pendulum from Hogwarts Clock Tower.

If you are interested to see the individual wands for all the characters, a wand dial features all the principle ones, and you can see up close how differently they are all crafted. More than 3000 were made for the films altogether.

You will see the area with the set of the Ministry of Magic and the giant Magic is Might monument of muggles being crushed in their rightful place by the statue, from the film Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows.

Malfoy’s Manor features the long table with assembled Death Eaters, Voldemort at the head with Nagini the 20 foot long snake, slithering down underneath a suspended model of the victim in the stories.

Professor Dolores Umbridge's pink office is on show, complete with all the painted kitten plates you remember from the films.

It is in this area where the famous winged-boar gates of Hogwarts stand, (the gates are based on Il Porcellino, a bronze fountain of a boar, made in the 1630s in Florence, Italy).

They guard the entrance to The Forbidden Forest . Hagrid stands just inside the gates, you can peek through and see him holding his lantern as you wait for the gates to open - to enter if you dare!

In the Forbidden Forest you'll see 19 enormous trees each with a diameter of over 12 feet and a full size model of Buckbeak as well as the magnificent Hippogriff and Aragog the giant spider, and his rather large babies.

Following the Forbidden Forest are more famous sets: the impressive Hogwarts Express , the enchanting Diagon Alley and fabulous outside sets including the Knight Bus, No 4 Privet Drive, the Hogwarts Bridge, Lily and James's house in Godric's Hollow and the Ford Anglia car .

Hogwarts Express

Hogwarts Express Warner Bros. Studio Tour

Your next part of the tour takes you through to a recreation of Kings Cross Station, with its own ‘Platform 9 ¾’. Here you can pose for a photo, of yourself, pushing the model luggage trolley ‘through’ the wall, just like in the films.

The Hogwarts Express is a beautiful red steam engine, the original used in the films, and you can board it! This is a popular attraction, and there is normally a slight queue to board. Once on board, you can walk down the corridor, peering into the compartments complete with student belongings; sweet wrappers from the trolley lady, satchels and an owl cage.

Near to the train is the Railway Shop, a train-themed souvenir shop, where you can purchase Harry Potter memorabilia.

What sets are there outside at Harry Potter studios?

Knight Bus and Privet Drive  Warner Bros. Studio Tour London

There is seating outside just beyond the Backlot Cafe where you are allowed to bring your own food to eat. Here you also get a nice view of the Knight Bus, the houses in Privet Drive, Hogwarts Bridge, Godric's Hollow, and further down the Ford Anglia car too!

At the Knight Bus you can go inside the back door and look inside... see Bert and Ernie - the shrunken heads!

Number 4, Privet Drive

The famous house where it all began... Step inside Number 4, Privet Drive.

See the Dursleys' living room with a flurry of Hogwarts letters from the iconic scene in Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone , plus their kitchen and the Aunt Marge dinner scene from Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban .

Hogwarts Bridge

The bridge itself is a highlight – you can wander along it yourself and imagine you are walking up to the famous castle.

Lily and James’ house in Godric’s Hollow

See the fated house that Harry lived in until he was one - when he was attacked by Lord Voldemort himself. You can even see the blast in the roof where the attack claimed the lives of Lily and James Potter.

Ford Anglia and chess game

Outside there is the famous large scale chess pieces from Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone , and the original Ford Anglia, in which you are free to sit and have your picture taken.

The Creature Shop

Creature Shop Warner Bros. Studio Tour London

After leaving the courtyard area, you enter the second part of your tour, the Creature Shop, where there are displays of the animatronics used, and waxworks of main cast.

Here you can see suspended up high the huge model of Aragog, the giant spider and the basilisk’s head.

There is also the animatronic Buckbeak, and Hagrid, masks of the Gringotts Goblins, models of Dobby and Kreacher, and a moving Monster Book of Monsters.

Diagon Alley

Diagon Alley Warner Bros. Studio Tour London

Following this is one of the highlights of the Studio, a walk down the actual Diagon Alley!

Entering at Gringott’s Bank with all its wonky charm; next door is Ollivanders , the famous shop where Harry gets his first wand.

Other shops include Eeylops Owl Emporium , Florean Fortescue’s Ice Cream shop , Flourish and Blotts Bookseller, and very overtly in its bright colours, the Weasleys' Wizard Wheezes , Fred and George’s Joke Shop.

This is a lovely set to take photos in.

Set designs and paintings from the Harry Potter films

Hogwarts Castle set design

Leading out from Diagon Alley you go through to a room where you can see lots of drawings and blueprints of all the set designs, such as Hagrid’s Hut, the Burrow, Hogsmeade and of course Hogwarts itself.

If you like artwork there is a white gallery with lots of beautiful paintings of the characters, with notable scenes from the books.

If architecture is of interest, here you will also see amazing scaled models of all the buildings featured in the films; such as Diagon Alley, Ollivanders Wand Shop, Hogsmeade and classrooms in Hogwarts. The models themselves are highly intricate and fascinating to see.

Hogwarts Castle, the original scale model used in the films

Hogwarts Castle Warner Bros. Studio Tour London

When you enter the next room there is, in a quietly blue lit room, a very wonderful scene: Hogwarts Castle, the original large castle used for the films, resplendent on its mountain side, with pine forests surrounding.

It is a 1:24 scale model of Hogwarts; this is very large and fills a great space, allowing you to walk all the way around it. The lighting is very effective, changing through ‘day-time’ to ‘night-time,’ giving very different perspectives.

Every part was detailed so you can see the astronomy tower, the Owlery, the bridge and the courtyard as well as the Great Hall.

Around the model castle are many interactive screens – great for kids – giving information on how it was constructed and how it was used in filming.

Wand Tribute Room

Wand Tribute room at Harry Potter World London

Following the Castle room you exit via an impressive Wand Room, a room stacked high with thousands of pretend wand boxes. This is a lovely tribute room where each member of the cast and crew of all eight films has their name inscribed on a wand box. Appropriately, J.K. Rowling herself has a place here.

This room leads you back out to the lobby, through the gift shop where you can pick up a memento of your Harry Potter day.

And so ends your Warner Bros. Studio Tour London – The Making of Harry Potter. A very magical day out, with masses of opportunities to learn more about the films at every corner. Like Hogwarts, it might just be somewhere you wish to return to again.

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Visiting the Harry Potter Studio Tour (+ Everything You Need to Plan Your Trip)

Visiting the Harry Potter Studio Tour  (+ Everything You Need to Plan Your Trip)

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Love Harry Potter? The Warner Bros. Studio Tour is an absolutely magical day out for children and adults alike. Here’s what you need to know before you go.

Harry Potter. You may have noticed that I’m low-level obsessed with both the films and the books. The story that captured our imaginations 20 years ago is no less magical today.

London is filled with Harry Potter spots – whether that’s filming locations, cool graphics stores or Potter-inspired bars , there’s plenty to keep your wands busy. Even so, the Harry Potter Studio Tour is phenomenal.

Hogwarts Model

I’ll admit that I put visiting the tour off for a while because I never quite got round to booking my ticket. Mistake . Now that I’ve been I can say hand on heart that it is a must for anyone who loves Harry Potter.

I’ve written this step-by-step guide to help you understand what to expect, how to book your tickets, plan your journey and have a brilliant time. No pressure then…

OK, So the Big Question is… Are the Harry Potter Studios Worth the Money?

In short – yes. The Harry Potter Studios are worth the money.

It’s pretty much impossible to talk about why you should go on the Harry Potter Studio Tour without confronting the fact that tickets are hella expensive.

£47 for adults and £38 for children over 5 is no laughing matter – particularly when you add transport and (if necessary) accommodation to that too.

Even though the tickets are expensive, I’d say that the experience is absolutely worth it – it’s been brilliantly done – so much so that I know people who’ve been back a couple of times over the years.

Want to book a tour instead? Choose from these tours from London .

Exploring the Magical World of Harry Potter at the Warner Brothers Studio Tour in London: What to Expect

All eight of the films were filmed in the Leavesden Studios over a period spanning more than a decade.

There’s nowhere else that you can visit where you can see so many of the places, costumes and details that made the iconic films the biggest movie series in history.

Hagrid's Hut

How to Get Your Hands on Harry Potter London Tickets

Buy tickets on the website.

Now, I’m not going to lie – trying to get your hands on the Harry Potter studio tickets is like trying to conjure a genuine smile from Professor Umbrige. As in, it will take all of your wits and whiles to make it happen. Unlike trying to coax a smile from Umbridge though, it will be totally worth the effort.

WB Studios London - Running with trolley

First of all, let me be clear. You have to buy tickets in advance – there will be no turning up on the day and hoping to strike lucky.

That shizz just doesn’t fly (as in they don’t even sell tickets on the door, so you’ll have schlepped out to Leavesden for no reason – and I’ll warn you, apart from the studio tour, Leavesden isn’t the kind of place where you go to have a lot of fun).

Harry Potter Studios Tickets

So, you need to plan your trip in advance. Preferably as far in advance as you possibly can.

Tickets for the Warner Brothers Harry Potter tour sell like hotcakes – and months ahead.

Don’t be all blasé like me, hopping onto the website and thinking you’ll pick one up for the next day. I was totally sucker punched when I saw that tickets were pretty much booked out for two months in advance. That’s not a typo and yes you’re reading it right. Two months.

Now, there are a couple of workarounds, which I am going to go into more detail below but that is the standard position.

So if you’re thinking about taking a trip to London and you want to get a ticket, do it the moment you book your flights. I only wish I were joking.

Book Tickets Here

Sneaky Trick Number One for Getting a Ticket to the Warner Bros Studio Tour

Book a tour – or transport inclusive ticket from a tour operator.

I have to be honest – I am prettyyyyyy disorganised a lot of the time and I’ve often found that hunting around for a tour can mean that you can nab a last minute spot when all other hope is lost.

Have a look on Get Your Guide and simply work your way through the different operators until you can find one with a ticket for the date that you want. Simple and oh so crafty * cackles uncontrollably in the manner of Bellatrix Lestrange *.

PS – I talk more about tours and transport inclusive options in the How to Get to the Harry Potter Studios Section Below.

Sneaky Trick Number Two For Getting Your Hands on Harry Potter Studio Tickets

You’ll have better luck if you can visit on a weekday outside of school holidays, but as you’re likely to be grown-ass adults with actual jobs, whether you can do that depends on exactly how much magic you’re willing to practice to get yourself a spot.

Harry Potter Tickets

Sneaky Trick Number Three for Nabbing Those Tickets

Now I know that I said that you have next to zero chance for nabbing tickets to Harry Potter land in London without booking them at least a couple of months in advance but guess what… I lied.

Well, kind of.

You can get last-minute tickets on the website if you’re willing to be flexible and just take whatever day and time is available. I booked my tickets on Tuesday to go on the Sunday of the same week – and was pretty lucky that the tour started at 2pm so I had loads of time to make my way around.

There were only a couple of tickets for the Sunday available – and a few more for the following Monday and Tuesday… after which the earliest I could book was 2.5 months later.

It’s a big gamble – definitely not one I’d recommend taking if you’re only in the country for a short period but it is always worth checking.

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Tips for Making the Most of Your Time in the Harry Potter Warner Bros Studio Tour

If you’re more of an adult than me and actually book your tickets far enough in advance that you get a choice about which slot to choose rather than having to take whichever one’s available because you’re trying to find a ticket for this weekend, I have a tip.

Go as early in the day as possible – and try and avoid the last slot or two.

Much as I’d love to pretend that these are sage words I winkled out of prophecy buried in that creepy vault in the Ministry of Magic, the boring truth is there are very good reasons for this advice.

One is that the tour is untimed. Once you’re in, you’re in for however long it takes you to make your way around.

Considering that some people (ME) literally won’t rest until they’ve read / played with / googled at / photographed / posed with every tiny little bit on every single set, you can understand how later slots can get pretty busy.

Forbidden Forest

The second reason I say to go as early as possible is kind of the same – you want to make sure that you have all the sweet sweet time that you need to make your way around that tour.

They suggest three to four hours but who knows, you may end up taking more (particularly if you kick back with a butterbeer in Hogsmeade).

Someone once spent over thirteen hours in the tour, which seems a liiiitttttle excessive – what were they doing? Reenacting the films? Actually, that’s a brilliant idea.  

Either way, with the earlier slots you pretty much have all the time you want. It would be a real shame to have to rush any of the experience – you paid enough to justify squeezing every last second of pleasure from your well-spent galleons.

Wear Comfortable Shoes

Did you see that bit above where I said that the average person takes three to four hours walking around the studios?

Model of merpeople

Now imagine doing that in some flimsy-ass high heels that make you want to cast a spell and set your own feet on fire after half an hour and I think you’ll get my point about comfortable shoes.

Unless you have your own flying broomstick that is, in which case you can wear those heels as you zip around the tour with your cape billowing in the breeze behind you.

Dress Up (If You Want, but Why Wouldn’t You Want to…)

I have one regret about my trip to the making of Harry Potter and that is that I didn’t dress up. There were so many kids (and adults!) rocking cool Harry Potter attire that the moment I saw them, I knew that I a) wanted to be them and b) would feel so sad about it for the whole time I was there.

So dust off your capes, your house scarf, your Potter-style glasses etc with free abandon – ain’t no one going to judge you for it.

Swot Up on the Films (and the Books for Extra House Points)

This will only apply if you haven’t watched the film in a little while (in which case, who even are you?).

There are so many cool spots here but there’s no point if you can only dimly remember the films from some time a few years ago when you watched it as you did your knitting.


No. That is not good enough. You want to make sure that you’ve watched the films recently, that they’re fresh in your mind, that you recall every detail – and preferably you can do some short reenactments as you go around…

And, if you want to get extra mega-nerdy house points, breeze through the books so you can say sage things comparing the books to the films and the sets and totally blowing everyone’s minds with your crazy levels of knowledge.

Don’t Whizz Through the Great Hall too Fast – In Fact, Don’t Whizz Through Any of the Tour too Fast

The tour starts with a couple of short intros – one in a small room where you can see the cast on small screens above you and marvel at how much older they look. Then start thinking about how much older you must be too and actually get so wrapped up in this that you actually end up missing everything they say.

The second intro film is a much grander affair and in an actual cinema. Now, once you finish that second film, the doors beyond open and you’re let into the Hogwarts Dining Hall.

The Harry Potter Dining Hall

What do you get when you take lots and lots of very keen Harry Potter fans, lock them in a dark room and then let them loose onto one of the film’s most exciting sets?

I think mayhem is the word that you’re looking for. I had a whole family push into my photo, pretty much stampeding over me to nab a picture with a statue of Dumbledore.

Great Hall - Dumbledore at High Table

No worries though, jokes on them because I just waited behind until almost all of the people had trampled their way through to the next room and quietly (and rather smugly, channeling my best Hermione knows it all face) took my pictures and had a nose around the now empty hall.

Don’t take too long though – you only have a certain period of time until the next group of people are released from the cinema room and into the frenzy.

That advice applies to all of the tour actually – unless you’re in one of the later slots you have all the time that you need to make your way around, take millions of pictures and absolutely live your best Harry Potter life.

There’s no need to rush that – if you do, you won’t have anything good to put into your pensieve.

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Pick the Guides’ Brains

No, not literally. The guides in the Warner Bros studios take Harry Potter fandom to. another. level. You will bow in the face of their superior and all out geeky knowledge of the things on the set.

I totally encourage you to sidle up to one and ask a really niche question about a tiny piece of the set buried in the back of a scene, then watch as *poof* all their magical knowledge comes out. It’s BEAUTIFUL.

Do Fill in Your Making of Harry Potter Passport

You’re handed a Harry Potter Passport with your tickets. I tried to be all cool and dismissive about it – what do they think we are? Children who are going to run around getting stamps and filling in the questions in our magical books? Damned right we are.

Now is not the time to pretend that you’re in any way not excited about finding the 13 golden snitches that are hidden throughout the Harry Potter Warner Bros Studio Tour.

Finding those snitches and getting those stamps is better than that moment when everyone thinks that Harry’s dead and he bursts out of Hagrid’s arms to turn Voldemort into tiny pieces of ash. I shizz you not.

Highlights of the Warner Bros Studio Tour in London

Now that you’ve booked your tickets and are incredibly excited, I thought I’d help fuel the fire with a few sneak peeks at some of my favourite spots from the set 😀

The Great Hall

Feasts, howlers, ominous speeches – Hogwarts’ Great Hall has seen it all. It’s pretty cool to see the hall in real life (though if you’ve ever visited Christ Church in Oxford – another city with many Harry Potter filming locations , you’ll notice the strong resemblance).

Peeking at the Uniforms in the Great Hall

I won’t let you in on all of the little secrets but you get to peek behind the scenes to find out how they created the floating candles and enchanted ceiling effects, plus there’s a cool display of the house uniforms and details on how they changed throughout the films.

The Gryffindor Dormitory

Lush velvet, wooden four poster beds – welcome to the Gryffindor Dorm. Biggest surprise? The beds are absolutely tiny as they were designed for the kids for The Philosopher’s Stone but ended up being used in all the films.

Dumbledore’s Office

Dumbledore's Office

So much wisdom, so little time.

The calm retreat in which many of the films’ most memorable scenes took place – Dumbledore’s Office is adorned with rows and rows of books and many portraits of former Hogwarts headmasters.

Though it brought up all the feels from that awful moment when Snape kills Dumbledore and you feel like your soul has been split in two.

The Potions Room

Press it, don’t squeeze it Hermoine. The potions room is lined with all manner of tinctures and strange ingredients – ready to be made into love potions or poisons… let’s hope it’s the first of the two!

The Forbidden Forest

Buckbeak in the Forbidden Forest

The Forbidden Forest is a real eye opener – dark, ominous and more realistic than I’d like to admit, it’s crazy walking through the forest as giant spiders descend from the ceiling, accompanied by thunder and flashes of lightning.

Malfoy Manor

Malfoy Manor

The ominous tone of Malfoy Manor is set by a dummy of Charity Burbage hanging over the long table at which the death eaters sit. Who can forget the poor teacher’s death – brutally attacked by Nagini while the whole table watched.

The Ministry of Magic

Magic is Might Statue

Glimpses of the Ministry of Magic peep out from the giant sets – one of the largest ever created for a film. The larger-than-life Magic is Might statue stands to remind Muggles of their rightful place. Creepy.

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Platform 9 ¾

Hogwarts Express

It’s real! All aboard the Hogwarts Express! Many of the scenes on Platform 9 ¾ were actually shot in King’s Cross (one of the filming locations in London) but part of the station was reconstructed in the studio – complete with a Hogwarts Express that you can jump aboard and trolleys buried in the walls for that iconic shot of you running through to the secret platform.

Diagon Alley  

Diagon Alley

Hop into Ollivanders and get your wand at the ridiculously lifelike set for Diagon Alley . The set changed significantly throughout the progress of the films – the final version is a cross between a Victorian shopping street and a weird, wacky emporium.

Hogwarts Castle

Hogwarts Castle

The last stop on the Harry Potter studio tour is IMHO the best – the scale model of Hogwarts Castle. Each of the films directors changed bits on the castle to suit the mood of their film – the result? An incredible sprawling model, complete with intricately-designed details. When can we move in?

What’s The Best Way to Get to the Harry Potter Studios from London?

Where is harry potter studios.

The Harry Potter Studios are actually situated just outside of London in Leavesden, Watford. There’s not too much to do in this area besides visiting the studio tour but there’s plenty to do inside, so you can still make a day of it.

Have no fear though – no matter which part of London you’re in, the Harry Potter Studios are pretty easy to get to. I’ve outlined the easiest ways for you below…

Getting to the Harry Potter studios isn’t difficult if you have a car. It’s about a 45 minute drive from Central London and parking is free.

Like many places outside of the city, Sat Nav does tend to lose its way a little when you put in the postcode, so you’re better off entering in Warner Bros Studios Leavesden to make sure that it takes you to the right place. We don’t want any Diagonelly / Diagon Alley mix ups here.

Make sure that you have your booking confirmation to hand as you go into the car park as they need to check it before you go in.

By Bus from London

Did I mention that the studios are kind of in the middle of nowhere? Upshot is that your options for getting to them are far more limited than for places in central London.

If you’re not driving, the easiest thing to do is to buy a Bus and Entrance Package. The package covers your bus from a central London location and your ticket for the tour. Mischief managed!

There are a few different operators offering buses from different London locations – t his one does them from Victoria coach station , or browse here for other options . Most bus and tour packages cost around £85 for adults.

On a Guided Tour

This is different (and a lot more expensive) to the Bus and Ticket Combos. I’m talking fully guided tours for those who want that next-level Harry Potter knowledge and aren’t afraid to make it rain pounds and pennies in order to get it.

This guided tour includes transport from London, a fully-guided tour around the studios plus re-entry to the studios so that you can go back and explore them at your own leisure before heading with your guide back to London again.

Book your spot for £89 pounds – and no, you can’t rob Gringotts to fund the cost of the tickets.

By Train (and Bus)

In my opinion, getting to the studios by train is the most awkward option, though it isn’t too bad. You need to hop on a train from London Euston to Watford Junction (this takes about 20 minutes) and then catch a bus (£2.50 extra – cash only) from Watford Junction to the Studios (this takes about 15 minutes).

In theory, you could do the trip in 35 minutes but everyone I’ve spoken to says it takes a bit longer and there’s the hassle of having to change at Watford Junction.

I’d rather hop on one bus to do the full journey but that’s just me. You don’t need to book ahead but check train times to make sure you’re not waiting around in Euston for the next one.

Hotels Near Harry Potter Studios London

Premier inn watford north (budget).

I tend to prefer Premier Inns over Travelodges but it’s the same deal – a comfortable budget option that’s only a short distance from the studios. Check availability.

Hemel Hempstead Holiday Inn (Budget)

The Hemel Hempstead Holiday Inn is everything that you’d expect from a Holiday Inn (as in basic but clean and comfortable). The real draw is that it’s less than a ten-minute drive (seven minutes to be exact) away from the Studios – particularly perfect if you’ve got an early morning start. Check availability.

The Grove (High End)

The Grove is hella pricey but what else do you expect when you opt to stay in a gorgeous country manor house? Stylish interiors, ridiculously snuggly beds and a fabulous in-house restaurant. Totally your pick if you really want to push the boat out. Check prices and availability.

Other Hotels in Watford

I should point out that there are quite a few hotels in and around Watford Junction, where it totally makes sense to stay if you are getting the train to the station but don’t want to hurry there and back the same day.

Compare prices and availability for hotels in Watford.

Harry Potter Studio Tour London Map

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warner brothers studio tour london location

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Hogwarts Castle Model - Warner Bros Studio Tour

Taking a Harry Potter Studio Tour in London: Everything You Need to Know

Last updated: April 9, 2024 . Written by Laurence Norah - 24 Comments

If you’re a Harry Potter fan visiting the UK, the chances are high that you want to take the Harry Potter Studio Tour near London. This tour, of the Warner Bros. Studio where the majority of the films were shot, is a fascinating experience, and well worth doing even if you’re not a Harry Potter fan.

You can visit places like the Great Hall, the railway station, various filming locations from inside Hogwarts, the Forbidden Forest, and even Diagon Alley.

Harry Potter Studio Tour - Common Room

As well as visiting the film sets, you will also learn all about how the films were made, see many of the props from the movies, get to participate in some green screen magic, have the opportunity to try Butterbeer, and of course, buy all the Harry Potter merchandise you can imagine!

In this guide we’re going to go through everything you need to know to visit the Harry Potter Studios, including how to get there, how to get tickets, information for making the most of your day, and lots more! Let’s get started by answering some questions you may have.

Where Was Harry Potter Filmed?

Harry Potter was filmed all across the UK, at real world locations such as Glenfinnan Viaduct, Alnwick Castle, Glencoe in Scotland and Leadenhall Market in London . See our full guide to Harry Potter filming locations in the UK for more.

The interior sets and the majority of the rest of the films were shot at the Warner Bros. Studio in Leavesden, just outside London.

Where is the Harry Potter Studio Tour?

The Harry Potter Studio Tour takes place in the Warner Bros. Studio, which is found in Leavesden, England. This is around 20 miles northwest of London.

The Warner Bros. Studio is a fully working film studio, one of the largest in the UK, and many films have been shot here, including the whole Harry Potter franchise as well as some of the Star Wars,   Batman , and Mission: Impossible films.

Dumbledores office

Harry Potter Studio Opening Times

You will definitely want to check the website for up-to-date opening times, but generally throughout the year the studio is open from 8.30am through to 10pm. More specifically:

  • Doors open at 8.30am
  • First tour starts at 9am
  • Final tour starts at 6.30pm
  • Studio closes at 10pm

These times do vary by day. In terms of dates, the Studio is open every day of the week. There are some exceptions, it is closed on Christmas Day and Boxing Day (25th and 26th of December).

How Much Does the Harry Potter Studio Tour Cost?

Prices for the standard tour are as follows (correct as of April 2024).

  • Adult: £53.50
  • Child aged 5-15: £43
  • Childer Under 4: Free
  • Family: £172
  • Carer: Free

For a family, this can be either 2 adults and 2 children, or 1 adult and 3 children.

You can also purchase more expensive tour packages, but these are the basic prices. Note that these are just entry prices, and don’t include any transport.

Is the Harry Potter Studio Tour Accessible?

The Harry Potter Studio Tour is accessible, and visitors can bring one carer free of charge with proof of entitlement.

For the studio itself, the majority of it is level and accessible for wheelchair users. There are some exceptions, such as the Hogwarts Bridge and the Knights Bus. Diagon Alley also includes an incline and cobbled streets.

Wheelchairs and mobility scooters are permitted but mobility scooters cannot be wider than 86cm.

Visitors with assistance dogs are welcome and water bowls can be provided. There’s also a dedicated toilet area for assistance dogs.

For visitors with a hearing impairment, induction loops can be provided. A portable iPad is also available (this must be booked in advance), which can provide a subtitled version of some of the films. It’s also possible to book a BSL tour in advance.

For more information on accessibility and any other needs you have, please visit the accessibility section of the official website.

How to Get to the Harry Potter Studio Tour

You have two major options for getting to the Harry Potter Studio Tour – you can take a tour which includes your transport, or you can make your own way there using either public transport or a car.

We’ll go through both of these options so you can make the right decision as to which is going to be best for you.

Certainly, the easiest option for getting to the Harry Potter Studios is to take a tour which includes your return transport.

These tours leave from various locations around London (and other parts of the UK), and included in the price of your tour will be pre-booked timed entry to the Studio Tour and return transport to and from a pick-up point.

Note that most tours do not include a guide inside the experience as it is largely self-guided. However, you can book a tour, such as this one , which does include a guide for the time inside the studio as well. When choosing tours, do check how long they give you at the studio. You will generally want a minimum of three hours, although you might find four hours will be more suitable if you want to experience everything.

Some options include:

  • This tour  which departs from the Victoria Coach Station in London
  • Another tour with departure from Victoria Coach Station in London
  • A slightly longer tour giving you 4 hours at the studio, with departure from Kings Cross Station, London
  • This is a fully guided tour which includes return transport and a guide throughout the experience.
  • This tour of the Harry Potter studios , which includes return transport from central London hotels
  • If you want to do more on your day, this tour includes a tour of Oxford as well as the Studios , with departures from Great Portland Street, London
  • This tour , with one of our favorite walking tour companies Take Walks includes a short walking tour of central London (including some Harry Potter filming locations in London ), followed by round trip transport to the studio and entry to the Studio Tour for four hours. We’ve done this tour and it is a good option although does make for a full day.

As you can see, there are lots of options! We’ve got more on all of these in the section below on how to buy your tickets for the Studio Tour.

Hagrid Hut interior

By Public Transport

From central London, it’s fairly easy to get to the Harry Potter Studios by public transport. You will take the train from Euston Station to Watford Junction.

Then you need to take a dedicated shuttle bus operated by the Studio Tour that runs from just outside Watford Junction Station (it is well sign posted), that takes you directly to the studios.

Bus to Warner Bros Studio Tour

For the train, you can either buy your tickets in advance here , or you can pay on the day using a contactless or Oyster card. This will require you to tap in and tap out using the yellow card readers. Note that Oyster cards and contactless cards do not work beyond Watford Junction, so don’t go any further than this.

See our  guide to buying and using the Oyster card in London , and our  guide to paying for public transport in London  for more information on using these forms of payment for travel in and around London.

For the shuttle bus, this is included in the price of your entry ticket. To board the bus you will need to have a valid pre-purchased ticket to the Harry Potter Studios, or proof of a ticket booking confirmation (printed or on your phone).

Getting to the Harry Potter Studios by car is relatively easy. Depending on the time of day, exact departure location and traffic, the drive from central London takes around an hour to ninety minutes.

From Oxford it’s around an hour, and it’s around two hours from Birmingham. Visitors with valid pre-purchased Studio tickets can take advantage of free parking on site. Note you cannot enter the parking area without a valid ticket or booking confirmation for that day.

Where to Buy Harry Potter Studio Tour Tickets

If you are making your own way to the Harry Potter studios, you have to buy your ticket in advance from the official website . You cannot turn up without a ticket, and tickets are not for sale on site.

Tickets go on sale well in advance, but despite the site having capacity for up to 6,000 people a day, they tend to sell out far in advance, so you will want to plan as far ahead as possible.

The summer months, weekends, and school holidays are the busiest days of the year for the Studio so we recommend that you book as far in advance as you can if you are visiting over those periods.

Weekdays often have better availability, so if you are flexible, look at different days of the week to maximise your chances of getting a ticket.


Tickets are for timed entry, which helps the studios manage visitor numbers throughout the day. Whilst there is no limit to how long you can stay after you enter, you do need to enter the attraction at the time you book. There is a little bit of flexibility in this, but it’s best not to show up hours later than your time to avoid disappointment.

The WB Studios Tour folks recommend you arrive at the site at least 20 minutes before your ticket time so you can go through the security checks.

If you can’t buy a ticket from the official site, don’t worry, you still have lots of options.

First, you can opt to take a tour with a tour company, as these have a different ticket allocation system. Whilst this will be slightly more expensive, at least you will still be able to go, and it will include transport as well. See here for some of the tour options available, and here for even more !

Another option is to book a Deluxe Tour, which includes a two-hour guided tour of the studios, a photo package, a hot meal, butterbeer, souvenir guidebook and special designated parking. Following the guided tour, you are free to explore yourself. As Deluxe Tours are more expensive, they tend to have better availability.

Broomstick training

Deluxe Tours can be booked directly with the Studios, subject to availability, on the official site here .

How Long Does the Harry Potter Studio Tour take?

The regular tour itself is self-guided, other than an introduction at the beginning, so you can take as long as you like to wander the studios.

The average length of a visit is around three and a half hours, and that is what the studio estimates most people will take and forecast their capacity around.

Dumbledores office

This is also about the amount of time that most tour companies will give you, although some offer a bit more time on site, so if you think you will need more time, be sure to pick a tour company that offers more time.

Where to Stay Near the Harry Potter Studios

The majority of visitors to the Harry Potter Studios visit from London as a day trip, and choose a hotel in London. If you go down this route, you might want to consider a hotel that makes it easier to get to the studios, be that by public transport or on one of the tours.

We’ve suggested some options below, as well as some hotels near the Studios themselves if you want to be really close.

Note that hotels in London are relatively expensive, especially those located near major attractions, and rooms aren’t always huge. However, we’ve picked what we think are a good choice for you.

We also recommend reading our guide to where to stay in London for some suggested options across all budgets.

Hotels near London Victoria train station (where most bus tours depart)

  • Comfort Inn Buckingham Palace Road – great value 3* property just 5 minutes walk from London Victoria train station
  • The Resident Hotel – well reviewed 4* property, five minutes from London Victoria.
  • Lime Tree Hotel – A well reviewed boutique hotel, around nine minutes walk from London Victoria
  • Walrus Bar and Hostel – it’s not too close to London Victoria (15-20 minutes by public transport, or a 35 minute walk), but it’s very central and is a great budget option for London in general

Hotels near Euston train station (for the train)

  • YHA London St. Pancras – a good value budget option a short walk from both Euston and Kings Cross stations. Offers both private and dormitory style rooms
  • Comfort Inn and Suites King Cross – a great mid-range option, with all rooms coming with a kitchenette
  • Point A Hotels – comfortable, cosy rooms, part of the well rated budget-friendly Point A hotel chain
  • Radisson Blu Edwardian – luxury, boutique accommodation, a short walk from Euston station

Hotels near the Harry Potter Studios

  • Mercure London – one of the closest hotels to the actual studios, this would be a good option if you are driving and want to be as close as possible
  • Holiday Inn Express London – right next to Watford Junction, this mid-range and well reviewed property is convenient for both trains to London, and for the studio shuttle
  • Jurys Inn London Watford – another great mid-range option, just a short walk from Watford Junction train station

Our Harry Potter Studio Tour Review and Experience

Now for the fun stuff! Although, if you want your visit to be a surprise, you might want to skip this section, as you now have everything you need to know in order to visit.

Still, if you want an idea of what to expect from your visit, read on, and we’ll share our own experiences of visiting the Harry Potter Studios! We have actually visited a few times over the years, both via a tour and using our own transport, and well talk about that a bit as well.

The first time we visited the studios we came from central London, taking the train to Watford Junction and the Shuttle Bus to the studio. When we visited there was a fee for the shuttle bus, but this is now included in the price of the ticket. The train was easy, and the shuttle bus departure point was well marked just outside the train station.

We pre-booked our tickets on the official website, so with our email booking confirmation we picked up our tickets from the kiosks. They have both staffed ticket windows and automatic kiosks – both work!

Once we had our ticket, which had our entry time on it, we went through security and joined the line for entry.

On another visit we took a tour to central London to compare the experience, specifically this tour . Whilst getting to the studio ourselves was easy enough, obviously having a bus take us directly to and from the studio from central London did make things even easier. However as it wasn’t a guided tour, once we were on site the experience was the same as visiting ourselves.

Warner Bros Studio Tour Entrance

All entries for the Harry Potter Studio Tour are timed, so you have to wait in line, as they let each group in all together. Still, waiting in line is made fun, as the line has the cupboard under the stairs set right next to it, meaning you can start getting excited about your upcoming adventure straight away (and start taking pictures!).

At the time of our entry, we were all ushered into a large waiting room with a series of screens around the walls and given a brief introduction as to what we might expect. We then went into a cinema where some of the key cast members shared their thoughts. Then, the cinema screen rolled away, revealing a giant wooden door before us. Here, a guide welcomed us, and prepared us for our journey.

Cupboard under the stairs

The Great Hall and Beyond

After our introduction, the massive wooden doors we were standing in front of opened, and the Great Hall was revealed. I have to say, this was pretty amazing, to be able to step into the world of Harry Potter. The Great Hall set was used as the Great Hall for six of the films, with many scenes shot here.

Great Hall Hogwarts

It certainly felt like the most complete of the sets we visited, as it was totally immersive and all around us, and was quite an experience.

From the Great Hall we were essentially allowed to continue on our own into the first half of the tour building. This had so much to see that I won’t go into it all here.

To give you an idea though, you can do everything from practice your wand waving through to seeing the Womping Willow in action through to visiting the potions laboratory, meeting Buckbeak, hanging out on Platform 9 3/4, and wandering around the Forbidden Forest!

Platform 9 3/4 Warner Bros Studio Tour

Food and Butterbeer

Around half way through the tour, you come to the Backlot Cafe. This serves hot and cold food, as well as that famous drink – Butterbeer! This is a non-alcoholic beverage that tastes sort of like a mix of marshmallows and popcorn. It is definitely a must-try when visiting! We can also recommend the Butterbeer icecream which is very good.


You don’t have to eat here, as there are other dining options on site, including the Studio Cafe. However, if you want to try Butterbeer, the Backlot Cafe is the place to do it.

Privet Drive and the Night Bus

Once you’ve finished your butterbeer experience, it’s time to head outside to Privet Drive! Here you can see the house where Harry grew up, as well as a number of other fairly large props and sets, including the Knight Bus and the bridge that led across the ravine outside Hogwarts.

Knight Bus

This is the only outside part of the tour, and it isn’t a huge area, although if the weather isn’t great you might want a waterproof jacket to enjoy this part of the tour.

Gringotts Bank, Diagon Alley and the Last of the Tour

After seeing the exterior part of the tour, you enter the final part of the tour. Don’t worry though, you’re only really half way though – there’s loads to see still! From here you’re going to see a lot of the props and costumes, as well as detailed information on how these were created, and the work that went into them.

Diagon Alley

You’re also going to have the opportunity to walk through Gringotts Bank, meet a dragon, walk right down Diagon Alley, and see such locations as Ollivanders Wand Shop!

Finally, and perhaps most impressively, you come to the 1:24 scale model of Hogwarts itself. This is a massive construction that fills a whole room, and is truly spectacular. You can also watch videos to see how the model was used and digitally merged into the final films, which is very impressive.

Once you’re done with all the above, you pop out into the shop, where you can buy pretty much any Harry Potter merchandise you can imagine!

Harry Potter Studio Tour Props

Tips for Visiting the Harry Potter Studio

Based on our experiences visiting the Harry Potter Studio in London, we’ve put together the following tips to help you plan your visit and maximise your time.

Decide how you want to visit

As described earlier in detail, you have a number of options for visiting the Harry Potter Studios, although depending on ticket availability, you might not always have every option. However, the main options are:

  • Book a standard tour and plan your own transport, either by train/shuttle or car
  • Book a deluxe tour and plan your own transport, either by train/shuttle or car
  • Book a tour that includes transport and entry like this

Whichever you choose to go for, you will definitely have a great time!

Book your tickets in advance

We can’t emphasise this enough – tickets are not available on site – you have to book in advance . If you’re travelling independently, you can do that through the official site .

If tickets are not available through the official site for the time you want to visit, or you’d rather let someone else handle your transport, here is a good selection of tours to choose from , and here are some more options .

Plan your time

The average visit time is three and a half hours, so make sure you give yourself at least this much time on site. Don’t forget there’s food on-site as well as a massive gift shop, so you’ll want to factor time in for these activities too. Some fans can easily spend 4 or 5 hours here.

Whilst the majority of tours that include transport give you at least three hours on site, some allow for longer visits, so make sure to book the right tour for you. There is a lot to do and see on site, so more time can definitely be put to good use and you don’t want to feel rushed!

warner brothers studio tour london location

One of the best parts of visiting the Harry Potter Studios is just how interactive the experience can be. Whilst it’s certainly not a theme park, there’s a lot to do, from practicing your wand skills through to pushing your own trolley through the wall at platform 9 3/4 through to riding and summoning your own broomstick!

Some of these experiences will have a short queue, but due to the timed system for entry, these will never be too long.

Many visitors also come in full Harry Potter outfits, so don’t be afraid to dress up and get into the swing of things. You won’t be alone, and it adds to the experience for many people!

Wand training

Further Reading

And that’s it for our guide to the Harry Potter Studio Tour in London. We hope you found it useful – we certainly had a lot of fun taking the tour and putting this post together!

As well as this post, we’ve also got a lot more content that we think you’ll find useful, both Harry Potter related, and other content to help you plan your time in London and the UK.

  • Whilst this is one of the best places for Harry Potter fans to visit in the UK, it’s by no means the only Harry Potter location or activity you can take part in. Check out our guides to finding Harry Potter in London, Harry Potter in Edinburgh and Harry Potter in Scotland for more inspiration.
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  • The  Eyewitness Travel Guide to London , which has all sorts of information within, including more itineraries and ideas for your trip. We also recommend the  Rick Steve’s London 2019  guide, the #1 bestseller on Amazon for UK travel guides, and always an excellent source of relevant information

And that’s it! Are you a Harry Potter wanting to take the Warner Bros. Harry Potter Studio Tour? Have any questions about a visit? Let us know your thoughts or questions in the comments below!

A detailed guide to taking a Harry Potter Studio tour, including how to get tickets, how to get to the Harry Potter studios from London, tour options, and tips!

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15th August 2023 at 8:43 am

what an amazing detailed blog. really helped me understand and plan the trip. I am booked for 1st October 5:30 as didn’t get any other day or time slot on the website,, do you think I should look at going through a tour agent to get more time in the day time or evening is fine? hoping there will be no issues in taking public transport while coming back. we will be staying in Westminster.

Laurence Norah says

15th August 2023 at 9:08 am

Thanks very much! So I think you will be fine. On the 1st October it looks like the studio tour doesn’t close until 10pm, and I would say that 4.5 hours should be more than enough. The last bus to the station leaves at 10pm, so just be sure to be on that. In terms of trains, looking at the West Midlands train timetables, the last train on a Sunday back to central London is at quarter to 1 in the morning, so I think you will be fine.

Enjoy your visit!

George says

3rd May 2023 at 7:47 am

I just finished reading your post about taking a Harry Potter studio tour and I have to say it was incredibly informative and enjoyable to read! You provided a lot of helpful information for anyone planning on taking a tour, from practical tips on transportation and timing to advice on how to make the most out of the experience.

One of the things I really appreciated about your post was how you made it clear that the tour is not just for die-hard Harry Potter fans. Even for those who have only seen the movies, the tour can be a fascinating and immersive experience. I also liked how you emphasized the importance of taking your time and really exploring each exhibit and set, rather than rushing through them.

Your post was also full of helpful details, from what to expect on the tour to how to save money on tickets. I particularly appreciated your recommendation to book tickets in advance to avoid disappointment, as well as your advice to avoid peak times if possible.

Overall, I thought your post was a fantastic resource for anyone planning on taking a Harry Potter studio tour. You provided a wealth of information and tips that will undoubtedly make the experience more enjoyable for anyone who reads your post. Thanks for sharing your insights and expertise with us!

4th May 2023 at 5:30 pm

Thanks very much George, I appreciate your feedback!

3rd April 2023 at 10:58 am

Hi there! I just read your blog post about taking a Harry Potter Studio Tour and I have to say, it’s an incredibly informative and detailed guide. I’ve been to the Studio Tour myself and I can attest to the accuracy of your tips and advice.

I particularly appreciate the way you organized your post into different sections, making it easy for readers to find the information they need. Your advice about booking tickets in advance and arriving early is spot on – it’s definitely worth taking those extra steps to avoid long lines and ensure the best possible experience.

Your photos are also amazing and really bring the tour to life. It’s wonderful to see all the different sets and props up close and your photos do a great job of capturing the intricate details that went into creating them.

Overall, I think this post is a fantastic resource for anyone planning a visit to the Harry Potter Studio Tour. You’ve covered everything from transportation to food to the best photo opportunities, making it a comprehensive guide for anyone looking to make the most of their visit. Thanks for sharing your expertise with us!

Highly Recommended to all.

3rd April 2023 at 11:27 am

Thanks very much, I’m glad to hear you found the post useful and you enjoyed your Harry Potter Studio Tour 🙂

Jean searle says

25th October 2021 at 11:18 pm

My family live on the wirral it would take us about 3 1/ 2 hrs to get there with the price of fuel costly then the stay overnight in the hotel with bed and breakfast. Your outstanding entry price for an adult £48 Kids price extortionate my granddaughter is 8yrs old obsessed with Harry Potter reads the books loves the films she is desperate to come on the studio tour but can’t justify you outrageous prices. And then we have to pay for fuel to travel back. I am registered disabled but not in a wheelchair. My husband is my carer we are also pensioners do you honestly expect a disabled person to pay £48 to get in while OK my carer is free surely you should have compensation for the disabled person. As it stands we have to keep letting the 8yr old down as we can’t afford your prices. Then the added extras for the bus etc. I would ask you to see if you could establish a different rate for children under 10 and the disabled pensioner please as we would bring her but out of our pension we cannot afford your cost. Hope you take into account what I have said. Underprivileged children should be catered for I know.you have to make your money but at the cost of a child. Shame on you. My granddaughter may never get to see it now.xc

26th October 2021 at 10:13 am

Thanks for your message! So to be clear, this website is not associated with the Warner Bros Studio or Harry Potter tour. It’s just a guide to visiting. If you want to reach out to them directly, you’ll need to do so via their website. Their contact information can be found here: https://www.wbstudiotour.co.uk/contact-us/

All the best,

Dave Gaudie says

23rd July 2021 at 6:54 pm

Can I take photos throughout the tour ?

23rd July 2021 at 7:02 pm

Yep photography is permitted pretty much everywhere in the Harry Potter studio tour. There are a few exceptions – you can’t do photography in the pre-show cinema, or in the green screen areas. You also can’t use a tripod.

Have a great visit, and let me know if you have any more questions!

13th October 2019 at 4:38 am

Hello! I am so excited to have found your blog. I plan to read the entire london portion. I booked tickets to the studio for 1/1. I thought it would be a fun way to start the new year. Now I am wondering if it will be a problem to get to the studio. TfL site states train will be running on a sunday schedule. How much extra travel time should we think about? Our tix are for 1230p. We are staying by the waterloo station. Thank you for your amazing insights!

13th October 2019 at 3:25 pm

Thanks very much, I’m sure you’ll have an amazing time.

For the trains, all you’d have to do is check the timetables for a Sunday and this should give you an idea of how much time you will need 🙂 You shouldn’t have to worry too much I don’t think, 1230 should give you plenty of time to get there! Have a wonderful time!

Nurika Abdullah says

27th September 2019 at 12:33 am

Hi thank you for this it is so useful especially for first timers like me. My concern is on the age, in the studios website it says below 16 must be accompanied by adults. I am thinking of sending my 15 and 13 yr old kids on their own. Would this be possible if I take a guided tour instead? Many thanks Nurika

27th September 2019 at 7:02 pm

Unfortunately the policy is that all children must be accompanied by an adult, even on the guided tours

26th September 2019 at 7:33 am

Thank you for you site and sharing some great information!! It is just awesome!!

Would you happen to know the difference between the Studio’s VIP tour and the Fully-Guided Making of Harry Potter Tour. Looks like the Fully-Guided might have a couple more stops?

26th September 2019 at 10:49 pm

So the VIP tour (I guess you mean the Deluxe tour?) includes a few extras like butterbeer, souvenir photo, meal and guidebook. So quite a few extras. The fully guided tour includes the tour, but I believe it’s the same actual tour as the Deluxe tour, just without the extras. Of course, it also include round trip transport from London as well.

So it’s more about if you want the extras or not, or if you prefer the transport.

Have an amazing time, whichever you go for!

Dr. Abraham K. George says

2nd May 2019 at 10:15 pm

Wow! What lovely immersive writing, and lots of fine fine details. A pleasure to read. I’m so glad I stumbled on to this blog. My search is over. Have bookmarked it. Going to follow it faithfully for our first-time holiday to London + Scotland this month. The fully guided tour seems to be the best of the lot as it probably gives you the maximum time possible to spend at the studio (I hope). By the way, tickets are sold out on the official site. Thank you so much, Abraham

3rd May 2019 at 4:39 pm

Hi Abraham – my pleasure, and I hope you have a wonderful tour. For sure, the tours are very popular so they sell out far in advance on the official website, but there are a number of other ways to get a trip, so I hope you are able to visit still 🙂

27th March 2019 at 7:48 pm

Hi can i ask the extra activities you mentioned are they free or do I need to account for extra spending money Regard emma

27th March 2019 at 7:59 pm

So the activities like the wand workshop, broomstick summoning and other interactive things like that are included. The only thing you would need money for is the giftshop, or if you want to eat or try butter beer. For the green screen broomstick flying experience, where you are filmed on a broomstick against a green screen, that is an extra price as you get the experience as photos or a DVD. There are also some other opportunities to buy photos through the tour, but these are of course optional 🙂

Have a wonderful time!

Robert says

13th March 2019 at 4:51 pm

Excellent information! I’ve been to the WB Harry Potter Studios twice (2015, 2017), and you really covered everything in accurate detail.

One tiny error though it probably won’t confuse anyone: You wrote “Then you need to take a dedicated shuttle bus operated by the Studio Tour that runs from just outside Euston Station (it is well sign posted), that takes you directly to the studios.” I believe you meant “Watford Junction Station” instead of “Euston Station” in that sentence.

Thanks for your terrific work on the entire site. A colleague of mine sent me a link to it knowing I have led student/parent groups to London. I’ve enjoyed digging into it!

13th March 2019 at 5:00 pm

Thanks so much for your comment! We loved visiting and writing this post was a real pleasure 🙂 Thanks also for spotting that error – I’ve fixed it now 🙂

Thanks again!

Roslia santamaria says

28th November 2018 at 7:02 am

Thank you so much..This is very useful!!

28th November 2018 at 11:21 am

My pleasure Roslia 🙂

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6 Must-visit 'Harry Potter' Filming Locations in Oxford, England

Step into the Wizarding World at these real-life locations from "Harry Potter."

warner brothers studio tour london location

Many fans think of London when they think of Harry Potter , and while the city is home to myriad filming locations, it's Oxford, England that really oozes Hogwarts' vibes. Located about 60 miles from London, Oxford is where numerous Harry Potter scenes were filmed across Oxford's colleges. Walking past medieval and Gothic architecture, you feel as if you might bump into Hermione, Ron, or Harry himself. Here are some of the most iconic Harry Potter filming locations in Oxford for your next Potter pilgrimage.

Christ Church Staircase

Transporting us back to the early Harry Potter films, this famous staircase was used in numerous scenes in "Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone" and "Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets." Harry, Hermione, Ron, and others walk to the top of the staircase to meet Professor McGonagall in "Sorcerer's Stone." In the second film, after Harry and Ron miss the Hogwarts Express train and have to get to Hogwarts in the Weasleys' car, the duo ascends these stairs only to find Argus Filch, Hogwarts' grumpy caretaker. The staircase is also where a flashback scene shows Tom Riddle chatting with Dumbledore in "Chamber of Secrets." Christ Church is a working school and religious institution, so a ticket is required for non-students.

Christ Church Cloisters

The site of Christ Church was originally founded as a monastery in the eighth century. Cloisters were common in monasteries because they provided a sheltered space for monks to walk undisturbed. The cloisters at Christ Church are spectacular, with Gothic architecture and intricate design details. These cloisters can be seen in "Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone" as a hallway at Hogwarts where Harry sees the trophy his father won as a seeker in Quidditch (the wizarding world's favorite game). It's here that Hermione explains to Harry that being a seeker is in his blood. You can see the cloisters with a ticket to Christ Church.

Christ Church Dining Hall

While no filming took place here, Christ Church's dining hall served as inspiration for Hogwarts' Great Hall. Photographs of the hall were used to create a set at the London studios, and it's easy to see the similarities. High ceilings, long dining tables with a head table up front, and elaborate windows all create a Great Hall feel. The only thing that's missing? Floating candles, an enchanted ceiling, and a row of magical professors. (Hey, it was built by muggles, give them a break.) Visitors will need a ticket to Christ Church to see the dining hall.

New College Cloisters, Courtyard, and Tree

In "Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire," the cloisters and courtyard within New College are seen as Harry makes his way through a crowd of peers ridiculing him by wearing "Potter Stinks" pins. In the courtyard at New College, Harry tells Cedric Diggory that the first task they'll face in the Triwizard Tournament is defeating dragons. The tree where Malfoy sits while taunting Harry , which prompts Professor Moody to turn Malfoy into a ferret, is also in the courtyard. Visitors can take self-guided tours of New College by paying an entrance fee.

Bodleian Library, Divinity School

The Divinity School was used for many scenes in the first four Harry Potter films. In the first film, it served as Hogwarts' infirmary , where Harry recovers after his first confrontation with Voldemort. The school was also a location in "Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban," when Harry and Hermione use the time turner to save Buckbeak the hippogriff and Sirius Black. And it was used in the "Goblet of Fire" film when Professor McGonagall teaches Ron how to dance for the ball. Book a tour to see the Divinity School.

Bodleian Library, Duke Humfrey's Library

With endless shelves of dated books and manuscripts, Duke Humfrey's Library was the perfect filming location for a scene in "Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone." When Harry goes looking for answers in the restricted section of Hogwarts' library , he uses his invisibility cloak to wander through the stacks unseen, only to be terrified when Hogwarts' caretaker Argus Filch hears him rummaging about. Visitors can tour the library with a ticket .

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an image, when javascript is unavailable

‘Harry Potter’ Competition Series ‘Wizards of Baking’ Ordered at Food Network, Will Feature Original Film Sets

By Jennifer Maas

Jennifer Maas

TV Business Writer

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Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets

Food Network has a new magical treat in store for viewers this holiday season: The Warner Bros. Discovery-owned cable channel has ordered a baking competition inspired by the beloved “ Harry Potter ” franchise.

Titled “ Harry Potter: Wizards of Baking ,” the new show will feature “innovative pastry chefs” as they “craft spellbinding sweet creations” inspired by the films starring Daniel Radcliffe in the titular role.

The show will be filmed at the Warner Bros. Studio Tour London’s “The Making of Harry Potter” location, giving the competitors “unprecedented access to the actual sets where the films were made as they present their creations to the judges and special guests.”

Popular on Variety

Per the competition’s description, “Viewers will see beloved locations, including inside The Great Hall at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, Platform 9¾, Gringotts Wizarding Bank, The Burrow as well as props, costumes, and clips from the blockbuster films. ‘Harry Potter: Wizards of Baking’ will delight viewers as it blends the magic of Harry Potter with the very real talent of exceptional pastry chefs.”

Food Network revealed the “Harry Potter: Wizards of Baking” series order during Warner Bros. Discovery’s upfront presentation to advertisers Wednesday, which was held at Madison Square Garden. U.S. networks chairman and CEO Kathleen Finch made the announcement on stage before running a teaser clip set to the original “Harry Potter” theme song and featuring pastries and desserts inspired by Harry’s owl Hedwig, the golden galleons from Gringotts bank, and even baby mandrakes.

The baking competition has been picked up just as Food Network sibling Max is ramping up development on its “Harry Potter” TV show — a new adaptation of J.K. Rowling’s seven-book series that was first ordered by the streamer in April 2023 and is described as a more complete and detailed retelling of the novels. Both projects are in line with WBD CEO David Zaslav’s huge push to mine as much existing high-profile Warner Bros. IP as possible, including more “Game of Thrones” series, a rebooted DC Universe franchise and the new “The Lord of the Rings” films.

The holidays just got a lot more magical because Harry Potter #WizardsOfBaking is coming to @foodnetwork & @streamonmax ! ⚡🧙 In this new competition show, pastry chefs will craft spellbinding sweet creations inspired by the @wizardingworld of @HarryPotter ! pic.twitter.com/eqAma4Uk92 — Food Network (@FoodNetwork) May 15, 2024

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warner brothers studio tour london location

‘Harry Potter’ Baking Competition Greenlit At Food Network

T he boy who lived lives on – this time in the kitchen. A new baking show called  Harry Potter: Wizards of Baking   will be joining the Food Network lineup this upcoming holiday season.

Set in a unique cooking format, the books and movies will take a new life for itself as pastry chefs compete to create Harry Potter-inspired sweet creations. The show will be hosted by the original Weasley twin actors James and Oliver Phelps .

Harry Potter: Wizards of Baking  will be shot at Warner Bros. Studios Leavesden, the studio where the Harry Potter movies were filmed, and the backdrop of the reality series will be set against Warner Bros. Studio Tour London – The Making of Harry Potter.

The bakers and pastry chefs will have unprecedented access to the real film locations including The Great Hall at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, Platform 9¾, Gringotts Wizarding Bank, and The Burrow.

The new show was announced by Warner Bros. Discovery Chairman and CEO Kathleen Finch at its upfront on Wednesday and is the latest unscripted series about the wizarding world of Harry Potter.

In 2021, audiences were able to tune into  Harry Potter: Hogwarts Tournament of Houses ,  hosted by Helen Mirren : a four-part bracket quiz competition that put the ultimate fans of Harry Potter to the test, competing for the title of House Cup champion. The series aired on TBS and Cartoon Network .

Food Network Show Chef's Dish Is Branded 'Grossest Thing Ever Seen'

This announcement also follows closely after the unveiling of a scripted Harry Potter series ordered by Max, Warner Bros. Discovery’s streaming service. The series aims to cover seven seasons, each one adapting one of the seven novels from the original series, with J.K. Rowling serving as an executive producer of the series. In recent years, Rowling has faced criticism for her transphobic comments on sex and gender, including a tweet from 2020 that read “TERF Wars.” (TERF is an acronym that stands for trans-exclusionary radical feminist and discounts the female experience of trans women.)

Harry Potter: Wizards of Baking is produced by Warner Horizon and theoldschool for Food Network. Warner Horizon’s Bridgette Theriault and Dan Sacks serve as executive producers with theoldschool’s Robin Ashbrook and Yasmin Shackleton.

Read the latest entertainment news on TV Insider .

'Harry Potter: Hogwarts Tournament of Houses,' Trivia Series, Host Helen Mirren, TBS & Cartoon Network


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    Travel time: 16 - 20 minutes. Closest station: Watford Junction. The nearest train station to Warner Bros. Studios is Watford Junction. The studio is a 20-minute train ride from London Euston and a 1-hour journey from Birmingham New Street. Take the train to Watford Junction (£4.00) and then the roundtrip shuttle service (£3.00) to the studio.

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    After the last Harry Potter film had been released in 2011, Warner Brothers decided to open the Warner Brothers Studio to commemorate the film Franchise's success. As well as a tour the studio also allows you to ride a broomstick and try food and drink featured in the film such as butterbeer.

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    Warner Bros. Studio Tour London - The Making of Harry Potter. Multiple choices of departure location including Victoria, Russell Square, Baker Street and Kings Cross. Just select preferred option on booking page for full details. Transport and Entrance Tickets: Adult from £118, child 5-15 from £108

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    The Warner Bros. Studio Tour is an absolutely magical day out for children and adults alike. Here's what you need to know before you go. Harry Potter. You may have noticed that I'm low-level obsessed with both the films and the books. The story that captured our imaginations 20 years ago is no less magical today.

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    The Harry Potter Studio Tour takes place in the Warner Bros. Studio, which is found in Leavesden, England. This is around 20 miles northwest of London. The Warner Bros. Studio is a fully working film studio, one of the largest in the UK, and many films have been shot here, including the whole Harry Potter franchise as well as some of the Star ...

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    Harry Potter Studios and Film Locations Guided Tour from London. 15. Full-day Tours. from . $196.97. ... I also like Harry Potter audiobooks witch month would be be best to visit Warner Bros. Studio Tour London - The Making of Harry Potter when the primary and secondary school are open in England, Wales, Scotland and Ireland for school term ...

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    The tour is a perfect blend of magic, nostalgia, and fun, and is sure to transport you to the world of Harry Potter. The tour is located at the Warner Brothers Studio in Leavesden, which is about 20 miles north of London. It is easily accessible by rail or coach, and the website provides detailed information on how to get there.

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    Located at the Studios where all 8 films were produced, the Studio Tour showcases the incredible British talent, imagination and artistry that went into making the impossible a reality on screen. ...

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    Registered Address: Warner House, 98 Theobald's Road, London, WC1X 8WB Company number: 00330764. Warner Bros. Studios Leavesden. The Studios; The Studios - Future visions and plans; Set Lighting & Rigging; De Lane Lea; Leavesden Park; Client log in ...

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    Full description. Explore the magic of the Harry Potter films on a guided walking tour to filming sets in London. Board the Hogwarts Express and see items from the film sets during the the "The Making of Harry Potter" studio tour at the Warner Bros. Studios in Leavesden. Meet your guide outside Leicester Square Gardens or opposite Kings Cross ...

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    Warner Bros. Studio Tour London Tours and Tickets. 7,212 reviews. Enjoy a magical journey into one of the most successful film series of all time at the Warner Bros. Studio Tour London - The Making of Harry Potter. Explore memorable sets such as Diagon Alley, Dumbledore's office, and the Great Hall; discover behind-the-scenes secrets and ...

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