August 25-27, 2023

meg myers tour uk

MEG MYERS is the epitome of divine feminine energy and magic, transforming her being and sound through deep introspection via a spiritual awakening. Through her work, she has created a new genre of music that she describes as 5D ROCK.

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meg myers tour uk

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meg myers tour uk

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Meg Myers at Los Angeles, CA in The Echo 2024

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meg myers tour uk

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Meg Myers  

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Meg Myers is a singer and songwriter hailing from Nashville, Tennessee, United States who was born on October 6th, 1986. Since debuting she has released two extended plays along with eight singles, and has built up a reputation as one of the most promising songwriters of her generation.

It's a tragedy that young people using music as an escape route from a terrible childhood is such a common story nowadays. However, solace can be taken in how every time you hear about a singer/songwriter like Meg Myers, then you can at least you know that the people turning to music in their time of need are finding a way out of the darkness because of it. Born to a Jehovah's Witness mother who left Myers' father when her daughter was a child, Myers spent the vast majority of her childhood travelling all over the U.S. Her mother and step-father ran a cleaning business that meant that they worked all night and slept it off all day, so Myers found comfort in her friendship with her siblings and her love of music, and by her early teens, Myers was writing her own songs and playing bass guitar in a band with her brother.

A few weeks prior to her 20th birthday, Myers decided that she'd had enough, and moved to Los Angeles, California in order to pursue a career in music. A few years after she moved there she met Doctor Rosen Rosen, a record producer who signed her to his production company and became her songwriting partner as well. Her debut EP “Daughter In The Choir” was released in March 2012, and was preceded by the single that would make some huge waves for her on both sides of the Atlantic ocean, “Monster”. By April 2013 she'd signed a record deal with Atlantic Records, has gone from strength to strength ever since, inviting comparisons to PJ Harvey, playing festivals the world over and even touring with The Pixies in September 2013. With her debut album scheduled to be released in July 2015, Meg Myers comes highly recommended.

Live reviews

Killer show.

Meg brings hellfire and brimstone to the stage, no doubt. Visually compelling throughout as Meg belts it out, writhes, and stomps around the stage. Her band was surprisingly tight including use of a cello for her songs that really benefit from it. The sound at the Mercy Lounge was great for this show.

Unfortunately I couldn't help feeling like this was a pretty short set, around an hour, maybe less. I imagine part of that is due to the strain on her voice from the screaming and shrieking she does in some of her songs, so that I totally understand. It's a good thing the show was reasonably priced and had an entertaining opener, though, otherwise it might've felt disappointing. I was surprised she didn't perform "Monster," but she did most everything else you'd expect her to do, obviously focusing primarily on the new album.

My only major complaint from the show is in no way Meg Myers' fault... I spent the whole show bobbing my head around and straining to see around the wall of smartphones of people taking pictures and filming practically the entire show. It was literally the worst of any show I've ever attended. Again, she's a lot of fun to watch, so I guess I understand, but at some point I can't fight the feeling people need to put their phones away and just enjoy the show. I'll start paying more attention to shows that have no phone rules, I know that.

Other than that, I highly recommend checking out Meg Myers on tour!

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andy-morgan-3’s profile image

Of course there are hundreds of singer/ songwriters out there looking for their break, and all they need is one special feature that sets them apart from the crowd, and Meg Myres has definitely got this distinction. Her beautiful voice is captivating, but her powerful lyrics are what drew me to her originally. The first track I heard from her way Adelaide which focuses on the controversial and much avoided topic of domestic abuse, and hearing someone sing so powerfully about the subject was incredible to hear.

Seeing her perform live, I knew I was in for a great show. She’s renowned for being a fantastic live performer, and when her powerful and distinctive voice called out welcome to the audience and launched into her track Curbstomp, I was immediately aware that I was in the presence of great talent. She played a great selection of tracks, and even threw in a couple of covers to keep the audience engaged and singing along.

Myres was great at interacting with the audience, and was calling out to everyone to see if we were having a good time as well as putting on a great show. She even gave us some background information as to the origin of her songs, which was awesome to hear first hand from her.

yazhow’s profile image

She was just beyond incredible & I loved every minute of it! Can't wait to see her again! It was a very memorable experience even though I did go alone, but I still enjoyed myself. This way my first time ever seeing her, I was gonna go to KFMA Day just to see her but didn't gave the money at the time. Also I know that she bought be in attendance due to sickness but I'm so glad & happy that she came back here. I really liked the opening with the Australian band, I didn't catch their name though. She pretty much killed it & put on a hell of a show!

pearl-elena-mendez’s profile image

Meg Myers was Brilliant at ExpressLive Columbus, OH opening for Walk The Moon! I had VIP tickets to secure front row & hoped that Meg would be present for the VIP Fan Meet & Greet, but it was Walk The Moon’s Headline Show! I was the only person in the audience of 4000+ wearing a Meg Myers T-shirt! I tried to Represent! Plan to see Meg play in Detroit in a smaller venue & hope she can say “Hi!”

cgoddardmd’s profile image

Meg Myers is one of those rare artists that comes along every once in a great while. The performance was wonderful and I was blown away by her incredible voice live. You can tell she puts her all into her music and her performance. She was also sweetly humble and kind in her words to the audience. I love her even more now!

anthony-sellers-1’s profile image

She was incredible. Great performer and a beautiful voice. Loved the encore when she came out by herself. I can definitely see her becoming a household name. I'd definitely recommend.

tbj233’s profile image

What an awesome concert. We had so much fun. Loved the songs she chose to perform. Great venue at club congress, small and intimate. Can't wait to see her again.

Thannon’s profile image

10/10 <3 wow we stan a queen and she is a QUEEN her show was fantastic and she sings with such passion. Her dancing was top tier. The venue was so cute too

dpggloede’s profile image

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Meg Myers live.

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Soundsphere magazine

Meg Myers goes in-depth on her new album, ‘TZIA’

Home » Meg Myers goes in-depth on her new album, ‘TZIA’

In this new interview, Meg Myers goes in-depth on her new album, ‘TZIA’, and its creative inspirations. Here, Meg looks at her personal development through writing, and so much more…

meg myers tour uk

Hi Meg, thanks for sitting down to respond to these for me, I appreciate it!

For sure, thanks for inviting me into your world to talk about mine.

How are you today, what are you up to right now?

I’m doing well, I’m sitting here with my two cats, Lucid and Freddie. They are my best friends and have really opened me up to greater compassion for all of life.

The visual element of your work is so striking, and has changed a lot over the years – how much care and attention goes in to that visual aspect for you, on a day-to-day basis?

There used to be a graffiti sign by my house that said “you are your art” and it always reminded me that I’m not separate from my creations. It’s all one thing, and so the more I express myself in all these areas of my life creatively and authentically, and share that with others, the more purposeful my life feels.

Most of my visual ideas start with visions when I’m meditating, basking in nature, or sleeping. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve woken up at 3am to write down a bunch of notes for some new idea coming through that wants to be birthed through me. That’s usually where the beginning of the inspiration is sparked. From that point I choose people to work with that I feel are on the same wave length (usually my dreams tell me who those people are) and that I feel I can really be myself with (down to earth and out of this world with) and we unravel it all and explore the spontaneous until we discover things that we love. So to answer your question pretty much always.

You mentioned in the press that writing ‘ ME ’ was quite affirming for you, is that theme of affirmation and self-confidence one that runs through ’ TZIA ’ as a whole?

Yes absolutely it is.. I found over the four-year writing and recording process that there were so many different aspects of me that needed to be felt, heard and expressed. A lot of repressed emotions and insecurities came to the surface and I created a really safe space for them to be experienced and then alchemized through turning them into art. Through acknowledging darkness and the hidden pain I had been running from for so long, I was really able to transmute that into self awareness and victory and really rise up and overcome a lot of my fears.

You mention a four-year-long process of rebirth, which must have been a challenge, to say the least – what have you learned about yourself, over this time and on a wider level, what would your message be to the person you were four years ago?

I’ve learned that everything I’ve been through in my life has happened for me and not to me. To crack my heart open to deeper levels of awareness about myself and the world and the universe. That everything I’ve gone and go through is simply there to help me evolve. It’s not always easy, and it’s not always going to be easy, but the payoff leads to wisdom, strength, compassion, forgiveness, inner peace and liberation.

Do you think much about your legacy, as a musician and/or artist, and if so, what do you want it to be?

I see art as medicine, and so I hope my medicine reaches all the people who need it. There’s a lot of art I’ve come across in my lifetime that if I had not heard it, I don’t know that I would still be alive today. So, yea, I hope all the healing frequencies that went into the creating of my music helps open peoples minds to other possibilities beyond what we’ve been conditioned to believe and that my messages help them to be nicer to themselves and others.

How do you define success as an artist now, and how has that definition changed since you released ‘ Sorry ’ ?

I see success as something that is always here and available to all of us. Failure is a re-direction to help us get back on the path of integrity and alignment. It’s a messenger and an inevitable part of the human journey.

My perspective on success since ‘Sorry’ has shifted because I used to see success as something outside of me that comes in the future, and something that would satisfy me once it arrived. But now i understand that the future is not here, that there is only right now, and only right now I have a choice to either beat myself up and criticize myself for where I am at or not at, and try and rush to somewhere that doesn’t even exist, or to love and accept myself fully and embrace myself fully in the here and now, and I believe that THIS is the place from where true success is born. Not in the mind, but in the present moment in the heart space. That’s the creative space where the creator/god/universe can create masterpieces through us.

Is there anything you ’ d like to add as a message for your UK supporters?

Yes! I’m sorry it’s taken me so long to tour over there, and I plan on making my way there shortly!

This is where we check that I ’ ve done my job well enough, is there anything that you think I might have missed that you ’ d like to add here?

You’ve done an amazing job, I really loved connecting with you:)

Thanks so much for making the time to answer these questions for me, have an awesome day!

Peace and blessings

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meg myers tour uk

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meg myers tour uk

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meg myers tour uk

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MEG MYERS releases empowering new single ‘ME’ and announces album

meg myers tour uk

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The tour kicks off August 3 in Baltimore, Maryland.

Published on

Rise Against Tour

Rise Against’s latest single, “Nowhere Generation,” took the top spot on the Mediabase Active Rock chart, debuting at No.1. The song also remains at No.8 on the Alternative radio chart.

In advance of their tour which just began, the group released a new acoustic version of the track featuring Meg Myers on guest vocals. “When we released the acoustic version of “Nowhere Generation”, we found that it really connected with a lot of people,” says Tim McIlrath of Rise Against. “We heard from a lot of unique and beautiful voices, and we knew that we needed to add another beautiful, unique voice to this song. Meg was the perfect choice and we are thrilled with how it all turned out.”

Rise Against - Nowhere Generation With Meg Myers Acoustic (Official Lyric Video)

On their new album, also titled Nowhere Generation , released June 4 via Loma Vista Recordings, Rise Against draws a line in the sand with its blazing and aggressive punk rock and lyrics that shine a spotlight on the social and economical deck that has been stacked against our younger generations’ pursuit of The American Dream.

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The Chicago band just launched their summer tour with Descendents and The Menzingers with an amazing sold out NYC show at Pier 17 this past Friday. See remaining dates below.

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Tue, AUG 3 MECU Pavilion Baltimore, MD

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Distorted Sound Magazine


MEG MYERS ; a woman who had a dream, and trekked to LA to make it happen, with a simple goal of making others feel emotions they are often too afraid to admit. A self taught guitarist and bassist whose most notable song is Desire . A woman who is often referred to as the female version of NINE INCH NAILS , something we never knew we needed until we were given it, embracing her with open arms. Myers has been in the music scene for over 12 years and in that time she has released five EPs and two albums prior to TZIA , but this one might be the record to cement her place in alternative pop with a vast variety of styles that stay true to the signature Myers sound we all crave. Myers never fails to bring something exciting and this album is truly eye-opening and leaves a lot to unpack, a treasure for the empaths of the world who truly aren’t afraid to feel something real.

The album opens with CHILDREN OF LIGHT II ; a song about your inner darkness and living alongside it, acknowledging it. It’s not an overly complex song instrumentally but this album in its entirety offers a textural display of sound and similarities to NINE INCH NAILS . The song brings to light the lyrics and their importance – a concept the entire album runs head first towards in a cathartic endeavour, though this track features a certain intimacy displayed towards the vocals having no effect towards the track’s ending, almost sounding like they kept a voice note recording of the melody and sprinkled some ominous violin that contradicts itself in tone but works efficiently before one last belt of the chorus. 

HTIS (featuring Luna Shadows and Carmen Vandenberg ) feels like a lovechild to late 2000s LADY GAGA and NINE INCH NAILS –  a dance-pop track meets industrial. The addition of Luna ’s softer, childlike vocals compliments that of Myers ‘ harsher vocals; when mashed together they sound like one person talking to themselves, past and present meeting in the middle. It’s a song that deals with past trauma and insecurities, coming to terms with this and learning to love themselves. Thus by the end of the song she’s finally breaking the chains and choosing to not be defined by her past; it’s admirable to be this open and raw on record. 

MY MIRROR  is more stripped back in comparison, very alternative rock and ballad-esque. It’s a song that focuses more on yourself, those undeniable struggles that have you more in a chokehold than anything else and late night talk with yourself in the mirror, wondering what happened to that version of yourself. The ambient textures in the background bring out this sense of drowning in the noise that pushes the agenda of this song into the open. BLUEBIRD is both the shortest and most impactful on the album; tackling the topic of suicide, a lullaby to “ mourn the loss of all those who lost their way “ , it’s kept short, sweet and sombre. Despite its dark nature, it’s a beautiful track much like the souls who left the world too early in their ongoing daily wars. 

The most unexpected of surprises on this record is Nicole Perretti ’s rap section featured on SOPHIA <144> ; another feat for Myers who continually tries to experiment with what she can create within her music, what boundaries she can break without forcing anything unnatural to the song. This track definitely breaks up the industrial-fused vision and seems to dip its toes into more trap elements whilst keeping her signature sound. The album then closes with ELEVENELEVEN ; amplified by its ambient and ethereal sound however, it leaves you desiring more. Arguably this isn’t the wisest choice of album closers, as it definitely feels more like a track that should have been placed in the middle somewhere – more like a filler than a memorable final offering. 

It must be said that MEG MYERS is like HALSEY ’s edgier sister, with similarities in vocal styles but different enough to separate the two, and TZIA should be on the receiving end of praise just as much as If I Can’t Have Love, I Want Power . From start to finish this album feels like reading a diary from an adolescent’s journey of trauma recovery and learning to stand on their own two feet again, discovering who they are post-trauma and the insecurities that have followed them along the way. It doesn’t try to be something it isn’t, it knows its boundaries and perfectly accentuates certain areas within each song to make for a delightful listen front to back. This is what an alternative pop album should sound like. 

Rating: 8/10

TZIA - Meg Myers

TZIA is out now via Sumerian Records.

Like MEG MYERS on Facebook .

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One thought on “ ALBUM REVIEW: TZIA – Meg Myers ”

Why are you comparing her to Reznor/NIN? This record is the worst she’s come out with and I loved her previous work. I can appreciate an artist growing but this is not it. The lyrics are some of the worst I’ve heard, I wrote similar crap as a 16 year old girl. There is nothing interesting going on in this album.

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Daniel Rooney.

Unknown singer stands in for Olly Murs at last-minute as Take That support in Glasgow

Daniel Rooney stood in at 30 minutes’ notice on Friday night when Murs’ flight from London was cancelled

A Scottish singer has said he is “still on a high” after being plucked from obscurity to replace Olly Murs as the opening act for Take That at the last minute.

Murs was due to open for Take That at the OVO Hydro in Glasgow on Friday but had to pull out after getting stuck in London when his flight was cancelled.

The Scottish presenter Ross King was watching Daniel Rooney play at the Radisson hotel opposite the arena when news broke that Take That were without a support act.

Impressed with his vocals, King recommended Rooney to his friend and Take That frontman Gary Barlow to fill the slot, the Daily Record reported, with only 30 minutes to get to the venue.

Rooney later shared a series of images and videos of him performing on stage before 14,000 fans on Instagram , describing it as a “crazy night”.

“Hardly slept, still on a high from last night,” he added.

“Thanks for everyone’s lovely messages about the gig and all the support so far.”

He also thanked King for spotting him at the hotel and getting him to the venue, adding: “Craziest 30 minutes ever.”

Rooney added: “Also a big thanks to the takethat lads for calming me down before the show and talking setlist tunes. Absolute legends.”

Unknown singer stands in for Olly Murs at last minute as Take That support in Glasgow – video

Barlow praised Rooney for stepping up to the plate, writing “this young man saved the day thank you” on Instagram with a photo of the musician.

Fellow band member Mark Owen also gave a “huge thanks” to Rooney for helping them out at the show, which is part of their This Life tour.

Murs apologised for cancelling his performance at short notice on Friday after experiencing flight issues all day.

He said he had been at London Heathrow from 11am but after “several delays” and an incident with a cabin crew member the British Airways flight was cancelled.

“So sorry to everyone at the takethat show tonight in Glasgow , unfortunately I won’t be there,” Murs, 39, said on X.

“Don’t think I’ve ever missed a gig before, am so annoyed!

after newsletter promotion

“But am now in a car heading up for our six-hour journey for the Saturday and Sunday shows right now.”

Murs had been updating fans throughout the day on Instagram story, sharing a video from inside the plane which was “stuck on the runway” before exiting and attempting to board another flight.

“I’m trying my best to get to Glasgow,” he said.

Murs later said: “Honestly, you couldn’t write this day.

“One of the cabin crew has fallen over and hurt herself … I hope she’s OK, but basically it has further delayed our flight. So we’re waiting for someone to come in to replace her.”

Murs described the wait as “so frustrating”, before announcing the flight and his show had been cancelled.

“I’m extremely gutted, I don’t think I’ve ever missed a gig that I can recall, especially of this magnitude.”

He later shared a video of himself being driven to Glasgow for his Saturday and Sunday performances.

A British Airways spokesperson said: “We’ve apologised to our customers for the disruption to their travel plans, which was caused by a technical issue with the aircraft.”

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    The next Meg Myers concert is on September 22, 2024 at Highland Festival Grounds, Kentucky Exposition Center in Louisville, Kentucky, United States. The bands performing are: Tyler Childers / The National / My Morning Jacket / The War on Drugs / Mt. Joy / The Beach Boys / X Ambassadors / Sunny Day Real Estate / Dinosaur Jr. / Larkin Poe ...

  4. Meg Myers

    Meg Myers. -. MEG MYERS - HTIS (Ft. Luna Shadows & Carmen Vandenberg) Watch on. MEG MYERS is the epitome of divine feminine energy and magic, transforming her being and sound through deep introspection via a spiritual awakening. Through her work, she has created a new genre of music that she describes as 5D ROCK. 0.

  5. Meg Myers Concerts & Live Tour Dates: 2024-2025 Tickets

    Follow Meg Myers and be the first to get notified about new concerts in your area, buy official tickets, and more. Find tickets for Meg Myers concerts near you. Browse 2024 tour dates, venue details, concert reviews, photos, and more at Bandsintown.

  6. Meg Myers

    Janice Sue Meghan Myers (born October 6, 1986), known professionally as Meg Myers, is an American singer-songwriter and musician.Originally from Tennessee, Myers moved to Los Angeles to pursue music and met Doctor Rosen Rosen, who signed her to his production company.In 2012, Myers released her first EP, Daughter in the Choir.Later that year, she signed to Atlantic Records, with which she ...

  7. Meg Myers Full Tour Schedule 2024 & 2025, Tour Dates & Concerts

    All Meg Myers upcoming concerts for 2024 & 2025. Find out when Meg Myers is next playing live near you. Live streams; Chase City concerts. ... Meg Myers in the US tour dates 2024. Meg Myers has 3 tour dates in the US. They are currently touring across 1 country and have 3 upcoming concerts.

  8. Meg Myers

    Meg Myers returns almost a decade after the release of her debut album, 'Daughter in the Choir'.Releasing this Friday (24th), her latest album 'TZIA' is a brilliant record full of fiery, feminist energy expressed through an eclectic mix of upbeat pop with a dark, rock twist and contemplative moment.When talking about the album, Myers says, "TZIA is a manifestation of a four-year long ...

  9. Rise Against Share Acoustic Nowhere Generation Ft. Meg Myers

    Rise Against will head out on a month-long U.S. tour next week in support of Nowhere Generation, ... UK fans can catch the band in November '21, when the band visit for a short run of stripped ...


    The official YouTube page of MEG MYERS

  11. MEG MYERS schedule, dates, events, and tickets

    Meg Myers chooses to live. Now, this choice has required time and transformation as well as unshackling herself from the expectations of a society too narcissistic to give a shit, trusting her gut independent of external opinions, listening to her intuition, and writing the kind of music she always wanted to.

  12. Meg Myers Tickets, 2024 Concert Tour Dates

    Meg moves mountains. by Spirit on 3/25/24The Echo - Los Angeles. Where some voices merely move you, Meg Myers will shake your soul and take your breath away. Whether from her charming personality, enchanting beauty or stunning vocals, her passion, talent and raw power shine through in every performance. This young woman can move mountains with ...

  13. Meg Myers lays her heart on The Rave stage for an acoustic evening

    Mystic alternative singer-songwriter Meg Myers brought an acoustic evening set to The Rave in Milwaukee Thursday night. Photo: Brady Jager. Myers performed completely solo— using a loop pedal for her guitar, ukelele, backing vocals, and keyboard. She entered the space abruptly, with the pre-show playlist booming as she situated her equipment.

  14. 'Take Me to the Disco' Out Now!

    Meg Myers' new album 'Take Me To The Disco' is out today on 300 Entertainment and has been met with raves, ... Meg will embark on a national tour in support of 'Take Me To The Disco,' kicking off with a show at the Observatory in Santa Ana on September 15th and including stops at Brooklyn's Music Hall of Williamsburg, LA's El Rey ...

  15. Meg Myers goes in-depth on her new album, 'TZIA'

    In this new interview, Meg Myers goes in-depth on her new album, 'TZIA', and its creative inspirations. Here, Meg looks at her personal development through writing, and so much more…. Hi Meg, thanks for sitting down to respond to these for me, I appreciate it! For sure, thanks for inviting me into your world to talk about mine.

  16. MEG MYERS releases empowering new single 'ME' and announces album

    Today marks an exciting new chapter for ethereal 5-D rock goddess MEG MYERS, whose much-anticipated album TZIA is now slated to release 24th March 2023 via Sumerian Records. The leading single from the album, 'Me,' is an upbeat, angsty showstopper that also showcases MEG's signature lyricism along with an accompanying music video.To celebrate the release, the pop/rock disruptor will kick ...

  17. Rise Against Reach No.1 With 'Nowhere Generation,' Begin Tour

    In advance of their tour which just began, the group released a new acoustic version of the track featuring Meg Myers on guest vocals. "When we released the acoustic version of "Nowhere ...


    ALBUM REVIEW: TZIA - Meg Myers. March 27, 2023 Shannon Eacups. MEG MYERS; a woman who had a dream, and trekked to LA to make it happen, with a simple goal of making others feel emotions they are often too afraid to admit. A self taught guitarist and bassist whose most notable song is Desire. A woman who is often referred to as the female ...

  19. An Evening with MEG MYERS Acoustic

    The Parish at House of Blues Anaheim. READY TO SEE A GREAT SHOW? Find Tickets Now. Doors Open: 8:30 PM. Prices: $35.00. Artist (s) At This Event: Meg Myers. Add to Calendar.

  20. Unknown singer stands in for Olly Murs at last-minute as Take That

    Outcry forces Home Office to allow Afghan youth orchestra to go on England tour. 4 Mar 2024. ... Post-pandemic 'fear of missing out' sends UK gig prices soaring. 15 Aug 2023.

  21. Take Me To The Disco Pre-Order

    Meg will set out on tour for a very special run of intimate shows in select cities before embarking on a major worldwide tour this fall. Initial tour dates below, with more to follow. All dates on sale Friday, May 4th at 10 AM local time. 6/11 - Kansas City, MO @ Riot Room. 6/12 - Chicago, IL @ Subterranean. 6/18 - New York, NY @ Mercury Lounge