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The Sardar Sarovar project was a vision of the first deputy prime minister of India, Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel. The foundation stone of the project was laid out by Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru on April 5, 1961.On occasion of his 67th birthday, Prime Minister Narendra Modi has inaugurated the Sardar Sarovar Dam on the Narmada river. The project which has been the subject of much controversy for decades now is reported to be one of the largest dams in the world. Having a length of 1.2 kms and a depth of 163 metres, the dam is expected to be shared among the three states of Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra and Gujarat. 

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narmada dam visit permission online

How to Reach:

Nearest Airport is Vadodara Which is around 97.4 Km away.

Nearest Railway is Vadodara Which is around 93.5 km away

The Sardar Sarovar Dam is a gravity dam on the Narmada river near Navagam is is 28.5 km away from rajpipla.

narmada dam visit permission online

Welcome to NCA

narmada dam visit permission online

Composition of NCA

Senior officers of nca.

  • Shri Ashok Kumar Thakur, Executive Member, NCA
  • Dr Tejram Nayak, Member (Civil), NCA
  • Smt. Devjani Patra, Member (E&R), NCA
  • Shri Ashish Dutta, Member (Power), NCA

Important Projects in Narmada Basin

Bargi project.

narmada dam visit permission online

Tawa Project

narmada dam visit permission online

Indira Sagar Project

narmada dam visit permission online

Omkareshwar Project

narmada dam visit permission online

Maheshwar Project

narmada dam visit permission online

Sardar Sarovar Project

narmada dam visit permission online

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narmada dam visit permission online

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Gujarat Travel Blog

Places to Visit in Narmada District

Narmada district, located in the state of Gujarat, India, is a region known for its natural beauty, historical significance, and cultural heritage. This district is named after the Narmada River, one of the major rivers in India, and it offers a diverse range of attractions for tourists. From religious sites to scenic landscapes, Narmada district has something for every traveler. In this comprehensive guide, we will explore the top places to visit in Narmada district, highlighting the rich tapestry of experiences it has to offer.

Ninai Waterfalls

Ninai Waterfall near Dediapada, Narmada District

Ninai Waterfalls, a hidden gem in the heart of the Dediapada Taluka in the Narmada district of Gujarat, promises a serene escape into nature’s embrace. Nestled approximately 35 km from Dediapada and 143 km from Surat, this cascading wonder is accessible via State Highway 163 (Gujarat). The journey to Ninai unveils picturesque landscapes, leading visitors through the lush forest ranges of Dediapada and the renowned Shoolpaneshwar Wildlife Sanctuary. The falls, standing at an impressive 30 feet, offer a refreshing spectacle amidst the natural beauty that characterizes the region.

The surrounding environment enhances the allure of Ninai, with the Dediapada forest providing a verdant backdrop. The sanctuary, home to diverse flora and fauna, further enriches the experience. Visitors may encounter a variety of wildlife, including leopards, wild sloth bears, hyenas, and different deer species. The presence of Zarvani Waterfall nearby adds to the appeal, creating a haven for nature enthusiasts. With opportunities for trekking and picnics facilitated by the forest department, Ninai Waterfalls beckon those seeking a harmonious blend of adventure and tranquility in the heart of Narmada.

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Nilkanthdham Poicha

Nilkanthdham Poicha

Nilkanth Dham Swaminarayan Temple in Poicha village stands as a testament to spiritual grandeur amid the Narmada district’s cultural tapestry. Located approximately 80 km from Bharuch and 60 km from Vadodara, this temple complex is a sprawling haven for devotees and seekers of tranquility alike. The temple, dedicated to Swaminarayan, offers not only a place of worship but also an expansive area to explore and immerse oneself in a divine atmosphere.

Surrounded by the serene banks of the Narmada River, Nilkanth Dham captivates visitors with its architectural brilliance and spiritual ambience. The pilgrimage experience extends beyond the main temple, Sahajanand, and Nilkanth Dham, allowing for introspective strolls in the tranquil surroundings. Pilgrims from across Gujarat are drawn to this sacred site, where spirituality and architecture converge harmoniously. Nilkanthdham Poicha thus stands as a beacon of cultural and religious significance, inviting visitors to witness and participate in the spiritual legacy of the Narmada district.

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Zarvani Waterfall

Zarwani Waterfall

Hidden within the embrace of the Shoolpaneshwar Wildlife Sanctuary in Narmada District, Zarvani Waterfall is a captivating destination for nature lovers and adventure seekers. Situated 28 km away from Rajpipla, on the route to Kevadia Colony at the Narmada Dam site, Zarvani Waterfall beckons with its scenic beauty and pristine surroundings. Accessible through the Thawadia checkpoint, the waterfall is a refreshing retreat within the sanctuary, offering glimpses of a rich variety of fauna and flora.

The Shoolpaneshwar Wildlife Sanctuary, where Zarvani Waterfall resides, is a haven for wildlife enthusiasts. From elusive leopards and wild sloth bears to hyenas and various species of deer, the sanctuary showcases the biodiversity of the region. Adventure opportunities abound, with the forest department facilitating activities such as trekking and picnics, allowing visitors to immerse themselves in the natural wonders of Narmada. The proximity to other attractions, including the Shoolpaneshwar Temple and Gheer Khadi, adds to the allure of Zarvani Waterfall, making it a must-visit destination for those seeking a harmonious blend of adventure and serenity.

Statue of Unity

Statue of Unity

The Statue of Unity , an iconic monument under construction, stands tall at 182 meters on Sadhu-Bet island within the Narmada River. A tribute to one of India’s foremost statesmen, Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel, the statue is poised to become a symbol of national pride. Positioned approximately 3.5 kilometers downstream from the acclaimed Sardar Sarovar Dam, the monument is set against the breathtaking backdrop of the Vindhyachal and Satpuda ranges.

This engineering marvel is a testament to India’s unity, commemorating the vision and leadership of Sardar Patel in unifying the nation. As a work in progress, the Statue of Unity not only promises to be an awe-inspiring structure but also a cultural and historical landmark. For visitors, it provides a unique opportunity to witness the creation of a significant piece of national heritage and to learn about the life and contributions of Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel.

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Sardar Sarovar Dam

Sardar Sarovar Dam

The Sardar Sarovar Dam, a colossal project on the Narmada River, holds historical and infrastructural significance. Conceived by Deputy Prime Minister Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel and inaugurated by Prime Minister Narendra Modi, the dam is a marvel of engineering. The foundation stone was laid on April 5th, 1961, by Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru, marking the inception of a project that would go on to become one of the world’s largest dams.

Stretching 1.2 kilometers in length and towering at an elevation of 163 meters, the Sardar Sarovar Dam is a testament to human ingenuity and determination. The project, while facing controversies over the years, is anticipated to benefit the states of Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra, and Gujarat by providing water for irrigation, hydroelectric power, and other developmental needs. As a visitor, witnessing the grandeur of the dam and understanding its historical context offers a unique perspective on the engineering feats that have shaped the region. It stands as a symbol of India’s commitment to harnessing its natural resources for the greater good. For those planning to visit the Statue of Unity, it is advisable to book tickets online to streamline the experience and avoid long queues.


Nestled in the Satpuda mountain range within the Shoolpaneshaw Wildlife Sanctuary, Junaraj Campsite offers a unique blend of history and eco-tourism. Once the administrative capital of Rajpipla, Junaraj is steeped in historical significance. The campsite, situated near the historical Nilkantheshwar Mahadev Temple, provides an opportunity to explore the remnants of the ancient Gohil dynasty’s capital, Dev Chhatra. As visitors traverse the campsite, they can immerse themselves in the rich cultural and historical tapestry of Junaraj.

The eco-tourism center also boasts proximity to Aakashdevi, enhancing the overall experience with its natural beauty and serene surroundings. Adventure and history converge at Junaraj, making it an ideal destination for those seeking a holistic exploration of the Narmada district. Whether discovering ancient ruins, exploring the Nilkantheshwar Mahadev Temple, or simply enjoying the tranquility of the surroundings, Junaraj offers a multifaceted experience for history enthusiasts and nature lovers alike.

Dev Mogara Temple

Dev Mogra Temple

Perched on a hill near Rajpipla, the Dev Mogara Temple is a revered site dedicated to Dev Mogra, a goddess associated with the people of the Satpuda mountains. Steeped in Hindu mythology, the temple holds cultural and spiritual significance in the region. Legend has it that the temple was constructed seven generations ago when the high priest of that era had a divine vision of Dev Mogra.

The temple stands as a testament to the enduring spiritual traditions of the Narmada district, drawing pilgrims and devotees seeking blessings and solace. Beyond its religious significance, the Dev Mogara Temple offers panoramic views of the surrounding landscapes, providing visitors with a peaceful and introspective setting. Those exploring the Narmada district will find the temple to be a place of tranquility and cultural richness, connecting them with the spiritual heritage of the region.

Karjan Dam

Situated within the Karjan Reservoir Project, Karjan Dam is a key landmark near Jitgadh village in Nanded Taluka, contributing to the Narmada district’s water management infrastructure. Positioned across the river Karjan, a left bank tributary to the Narmada, the dam plays a vital role in harnessing water resources for the region. The dam, part of the larger Sardar Sarovar project, enhances the scenic beauty of the landscape and serves as a testament to human efforts in managing water for agricultural and developmental purposes.

Karjan Dam offers visitors an opportunity to appreciate the engineering marvels involved in creating such structures and the impact they have on the local ecology. The reservoir project is strategically located, making it accessible for those interested in understanding the intricate balance between nature and human intervention in the Narmada district. Whether it’s appreciating the scenic beauty or delving into the engineering aspects, Karjan Dam provides a comprehensive glimpse into the region’s water management efforts.

Butterfly Garden

Butterfly Garden, Gujarat

Nestled in Gujarat along the banks of the Narmada River, the Butterfly Garden stands as a captivating haven for those eager to witness the diverse and colorful world of butterflies. Spanning across 10 acres, this enchanting garden is home to more than 70 species of butterflies, making it a vibrant tapestry of fluttering wings and natural beauty. The carefully curated landscape boasts 150 species of nectar plants and larval host plants, creating a thriving environment for these delicate creatures.

The design of the Butterfly Garden is an intentional effort to provide a welcoming habitat for butterflies to flourish. With meticulous landscaping, the park not only attracts these winged wonders but also offers essential elements for their life cycle. The abundance of flowering plants provides a rich source of nectar for the butterflies, while designated areas for egg-laying and host plants cater to the different stages of their development. A visit to this stunning garden provides a unique opportunity to meander through a carefully designed space, getting up close to the mesmerizing world of butterflies amidst the picturesque landscape of Gujarat.

Arogya Van, Gujarat

Arogya Van, meaning “Health Forest,” is a unique and innovative initiative in the Narmada district of Gujarat, India, dedicated to promoting holistic well-being. This wellness park, located near the Statue of Unity, aims to create an immersive experience where visitors can rejuvenate their mind, body, and spirit amidst nature’s therapeutic embrace. Arogya Van showcases an array of medicinal plants, herbs, and trees known for their health benefits, inviting visitors to explore the diverse flora that contributes to traditional and holistic healthcare practices.

The park not only serves as a green sanctuary but also offers various wellness and educational programs. Visitors can engage in yoga sessions, meditation, and educational workshops that emphasize the importance of nature in maintaining good health. Arogya Van, with its lush greenery and health-centric activities, provides a tranquil space for individuals seeking a break from the hustle of daily life while fostering an appreciation for the medicinal value of the natural world.

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In conclusion, Narmada district is a treasure trove of natural wonders, cultural heritage, and religious significance. Whether you are an adventure seeker, a nature lover, or a history enthusiast, this district has something to offer. The diverse range of attractions, from the iconic Statue of Unity to the tranquil Narmada Mata Temple, makes Dev Mogara Temple district a compelling destination for travelers seeking a well-rounded and enriching experience.

Q: How can I reach Narmada District? A: Narmada District is well-connected by road and rail. The nearest airport is in Indore, and from there, you can hire a taxi or use public transport to reach the district.

Q: Are there accommodations for different budgets in Narmada? A: Yes , Narmada offers a range of accommodations, from budget-friendly guesthouses to luxury resorts, ensuring options for every traveler.

Q: What is the significance of the Narmada River in the district? A: The Narmada River holds immense cultural and religious significance, with numerous temples and ghats lining its banks.

Q: Can I explore Narmada District on a day trip? A: While a day trip can provide a glimpse, it’s recommended to spend at least a couple of days to fully immerse yourself in the district’s offerings.

Q: Are there guided tours available for exploring Narmada’s attractions? A: Yes, local tour operators offer guided tours that provide insights into the history, culture, and natural beauty of Narmada District.

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Hundreds of India villages under water as Narmada dam level rises

At least 178 villages in Madhya Pradesh submerged after Sardar Sarovar Dam reaches maximum capacity, activists say.

Narmada protest story

Barwani, India – Last week, Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi celebrated his 69th birthday at the controversial Sardar Sarovar Dam (SSD) in his home state of Gujarat.

But 186km upstream in Barwani town on the banks of the Narmada River in neighbouring Madhya Pradesh state, the mood was anything but celebratory.

Keep reading

Thirty years waiting for a house: south africa’s ‘backyard’ dwellers, photos: malnutrition threatens future afghan generations, from prisoner to president in 20 days, senegal’s diomaye faye takes office, senegal’s fishermen pin hopes on new president to help them fill their nets.

Nearly 2,000 men, women and children, riding bikes and packed in tractors and trucks, rallied in Barwani, a town of about 55,000 people, against submersion of their homes, property and businesses due to the dam.

The country’s biggest dam has led to mass submergence after the authorities recently raised the water level to its maximum height of 138.68 metres.

We voted for Modi but he stabbed us in the back by  Jagannath Rukhudaji Patidar, NBA leader

Narmada Bachao Andolan (NBA), a grassroots movement agitating for the rights of the indigenous people displaced by the dam, said at least 178 villages in Madhya Pradesh have partially or fully submerged after the dam’s water level was raised.

However, the state government has yet to put out a specific number of villages submerged so far, which it says is fewer than the number cited by the NBA.

Protesters gathered at Kasrawad bridge on Narmada River alleged the dam’s water level was raised before the schedule to mark the birthday of Prime Minister Modi, who had pushed for it when he was the chief minister of the Gujarat state.

They waved blue NBA flags and posters featuring the prime minister that said: “Mera janam din, tumhara maran din”, meaning “my birthday is your day of death “.

Mired in controversy

Slogans such as “Modiji ek kaam karo, Sardar Sarovar mei doob maro” (Mr Modi, do one thing, drown in the Sardar Sarovar) were raised as people dumped Modi’s effigy into the Narmada waters.

Jagannath Rukhudaji Patidar from Kundiya village in Khargone district lost 9.7 hectares ( 24 acres ) of his farmland.

Narmada protest

“We voted for Modi but he stabbed us in the back,” Patidar, a veteran activist and one of the founding members of the NBA, told Al Jazeera.

The submergence has already killed three people.   On August 22, Laxman Gopal, a 62-year-old farmer from Jangharva village in Barwani, died of a heart attack after a tiff with policemen who were evicting his niece from the submergence site. On August 7, two men were electrocuted while travelling in a boat.

Since its foundation stone was laid by India’s first Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru in 1961, the Sardar Sarovar Dam has been mired in controversy over the delay in compensation to thousands of people displaced by the project.

The 1,300km-long Narmada River, which originates in Madhya Pradesh state and passes through Maharashtra and Gujarat, is considered a lifeline for Gujarat state.

The dam is expected to provide irrigation and power to Gujarat but it has displaced thousands of people in Madhya Pradesh.

Compensation package

The Supreme Court has ruled that compensation package – that includes land, housing plot with amenities, and financial assistance – had to be provided at least six months before submergence.

But activists say about 28,000 project affected families (PAFs) have yet to receive the promised compensation. The government and the activists, however, have differed on the total number of PAFs. NBA puts it at 48,000, while the government figure stands at 32,000.

Medha Patkar, the leader of the NBA, accused the government of violating the Supreme Court order on raising the water level.

Narmada protest

“They claim it is to test the dam safety mechanism, but couldn’t they have waited till the last person was rehabilitated?” she asked.

But Narmada Control Authority (NCA) – a joint government agency of the three states and the federal government – says all 32,542 PAFs have been rehabilitated.

SR Yadav, the NCA  director of resettlement and rehabilitation, claimed the authority had compensated 1,624 families in line with a Supreme Court order of February 8, 2017. The remaining PAFs, he said, had been compensated in 2017 itself.

“Some of the PAFs had filed bogus papers to claim additional compensation,” he told Al Jazeera.

However, a letter from the chief secretary of Madhya Pradesh, sent on May 27, 2019, to the NCA chairman, tells a different story.

The letter – a copy which Al Jazeera has seen – asked “the NCA to review the proposal of raising the water level as more PAFs eligible for a compensation of Rs 60 lakh (approximately $85,000) were still under various stages of adjudication.”

In spite of knowing this, Patkar claimed, the NCA went ahead with raising the water level.

‘Unprecedented  flooding’

People on the ground said they did not get adequate warnings to prepare for the deluge.

Water entered the ancestral house of Vinod Yadav, a doctor from Chota Barda village in Barwani district, a week back. “We had been warned by the local authorities, but nobody knew when the water would come,” Yadav said.

Indian Prime Minister, Narendra Modi

Even though his family had applied for rehabilitation in 2017, they have received neither land nor financial compensation, he claimed.

“This flooding is unprecedented. I have to take a boat to reach my clinic in Anjar,” Yadav told Al Jazeera. He grieved the loss of a house that had been the family’s homestead for generations.

Dinesh Bhago from Bajri Kheda in Dhar district lost his home and four bighas of land – approximately 0.64 hectares ( 1.6 acres ) – on which he had sown cotton. He claims he too has not received any compensation despite having applied for it multiple times.

Bhago, 27, along with his wife and three children, has been living in one of several tin-shed transit camps built by the Narmada Valley Development Authority, set up by the state government in Barwani town.

“My children can’t go to school as it is flooded. The tin shed leaks during the rain,” he said.

But it is not just the loss of home and land, the locals also fear a loss of culture and identity.

Savitri Kevat from the fishing community in Rajghat village lost her house and belongings. She is worried about the kind of life she and her family would lead in the transit camps.

“Here we feel like prisoners. The food makes me sick,” she stated. The government ration in the camp is proving to be hard to stomach for the residents. “They serve burned roti (chapati or bread) and watery dal with insects that even our dogs won’t eat,” Kevat said.

She rues that her husband cannot fish in the reservoir. “We use small boats that are meant for shallow water. The reservoir is too deep for fishing,” she said. “You steal our only source of income, and then you dump us here. For whose sins?” she asked.

Her transit neighbour, Seonta Sisodia, claimed that even those who got compensation had to sell off their livestock in the absence of grazing pastures.

“They don’t care for us. They just want to get rid of us,” she told Al Jazeera.

Narmada protest

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Amarkantak: where Kabir and Kapila meditated and the Narmada began

By Priyadarshini Chatterjee

Madhya Pradesh India May 2018  Beautiful view of Amarkantak the source point of holy river Narmada surrounded by Satpura...

Amarkantak’s setting is one that is out of the many myths it is a part of. Forests of sal, teak, palash and mahua are furrowed by burbling brooks and creeks that noisily tumble down rocky slopes. Overgrown trails lead to natural hot springs and hoary shrines, and lonesome caves hidden within the dark reaches of woods are abuzz with the incessant songs of cicadas and the sibilance of restless streams. Come monsoons the lush hues deepen to gorgeous jewel tones, and the innocuous trickles of water that crisscross the forest floors morph into gushing torrents and mighty waterfalls. It is perhaps this raw beauty tempered by a certain numinosity that has drawn solitude seekers, nature lovers and believers to Amarkantak down the ages.

Amarkantak: a land of myth and legend

Amarkantak sits atop a promontory overlooking the forested depths of the Maikal range in Madhya Pradesh. It is here that the Vindhya and Satpura ranges merge and the mighty river Narmada springs to life. A part of the Achanakpur-Amarkantak Biosphere Reserve in the heart of Central India’s tiger hinterland, Amarkantak’s lush thickets and deep, dark woodlands are also crucial biodiversity hotspots and home to some of the subcontinent’s oldest indigenous communities.

Amarkantak’s natural bounty comes with a garnish of myths and legends rooted in ancient towns. Some scholars, in fact, identify it as the Puranic Riksha Parvat on which Shiva and his consort Parvati meditated. Others draw parallels with the ancient city of Amrakoota mentioned in Kalidasa’s lyrical masterpiece Meghadootha .

Amarkantak where Kabir and Kapila meditated and the Narmada began

What to see, do and eat in Amarkantak

Modern Amarkantak is an unobtrusive hillside hamlet dotted with numerous temples and shrines and steeped in small-town charms—microphones blaring devotional songs in Bollywood tunes, football matches in open pastures and roads lined with makeshift stalls selling a motley collection of sundry items. While here, eat at any of the bhojanalayas that cater to the steady trickle of pilgrims and tourists. The pure vegetarian food is simple but freshly made. Expect rotis, fresh off the griddle, piping hot rice served with runny daal, kadhi and vegetable curries of the day. Poha and jalebi are two specialities of the region and are available at most sweet shops in the area.

The spiritual fulcrum of life in Amarkantak is the walled temple complex of the Narmada Udgam Sthal —a constellation of white-washed temples built around the sacred kund (tank) from which the holy Narmada is believed to emanate. Here Narmada is worshipped as the life-nurturing mother goddess who sits atop a crocodile. Those who come to Amarkantak to pay obeisance to the river goddess, also visit Maayi ki Bagiya (mother’s garden)—a natural grove of mango, bananas and other fruit-bearing trees, tucked inside the forest.

A few miles from its source, the incipient Narmada takes a 100ft plunge down a rocky ridge into a gorge that cuts through the dense forests. The waterfall, known as Kapil Dhara after the ancient sage Kapila who is said to have spent years meditating here, is one of Amarkantak’s top draws. The trail leading to the bottom of waterfalls is studded with viewing platforms and pretty gazebos to sit under and soak up the surrounding beauty. A trek further down takes you to the smaller Dugdh Dhara falls that makes up for its lack of height with its milky white surf. The hot springs of Dhuni Pani are also located in these hills and are a great pitstop to end your trek.

The Narmada isn’t the only river that springs to life here. Two other rivers, Son and Johila, also emerge from Amarkantak. Strike a conversation with locals and they are likely to tell you the much-circulated tale of how Narmada, once betrothed to Sone (one of the few male rivers in the country), and later spurned by him, swore celibacy and changed her course to flow in the opposite direction from Son. The source of the Son river, Sonmuda, is not far from the Narmada Kund. The river emerges from a spring-fed well and trickles along a bumpy strip of rocks before plunging down a steep escarpment into the jungles below. A platform jutting out from the edge of the cliff offers stunning views of the forested landscapes and dazzling sunrises.

A few metres from the Narmada Udgam Temple are a cluster of ancient temples of the Kalachuri period protected by the Archaeological Survey of India. These temples built over several centuries by various ruling dynasties of the region, stand as silent keepers of time. There are the Nagara-style temples with their curvilinear shikhara and pillared mandapa, attributed to the Kalachuri kings of Tripuri under whose patronage Amarkantak flourished as a centre of art between the 8 th and 12 th centuries; the Juhila temple built by rulers of the Baghel dynasty in the 14th century and the stark Panchamath temple, attributed to the Gond rulers of the 15th-16th century. For admirers of history or ancient architecture, an afternoon among these time-worn edifices could easily be the highlight of a trip to Amarkantak.

Shree Yantra Mahameru Shaktipeeth in Amarkantak Madhya Pradesh India.

Aishwarya Venkatraman

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Arundhati Ail

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Prachi Joshi

Unlike the ancient Kalachuri temples, the sprawling Maha Meru Shree Yantra Temple , a short distance from the town centre, is only a few decades old, although its design and architecture follow age-old stipulations laid down in ancient scriptures. The temple is a three-dimensional projection of the Shree Yantra—the sacred geometric representation of the omniverse—which is at the heart of Sri Vidya tradition of the Tantric school of Hinduism. Massive sculptures of faces of four goddesses—Kali, Lakshmi, Saraswati and Bhubaneshwari, crown the massive gate adorned with ornate sculptures of the 64 yoginis—female deities associated with Tantra. Inside the square walled compound is a circular hypaethral at the centre of which stands the sanctum sanctorum of Tripureshwari within a spired edifice. A climb up the adjacent hillock offers a birds-eye view of the temple and beyond it, the glistening waters of the ancient Batte Krishna Kund.

A short drive from the town of Amarkantak, nestled on the edge of the deep, dark woods, stands a white-washed hut called the Kabir Kothi which is purportedly where medieval poet and mystic Kabir lived and attained enlightenment. Tourists flock to this spot, known as Kabir Chabutra , at a particular time in the morning, to see a mysterious milky substance ooze out in the waters of a pond here, for a short span of time. It’s perhaps yet another one of the many mysteries tucked within the folds of the hills of Amarkantak.

Where to stay in Amarkantak

There aren’t too many luxury options for travellers in Amarkantak. MPT Holiday Homes run by MPTDC has cottages as well as tented accommodation (doubles from Rs2,140). Courtyard by Marriott Bilaspur (doubles from Rs4,399) is a good option to bed down for the night after a day spent sightseeing in Amarkantak.

Getting There

Fly to Jabalpur Airport. Amarkantak is a 5hr drive away

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Conference Hall

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Enjoy the serene nature with a bicycle ride

narmada dam visit permission online

For leisure time

Dignitaries at Tent City Narmada

Shri Narendra Modi, Hon’ble Prime Minister at Tent City Narmada

Inauguration by Shri Narendra Modi, Hon’ble Prime Minister

Dr. S Jaishankar, Hon’ble External Affairs Minister at Tent City Narmada

Visit by Dr. S Jaishankar, Hon’ble External Affairs Minister

Shri Yogi Adityanath, Hon’ble Chief Minister, Uttar Pradesh at Tent City Narmada

Visit by Shri Yogi Adityanath, Hon’ble Chief Minister, Uttar Pradesh

Shri Ram Nath Kovind, Hon’ble President of India at Tent City Narmada

Visit by Shri Ram Nath Kovind, Hon’ble President of India

Tent City Narmada Gujarat Tourism Certificate

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It was the best experience. The night at tent city was the best part to experience. Food was incredible with such sweet live music. Felt like home. The costing is worth the luxury you get. I would love to have an opportunity to stay there once again!!

Kruti Patel

One of the most beautiful tented stay. Very well maintained. Staff is also courteous and welcoming. Loved the tent interiors. You can connect with nature here. Food is also yummy and has a variety of vegetarian dishes. Recommended to stay here with your family.

Excellent Gujarat!!! Tent city gives a unique stay experience. Remote area is so well developed. Totally professional business. Clean, very well organised, punctual services. Felt like I was in some foreign country. Really commendable. Keep going and hearty good wishes for a bright future.

Vaishali Rajput

Awesome location. Very close to the Statue of Unity and other attractions. The food is great. Also the tents are cozy and air conditioning works in spite of the heat. Good family getaway destination and stay.

Harish Usulumarty

If you are planning to visit the Statue of Unity, then stay in tent city only and nowhere else. There is cycling, swimming and game zone here. Food is good, live music and folk dance is also there at night. Tents and other facilities are good too.

Jasmine Harde Vora

Ambience, hospitality and the location were all awesome. The staff is very friendly and courteous. At every point, they are more than willing to walk the extra mile.

An exciting experience to stay and enjoy nature. Very nice tents, veg and jain food in the common dining hall. Good spread for breakfast, lunch and dinner. All at a very economical cost. The full package is great value for the price they charge.

Amod Gogate

Awesome trip premium location beside the water aerodrome, surrounded by mountains and natural beauty. Excellent services, excellent food quality, live music at dinner time, enjoyed evening leisure with cultural event by a group of performers, and enjoyed cycling and swimming too. Really peaceful stay in nature with an amazing experience.

Dharmendra Soni

As an Orthopedic Surgeon, and visiting with two octogenarian parents, this well spaced out decent property was well supported with wheelchairs, ramps & slopes at all facilities except a couple for people with special needs. A very courteous & supportive staff made it all the more pleasant.

Kalpan Desai

I would like to thank Gujarat tourism for this wonderful hospitality, we enjoyed it a lot and felt comfortable. The Statue of Unity is a wonder of the world and the laser show is awesome, must visit this place as an INDIAN. Thank you!!!!

Tent City Narmada Google Reviews

1. Is transportation from Tent City Narmada to any Statue of Unity attraction chargeable or complimentary?

Transportation from Tent City Narmada to any Statue of Unity attraction is on chargeable basis.

2. Is private/personal vehicles allowed in Statue of Unity attractions area?

Personal vehicles are allowed to enter if you have booked your accommodation in Tent City Narmada.

2. What are timings for Statue of Unity buses?

Statue of Unity buses are operational during 08:00 am to 06:00 pm, departing at regular interval of every half an hour.

3. What are the inclusions in the Tent City Narmada package?

Air-conditioned tented accommodation, all meals (Breakfast, Lunch, High-Tea, Dinner) and Statue of Unity entry ticket.

4. How far is Tent City Narmada from Statue of Unity?

5. what are the charges for kids at statue of unity.

There are no charges for kids below 3 years. Charges are applicable for children from 3 to 15 years.

6. Is Tent City Narmada a pet-friendly property?

We regret that pets are not allowed in Tent City Narmada.

7. What is the maximum occupancy of the tent?

Maximum occupancy is up to 3 people per tent.

8. What are the payment conditions for the booking?

The website has online booking facility. Booking confirmation is subject to receipt of full payment in advance.

9. Are personal vehicles allowed in Tent City? Is there a parking facility available?

Yes, guests staying at Tent City Narmada can bring their personal vehicles to Tent City Narmada. They can use it to commute to and from nearby attractions. Tent City Narmada has a free parking facility available.

10. Is any amendment possible in the booking?

Amendment is subject to availability of the tents and will be treated as per the cancellation policy.

11. Which documents are required for booking?

Copies of following documents are required to be submitted at the time of Digital Check-in:

For Indian Guests –

  • Copy of Aadhaar Card/Government-approved ID Proof except Pan Card
  • Vehicle Number

For Foreign Guests –

  • Copies of Passport, Visa and OCI

It is mandatory for the guests to carry original copies of the above-mentioned ID proofs at the time of check-in at the Resort.

12. Does the resort serve vegetarian food only?

Yes, the resort serves vegetarian food only

Tent City Narmada Google Reviews

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Statue of Unity is the tallest statue in the world. Standing tall at the Sadhu-Bet Island, the 182-meter Statue is truly a sight to behold with the picturesque views of the majestic Sardar Sarovar Dam at Kevadiya, Gujarat. The fully-functional memorial site commemorates the visionary ideology of Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel with its fascinating edutainment components like Museum & Audio Visual Gallery, Viewing Gallery, High-Speed Lift, A Laser, Light and Sound Show among several other Hospitality & Entertainment elements.

Located beneath the shadows of Statue of Unity, Tent City Narmada, a luxurious nature resort, offers an excellent opportunity to the tourists to stay near Statue of Unity and spot the best views of the Sardar Sarovar Dam and surrounding natural environs. Tent City is committed to provide the best hospitality services to the Guests. The facility at Tent City Narmada offers exquisite hospitality in terms of room décor and services, delectable cuisines and a wide array of entertainment and cultural programs.

Tent City Narmada, luxurious nature resort, is one-of-its-kind hotel near Statue of Unity, designed as an ideal holiday destination for couples, families, and friends to spend their time together, stay near Statue of Unity and relish the nature in its purest forms and feel awe and pride standing near the World’s Tallest Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel Statue for the tourists. The search for the best hotel in Kevadia ends here with Tent City.

Booking packages to a reserve resort near the Statue of Unity is made easy now. Guests can opt for Statue of Unity booking online. Tent City Statue of Unity packages are offered in five different stay options to choose from. The Tent City Packages are tailor-made for different types of tourists – explorer, rest-seeker, nature-lover, and selfie-lover. With this, your Statue of Unity trip will be the one you will cherish for a lifetime.

Vadodara is the nearest city to reach Sardar Patel Statue, at a distance of 95km. The cultural city of Gujarat is well-connected with all major cities of India through road, rail, and air. As Vadodara is the main connecting point, you might look for a resort near Vadodara. Among 3-star 4-star stay options, Tent City, a hotel near Sardar Sarovar Dam, is the best option for those looking to stay near Kevadia or hotel near Rajpipla.

narmada dam visit permission online

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Narmada project will take Gujarat to new heights: PM Modi

Fifty-six years after the foundation stone for the sardar sarovar dam on the narmada river was laid, the gujarat government on june 17 got permission from the centre to shut the gates of the controversy-hit structure, marking the "completion" of the project..

narmada dam visit permission online

Prime Minister Narendra Modi today hailed the completion of the Sardar Sarovar Dam project on the Narmada River as a “big achievement,” saying it will take Gujarat to new heights under the BJP dispensation in the next 10 years. Addressing party workers at the city airport this morning upon his arrival, the prime minister, who is on a two-day visit of Gujarat, also appreciated the past state governments, including that of the Congress, for their efforts in completion of the project.

Fifty-six years after the foundation stone for the Sardar Sarovar Dam on the Narmada River was laid, the Gujarat government on June 17 got permission from the Centre to shut the gates of the controversy-hit structure, marking the “completion” of the project.

narmada dam visit permission online

“Narmada (dam) project is truly a big achievement. The next decade will be a journey to convert this achievement into prosperity. And I am confident that Gujarat will touch new heights under BJP ’s leadership during the next ten years with this project at the core,” Modi said.

The foundation stone for the dam was laid in 1961 by the then prime minister Jawaharlal Nehru, and with the permission to close its 30 gates by the Modi-led government, it took 56 years for the dam to be completed. With the closing of the gates, the height of one of the biggest water reservoirs in the country will be 138 metres and the storage capacity of 4.75 million cubic metres (MCM).

The dam’s construction work was suspended in 1996 after the Narmada Bachao Andolan activists obtained a stay order from the apex court, raising environmental and rehabilitation issues.It was only after the Supreme Court gave an order in October 2000 in favour of the construction of the dam that the work on it had resumed.

Festive offer

However, the apex court had set a condition that permission to increase the dam’s height would be given in parts after the project-affected-people are resettled or compensated.

“All the past state governments, be it of any party, tried their best to resolve the issue of this project. However, they eventually hit roadblocks. But now, we are witnessing the climax. This project will add a new dimension to Gujarat’s journey of growth,” Modi said.

Recalling his days as Gujarat chief minister prior to 2014, Modi said most states, as well as the previous Central governments, could not understand the gravity of the situation arising out of scarcity of water in Gujarat.

“Water has always remained a challenge in Gujarat’s growth journey. When I was the chief minister and used to attend meetings with the central government over the issue, I used to tell them how we are experiencing difficulties in carrying out developmental works due to scarcity of water,” said Modi.

“But, the Centre, as well as some state governments, could not understand how grave the situation was. That is why people of Gujarat fully understand the importance of water,” he said.

Modi said he will come back soon to dedicate the project to the nation.

“After closing the gates of the dam, Gujarat Chief Minister Vijay Rupani called me and invited me to dedicate the project to the nation. My office will get back to him in the coming days to allot a date, so that I can get a chance to come back and witness the commencement of Gujarat’s journey of development,” he said.

Earlier, Chief Minister Rupani, Deputy Chief Minister Nitin Patel, several ministers and state BJP leaders welcomed Modi on his arrival here.

k annamalai bjp tamil nadu

K Annamalai is nothing if not confident. This may be his first Lok Sabha election, but there are no signs of it as the Tamil Nadu BJP chief campaigns in his Coimbatore constituency, entertaining supporters till late into the night as they wait to give him a rousing welcome.

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  • Delhi News Live Updates: Light rains lash parts of Capital; 15 flights diverted due to bad weather 5 hours ago
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Indian protest over Narmada dam builds awareness of rights

Indian activist's non-violent campaign has inspired a nationwide grass-roots movement to get fair treatment from the authorities..

This image provided by the Gujarat state information department, Tuesday, Sept. 15, 2009,  shows the overflowing Sardar Sarovar dam on the Narmada River in western India?s Gujarat state on Sunday, Sept. 13, 2009. There has been heavy inflow from the upstream areas in Madhya Pradesh authorities have sounded an alert in case of floods. (AP Photo/ Gujarat State Information Department)  **  EDITORIAL USE ONLY  **

The overflowing Sardar Sarovar dam on the Narmada River in western India's Gujarat state.

BADWANI. INDIA // After decades of protest against India's controversial Narmada dam project, activists say as many as 200,000 villagers remain under constant threat of flooding and have yet to be compensated.

Dayal Solanki, a 16-year-old tribal villager from Bhadal in the central state of Madhya Pradesh, was only a young child when his home was first flooded by the rising Narmada River. The experience has coloured his entire life.

"Suddenly in the night the water came into the house and my family had to run up the hill," he said. "Our house was destroyed, our crops were destroyed, our livestock killed.

"We have been flooded three times since then, and we are always afraid it will come again. My family has been forced to move higher and higher into the hills. We have lost the plains that we had before where we could grow peanuts, oil seed and wheat. Now we can just grow a little corn."

Dayal's story is matched by thousands of other families in Madhya Pradesh, victims of rising river levels caused by the construction of hundreds of dams along the Narmada River. Heavy rains can lead to large-scale flooding, sometimes permanent.

The main source of their trouble is the giant Sardar Sarovar Dam, whose height has been increasing steadily since work started in 1979 and is due to reach 138 metres in the next few years.

The Save Narmada Movement (known by its Hindi acronym of NBA) was formed 25 years ago to fight the construction plans through non-violent means and demand compensation for the thousands of families forced to evacuate the area.

The NBA is often criticised for blocking much-needed development in drought-prone areas. The central government has claimed that for every person displaced by the project, 100 more will benefit from power generation and irrigation.

But for its supporters, the NBA has raised vital questions about the impact of industrial development on rural societies that strike at the heart of the challenges facing a rapidly modernising India.

"The NBA was able not only to build trust with tribal groups but also convince them of their right to protest against the state. In that sense, it has been extremely significant," said Meenakshi Ganguly, South Asia director for Human Rights Watch. "It was the first movement to stretch across communities and put academics alongside those directly affected. For the first time, it showed the middle classes that others are paying the price for their development."

While the states of Gujarat and Maharashtra are also affected by the Narmada dams project, the vast majority are upstream in Madhya Pradesh, one of India's poorest states. The NBA says that 38,000 families - around 200,000 people - are still living in submergence zones without any of the rehabilitation promised to them.

According to Supreme Court orders in 2000 and 2005, villagers are supposed to receive land from the government of equivalent quality and size at least six months before they come under threat of submergence from a dam.

"Twenty-five years ago, my land got submerged - I had 10 acres," said Ratan Bhai, a farmer from Sugat village. "I lost all my belongings and firewood. When the officials came, all they could see was water and they said no village had been there. I have been given no compensation."

That was 1985 - the same year the NBA was formed by Medha Patkar, a research student who soon abandoned her studies to take up activism full time. Through her much-publicised hunger strikes and sit-down protests, she has become the leading figure not just of opposition in the Narmada Valley but of grass-roots movements across the country, helping to unite them into the National Alliance of People's Movements.

Thousands of supporters travelled to the Narmada Valley this weekend to mark 25 years of the NBA with five days of rallies, speeches and entertainment in different locations around the valley.

In one rally in the small town of Dhadgaon, around 3,000 people from surrounding villages gathered to show their support. Fiery speeches were interspersed with protest songs and dance performances by children in traditional tribal dress.

"This is about celebrating the empowerment process that has taken place through everyone's joint efforts," said Ms Patkar. "The people here can be proud that they have sent a message to the government and to struggles across the country that we can remain polite and non-violent despite all the violence of the system."

Although the NBA effectively forced the World Bank to withdraw funding from the project in 1993, wider progress has been slow and limited. The dams are still being built and the NBA faces a constant battle to enforce minimum standards of rehabilitation.

The Narmada Valley Development Authority, a department of the Madhya Pradesh government, says their compensation package is "absolutely perfect" and complies with the court order.

"We have done everything required by the legal framework," said the authority's vice chairman OP Rawat. "We have offered land for land, but most people wanted money. If anyone has a grievance they can approach the court and we are obliged to comply."

A report by the Narmada Control Authority, the government agency tasked with ensuring compensation for affected families, claimed in 2008 that every family had been rehabilitated, but activists say this is a total distortion.

"Nobody has been offered proper cultivable land in Madhya Pradesh," said Sanjay Pariklo, a lawyer who represents the NBA in the Supreme Court. "The villagers turn down the land because it is no good, so they are offered cash. That was never a part of the court orders."

"We will not touch cash - that has no value to us. We want land for land," said Dayal. "The government tries to bribe us to leave the movement, but the movement has given us the power to struggle. We used to be scared of officials - when they came, we would run away. But now we are not scared."

[email protected]  ]

Bollywood churning out 'pro-government' fare ahead of Indian elections, film critic says


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    Harnessing the untapped waters of the narmada for the survival of millions of people and environmentally sound sustainable development of the western India by providing the essence of Life-Water & energy. Water Information as on Date : 4/7/2024. Reservoir Level: 120.90 Mtr. Live Storage: 1381.05 MCM. Audience wise content access:

  3. Sardar Sarovar Dam Tourism, Travel Guide & Tourist Places

    Due to its natural beauty, the visitors attracted to it and now a world tallest statue, statue of unity is also there. Some places can be visited with prior permission only. Some of the major attraction of this places is Sardar Sarovar Dam, Ratan Mahal Sloth Bear Sanctuary, Kanjeta Eco Campsite, Chandod, Statue of Unity, and Vishal Khadi Eco ...

  4. Welcome to Narmada Tourism

    The Sardar Sarovar Dam is world's 2nd largest dam in terms of volume of concrete used, having longest canal network in the world,

  5. Sardar Sarovar Dam

    Book your tickets online for Sardar Sarovar Dam, Kevadia: See 117 reviews, articles, and 273 photos of Sardar Sarovar Dam, ranked No.2 on Tripadvisor among 13 attractions in Kevadia. ... Narmada District. Kevadia. Places to visit in Kevadia. Sardar Sarovar Dam. ... Just to visit the dam site, permission is available on the spot but to visit ...


    The Sardar Sarovar project was a vision of the first deputy prime minister of India, Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel. The foundation stone of the project was laid out by Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru on April 5, 1961.On occasion of his 67th birthday, Prime Minister Narendra Modi has inaugurated the Sardar Sarovar Dam on the Narmada river. The project which

  7. Dam & Reservoir

    Sardar Sarovar Reservoir. The Full Reservoir Level (FRL) of the Sardar Sarovar Dam is fixed at RL 138.68 metres (455 feet). The Maximum Water Level is 140.21 metres (460 feet.) while minimum draw down level is 110.64 metres (363 feet.). The normal tail water level is 25.91 metres (85 feet.).

  8. Narmada Control Authority

    Sardar Sarovar Dam is situated in Kevadia of Narmada district of Gujarat. The Main dam has been constructed up to Full Reservoir level 138.68 m. This project generates 1200 MW (6x200 MW), Hydro Power from River Bed Power House and 250 MW (5x50 MW) from Canal Head Power House. Total power being generated from Sardar Sarovar Project (1450 MW ...

  9. Where to get permission to see dam

    Sardar Sarovar Dam, Kevadia: "Where to get permission to see dam" | Check out 6 answers, plus see 117 reviews, articles, and 273 photos of Sardar Sarovar Dam, ranked No.3 on Tripadvisor among 24 attractions in Kevadia.

  10. Sardar Sarovar Dam

    Sardar Sarovar Dam on Narmada River. The Sardar Sarovar Dam is a concrete gravity dam built on the Narmada River near the town of Kevadiya, in Narmada District, in the Indian state of Gujarat.The dam was constructed to provide water and electricity to the Indian states of Gujarat, Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra and Rajasthan.. India's first Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru laid the foundation of ...

  11. Water in Sardar Sarovar dam rises as villages in Madhya Pradesh drown

    The Sardar Sarovar Dam, largest on the Narmada river, is a source of water and electricity to Gujarat, Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra and Rajasthan. ... has already granted permission to fill the Sardar Sarovar reservoir to 138.68 metres by October 15. ... demands Save Narmada movement. After her visit to some of the flood affected villages ...

  12. 10 Popular Places to Visit in Narmada District

    Ninai Waterfalls. Ninai Waterfalls, a hidden gem in the heart of the Dediapada Taluka in the Narmada district of Gujarat, promises a serene escape into nature's embrace. Nestled approximately 35 km from Dediapada and 143 km from Surat, this cascading wonder is accessible via State Highway 163 (Gujarat). The journey to Ninai unveils ...

  13. Hundreds of India villages under water as Narmada dam level rises

    Narmada Bachao Andolan (NBA), a grassroots movement agitating for the rights of the indigenous people displaced by the dam, said at least 178 villages in Madhya Pradesh have partially or fully ...

  14. Narmada dam set to overflow at its highest level for first time

    With large amounts of water being released from M.P. dams, SSD is receiving heavy inflow. Gujarat's Narmada dam is set to overflow at its full 138.68-metre height for the first time, after it ...

  15. Amarkantak: where Kabir and Kapila meditated and the Narmada began

    Amarkantak sits atop a promontory overlooking the forested depths of the Maikal range in Madhya Pradesh. It is here that the Vindhya and Satpura ranges merge and the mighty river Narmada springs to life. A part of the Achanakpur-Amarkantak Biosphere Reserve in the heart of Central India's tiger hinterland, Amarkantak's lush thickets and ...

  16. Green Power Information

    Green Power Information | Sardar Sarovar Narmada Nigam Limited. It seems Javascript is disabled in your browser.

  17. Narmada project will take Gujarat to new heights: PM Narendra Modi

    Fifty-six years after the foundation stone for the Sardar Sarovar Dam on the Narmada River was laid, the Gujarat government on June 17 got permission from the Centre to shut the gates of the controversy-hit structure, marking the "completion" of the project. "Narmada (Dam) project is truly a big achievement.

  18. How to get online permission to watch ukai dam

    Get quick answers from Sardar Sarovar Dam staff and past visitors. Sardar Sarovar Dam, Kevadia: "How to get online permission to watch ukai dam" | Check out answers, plus see 117 reviews, articles, and 273 photos of Sardar Sarovar Dam, ranked No.3 on Tripadvisor among 24 attractions in Kevadia.

  19. Tent City Narmada

    Enjoy your stay at Tent City Narmada near Statue of Unity. We offer luxurious tented accommodation and best in class amenities. ... Visit by Shri Yogi Adityanath, Hon'ble Chief Minister, Uttar Pradesh. ... Tent City Narmada Dyke -3, Sardar Sarovar Dam Site, Ekta Nagar - 393151, Dist.- Narmada, Gujarat, India Tel. +91-90 90 31 31 31

  20. Narmada project will take Gujarat to new heights: PM Modi

    News; India; Narmada project will take Gujarat to new heights: PM Modi; Narmada project will take Gujarat to new heights: PM Modi Fifty-six years after the foundation stone for the Sardar Sarovar Dam on the Narmada River was laid, the Gujarat government on June 17 got permission from the Centre to shut the gates of the controversy-hit structure, marking the "completion" of the project.

  21. Policy & Circulars

    Circulars. Circular Name. •. Narmada Water Supply for Industrial Use. •. Construction of Subminors for CAD area development of SSP. •. Work Distribution for Director of ssnnl. •.

  22. 30 BEST Places to Visit in Narmada District (UPDATED 2024)

    Gardens. By ankitkapoor0610. Best to visit after Statue of Unity laser show. 10. Swayambhu Sulpaneshwar Temple. 6. Points of Interest & Landmarks. By janakshah89. This is the old and beautiful temple of lord shiva situated near narmada river at sardar sarovar dam.

  23. Indian protest over Narmada dam builds awareness of rights

    The Save Narmada Movement (known by its Hindi acronym of NBA) was formed 25 years ago to fight the construction plans through non-violent means and demand compensation for the thousands of families forced to evacuate the area. The NBA is often criticised for blocking much-needed development in drought-prone areas.