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New 2024 Drydock Report Out Now

  • January 9, 2024

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The new 2024 Drydocking and Refurbishment Report by Cruise Industry News is out now, with more drydock days predicted in 2024 than ever before for the cruise industry.

The report provides a comprehensive 120-page overview of the market, including a 2024-2025-2026 drydocking schedule, interviews with key executives, and case studies of recent refits. It also includes information on how cruise ship drydocks work, as well as data and analysis to help suppliers plan their bids and forecast for the future.

The report is available for purchase as a PDF download, and an Excel addendum is also available. The addendum provides an Excel/XLS file of all drydockings by ship, from 2012 to 2026, organized by operator, ship, and capacity.

The 2024 Drydocking and Refurbishment Report is a valuable resource for anyone interested in the cruise ship refit business. It provides comprehensive data, analysis, and insights that can help suppliers plan their bids and forecast for the future.

This 120-page PDF dives deep into the $3 billion annual market, offering:

  • Futuristic Forecast: A projected refit calendar stretching through 2026, unveiling the ships getting a fresh look and new experiences for passengers.
  • In-Depth Analysis: More than 100 pages of exclusive data and expert insights, dissecting market trends and future horizons.
  • Direct Line to the Experts: Interviews with key players from cruise lines, suppliers, and shipyards, revealing the secrets behind these colossal transformations.
  • Comprehensive: A deep dive into the world of cruise ship repair, refurbishment, and upgrades, including the meticulous planning that goes into every drydock.

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Privacy Overview

The Disney Cruise Line Blog

An unofficial disney cruise line news, information, weather, and photo blog..

The Disney Cruise Line Blog

A Glimpse of the Disney Dream’s 2021 Restart Cruise

The Disney Dream returned to Port Canaveral this morning bringing to an end her first official passenger cruise since the industry shutdown in March 2020. Over the course of this week, a reader was kind enough to share insight and images with us. I’d like to thank Nick for taking the time to share. Please keep in mind, this is NOT a full overview of the overall cruise experience, this is a glimpse at some of the processes and procedures in place aboard the Disney Dream during her first passenger sailing in 2021.

There are a few variations of the port arrival experience depending on how guests arrive. tweeted about their experience driving to the port and the process in the parking garage. The important part is that port arrival times are strictly enforced if you are not arriving by Disney ground transportation. Anyone who arrives even 5 minutes early are being sent away until their designated arrival window.

Disney Dream Port Canaveral 20210809

As you near the port, you can see tents in the surface lot. These air conditioned tents are the testing center and waiting area. Upon arrival you need your Port Arrival form that has your party’s barcode for every step of the way. For guests needing to be tested, they are directed into tents where they undergo a quick nasal swab, and then sent to a waiting area. Everyone is glued to the tv that lets you know when you can head to the terminal (or not). Once you see your info, and your safe passage login tells you everyone is clear to sail, you head to terminal.

Dream Embarkation Testing Tent 1

The terminal experience is a little different and not necessarily due to new safety procedures and physical distancing. Disney Cruise Line’s terminal underwent a significant remodel during the shutdown. The renovation project was previously planned to bring the terminal up to date ahead of the Disney Wish’s arrival. On the bright side, the shutdown allowed the contractors to work continuously without having to stop for on ship days, and Disney didn’t need to use Cruise Terminal 10 for some of the departures during the height of the renovation project.

There are mini check-in kiosks before heading into the security screening area. Your passports are scanned and once again you need your QR code.

Dream Embarkation Terminal CheckIn

During the first cruise, the cruise staff team welcomed guests by name and directed guests onto Mickey themed spots in the atrium to view a little welcome show.

Dream Atrium Welcome Show

Upon arrival to your stateroom, you will find your find your KTTW cards in your fish extender. Lanyards, and applicable Castaway Club stateroom gift. A Cast Member will lead you to your assembly area where you scan the sign to prove you went! And that’s it…

Dream Stateroom Gift Lanyards

The app is your friend, your only friend. There are no longer paper navigators available, and ALL menus are in the app via QR codes. Not sure what would happen for those rocking a flip phone or for those that prefer to unplug completely during a cruise… I’m sure natural progression will result in an app based Midship Detective agency like game on the Disney Wish. So, download the app before you leave home.

Dream Animators Palate Menu QR Code

Attention gym rats, be sure to check the schedule posted for the fitness center as you may or may not be able to work out when you would normally. Face coverings are required during all guest times, but optional during the designated times for fully vaccinated guests .

Dream Gym Schedule

As for one of the more popular onboard activities, BINGO!, they are currently using paper bingo cards. Every other table can be used resulting in a spaced out, but limited activity.

Disney Dream Bingo 1

Characters are out for photo ops, just behind a rope to ensure physical distance is maintained between the character and guest. You can see the princesses in court behind ropes and take photos from various spots around the atrium. The characters visited Enchanted Garden, but with the spaced out seating you may have a hard time seeing depending on your table location.

Dream Character Meets 1

All of the quick service outside have paths to follow so there is no loitering. Eye Scream is served by being placed on a table and then you can pick it up.

Dream Eye Scream Service Setup

Another change besides the distancing between tables which doesn’t pose too much of a problem as one report suggested there were less than 1500 passengers on this sailing. Anyways, dinner arrival times are staggered every ten minutes for 3 phases. For example, 5:35 / 5:45 / 5:55 for early dining.

Dream Royal Palace

In Cabanas, the buffet is still present with cast member serving your food, think school cafeteria, but with better food. Cast Members are stained at the drink stations and beverages are served to you on a nearby table.

Dream Cabanas Beverage Station Server 1

There is currently no eating in The Walt Disney Theatre, as in no popcorn! However, you can enjoy a beverage. During the first show night, PPreludes was closed last night, but eventually opened later int he cruise serving only drinks.

Dream Preludes

The pool experience is going to take some adjusting for those that are carefree and enjoy pool spending the day lounging and watching movies with dips in the pool or for the little fish that will stay in the pool all day. The pools are roped off except at the ladders preventing guests from sitting on the edge. Swimmers were allowed in for 5-10 minute intervals based on line length.

Dream Pool Deck 1

Over at Disney’s private island, Castaway Cay, there are mask requirements in certain areas. For example, you need to put your mask on to go into Cookies BBQ. Currently, the buffet bays are limited to one party at a time.

Castaway Cay 20210811

Pirate night fireworks are currently called Disney Ever After . Disney is offering two nights of fireworks based on dining times. Waiting for the fireworks, parties stand on little circles that are physically distanced. Even the dance party is distanced.

Dream Disney Ever After Fireworks Setup 1

Tiffany who? Tiffany & Co. is no more not he Disney Dream. The venue has been rebranded as Carriage Jewels and is now operated by industry giant Diamond International. The Tiffany & Co. branding was removed, but the Tiffany blue remains as the entrance was not remodeled, just a sign change. I checked last night, and Tiffany & Co. remains on the Dream and Fantasy deck plan, but references to Tiffany & Co. have been removed from Disney Cruise Line’s website.

Disney Dream Carriage Jewels 2

And that is it for the quick glimpse at the Disney Dream’s August 9, 2021 cruise.

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68 Replies to “A Glimpse of the Disney Dream’s 2021 Restart Cruise”

' src=

don’t understand, carnival is doing serve yourself buffet

' src=

Thank you!!!

' src=

Love this thank you! Would love to hear more from Nick of anyone else on the ship? Specifically, what about family entertainment…Disney Tunes Trivia, Mickey Mania, Karaoke, etc? Were they offered? What about Adult evening entertainment…music in lounges, Variety/Magician evening acts, Match your Mate? Finally, any opinions on whether the “new cruise normal” still felt like a Disney Cruise to repeat cruisers? Did it have the same energy? We’re trying to make decisions on upcoming cruises and this is the information I’ve been dying to hear so thank you to all who are willing to share!

' src=

Great article and thanks for the information! Any word on Senses Spa? Are they open for services?

' src=

Was the 5-10minute pool limit in place for the Quiet Cove pool too?

' src=

We are cruising in September. So glad to be going, but suspect this cruise will require more patience than typical. Fine, still excited! I wonder if room service is available and what Palo and Remy will be like.

' src=

“There are no longer paper navigators available, and ALL menus are in the app via QR codes.”

not particularly friendly to seniors or anyone else who may not have smartphones. and i hope they are also getting rid of all the DVC and port sale papers that were much more of a waste than paper navigators. apps are good but don’t need to be used for everything. i hope post covid menus and paper navigators return.

' src=

What happens if you are late for your port arrival time?

' src=

How did it work getting off at Castaway? I read you need a time but I’m only 20 days out for my cruise and I can’t find how to make those reservations. Thank you

' src=

Any idea when Fantasy or other ships will sail and attempt to pass to start to sail?

' src=

The Disney Fantasy departed on 8/12 for their 2-night CDC simulation cruise.

' src=

Anything change with the Aquaduck?

' src=

There are YouTube videos of the first Disney Dream cruise online. It is not like it used to be. Check-in takes hours. Testing and waiting for the results are done in the garage. Masks are wore onboard inside throughout the ship, except for in staterooms, eating and drinking inside restaurants and bars. Still I understand the changes are necessary and we look forward to cruising next Fall. This is the new norm and we accept it.

' src=

Everything about this is depressing. I just don’t understand how people can be so excited to sail under these conditions.

' src=

This sounds terrible. My family and I have cruised 8 times, but if this horrible “hospital ship” is how Disney thinks we want to vacation, we’ve taken our last cruise.

' src=

I believe the Fantasy is currently in its test sail.

' src=

@Abby, we completely agree with you. We do NOT understand how any one would be willing to cruise under these conditions especially with young children who seemed to be effected even more than the adults, AND pay full price! This is not meant as a criticism of DCL’s protocols. We understand that they are trying to do their best. We are grateful for all our DCL memories and hope some day to make new ones, but we have no desire to cruise under these conditions.

' src=

Do they allow you to stay on castaway cay in the early evening? I thought it might be fun to just star gaze on the beach ?

' src=

And carnival has 27 people on board with the virus now

' src=

Agree. It looks very depressing, especially the pool deck. And no, I don’t want to carry my cell phone around everywhere & constantly be on the app. I’m glad we already sailed six Disney cruises. We might be finished for good.

' src=

I’m now convinced after reading all the new procedures that my scheduled feb cruise , I’m now changing it to January 2023

' src=

I so agree with you. We’ve had this cruise scheduled for half of forever. If I knew then what it was going to be like, I never would have made this cruise reservation. I still have time to cancel so we’ll be discussing it as a family if we really want to go. It sure doesn’t sound like it’s going to be much fun.

' src=

And they just had the biggest outbreak since cruising resumed. We have to be careful resuming cruises or we will lose out on cruising again.

They are open. Massages limited to 50 minute sessions and no couples massages I believe.

' src=

I’ve watched some of the videos on it, too. I’m dreading our sailing in November. Too much money for such a restricted cruise. I’d rather have good memories of old cruises than ruin the memory with this.

' src=

How did debarkation work? Did the unvaccinated need a test before being able to debark? Is it still everyone off by 9am?

Debarkation testing is not required for the shorter sailings.

' src=

Me too Walt. Our next cruise is in November, and while I know it will be different, I am looking forward to it. I am hoping that this virus gets under control, so we can have more normalcy. Hearing that Carnival is doing self service buffet and now has covid cases on the ship, makes me realize that DCL will continue to take extra precautions. I guess it’s one day at a time, and I hope everyone stays safe.

' src=

Does anyone know what the capacity % they sailed? We’re sailing in December and are still planning to go.

Reports I’ve heard have been well under 1500 passengers. The low number was closer to 1300.

' src=

Thank you for posting this article! Do you recall if the adult evening entertainment being offered?

Emily, I feel so bad that you are dreading your cruise. Are you able to change the date. We pushed our December one into 2022 hoping things will be different by then. We have been blest with so many wonderful cruises and feel the same way you do about not wanting to ruin those memories. The situation regarding the pool deck is really sad to see. Can’t imagine telling a child that it is not their turn to get into the pool and once they are in that they only can stay in a short time and have to get out. Plus a parent can’t sit on the edge of the pool and watch their little one with the pool roped off. I enjoyed watching my child as they watched the funnel vision movie more than the movie on the screen 🙂 I understand that DCL is trying to work with the circumstances at hand, but how can DCL expect full price for this product. Right now Disney cruises are a mere shadow of what they were.

' src=

My family of 7 with 4 kids did our first Disney cruise, so we don’t have much to compare to what it was like. In response to all the negativity we had an amazing time! Remember the ship has ½ the capacity so the kids were able to use all the pools and aqua duck, ice scream, flos cafe, cabana, sodas, exiting or entering The ship at castaway key, Cookies with NO waiting! This was a blessing because I dread lines with kids! We were able to reschedule our sting ray time beachside we were late. There was no lack of chairs on the beach. When you are outside or eating you don’t wear your mask. So we only wore when getting the elevators or wAtching the shows. I can go on and on about how wonderful it was. Not to mention the staff. They were amazing !! And so accommodating!!! We dressed for pirate night even there was not the regular party. The staff still made it fun. For us older folks we did need some help to learn how to scan the QR code for our menu but it was not a big deal once we learned(I am teachable!) as far as carrying your phone around, I always had it anyways to take pics! I appreciate all Disney did to keep us safe and fun. Oh and yes there is room service. I think I would dread doing the cruise with full capacity

Yes, they are open

' src=

No you do not need a time. You can get on and off as you like.

You may sit on the edge, join your littles in the pool or sit in a chair and watch(which are plentiful due to ½ capacity). The time limit in the pool is 20 minutes, depending on crowd, which my kids never complained about and experienced only twice, since had so many other things to do and there were no time limits at the beach!

I have done many cruises and due to the schudled times to board it was was very streamlined and took less time then other times I have cruised. It only took us an hour due to wait time for the pre boarding covid tests..

' src=

25 crew and 2 passengers ALL vaccinated. The headlines are misleading. Tested positive yes but none are more than mildly symptomatic. Most have no symptoms. If the testing was not done by the Belize military then nobody would know. If nobody is getting sick…………who cares!!

' src=

We booked the couple massage on the ship and at castaway cay for September.

Thanks Scott

' src=

I have so much to add and we took meticulous notes. I’ll send something to scott soon.

Thanks Nicholas.

Room service is available! They just can’t go I to your room.

1488 was the count

Exactly!! Who knows how many people were “positive” but not actually sick with a cold, the flu, norovirus, etc on every cruise we’ve ever been on? If we’re waiting for ZERO illness on a cruise ship to get back to fun, this is going to be a very long wait.

Renee, so glad your family had a great cruise! If you have the time, could you please tell me: did the steward come in and make up the room, also were there certain times for the kids’ clubs and did the kids have to wear a mask while in club? Congrats on being a Castaway Club member now. Please try and understand those who have cruised many times are comparing it to our past experiences. Thank you for sharing all the info you did!

' src=

We went on Dream last week and asked for a couple of paper menus at each meal. They were happy to oblige.

' src=

It was a different, at times weird, cruise experience for sure. Hopefully, they improve the activities and entertainment offerings soon. Otherwise, if word doesn’t get around that they have, there will be lots of cancellations.

' src=

I think I read that the self service Coke machines on the pool deck were being served by a Cast Member but are they there late at night? I thought those were open all night but can’t imagine a CM being there late at night. Thanks!

Hi Jo, I understand, we were disappointed to see activities disappear as we were planning the cruise. In our case, we did not have the past experience so the kids did not miss the old Disney. An area Disney could improve is communication on the app and with the crew. Our pre-paid activities did not show up on the app so we did not know what times we had scheduled. I suggest you put that info in your phones before leaving; the pirate party was cancelled, however, we did bring our costumes and planned to dress up anyway. The crew & Characters were dressed up & pirate music was being played on the second night, otherwise we would not have known which night to dress up (being newbies!). We rushed back to our cabin to get our costumes on! The app did not say anything and when I called customer service they said there was no pirate night. There was a limited party on the deck too.

To answer your questions, like every other cruise I have been on (so don’t think anything is different), the stewards come in every am & pm to set up the room and leave the towel animals. Kids club is open, however, the disappointment is that you have to pre-schedule times in 1.5-2.5 hour blocks, without knowing what other activities you would miss out on if you do this before the cruise to ensure you get a time. We scheduled the 8-10 y/o for 2.5 hour blocks during the 2 y/o nap time. BTW the nursery is not open at all. Yes, the kids wear masks & they are very strict about this, however, unlike adults, kids don’t seem to mind much!

Another warning and improvement Disney can make: if you are taking the Disney Bus from the airport or the Hyatt, the Hyatt staff could not give us accurate information. The Hyatt does NOT take your bags down anymore, we were told NOT to go down before 1130, however, getting on the bus is a first come first serve and not coordinated with your port check-in time ( a suggestion for Disney). In actuality it was not a big deal that we were late, however, it did mean less time to get acquainted with the boat and play in the pool since we sat in the airport for an hour instead and, of course, Disney is not going to stop you from getting on boat if you are late for check-in.

By the way, we were in Tent D waiting for our COVID test results and there was not a TV in the tent with our status nor did anyone tell us how to know if we were cleared. Luckily my daughter was in C tent and told me to log onto the SafePassage web site to find our status. I may have just missed something because other families in the tent were logged into their phones.

Wow Renee. That is a big change. If you are newbies, you would not recognize the big difference in the changes. I did not know it was that bad. Still I am hoping that things will improve by next year. We are 20 plus platinums. Never done any other cruise but DCL.

' src=

All that family entertainment was still offered. They didn’t have variety events in the adult lounge at 1030 except for match your mate 2 nights and karaoke the other night(s). I loved the smaller crowds. Wait times were almost non existent. The pools were rarely full and the beach truly seemed like your own private island.

' src=

Wonder how the adults only night areas are changed? We enjoy going to the adults only bar that has all the different cities that change….can not remember the name….Skyline maybe? Would love a list of what will be open and what will not be open. We are scheduled in December for a cruise. This will be our 5th Disney cruise.

I have not heard of any of The District venues being closed. I did hear Currents, up on deck 13 was closed in the evening.

Skyline was not open as a regular bar/lounge. It was strictly used for mixology and tastings.

Thanks for the update on Skyline!

Skyline was strictly used for mixology and tasting seminars. It was not open for people to just walk in and have a drink.

' src=

How did the Kids club work? I heard you now have to reserve a set block of time ahead of time? Did you use the kids club for your kiddos?

Yes you have to reserve in blocks of 1.5-2.5 hours. However the staff said there were plenty of openings and you can always take kids out earlier or skip a day if you find something else you’d like to do, as we did

' src=

This will be me and children’s first Disney Cruise ever, sailing August 27th, so I’m hoping that we still have a great time. we were originally supposed to sail in 2020 but of course pushed it out because of COVID. I’ve expected some adjustments to be made but I will be very disappointed if this experience turns into a bad one.

' src=

But Carnival has so many restrictions that I will be canceling my November Cruise. My Son is 8 years old and cannot be vaccinated. To punish him is extremely inhuman. No Excursions and we are locked on the ship? Separated for any non-vaccinated. Yep lots of words I just gave them. I went on this Disney Cruise and It was good and if Carnival would have done the same thing, I would be fine. Horrible Carnival.

We just got off the Dream this morning and it truly is every bit as magical. 🙂

' src=

Hi! Has anyone collected any screenshots of navigators from the Dream sailings since the re-start? Looking to get an idea of what to expect as I am on the re-start cruise for the Fantasy sailing 9/11.

' src=

My family and I just got home from our 4 day 3 night Disney dream sailing today. Should you have any further questions, I’d be happy to assist. Other than that, you nailed it with this blog post!

' src=

I am being told that the 3 night does not have a Pirate night. Is that true and is it no fireworks. We were going for my son’s birthday and I was looking forward to that part.

' src=

Heading on halloween on the high sea in October any update on kids club session times available? Can they go more than once a day or how does it work? Too soon for me to book online yet but hoping they can at least go a little during day and again at evening for a nice dinner and adult time

Leave a Reply Cancel reply

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disney cruise ship refurbishment schedule

Cruise Ship Renovations: The Complete Schedule

A handy guide to every cruise ship's scheduled renovation, broken down by line and class.

disney cruise ship refurbishment schedule

Updated February 20, 2016

Recommendations are independently chosen by Reviewed's editors. Purchases made through the links below may earn us and our publishing partners a commission.

Through the course of a year, we spend a lot of time at sea, but our favorite voyages are often those on brand new cruise ships.  These beauties may not quite waft that “new car” smell, but new vessels usually have the latest bells and whistles and best address the industry’s current trends in design, dining, activities, entertainment and more.

Conversely, we don’t like boarding an older ship and finding dated décor, ragged furnishings or malodorous accommodations. If we find out during our cruise that our ship is headed for a refurbishment a few weeks or months later, it only adds insult to injury.

disney cruise ship refurbishment schedule

All cruise ships must go in for renovations eventually, to repair wear and tear, to make repairs, and to add new, trending features.

Of course, cruise lines prefer to keep their product fresh and appealing and, accordingly, most ships go in for a two-week dry dock overhaul every three years or so.  The ship is taken out of the water for a thorough cleaning of the hull (hence the name dry dock), while interior and topside issues are also addressed.

While some dry dock refurbishments may involve little more than a deep cleaning and replacement of carpet and paint as needed, others can be more extensive, adding additional cabins and decks, or in some cases even extending the ship by adding a new midsection.

Into that latter category falls Carnival Destiny, a 101,000-ton vessel that first went to sea in 1996 as the largest ship afloat. When Destiny goes in for a seven-week dry dock on February 22, 2013, the reconfiguration will be substantial, involving 182 new cabins, new restaurants, new bars, and the addition of the popular adults-only Serenity deck (actually three decks)—an overhaul that will add up to a $155 million price tag, according to Carnival. The final result will be something close to a new ship. In fact, when Destiny emerges from the surgery, she’ll carry a new name, Carnival Sunshine.

We predict you’re going to be hearing a lot more about cruise line facelifts in the months and perhaps years to come. Why? From design to construction to delivery, it takes upwards of three years to build a new cruise ship, and today it appears there are fewer new ships on order than at any time in recent history. For instance, although Carnival Breeze debuted in June 2012, Carnival has no new ships on order for the first time in more than two decades. Holland America hasn’t announced a new ship since Nieuw Amsterdam came on line in 2010. And Royal Caribbean also hasn’t had a new ship since 2010 when Allure of the Seas launched.

Credit the lingering world recession that has cruise line honchos keeping their pocketbooks in check. Although 2012 saw the arrival four major new ships, of the eight biggest lines catering to the U.S. market, only two new ships are scheduled for 2013: Norwegian Breakaway in April and Royal Princess in June. (Things start to pick up again in 2014, when we can look forward to one each from Norwegian, Princess and Royal Caribbean.)

As a result, we’re seeing the major cruise lines investing more of their resources in renovations than in replacing older ships, extending the life of their older models by a few years. While this is likely just a cyclical blip, before booking a cruise vacation check our charts listing planned dry docks for the major cruise lines. Keep in mind that renovations schedules do change, so verify with your travel agent or the cruise line directly before committing a nonrefundable deposit on a yet-to-be remodeled ship.

While we can’t promise that new car smell when these ships emerge from refurbishment, we think you, too, will appreciate a little nip and tuck.

disney cruise ship refurbishment schedule

Prices were accurate at the time this article was published but may change over time.

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First Look At The Disney Fantasy Enhancements After Its Refurbishment

On Wednesday the Disney Fantasy returned to the open sea after spending 18 nights at the shipyards in Freeport Bahamas . During this short amount of time, Disney Cruise Line packed an enormous amount of enhancements into its newest ship.

Star Wars Command Post

Grown-ups will be jealous as the kids train with the heroes of the Star Wars trilogy against the First Order. During their training they’ll meet members of the Resistance and learn how to channel the Force.

Sweet on You

A new ice cream emporium, Sweet On You, has been added to the Fantasy. Themed after the iconic Mickey Mouse shorts this new shop features hand-crafted gelato and ice-cream, specialty sundaes, homemade chocolates, truffles and lots and lots of candy.

Tiffany & Co.

Luxury shopping is coming to the high seas with this premier jewelry store. Tiffany & Co. is home to timeless collections of jewelry and luxury accessories, including the Tiffany T collection and other glamorous pieces featuring renowned Tiffany & Co. diamonds.

The Disney Fantasy is currently on a unique 3-night Bahamian voyage. Afterwards it will resume a regular sailing of 7-night itineraries alternating between the Eastern and Western Caribbean.

With all of these new additions to the Disney Fantasy it’s hard not to get excited. Which new features are you looking forward to experiencing?

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disney cruise ship refurbishment schedule

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disney cruise ship refurbishment schedule

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Ship's Log: Disney Treasure

Disney Treasure: Latest Updates from Newest Disney Cruise Line Ship Debuting 2024

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Welcome to the official ship’s log for the Disney Treasure ! As a blog reader, you’re invited to follow along on this page for an exclusive look into the complex shipbuilding process. This archive will document all the important milestones of the Disney Treasure’s journey.

The Disney Treasure’s story began with the start of construction in January of 2023 and has continued to evolve ever since. You can return here for the latest developments in the Disney Treasure’s progress as the world patiently waits for Disney Cruise Line’s newest ship to officially set sail in 2024. The adventure is just beginning!

Disney Treasure Ship's Log Update: April 25

First announced during the  Grand Reveal of the Disney Treasure  last year, Jumbeaux’s Sweets is a fanciful new dessert destination set to debut onboard the ship later this year. 

How does a space go from concept to reality? It’s all in the details! And Jumbeaux’s Sweets, which will draw inspiration from Walt Disney Animation Studios’ Academy Award®-winning “Zootopia,” is just one example of how Disney Imagineers are collaborating with Disney Animation to turn beloved Disney stories into real-life experiences at sea onboard the Disney Treasure. 

From the precise shade of bubblegum pink-striped wallpaper to the vintage-style light fixtures, each décor element inside Jumbeaux’s Sweets was thoughtfully chosen by Imagineers to transport future Disney Cruise Line guests into the colorful world of Zootopia. The venue’s central design feature will be an eye-catching statue of the film’s unlikely crime-solving duo, Officer Judy Hopps and Nick Wilde. 

The statue-building process began with sketched designs and a collaboration between Imagineers and the Walt Disney Animation team to create a one-of-a-kind digital model of the piece. The precise measurements from the digital model were used to cast the statue in bronze. Finally, the statue was transported to Florida to be painted. 

Jay Abruzzese can be seen adding the finishing touches to both characters. Soon the statue will be ready to be installed inside Jumbeaux’s Sweets and complete the vision Imagineers dreamed up long ago for the venue. 

disney cruise ship refurbishment schedule

A few weeks ago, Meyer Werft Shipyard was bustling with activity when the Disney Treasure was set afloat for the first time. Water from the Ems River was pumped into the building dock where the ship is being constructed, lifting the hull from the floor of the chamber. The shipyard team was then able to guide the Disney Treasure to a new location, where it will undergo the next phase of construction. 

Why was the Disney Treasure moved? The team needed to make room for the Disney Destiny, the sister ship to the Disney Wish and the Disney Treasure! This milestone is an exciting moment for everyone at Disney Cruise Line and Walt Disney Imagineering, signifying continued progress on the Disney Treasure and celebrating the ongoing expansion of the fleet. The Disney Treasure and the Disney Destiny will soon be next to each other in the shipyard, marking an unprecedented era of growth for Disney Cruise Line. 

disney cruise ship refurbishment schedule

A new sculpture, bound for the Haunted Mansion Parlor onboard the Disney Treasure, is being crafted at a dedicated Walt Disney Imagineering workshop at Walt Disney World Resort. Who inspired this mysterious bust? The sculpture was modeled in the image of the famed Disney Legend, Rolly Crump. And the fact that today is Rolly’s birthday makes this Ship’s Log reveal all the more special as the world remembers him and his many contributions to Disney Parks.

Image of famed Disney Legend, Rolly Crump

Nicknamed “Rolly” by Walt Disney himself, ­ during the early days of the company and played an integral role in designing the original Haunted Mansion at Disneyland Resort. Six decades later, the Haunted Mansion Parlor will unlock the next chapter of the Haunted Mansion saga for Disney Cruise Line guests. The venue will be imbued with Crump’s unique brand of humor and is a proud continuation of his legacy, celebrating the weird and the fantastical.

Part of Rolly’s larger creative concept for a “Museum of the Weird” in the Haunted Mansion, his original vision included a character that appeared to be melting like a candle. It was only fitting for the design for Rolly’s memorial bust to stem from his own ideas, which led to the sculpted drips on the side of his face and a memorial plaque that reads, “BROTHER ROLAND- FOREVER REVERED FOR EMBRACING THE WEIRD.” When the Disney Treasure sets sail, Rolly Crump’s statue will have a place of honor within the Haunted Mansion Parlor. 

disney cruise ship refurbishment schedule

It’s a new year with new progress being made on the Disney Treasure at Meyer Werft Shipyard in Papenburg Germany. Regular Ship’s Log readers may remember April’s surprise reveal of the Disney Treasure bow artwork. The whimsical design, which features Captain Minnie Mouse in her signature adventure-themed outfit, has now taken shape on the hull of the Disney Treasure. In step with the existing Disney Cruise Line fleet, the Disney Treasure continues a two-decades-long tradition of carrying a unique character-inspired art piece on its bow. Its completion marks an exciting milestone for the Disney Treasure as it begins the next stage of construction. The installation process began when the shipyard team welded a number of pre-cut steel plates to the Disney Treasure’s hull. Once the framework of the design had been secured, the plates were painted by hand to obtain their iconic golden hue and sealed with a special topcoat. The artwork is just one of the many details that will distinguish the Disney Treasure when it sets sail later this year!

December 14, 2023

The Disney Treasure has reached yet another milestone in construction – the completion of its last block! In case you’re not familiar with this maritime milestone, it’s important to know that cruise ships are built in blocks (sections). With the last block in place, this means that the ship is now structurally complete and outfitting work can begin.

The last block on the Disney Treasure will eventually house areas such as the adults-only Quiet Cove area (including Cove Café) and Hero Zone, a futuristic sports arena where physical activity blends with imagination, offering highly produced show experiences in addition to free-play sports.

With this latest milestone reached, the Disney Treasure can now move towards completion of its interior.

Stay tuned to the ship’s log for more progress of the Disney Treasure, which is set to sail its maiden voyage in just over a year!

The Disney Treasure being built

The holidays are quickly approaching, but construction of the Disney Treasure hasn’t slowed down at Meyer Werft Shipyard in Germany. In fact, a lot of progress has taken place in recent weeks, including the lifting of the forward and aft funnels to their rightful place atop the ship. Complete with a coat of primer paint, the icons that are known across the entire fleet have officially found their new home, bringing the Disney Treasure one step closer to completion.  

Of course, the funnels on the Disney Treasure aren’t just for looks – guests will also be able to plunge through the forward funnel while riding the AquaMouse, Disney’s attraction at sea, or even stay inside the funnel in the two-story EPCOT-themed Tomorrow Tower Suite!

The ship’s log will continue to track the progress of the Disney Treasure until its maiden voyage, which is just a little over a year away in December 2024, so stay tuned for more updates and news!

The Disney Treasure being built

In this special entry of the Ship’s Log, you’re invited to read a letter from a ghostly captain, who will call The Haunted Mansion Parlor on board the Disney Treasure home. The Haunted Mansion Parlor will be the world’s first bar themed to the classic Disney Parks attraction, the Haunted Mansion. Read on for a message from our new favorite happy haunt …

Portrait of a ship's captain coming to the Disney Treasure

To the reader of this letter, welcome.

I have always loved the sea. As soon as I learned to walk, I toddled right into the ocean. In my later years, I served proudly as Captain of a luxurious ocean liner, every voyage its own adventure.

In fact, my fiancé and I were to be wed at sea, a celebration of my two greatest loves. But alas, it was not to be. My untimely demise saw to that.

In life, I treasured my private parlor, where I often entertained passengers and guests. I cannot enjoy it the way I did before—but mind you, I do still enjoy it.

I hope you will visit. In my parlor, all guests—dear or departed, invited or otherwise—are welcome.

Sincerely, The Captain

October 10, 2023

In December 2024, the curtain will open on a brand-new original Broadway-style production on the Disney Treasure. Joining a dazzling lineup of fan-favorite shows including “Beauty and the Beast” and “Disney Seas the Adventure,” will be none other than “Disney The Tale of Moana.” Debuting exclusively at the Walt Disney Theatre onboard the Disney Treasure, “Disney The Tale of Moana” will bring the adventurous journey of Moana, inspired by the Walt Disney Animation Studios film, to center stage for the first time. The show will follow Moana as she embarks on an incredible journey to save her island after she is chosen by the ocean to restore the heart of Te Fiti. Fans of the original film will recognize many beloved characters like Gramma Tala, Maui and Tamatoa when they appear on stage, as well as songs from the film’s iconic soundtrack. 

Disney Cruise Line casting directors will soon begin the search for performers looking to take on the role of a lifetime onboard the Disney Treasure. Those interested in auditioning for “Disney The Tale of Moana” can find more information on .

More about this imaginative, one-of-a-kind show will be announced at a later date so keep following along on the Disney Parks Blog and the Disney Treasure Ship’s Log for details.  

October 3, 2023

After traveling all the way from Poland, the  Disney Treasure’s  forward funnel has arrived at the Meyer Werft shipyard in Papenburg, Germany! The funnel will soon be secured in its rightful place atop the Disney Treasure and will be given a coat of shiny red paint to match the iconic  Disney Cruise Line  look. When the first guests set sail onboard the Disney Treasure in December of 2024, they will be able to plunge through the forward funnel while riding Disney Cruise Line’s beloved attraction at sea, the AquaMouse, and watch their favorite Disney movies via the Funnel Vision screen by the family pool. Some guests may even choose to stay inside the forward funnel’s EPCOT-themed Tomorrow Tower Suite!

September 5, 2023

Today was a monumental day for all the Disney Cruise Line fans, cast members, crew members and Disney Imagineers who are eagerly waiting for the Disney Treasure to set sail in December 2024. This morning, Disney Cruise Line revealed all-new spaces that will debut on the Disney Treasure with the help of Arthur Quinn, a self-proclaimed solo adventurer who stumbled across a magical treasure map while rummaging through his grandmother’s study. With the help of fast-forward magic, Arthur was transported to the Disney Treasure, where he discovered the many exciting experiences and new stories that guests will encounter onboard. At the end of his journey, Arthur made the most important discovery of all – the true meaning of the ship’s name. The name, the Disney Treasure, represents something much more valuable than jewels or gold. The true treasure that awaits every adventurer lies in the memories made during their journey. Now, it’s your turn to discover the Disney Treasure for yourself, right here on the Disney Parks Blog. Click here to experience Arthur’s adventure !

July 18, 2023

This Disney Treasure update is coming to you from Celebration, Florida, the headquarters for Disney Cruise Line. Today, the Disney Cruise Line team is thrilled to be debuting an artist rendering of the ship’s stern for the very first time! For 25 years, each ship in the fleet has been adorned with characters from beloved Disney stories. The Disney Treasure will follow this tradition with its own signature character sculptures that honor the ship’s motif of adventure, Peter Pan and Captain Hook. Harnessing the power of Tinker Bell’s pixie dust, Peter Pan will levitate next to the Disney Treasure to add the finishing touch to the ship’s stern filigree. Meanwhile, Peter Pan’s longtime rival, Captain Hook can be seen leaning out a porthole with a vengeful expression on his face. Paintbrush and paint bucket in hand, Peter Pan sports a mischievous grin as he glances back at Captain Hook, who is dripping in yellow paint.

disney cruise ship refurbishment schedule

With today’s installment of the bridge block, the Disney Treasure now has everything it needs to sail through waterways around the world. The bridge block contains important navigational equipment for the ship, including the wheel! The future captain and their crew will be able to control the ship’s direction and speed from an onboard command center that looks out towards the horizon with floor to ceiling windows. This exciting update means we are one step closer to the day when the Disney Treasure will transport guests to beautiful destinations and explore the globe.

disney cruise ship refurbishment schedule

The Disney Treasure will continue the Disney Cruise Line tradition of bringing Broadway-style stage shows across the globe in a grand entertainment venue fit for original Disney musicals. However, before the curtain rises and performers dazzle future Disney Cruise Line guests, Disney Imagineers and crew at Meyer Werft shipyard must weld what will someday become The Walt Disney Theatre to the Disney Treasure. It’s exciting to think that this space will soon be filled with Disney tunes and the heartwarming stories of favorite Disney adventurers!

disney cruise ship refurbishment schedule

Marvelous progress took place today at Meyer Werft shipyard as the bow of the Disney Treasure was mounted to the forward section of the ship. This photo illustrates how the shipyard team carefully installs the bow block using a crane. The bow block was held in position with the help of a high-precision laser scanner until it was fully welded to the foreship. As the Disney Treasure takes form, this moment marks the first time that the iconic silhouette of the ship can be recognized. As with all ships in the Disney Cruise Line fleet, the Disney Treasure takes its inspiration from classic ocean liners of the early 20 th century with a modern flair.

disney cruise ship refurbishment schedule

The bow of the Disney Treasure has made its way to Meyer Werft shipyard in Papenburg, Germany, arriving today aboard a barge with the aid of a helpful towboat. This photo showcases a first step in the installation process for the ship’s bow filigree, which is being protected by a large tarp. The outline of the design has already been sketched out in red ink on the ship’s surface and will be completed at a later point in the construction process.

disney cruise ship refurbishment schedule

Each Disney Cruise Line fleet ship has its own distinct, elegant piece of artwork embossed on its bow. Revealing the unique designs created for the Disney Magic, Disney Wonder, Disney Dream, Disney Fantasy and the Disney Wish marked a memorable moment for each vessel during its construction and the Disney Treasure is no different. Today, Disney Cruise Line debuted the Disney Treasure’s captivating bow filigree for the first time. The design features a portrait of Minnie Mouse wearing her brand-new, adventure-ready ensemble as well as some hidden silhouettes of other beloved characters. Voyager Minnie’s look was designed especially for the Disney Treasure to complement its motif of adventure. Later on in the construction process, this artwork will be installed onto the bow of the ship for all to enjoy.

disney cruise ship refurbishment schedule

The weather in Germany may have been rainy, but spirits were high thanks to the completion of another maritime milestone for the Disney Treasure – the Keel Laying Ceremony. As a part of the ceremony, a newly minted coin is placed under the keel of the ship to foster good fortune for the ship and its crew in the years to come. Just like the steel-cutting ceremony, keel laying traditions date back to the times of wooden ships. The coin itself is quite unique and depicts a carved portrait of Captain Minnie Mouse, sporting a fashionable new adventure outfit designed for the new ship.

disney cruise ship refurbishment schedule

Today, the Meyer Werft shipyard in Papenburg, Germany received a very exciting delivery from Rostock, Germany– the Disney Treasure’s Floating Engine Room Unit! The Floating Engine Room Unit, sometimes called a FERU for short, is a critical piece when it comes to building the Disney Treasure. Upon the ship’s completion, the FERU will serve as the main source of power, housing the main motors and liquified natural gas tanks. The FERU is also where all the auxiliary machinery needed for cooling water, fuel, air supply and other essential support systems will be kept. The above picture shows the FERU during its journey from Denmark!

disney cruise ship refurbishment schedule

Another day at Meyer Werft shipyard means they’re another step closer to completing the Disney Treasure. One way to recognize a Disney Cruise Line vessel is to look for the iconic red funnels standing proudly on the top deck. The Disney Treasure will follow the sleek, classic aesthetic of all Disney Cruise Line ships that have come before it, meaning it will continue upholding the tradition of featuring the eye-catching funnels. Today the second funnel arrived at the shipyard from Poland. Pretty soon, it will receive a coat of bright red paint and be installed on the ship. It’s a thrilling time for the Disney Treasure as more and more pieces of the ship arrive.

disney cruise ship refurbishment schedule

Today, the team at the Meyer Werft shipyard cut the first piece of steel for the Disney Treasure. Sparks were flying as a special machine called a plasma cutter, which is housed within the yard’s laser cutting room, was used to cut the steel in the shape of a Disney cruise ship. The ceremony was a huge milestone for Disney Imagineers and crew building the Disney Treasure, marking the official start of construction.

One thing that makes this steel-cutting ceremony so meaningful is it’s a continuation of a longtime maritime tradition. Ship builders have been honoring the beginning of the construction process for hundreds of years and it’s worth noting that even though the way ships are built has changed and steel has come to replace wooden materials, the spirit of the tradition lives on.  

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Omg, @Janice. Being over 6 feet tall, sitting in the Walt Disney Theatre means that your knees might be under your chin for almost an hour. One can WISH for a little more space without a rude comment, right?

Hi, Good day. I’m very much happy to join Disney Family.

Thank u very much. Sydney Pereira

Omg! Being bigger is not a reason for anyone to accommodate you.

Can’t wait to see more about what’s gonna be INSIDE the ship!!!! Peter Pan is my absolute favourite though, very happy he’s part of the ship!

Yes, PLEASE don’t make the same mistakes of Wish & don’t forget us Americans are a little bigger than the rest of the world. I hope the theater seats are a little bigger!🤞🏻

The Disney Treasure looks a big ship so far I can’t wait to see the pictures when it’s built. When Disney cruise line open bookings for Disney Treasure I’m going to book it.

Are we thinking summer or late 2024

Over here anxiously awaiting sail dates and itineraries to be announced so I can start planning our sailing on the Disney Treasure!

Please don’t repeat the mistakes of Wish on this new ship.

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The Kingdom Insider

Orlando and Family Travel News Lifestyle and Information

DCL News , Disney News · August 7, 2020

Are Disney Cruise ships going in for refurbishment?

Yesterday Disney Cruise Line announced that they were extending their pause in cruising through October 31, 2020.

Disney Cruise Line Sailings Suspended Through Oct. 31, 2020 In alignment with yesterday’s announcement from Cruise Lines International Association regarding the voluntary extension of suspended passenger operations from U.S. ports until at least October 31, 2020, Disney Cruise Line will be cancelling all October sailings, as well as the following November sailings:

  • Disney Dream:  November 1, 2020 (7-night Eastern Caribbean) & November 8, 2020 (5-night Western Caribbean) sailings
  • Disney Magic:  November 1, 2020 (6-night Eastern Caribbean) & November 7, 2020 (5-night Eastern Caribbean) sailings
  • Disney Wonder:  November 1, 2020 (5-night Baja) & November 6, 2020 (14-night Panama Canal) sailings

Now, we’re going to do something we rarely do which is speculate about something potentially that could happen. Is it possible that some of the ships could go into drydock and get a refurbishment? While we haven’t been told nor have confirmed anything from Disney Cruise Line , no cruises are currently scheduled until November 1, 2020. Without crew and passengers onboard this would be a great time to freshen up some public areas and staterooms even if it is ahead of their normal refurbishment schedule.

disney cruise ship refurbishment schedule

While the new Disney Wish could be delayed in the shipyard, it could be a time where the Magic class and Dream class ships could get some of those new enhancements being brought to the Wish class ships. Is this a little far fetched? Probably, but it could be a great opportunity during this unfortunate time to get ahead rather than having a pause in sailings when the ships are back cruising again. Realistically we think if a refurbishment would happen it would be consisting of more soft goods and not any changes to existing deck layouts.

What are your thoughts on cruising with Disney again?

Disney Fantasy in dry dock photo courtesy of: Grand Bahama Shipyard Limited

disney cruise ship refurbishment schedule

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disney cruise ship refurbishment schedule

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disney cruise ship refurbishment schedule

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The iconic red funnels of a Disney Cruise Ship

Disney Cruise 2024: Sail Dates, Itineraries, and Ports

UPDATED Sept 5, 2023: This article has been updated to add 2024 cruises on the Disney Treasure cruise ship, which is scheduled to begin sailing in late December 2024.

If you’re dreaming of a Disney Cruise 2024, you’ll need to know where the ships are and where they’re going. Although there are plenty of Disney Cruises in 2024, not every itinerary is offered at every port during every month of the year. And once you throw school vacations and time off work into the mix — not to mention the complexities of multiple cruise ships and countless itineraries — it can be tricky to figure out just which cruise to select.

With that in mind, we offer this handy reference guide. We’ll start with a brief glance at where all of the Disney Cruise Ships will be located throughout the year. Then, we’ll go in-depth for each month so you can see exactly which sail dates are being offered for each itinerary.

Have Questions About 2024 Disney Cruises? Vacationeers Are Standing By!

Where Will the Disney Cruise Line Ships Be In 2024?

Here’s a quick overview at what’s planned so far. To see specific cruise itineraries and sail dates, look at the monthly entries further down this page.

Disney Dream

The Disney Dream cruise ship spends the first half of 2024 in Fort Lauderdale, Florida , continuing the string of Caribbean Cruises it had begun offering from there in November 2023.

In May, the ship heads out on a Transatlantic voyage that positions it in Europe for the summer travel season.

The Dream will offer a series of European itineraries that sail out of Barcelona, Spain and Civitavecchia (Rome), Italy from early May through late July — and from Southampton, England from late July through mid-September.

Disney Dream sailings between mid-September and mid-October are not yet released , but it’s likely the ship will remain in Europe during that timeframe.

Following a Transatlantic voyage in late-October, the ship returns to Fort Lauderdale in November and offers Bahamian and Caribbean cruises for the remainder of the year.

Disney Fantasy

The Disney Fantasy will be based out of Port Canaveral, Florida throughout 2024.

From early 2024 through the end of September, the Fantasy primarily offers Caribbean cruises. From October onward, the ship adds in a number of Bahamas sailings including Lookout Cay at Lighthouse Point.

Disney Magic

The Disney Magic cruise ship rings in the new year in Galveston, Texas , continuing the series of Caribbean cruises it had begun a few weeks earlier.

In February, it briefly relocates to New Orleans, Louisiana for a month of Caribbean cruises out of that port before returning to Galveston in March.

The Caribbean cruises continue from Galveston through mid-April, when the ship relocates to San Juan, Puerto Rico .

The San Juan Caribbean cruises run through mid-May, when the ship relocates for an extended assignment to Port Everglades (Fort Lauderdale), Florida .

In Fort Lauderdale, the ship will mainly sail on Bahamian itineraries (featuring Lookout Cay at Lighthouse Point, Disney’s newest private port), with an occasional Caribbean cruise in the mix.

The Disney Magic briefly returns to San Juan for part of November, then returns to Galveston for the remainder of the year.

Disney Treasure

The brand new Disney Treasure cruise ship just barely squeaks into 2024’s sailing schedule; the ship’s 7-night Caribbean cruises from Port Canaveral, Florida start in late December.

Disney Wish

The Disney Wish has the simplest of all sailing schedules.

The ship will be based in Port Canaveral , Florida throughout all of 2024, sailing on 3- and 4-Night Bahamian Cruises.

Disney Wonder

The Disney Wonder cruise ship starts 2024 in the southern hemisphere, continuing the inaugural season of Disney’s Australia and New Zealand cruises which began in October 2023. These cruises sail out of Sydney, Australia and Melbourne, Australia in January and early February.

Starting in mid-February, the ship goes on a series of one-way cruises that take it to Honolulu, Hawaii , followed by Vancouver, Canada, and finally to San Diego, California .

Once the ship arrives in San Diego in mid-March, it begins a string of Baja cruises that last through early May.

The ship then returns to Vancouver to begin the 2024 Alaska Cruise season, which lasts through late September.

From there, a series of one-way cruises take the ship back to Honolulu and then to Brisbane, Australia to start another series of Australia and New Zealand cruises for the remainder of the year and into early 2025 (sailing out of Brisbane, Auckland, Sydney, and Melbourne ).


Jump to:  JAN | FEB | MAR | APR | MAY | JUN | JUL | AUG | SEP | OCT | NOV | DEC

Feeling Overwhelmed? Get Free Help.

With five ships and hundreds of sail dates to choose from, it’s easy to become overwhelmed with all the choices. One of the easiest ways to cut through the confusion is to work alongside an Authorized Disney Vacation Planner . Put simply, they’re Disney Cruise experts who offer free help planning your trip .

In our view, there’s no better choice than our official travel partner, The Vacationeer . Why ? Here are a few reasons:

  • No Extra Fees: It’s completely free to use their planning services and your cruise won’t cost a penny more than if you’d booked it yourself (it might even cost less!)
  • One Dedicated Agent: No giant call centers, no hours wasted waiting on hold, no getting transferred a dozen times and explaining your situation over and over to new people each time
  • The Best Prices: Your Vacationeer knows all the Disney Cruise discounts and deals so they know how to save money on your cruise . They’ll even watch for new discounts to be announced after you’ve booked! And most importantly, they’ll respect your budget.
  • Free Spending Money: Yes, really. Book with The Vacationeer and you’ll get an Onboard Credit of up to $1,000 that can be used towards onboard purchases that aren’t already included in your cruise fare — things like excursions, alcohol, souvenirs, gratuities, and specialty dining.

With all those benefits, why wouldn’t you count on them to book your trip and make your Disney Cruise dreams come true?

When Does Disney Release Its 2024 Cruises?

Disney Cruises are typically released in three phases throughout the year.

The first phase of sail dates, covering travel from the beginning of the year through Spring 2024, was announced in December 2022.

The second phase of sail dates, covering travel for Summer 2024 and early Fall 2024, was announced in March 2023.

The third phase of sail dates, covering the final months of 2024, was announced in June 2023. Some saildates for the Disney Dream (mid-September through mid-October) were still missing during this announcement, and might possibly indicate a “dry dock” period in which there are no cruises and the ship is essentially “closed for refurbishment.”

There was a special fourth announcement of 2024 sail dates due to the arrival of the new Disney Treasure cruise ship. The ship only has two 2024 sail dates, both in late December; those were announced to the public in September 2023.

disney cruise ship refurbishment schedule

Port Canaveral, FL | Image © Disney

When Do Cruises to Lookout Cay at Lighthouse Point Begin?

Lookout Cay at Lighthouse Point on Eleuthera, Bahamas, is Disney’s newest private destination — and it’s certainly been highly anticipated.

Unlike Disney Castaway Cay (Disney’s private island), Lookout Cay at Lighthouse Point is a private port rather than a private island . Construction has been underway for a few years, and the island is ready to welcome its first Disney Cruise Line guests.

Artist rendering of the beach and amenities at Lighthouse Point in Eleuthera, Bahamas

Image © Disney

The first cruise scheduled to visit Lookout Cay at Lighthouse Point is a special preview sailing on the Disney Magic. It departs from Fort Lauderdale on June 6, 2024 .

After that, Lookout Cay at Lighthouse Point is a frequent stop on Bahamas Cruises from Fort Lauderdale all summer long.

There’s also a special “Lighthouse Point Inaugural Cruise” from Port Canaveral on the Disney Fantasy June 8. 2024 — one of the few chances in Summer 2024 to reach Lookout Cay at Lighthouse Point from Port Canaveral rather than Fort Lauderdale. Once fall 2024 rolls around, the port can be regularly reached through sailings from either Fort Lauderdale or Port Canaveral.

Want to secure your spot on the inaugural season of cruises to Lookout Cay at Lighthouse Point?

Now let’s take a look at the Disney Cruises setting sail each month of 2024. Below, we’ve listed the first day of each cruise departure currently scheduled to occur in 2024. Dates which show “none” indicate days on which no cruises begin their voyages.

Note that we’ve omitted cruises that aren’t open to the general public, such as short no-passenger relocation voyages or privately-chartered sailings such as the Disney Vacation Club Member Cruise.

January 2024 Disney Cruises

  • 3-Night Bahamian Cruise from Port Canaveral (Disney Wish)
  • 5-Night Western Caribbean Cruise from Fort Lauderdale (Disney Dream)
  • 6-Night Western Caribbean Cruise from Galveston (Disney Magic)
  • 2-Night Australia and New Zealand Cruise from Sydney (Disney Wonder)
  • 3-Night Australia and New Zealand Cruise from Sydney (Disney Wonder)
  • 7-Night Eastern Caribbean Cruise from Port Canaveral (Disney Fantasy)
  • 4-Night Australia and New Zealand Cruise from Sydney (Disney Wonder)
  • 4-Night Bahamian Cruise from Port Canaveral (Disney Wish)
  • 4-Night Western Caribbean Cruise from Galveston (Disney Magic)
  • 5-Night Western Caribbean Cruise from Galveston (Disney Magic)
  • 7-Night Western Caribbean Cruise from Port Canaveral (Disney Fantasy)
  • 6-Night Australia and New Zealand Cruise from Sydney (Disney Wonder)
  • 4-Night Bahamian Cruise from Fort Lauderdale (Disney Dream)
  • 4-Night Australia and New Zealand Cruise from Melbourne (Disney Wonder)
  • 3-Night Australia and New Zealand Cruise from Melbourne (Disney Wonder)
  • 4-Night Western Caribbean Cruise from New Orleans (Disney Magic)

February 2024 Disney Cruises

February 01

February 02

February 03

  • 7-Night Eastern Caribbean Cruises from Port Canaveral (Disney Fantasy)

February 04

  • 5-Night Western Caribbean Cruise from New Orleans (Disney Magic)

February 05

February 06

February 07

February 08

February 09

  • 7-Night Western Caribbean Cruise from New Orleans (Disney Magic)

February 10

February 11

February 12

February 13

February 14

February 15

February 16

  • 15-Night South Pacific Cruise from Sydney to Honolulu (Disney Wonder)

February 17

February 18

February 19

February 20

February 21

February 22

February 23

February 24

February 25

February 26

February 27

February 28

February 29

March 2024 Disney Cruises

  • 10-Night Hawaii Cruise from Honolulu to Vancouver (Disney Wonder)
  • 4-Night California Coast Cruise from Vancouver to San Diego (Disney Wonder)
  • 4-Night Baja Cruise from San Diego (Disney Wonder)
  • 5-Night Bahamian Cruise from Fort Lauderdale (Disney Dream)
  • 7-Night Western Caribbean Cruise from Galveston (Disney Magic)
  • 7-Night Baja Cruise from San Diego (Disney Wonder)

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April 2024 Disney Cruises

  • 3-Night Bahamian Cruise from Fort Lauderdale (Disney Dream)
  • 3-Night Baja Cruise from San Diego (Disney Wonder)
  • 6-Night Western Caribbean Cruise from Galveston to San Juan (Disney Magic)
  • 7-Night Southern Caribbean Cruise from San Juan (Disney Magic)

May 2024 Disney Cruises

  • 5-Night Eastern Caribbean Cruise from San Juan to Fort Lauderdale (Disney Magic)
  • 13-Night Transatlantic Cruise from Fort Lauderdale to Barcelona (Disney Dream)
  • 4-Night Bahamian Cruise from Fort Lauderdale (Disney Magic)
  • 4-Night California Coast Cruise from San Diego to Vancouver (Disney Wonder)
  • 7-Night Alaskan Cruise from Vancouver (Disney Wonder)
  • 3-Night Bahamian Cruise from Fort Lauderdale (Disney Magic)
  • 7-Night Mediterranean Cruise from Barcelona (Disney Dream)
  • 5-Night Western Caribbean Cruise from Fort Lauderdale (Disney Magic)

June 2024 Disney Cruises

  • 9-Night Mediterranean with Greek Isles Cruise from Barcelona to Civitavecchia (Disney Dream)
  • 3-Night Lighthouse Point Preview Cruise from Fort Lauderdale (Disney Magic)
  • 7-Night Lighthouse Point Inaugural Cruise from Port Canaveral (Disney Fantasy)
  • 7-Night Mediterranean with Greek Isles Cruise from Civitavecchia (Disney Dream)
  • 11-Night Mediterranean with Greek Isles Cruise from Civitavecchia to Barcelona (Disney Dream)

Dreaming of a Disney Cruise in Summer 2024? Get Started Right Now!

July 2024 Disney Cruises

  • 5-Night Bahamian Cruise from Fort Lauderdale (Disney Magic)
  • 5-Night Mediterranean Cruise from Barcelona (Disney Dream)
  • 9-Night Alaskan Cruise from Vancouver (Disney Wonder)
  • 7-Night Western Europe Cruise from Barcelona to Southampton (Disney Dream)
  • 5-Night Bahamian Cruise from Port Canaveral (Disney Fantasy)
  • 5-Night Alaskan Cruise from Vancouver (Disney Wonder)
  • 12-Night Norwegian Fjords and Iceland Cruise from Southampton (Disney Dream)
  • 10-Night Southern Caribbean Cruise from Port Canaveral (Disney Fantasy)

August 2024 Disney Cruises

  • 6-Night Western Caribbean Cruise from Port Canaveral (Disney Fantasy)
  • 7-Night Norwegian Fjords Cruise from Southampton (Disney Dream)
  • 4-Night Mediterranean Cruise from Southampton (Disney Dream)
  • 3-Night Belgium Cruise from Southampton (Disney Dream)
  • 4-Night Spain Cruise from Southampton (Disney Dream)
  • 5-Night Spain Cruise from Southampton (Disney Dream)

September 2024 Disney Cruises

September 01

  • 7-Night Western Europe Cruise from Southampton (Disney Dream)

September 02

September 03

September 04

September 05

September 06

September 07

September 08

  • 7-Night British Isles Cruise from Southampton (Disney Dream)

September 09

September 10

September 11

September 12

September 13

September 14

September 15

September 16

September 17

September 18

September 19

September 20

September 21

September 22

September 23

  • 10-Night Hawaiian Cruise from Vancouver to Honolulu (Disney Wonder)

September 24

September 25

September 26

September 27

September 28

September 29

September 30

Have Questions But Don’t Want To Wait On Hold?

October 2024 Disney Cruises

  • 15-Night South Pacific Cruise from Honolulu to Sydney (Disney Wonder)
  • 4-Night Bahamian Cruise from Port Canaveral (Disney Fantasy)
  • 2-Night Disney Magic at Sea Cruise from Brisbane (Disney Wonder)
  • 6-Night Bahamian Cruise from Port Canaveral (Disney Fantasy)
  • 13-Night Transatlantic Cruise from Southampton to Fort Lauderdale (Disney Dream)
  • 3-Night Disney Magic at Sea Cruise from Brisbane (Disney Wonder)
  • 4-Night Disney Magic at Sea Cruise from Brisbane to Melbourne (Disney Wonder)

November 2024 Disney Cruises

November 01

  • 2-Night Disney Magic at Sea Cruise from Melbourne (Disney Wonder)

November 02

November 03

  • 7-Night Disney Magic at Sea Cruise from Melbourne (Disney Wonder)

November 04

November 05

  • 3-Night Bahamian Cruise from Fort Lauderdale to San Juan (Disney Magic)

November 06

November 07

November 08

November 09

November 10

  • 3-Night Disney Magic at Sea Cruise from Melbourne (Disney Wonder)

November 11

November 12

November 13

  • 4-Night Disney Magic at Sea Cruise from Melbourne (Disney Wonder)

November 14

November 15

  • 6-Night Bahamian Cruise from San Juan to Galveston (Disney Magic)

November 16

November 17

November 18

November 19

November 20

November 21

November 22

November 23

  • 7 -Night Eastern Caribbean Cruise from Port Canaveral (Disney Fantasy)

November 24

  • 5-Night Disney Magic at Sea Cruise from Melbourne to Auckland (Disney Wonder)

November 25

November 26

November 27

November 28

November 29

  • 3-Night Bahamian Cruise from Port Canaveral (Disne Wish)
  • 3-Night Disney Magic at Sea Cruise from Auckland (Disney Wonder)

November 30

December 2024 Disney Cruises

December 01

December 02

  • 2-Night Disney Magic at Sea Cruise from Auckland (Disney Wonder)

December 03

December 04

  • 4-Night Disney Magic at Sea Cruise from Auckland (Disney Wonder)

December 05

December 06

December 07

December 08

  • 5-Night Disney Magic at Sea Cruise from Auckland (Disney Wonder)

December 09

December 10

December 11

  • 4 -Night Western Caribbean Cruise from Galveston (Disney Magic)

December 12

December 13

December 14

December 15

December 16

December 17

  • 4-Night Disney Magic at Sea Cruise from Auckland to Sydney (Disney Wonder)

December 18

December 19

December 20

December 21

  • 3-Night Disney Magic at Sea Cruise from Sydney (Disney Wonder)
  • 7-Night Maiden Voyage Eastern Caribbean Cruise from Port Canaveral (Disney Treasure)

December 22

December 23

December 24

  • 4-Night Disney Magic at Sea Cruise from Sydney (Disney Wonder)

December 25

December 26

  • 3-Night Bahamian Cruise from Port Canaveral (Disney Fantasy)

December 27

December 28

  • 6-Night Disney Magic at Sea Cruise from Sydney (Disney Wonder)
  • 7-Night Western Caribbean Cruise from Port Canaveral (Disney Treasure)

December 29

December 30

December 31

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disney cruise ship refurbishment schedule

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Nothing out of New York?

disney cruise ship refurbishment schedule

No, there aren’t any 2024 Disney Cruises from New York . They’ve sometimes skipped New York for a few years in a row, so we don’t know how long it’ll be until it’s back on the schedule. They haven’t released a full 2025 schedule yet, so we don’t yet know if anything will show up for the later months of 2025. Hope that helps!

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WDW Prep School

2022 & 2023 Disney World Refurbishment Calendar (& opening dates)

By: Author Felicia Goodwin

Posted on Published: December 3, 2021  - Last updated: February 10, 2022

2022 & 2023 Disney World Refurbishment Calendar (& opening dates)

Our calendar below lists the current refurbishments and ride closures taking place at Walt Disney World, including Magic Kingdom, Epcot, Hollywood Studios, Animal Kingdom, Disney World Resorts, plus any known closures for the Skyliner and monorail. To make it easy, we not only have a complete list by month, but we also break it out by park.

Plus, whenever possible, we have listed their reopening dates and opening dates for new attractions.

In this article

Why do the rides close at Disney World?

Although Disney rarely gives us exact details for why an attraction is closed for refurbishment, in most cases, Disney World attractions most often close down for things like routine or seasonal maintenance .

And, sometimes an attraction closes for special upgrades or to be re-imagined into something different or new.

Ideally, when something is closed, it will be pre-scheduled. However, occasionally, there are times when something closes unexpectedly.

This doesn’t happen often; however, it can. Looking at you, monorail .

Although you can’t control what will or will not be under refurbishment during your visit, we recommend checking this list before you head out on your trip, just to ensure you aren’t disappointed that your favorite ride or restaurant is closed.

Current & Scheduled Closures, Refurbishments, and Openings at the Walt Disney World Resort

Here is a complete list of all current Disney World closures and refurbishments.

Know your exact travel dates? Jump down to see the information broken out by month.

January 2023 | February 2022 | March 2022 | April 2022 | May 2022 | June 2022 | July 2022 | August 2022 | September 2022 | October 2022 | November 2022 | December 2022

Walt Disney World Closures & Refurbishments by Month

Important Note: New closures can be added at any time, so be sure to check back when you are close to your trip!

January 2023

Traveling in January?

Here is everything at Walt Disney World that will be closed (and/or reopen) during January 2023.

February 2022

Traveling in February?

Here is everything at Walt Disney World that will be closed (and/or reopen) during February 2022.

Traveling in March?

Here is everything at Walt Disney World that will be closed (and/or reopen) during March 2022.

Traveling in April?

Here is everything at Walt Disney World that will be closed (and/or reopen) during April 2022.

Traveling in May?

Here is everything at Walt Disney World that will be closed (and/or reopen) during May 2022.

Traveling in June?

Here is everything at Walt Disney World that will be closed (and/or reopen) during June 2022.

Traveling in July?

Here is everything at Walt Disney World that will be closed (and/or reopen) during July 2022.

August 2022

Traveling in August?

Here is everything at Walt Disney World that will be closed (and/or reopen) during August 2022.

September 2022

Traveling in September?

Here is everything at Walt Disney World that will be closed (and/or reopen) during September 2022.

October 2022

Traveling in October?

Here is everything at Walt Disney World that will be closed (and/or reopen) during October 2022.

November 2022

Traveling in November?

Here is everything at Walt Disney World that will be closed (and/or reopen) during November 2022.

December 2022

Traveling in December?

Here is everything at Walt Disney World that will be closed (and/or reopen) during December 2022.

Which rides are closed at Magic Kingdom?

Want to know which attractions, restaurants, and experiences are currently closed (or scheduled to close) at Magic Kingdom? Check out this list:

Which Rides are closed at Epcot?

Want to know which attractions, restaurants, and experiences are currently closed (or scheduled to close) at Epcot? Check out this list:

What rides are closed are Hollywood Studios?

Want to know which attractions, restaurants, and experiences are currently closed (or scheduled to close) at Hollywood Studios? Check out this list:

What rides are closed at Animal Kingdom?

Want to know which attractions, restaurants, and experiences are currently closed (or scheduled to close) at Animal Kingdom? Check out this list:

Walt Disney World Hotel Refurbishments

Planning to stay onsite? Here’s what is closed:

Transportation Closures

Here’s what we know about planned transportation closures:

Permanent Closures at Walt Disney World

While some closures are temporary, there are always some that are permanent.

Here’s a list of some of the most popular attractions that have permanently closed.

Looking for more details on a beloved closed ride?

We have lots more info in our comprehensive post on Things that No Longer Exist at Walt Disney World .

  • Recent Posts

Felicia Goodwin

  • How to use Disney transportation (bus, monorail, Skyliner) - January 4, 2022
  • 2022 & 2023 Disney World Refurbishment Calendar (& opening dates) - December 3, 2021
  • 2021 Disneyland Holiday Guide (including the new After Hours) - September 23, 2021

2024 Disney World Refurbishment Calendar

disney cruise ship refurbishment schedule

This Walt Disney World ride refurbishment calendar lists the closure schedule for 2024 and 2025 at Magic Kingdom, EPCOT, Hollywood Studios & Animal Kingdom. Attractions close for routine maintenance, safety upgrades, improvements, and reimaginings. ( Updated April 26, 2024 .)

While no one wants attraction downtime during their trip to Walt Disney World, refurbishments are necessary to keep the rides looking good ( and safe! ) for future visitors. Usually, there are only a handful of simultaneous closures, plus new attractions being built. Note that the list below includes several refurbishments that have either been scheduled last-minute, extended, or are longer than normal.

If you’re visiting Walt Disney World now, the good news is that there aren’t many refurbishments currently on the schedule. The first bit of bad news is that the few of them that are on the calendar are all major thrill rides, which will be closed for portions of 2024 and 2025. And these aren’t the only attractions likely to go down for long closures in the next year, as other ride reimaginings are likely ahead of Universal’s Epic Universe opening in Summer 2025.

The other bad news is that Walt Disney World has not been doing nearly enough preventative maintenance or ride refurbishments during the off-season over the last few years. As a result, you can expect plenty of unplanned downtime. Since this happens as a result of rides breaking downtime, you can’t really plan for it (hence it being “unplanned”), but we still mention this because you should prepare for rides to go offline during your trip. If anything is a “must-ride” for you, be sure to prioritize it and give yourself a buffer just in case it breaks down during your days at Walt Disney World.

There’s also a lot of construction occurring, albeit not nearly as much as even a few years ago. However, that massively understates the current closures and impact of construction on visitors to Walt Disney World throughout the remainder of the year. Speaking of which, if you’re looking for opening dates rather than closures (and reopenings) to existing attractions, see the Disney Parks Project Timeline for 2024 & Beyond . That covers both the  official  opening dates, plus our predictions about what’ll likely be delayed.

If you want all of the latest updates on attraction closures and ride refurbishments– subscribe to our free Walt Disney World email newsletter . We also share other news and on-the-ground reports from the parks, when discounts are released, and much more.

Here is the current schedule of Walt Disney World refurbishments to attractions, when the closure starts, and when the refurbishment will conclude, updated as of April 26, 2024:

disney cruise ship refurbishment schedule

Animal Kingdom

  • DINOSAUR  – TBD closure date (likely late 2024 or early 2025)
  • It’s Tough to Be a Bug – TBD closure date

All is quiet now, but Animal Kingdom will soon be a park in transformation once again. A Zootopia Tree of Life Show   is replacing It’s Tough to Be a Bug at some point in the future–likely sometime in late 2024.

What else is next for Animal Kingdom is unclear. Primeval Whirl permanently closed and the company has confirmed that what’s currently Dino-Rama is the next big expansion site at Walt Disney World. They’ve also officially announced that the replacement will be the  Tropical Americas at Animal Kingdom , and backstage work has already started to prepare for this.

Walt Disney World has teased Encanto  and  Indiana Jones concepts that are supposedly just “under consideration.” It’s our understanding that they’re a done deal, but other recent official projects have been cancelled even after construction started. DINOSAUR being converted to Indiana Jones Adventure is almost a sure thing, and we anticipate it closing either late this year or early in 2025.

disney cruise ship refurbishment schedule

Magic Kingdom

  • Country Bear Musical Jamboree – Opens in Summer 2024
  • Tiana’s Bayou Adventure  – Opening in Summer 2024

Currently, the only two attractions closed at Magic Kingdom are reimaginings in Frontierland. Country Bear Jamboree is being transformed into Country Bear Musical  Jamboree . An exact reopening date is currently unknown, but the attraction will come back in Summer 2024.

Our expectation is that some of the changes could occur overnight, but the Audio Animatronics also need TLC. Honestly, it could last several  months–the longer, the better. The attraction could use a fair amount of love. It’s now our understanding that Country Bear Musical Jamboree will open later than Tiana’s Bayou Adventure–expect mid-July or later.

disney cruise ship refurbishment schedule

Also underway is the reimagining of Splash Mountain into Tiana’s Bayou Adventure, a new ride based on The Princess and the Frog. Construction walls are still up around the ride and construction workers can be observed on and around the attraction working on the overhaul, but the exterior is mostly finished. The transformation timeline is an aggressive one, and but Tiana’s Bayou Adventure has made significant progress.

In fact, Walt Disney World just announced that Tiana’s Bayou Adventure will open in Summer 2024 . As discussed in that post, our prediction is that it debuts in late June 2024. (Our specific guess is June 20, 2024–but anytime between around then and the Independence Day holiday weekend is possible.)

disney cruise ship refurbishment schedule

  • CommuniCore Hall & Plaza  – Opens on June 10, 2024
  • Luminous: The Symphony of Us  – Now showing!
  • Moana’s Journey of Water  – Now open!
  • Test Track  – Closes on June 17, 2024
  • World Celebration  – Now open!

The biggest thing on the horizon is Test Track closing for a multi-month reimagining . A reopening date has not yet been announced, but it’s unlikely to return any time this year.

This Test Track reimagining will likely last until at least  Spring 2025, with a reasonable probability of it taking until Summer 2025. We expect 9-12 months of downtime, with an outside chance of the closure lasting even longer if Test Track 3.0 really is getting elaborate show scenes like its predecessor, World of Motion.

disney cruise ship refurbishment schedule

After 4 long years of construction walls around the center of the park, World Celebration is now open. Along with it, Moana’s Journey of Water has debuted. However, walls are still up around CommuniCore Hall & Plaza, which is slated to open in Summer 2024 . Along with the debut of that on June 10, there’s also a new Encanto sing-along, and it’s possible that there will be a summer celebration of some sort.

Back in World Showcase Lagoon, Luminous: The Symphony of Us has now debuted. This is EPCOT’s new permanent nighttime spectacular, replacing the temporary EPCOT Forever and Harmonious before that.

Looking forward, Spaceship Earth is long overdue for track and ride system maintenance , and that would necessitate a multi-month (if not year-plus) closure. Journey into Imagination is also about a decade overdue for a redo , but there’s no word that’s on the horizon, either.

disney cruise ship refurbishment schedule

Disney’s Hollywood Studios

  • Jedi Training Academy: Trials of the Temple – Permanently Ended
  • Star Wars: Galactic Spectacular – Permanently Ended
  • Mickey Shorts Theater – Closed April 29 through May 24, 2024
  • Rock ‘n’ Roller Coaster  – Closed now through Summer 2024
  • Voyage of the Little Mermaid – Reopens in Fall 2024

Two very big additions to this schedule. The first is that  Rock ‘n’ Roller Coaster is Closing for Multi-Month Refurbishment in 2024 . That covers everything we know about the likely end date and the scope of the project.

Walt Disney World also has announced that Voyage of the Little Mermaid won’t be returning. At least, not by the same name. A reimagined version of that stage show is coming in Fall 2024 and will be renamed to “The Little Mermaid – A Musical Adventure.”

disney cruise ship refurbishment schedule

Outside Theme Parks

  • Blizzard Beach Water Park  – Closed for the Season
  • Star Wars: Galactic Starcruiser Resort  – Permanently Closed

Blizzard Beach has once again closed, which occurred simultaneous with Typhoon Lagoon reopening. This is a standard seasonal closure, and happens every single year due to a lack of demand during the colder time of year. The big question is whether both will operate simultaneously in Summer 2024. Our guess, unfortunately, is that they will not.

Otherwise, the attraction closures above are pretty straight-forward. To the extent that specific dates are not yet listed, those will be updated once Walt Disney World provides precise start and/or end dates.

In addition to scheduled attraction refurbs, unscheduled downtime can also occur during a visit. This usually only occurs for a few hours at a time, so if you find an attraction is closed during your vacation and it’s not listed below, it’s likely a temporary closure that will last (at most) for a few hours. Check with nearby Cast Members to confirm.

disney cruise ship refurbishment schedule

For resort work, please see our 2024 Walt Disney World Hotel Construction & Refurbishments . If you are worried that any of resort hotel renovations will impact your stay, here’s a general rule to keep in mind: room refurbishments rarely impact hotel stays. These occur in specific clusters, and you’ll rarely notice the work being done.

Now, here’s a bit of my philosophy concerning refurbishments…

General Thoughts on Refurbishments


When news comes out about any refurbishment, my immediate reaction is always, “this is great–it means they’re actually doing something to the attraction!” My mind races with the possibilities of how attractions could be improved or plussed by Walt Disney Imagineering. Even though we might miss it on our next Walt Disney World visit, I’m always excited.

In reading feedback from others, I’ve discovered this perspective puts me in the minority. Others online fume about this, and how it would alter or impact their vacation plans. The saying “vacation ruined” has attained near-meme status among some fans, and that felt apt for some of the complaints. I can understand the perspective. Assessing the scope of the refurbishment in advance, scheduling liberal refurbishment dates, and opening early (under-promising and over-delivering) is always preferable to the alternative.

I can also understand that there’s other pent-up frustration at play here, ranging from radio-silence on projects to Walt Disney World’s tardiness in releasing park hours while expecting guests to plan several months in advance. Neither of these moves by Disney, among others, are defensible. At best, this communication is poor guest service. At worst, it’s demonstrative of a contemptible attitude towards guests.

disney cruise ship refurbishment schedule

However, I remain of the mindset that this refurbishment extension–and other current refurbishments–is potentially a good thing. Among the most vocal fans upset about the extension are those who are like me: guests who visit Walt Disney World at least every-other year. We are playing the ‘long’ fandom game.

From my perspective, investing in the long-term quality of an attraction is far more important than the temporary satisfaction I’ll get out of riding it on my next visit. I get excited when thinking about ways rides could be plussed, improving the experience for years to come. This is why it always perplexes me when regulars contend that their vacation will be ruined because their favorite attraction will be closed.

If it’s your favorite attraction and you’re active in the Disney fan community, that means you’ve been to Walt Disney World before and probably will visit again. It would thus stand to reason that you would want something you love to get the TLC it deserves, and continue to improve.

disney cruise ship refurbishment schedule

DINOSAUR works as a good example here. This attraction used to be called Countdown to Extinction (“CTX”) before an ill-advised movie tie-in was added. During that era, DINOSAUR had a litany of additional effects, many of its AAs had greater functionality, and the attraction was, as a whole, more impressive.

If you are a long-term fan, would you rather experience DINOSAUR every single year with 66% of the effects working, or every single year minus one with 95% of the effects working? For me, the answer to that is easy. I’ll take a superior long term experience every time. (That this is even a legitimate question for long-time fans speaks to the ‘instant gratification’ nature of things today, but that’s well beyond the scope of this post.)

Beyond that, there’s the much more compelling justification for regular refurbishments: they are essential for the safety of attractions. While we think of these attractions as all fun and games that offer a safe sense of exhilaration, that’s when they are properly maintained.

It’s unpleasant to think about, but there have been several preventable deaths in the history of Disney’s parks. During a dark era of Disneyland history, improper maintenance was the cause of death on Big Thunder Mountain (thankfully, Paul Pressler’s reign of terror is over). Years of neglect at Disneyland Paris have led to incidents of injury that could be attributed to a lack of maintenance (again, this has been addressed).


This is not meant to scare anyone or provoke an emotional reaction; the fact is that Disney’s worldwide safety record is sterling as compared to other park operators. It’s still important to remember that these fun, ‘magical’ places also exist in the real world and use a lot of potentially dangerous elements if safety is not viewed as key. (Or, in Disney’s case, one of the “Five Keys.”)

When it comes to maintenance that is not essential to the safe operation of an attraction, we are left to contemplate what amount of show quality should be accepted. If following a strict Nunisian practitioner of the Four Keys, show is another paramount consideration, and it should always be 100%. This is nice corporate propaganda, but I think the practical reality is that 100% is an unworkably high threshold in many circumstances.

disney cruise ship refurbishment schedule

I think we have seen this play out with Expedition Everest. Fans joke about the “Disco Yeti” and lament the fact that this jaw-dropping Audio Animatronics figure has not worked in nearly a decade. There are numerous theories as to why the Yeti hasn’t been fixed; what each of these share is that there are large-scale problems and no quick fixes.

Fixing the Yeti will require a closure of at least 6 months, and be quite expensive. The working Yeti is truly a magnificent sight to behold (and one most of you probably haven’t seen in A-mode unless you rode over a decade ago), but the attraction is still impressive with the Disco Yeti. At this point, it’s likely that Disney has determined the closure would take too long, cost too much, and the improvement would not be worth the investment.

There’s also the reality that Animal Kingdom is lacking in rides. Even after the opening of Pandora – World of Avatar, the park still is heavy on shows and animal exhibits and light on rides. Taking one of the park’s flagship rides down for 6 months to a year to fix one Audio Animatronics figure that guests see for 1-2 seconds might not be worth the sacrifice.

As a staunch proponent of show quality, I have a difficult time accepting the same argument for any attraction in Magic Kingdom, a park with a veritable “mountain range” and diverse slate of other attractions. In fact, the same goes for every castle park. These parks have enough attractions to pick up the slack if 1-2 attractions have to be taken offline simultaneously without ruining any vacations.

disney cruise ship refurbishment schedule

Guests are understandably concerned when it appears an inordinate number of attractions are closing during their vacation. Walt Disney World vacations are not cheap and are often once in a lifetime experiences. First-timers certainly do not want to miss out on experiences about which they’ve read extensive hype.

However, the problem with a “not during my vacation” attitude like this is that it’s always going to be someone’s (or tens of thousands of someones) vacation. If attractions with show quality issues don’t close for refurbishments for fear of some guests during a time-limited window missing out, all guests in perpetuity are going to have a lesser experience.

Running an attraction with broken effects is only going to compound problems, and eventually a single broken effect will turn into myriad broken effects. Imagine this scenario park-wide, played out to its natural consequences. That’s not exactly what I’d call the “Disney Difference.”

disney cruise ship refurbishment schedule

Again, DINOSAUR is a good example here. If it’s your first visit and you experience DINOSAUR with 66% of the effects working, you won’t know what you’re missing. Riding it will, no doubt, be superior to not riding it. However, I’m guessing your satisfaction rating of the attraction wouldn’t be nearly as high, and you might question why so many people love the attraction, and why Disney was lazy with so much empty, dark space. (Or, perhaps you won’t: if you only ever eat dog food, you won’t know what you’re missing in a nice steak.)

The thing is, if Disney would not close DINOSAUR during your vacation so you don’t miss out on it, chances are that they would extend the same “courtesy” for other guests, and it would be standard operating procedure to never close anything during anyone’s vacation.

The end result of this would be a park full of “66% attractions” and first-timers would be left wondering why there was so much hype about Walt Disney World, in the first place. If you’re reading this as a lifelong fan, consider the possibility that you wouldn’t have become a lifelong fan if this were actually Disney’s modus operandi. (In fact, I’d argue that Walt Disney World is trending in this direction, dragging its feet on several necessary refurbishments, with the inaction being predicated upon short term guest satisfaction or cost-savings.)

This might sound like we’re applying ‘heavy’ Rawlsian theory to the lighthearted topic of theme parks, but philosophy isn’t worth a damn if it can’t be applied to theme parks. 😉

disney cruise ship refurbishment schedule

A lot of this might seem like an effort to absolve Disney of blame when it comes to refurbishments, but this is not the case. Disney has brought a lot of the guest unrest concerning refurbishments upon itself. The first issue is that Disney has numerous parks that have opened in the last two decades with incomplete slates of attractions, making it difficult to justify taking attractions offline for refurbishment. So step one, a wholly impractical step at this point, would be to open theme parks that are complete on day one.

Failing that, Disney could avoid a lot of the guest backlash concerning refurbishments if they would schedule more 3-4 day refurbishments of attractions to proactively address problems with preventative maintenance. Although this would not totally negate the need for extended refurbishments, it would improve show quality across the board and help avoid a lot of situations where attractions have to abruptly close because they are in dire need of maintenance. Moreover, a 3-4 day refurbishment is shorter than the duration of most vacations, allowing tourists to effectively plan around the refurbishment.

In this case, both parties planning ahead would prevent those “vacation ruined!” complaints. Don’t worry, Disney, we fans are resilient: we’ll still find something else to complain about. 😉

Joking aside, I realize that’s a tough line to draw between an excusable refurbishment and a frustratingly irritating one. Even if you subscribe to the some degree of the ‘philosophy’ I’m advancing, there is no bright-line rule. It’s still going to amount to a value judgment about what should ‘trigger’ a need for refurbishment, how many attractions should be down simultaneously across Walt Disney World, and what times of year are ideal for which refurbishments.

Planning a Walt Disney World trip? Learn about hotels on our Walt Disney World Hotels Reviews page. For where to eat, read our Walt Disney World Restaurant Reviews . To save money on tickets or determine which type to buy, read our Tips for Saving Money on Walt Disney World Tickets post. Our What to Pack for Disney Trips post takes a unique look at clever items to take. For what to do and when to do it, our Walt Disney World Ride Guides will help. For comprehensive advice, the best place to start is our Walt Disney World Trip Planning Guide for everything you need to know!

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Any questions about the current refurbishments at Walt Disney World? What do you think about refurbishments at the Disney Parks? Are you more concerned about an improved long-term experience, or do you think “not during my vacation!”? Where do you draw the line? Any other factors you think are worth considering? As mentioned, we think this is a conversation, so please share your ‘refurbishment philosophy’, or any other thoughts or questions you have, in the comments!

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Written by Tom Bricker

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maybe I’m reading too much into your comment about Rock n roller coaster being down “through Summer 2024” as all summer ? hope not, well be there June 2 thru 7th

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Soarin’ is a good example of what could be changed without changing the mechanics of the ride. I was there in 2015, 2018, 2020, and 2022….all the same movie. It is breathtaking, but I like to be surprised, so new places to “visit” on the ride would be wonderful since I don’t think I’ll ever be able to visit a quarter of what the movie includes. This ride is my chance to see the world. I also saw the “Retro” movie in February of this year when I was visiting. The movie was grainy and disappointing because it felt old, like watching a movie without HD these days. With technology the way it is now, why can’t this movie change every 2 years at least?

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It’s time to retire Dinosaur. While we all love us some dinosaurs, this ride has been neglected for years. It’s well past the point where adults enjoy any ‘thrill’ factor to compensate for the horrifying screaming and terror it visits on young children. The shock of parents trying to comfort their kids at the end of the ride is just a shame. Whether Indiana Jones or Encanto are the replacement, most of us will be good with either. You’d think Indy would be a cheaper and faster reskin given Disney Land but I wonder if WDW is rethinking this in favour of Encanto. Encanto might be a bigger draw for youngsters, making Animal Kingdom a minor destination park and pulling crowds away from Magic Kingdom. If Encanto can move the dial even a bit and reduce crowds at Magic Kingdom it would serve it’s purpose. I’ve always been curious about the pop up Indiana Jones experiences at Hollywood Studios over the past few years. WDW doesn’t do anything for free. Wonder if they’re testing metrics to gauge just how much name recognition and pull Indy still has for families and younger demographics. Adults are a given. The under 20 crowd maybe not? Since Dinosaur wasn’t really refurbed for decades, WDW clearly intends its replacement to have legs that last for decades and an appeal that lasts for many years.

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The real problem here is the construction crews. Unions and other obstacles shake down companies and states for more lucrative contracts like the mafia, and they take their sweet time getting things done. Ever wonder why Japan works so well? They are expected to make things work, get it done on time, within a set budget, period. There is a real respect for the customer and the reciprocal relationship.

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Working yourself to death is also common enough in Japan they have a word for it (“karoshi”). The US system is by no means perfect but the Japanese way of doing things has drawbacks too.

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Tom Well written and very balanced article.

I’ve always wondered how much maintenance and refurbishment could be handled at night or in a narrower timeframe if Disney were willing to pay for it. The other thought I had was whether the general sense of eroding value from Disney (whether real or imagined) contributes to the frustration some feel with the ride closures.

But in terms of whether you’d prefer a ride operating at 95% or 65%, part of the problem is that Disney rides aren’t thrill rides like six flags or Universal. The rides are designed around the experience and theming. If that is not true then demand will eventually waiver because Disney will no longer hold any nostalgia for anybody. And its the nostalgia that drives one generation to bring the next.

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I’m secretly relieved I won’t be expected to ride Rock ‘n’ Roller Coaster. 🙂

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Me, too!!!!!!!!!

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I am very upset about the last minute notification of the closing of Aerosmith Coaster ride closing given that it hade been closed earlier in 2093. My family and I are arriving in February 2024 and was excited about it being open (until now).

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Exactly, it was closed when we went last year in April for the same thing. Going screwed over two years in a row!

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The only current change that breaks my heart is the replacement of It’s Tough to Be A Bug. I love this attraction. There have been several changes since 1973 I miss (which was my first visit to Disney). I wish a section could be made for nostalgic greats from the past. I was so disappointed about losing Food Rocks. Soarin is disappointing for me because these attractions make me motion sick, and there are more and more of this style appearing.

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Headed to DW in February and hoping this won’t affect us (looks like it won’t). -Im looking at you TestTrack lol. Also first visit in February so hopefully We are pleasantly surprised by the crowds,weather,etc

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Be among the first to drop anchor at disney lookout cay at lighthouse point, a new disney cruise line island retreat celebrating the breathtaking beauty and vibrant culture of the bahamas. or set sail on a glorious adventure throughout the majesty of europe, the wilderness of alaska or the tropical islands of the caribbean. whichever cruise you choose, larger-than-life thrills and heartwarming magic are sure to follow—with world-class entertainment, gourmet dining and all the award-winning attention to detail you’ve come to expect from disney. browse our new summer 2024 itineraries and begin planning your dream disney cruise line vacation reservations start march 2023., disney lookout cay at lighthouse point, the bahamas, transatlantic, adventures by disney escapes.

Magic in the Planning

Disney World Refurbishments and Closures for 2024 (and beyond)

Disney World refurbishments and closures are a necessary part of ensuring the park is always at its best. Whether it’s routine maintenance, the exciting reimagining of attractions, or the addition of new rides, these updates are inevitable. For many visitors, the refurbishment schedule plays a significant role in choosing their vacation dates, as nobody wants to realize that their beloved attraction is closed during their dream Disney vacation!

Disney attractions can sometimes close unexpectedly, but the good news is that the refurbishment schedule for routine maintenance and reimagining is fairly reliable. This not only applies to the parks but also to the Disney Resorts as well as transportation. So, here’s what you need to know about the current refurbishment schedule for Disney World.

*This post may contain affiliate links.  Click here to read my full disclosure policy .

Planning a Disney World vacation in 2024? Be sure to  check out our guide to all that the Walt Disney World Resort has to offer this year including the opening of Tiana’s Bayou Adventure, the return of the Disney Dining Plan, and more!

Disney World Refurbishments and Closures for 2024 (that we know of so far!)

Please note that this list could change at a moment’s notice.

Magic  Kingdom

Tron Construction at Magic Kingdom |

Opening June 28, 2024 – Tiana’s Bayou Adventure – In early 2023, Splash Mountain closed its doors to make way for this exciting all-new attraction. Set in the enchanting bayous of Louisiana, visitors will accompany Princess Tiana on a musical adventure as she embarks on her new venture, Tiana’s Foods. Following the events of the film, riders will assist Tiana in finding a crucial ingredient for her grand Mardi Gras celebration at Tiana’s Palace. This immersive experience promises to feature a mix of beloved and fresh characters, melodic songs, and an all-new enchanting journey with Tiana.

Opening Summer 2024 – Country Bear Musical Jamboree – This classic attraction closed on January 27, 2024, and will reopen this summer with an all-new show. The new show will feature easter eggs throughout and include familiar Disney songs performed in different genres of country music such as bluegrass, pop-country, Americana, and more.

TBD – “Beyond Big Thunder Mountain” – Disney has been teasing the idea of a new expansion to Magic Kingdom they’ve referred to as “Beyond Big Thunder Mountain.” Although no specific details have been shared by Disney, speculation is ongoing, with the promise that the final plans will surpass the size of New Fantasyland and offer an immersive experience similar to Pandora and Galaxy’s Edge.

TBD – Tavern near Pirates of the Caribbean – Adventureland will soon welcome a new tavern near Pirates of the Caribbean, further immersing visitors in the story of the famous attraction.

Now Open – Guardians of the Galaxy Cosmic Rewind  – Now open, this brand “omnicoaster” features vehicles that rotate on the track to turn the guests to face the action happening around them.

Now Open – Journey of Water, Inspired by Moana – This new walkthrough attraction will be coming to the World Nature section of the park and will allow guests to “interact with water” just like Moana does in her film. Also beginning on October 16, Moana herself will be greeting visitors from her very own special area, conveniently situated near Journey of Water.

Opening June 10, 2024 – CommuniCore Hall & Plaza – CommuniCore Hall and CommuniCore Plaza are part of Epcot’s World Celebration and will serve as the hub for Epcot International Festivals. According to Disney, CommuniCore Plaza will provide an outdoor space for guests to relax and enjoy the festivals, with the capacity to host large-scale concerts or intimate performances. On the other hand, CommuniCore Hall will be the first purpose-built structure for festival programming, offering flexibility to host a variety of experiences including food, art, live music, and more. This area will likely be open year-round and will provide a comfortable setting for guests to relax.

Closing June 17, 2024 – Test Track – This major attraction will undergo a new transformation with assistance from Chevrolet, marking another evolution for this ride since its inception with the original World of Motion. The current version of the ride closes for refurbishment on June 17, 2024. A reopening date has not yet been announced but will likely be sometime in 2025.

Hollywood Studios

Rock n Roller Coaster in Hollywood Studios |

April 29, 2024 – May 24, 2024 – Mickey Shorts Theater – This theatre will be closed for a “refreshing” and will be reopened to guests on May 24.

Opening Fall 2024 – The Little Mermaid – A Musical Adventure – “Voyage of the Little Mermaid” is permanently closed, and will be replaced with a fully reimagined production called “The Little Mermaid – A Musical Adventure.” This will be a live performance of Ariel’s story, featuring beloved songs and characters from the classic movie.

Animal Kingdom

It’s Tough to Be a Bug will be closing at some point (likely in 2024) to make way for a Zootopia Tree of Life Show. No dates have been announced.

DINOSAUR in Animal Kingdom |

Outside the Parks

Closing March 17, 2024 – Blizzard Beach –  The water park is currently closed for its seasonal refurbishment. No opening date has been announced.

Permanently Closed – Star Wars: Galactic Starcruiser Resort – This immersive hotel experience took its last “voyage” in September 2023.

Disney World Resorts

Walt Disney World Skyliner in Walt Disney World | Magic in the Planning

Caribbean Beach Resort – The Fuentes del Morro Pool at Disney’s Caribbean Beach Resort will undergo routine maintenance from January to April 2024. Construction work may be visible or audible during daytime hours. However, guests are invited to utilize any of the 5 leisure pools available at the resort during this time.

Port Orleans French Quarter – From January to April 2024, the Doubloon Lagoon pool at Disney’s Port Orleans Resort – French Quarter will be temporarily closed for regular maintenance. Guests may encounter construction activity during the day but will be encouraged to make use of the Ol’ Man Island pool at Disney’s Port Orleans Resort – Riverside.

Grand Floridian Resort & Spa – The Grand Floridian is currently undergoing a significant transformation with a new design concept – Enchanted Gardens . The renovation process has now progressed to the main lobby, which is being tackled in phases. However, construction work was temporarily halted for the holiday season in December 2023, and it is expected to resume in January 2024. Guests should also note that both 1900 Park Fare and the Grand Floridian Tea Room are likely to remain closed until the entire reimagining project is completed.

Disney’s Polynesian Village Resort – Disney’s Polynesian Village Resort is undergoing construction to expand its offerings with new Disney Vacation Club villas. Set to open in 2024, these accommodations will provide DVC members with additional options for their stay. The new rooms boast stunning waterfront views, with many featuring private balconies. Additionally, guests can look forward to new dining venues, swimming facilities, and various recreational areas within the resort.

Disney’s Boardwalk Inn – Disney’s BoardWalk Inn is currently undergoing renovations to enhance its guest experience. Upgrades include new furniture and decor in all hotel rooms, featuring delightful artwork showcasing beloved characters such as Mickey, Minnie, and other Disney pals leisurely exploring the BoardWalk. Additionally, the hotel lobby is set to receive a refreshing makeover.

All-Star Movies – The recent room renovations at Disney’s All-Star Movies Resort have been completed, but further updates are scheduled in the coming years. Specifically, from January to April 2025, the Fantasia Pool at the resort will be temporarily closed for routine maintenance. During this period, guests may experience construction activities during the day. However, they are encouraged to utilize the Duck Pond Pool as an alternative swimming option.

Beach Club Resort & Villas and Yacht Club Resort – Stormalong Bay and Shipwreck Pool at Disney’s Yacht and Beach Club Resorts will be temporarily closed for regular maintenance from January to June 2025. Construction work may be noticeable during the day. However, guests are invited to enjoy swimming at the Tidal, Admiral, and Dunes Cove leisure pools during this period.

Yacht Club Resort – In addition to the pool refurbishment scheduled from January to June 2025, select guest rooms will be under refurbishment from January to May 2025.

Fort Wilderness Campground – Walt Disney World is embarking on a significant transformation at Fort Wilderness Campground by introducing new Disney Vacation Club (DVC) cabins to replace existing ones. With over 350 cabins, this development will convert the resort side of the campground into a Disney Vacation Club property. In addition to this, a series of improvement projects are currently underway at Fort Wilderness, including upgrades to the pool area and walking trails. *Cabins will be open for rentals beginning September 27, 2024.

Port Orleans French Quarter  – From May to November 2024, Disney’s Port Orleans Resort – French Quarter will be refurbishing some guest rooms. Guests may experience daytime construction noise, but most hotel amenities will still be available.

*Be sure to view Disney’s interactive park hours calendar for more detailed information regarding your specific travel dates.

Disney World Planning Guides

Magic in the Planning offers numerous guides to help you get started in your Disney World vacation planning! Here are some to get you started!

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Walt Disney World Dining:

Dining in Magic Kingdom

Dining in epcot, dining in hollywood studios, dining in animal kingdom.

Spaceship Earth in Epcot |

Attraction Guide for Magic Kingdom

Attraction guide for epcot, attraction guide for hollywood studios, attraction guide for animal kingdom, planning your walt disney world vacation be sure to visit my step-by-step guide to help you get started .

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  • CruiseMapper
  • Disney Cruise Line

Disney Wonder

Disney Wonder cruise ship

Cruise line Disney Cruise Line

  • Vancouver (BC Canada)
  • San Diego (California)
  • Sydney (NSW Australia)
  • Melbourne (Victoria Australia)

Disney Wonder current position

Disney Wonder current location is at North America West Coast (coordinates 49.83809 N / -124.93040 W) cruising at speed of 19.2 kn (36 km/h | 22 mph) en route to USKTN>CAVAN. The AIS position was reported 3 minutes ago.

Current itinerary of Disney Wonder

Disney Wonder current cruise is 7 days, round-trip Alaskan Cruise From Vancouver . Prices start from USD 5203 (double occupancy rates). The itinerary starts on 13 May, 2024 and ends on 20 May, 2024 .

Specifications of Disney Wonder

  •   Itineraries
  •   Review
  •   Wiki

Disney Wonder Itineraries

Disney wonder review, review of disney wonder.

The 1999-built MS Disney Wonder cruise ship is Walt Disney 's second liner with sistership Disney Magic (1998).

The vessel (IMO number 9126819) is currently Bahamas- flagged (MMSI 308457000) and registered in Nassau .

History - construction and ownership

DCL-Disney Cruise Line is a subsidiary of The Walt Disney Company (shipowner). The company was incorporated in 1996 as "Magical Cruise Company Ltd". Walt Disney also owns the Bahamian private island Castaway Cay (exclusive port of call - for Disney ships only) and an exclusive Cruise Terminal at Port Canaveral (Orlando Florida) . Disney cruises are marketed as "family vacations" and feature unique and exclusive activities, such as costumed Disney Characters, adults-only deck areas, dedicated facilities for teens, kids and infants-toddlers, signature (trademarked) shipboard facilities and activities, themed live entertainment.

MS Disney Wonder cruise ship

The 1750-passenger ship Disney Wonder caters mostly to families with small children, so the adults-only "quiet places" and entertainment areas are your special place to be if running and screaming little angels and devils are not your kinds of fun.

One of the best cruise ships for families with kids, the Disney ship Wonder features a classic 1930's ocean liner design - an elongated black hull and two bright red funnels. The Disney cruise ship Disney Wonder is mostly associated with its Art Nouveau decor, Disney characters all around, "Mickeys" everywhere, amazing onboard children's programs with age-proper activities, excellent service and really great family fun cruises for kids.

Probably the best thing about this Disney fleet mate is that the Disney Lines Wonder ship sails Alaska since 2011 - the newest Disney cruise ship destination with the best Disney deals on Alaska cruises and excursions.

The Disney ship Wonder was launched in 1999 to double company's passenger capacity with another set of nearly thousand of some of the best equipped, largest staterooms at sea. Like all Disney ships, the Disney Cruise Line Wonder ship's primary market is families with small kids (mostly younger than 8). Besides them, the Disney Wonder ship CLIENTELE consists also of an ever-growing number of honeymooners and travelers without kids, simply enjoying the oversized Disney ship accommodations, the adults-only areas, and all the Disney details - both on board and on Castaway Cay.

The Disney Wonder ship DRESS CODE is day resort casual (all ship areas) and evening cruise casual (no shorts-jeans-swimwear), for men pants and jackets (no ties), and summer dresses for women. One semi-formal night (the Captain's Reception), one formal night (not mandatory; most passengers don't participate in it) and one "Pirate Night" (people dress in pirate attire).

Disney Wonder TIPS are the US $12 PP per day (charged to passengers' onboard accounts automatically or pre-payed), given respectively to waiters $8 (dining room servers $4, assistant servers $3, head servers $1) and cabin stewards $4. Additionally, bar drinks and deck service areas have a 15% tipping added to your bill.

MS Disney Wonder cruise ship Panama Canal new locks transition

Decks and Cabins

Most Disney Wonder staterooms (877 total, in 22 grades) are 225-260-ft2 Balconies. The ship has 22 Suites, 362 Balcony, 235 Oceanview and 256 Inside cabins. The largest accommodations are the Royal Suites (845 ft2 / 79 m2 plus 185 ft2 / 17 m2 terrace).

All cabins boast sizes larger than the industry average, with the majority of them offering a separate bedroom and living room areas, a deep convertible sofa, a bunk bed (folding down from the ceiling, with safety rails, 2 beds convertible to a queen.

Additionally, Disney Wonder family cruise cabins for families of 5 have a Murphy bed (wall-mounted). Plenty of storage space (the suitcases store well under the bed), subtle maple furniture, a closet with a dresser, a desk/dressing table, a smart HDTV with all Disney channels, 2 portable "Wave Phones" (you can text and talk on them throughout the ship), 2 bathrooms (one with toilet-sink, one with tub-shower-sink), a hairdryer. Balcony cabins also have 2 chairs and a small table on the veranda. Standard bathroom amenities by the premium H2O Plus cosmetics (soap-shampoo-lotion, suite guests get additional offerings), Euro-top mattresses, Egyptian cotton linens, luxurious bath towels, upon request - cribs and diaper genies.

Disney Wonder suites are of 3 types (1 and 2-bedrooms), featuring dining tables, Jacuzzis, huge balconies. The Walt and Royal Suites are the Wonder ship's biggest accommodations. In addition, suite guests can enjoy a memory foam pillow, comfortable duvets, robes, and slippers, plus the main dining room's menu available as a room service option.

The boat has 11 decks , of which 6 are with cabins.

Shipboard dining options - Food and Drinks

Disney Wonder ship dining experiences include the Disney Line's rotational dining system pertaining to the ship's 3 main restaurants (you dine each night in a different restaurant, accompanied by the same companions and waiters), with 2 dining times (6:15 and 8:15 pm, table number, and rotations are on your dining tickets). The "Animator's Palate" room features numerous special lighting effects and animations (including the menu holograms, scenes transform from B&W sketches to full-color animated images), the "Parrot Cay" is Caribbean-themed (a delicious seafood buffet and great salad choices) and the most formal of the three is the upscale "Triton's" restaurant (the last two are also open for breakfast and lunch). All main dining rooms offer free drinks during dinner, a wine purchase program.

MS Disney Wonder cruise ship

Disney Wonder food is really wondrous - all is made on the ship, quality ingredients, beautifully prepared, with "light" choices at dinner, a separate kids menu.

"Palo" is the Wonder ship's specialty dining option - an adults-only elegant restaurant (Northern Italian (Med) cuisine), open daily for Champagne brunch and dinner (reservations are required, guests are allowed to book only 1 brunch and 1 dinner per sailing).

On Deck 9 is located the "Beach Blanket" buffet - an indoor/outdoor casual dining venue (breakfast and lunch) with salads, sandwiches, Mickey waffles, cookies, and fruits, with a made-to-order omelet station. Other excellent venues to dine casually are the "Pinocchio's Pizzeria", "Pluto's Dog House" (burgers and hot dogs, chicken tenders) and the Goofy's Galley (wrap sandwiches, a great selection of fruits, ice-cream). The Deck 9 self-serve beverage station offers free juices and sodas.

24-hour room service (Continental breakfast, soups, and salads, cheese, chicken, etc). Suite guests can order from the main restaurant's menus.

Follows the complete list of Disney Wonder restaurants and food bars.

  • Triton's Restaurant / Lumiere's (462-seat forward Dining Room, serving Breakfast and 3-course menu for Lunch; with 2 Dinner seatings 5:30 p.m.-6 p.m. and 8 p.m.-8:30 p.m.)
  • Parrot Cay Restaurant / Carioca's (462-seat aft Dining Room for Breakfast and Buffet Lunch; with 2 dinner seatings/4-course menu).
  • Animator's Palate Restaurant (462- seat aft Dining Room, animator's studio design, features favorite Disney-character dinner shows; serves complimentary drinks; Rotational Dining with two fixed Dinner seatings - at 5:45 p.m. and 8:15 p.m.)
  • Tiana's Place (dinner-only main dining room drawing inspiration from Disney's "The Princess and the Frog.")
  • Cabanas (self-service complimentary restaurant with American cuisine, pasta, sushi)
  • Pinocchio's Pizzeria (outdoor complimentary restaurant, poolside)
  • Beach Blanket Buffet (indoor/outdoor fast-food eatery, complimentary
  • Pluto's Dog House (quick service fast food restaurant, complimentary)
  • Goofy's Galley (quick service outdoor fast food restaurant, complimentary)
  • Palo (130-seat Italian specialty restaurant; adults-only, reservation-only; aft location; bookings via the internet or on board).
  • O'Gill's Pub (open from about noon to midnight, sports bar/Irish pub, with English decor, live music, large TVs, classic table games, full bar service, Martini Tastings).

Shipboard entertainment options - Fun and Sport

Most of the Disney Wonder kids facilities and public rooms are located on Decks 3-4-5 and are interconnected by its 3-deck high atrium, while the Wonder ship's 3 pools are on Decks 9 and 10. Four locations onboard offer Internet access: the teen-only "Vibe" club (Deck 11), the children-only "Edge" club (Deck 2), the "Promenade Lounge" (Deck 3, all ages, open 24-hours) and the adults-only "Cove Cafe" you can borrow a laptop from the cafe).

MS Disney Wonder cruise ship

The Disney Lines Disney Wonder ship spa, sport, and fitness fun starts with Deck 9's pool area (3 age-specific swimming pools) and the 200-ft long waterslide. The "Mickey's Pool" (aft) is kids-only, with a 385 sq. foot pool extension for not yet toilet trained kids in swim diapers). The "Goofy's Pool" is for families (located in between the funnels, alongside the big LED screen), 2 adjacent Jacuzzis and the "Quiet Cove" (forward) is adults-only, with 2 large hot tubs, and a specialty coffee house). Deck 10 has a basketball court and a volleyball area. The "Aft Overlook" (Deck 7) is another "quite" place on the ship (unless when a wedding is officiated there by the captain).

Ship's promenade (Deck 4) offers a walking-jogging track and lounge chairs. The Vista Spa & Salon complex offers massages, facials and treatments, and its "Tropical Rain Forest" area has a sauna and steam rooms. The Wonder ship also features 3 new spa villas for the most expensive spa services (a spa suite with its own private veranda and a Jacuzzi). The recently expanded fitness center is well equipped (Life Fitness equipment) and also has a small room for personal training sessions.

Disney characters appearances are one of the highlights of all the best Disney Wonder cruises for kids with the ever best age-specific activities at sea. The Disney Wonder kids cruise programming and the unique Disney-themed entertainment are the main reasons for the Disney Wonder line's high popularity and loyalty passengers ratio. Like all Disney ships, Wonder has no casino, instead, it has innovative offerings, like the "Studio Sea" (family dance parties and karaoke, scavenger hunts and funny game shows) and the "Buena Vista Theatre" (all the newest Disney company releases and the best Disney 3D movie experience). Another popular day activities for families are the basketball and karaoke tournaments and the ship tour. Some of the greatest advantages on board are the "Wave Phones" (2 per cabin, with text-messaging capabilities and ship-wide coverage).

Disney cruise water park for kids Aqua Lab

Unique for MS Disney Wonder Alaskan kids cruise specials are the "Junior Ranger" programs (about Alaska's wildlife, environment, etc, held in the children's clubs, Studio Sea and in the Disney Theater) and the "Base Camp" held whenever the ship sails into Tracy Arm Fjord (all kids programs move on deck for Alaskan themed games and crafts).

All Disney ships also feature the Little Mermaid-themed "Flounder's Reef" nursery (babies and toddlers up to 3 yo), the "Oceaneer's Club" (3-7 yo), the "Oceaneer's Lab" (8-12 yo), the "Edge" club (11-13 yo) and the "Vibe" club (teens ages 14-17).

Singles and couples may attend wine or martini tastings, Alaska seafood-themed cooking classes and demonstrations or a sophisticated art auction. The main area for the Wonder ship's adult-only evening entertainment is "Route 66" (located Deck 3 forward). This dance club features video dance parties, karaoke, and dancers from the crew performing skits to certain songs. Deck 3 also has its "Cadillac Lounge" piano bar and the "Diversions - the sports bar with large comfortable chairs and huge plasma TVs. The "Overlook Cafe" is a unique Disney ship venue (located upstairs from "Cove Cafe") for adult guests to quietly enjoy all the amazing views during an Alaskan cruise.

The 3-decks high Walt Disney Theatre (capacity 977 most comfortable seats) boasts some of the best large production shows at sea, like "The Golden Mickeys" (with all the famous and infamous Disney characters) and "Toy Story The Musical". Another great hit is the "Pirates in the Caribbean" deck party, beginning in the dining room (a pirate scroll menu and bandannas for all), then follows the pool-deck party - and all is on camera and on the huge LED screen (24x14 ft, located on Deck 9, the forward funnel, near the Goofy Pool). Know that the law forbids the fireworks on all Disney Wonder Alaskan cruises.

Follows the complete list of Disney Wonder lounges, clubs and other entertainment venues for kids, teens, and adults.

  • Walt Disney Wonder Theatre (977-seat, 3-decks high; offers live shows, aerial acrobatics performances, grand-style productions, 3D movies; with two evening shows - at 6:15 p.m. and 8:30 p.m.)
  • Wonder's Atrium (3-deck high central ship area, with "The Little Mermaid"'s Ariel bronze statue)
  • Route 66/Beat Street (3 clubs' entertainment district, adults-only after 9 pm; Cadillac Lounge, Diversions, WaveBands)
  • WaveBands Lounge & Bar
  • Studio Sea (kids & families entertainment)
  • Diversions Pub (adults-only sports bar, with large TVs and live music)
  • Mickey's Mates (Disney brand logo shops for postcards, souvenirs, DVDs, toys, clothes, games)
  • Treasure Ketch (duty-free crystal, brand jewelry, watches, precious stones, Disney merchandise, underwear, sport, and swimming apparel)
  • Radar Trap (duty-free brand jewelry, perfumes, liquor, and tobaccos)
  • Promenade Lounge (104-seat family venue with full bar service, specialty coffees, and drinks; with the Internet Cafe)
  • Buena Vista Theatre (268-seat 4D cinema, features 3D movies, Dolby Surround 7.1, and Dolby 3D movie technology)
  • Fathoms / WaveBands Lounge Disco & Nightclub (family- in the day and adults-only in the nightclub)
  • D Lounge (family day bar and nightclub, games, dancing, shows, karaoke; full bar service)
  • Keys (adult-only piano bar, live piano and vocals music, full bar service/additional charge)
  • Preludes Bar (quick wait-service snacks & beverages bar)
  • Shutters PhotoShop (photo packages, accessories, photographic services); Art Gallery
  • Vibe Disco & Club Lounge (teens only)
  • Flounder's Reef Nursery (for 3 months to 3 yo infants and toddlers; reservations required)
  • Wonder's Oceaneer Club (kids 3-12 yo; with four play areas with themes from Disney films); Wonder's Oceaneer Lab (play area for kids 3-12 yo)
  • Vista Spa & Fitness Complex (with Treatment Salon, Thermal Bath, Sauna, Relaxation Room, Garden Area; Fitness Centre /health and wellbeing seminars; Beauty Salon)
  • Vista Spa Villas (private suites with own hot tub, private verandah, Roman bed with canopy, open-air shower)
  • Quiet Cove Pool (adults-only swimming pool, served by Cove Bar; with 2 Whirlpools)
  • Cove Cafe (adult-only, with big TV screen; Wi-Fi spot)
  • Signals Bar (adults-only bar for snacks and beverages, poolside)
  • Scoops (ice cream parlor)
  • Goofy's Family Pool; Mickey's Pool; AquaDunk Water Slide; AquaLab (kids interactive water play area)
  • Quarter Masters (video games arcade)
  • Edge Lounge (11-14 yo teens-only club area, with a giant video wall, interactive games, Internet)
  • Outdoor LED movie-screen (24x14 feet)
  • Wide World of Sports Court (basketball, volleyball, soccer); Shuffleboard, Walking/Jogging Track
  • Radio Studio (live radio programs for Disney Wonder itinerary-related news and onboard events)
  • Outlook Bar (retreat area with a piano and full bar; hosts weddings receptions).


Disney Wonder itinerary program is based on 7-day Alaskan voyages (departing from homeport Vancouver BC Canada ), Mexican Riviera roundtrips (out of San Diego CA ), Bahamas with Western-Eastern Caribbean roundtrips (from Galveston TX ). Port destinations also include DCL's private Bahamian island Castaway Cay .

Wonder is also the DCL ship that operates Panama Canal transition cruises (on repositioning) before and after its Alaskan deployment during summer.

In Spring 2020, for the first time from New Orleans , DCL scheduled a total of 5x roundtrips on the homeported there Disney Wonder.

  • The 7-day Bahamian Cruise (Feb 7-14) visits Nassau , Castaway Cay Island , Key West FL .
  • The 7-day Western Caribbean Cruise (Feb 14-21) visits Mexico (Cozumel) , Grand Cayman (George Town) , Jamaica (Falmouth) .
  • The 6-day voyage (Feb 21-27) visits Cozumel and Grand Cayman.
  • The 4-day voyages (Feb 27 - Mar 2, and March 2-6) visit Cozumel.
  • Followed a 14-day Panama Canal repositioning to San Diego .

In September 2022 (at D23 Expo 2022 in Anaheim CA) DCL announced the company's inaugural season in Australia and New Zealand (Nov 2023 thru Feb 2024). Disney Wonder's 2-3-4-6-night itineraries in the region depart from 4 homeports - 3x in Australia ( Brisbane QLD ,  Melbourne VIC ,  Sydney NSW ) and 1x in New Zealand ( Auckland NZ ). Disney's maiden Australian voyage departed on October 28, 2023, out of Sydney.

Disney Wonder - user reviews and comments

Photos of disney wonder.

MS Disney Wonder cruise ship

Disney Wonder ship related cruise news

DCL-Disney Cruise Line's summer 2025 fleet deployment (Europe & Caribbean itineraries)

DCL-Disney Cruise Line's summer 2025 fleet deployment (Europe & Caribbean itineraries)

DCL-Disney Cruise Line has unveiled its summer 2025 itineraries, promising families unforgettable voyages to beloved destinations worldwide. Among...

Canada Place Cruise Terminal (Vancouver BC) anticipates record year amid sustainability focus

Canada Place Cruise Terminal (Vancouver BC) anticipates record year amid sustainability focus

Preliminary forecasts indicate another potentially record-breaking year for cruise passenger visits to Port Vancouver's Canada Place Terminal, as...

DCL-Disney Cruise Line deploys in Australia (2024-2025) Disney Wonder ship

DCL-Disney Cruise Line deploys in Australia (2024-2025) Disney Wonder ship

Following a successful inaugural season in Australia, DCL-Disney Cruise Line is set to return for a second season of 2- to 7-night cruises, offering...

Cyclone Jasper disrupts Queensland cruise itineraries: Carnival and Royal Caribbean alter plans

Cyclone Jasper disrupts Queensland cruise itineraries: Carnival and Royal Caribbean alter plans

Cruise itineraries along Queensland Australia's coast are facing disruptions as Cyclone Jasper approaches, causing rough seas and storm surges. CCL...

DCL-Disney cruise ship sails in Australian waters for the first time

DCL-Disney cruise ship sails in Australian waters for the first time

MS Disney Wonder arrived in Sydney Harbour on Friday morning, October 27, in anticipation of her inaugural Australian season. This marks the...

Bumper cruise season in Australia kicks off with Celebrity Solstice

Bumper cruise season in Australia kicks off with Celebrity Solstice

Australia's busy cruise season officially commenced on October 19 with the arrival of the first overseas ship in Sydney Harbour NSW. The 2800...

DCL-Disney Cruise Line increases cost of dining

DCL-Disney Cruise Line increases cost of dining

DCL-Disney Cruise Line has recently implemented price increases for its optional adults-only restaurants, including Palo, Palo Steakhouse, Enchante...

DCL-Disney Cruise Line announces Halloween and Holiday voyages in Fall 2024

DCL-Disney Cruise Line announces Halloween and Holiday voyages in Fall 2024

DCL-Disney Cruise Line is bringing back the popular Halloween on the High Seas and Very Merrytime Cruises in late 2024. Families can enjoy these...

First cruise ships plug into newly completed shore power expansion at Port San Diego (California USA)

First cruise ships plug into newly completed shore power expansion at Port San Diego (California...

On January 13th, 2023, two large cruise vessels plugged into the newly completed shore-power expansion at Port San Diego (California USA) passenger...

DCL-Disney Cruise Line to celebrate 25 Years with summer voyages

DCL-Disney Cruise Line to celebrate 25 Years with summer voyages

When DCL-Disney Cruise Line turns 25 next year, the fleet's 5 ships will host specially-themed anniversary voyages over the summer months with...

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Disney Wonder Wiki

The Walt Disney ship Wonder is the company's second vessel, with sistership Disney Magic . They are each 40% smaller in size compared to the newer Disney ships ( Dream and Fantasy ). Wonder's first cruise was a Transatlantic crossing from Italy to Florida - leaving from the shipbuilding yard Marghera ( Venice ) to Port Canaveral (Orlando) with 2 stops - in the UK ( Southampton England ) and the Azores ( Ponta Delgada ). Liner's Godmother was Tinkerbell - a popular Disney character from the "Peter Pan" movie (1953).

The vessel (Fincantieri Marghera yard/hull number 5990) is powered by Wartsila-Sulzer marine diesel engines (model 16ZAV40S) with total power output 58,25 MW. The propulsion system is diesel-electric.

Wonder has Disney's signature sleek design, black hull, two matching red funnels and yellow Disney insignias. The indoor decoration is in both Art Nouveau and Art Deco styles. Wonder is among industry's best family-friendly passenger ships, with numerous entertainment and dining options and regularly scheduled programs targeting not only the kids but the whole family. Families can go together to the evening stage revues, game shows or themed workshops.

On August 15, 1999, the vessel started its Caribbean cruise service with 4-night itinerary from homeport Port Canaveral (Orlando) Florida to Bahamas. The ship originally operated on 3- and 4-night Bahamas cruises, but in 2011 was relocated through Panama Canal from the Caribbean Sea to the US Pacific Coast. There, it operated on 7-day Mexico Riviera cruises leaving from Californian homeports (mainly Los Angeles , but also out of San Diego and San Francisco ) to call ports Vallarta , Cabo and Baja Ensenada .

In 2012 (April through October), MS Disney Wonder became DCL fleet's first to visit Hawaii (ports Hilo, Kahului, Honolulu). In 2012 (May through September), this was again the first Disney ship with Alaskan cruise itineraries (leaving from homeport Seattle WA ) to Ketchikan , Skagway , Juneau , and Victoria BC (Canada) .

This Walt Disney ship has as namesakes the cruise liner Wonder of the Seas ( Royal Caribbean International ) and the cruiseferry Moby Wonder ( MOBY LINES ).

Disney Wonder refurbishments review

The list of deck plan changes after the 2016 drydock refurbishment in Cadiz Spain (September 9 through October 23) included:

  • Upper decks were redesigned, adding AquaDunk (new waterslide), AquaLab (interactive water play area with the Twist n' Spout waterslide), Dory's Reef (splash zone for toddlers).
  • Animator's Palette restaurant (ex-Studio C) with new HDTVs, lights, walls, speakers
  • new Carioca's (Brazilian-themed restaurant replacing Parrot Cay)
  • Tiana's Place is a new restaurant named after Princess Tiana from the Disney animation "The Princess and the Frog". The new eatery is Disney Wonder ship exclusive and features a stage for live jazz-swing-blues performances and street party style events. The themed decor includes Tiana's family photos and framed culinary awards on the walls, water lily-shaped candleholders. The menu is influenced by southern USA cuisine (Louisiana bayou).
  • new Cabanas (replacing Topsider Buffet, hugely enlarged)
  • new lounge (D Lounge) is dedicated to family games and themed entertainment.
  • On deck 10, Palo Restaurant was renovated (new fixtures, glass artwork, stone floor, new Venetian decor).
  • Mickey's Mainsail (new shop)
  • (Deck 3) After Hours (adult district) receives Fathoms (new disco nightclub), Keys (piano bar, replacing Cadillac Bar) and O'Gills (new English pub). The new pub has an authentic tavern menu (incl selection of specialty and British beers, draft beer, cocktails), dark wood paneling, brass accents, plush leather furniture, artworks (incl scenes from Disney movies set in London).
  • (Deck 4) Animator's Palate Restaurant (dining room) was updated with two dinner shows - "Drawn to Magic" and "Animation Magic".
  • expanded Senses Spa and Salon (by 725 ft2 / 70 m2), now with Barbershop, "Chill Teen Spa" and "Smile Spa".
  • "Small World Nursery", "Nephews"
  • renovated and redesigned passenger rooms (elevated beds for more storage space)
  • Lobby Atrium changes (2nd staircase removed, the Chihuly chandelier replaced with an Art Deco one)

Oceaneer Club and Oceaneer Lab changes - now with Marvel's Avengers Academy (Marvel Super Hero Academy/the first at sea), Andy's Room (Toy Story-themed, now has the Slinky Dog slide, Mr Potato Head, Hamm the piggy bank, regular Woody and Jessie character visits, scavenger hunts), Club Disney Junior (Disney Junior characters, games, storytelling, Doc McStuffins character visits), Frozen Adventures (play and activities, via digital screen Olaf leads games and singalongs, Anna and Elsa character visits). Also changed are the interiors of the rooms Pixie Hollow and Mickey Mouse Club. The upgraded programming offers more live interactions (Disney character visits).

Disney Wonder's next drydock was at Damen Shiprepair Brest France (conducted in October 2020). The project included mainly general/routine maintenance works and minor upgrades.

The ship's last drydock was in 2023 (September 17 through October 3) conducted at Seaspan Victoria Shipyards in Victoria BC Canada . The 2-week drydocking project was mainly for regular maintenance (technical overhaul and hotel upkeep).

Itineraries review

Follows the ship's concise service history (former itineraries):

  • [1999-2011] sailed on 3- and 4-day Bahamas cruises from Port Canaveral (Orlando) Florida
  • [2011] relocated to Los Angeles CA for round-trip departures to Mexican Riviera, Baja Ensenada , and the Hawaiian Islands. During summer, Disney Wonder operates on 7-day round-trip Alaskan cruises leaving from Vancouver BC (Canada) or Seattle WA .
  • In 2016, the ship was home-ported in Galveston TX (November 14 through January 20) and in 2017 relocated back to Orlando. Galveston departures offered 8-day Western and Eastern Caribbean cruises to Key WestFL, Castaway Cay, Nassau, Mexico (Cozumel, Costa Maya), Jamaica (Falmouth), Grand Cayman.

On April 30, 2017, Disney Wonder became the world's first-ever cruise vessel that passed through Panama Canal's new locks.

Disney Wonder cruise ship Panama Canal (new locks) transition

Disney Wonder was on a 14-night repositioning voyage from Florida to California ( Port Canaveral to San Diego ). From San Diego, the ship operated several Baja Mexico itineraries before its summer Alaskan season with departures from Vancouver BC Canada .

Disney cruises in Australia 2023-2024 (inaugural season)

In September 2022 (at D23 Expo 2022 in Anaheim CA) DCL announced its inaugural season in Australia and New Zealand (Oct 2023 thru Feb 2024).

Disney Wonder's voyages (2- to 6-night itineraries) departed from 4 homeports - 3x in Australia ( Brisbane QLD , Melbourne VIC , Sydney NSW ) and 1x in New Zealand ( Auckland NZ ).

Disney's maiden Australian voyage departed on October 28 (2023) out of Sydney Harbour.

Most departures are from Sydney (12x), followed by Melbourne (10x). The homeporting in Brisbane and Auckland was scheduled for Nov-Dec 2023.

The program also included Transpacific crossings ( from Alaska to Australia via Hawaii (Vancouver-Hilo-Nawiliwili-Kahului-Honolulu-American Samoa-Fiji-New Caledonia-Sydney) in 2023, and on the reverse route (Australia-Hawaii-Alaska) in 2024.

Call ports included Eden (NSW AU) , Hobart (Tasmania) , and Noumea (Grande Terre/New Caledonia) visited on the longest sailings. Cruises to Nowhere (portless roundtrips) were offered as 2-night voyages from the Australian homeports as well as 3-night roundtrips from Auckland.

Bookings for Disney's Australia and New Zealand voyages opened on Sept 26, 2022.

disney cruise ship refurbishment schedule

Disney Cruise Line names its newest cruise ship

I t was bound to happen sometime, but Disney Cruise Line waited until its last of three new sister ships to name one Disney Destiny.

The sister ship to Disney Wish, which debuted out of Port Canaveral in 2022 and the soon-to-debut Disney Treasure arriving in Central Florida this December, the third ship in what was originally called the Trident class had its keel laying ceremony Wednesday at the Meyer Werft shipyard in Papenburg, Germany.

It won’t start sailing until 2025, and its home port has yet to be named, but among the details revealed for what will be the eighth ship in the cruise line’s fleet was the theme of the vessel, “Heroes & Villains.”

As such, the filigree artwork for the bow will be of Minnie Mouse wearing a superhero-style outfit complete with a cape.

The cruise line said among the characters from which it will mine features on board will be classic Disney animation films, “The Lion King,” “Hercules” and “One Hundred and One Dalmatians.”

Disney of course owns plenty of good vs. evil intellectual property including Star Wars and Marvel.

“The Disney Destiny will celebrate our most legendary Disney stories and characters, bringing them to life in new and exciting ways exclusively for Disney Cruise Line guests,” said Sharon Siskie, senior vice president and general manager for the cruise line, in a press release. “As we continue to expand our fleet, the Disney Destiny will further strengthen our position as a leader in family cruising.”

Just like Disney Wish and Treasure, Disney Destiny will be powered by liquefied natural gas, a cleaner burning fuel that’s part of the cruise industry’s efforts to reduce emissions.

All three are the 144,000 gross-ton, 1,254-stateroom vessels but still targeting the 4,000-passenger capacity of its older ships, 2011’s Disney Dream and 2012’s Fantasy. The line’s first ships are the smaller Disney Magic that debuted in 1998 and Disney Wonder in 1999. They come in at 84,000 gross tons with 875 staterooms.

The line also is finishing construction for an Asia-bound cruise ship named Disney Adventure that will be the largest in the fleet at 208,000 gross tons.

Disney Wish became the line’s first new ship in more than a decade. It continues to do short three- and four-night Bahamas sailings while Disney Treasure will pick up seven-night trips to the Caribbean.

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Early morning view of the Orlando Florida Skyline


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