Joining the glitterati in Capri

Even without staying on the island, it’s easy to get a taste of the rich and famous lifestyle with a day trip to Capri from Naples.

Written by Michael Turtle

Michael Turtle is the founder of Time Travel Turtle. A journalist for more than 20 years, he's been travelling the world since 2011.

Michael Turtle is the founder of Time Travel Turtle and has been travelling full time for a decade.

Updated: October 6, 2023

A day trip to Capri from Naples

Catching the ferry from Naples to Capri feels like more than just a boat ride. It’s almost like you’re being abducted by aliens and taken to another world – plucked from the chaos of the streets of Naples and dropped into a relaxed island escape.

Well, relaxed except for the crowds of tourists… but I’ll come to that shortly.

Capri has a reputation for being an island of luxury. A place where high heels are as common as flip flops, where you’re just as likely to see a linen suit as a bathing suit.

Back when Hollywood had a sense of glamour, Capri was the holiday island of choice for celebrities like Audrey Hepburn, Grace Kelly, and Sophia Loren.

After some quite years, recently it has had a bit of a revival and has become popular again with divas like Mariah Carey and Beyonce.

Being on an island is part of the charm, feeling disconnected from the world, logistically a bit harder to be found or followed.

I would certainly recommend it as one of the best day trips from Naples .

It’s more fashionable than Naples, which doesn’t seem to have the same sartorial considerations as cities like Milan or Rome. But it also feels more elite than the nearby Amalfi Coast – another popular holiday destination in the area, but one that’s perhaps a little too easy to access for mere mortals.

Walking the streets of Capri’s town, you certainly see a level of style that I would consider a bit much for a coastal holiday. But I do wonder whether this is a case of dress-ups, rather than genuine fashion.

You see, almost everyone you come across on a casual visit to Capri is a tourist.

The island is relatively large (about 10 square kilometres) and I have no doubt there are pockets where the genuine elite spend their holidays. Estates hidden in the trees behind walls and gates where celebrities and uber-wealthy can stay.

I assume there are also some parts of the island where genuine locals live, most of whom probably make a living off the tourist industry in the warmer months and then finally rest in the winter.

But there is no doubt that the majority of people who are on Capri during any given day are tourists – and most likely day-trippers from Naples or Sorrento.

For those of us who haven’t put a great deal of planning into it – and don’t have any billionaire friends – it’s always going to be a superficial visit. Not that there is anything wrong with that. In fact, it’s a perfect way to spend a day from Naples.

Getting from Naples to Capri

I’ve written before about the good and bad of Naples and how, despite its faults, I still love the city.

It can get a little overwhelming after a while, though. To get some respite, I would suggest a day trip to Capri – where the sun seems to shine a bit warmer and the air feels less heavy.

You can arrange everything yourself and travel independently quite easily, but it takes a long time and can be a bit of a hassle. There are some great tours that are actually quite good value and will make it a much more relaxing day.

If you’re interested, I would recommend this day tour to Capri from Naples .

There are a few other good options here:

If you would prefer the arrange things yourself, the best way to get there is by ferry. There are a few companies that do the trip and they all leave from the area around the ferry terminal at Naples Port.

Regardless of exactly which ferry you choose, it will cost just over €20 each way and take about an hour. In the busier months, I would suggest booking tickets ahead of time.

You can check the timetables and book in advance here .

Spending one day in Capri

I’m normally quite active and like to spend my time in destinations exploring as much as possible. That’s not really the Capri way.

Here, it’s about relaxing, seeing what’s around the towns, and (most importantly for some) being seen around town!

Coming by ferry, you’ll arrive at the Marina Grande. The small collection of shops and restaurants here at the coastal promenade are exactly what you would expect – they’re tourist traps.

They are not awful and you could happily sit by the water and have a drink. But I would recommend heading up the hill to the main part of the town of Capri.

It is possible to walk but it’s a long and steep climb. You’re much better off buying a ticket for the funicular and taking the ride (with wonderful views) up to the top.

Once you’re in the town of Capri, you’ll realise it’s quite small. Have a wander, look at the churches, enjoy the views, and then find yourself somewhere to sit.

Eating and drinking are two of the best things you can do here and not all restaurants are as overpriced as you might expect. You’ll be able to find some affordable spots with nice views (just check the menu for hidden service charges and high cover charges before you sit down).

If you would like to spend the day somewhere quieter, another option is to go to the island’s other main town, Anacapri. It is possible to walk there from Capri but you might be better off taking the bus (there are also taxis, which are expensive, but might make sense for a group).

There is lots of hiking around Capri, including a trail up to Monte Solaro, where you’ll get one of the best views of the island. If you prefer to spend your days being sprightly, rather than drinking spritzes, then you could also consider the Sentiero dei Fortini hike from the Blue Grotto to the Punta Carena Lighthouse.

The Blue Grotto

Speaking of the Blue Grotto, a lot of people choose to spend some of their time doing boat trips from the marina to some of the coastal highlights, including the famous Blue Grotto.

I didn’t do it because I had heard a lot of negative reviews about how it is just crowded and dirty. However, a boat trip along the coast of Capri is certainly a gorgeous way to spend your time so you might like to ask around for an option that suits you best.

Or you could book a boat trip in advance .

Beach clubs

And, finally, I thought I would mention the beach clubs that you’ll find along the coast below both Capri and Anacapri. These are privately-owned and you’ll often have to pay either an entrance fee or for use of a table or chairs. There will also be food and drink available for purchase.

While these clubs are not the cheapest, they are a nice way to relax and do what so many of the celebrities who have visited these shores have done before you.

For my day trip to Capri, I wear the same pair of shorts, short-sleeve shirt and cap that I would’ve worn anywhere that day. Nobody gives me a second look.

But, equally, I could have dressed up in a summer suit and nobody would have looked at me strangely.

Be yourself – or feel like you live the world of luxury for a day. Capri sells a dream but it doesn’t have to cost that much to believe it.

Capri day tour from Naples

If you would like to go with a tour (and it does take a lot of the hassle out of it and save you heaps of time), there are some good options.

Once you’re on Capri yourself (in case you would prefer to arrange your own transport or are staying overnight), I would recommend this great boat experience .

Or here are some great tours that will take you from Naples and organise everything for you:

There’s also a good option for a day tour to Capri from Sorrento , if that’s where you’re staying.

And I’ve also got some suggestions for accommodation in Naples, which really is a great place to base yourself while you explore the region.


I’ve got lots of tips about where to stay in Naples in another article, or have a look at some of the highlights below.

The bunk beds are fairly standard, but Tric Trac Hostel has a fun modern feel and a great breakfast.

A large apartment with a cool design, Casa Calu makes a great base if you’re staying a while

Like an oasis in the middle of the city, Costantinopoli 104 is set within a gorgeous 19th-century villa with a pool.

It doesn’t get much more luxurious than the Britannique Hotel , with fabulous suites and panoramic views.

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Wow! this is so beautiful. Must have truly been an amazing trip.

The name itself sounds so adventurous and fun…the captures are truly beautiful. Loved it!

What a great day trip. This trip sounds amazing in your travel trip. You captured literally awesome pictures in your post. Keep posting!!

Awesome tips! Your trip looks amazing from your photos! Wish I could go one day

Thank you for your detailed review and recommendations, I feel ready to conquer Naples and I have a better in sight of costings and transport.

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8 BEST Capri Tours from Naples by an Italian [2024]

By: Author Stefania Guglielmi

Posted on Last updated: April 27, 2024

Categories Europe , Italy

Hoping to visit the most fashionable island in Italy? Check out the best Capri tours from Naples selected by an Italian. They all offer an idyllic experience of sailing, sunshine, and culture!

Capri is a picturesque island located just off the coast of Naples , and is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the region. With its breathtaking views, clear waters, and stunning natural beauty, it’s no wonder so many people flock to Capri each year!

Capri might very well be my favorite place in this region of Italy. It’s true, the island gets crowded in the high season, but it’s also really easy to escape the masses if you know where to go 😉 Especially if you head to the enchanting Anacapri or book a private boat tour!

Image of the island of Capri, with the blue waters of the sea on the right, and the rugged coastline of the island on the left

I always recommend spending at least one night in Capri to really soak it in. But if time is limited or accommodation is out of budget, joining a tour is one of the best ways to see everything the island has to offer. 

In this post, we’ll be exploring the very best Capri tours from Naples , so you get to choose from a curated selection of top experiences.

Why should you trust my selection? I’ve been running this blog for almost 10 years (!) and traveling full-time for the last five. You can say I’m a bit of an expert in selecting the best activities and experiences that offer the best quality for price. Especially when it comes to Italy, since I was born and raised there!

So, whether you’re a first-timer in the country or a seasoned traveler, you’re bound to find an activity that suits your interests. Keep reading to check them out!

I use and recommend Viator and Get Your Guide to book tours around the world. I especially recommend both platforms for their cancelation policy. If your travel plans change, you can cancel most activities up to 24 hours in advance and get a full refund.

In a rush? These are the top tours

OUR PICK: The BEST Capri Tour from Naples

Get ready to live your ‘Mamma Mia’ moment on this Capri and Blue Grotto Day Tour from Naples . Hop on a jetfoil with a small group, and cruise along the coastline, taking in the stunning views. 

As you approach the country’s most fashionable island, pay a visit to the Blue Grotto, a mesmerizing sea cave and one of the area’s major attractions. Then, disembark on land and prepare to travel around Capri by minibus.

Learn about the locations from your guide, and enjoy stops in both Capri and Anacapri, the island’s two towns. You’ll visit the famous Villa San Michele, soak up the atmosphere at Piazzetta, and take the chairlift up to Mount Solaro for stellar views.

The trip also includes a ride on a funicular to Marina Grande, and free time to wander on your own. Have your camera ready to snap pictures of the Mamma Mia road, and other iconic movie spots!

Why is this the best tour? It’s by far the most comprehensive visit to Capri. Not only does it take you to the Blue Grotto and sailing past its natural attractions, but includes a guided tour of the island itself.

Don’t worry about figuring out what to see or how to move around Capri… You’ll be seated in a comfy minibus, and your guide will provide all the insights and tips for a memorable excursion.

Read what the reviews say

“What an amazing day! Our tour guide Georgio was great! We got a wonderful tour around the island of Capri that far exceeded our expectations! We even saw a wedding scene from Blake Lively’s latest movie being filmed. Georgio recommended a lunch place that was soooo good, too! All in all, a fun day that was finished off by a serenade by our boat captain! Ciao Capri!” Joanne_C – Read more reviews

This tour includes : Roundtrip transportation, Blue Grotto tickets, a boat trip, and a guided tour of Capri. ➥ BOOK IT HERE

Another Great Option by Ferry

Hop on a hydrofoil to explore Italy’s glorious landmarks on this Island of Capri Full-Day Tour with Lunch from Naples . Admire views of the coastline as you sail on the shimmering sea, and prepare to explore the fashionable island with your guide.

You’ll visit the Blue Grotto, and on land head to the stunning Axel Munthe Gardens. Travel comfortably to Anacapri by minibus, and spend time at Piazzetta , the social hub for movie stars and jet setters.

You’ll be treated to a delicious local lunch, and check out jaw-dropping sights of the Gulf of Naples from the various viewpoints. At the end of the day, you’ll be dropped off at your hotel or meeting point in Naples.

This tour includes : All transfers, a guide, lunch, and optional Blue Grotto tickets. ➥ BOOK IT HERE

Tours to Capri by Boat

▶️ Join this Capri Boat Day Trip with Drinks from Naples and set sail on a traditional Sorrento boat. You’ll cruise around the island, taking in its natural wonders such as the famous grottoes and the Faraglioni rock formations.

Take a refreshing swim or snorkel in the crystal clear waters before disembarking in Capri. On land, you’ll have free time to shop, sightsee, or bask in the sun. The island’s towns are incredibly charming and boast plenty of worthy attractions, so make sure to check them out!

At the end of the day, get back onboard and enjoy limoncello with snacks as you return to the mainland.

This tour includes : Transfers from Naples, a professional skipper, snacks, and limoncello. ➥ BOOK IT HERE

▶️ Join a Gulf of Naples & Capri Sightseeing Boat Tour from Naples and marvel at the views of the bay and Mount Vesuvius on your way to the island.

Once there, circumnavigate Capri by boat, and explore the stunning White and Green grottoes. Take a dip near the iconic Faraglioni Rocks, and make the most of your free time on land, checking out the island’s major landmarks.

Your captain will provide all the info you need to know about Capri beforehand! At the end of the day you’ll be taken back to your hotel in Naples.

This boat trip from Naples to Capri includes : Hotel pick-up and drop-off, all transfers, a boat cruise, and free time. ➥ BOOK IT HERE

Private Tours To Capri from Naples

▶️ Traveling with your gang? Choose this Private Capri Island and Blue Grotto Day Tour from Naples or Sorrento . It accommodates up to 15 travelers and takes you to the island of fashion and glitz on a hydrofoil.

You’ll have the chance to visit the Blue Grotto, and then travel by minibus around Capri, checking out its attractions with an expert guide. You’ll wander around Anacapri, take the chairlift to Mount Solaro, and stop at the iconic Villa San Michele.

In the town of Capri, enjoy free time to stroll along its alleys at your own pace. Don’t miss the renowned Piazzetta and the Gardens of Augustus!

This tour includes : All transfers, a minibus tour of Capri, Blue Grotto tickets, a guide, and most entrance fees. ➥ BOOK IT HERE

▶️ Fall in love with the Gulf of Naples on a Capri Private Boat Tour from Sorrento, Positano, or Naples .

Take a boat to the surreal Blue Grotto, swim and snorkel in beautiful spots, and wander around Marina Piccola. The itinerary is customizable, so you’ll get to choose where to go next!

On land, enjoy free time to explore Anacapri, soak in the views from Mount Solaro, shop, and relish local cuisine. Your skipper will provide tips and suggestions on what attractions you shouldn’t miss.

After a full day of explorations, you’ll be dropped off at your hotel in the city.

This tour includes : Hotel pick-up and drop-off, all transfers, towels, snacks, and drinks. ➥ BOOK IT HERE

▶️ Travel in style with the Capri Island in a Private Luxury 40-feet Speedboat from Naples . Discover the treasures of the island that are only accessible by sea, including the breathtaking Blue and White Grottoes.

With an English-speaking guide, you’ll learn about the history and culture of this magical place. Take a refreshing swim in the clear waters or simply walk around and enjoy the beauty of Capri.

You’ll also have time to indulge in traditional cuisine at a waterfront restaurant, and do some shopping!

This boat tour from Naples to Capri : Roundtrip transfers from Naples, a guide, a private luxury speedboat, snacks, and soft drinks. ➥ BOOK IT HERE

Pompeii + Capri Tour from Naples

Combine your Capri visit with a trip to the historic excavation site on this Pompeii and Capri Island Day Trip from Naples .

Access the ancient Roman city of Pompeii with skip-the-line tickets. An archaeologist guide will take you around the well-preserved buildings, providing fascinating stories about the place.

Then, hop on a hydrofoil and sail to the island of Capri, enjoying striking sights along the way. Upon arrival, you’ll be granted plenty of time to explore the town and people-watch at the iconic Piazzetta with a Spritz on hand.

Offering pickup from various locations, this is the perfect adventure for anyone wanting to see the top sights of Campania in a single day.

This tour includes : Hotel pick-up and drop-off, Pompeii tickets, a local guide, and bottled water. ➥ BOOK IT HERE

Stefania Guglielmi

Stefania Guglielmi is the founder of Every Steph. Originally from Bologna, Italy, she's been traveling full-time since 2016 and has visited over 50 countries across 6 continents. She believes sustainable travel and luxury travel can go hand in hand and has been advocating for responsible tourism since 2014. Stefania's advice and travel experiences have been featured in important publications such as Business Insider, Refinery29, and Yahoo Money.

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The 5 Best Capri Boat Tours from Naples [2024 Reviews]

Take the stunning scenic route when you take a boat to capri island from naples.

The Island of Capri, located in the Tyrrhenian Sea across the Bay of Naples from the beautiful and historic city of Naples. Capri is home to some of the most beautiful grottoes around the world, including the famous Blue Grotto. Enjoy any of the grottoes here and you’ll have plenty to talk about back home.

Anacapri and the Piazzetta have been popular destinations for many popular actors and actresses, and have even been home to movie and television show filming. Why? Because its beauty can’t be matched. Artisans and boutique shops also call Capri home.

Wondering how to get to Capri from Naples? Take a Capri boat trip and do just that! Any of these Capri tours from Naples will allow you a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Also see: Travel Guide To Naples Italy .

Best Capri Tours from Naples

Quick answer:the 5 best-rated capri tours from naples.

  • From Naples: Full-Day Capri Island and Blue Grotto Tour
  • Island of Capri: Full-Day Tour from Naples
  • Capri Sea View: Sea & City Sightseeing Boat Tour From Naples
  • From Naples: Full-Day Small Group Tour to Capri
  • Capri Day Trip from Naples

Capri Boat Tours from Naples Reviews

#1 from naples: full-day capri island and blue grotto tour.

  • Departure Point : Molo Beverello, Naples
  • Departure Time : 10:35 AM
  • Duration : 8 hours (approx.)
  • Includes : roundtrip Capri boat trip, transportation on the Island of Capri, professional guide, entry to the Blue Grotto, lunch

Capri is an island with a distinctive southern Italy culture while also being unique in many ways. Visit the “sitting room of the world” in the huge central square while also stopping to shop in many of the artisan’s workshops and stores. Luxury boutiques offer beautiful items, from clothes to flowers and from sculptures to paintings.

Expand To See More See Less

One of the star attractions on the Island of Capri is the Blue Grotto. While there are dozens of grottos around the island, usually only accessible by sea, the Blue Grotto is the one not to miss. There are usually lines to get in, but with this full-day trip to Capri, you will be able to experience it firsthand.

This island has been the setting for many major motion pictures and even television shows. Explore the island first hand to see why, as well as why it is such a popular destination for visitors to southern Italy. Before taking a jet boat back to Naples, you’ll enjoy a tasty, traditional lunch.

For tour prices, transportation and availability:

#2 island of capri: full-day tour from naples.

  • Departure Time : Varies
  • Includes : professional guide, roundtrip to and from Capri Italy by hydrofoil, entry to the Blue Grotto is optional

The Piazzetta, often called “the sitting room of the world,” has been a favorite visiting spot for movie stars and other VIPs. Movies have also been filmed here due to the unique and beautiful surroundings. This is one of the most unique trips to Capri from Naples as Capri boat tours show off the majestic beauty of the island.

Your professional guide, an expert on the history and legends of Capri, will take you by Via Gamerelle and Via Tregare as well as the Gardens of Augustus. All of these places have been valued for their beauty since the time of the Roman Empire.

With a light lunch at a small restaurant on the island, you’ll head back to the Port of Naples, again by hydrofoil. The hydrofoil is a fun and unique way to travel. Why look for a Capri boat hire when you can travel like this?

Other Experiences You May Enjoy:

#3 capri sea view: sea & city sightseeing boat tour from naples.

  • Departure Point : Contact tour operator
  • Departure Time : 8:30 AM
  • Duration : 8-10 hours
  • Includes : Naples to Capri boat round trip passage, tour around the island with visits to several grottos, expert captain and crew, detailed map of Capri

When you arrive at Marina Grande, the port on the island of Capri, you’ll immediately head out for a cruise around the island by Capri boat.

With visits to three grottoes, you’ll have plenty of beautiful sights to photograph. The Marvelous Grotto, the Green Grotto, and the White Grotto are all beautiful and unique in their own ways.

On this cruise around the Island of Capri, you’ll also view the Natural Arch and pass under the Arch of Love. View the Lighthouse at Punta Carena, the 2 nd -largest lighthouse in Italy. Also, enjoy views of the Villa of Curzio Malaparte on this Capri island tour.

Back at Marina Grande, your guide will give you a detailed map of the island so you can explore independently for several hours. Independent exploration allows you to see the parts of Anacapri that most interest you. At about 4:15 PM you’ll head back to Naples to conclude your Capri island tour from Naples.

#4 From Naples: Full-Day Small Group Tour to Capri

  • Departure Point : Star Terminus Hotel, Naples
  • Includes : professional guide, private boat tour Capri, independent exploration, a boat tour around the island and along the Sorrento coast

After your expert tour guide takes you by the most famous of the historical landmarks on the island, you will have 3 to 4 hours to explore the Piazzetta and other small Capri towns on your own.

Independent exploration allows you to stop at the places that interest you most and take extra time where you’d like. This Naples to Capri day trip allows you to see the island the way you really want to.

Once you’ve walked many of the narrow streets of Anacapri, taking in the enchanting views of and from the city, you’ll board a cruise boat to view other popular landmarks on the island, such as the Natural Arch and the Punta Carena Lighthouse. This lighthouse is the second-largest in Italy.

On your way back to the Port of Naples, take in the panoramic views of other popular islands in the area as well as the coastline of southern Italy. Your guide will stop at several pre-planned locations to allow you to swim or snorkel, taking in the beautiful sights under the sea as well.

#5 Capri Day Trip from Naples

  • Departure Time : 10:45 AM
  • Includes : lunch, expert guide, transportation, entry to the Blue Grotto

You’ll then head to Anacapri, the largest of the towns on the islands. Take plenty of photos of the Bay of Naples, easily seen from Capri. Head to a small, local restaurant for a light lunch of traditional and seasonal entrees.

Once you’ve finished eating, feel free to explore the island, especially Anacapri, on your own. This independent exploration allows you to take in the sights you enjoy most as you stroll casually through narrow streets.

While on your way back to the Port of Naples, your guide will take you along the southern Italian coast to enjoy the sights of Castel Nuovo, a fortress dating back to the 12 th -century, as well as the Royal Palace. Step foot once again in Naples after docking at the marina. If you’re also interested in seeing the coast of southern Italy, try taking a boat tour from Naples to Amalfi next!

Travel Guide To Naples, Italy

Airports & entry, planning tips, restaurants & eating out, nightlife & entertainment, getting around, accommodations, attractions.

  • Ready to Book Your Flight?

Even though Naples is the 3 rd -largest city in Italy, it tends to not get the same tourist attention as say, Rome or Florence. However, there are many reasons to add Naples, or Napoli in Italian, to your list of next vacation spots.

Naples has many historic attractions that rival those in larger Italian cities and because of fewer tourist crowds, many historic locations, as well as accommodations and restaurants, are not so busy.

If you’re looking for a truly Italian experience, you don’t want to skip out on Naples. It’s unique in many ways and the only way to experience is it with feet on the ground with a well-planned trip. Here’s how!

While there is an airport in Naples, it tends to only receive flights from Italy or nearby European locations. Most likely, if you air flying to Naples, your international flight will stop at a major hub in Europe and then head to the Aeroporto Capodichino. The Napoli International Airport usually doesn’t see flights coming from other continents, such as the Americas or Asia.

Naples is also serviced by many train lines and coach routes that originate up north. If you have the time, experiencing Rome and then taking a train through the Italian countryside to Naples is the ideal way to see the most while visiting Italy.

Visiting different cities in Italy, and other hot spots like Paris and London provides vastly different experiences. This is why we love to travel, right? However, that also means that planning for a trip to Naples is unlike planning for other trips.

Tip #1: Bring Walking Shoes

Naples is a very “walkable” city. Many attractions are very close to accommodations and restaurants, or at least close to convenient transportation such as the subway or busses. However, while things look close together on a map, Naples has many hills. Some of them are tall, some steep, and some both.

When planning the next location to head to, be sure to ask someone nearby, or even an employee at a store or restaurant, what the walk is like. If it nearing the end of the day and you are already tired, you may want to grab a cab instead of walking.

Tip #2: Enjoy Authentic Neapolitan Pizza

Naples invented pizza. While you can order pizza at many restaurants around the city, you’ll want to find a restaurant that offers the real thing. For anyone to call their pizza authentic, there are rules about the ingredients they must use when making them. For an even better pizza experience in Naples, find a restaurant that cooks their pizzas in a wood-fired oven.

Tip #3: Don’t Forget the Beach

While there are many places to see and experience in Naples, from the historic district to the more modern areas, you might want to plan a day to enjoy the beach. The beach offers many seaside cafes and bars so there’s really no reason to leave the beach once you get there. This means it’s time to grab a towel, sit back under an umbrella, and enjoy a limoncello. What is limoncello ? It’s a lemon liqueur famous in southern Italy.

Tip #4: Plan for Several Tours

Which so much to see and do in Naples, it’s nearly impossible to create your own itinerary that will take you everywhere you’d like to go. Not only do pre-planned tours take you to all the hotspots, they can usually offer exclusive or priority access, not to mention the expertise of your guide if you choose a guided tour.

Tip #5: Explore the Surrounding Areas of Naples, Italy

Naples is pretty large considering only Rome and Florence are bigger in both size and population. However, you may want to go for a scenic drive to a winery just outside town or even go for a ride to a great overlook to see the city that isn’t within city limits.

You may also want to head out on the water. Many boats take visitors to the Island of Capri, with its many grottoes, as well as to the many other islands in the Bay of Naples. The bay here is central to commerce in southern Italy, but it also happens to be one of the most beautiful.

Since pizza was invented here, it’s only fitting that you try an authentic, Neapolitan pizza. Many restaurants serve pizza, but only authentic pizza is made to strict requirements, including the ingredients used. The international regulations for Neapolitan pizza are important for many pizzerias in Naples.

Pizza wasn’t the only food dish invented in Naples. The very first “plate” of eggplant parmesan was also served here. Both pizza and eggplant parmesan have become staples the world over, so why not try it where it began?

As Naples is a coastal city, it also means great seafood. You’ll find the freshest in the restaurants nearest the harbor or nearest the beach. Naples has it’s own beach-scene so if you’re craving seafood, that’s where you’ll find it.

If you’re looking for entertainment that isn’t a year-round thing, there are several times of year that are ideal for visiting Naples. During Christmas, there are hundreds of nativities set up nearly everywhere you go. Easter has parades down Via San Biaggio and other main streets.

There are many cities that are ideal if you are looking for a New Year’s Eve bash like no other. While Naples may not be able to compete with the likes of New York City, Sydney, or Paris you may want to give it a try. When in Italy, not even Rome can beat the New Year’s Eve celebrations that Naples offers both locals and visitors.

If you are looking for the nightlight and entertainment in Naples that you can enjoy any day of the week, any week of the year, there are many different scenes to experience. Naples is a diverse city when it comes to nightlife and you can find nearly anything you’re in the mood for.

The Bourbon Street Jazz Club is for visitors and locals alike. If you are a fan of great off-the-cuff jam sessions, you’ll want to stop by one night. The beach scene is Naples is as unique as the limoncello they are famous for.

Nabilah is a great stop just off the beach. It may be a bit hard to find as the entrance is down a very narrow and unassuming back alley, but you’ll know you’ve found it when you hear the casual tunes.

The Lanificio 25 is one place you just have to schedule into your nightlife adventures in Naples. It is built into a building that used to be an old wool factory. It definitely has that old-world vibe that Naples is famous for, but you’ll also be able to see, hear, and feel much of the culture of the area.

Every night at Lanificio 25 may be something different, so check their online schedule. Small, local bands often perform, and you might hear a DJ playing everything from metal to alternative. Up for an art show? Maybe a play? This is the place.

There is no shortage of ways to get around in Naples. However, the one way you don’t want to take is a rental car or other vehicle that you will be driving. The city is very hectic and many local drivers can be aggressive. Most visitors won’t be used to driving in the kind of traffic they have in Naples.

One of the best ways to get from place to place is just walking. This is especially true if you are seeing many attractions within the same district. Be sure to find out how many hills you may have to walk up before setting out though.

Within the city, you will also find a well-designed bus and subway system. These are often crowded but they make for an easy way to get from place to place. If heading out of the city, trains are the way to go.

In many cities, visitors are warned about not taking cabs. In Naples, however, they are an affordable way to get around and cabbies are very knowledgeable. They may be able to tell you what time the museum opens, the best restaurant for pizza in the area, and other things. Cabbies in Naples are usually very friendly, and fair when it comes to the meter.

There are accommodations and every possible level in Naples. If you are looking for a great place to stay long-term and need something inexpensive, hostels are a great choice. Some of the hostels here even offer laundry services or a kitchen you can use to prepare a meal or two, saving you some cash. Many even offer stays for groups or families. Two popular Naples hostels are the Hostel Mancini Naples and the Naples Experience.

On the other side of that, there are plenty of upscale hotels. They tend to be located in many areas around the city so you can find one nearest to your planned activities. The Grand Hotel Vesuvio is regarded as one of the best hotels in Naples. The Hotel Napoli is also popular. An upscale hotel may offer services such as concierge, spa, and others.

Most people visiting Naples are looking for accommodations somewhere between a hostel and a grand hotel. Naples is home to several chains of hotels. Not only does this give you a familiar feel if you are used to staying with them, but you can also use many of the reward programs that accommodation chains often offer. Ramada Naples and Holiday Inn Naples are favorable with visitors, offering free breakfasts, discounted attraction tickets, great locations, and even parking if you have your own vehicle.

Because Naples is situated on the coast, the summers can get very hot and humid. This definitely isn’t comfortable when walking around the city although most public transportation is air-conditioned. However, that same coastal location makes winters very mild. If you don’t mind a chilly morning or two, visiting Naples in the winter can mean smaller crowds and maybe even a cheaper room rate at your accommodation of choice.

Spring and Fall are the most popular times to travel to and visit Naples. The temps are usually very moderate and while a quick rain shower may spring up, for the most part, you will see sunny skies. Expect much larger crowds if traveling during these peak tourism times.

There are places in Naples that you just can’t see anywhere else. For example, the National Archaeological Museum of Naples has many artifacts that have been recovered from Pompeii and surrounding areas. Some were even excavated from areas of Rome or Cinque Terre.

Just as with many other cities in Italy, the churches and their architecture are popular for visitors. Many are located within a small area in the historic district so planning a day to see them isn’t difficult. There are many guided tours of them, so you can learn more about their architecture, their history, and the legends surrounding them. The San Lorenzo Maggiore and the Duomo are two must-see churches in the area.

Every city has that main street where it seems everyone gathers, there’s a lot of shops and restaurants, and it’s the perfect place to see the true culture of the city. In Naples, it is Via San Biaggio. It is sometimes referred to as Spaccanapoli, the heart of Napoli, or Naples. You could spend an entire day here taking in the sights, sounds, and flavors of Naples.

Ready to Book Your Flight??

While being an Italian city inside and out, Naples also has its own personality. If you truly want to experience Italy, Naples should be on your must-see list. Of course, you’ll probably want to take a few tours of Rome to see all the history as well. And there’s no missing out on wine tasting tours in Florence. In Naples? It’s the food, the architecture, the music, the culture… and so much more!

Tour Operator

We've chosen Full-Day Capri Island and Blue Grotto Tour as our Editor's Choice for the Best Capri Boat Tour From Naples.

Krysha Thayer

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A Day in Capri, Italy: Plan a Day Trip to Capri From Naples

Are you traveling to Naples? Is the port of Naples on your cruise itinerary? Want to spend a day in Capri? Add a beautiful day trip to Capri from Naples to your itinerary.

Whether you’re looking to plan a Naples to Capri day trip or on an Italian adventure exploring the Amalfi coast, this post has you covered. We discuss the things to do in Capri in a day and how to get there from Naples to Capri.

Capri is a small island located just off the coast of the Campagnia region of Italy. It is a popular tourist destination widely known for its incredible rugged coastline, luxury hotels, and lemons the size of your face.

If you didn’t know, we LOVE Italy .

Every time we return to Italy, we feel right at home and where we belong; one of the many reasons we love traveling to Italy .

Hubby’s Italian roots are from Naples, and he fits right in. Me? I feel deeply connected to this beautiful country.

On this trip, we were sailing the Norwegian Epic on a 7-Day Western Mediterranean cruise. Naples was our first port-of-call on the cruise itinerary. Since we’ve been to Naples before and other cities on the Almafi Coast, we wanted to do something different.

However, there was one unexplored destination near Naples we hadn’t made it to, and it excited us: the island of Capri. So we planned a beautiful day trip to Capri from Naples.

There was a slight resistance from me at first before we booked this cruise. We love Italy, but we are always ready to explore new destinations, and the first three stops of Naples,  Rome  &  Florence , we’d been to more than once.

featured marketing image | a day in capri, italy

Disclaimer: This post may contain affiliate links, meaning we earn a commission at no extra cost. Please refer to our  full disclosure  for details.

One thing you must remember when planning a cruise or even a land vacation is that you’re not obligated to stay in that port-of-call, or the city you’re hotel/resort is in.

There are options!

Most of the time, you have to be willing to make an effort to explore outside of what may be in your comfort zone because there are many beautiful discoveries and adventures to be had.

From Naples, you can…

  • Explore the Amalfi Coast [ book here ]
  • Plan a day exploring Positano  or  Sorrento .
  • Take a guided tour of Pompeii [ book here ]
  • Book a private boat tour to Capri or Ischia [ book here ]
  • Take a day trip to Procida [ book here ]

Your options aren’t limited if you want to get creative. Read more about our tips on how to book shore excursions independently .

In this article, we share our day trip to Capri from Naples. How to get from Naples to Capri? And what to do in Capri once you’re there. Whether you’re in Naples on vacation or arriving at the port via cruise ship, planning a Naples to Capri day trip is easier than you think. Of course, you can always book a guided tour if that helps.

Table of Contents

Day Trip to Capri From Naples

marina grande capri italy

One of the first things we did was research tour options for our Naples to Capri day trip. Sometimes meeting a guide is easier when you only have a short time to explore. A great local guide will help you make the best of your time.

After looking up the ferry location, finding out that it was close to where we were docking, and checking the ferry’s daily schedule, we realized anyone could make this day trip to Capri independently.

How to get from Naples to Capri?

The only way to get from Naples to Capri is by boat. You either…

1) hire a private boat to take you to Capri, 2) or you travel with everyone else via ferry or hydrofoil (high-speed ferry).

How long is the boat ride from Naples to Capri?

Naples to Capri is only a 50-60 minute ferry ride on a high-speed ferry.

Ferry from Naples to Capri

It’s easy to hop on a high-speed ferry from the port of Naples. The hydro ferry leaves from Molo Beverello , located to the left, where the Norwegian cruise ship docked.

Departure from Molo Beverello

Hydrofoil | High-Speed Ferry Travel time: 50-60 mins Cost: 20 – 23 € per person, each way Click Here for Ferry Schedule

Location: Stazione Marittima: Molo Beverello Molo Beverello, 80133 Napoli NA, Italy Google Map It

The ticket office is past the ferry dock, and it will be facing the city of Naples, not the docks.

Be prepared to stand in line with impatient (but endearing) Italians trying to cut to the front of the line to depart on the same ferry. Thankfully, hubby can speak some Italian and can hold his own.

Do not forget to purchase your return ticket during this time.

We made it onto the  8:05 AM ferry and arrived in Capri by 9 AM . We purchased our return at the same time for a 5:05 PM departure from Capri.

We made it back to the Naples port by 6 PM, with more than enough time left to make it back on board before 6:30 PM.

A Day in Capri, Italy

day trip capri from naples

How do you spend your Naples to Capri day trip? There are many things to do on the island. Some people even vacation in Capri for longer stays, but with less than a day, you can still hit some of the highlights.

The top things to do in Capri:

  • Take a stroll through Capri town and explore the narrow streets.
  • Ride the funicular up to Monte Solaro for panoramic views (€3,00 one way).
  • Sip on limoncello.

We managed to fit a little more than that. You’ll have a fantastic day trip to Capri from Naples by combining the few things above with a boat tour and some walking.

Is a day trip to Capri from Naples worth it?

The day trip to Capri from Naples was worth it. A day trip to Capri lets you experience Mediterranean island life and its vibrant colors, culture, and views. You can explore independently or book a guide to help make your day trip more efficient and memorable.

Tour Ideas: Full day in Capri Island With a Local [ book here ] From Naples: Island of Capri Full-Day Tour with Lunch [ book here ]

What to Do in Capri For a Day

Take a capri island boat tour.

A boat in front of us going under the Faraglioni Rock.

Cost: Starts at $18 and up.

We booked a boat tour of the island as soon as we got off the ferry at Marina Grande. A tour operator is right when you step off the ferry to your left. We suggest you book this first thing.

The tour takes about 1 hour and 30 minutes on a double-decker boat. It goes around Capri Island to show you some of the fantastic cliffside views.

You will also have the option of adding the Blue Grotto to your tour.

A boat tour of the island of Capri, or even the Amalfi coast, is one of those special experiences in Italy that everyone should experience at least once, especially if you have beautiful weather.

dark shadows of boats in a cave over glowing blue water

What is the Blue Grotto?

The Blue Grotto is a sea cave on the coast of the island of Capri, southern Italy. Sunlight reflecting through the water gives the cave its blue glow.

There is an additional cost to see the Blue Grotto because it’s another boat service that will take you inside the cave.

Sadly, high tides made it impossible to enter the Blue Grotto on the day we were there. 

Be aware that the tour company you will most likely insist they aren’t aware of its status.  Maybe they are, maybe they aren’t. Open or not, you may have to go for it. Take the tour and find out when you arrive at the Blue Grotto.

What does the island boat tour include?

The island tour was fun; we were happy we did it first. The sights of natural beauty around the island were something special to see. Some of the things you’ll see on tour…

  • The Statue of the Scugnizzo will welcome you from its spot
  • A close look under the Faraglioni Rocks [share a kiss with your partner when you sail beneath the arch for a lifetime of happiness
  • Tiberius’ leap
  • See the point of entry of a few different grottos
  • Pass by the Punta Carena lighthouse
  • See the Sirens Rock
  • And much more.

We were shown a small hole during our tour because the high tide covered the entrance.

private boats anchored in marina

Can you book a private boat tour? YES! If you can swing a private boat tour of the island of Capri, go for it.

Staying overnight? Tour Idea: Private Tour of Capri by Boat at Sunset with Aperitif [ book here ]

Hop on the Funicolare to Capri Town

To get to Capri Town, you have a few options :

  • Take the bus,
  • Hire a taxi,
  • set out on foot (I wouldn’t recommend walking up to Capri because it is a long walk with lots of stairs, uphill)
  • or riding the funicular.

We chose to take the funicolare (cable car) to Capri Town. When you get off the ferry or the boat tour, you’ll want to make a right on Via Cristoforo Colombo towards the ticket off for the Funicular.

Entrance to the Funicolare in Marina Grande Capri

Marina Grande Funicular Info

Cost: 2.20 Euros pp Travel time: 15 min Click here for more info.

The ticket office for Funicolare is past it across the street at the pier. [ Google Map It ]

After you purchase your tickets, you can return to Funicolare to wait in line. Luckily, we didn’t wait long and had an easy ride up to Capri Town.

Of course, on returning to Marina Grande later in the day, the line was LONG, so we chose to walk back down. However, it is easier to go downhill than to go uphill.

Explore Capri Town

You can explore Capri Town away or at the end of the day on your way back from Anacapri.

We explored and walked Capri Town at the end of our day before leaving to catch our ferry back to Naples. Capri Town is a lovely place to explore. It’s a cute town with many shops; the farther you walk, you’ll find many high-end shops. 

Just a little caution: unless you look like a VIP, you’ll probably get the “Pretty Women” treatment when you step inside one of the designer stores. Hubby stepped inside Dolce & Gabbana and was told not to come in. It was quite shocking. And he loves their cologne.

Big mistake. Big. Huge! – Pretty Women

Happy it happened at the end of our day! They have no idea who they are turning away at the door.

Experience an Open Air Taxi

red convertible fiat driving as an open air taxi in capri

One of the coolest things to do in Capri is to ride in one of the open-air taxis. You’ll see them all around Capri, from old vintage or newer vehicles.

You can also book and negotiate a price for a full island tour with a taxi driver. If you do this, agree on a price before entering the car.

In Capri town, we decided to take a taxi up to Anacapri. This short drive was so much fun, and its view was spectacular.

The drive was so nice, and he even gave us a few tips.

Take the Capri Chair Lift to Monte Solaro

We had our hearts set on the chair lift to Mount Solaro. So we had the cab driver drop us off at Piazza Vittoria in Anacapri, where you’ll find the Monte Solaro Chair Lift.

Monte Solaro Chair Lift Info

Cost: 12 Euros pp round trip Location: Via Caposcuro, 10, 80071 Anacapri Google Map It

Take the “chair” part of chair life to heart. It is a one-person chair you quickly slide your behind into. Then a simple bar is swung over your lap to “secure” you into it. Once you’re in, you’re on the way up to the summit of Mount Solaro.

Sort of like when you go skiing.

If you’re afraid of heights, this Capri attraction may not be for you.

views from mount solaro in capri italy in october

The 10-minute ride up was peaceful, with an amazing view.  But the views are even more incredible when you reach the top!

So, don’t be afraid of the chairlift! Cause the other option is a 2-hour hike. Eeek!

Explore Anacapri

day trip capri from naples

Once we took the chairlift back from the summit to Anacapri, we explored this delightful island part.

Anacapri is located on the slopes of Monte Solaro.  It is said to be quieter and less touristy than Capri Town. While it was busy with tourists wandering around, there was a different vibe in Anacapri. I suggest spending more time in Anacapri than in Capri Town.

We enjoyed poking around the small charming streets, admiring the pretty houses, doors, and flowers. This picturesque town has plenty of shops, cafes, and restaurants.

How to get to Anacapri ? To get to Anacapri, you can walk, take the bus, or hire a taxi.

Visit the Church of San Michele in Anacapri

floor fresco painting at the church of San Michele

Location: Piazza S. Nicola, 1, 80071 Anacapri Google Map It

I am grateful to the wonderful cab driver who recommended we see this church earlier.

St. Michael is hubby’s patron s aint, so we had to see it upon our return from Mount Solaro. It is about a 5-minute walk from Piazza Vittoria .

We’ve seen plenty of churches during our travels, but this small church built in 1719 is a must-see. The inside is unique in its octagonal shape, and the hand-painted floor showcases the biblical story of the expulsion of Adam and Eve from the Garden of Eden that dates back to 1761.

To preserve the floor’s painting, you are not allowed to walk on the floor. Instead, use the wooden walkway built along the edges of the floor.

Make sure to look up and around, as many beautiful details make this church special. Climb up the spiral staircase and take in the full view of the art from above.

Departing Capri Island

Afraid we weren’t going to get to our ferry on time, we decided to leave Anacapri.

While standing in line for a taxi, we met another couple heading back to Capri, so we decided to split a cab ride. It’s always nice to meet new people!

Since we had some time, we walked around Capri. This is when we had our “Pretty Women” moment. After that, we decided to head back to Marina Grande to wait for our ferry.

When you’re ready, we suggest taking the taxi from Anacapri back to Marina Grande. And not go back to Capri Town as we did.

day trip capri from naples

We hadn’t purchased a return ticket for the funicular; the line was long. Since we had time, we decided to walk down to Marina Grande.

If you decide to walk down to Marina Grande, give yourself at least 30 minutes to head down on foot. There are a lot of stairs, and at times you’ll have to trek downhill on the side of the street.

The upside to this is you’ll see another part of this island with beautiful residences and views of the marina on the way down.

– Don’t Miss: 40 Inspiring Quotes About Italy –

Quick Bites to Eat and Drink in Capri

This is my favorite part of every blog post. Sometimes during these one-day trips, we decide to have a sit-down meal. Other times, we grab quick snacks and try several items that may interest us. This day, it was grab-and-go.

When planning your day trip to Capri from Naples, don’t forget to look out for some well-known Capri treats, Limoncello and Granita.

Il Raviolo Caprese & Gusto Caprese

Adorable shop Gusto Caprese in Capri

Location: Via Roma, 79, 80076 Capri Google Map It

When we first arrived in Capri Town, we were starving. Our big breakfast on the cruise ship was no longer holding us up. We needed fuel! We found this cute deli/cafe with an Italian mama standing outside, drawing us in with her freshly baked goods.

Sometimes waiters stand outside a restaurant waving people in with their menus. I normally ignore those desperate restaurants trying to bring us tourists in like cattle.

But when mama or nonna is standing outside waving you in with delicious Italian baked goods, you can smell it from a distance; you don’t ignore her.

You follow that delicious goodness when the wonderful aroma pulls you in and under a spell. When your mouth starts to water at the sight of it all, you decide you’re having one of everything!

Okay, maybe not one of everything, as we didn’t even get to try these baked goods, but what we had was delicious!

slice of fresh square pizza in Capri, Italy

Pizza, guys! PIZZA! The pizza was fresh out of the oven! You know, I had to have a slice. It wasn’t your usual pizza; it was more like nice square focaccia with toppings.

The dough was freaking delicious! I think it had cornmeal in it. It was topped with roasted mushrooms, onions, and Italian meat. I didn’t care. It was perfect!

Hubby loves a good Italian sandwich. That’s all he wanted from the moment we booked our trip, and that’s precisely what he got (many times throughout our trip). They had fresh bread and hand-sliced Italian prosciutto and cheese. He was in heaven. 

So Mama handled the front while her daughter (the chef) was preparing food behind the counter in her small kitchen.

We found out after that the chef specializes in ravioli. If I had more time and room in my stomach, I would have returned to try some. If you decide to stop by and try it, let me know what you think.

Big yellow lemons in Capri, italy

When I think of Capri, fat lemons the size of my head come to mind, and it’s precisely what we found outside some of the markets. From those juicy lemons, you can prepare a vat of limoncello. It’s alcoholic lemonade, but way better.

Limoncello is sold everywhere. I mean, everywhere! We learned from our friend and reader in the comments that the ferry has a bar, and they serve limoncello to help with your motion sickness (you can read her story in the comments below).

The limoncello is an additional cost, of course. Nothing is free in life.

So if you do not start sampling the limoncello on the ferry, stop at a bar or cafe on the island for a taste or pick up a bottle to take home with you.

Try the local granita if you’re looking for a refreshing treat in Capri, Italy. This lemon slushy is perfect for a hot day and is easy to find at restaurants and cafes throughout the island. So why not cool off with a delicious cup of granita?

With just eight hours to explore, it’s enough to take that day trip to Capri from Naples. The best time to visit is between Spring and Fall. We got lucky and had a beautiful day in Italy in October .

Capri is a gorgeous island with many nooks and corners to take plenty of pictures or enjoy a bottle of limoncello. In my opinion, a day in Capri is enough to quench your curiosity.

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Wow! Capri looks so beautiful! I want to go! Your pictures are incredible, although that chairlift still sounds scary to me! But it does sound kind of cool. I can’t believe your husband wasn’t allowed in the Armani store. Ugh. I dated a guy once who came straight from Rome. I could see him being like that. He taught me that I can’t wear a blue shirt with blue jeans. I threw that advice in the garbage! Anyways, that food looks amazing. I want to eat that pizza now! The bread does look really yummy. Great post! I want to fly to Capri and take a boat tour! I love riding on a small boat on open water. Nothing beats it!

Oh…p.s…how was that espresso?

Okay, so I am not sure how I never replied to this? I try to reply to ALL comments. So I apologize for not replying. Somehow I feel like I did because we had a convo before about that Rome guy.

Anyways, I had to make a correction to my blog because hubby reminded me earlier that it was Dolce & Gabanna, not Armani. They were super rude. They literally said, “Don’t come inside.” RUDE.

A little fact, hubby wants pizza all the time and I turn it down almost always. Why? Because the pizza we can get around here is mediocre, so I save it for when I’m really craving pizza. I can eat Italy pizza daily! Ah! That slice was soooo good!

I’d love to do a smaller boat tour, if and whenever we return to Italy

Espresso is all done! I went through it quickly.

UMM, how stunning is this post? Your pictures are just gorgeous, and now I am craving an Italy trip.

Can we talk about the lemons? I mean, obviously, those are the most IMPORTANT, eye catching fruits of this piece ; ) You should just call this post Limoncello….it is the STAR ; ) I kept seeing lemons all over Positano, and you know that can only mean one thing: LIMONCELLO!!!!

So yes, they swear Limocello helps with motion sickness, and because I care so much about ALL OF HUMANITY, I decided to undergo scientific research. I took a dramamine and kicked it back with some limoncello on the ferry to and from Capri (from Positano). My conclusion: Limoncello in the Amalfi Coast > Limoncello anywhere else. You should drink it every day while in Italy, especially after dinner. Wait, I think I missed the point of the study…

The rocky waters around the Amalfi were the first place where I got extremely boat sick….shiver. We overheard many dinner conversations about the waters and people going down. I didn’t feel so bad. I did hop off the boat on the middle of a tour. I literally asked to be dropped off ANYWHERE midway through. The guy thought I was nuts until he saw I was green, dying, and sweating. My husband knew I was really sick when I turned down olives and champagne. Call 911. I ended up in Amalfi, the town. I spread out on the beach until the world looked clear again. Then, I went and got a beer. Beer is supposed to help ; ) I had to bus back to Positano. Walk of shame. Boats make me sick. For reals.

Ohhhh Pompeii is an equally great choice. I loved the history and seeing famous structures that you read about as a kid. We drove through Naples but didn’t have time to check it out. I heard the city gets pretty congested on the weekends.

(Ignore the all over train of thought here.)

Granita (Granite, depending on where you are) is MY FAV. Sicily is famous for it (or so people kept telling me while I was there). I love granita because I can eat it, unlike gelato that makes my belly, ya know…. Sensing a belly theme?! TMI, sorry : ( Shaved Italian ice was also our staple growing up. Do you have a favorite flavor yet? I loved almond. If you ever go to Sicily, get the granite. Noto claims they have the best… It’s shaved ice sooooo hmmmm…. I love finding granita all over Italy!! I think I had some at dinner a few times around the Amalfi Coast.

I love how much you made out of your short port stop. You guys are HARDCORE!! That is dedication. Also, Capri was snobby and elite. I just went there. Lol. You are so RIGHT. I liked it too, but they really have to work on their people skills. Pretty Woman is a great description! Live store “models” kept walking around at lunch trying to sell richer clients clothes…it was SO WEIRD. They walked right past us. GAHAHA. The rich and famous kept helicoptering over from the Amalfi Coast. Not my thing but it was so FUN to watch (and not be a part of…). Higher up, restaurants would only seat us poor folk outside…Whatevs… Sings: “pretty woman….walking down the street…pretty woman…the kind of woman that I’d like to meet…”

You already know that I wish I knew about the chair lift…. GOSHHHHH!!!!! We got our exercise. Taking the hardest way up anywhere is definitely our signature. In pretty shoes too…

You totally rocked Capri in 8 hours and took amazing pics. I love this post!

I expect a full report on that limoncello study on your blog soon! I love your passion for limoncello, wine and other drinks.

It must have been off season in Capri because we did not see any live models or helicopters. I think if we had experienced all of that, we would have a different opinion of Capri all together. We loved Anacapri better than the town of Capri.

I would have never survived the hike up, so I am so HAPPY those chairlifts exists. I do not work out at all, so I would have needed a helicopter to save me midway up haha.

Yeah, we definitely crammed a lot in 8 hours. Thanks for leaving me one of the most entertaining comments of all time. ? Appreciate it.

OMG! The Armani staff was so rude. Anyway, love the photos. Italy is on top of our travel bucket list. Hoping to explore this country someday……

Yes, they were! So happy it happened at the end of our day.

Italy is such a beautiful country and the food is my favorite part. ?

Thank you for stopping by! Appreciate your support!

It seriously warms my heart that you feel like you belong in Italy! I haven’t been there yet (but I’m dying to go!)…I have a feeling I will feel the same way. Tbh, I felt a lot like that in Greece! Love how much you packed into 8 hours, that’s seriously impressive! As if I hadn’t wanted to visit Italy enough, I will now def be adding Capri to the list! Great post <3

Omg, I hope Italy somehow becomes part of your 2019 adventures! Thank you so much for stopping by!

Wow! Sounds like you guys did an awful lot in 8 hours! Way to go!! It sounds like it was a fruitful day (LOL, sorry, couldn’t help myself after reading about the limoncello!) Sorry to hear about the snootiness at Armani but other than that it sounds like an awesome day out exploring. (We’d most definitely be turned away too, if it makes you feel any better! Haha) I love visiting churches wherever we go. Not that I’m religious but the architecture and grandeur and art just fills my heart. The Church of San Michele sounds like it’s definitely worth a stop! Thanks for sharing – I can’t wait to explore more of Italy in the future – Capri and especially Anacapri are on the list!

It was a beautiful day and the church was definitely a special visit because it was not planned at all. The inside of it really took me by surprise, the art was definitely unexpected.

Me. I love Italy too. I spent three days in Capri years ago, but seemed to do less than you did in an afternoon. Hmmmm. I didn’t much care for the shops in carpri town either, but the lemons were amazing. There was some great walking to be done throughout the island and I spent my time at that, sampling the most amazing views. Capri still feels like something unfinished to me, and I would definitely return.

I would have loved to have spent more time walking around. There were plenty of other things I did not get to see or do. Hopefully in the future we will return and explore more of it. However, this was simply a day trip as we were on a cruise and we left feeling pretty satisfied with our 8 hours there. So anyone who would love to do a day trip to Capri can see that it is possible to get a taste of what Capri has to offer in a limited time. Thanks so much for stopping by and commenting! The lemons are amazing and the views were definitely out of this world.

Oh Italy, how I long to revisit this gorgeous place again! Back when I was 14 we took a family Mediterranean cruise and I just can’t help but I took the whole thing for granted! As a grumpy teenager I didn’t want to be dragged around Italy, I would’ve rather stayed in the pool on the ship! – let’s hope my own children don’t get teenagitis so badly 😉

I have never been to Capri but I kinda feel like I have after reading this post! You capture it so beautifully with your words and photographs- my mouth is literally watering at the thought of baked goods and PIZZA!

When we make it to Italy (Dave is desperate to go!) I’ll be sure to bring myself back to this post!

One thing that caught my attention though?! Lemoncillo for sickness?! I get all kinds of sick on transport- boast, cars, trains you name it without tablets I’m puking! Could lemoncillo be my saving grace?!

I think when we’re younger, we don’t really understand what it is to have the privilege to travel. Plus, those cruise ships have so many fun activities that it really is tempting for a kid to just stay behind. Probably designed for the parents in mind, haha. Leave the kids on the ship, while the parents go out to play and explore.

I hope you get to go to Italy soon! The food alone is enough of a reason to visit. Once you have pasta and pizza in Italy, you’re spoiled and it will be difficult to find good Italian elsewhere. I know, I have such a hard time finding great Italian without paying through the nose for it. Don’t get me started on Pizza! I already miss Italy. Need to go back!

Haha, that is Christine’s anecdote for sea sickness. She says it works! Might as well try it out. 😉

we absolutely loved our time on Capri last year, we too had a day there on the ferry from Naples, beautiful island

Thank you! It was a great day!

  • Ferry from Naples to Capri

Tickets, Prices & Schedules

  • Ferry Tickets
  • Ferry routes

Ferry schedules


Is there a ferry from Naples to Capri?

The Naples - Capri ferry route is active all year long and it is operated by the ferry companie s Navigazione Libera del Golfo (NLG), SNAV and Caremar.

There are usually more than 20 daily crossings on this route, and you can choose between hydrofoils and conventional ferries.

What’s the ferry schedule from Naples to Capri?

The earliest ferry from Naples to Capri departs at 05:35  and arrives in Capri at about 06:30. The latest departure is usually at 21:35  arriving in Capri at around 22:30.

Tip : please note that the Naples to Capri ferry schedule is subject to change . You can check real-time schedules and ferry ticket prices for the crossing on Ferryhopper.

Ferry Tickets, Offers & Discounts

How much is the ferry from naples to capri.

The Naples to Capri ferry price starts at around €20 . However, the final ticket price depends on any available discounts and offers, as well as bag selection.

On Ferryhopper, you can find all available offers for the ferry trip to Capri from Naples. Find the lowest prices and best offers, and book your ferry tickets on Ferryhopper without any hidden fees.

Take advantage of the available discounts and travel by boat from Naples to Capri with lower-cost ferry tickets . Ferry companies offer discounts of up to 50% to the following passenger categories :

  • Large groups of travelers
  • Permanent residents of islands

Note : infants up to 2 years travel for free .

Ferry route info

How long is the ferry ride from naples to capri.

The Naples to Capri ferry time ranges from about  50 min to 1 hr 30 min . This depends on the type of vessel and the weather conditions.

Is there a high-speed ferry from Naples to Capri?

Yes, the fastest ferry to Capri from Naples takes about 50 min by high-speed boats (hydrofoils).

What’s the distance between Naples and Capri?

The distance between Naples and Capri is 15 nautical miles (approximately 28 km).

Ferry Trip Tips

Ferry naples - capri: useful tips for your trip.

Before you board the ferry to Capri from Naples, have a look at some important tips for your ferry ride:

  • During the busy months of July and August, it is advisable to arrive at the port of Naples at least  1 hr before boarding to avoid delays. 
  • Due to unforeseen circumstances, the ferry schedules from Naples to Capri may change. Make sure to confirm your ferry’s departure time .
  • Pressed for time? Consider a day trip from Naples to Capri to experience its beauty no matter the season.
  • From Capri, you can travel by ferry to the ports of Sorrento and Positano. With the Capri to Sorrento and Capri to Positano ferry routes, you can quickly and comfortably reach the Amalfi Coast and explore the breathtaking landscapes.

Where to take the ferry from Naples to Capri?

High-speed boats (hydrofoils) to Capri leave from the Beverello pier (Molo Beverello). Conventional ferries (allowing the transfer of vehicles) depart from the Calata Porta di Massa quay. You can easily reach it by taking the free shuttle service from Beverello Pier.

Can I travel on the ferry from Naples to Capri with a car?

You can bring your vehicle on the ferries from Naples to Capri, but not on the hydrofoils. Keep in mind that, from April to October, traffic on Capri is prohibited for motor vehicles (cars, motorcycles, etc.) except for permanent residents of the island.

However, getting around Capri is simple because the island's public transportation system covers the entire island. You can also take a taxi, a scooter, a boat, or a bicycle.

Ferry Luggage

Each ferry company operating on the Naples - Capri route has its own baggage allowance policy. Specifically:

  • NLG allows only one piece of luggage weighing up to 5 kg with a maximum size of 50x30x15 cm . Suitcases, travel bags and backpacks are considered luggage.
  • SNAV allows passengers to bring 1 piece of hand luggage weighing up to 9 kg and with a maximum size of 50x35x20 cm with no extra fee.
  • Caremar allows one piece of luggage of 20 kg (for ferry travel) or 10 kg (for hydrofoil travel) with maximum dimensions of 50x40x20 cm .

Due to the short duration of the Naples - Capri ferry trip, there are no cabins available on the ferries. Onboard seating is included in the ticket price.

Pet travel 

You can travel with your pet on the hydrofoil to Capri for an additional fee. Make sure to fill out the appropriate information as you book your tickets. A carrier or cage is required for small pets. As for larger pets, they must have a muzzle and be on a leash.

Book cheap ferry tickets from Naples to Capri

You can easily book your ferry tickets on Ferryhopper. Find more information about the ferry to Capri on our Map of ferries , compare companies, prices and schedules, and plan the trip of your dreams!

Winter is here! Check out the winter wonderlands at these 5 amazing winter destinations in Montana

  • Travel Destinations

How To Get From Naples To Capri For Day Trip

Published: December 6, 2023

Modified: December 28, 2023

by Riki Power

  • Plan Your Trip
  • Travel Guide
  • Travel Tips



Italy is a country known for its rich history, stunning landscapes, and vibrant culture. From the bustling streets of Rome to the charming canals of Venice, there are countless destinations to explore. One such gem is the picturesque island of Capri.

Nestled in the Gulf of Naples, Capri is a popular tourist destination that offers breathtaking views, crystal-clear waters, and a relaxed atmosphere. It is the perfect place for a day trip if you are visiting Naples, as it is conveniently located just a short distance away. In this article, we will explore various options to get from Naples to Capri for a day trip.

Whether you prefer a leisurely ferry ride, a private boat tour, a guided day tour, or even a luxurious helicopter transfer, there are several options available to suit your preferences and budget.

So, if you are ready to embark on an unforgettable adventure to Capri, continue reading to discover the different ways you can reach this idyllic island from Naples and make the most of your day trip.

Option 1: Ferry from Naples to Capri

One of the most popular and convenient ways to get from Naples to Capri is by taking a ferry. Ferries depart regularly from the Naples port and offer a scenic and enjoyable journey to the island.

The ferry ride typically takes around 45 minutes to 1 hour, depending on the weather conditions and the type of ferry you choose. There are several ferry companies that operate between Naples and Capri, such as Alilauro, SNAV, and Caremar, offering different schedules and ticket options.

Booking your ferry tickets in advance is recommended, especially during peak seasons, to ensure availability and secure the best prices. You can easily book your tickets online or at the ticket counters at the Naples port.

Once you arrive in Capri, you will disembark at the Marina Grande, the main port of the island. From there, you can explore Capri at your own pace. You can take a leisurely stroll through the charming streets of Capri Town, visit the famous Blue Grotto, or take a cable car to the top of Mount Solaro for panoramic views of the island.

The return ferry schedule from Capri to Naples varies, so make sure to check the timetable and plan your day accordingly. It is advisable to give yourself enough time to explore Capri and catch the return ferry to Naples.

Overall, taking a ferry from Naples to Capri is a cost-effective and convenient option, allowing you to enjoy the scenic beauty of the Gulf of Naples and the enchanting island of Capri.

Option 2: Private Boat Tour from Naples to Capri

If you’re looking for a more luxurious and personalized experience, a private boat tour from Naples to Capri is an excellent choice. This option allows you to enjoy the journey at your own pace and offers more flexibility in terms of itinerary and activities.

There are various private boat tour operators available in Naples that provide customized trips to Capri. You can choose from different types of boats, including speedboats, yachts, and catamarans, depending on your group size and preferences.

During the boat tour, you can admire the stunning coastal scenery, soak up the sun on the deck, and stop at various scenic spots for swimming, snorkeling, or even exploring hidden sea caves. Many private boat tours also offer the opportunity to visit the iconic Blue Grotto, a sea cave renowned for its mesmerizing blue waters.

One of the advantages of a private boat tour is the flexibility to tailor the itinerary to your liking. Whether you want to spend more time snorkeling in the crystal-clear waters, visit lesser-known beaches, or enjoy a gourmet lunch onboard, the tour can be customized to suit your preferences.

It’s essential to book your private boat tour in advance to ensure availability, especially during the peak summer season. The duration of the tour and the prices may vary depending on the operator and the type of boat you choose.

A private boat tour from Naples to Capri is the perfect option if you’re looking for a more exclusive and personalized experience. It allows you to enjoy the beauty of the Gulf of Naples and Capri’s coastline in style, creating unforgettable memories along the way.

Option 3: Day Tour from Naples to Capri

If you prefer a hassle-free and guided experience, a day tour from Naples to Capri is an excellent option. These organized tours offer convenience, expert guidance, and a well-planned itinerary to ensure you make the most of your visit to Capri.

There are several tour operators in Naples that offer day trips to Capri, ranging from group tours to smaller, more intimate tours. These tours typically include transportation from Naples to Capri and back, as well as a guided tour of the island’s main highlights.

Depending on the tour, you may also have the opportunity to visit the Blue Grotto, take a boat ride around the island, or explore the stunning Gardens of Augustus. Some tours also provide free time to explore on your own, giving you the chance to wander through the streets of Capri Town, shop for souvenirs, or enjoy a leisurely lunch at a local restaurant.

The advantage of a day tour is the convenience and the expertise of the guides. They can provide insightful information about the island, its history, and its attractions, enriching your overall experience. Additionally, transportation to and from Capri is taken care of, eliminating the need for worrying about logistics.

When booking a day tour to Capri, it’s important to research different tour operators and read reviews to ensure you choose a reputable company. Prices and tour inclusions may vary, so make sure to check the details before booking.

A day tour from Naples to Capri is a great option if you prefer a structured and guided experience, allowing you to relax and enjoy the beauty of the island while someone else takes care of the arrangements.

Option 4: Helicopter Transfer from Naples to Capri

For a truly unique and luxurious experience, consider a helicopter transfer from Naples to Capri. This option allows you to indulge in the ultimate VIP treatment while enjoying breathtaking aerial views of the stunning coastline.

Several companies offer helicopter transfers from Naples to Capri, providing a quick and convenient way to reach the island. The journey takes approximately 20-30 minutes, depending on weather conditions. It’s important to note that helicopter transfers may be subject to availability and weather permitting.

Booking a helicopter transfer allows you to bypass the ferry or boat ride, saving time and adding a touch of exclusivity to your day trip. Upon arrival in Capri, you will be amazed by the panoramic vistas and the smooth landing at the helipad.

While the helicopter transfer comes with a higher price tag compared to other modes of transportation, it offers unparalleled convenience and an unforgettable experience. The thrill of soaring above the coastline and getting a bird’s-eye view of the stunning scenery is truly unparalleled.

Before booking a helicopter transfer, it’s crucial to check the weight restrictions and luggage limitations, as these may vary depending on the operator. Additionally, it’s advisable to book well in advance, especially during peak travel seasons, to secure your spot.

A helicopter transfer from Naples to Capri is the epitome of luxury travel. It allows you to make a grand entrance to the island, experience an exhilarating flight, and create lifelong memories.

Getting from Naples to Capri for a day trip offers a range of options to suit every traveler’s preferences and budget. Whether you choose the convenience of a ferry, the luxury of a private boat tour, the guidance of a day tour, or the exclusivity of a helicopter transfer, each option provides a unique way to reach the beautiful island of Capri.

The ferry is a popular choice, offering a scenic journey across the Gulf of Naples and providing the flexibility to explore Capri at your own pace. Private boat tours offer a more personalized experience, allowing you to tailor the itinerary and enjoy activities such as snorkeling or visiting the Blue Grotto.

If you prefer a guided experience and want to leave the planning to the experts, a day tour from Naples to Capri is an excellent option. This option ensures convenience and knowledgeable guides to enhance your exploration of the island.

For those seeking an extra touch of luxury and an unforgettable experience, a helicopter transfer from Naples to Capri is a top choice. The breathtaking aerial views and quick travel time make this option incredibly appealing to those looking for a unique adventure.

Whichever option you choose, a day trip from Naples to Capri promises to be a journey filled with natural beauty, cultural wonders, and unforgettable memories. Don’t miss the opportunity to explore this picturesque island and discover why it has captivated travelers for centuries.

So, pack your bags, choose your preferred transportation method, and get ready to embark on a memorable day trip from Naples to the enchanting island of Capri!


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The World Was Here First

A Perfect Capri Day Trip from Sorrento, Naples and Positano

Last Updated on February 23, 2024

by Olivia Ellis

Disclaimer: This article contains affiliate links. That means if you click a link and make a purchase, we may make a small commission. As an Amazon Associate we earn from qualifying purchases. For more information, see our privacy policy.

day trip capri from naples

Capri is likely one of the most visited destinations in Italy, and that is with good reason. This small island on the Tyrrhenian Sea off the Sorrento Peninsula boasts abundant natural beauty, glamour, and history. Planning a Capri day trip from the Amalfi Coast or southern Italy is a great addition to any itinerary as there is so much to do, see, and eat on the island.

Table of Contents

Getting to Capri

Whether you are coming from Naples, Sorrento or Positano and whether you want to travel independently or via organised tour, there are several ways to reach Capri from the Italian mainland.

Naples to Capri

If you want to get to Capri from Naples, these are the best options available to you!

By Organised Tour

Maybe you’re only staying in Naples during your time in the region and would love to visit Capri . If this is the case, perhaps an organised group day tour would be best for you.

With this full-day tour , you will be picked up and dropped off from your accommodation, then sail to the island of Capri on a hydrofoil.

The tour will then include time with a professional guide on the main Marina Grande, a short bus ride to Anacapri to see the more rural side of the island, and then a journey back to the center of the island to enjoy a local lunch. 

This tour is great if you’re looking to see the island on more of an off-the-beaten-path route rather than in tourist hubs.

Beautiful Capri Island

If you’re looking to spend your day trip to Capri from Naples mainly at sea, this full-day tour is a great option.

You’ll take in the Gulf of Naples and Mt. Vesuvius from the sea and spend time swimming close to the famous Faraglioni Rocks. You’ll also pass through the sparkling White and Green Grottos. This is a great option for those keen for a boat tour around the island.

Afterwards, spend a few hours exploring the island in whichever way you’d like before returning to Naples in the late afternoon.

You can also opt for this private tour that leaves from Naples or Sorrento or this private day tour that leaves from Naples along with Positano and Sorrento.

If heading to Capri independently is what you prefer, then one of the most important things you’ll need to plan is how you will reach the island.

Naples has two ports with ferries heading to Capri and the one you take will depends on the ferry. Calata di Massa is for slow and regular ferries and Molo Beverello services high-speed ferries. 

There is only about a 20-minute difference between the high-speed and slow ferries, with the high-speed taking around 40 minutes, and the slow ferries taking a little over an hour to Capri.

Ticket costs vary depending on the boat that you take and your point of departure. The Naples to Capri ferries run between every half hour and every hour also depending on the boat you take. You can  view ferry schedules here .

Naples at sunset

Sorrento to Capri

If you’re based in Sorrento , then follow these options in order to reach the island!

There are great options for Capri tours with a guide if you prefer to not visit independently. 

This boat tour of Capri is a full-day experience with different options depending on how you prefer to see the island of Capri.

With hotel pick-up options available, you’ll head directly to the famous blue grotto to experience its intensely blue waters and then spend time at two spots in nearby water to snorkel and swim.

A traditional Caprese salad or sandwich lunch is also included as well as 4 hours to then spend independently on the island as you wish. 

Another option is this full-day tour from Sorrento, which includes accommodation pick up and drop off. On departure, you’ll take a boat ride past the rugged Sorrentinian peninsula, the Villa Pollio Felix, (the most important Roman archaeological site in Sorrento), and then past Massa Lubrense. 

Once arriving you have the option of taking part in a tour of the island at an additional cost or exploring on your own. After the visit to Capri, there is then a one-hour tour around the island with an expert acquainting you and informing you on the area before heading back to Sorrento. 

If you’d prefer to go independently, you can take the ferry to Capri. It only takes about 20-30 minutes to get from Sorrento to Capri but tickets cost a bit higher than from Naples depending on the boat that you take.

Ferries depart just about every 15 minutes and leave from the port of Marina Piccola which is close to the town center of Sorrento.

If you’re looking to save some money on your trip but have your eye set on Capri, consider going from Naples rather than from Sorrento. You can  view ferry schedules here . Note that you can also visit Capri as a day trip from nearby Salerno if you happen to be based there.

Town of Sorrento

Positano to Capri

If you’re using Positano as a base on the Amalfi Coast and are looking to get to Capri from there, there are a few options open to you depending on what you are after.

For those staying in Positano during your Amalfi Coast trip , this full-day tour is a great way to experience the island of Capri. The tour is around 8 hours and begins by meeting at the departure point in Positano before being whisked away from the Amalfi Coast by a traditional Caprese “gozzo” boat. 

After your time at sea, you’ll arrive on the island with about 4 hours of free time to explore the island as you wish. This is the perfect time to check out the less-visited Anacapri before heading back to the boat to make your way back to Positano.

If a more in-depth tour by boat to Capri from Positano is what you’re interested in, this full-day tour is perfect. After meeting at the pick-up point, you will be transferred by minibus to the port of Piano di Sorrento to depart by boat. 

Drinks and snacks are also served on board. After 3-5 hours on the island as you wish, you’ll sail back to Sorrento to enjoy local Sorrentinian Limoncello to wrap up the day.

If you opt for your Capri day trip from Positano to be spent independently, you must be aware of the ferry schedules and locations. It is also important to know that the route from Positano is seasonal and only available from April until the end of October. 

During that time, ferries depart every half an hour in each direction and take around half an hour.

The departure point for ferries from Positano is at the Spiaggia Grande beach, so keep this in mind if you plan on taking luggage to Capri as there are many flights of stairs down to reach the ferry pier. You can  view ferry schedules here .

Beautiful Positano

Capri Day Trip Itinerary

Although it’s a stunning island with so much to offer, there is plenty that can be done in just a day and you won’t be left without much missed. 

From the lush landscapes, the fresh Caprese meals, and the pristine waters, your time on Capri won’t disappoint you no matter how you choose to spend it.

The Blue Grotto

Ah, the Blue Grotto. There are few places (if any) more familiar and recognizable than this beautifully aquamarine place. Although it is the most visited destination on the island, it’s a must-visit destination and of of the best things to do in Capri.

There are many blue grottoes in different locations in the world, but Capri’s “Grotta Azzura” is certainly the most famous. 

Due to scientific phenomenon and thanks to a large hole in the rock beneath the water’s surface, the red light gets filtered out of the cave and results in the beautiful blue color of the grotto. 

Queues are quite long since you will need to join a tour boat once arriving at the Marina Grande to visit the Blue Grotto. Because of this, it’s recommended to arrive early in the morning or book with a private company in advance to avoid long queues. 

The entry to get into the cave is quite small so be prepared to lay down on the boat to get inside! Also, be prepared for joyous singing boat skippers once you reach inside the grotto. Regardless of how you get there, a day on Capri is not complete without visiting the Blue Grotto!

Blue Grotto in Capri

If a one-day Capri itinerary for you sounds much better spent away from the glam of the center of the island. To get away from the hefty tourist crowds, make your way to the other side of the island, Anacapri. 

Anacapri can easily be reached by public bus departing from the Capri town terminal located in Piazza Martiri d’Ungheria. Busses run every 15-20 minutes in the peak season, cost 2 euros each way, and take about 20 minutes. 

A great way to see the island from above is from the highest point on the island, Monte Solaro. Monte Solaro can be reached by funicular.

The chairlift up takes about 12 minutes and offers the most spectacular views of Capri and the surrounding area. This includes the historic center of the town and the trees right below your feet.

Afterwards, spend some time wandering the alleys of the historic center and wrap up your time by grabbing lunch at the wonderful restaurant, L’Angelo del Gusto . 

The Bay of Anacapri

Marina Piccola

The beautiful bay known as the famous spot where Ulysses (Odysseus) was supposedly seduced by the music of the sirens, is Marina Piccola. If you’re looking for a great beach spot by the Faraglioni Rocks, Marina Piccola is the perfect location to catch some sea and sun. 

Marina Piccola is one of the sunniest spots on the isle of Capri and is the perfect place to grab a glass of wine and watch the world go by.

It is located on the southern end of the island and can be reached by bus from the town Piazzetta or also by a 15-minute walk. If you’re going to Marina Piccola on foot, take Via Roma to Due Golfi, then take the stairs down Via Mulo for a lovely walk to the Marina.

Villas in Marina Piccola

Have more time?

If you have more time in Capri and will be staying longer than a day, there is still a plethora of things to do to spend your time on the island.

One of the best places to pass the time people watch on the island of Capri is at the main Piazza, Piazza Umberto I. Grab a drink or dinner and spend time watching the world go by in the center of the town full of all walks of life. Who knows who you may see pass you? 

For more of a unique visit, head to the Punta Carena lighthouse on the southern end of the isalnd. The wonderous Punta Carena lighthouse towers at the tip of the island and is the second tallest in Italy. It is also among the most important of all those guarding the Tyrrhenian Sea.

There is also a beach in the area if you’d like to go for a swim, as well as cafes and restaurants. You can also visit the nearby Villa San Michele to see some unique artwork and gardens.

Looking for a true souvenir to bring home? Capri is known for their custom handmade Sandals . Supposedly Jackie Kennedy is who made these famous and brought their popularity to the rest of the world. 

There are various sandal makers throughout the island but the most well-known is Canfora. Head to the shop to have your Caprese sandals made for you to bring home as the perfect souvenir. 

Where to Stay in Capri

To Be Capri – Well located in the town of Capri, this is a good mid-range choice. This hotel has simple double rooms and family rooms to choose from and some even include a kitchenette.

Villa Calypso – The lovely hotel within easy walking distance of the main square in Capri Town, there are a range of luxe and spacious rooms, views of the Mediterranean Sea and an excellent breakfast served daily.

Villa Castello Apartments – If you’re looking for a self-catering option (or simply want to imagine what it would be like to live on the island!), then these flats are a wonderful choice. Situated in Capri Town, there are several apartments available ranging in size.

Not quite what you’re looking for? Click here to browse more Capri hotels!

Faraglioni Rocks in Capri

No matter if you’re doing a Capri day trip from Naples, Positano or Sorrento, the island is truly one of the most beautiful in the Mediterranean that will leave you in awe. There’s a reason why it is one of the most visited destinations in Italy and a Capri itinerary should certainly be a part of your trip to the Amalfi Coast.

Are you planning to spend one day in Capri? Have any questions? Let us know in the comments!

day trip capri from naples

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June 23, 2024

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Italy's Capri lifts tourist ban as water shortage resolved

Capri, an island in Italy's Bay of Naples, draws vast numbers of day-trippers in summer months

The Italian island of Capri lifted a ban on tourists Saturday after problems with the water supply to the holiday hotspot were resolved.

Capri's mayor, Paolo Falco, said the ban was "revoked" after a technical issue preventing the arrival of water from the mainland was fixed.

The ban was announced early Saturday, forcing several morning ferries on their way to the island from Naples and Sorrento in southern Italy to return to port.

In justifying the ban, Falco warned of "a real emergency" and said that while there was still water on most of the island on Friday, local tanks early Saturday were "running out".

"The emergency would be worsened by the arrival of the thousands of tourists who arrive on Capri daily," he said.

Locals, not targeted by the ban, were permitted to collect up to 25 liters (6.6 gallons) of drinking water per household from a supply tanker.

Capri, in the Bay of Naples, is famed for its white villas, cove-studded coastline and upscale hotels. It has around 13,000 permanent residents but attracts huge numbers of day-trippers in summer months.

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Nov 28, 2022

day trip capri from naples

High winds feared as Rhodes fire rages

Jul 23, 2023

day trip capri from naples

Italy set to vaccinate small island populations in one go

May 6, 2021

day trip capri from naples

Big jump in Italy's daily new cases driven by travel

Aug 8, 2020

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day trip capri from naples

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day trip capri from naples

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day trip capri from naples

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day trip capri from naples

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day trip capri from naples

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  • Amalfi Coast
  • Pompeii - Mt. Vesuvius

2024 Day Trips and Tours

Find the perfect boat tour to discover Capri — choose from a variety of departure ports

Get ready to discover Capri on a boat tour of the island, where you’ll cruise the blue waters of the Bay of Naples for iconic views of the Faraglioni, the Punta Carena lighthouse, sea caves such as the famous Blue Grotto, and Vesuvius in the distance. Most tours allow stops for swimming and snorkeling right from the boat, and the views of Capri during the summer months are unforgettable.

Capri island has two ports, Marina Grande and Marina Piccola. For a boat tour of Capri there are many different departure points to choose from. Pick the boat trip that’s best suited to your group, whether it’s a private guided tour or a small-group tour. You can also choose a day itinerary or a half-day tour. Many tours include light snacks and refreshments on board, such as mineral water, soft drinks, or even a glass of local Italian limoncello to enjoy at sea. Many tours, for a small extra cost, also allow you to disembark on the island for free time to explore the sights such as Villa San Michele and the Gardens of Augustus; walk along famous lanes such as Via Krupp, Via Camerelle, and Via Tragara; and shop in the exclusive boutiques.

You’ll get immediate confirmation when you book, and free cancellation in the event of inclement weather.

FAQ - Frequently asked questions

Do i need to take a guided tour to see capri.

Capri is a small island, so it's easy and safe to visit without a guide. We do recommend, however, a guided boat tour around the island. No visit to Capri is complete without having seen it from the sea and visited its famous grottoes.

What kinds of guided tours are offered on Capri?

In addition to boat tours, there are guided walking tours of the towns of Capri and Anacapri and guided hiking tours along the trails crisscrossing the island.

What day trips can I take from Capri?

The easiest day trips from Capri are Sorrento, Naples, Positano, and Amalfi. With a guided tour, you can also visit Pompeii, which is about 30 minutes from the port of Sorrento. By far the best way to appreciate the ruins in Pompeii is by taking a guided tour.

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Water emergency halts tourist arrivals at Italy’s popular Capri island

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ROME (AP) — A water emergency prompted the mayor of Capri — one of Italy’s most popular islands — to order a halt to the arrival of tourists on Saturday, in a crisis that has deprived some areas of any water supply.

Without a water supply, it is impossible to guarantee essential services to “thousands of people” who travel to the island daily during the tourist season, Mayor Paolo Falco said. “The health and hygiene situation is explosive, we have taken our countermeasures and activated the crisis unit and issued a restrictive order,” the mayor’s order said.

The emergency was caused by a failure in the mainland’s water system that provides vital supplies to the world-known island.

At the moment water is still supplied to most of the island, but some isolated areas of the upper municipality of Anacapri are already dry. Only local reservoirs supply the network, which in the absence of supplies from the mainland risks being run out.

Meanwhile, tanks are expected to reach the island to support essential services, pending the restoration of full supply.

The Mayor’s order was notified shortly after 0900 a.m. causing an immediate stop to ticket sales.

FILE - Tottenham's head coach Antonio Conte gives instructions from the sidelines during the English Premier League soccer match between Tottenham Hotspur and Newcastle United at the Tottenham Hotspur Stadium in London, England, Oct. 23, 2022. Antonio Conte was confirmed as the new Napoli coach on Wednesday June 5, 2024, making him the team’s fifth manager in little more than a year for the deposed Serie A champion. (AP Photo/Frank Augstein, File)

The move has created long lines of passengers at the ticket offices at the ports of the southern city of Naples, the departing point for most ferries to Capri.

Ferries and hydrofoils that had already departed for Capri were contacted by radio by the maritime authorities, which ordered their return to port and disembarkation of passengers.

day trip capri from naples


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    day trip capri from naples

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    day trip capri from naples


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  1. How to do a day trip from Naples to Capri (2024)

    A day trip to Capri from Naples. Catching the ferry from Naples to Capri feels like more than just a boat ride. It's almost like you're being abducted by aliens and taken to another world - plucked from the chaos of the streets of Naples and dropped into a relaxed island escape.

  2. The Perfect Itinerary for a Naples to Capri Day Trip

    Make sure to also pay attention to the length of the boat trip, some of the boats are hydrofoil and will get there in about 45 minutes, versus the slow ferry which takes about 1 hour and 20 minutes. Molo Beverello is where all the ferries take off to head to Capri (the port of Capri is called Marina Grande).

  3. THE BEST Day Trips from Naples to Capri (UPDATED 2024)

    23. Private boat tour from Naples to Capri and Amalfi Coast PARDO 43. Full-day Tours. 6+ hours. The tour is onboard our 2024 Pardo 43, powered by two Volvo Penta IPS650 engines, a unique Missoni version boat worldwide…. Free cancellation. from. $3,218. per group.

  4. THE TOP 10 BEST Day Trips from Naples to Capri in 2024

    Capri and Blue Grotto Private Tour from Naples or Sorrento. 26. Enjoy a day exploring the picturesque and charming island of Capri from Naples or Sorrento with this private tour. Fall in love with Capri and - weather permitting - enjoy a visit to the surreal Blue Grotto. 8 hours.

  5. From Naples: Full-Day Capri Island and Blue Grotto Tour

    Leave the busy streets of Naples behind and spend a relaxing day on the island of Capri. The 8-hour tour begins with an exciting hydrofoil ride to the island, which offers spectacular views of the coast. After exploring the city center, take a boat to the world-famous Blue Grotto. Cap off your Tyrrhenian adventure with lunch at a typical restaurant before return to the mainland.

  6. 8 BEST Capri Tours from Naples by an Italian [2024]

    Get ready to live your 'Mamma Mia' moment on this Capri and Blue Grotto Day Tour from Naples. Hop on a jetfoil with a small group, and cruise along the coastline, taking in the stunning views. As you approach the country's most fashionable island, pay a visit to the Blue Grotto, a mesmerizing sea cave and one of the area's major ...

  7. Day Tour of Capri Island from Naples with Light Lunch

    Full-day Sorrento, Amalfi Coast, and Pompeii Day Tour from Naples. 815. from $142.22. Naples, Italy. Private Amalfi Coast By Car And By Boat Day Trip. 54. from $445.72. Price varies by group size. Naples, Italy.

  8. From Naples: Capri Day Trip with Ferry and Island Boat Tour

    Feel the wind on your face as you navigate along the Sorrento coast. Enjoy a convenient roundtrip ferry transfer from Naples to Capri. Take in the world-famous Faraglioni rocks from the safety of a boat. Be dazzled by the luxury shops and quaint restaurants of the island. Discover the Marina Piccola or ride the funicular at your own expense.

  9. From Naples: Island of Capri Full-Day Tour with Lunch

    Hydrofoil ticket. Pickup in Naples from selected meeting points (if option chosen) Tour guide. 3-course lunch. Minibus return transportation from Capri Port to Anacapri. Hydrofoil tickets for children 3-4 years old. Drinks. Optional boat trip around the island. Optional chairlift on the Mt Solaro.

  10. From Naples: Capri Day Trip with Lunch

    Full description. Begin your day with pickup from select Naples hotels, the Naples train station, or your cruise ship terminal. Head to the harbor, where you'll board a hydrofoil boat. Glide across the blue waters on the 40-minute journey to Capri. Transfer from the boat to an air-conditioned vehicle and drive to the scenic town of Anacapri and ...

  11. 2024 Boat Tours from Naples to Capri

    2024 Boat Tours from Naples to Capri. Hydrofoils and ferries connect Naples and Capri in less than an hour for most of the year. If you want to take a day trip to Capri from Naples, you can also book a boat tour that includes the crossing plus a cruise around the island.

  12. The 5 Best Capri Boat Tours from Naples [2024 Reviews]

    From Naples: Full-Day Capri Island and Blue Grotto Tour Island of Capri: Full-Day Tour from Naples Capri Sea View: Sea & City Sightseeing Boat Tour From Naples; Departure Point: Molo Beverello, Naples: Molo Beverello, Naples: Contact tour operator: Departure Time: 10:35 AM: Varies: 8:30 AM: Duration: 8 hours (approx.) 8 hours (approx.) 8-10 ...

  13. Day trip from Naples to Capri

    The Naples - Capri ferry route is active all year round with 20 daily connections and you can travel with a conventional ferry or hydrofoil. There are usually 3 ferry companies operating the route: SNAV, NLG (Navigazione Libera del Golfo), and Caremar. The Naples - Capri crossing varies between 50 minutes and 1 hour and 20 minutes, depending on ...

  14. One day in Capri

    Duration: 12 minutes. Cost: about 12 euros round-trip. Opening hours: March - October: 9:30 am - 5:30 pm; November - February: 10:30 am - 3:00 pm. From the summit of Monte Solaro you can enjoy one of the most spectacular views of the Bays of Naples and Salerno. Afterwards you can descend the mountain slope by chairlift or on foot.

  15. A Day in Capri, Italy: Plan a Day Trip to Capri From Naples

    Cruisers: It's imperative that you plan your day within the alloted time you're given at the Naples port. For example, our cruise ship was docked in Naples from 7 AM to 7 PM (a full 12 hours) with a 6:30 PM all aboard time. You want to be back near the cruise terminal in Naples no later than 6:00 pm.

  16. From Naples to Capri

    Check 2024 ferry schedules and prices to Capri from Napoli. Schedule a day trip to Capri and reserve your place on board. Book online now to reserve your spot on board! ... If you decide to book your hydrofoil departure time from Naples to Capri in advance, keep in mind you have to exchange your booking voucher at the ticket office in order to ...

  17. Day Tour of Capri Island from Naples with Light Lunch

    Sorrento, Positano, and Amalfi Day Trip from Naples with Pick Up. 2,849. Full-day Tours. from . $130.77. per adult. Pompeii and Capri Island Day Trip from Naples. 168. Full-day Tours. from . ... Looking for a day trip for two from Naples to Capri on July 7 or 8th. Please let me know if you have any availability. Thank you. Gail Atlas U.S.A. 312 ...

  18. Ferry from Naples to Capri

    Ferry schedules. Naples Capri Trip frequency: Every day First trip: 07:00 Last trip: 18:10 Average duration: 50m Price range: 25.00 € - 33.00 €. Capri Naples Trip frequency: Every day First trip: 08:05 Last trip: 19:10 Average duration: 50m Price range: 22.50 € - 30.00 €. Ferry companies.

  19. How To Get From Naples To Capri For Day Trip

    Option 1: Ferry from Naples to Capri. One of the most popular and convenient ways to get from Naples to Capri is by taking a ferry. Ferries depart regularly from the Naples port and offer a scenic and enjoyable journey to the island. The ferry ride typically takes around 45 minutes to 1 hour, depending on the weather conditions and the type of ...

  20. Capri Day Trip: How to Spend One Day in Capri in 2024

    Taking a Capri day trip from Naples, Sorrento, or elsewhere along the Amalfi Coast is a highlight of any trip to Southern Italy. Little Capri is one of the most beautiful islands in the Mediterranean and it has been an exclusive getaway destination since Roman times. In an ideal world, you would have a couple of days to dedicate to exploring Capri.

  21. A Perfect Capri Day Trip from Sorrento, Naples and Positano

    There is only about a 20-minute difference between the high-speed and slow ferries, with the high-speed taking around 40 minutes, and the slow ferries taking a little over an hour to Capri. Ticket costs vary depending on the boat that you take and your point of departure. The Naples to Capri ferries run between every half hour and every hour ...

  22. All You Need to Know BEFORE You Go (2024)

    Province of Naples. Island of Capri. Capri. Things to Do in Capri. Belvedere Punta Cannone. See all things to do. Belvedere Punta Cannone. ... We have holidayed on the Amalfi Coast many times and always have a day trip to Capri. However, this little gem had escaped our notice until this latest visit when we noticed a sign for it just off the ...

  23. Italy's Capri lifts tourist ban as water shortage resolved

    Capri, in the Bay of Naples, is famed for its white villas, cove-studded coastline and upscale hotels. It has around 13,000 permanent residents but attracts huge numbers of day-trippers in summer ...

  24. 2024 Daytrips & Tours on Capri

    2024 Day Trips and Tours. Get ready to discover Capri on a boat tour of the island, where you'll cruise the blue waters of the Bay of Naples for iconic views of the Faraglioni, the Punta Carena lighthouse, sea caves such as the famous Blue Grotto, and Vesuvius in the distance. Most tours allow stops for swimming and snorkeling right from the ...

  25. Italy: Capri mayor blocks tourists amid water shortage

    Situated in the Gulf of Naples, Capri was Italy's most popular destination for foreign travelers in May and June. These spend an average of four days on the island of 13,000 permanent residents ...

  26. Water emergency halts tourist arrivals at Italy's popular Capri island

    The move has created long lines of passengers at the ticket offices at the ports of the southern city of Naples, the departing point for most ferries to Capri. Ferries and hydrofoils that had already departed for Capri were contacted by radio by the maritime authorities, which ordered their return to port and disembarkation of passengers.