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travel japan on april

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travel japan on april

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travel japan on april

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travel japan on april

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travel japan on april

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travel japan on april

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travel japan on april

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JAPAN Monthly Web Magazine

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GUIDE Japan in April

  • Stories & Guides
  • Japan in April

Spring hits its stride

Spring really bursts into life in April as the brief period of blossoming cherry trees gives way to pleasing green foliage and milder temperatures. It's an easygoing time when you can make do with light jackets and long sleeved shirts. Research is a must when planning a trip to see the cherry blossom since peak periods vary significantly by location as well as year to year.

Know Before You Go

  • A tarp and some refreshments are all you need for your very own hanami party—the local term for cherry blossom viewing
  • Though you may miss the peak blossom period in one place, you're never more than a train ride away from somewhere still enjoying it
  • Some of Japan's top-rated areas for hanami are in places you may have never heard of

Relaxing under the blossoms

Japan's fiscal year ends in a flurry of activity on March 31, leaving much of the population in the mood to kick back. Hanami parties provide the leisure activity par excellence, as revelers stretch out on tarps to spend time with friends and family. While most cities have a go to spot, you can enjoy the hanami experience in any park or public space where the cherry trees are in bloom.

travel japan on april

The banks of the Matsukawa River in Toyama

Under the lights

travel japan on april

Takada Castle Site Park lit up at night

Cherry blossoms and Mt Fuji

travel japan on april

Chureito Pagoda in Fujiyoshida

Late bloomers

travel japan on april

The tree in Miharu is thought to be over 1,000 years old

travel japan on april

Hirosaki Castle and boats on the nearby river at dusk

It's not all cherry blossoms

travel japan on april

Wisteria in Tochigi and tulips in Toyama

Spring openings in national parks

April isn't all about cherry blossoms—it also brings the opening of popular mountainous locations which are closed during the winter months.

travel japan on april

The snow walls of the Tateyama Kurobe Alpine Route

travel japan on april

Kamikochi, accessible from April 27

A perennial favorite in Gifu

travel japan on april

Ornate festival floats

* The information on this page may be subject to change due to COVID-19.

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Takayama Festival

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Takada Castle Park Cherry Blossom Festival

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Japan Weather in April 2024, Travel Tips (for First-Timers)

  • Japan Weather in April 2024, Travel Tips (for First-Timers)

Among its spring months (March to May), April is the most weather-wise time to visit Japan . Except for cold Hokkaido, most of Japan experiences mild conditions with an average temperature of 19°C (67°F) at daytime.

As for rainfall, the further north you go, the drier it gets. With just a few spring showers to dampen the flowering trees, you could celebrate a milestone trip amongst an idyllic backdrop of the most-loved cherry blossom in the world.

Find out about average temperatures, rainfall, and tips on where to go and what to wear in Japan in April below...

  • Weather of Japan's Major Cities in April

6 Best Places to Visit in Japan in April

  • Costs and Crowding

What to Pack in April

Japan weather in april: averages.

  • Temperature range: 10–19°C (50–67°F)
  • Rainfall: 113 mm (4 inches)
  • Rainy days: 9
  • Sunny days: 21

Discover real reviews of Highlights Travel Family 's best-rated service across trusted platforms.

Weather in Japan's Major Cities in April

Tokyo and central japan: cherry blossom viewing parties.

April is one of the best times to explore central Japan. The warmest temperature varies around 20°C (68°F). Spring rainfall usually comes as showers or night rain. That means you could fully indulge in the breathtaking cherry blossom viewing most of the time without cloud or rain.

In major cities like Tokyo, Kyoto, and Osaka, the cherry blossoms reach their peak from late March to early April . Meanwhile, they usually flower from around mid-April in mountain areas, such as Takayama and Mt. Fuji.

Inevitably, you'll encounter large crowds and higher costs. You'd need to book at least 3 months before to lock down a price. Check our cherry blossom tours for inspiration or contact us for your own tailor-made private tour with hassle-free experiences.

Okinawa and Southern Japan: Crowd-Free Beaches

Southern Japan is an ideal destination to visit in April, owing to its comfortably warm weather.

The cherry blossoms in southern Japan gradually fade away in late March , so you might catch the tail end of a chance to appreciate them in the first week of April.

If you want a peaceful beach vacation, April is the best time to enjoy Okinawa. With fewer crowds and moderate temperatures, you could peacefully soak up the sun and enjoy water sports like snorkeling, surfing, and diving.

Hokkaido and Northern Japan: Quiet, Last Skiing Month

Compared with mild central and southern Japan, northern Japan is still cold with daily highs at 12°C (53°F).

With its colder temperatures, cherry blossom season usually arrives in late April in northern Japan. Northernmost Hokkaido even sees its first cherry blossoms in early May.

Skiing season is coming to the end in April and most resorts close at some point in this month on Hokkaido. If you're a die-hard winter sports enthusiast, you could seize the last chance to enjoy them in higher mountain areas like Mt. Hakodate. You'd definitely benefit from fewer crowds.

Too hectic to plan your Japan trip? Leave your interests and requests , and your travel expert will personalize a private tour for you within 24 hours!

In April, stunning cherry blossoms and comfortable weather attract people to visit Japan for their big celebrations , such as their big birthdays, 20-year anniversaries, and the start of retirement.

Cherry blossoms last the whole of April in Japan. You are recommended to see the full-blooming flowers in Japan's "golden triangle" (Tokyo-Kyoto-Osaka) in early April. Iconic Mt. Fuji is not to be missed, as well. Check  7-Day Japan Cherry Blossom Tour: Tokyo, Mt. Fuji, Kyoto, and Osaka

Around mid-April, forested Takayama is a wonderful place to celebrate festivals among the cherry blossoms. Check  12-Day Classic Japan Tour: Tokyo, Nagoya, Takayama, Kanazawa, Shirakawa-go, Kyoto, Nara, and Osaka

In late April, Aomori, on the north Honshu coast, would be an ideal place to go to catch its cherry trees in full bloom.

1. Mt. Fuji: Capture Iconic Photos of Cherry Blossom

Apart from the spring showers, you would have plenty of sunny hours to enjoy the stunning scenery and go for outdoor activities.

If weather permits, what could be more Japanese and romantic than seeing Mt. Fuji surrounded by cherry blossoms? Lake Kawaguchi (1.5 hours' driving from Tokyo) is an excellent vantage point for the iconic mountain.

Suggested reading:  How to Plan a Trip to Mount Fuji >>>

2. Kyoto: Ancient Capital with Side Trip to Nara

In addition to ancient gardens and temples, cherry blossoms add a romantic touch to Kyoto in April, and you can effortlessly find them, as they are everywhere.

Dress in a traditional kimono and pause beneath the blooming trees for a picturesque couple's photo, and have a romantic kaiseki feast inside a ryokan .

For a less crowded experience, you could take a quick 30-minute train ride from Kyoto to Nara and feed the cute deer, also under beautiful cherry blossom trees.

3. Tokyo: The Most Convenient Spot for Cherry Blossom Parties

With the spring weather, cherry blossoms are breathtaking in Tokyo, making April great for outdoor activities with your beloved and friends.

If you're celebrating a spring break with your kids, don't miss Tokyo Disneyland for its special "Disney's Easter" . You'll experience a rich Easter atmosphere: Easter-theme decoration, special parades, egg-hunting games...

Check out Plan Your First Trip to Tokyo> >>

4. Osaka: Himeji Castle and Universal Studios' Easter Celebration

Osaka in April is quite pleasant, with an average temperature of 20°C (68°F). You'll encounter rainfall every 1 in 3 days, but the precipitation is light, totaling just 102 mm (4 in).

Like the locals, you could enjoy a lovely picnic under the cherry blossom trees with friends or family, and savor local delicacies in Osaka Castle and Osaka Expo' 70 Park.

Keen on a quieter experience? Have a side trip to centuries-old Himeji Castle, just 1 hour from Osaka.

Get more ideas about Plan Your Trip to Osaka >>>

For theme park lovers, you could also enjoy the Universal Easter Celebration and play computer games at Super Nintendo World .

5. Takayama: Festive Cherry Blossom Viewing

The average temperature in Takayama in April is around 16°C (61°F). You'll see warmer weather after mid-April.

Tired of crowded tourist spots in Tokyo and Kyoto during cherry blossom season? Around mid-April, you could appreciate cherry blossoms in Takayama with a quieter setting.

Besides, Takayama Spring Festival (14–15th April) is a great chance to celebrate a traditional festival with locals: displays of festival floats, traditional music, and swinging lanterns feature.

6. Aomori: A Less-Crowded Hidden Gem

April is generally mild in Aomori, although it can still be cold in early April. Late April is better for warmer weather and cherry blossoms.

To escape the crowds in larger destinations, head to Aomori. Take a paddleboat on petal-covered moats and wander around Hirosaki Castle, or take a unique tram ride through a blossoming cherry tree forest.

Costs and Crowding in April in Japan

The cherry blossom season is Japan's busiest travel period , which means it comes with high tourist crowding, and the highest prices are usually found in April.

To avoid the largest crowds, try to visit the attractions early in the morning or during weekdays . A private tour with an experienced guide is helpful in avoiding the stress caused by group tour crowds. Check more Japan tours for inspiration.

Regarding the costs, airfares and room rates are likely to go through the roof approaching April. Due to high demand, you are suggested to plan your cherry blossom trip at least 3 months before departure .

Early booking is a must to secure price deals and guarantee room availability, especially if you're keen on a ryokan (traditional Japanese inn) experience or hotels with cherry blossom views. You could find out more cost information in How Much Is a Trip to Japan >>>

In April, northern Japan and mountain areas are still cold. Thus, it's necessary to prepare some light winter clothes.

For other places in Japan, you could pack light trousers and t-shirts for daytimes, and a warm jacket (e.g. a fleece) for the chilly mornings and evenings.

Layers are helpful to deal with the changeable temperature in spring as well. Light rain gear is advisable for possible rainfall.

Monthly Weather and Travel Tips for Japan

Learn about the weather in Japan for 12 months and find out the best places to visit each month.

Why Travel with Asia Highlights (98.8% positive customer reviews among 10,000+)

  • Unique experiences tailored to your interests: Enjoy a premium trip that goes beyond the typical tourist attractions.
  • Hassle-free travel and peace of mind: Every aspect of your trip will be carefully planned and organized by your 1:1 travel consultant.
  • Experienced and knowledgeable guides: Your guides will be local and love to work for travelers' smiles.

2-Week Japan Private Family Vacation

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  • How to Plan a Trip to China and Japan
  • Plan a Japan Cherry Blossom Trip 2024/2025, Dates and Avoid Crowds
  • Plan a Family Trip to Japan 2024, Well-Selected Experiences & Itineraries
  • How to Plan a Luxury Trip to Japan in 2024/2025
  • Best (and Worst) Time to Visit Japan 2024, Cherry Blossom Time
  • One Week in Japan: Top 5 Itineraries for First-Timers 2024/2025
  • 8 Days in Japan: Top 5 Itineraries for First Visit 2024/2025
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  • How to Plan a 2-Week Itinerary in Japan and South Korea
  • Japan Weather in January: Travel Tips for First-Timers
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  • Japan Weather in May 2024: Travel Tips for First-Timers
  • Japan Weather in June 2024: Coolest Summer Month, Travel Tips
  • Japan Weather in July 2024: Best for Festivals, Travel Tips
  • Japan Weather in August 2024: Travel Tips for First-Timers
  • Japan Weather in September, Travel Tips (for First-Timers)
  • Japan Weather in October 2024: Travel Tips for First-Timers
  • Japan Weather in November 2024: Best Autumn Month, Travel Tips
  • Japan Weather in December 2024: Travel Tips for First-Timers

travel japan on april

The China Highlights and tour of Dali was absolutely wonderful. The tour guide Daisy was so nice, knowledgeable and provided an excellent, memorable experience of Old Town Dali, Erhai Lake, the Three Pagodas and so much more. I have been on many tours and this one was the best, exactly what we were looking for, including the pace, the food, the attention to details, care and professionalism. Everything was positively great!

travel japan on april

From the moment we arrived in Shanghai it was an unforgettable experience. The agency and Martín (our guide) made everything possible to had the best experience and were always open to show or teach more if was necessary. We were very happy with the places we saw and the stories we learned thanks to Martín!!! I totally recommend the agency!!

Our family tour with China Travel was absolutely wonderful. The China highlights of Dali was planned with the great care and help from Vanessa, and the actual tour guide, Daisy, who was knowledgeable, flexible, helpful, and provided an excellent, memorable experience for my family. We toured several locations and I especially liked the pace of Old Town Dali, the scenic view of Erhai Lake, and the history of the Three Pagodas, and so much more. I have been on many tours and this one was the best, exactly what we were looking for, including the pace, the food, the attention to details, care and professionalism. Everything was positively great! Highly

My mother and I greatly enjoyed our trip to Dali. Our tour guide was Daisy and she did a wonderful job taking us on an adventure around to everywhere we wanted to go. We even went to some under appreciated areas that we had been interested in! We visited a bit after my mother's birthday and Daisy was kind enough to give my mother a gift!

Our family tour with China Travel was absolutely wonderful. The China highlights of Dali was planned with the great care and help from Vanessa, and the actual tour guide, Daisy, who was knowledgeable, flexible, helpful, and provided an excellent, memorable experience for my family.

Ethan has been my tour guide for my four day trip to Beijing. He has been knowledgeable, polite, and most helpful. I was uncomfortable coming to China for the first time without speaking any Chinese at all. Ethan gave the tours, arranged for shows and literally took me to my seats. He also accompanied me to the train station to help figure my was around and help me find the correct train and car. I would definitely use China Highlights again in the future.

Lily Wong our guide at Guilin was wonderful. Along with all the good qualities like being punctual,courteous, organized,knowledgeable,hard working she is also caring.The scenaries at Guilin is second to none,Lily helped us to take lots of pictures to capture the scenaries as much as possible.With Lily's help I can enjoy the amazing cave and the rafting.At Yangshuo Lily also recommend a Light Show on the river.That was fantastic never saw anything like it. I must mention the unique hotel they put us in.Its called Yangshuo Moondance hotel.My wife is very happy with Lily because she took a lot of pictures for her and took her shopping for a new (Qie Pao,cantonese Cheung Sham).

We were so fortunate to have Kris as our tour guide. He was so kind and helpful with a great sense of humor. He made sure that my parents, who are in their 70s, were comfortable and that we traveled at a good place. Kris had excellent suggestions for restaurants and he helped arrange tickets to the Eras 2 show- like a cirque de soleil type show that was spectacular. I really enjoyed the Yu Garden as well as the propaganda poster museum. I highly recommend Kris and China Highlights!

I have an excellent trip to Guilin and my guide, Gary Wei who works for China Highlights Tour was very professional and knowledgeable in regard to the history of the Guilin and Yangshuo. Gary was remarkable with his recital of a lot of ancient poems. Hence, I had such a good and memorable experience. I do highly recommend China Highlights Tour to anyone who wish to visit China.

Our tour guides Doyle Cheng (Kunming), Daisy Shi (Dali), Martin (Lijiang) were knowledgeable about the local culture and folklore regaling us with many stories, history mixed with witty remarks and jokes.They made us feel safe, comfortable during the many trips feeding us with local snacks, sweets, pastries, fruits. Our shopping list were all taken care off with their well recommended shops and even bargain hunting.They were sensitive and alert to our toilet breaks, flexible to last minute changes and recommended good dinner restaurants.Big thank you to Martin for your extra attention given to our children when they werent feeling well.

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Best Time to Visit Japan: When to Go & When to Avoid!

Home » Blog » Travel Tips » Best Time to Visit Japan: When to Go & When to Avoid!

Choosing the best time of year to visit Japan can be downright overwhelming. Each of Japan’s 4 distinct seasons has its draws and drawbacks (some more than others!). We’re going to break down exactly what to expect during winter, spring, summer, and fall so you can choose the best time to visit Japan based on your travel style and interests.

This is Japan in August… can you feel the humidity just by looking at the picture?! Because I sure can!

Japan has four distinct seasons: You’ve got the famed cherry blossoms in the spring, festivals in the summer, vibrant foliage in autumn, and powdery snow come wintertime.

So this begs the question: 

What time of year is best to visit Japan?

In short, you’ll have the best chance of comfortable weather and fewer crowds in early spring (March – early April) and in autumn (late October – November). Our personal pick would be to visit Japan during November; but more on that later…

Dotonbori neighborhood Osaka Japan

Let me backup… Truthfully there is no correct answer, as each season has its own unique draws (and drawbacks too).

But we’re not going to just leave ya there, hangin’.

We’re going to go over the pros and cons of visiting Japan during each season to help you decide which time of year is ideal for YOU.

Just staying in Tokyo? We have another article about the best time to visit Tokyo , specifically!

Answer these questions to get started:

  • Do you mind hot weather?
  • What about cold weather?
  • Are you easily bothered by crowds?
  • How much of your time do you want to spend outdoors?
  • Which would you rather see: cherry blossoms or colorful fall foliage?

Thinking about your answers to these questions is going to help you start to determine when to visit Japan.

Best time to visit Japan guide

Our experience, japan geography overview, weather in japan.

  • Rainy season in Japan
  • Typhoon season in Japan
  • Best time of year to view Mt. Fuji
  • Seasons in Japan
  • Holidays and festivals in Japan
  • Best to travel based on activity
  • What to pack for Japan

Overall BEST time to visit Japan

Want a quick recommendation? Jump down to see our personal advice for the best time to visit Japan. Plus, we’ll share what times of year we’d avoid visiting!

  • Our Recommendation…

Japan Packing List Mobile Banner - old

The ultimate Japan packing list

If you’re planning a trip to Japan, we have the ultimate resource for you!

This  FREE   PDF download  includes  everything  you’re going to want to pack for your Japan trip, including what NOT to bring, plus tons of insider tips!

Sign up for our  ultimate Japan packing list  now and get a copy sent straight to your inbox.

We visited Japan in summer, fall & winter

best Japanese cuisine

When: mid-August (2019) 

Our experience:

  • Very hot and humid in most places
  • Lots of Japanese tourists and international travelers in the popular places
  • We had a few days of typhoon weather
  • Mount Fuji wasn’t on our route, but she was only visible for a handful of days of our trip, due to clouds.
  • Felt too hot to be able to enjoy onsens as much as other times of the year

Would we recommend visiting Japan in August? 

It wouldn’t be my top recommendation, honestly. I found it very hot and muggy, and I would much prefer visiting when the temps are more comfortable.

Autumn in Japan momiji

When: mid-November (2023) 

  • Comfortable temperatures and no humidity
  • Colorful foliage in some areas (it differs quite a bit throughout the country)
  • During our 3-week trip, we had a little light rain , but not much
  • Clear views of Mount Fuji
  • Perfect weather for soaking in onsen
  • Crowds in popular areas for foliage viewing, but nothing overwhelming

Would we recommend visiting Japan in November? 

Absolutely! Autumn is perhaps my all time favorite time to travel anywhere — and Japan is no different. I think autumn will always be my favorite time to visit Japan!

Things To Do in Japan | Two Wandering Soles

When: early February (2015)

  • Mild winter temperatures (we’re used to very cold winters, and this wasn’t bad for us)
  • Snow in the mountains was magical
  • Even though winter is said to be the best time to view Mount Fuji , she was covered in fog when we visited
  • Onsens were very enjoyable (we had a private outdoor onsen while it was snowing, which was amazing!)
  • Obviously the cities are still busy (because they’re highly populated), but the amount of tourists was lower than other seasons
  • Good deals on accommodation since it was outside of peak season
  • We saw a few plum blossoms in Tokyo that were blooming early, which was a pleasant surprise!

Would we recommend visiting Japan in February?  Yes! I think winter is one of the best times to visit Japan and it’s very underrated. Next time we visit in the winter, I want to add more outdoor onsens and a snowboarding trip in the legendary Japanese powder!

Things to do in Japan Tateyama Kurobe Alpine Route

While not a large country exactly, Japan spreads more than 1,800 miles (2,900+ kilometers) north to south, from the island of Hokkaido in the northeast all the way down to the island of Okinawa in the southwest.

A distance that large means the weather from north to south varies quite a lot. Hokkaido can be freezing while the subtropical island of Okinawa can be experiencing a beach day.

For the purpose of this article, we’ll mostly be discussing the weather on the island of Honshu. 

Located in the middle of the country, Honshu is where Tokyo , Osaka and Kyoto are all located, and is where most international travelers will start and end their trip, especially if it is your first time in Japan .

Another thing to take into consideration is that Japan is a very mountainous country. Common sense tells us that when you venture to higher elevations, you’ll find colder temperatures.

Fun Example: We went up into the Japanese Alps in August and found a drastic temperature swing: 95°F (35°C) at sea level to 65°F (18°C) in the mountains. This same area has snow until as late as early July. Crazy, huh?!

Psst! If you’ll be traveling more throughout the country, be sure to check out our bucket list of crazy fun things to do in Japan !

Fun Facts about Japan Okunion Cemetery Koyasan

Let’s chat about the sun, the snow, the rain, and those dreaded typhoons. We’ll go over what type of weather you should expect throughout the year and describe our experience with a typhoon.

We’re also going over some important information if you are interested in viewing Mount Fuji.

Spoiler alert: You won’t be able to see this iconic mountain for much of the year.

Stats on Japan weather & seasons:

  • Hottest month in Japan: August (average 80°F/41°C)
  • Coldest month in Japan: January (41°F/5°C)
  • Rainiest months in Japan: June and September
  • Driest months in Japan: December and January
  • Most crowded month in Japan: late April – early May (aka “Golden Week”, explained in the section about Spring )
  • Least crowded months in Japan: January – early March are the least popular times to visit, which can mean cheaper prices and less crowds
Note: Again, these stats are for the central island of Honshu. If you are planning to visit the northernmost island of Hokkaido, or Okinawa in the very south, be sure to look up their specific weather, as they vary from the rest of the county.

Rainy season in Japan: Early Summer

Best Time to Visit Japan Rainy Season

The majority of the country experiences a rainy season from June through mid-July.

The good news is that during the rainy season, there’s a roughly 45% chance of precipitation each day (data from Tokyo), meaning you’ll have some dry days too! Some of those rainy days will be heavy, while others will be sunny before or after the rain.

Interesting Fact: Tokyo is one of the rainiest big cities on earth! In fact, it has more than double the amount of annual rainfall as London. Say whaaaat?!

Despite rain, you’ll find life goes on as usual in Japan, as locals are used to it. Do as the Japanese do and buy an umbrella to stay dry!

Typhoon season in Japan: Late Summer

Late May through October is known as typhoon season in Japan, with the majority of typhoons occurring in August and September. Data from the last 30 years show that an average of 11 typhoons approach the coast per year.

What is a typhoon?

A typhoon is a tropical cyclone. They are formed in the same way a hurricane forms, and the only real difference is the location at which they occur .

What is a typhoon like in Japan?

We visited Japan during the month of August, which as you now know is the peak of typhoon season. And one typhoon made landfall during our visit.

So how bad was it, really?

This was our experience: 

The entire day leading up to the typhoon was sunny with blue skies, and we both had this feeling that it wouldn’t be that bad.

But everyone was talking about it and how strong it would supposedly be. There was talk about trains shutting down, and we had a food tour cancel on us because restaurants were closing up shop.

But it’s beautiful outside, we thought naively. We put on rain jackets, grabbed our one umbrella and headed into town just as a drizzle began to start.

Soon, the winds increased and the rain started really coming down. But the trains still ran, and we decided to go catch a movie. By the time we got out of the show, the streets were mostly empty and the rain was really pounding, so despite our umbrella and rain jackets, we got completely soaked.

By the next morning, blue skies started peeking out from behind clouds and by the afternoon you would never know what had happened the previous night.

What to expect: Heavy rainfall and high winds, canceled and/or delayed trains, canceled tours. In some cases, it may only interrupt a day or two, and in others it might have longer-lasting effects. You should expect some plans to change since Japanese people take typhoons very seriously.

Best time of year to view Mount Fuji

Mount Fuji Japan

Many visitors to Japan will want to glimpse the country’s most famous mountain, and for good reason — it’s absolutely stunning. Well, we think it is. We’ve only seen her beauty in photos.

One thing many first-time visitors to Japan may not realize (ourselves included) is that Mount Fuji is notoriously shy. This means there is much of the year where your chances of seeing her are rare. Instead, this shy mountain will stay cloaked behind clouds and haze, only occasionally peeking through.

So what time of year will you have the best chance of seeing Mount Fuji?

  • Best chances of seeing Mount Fuji: Based on data from years past, you will have the highest chance of seeing Mount Fuji between the months of November and February.
  • Worst chances of seeing Mount Fuji: Alternatively, between April and August, you will have a slim chance of glimpsing this iconic mountain.

That said, nothing is promised when it comes to weather. 

We visited Japan for the first time during early February, when we should have had a good chance of seeing Fuji. We spent the night in Hakone and bought the (not so cheap!) Hakone Day Pass to get close to the mountain, yet we only saw WHITE FRICKIN’ CLOUDS.

Best Time to Visit Japan Viewing Mount Fuji

And on the other hand, we’ve known people who have seen Fuji peek out during July and August, supposedly bad months for viewing the mountain.

But if you’re looking to get that iconic shot of a clear sky day and the mountain towering in the background in her famous symmetrical grandeur, late autumn through early spring will be your best bet at capturing this sight.

Psst! Check out our list of the most beautiful places in Japan you’ll have to see to believe!

Japan’s seasons at a glance

Japan has 4 distinct seasons: The winter is cold and the summer is hot. If either of those would bother you, it’s easy to eliminate a season right off the bat.

Spring is famously known for stunning displays of cherry blossoms around the country . But when we say famous, we mean it. Japan gets very busy this time of year with domestic and international travelers, so if crowds bother you, this is another easy elimination.

Fall comes with spectacular autumn foliage , and while not as crowded as cherry blossom season, it’s not an unpopular time to travel.

Jump to the season you’re interested in to read more about what to expect:

Winter in Japan

Spring in japan, summer in japan.

  • Autumn in Japan

We’re going to go over what to expect during each season in detail so you can better plan your trip to Japan.

But before we dive in…

Did you know there are 72 “seasons” in Japan?

The traditional Japanese calendar was split up into 24 sections, and each of those were further divided into 3 subsections, creating 72 “micro seasons” .

These micro-seasons last 5 days, and the names of some of them are poetic:

  • Frogs start singing (May 5th – 9th)
  • Great rains sometimes fall (August 3rd – 7th)
  • Dew glistens white on grass (September 8th – 12th)
  • Insects hole up underground (September 28th – October 2nd)
  • Maple leaves and ivy turn yellow (November 2nd – 6th)

While this isn’t necessarily something people go by in modern times, it’s a good reminder that the weather and atmosphere changes very often in Japan and it’s important to be prepared for it all.

Best Time to Visit Japan Winter in Japan

During the winter months, major cities like Tokyo, Osaka and Kyoto tend to enjoy mild temperatures, but you can find snow and colder temps in the mountains and on Hokkaido (the northernmost island in Japan).

Crowds tend to be fewer during the winter season, except for at the ski resorts where outdoor enthusiasts will be spoiled with some of the best powder in the world.

Winter comes with sunshine and blue skies that are statistically the clearest they’ll be all year long.

While winter may not be the first season you think of traveling, there’s actually a ton to do, and we think it is a great time to visit Japan .

  • When is winter in Japan?  December – February
  • Typical weather in Japan during the winter:  Dry, cold, & sunny
  • Average winter temperatures:  35 ° F – 55 ° F (Tokyo) (2 ° C – 13 ° C)
  • least crowded season
  • Japan has great snow for skiing and snowboarding
  • great time for onsens, snow monkeys and seeing scenic landscapes & villages dusted in snow
  • cold weather, averaging around 43°F (6°C)
  • some outdoor activities, like hiking and biking may be more difficult in the winter

Winter months at a glance

  • December:  Third coldest month of the year, lots of Bonenkai (“forget the year”) parties and celebrations. Ski season begins in Sapporo.
  • January:  Coldest month of the year, clear and sunny skies, snowy in the northern part of the country, best month for skiing and winter activities.
  • February:  Second coldest month of the year, still great for skiing in the mountains, yet you can start seeing spring plum blossoms further south in the country.

Best things to do in the winter in Japan

Best Time to Visit Japan Snow Monkey Hot Spring

We have a huge list of all the best things to do during winter in Japan , but here are some highlights:

  • Go skiing or snowboarding
  • Visit traditional villages like Shirakawa-go , which is stunning after a fresh show
  • Go to the Sapporo Snow Festival (held for one week in February)
  • Soak in an onsen (natural hot spring)
  • Fill your belly with hot ramen noodle soup
  • See “snow monkeys” at Jigokudani Monkey Park
  • View Mount Fuji
  • Photograph famous sights with a blanket of snow
  • Check out some of Tokyo’s best activities that take place indoors

Best times and places to ski in Japan

  • Sapporo:  December – March
  • Nagano:  January – February

Winter is the best season to travel to Japan if…

  • …you don’t mind colder temperatures
  • …you want to ski or snowboard
  • …you want to avoid the crowds
  • …you want to save money and travel during off-peak season

What to pack for winter in Japan

  • Lots of layers, including a versatile jacket, gloves and a hat
  • Warm and comfortable footwear and socks
  • Sunglasses (remember, this season has the sunniest days!)
  • Hand warmers (you can buy these pretty much everywhere in Japan)
  • Ski gear (if needed)

Nakasendo Japan

With stunning  sakura  (cherry blossoms) popping up all around the country and temperatures warming, it should come as no surprise that spring is a popular time to visit Japan. A  very  popular time, indeed.

If you travel to Japan in the spring, you’ll be rewarded with comfortable temperatures, beautiful blossoms, and  crowds .

  • When is spring in Japan?  From March – May
  • Typical weather in Japan during the spring:  Nice during the day, but chilly at night. Mostly sunny days with a more showers near the end of May.
  • Average spring temperatures:  40 ° F – 70 ° F (Tokyo) (4 ° C – 21 ° C)
  • comfortable temperatures
  • beautiful cherry blossoms
  • crowded (make travel plans far in advance!)
  • things may be more expensive since it is peak season

What is Golden Week in Japan?

“Golden Week” is a series of four national holidays that all fall within the same week from April 29th – May 5th every year.

  • April 29, Showa Day:  birthday of Emperor Showa, who ruled the country during World War II.
  • May 3, Constitution Day ( Kenpo kinenbi ):  called  ,  this is the celebration of the Japanese constitution ratification in 1947.
  • May 4, Green Day ( Midori no hi ):  similar to Earth Day, this holiday honors the environment.
  • Pssst! For everyone else out there wondering why they don’t include young girls in this, there is a “Girls’ Festival” (Hina Matsuri) on March 3rd.

Many Japanese people have holiday from work during this time, so it is a popular time to travel for both international and domestic visitors.

If your trip falls during these dates (or even a bit before and after), you’ll have the unique opportunity to see some celebrations and mingle with lots of Japanese travelers.

But be warned, you should start booking your accommodation well in advance because rooms sell out in popular places, like Kyoto, for example. You’ll also want to reserve seats on trains ahead of your trip, otherwise you’ll be out of luck.

Should you avoid visiting during Golden Week in Japan?

I’m going to be honest, I don’t think we would travel to Japan during Golden Week because of the insane crowds.

If you want to see Cherry Blossom but aren’t excited about the prospect of crowds, we’d urge you to avoid Golden Week, and instead travel to Japan during early March.

When and where can you see cherry blossoms?

Best Time to Visit Japan Cherry Blossoms

Cherry blossoms are only in bloom for roughly one week per location. They bloom at different times throughout the country, so if you want to extend the length of time you can view them, it’s best to travel south to north so you can see them for a longer period of time.

We have an entire guide to how you can see the cherry blossoms during Spring in Japan , but in short, here are some of the best times to go:

  • Fukuoka: Late March – Early April
  • Hiroshima: Late March – Early April
  • Kyoto: First Week of April (very popular)
  • Osaka: First Week of April (very popular)
  • Tokyo: Late March – Early April (very popular)
  • Kanazawa: 1st – 2nd week in April
  • Matsumoto: 2nd- 3rd week in April
  • Sapporo: Late April – Early May

Spring months at a glance

Shirakawa-go Japan

  • March:  Temperatures are still cool, but it noticeably warms throughout the month. Skiing season in the mountains is starting to wind down, and toward the end of the month the first cherry blossoms start to reveal themselves.
  • April:  This is the prime month for cherry blossom viewing, though many Japanese people have a whole week off from work (Golden Week), so most major cherry blossom sites will be incredibly crowded.
  • May:  Very nice weather during the month of May — warm temperatures and sunny skies. Though it is technically the start of typhoon season, strong storms are very rare during the month of May.

Best things to do in the spring in Japan

  • Head to Kyoto to photograph sakura (aka cherry blossoms) of course!
  • Catch a glimpse of Mount Fuji
  • Try some interesting new foods in Japan
  • Take a day trip from Osaka to Hiroshima to check out some of the city’s super important historical sites

Spring is the best season to travel if…

  • …you don’t mind crowds
  • …you want comfortable temperatures (not too cold or too hot)
  • …you want to see the famous cherry blossoms
  • …you can make your bookings well in advance
  • …you don’t mind paying a bit more for hotels and tours during peak season

What to pack for spring in Japan

  • Thicker layers if traveling in March
  • Light jacket for April and May
  • Comfortable walking shoes
  • Hiking attire if you plan to hit the trails

Best Time to Visit Japan Summer in Japan Swimming

Summer in Japan is the time for festivals and celebrations. The summer spans from June to August, with August being the busiest travel month because school is out and many Japanese people travel over the Obon holiday (August 13-15).

(Unlucky for us, we unknowingly decided to visit Japan for our second time in August…whoops!)

Be prepare on ways to beat the humidity because it can get pretty sticky. Also it’s rainy season and the start of typhoon season, so don’t forget your rain jacket and umbrella

  • When is summer in Japan?  June – August
  • Typical weather in Japan during the summer:  Hot, humid, sticky, and rainy. But not as bad as everyone makes it out to be.
  • Average summer temperatures:  70 ° F – 90 ° F (Tokyo) (21 ° C – 32 ° C)
  • Festivals throughout the country during the summer months
  • Prime season for outdoor activities like hiking
  • great time to try scuba diving in Japan
  • can get very humid
  • rain is common at the beginning of summer (June – mid-July), and typhoons are common at the end of summer (August – September)

How bad is the heat in summer, really?

Best Time to Visit Japan Summer in Japan Hiking

Over the last few years, I’ve realized I don’t handle extreme heat very well. I get tired and crabby much more quickly in the heat. Needless to say, I was very nervous about traveling to Japan during August — the hottest month of the year!

So what was it like?

Well, it did get pretty hot, like 98°F hot (37°C). And it did rain on us a few times but typically it would only last for 20-30 minutes and the rain would stop.

Some days were worse than others. After a rain, for example, it was actually pretty comfortable.

We’ve heard that summer in Tokyo is similar to summer in NYC, hot and humid. And Osaka in summer is similar to Washington D.C. in the summer, which is even more hot and humid. 

Knowing what to expect is half the battle , and this way you can prepare yourself for it.

All of our accommodation (even in tiny villages) had strong AC, so we never had an issue with being comfortable at night.

Summer months at a glance

  • June:  The beginning of the month is quite nice, comparable to the weather in May. However,  tsuyu  (rainy season) starts around mid-June and last for about a month. It’s not rainy all day but there is a June gloom feeling that hangs around. Temperatures get warmer and the humidity increases as the month progresses.
  • July:  Starts out rainy because of  tsuyu  (rainy season), this only lasts until mid-July. Temperatures and humidity continue to rise as this is typically the second hottest month of the year. Great time to see festivals including Kyoto famous Gion Matsuri festival.
  • August:  The hottest month of the year in Japan. August is a good time to venture into the mountains to escape the heat. Many Japanese have August 13th-15th off because of Obon holiday, so try to avoid this time because it can get busy.

Best things to do in the summer in Japan

Best Time to Visit Japan Summer in Japan

  • Check out Tokyo’s digital art museum on a day that’s too hot or rainy to be outside
  • Enjoy festivals including Kyoto’s Gion Matsuri and Osaka’s Tenjin Matsuri
  • Go hiking through the Japanese Alps or venture up to Hokkaido
  • Scuba diving (apparently the diving is actually really good in Japan!)
  • Head to the beach
  • Watch a baseball game
Ever thought of going  scuba diving in Japan ?  Being an island nation, the diving in Japan is actually quite good, and being an off the radar scuba destinations means less crowded dive sites! If you are visiting Japan in the summer time, you’ll have the best conditions for diving all over the country.

Summer is the best season to travel if…

  • …you don’t mind humidity and a bit of rain
  • …you like outdoor activities like hiking and biking
  • …you want to experience cultural festivals

What to pack for summer in Japan

  • Anti-chafing cream
  • Hand-held fan (you can buy these all over and they make a nice Japanese souvenir )
  • Deodorant, finding quality deodorant in Japan is very difficult (we switched to natural deodorant several years ago and will never go back!)
  • Light, loose clothing that wicks sweat
  • Umbrella for rain and shade

Fall in Japan

With typhoon season peaking at the beginning of September, the start of fall in Japan is typically rainy depending on where you are. However, the weather starts to clear up in October and by November the leaves are changing.

We visited Japan in November 2023 and put together this guide to autumn in Japan that’s full of useful info.

  • When is autumn in Japan?  September – November
  • Typical weather in Japan during the autumn:  Rainy in September and beginning of October because of typhoon season
  • Average autumn temperatures:  50 ° F – 80 ° F (Tokyo) (10 ° C – 27 ° C)
  • nice temperatures
  • beautiful fall foliage in countryside
  • September can be a pretty humid and rainy month, but it starts to get better in October

When can you see fall foliage in Japan?

The colorful leaves peak a bit later than other places in the Northern Hemisphere, like North America and Europe. The best display of autumn colors can typically be seen toward the end of November and even through the beginning of December.

You can find past and current reports of fall foliage here .

Autumn months at a glance

  • September:  peak of typhoon season in the southern prefectures, there can be airport and train delays. But it is the month with the least amount of visitors so it will be less busy.
  • October:  rainy in the beginning of the month but the temperatures start to drop making going outside more manageable.
  • November:  cool, crisp and dry time of year. Autumn foliage peaks near the end of November

Best things to do during the fall in Japan

Nara Japan

  • Hike the Kumano Kodo Pilgrimage Trail
  • Sneak some views of Mount Fuji
  • See the fall foliage on the Tateyama Kurobe Alpine Route
  • Eat sweet treats like deep fried maple leaves in Minoo Park
  • Travel to Osaka for leaf peeping in the parks

Autumn is the best season to travel if…

  • …you are seeking comfortable temperatures
  • …you would like to see (and photograph!) fall foliage
  • …you want to explore the major cities
  • …you like to avoid crowds
  • …you enjoy cool and crisp air

What to pack for fall  in Japan

  • Umbrella just in case it rains
  • Light jacket for November

Holidays & festivals in Japan

Where to stay in Tokyo | Asakusa Tokyo Japan

It’s a good idea to check the calendar before booking your flight to Japan, as there are many national holidays that can affect your travels.

Some of these festivals will be fun to observe, but they can also mean trains book up quickly and hotels mark up their rates for peak times.

Here are some of the (not all!) big holiday dates to know:

  • January 1:  New Year’s Day (people often travel on the days before and after)
  • February 11:  Foundation Day
  • Around March 20 – 21:  Vernal (Spring) Equinox Day
  • April 29 – May 5:  Golden Week
  • 3rd Monday in July:  Marine Day
  • August 11:  Mountain Day
  • August 13 – 15 : Obon
  • 3rd Monday in September:  Respect for the Aged Day
  • Around September 22 – 23:  Autumn Equinox Day 
  • October 1:  Citizens Day 
  • 2nd Monday in October:  Health and Sports Day
  • November 3:  Culture Day
  • November 23 : Labor Thanksgiving Day 
  • December 23:  Emperor’s Birthday

Festivals in Japan

In Japan, festivals are called  matsuri  and they take place all year long. This is a list of some of the more unique festivals in Japan.

  • Jan 15:  Nozawa Fire Festival , in Nagano, Japan
  • Feb 5-12:  Sapporo Yuki Matsuri  (Snow Festival), Sapporo, Hokkaido
  • Late March:  Sumo Wrestling Spring Basho , Osaka
  • Early June:  The Kaiko Kinenbi , Yokohama Port Opening Ceremony (Boat Races)
  • July:  Shonan Hiratsuka Tanabata Matsuri  (Star Festival), Hiratsuka
  • Late July:  Tenjin Matsuri  (Festival of the Gods), Osaka
  • October:  Warai Festival  (Laughing Festival), Wakayama

Best time of year to travel to Japan based on activity

Check the list below to find the activities you’re most interested in doing while in Japan. See what time of year is best to help you decide when to plan your trip.

  • Photography:  Spring or Fall
  • Beating the crowds:  Winter
  • Hiking:  Spring, Summer or Winter
  • Skiing/Snowboarding:  Winter
  • Onsens:  Winter, Spring or Fall
  • Scuba Diving:  Summer
  • Beach Hopping:  Summer
  • Spotting Mount Fuji:  Late Fall, Winter, early Spring
  • Festivals and Celebrations:  All year!

In our opinion…

Us wearing Yakata that was provided by our guesthouse.

We’ve traveled to Japan in both the summer and the wintertime, and each had its own pros and cons.

Summer was hot and humid—like really humid—so we found ourselves sweating through our shirts daily. But we’ve been in hot and humid climates before, so honestly, it wasn’t anything we hadn’t dealt with before. But still, it wasn’t all that pleasant, and it wouldn’t be our season of choice.

The wintertime was picturesque in the countryside where the snow stuck to the ground. And in the big cities, we actually got many sunny, blue sky days which was a surprise. The cold temperatures made it fun to pop into cozy noodle shops or soak in hot onsens, whereas those activities were not quite so pleasant in the August heat.

We preferred winter over summer, because the crowds were fewer and we’re accustomed to cold weather, so we found it to be quite mild actually.

However, if we were able to choose, we would without a doubt, travel to Japan in the fall: early November, specifically.

November has a smaller chance of rain than October, and more comfortable temperatures than December.

The temperatures will have cooled off from the crazy summer humidity, yet it wouldn’t be too cold for hiking. It wouldn’t have quite the same crazy crowds as cherry blossom season brings. And fall foliage in Japan is something we’ve been dreaming about seeing!

Alternatively, early March would offer the beginnings of cherry blossom season, comfortable weather, and less crowds than those you’ll find late April and early May during Golden Week.

What to pack for traveling to Japan

Mt Fuji Japan autumn

We know it can be overwhelming packing for a trip to a new destination. That’s why we spent hours creating this super helpful PDF just for you.

In this FREE Japan packing list PDF download , we’ve provided packing checklists for everything from clothing and toiletries (for both women and men!) to what shoes to pack and extra stuff you may want to have on-hand just in case.

Plus, we’re sharing tons of packing hacks and tips for traveling in Japan that you won’t find anywhere else!

Japan Packing List PDF download | Two Wandering Soles

Other resources for planning your perfect trip to Japan

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  • Japan Pocket Wifi vs. Japanese SIM Card: Review & Comparison
  • Best Japan Travel Apps
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  • Ultimate Japan Travel Guide: Everything You Need to Know for Your First Trip to Japan

Are you planning a trip to Japan?

We have TONS of resources on travel in Japan and destinations throughout the country. Check out our  Ultimate Japan Travel Guide  for all the answers to your most burning questions, or read some of our favorite articles below.

  • How to Purchase a Japan Rail Pass Ticket
  • Fun Foods to Eat in Japan: Guide to Japanese Cuisine
  • Best Things to Do in Tokyo
  • Crazy & Fun Things to Do in Japan

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Best Time to Visit Japan | Two Wandering Soles

We’d love to hear from you!

What season sounds best to you? Why? Do you have any more questions after reading this article? We’ll try our best to bet back to you!

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travel japan on april

Visiting Japan in April 2024: Complete Guide to Weather, What to See & Do

If you ask anyone who has visited Japan what their favorite time of the year in the country is, they will probably tell you spring . And among the spring months, April is king. This is when sakura trees in most parts of the country are in full bloom, but also a time of festivals, traditional food, amazing sightseeing, and a very welcoming atmosphere all around. So, without further ado, let’s take a look at everything you’ll need to know, with this complete guide to visiting Japan in April.

What’s the weather in Tokyo in April?

What’s the weather in japan in april, how to dress in japan in april, what to pack for japan in april, things to do in japan in april, japanese festivals in april, visiting japan in april take photos you won’t believe are real, word on golden week, what japanese food should you try in april.

What’s the weather in Tokyo in April?

The weather in Tokyo in April is generally pleasantly warm. Even nighttime low temperatures are very manageable, and days are mostly sunny. There could be some anomalies, like April 2019 when temperatures were on average lower and precipitations more frequent, but it doesn’t happen often.

What’s the weather in Japan in April?

When it comes to the weather in the country, as you can see from the chart above, things change depending on the area you are visiting. While Sapporo and the whole of Hokkaido tend to be much colder, on average, even during this generally warmer month, Okinawa sports the temperatures of a mild summer , even in colder hours.

travel japan on april

Unless you’re visiting Hokkaido, or other colder regions, prepare for average spring temperatures and weather. Absolutely do not forget some comfortable shoes, you will walk a lot. Bring with you a sweater or some heavier clothes just in case, but for the most part, you will be fine with shirts, skirts, shorts, and other light, comfortable clothing. What if I’m visiting Hokkaido? If you are visiting colder regions, prepare for a mild winter . Especially in the evening, temperatures will get pretty rigid. We recommend heavier clothing and underclothing, winter socks, long pants, sweaters, as well as lighter clothes for the daytime. It will be useful to have jackets and sweaters easy to carry during the warmer hours so that the colder night hours won’t catch you off guard. Hiking shoes and/or boots could also come in handy.

What to pack for Japan in April?

If you are not visiting the colder areas of Japan, bring comfortable shoes, and socks, as well as shirts, and comfortable pants and skirts. When visiting other countries, there is often a lot of walking to do, but this is especially true in Japan, in April. In addition, bring a backpack that allows you for some spare room for something to wear at night, if you’re going to be out for several hours, as well as water, sunglasses, and some snacks.

Things to do in Japan in April

Of course, we will start with hanami (cherry blossoms viewing). Hanami can hardly be defined as an event. It’s a centenary tradition that permeates the whole country. Cherry flowers are as beautiful as they are ephemeral, and the best period to see them in full bloom varies depending on the kind of trees, and on the location in which they are. Live Japan always offers an up-to-date map with the most accurate cherry blossom forecast , so make sure to check it out to get the best out of your trip, regardless of where in Japan you are! If you are in Tokyo, some of the most beautiful and popular places are Meguro River , Ueno Park , Shinjuku Gyoen. There are many spots in Tokyo, and also in Sapporo , Kyoto, Osaka, and virtually every city of Japan, so make sure you explore as many places as you can. But what do people usually do for hanami? Hanami can be simply taking a stroll among beautiful cherry trees or make a day of it with friends, family, or dates. Every year, flocks of people look for the most beautiful places to set up a nice picnic (make sure that the location you want to visit allows BBQs if you’re looking to organize one) and enjoy food and drinks. Some of the most popular locations will have people holding the best spots for hours (even days), but the good news is that while some areas are more famous than others, Tokyo and many other cities in Japan have wonderful spots just waiting for you. Some examples would be the area of Nishikyogoku in Kyoto or the small towns just outside of Tokyo, which will offer a very anime -like hanami experience. April is also the first time of the year that sees masses of people going out in warmer weather, which also means a lot of concerts , many of which outdoors. Summer is usually when most outdoor musical events happen, but also in April, you will have the chance to attend various events, as well as concerts of national and international artists. Festivals is where April really shines. For sakura, there are too many cherry blossom festivals to be all named, but here are some of them: ・ Hirosaki Castle , Aichi . ・ Ueno Park , Tokyo. ・Meguro River , Tokyo. ・Satte Gongendo Park , Saitama. ・Takada Castle , Niigata . ・ Odawara Castle , Kanagawa. ・Izu Highland, Shizuoka. Look for some festivals in your area, and you will surely find many.

Joshua Hawley / Shutterstock.com

Early April, though, is not only time for cherry blossoms-related festivals. Japan offers many other events where you can enjoy traditional food, costumes, dances, and culture. ・ Miyako Odori, April 1-30 (Kyoto) A month's worth of dances, and music, performed by real maiko and geiko (who are usually hard to see performing in public). ・ Onbashira Festival, April-May, every 6 years (Nagano) The next event of this dangerous, rare, and very old event (1000 years), will be held in 2022. If you have the opportunity to see it, you will witness people riding huge tree logs sliding down a dangerous mountain slope. Not for the faint of heart. ・ Ose Matsuri , April 4 (Shizuoka) A festival in which men dressed as women dance on boats in the harbor by Ose Shrine , accompanied by festive music. ・ Beppu Hot Spring Festival, the first week of April, Oita A week-long festival that involves the whole city of Beppu to give thanks to its fantastic hot springs . ・ Kanamara Festival, early April (sometimes late March), Kawasaki , Kanagawa The famous ' Kawasaki Penis Festival ' that celebrates phalluses. Yeah, it’s really that odd (and fun). ・ Yakumo Jinja Shunki Reitaisai, April, Tokyo Sporting amazing floats, music, food, and colorful decorations ・ Fuji (Wisteria) Matsuri , mid-April to early May, Kameido Tenjin Shrine Here you will see the beautiful flowers of the temple blooming in a festival of scents, colors, and light shows . Dozens of other festivals happen all over the country for the whole month of April. When you decide your itinerary, make sure to look for the ones in the areas you will be visiting. You won’t be disappointed.

Visiting Japan in April? Take Photos You Won’t Believe are Real!

April allows you to immortalize some magical moments and landscapes in pictures that will look like images from a fantastic fictional world. In particular, if you wait for that “magic hour” moment at sunset, here are some places that will be well worth the wait. ・Meguro River (when not crowded), Tokyo ・Kamogawa River , Kyoto ・ Mount Fuji from Oishi Park by Lake Kawaguchi, and from the top of the panoramic ropeway ・Kiyomizu Dera, Kyoto ・Akagi Senbozakura, Gunma ・Matsumoto castle , Nagano ・Nagoya Castle , Nagoya ・Philosopher’s Path, Kyoto ・Maruyama Park , Kyoto ・ Osaka Castle , Osaka ・ Nara Park , Nara ・Handayama Botanical Garden , Okayama

Word on Golden Week

Golden week is a period that contains a number of Japanese national holidays starting on April 29 and which sees the whole country going on vacation. Visiting during this time could exactly what you’re looking for or something to avoid. Many stores, museums , and other attractions will be closed. The streets, and especially touristic spots will be more crowded than usual, seeing an increase in national tourism. That also means that it will be easier to get in touch with the locals, participate to events with Japanese people, and experience a week of partying.

April is a time of festivals and festivals are a great time to try seasonal dishes, and also familiar snacks and drinks switching to a more cherry-esque feel. For example, you will find cherry-themed KitKats, chips, beers, wines, sake, and more. April is also the time of the “king of fish,” Tai, an exquisite and delicate fish very popular among many celebratory events, and, of course in April. Takenoko (bamboo shoots) is another very popular dish in Japan, in April, served in a variety of ways, on its own, or as a side dish, or topping. And here you have it! Everything you need to know to enjoy your April in Japan to the fullest!

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Lucio Maurizi

Lucio Maurizi

Lucio Maurizi is an automotive expert specializing in Japan's car scene and auto-tourism. With an MA in East Asian History from La Sapienza Università di Roma, he's a multi-talented contributor to travel platforms like LIVE JAPAN, Japan Travel, and GPlus Media. His Instagram account (50k+ followers) offers insider views on Japan's automotive culture. Lucio also actively collaborates with professional drivers and influencers and organizes can't-miss car events in Tokyo. Instagram: @italian_in_japan Other links: https://linktr.ee/italianinjapan

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27 Best Places to Visit in Japan in April

mount fuji and beautiful sakura cherry blossoms in spring time

Looking for the best places to visit in Japan in April? You’re in for a treat!

From the cherry blossom-laden streets of Tokyo to the tranquil beauty of Hakone, our curated list of 27 destinations will take you on an adventure through a springtime Japan that’s bursting with color.

Let’s dive in and start planning your Japanese spring getaway!

1. Ueno Park

Let’s start our journey in the pulsating heart of Japan – Tokyo. Once you navigate through its dizzying skyscrapers and neon lights, you’ll find yourself in the serene oasis of Ueno Park, one of the city’s largest public parks.

In April, Ueno Park transforms into a picture straight out of a dreamy anime. Thousands of cherry blossom trees bloom in unison, creating a dazzling canopy of pink. And the locals? They’re out in full force with picnic mats, food, and an infectious spirit of camaraderie, partaking in ‘Hanami,’ the centuries-old tradition of flower viewing. Just imagine yourself sitting under a sakura tree, bento box in hand, soaking in this breathtaking spectacle – now that’s what I call a Tokyo moment!

Pro travel tip: Arrive early in the day to snag a prime viewing spot, as the park can get quite crowded during cherry blossom season.

2. Chidorigafuchi

Next up, we take a leisurely boat ride at Chidorigafuchi, one of Tokyo’s most famous cherry blossom spots. Imagine rowing a boat under a vibrant tunnel of sakura trees lining the moat of the Imperial Palace – a truly magical experience!

Pro travel tip: Although the boat ride is the main attraction, don’t miss the nighttime illumination of the cherry blossoms. The ethereal beauty of these radiant trees under the evening lights is an unforgettable sight!

3. Senso-ji temple

Now, we head to Asakusa, home to the venerable Senso-ji temple. Stroll through the bustling Nakamise shopping street, savor traditional Japanese snacks, and soak in the vibrant culture of old Tokyo, with the majestic temple and its iconic giant red lantern as the backdrop.

Dining and Accommodation Recommendations: Savor Tokyo’s world-class sushi at Sukiyabashi Jiro, or try some tempura at Tempura Tendon Tenya. For a truly immersive stay, consider Hoshinoya Tokyo, a luxury ryokan (traditional Japanese inn) nestled amidst the city’s towering skyscrapers.

4. Maruyama Park

Let’s make our way to Kyoto, a city that effortlessly straddles the line between the past and the present. No visit to Kyoto in April would be complete without indulging in ‘Hanami’ at Maruyama Park. During Sakura season, the park becomes a massive outdoor party venue, with food stalls, lanterns, and a general merry spirit permeating the air.

Pro travel tip : Don’t miss the giant weeping cherry tree (‘shidarezakura’) at the center of the park. It’s lit up at night, offering a stunningly ethereal sight.

5. Fushimi Inari Shrine

Next on the list is the Fushimi Inari Shrine, a must-visit when in Kyoto. Known for its iconic red torii gate pathway, this shrine is dedicated to Inari, the Shinto god of rice. Walking through the seemingly endless path lined with torii gates is a truly humbling experience.

Pro travel tip : While the shrine is open 24/7, an early morning visit can help avoid the crowds and provide a more tranquil experience.

6. the Philosopher’s Path

The Philosopher’s Path, is a scenic walkway along a canal lined by hundreds of cherry trees. Named after Nishida Kitaro, one of Japan’s most famous philosophers, who was known to meditate while walking this route, it provides a peaceful and introspective journey.

Dining and Accommodation Recommendations: Try some ‘kaiseki’ (traditional multi-course dinner) at Gion Nanba or have a cup of matcha tea at Ippodo Tea House. Stay at The Ritz-Carlton, Kyoto, for a luxurious experience or Kyoto Travellers Inn for a more budget-friendly option.

7. Peace Park

Our journey continues to Hiroshima, a city that’s risen from the ashes of World War II to become a beacon of peace and resilience. In April, the Hiroshima Peace Park is adorned with cherry blossoms, adding an ethereal beauty to this place of deep reflection.

Pro travel tip : Take a quiet moment to reflect at the Atomic Bomb Dome and the Children’s Peace Monument, poignant reminders of the city’s past.

8. Itsukushima Shrine

Next, we’ll take a short ferry ride to the island of Miyajima, home to the Itsukushima Shrine and its iconic ‘floating’ torii gate. This UNESCO World Heritage site, paired with the backdrop of cherry blossoms, creates an unforgettable sight.

Pro travel tip : While here, don’t forget to try ‘momiji manju,’ a local sweet shaped like a maple leaf.

9. Hiroshima Castle

We’ll round up our Hiroshima tour with a visit to Hiroshima Castle. Surrounded by sakura trees, the castle is a sight to behold during the cherry blossom season.

Dining and Accommodation Recommendations: Try the city’s signature dish, Hiroshima-style Okonomiyaki, at Okonomimura. For accommodation, consider staying at the Sheraton Grand Hiroshima Hotel for a luxury experience or at the Hiroshima Hana Hostel for a more budget-friendly option.

10. Osaka Castle

We move on to Osaka, Japan’s culinary capital and home to friendly, forthright locals. Our first stop is Osaka Castle, one of Japan’s most famous landmarks. Surrounded by hundreds of cherry blossom trees, the castle looks especially spectacular in April.

Pro travel tip: Take a boat ride in the castle moat for a unique viewing experience of the sakura trees.

11. Dotonbori Street

Next, we delve into the heart of Osaka’s entertainment district – Dotonbori. With neon lights and gigantic signboards, it’s an assault on the senses. Here you can indulge in Osaka’s legendary street food – takoyaki, okonomiyaki, and more.

Pro travel tip: For the best takoyaki, visit the popular stand, Creo-ru. You won’t be disappointed!

12. Universal Studios Japan

It’s time to bring out your inner child with a visit to Universal Studios Japan. While it might seem out of place in this list, believe me, the sight of your favorite characters against the backdrop of cherry blossoms is uniquely delightful.

Dining and Accommodation Recommendations: Try the famous Kushikatsu at Daruma in Shinsekai. Stay at the Intercontinental Osaka for a plush experience or at Drop Inn Osaka for a budget stay.

13. Lake Ashi Cruise

Our journey now takes us to Hakone, known for its hot springs, natural beauty, and the majestic view of nearby Mt. Fuji. We’ll begin with a serene Lake Ashi cruise. The sight of the tranquil lake surrounded by blooming cherry blossom trees with Mt. Fuji in the backdrop is something you wouldn’t want to miss.

Pro travel tip: If you’re lucky, you might catch a glimpse of the elusive Mt. Fuji from the boat – a real treat for any nature lover!

14. Hakone Open Air Museum

Next, we visit the Hakone Open Air Museum, an innovative space where nature and art harmoniously coexist. Wandering amidst the sculptures with the cherry blossoms in full bloom truly elevates the entire experience.

Pro travel tip: Don’t miss the Picasso Exhibition Hall, which hosts an extensive collection of the artist’s work.

15. Soak in an Onsen

And of course, no trip to Hakone would be complete without soaking in an Onsen (hot spring). Imagine unwinding in a warm, natural spring bath surrounded by the gorgeous colors of sakura trees – the ultimate Japanese relaxation experience.

Dining and Accommodation Recommendations: For a unique dining experience, try the local ‘kaiseki’ meals at Hakone Ginyu. Consider staying at the Hyatt Regency Hakone Resort and Spa for a luxury experience or at the Hakone Guest House gaku. for a budget-friendly stay.

16. Shikisai-no-oka flower field

Our next destination is Hokkaido, the northernmost of Japan’s main islands, known for its volcanoes, natural hot springs, and ski areas. A visit to the enchanting Shikisai-no-oka flower field is a must. In April, the tulips are in full bloom, creating a vibrant sea of colors.

Pro travel tip: Try the tractor-pulled cart tour for a unique and fun way to explore the fields.

17. Historical Village of Hokkaido

Take a step back in time at the Historical Village of Hokkaido. The open-air museum features about 60 buildings from all over Hokkaido, dating from the Meiji and Taisho periods (1868 to 1926). During Sakura season, the historic architecture paired with the blooming cherry blossoms creates a nostalgic atmosphere.

Pro travel tip: The horse-drawn trolley ride is a must-try while you’re here!

18. Niseko for Spring Skiing

For those looking for a more active experience, Niseko offers great spring skiing conditions in April. And yes, the ski slopes are dotted with cherry blossom trees, making for a beautiful view as you ski down the mountain.

Dining and Accommodation Recommendations: Enjoy Hokkaido’s famous seafood at Niseko Soan or try a variety of local dishes at Prativo. Consider staying at the Hilton Niseko Village for a luxury experience or at the Niseko Backpacker for a budget-friendly option.

19. Kenroku-en Garden

Our adventure continues to Kanazawa, a city that’s kept its traditional charm while embracing modernity. One of the highlights of the city is Kenroku-en Garden, one of Japan’s top three landscape gardens. The garden’s beauty peaks in spring with cherry blossoms lining its paths.

Pro travel tip: Be sure to check out the Kotoji-toro, a two-legged stone lantern that’s become the symbol of the garden.

20. Kanazawa Castle Park

Adjacent to the Kenroku-en Garden is Kanazawa Castle Park, the former residence of the Maeda family. In April, the cherry blossoms add an extra layer of splendor to the already impressive castle grounds.

Pro travel tip: Visit at night to see the sakura trees beautifully illuminated, creating a magical atmosphere.

21. Higashi Chaya District

Higashi Chaya District is known for its well-preserved chaya (teahouses) where geishas perform. Walking through this district with its wooden buildings and cobblestone streets during the cherry blossom season is like stepping into a time machine.

Dining and Accommodation Recommendations: Try the city’s famed Kanazawa Curry at Champion Curry. For a luxury stay, consider the Kanazawa Tokyu Hotel, or for a more budget-friendly option, try the Emblem Stay Kanazawa.

22. Matsumoto Castle

It’s time to head to Nagano, a mountainous, landlocked prefecture known for its hot springs and temples. We start with a visit to Matsumoto Castle, one of Japan’s most beautiful original castles. The black exterior set against the pink of the cherry blossoms is a sight to behold.

Pro travel tip: Don’t miss the opportunity to climb to the top floor for a panoramic view of the city surrounded by the Japanese Alps.

23. Jigokudani Monkey Park

Jigokudani Monkey Park is home to Japan’s famous snow monkeys. Though best known for the winter shots of monkeys bathing in hot springs, visiting the park in April provides a unique viewing experience with the cherry blossoms in bloom.

Pro travel tip: Remember to keep a respectful distance from the monkeys – they are wild animals, after all.

24. Zenko-ji Temple

Let’s take a look at Zenko-ji Temple, one of Japan’s most important Buddhist temples. During April, the temple grounds are enveloped in soft pink hues, making it an incredibly peaceful place to visit.

Dining and Accommodation Recommendations: Try ‘soba’ noodles, a specialty of Nagano, at Kobayashi Soba. For accommodations, consider the Hotel Metropolitan Nagano for luxury or the Dot Hostel Nagano for budget-conscious travelers.

25. Beach-hopping

Okinawa is a tropical paradise known for its pristine beaches and rich history. April is the perfect time to beach-hop in Okinawa, with the weather being warm but not too hot.

Pro travel tip: Don’t miss Furuzamami Beach on Zamami Island, known for its clear waters and vibrant coral reefs.

26. Shurijo Castle Park

On to Shurijo Castle Park, a testament to Okinawa’s unique history and cultural heritage. Although the main castle building suffered a fire in 2019, the restoration process is ongoing, and many parts of the park, including several beautiful gates and walls adorned with cherry blossoms in spring, remain for visitors to enjoy.

Pro travel tip: Be sure to visit the reconstructed Shureimon Gate, an iconic symbol of Okinawa.

27. Churaumi Aquarium

Finally, we explore one of the world’s largest aquariums, the Okinawa Churaumi Aquarium. While not directly related to cherry blossoms, it’s too impressive to miss. The massive Kuroshio Sea tank, home to whale sharks and manta rays, is a particular highlight.

Dining and Accommodation Recommendations: For an unforgettable dining experience, try Okinawa soba at Shuri Soba. Consider staying at the luxurious Ritz-Carlton, Okinawa, or at the Guest House Okinawa Monogatari for a budget-friendly option.

From the bustling streets of Tokyo to the serene landscapes of Hakone, from the rich history of Kyoto to the tropical beaches of Okinawa, there’s so much to explore and enjoy in Japan in April. Each place offers a unique blend of culture, history, and natural beauty, made even more enchanting by the cherry blossoms. So, why wait? Embrace the blossom and let the land of the rising sun amaze you this April!

Practical Tips for Traveling in Japan in April

What to pack: April weather in Japan can be unpredictable. Be sure to pack a lightweight jacket and umbrella, along with comfortable walking shoes.

Understanding Japanese etiquette: Japanese society is polite and reserved. Basic etiquettes include bowing when greeting, not speaking loudly in public places, and removing shoes when entering someone’s home or a traditional restaurant.

Transportation tips: Japan’s public transportation system is efficient and punctual. The JR Pass can be a cost-effective method for long-distance travel.

Tips for Cherry Blossom viewing (Hanami): Arrive early if you’re planning a picnic under the cherry blossom trees as spots can fill up quickly. Also, remember to respect the blossoms – don’t shake the trees or pluck the flowers.

As your journey unfolds, I’m sure you’ll discover many more unique and memorable aspects of Japan. Safe travels, and enjoy the cherry blossoms!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best way to travel within japan.

Japan’s public transportation system is known for its efficiency and punctuality. For long-distance travel, the Japan Rail Pass (JR Pass) can be a cost-effective option. For local commutes, you can rely on the subway, buses, and taxis.

Is English widely spoken in Japan?

While English is taught in schools, not all Japanese people are comfortable speaking it. However, in major cities and tourist spots, English signs and assistance are usually available. Learning a few basic Japanese phrases can be helpful.

What should I pack for a trip to Japan in April?

Japan’s weather in April is usually mild, but can be unpredictable. Pack a lightweight jacket, comfortable walking shoes, and an umbrella. Don’t forget to bring any necessary personal items, as well as a universal adapter for your electronic devices.

What are some Japanese etiquettes that tourists should know?

Japanese culture values respect and politeness. Basic etiquettes include bowing when greeting, not speaking loudly in public places, removing shoes when entering someone’s home or a traditional restaurant, and not eating while walking in public.

What should I know about cherry blossom viewing (Hanami)?

Cherry blossom viewing, or Hanami, is a significant event in Japan. If you’re planning a picnic under the cherry blossom trees, arrive early as spots can fill up quickly. Also, remember to respect the blossoms—don’t shake the trees or pluck the flowers.

Whether you’re seeking history, culture, or natural beauty, there are countless incredible destinations to visit in Japan that promise unforgettable experiences.

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Japan in April – Essential Travel Tips You Must Be Aware Of

Japan in April: April is a beautiful time to visit Japan, as the country transforms into a picturesque landscape of cherry blossoms.

The season also marks the beginning of spring, which means the weather is mild and perfect for outdoor activities.

With so much to see and do, it can be overwhelming to plan a trip to Japan in April.

However there is a downside to April.

During this month, it’s incredibly busy and also prices shoot up due to the Golden Week holidays.

So, should or shouldn’t you visit at this time?

Fortunately, this article provides some helpful travel tips for those planning a trip to Japan in April.

From the best places to see cherry blossoms to the must-try foods, this guide covers everything you need to know to make the most of your trip.

Whether you’re a first-time visitor or a seasoned traveler, these tips will help you navigate Japan’s unique culture and customs with ease.

Best Cherry Blossom Viewing Spots

  • Fukuoka's Appeal

Miyako Odori

Mount fuji adventure, planning your itinerary, understanding japan’s climate in april.

The weather in Japan can vary depending on the region, so it is important to understand the climate before planning a trip.


In April, Japan experiences a mild climate, with average highs ranging from 15°C to 20°C (59°F to 68°F) and lows ranging from 5°C to 10°C (41°F to 50°F).

The southern regions of Japan, such as Okinawa , tend to be warmer, with average highs of 24°C (75°F) and lows of 19°C (66°F).

Cherry Blossom Season

Regional Differences

When it comes to experiencing Japan in April, it’s important to note that each region has its own unique charm and attractions.

Here are some highlights of what to expect in each region:

Experiencing Hokkaido

Hokkaido, Japan’s northernmost island, is known for its stunning natural beauty and delicious seafood.

Things to do in Hokkaido

When is best time to visit Japan?

David McElhinney

Dec 14, 2023 • 8 min read

Young woman walking under cherry blossoms trees in a park in Japan

Travelers who want to see Japan's stunning cherry blossoms should visit in spring © Oscar Wong / Getty Images

Japan may be small, but with its captivating blend of tradition and modernity, and its bustling cities and stunning countryside, it offers a mighty experience to visitors. No matter when you choose to visit, a wealth of experiences await you.

In spring, the blossoming of the sakura (cherry blossom trees) creates a beautiful natural display that transforms the country into a vision in pink that lures travelers from all over the globe. Fall ushers in the resplendent koyo (autumn foliage) season, while summer opens the two-month window for summiting Mt Fuji. Winter is a great time for skiers, as Japan’s slopes are dusted with some of the finest powder on the planet. 

Whether you’re looking to dive into the crowded streets of downtown Tokyo or find zen-like peace amongst tree-cloaked mountains, there’s a season that’s right for you. Here’s our guide to choosing the perfect time to visit Japan .

April to May is the time for cherry blossoms

The cherry blossom season from April to May is the peak travel period in Japan. Locals and tourists flock to parks, gardens, tree-lined brooks and castle moats to partake in hanami , the annual ritual of observing the spring blossom. Picnicking under a canopy of cherry blossoms is a top bucket-list experience, and popular seasonal foods range from cherry blossom-flavored desserts and pastries to burger buns and noodles infused with earthy cherry notes.

This is a popular time to visit Japan with good reason, but it's wise to weigh up the undeniable beauty against the drawback of the vast crowds and the increased hotel prices.

The cherry blossoms arrive and depart over a two-week period, dictated by weather patterns and local geography, and the exact timing can be tricky to predict in advance. Along Japan's so-called “Golden Route” – a popular tourist trail running along the east coast in the center of the country – the flowers typically emerge between late March and early April, so April is a fairly reliable month to book a trip.

As the last petals fall, there is little reprieve for crowd-weary travelers. Golden Week arrives in early May, with warm and sunny weather and a string of national holidays. Hotel and flight prices soar as the crowds surge into Japan's cities, and public transport, city streets, shrines, temples, museums and other tourist attractions are crammed with sightseers. 

In mountainous areas, hiking, mountain biking, kayaking, rafting and camping are popular activities, though high-altitude trails may not open till July. In the cities, it’s the season for exploring by bike, parkland strolls and sitting out in rooftop beer gardens – the Omohara Forest on the 6th floor of Omotesando’s Tokyu Plaza mall is a recommended spot for a tipple. Tokyo’s spring sumo tournament also takes place in May, as well as the explosion of culture that is the  Roppongi Art Night .

Autumn color at Takaragawa Onsen Osenkaku in Autumn

August to November is the time for hiking through fall foliage

Late summer and fall bring another surge in visitor numbers and big crowds of domestic tourists. Mid-August is the start of the busy O-Bon (Festival of the Dead) season – the summer counterpart to Golden Week. National holidays, colorful festivals and blistering temperatures (over 38°C/100°F) keep sights crowded and accommodations expensive (and often fully booked). 

Many Japanese return to their hometowns or go on domestic vacations, so transport is hectic, and hotel prices soar. For a slightly calmer experience, head to the Okinawa Islands in the far southwest, where it's peak scuba diving season. The world's largest cosplay festival draws huge crowds to Nagoya City – book well in advance to secure accommodations.

Cooler mountain destinations are also popular in August, and Mt Fuji hosts hundreds of thousands of hikers during the mid-July to mid-September climbing season. Overnight summiteers should book mountain lodges well before starting the ascent. As August gives way to September, there's a brief lull before things pick up again during the fall foliage season.

In September, days are still warm – hot even – but less humid. Though the odd typhoon rolls through at this time of year, major cities are well-equipped to deal with bad weather, and this is generally a great time to travel in Japan. Coastal towns such as Kamakura and Shimoda on the Izu Peninsula provide the perfect combo of sunny afternoons, beachfront Airbnbs and temperate waters, making this a great time to hit the beach .

In late September, autumn colors start to paint the mountains and the north in vivid tones, and the wave of color moves slowly south across the country. The radiant foliage of deciduous trees, from golden ginkgos to vermillion Momiji trees, lures crowds to ancient gardens and well-worn mountain trails. Jazz music fills the streets of Sendai City and lures devoted fans during the  Jōzenji Street Jazz Festival .

Pleasantly warm days and cool evenings make October an excellent time to be in Japan. Fall foliage brings a blaze of color to the Japanese Alps, providing a stunning backdrop to its myriad mountain trails. Alternatively, stroll idly along Yokohama ’s fetching harbor before draining a few steins at the city’s annual Oktoberfest.

Late November is the most scenic time for hiking through the forests of Mt Takao and Mt Mitake on the outskirts of Tokyo, though early mornings and weekdays are recommended to avoid the weekend crush. The autumn leaves linger much longer than the cherry blossoms, so there’s less urgency among locals to charge out in great numbers, and it's a quieter experience than the spring melee to view sakura . In old daimyo (feudal lord) gardens, such as Rikugi-en in Tokyo and Kenroku-en in Kanazawa, the fiery leaves are illuminated after nightfall.

June and July are great for alpine hiking and summer festivals

June and July are the best months for hiking in the Japanese Alps, and nature enthusiasts flock to the great outdoors. Mountain escapes are perfect for adventurous travelers looking to escape the cities as the summer heat brews. Early June is lovely, but by the end of the month, tsuyu (the rainy season) sets in. Many Japanese hikers will call off a day in the mountains at the slightest threat of rain, meaning hiking trails usually escape the mid-summer crowds. For the same reason, June is a good time to take advantage of cheaper hotel and flight prices.

The rainy season passes in July, though the damp weather can linger for the first couple of weeks, bringing gray and gloomy skies. Firework festivals are big business in Japan in July, launching tens of thousands of rockets into the night skies over major cities, while Tanabata, the festival of star-crossed lovers, sees locals don traditional kimono and yukata robes and head out in search of romance.  

Taking a yakatabune (riverboat) tour during the 300-year-old Sumidagawa Fireworks Festival in Tokyo is strongly recommended; it's well worth the high price tag to avoid the gargantuan crowds (which can reach up to one million people). It gets very hot and humid as July draws to a close; savvy travelers head to cooler Hokkaidō or the Japanese Alps or hit the slopes of Mt Fuji, which opens to hikers in the middle of the month.

A small Japanese child sits playing in the snow on a ski slope

December to March is the best time for snow and low prices

In winter, sights are uncrowded, and accommodation is at its cheapest, except in Japan's ski resorts. Snow bunnies insist that Japan has some of the finest powder on the planet, particularly on the slopes of Hokkaidō in the far north. It’s worth digging deep and accepting the expense if you're a serious skier or boarder. 

December brings blue skies and cold temperatures across most of Japan. Bonenkai (year-end parties) fill city bars and restaurants, commercial strips are decorated with seasonal illuminations, and small Christmas markets sell mulled wine and festive trinkets.

Stick to the cities for New Year – many Japanese businesses shut down from December 29 or 30 to between January 3 and 6, and temples get busy. Local celebrations include Toshikoshi Soba, where locals eat soba noodles to usher in the New Year, and Joya-no-kane, the ringing of New Year bells.

Japan comes to life again in the second week of January, after the lull of the New Year holidays. Snow blankets the mountains of Hokkaidō and the country’s northern reaches. Major resorts such as Hokkaidō’s Niseko and Hakuba in Nagano host Olympic-quality slopes and are well set up for non-Japanese-speaking tourists. Be sure to finish off the day with a rejuvenating dip in one of Japan’s many onsens (hot spring bathhouses). 

February is the coldest month of the year, and this is the time to warm your insides with hot sake and steaming bowls of ramen noodles. It's still high season on the ski slopes, but if you prefer admiring the snow to slaloming down it, head to Hokkaidō for the annual Sapporo Snow Festival (Yuki Matsuri) – enormous, intricately crafted snow and ice sculptures are showcased throughout Sapporo City.

In central and southern parts of Japan,  ume (plum trees) start to blossom. Seek them out in gardens such as the legendary Kairaku-en in Mito.

Winter stumbles to a close in March. The month usually lives up to the old Japanese saying, sankan-shion – three days cold, four days warm. When the haru-ichiban (first spring wind) arrives, you can sense in the air that better days are just around the corner.

Meanwhile, the festival season gets into full swing, from the Omizutori Fire Festival at Nara’s Tōdai-ji temple to the curiously translocated I Love Ireland Festival and St Patrick’s Day parade in Tokyo in mid-March. As April nears, cherry blossoms start to bloom across Honshu.

This article was first published February 2021 and updated December 2023

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Young woman with backpack checking her boarding schedule at an airport.

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travel japan on april

Jan 3, 2024 • 7 min read

travel japan on april

Jan 2, 2024 • 11 min read

Top 10 Things to Do in Japan in April

Best things to do and places to visit in Japan in April

travel japan on april

Check out the best things to do in Japan in April! There are numbers of beautiful sights and activities that can be enjoyed only in April. I’m going to introduce 10 things you should definitely add to your bucket list if you are travelling in Japan in April. Don’t miss the best highlights of Japanese spring 🙂

1. Cherry Blossom Viewing

The top highlight of Japan, cherry blossoms (Sakura in Japanese) fascinate visitors to Japan from all around the world. Don’t miss to visit some of top sakura viewing spots in Japan for the most spectacular spring scenery! Numbers of cherry blossom festivals are also held in cities across Japan during the season. Check out the links below to find out the best time and places to see cherry blossoms and amazing viewing spots in Japan!

▶ Japan Cherry Blossom Forecast ▶ Best Places to View Cherry Blossoms in Japan

-Hanami Party

travel japan on april

Hanami means cherry blossom viewing in Japanese and it’s a part of spring culture among Japanese people for many centuries. People have Hanami parties at parks with picnic, enjoy drinking with friends and family under cherry trees during the season.

Some of famous cherry blossom viewing spots like Ueno Park and Yoyogi Park tend to get very busy during the blooming period. Normally they leave plastic blue sheets to reserve their space early in the morning and start Hanami party from day to night. Get your bento box and drinks and party like Japanese with beautiful cherry blossoms!

Recommended places to have Hanami in Tokyo ▶ Best Places to See Cherry Blossoms in Tokyo

– Enjoy Yozakura

travel japan on april

Yozakura means cherry blossoms at night. In Japan, people enjoy watching cherry blossoms at day and night and there are many places holding illuminations of cherry trees during the season. Here are list of top Yozakura spots in Japan!

Best Yozakura Spots ▶ Top 5 Spots in Japan for Cherry Blossom Night Viewing ▶ 5 Best Places to See Night Cherry Blossoms in Tokyo

If you are looking for special activities or tours with cherry blossoms in Japan, please visit the link below!

▶ Best Sakura Tours in Japan

2. Strawberry Dessert Buffet

travel japan on april

If you are a foodie or has a sweet tooth, you can’t miss this time of year in Japan to taste the premium Japanese strawberries! Japanese strawberries are in season from late winter to spring and you can find many strawberry products during the season. One of the most popular way to enjoy Japanese strawberries is strawberry dessert buffets, which are held at numbers of venues mostly in luxury hotels. Each venue offers a variety of high-quality and creative strawberry desserts and visitors can enjoy them as much as they like!

Related article ▶ Best Strawberry Buffets in Tokyo

3. Eat SAKURA Sweets

travel japan on april

During the cherry blossom season in Japan, people enjoy cherry blossoms not only by viewing but also tasting the flavour of them. Many shops, cafes and restaurants offer limited-time cherry blossom flavour sweets and drinks during the season. There are also many products featuring cherry blossom themes with pastel pink petal motif.

Related article  ▶ Sakura Food and Drinks in Japan 

Starbucks Japan produces various seasonal theme merchandise through the year, and their most popular collection is the SAKURA theme, which is available only during spring time. The Starbucks Japan SAKURA collection is out from February and available till it’s sold out. Collect the cutest pink items as much as you can!

Limited SAKURA items by Starbucks Japan ▶ Starbucks Japan Sakura Tumblers and Mugs

4. Strawberry Picking

One of the most popular activities in spring is strawberry picking. Japanese strawberries are really sweet and tasty. Besides dessert buffet, strawberry picking is a great way to indulge sweet and plumped Japanese strawberries. There are numbers of strawberry farms around Tokyo offering strawberry picking with all-you-can-eat style 😉

Related article  ▶ 6 Best Strawberry Picking Farms near Tokyo 

5. Join Spring Festivals

The festival season in Japan starts from April and numbers of traditional festivals are held throughout spring and summer. Joining a Japanese festival is possibly the best way to feel Japanese tradition, culture and local vibes. In spring, some traditional festival can be enjoyed together with beautiful cherry blossoms. Join them if you are around and have the most extraordinary experience 😉

Related article ▶ Japan’s 3 biggest spring festivals in April 

6. Tateyama Kurobe Alpine Route

travel japan on april

Tateyama Kurobe Alpine Route is a mountain sightseeing route which opens for a limited time from mid April to November. The route passes through the Northern Apls mountains between Tateyama in Toyama Prefecture and Omachi in Nagano Prefecture. It’s 37km long and can be travelled by 7 different transportation methods including cable car, ropeway and bus. One of the highlight of the route is the Great Snow Wall, which reaches up to 20m high. It can be seen before snow melts which is typically by the end of May.

Related article ▶ Guide to Tateyama Kurobe Alpine Route

7. Watch Japanese Professional Baseball Games

Baseball has been the most popular sport in Japan for many decades, so how about watching a world-class baseball game with an enthusiastic atmosphere while in Japan? The league is kicking off at the end of March through October, and games are held at several cities across Japan.

Get the tickets of popular Japanese baseball games online ▶ How to Get Japanese Baseball Game Tickets of All 12 Teams

8. Disney Easter

travel japan on april

Join Tokyo Disney Resort’s special event, Disney’s Easter starting from April to June. The whole park will be decorated with Easter theme. There will be special parades, egg hunting game, limited merchandise at shops and special menus at restaurants and cafes are available.

To check more of events in Disney Resort, check the article ▶  Tokyo Disneyland & DisneySea Event Schedule

9. Watch more Spring Flowers

travel japan on april

It’s not only cherry blossoms to brighten up Japanese spring. There are many other gorgeous flowers as beautiful as cherry blossoms and you can only see them during spring such as wisteria in Ashikaga , nemophila in Hitachi Seaside Park and Pink Moss near Mt Fuji .

Spring flowers apart from cherry blossoms ▶ Must-Visit Flower Festivals around Tokyo in Spring!

10. Hit Okinawa’s Beaches

travel japan on april

Don’t wait till summer! If you wanna swim in a beautiful ocean, Okinawa is ready for you in April. Their beaches officially start opening from March and good to swim in April. It’s also good time to avoid crowds and the temperature is moderate.

Okinawa beaches ▶ Okinawa Beaches: Best Season to Visit

▼Check out the Travel Info in Japan in May!▼

Top 10 Things to Do in Japan in May

▽How to Get Internet Connection during traveling in Japan▽ ▶︎ Perfect Guide to Get WiFi Connection in Japan ▶︎ Which Pocket WiFi Rental is the Best in Japan? ▶︎ Which SIM card Option to Choose in Japan? ▶︎ How to Find and Use Free WiFi in Japan

Did you enjoy the list?? If you are planning your trip to Japan this spring, you may also wanna check out these articles introducing useful info and beautiful things about Japanese spring! So have a look 😉

Cherry Blossom Forecast in Japan 2023: When is the Best Season

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One Day Trips from Tokyo in Spring: Best Cherry Blossom Spots near Tokyo

▼Editor’s Picks▼

Starbucks Japan Sakura Tumblers and Mugs 2023

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Should I Travel to Japan in April?

The question of whether to travel to Japan in April is an important one, as the weather and other factors can have a major impact on your experience. In general, April is a great time to visit Japan due to its mild climate and vibrant spring scenery. This season also sees many outdoor festivals taking place around the country, making it easier for travellers to explore and enjoy traditional Japanese culture. However, there are also some potential drawbacks that should be taken into consideration when deciding if this is the right month for you to visit Japan. April typically brings temperatures ranging from 8-17 degrees Celsius (46-63 Fahrenheit) during the day depending on where you’re visiting in Japan – ideal for those who don’t like extreme heat or cold. The season also sees beautiful cherry blossoms blooming across cities such as Tokyo and Kyoto which makes it an especially good time for sightseeing enthusiasts looking for breathtaking views of nature’s beauty at its peak. Additionally, several cultural events occur throughout April giving travelers plenty of opportunities to interact with locals and learn more about local customs while having fun at the same time!

Things To Do In Japan In April | Spring Festivals and Events | Lin Nyunt

Japan travel restrictions, worst time to visit japan, japan in april weather, japan in april 2022, best time to visit japan 2022, is it good to visit japan in april, how cold is japan in april, is april a good time to visit tokyo, when should i visit japan to avoid the crowds.

If you’ve been thinking about taking a trip to Japan, April is the perfect time to go. Not only does this month mark the start of cherry blossom season, but temperatures are mild and pleasant in most parts of the country. Plus, there are plenty of events and festivals happening throughout April that make it an exciting and unique travel experience. April marks the start of one of Japan’s most beloved traditions: hanami (cherry blossom viewing). During this period, which usually lasts from early April through mid-May, people gather together under blooming sakura trees to have picnics and parties with friends or family. It’s a wonderful way to take in nature while experiencing Japanese culture firsthand. The best part is that these blossoms can be seen all over Japan—from rural villages in Kyushu to bustling metropolises like Tokyo and Osaka. In addition to its beautiful scenery during springtime, Japan has many cultural events going on throughout April as well. In Kyoto alone there are numerous traditional festivals such as Aoi Matsuri (the Hollyhock Festival), Gion Matsuri (the Festival of Yasaka Shrine) and Jidai Matsuri (the Festival of Ages). There’s also sumo wrestling tournaments held at various locations around the country for those looking for more active pursuits!

With the world still grappling with the coronavirus pandemic, travel restrictions are commonplace. Japan is no exception, and many potential travelers may be wondering what to expect when planning a trip to this island nation. In this blog post we’ll explore Japan’s current travel restrictions in detail so you can make an informed decision about whether to book your next vacation there. As of April 2021, all non-Japanese nationals are not allowed entry into Japan unless they meet certain criteria such as having a valid work visa or being married to a Japanese citizen. This applies even if travelers have proof of vaccination against COVID-19; only Japanese citizens and foreign residents with special permission from the government will be permitted entry at present time. Travelers who do enter must abide by strict quarantine protocols upon arrival –– most commonly 14 days in either their own residence or hotel accommodation –– and provide contact information for tracing purposes. All passengers entering through airports must also present negative PCR tests taken within 72 hours before departure (although exemptions may be made on humanitarian grounds). Additionally, local governments in each prefecture may require additional testing upon arrival or during quarantine periods (at traveler’s expense) depending on their risk assessment of that particular area.

If you’re planning a trip to Japan in April, you’ll want to know what the weather will be like so that you can pack accordingly. In this blog post, we’ll discuss the overall climate of Japan during April and provide some tips on how to prepare for your journey. April is considered one of the best months of the year to visit Japan as it marks the start of spring when temperatures are milder compared to summer and winter months. The average temperature in Tokyo during April ranges between 10°C-20°C (50°F-68°F). However, northern regions can experience temperatures as low as 5°C (41°F) while Okinawa is usually much warmer at an average temperature of 22°C (72°F). In terms of precipitation, most parts of Japan receive around 7 days worth rain and showers throughout April with total rainfall ranging from 30mm (.1in) in Hokkaido up to 100mm(4in) in Kanto region. Snowfall is still common across many cities including Sapporo where snow continues into late May or early June! So if you’re travelling northward make sure you bring along a coat or warm clothing just incase. When packing for your trip keep these points in mind: layers are key!

April 2022 is an exciting time to be in Japan! As the cherry blossoms begin to bloom, the country is getting ready for a vibrant season of festivals and events. Whether you are looking for cultural experiences or just wanting to explore nature’s beauty, there’s something special waiting for everyone in April. Here’s what you should know about traveling to Japan in April 2022: Festivals and Events April marks the start of hanami (cherry blossom viewing) season, which will last until May – when it begins to warm up again. During this period of time, many parks become hubs of activity as people gather around the trees at night with food and drinks to celebrate spring’s arrival. You can also take part in one-of-a-kind festivals such as Kodomo no Hi (Children’s Day), Tanabata Matsuri (Star Festival), and Sanja Matsuri (Three Shrine Festival). Each festival has its own unique history, traditions, costumes and performances that make them truly unforgettable experiences! Nature Experiences One of the best ways to experience Japan’s natural beauty is by taking advantage of its stunning mountain ranges. From hikes along Mt Fuji or Mt Tateyama; hot springs located across various onsen towns; or camping out under clear night skies – there are plenty of opportunities for outdoor exploration during April 2022.

If you’re planning a trip to Japan and want to make the most of your visit, then knowing the best time to travel is essential. There are certain times of year in which visiting Japan may be more advantageous than others, depending on what type of experience you’re looking for. One of the best times to visit Japan is during 2022. During this time, temperatures will be milder than other parts of the year due to its location within the temperate zone and there won’t be any major holidays or festivals taking place that would disrupt flights or accommodations availability. Not only will you have plenty of options for transportation and lodging, but there will also still be enough cherry blossom trees in bloom throughout April and May offering an incredibly beautiful sightseeing opportunity. The summer months (June through August) can often prove too hot for many visitors who aren’t used to extreme heat; however if you do choose to come during these months there are some great activities available such as music festivals and fireworks displays that take place across various cities in Japan at night allowing visitors a unique cultural experience when it cools down slightly after dark. The autumn season offers another period where travelers can get out into nature with amazing foliage colors visible near Mt Fuji while snow-capped mountains provide picturesque backdrops further north closer towards Hokkaido Island region.

Should I Travel to Japan in April?

Credit: livejapan.com

April is a great time to visit Japan, as the temperatures are just beginning to warm up and the cherry blossoms have begun to bloom. But how cold does it get in April? The average temperature for most of Japan in April falls between 10-20°C (50-68°F). The northern regions, such as Hokkaido and Tohoku, tend to be colder with temperatures ranging from 4-15°C (39-59°F), while Kyushu and Okinawa enjoy warmer weather with averages of 16-23°C (61-73°F). It’s important to note that much of this temperature varies depending on where you are located within Japan. For example, Tokyo usually sees an average high of around 18 °C (64 °F) during April while Sapporo experiences highs closer to 11 °C(52 °F). As well, there can be many fluctuations throughout the month – one day could be mild before dropping drastically overnight or vice versa. So it’s always best to bring layers when visiting Japan so you’re prepared for any kind of weather! In terms of precipitation, April tends to see more rainfall than other months due to its position between spring and summer. It also tends towards being windy during this period because the jet stream shifts northwards causing strong winds from Siberia into mainland Japan.

If you’re looking for a time to visit Tokyo, April is an excellent choice! This month during the spring season offers visitors a unique mix of sights and experiences. From the cherry blossom trees in full bloom to the many cultural events that take place throughout the city, there are plenty of reasons why April is such an ideal month for visiting Tokyo. One of the most popular attractions in Tokyo during this month is its famous cherry blossom trees. As temperatures begin to rise in early April, Japan’s famed pink and white sakura (cherry blossoms) come alive all over the city. The spectacle attracts thousands of people who flock to parks like Ueno, Shinjuku Gyoen and Sumida Park just to admire their beauty – making it one of April’s biggest draws! It also signals a time when people gather outdoors with friends, family or colleagues for hanami (flower viewing) picnics under these gorgeous blooms – creating a truly unforgettable experience. Aside from its stunning natural scenery, another reason why April is so great for visiting Tokyo has everything to do with its seasonal activities: festivals!

If you’re looking to avoid the crowds when visiting Japan, timing is key. While there are popular tourist spots throughout the year, certain times of year can be especially crowded due to holidays and festivals. To ensure your visit is as stress-free as possible and to get a more authentic experience of Japanese culture while avoiding large groups of tourists, here are some tips on when it’s best to travel: 1) Visit during the off season: Even though summer and winter in Japan tend to be extremely busy with visitors from abroad, spring (March-May) or autumn (September-November) can be a great time for sightseeing without too many people around. During this period there will still be plenty of activities going on – such as hanami flower viewing in spring or koyo leaf viewing in fall – but not all places will be at maximum capacity like they would during peak season. 2) Avoid Obon week & New Year celebrations: Obon week takes place each August – traditionally an important festival which honors deceased ancestors – so if you want an uncrowded experience it’s best avoided altogether. The same goes for New Year celebrations which take place over several days between December 29th and January 3rd; these dates attract huge numbers of domestic travelers who come home for the holiday season making them incredibly busy periods that should generally be avoided if possible.

If you’re considering a trip to Japan in April, then the answer is a resounding yes! April marks the beginning of spring in Japan, and it’s an ideal time for sightseeing. The weather is mild and pleasant, perfect for outdoor activities like biking or hiking. Plus, with the cherry blossom season just starting up in late March/early April, you can take part in one of Japan’s most beloved traditions: hanami (flower-viewing). You can also experience unique festivals like Aomori Nebuta Matsuri or Tokyo’s Sanja Festival. And when it comes to food, there are plenty of seasonal dishes that will make your taste buds happy. So don’t hesitate – plan your trip now and get ready to explore all that Japan has to offer during this beautiful time of year!

Izumi Kenta

Hi, I’m Izumi Kenta from Japan. By profession, I worked as a tourist guide and interpreter in Japan. Besides this profession, I’m a hobbyist blogger. I love to talk about different things about Japan and share them with a wider audience who wants to know about my country. To share my thoughts, I’ve created this site Visitjapan and brought some Japanese travel enthusiasts and tourists worldwide to share their experiences.

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Japan in April: Weather, Tips & Cherry Blossoms

Woman wearing traditional kimono around cherry blossoms in Japan in April.

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As winter ends and the famous pink petals of cherry trees cover the country, springtime celebrations start taking place throughout Japan. A warmer weather encourages sightseeing tours and outdoor experiences, and there are countless amazing views, from historic landmarks to nature reserves, to discover. A trip to Japan in April ensures that you can experience everything that this stunning country has to offer.

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Japan Weather in April

Panoramic flower gardens in Hokkaido during spring weather in Japan.

The weather begins to warm up in Japan in April and daytime temperatures average 17°C. Nighttime temperatures, on the other hand, are cooler, hovering at around 10°C. Expect a colder climate in Hokkaido, the northernmost island of the country, than in Honshu. The temperature in Hokkaido’s capital, Sapporo, peaks at around 8°C, although the mercury can dip down to 0.6°C. The rainy season is yet to start in Japan in April. However, do not be surprised if you get caught in a shower in Tokyo during this time of year.

For a seasonal overview, see our article on the best time to visit Japan .

Weather in Japan in April - Rainfall and Temperatures

Why visit japan in april.

Early morning sky over Osaka Castle in Japan in April.

There are many exciting things to do in Japan , from attending cherry blossom festivals to seeing geishas perform. Below are some of the reasons why a trip to the country in April is worth every cent.

  • Cherry blossoms: The Tokyo National Museum welcomes visitors to browse through a wide array of authentic Japanese cherry blossom art. In addition to artworks, this museum is home to ten different varieties of cherry trees. The exhibit runs until April 10.
  • Miyako Odori: Kyoto celebrates the arrival of spring with a stunning display of traditional Japanese theater and music performed by the city’s best geishas and dancers.
  • Osaka’s castle and gardens: Make the most of your stay in April with a trip to Osaka, home to a historic castle with gardens where cherry trees blossom.

Where to go and what to do

Cherry blossom rows along the Meguro river in Tokyo, Japan

There are many fascinating destinations to visit in Japan in April. Tokyo, the country’s capital, is a great place to start. A popular spot in the city to spot cherry blossoms is Shinjuku Gyoen Garden. While in the city, you might also want to spend some time gazing at the stunning scenery created by petals falling over the surface of the Meguro River. If you still have some time at hand, make sure that you attend the popular Bunkyo Azalea Festival, a flower festival held every year in the capital.

The best place to visit in Osaka in April is the Osaka Castle Park and Gardens. Relax on the parkland of this 16th-century gilded tower, taking pictures of cherry trees filled with blossoms. Another popular spot to see these fantastic flowers is Nara Park, located in the city of Nara. The park is filled with over 1,700 Japanese cherry trees that rain their petals onto docile deer that reside there.

Visit Kyoto as it celebrates the spring in April with a dazzling display of dance and music during the Miyako Odori Festival. Real geishas along with their apprentices (maikos) and other performers hold shows at 12:30, 14:30 and 16:30, every day from April 1 to April 24.

As the cold days of winter recede into memory, Japan comes alive with festivities and celebrations in April. This is when cherry trees bloom and travelers throng parks and gardens throughout the country to see the pastel swirls of cherry petals. Heading for Japan in April offers you a chance to see the country at its finest, although you will have to contend with the crowds, both domestic and international.

Interested in a personalized travel experience? Feel free to reach out to our travel experts for a customized itinerary for visiting Japan or check our travel guide on how many days to spend in Japan .

You can also browse our trips to Japan in April for instant inspiration.

More information

Japan in March Japan in May Places to visit in Japan Planning a trip to Japan Private tours in Japan Group tours in Japan

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travel japan on april


Cherry blossoms in central and northern japan.

travel japan on april

In April, the cherry blossom season hits central Japan and floats up north. In the Kanto region, the small, delicate flowers usually appear towards the end of March and into early April. Both rural areas and big cities crawl with travelers determined to catch the short-lived season. Even the concrete jungle of Tokyo becomes a jungle of pink. In Ueno Park , over 1,000 Japanese sakura trees grow closely together creating a dense tunnel of petals. Outside of Tokyo, if you go to Hakone , you’ll cruise around Lake Ashi , where you can see the cherry blossoms in strikingly picturesque landscapes with Mt. Fuji in the distance. The northernmost island, Hokkaido , is the last to get cherry blossoms. Sakura spotters usually predict Hokkaido’s season to start in late April, but in the past few years, popular destinations like Odori Park in Sapporo haven’t experienced a full bloom until the first week of May. Click Here for Our Cherry Blossom Tours for 2024, 2025 & 2026


travel japan on april

The Takayama Sanno Spring Festival is one of the most well-known festivals in Japan. During this event, 1,000 people participate in a procession straight out of the 15th century. The musicians leading the parade beat drums, sound bells, and wear hats adorned with bird feathers. Meanwhile, dancers perform the shishimai (lion dance) and wear headgear designed to look like lions. At the end of the parade, over 10 yatai (giant floats) are pulled through the streets. These yatai have all sorts of decorations including marionettes that move from systems of pulleys built inside of them. The marionettes move so fluidly, you'll find it difficult to believe they were developed during the Edo period ! At night, 100 paper lanterns are placed on each float creating an even more spectacular sight. It’s no wonder that the Sanno Festival is the pride of the small mountain town of Takayama. Click Here for Tours that Include Takayama Spring Festival for 2024, 2025 & 2026


travel japan on april

If you love flowers, take an hour and a half ride from Tokyo on the bullet train to Tochigi Prefecture’s Ashikaga Flower Park. All year, you can see different types of seasonal flowers and a stunning LED light display in the winter . Ashikaga Flower Park’s main attraction is the wisteria flowers that bloom from mid-April to mid-May. During this time, you can walk through an 80-meter (262 foot) wisteria tunnel and see one of Tochigi Prefecture’s greatest treasures: A 100-year-old wisteria tree so massive its branches have to be supported by beams. Click Here for Tours that Include Ashikaga Flower Park for 2024, 2025 & 2026 Click Here to Read About More Stunning Gardens in Japan


travel japan on april

Geisha —women trained in traditional Japanese arts —are the very embodiment of Japanese beauty and culture. Travelers to Japan often scramble for the chance to catch just a glimpse of a geisha on the streets or have the opportunity to meet one. Unfortunately, it’s not so easy. Geisha don’t step out on the streets in full get-up unless they’re dashing to a taxi on their way to work, and to schedule a meeting with a geisha you must go through a third party—like our well-connected staff at All Japan Tours . In April, however, geisha and maiko (apprentice geisha) put on a public performance at the Gion Kobu Kaburenjo Theater in Kyoto called the Miyako Odori. Shows happen every day through April, but be warned: this event often sells out quickly as the theater can only hold about 900 people! Click Here for More Information About the Miyako Odori


travel japan on april

From April 29th to May 5th, you might start to notice more and more Japanese people spending their time leisurely. During this season, five national holidays and two weekends pass in a period known as Golden Week. Many Japanese businesses and all schools close on these days. Locals usually take this opportunity to travel either domestically or abroad (Showa Day being one of the biggest days for travel in Japan), hence the crowds getting bigger and prices rising. One of the most anticipated holidays is Kodomo no Hi (Children’s Day) which falls on May 5th, but you’ll start to see the preparations during April. No matter where you are in Japan, you’ll see koinobori (koi fish streamers) hanging from homes and businesses. Koi are said to be the most spirited and strongest fish in Japan because they can swim upstream, thus these windsocks represent children's abilities to overcome challenges. Not only do the colorful koi make for wonderful photos, but some businesses use customized streamers to represent their industries making “koi hunting” a fun activity as you explore Japan! Whether you prefer to spend your spring strolling through flower gardens or reveling in joyous festivals, Japan has something for everyone! If you plan to continue your vacation itinerary from April to May….


Click here to see our april itineraries.



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Attending a Japanese festival is an experience unlike any other! Here are our favorite annual events......

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Dear Japanese

13 Fun Things To Do In Japan In April 2024

Here are fun things to do in Japan in April. Check it out!

Are you visiting Japan this upcoming April?

Then you are obviously looking to do something fun and exciting.

However, do you really know what Japan has to offer during this month?

Well, I know that you have collided with me after searching for things to do in Japan in April.

Hence, of course, you are here to gather as much information as needed to be prepared to travel to our beautiful country.

And, don’t worry, as I have enough knowledge about Japan, from stunning spots to the delightful festivals, you are at the right hand now.

Today I will introduce you to some fun things to do in Japan that you should definitely add to your bucket list.

Fun Things to Do in Japan in April: Don’t Miss The Highlights!

While planning a trip to Japan in April, there are many places to visit and festivals to attend.

The arrival of spring brings warm temperatures throughout the country, and it is the best time to visit Japan if you want to avoid the cold winter.

Okay, it’s time to move forward to see what type of fun is waiting for you.

Attend Japanese Festivals & Events in April

Festivals are where April shines the most!

And that’s why my first segment is all about entertaining festivals and events./spa

1. Miyako Odori Dance Festival in Kyoto

Beautiful girls are dancing and entertaining you!!

Doesn’t it sound appealing?

Yes, the Miyako Odori Dance Festival is such a treat for you.

This fest has been traditionally held each year since 1873, from April 1 to April 24 (closed on Monday), in Kyoto’s Minami-za Kabuki theatre building.

Miyako Odori Dance Festival, Kyoto.

Around 60 actors perform on this fiesta, including the famous geisha and maiko.

In case you are trying to figure out what to do in Japan during April, which is vastly fun and holds historical background, you should not miss attending this show.

The dance performance has a long history and has been maintained carefully for ages.

Each year they come up with a new theme of a dance show, and you are going to be pleased with their unique presentation of performances.

The show lasts for one hour which features eight scenes representing all of the seasons of Japan.

The engaging scenery, costumes, and live music are simply exceptional that even without understanding the Japanese language, you will be mesmerized by the execution.

Geisha in traditional attire

Anyway, keep in mind that taking photos during the performances is prohibited.

But, there are colorful booklets available to purchase, which are worth buying.

Each day three shows are executed starting at 12.30, 14.30, and 16.30.

You can purchase the ticket on the day of the show, but I will suggest you reserve beforehand through their official site .

Also, check out the performance time as it may vary from time to time.

2. Inuyama Festival in Aichi Prefecture

Inuyama festival has been held on the first Saturday and Sunday of April each year since 1635 at Inuyama city.

The main fascination of this event is the parade consisting of 13 three-story floats designated as tangible folk culture assets that go out to the town showing off Karakuri dolls, together with flutes and drums.

Japanese lanterns in Festival

Even though you can enjoy the scenery in the daytime, but to me, the evening holds the most exciting part.

Inuyama Yosakoi festival today. Amazingly cool pic.twitter.com/wYQfGwCiz7 — Mike T (@Janny_Nash) June 3, 2018

At night, each vehicle is lit up by 365 Japanese lanterns creating an instagrammable scene.

So, make sure your camera is always prepared to capture some stunning pictures and videos.

3. Takayama Festival in Gifu Prefecture

Here I came up with another float festival.

And, this fiesta is organized at the renowned historic town in Japan Alps, Takayama city, twice a year in autumn and spring .

You can attend this spring festival on April 14 and 15.

It is considered one of Japan’s most charming festivals, along with Saitama’s Chichibu Yomatsuri and Kyoto’s Gion Matsuri.

Takayama Festival

From morning to late afternoon, the floats (yatai) are exhibited in the streets of Takayama.

Several of these floats are decorated with karakuri ningyo (sophisticated mechanical dolls) that can move and dance.

Takayama Festival doll dance

Watching such cool stuff is going to add a new chapter to your Japan trip.

If you plan this tour with your family and kids, I will recommend you attend this fest, as your child will surely enjoy the puppets show.

It’s quite possible that your little kiddo will start dancing along with the dolls!!

4. Enjoy Hanami Party Throughout The Month

In Japanese, Hanami means cherry blossom viewing, and it’s been a part of the culture among Japanese people for many generations.

If you are coming to Japan in April, watching the fully bloomed cherry blossoms is a must-see activity.

These beautiful flowers cover the whole country with a soft pink blanket that attracts thousands of tourists from far away to its parks, gardens, and lakes.

Cherry blossom in spring

The view will give you a feeling of entering a colorful wonderland.

People of all ages enjoy Hanami parties at parks by drinking with family and friends under the cherry trees.

Some of the most well-known cherry blossom viewing spots like Yoyogi Park and Ueno Park tend to get busy during the blooming period, so expect crowds in these places.

Hanami celebration japan

Generally, people leave a blue plastic sheet to reserve their place in the early morning and begin the Hanami party from the day until the night.

So, don’t forget to pack your box of food and drinks to join the Japanese in this upcoming Hanami party.

Other stunning spots in Tokyo for Sakura viewing are Shinjuku Gyoen, Meguro River, Chidorigafuchi, Sumida Park, Inokashira Park, Rikugien Garden, Tokyo Midtown, and so on.

Insokashira park cherry blossom

Among them, Chidorigafuchi is mostly famous among couples; hence if your trip partner is your spouse, visiting this place can bring a romantic date opportunity for you.

And of course, as Tokyo is one of the best cities to visit in Japan in April, there is always something happening to catch your eyes.

Now, if you are a night bird, then you should go for Yozakura (cherry blossoms at night) events in Japan, and many places hold illumination of cherry trees during the season.

Cherry blossom at Hirosaki Park

To name a few spots with amazing light-up are Hirosaki Park (in Aomori Prefecture), Takada Castle (in Niigata Prefecture), Sagami Lake (in Kanto area), and Maruyama Park (in Kyoto).

5. Watch Some Other Beautiful Spring Flower Festivals

Well, if you think that only cherry blossoms brighten up Japan’s gardens, then you are wrong.

Many other gorgeous flower events are arranged around the whole country in April.

Wisteria Festival at Ashikaga Park

The most famous ones are Nemophila Harmony at Hitachi Seaside Park, Wisteria Festival at Ashikaga Park, and Fuji Shibazakura Festival at the base of Mount Fuji.

Every year I can’t resist going to Hitachi Seaside Park, and you can guess the reason by looking at the photo below.

Nemophila at Hitachi Seaside Park

Isn’t it lovely?

I assume when you post a photo with this background on social media, all of your friends will ask where the location is.

And getting such feedback will definitely make your trip a hit.

The Kanamara Festival 

One of the most crowded spring events in Japan is the Kawasaki Kanamara Festival, which takes place on the first Sunday in April.

In this festival you’ll see three giant phallic portable shrines being carried away in a huge parade. You’ll also find phallic shaped merchandise to pick as souvenirs.   

This festival began in the 1600s when people gathered to pray to protect them against STIs and STDs. Today, the festival raises money for protection against HIV. 

Today, instead of focusing on the sex industry, the festival today focuses more on successful marriages and pregnancies 

6. Join The Disney’s Easter Event

As most travelers choose Japan’s capital city for their tour destination, I have been asked quite a lot, where to go in Tokyo in April?

Well, it is one of the best places to visit throughout the year, and you will find something happening all the time.

But, there is a special event that only takes place during the month of April to June, which is Disney’s Easter.

Cute easter egg

Celebrated in Tokyo Disney Resort, the whole park is decorated with an Easter theme at the time of the occasion.

Joining the event will give you the opportunity of enjoying special parades and egg hunting games.

Also, shops sell limited merchandise, and you can taste special menus at cafes & restaurants.

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Top 18 Entertaining Things to Do in Japan in May

7. The Beppu Hot Spring Festival

We celebrate a festival called “Beppu Hatto Onsen Festival” every April in Beppu, home to some of the finest onsens in the world.

It is arranged to show gratitude to the onsen in Beppu.

In early April, many events take place for a week, including the Ogiyama Fire Festival and the Beppu Hatto Onsen Festival.

Ogiyama is Japan’s largest fire festival in which they burn the front side of Mount Ohira.

First, they light up fire on the edges, and then the wind does the rest work, spreading it throughout the area.

If you are afraid, then be noted that the fire is controlled by the management, and you shouldn’t be worried about any accident.

Anyway, it takes nearly 2.5 hours to burn the entire side of the mountain.

On the other hand, during the Beppu Hatto Onsen Festival, people carry onsen hot water, splash them everywhere, and dance to the music.

Beppu city Hot Spring

Moreover, many of the city’s onsen facilities are free at this time. Thus, visitors from all over the country come to soak their bodies in the hot onsen and relax.

And, be assured not to miss the local delicacies served in the stalls.

8. The Tejikara Fire Festival

Said to have more than 300 years of history, the Tejikara Fire Festival is organized on the second Saturday of every April.

On this occasion, muscular men carry around firecracker-filled portable shrines.

The fire sparks fly up from the shrine, and a lot of men dance wildly around it, ringing bells.

So, don’t you think watching such a scene will add a dramatic experience to your trip?

Yes, obviously, especially if you are a woman, it will be one of the crazy things to do, looking at masculine men dancing and entertaining!!

Anyway, it is believed that if you walk underneath the flames, you won’t get sick for a year.

9. Celebrate The Rich Culture of Kamakura

In Kamakura, the ancient city in Kanagawa Prefecture, every year on the second and third Sunday of April, a festival is held in Tsurugaoka Hachimangu Shrine.

On the first day, the Shizuka no Mai dance performance takes place, which is based on the tragic love story of Lady Shizuka , a popular figure of Japanese history.

The dance represents the heroine’s story from the “Tale of Heike”, a classic of old Japanese literature.

Lady Shizuka was in deep love with the warlord Minamoto no Yoshitsune. She was caught by an enemy warlord Yoritomo and either died by suicide or killed, depending on the verdict.

Therefore, if you visit Kamakura, don’t forget to attend this ceremony.

Horseback Archery

On the festival’s last day, the yabusame tournament of horseback archery competition happens.

Showing off exceptional samurai skills, each competitor must shoot an arrow at the target when the horse is running at full speed.

10. The Golden Week of Japan

From April 29th to May 5th is the golden week in Japan, which has five national holidays and two weekends.

At this time, many Japanese businesses and all schools remain closed.

And that’s why you will find more Japanese people in various tourist spots.

As the golden week is the busiest travel season in Japan, hotel rooms get pricey, and trains and places are packed with locals and tourists.

So, if you are not a fan of the crowd, you should avoid this period of the year.

But, it is when you will see more Japanese people and their way of partying and spending leisure time.

Apart from that, you will be able to attend the Spring Grand Festival, which is arranged at Meiji Shrine in Tokyo.

Meiji Shrine

The week-long celebration features a splendid lineup of many ceremonies and traditional performances led by the masters in the field.

Hence, if you decide to come during the golden week, don’t forget to pay a visit to this shrine.

Best Places to Visit in Japan in April

Besides all the above festivals, there are many excellent sights available to see in Japan in April that you shouldn’t miss out on.

Here take a peek at all these phenomenal locations.

11. Tateyama Kurobe Alpine Route

Limitedly open from mid-April to November, Tateyama Kurobe Alpine Route is a mountain sightseeing route.

If you hope to see the great snow wall “Yuki no Otani”, April is the most suitable time for visiting there, as the snow starts to melt from the end of May.

snow wall at Tateyama Kurobe Alpine Route

The routes include numerous spectacular viewpoints, and you can enjoy seven different types of transport including, bus, funicular, trolleybus, and aerial tramway.

Tateyama Kurobe Alpine Route

The route is closed for any type of private vehicle.

You can also hike towards the peak of Mount Tateyama.

Personally, I like Murodo, the highest point of Tateyama Alpine Route, where you will be stunned by the magnificent view of the mountain range with the pond.


You can also ride the 1.7 Km long ropeway between the Kurobedaira and Daikando station, which will give you an adventurous thrill.

For ticket prices and other information, I suggest you visit their official site .

12. Hit Okinawa’s Beaches When The Crowd is Less!!

An ocean wind can put your mind at peace!!

And, you don’t need to wait till summer to enjoy a beach trip.

If you want to enjoy swimming in a beautiful ocean, Okinawa is ready to treat you in April.

Most of the beaches are officially open around March and April.

Many people wonder whether April is a good time to visit Okinawa or not.

If you have the same concern, then let me inform you that the temperature during this month is moderate. That’s why, it is one of the best times to visit there.

Sea beach in Okinawa

As Okinawa has some of the best resorts in Japan with a cozy feel and high-end facilities, you don’t even need to worry about your stay at all.

Apart from beaches, April allows you to cherish some magical moments and landscapes that will give you a fantastic fictional world vibe.

And, some of the places that are worth visiting include Meguro River (in Tokyo), Kamogawa River (in Kyoto), Akagi Senbonzakura (in Gunma), Matsumoto Castle (in Nagano), Nagoya Castle (in Nagoya), Osaka Castle (in Osaka), Nara Park (in Nara), and so on.

Try Seasonal Japanese Food in April

As you have already seen that April is a month of lots of festivals, various seasonal dishes & snacks are available throughout the country.

Many restaurants and cafes in Japan offer cherry blossom-flavored drinks and sweets.

Starbucks Japan sells limited-time cherry blossom Frappuccino and hot beverages, which are extremely popular.

Apart from this, when you are in Japan in April, you can’t miss the opportunity to taste premium Japanese strawberries.

Strawberry dessert

From January to May, numerous hotels host strawberry dessert buffets with an exceptional menu.

Takenoko (bamboo shoots) is another famous dish that is served in various ways, on its own or with side dishes and toppings.

Okay, I have completed discussing the things you can do as well as foods that you can try in April.

And now, I am going to share some important facts like the climate, expected crowd, and cost of Japan in April.

Weather in Japan During April 2023

When it comes to the temperature, expect a difference from region to region.

Here you can see the variance in the below chart.

What to Wear in Japan in April?

If you are not going to visit Hokkaido or other colder regions of Japan, be prepared for an average spring temperature and weather.

Do not forget to bring some comfortable shoes as you will walk a lot.

I recommend you pack some heavier clothes just in case you need them, but otherwise, you will be fine with skirts, shirts, shorts, and other light clothing.

On the other hand, if you travel to Hokkaido, prepare yourself for a mild winter.

Especially in the evening, the temperature of this region gets pretty cold, so pack clothing like long pants, sweaters, winter socks, and boots.

And for the daytime, you will be okay with lighter clothes.

Costs & Crowds In Japan in April 2023

April is considered one of the busiest months in Japan. Many travelers choose this month to avoid the cold winter, and there are several holidays throughout the month.

Schools in Japan have their spring holidays from late March to earlier April, and later in the month is the beginning of Golden Week, when several public holidays fall.

Also, many Japanese people take their annual leave at this time, and that’s why most of Japan’s tourist attractions get very busy.

Availability of trains and domestic flights can be limited due to the rush.

So, if you are traveling in this time period, be sure to book everything as soon in advance as possible.

As well, expect to pay relatively high prices for hotel rooms and other expenses.

Alright, we are now at the edge of our writing.

Hence, I am going to wrap it up here.

By far, you have gathered all the necessary information about the things to do in Japan in April.

However, remember that no matter where you visit in April, there is always something that will please your interest.

And wherever you will be, you are going to have a blast in our country.

Lastly, happy traveling.

Japan In April: FAQs

What season is april in japan.

In Japan, April falls in the season of spring. It is also one of the best seasons to visit Japan because of the fresh weather, which is not too cold or warm.

Can you ski in Japan in April?

Generally, the ski season in Japan is from mid-January to early April. However, the season may run longer or shorter depending on the region and weather conditions.

As many ski resorts are open till early May, you can surely ski in Japan in April.

Such as, Nozawa Onsen Ski Resort stays open till May 6th, and you can easily go there to enjoy this popular snow activity.

Is April a good time to visit Japan?

April is a good time to visit Japan. During April, Japan will be the most vibrant as it’ll be spring in Japan. You can attend lots of Spring festivals in Japan during this time. You can also view the beautiful cherry blossoms in April.

You will also get to try out a lot of seasonal foods in Japan during the month of April. The weather is also pretty pleasant and warm across Japan in April. 

Is it cold in Japan in April?

It’s not too cold in April in Japan. Infact, it’s pleasantly warm in Japan in April. The temperatures can rise up to an average of 19°C (66°F) and dip to 10°C (50°F) during early mornings and nights. 

What clothes to wear in Tokyo in April?

In the month of April, Tokyo is not too cold and is pleasantly warm. The temperatures may dip a bit in the nights. So as long as you carry cardigans and light coats that you can easily wear or remove depending on the temperature you should be good. A couple of jeans and some tops and shirts should be good for Tokyo in April. 

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Kanpai-japan.com logo

Things to do in Japan in April

April is a month of celebration in Japan. With the back-to-school period nearing and the famous cherry trees blooming, Japanese people invade parks and gardens, searching for the best spot to spread their blue tarpaulin and enjoy picnicking with friends and family. Vendors selling popular local food fan out near shrines and temples and draw hungry visitors coming to witness the wonders of the traditional landscapes.

Tourism statistics

April is among one of the three main touristic periods in Japan. Recognized by travel experts as one, if not the most, beautiful season of the year, the Japanese spring appeals to a dense crowd of foreign visitors, from Western countries and from Asia.

Booking your travel months in advance is highly recommended, especially as accommodations for group travel fill quickly.

Before enjoying their one week vacation, the Golden Week starting around April 29th, Japanese people will join the tourists crowds in the evenings and on the weekends earlier in the month.

Climate and weather

Temperatures become nicer with an average of 12 to 14°C (53 to 57°F) in the main cities. At midday, the sunny weather will bring a pleasant warmth with a temperature close to 20°C (68°F). This climate is totally suitable for outdoor urban wanderings. Hiking in the mountains remains cold and slippery if it is raining.

The sun rises around 5:15 a.m. and sets around 6:15 p.m.; therefore, we can count about 13 hours of sunlight per day. Nocturnal events usually begin before 7 p.m.

travel japan on april

Some days in the month see rain  ☔️ and wind. Japanese weather experts carefully watch the weather as it favors the fall  🍁 of the cherry blossom trees’ flower petals, called fubuki , and therefore accelerates the end of the blooming, which is already ephemeral.

National public holidays

A transitional month, April displays only one public holiday, marking the beginning of the Japanese Golden Week:

  • April 29 -- 昭和の日 S howa no Hi : Showa Day (birthday of Emperor Hirohito)

There is also another important date:

  • April 8 -- Hana Matsuri , a floral festival celebrating Buddha’s Birthday

Top things to do

During this important period of the year, cherry blossoms can be admired throughout the whole archipelago, depending on the climatic conditions. The main regions, which are Kanto , Kansai , the Shikoku and Kyushu islands, reach their flowering peak up to mid-April. Chubu and north of Tohoku (above Sendai) come next and should be visited at the end of the month.

travel japan on april

The blooming cherry trees delight all Japanese people, including the geiko of Kyoto . Therefore, from the beginning of April, each hanamachi presents its spring dance show:

  • Kamishichiken (Kitano Odori)
  • Miyagawacho (Kyo Odori)
  • Gion Kobu (Miyako Odori) or
  • Pontocho (Kamogawa Odori in May )

The shows are held in a theatre in the city, last about one hour, and can include a tea ceremony. Booking in advance is mandatory.

Below is a list of Japanese seasonal attractions and events in April:

Travel packing tips

Pack a mixed suitcase, with winter clothes for cloudy, colder days and mid-season clothes for warm afternoons. A good closed and waterproof pair of shoes to easily walk around blooming nature is required. Sunglasses perfectly complete this outfit.

With numerous open-air events, from days to nights, pack an antibacterial gel and a small towel to keep your hands clean and ready to welcome another culinary discovery.

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  • February 23 -- Mount Fuji Day (holiday)
  • February 23 -- Emperor of Japan Naruhito's birthday (holiday)
  • March 3 -- Hina Matsuri: little girls' festival in Japan
  • March 14 -- White Day in Japan
  • March 21 -- Spring start in Japan (sakura cherry blossom season)
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  • South: Kyushu , Okinawa , Yakushima ...
  • North: Hokkaido , Tohoku ...

travel japan on april

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travel japan on april

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travel japan on april

Kanas are the much-needed basic characters of written Japanese language. Memorize them at a fast pace with our method.

travel japan on april

Ask any kind of question and share your knowledge about Japan in Kanpai’s community space, our Q&A section Kotaete.

travel japan on april

Isshoni means "together" in Japanese: share your trip details (dates, places you would like to visit) and find companions to travel in Japan.

travel japan on april

Create your Kanpai account to manage your profile and view your participation history (questions, answers).

She Packs Lite

What to Wear in Japan in April: How to Pack for Spring Travel (2022)

What to Wear in Japan in April (Updated March 2022)

Japan is famous for its cherry blossoms and the best months to see these renowned flowers are in the spring. We’ve all seen the photos of the beautiful pink flowers laying softly in the foreground of a shot of Mount Fuji. It’s something else entirely to see these things with your own eyes. That’s why I’m such a proponent of seeing as much of the world as you can.

If you’re like me, trying to figure out what to wear in a new country can be a little intimidating. Fear not, I’m here to help. Keep reading to find out what you should pack for cherry blossom season in Japan.

Want to learn more about creating a whole capsule wardrobe? Check out my post on  How to Create the Ultimate Travel Capsule Wardrobe

What to Wear in Japan in April

Disclaimer: She Packs Lite is an Amazon associate. As part of this affiliate advertising program, we include affiliate links in our blog posts and receive a small commission from Amazon.

Rain protection is key

travel japan on april

Depending on what part of the country you’re traveling to, the average temperature can vary. One thing that is true is that it rains a lot in Japan in the spring. So if there’s one thing that you should make sure you pack, it’s your rain gear.

During this time of year, the high temperature in many parts of Japan is warm, usually around 70 degrees Fahrenheit. As such you won’t need a heavy jacket unless the weather forecast is predicting some cold days.

A lot of things that you’ll be doing while in Japan are outdoor activities. A lightweight rain jacket will be important to make sure you’re staying dry.

PRO TIP: You do not need to take up a ton of space with rain gear:
  • Stylish and often packable rain jackets with hoods

If you have room in your carry-on, it’s also a good idea to pack an umbrella. If you forget to pack your umbrella, you’ll be able to find almost anything you need in convenience stores.

When in doubt, dress more conservatively

This packing tip is true for most other countries you’ll travel to. As someone from the United States, you’ll notice that people tend to dress much more conservatively abroad . This is true for Japanese women too.

In particular, be sure that your shirts are higher cut. Low-cut shirts that show a lot of cleavage will definitely draw a lot of attention to you, and not the kind you want. Japanese women tend to not show much skin.

It is the rainy season, so you’ll most likely be wearing a long-sleeved shirt and a light jacket most of the time anyway. That said, I want to make sure you know the cultural expectations outside of their home country.

Dress in light layers

travel japan on april

Spring is one of the best times to travel to Japan and you generally will experience nice weather. Of course I recommend checking the weather forecast before any trip. That way you can get a better idea of what your daily clothing needs will be.

Mornings can be damp and chilly, but burns off and you may get some sunny afternoons.

A light sweater is also easy to carry in your purse or backpack during the day. In the event that you get a little cold in the evenings and it will help as an extra layer.

It’s also a good idea to dress in light layers in case you get rained on a little bit.

Jeans do go with most different outfits, but they take much longer to dry than lightweight fabrics like cotton or linen. If you’ve ever been stuck walking around in wet jeans before, you’ll know that you never want to do it again.

Be sure to have comfortable shoes

This is another packing tip that applies to almost every other country you’ll travel to. I always say that the best way to see a new place is by walking. Even in countries like Japan that have great public transport, you should still plan on walking quite a bit. Walking shoes or other kinds of flat shoes will help you make the most of your time in Japan.

Want more on how to decide which shoes to pack?
  • How to decide on shoes for your travel capsule wardrobe
  • My favorite nude ballet flats

I also really recommend making sure that your walking shoes have some kind of waterproof soles (at a minimum). You might not have the room for rain boots in your suitcase, but you do want to make sure your feet have at least a little extra protection from all the rain and soggy ground that you’re going to be walking over.

Other essentials

Like with many other countries, if you’re going to be doing a lot of walking around, it’s important to have a good day bag that you can carry with you. You’ll want something that’s not too heavy but still fits all of the essentials like credit cards, lip balm, a water bottle, and maybe an extra jacket if you get chilly in the evenings. I prefer a crossbody bag because I feel like my belongings are a little more secure than they would be in a fanny pack if you’re somewhere crowded like a train station.

If you need a great travel purse for your trip, check out these!
  • Best Purses for Travel

It’s also very important to have a quality umbrella with you when you’re traveling to Japan in the spring. Spring can be one of the best times to travel to Japan, but no one likes to walk around temples while they’re wet. You can avoid some extra cost if you pack a small, collapsible umbrella in your suitcase instead of trying to find one in the city somewhere. It’s always best to be prepared ahead of time!

And whatever you do make your packing more easy and more organized with compression packing cubes. I used them for every trip I take!
  • Compression Packing Cubes : Pack like a Pro

FAQ: What to Wear in Japan In April

Traveling to a new country can be intimidating. If you have questions about what should make it on your Japan packing list, keep reading.

Is it cold in Japan in April?

Compared to the winter months, April in Japan is generally very pleasant. The average temperatures are in the mid-60s Fahrenheit during the day and 50 degrees in the morning and evening. You shouldn’t need a heavy coat. You should prepare with some kind of waterproof jacket because April does see a lot of rain.

What month can you see cherry blossoms in Japan?

Cherry blossom season in Japan is anywhere from late March to mid-April. In some years it continues into early May. The iconic pink trees can be seen all over the country, but the best place to see them is in Kyoto, Osaka, and Tokyo. Depending on what city you’re flying into, you shouldn’t have to travel too far to take advantage of these beautiful views.

Which month is the cheapest month to fly to Japan?

High season in Japan is usually January, November, and December. This is good news for those seeking the famous cherry blossoms. The cheapest month to fly to Japan is actually April, which works out great if you don’t mind a little rain. It’ll be worth it to see those cherry blossoms in real life.

What should tourists wear in Japan?

The unofficial dress code in Japan is pretty laidback. You definitely don’t need to dress up while you’re walking around cities or outdoor temples. In the spring, dress for the weather. This means dressing in light layers in something like a short sleeve shirt, jacket, and a skirt or pants. As you’ll most likely be doing a lot of walking, it’s okay to wear sneakers while you’re out during the day.

I hope you enjoyed this post on what to wear in Japan in April. If you did, please share it on your social media!

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The Best Time to Visit Japan: A Month-by-Month Guide

For many, the cost of flights, food, and lodging coupled with the lengthy travel time make Japan a once-in-a-lifetime trip. Thus, picking the perfect time to visit is absolutely key. While cherry blossom season is a rightfully popular and unique time to visit, there are several factors to consider that can either make or break your best time to go. National holidays, high prices, weather, and what types of experiences you want to have while on vacation should all be taken into consideration. Since much of this relies on specific seasons and even months, we've made it easy by breaking down what you can expect, month by month, when visiting the Land of the Rising Sun. In fact, there's so much going on at any given time during the year, you're likely to find that you can't go wrong—or just once.

Snow usually blankets the ground in central Japan by now, making both January and February a perfect time to check out the famous snow monkeys in Nagano , grab serene stills of temples and castles covered in snow, soak in a steamy onsen, and really appreciate that piping hot bowl of ramen or udon. Plus, there’s less traffic at all the touristy spots, giving those who brave the cold a much more personal experience of Japan’s famous sites. In northern Japan, January — after the New Year’s holiday — marks a prime time to hit the ski slopes. January also marks the Sumo New Year Basho in Tokyo , and cherry blossom season kicks off in Okinawa as trees are already beginning to bloom.

Arts + Culture Festivals + Events Travel Tips outdoor tree sky snow Winter plant freezing tourist attraction place of worship spring cherry blossom branch mountain surrounded

February marks the official start of diving season in Japan. Sea turtles, sharks, seahorses, and manatees can be spotted all season long, but divers willing to brave the lower temperature waters of February will have the highest chances and best conditions for spotting humpback whales. Humpbacks start becoming more elusive come mid- to late March and disappear completely from late April through the end of November. Aboveground, on Japan’s central and northern islands, February is typically Japan’s coldest month. Most folks can be found keeping warm inside cozy izakayas or soaking in an onsen, while others indulge in winter sports, even pilgrimaging way up north to Sapporo ‘s fun Snow Festival.

March is one of the most popular times to visit Japan, thanks to warming temperatures and the start of the much-anticipated cherry blossom season . By mid-month, several areas of central Japan will start to see budding blooms on the trees, signaling the celebration of hanami (a.k.a. flower viewing) . This is an extremely festive and cheerful time to be in Japan and a great way to experience one of the country’s most social traditions. Typically, the blooms will only last around two weeks, and some people choose to follow them as they bloom their way up to Hokkaido through April. Expect nightly parties, tons of jubilant drunkenness on blankets under the cherry blossom boughs, and hotels to be pricey and booked.

March and April are also two of the best months to visit Okinawa . During this time, most tourists will be concentrated in the central and northern prefectures in order to experience the cherry blossoms, which are likely to be finished blooming in Okinawa by March. Those interested in a sumo match may want to head to Osaka in March for their annual Sumo Spring Basho.

Arts + Culture Festivals + Events Hotels Offbeat Travel Tips Trip Ideas outdoor mountain sky flower Nature cherry blossom plant blossom River hillside surrounded

Okinawa’s temperatures begin to heat up and remain hot and humid in April, with average temps in the low 90s through September. Divers should also mark their calendars as mid-April through May is the only time you won’t see either humpbacks or manta rays in the water. April’s rising temperatures also signal the end of Japan’s ski season. March’s expensive prices and booked hotels stay steady through April, so we highly recommend booking travel and planning well in advance to get the best deals and hotels.

If you’re looking to celebrate the beauty of flowers, but can’t make it to Japan during the March-April cherry blossom season, come in May (or head to Hokkaido , where the last of the cherry blossoms are beginning to bloom). You’ll be met with pink, white, and purple hues from several of Japan’s other flowers, like azalea, wisteria, and iris. However, we recommend skipping a visit that falls during Golden Week (the last Sunday in April through the first week of May). This is a week of compensatory holidays when most of Japan takes off work and several businesses are shut down. Flights, trains, hotels, and other activities often soar in prices and quickly become booked up. It’s also worth checking out specific dates for Tokyo’s Sumo Summer Basho, to either attend or snag a hotel before they get snatched up. Visitors to Okinawa should be warned that May is typically the wettest month.

Arts + Culture Festivals + Events Travel Tips tree flower lavender plant flora english lavender botany land plant blossom flowering plant shrub

June and July

Typhoon June is a thing; this month kicks off Japan’s rainiest weeks. Heavy rain can often be expected through July, though the rainy season can last up until September. June also marks Nagoya ‘s turn at the Sumo Basho, while the already-wet Okinawa area will start seeing typhoons in June that can last through August.

Those looking for a chance to climb Mount Fuji can start planning their hikes from July 1, when the mountainside opens back up for climbers. Late July through late August has the best weather conditions for climbing, but you’ll also find that this is when the mountainside is the most congested. (Even though it’s summertime and the weather is hot elsewhere, it still reaches freezing temperatures on the summit, so prepare accordingly.) Music lovers should take into account that Japan’s largest music festival, Fuji Rock Festival, kicks off the last weekend in July at the Naeba Ski Resort in Yuzawa, Niigata, and features both national and international artists. Previous performers have included Bjork, Queens of the Stone Age, Beck, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Muse, Deadmau5, The Cure, and Arcade Fire.

The massive Japanese holiday of Obon lands in the middle of August, and is a fun and vibrant time to visit Japan. Obon is an event in honor of the dead. It is a time when the Japanese believe the living and dead can be reunited to eat, drink, and be merry together. Expect streets to be blocked off with festivals and tons of dancing. It’s practically a given that hotels will be booked well in advance, so don’t be surprised if you see those unable to get a room happily sleeping on the floor of train stations. August is also Japan’s hottest month, no matter which island you find yourself on, though the highs can vary greatly, reaching into the 90s on Okinawa and just 72 in Hokkaido.

Arts + Culture Festivals + Events Travel Tips person crowd night people lighting festival City fête fun fair event evening

By the second week of September all of Mount Fuji’s hiking trails are closed. Weather during September can be somewhat of a wild card, with scattered showers and fluctuating weather that leans on the warmer side, especially in the southern prefectures. However, you’ll find considerably cooler temperatures creeping into the northern prefectures. It’s also the start of Okinawa’s high season, which lasts through December, and the Sumo Basho returns to Tokyo.

October and November

October and November are a gorgeous time to visit Japan. Falling temperatures start in Hokkaido during October, and the warm colors of autumn start to slowly push their way down the islands of central Japan. This is also the end of diving season in Okinawa, though several people still flock to the islands for its warm temperatures and beautiful beaches. The fall landscape and temperatures make it an excellent time to visit the deer in Nara , too.

Arts + Culture Festivals + Events Travel Tips tree outdoor autumn season plant leaf maidenhair tree woody plant flower park sunlight

December breaks in winter for Japan and snowfall is common. As it gets cold enough for snow to stick to the ground, ski slopes begin to open across central Japan and Hokkaido. It snows nearly every day in the winter on Hokkaido. The warmest temps only reach about 30 degrees, while the coldest plunge to a frigid 15 degrees. While you’ll definitely need to bundle up, don’t let this deter you. Winter is one of the most stunning times to visit Japan, when temples and landscapes are often covered with picturesque blankets or dustings of snow. However, keep in mind that there are a ton of activities and holidays in Japan between December 29 and January 10, so it’s best to time your visit around these dates to avoid full occupancy in hotels, overcrowded public transit, and higher room rates. Temples are often inundated over the New Year’s holiday, so its best to arrive early in the morning to beat the crowds. Visitors during the week between Christmas and New Year’s should also double-check to make sure museums and tourist attractions and points of interest are actually open.

If you aren’t quite ready for winter, head to Kyushu where fall is just starting to breach the island in December.

What to Wear in Japan

Women’s semi-casual dress outfit to wear in fiji, shop the look.

travel japan on april

Sleeveless Colorblock Maxi Dress

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Lily Espadrille

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Fire Starter Sunglasses

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Swung Earrings

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Anti-Aging City Sunscreen Serum

Men’s semi-casual dinner outfit for curaçao.

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Riviera Short Sleeve Shirt

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Regular Fit Shorts

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Leather Strap Watch

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Women’s Cute Winter Outfit for a Walk in the Snow

travel japan on april

Quilted Shell Down Jacket

travel japan on april

Turtleneck Sweater

travel japan on april

High Waist Crop Jogger Pants

travel japan on april

Waterproof Boots

Men’s cute winter outfit for a walk in the snow.

travel japan on april

Crewneck Sweater

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Stretch Twill Pants

travel japan on april

Storm Jacket

travel japan on april

Georgia Boot

Women’s swimsuit and cover-up for a beach resort in mexico.

travel japan on april

Azuma Sandals

travel japan on april

Make Out Ready Moisturizing & Softening Lip Balm

travel japan on april

Men’s Swimsuit to Wear on a Beach in December

travel japan on april

Beverly Hills Tank

travel japan on april

Cannonball 7" Swim Trunks

travel japan on april

Reverse Weave® Belt Bag

travel japan on april

Women’s Casual California Outfit

travel japan on april

Tie Front Button Up

travel japan on april

Paper Bag Denim Shorts

travel japan on april

Full Heart Bobby Pin Set

travel japan on april

Fringed Crocheted Belt Bag

travel japan on april

Chuck Taylor's

Men’s chill california outfit.

travel japan on april

Coors Golden Colorado Tee

travel japan on april

Elastic Waist Pants

travel japan on april

Older Women’s Dressy Outfit for a Vacation in Your 60’s

travel japan on april

Casino Linear Herringbone Earrings

travel japan on april

Pleated Bender Midi Bag

travel japan on april

Older Men’s Dressy Outfit for a Vacation in Your 60’s

travel japan on april

Stretch Washed Chinos

travel japan on april

Bold Bracelet Watch

travel japan on april

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travel japan on april

Japan - weather in April

Map with cities - Japan

10 Best Festivals in Japan in April

inuyama festival japan

Misty Fujii is a Canadian who moved to Osaka, Japan in 2019 and married her Japanese sweetheart. In 2022 they had a baby and moved to Fukui for the clean country air. She is a DJ who teaches English part time and writes in order to share Japan with the world. She gets excited about collecting vintage vinyl records, food of all countries, travelling and renovating her traditional Japanese house.

This post may contain some affiliate links. When you click through and make a purchase we may receive some commission, at no extra cost to you.

Spring is in the air, and with it comes beautiful weather , cherry blossoms, and, of course, festivals! For all those reasons and more, April is one of the most popular months for travelers to visit Japan, so if you happen to be here during spring, why not check out some of the many events? From hot springs to parades, here are 10 of the best festivals in Japan in April! 

1. Inuyama Festival

2. ushibuka haiya festival, 3. kanamara festival, 4. takayama festival, 5. beppu hatto onsen festival, 6. nagahama hikiyama festival, 7. cherry blossom viewing festivals (all over japan), 8. kamakura festival, 9. shingenko festival, 10. yayoi festival, find the other tours, other articles you might be interested in.

travel japan on april

The castle town of Inuyama in Aichi Prefecture hosts the festival of Haritsuna Shrine, where the Ubusunagami (guardian deity of one’s birthplace) is enshrined. With origins going back to 1635, the festival’s highlight is a parade featuring 13 historic floats making their way down a beautiful cherry blossom-lined street. Each float has three levels and brilliant karakuri puppet shows. At night, the floats are lit up gloriously with lanterns and are once again put on parade. The climax of the festival is when donden takes place. This is when the men maneuvering the 5-ton floats lift them off the ground to change directions, and this feat is rewarded with excited cheers from the audience. 

When: April 1-2

Website: Inuyama Festival

travel japan on april

Spring is welcomed with a lively festival at the port town of Amakusa in Kumamoto Prefecture . Traditionally, Ushibuka women would sing the haiya (south wind) melody to welcome incoming ships, and these folk songs spread across the country to be sung during celebrations. For three days, the entire Ushibuka community is filled with haiya tunes as people of all ages dance through the streets, singing the sea shanty of Japan. While you’re there, you can join in on the dancing, see the fishing boat sea parade, and taste fresh seafood . It is the perfect festival to immerse yourself in Japanese tradition and culture. 

When: April 15-16

Website: Ushibuka Haiya Festival

travel japan on april

Known as the “Festival of the Steel Phallus”, or simply “the penis festival”, this is by far one of Japan’s most unique and quirky events . People celebrate the penis with decorations, souvenirs, and snacks in phallic shapes, and there’s a parade featuring three penis shrines, including the famous pink penis named “Elizabeth”, carried by members of the transgender community. According to one legend, the Shinto goddess Izanami was saved by a blacksmith after giving birth to a fire god, and the deities of miners and blacksmiths are now revered at Kanayama Shrine in Kawasaki, where this festival takes place. It’s said that praying here brings good fortune in marriage, fertility, childbirth, and safe sex. The festival also donates to HIV research. 

When: April 2

Takayama matsuri

Ranked one of the most beautiful festivals in Japan, this biannual event held in Gifu Prefecture is truly a sight to behold. The festival is also known as the Sanno Festival and takes place at Hie Shrine in the southern part of Takayama’s old town. While this spring festival is to pray for a good harvest, it’s also a perfect opportunity to showcase the folk art traditions of this town. You can admire the craftsmanship of the colorful and ornate yatai (floats) displayed during the festival, complete with karakuri mechanical doll performances inside the multi-tiered floats. You can also witness a portable shrine containing a Shinto deity – the festival is the only time it leaves the main shrine. 

When: April 14 and 15

Website: Takayama Festival  

Beppu Onsen Oita

This festival is every onsen lover’s dream! Beppu in Oita Prefecture boasts the largest amount of hot spring water in the world, and to appreciate its rich waters, bathers can enjoy many of the onsen for free during this festival. When you aren’t busy soaking in the thermal waters, there are performances, traditional dance, a parade, and portable shrines to be enjoyed. The highlight of the festival, the “Hot Water Bukkake”, takes place at Beppu Ekimae Odori and is an interactive event of the festival where revelers get splashed with water while portable shrines are paraded around.

When: April 1-3

Website: Beppu Hatto Onsen Festival  

travel japan on april

Children’s kabuki takes center stage at this UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage event in Nagahama, Shiga Prefecture . The festival began over 400 years ago to celebrate the first son of warlord Hideyoshi Toyotomi, who spread his wealth amongst the townspeople in honor of his son’s birth. Kabuki theater, a classical form of Japanese dance drama, is usually performed by adults in extravagant costumes and makeup. At this particular festival, however, children aged five to twelve entertain the crowds with their theatrical skills. The performances take place on incredible two-story hikiyama , wooden floats with intricate details, which are paraded through the streets along with stages and dressing rooms. It’s also a fantastic opportunity to try Nagahama’s signature dishes such as mackerel somen , and yakisaba somen where sweet and sour fish is stewed with delectable noodles. 

When: April 9 to 17 ( kabuki performances April 13 to 16)

Website: Nagahama Hikiyama Festival

Sakura cherry blossom festival

The pinnacle of spring in Japan is the cherry blossoms ! Symbolizing the impermanence of beauty, they are one of the most iconic tokens of Japan. People gather to picnic under the delicate pink flowers, an activity also known as hanami , to celebrate spring together with friends and family. The sake flows freely, there are often events like tea ceremonies taking place, and food stalls selling spring-themed food and drinks.

When: March to May, depending on location

travel japan on april

Beginning with a dance that tells a tragic story and ending with an exciting horseback archery tournament, this week-long festival in Kanagawa Prefecture is a fun and immersive way to celebrate Kamakura and the samurai spirit. The festival’s main events take place at Tsurugaoka Hachimangu Shrine and can draw a large crowd, especially for the opening and closing performances. The first Sunday is when the “Shizuka no Mai” dance happens, telling the tale of Lady Shizuka, who was in love with a warlord and captured by his rival, resulting in her death. The final event on the following Sunday allows spectators to witness the yabusame tournament of horseback archery. This daring skill of shooting an arrow at a target while on a horse galloping at full speed is a thrilling close to this bustling festival. 

When: Mid-April

Website: Kamakura Festival  

travel japan on april

Have you ever wanted to be surrounded by samurai or dreamed of becoming one yourself? Celebrate Takeda Shingen, one of Japan’s most famous and influential daimyo , with a large gathering of samurai re-enactors in Kofu, Yamanashi Prefecture . The festival holds the world record for the largest group of samurai and features a parade with over 1000 people in costume. The most serious patrons can even request in advance to join a reenactment of the battle of Kawanakajima, a mission that is thoroughly rehearsed in the months leading up to the festival. If participating in the battle isn’t your cup of tea, you can always play “spot the general” as you try to ID each of the twenty-four generals in their distinctive attire – like a real-life “Where’s Waldo” game. 

When: Early April

travel japan on april

Historic Nikko in Tochigi Prefecture shines with the beauty of spring during this festival. The 1200-year-old festival takes place at Futarasan-jinja Shrine, where attendees celebrate spring and pray for good fortune. On the final day, extravagant flower floats are paraded through town, and visitors can try carrying them if they wish, making it a very hands-on experience. By night, the floats glow in the light of lanterns while the sound of drums and flutes fills the air. You’ll also notice many people wearing pink, representing the most iconic sign of spring: the cherry blossoms. 

When: April 13 to 17

Website: Yayoi Festival  

These festivals invite you to welcome the spring in Japan and offer unique sights and experiences. They are the perfect way to dive into Japanese culture during a spring trip – which ones call out to you? 

Japan Wonder Travel Tours 

Japan Wonder Travel is a travel agency that offers guided tours throughout Japan.  From private walking tours to delicious Food and Drink tours, we can help you organize the best tours just for you! If you want to explore Japan and learn more about the history and backstories of each area you are visiting, our knowledgeable and friendly English speaking guides will happily take you to the best spots!  In addition, we can provide you with any assistance you may need for your upcoming trip to Japan, so please feel free to contact us if you have any questions or need some help! 

▶ Tokyo Fish Market Tour @Tsukiji – Enjoy Local Food and Drink Explore the most lively and popular fish market in Tokyo and try some of the local’s favorite street foods and sake with one of our friendly and knowledgeable English speaking guides! 

tsukiji tour

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Asakusa Tokyo private tour

▶ Mt. Fuji Day Trip Bus Tour from Tokyo Experience the breathtaking views of Mt. Fuji by visiting the highlights of the area on our guided sightseeing bus tour! Departing from Shinjuku in central Tokyo, you can travel comfortably to all of the best spots in the area by bus.

mount fuji chureito pagoda

▶ Kyoto Private Full Day Walking Tour On this full-day private tour of Kyoto, you will be able to see the highlights of Kyoto in just one day and at the same time develop a deeper understanding of both the culture of the area and Japan as a whole.

travel japan on april

▶ Tour Packages If you want to make travel easier, we suggest you look into tour packages.There are a wide range of tour packages out there to suit the accomodate for each traveler needs. Click the button below to find the best tour package from various Tour Operators!

travel japan on april

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Where to travel in 2024, without crowds

12 destinations across italy, japan, mexico and more to add to your travel wish list.

We made it through January, which means it’s time to put away resolutions you won’t keep and nurture the habit that will stick: more travel.

Health and wellness experts have determined that taking multiple vacations a year is beneficial to your overall well-being. To actually decompress, though, you’ll want to go somewhere with room to breathe. Crowds have clogged up Paris , Rome and Tokyo , especially in the high seasons.

To plan a trip away from the pack, we asked industry experts for their favorite under-the-radar destinations. We also considered our collective travels, putting a premium on opportunities to spot wildlife, sample local cooking, relax by the water and commune with nature.

travel japan on april


travel japan on april

Bracciano, Italy

Italy remains one of the most desirable destinations for Americans, meaning popular spots (Rome, the Amalfi Coast, Lake Como) will stay crowded and expensive. Enter Lake Bracciano, a picturesque place that has fallen off Americans’ radars since Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes got married there in 2006. “You have this really, really rich medieval and Renaissance history, but nobody goes there,” said Rome-based cookbook author and tour guide Katie Parla . You can get to Bracciano easily from Rome in about an hour and change.

Don’t miss: Viterbo, another overlooked gem, is about 30 miles north of Bracciano — or take a direct train from Rome in two hours or less. “It is just a vast, beautiful, haunted, magical, medieval city,” Parla said.

A sunny day on Lake Bracciano near Rome.

Fukui , Japan

If the past few months are any indication, tourism in Japan could surpass pre-pandemic levels in 2024. To escape the urban sprawl and see one of the most spiritual parts of the country, go to Fukui. Naomi Mano, president and chief executive of the Tokyo-based travel company Luxurique , says the city is a destination for temples , onsens (hot spring baths), art and food (specifically Echizen crab ). With a new bullet train line set to open in March , travelers can get to Fukui from Tokyo in about three hours.

Don’t miss: Mano sends visitors to Eiheiji Temple , one of the most important sites for Zen Buddhists. “It’s the temple where all of the Zen monks go to train to become higher monks,” she said.

Eiheiji Temple is an important site for Zen Buddhists monks in training.

Asheville, N.C.

Asheville has achieved the tricky balance of staying down to earth while catering to refined tastes. Restaurants in the western North Carolina city are regulars on the James Beard Awards circuit. Two of its breweries medaled in last year’s World Beer Cup . Independent hotels in repurposed buildings, such as Zelda Dearest , the Radical and the Flat Iron , are opening at a steady clip. Yet, whenever you wish to return to Asheville’s roots, take a walk in the Blue Ridge Mountains.

Don’t miss: The mile-long Asheville Black Cultural Heritage Trail , which encompasses three neighborhoods, introduces visitors to pillars of the community, such as Alderman Newton Shepard, a formerly enslaved man who in 1882 became the city’s first Black person to win an election .

Diners and tourists outside the French Broad Chocolate Lounge near Pack Square in Asheville.

Dhërmi, Albania

Over the past few years, Albania has been quietly heating up as Europe’s next big beach spot. Clear water, rugged coast and affordable accommodations all call out to tourists. And unlike some of its Balkan neighbors, “it is untouched,” said Ema, the anonymous Albanian travel journalist who runs the award-winning magazine and Instagram account Ema’s Light . Rent a car and head to the Albanian Riviera, where you’ll find a constellation of small towns with perfect beaches, such as Dhërmi.

Don’t miss: The capital city of Tirana is a must-visit worth at least two to three days of your trip for its restaurants and history, Ema says.

The Dhërmi Beach at Dhërmi, Albania.

Popayán, Colombia

This UNESCO City of Gastronomy is full of restaurants, outdoor markets and street vendors. Two points of pride in the traditional cuisine are empanadas stuffed with pipián — a puree of potatoes, peanuts and spices — and desamargado valluno , a dessert made from candied fruit peels. The capital of the Cauca state is also known as “La Ciudad Blanca” because of its bone-white buildings.

Don’t miss : Daniel Buitrón Jaramillo of Colombia Ecotravel recommends Mora Castilla , a small cafe in the historic center, for classic empanaditas and champús, a drink made of pineapple, maize and tart lulo fruit.

View of the Cathedral Basilica Our Lady of the Assumption in Popayán, Colombia, in the morning.

travel japan on april

(Martin Zwick/Getty Images)

travel japan on april

(Robert Harding/Shutterstock)

Orkney Islands, Scotland

The Orkney Islands are more uninhabited than occupied, at least by humans. Of these 70 isles off the northern coast of Scotland, less than two dozen are developed. Gray seals outnumber people by several hundred, and flocks of puffins, guillemots and seaweed-grazing sheep dot the rocky coastlines. Papa Westray , one of the smaller Orkneys, boasts some 60 archaeological sites, and North Ronaldsay lights up at night as a Dark Sky Island .

Don’t miss: The Heart of Neolithic Orkney , part of Scotland’s UNESCO Trail, is a collection of ancient sites that includes a domestic settlement with stone furnishings and the Stones of Stenness, a henge of upright monuments standing nearly 20 feet tall.

Standing Stones of Stenness, part of the UNESCO World Heritage site Heart of Neolithic Orkney.

Isla Holbox, Mexico

Holbox heals what ails so much of Mexico’s resort-heavy Yucatán Peninsula. The 26-mile-long island north of Cancún does not have traffic, because of a car ban, or high rises, because of building height restrictions. The main form of transportation is bike or golf cart on dirt roads. To cross from the mainland, visitors must take a 25-minute ferry from Chiquilá (or a private jet). Holbox, which means “Black Box” in the Mayan language, is part of the Yum Balam reserve. One of its biggest return guests is the whale shark.

Don’t miss : On moonless nights, head to Punta Cocos Beach to swim or paddle with bioluminescent plankton that illuminate the water like hundreds of fairy lights.

No cars are allowed on Isla Holbox in Mexico.

The S chist Villages , Portugal

Tucked into mountainsides, through scenic valleys and snaking rivers, the Schist Villages (or Aldeias do Xisto, in Portuguese) is a network of 27 quaint towns. The villages — which date back to the 12th century and are named after the stone with which they were built — are particularly popular with hikers , bikers and nature lovers. You’ll find accommodations for all budgets, with luxury properties, such as the Casas do Côro in Marialva, and the Cerdeira Home for Creativity , a collection of nine restored Schist houses for rent.

Don’t miss: Lisbon-based journalist and food researcher Miguel Andrade says Talasnal is a highlight in the lush Lousã mountain region. Try one of his favorite Portuguese dishes, chanfana, a goat stew traditionally cooked with red wine in a clay pot over an open fire.

The view over the Piodão schist medieval mountain village in Portugal.

Tairawhiti Gisborne, New Zealand

Destination: Gisborne, the largest town in the North Island’s Tairawhiti Gisborne region, is advertised as the first spot in the world to greet the sunrise. No wonder so many surfers rise early to catch some of the best waves in the country. The East Coast area is steeped in Maori culture. The Tairawhiti Museum holds a vast collection of Indigenous art, including stonework, textiles and painted panels. The 2.5-mile Tupapa Heritage Trail is paved with history, landmarks and legends that Maori storytellers summon to life on the Tupapa app.

Don’t miss: Start the day atop Maunga Hikurangi, the sacred mountain of the Ngati Porou people where nine wood carvings of Maui and his whanau (family) bear witness to the rising sun.

Wood carvings of Maui and his family stand on the sacred mountain Maunga Hikurangi in Gisborne, New Zealand.

travel japan on april

(Jennifer M. Ramos/Getty Images)

travel japan on april

(Christine Wehrmeier/Getty Images)

travel japan on april

(Afriandi/Getty Images)

Fredericksburg, Tex.

Swimming holes. Wide-open spaces. Funky towns and burgeoning wineries. The Texas Hill Country screams road trip. Consider Fredericksburg for its German-Texas heritage (with beer gardens and Bavarian fare galore), says Austin-based travel journalist Pam LeBlanc. The town is known for its peaches and its National Museum of the Pacific War , plus a slew of mom-and-pop boutiques and restaurants. The chic Albert Hotel is opening this year, or you can camp in Pedernales Falls State Park, where LeBlanc loves taking a dip in the cypress-lined river.

Don’t miss: Enchanted Rock State Natural Area is 17 miles north of Fredericksburg, “where you can hike to the top of a huge dome of pink granite or go rock climbing,” LeBlanc said in an email.

The pink dome of Enchanted Rock State Natural Area is a draw for hikers and climbers.

Toledo District, Belize

For a Caribbean escape far from crowds, head to the southernmost district of Belize. “There is a lot to do,” Belizean birding guide Roni Martinez said, such as exploring waterfalls, caves and large rainforest reserves, and learning about the mix of people who have made Toledo home, including Maya and East Indian communities.

Don’t miss: As most of Toledo has rocky shores, Martinez recommends taking a boat tour to nearby islands — such as the Port Honduras Marine Reserve — for “picture-perfect” white-sand beaches.

A waterfall in Rio Blanco National Park in the Toledo District of Belize.

Sumba, Indonesia

Bali may be the most well-known of Indonesia’s thousands of islands, but it’s not the only one worth visiting. With new hotels and a population of wild horses that gallop across golden beaches, Sumba comes highly recommended by Catherine Heald, chief executive of the Asia-focused luxury tour operator Remote Lands . Beyond Sumba’s lush hillsides and surfable turquoise water, the island boasts beautiful thatched-roof architecture.

Don’t miss: Consider a side quest to Komodo National Park , home to some 5,700 of its titular dragons as well as world-class scuba diving. You can fly or sail to the UNESCO World Heritage site.

An aerial view of Wainyapu village in Sumba, Indonesia.

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Editing by Gabe Hiatt . Design and development by Katty Huertas . Design editing by Christine Ashack . Photo editing by Lauren Bulbin . Copy editing by Jamie Zega .

Where to go

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Biden to host Japan PM Kishida for official visit in April

By Jeff Mason and David Brunnstrom

ABOARD AIR FORCE ONE (Reuters) -U.S. President Joe Biden will host Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida for an official visit to the United States on April 10, the White House said on Thursday.

The formal event, which will include a lavish state dinner and a policy meeting, follows a promise by Biden to host the closely allied nation key to the United States' strategy toward China, North Korea and other Asian security issues.

Biden and Kishida will discuss "efforts to strengthen our political, security, economic, and people-to-people ties" to improve Indo-Pacific security, White House spokesperson Karine Jean-Pierre said.

The visit comes at a challenging time for both leaders, who have low public approval ratings at home. Biden is likely facing a close-fought November election against Republican Donald Trump and Kishida is managing the fallout from a fundraising scandal, economic difficulty and a major earthquake this month.

"2024 will be a pivotal year for Japan-U.S. relations," Japan's ambassador to Washington, Shigeo Yamada, said in pre-recorded remarks to an event hosted by the Wilson Center think tank on Thursday.

"The Japan-alliance is indispensable to the peace, stability and prosperity, not only of our two countries, but also of the international community," he said.

Mieko Nakabayashi, a professor at Japan's Waseda University, told Washington's Wilson Center there was growing concern in the Japan about the prospect of second presidency for Trump, who has questioned the value of alliances and complained about cost of U.S troop deployments in Japan and South Korea.

"We are very, very worried, and we are thinking about a variety of scenarios of whoever becomes the president of the United States," she said

Nakabayashi also said factional rivalries inside Japan's ruling Liberal Democratic Party raised questions about whether Kishida could hold on to power long enough to make the visit.

Frank Jannuzi, president and CEO of Washington’s Maureen and Mike Mansfield Foundation, told the think tank the U.S.-Japan alliance was long-standing, but not unbreakable.

"The easiest way to break it … would be for the United States to in the future somehow compromise the extent of our commitment to the security of our allies in Northeast Asia," he said.

U.S. deputy national security adviser Jon Finer said the Biden administration took a "very different" view to that of Trump.

"America's network of alliances ... are a force multiplier for U.S. interests," he told an Asia Society event. "They are a unique advantage that the United States has among our nearest peer competitors, not a burden on the country."

While the security relationship between the U.S. and Japan has been growing ever stronger and they are looking to make a deal for Japanese shipyards to overhaul and maintain U.S. Navy warships, Nippon Steel's proposed purchase of U.S. Steel is a source of controversy.

Democratic and Republican U.S. senators have criticized the deal, citing national security concerns or raising questions about why the companies did not consult U.S. Steel's main union ahead of the announcement.

Brian Deese, a key player in Biden's re-election bid, said last month the proposed purchase was concerning and the administration should look closely at it.

(Reporting by David Brunnstrom, Jeff Mason and Michael Martina; Writing by Trevor Hunnicutt and David Brunnstrom; Editing by Chizu Nomiyama and Alistair Bell)

Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida listens to U.S. President Joe Biden during a joint press conference with South Korean President Yoon Suk Yeol (not pictured) at the trilateral summit at Camp David near Thurmont, Maryland, U.S., August 18, 2023. REUTERS/Evelyn Hockstein/File Photo

Not so Swift: Could Taylor Swift make it to the Super Bowl if she flew commercial?

travel japan on april

Will Taylor Swift make it on time to the Super Bowl? It’s very likely that she will, given her private jet. But could she make it in time to see Travis Kelce if she flew commercial from Tokyo to Las Vegas? 

The fastest way to do it, according to Google Flights, would be an itinerary on the Japanese airline ANA to San Francisco, connecting to a United Airlines flight to Las Vegas. However, with a 1 hour and 45 minute layover to clear customs and find the next gate , that routing would take a passenger about 12 hours and 45 minutes and would cost $3,141 in an economy class seat. 

The entire trip from Tokyo to Las Vegas would produce about 889 kg of carbon dioxide emissions per passenger in economy class, according to Google Flights, which is about the average for that route.

With a departure time of 5 p.m. from Tokyo, however, that flight leaves too early for Swift to still perform her concert in Japan, if she wanted to go commercial.

Lower-emission and cheaper routings are also an option, including a $1,616 flight on Delta Air Lines via Los Angeles. That itinerary is scheduled to take about 13.5 hours, including a 1 hour and 50 minute layover at LAX, and is expected to produce just 506 kg of carbon dioxide emissions per passenger in economy class – thanks mostly to a newer, more efficient plane scheduled to fly the transpacific flight.

Swift justice: Taylor Swift threatens to sue airplane tracker

To be able to perform in Japan and support her boyfriend in the U.S., Swift has to fly private. 

She is expected to take a Dassault Falcon 7X business jet. Its 5,950-mile range means it can make the approximately 5,500-mile trip from Tokyo to Las Vegas without stopping. With a top speed of 562 miles per hour, the jet should be able to complete the journey in around 10 hours. That flight is expected to produce around 41 metric tons of carbon dioxide emissions, or 41,000 kg total, according to the emissions calculator provided by Paramount Business Jets.

Zach Wichter is a travel reporter for USA TODAY based in New York. You can reach him at [email protected]


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    As of April 2021, all non-Japanese nationals are not allowed entry into Japan unless they meet certain criteria such as having a valid work visa or being married to a Japanese citizen.

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    TRAVELING JAPAN IN APRIL? BROWSE OUR RECOMMENDED APRIL EXPERIENCES IN JAPAN! In spring, the icy chill of winter abates little by little. In the early half of the season, mornings and evenings remain slightly chilly but afternoons can get quite warm. In the latter half, the temperatures rise but the humidity of summer doesn't seep in just yet.

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