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10 Best Dog Travel Bags In 2024: Reviews & Top Picks

Last Updated on June 27, 2024 by Dogster Team

sitting inside traveler pet carrier bag with travel accessories

Below are reviews of 10 of the best dog travel bags that you can buy to help make your next trip with your dog more comfortable and convenient.


  • A Quick Look at Our Favorites in 2024
  • The 10 Best Dog Travel Bags
  • 1. PetAmi Dog Travel Bag – Best Overall

PetAmi Dog Travel Bag

While backpacks tend to offer more comfort and convenience when carrying them, they don’t offer as much space, compartmentalization, or stability as handled tote organizers like the PetAmi Dog Travel Bag .

The PetAmi comes in a good range of colors and designs and has two main compartments within the bag. One holds the two food containers that are included with your purchase, and the other similarly sized compartment can be used to hold blankets, coats, and other larger items. Multiple pockets also provide space for leashes, toys, and more. As well as the food containers, the bag also includes two collapsible bowls. The whole bag has a capacity of 22 liters (6 gallons), which should include enough room to hold food for a few days, but you may need something larger if you’re going away for a week or more.

The reasonable cost, decent size, and convenient and intelligent compartmental design of the bag make this the best available dog travel bag, but the cloth food containers are a challenge to clean, and the mesh pockets tend to leak their contents when you open the top.

  • Compartmental design keeps everything in place
  • Includes two food storage containers and two bowls
  • Plenty of pockets and compartments
  • Food containers are tricky to clean
  • Top pockets could do with being zippered
  • 2. Bundaloo Dog Travel Bag – Best Value

Bundaloo Dog Travel Bag Accessories Supplies Organizer

The Bundaloo Dog Travel Bag has a very similar design to that of the PetAmi above, but it does have a smaller capacity of approximately 16 liters (4 gallons), compared to the 22 of the PetAmi. However, it is very competitively priced, being one of the cheapest options on this list, and it has some good features.

The main section of the bag holds the included food storage containers and can be used for coats or blankets and leashes. There are also multiple pockets and the top pocket of the Bundaloo is zippered so everything stays in place. This bag also includes two collapsible containers.

It is small and is best suited to small breed dogs for day trips or, at a stretch, a weekend away. If you’re traveling any longer than this, you will need to take additional food in separate containers or use Ziplock bags. However, the low cost and the well-laid-out design make the Bundaloo the best dog travel bag for the money.

  • Very competitively priced
  • Plenty of pockets, including a zippered pocket at the top
  • Includes two storage containers and two collapsible bowls
  • 3. Mobile Dog Gear Dog Travel Bag Deluxe – Premium Choice

Mobile Dog Gear, Dog Travel Bag

Backpacks are more convenient for carrying, which makes them ideal for hiking or camping trips, and also if you have a number of bags to carry. The load is spread across the bag and your hands are left free to carry other bags or to hold your dog’s leash. Although they tend to be smaller than handbags, this isn’t true of the Mobile Dog Gear Dog Travel Bag Deluxe . Its 24-liter capacity means it can carry more than the PetAmi and the Bundaloo above. It includes two food carriers and two collapsible bowls, and it also includes a placemat and is made from heavy-duty polyester to prevent damage and prolong its life.

It does have one large pocket, but if you want something with compartments this deluxe bag may not be the best choice. The design won’t be to everybody’s taste, either, plus the Mobile Dog Gear Dog Travel Bag Deluxe is expensive.

  • The backpack is easy to carry
  • Includes two food containers and two collapsible bowls
  • Hardwearing design
  • Only one pocket
  • 4. ARCA PET Travel Bag

Travel Bag for Dog Backpack

If you’re traveling with a puppy, you don’t necessarily need as much storage space as you do for an adult dog, but you do still need plenty of space for food and bowls, while also having your hands free to be able to walk or, more likely, carry the puppy.

As such, a backpack design is your best option, and this ARCA PET travel bag , with 18 liters of carrying capacity, has enough room for puppy provisions while also being easy and comfortable to carry around. As well as the main compartment, it has pockets on either side, a double pocket on the back, and a pocket and poop bag or wipe dispenser on the front. It also includes one food storage container and two collapsible bowls.

The pockets are convenient, but because there are so many, they do reduce the amount of space in the main compartment of the bag and because you end up packing the main bag itself, there can be a problem with the stitching of the seams bursting. For a small dog or puppy with limited carrying requirements, though, it is a good quality bag for convenient carrying.

  • Plenty of pockets for organization
  • Includes a poop bag dispenser pocket
  • Lightweight and easy to carry
  • Main compartment feels small
  • Seam stitching can burst if the bag is overfilled
  • 5. Higher Level Airline Approved Dog Travel Bag

Higher Level Airline Approved Dog Travel Bag

Taking your dog on a plane means you will need provisions for the journey, and ideally, these need to be on hand so that you can give your dog food and water when required. An airline travel bag needs to be big enough that it can hold everything you need but not so large or awkwardly shaped that it won’t be allowed on as hand luggage.

The Higher Level Airline Approved Dog Travel Bag measures 16 x 14 inches so it will fit under airline seats and should be accepted by all airlines. It includes two waterproof food containers and two collapsible food bowls. It has a large pocket on the front, pockets on either side, and a poop bag dispenser, which can be very convenient when you take your dog for a toilet break outside the airport.

The bag can also sit conveniently over extended baggage handles so it can be stacked on the trolley or while walking. It is a little more expensive than some of the alternatives, and although it can be worn as a backpack it isn’t comfortable to do so, but it is a well-sized bag that is very well suited for taking on airplanes.

  • Airline-approved bag fits under plane seats
  • Include two food containers and two collapsible bowls
  • Can be stacked and carried with other luggage
  • Not comfortable as a backpack
  • 6. Lekesky Dog Travel Bag

Lekesky Dog Travel Bag Airline Approved

The 25-liter (6-gallon) Lekesky Dog Travel Bag is also airline compliant, fits under airline seats, and can be hooked around luggage handles. It has multiple pockets and side pockets, a poop bag dispenser, and includes two food containers and two collapsible bowls. It can be worn as a backpack and its dimensions mean that it is comfortable to do so. This one also comes with a placemat which can be rolled or folded and stored inside the bag when not in use.

If you opt for the gray design, it costs less than the purple bag, too. It is a sturdy bag, rather than one with collapsible sides, and because it retains its shape it is convenient for storing and moving, but something softer might prove more comfortable on the back.

  • Airline compatible
  • Decent price for the gray backpack
  • Includes food storage containers and collapsible bowls
  • Sturdy design not the most comfortable for carrying on the back
  • 7. Tidify Dog Travel Bag

Dog Travel Bag Airline Approved Travel Set

Dog travel bags need to be portable, so they are easy to carry, while still offering enough room to carry whatever you need. The size of the bag you need will ultimately be determined by how many accessories and items your dog takes away, but also by the amount it eats and the length of time you’re going away for.

The Tidify Dog Travel Bag is large, with a 33-liter (8.5-gallon) capacity, and it offers plenty of pockets so that you can organize the items you take, but it is quite cumbersome. It comes with two food containers and two collapsible bowls, and a large front pocket that opens out to provide a feeding mat. It is also reasonably priced, considering what it includes and the size.

The bag includes a first-aid pouch, but this doesn’t include any first-aid items and is really just a pouch with first-aid written on it and a checklist of items to include.

  • Large capacity
  • Good price for the size
  • First-aid pouch doesn’t include any first-aid items
  • May be too large for some
  • 8. Unique Dog Travel Bag

Travel Bag - Dog Traveling Luggage Set

The Unique Dog Travel Bag is something of a luxury travel bag and does cost a little more than most of the alternatives. However, rather than the silicone folding bowls, it has two stainless steel bowls. It also has an elevated dog bowl stand located in the front pocket, and it comes with a first-aid pouch and two food storage containers.

Although stainless steel bowls are better quality than silicone folding bowls, they are very small, and your dog will likely need multiple bowls. Because they are made of metal and don’t fold, they also take up more room than collapsible bowls. The elevated feeder is a unique touch, but it won’t be suitable for aggressive eaters who will easily topple the bowl and cause a mess.

The product is a good idea and has some good features, but it may be more convenient to replace the metal bowls with collapsible ones and ensure that the bag is full when using the elevated feeder.

  • Stainless steel bowls are sturdier than collapsible silicone ones
  • Elevated feeder is good for some dogs
  • Bowls take up more room
  • Bag can fall over when your dog is eating from the elevated bowls
  • 9. Modoker Dog Travel Bag

Modoker Dog Travel Bag

The Modoker Dog Travel Bag has nearly 30 liters (8 gallons) of capacity and multiple pockets, including one bag dispenser. It also has an internal Velcro divider and includes two food storage containers and two collapsible bowls. The travel bag is a little expensive for its size, although you do get all the accessories you need.

Although the bag is sturdy and seems well built, the Velcro divider is prone to moving around and the magnetic pocket sealer also tends to pop open, especially if the bag is full.

  • Includes food containers and collapsible bowls
  • Magnetic pocket catches are prone to popping open
  • Velcro divider is prone to coming loose
  • 10. The Original Doggy Bag Backpack By Rubyloo

The Original Doggy Bag™ Backpack by Rubyloo

If you enjoy taking your dog on day trips or out hiking with you, you will want a backpack that is lightweight and easy to carry. It doesn’t necessarily need the huge capacity that some of the travel bags offer but you can still benefit from the portability of the bag and the convenience of being able to carry food, treats, and other items.

The Original Doggy Bag Backpack by Rubyroo is a backpack with just 18 liters (4.5 gallons) of capacity so it won’t be suitable for weekends away, even, but the single food bag can be used to carry enough for one or two meals, and the two collapsible bowls can be used for water and food. There’s also a treat bag and the backpack has a poop bag dispenser at the bottom, making it easy to grab and go.

The backpack is comfortable and handy for days out, but it is a little expensive for its size and you will want something larger for anything longer than a day out.

  • Easily accessible poop bag dispenser
  • Includes a treat bag
  • Small capacity only suitable for a day out
  • Expensive for its size
  • Buyer’s Guide: Choosing the Best Dog Travel Bags

A dog travel bag is really just a tote bag or a backpack , but it typically includes multiple pockets and maybe an internal wall or compartment that can be used to enhance organization. In most cases, dog travel bags also include collapsible bowls and dog food storage containers, and you can find some that have features like poop bag dispensers or even an elevated feeding platform. Although many of the bags look similar, there are some important features to consider to ensure that you get a bag that is best suited to your requirements and those of your dog.

Caucasian woman walking outdoors with dog jack russell terrier in a special backpack.

There are many types of dog travel bags and general bags available, but the two most common and beneficial are the tote organizer and the backpack. These offer decent storage while still being easy to transport.

  • Tote Organizer: The tote organizer tends to be square or rectangular and has a large internal compartment that is used to store the majority of provisions and items. The design of the bag means that it is typically carried in the hand using two handles, although some do include a shoulder strap and may also have backpack-type straps. These usually offer the most carrying capacity and are especially convenient for putting the trunk or sliding under the seat of a plane.
  • Backpack: Backpacks are convenient because they can be slung over one shoulder or strapped over both shoulders, spreading the weight and making them easier to carry. However, what they offer in convenience and comfort, they tend to lose in capacity and organization. Best suited to day trips and if you need to keep your hands free, for example, to carry a puppy or to hold a dog leash, these are portable and convenient.
  • Dimensions & Capacity

Whatever style of bag, you will need to consider the dimensions and capacity of the bag to ensure that it will carry everything you need. At the very least, a dog travel bag will usually be used to carry food, leashes, and a toy or two. It may also carry a dog coat, blanket, water bottle, and food bowls, according to your activities and how long you are packing for. Up to 30 liters (8 gallons) can be considered a good size for a weekend, or perhaps a few days for a smaller dog breed, and if you need more space than this, you might need to consider alternative arrangements or having an additional storage bag for extra food and supplies.

The vast majority of dog travel bags include collapsible bowls. These are silicone and they concertina down to a frisbee shape. They take up very little room in the bag, but they can be small and they won’t last forever. If you do find a bag that includes stainless steel bowls , these bowls are stronger but they don’t fold down, so they take up a lot more room in the bag. They also have to be quite small to fit in the bag so they won’t hold too much food.

  • Food Storage Containers

As well as food bowls, many of the bags include food storage containers . These enable you to store dry food, are usually waterproof, and negate the need to use plastic bags and other storage methods. Many of the bags on our list above include two containers, which means that you can fill one for a short trip and use the rest of the space for additional storage or fill both if you are away for a few days.

  • Poop Bag Dispenser

While food bowls and containers are quite commonplace, one feature that is less prevalent is a poop bag dispenser. These take the place of a small pocket. You can put a roll of poop bags inside and then pull a single bag from the dispenser, as needed, so you don’t have to open the bag and search for the roll every time.

woman holding a used dog poop bag

While most of the bags have large central bags that can be used to hold a selection of items, you will usually find at least one external pocket as well. External pockets are handy for keeping items that you need quick access to, like a leash or treats. And, you can even put your car keys in one of the pockets, as long as it has a zipper or other secure fastening.

  • Do You Need a Dog Travel Bag?

A dog travel bag is really just a standard bag with compartments and other storage solutions, as well as the usual inclusion of travel bowls . If you have a decent backpack or another bag that offers enough room, you don’t really need to buy a separate, dedicated dog travel bag. However, in the same way that a lot of new parents have dedicated changing bags, having a go bag for your dog so that it is ready to travel or head out with you whenever you want, is a good idea.

PK paw divider

There are a surprising number of dog travel bags available, including both tote and backpack designs, and with a wide variety of dimensions and volumes. There are those with travel bowls and even one or two with permanent stainless-steel bowls.

Above, we have included reviews of 10 of the best dog travel bowls and found the Petami Dog Travel Bag to offer the best compromise of capacity and portability at a reasonable price. For value hunters, though, it is the Bundaloo Dog Travel Bag that appeals, although it is quite a small bag and may only be suitable for dogs with small appetites.

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Get Your Dog His Own Luggage With One Of These 6 Travel Bags

Matching luggage 😍.

dog travel bags

We independently pick all the products we recommend because we love them and think you will too. If you buy a product from a link on our site, we may earn a commission.

While traveling with your dog can be a ton of fun, it can also be a bit overwhelming — especially if you’re trying to stay organized.

But one tried-and-true trick while traveling with dogs is to give your dog his very own travel bag.

Dog travel bags keep your dog’s stuff all in one place and are usually designed to carry things like food, bowls, toys and anything else your pup might need. That way, you know exactly where everything is when you’re on the go.

But there are a ton of dog travel bag options available online, so how can you find the best one?

The Dodo reached out to Irith Bloom, a certified professional dog trainer and owner of The Sophisticated Dog in Los Angeles, who said the best dog travel bags are ergonomic, lightweight and sturdy — and shared some tips for how to find the best one.

  • Best dog travel backpack overall: PetAmi Dog Travel Bag Backpack
  • Best all-black dog travel bag: Vumdua Dog Travel Bag
  • Best dog travel bag with food storage: Ruff Dog Travel Bag for Supplies
  • Best statement dog travel bag: POPPYPETS Dog Travel Bag
  • Best dog travel bag for safety: Dog Travel Bag Week Away/Overnight Accessories Organizer
  • Best dog travel bag for flying: Top Dog Travel Bag

Dog travel bag benefits

Travel bags for dogs are designed to hold your pup’s supplies, which makes carrying around items like dog bowls and food a lot easier.

And since dog supplies can get heavy, dog travel bags are usually designed to be super easy to carry.

“They are also usually lightweight and have convenient handles,” Bloom told The Dodo. “This makes them easier to use.”

And some dog travel bags are even airline approved, so you can take them as a carry-on while flying.

“Travel bags may even be specially made to fit under an airplane seat more easily,” Bloom said.

How to find the best dog travel bag

When looking to purchase a dog travel bag, look for one that’s lightweight yet sturdy, has comfortable handles and fits airline carry-on requirements (if you plan to use it for flying). And of course, pick one that you like the look of, which will definitely encourage you to use the bag more frequently.

“Look for features that will work well for you — everything from a color you like to a strap or handle that fits your hand well,” Bloom said. “Finally, consider the weight of the bag and its sturdiness … [these] can be conflicting features, but both are important. You want the bag to be as light as possible so it's easy to carry but also sturdy enough to make it through multiple journeys.”

To find a dog travel bag that’s high quality, pay attention to the details. “Check the hardware — especially the zippers — and examine the fabric and seams. If it looks like the bag would fall apart easily, it’s not a good choice,” Bloom said.

If you know you’ll need to feed your dog on the go — like if you’re camping or on a road trip — look for dog travel bags that come with insulated food storage, dog bowls and a water bottle holder. Some travel bags even come with a built-in mat to catch any spills.

Top-rated dog travel bags

dog travel bag

This dog travel backpack prioritizes comfort. Since most dog travel bags have an arm handle, this travel bag is unique in that it distributes the weight of your dog’s supplies on your back, making it a lot easier to carry. It also comes with a whole bunch of other perks, like separate pouches to hold your dog’s food, two collapsible silicone bowls, a water bottle holder and a built-in poop bag dispenser. You can choose from eight fun colors, so you can find one that matches your own luggage! 

black dog luggage

This all-black dog travel bag is as functional as it is sleek. It has six pockets in total and comes with two separate food pouches that are insulated to keep food fresh. Two stainless steel bowls (which are always good to have) are included in this purchase as well as a built-in food mat for mealtimes on the go. 

dog travel bag

This dog travel backpack includes one large, insulated compartment for your dog’s food that can hold up to 25 cups of kibble at a time. It also has straps if you need to carry a towel, mat or blanket for your dog, which makes it pretty awesome for camping. And this bag is super ergonomic. It comes with comfy leather handles if you don’t want to carry it on your back for long. 

dog travel bag

This bright pink dog travel bag is definitely a statement piece. And it can be really useful, too. It’s super spacious, comes with a ton of compartments and is airline approved. The bag also makes feeding your dog really easy with its two separate insulated food containers, two collapsible silicone bowls and built-in mat. 

dog travel bag

A unique quality about this dog travel bag is that it comes with a checklist to build your own first aid kit as well as a pouch to carry your dog’s medications. The travel bag also comes with a water bottle holder, straps for a blanket or towel, insulated food compartments, two collapsible silicone bowls and lots of pouches. 

dog travel bags

This highly rated dog travel bag is sturdy, stylish and functional. And if you plan on walking through an airport or the like, the back sleeve lets you slip it on top of luggage, so you won’t even have to carry it yourself. It also comes with a ton of compartments, food storage, silicone bowls, a removable divider and a water bottle holder for the ultimate convenience.


The Best Dog Gear Travel Bags – Buyer’s Guide


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' src=

There are so many products for dogs: collars, kibble, harnesses, treats, balls, toys, blankets, the list goes on and on. When you travel with your dog whether it’s just a day trip or a week long holiday you need to bring along your pet gear and finding the right bag to keep all of your dog stuff together can be quite the challenge. It’s a great idea for all dog owners to get a dog specific travel bag to organise all of your dog products and have them ready to go for any trip. 

I have looked at and reviewed lots of dog gear travel bags and after some evaluation have narrowed it down to the best ones according to best quality product, best value and best design. I have also sorted it out into three categories: backpack, suitcase and shoulder bag designs. 

Note: These bags are not dog carrier bags. Dogs do not get inside these bags and get carried around like a crate. They are for carrying dog supplies and gear. 

Table of Contents

Quick Picks

PETS GANG Pet Travel Bag: Backpack + Detachable Bumbag (9 Piece Set)

Best Quality

Unique Dog Travel Bag – Dog Traveling Luggage Set for Dogs

Best Design

Dog Travel Bag – Deluxe Quilted Weekender Backpack

Why Buy A Dog Gear Travel Bag?

If you are always travelling with your dog whether that is by plane or a road trip, investing in a good quality dog gear organiser bag is a must. It can make the travelling process so much easier for you and your dog rather than lugging around an old unorganised bag. 

A pet bag can organise all of your dog’s important supplies including food, treats and toys as well as important dog paperwork including vaccination and medical resources. 

It can also make a great gift for a dog owner friend who often travels with their dog. They probably haven’t thought of investing in one of these bags. It would make a really unique present. 

suitcase dog travel

Features To Consider In A Dog Travel Gear Bag

  • Stored size. When you’re not travelling you need to store your dog travel bag in your house and not everyone has an abundance of space. Definitely consider the size specifications of your bag before you buy it and make sure you have a good spot to store it. 
  • Machine washable. Anything around dogs will get dirty and this of course applies for dog gear travel bags. Look for machine washable bags so you can easily keep your bag clean. 
  • Compartments. Look for bags with multiple compartments so you can organise your dog products into their own sections. I would suggest one with at least 3 sections so you can organise your gear into food, toys and walking gear (collars, harnesses and leashes) sections. 
  • Closings. Different bags have different closings, some don’t close at all. Look for bags that do close, especially ones that use zippers or velcro. 
  • Waterproof/water resistant. Some bags are waterproof or water resistant. This is good if you are travelling for a holiday where you are mainly outdoors taking part in activities such as swimming, camping or hiking. 
  • Food carrier bags. This is the feature that makes a dog gear bag different from any normal bag. They usually come with little bags specifically for carrying your dog’s food. 
  • Included products. Most of these dog gear bags come with included products such as dog bowls, toys, blankets and first aid kits. Look for bags that have products that you don’t already own. 

Dog Gear Packing List

  • Car safety restraints e.g. dog seat belt
  • Dog Food. This seems so obvious but so many people forget to pack dog food because they are so used to the routine of going to the kitchen or cupboard where you store the kibble and dishing it out there and then.
  • First aid kit
  • Information Folder with dog’s vaccinations, medical records and emergency contact numbers
  • Travel water bottle

suitcase dog travel

Backpack Style

1.pelepet travel bag for dogs.

dog gear bag

4 ½ stars on Amazon


Check current price on Amazon

The Pelepet travel bag is a very versatile bag as it has straps and handles to be a backpack, handheld bag or shoulder bag. It is a nice light grey colour and is rectangular in shape. It comes with 2 collapsible dog bowls and 2 dog food carriers that are cylindrical in shape. These little bags can carry 1 week worth of kibble. The main section of the bag has one divider and there is one large front pocket. 

2. Dog Travel Bag – Deluxe Quilted Weekender Backpack

dog supply bag


4 stars on amazon

The Dog Travel Bag is a quilted design backpack that includes two lined food carriers and two collapsible bowls. It’s a really nice backpack design and comes in either black, pink or blue with spots . It has one main section with one divider splitting it into 2 sections. The front pocket has a placemat that folds down to put your dog’s bowls on during feeding time. 

3. PETS GANG Pet Travel Bag: Backpack + Detachable Bumbag

dog gear bag and bumbag

4 stars on Amazon

The Pets Gang travel bag is bright orange and comes with a bonus bumbag. The bag has one main section with 2 internal pockets and 2 front pockets. The included products are great including the bumbag, two collapsible dog bowls and a bungee leash for jogging. The only reason I have rated this lower than the above two is because the fabric looks thin in the images and the colour is a bit out there. 

4. Everything Mary Pet Pack – Backpack Storage For Dog Supplies Dog Food Dog Grooming Accessories Hiking Day Trips For Pets

dog supply bag

5 stars on Amazon

The Everything Mary Pet Pack is a simple dog bag that feature paw printed fabric. A stand out feature of this bag are it multiple compartments. There are at least six. This bag is for you if you already own collapsible dog food bowls and other dog travel products and are solely looking for a good backpack with multiple sections to organise your stuff. 

Suitcase Style

1. rolling dog travel bag – week away tote with wheels.

dog suitcase

The Rolling Dog Travel Bag is a neat little suitcase to store all of your dog’s needs. It has plenty of pockets to sort out all of your dog gear. The bag comes with 2 collapsible silicone bowls and as an added bonus comes with a collapsible silicone food scooper to measure out your dog’s food from the lined food bags. It has an adjustable telescopic handle like most suitcases that can be put all the way down if you want to carry your bag instead of wheeling it around. 

Shoulder Bag Style

1.unique dog travel bag – dog traveling luggage set for dogs accessories.

dog travel gear bag

The Unique Dog Travel Bag is a good quality product that has many features that make it stand out from other bags. One of these features is the elevated dog bowl stand which combats the  possible digestive problems problems typical low floor height dog bowls can have for your dog. 

The bag has a total of 23L of storage space and it’s dog food carriers can store up to 20 cups of kibble and are insulated. The product also comes with stainless steel dog bowls and a first aid kit. 

2. Hilike Premium Pet Travel Bag for Dog & Cat-Week Away Tote Organizer Bag

dog travel gear bag

The Hilike Premium Pet Travel Bag is a large travel shoulder bag that has 22.5L of storage. It has a good food storage box that is a tall cylinder shape which can store 3 pounds or about 1.3 kilograms of dog food. It comes with 2 collapsible pet bowls. A bonus feature is that it comes with a frisbee and dog blanket. 

suitcase dog travel

The Best Dog Swimming Gear (+ Where To Get It Cheaply!)

3. houndy dog’s travel bag.

dog travel gear bag

The Houndy! Dog Travel Bag is a stylish pet bag made of waterproofed canvas that comes in blue, green and red colour options. It features leather details including the handle and ID tag. The bag has a capacity of 25L which will let you store a lot of your dog’s gear for travel. It comes with 2 collapsible dog bowls and 2 dog food bags which can hold 30 cups of kibble. 

4. Teamoy Double Layer Dog Travel Bag

suitcase dog travel

The Teamoy Double Layer Dog Travel Bag is a dog shoulder travel bag that comes in two sizes either medium or large and in many colours and patterns, including black, grey, purple and polka dots. It comes with a collapsible bowls and food storage containers and has many different pockets and sections for organisation. 

Dog Travel Food Bag

If you are just looking for a bag to store your dog’s kibble while travelling these are the best buys:

1.OllyDog Kibble Carrier, Portable Food Travel Bag

dog food travel bag

5 Stars on Amazon

The OllyDog Kibble Carrier is designed for the easy transport of your dog’s food. The portable food travel bag comes in a really pretty aqua colour or black and features a clip close rolling top and lined interior. It comes with a matching fabric bowl. It can hold roughly 5 pounds or 2.25kg of food.

2. RUFFWEAR Kibble Kaddie

suitcase dog travel

The Ruffwear kibble kaddie is a compact design for easy transport of your dog’s food. The food storage bag has an internal spout that can come out to help you pour your dog’s food into a bowl. It has 10L of storage and can hold 42 cups of kibble. 

3. Everything Mary Pet Food Bag

suitcase dog travel

The Everything Mary Pet Food bag is made of durable microfiber fabric with a paw print pattern. It features a zipper on top and a thing rectangular plastic window so you can see how much food is left in the bag. 

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Best Dog Travel Bags – Don’t Leave Home Without It

Best Dog Travel Bags

As a dog owner, we know how important it is to have a bag to travel with your furry friend. But finding the best bag for your pup can be tricky – especially if you’re unsure what to look for. That’s why we’ve put together Best Dog Travel Bags guide – to help you choose the best dog travel bag for your needs.

In this guide, we’ve outlined the key factors to consider when shopping for a bag, as well as our top 6 picks for the best bags for dogs to travel. So whether you’re just starting out on your dog travel journey or looking for an upgrade, make sure to check out this guide!

Dog Travel Bags – At A Glance

Why you should get a travel bag for your dog.

When you pack for traveling with your dog, you want to ensure they have all the pet supplies they need. That is where a dog travel bag comes in handy, and you can think of it as a dog organizer bag.

Having everything in one place and neatly organized will make traveling with your pet more pleasant than haphazardly throwing things in the car and hoping you remember everything.

Travel Bags aren’t only for vacations; you can use them for hiking, camping, doggy daycare, the park, and the uses go on.

For more information about traveling with dogs, see: The Ultimate Guide To Traveling With Dogs

What to Look for When Buying A Travel Bag

Everyone has different preferences on what is important or not when deciding on a travel bag, but I want to offer my opinion on some of the most important things that a travel bag should have.

Durability and Water Resistance

If you’re traveling with your dog, you need to be prepared for wet weather conditions. A travel bag that can handle different types of weather conditions is essential. Water-resistant linings will help protect the contents from water damage.

Storage Compartments

You want to look at the size of the bag’s compartments. Most dog travel bags have storage compartments, but are they large enough to carry all the essentials to make your pet comfortable?

The reverse is also true – are there too many compartments that they make most of the bag unusable.

Keep in mind that a large breed dog will likely need more storage than a small dog – just in dog food alone.


Does the bag come with collapsible dog bowls, containers, and other accessories? Accessories can make a difference in the value of the bag.

If you also plan on having a suitcase, you’ll want the bag able to attach easily. If not, it can become challenging to jostle the bag around, especially when traveling long distances.

One of the most important factors to consider when buying a dog travel bag is its size. The bag should be big enough to fit your pet’s belongings, including dog food and water. But also not too large that it becomes cumbersome.

Ease of Care

It’s important to keep the bag clean during trips, and ease of care will come into play. Some bags come with removable inserts that make cleaning easy, and others are machine-washable on a delicate cycle.

When choosing the right dog travel bag, there are many options. Whether you’re looking for something small and affordable or something high-end and durable – look for value before purchasing.

Dog Travel Bag Product Reviews

Our top seven picks take different needs and preferences into account and are available in different sizes and colors to suit any dog. We also reviewed each bag extensively to give you all the information you need to make an informed decision.

1. BAGLHER (Best Backpack)

Best Dog Travel Bags - Baglher

  • Airline Approved
  • Colors: 12 Available
  • Material: Heavy-duty Polyester
  • Shoulder Strap: Adjustable
  • 2 Small Collapsible Silicone Bowls
  • Food: 2 Independent Containers
  • Holds approximately 12-14 cups
  • Front Pocket
  • Opens For Feeding Pad
  • Side Mesh Pocket
  • Trash Bag Dispenser
  • Dimensions: L13″x W7″x H16″

Best Dog Travel Bags - Baglher

  • Airline-Approved
  • Heavy-duty Polyester
  • Variety of Colors
  • No Inner Divider

A Few Words

The BAGLHER is a leading dog travel bag brand. Meeting most airline carry on requirements, you can bring the bag with you when flying, so you have all of your pup’s necessities nearby.

Included are a shoulder strap, food and water containers, a side mesh pocket, a trash bag dispenser, and a front pocket that opens up to accommodate a feeding pad. Plus, the bag comes with two small collapsible silicone bowls that make it easy to feed your furry friend while on the go.

Made of heavy-duty polyester, whether you’re heading to the park or taking a trip to the beach, BAGLHER is a great travel bag at a great price.

2. Tidify (Included First Aid Checklist)

Best Dog Travel Bags - Tidify

  • Colors: 5 Available
  • Fabric: Melange  
  • Water-Resistant
  • Front: Opens as Feeding Tray
  • Internal Mesh
  • Back Mesh Storage Pocket
  • Side Pocket
  • Food: 2 – Storage Containers
  • Bowls: 2 Collapsible
  • First Aid Bag and Checklist (not supplies)
  • Personalization: Available for Extra Cost
  • 30-Day Return Policy
  • Free Shipping
  • Dimensions: 6” W x 12.5” H x 8.5” L
  • Food Container Dimensions: 7” Diameter x 5” High

Video: Tidify Dog Travel Bag

Best Dog Travel Bags - Tidify

  • First-Aid Checklist
  • Personalization Available (extra cost)
  • First Aid Is A Checklist not A Kit

The Tidify Dog Travel Bag is airline-approved, water-resistant, and features adjustable shoulder straps for added comfort. It comes equipped with a front opening that folds down for a feeding tray.

Also included are two collapsible bowls, as well as an internal mesh pocket and side pocket for extra storage. Plus, personalization is available at the Etsy store for an additional cost.

One thing to be aware of is the first aid mentioned is not a kit but a checklist. Not misleading just want to give you a heads up. Being a checklist, you still need to buy the items separately.

3. Mobile Dog Gear (Traditional Backpack Look)

Best Dog Travel Bags - MobileDogGear

  • Most Airlines Approve As Carry On
  • Colors: 3 Available
  • Material: Polyester
  • Food: 2 Containers – 15 cup capacity
  • Collapsible
  • Zippered Drop Bottom Compartment
  • Daisy Chain Elastic Bands
  • Side Zippered Pocket
  • Zippered Front Pocket
  • Waste Bag Pocket
  • Straps: Adjustable Padded Shoulder Strap
  • ID Luggage Tag
  • Dimensions: 13″ L x 19″ H x 9″ W
  • Product Weight: 3.2 lbs

Best Dog Travel Bags - MobileDogGear

  • Extra Storage In Bottom
  • A Few Reports of Zipper Problems

Looking for the perfect dog travel bag compliant with airline regulations? Look no further than Mobile Dog Gear’s dog travel bag. This bag comes in three colors and is made from durable polyester material.

It also comes equipped with two food containers, as well as collapsible bowls and a placemat. Its several pockets and compartments make it the perfect travel companion for your furry friend.

Plus, the adjustable straps make it easy to carry. With an ID luggage tag and a waste bag dispenser pocket, this is the perfect dog travel bag for those who want to ensure their pet is comfortable during their travels.

4. Modoker (Best Return Policy)

Best Dog Travel Bags - Modoker

  • Colors: 7 Available
  • Material: Water Repellent Oxford Outer Material With PVC Backing
  • Inner Lining: Leak Proof
  • Shoulder Straps: Padded and Adjustable
  • 1 Side Pouch
  • 1 Side Zippered
  • 2 Front Pockets
  • 1 Back Mesh
  • Food Containers: 2
  • Dishwasher Safe
  • Dimensions: 16”(L)*14”(H)*8”(W)
  • Product Weight: 2.6 lbs

Best Dog Travel Bags - Modocker

  • Water Repellent
  • Leak Proof Inner Lining
  • Dishwasher Safe Bowls
  • Scoop In Picture Not Included

Are you looking for a stylish and sturdy dog travel bag? Look no further than Modoker. This dog travel bag is made of water repellent oxford outer material with PVC backing, making it resistant to liquids and staining.

It also features a leak-proof inner lining, padded shoulder straps, and various pockets to store all of your dog’s needs.

Plus, the dishwasher-safe collapsible bowls and placemat are a perfect addition for feeding your dog on the go.

5. Mattie&Me (Best Tote Bag With Personalization)

Best Dog Travel Bags - MattieandMe

  • Material:  600 Denier Polyester
  • Pets Name (Embroidered)
  • Zipper Closure On Top
  • Back Panel Is Black
  • 2 Side Mesh
  • Front Pocket With Pen Loop
  • Gusseted Bottom
  • Dimensions: 20″(L) 14″ (H) 4″ (W)
  • Handles: 29.5″

Best Dog Travel Bags - Mattie&Me

  • Embroidered Personalization
  • No Bowls Or Containers Included

Are you looking for a dog travel bag that is not only functional but a tote bag for dog stuff that is really cute. ? You need to look no further than this MattieandMeToo travel bag.

This stylish bag comes in seven colors, features a 600 denier polyester fabric for durability, is embroidered with your pet’s name, and has a top zip closure and a front pocket with a pen loop. The pockets on both sides are mesh-lined.

Be aware that no bowls or food containers are included.

The bottom of the bag is gusseted, and the bag is machine washable.

There is a no-return policy, so be sure this is the travel bag that fits your needs.

6. ModPawsUS (Best Customizable)

Best Dog Travel Bags - ModPawsUS

  • Pictures: Up To 3 Pets
  • Personalization
  • Colors: 10 Available
  • 1 Main Zip Pocket
  • 1 Zip Front Pocket
  • Water Bottle Holder Pocket (Side)
  • Internal Padded Divider
  • Laptop Storage Pouch
  • Write On Label

Care Instructions:

  • Pretreat visible stains with stain remover.
  • Mix warm water with laundry detergent and clean the bag with a terry washcloth or soft bristle brush.
  • Let the bag air dry.
  • Dimensions: 11.81″ (L) 5.12″ (W) 18.11″ (H)
  • Product Weight: 1.3 lbs

Best Dog Travel Bags - Modpaws

  • Customize With Up To 3 Pictures
  • Name Personalization
  • Laptop Storage
  • Hand Washable

The ModPawsUS dog travel bag is perfect for taking your pet’s accessories with you on your travels or as a dog overnight bag. The bag is made from polyester, features four compartments, a zip front pocket, and a water bottle pocket, and can be personalized with up to 3 pictures.

The bag is also comfortable to carry, thanks to its padded shoulder straps and padded back panel.

Be aware that no bowls or food storage containers are included.

But maybe the best part is this travel bag can be customized with up to 3 pet pictures. Also, their name can be personalized.

Because of the customization, there are no returns.

FAQs About Dog Travel Bags

What should be in a dog travel bag.

Best Dog Travel Bags

There is no one-size-fits-all answer to this question, as the contents of a dog travel bag will vary depending on the size and type of dog you are traveling with.

However, some common items that may be included in a good quality dog travel bag include food and water bowls, a leash, toys, a blanket or mat for comfort, and identification tags for your pet.

How much does it cost to buy a good-quality dog travel bag?

When buying a good quality dog travel bag, prices can vary from $40 to $100 and more depending on the material and accessories.

The bag should be durable and easy to clean. Additionally, it should have compartments for dog food/water, toys, and other necessary items.

And finally, ensure that the straps are comfortable enough not to strain your neck while carrying the bag.

There are many great options available on Amazon or elsewhere online if you’re looking for a good quality travel bag for your furry friend.

Just be sure to read dog travel bag reviews on different bags before purchasing and choose one that best suits your needs.

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The Dog Stroller Guide: Everything You Need To Know

So this concludes our list of some of the best Dog Travel Bags on the market today. Make sure to read reviews to find out what other dog owners have found helpful before making your purchase.

With all products, features can change, so be sure the qualities that attract you to the product are still the same before purchasing.

Thanks for reading, and we hope you found this blog helpful. And don’t forget to pack your pup’s favorite kibble and water bottle in their bag!

What tips do you have about traveling with pets? Please comment below.

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The Best Dog Travel Bags to Carry All Their Supplies

The Best Dog Travel Bags to Carry All Their Supplies

If you’re one of the many people who live by the motto, “If I Can’t Bring My Dog I’m Not Going,” you know how much of hassle it can be to efficiently pack all their gear. There’s food, treats, bowls, toys, leashes, medication, balls and sometimes a warm coat and boots for those snowbirds, or should we say snowdogs.

Even for a walk to the dog park or a stroll around town, there’s essentials that your dog needs, and a bag that can hold it all along with your cellphone and keys makes getting out of the house easier (and more fun).

Here are some of the best bags for packing everything your dog will need. Whether you’re going out for the day, a weekend, a longer vacation, or an unexpected evacuation, these bags will make your life a little easier.

Daily Dog Walking Bags 

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In the Company of Dogs

suitcase dog travel

Its Walkie Carryall Dog Bag is compact and lightweight, yet it can carry everything your dog needs and your keys, wallet and sunglasses. It has a snap closure, a waterproof cell phone pocket, a bag dispenser and a mesh pocket for a water bottle or a slimy tennis ball. Carry it on your shoulder or crossbody.

Available in sage, denim blue, gray and black

Price: $39.95

On the Go Jasper Swag Bag

suitcase dog travel

The Jasper Swag Bag comes in a few different styles, but all of them are designed with you and your dog’s needs in mind.

For a quick “business” trip early in the morning or late in the evening, the Jasper Swag Bag Mini is perfect. It can hold your cell phone, keys, treats, poop bags, a ball and a water bottle, and it comes with a built-in bag dispenser.

Price: $19.99

The On the Go bag is a little larger, and it can hold more, even a ball launcher and an iPad.

suitcase dog travel

Price: $44.99

The On the Fly is the top of the line with weatherproof, lightweight material, tons of pockets to carry anything you think you may need while still remaining lightweight and comfortable. Straps can be worn around the waist, on the shoulder or crossbody.

suitcase dog travel

Price: $49.99

Bags for a Long Weekend

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Sleepypod Go Bag

suitcase dog travel

The Sleepypod Go Bag  is a well-designed bag that features two mini packing cubes, an insulated food pouch that seals with a roll-up Velcro top and plenty of pockets for everything your dog needs. Gusseted side pockets fit a water bottle, cell phone or umbrella. An exterior utility ring lets you hang a leash or a flashlight while an interior lanyard holds keys so you don’t have to dig for them. There’s a large, padded interior pocket that will protect your laptop, tablet or your dog’s medical records, and a large zippered exterior pocket that keeps items secure and easily accessible.

The bag is made from durable ballistic nylon that is easily cleaned. The padded shoulder strap can be adjusted for crossbody wear, and the tapered shape makes carrying it comfortable. It also has a strong top handle.

Available in silver, black, red and blue.

Price: $79.99

Orvis Dog Traveler’s Kit

suitcase dog travel

The Dog Traveler’s Kit by Orvis is made of durable yet lightweight nylon canvas. It features a lined interior, an airtight bag that can store 4 to 5 pounds of kibble, and two collapsible bowls for food and water.

There’s an expandable pocket for toys, harnesses and leashes; a mesh pocket for small or wet items; a zip pocket in the top inside lid and an open sleeve on the back. A padded shoulder strap makes carrying it comfortable. Depending on the dog, it can potentially hold enough food for up to a week. Plus, the bag can be personalized.

Vacation Bags

The longer your vacation, the more stuff you have to haul. It can be hard to anticipate everything your dog will need, but these bags make it easy. With special containers for food and integrated dog bowls, packing for your pooch will be much less stressful.

Overland Dog Gear Week Away Bag

suitcase dog travel

The Week Away Bag is brilliantly designed to hold everything your dog needs for a vacation, but it’s still compact and lightweight. The bag contains lined carry cubes for food inside and collapsible silicone bowls and mat stored in the front flap. It has a place for everything. Mesh pockets on the side hold a water bottle or things that need to dry and air out (handy with a dog that loves to get dirty). A zippered mesh pocket on the top inside holds small gear like can openers and measuring cups securely, and the main compartment is divided for better organization.

Available in black, blue and animal print

Price: small $48.00; large $54.99

Rolling Week Away Bags

suitcase dog travel

Available in blue and black

Price: $69.99

Ultimate Week Away Duffle Bag

suitcase dog travel

Available in red and camo print

Price: $59.95

Ruffwear Haul Bag

suitcase dog travel

The Haul Bag is a large, duffle-shaped bag that holds a serious stash of dog supplies. The top has a wide, square opening for easy access. There are zippered interior and exterior pockets and mesh pockets for better organization as well as an ID sleeve on the outside for your address and any important information. A shoulder strap and top handles give you two carrying options. You can also buy extras for packing, like the Bivy Bowl for water, the Stash Bag for poop bags and the Kibble Kaddie for dog food.

Price: $79.95

Emergency Go Bags

In the past 18 years, Go Bags have become a household name. These bags are always packed with everything you need to survive a disaster, whether it’s terrorists or hurricanes. As we learned from past events, it’s imperative to take your dogs with you when you have to evacuate, and that means you have to be ready to go as fast as possible.

These are pre-packed canine survival Go-Bags with everything your dog may need for a few days or longer.

Deluxe Multiple Dog Survival Kit 

suitcase dog travel

This Dog Survival Kit comes prepacked with everything your dog needs to survive an emergency. It has enough supplies for two dogs over a 72-hour time period, packaged in durable containers. The kit includes dog food packets, water boxes with straws, thermal blankets, light sticks, water purification tablets, first aid kit, three collapsible pet bowls, poop bags, chew toys, and a 50-foot nylon cord, all packed up in a durable nylon carry bag. $79.95

Other great options include:

Pet Emergency Kit

suitcase dog travel

The Pet Emergency Kit is prepacked with emergency supplies.

Price: $37.88

Deluxe Dog Survival Kit

suitcase dog travel

This Ultimate Deluxe Dog Survival Kit .

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suitcase dog travel

By Jillian Blume

Jillian Blume is a New York City–based writer whose feature articles have appeared in magazines, newspapers, and websites including the New York Observer, Marie Claire, Self, City Realty, the ASPCA,, Best Friends Animal Society, The Mayor’s Alliance for NYC’s Animals, The Pet Gazette, and many others.

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suitcase dog travel

Top Paw ® Portable Dog Carrier

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suitcase dog travel

Top Paw Travel Airline Carrier

2X points (4% back in savings) on all cat merchandise

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Top Paw ® Functional All-Day Backpack

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Top Paw ® Soft-Sided Pet Tote

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Sherpa Everyday Airline Approved Pet Carrier

suitcase dog travel

Sherpa Element Deluxe Pet Carrier - Travel Airline Approved

suitcase dog travel

Petmate ® Ultra Vari Kennel

suitcase dog travel

Top Paw ® Bed Tote Pet Carrier

suitcase dog travel

Top Paw ® Soft-Sided Pet Tote Carrier

suitcase dog travel

Top Paw ® Everyday Dog Tote

suitcase dog travel

Mobile Dog Gear Car Seat Back Organizer

suitcase dog travel

Top Paw ® Dog Front Carrier

suitcase dog travel

Sherpa ® Ultimate On Wheels Soft-Sided Pet Carrier

suitcase dog travel

Sherpa ® Original Deluxe Pet Carrier

suitcase dog travel

Top Paw ® Packable Sling Pet Carrier

suitcase dog travel

Top Paw ® Sling Pet Carrier

suitcase dog travel

Top Paw ® On-the-Go Dog or Cat Carrier Tote - Pink

suitcase dog travel

Mobile Dog Gear Weekender Backpack Pet Travel Bag

suitcase dog travel

Mobile Dog Gear Week Away Tote Pet Travel Bag

suitcase dog travel

Mobile Dog Gear Dogssentials Tote Travel Bag

suitcase dog travel

Outward Hound ® PoochPouch Front Carrier

suitcase dog travel

Pet Life Deluxe 360 Vista View Pet Carrier

suitcase dog travel

Mobile Dog Gear Ultimate Week Away Backpack

suitcase dog travel

Mobile Dog Gear Day/Night Dog Walking Bag

suitcase dog travel

K9 Sport Sack ® Plus 2 Pet Carrier

suitcase dog travel

K9 Sport Sack ® Air 2 Pet Carrier

suitcase dog travel

Mobile Dog Gear Drop Bottom Weekender Backpack Pet Travel Bag

suitcase dog travel

Pet Gear I-GO-2 Escort Pet Backpack Carrier

suitcase dog travel

K9 Sport Sack ® Trainer Pet Carrier

suitcase dog travel

Kurgo G-Train Backpack, Dog and Cat Carrier, Black

suitcase dog travel

Top Paw ® On-the-Go Sling Dog Carrier Green

Free Same-Day Delivery!

suitcase dog travel

Pet Life Airline Approved 'Casual' Pet Carrier

suitcase dog travel

Mobile Dog Gear Collapsible Multipurpose Organizer

suitcase dog travel

Mobile Dog Gear Rolling Week Away Dog Bag

suitcase dog travel

Armarkat Soft Side Pet Carrier for Dog or Cat

suitcase dog travel

Pet Gear I-GO-2 Travler Plus Pet Backpack Carrier

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Whether your dog is always on the move, has a lot of stuff to travel with, or you just like to keep them with you all the time, the solution is a dog backpack or dog travel bag. There are backpacks designed to allow you to carry your dog around on your back but also backpacks for your dog to wear to help carry their stuff. For pet parents who travel, there are dog travel bags and totes to help keep all of their pet’s stuff organized. You can find the best selection of dog backpacks and travel bags at PetSmart. 

Our selection of dog backpacks and travel bags includes:

There isn’t anything you won’t be able to find to care for your dog at PetSmart. We also carry a wide variety of other dog supplies including dog crates/gates , dog car barriers , dog car booster seats , dog carriers , metal dog crates , dog doors , dog fence systems , dog houses/pens , dog mats/crate covers , dog strollers , and more. 

PetSmart also offers convenient shopping with curbside or in-store pickup . Need something today? We have select items available for same-day delivery in most areas powered by DoorDash. For items you purchase frequently, PetSmart has Autoship that automatically delivers the items you want to your door as often as you’d like. Check the website to see which items are eligible.

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With over 1,500 stores nationwide, you can find the products, PetSmart Grooming, training, PetsHotel boarding, Doggie Day Camp, and Banfield veterinary services you need.

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suitcase dog travel

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NBC Select Travel Awards 2024: The best hardshell and softshell suitcases

Away and Bagsmart are just a couple of the brands that made our list of the best suitcases to shop.

At NBC Select, we spend hours researching, testing and reviewing products so that you can be more selective and informed about the things you buy. For our first-ever NBC Select Travel Awards, we spent months thoroughly testing travel gear covering various categories.

We traveled across the globe to Tokyo with hardshell suitcases and packing cubes , commuting to and from our New York City office with weekenders and duffel bags and tried toiletry bags , noise-canceling headphones and more.

After all of our testing, we collected thoughtful feedback for every product. After sifting through all editors’ reviews, we found the products deserving of the Travel Award winner’s stamp of approval.

Below, we rounded up the best hardshell and softshell suitcases, plus information about how we evaluated each product.

SKIP AHEAD How we picked the best hardshell and softshell suitcases | Best hardshell suitcases | Best softshell suitcases

suitcase dog travel

select We took over 30 duffels, backpacks and weekenders on planes, trains and more for our Travel Awards. These are the best

How we picked the best hardshell and softshell suitcases.

Arguably one of the most important types of bags you’ll take with you on a long-haul trip, a great hardshell and softshell suitcase should be durable, spacious, easy to maneuver and able to hold up well against scratches, scuffs and potential damage (especially if you regularly check in your bags).

  • Durability: Overall, we wanted to see that once the bag was fully packed, it was easy to pull and roll around on various surfaces, including carpet, tile and pavement. We also wanted to see if the fully packed suitcases held their shape well with items like clothes and shoes inside. Plus, it was important to ensure that the suitcases held up well against elements such as water or accidental spills.
  • Maneuverability: Similar to durability, we prioritized maneuverability in the hardshell softshell suitcases we tested. We wanted to ensure the handles weren’t flimsy or prone to breaking, especially after pulling and handling the bag for hours. Additionally, we wanted to make sure the suitcases were relatively easy for the average person to lift and carry if they plan on using them as carry-ons.
  • Spaciousness: We wanted to make sure the suitcases we awarded had sufficient room to hold common articles of clothing such as t-shirts, pants, shorts, underwear, and certain types of shoes. Ideally, the bag would hold at least a few days' worth of outfits. We also wanted to make sure they were compatible with packing cubes, which help to keep belongings more organized. 

Best hardshell suitcases 

Best overall hardshell suitcase: away the bigger carry-on.

Away The Bigger Carry-On

Away The Bigger Carry-On

Away’s The Bigger Carry-On is the best overall hardshell suitcase because it delivered when it came to all of our testing criteria. This Away suitcase, as the name implies, is a subtly larger version of the brand’s standard carry-on suitcase. The bag can fit multiple packing cubes and has ample room for clothing, toiletries and shoes. It also comes with a small bag for storing dirty laundry.

Additionally, it comes with a TSA-approved lock, which NBC Select associate reporter Bianca Alvarez found useful during her travel testing.  “I loved using this carry-on and was able to pack roughly around 10 days worth of clothes with the help of packing cubes,” she says. “I also thought that the inside features were convenient.” Aside from space for clothing, it also has straps and buckles, which help flatten and secure the items in the bag, which makes it easier to close. The handle is easy to adjust and the wheels roll smoothly and handle various surfaces well, whether upright or at an angle.

Best lightweight hardshell suitcase: Quince 21” Carry-On

Quince 21” Carry-On

Quince 21” Carry-On

During our testing, we found that the Quince 21” Carry-On balances durability and maneuverability well. While the suitcase keeps belongings safe and secure, it’s also easy to lift and place in an overhead compartment or into the trunk of a car, especially when it is fully packed. NBC Select associate updates editor Zoe Malin tested the bag and loved how well it handled different terrain. “I dragged this bag through the streets of New York, on multiple flights, checked and not checked, and dragged it up flights of stairs and it looks great,” she says. While the bag is prone to some scrapes (the case with many hardshell bags), it comes with a small sponge to help wipe scuffs away.

Best budget hardshell suitcase: Bagsmart Carry-On  

Bagsmart Carry-On

Bagsmart Carry-On

The Bagsmart Carry-On can hold a surprisingly large amount given its size, according to NBC Select managing editor Leah Ginsberg, who tested the bag. “I was really impressed by this carry-on. Its dimensions are smaller than the average carry-on,” she says. “But it held a lot of things and the quality is good for the price.” The suitcase is slightly smaller than the standard carry-on size for most major airlines but that doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice space for storing clothing or other travel items. It also has 360-degree wheels, an adjustable handle with four heights, TSA-approved locks on the zippers, multiple compartments for organizing clothes and an expandable zipper on the side.

Best softshell suitcases 

Best overall: thule subterra 2 carry-on spinner.

Thule Subterra 2 Carry-On Spinner

Thule Subterra 2 Carry-On Spinner

Thule’s Subterra 2 suitcase is the perfect softshell carry-on for your travel needs, whether you’re using it for a quick trip or taking it on a long-haul vacation. Former NBC Select editorial operations manager Shari Uyehara says that while testing the bag, it “helped make traveling a lot easier” — she loves its sleek, stylish design, and how well it’s held up after multiple trips. It’s made from a polycarbonate shell and a durable nylon/polyester blend that’s designed to be water-resistant and to withstand the impact of travel wear and tear, according to the brand.

The suitcase also includes an easily-accessible removable panel that compresses your clothes to maximize packing space, which Uyehara says she loves most of all. “I love how spacious it is and that it can easily hold all of my items,” she says. She also says that, compared to other carry-on suitcases she’s tried, this one is lightweight and very easy to wheel around.

Best lightweight: Calpak Luka Soft Sided Carry-On

Calpak Luka Soft Sided Carry-On

Calpak Luka Soft Sided Carry-On

Malin, who’s never used soft-shell luggage before, says that this suitcase is “ideal to use for a short trip”, because of its spacious yet lightweight design. When testing the suitcase for a weekend trip, Malin says she fit three full day outfits, three pairs of pajamas and three workout outfits inside of the suitcase’s main compartment, plus underwear, bras and socks.

It’s made from Calpak’s puffy, polyester Luka material, which the brand says is designed to withstand travel — the flexible material also makes it easier to close (and overstuff, according to Malin). The carry-on also has 360-degree spinner wheels and two front pockets with a padded laptop compartment, which Malin says is her favorite part of the bag. “The sleeve makes it really easy to take my laptop out, which would be super helpful if I was going through security at the airport,” she says. Malin says she can store extras like her resistance bands and Bala bangles in the larger part of the pocket, and it’s an easy bag to wipe clean.

Why trust NBC Select?

Products underwent an eight-week trial before being selected as our favorite in their respective categories. We utilized our editors as shopping and trying experts. Each editor was given the same criteria during the testing period to ensure each item was held to the same standards and procedures. We looked at spaciousness, durability, comfort, zippers and much more. You can read more about our process here .

What our badge means

When a product carries the NBC Select badge, you can trust that our team of editors as shopping experts and professionals vetted the item thoroughly. First and foremost, we are journalists, so we will always do our research and reporting.

Catch up on NBC Select’s in-depth coverage of personal finance , tech and tools , wellness and more, and follow us on Facebook , Instagram , Twitter and TikTok to stay up to date.

Select Staff on NBC News

Monogram Trunks and Travel Travel Accessories Dog Bag | Louis Vuitton ® (Product zoom)

Louis Vuitton’s classic Dog Carrier has been updated with a sleek design and handy new functions. Styled in Monogram canvas with natural cowhide trim like the historic version, it’s designed for comfort with plush carpet and a soft ventilation net. Easy to carry with its adjustable shoulder strap, it’s the stylish, practical way to travel with a pet.

  • Monogram coated canvas
  • Natural cowhide leather trim
  • Washable textile lining
  • Gold-color hardware
  • Rounded zipped top closure
  • Magnetic closure on side flap
  • Removable soft carpet with removable washable cover
  • Inside leash attached to the bag
  • Removable, customizable name tag (hot stamping available)
  • Strap:Removable, adjustable
  • Strap drop:13.0 inches
  • Strap drop max:18.1 inches
  • Handle:Double

This reference is either Made in France, Spain, Italy or in the US.

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The 11 Best Luggage Brands of 2024, Tested and Reviewed

No matter what size or style you want, these are the best luggage brands to fit your needs.

suitcase dog travel

In This Article

  • Others We Liked

Our Testing Process

  • Our Decision Process
  • Tips For Buying
  • Why Trust T+L

Travel + Leisure / Joy Kim

No matter where you're going or how often you travel, luggage can make or break your trip. It helps with planning, packing, and staying organized while away — and sometimes determines whether you can bring back souvenirs. There's a wide range of checked suitcases, carry-on bags, duffels, weekenders, underseat bags, and backpacks on the market. Beyond that, you've got hardside and softside options with various organizational features. Amid what you might call the Golden Age of luggage, it can be hard to sift through your offerings.

To figure out what brands stand out from the rest, our Travel + Leisure team has tested more than 450 pieces of luggage ranging from carry-ons and checked suitcases to duffels, weekenders, garment bags, and other types of travel bags — assessing capacity, maneuverability, durability, and design through a series of tests and simulations. We've rolled suitcases through obstacle courses, threw them off tables, and hit them with baseball bats to see how well they'd perform in different travel scenarios like rough baggage handlers. We even recreated an airplane set in our New York City lab to lift bags into real overhead bins and underneath seats. We continue testing each bag in our real-life travels for a minimum of six months to make sure it stands up to planes, trains, automobiles, and anything else life may throw at it.

Our team has tested bags from many different brands, and below you'll find our current favorites. We will continue to update this article as we test even more luggage brands and new bags.

Best Overall

Backed by a 10-year warranty, Samsonite luggage is compact yet spacious, easy to maneuver, and exceptionally durable.

Because Samsonite has such a wide variety of designs and price points, some bags perform better than others.

After our most recent set of luggage tests, Samsonite has risen to the top as our favorite overall luggage brand. Samsonite luggage is generally lightweight and compact on the outside, with spacious interiors to maximize packing and a variety of styles to choose from. We especially love the brand for its versatility, with an impressive variety of bags at different price points so you can find whatever suits you whether you're looking for something affordable or luxurious.

The Samsonite Freeform Hardside Expandable Carry-on holds the spot as the best overall carry-on we've ever tested, while the Samsonite Winfield 2 Hardside takes the cake as our favorite checked suitcase . The Samsonite Bartlett Carry-on Softside Spinner earned perfect scores during our tests, impressing us as a solid softside suitcase for under $100. We also loved the organizational features — including multiple tech sleeves and included packing cubes — of the Samsonite Just Right Carry-on Spinner .

Almost all of the suitcases sustained hardly any damage after we hit them with a baseball bat and shoved them off a table. Samsonite luggage also maneuvers without a fuss, even on carpeted floors and gravel. Prices are more than reasonable, and while you'll have to make any returns within 30 days, the brand backs its products with a 10-year warranty.

The Details: 30 day return policy | 10-year warranty

Travel + Leisure/Joy Kim

Best Overall, Runner-up

The suitcases are durable, smooth-rolling, and spacious, and the brand has a generous 100-day return policy.

Some are harder to pull on two wheels, and the checked models are a bit heavy. 

All Travelpro luggage we tested earned high scores for maneuverability, durability, capacity, and overall design. The brand's hardside and softside models were a hit in the T+L lab, and there are both carry-on and checked options with spacious interiors and expandable capacities. We also appreciated the various organizational features, like zipper panels, cross straps, and pockets.

With self-aligning spinner wheels and sturdy telescoping handles, Travelpro luggage is also easy to maneuver on hard floors, carpet, and even gravel (though some suitcases are slightly harder to roll on two wheels than four, especially when packed full). We particularly love the Travelpro Platinum Elite Carry-On Expandable Hardside Spinner with its sleek wheels and a textured handle that helps maintain a comfortable grip, and we think the Travelpro x Travel + Leisure Large Check-In Trunk Spinner makes a stylish investment piece if you're looking for something large, durable, and built to last. Even Travelpro's rolling garment bag impressed with its high capacity for the size. And, while the carry-ons are generally lightweight, one thing to note is that the larger checked models weigh almost twice as much when empty.

After shoving the suitcases off a table and whacking them with a baseball bat, we were pleasantly surprised by their durability. We only noticed a couple superficial marks — no scratches or dents, and nothing that wouldn't wipe clean. Travelpro offers a generous 100-day return policy and backs its luggage with warranties ranging from 10 years to a lifetime, though it can be difficult to connect with their customer service department to initiate returns or repair requests at times.

The Details: 100 day return policy | 10-year to lifetime warranty

Travel + Leisure / Joy Kim

Best for Staying Organized

Beyond aesthetic appeal, Away flaunts plenty of pockets and compartments that keep all of your items in place.

The hardside suitcases might scratch under heavy use.

Away luggage has a minimalist-modern aesthetic and a sophisticated yet practical appeal. We're huge fans of the brand's suitcases and weekenders and particularly love The Everywhere Bag that's perfect for overnight trips, quick weekend adventures, and use as a personal item on longer trips. The checked baggage and hardside carry-on luggage pieces are light yet durable and easy to wipe clean. They didn't sustain any dents from our baseball bat tests, but there were a few scratches after we shoved them off a table. There are so many sizes to choose from, including one of our favorite trunks we've ever tested. We liked the dual main compartments, compression systems, expanders, and dirty laundry satchels of the roller bags.

The suitcases were a breeze to maneuver on their 360-degree spinner wheels, and carrying The Everywhere and The Garment Bag was comfortable with the padded shoulder straps. The Garment Bag also has interior padding that keeps all of your longer clothing items protected and helps to minimize wrinkles. Away is certainly not the cheapest luggage brand out there, but it's also far from the most expensive. Considering the 100-day return window, lifetime warranty, and stylish designs, we wouldn't hesitate to recommend it to pretty much any traveler.

The Details: 100 day return policy | Lifetime warranty

A perfect choice for organized travelers, Paravel luggage has lots of added features and a sophisticated appeal.

The suitcases don't expand, and the lighter colors are prone to scuffing.

Perfect for organized travelers , Paravel takes the cake for additional features. We loved the dual compartments, many pockets, dividers, and removable laundry bags. While the suitcases don't expand, the compression pads make fitting everything a cinch. The Paravel Aviator Carry-on Plus was one of our top carry-on bags thanks to its sleek design, roomy interior that makes packing a breeze, and slick wheels that were great on every surface. We also love the super cute Paravel Mini Fold-up Backpack that earned perfect scores in every category, as well as our pick as best overall mini backpack . Not only does the bag fold up small so you can pack it in larger bags, but it also has a high capacity that can even fit a tablet, making it the perfect eye-catching style to wear on any vacation.

Most Paravel luggage pieces held up well during our durability tests, though the lighter-colored hardside models are prone to scuffing. The suitcases are also easy to pull, push, and roll over various flooring materials. What's more, Paravel luggage is undeniably stylish with a sophisticated appeal and a cool mid-century flair. Prices are somewhat steep, but in the end, we think it's worth the investment.

People / Jhett Thompson

Most Spacious

The brand's large-capacity suitcases are impressively spacious yet lightweight, with built-in expanders and smooth-rolling wheels.

The hardside models are prone to scuffing.

Delsey is a go-to for large-capacity luggage . This brand carries both hardside and softside suitcases, including surprisingly spacious carry-ons and checked baggage in multiple sizes so you can find the best design for your needs. We were thrilled by how much they fit, noting that they could easily pack all items on our packing list with room to spare, even without expansion functions.

The suitcases maneuver well on their four spinner wheels, even over carpet, cracks, and bumps. Most models are also lightweight, so lifting them into an overhead bin is no problem. We checked the Chatelet Air 2.0 Carry-on and matching Chatelet Air 2.0 Medium Checked bag on four different long-haul international flights and each time they made it to the luggage carousel with only minor scuffs that were easily wiped away. We appreciate Delsey's accessible price points, plus the brand backs its luggage with warranties ranging from five to 10 years.

The Details: 30 day return policy | 5-to-10-year warranty

Travel + Leisure / Tamara Staples

Best Colors

They come in both neutrals and so many colorful designs, including limited-edition options.

Some of the carry-ons are on the smaller size.

You’ll feel like a kid in a candy store with all of the colorful suitcase options from July — and if you tend to gravitate toward neutrals, July has those, too. After we tested over a dozen bags in our lab on on our airplane set, some of our favorites included the July Carry On (includes a portable charger), the July Checked Plus (the largest suitcase in July’s range), the July Checked Plus Light (a great lightweight option), and the July Trunk Set (a stylish, zipperless two-piece set). 

We found the bags to be very durable against our baseball bat tests, although we noticed that the bags with aluminum corner bumpers tended to scuff more easily specifically on the corners. One of our favorite features was that some bags, including the Carry On Pro SnapSleeve , feature a multi-stop telescopic handle that you can adjust to 20 different heights, when many suitcase handles only stop at three heights.

Different bag styles are available in different colorways, and you can choose from delightful shades of blues, greens, pinks, reds, shadow lavender, plum, yellow, sand, and more, most of which will easily stand out on any baggage carousel. We did notice that some of the carry-ons tend to be much more spacious than others, so be sure to check the dimensions to find a size that will fit everything you need.

The Details: 100 day return policy | Limited lifetime warranty on luggage; 5-year warranty on soft bags and accessories; 2-year warranty on small leather goods

Best for Smaller Bags

Calpak luggage is compact yet still spacious enough to hold the essentials, and maneuvering it is a piece of cake.

The two-year warranty is substantially shorter than most other brands.

If you're looking for something you can stash in the overhead bin or under the seat in front of you, Calpak might be your best bet. We loved the duffles, backpacks, and suitcases with a particular appreciation for the Hue Mini Carry-on Luggage , our best overall underseat bag . We love that it glides smoothly, has a sturdy exterior, and can even fit a laptop, making it perfect for weekend getaways or even business trips.

Even when packed full, we found each Calpak suitcase to roll beautifully on both two wheels and four. We also like the Compakt Small Garment Bag , which is perfect to transport of one or two formal pieces inside a carry-on suitcase. The Stevyn Duffel Bag was very comfortable to tote with its shoulder strap and features a separate shoe compartment to keep your items clean if you're in the market for something smaller. Though the two-year warranty is shorter than most other brands, we think Calpak's prices are more than fair.

The Details: 30 day return policy | 2-year warranty

Travel + Leisure / Conor Ralph

Best Budget

Amazon basics.

Amazon's luggage is not just budget-friendly but also lightweight and sturdy with unexpectedly large capacities.

Color options are limited, and the suitcases don't have USB ports or other smart features.

We can confidently tell you there's much more to love about Amazon Basics luggage than a budget-friendly price tag. The Amazon Basics Hardside Spinner also landed on our list of the best lightweight luggage after earning a perfect score in all categories. We especially love that even though it is a light suitcase, it's sturdy with wheels that easily maneuver over gravel and carpeting. More pockets would have been appreciated, but both the carry-on and checked models easily fit everything on our packing list without the expanders, which adds another 15 percent to the capacity.

The hardside suitcases have extra-thick thermoplastic shells that passed our durability tests with flying colors — no scratches or dents in sight. They were generally easy to maneuver, too, albeit a little more difficult on gravel. Color options are limited, and while most Amazon Basics carriers don't have TSA locks or smart features, the designs exceeded our expectations.

The Details: 30 day return policy | 3-year warranty

Best Splurge

This splurge-worthy luggage brand boasts expandable main compartments, ample pockets, impact-resistant exteriors, and smooth spinner wheels.

The price might be hard to justify, and the checked bags are somewhat heavy when empty.

If you want the crème de la crème of luggage, Tumi is where it's at . The suitcases and underseat bags fared better than the duffel we tested, but all in all, we were impressed. Our favorite by far is the Alpha International Expandable 4-wheeled Carry-on that looks compact but includes plenty of organizational compartments and even comes with its own removable garment bag. There was plenty of space to pack everything on our list in every Tumi bag, even without the expanders. This brand also stands out for its organizational, smart, and security features. We're talking ample pockets, removable garment bags, laptop sleeves, USB ports, lockable zippers, and TSA-approved locks.

Whether you go softside or hardside, you can count on reliable durability — we even jumped on the bags and rode on top of them and not one feature broke or dented. We observed virtually no scuffs or scratches after whacking the bags with a baseball bat. Tumi luggage is easy to maneuver, thanks to the spinner wheels, but bear in mind the checked sizes are pretty heavy when empty. If you can swing the steep price, we think the brand is an excellent choice for long trips, frequent fliers , and those who like to stay organized.

The Details: 30 day return policy | 5-year warranty

Travel + Leisure / Jhett Thompson

Most Durable

Briggs & riley.

With ballistic nylon or shock-absorbing polycarbonate exteriors, Briggs & Riley suitcases can really take a beating.

This is one of the more expensive brands, and the checked models are slightly heavy when empty.

The most durable luggage we tested comes from Briggs & Riley . The brand carries softside suitcases with ballistic nylon exteriors that resist premature wear and tear, as well as hardside models like the Sympatico Domestic Carry-on Expandable Spinner with shock-absorbing polycarbonate shells that promise to protect your cargo from getting crushed. We were impressed by how well they stood up to our shoves and bat swings — no dents or scratches to speak of.

Durability aside, Briggs & Riley suitcases roll effortlessly on hard floors and carpet, over bumps, and around tight corners. They also have decent capacities, many with built-in expanders. This is one of the more expensive luggage brands, but it's backed by a lifetime guarantee. We wouldn't be surprised if the suitcases last 10 or more years. Not only that, but there are a few options for remedying potential damage, including self-repair kits, authorized repair centers, or shipping back to Briggs & Riley for a tune-up.

The Details: 30 day return policy | Lifetime warranty

People / Tamara Staples

Best Design

Thoughtfully designed, each Béis bag we tried comes with extra, often removable, features so you can customize your packing.

These are large bags and we had a hard time fitting some weekenders under airplane seats.

Shay Mitchell's luggage brand quickly won our hearts with each bag's thoughtful design, customizable inserts, and removable compartments. The bags are certainly large and can fit everything you need for a long vacation or quick weekend getaway — just be mindful that not all of the duffel-style bags will work as personal items. The Weekender is one of our favorites: like Mary Poppins' bag of wonders, this tote seems to expand as you pack it, fitting every item on our list.

When it comes to rolling bags, the 29-inch Large Check-in Roller is our best checked bag for organization . Similar to its weekenders, carry-on bags, and backpacks, Béis' check-in bag is huge and can fit everything you need and more. All of the Béis suitcases we tested also sported durable wheels that smoothly navigated different types of surfaces without gettings tuck, as well as easy-to-use handles that make running through the airport a breeze.

The Details: 45 day return policy | Limited lifetime warranty

Travel + Leisure/

Other Luggage Brands We Liked

Even though these brands did not make our main list, they still have some worthwhile suitcases and bags to consider.

Monos :  Monos items have a nice, sleek look that are generally easy to maneuver. However, when we tested its large check-in suitcase, we found that it carried less items than some of its competitors.

Arlo Skye :  We love this brand's smooth design and stand-out colors, but considering the higher price-point, these bags don't roll quite as smoothly as some other brands.

Roam : We're big fans of Roam's The Check-in hardside suitcase as well as the designs of other Roam bags; however, after one-month of real-world travels, we found these luggage pieces to be more prone to scratching than other brands we tried.

The T+L team has tested more than 450 pieces of luggage, including carry-ons, checked suitcases, duffels, weekenders, garment bags, backpacks, and more in our New York City testing facility. We've tried at least six models from many top-rated brands, performing a range of assessments to evaluate the capacity, maneuverability, durability, design, and overall value. We weighed each bag, then packed it with enough clothes and personal items to get through a four-day trip (more for the larger checked bags).

To see how the luggage would perform in a real-life environment, we rolled them on different flooring materials, across gravel and carpets, over bumps, and around corners. We also threw each piece off a table and whacked it a few times with a metal baseball bat to test for potential wear and tear and how prone it was to scratching or denting. In addition, we recreated an airplane set in our lab, where we hoisted the carry-on suitcases into real overhead bins and stuffed them underneath seats to see how easy they were to lift and how portable they felt.

After lab testing, each suitcase and bag was sent out for real-world testing, and our T+L editors brought the bags on vacations, weekend trips, and overnighters. To test each bag's true durability, convenience, and longevity, we tested each bag on planes, trains, buses, and even cruise ships, checking in after one month, three months, and six months to give our feedback. Considering standout features, size, and price, we created categorized ranked lists of every luggage piece we tested. The luggage brands with the highest average ratings were ultimately chosen for this list of our favorites, which we will continue to update as we test even more luggage.

How We Chose These Brands

The T+L team tested at least six bags per brand on our winners list to ensure a broad sample size. We tested underseat luggage , checked luggage, and carry-on luggage as well as duffel bags, garment bags, and backpacks, and gave each individual bag a score based on its capacity, design, durability, maneuverability, and overall value.

Next, we created rankings based on the total average scores of all the bags we tested for that brand. We also thoroughly read through all of the tester insights on each luggage item from these three tests to evaluate each bag's details and features. Finally, we determined whether or not we would recommend a bag and its overall brand.

Tips for Buying Luggage

Get to know the brand.

When it comes to researching a new luggage brand, you're already well on your way. For more information on a specific brand, you can check out its website, read customer reviews on products you like, or even take a peek at the items in person. Buying new luggage (whether a singular piece or luggage set ) can be a pricey investment, so be sure you like a brand's style, warranty options, and overall quality before you make that purchase. This is especially important when it comes to splurging on luxury luggage pieces .

Know your organizational preferences

Material and size are important, but some of the best luggage brands stand out for their organizational features. This may include dual main compartments, various pockets, a shoe separator, zippered sections, a toiletry bag , a removable laundry bag, a garment bag, a laptop sleeve, and maybe even a USB port with a power bank pouch — some Arlo Skye luggage includes the power bank itself. While it's not a top priority for all travelers, this can make packing and accessing your belongings much easier.

Look for durability

The best luggage stands up to wear and tear for several years to come. Both softside and hardside luggage options can be very durable. It's really a matter of whether you want to safeguard your packed items from getting crushed or protect the exterior of the suitcase from superficial blemishes (though many softside and hardside models we tested check all the boxes).

Think about mobility

You should also think about maneuverability. When you're running into the airport to check your bags before heading to security, you'll want a suitcase that doesn't hold you back. Four-wheel spinner suitcases tend to be easier to pull and push over different surfaces compared to suitcases with just two wheels, and they're even better if they have a sturdy telescoping handle. Grab handles and padded straps are ideal for other types of luggage, and a lightweight design will make your travel experience much easier.

Frequently Asked Questions

You'll see a range of hardside and softside models when browsing luggage, and many of the best brands offer both. What you purchase really comes down to personal preference. Some people appreciate how crush-resistant hardside suitcases protect their belongings. They're also easy to wipe clean and have a sleek, modern appearance.

On the other hand, softside suitcases are typically (but not always) lighter in weight and more flexible, so you can often pack more in them. After testing both types, we can tell you they're often just as durable as hardside options, and they won't dent like hardside bags do. Although a textile exterior might be trickier to clean, it can be better at concealing scuffs and dirt. Regardless of the type of luggage, you can find several effective products to clean suitcases available.

Size limits for carry-on luggage vary among airlines . That said, most allow suitcases no larger than 24 inches tall, 16 inches wide, and 10 inches deep. Some are a little more strict, with limits set around 22 x 14 x 9 inches. Keep this in mind if your suitcase has an expander, as the additional inch or two could put it over the allowed size limit. We recommend checking the airline's website if you're not sure whether your luggage will pass as a carry-on.

Why Trust Travel + Leisure

For this article, commerce writer Theresa Holland pored over our in-house testing insights, checked return policies, read the fine print for warranties, and evaluated price ranges to create a comprehensive roundup of the best luggage brands out there today.

Love a great deal? Sign up for our T+L Recommends newsletter and we'll send you our favorite travel products each week.

suitcase dog travel

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  • Updated: Jul. 02, 2024, 9:24 a.m. |
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Robert Kennedy

Independent presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr. (AP Photo/Meg Kinnard, File) AP

  • Matt Arco | NJ Advance Media for

Robert F. Kennedy Jr. is making waves after a photo of what appears to be the charred remains of a dog with him jokingly taking a bite out of the carcass appeared in a story from Vanity Fair and made its rounds on social media.

From the report:

Robert Kennedy Jr. texted a photograph to a friend. In the photo RFK Jr. was posing, alongside an unidentified woman, with the barbecued remains of what appears to be a dog. Kennedy told the person, who was traveling to Asia, that he might enjoy a restaurant in Korea that served dog on the menu, suggesting Kennedy had sampled dog. The photo was taken in 2010, according to the digital file’s metadata—the same year he was diagnosed with a dead tapeworm in his brain. (A veterinarian who examined the photograph says the carcass is a canine, pointing to the 13 pairs of ribs, which include the tell-tale “floating rib” found in dogs.)

The picture’s intent seems to have been comedic—Kennedy and his companion are pantomiming—but for the recipient it was disturbing evidence of Kennedy’s poor judgment and thoughtlessness, simultaneously mocking Korean culture, reveling in animal cruelty, and needlessly risking his reputation and that of his family.

The image prompted former Barack Obama staffer, Jon Favreau, to remark on X, “What the f--- is wrong with this man”?

what in the fuck is wrong with this man — Jon Favreau (@jonfavs) July 2, 2024

The story went on to chronicle how Kennedy allegedly made unwanted advances on the family’s 23-year-old part-time babysitter, Eliza Cooney, back in the late 1990s.

“... Cooney says, she was rifling through the kitchen pantry for lunch after a yoga class, still in her sports bra and leggings, when Kennedy came up behind her, blocked her inside the room, and began groping her, putting his hands on her hips and sliding them up along her rib cage and breasts. ‘My back was to the door of the pantry, and he came up behind me,’ she says, describing the alleged sexual assault. ‘I was frozen. Shocked.’”

Vanity Fair reported Cooney stayed on the job for a few more months but left after saying the experience damaged her confidence and diverted her from environmental work.

“At the end of her diary, Cooney wrote a list of things ‘to leave behind in 1999,’ with ‘bad men’ at the top.

Kennedy is a huge longshot to win Electoral College votes, much less the presidency.

He’s is a member of perhaps the nation’s most famous political dynasty. His uncle was President John F. Kennedy. His father served as attorney general and a U.S. senator before seeking the Democratic nomination for president. Both were assassinated.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.

Matt Arco

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Best hand luggage 2024: These carry-on suitcases & bags make holiday travel so much easier

Hand luggage must-haves we've found the best suitcases, duffle bags and more for your travels….

best carry on luggage suitcases

Okay, so summer is here and I know you're as ready as I am to head off on holiday!

So you've booked your tickets and marked your calendars and now the next step is to get packing. Whether you're jetting to the coast for a sun-soaked vacation or embarking on a city break with loved ones, it's always good to pack light.

  • Best expandable carry-on: Samsonite Upscape Expandable Cabin Case
  • Best Amazon carry-on: LEVEL8 Carry-on Suitcase With Front Pocket
  • Best affordable soft-side carry-on: IT Luggage World’s Lightest 2 Wheel Cabin Suitcase
  • Celebrity favourite carry-on: AWAY The Carry-On Flex
  • Hailey Bieber-approved carry-on: Beis The Carry-On Roller

I've travelled everywhere from Glasgow to Thailand this year, and there's one thing every trip has had in common: a great carry on suitcase to bring on the plane as hand luggage. Even for longer trips, I don't like to risk losing what I'll need for the first few days in case of lost luggage – we're already seeing those much-repeated scenes of summer airport chaos and missing cases in the news! 

So, I can advise that, if you're wanting a stress-free holiday, a carry-on suitcase could be the best option. So we've rounded up the best hand luggage for your travels, so you can make the process as easy and as stress-free as possible. 

What to consider when choosing a carry-on suitcase

As a former military kid and current transatlantic frequent flier, I’ve taken a lot of flights in my lifetime! Here’s what you should look for in a carry on suitcase:

  • Size : This is the most important factor, because the most important detail about a carry on is that you’re allowed to carry it on the plane! Check your go-to airline’s size restrictions, but generally they should measure around 22 x 14 x 9 inches (56 x 36 x 23 cm).
  • Hard-shell or soft? Soft-shell suitcases are much lighter and easier to fit in small spaces and in the overhead bins. They don’t, however, protect your belongings as well as a durable hard shell. Hard shell cases also are handy in case you ever have to check your carry on. Whichever you choose, make sure the zipper is sturdy and secure.
  • Compartments : Internal compartments will help keep you organised, and a carry-on bag with external pockets for your tablet or laptop will give you easy access, making going through security much smoother.

Step out with the most stylish carry-on luggage from Amazon, John Lewis, ASOS and more.

How I picked the best carry on suitcases

  • Tried and tested: If a member of the HELLO! team owns and loves a certain carry on suitcase, you'll find it on this list with our honest opinion.
  • Verified ratings and reviews: Where we haven't personally tested out the bag, I've scoured verified opinions from real shoppers to find the most popular and most-loved pieces to shop now.
  • Trusted brands and retailers: I've only selected carry on suitcases from HELLO! Shopping Team go-tos and brands and retailers that have a proven track record of success with our readers.
  • Style:  There's no sense in ruining your well-planned airport outfit with a dowdy bag, so I've picked the most aesthetically pleasing carry-ons by respected brands, from classics Samsonite and Antler to celebrity faves like Beis and Away.
  • Price point:  I'll leave it up to you whether you want to splurge on a luxury bag or save with an Amazon pick! But I've included an option for every budget. 

Best carry on suitcases

Samsonite upscape 4-wheel 55cm expandable cabin case.

Samsonite Upscape Cabin Case

The Details

  • Size: H55 x W40 x D20/23cm
  • Weight: 2.3kg
  • Capacity: 39/45L
  • Warranty: 5 year guarantee 
  • Four spinner wheels
  • TSA approved
  • Combination lock

Editor's note:

“It’s hard to think of a more popular and reputed brand than Samsonite, and that’s probably why this cabin suitcase is a best seller. It has a sleek design - a Samsonite signature - and shoppers say it’s light and spacious and manoeuvres easily. And there’s a solid warranty if it doesn’t hold up to your standards.”

LEVEL8 Carry on Suitcase

amazon clamshell carry on suitcase with front pocket.

  • Size:55 x 37 x 25CM 
  • Weight: 5kg
  • Capacity: 36 L (42L when expanded)

“If you’re someone who loves a hardshell carry-on, but also wants to easily access your tablet, laptop or other must-haves easily without opening your luggage entirely, I strongly recommend a suitcase with a front pocket, like this top rated Amazon case. It has all the necessary features of a regular carry-on – it’s expandable, has a telescoping handle and spinner wheels – but with the added convenience of a roomy and easily accessible front pocket. A real game changer!”

AWAY The Carry-On Flex

away carry on suitcase luggage

$325 / £265 at Away

  • Size: 21.7"(H) x 13.7"(W) x 9"(D)
  • Weight: 8.15 lbs
  • Capacity: 39.8 L (When expanded: 46.7 L)
  • Warranty: Free returns on unused items for the first 100 days
  • Durable polycarbonate hard shell
  • Leather details, including a black leather luggage tag
  • TSA-approved combination lock 
  • 360° spinner wheels 
  • Underside grab handle
  • Interior compression system 
  • Hidden laundry bag

"AWAY is one of the most popular luggage brands with the celebrity set, from Kylie Jenner to Margot Robbie. Barbie star Margot’s AWAY Carry-On Flex is my pick because it is built to last, with a durable polycarbonate hard shell that can withstand any journey. Perfect for longer trips, it is sized to fit in the overhead bin of most major airlines, and still lightweight to pop easily onto a train or into a car. It comes in 11 colours, too!"

IT Luggage World’s Lightest 2 Wheel Cabin Suitcase

it luggage carry on.

  • Size:55cm(H) x 39.5cm(W) x 19cm (D)
  • Weight: 1.58kg
  • Capacity: 35L
  • Warranty: 10 years
  • Two in-line wheels
  • Retractable handle
  • Two internal pockets + One external pocket

“This affordable It Luggage suitcase has earned rave reviews at Argos, where it has a 4.7-star rating and is recommended by 95% of customers. I can definitely see the appeal - it’s lightweight, inexpensive, made from durable fabric and has a fun, sporty design. It also comes in medium and large sizes if you’d like a matching set! The downside is that it doesn’t have spinner wheels, so you may want to consider another option if that’s a dealbreaker.”

Beis The Carry-On Roller

Beis The Carry-On Roller.

$285 / £244 at Beis

  • Size: W 40cm H 58cm D 25cm
  • Weight: 8.36lbs/3.79KG
  • Capacity: 49 - 61 L
  • Warranty: BÉIS Limited Lifetime Luggage Warranty 

“Like Away, celebrity approved option is by an influencer’s favourite, Shay Mitchell’s Beis. This stylish hand luggage is Hailey Bieber approved! If you’re wanting to travel in style, this suitcase comes in 10 matte colours and three glossy hues, and it has some great details like a cushioned silicone trolley handle. It’s expandable, too, and there’s a lifetime Beis guarantee making it a solid investment. It has definitely earned its thousands of five-star reviews.”

NERE Caype Cabin Suitcase

Best carry on luggage NERE Caype Cabin Suitcase

£99 at Nere

  • Size:  55(H) x 37.5(W) x 20(D) cm
  • Weight: 3.2 kg
  • Capacity: 36/44 Litres
  • Warranty: 10-year
  • 8 Spinner Wheels
  • Built-in TSA combination lock

"I'm a sucker for pretty luggage and I've become quite smitten with NERE - it's a new Australian brand and it's really affordable. But the best thing about the products? The cute colours! The Nere Caype is available in 'blush gloss' and it's the prettiest colour I've ever seen. In the carry-on luggage size of 55cm, the Caype is the perfect travel piece to have by your side for that next flight or car ride. The hard case is made from quality ABS material and it's finished with rose gold accents - chic with a capital C."

- Leanne Bayley , Director of Lifestyle & Commerce

Antler Icon Stripe Cabin with Expander

Antler carry on bag

£175 at John Lewis

  • Size:36 x 55 x 23 cm
  • Weight: 2.8 kg
  • Capacity: Up to 46L when expanded
  • Warranty: Lifetime

​ "I love using Antler - their best-selling suitcases are known for their style and durability. It's definitely one for a travel enthusiast. I was eager to try out this brand's hard-case suitcase on my latest holiday. Having used a cabin suitcase without a top handle before, this one was a lifesaver! It not only looks sleek and stylish but also sustained minimal damage during my journey. The wheels are impressively robust, handling continuous lugging up and down stairs and fitting into luggage racks with ease. I also loved the comfort grip handle. Additionally, the expandable case comes with a dust bag for safe storage at home."

- Sharnaz Shahid, HELLO! Deputy Online Editor

American Tourister Stratum XLT Expandable Hardside Luggage

American Tourister Stratum XLT Expandable Hardside Luggage

  • Size: 35.56 x 22.86 x 55.88 cm
  • Weight: 6lb
  • Spinner wheels
  • Interior mesh pocket and cross straps
  • Adjustable handle

"I confess I bought this carry on basically for the style - but as it turns out it has been my super-durable go-to for years! It’s very lightweight, although it doesn’t have a lot of swishy extras. But it is so reliable, does the job and is cute and affordable, too."

Best carry-on totes, bags & backpacks

Kipling art m multi-use tote with trolley sleeve.

kipling carry on tote

  • Soft - Outer material 100% Recycled Polyester
  • Size: 58cm(W) x 32m(H) x 20cm(D)
  • Weight: 0.50 kgs
  • Capacity: 26 Litre
  • Warranty: Repairs under warranty available; Returns within 30 days.
  • One zipped main compartment
  • One inside pocket (zipped)
  • Two front pockets (1 open + 1 zipped)
  • Robot monkey
  • Shoulder strap
  • Trolley sleeve

"This roomy Kipling tote bag has proved to be my best friend for weekend trips away. It's comfy to carry even when at full capacity and has plenty of room for everything. There are also plenty of pockets to keep everything organised. I love that it has a luggage strap so you can slot it over your suitcase handle and that it has expander zips which you can open to make it even more roomy. I have the Freida Kahlo version but it comes in a rainbow of different colours and styles to suit all tastes."

- Katherine Robinson , HELLO! Online Senior Lifestyle Editor

Everlane The ReNew Transit Messenger

Everlane transit bag

$29 / £27 at Everlane

  • Dimensions: 16.5" L X 12" H X 6" D
  • Capacity: 21L
  • Main compartment with a zipper closure
  • Adjustable padded shoulders straps, a top handle and luggage pass thru webbing
  • Pockets: 1 internal zippered; 1 padded laptop slip pocket; 2 mesh side pockets; 2 slip pockets
  • Materials: 100% recycled polyester from recycled plastic bottles

"When I'm checking my suitcase and don't feel like toting my hard-side carry-on through the airport, I use my Everlane messenger bag. It's roomy and is easy to carry - there's a padded shoulder strap and luggage strap in case you want to attach it to your suitcase - and has so many compartments, including room for a laptop and my iPad. Not to mention it's super stylish! It's also the perfect unisex design - my husband uses it, too."

WONHOX Large Travel Backpack

wonhox amazon Large Travel Backpack

  • Size: 43cm x 30cm x 20cm / 16.93 "x 11.8 " x 7.9 "
  • Weight: 1kg / 2.2Lb  
  • Padded shoulder straps
  • Anti-theft zipper pocket
  • Laptop and tablet compartments
  • Water resistant
  • USB charging port
  • Luggage attachment strap

“You'll be glad you invested in Amazon's carry-on backpack - it has over 10,000 five-star ratings! Between the laptop compartment, separate shoe compartment and built-in charging port, it might just be the ultimate travelling sidekick.”

The North Face Base Camp Duffel

north face carry on duffel bag

  • Size: 33 cm x 53cm x 33cm
  • Volume: 50L
  • Weight: 1195g
  •  Removable, adjustable, alpine-cut shoulder straps and two padded side handles
  • D-zip opening with a weather-resistant, zipped flap
  • Main compartment with secure-zip mesh pocket; end-cap mesh sleeve pocket
  • Water resistant; Water-resistant ID window

"North Face is famous for its durable gear, and has a wide selection of duffel bags ready to shop. When it comes to the ones that are cabin-approved though, our favourite is the Base Camp Duffel, which can be carried as a bag or worn as a backpack. It's eco-friendly (made from recycled materials), water repellent and comes in more than a dozen colours!"

You may also like

How to get the most out of your carry-on luggage this summer.

Experts on the team at Dr. Martens have rounded up some fabulous advice about how to get the most of your carry-on luggage this summer. We're taking notes...

  • Plan your outfits day by day to save yourself space and get-ready time. I am old school so just lay my clothes out on the bed and try them on with shoes and accessories - although I have friends who take photos to know what they'll look like! According to Dr Martens, that's a great idea. “This way you’ll only take what you need. It might also be useful to think of items that you can wear more than once and in multiple ways."
  • Use packing cubes.  I am a huge fan of packing cubes  - I swear by the leak-proof toiletry bag set by Mumi , and Amazon's space-saving compression packing cubes , so I absolutely concur with this advice! "Pack your underwear and socks in one, and tops and trousers in another, to keep things neat and compact...They’re particularly helpful for staying organised on multi-stop trips too, and for keeping your hotel room tidy.”
  • Bring two pairs of shoes, wearing your heaviest during travel. I do try to adhere to this advice, wearing trainers or boots on the flight and then bringing an alternate daytime pair. The exception is if I'm expecting to dress up, in which case I'll bring a third pair, an evening shoe.
  • Purchase toiletries at your destination. This is one my mother always told me as a key travel tip! For me the exception is hair products, which I can't always find at my destination so I put them into smaller containers. “Toiletries can take up a lot of space, so we’d recommend purchasing the basics once you arrive at your destination. Higher priced toiletries, or personal skin care products, could be decanted into smaller travel sized pots. These will allow you to only take what you need.”
  • Utilise your ‘personal item’ allowance as an extension of your carry on: When travelling with just a carry-on, I make sure to bring an additional tote designed to carry my laptop and my tablet, too, plus extra room for other must-haves that I want to keep handy, like medication, snacks and makeup for a pre-landing touch-up. "Before you travel, check your airline's policies on this to see how large a bag you can take. If you have additional clothes that don't fit in your case, try rolling instead of folding them and placing them at the bottom of your personal item bag to save space here too.”

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    The 10 Best Travel Bags for Dogs. 1. Mobile Dog Gear Week Away Tote Pet Travel Bag - Best Overall. Check Price on Chewy. Check Price on Amazon. Size: Small (12" L x 6" W x 11" H), medium-large (15" L x 7" W x 14" H) Colors: Black, royal blue, pink, paw & bone print.

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    Wild One Airline Approved Breathable Mesh Travel Bag Dog Carrier, 17.5-in, Spruce. $125.00 Chewy Price. FREE 1-3 day delivery on first-time orders. New. More Choices Available. More Choices Available. PetAmi Premium Airline Approved Bag Dog & Cat Carrier, Heather Blue, Large. $60.99 Chewy Price.

  9. Pet Travel Bag

    Travel Bag - Dog Traveling Luggage Set for Dogs Accessories - Include Pet First Aid Bag with Case Tags, Elevated Bowl Stand, 2X Food Storage Containers, 2X Dog Stainless Steel Bowls. 693. $3999 ($39.99/Count) FREE delivery Mon, Apr 29. Only 20 left in stock - order soon.

  10. Best Dog Travel Bags To Help You Stay Organized

    Best dog travel backpack overall: PetAmi Dog Travel Bag Backpack. $39. This dog travel backpack prioritizes comfort. Since most dog travel bags have an arm handle, this travel bag is unique in that it distributes the weight of your dog's supplies on your back, making it a lot easier to carry. It also comes with a whole bunch of other perks ...

  11. 10 Best Dog Travel Bags

    Pueikai Dog Travel Bag. This successful dog travel bag is an innovative design. It has a comfortable strap that is simple to adjust, along with a carrying handle. It's also composed of a sturdy water-resistant substance that can last for many years. The supplied food bags are simple to close, preventing leaks and spills.

  12. The Best Dog Gear Travel Bags

    The Ruffwear kibble kaddie is a compact design for easy transport of your dog's food. The food storage bag has an internal spout that can come out to help you pour your dog's food into a bowl. It has 10L of storage and can hold 42 cups of kibble. Size. 7.9 x 9.4 x 16.9 inches. 20 x 23.8 x 42.9 centimetres.

  13. The 7 Best Dog Travel Bags 2024 -Don't Leave Home Without It

    Mobile Dog Gear (Traditional Backpack Look) 8) 4. Modoker (Best Return Policy) 9) 5. Mattie&Me (Best Tote Bag With Personalization) 10) 6. ModPawsUS (Best Customizable) In this guide, we've outlined the key factors to consider when shopping for a bag, as well as our top 6 picks for the best bags for dogs to travel.

  14. The Best Dog Travel Bags to Carry All Their Supplies

    Price: $19.99. The On the Go bag is a little larger, and it can hold more, even a ball launcher and an iPad. Price: $44.99. The On the Fly is the top of the line with weatherproof, lightweight material, tons of pockets to carry anything you think you may need while still remaining lightweight and comfortable.

  15. Dog Carriers, Backpacks, Travel Bags & Totes

    Mobile Dog Gear Week Away Tote Pet Travel Bag. Discounted Price $43.99 - 49.99 Old Price $65.99 - 69.99 (7) Sign In & Enjoy Free Shipping Over $49. Mobile Dog Gear Dogssentials Tote Travel Bag. Discounted Price $37.26 - 39.99 Old Price $41.99 - 41.99 (4)

  16. Dog Travel Bag

    From $34.99. PetAmi Dog Travel Bag, Travel Pet Bag Organizer, Dog Food Travel Bag with Food Container and Bowls, Dog Travel Supplies Gift Accessories for Weekend Camping, Dog Cat Diaper Bag (Pink, Medium) 2. $ 3099. PetAmi Small Dog Purse Carrier, Soft-Sided Pet Carrier Bag with Pockets, Portable Medium Dog Puppy Large Cat Travel Handbag Tote ...

  17. Dog Travel Suitcase

    Personalized Doggie Things Dog Tote Bag with Zipper, pet travel bag, Pet gift, Pet bag, new puppy gift, daycare bag, dog groomer gift. (17.8k) $22.39. $27.99 (20% off) Check out our dog travel suitcase selection for the very best in unique or custom, handmade pieces from our luggage & travel shops.

  18. The best suitcases: NBC Select Travel Awards 2024

    The best hardshell and softshell suitcases tested by NBC Select editors. Shop NBC Select Travel Award winners from Away, Quince, Thule, Bagsmart and Calpak.

  19. Dog Bag Monogram

    Discover Louis Vuitton Dog Bag: Louis Vuitton's classic Dog Carrier has been updated with a sleek design and handy new functions. Styled in Monogram canvas with natural cowhide trim like the historic version, it's designed for comfort with plush carpet and a soft ventilation net. Easy to carry with its adjustable shoulder strap, it's the stylish, practical way to travel with a pet.

  20. Traveling With Pets: Tips For A Stress-Free Trip

    Whether you're traveling by car, plane, train or bus, "once you've identified what your pet will need to cope with during your travel, you can focus your training on recreating those ...

  21. TOP 10 BEST Travel Luggage in San Jose, CA

    Top 10 Best Travel Luggage in San Jose, CA - June 2024 - Yelp - Departures, Stern's Travel Shop, AWAY - San Jose, Samsonite Outlet, Going In Style, Tumi, Marcopoloni, Longchamp, Louis Vuitton Bloomingdale's Valley Fair ... Dog Friendly Beaches. Dog Swimming. Drive in Movie Theater. Eyebrow Waxing. Fishing Spots. Free Kids Activities. Handbags ...

  22. Mobile Dog Gear, Week Away Dog Travel Bag for Medium and Large Dogs

    Week Away Duffle . Organized luggage system with accessories that now makes it simple to travel with your dog for any length of time. We have several pet travel luggage options for any size dog or situation that holds items such as toys, water, food, treats, leash, harness, waste bags, and other pet essentials.

  23. The 11 Best Luggage Brands of 2024, Tested and Reviewed

    Travelpro. The suitcases are durable, smooth-rolling, and spacious, and the brand has a generous 100-day return policy. Some are harder to pull on two wheels, and the checked models are a bit ...

  24. The 5 Best Checked Suitcases, According to Our Testing and Vetting

    Pros. Resilient Makrolon polycarbonate exterior One-touch CX expansion system adds 2 inches of packing space; Well-placed pockets, including a dedicated luggage ID pocket

  25. Traveling With Your Dog to San Jose, California: Pet-Friendly Flights

    San Jose, California, is a dog-friendly destination nestled in the heart of Silicon Valley. With its mild climate and a variety of outdoor spaces, San Jose welcomes tourists traveling with their four-legged companions. From scenic parks and dog-friendly trails to pet-friendly dining options, this vibrant city offers a range of …

  26. eBags Mother Lode Travel Backpack Review

    The eBags Mother Lode Travel Backpack is the best replacement for traditional carry-on luggage thanks to its capacity and many pockets. One Buy Side editor has travelled around the world with his.

  27. Bizarre photo surfaces of RFK and 'barbecued dog': 'The f--- is wrong

    Robert F. Kennedy Jr. is making waves after a photo of what appears to be the charred remains of a dog with him jokingly taking a bite out of the carcass appeared in a story from Vanity Fair and ...

  28. Inflight 'raw dogging': The bizarre new travel trend that's ...

    A British DJ with the handle oiwudini got 1.3 million likes on a video where he bragged about traveling on a seven-hour flight without headphones, sleep or other creature comforts. One commenter ...

  29. The 10 Best Fanny Packs and Belt Bags for Travel

    Travelers appreciate: "This light pack is the perfect size for your phone, wallet, car keys, and any other adventure essentials (sunscreen, dog treats, etc.)," says Zach Watson, senior editor of ...

  30. Away in San Jose: Santana Row

    Away in San Jose: Santana Row. Bay Area, come shop our lineup IRL! Our stores are also available for call and collect orders and courier services. To arrange for call and collect, please give us a call at (408) 716-8882 during our business hours, or drop us a note at [email protected].

  31. Pet Supplies : MYDAYS Dog Travel Bag, Pet Luggage Suitcase Weekend Tote

    CLAWIST Dog Travel Bag with Treat Pouch, Airline Approved Dog Bags for Traveling, 2 Dog Food Travel Container, 2 Travel Bowls, Weekend Dog Travel Bag for Supplies, Dog Travel Kit Accessories 375 $19.99 $ 19 . 99

  32. Best hand luggage 2024: These carry-on suitcases & bags make holiday

    I found the best hand luggage for your summer holidays and beyond. Stylish carry-on suitcases, duffle bags and backpacks for your vacation from Amazon, Samsonite, Beis, Antler & more