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How do you unlock a TSA lock if you forgot the combination?

Lois Alter Mark

December 12, 2022 // By Lois Alter Mark

By Lois Alter Mark Travel Expert December 12, 2022

Securing a lock to luggage

Using a TSA lock on your suitcase is a great way to keep your belongings safe while making it easy for TSA officers to do their job. But, because the lock requires a combination, it gives you something else to remember in addition to all those passwords floating around in your head. And that means there’s a chance you’re eventually going to forget it.

Don’t worry. We’ll show you how to open a TSA lock when you forget the combination, so you can get on with your travels even when the code escapes you.

What is a TSA lock, anyway?

A TSA lock is one to which only TSA officials have a key. You set the combination yourself and, if a TSA agent has to look inside your bag because they see something suspicious on the scanner, it can be easily opened with their master key. If you use a lock that’s not TSA-approved, the agent’s only way to get in is to cut the lock or the bag itself, possibly damaging it.

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Many suitcases already come with built-in TSA locks but, if they don’t, you can buy one separately.

How to open your TSA lock and reset the combination

If you forget your TSA lock combination, there are a few methods you’ll want to try to open it. And, yes, you do have to open it before you can reset the combination. Because there’s no standard solution for this, you’ll have to experiment to see which one works for you.

Since different locks require different processes, the most effective first step may be to call the luggage or lock company itself (or check their website) for brand-specific instructions.

Travel Sentry, whose red diamond logo certifies that a lock is TSA-approved, recommends trying every possible combination from 000-999, starting with 000, 001, 002 … and working your work to 999. Although, admittedly, this seems time-consuming, they assure it should take 30 minutes or less, especially if the first number is a 0, 1 or 2 (something to keep in mind when you’re coming up with a new combination).

If the idea of that is overwhelming and your luggage features a built-in TSA lock, you can try this:

  • Use a safety pin to locate the metal or plastic cylinder on the right side of the first dial. The flashlight and camera on your phone can help you zoom in on it.
  • Turn the dial and, with the safety pin, look for an indentation or gap in the cylinder. Leave the dial at that number.
  • Repeat the process for the other two dials.
  • If the lock doesn’t open, turn all three dials down one number.
  • If the lock still doesn’t open, keep turning all three dials down one number at a time until it does.

Here’s another method that has worked for travelers with TSA padlocks:

  • Put pressure on the locking mechanism by pushing the button or pulling on the lock.
  • Turn the first dial slowly until you hear an audible click, which signals it’s the correct number.
  • Repeat the process for the next two dials.
  • When all three numbers are correct, the lock will open.

If you forget your combination while the lock is still open, all you have to do is reset it with a new combination. Again, you may be best off checking the brand’s website for individual instructions, but you can reset most freestanding locks this way:

  • Set each dial to 0 so it reads 000.
  • Rotate the shackle 90 degrees from the lock position.
  • Press the shackle and keep it down while you set your three-digit combination.
  • Release the shackle and turn it back to the lock position.

To reset most built-in locks, simply slide the lock button in the direction of the arrow, set your new code and release the button.

Is it really worth using a TSA lock?

Using a TSA lock is totally a matter of personal preference. Many travelers feel safer knowing that their luggage is secure while others don’t want to have to worry about remembering one more thing. The fact is, of the 1.4 million checked bags the TSA screens daily, only about 5% of checked bags are actually opened by agents for further inspection.

Our advice? Use a TSA lock and store your combination safely in your phone for all-around peace of mind.

Lois Alter Mark

About Lois Alter Mark

Lois Alter Mark is an award-winning travel and lifestyle writer who also writes regularly for Forbes and Reader's Digest. She writes about everything from luxury cruises and spas to quirky restaurants and street art. A former New Yorker, Lois now lives in San Diego where she's turned into a weather wimp and is still searching for a good slice of pizza. 

Read more about Lois Alter Mark here.

Connect with Lois via: Website | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Pinterest | LinkedIn

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How To Set New Combination For TravelMore TSA Approved Lock

Below you can find the instructions on how to set your new TravelMore TSA Approved Luggage Lock.

If you have already tried following the instructions and have set a new combo but you cannot get the lock to open, please let us know by emailing us at [email protected] and we can send you a new lock free of charge.

For security reasons, if you accidently set the wrong combo and don't know the code, unfortunately there is no way to reset the combo so please contact us and we will send you out a new one.

go travel date lock reset

Luggage shop by size

Guide to TSA Luggage Locks

Close up of Platinum Elite Hardside TSA lock

When you travel, your luggage should be securely protected with TSA-approved luggage locks. TSA-approved locks all fit a universal master key only accessible by TSA agents that is used to inspect luggage on an as-needed basis. As only TSA agents have access to the master key, your luggage remains securely locked when handled by anyone else.

Luggage locks that are TSA-approved protect your luggage as well as its contents. TSA agents will break locks not approved by the TSA off bags to inspect luggage contents, leaving the bag’s contents vulnerable to theft and possibly damaging your bags.

We recommend  using TSA luggage locks on your suitcase . At the same time, we understand some confusion exists concerning what type of TSA locks to use, how to set combinations on TSA-approved locks, and how to reset a luggage lock if you forget your combination. We’ll answer your concerns here.

Where Can I Buy TSA-Approved Locks?

You can buy TSA-approved luggage locks at airport kiosks, local luggage stores, and online outlets. A TSA-approved lock’s packaging will clearly state the lock is approved by the TSA. Avoid luggage locks that do not make this claim.

If you want to know if your lock was opened by a TSA master key, purchase a lock with a red/green indicator. The indicator is set to green and only switches to red if the bag was opened for inspection. You can reset the indicator for future trips using a paperclip, pen, or other slender-pointed object.

Which Types of Luggage Locks are TSA approved?

You can choose several types of TSA-approved locks to fit your personal needs. Possibilities include:

  • Key Locks are traditional padlocks that use a physical key to open and close the lock. One of the most common types of TSA-approved travel locks, key locks are affordable ways to keep your suitcase contents safe. One word of caution: The key for a travel key lock is small and easy to lose. Keep your key in a secure place, or you could find yourself locked out of your luggage, in which case you’ll need a small hacksaw to cut through the lock. 
  • Combination Locks are a good choice for anyone who doesn't want to keep track of small travel lock keys. These locks use a three or four-digit combination. The lock has a keyhole for the TSA master key, and as long as you don't forget your combination, you won't be locked out of your suitcase. 
  • Cable Locks are combination locks that use a semi-flexible cable to lock instead of the traditional metal clip. The cable's flexibility is a plus, as the lock can be used for various applications, including locking strongboxes. Some cable locks come with retractable cables that store in the lock.
  • Key Card Locks use a key card similar to those used to open hotel rooms. Like combination locks, TSA-approved key card locks have a keyhole for the TSA master key. The key card is credit card size, and fits easily into a purse or wallet.

Can I Lock My Luggage on a Flight?

Travelers sometimes express concern about whether they are allowed to lock their luggage on flights. The answer is yes, you can and should secure your bags on all flights. The rules for domestic and international flights, however, are slightly different.

Can I Lock My Luggage on a Domestic Flight?

You can lock your luggage on a domestic flight. Whether or not you choose to do so depends on what you’re transporting. A lock provides extra security and peace of mind if you’re checking in a suitcase with expensive clothing or valuable items inside. A lock may not be needed if you’re traveling with a carry-on bag filled with inexpensive items.

Should I Lock My Luggage for International Flights?

Luggage locks are necessary when traveling internationally to secure your belongings and minimize theft risk. Some areas of the world have problems with luggage theft in and around airports. A securely locked suitcase is less likely to be stolen than one that can be quickly opened, riffled through for valuables, and discarded.

You can use TSA-approved luggage locks internationally, but not all international airport security have access to the TSA master key. In countries where the key is unavailable, security agents may break TSA locks to inspect bags, which could damage your bag and leave you in need of  luggage repair . Fortunately, many popular international destinations now use the TSA master key, at least at major airports. Check the following chart to see if your destination uses the TSA master key:

How Can I Reset My Luggage Lock?

Resetting a combination luggage lock is easy if you’re entering a new combination for the first time or changing a known combination. The process is more complicated if you have forgotten the combination. Here’s how to handle each of those situations.

How to Create a New Password With A New TSA Lock

Traveling using a TSA-approved lock’s factory setting is risky — it’s like using ‘password’ as an online password, so you should enter a new combination before traveling. You may also want to change your combination to keep someone who knows your password out of your bag.

Changing an Integrated TSA Lock Password

Changing the password for suitcases with integrated TSA locks requires a slightly different approach:

  • Set the lock dial to 0000 or your current password.
  • Slide the release button towards the dials to confirm the lock will release. 
  • Insert a pointy object, such as a glass repair screwdriver, into the reset button. You do not need to hold the button down.
  • Set the deal to the new password. 
  • Poised the release button towards the dials to confirm the new code. The reset button will click and release if you set the code correctly. 
  • Test the new password by turning the dials to a number other than the new code, then push the release button. The dials should not release. 
  • Insert the bag's zipper tabs into their slots while the preferred number is displayed. The tabs should release.

Once you get the lock open, remember the combination or add it to your phone. A common traveler's trick is to add a fake name and phone number to their phone’s contact list, using the combination for the last number of the phone number.

TSA-approved luggage locks provide the most protection when paired with high-quality, well-made luggage. Check out  luggage sets from Travelpro to find the bags and suitcases airline professionals use.

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two travelpro suitcases standing next to each other in a hallway

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passport cover and sunglasses on glass table

Luggage Repair & Maintenance

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How to Reset a Luggage Lock

Last Updated: July 14, 2023 Fact Checked

This article was co-authored by Robert Vallelunga . Robert Vallelunga is a Locksmith and the Owner of ACME Locksmith in the Phoenix Metro Area. Robert has over 15 years of experience in the industry and specializes in working with automotive ignitions, locks, keys, and master key systems. Robert and the team at ACME are the #1 Rated Phoenix Locksmith Service and the Winner of the Better Business Bureau Ethics Award. Robert has his Residential & Commercial Contractor’s License and a Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering from Arizona State University. There are 7 references cited in this article, which can be found at the bottom of the page. This article has been fact-checked, ensuring the accuracy of any cited facts and confirming the authority of its sources. This article has been viewed 1,697,127 times.

If you've never set a combination on a luggage lock, it can be a bit confusing. Your best bet is to read the instruction manual that came with it or look up your specific lock on the internet, as each lock can be slightly different. However, most locks work on the same basic principles, generally using a button reset, a lever reset, or a shackle reset.

Changing a Lock with a Button Reset

Step 1 Unlock the lock first.

  • If the luggage is new, the combination probably came with the materials. It's likely just "000."

Step 2 Find the reset button.

Putting a New Code in a Lock with a Lever

Step 1 Find the lever.

Altering the Code on a Shackle Lock

Step 1 Release the shackle.

  • If this movement doesn't reset it, try moving to 180 degrees first, pressing down, and moving back to 90 degrees. You won't know if it reset until you put in a new combination and then try opening it with that combination.

Step 3 Reset the combination number.

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Robert Vallelunga

If you need to reset a luggage lock that has a button reset, put in the current combination and make sure it’s unlocked. If the luggage is new, the combination is probably 000, but if it’s different, you should be able to find the combination on a tag that came with the luggage. Look for a small reset button on the bottom or the side of the lock, then push the button with a paperclip, pen, or pencil. With the button pressed, turn the lock to the new combination, then release the button. Keep reading to learn how to reset a lock with a lever! Did this summary help you? Yes No

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Social Security Matters

On the go you can still use social security online when traveling.

May 30, 2024 • By Lizbeth Portalatin-Perez, Director for the Division of Strategic Communications

Last Updated: May 30, 2024

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Our online services page provides you with a wide variety of self-service options you can use on your mobile phone, tablet, or computer.

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  • Report your wages if you work and receive disability benefits or SSI.

Create a free and convenient my Social Security account today to take advantage of these easy-to-use features. Also, please share our online services page with family and friends who need this important information.

Did you find this Information helpful?

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Forgot password to my Social Security Account. How can I access now? I need information. Thanks!

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June 6, 2024 10:44AM

Hi, Linda. Thanks for reading our blog and for your question. If you are still having problems accessing your personal my Social Security account, you can call us at 1-800-772-1213, Monday through Friday, 8:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. Please say “Help Desk” at the voice prompt. Thanks!

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In this series, we try to find the healthiest options in the supermarket for the best value - and have enlisted the help of  Sunna Van Kampen , founder of Tonic Health, who went viral on social media for reviewing food in the search of healthier choices.

In this series we don't try to find the outright healthiest option, but help you get better nutritional value for as little money as possible.

Today we're looking at chicken. 

"When it comes to healthy eating, the first thing that often springs to mind is chicken breast," Sunna says. 

That's mainly because it is lean, versatile, and packed with protein, making it a staple in many health-conscious kitchens.

"But what if we told you there are even better options for your wallet and your health?" Sunna says. 

Cost savings

Chicken breast fillets can be pricey - sitting at an average of around £8.33 per kilogram. 

In contrast, chicken thighs usually come in at about £3.30 per kilogram. 

"That's over half the price," Sunna says.

"To put that into perspective - over the course of a year this can save you over £261.56, assuming you consume 1kg per week in your household. Well worth the saving."

Nutritional value

Many people gravitate towards chicken breasts for their lean protein, but chicken thighs have their own set of nutritional benefits. 

"While they have more fat, it's important to note that they contain more healthy monounsaturated fats, which are good for heart health," Sunna explains. 

"Plus, they're richer in iron, zinc and B12 by at least double."

These are essential minerals that help boost your energy and general wellbeing.

Much of this goodness is down to thighs having more joint cartilage and tendons - which naturally boost the collagen content of the chicken - helping to feed your hair, skin and nails.

"Chicken thighs are not only nutritious but also renowned for their flavour," Sunna points out.

"When slow cooking chicken thighs with bones, you are also getting the benefits of bone broth in the stew which is a great source of collagen, calcium, and magnesium, as well as glycine, arginine and proline which are anti-inflammatory amino acids."

A hidden gem

If you've got the stomach for it, there is one cut of chicken that is ultra affordable and is officially one of the most nutrient-dense foods in the world. 

"Chicken livers are one of the most economical protein and nutrient sources out there," Sunna says.

"At £3.42 per kilo, they're a similar price to thighs but pack a more powerful nutrient punch."

Chicken livers should really be touted as a superfood due to their high nutrient density, in Sunna's view.

"They are an exceptional source of vitamin A, which is crucial for vision, immune function, and skin health. 

"They also boast high levels of B vitamins, particularly B12, which is vital for brain health and energy production.

"Additionally, chicken livers are rich in folate and iron."

While you might be hesitant about the taste or texture of chicken livers, they are incredibly versatile and can be prepared in ways that make them more palatable. 

Sunna's go to is to simply fry the livers quickly with onions, mushrooms and a spicy sauce like a peri-peri.

"Swapping chicken breasts for thighs or livers isn't just a cost-saving measure; it's a health upgrade. 

"By embracing these underrated parts of the bird, you'll enjoy richer flavours, diverse nutrients, and significant savings."

A note on organic

"The health of the bird and its quality of life will directly affect the nutrition and quality of the meat you consume, and as such, if you can afford it, always opt for free range or organic chicken."

The nutritionist's view - from Nichola Ludlam-Raine, dietitian at  nicsnutrition.com ...

"When it comes to budget-friendly eating, chicken thighs significantly outshine chicken breasts.

"While chicken breasts are renowned for their lean (ie low in calorie and low in fat) protein content, chicken thighs do indeed offer great nutritional benefits such as the presence of more connective tissue in thighs boosts collagen intake, which is beneficial for skin, hair, and joint health. 

"As I dietitian I would recommend skipping the skin though, to lower intake of saturated fat - as the preferred type of fat for health is unsaturated, which is found in higher levels in plant foods such as olives, nuts, seeds and avocados.

"Chicken livers are high in vitamin A, essential for vision, immune function and skin health, and also boast significant levels of B vitamins, iron, and folate, supporting brain health and energy production. 

"Due to its vitamin A content though, liver, as well as pate, should be avoided during pregnancy (note that plant-derived vitamin A i.e. beta-carotene, does not need to be avoided).

"When it comes to diet, balance and variety is key, and while including richer sources of meat such as chicken thigh and liver may be a good idea from time to time, I would recommend including other cheaper and leaner protein sources too including lentils, beans, chickpeas, tofu, eggs as well as tinned oily fish - the latter for their omega 3 fatty acid content too."

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"Week on week, the overall average two and five-year fixed rates rose to 5.95% and 5.51%."

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Moneyfacts advises people looking to avoid upfront costs, legal fees etc to look at Best Buys as well as the deals with the lowest rates...

Good news on the horizon?

Arguably the big news for mortgages this week didn't directly impact UK households - it came yesterday when the European Central Bank went first, ahead of the UK and US, in cutting rates, potentially signalling the beginning of the end of an era of high rates.

The Bank of England and US Federal Reserve are forecast to wait a little longer - markets are currently expecting a September cut in the UK.

It's a waiting game - and that's been reflected in a relatively quiet period for rates movements among UK lenders.

Mr Hollingworth said the flurry of repricing announcements - shifting rates upwards - that followed news of inflation falling less than expected in April had "eased back".

According to Moneyfacts, HSBC increased selected fixed deals by up to 0.26% this week, while Cambridge Building Society pulled its two and five-year fixed mortgages at 90% loan-to-value.

Mr Hollingworth said: "Once lenders start to shift rates it can quickly knock onto others.

"As one deal withdraws the next lender will come under pressure, either from a rate perspective or also to protect service levels. That can cause a snowball effect of rate withdrawals."

He is advising people due to renew to "lock in" - knowing you can "review the situation before completing and take advantage of any better rates if they drop back again".  

Also of note to Mr Hollingworth has been UK Finance's Household Finance Review, which highlighted that many are taking mortgages over longer terms, with 35 to 40-year mortgages more common.

"That does help to reduce the monthly payments on a repayment mortgage but will increase the total interest over the life of the mortgage substantially," he said.

"It's therefore important for borrowers to keep reviewing the term as their circumstances change or to make overpayments if possible. That will help to cut the mortgage back more quickly and could save thousands in interest."

Online auction site eBay says it will no longer accept American Express as payment, blaming "unacceptably high fees".

From 17 August, Amex customers on the online marketplace will have to find an alternative payment method.

"After careful consideration, eBay has decided to no longer accept American Express globally effective 17 August due to the unacceptably high fees American Express charges for processing credit card transactions," Scott Overland, the company spokesman, said.

Mr Overland added that eBay users have been made aware of alternative payment methods, making them more competitive than ever.

As of the end of last year, there were 141.2 million Amex cards in use worldwide.

The online auction site has begun offering customers buy now, pay later options on purchases via Apple Pay, PayPal, Klarna and Affirm.

It might not feel like it for many households across the country, but rental growth in the UK has slowed to its lowest levels in almost three years, according to property website Zoopla.

The average monthly UK rent now stands at £1,226 per month, up £80 over the last year. This is the lowest rate of annual rental price inflation for 30 months (Oct 2021).

In fact, average rents have fallen over the last quarter in some key regional cities including Nottingham (-1.4%), Brighton (-1.1%), York (-0.4%), Glasgow (-0.4%), Cambridge (-0.3%) and London (-0.3%). This is being driven by factors including affordability constraints.

Zoopla says these are modest falls in the context of the rapid growth in rents recently, but it is clear evidence that rental market dynamics are starting to turn in some markets.

"The increase in the cost of renting has slowed to a 30-month low," said Nicola Thivessen, director of group compliance at Kinleigh Folkard and Hayward.

"Rents continue to grow faster than average earnings although the gap is much narrower than a year ago. Rental demand continues to run well ahead of available supply which is keeping the upward pressure on rents, but there are some areas where rental growth has stalled."

Competition remains fierce

Despite rental demand softening over the last year, there are still 15 people chasing every home for rent according to Zoopla's quarterly report.

That's more than double the pre-pandemic average of six people (2017-20), with a third fewer homes available for rent than in pre-pandemic years due to low levels of new investment in rented homes.

The average number of homes for rent per estate agent has increased by almost a fifth (18%) on this time last year, boosting choice. However, the supply of homes for rent remains a third lower than the pre-pandemic period as low investment in rented homes keeps the overall stock of private rented homes broadly flat.

What's the outlook for the rest of 2024?

This depends on the outcome of next month's general election.

The government's Rental Reform Bill failed to make it to the statute books, though rental reform is still needed to improve protections for existing renters.

The big policy focus of a new government should be on boosting the stock of homes for rent – both private and affordable - through increased housing delivery supported by additional funding and reforms to the planning system.

Amazon is now giving all its UK customers - not just Prime members - access to its grocery delivery service.

People living in more than 100 towns and cities will also be able to access same-day delivery without needing to be a member of its subscription service. 

This covers items from Amazon Fresh, Morrisons, Co-op and Iceland. 

It comes amid efforts from the online giant to grow its grocery business in the face of tough competition within the sector.

Prime members, who used to be the only ones who could access the service, will be given more delivery options and free shipping, subject to a minimum spend. 

US regulators are investigating the notorious meme stock investor known online as Roaring Kitty.

Keith Gill shot to fame in 2021 after he fuelled a buying spree of shares in beleaguered video game retailer GameStop. The stock passed $120 from as little as $3 in three months and saw hedge funds' positions rack up big losses.

Gill returned to online chat forum Reddit on Sunday with a post revealing he had a $116m (£90.8m) position in GameStop, telling his followers that he controlled 1.8% of the company's available stock plus call options that gave him the right to buy more.

This fuelled investor confidence in GameStop, with its market value surging as much as 75% before settling around 30% higher.

Gill's trading activities are now being examined by the Massachusetts securities regulator, while the e-trade division of US bank Morgan Stanley is considering banning Gill from its platform, according to the Wall Street Journal.

The renewed interest in GameStop has gathered plenty of momentum, as our business reporter James Sillars outlined here this week...

Some Lloyds, Halifax and the Bank of Scotland customers will be charged more to use their overdrafts as of August. 

The three major banks, which are all part of Lloyds Banking Group, are set to launch a new tiered system for determining interest rates which could see some customers paying an extra 10%. 

At the moment, Lloyds has a standard rate of 39.9%, but the overhaul will see some forced to pay 49.9% for using their overdraft. 

The new rates are set to be: 

The 27.5% rate currently being offered to Club Lloyds customers will also be axed. 

There will be specific criteria for each tier based on a customer's credit information and account activity. 

For those who will see a rise, the banks will introduce a temporary tier for six months, which means the initial impact will be no more than 7.4% of what they are paying at the moment. 

"We are writing to our customers to let them know we're introducing new interest rate tiers on our overdrafts," a Lloyds Banking Group spokesperson said.

"The changes mean many will continue to pay the same or less than they do today, while some may see an increase." 

Nvidia has overtaken Apple to become the world's second most valuable public company.

The AI microchip maker's share price has risen to be worth more than $3trn (£2.34trn) for the first time. 

Only Microsoft is a more valuable company listed on a stock exchange, while Apple has fallen into third place.

Nvidia shares rose 5% after a year of growth - with one share now costing $1,224.40 (£957).

Nvidia's chips are powering much of the rush into AI, which has seen it become a poster child of the AI boom.

Demand for its processors from the likes of Google, Microsoft and Facebook owner Meta have been outstripping supply. 

Nvidia's shares - up nearly 150% so far this year - are also being boosted by an upcoming move to split its stock by 10-to-one on Friday. 

Ian Coatsworth, investment analyst at AJ Bell, said the stock split will "bring its share price down and make it more affordable to investors". 

Tech companies - including Microsoft and Apple - have been racing to develop AI and embed it in their products.

Nvidia is a younger company than some of its peers, having been founded in 1993. Similar to many tech giants, it was founded in California in the US.

Britain is less likely to lose power this winter than it was last year, according to the company that runs the grid.

National Grid's Electricity System Operator (ESO) said it expects power plants, wind farms and other generation methods to be able to provide more than enough power to meet demand this time around. 

In an early outlook, it said the grid would have an average margin - the difference between supply of electricity and demand for it - of 5.6 gigawatts (GW) this coming winter. 

This means the period when demand might outstrip supply is just 0.1 hours.

The increased margins are in part because of improved capacity, thanks to a new 765km high-voltage cable that connects the UK's electricity network with Denmark.

The cable, called an interconnector, is known as the Viking Link, and started transporting wind power between the two countries in December.

New gas generation, growth in battery storage capacity and increased generation connected to the distribution networks have also contributed to the higher margins. 

Despite this, ESO's chief operating officer Kayte O'Neill has said it will still need to be "vigilant" due to uncertainties around global energy markets.

"As a prudent system operator we remain vigilant, continuing to monitor potential risks and working closely with our partners to establish any actions necessary to build resilience," she said.

The continent's energy system has been forced to reinvent itself in recent years, faced with potential gas shortages due to the war in Ukraine.

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Donald Trump was convicted on felony charges. Will he go to prison?

A New York jury's historic conviction of Donald Trump on felony charges means his fate is now in the hands of the judge he has repeatedly ripped as "corrupt" and "incompetent."

Two experts told NBC News that it's unlikely Trump will be imprisoned based on his age, lack of a criminal record and other factors — and an analysis of thousands of cases found that very few people charged with the same crime receive jail time. But a third expert told NBC News he believes it is "substantially" likely Trump could end up behind bars.

Trump was convicted on 34 counts of falsifying business records , a class E felony that is punishable by a fine, probation or up to four years in prison per count. During the trial, Judge Juan Merchan threatened to put Trump behind bars for violating his gag order, but it’s unclear whether the former president will face similar consequences now. It's expected that any sentence would be imposed concurrently, instead of consecutively.

Former federal prosecutor Chuck Rosenberg, an NBC News analyst, said it's unlikely that Merchan would sentence Trump, 77, to any jail time, given his age and his status as a first-time, nonviolent offender. "I’d be very surprised if there's any sentence of incarceration at all," Rosenberg said. “Of course, he did spend a good bit of time insulting the judge who has the authority to incarcerate him.”

The next step for Trump at this point is his sentencing, which is set for July 11. Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg would not comment Thursday on what type of sentence he’d seek, saying his office would do its speaking in court papers in the weeks ahead.

Arthur Aidala, a former prosecutor in the Brooklyn district attorney's office who's now a defense lawyer, said the judge will most likely use some of the time before sentencing to research similar cases to determine what the median sentence is.

"He wants to know before he sentences someone what the typical sentence is," Aidala said, and would consider other factors, like Trump's age and lack of a criminal record, while also taking into account the lack of injury caused by the crime. Aidala said he believes whatever punishment Merchan comes up with would be "a non-jail disposition."

An analysis conducted by Norm Eisen, who worked for House Democrats during Trump’s first impeachment, found that roughly 1 in 10 people who have been convicted of falsifying business records are imprisoned and that those cases typically involved other crimes.

Ron Kuby, a veteran New York criminal defense lawyer, took a different view.

“Judge Merchan is known for being a harsh sentencer when it comes to white-collar crimes committed by people who have wealth and privilege and power,” he said.

Kuby added he believes "it is substantially likely Judge Merchan will sentence Trump to jail or prison time," despite the logistical and practical complications that locking up a person with Secret Service protection would entail.

Kuby said that's because the criminal scheme went on for over a year and included a number of bad acts on Trump's part.

“It’s an entire course of conduct he was involved with — not just one bad decision,” he said.

Trump, however, most likely doesn't have to worry about missing the Republican National Convention, where he's expected to accept the party's nomination, even though it's taking place just days after his sentencing. Kuby said he'd most likely be able to remain free while he appeals the conviction.

Trump's behavior during the trial, including his flouting Merchan's gag order by making comments about witnesses and the jury, isn't likely to be a factor in the sentencing decision, Kuby said. It's also highly unlikely that comments that appeared to be aimed at sidestepping the gag order by Republican officials who attended the trial as Trump's guests will figure into Merchan's reasoning, Kuby added.

"If the judge is smart, he'd stay away from that," Kuby said. "The best way for judges not to get reversed in a sentencing is to stick to the facts and circumstances of the crimes and conviction."

Rosenberg said that despite Trump’s frequent criticisms of Merchan, which he likened to “a batter who’s been yelling at the umpire from before the first pitch,” Merchan appeared to run “a clean and fair trial.”

Rosenberg and Kuby agreed that Trump would appeal the verdict. Kuby said that could delay Trump's serving whatever punishment Merchan doles out for years, even if the appeal is ultimately unsuccessful.

His first appeal will be to the state Appellate Division, a midlevel appeals court, and it will almost certainly not decide the appeal until after the November election, Kuby said. If he loses there, he could then appeal to the state's highest court, the Court of Appeals. A loss there would be followed by a request to the U.S. Supreme Court to hear the case.

If all that fails, Kuby said, he could then try turning to federal court in another attempt to eventually get the case before the Supreme Court.

The appeals process typically takes a long time — Kuby said he had one client who staved off prison time for six years — but there's another potential complicating factor in this case.

"If he becomes president of the United States, he cannot be incarcerated in a state prison" while he's in office, Kuby said, because it could prevent him from fulfilling his constitutional duties. If he lost his appeals, "by the time he leaves office — if he leaves office — he'd be ready to be incarcerated," he said.

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Dareh Gregorian is a politics reporter for NBC News.

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Adam Reiss is a reporter and producer for NBC and MSNBC.

Watch CBS News

Is Trump going to prison? What to know about the possible sentence after his conviction

By Kaia Hubbard

Updated on: May 31, 2024 / 6:48 PM EDT / CBS News

Washington — Former President  Donald Trump was found guilty  on all charges in his New York "hush money" trial on Thursday, and the judge overseeing the case will soon venture into uncharted territory to determine whether a former president should be imprisoned for a felony conviction for the first time.

Trump was found guilty of falsifying business records to conceal a $130,000 payment to adult film star Stormy Daniels to buy her silence before the 2016 presidential election. The jury in Manhattan returned its guilty verdict after a trial that stretched six weeks and featured more than 20 witnesses. 

Each of the 34 felony charges carries up to a $5,000 fine and four-year prison sentence. But whether Trump will go to prison is another question — one that's up to the judge at sentencing.

When will Trump be sentenced?

The judge set a July 11 date for sentencing following the jury's verdict on Thursday. 

The timing is in line with similar white-collar felony cases, where sentencing often takes place anywhere from three to eight weeks after conviction, according to Dan Horwitz, a defense lawyer who formerly prosecuted white-collar cases for the Manhattan District Attorney's office.

The sentencing will happen four days before the start of the Republican National Convention.

What to expect from sentencing

The minimum sentence for falsifying business records in the first degree is zero, so Trump could receive probation or conditional discharge, a sentence of no jail or up to four years for each offense. Trump would likely be ordered to serve the prison time concurrently for each count, so up to four years, total. 

"The judge could sentence him to anything between zero and the max," Horwitz said. "So he could sentence him to a period of months in jail, he could sentence him to a period of weeks in jail, he could sentence him to a sentence where he is required, for example, to go to jail every weekend for a period of time and then serve the rest of the sentence on probation."

In an analysis of comparable cases brought by the Manhattan district attorney's office, Norm Eisen, who has written a book about Trump's 2020 election-related federal indictment and served as special counsel in the first impeachment of the former president, found that about 10% resulted in imprisonment. But the circumstances surrounding the case make any across-the-board comparison difficult. 

Trump could also be sentenced to home detention, where he would wear an ankle bracelet and be monitored rather than going to jail. Horwitz suggested that a home detention sentence, which walks a middle ground between no punishment and a stint in state prison, might be the most likely outcome. It would also satisfy Trump's unusual security and political situation. 

A home detention sentence would also make it possible for Trump to continue campaigning — albeit virtually — with the ability to hold news conferences and remain active on social media. Throughout the trial, Justice Juan Merchan stressed the importance of allowing Trump the ability to campaign and exercise his First Amendment rights as he seeks another term in the White House . But it's just part of the equation that the judge must weigh in his decision. 

In an interview on CNN after the verdict, Trump attorney Todd Blanche was asked if he expected prosecutors to seek jail time. "I have no idea," Blanche replied. "Look, there's there's a system in place that that where you rely on precedent, and somebody like President Trump should never, never face a jail sentence based on this conduct."

What will the judge consider in Trump's sentencing?

There are a number of factors that the court can take into consideration for sentencing, including the nature and extent of the conduct, who was hurt, whether there are victims, and acceptance of responsibility, Horwitz said. Trump has repeatedly denied any guilt in the case.

"Courts will credit a defendant who pleads guilty by accepting responsibility for their conduct, as opposed to not accepting responsibility going into trial and getting convicted," Horwitz added, saying that "the sentence after a trial because you didn't accept responsibility is more stringent than it would have otherwise been."

A defendant's conduct during the trial may also play a role, so Trump's repeated violation of Merchan's gag order may be a significant factor in his sentencing. During the trial, Trump was accused over a dozen times of violating a gag order preventing him from making public comments about likely witnesses, jurors, attorneys and court staff involved in the case. 

Trump's sentencing may also be complicated by the lifetime Secret Service protection that he's afforded as a former president. The issue came up during the trial, when the judge held Trump in contempt for violating a gag order . Though Trump faced multiple fines, the judge expressed that jailing Trump was "the last thing I want to do" because it would have disrupted the trial and presented challenges for the Secret Service agents tasked with protecting the former president. 

"Today's outcome has no bearing on the manner in which the United States Secret Service carries out its protective mission," the Secret Service said in a statement provided to CBS News following the verdict. "Our security measures will proceed unchanged."  

Trump's imprisonment would likely need to include a rotation of Secret Service officers, and he would need to be isolated from other inmates. The former president's food and personal items would likely need to be screened for his protection, among other logistical considerations. 

"For all settings around the world, we study locations and develop comprehensive and layered protective models that incorporate state of the art technology, protective intelligence and advanced security tactics to safeguard our protectees," Anthony Guglielmi, the Secret Service's chief of communications, said before the verdict. 

No U.S. prison has ever previously had to deal with the possible imprisonment of a former president. Horwitz said there are mechanisms for inmates in protective custody at state correctional facilities and jails, but how the process would actually work remains to be seen. 

After Trump's conviction on Thursday, the Secret Service said in a new statement that "today's outcome has no bearing on the manner in which the United States Secret Service carries out its protective mission. Our security measures will proceed unchanged." 

Where could Trump be imprisoned?

Should Trump be sentenced to a period of home detention, the former president could carry out the sentence outside of New York, for instance, at his Mar-a-Lago estate in Florida, where New York state would coordinate with Florida's probation department, which would monitor Trump's confinement, Horwitz said. 

In the event that Trump is sentenced to jail time, the location would depend on the duration of his sentence.

If Trump faces more than one year in jail, New York law requires that his sentence be served in a New York penal facility. But if his sentence is shorter than a year, it would be served in a New York City correctional facility, such as Rikers Island. 

What comes next? 

Trump could seek to stay the execution of any sentence pending appeal, meaning that he wouldn't have to start serving the sentence until an appeals court makes a decision, which is not uncommon in white collar cases in New York federal courts, Horwitz said. The move could delay any jail time until the election — or even beyond.

In any case, though possible imprisonment raises some hurdles for Trump's presidential campaign, his conviction does not restrict him from continuing to run — even if he's behind bars.

Olivia Rinaldi and Jake Rosen contributed reporting.

  • Donald Trump

Kaia Hubbard is a politics reporter for CBS News Digital, based in Washington, D.C.

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Improve your code quality with GitHub Copilot in Visual Studio



Trump Has Been Convicted. Here’s What Happens Next.

Donald J. Trump has promised to appeal, but he may face limits on his ability to travel and to vote as he campaigns for the White House.

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Donald J. Trump in a dark suit, red tie and white shirt.

By Jesse McKinley and Maggie Astor

  • May 30, 2024

The conviction of former President Donald J. Trump on Thursday is just the latest step in his legal odyssey in New York’s court system. The judge, Juan M. Merchan, set Mr. Trump’s sentencing for July 11, at which point he could be sentenced to as much as four years behind bars, or to probation.

It won’t stop him from running for president, though: There is no legal prohibition on felons doing that . No constitutional provision would stop him even from serving as president from a prison cell, though in practice that would trigger a crisis that courts would almost certainly have to resolve.

His ability to vote — for himself, presumably — depends on whether he is sentenced to prison. Florida, where he is registered, requires felons convicted there to complete their full sentence, including parole or probation, before regaining voting rights. But when Floridians are convicted in another state, Florida defers to the laws of that state, and New York disenfranchises felons only while they are in prison.

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The Trump Manhattan Criminal Verdict, Count By Count

Former President Donald J. Trump faced 34 felony charges of falsifying business records, related to the reimbursement of hush money paid to the porn star Stormy Daniels in order to cover up a sex scandal around the 2016 presidential election.

“Because Florida recognizes voting rights restoration in the state of conviction, and because New York’s law states that those with a felony conviction do not lose their right to vote unless they are incarcerated during the election, then Trump will not lose his right to vote in this case unless he is in prison on Election Day,” said Blair Bowie, a lawyer at the Campaign Legal Center, a nonprofit watchdog group.

Mr. Trump will almost certainly appeal his conviction, after months of criticizing the case and attacking the Manhattan district attorney, who brought it, and Justice Merchan, who presided over his trial.

Long before that appeal is heard, however, Mr. Trump will be enmeshed in the gears of the criminal justice system.

A pre-sentencing report makes recommendations based on the defendant’s criminal record — Mr. Trump had none before this case — as well as his personal history and the crime itself. The former president was found guilty of falsifying business records in relation to a $130,000 payment to Stormy Daniels, a porn star who says she had a brief sexual tryst with Mr. Trump in 2006, in order to buy her silence.

At the pre-sentence interview, a psychologist or social worker working for the probation department may also talk to Mr. Trump, during which time the defendant can “try to make a good impression and explain why he or she deserves a lighter punishment,” according to the New York State Unified Court System.

The pre-sentencing report can also include submissions from the defense, and may describe whether “the defendant is in a counseling program or has a steady job.”

In Mr. Trump’s case, of course, he is applying — as it were — for a steady job as president of the United States, a campaign that may be complicated by his new status as a felon. Mr. Trump will likely be required to regularly report to a probation officer, and rules on travel could be imposed.

Mr. Trump was convicted of 34 Class E felonies, New York’s lowest level , each of which carry a potential penalty of up to four years in prison. Probation or home confinement are other possibilities that Justice Merchan can consider.

That said, Justice Merchan has indicated in the past that he takes white-collar crime seriously . If he did impose prison time, he would likely impose the punishment concurrently, meaning that Mr. Trump would serve time on each of the counts he was convicted of simultaneously.

If Mr. Trump were instead sentenced to probation, he could still be jailed if he were later found to have committed additional crimes. Mr. Trump, 77, currently faces three other criminal cases: two federal, dealing with his handling of classified documents and his efforts to overturn the 2020 election , and a state case in Georgia that concerns election interference.

Mr. Trump’s lawyers can file a notice of appeal after sentencing, scheduled for July 11 at 10 a.m. And the judge could stay any punishment during an appeal, something that could delay punishment beyond Election Day.

The proceedings will continue even if he wins: Because it’s a state case, not federal, Mr. Trump would have no power as president to pardon himself .

Jesse McKinley is a Times reporter covering upstate New York, courts and politics. More about Jesse McKinley

Maggie Astor covers politics for The New York Times, focusing on breaking news, policies, campaigns and how underrepresented or marginalized groups are affected by political systems. More about Maggie Astor

Our Coverage of the Trump Hush-Money Trial

Guilty Verdict : Donald Trump was convicted on all 34 counts  of falsifying records to cover up a sex scandal that threatened his bid for the White House in 2016, making him the first American president to be declared a felon .

What Happens Next: Trump’s sentencing hearing on July 11 will trigger a long and winding appeals process , though he has few ways to overturn the decision .

Reactions: Trump’s conviction reverberated quickly across the country  and around the world . Here’s what voters , New Yorkers , Republicans , Trump supporters  and President Biden  had to say.

The Presidential Race : The political fallout of Trump’s conviction is far from certain , but the verdict will test America’s traditions, legal institutions and ability to hold an election under historic partisan tension .

Making the Case: Over six weeks and the testimony of 20 witnesses, the Manhattan district attorney’s office wove a sprawling story  of election interference and falsified business records.

Legal Luck Runs Out: The four criminal cases that threatened Trump’s freedom had been stumbling along, pleasing his advisers. Then his good fortune expired .


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    This revolutionary combination padlock uses a memorable date or birthday as its 5 dial combination. By using a code you are unlikely to forget, this 'first of its kind' travel padlock is as memorable as it is original. TSA accepted for hassle-free travel

  12. How To Set New Combination For TravelMore TSA Approved Lock

    Below you can find the instructions on how to set your new TravelMore TSA Approved Luggage Lock. If you have already tried following the instructions and have set a new combo but you cannot get the lock to open, please let us know by emailing us at [email protected] and we can send you a new lock free of charge.. For security reasons, if you accidently set the wrong combo and don't know the ...

  13. TSA Lock Keys, Luggage Locks & How to Reset Them

    Set the deal to the new password. Poised the release button towards the dials to confirm the new code. The reset button will click and release if you set the code correctly. Test the new password by turning the dials to a number other than the new code, then push the release button. The dials should not release.

  14. How to Reset a Cable Lock TSA Combo

    Amazon Link - http://amzn.to/2gso1ODhow to easily set and reset your TSA Cable Lock Combination Luggage Lock.TSA Cable type Lock 3 Digit Combination Luggage ...

  15. Go Travel My Date Combination Lock

    TSA accepted for hassle-free travel in America and beyond, the 5 dial design is simple to set, easy to remember and ultra secure. Features: Revolutionary calendar luggage lock. Set using any memorable date. Use with birthdays, anniversaries or special occasions. Secure 5 dial design. 1 per pack. TSA accepted for travel in America.

  16. How to Set and Reset 3-dial Luggage TSA Approved Lock SHYLERO ...

    #TSAlock #TravelTips #LuggageLockHow to Set and Reset TSA Combination Lock of Your Luggage Tutorial forTSA Approved 3 Digit Lock.Stay secure. Simple and easy...

  17. PDF Combi Lock Troubleshooting

    Lock Reset Instructions. Once open, be sure to reset your combination, regardless of whether or not you choose the same date. With the 'Set Line' on your lock facing you, follow these simple steps: Pull upwards sharply. After 'Click', rotate shank 90o clockwise. Push shank down and hold, "Set" Indicator visible.

  18. 3 Ways to Reset a Luggage Lock

    2. Find the reset button. Often, the lock will have a little reset button on the bottom or side of the lock. You may need a paperclip, pen, or pencil to push the button in and begin the resetting process. [2] 3. Put in your new combination. While pressing the reset button, enter your new combination in the lock.

  19. TSA My Date Padlock

    TSA My Date Padlock. So, you've printed your tickets and packed your passport, but can you remember your combination? Providing luggage security that's simply unforgettable, this combination lock uses a memorable date such as a birthday or anniversary as its code. TSA accepted for hassle-free travel in America and beyond, the 5 dial design ...

  20. TSA Luggage Lock

    Amazon Link - http://amzn.to/2bYY07zLearn just how easy it is to set and reset your TSA Search Alert Combination Luggage Lock.TSA Lock Heavy Duty 3 Digit Com...

  21. I forgot my combination. How can I reset the lock?

    Setting Your Personal Combination. Your new resettable combination padlock is preset to open at 0-0-0, even though the dials may be positioned at other numbers. To set a new combination, simply refer to the instruction card included in the product. If this card seems to have been misplaced, please click the icon below that most closely ...

  22. How To Unlock And Reset A TSA007 Luggage Lock

    How to reset instructions at video time 5:15, this instructions will also work with DLX and any luggage with similar Dials

  23. How to Change or Reset Luggage Strap Combination Lock

    Instruction to reset or change new combination lock for your luggage belt or strap. Step by step video on how to get it right without frustrations. Worldwide...

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