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Best travel hashtags popular on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, TikTok:

#travel - 39%

#nature - 9%, #travelphotography - 9%, #photography - 9%, #photooftheday - 6%, #instagood - 5%, #travelgram - 5%, #picoftheday - 4%, #instagram - 4%, pro hashtag data for #travel.

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  • #wanderlust
  • #naturephotography
  • #travelblogger
  • #instatravel

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best hashtags for travel on instagram

Top Travel Hashtags To Grow Your Instagram Account

Instagram and travel go hand in hand these days, with influencers and travel bloggers sharing their exotic lifestyle and holiday tips on the platform.

But with so much travel photography on Instagram, it’s getting harder than ever to stand out. Using the right hashtags will help your travel posts stand out and get more likes.

best hashtags for travel on instagram

Discover better hashtags to reach the more people, grow your follower count and get more engagement on your posts.

This list of travel hashtags will help you choose the correct hashtags for different kinds of travel posts! Simply copy & paste the hashtags most relevant to your content…

⭐️ More hashtag strategy tips:  All-In-One Guide To Instagram Hashtags  ⭐️

1. Most Popular Travel Hashtags 2. Luxury Travel Hashtags 3. Adventure Hashtags 4. Beach Hashtags 5. City Hashtags 6. Solo Female Traveller Hashtags 7. Family Travel Hashtags 8. Honeymoon Hashtags 9. Travel Video Hashtags 10. Schedule Hashtags in Advance

1. Most Popular Travel Hashtags

These are some of the biggest and most used travel hashtags on Instagram! While they’re a sure-fire way of reaching new people in your audience, we recommend using a handful of these high volume hashtags mixed with smaller, specific travel hashtags.

#Travelgram #Travelholic #Travelbook #Traveller #Travel_Captures #Instatravel #SeeTheWorld #TravelTheWorld #TravelAddict #Travellingram #TravellingThroughTheWorld #TravelIsLife #TravelWithMe #TravelCouple #WorldTraveler #MyTravelStory #WanderingSoul #TravelMoments #JustTravel #Globetrotter #NextDestination #LetsTravel #HappyTraveller #TravelTips #TheBestDestinations #TravelInspiration #TravelJunkie #WorldExplorer

top travel hashtags

2. Luxury Travel Hashtags

For the high-end traveller showing us the most beautiful hotels and spots across the globe! Luxury travel dominates a large space on Instagram due to celebrities and travel influencers sharing their most lavish trips. If you’re sharing luxury travel content use these hashtags to get more likes:

#LuxuryTravel #LuxuryHotelsWorld #LuxuryTraveller #BespokeTravel #LuxuryVillas #LuxuryTrip #TravelLuxury #DreamHoliday #LuxuryEscapes #BestResorts #VacayGoals #DreamDestination #LuxuryHoliday #LuxuryWorldTraveller #LuxuryLifestyle #LuxuryTravelDaily #LuxuryLocation #NeverGoingHome #LuxuryVacation 

top travel hashtags

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3. Adventure Hashtags

If hiking in the great outdoors is more your cup of tea, there are thousands of Instagram users who are with you! When posting outdoorsy content, use these adventure hashtags to reach the right people:

#LifeIsAnAdventure #AdventureTime #Adventurer #ExploreTheWorld #GoExplore #SeekAdventure #GoPlaces #NotLost #HikingAdventures #AdventureOn #StayAndWander #GoneOutdoors #Adventure_Culture #ChooseAdventure #GetOutStayOut #AdventureAddict #AdventureInspire #AdventureTillWeDie #AdventureThatIsLife #RoamThePlanet #AdventureSeeker #NeverStopExploring #EarthOutdoors #FindYourAdventure

top travel hashtags

4. Beach Hashtags

Sand, sea, sun and salt…can only mean one thing! Our Instagram feeds are full of white sand beaches and crystal blue oceans, and these are the top beach hashtags for your travel Instagram:

#Beaching #BeachLife #SandAndSun #SaltyAir #PalmTrees #SeaWaves #LifesABeach #Beachscape #SunsetBeach #BeachBabe #Beachy #BeachVibes #OceanVibes #SaltEscape #BeachHairDontCare #BeachBum #Aquaholic #SeasTheDay #BeachDaze #BeachDay #SandInMyToes #SaltySoul #BeachTherapy #RestingBeachFace #BeachLiving #BeachLifestyle #LifeByTheBeach

top travel hashtags

5. City Hashtags

From the coast to the capital, share your city travel photos on Instagram with these city hashtags. Remember to always include the place names of the cities (and anything else) you’re visiting! This way fellow travellers will be able to find your posts and learn from your tips.

#CityBreak #CitySightseeing #LoveThisCity #CityTrips #CobbledStreets #CitySights #CityTravel #Siteseeing #ExploringTheCity #CityView #CitiesOfEurope #BeautifulCity #CityLove #CityShot #CityWalking #CityScene #Cityscape #CityCaptures #CityExplore #CitySunset #CityLights #CityAtNight #CityLife #AmazingCity 

top travel hashtags

Find the best time to post, track your follower growth, and understand what content works best with post and account analytics.

6. Solo Female Traveller Hashtags

Instagram offers a great community for women travelling alone! Many travel influencers and bloggers are solo female travellers, and have set up trending hashtags to connect other women travelling and exploring by themselves…

#TravellingSolo #SoloTravel #TravellingAlone  #Wanderer #SoloFemaleTraveller #SoloFemaleTravel #TravelGirlsGo #SheIsNotLost #SheWhoWanders #JourneyOfGirls #TravelGirlsHub #DameTravel #WeTravelGirls #TravelGirlsGo #WomanTraveler #WomanTravel #GirlsWhoTravelSolo #GirlsTravelDiary #WomenWhoTravel #WomenWhoExplore #Travelette #SheExplores 

top travel hashtags

7. Family Travel Hashtags

If you’re travelling with young ones, you’re not alone! Many families take to the world with their children and document their adventures on Instagram. Use these family travel hashtags to get your posts in front of the right audience:

#FamilyTravels #TravelFamily #FamilyVacay #TravelFam #FamiliesWhoTravel #ParentsWhoWander #FamilyTravelTribe #TravelMadFam #GoWithNugget #TravelBrood #LoveYourTimeTogether #TravellingWithKids #LPKids #ExploringFamilies #FearlessFamTrav #TravelMum #TravelDad #FamilyAdventure #LitteTraveler #OurTribeTravels #KidsThatTravel 

top travel hashtags

8. Honeymoon Hashtags

Travel couples are big news on Instagram. When else do couples treat themselves to a trip as big as their honeymoon?! Expect paradise water bungalows and rose petals…join in with these honeymoon hashtags for Instagram:

#Honeymoon #HoneymoonDestination #HoneymoonTime #HoneymoonTrip #Honeymooning #HoneymoonTravel #Honeymooners #DreamHoneymoon #RomanticPlace #HoneymoonVibes #RomanticGetaway #HoneymoonBungalow #JustMarried #InParadise #HoneymoonInspo #HoneymoonInParadise #OverWaterBungalow #MrAndMrs #HoneymoonIsland #TravelBuddyForLife 

top travel hashtags

9. Travel Video Hashtags

Drones, GoPros and  advanced mobile editing software make travel videos a huge content area on Instagram. More and more influencers are sharing posts and IGTV videos of their travels, despite the max time limit making it a challenge to cram an entire trip into a 1 minute video. Here’s a selection of travel video hashtags you can use on Instagram:

#TravelVideo #TravelVideography #TravelVideos #TravelVlog #TravelVideoDiary #TravelVlogger #VlogTravel #Drone_Countries #DroneWorld #DroneNature #DroneVideography #StreetVideography #TravelDocumentary #TravelMoments #TravelCapture #TravelFootage

top travel hashtags

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Hashtag Tips

When hashtagging, it’s important not to overload or spam your posts with hashtags that don’t work and could result in you getting shadow-banned.

The trick is to use a few generic and a few niche specific hashtags to give you the best reach – just make sure they are always relevant to the photo, video or story you’ve posted.

Check out our  All-In-One Guide To Instagram Hashtags  here for more tips!

For more top Instagram hashtags by niche, take a look at our other guides:

Top Photography Hashtags 📸 Top Food Hashtags 🍕 Top Fitness & Health Hashtags 🏋️‍♀️ Top Fashion Hashtags 👗

social media hashtag calendar

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With  Hopper HQ  you can:

  • Search for the most popular hashtags
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  • Add hashtags to your first comment
  • Schedule your post and first comment in advance
  • Set and forget – Hopper HQ posts automatically for you!

Here is Hopper HQ’s hashtag search and selector in action:

Visually plan all your social channels. Instagram, TikTok, Twitter, Facebook + LinkedIn.

best hashtags for travel on instagram

Visually plan your social content. Instagram, TikTok, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn + Pinterest.

Refreshing simple social media planning

best hashtags for travel on instagram

8 AI Bio Generators To Keep You Aligned With Your Brand

best hashtags for travel on instagram

The Best Time to Post on Reddit

best hashtags for travel on instagram

How to Create a YouTube Business Account

best hashtags for travel on instagram

Hootsuite Review for 2024 

best hashtags for travel on instagram

12 Ways on How to Get More Followers on TikTok

best hashtags for travel on instagram

Buffer vs. Later: Which One is the Best?

How to post on Instagram from PC

How to Post on Instagram from PC (Windows and Mac) 2024

best hashtags for travel on instagram

Best Time To Post On Instagram In 2024

best hashtags for travel on instagram

How to Get More Followers on X (formerly Twitter)

best hashtags for travel on instagram

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Best Travel Hashtags For Instagram: Get Your Posts & Reels Found In 2024

  • December 15, 2023
  • by Margaret Bourne

Camera with a tan leather protector for tickets inside - travel hashtags for Instagram.

Travel is one of the most popular niche subjects on Instagram. Consider how many people want to share their adventures with the world. To make it easier to create your hashtags lists, I’ve pulled together some of the top travel hashtags for Instagram (2024), used by pros and top influencers.

This is by no means the definitive list, but it will give you some different hashtags you can work with, to boost your online presence. Especially since Instagram reels with travel destinations can be extremely popular.

And of course, static Instagram posts from travellers and travel photographers, are always a delight for bucket list inspiration.

DISCLOSURE : This post contains affiliate links, meaning if you click on a product or service, and decide to purchase it, I may receive a commission at no extra cost to you. All recommended products and services are based on my positive experience with them. For more information, please read my Disclaimer .

Bookmark this post for future reference!

Over 100 Top Travel Hashtags For Instagram Pin 1

Travel Is A Hot Instagram Topic

Travel is one of the hottest Instagram topics – so there’s much competition.

If you’re a travel blogger or planning to start a blog in the travel niche, Instagram is going to be one of the top places you’ll be promoting your content.

You’ll probably be looking to promote your original photos or posts with travel quotes and captions .

So, knowing which travel hashtags are popular is going to be an advantage.

The Top Travel Hashtags For Instagram For General Travel

This list is on broad travel topics – general hashtags that include many which are in the top 500,000+ posts range.

#doyoutravel #explore #exploremore #exploretocreate #falltravel #goingplaces #ig_travel #ilovetravel #ilovetraveling #ilovetravelling #instagtravel #instatravelling  #lovetravelling #sightseeing #summertravels #tasteintravel #travel #travel_drops #traveladdict #travelandlife #travelawesome #travelbug #traveldestinations #traveldiaries #traveldiary #travelgram #travelholic #travelingram #travellife #travelling #travellingaroundtheworld #travellingislife #travellingourplanet #travellingtheworld #travellingthroughtheworld #travelmore #traveltheplanet #traveltheworld #traveltribe #travelworld #trip #vacation #visitworld #wonderful_places #wonderfuldestinations #worldplaces #traveldeeper #travelgoals #travelinspiration #travelnow

Travel Destination Hashtags

All about the destination – these travel hashtags speak to where you are going. You can always customize with the continent, country or region.

#allaroundtheworld #amazingplaces #beautifuldestinations #beautifulfscenery #bestdestinations #bestplacestogo #bestvacations #destinations #instapassport #passporttravel #placestogo #placestosee #placestostay #placestotravel #placestovisit

Type Of Traveller Hashtags

These are travel hashtags specific to your travel lifestyle. Sometimes you travel with family, sometimes solo. What kind of traveller are you?

#adventureseeker #cruieaddict #wanderlust #wanderluster #wanderlusting #wanderlustspirit #vagabonding #vagabondlife #travellingsolo #travellingalone #travellingwithkids #travellingcouple #travellingfamily #solotravel #solotraveler #traveldudes #travelgirl #travelguy #girlsthatwander #wearetravelgirls #travellingwoman #wanderlusttribe #travelblogger

Travel Type Hashtags

How are you travelling? Choose the right travel hashtags to describe your travel.

#trainride #traintrip #traintravel #planeride #planetravel #planetrip #myflight #flyinghome #cartrip #cartrips #cruiselife #cruiseship #roadtrip #roadtripping

Adventure Travel Hashtags

Going into the wild or on an adventure? Use these adventure travel hashtags.

#adventure #adventureawaits #adventuretime #adventuretravel #adventuretravels #adventuretrip #campingtrip #hikingtrip #naturetravel #naturetravellers #offthebeatenpath #wildplaces

Hashtags For Places To Stay During Travels

Did you fall in love with your hotel? Are you staying at a hostel? Share the pic on Instagram and use one of these travel hashtags for overnight accommodations.

#bedandbreakfast #bandb #besthotels #cottagerental #hostel #hostellife #hoteldesign #hoteldestination #hotellife #hotels #hotelfun #hotelhideaway #hotelroom #hotelroomview #hotelsofinstagram #hotelstay #luxuryhotel #roomwithaview

Hashtags For Travel Photography And Travel Blogging

For professional photographers there are numerous hashtags, however, these are specific for travel photography. And you can use some of these for travel blogging as well.

#sharetravelpics #tblogger #thebest_capture #thattravelblog #travelblog #travelblogger #travelblogging #travelbloggerlife #travelquotes #travelphoto #travelphotographer #travelphotography #travelpreneur #worldtravelpics

Quirky And Miscellaneous Travel Hashtags

A collection of miscellaneous and quirky travel hashtags – this list is growing, so visit occasionally to see what’s been added to the list!

#doyoutravel #goexplore #ipulledoverforthis #mytinyatlas #neverstopexploring #openmyworld #postcardplaces #postcardsfromtheworld #responsibletravel #travelthursday #traveltuesday #wanderlustwednesday #welltravelled

Get The Most Out Of Your Hashtag Strategy

While it’s tempting to go for the top hashtags that have millions of posts, it’s best to keep to this smart strategy:

  • About 2 hashtags that have more than 1 million posts
  • 6 to 8 that are between 500,000 and 1 million posts
  • 6 to 8 that are between 250,000 and 500,000
  • 8 to 10 under 250,000

This gives you anywhere between 22 to 28 hashtags that you’re using, enough to give you visibility.

Instagram’s maximum recommended total for hashtags is 30.

I tend to use about 20 hashtags, as that’s my sweet spot – but for me, lately, it’s mostly home decor posts as I’m doing less travelling (that’s when this list of home decor hashtags comes in handy).

Editing Your Travel Photos

My ultimate favourite phone app for travel edits is Lightroom .

The free version is good – and you can add your own presets to it. The upgraded version gives you more controls for better editing, especially when it comes to landscape photography.

Break up your photos with some fun quotes and visuals using your nature photos – like I did here with one of my photos.

A foggy, mossy woodland scene as an example of a Canva Instagram post template.

Online photo editors such as Be Funky and Pixlr also have design capabilities making them powerful one-stop photo editing and design creation tools.

| RELATED: The Best Online Photo Editors You Can Use For Free

Boost Your Travel Posts With These Hashtags

So you’re all set – 125 travel hashtags to use for your posts and reels on Instagram.

Create your hashtag lists in advance, so it’s easier to copy and paste them into captions. This greatly speeds up your Instagram posting process.

I hope these travel hashtags help you boost your visibility on Instagram!

Need more hashtags?

Check out my list of over 100+ nature and outdoor adventure hashtags for adventure travel.

And if you’re considering starting a travel blog, here’s how you can get started with a self-hosted WordPress site.

Check out my free Start A Blog course:

If you’re thinking of starting a travel blog learn about 30 top travel blog niches.

Learn how to craft travel blog posts that motivate readers to travel.

Once you’ve started your blog, I’ve got over 60 blog post topics for travel blogs for you!

And finally, learn how to make money with your travel blog .

QUESTION: What other travel hashtags that you use, should be added to this list?

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Popular Travel Hashtags PIN2 1

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About Margaret

4 comments on best travel hashtags for instagram: get your posts & reels found in 2024.

Yay! This helps a lot! #queen!

I knew you’ve love this!

Awesome (and effective) hashtag ideas! You really made it easy for travel related accounts 🙂

Thanks Karen! That’s the plan. 🙂

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best hashtags for travel on instagram

Travel Character

Travel Hashtags For Instagram – The Ultimate Cheat List 2023

'   height=

To keep the information relevant and up to date this post has been updated on 27th Feb 2022.

Every traveler enjoys taking amazing photos and sharing them on social media with a snappy caption. But posting your favorite photo with a relevant travel hashtags can boost your reach.

The hashtag is one of the easiest ways to amplify your reach and to get your post on top of Instagram .

I know it’s quite boring to find the relevant hashtag for each post. But you don’t have to worry I did it for you.

I researched best travel hashtags for Instagram; test them, So today I’m going to share best Travel Hashtags for Instagram. So grab a cup of coffee because it’s a bit quiet lengthy:

Instagram Travel Hashtags Guide

How many instagram hashtags should i use.

There is no certain limit to using hashtags in one single post. But I’ve seen many popular Instagrammer use a maximum of 30 hashtags.

Many Instagram experts suggest 11 hashtag is best for attracting new followers and it best for engagement. But I’m a fan of using all 30 hashtags sometimes it looks spammy but you can use the hashtag in comments as well. There is no difference in their functionality if you use hashtags in comments and captions in both cases it works same.

How do get rank your post at the top of your hashtag feeds?

travel hashtags hashtag for travel blogger

There is no point of telling you the numbers of hashtags if you don’t know how to use them.

The hashtag can amplify your reach but a great hashtag comes with great responsibility. It’s very difficult to get rank yourself on a hashtag that has more than millions of followers because it has too much competition. It is just like rank on the first page of Google on a keyword that has more than 50% competition.

A big hashtag is easy for getting quick likes and comments but after some time your post getting disappears and then all died.

Let’s reverse this; it is quite easy to get rank on hashtag which has less than 500k follower or less than 1M followers. So try to use those hashtag which <500k or <1M depends on your engagement ratio.

When you rank on top of a smaller hashtag then you get slow engagement but for a long time and you have a good chance to get featured yourself in larger feeds.

Instagram allows you to use max 30 hashtag in one post. So use them smartly:

  • 8 Hashtag with more than 1M+ feeds
  • 10 Hashtag with 100K to 1M feeds
  • 5 Hashtag with less than 100K feeds

Now you left with 7 hashtags use them for location or to define the post or as your mood.

Now you may think that how to find out the hashtag on the basis of feeds but you don’t have to worry at all, I did bucketing of all hashtag on the basis of feeds:

Popular Travel Hashtags

Travel hashtags with 1m+ feeds:.

These are the most common and popular travel hashtags on Instagram and hardest to rank on top as well. So use them smartly or I’ll say use them for getting quick likes & comments, because when we are talking about engagement then how much time to get the number of likes & comments also matter:

Travel Hashtags with 100k to 1M Feeds:

These are less generic but more useful. Now by using these hashtags, you have a better chance to rank on top in hashtags as compared to the above list. Less number means less competition:

Travel Hashtags with less than 100K Feeds:

As the number tells these are less generic as compared to the above list but more effective for long term engagement:

Luxury Travel Hashtags:

Use these hashtags when you want to share the pictures of your most lavish trip. Generally, these types of hashtags are used by celebrities, influencers and businessmen who usually go for luxurious travel:

Let’s go into the deep of HashTag Strategy and make the bucket of hashtags on the basis of location, mood, and moment.

Travel Hashtags On the basis of Location

When you post a stunning picture on Instagram then your follower or who saw your post desperately wants to know where is this destination? Where are you? So for this, you can use destination-specific hashtags:

Travel Hashtags On the basis of Moment:

Some photos are like wow, amazing or awesome etc. So with these hashtags, you can define your emotions or moment:

Travel Hashtags On the basis of what’s around you:

You click a picture on beach, mountains, in snow, in the lap of nature etc. So now with these hashtags, you can reach an audience who love these picture:

Travel Hashtags for Beach Vacation:

sunset at radhanagar beach

Loves salty water, golden sand and beautiful shorelines then here is the list of beach hashtags that helps to boost your stunning pictures on Instagram.

Travel Hashtags for Family Vacations:

Love traveling with your loved ones here is the list of top family vacations hashtags:

Travel Hashtags for Honeymoon Couples:

someone honeymoon

Honeymoon is always a special trip for couples and if your pictures get love from people then it can set the vibes as a perfect couple. So check out the list of top travel hashtags for your honeymoon trip:

Travel Hashtags for Mountain Lovers:

If trekking and climbing excite you there here are the hashtags that make your mountain pictures worthy enough to reach maximum people:

Travel Hashtag for Adventure lovers:

Is adventure excites you? Whether it be trekking to a dangerous mountain or spending a camp night inside a jungle or paragliding into the sky or surfing on the waves of the sea. This list of hashtags will help you to share your adventurous pictures with the adventure junkie:

Evergreen Travel Hashtag:

You can use these hashtags with any type of content no matter like travel, fashion, food or anything, you can include these hashtags in your strategy:

Nature Travel Hashtags:

Traveling can be influenced by nature as well, like waterfalls, forests, rivers, mountains and many more. So for that, we have another list of hashtags for you – If you’re posting an outdoor picture, nature-focused photos then you can use the below hashtags:

Travel Hashtags to feature on Popular Travel and Photography account:

This is one of the best ways to amplify your follower and reach but it quite tricky. You need to tag these accounts and include below listed hashtags on your list. There is no such guarantee that after tagging they will feature you post on their account. So you have to be consistent and repeat this process until they notice your post:

For Street Photography

@streetdreamsmag – 215k followers, hashtag – #streetdreamsmag @streets_oftheworld – 6572 followers, hashtag – #streets_oftheworld @streetlife_award – 26.4k followers, hashtag – #streetlife_award @ig_street – 6915 followers, hashtag – #ig_street @vivostreet – 1111 followers, hashtag – #vivostreet

For Travel photography

@huntgramcuration – 19.4k followers, hashtag – #huntgram @igshotz – 50.7k followers, hashtag – #igshotz – @worldplaces – 133k followers, hashtag – #worldplaces @instagood – 843k followers, hashtag – #instagoodmyphoto @travelandlife – 220k followers, hashtag – #travelandlife

Another List

  • #thattravelblog (@thattravelblog)
  • #LiveTravelChannel (@travelchannel)
  • #TravelStoke (@matadornetwork)
  • #lonelyplanet (@lonelyplanet)
  • #BBCTravel (@bbc_travel)
  • #justgoshoot (@justgoshoot)
  • #TheGlobeWanderer (@theglobewanderer)
  • #passionpassport (@passionpassport)
  • #theculturetrip (@theculturetrip)
  • #worlderlust (@worlderlust)
  • #WeAreTravelGirls (@wearetravelgirls)
  • #AdventureCulture (@adventure_culture)
  • #lessismoreoutdoors (@theoutdoorfolk)
  • #departedoutdoors (@departedoutdoors)
  • #earth_deluxe (@earth_deluxe)
  • #worldcaptures (@worldcaptures)
  • #Artofvisuals (@artofvisuals)
  • #TravelAwesome (@travelawesome)
  • #followmefaraway (@followmefaraway)
  • #travellingthroughtheworld (@travellingthroughtheworld)
  • #nakedplanet (@nakedplanet)
  • #CreateExploreTakeOver (@createexplore)
  • #CreateCommune (@createcommune)
  • #travelingpost (@travelingpost)
  • #awesome_earthpix (@awesome_earthpix)
  • #WeLiveToExplore (@welivetoexplore)
  • #LetsGoEverywhere (@skyscanner)
  • #igshotz (@igshotz)
  • #exploretocreate (@thevisualscollective)
  • #travelandlife (@travelandlife)

So here is the complete updated list of travel hashtags for #travelblogger. Hope you like it!!! Are you ready to get more likes, comments and followers? Use them and if you find them helpful then share them with your friends who love to travel. So they don’t waste time researching hashtags which already there.

If you know of any travel hashtags for Instagram them let us know in the comment section.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What is the difference between travelling and traveling.

In U.S, Travellling is the preferred spellling while in U.K Traveling is the preferred spelling. The American-British spelling difference also carries for other form as well like traveled or travelled, traveler or traveller.

Does Putting Hashtags in comment work?

A Big yes, they work fine as if they were in Caption. But you have to add them while posting the picture, after posting they are worthless.

Are Hashtag Still Relevant in 2022?

Yes, according to the new algorithm upate of Facebook and Instagram around 70% of organic social media content is going unseen. So a good hashtag can help you to get discovered.

  • https://lajollamom.com/best-instagram-travel-hashtags/
  • https://theuprootedrose.com/blog/the-best-instagram-travel-hashtags-of-2018

'   height=

Hi Guys, My Name is Pursottam Saini, living the life of my dream – From traveling one destination to another and seeing the places I still don’t believe.

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25 Best Hill Stations in the World [Things To Do]

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  • Hill Stations
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  • Honeymoon Places in the World
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  • Festivals in the World
  • Best Travel Accessories
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150+ Best Travel Hashtags for Instagram (to Grow Your Account in 2022)

The right travel hashtags can increase the reach of your posts and attract new followers . get the best strategy and 100+ travel instagram hashtags in this post..

Using travel hashtags can really increase the reach of your posts, and when more people see your post, there are higher chances of you getting followers and growing your account.

Since the Instagram algorithm is quite custom to you and sometimes fickle as we all know , hashtags need to be used properly for maximum impact.

In this post, you’ll learn about what travel Instagram hashtags are, why you need to use specific travel hashtags, how to use them and which hashtags are the best for your size account.

Please note that this is a reader-supported site. Purchases made through genuinely recommended links may earn a commission at no extra cost to you.   Learn more.

What are hashtags on Instagram?

A hashtag is used on several social media platforms. It usually consists of a word or phrase with a # symbol preceding it.

Hashtags are used to identify digital content on a specific topic, and ultimately, helps users find relevant content related to that hashtag containing the word or phrase.

Specifically on Instagram, hashtags help sort out photos specific to the word or phrase.

You can find images and videos by looking up a hashtag and see all the photos and images that other people posted with the same hashtag.

Why use travel Instagram hashtags?

By using travel Instagram hashtags, more people will see the photos that these girls posted on Instagram.

Using travel hashtags on Instagram as a travel influencer or a blogger is a must if you want your photos and videos if you want more than just your followers to see your content.

Without using hashtags, a small percentage of your current followers will see your post.

When you use hashtags, then both followers and non-followers can see your post.

Hashtags can improve the reach of your photo by 30-40%!

The more reach you get from hashtags, then Instagram will reward you by showing your post to more existing followers and vice verse.

If you can also use hashtags in a very specific way. For example, if you use #sarchetrit_nyc for all your NYC posts, then your followers can see all your posts from NYC in one location.

Where do you put hashtags for travel?

This screenshots shows where travel hashtags can be used in an Instagram caption.

Screenshot from my IG @sarchetrit

There are three spots to put hashtags although people like to argue about which is the best spot.

At the Bottom of the Caption

The best spot according to Instagram is to put hashtags right in the caption at the bottom.

1st Comment of a Post

Some people argue that this clutters up their caption. Thus, those people will put it in the 1st comment meaning they post their post, then copy and paste hashtags in the first comment.

However, people say that putting hashtags in the comment limits the reach on posts.

You can test out what works best for you– hashtags in the caption or in the comments– or don’t over think it. Just post them in the caption.

Within Stories

Aside from your in-feed posts, you can use up to 10 hashtags in your Instagram story to widen the reach of your story.

How many travel hashtags for Instagram should you use?

The Instagram Creators account says to specifically use 3-5 hashtags but from personal experience and seeing what other travel bloggers do, 3-5 is too little.

On the other hand, this Adspresso study suggested that 11 is a sweet spot for hashtags.

I personally use about 15-18 because that works for me so you can test out what works for your accounts.

Focusing on the number is not the most important factor for hashtags to increase the exposure of your post though.

What matters is how often a hashtag has been used or how popular it is because if a hashtag has been used too many times such as #travel or #explore, then your posts won’t be seen under that hashtag page. It defeats the purpose to use such a large hashtag especially if you’re a smaller account.

What are the best hashtags to grow my account?

travel Instagram hashtags

The best hashtags to grow your account are going to be ones that are very specific to your photo and also account size.

Again, if you have less than 5k followers and use a hashtag like #travel, which has been used 610 million times, your post will quickly disappear among other posts.

As a result, if you are a small to medium sized account, make sure to use that aren’t used as much so your posts will actually be seen in the hashtag page.

Pro Tip: If you use travel hashtags for Instagram reels, make sure they are specific as possible! I’ve noticed that you don’t need as many hashtags for Instagram reels as you need for in-feed posts too so test it out to see what works for your account.

What are some good travel hashtags to use?

As we mentioned above, the best travel hashtags are the ones that are really specific to your travel niche and your account.

A good hashtag strategy for Instagram is to 7-10 Low Competition hashtags, 4-6 Medium Competition ones and 1-2 High Competition hashtags.

29 Adventure Travel Hashtags

These adventure travel hashtags are great if you’re into adventure travel. Try using a mix of these as well as location specific hashtags.

To get location specific hashtags, you can use the app Flick , which is where I got all of these.

Low Competition








Medium Competition










High Competition














27 Beach Vacation Hashtags

These beach hashtags for Instagra are great if you’re on a beach trip. Try using a mix of these as well as location specific hashtags.

Low Competition for Beach Hashtags





















24 City Travel Hashtags

It’s best to use some city specific hashtags when traveling in a city (i.e. #nyctraveltips #nyctravel #nycgo). But you can add these to those specific city hashtags too.

To get city specific hashtags, you can use the app Flick , which is where I got all of these.


















20 Europe Travel Hashtags

These Europe travel Instagram hashtags are great if you’re traveling in Europe. Try using a mix of these as well as location specific hashtags.


















14 Female/Instagram Travel Hashtags

View this post on Instagram A post shared by Sarah Chetrit ✈️ 🍜 🥟 👩‍🏫 💻 (@sarchetrit)

If you’re into taking pretty feminine pictures with twirling skirts, there are great hashtags for this!

Besides using these female travel Instagram hashtags, you may want to tag these female travel repost accounts. There’s a full list of them here.















29 Nature Travel Hashtags

If you’re a nature lover, try these nature travel Instagram hashtags. Try using a mix of these as well as location specific hashtags.























25 Travel Inspiration / General Travel Instagram Hashtags

For general travel inspiration hashtags, try these out.
















How do I find more travel Instagram hashtags specific to my travel niche?

If you need even more specific travel Instagram hashtags, I personally use the app, Flick , which is how I found the above travel hashtags.

What I love about Flick (vs. free hashtag finders) is that it tells you the exact number of times that these hashtags have been used, which is really important for your specific follower count.

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  • Makeup Hashtags
  • Fashion Hashtags
  • Increase Instagram Story Views
  • How to Take Good Pictures of Yourself
  • How to Remove Ghost Followers on Instagram
  • How to Fix Blurry Instagram Photos

best hashtags for travel on instagram

Want to learn more? You can find more helpful blog posts here , get consistent page views to your blog with my SEO course , or follow me on social media to get daily tips:

  • TikTok for blogging + social tips @sarah.chetrit
  • Facebook Group to ask me anything Blog and Make Money
  • Instagram for travel, blogging and Korean food @sarchetrit

Until next time, Sarah Chetrit

Grow your blog the smart way with my SEO course here.

Was this helpful? Please share the wealth on:

100+ best travel hashtags for instagram.

best hashtags for travel on instagram

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100+ Travel Hashtags for Instagram and Instagram Reels in 2024

Jun 1, 2023 7:51:20 AM | Instagram 100+ Travel Hashtags for Instagram and Instagram Reels in 2024

What are the best traveling hashtags for Instagram and Reels out there in 2023 for influencers and bloggers? Here are more than 100 of them!

Ruslana Lishchuk


Stop spending hours creating reels!

Get Lift and create captivating content with customized templates and trending audio. Start your free trial

Travel hashtags for Instagram are an integral part of your social media strategy. Did you know that approximately 4.4 million blog posts are created every day by 500 million daily active users? That's a lot of competition, but how do you get your travel photos and beautiful travel reels to the attention of the right audience with the same interests?

As travel influencers, we aim to engage with our followers and grow our audience. Never undervalue the power of a straightforward but successful Instagram hashtag approach. It helps you reach a wider audience and grows your Instagram following. It's great to understand and be familiar with Instagram's most popular hashtags, but they are also the most often used ones. 

  • 2024 Best Travel Hashtags For Instagram

Travel Hashtags For Instagram Reels

  • Best Trip Hashtags
  • Why is Using the Right Travelling Hashtags For Instagram Reels So Important?

How to Boost Your Travel Blog Photos and Reels with Lift: Reels & Story Maker

Travel hashtags for instagram.

Travel Hashtags For Instagram

Here are some 2024 travel hashtags for Instagram for your travel content that’ll go with any content, posts, stories, or reels:

  • #InstaTravel
  • #TravelGram
  • #Wanderlust
  • #TravelPhotography
  • #TravelDiaries
  • #TravelBlogger
  • #WorldTraveler
  • #TravelLife
  • #GlobeTrotter
  • #SoloTravel
  • #TravelAddict
  • #Backpacking
  • #ExploreMore
  • #PassionPassport
  • #BeautifulDestinations
  • #NeverStopExploring
  • #RoamThePlanet
  • #TravelTheWorld
  • #StayAndWander
  • #LifeOfAdventure
  • #DiscoverEarth
  • #LoveToTravel
  • #SeeTheWorld
  • #TravelDudes

Travel Hashtags For Instagram Reels

  • #TravelReels2024
  • #Travelgram
  • #AdventureAwaits
  • #TravelWithMe
  • #PassportLife
  • #ReelsTravel
  • #TravelJunkie
  • #MyTinyAtlas
  • #TravelInspiration
  • #BucketListTravel
  • #TravelAndExplore
  • #TravelLovers
  • #Travelogue
  • #TravelMoments
  • #RoadtripReels
  • #DestinationDiscoveries
  • #AdventureSeeker
  • #ExploringTheGlobe
  • #TravelingThroughReels
  • #WorldExplorer
  • #TravelStory

Travel Photography Hashtags

Travel Photography Hashtags

  • #TravelPhotographyOfTheDay
  • #VisualsOfEarth
  • #TravelAwesome
  • #NaturePhotography
  • #Travelholic
  • #AdventureVisuals
  • #TravelDairies
  • #ExploreToCreate
  • #EarthFocus
  • #OurPlanetDaily
  • #TravelCommunity
  • #TheGlobeWanderer
  • #LonelyPlanet
  • #TravelMore
  • #JustGoShoot
  • #FromWhereIDrone (specific for drone photography)
  • #Global_hotshotz
  • #Worldcaptures

The Most Popular Trip Hashtags

Trip Hashtags

  • #AdventureTrip
  • #TripOfALifetime
  • #WeekendGetaway
  • #FamilyTrip
  • #EpicAdventure
  • #ExploreTheWorld

Why Using the Right Travelling Hashtags For Instagram and Instagram Reels is Crucial?

Travel hashtags for Instagram are your best friends for reaching more engagement and creating views on Instagram for your travel blog. 

Using the best travel markers greatly facilitates sharing your travel blog around the world. Create your own procedure and adjust it, if necessary, based on the results. The right travel reels hashtags or trip hashtags can boost your views, increase comments on your work, and encourage others to follow you. Using them helps ensure that a broad audience sees your photos when you post about your travels.

Did you know that you can also include travel hashtags for Instagram in your bio? When users tap on the hashtag, they will be taken to the overview page for that hashtag. You want to include your own branded hashtag in your bio! For example, #travelblogger. 

Lift: Reels & Story Maker is an app that can help you create unique content. It can be handy for growing your travel blog content. It can spice up your reels and make your Instagram content eye-catching! 

Having trouble getting your Instagram posts seen by more than 200 people? Let Lift help you gain more followers! With Lift, you can create captivating content that will grab people's attention in no time. Say goodbye to mediocre posts and hello to an engaging and thriving Instagram account. 

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Lift works seamlessly whether you’re editing a professional post on a niche like travel or simply creating something beautiful for your social media account. You can animate custom fonts, overlay videos, and add AI-powered license-fee music. In addition, you can also use music from your files or iTunes and record voiceovers.

  • Best Fashion Captions and Quotes for Your Instagram in 2024
  • What to Write in Instagram Bio: 10 Actionable Tips

Ruslana Lishchuk

Written By: Ruslana Lishchuk

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best hashtags for travel on instagram

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70 Best Travel Hashtags For Instagram

Posted by Mick | How to Become a Digital Nomad | 0

70 Best Travel Hashtags For Instagram

Picking the best travel hashtags is a sure way to beat Instagram’s algorithm change. 

As many of you know, Instagram’s algorithm changes affect our videos and images’ organic reach. When Instagram ditched the  chronological feed , it is no longer sure that our followers will see our content as they scroll their feed. Instead, Instagram decides which content is more relevant to you based on its algorithm. 

The algorithm changes affect everybody’s engagement using the platform, most especially travel influencers who rely on paid Instagram sponsorships, or digital nomads who use the platform for their work from home online jobs .

However, a strategy that seems everyone tends to forget on how to beat the algorithm is the power to use hashtags. 

Using the best Instagram travel hashtags, most notably for travel influencers, assures that their content will have an organic reach beyond their followers. 

Considering the number of travel hashtags available out there, it is hard to pick which one to use. 

This post will cover the different types of hashtags to use depending on your travel niche to help you get the best engagement for your travel content!

How Popular Travel Hashtags Work on Instagram

Instagram popular travel hashtags

There are three ways to reach a brand new audience using the right Instagram hashtags, in stories, feed post, and getting discovered on the Search page. Let’s take a look below on how it works for each:

1. Travel Hashtags on Instagram Stories

Instagram stories travel hashtag

Instagram rolled out a feature where users can  follow a hashtag  on stories a couple of years ago. The new feature meant that you could get more views on your stories from people following the hashtag.

2. Travel Hashtags on Instagram Feed Post

The feed post is where we generally put our favorite Instagram travel hashtags. It allows our content to appear on people’s main feed even if they do not follow our travel Instagram page. 

3. Travel Hashtags on Search Page

When we search for a specific hashtag, the search page divides the results into two categories: ‘Popular and ‘Most Recent.’

The popular section shows content with your select travel hashtag with the most engagement, while the ‘most recent’ shows recently posted content. 

Best Instagram Travel Hashtags Per Niche

Choosing the right hashtags for your travel content largely depends on the travel niche you are in. 

As you know, the travel niche is quite broad and has many different facets and sub-niches that can range from luxury travel to adventure.

To get you up to speed, I broke down a few travel niches with the best Instagram hashtags.

Instagram Travel Hashtags for Luxury Travel

Instagram luxury travel hashtags

If you have pictures and videos of staying in luxury villas in the Maldives, or traveling in-style like flying in first class, then the following luxury travel hashtags below will come in handy. Let’s take a few of them below:

1. #luxurytravel – 6.3 million posts

The standard luxury travel hashtag for your content. Considering this hashtag has over 6.3 million posts, much of the content that is prioritized on the search page has followers that are over 50K. 

2. #luxurytravelandhotels – More than 1000 posts

If you have content that features super expensive and luxury hotels in Bali or the Maldives, then the #luxurytravelandhotels hashtag is the perfect hashtag for your content. 

3. #luxurytraveldaily – 76.6K posts

The #luxurytraveldaily is an excellent hashtag if you have extra content lying around that you want to post to inspire your followers. 

4. #luxurytravelblogger – 48.6K posts

The hashtag #luxurytravelblogger focuses more on the individual (blogger or influencer) than the actual luxury travel itself. This is a great hashtag to use because it is not as competitive with only 48 thousand posts. Much of the Instagram profiles that are included in the popular search have under 10 thousand followers. 

5. #luxurytravelagent – 31K posts

#Luxurytravelagent is a useful hashtag if you have a travel online business! The popular page’s content is a mix of people (the travel agents) and the destination they are offering. 

6. #luxurytravels – 135K posts

Not to be confused with the first hashtag! The #luxurytravels hashtag has one more letter at the end, but with fewer posts to compete with. Many of the Instagram accounts on the popular search page features accounts with less than 25 thousand followers. 

7. #luxurytravelguide – More than 5000 posts

The #luxurytravelguide hashtag has only 5000 posts on the search page, but much of the content is getting high engagements with likes averaging 300 and above. 

8. #luxuryhotel – 2.6 million posts

The #luxuryhotel hashtag is a little bit more competitive than #luxurytravelandhotels hashtag, which might be a little bit of a disadvantage for Instagram accounts with fewer followers. 

9. #firstclass – 1.3 million posts

Mixing it up a bit and taking the word luxury out of the hashtag! If you are traveling in luxury, chances are you are going to be flying in first class. Don’t miss this popular hashtag when you take a picture of your seat in first class.

10. #firstclasslounge – 19.7k posts

If you fly in first class, there’s no doubt you will be spending some time in fancy first-class lounges. There are plenty of Instagrammable first-class lounges in the world, so make sure to take plenty of pictures and videos!

Instagram Travel Hashtags for Digital Nomads

Digital nomad Instagram travel hashtags

In recent years, the rise of digital nomads has opened an endless list of Instagram hashtags for people to discover the lifestyle of working while traveling the world. If you are a digital nomad that want to take your Instagram page to the next level, below are the following hashtags for you to use:

11. #digitalnomad – 3 million posts

The hashtag #digitalnomad has over three million posts and is a standard post for many digital nomad contents. 

12. #digitalnomads – 714K posts

#Digitalnomads is a variation of the first hashtag, with an extra’s’ at the end. The variation has only 714 thousand posts, which is a lot easier to be featured on the search page than the first hashtag. 

13. #digitalnomadspirit – 20.1K posts

The digital nomad spirit hashtag features content from Instagram users showing their work and travel lifestyle. The hashtag only has 20.1K posts, which is pretty easy to be featured on the search page. 

14. #digitalnomadlifestyle – 98.1K posts

#Digitalnomadlifestyle has over 98.1K posts, both containing pictures and videos. Although the hashtag is quite competitive with over 98.1K posts, much of the account on the featured page has less than 10 thousand followers. 

15. #digitalnomadoffice – More than 1000 posts

The #digitalnomadoffice has over 1000 posts and is easy to be featured on the search explore page. If you have content working alongside the beach or in a trendy café somewhere around the world, make sure to include this hashtag and your post!

16. #digitalnomadbali – More than 1000 posts

Bali is one of the digital nomad hot spots in recent years. The city has trendy cafés with high-speed wifi, which is the perfect place for Digital Nomads!

17. #digitalnomadchiangmai – More than 5000 posts

Whereas Bali is a new hot spot for digital nomads, the city of Chiang Mai in Thailand has been the original hot spot for Digital Nomads. It has everything a digital nomad would want: cheap accommodation, high-speed wifi, and trendy cafés for people to work!

18. #digitalnomadwomen – 18.9K posts

More and more women are quitting their traditional corporate jobs to pursue a digital nomad’s lifestyle. 

19. #digitalnomadgirl – 22.5K posts

A variation to #digitalnomadwomen hashtag is #digitalnomadgirl! Add this hashtag to #digitalnomadwomen for added exposure and reach to your content. 

20. #digitalnomadfamily – 31.6K posts

Digital nomad family is a thing! I’ve met plenty of parents in my recent travels who sold their belongings to travel around the world. 

Instagram Travel Hashtags for Adventure Travel

Adventure travel Instagram hashtags

The adventure travel hashtag is for the thrill-seekers who have content to show for it! Let’s take a look at the different types of hashtags you can post on Instagram. 

21. #adventure – 103 million posts

The adventure hashtag is the standard hashtag for this niche. It contains over 103 million posts, most of which come from accounts with over 50 thousand followers.

22. #adventuretime – 13.4 million posts

Adventure time hashtag features content with a mixture of landscape and activity related pictures and videos. The total post for this hashtag is over 13.4 million posts, which is a lot easier to be featured than the #adventure hashtag.  

23. #adventurebike – 407K posts

The hashtag for the bike lovers! The #adventurebike hashtag features content that showcases motorbikes more so than a regular bike. 

24. #adventurelife – 1.1 million posts

A popular hashtag for people who want to show off their destination. This hashtag mostly features people, as opposed to focusing on landscape, on the Instagram search results. 

25. #adventuretravel – 1.8 million posts

With 1.8 million posts, the #adventuretravel hashtag is a perfect hashtag for your Instagram travel content. The hashtag receives 1.8 million posts with high engagement (comments and likes) on the search results page. 

26. #adventureseeker – 1.7 million posts

Adventure seeker hashtag has over 1.7 million posts and would go well in addition to any of the adventure travel hashtags on this list. 

27. #adventurephilippines – 170K posts

Do you have plenty of content featuring famous islands and beaches of the Philippines? Don’t forget to add this hashtag to your post and the other adventure travel hashtags on this post to optimize your content’s visibility.

28. #adventurecouple – 209K posts

There are plenty of Instagram couples who are traveling the world today. And there’s no doubt that they’ve used this hashtag at least once!

29. #adventurefamily 138K posts

If adventure couple is a thing, so is adventure family. If you have a family with plenty of content from your travels, don’t forget to use this hashtag!

30. #adventuregram – 324K posts

Adding the word gram on any word is a sure way to reach some new eyeballs and engagement. The hashtag #adventurgram is a perfect example of that!

Instagram Travel Hashtags for Lifestyle 

Luxury Travel hashtag on Instagram

Lifestyle is a popular niche that is a fusion of travel, fashion, beauty, and style. Considering the versatility of the niche, there are plenty of hashtags you can play with here. Let’s take a look:

31. #luxurylifestyle – 26.7 million posts

A hashtag to show off fancy travels, fancy clothes, fancy shoes, fancy brands – anything fancy!

32. #luxurystyle – 3.2 million posts

If you have an outfit that costs over several months’ worth of rent, then the #luxurystyle hashtag is an excellent candidate to go along with your post. 

33. #luxuryliving – 5.2 million posts

The luxury living hashtag has over 5.2 million posts and is a perfect hashtag for lifestyle influencers who have content with fancy houses, expensive cars, and a ton of bling. 

34. #luxuryfashion – 3.4 million posts

The #luxuryfashion the perfect Instagram hashtag for the lifestyle fashionistas who are up to date with today’s trendy fashion. 

35. #luxurybrand – 1.5 million posts

Do you have expensive things? Use the #luxurybrand hashtag to feature your finest things!

36. #luxurydestination – 212K posts

Part of being a lifestyle influencer is traveling to destinations where not many can afford to travel. Use the #luxurydestination Instagram hashtag for your content. 

37. #luxuryyacht – 519K posts

If you have a yacht to show off and you aren’t using this Instagram hashtag, then you are missing out in possibly being featured among 519 thousand posts. 

38. #luxurygoals – 155K posts

Luxury goals hashtag features content from Instagram accounts that curate a luxury type of content. 

39. #luxuryinteriors – 1.3 million posts

As a lifestyle niche Instagram account, you are bound to feature content of glamorous hotel or home interiors. 

40. #privatejet – 982K posts

The lifestyle of flying private jet because first class is enough!

Instagram Travel Hashtags for Photography 

photography hashtag on instagram

To stand out as a travel Instagrammer, your photography would have to be on point. Below is a list of travel hashtags to showcase your photography skills. 

41. #photography – 594 million posts

The standard #photography hashtag is quite popular, with 594 million posts. Unless you have an Instagram following in the hundreds of thousands, it would be quite hard to get featured on the search page for this travel hashtag. 

42. #travelphotography – 121 million posts

The #travelphotography hashtag is slightly less competitive than #photography hashtag, giving you a better chance of getting featured on the popular page. 

43. #theglobewanderer – 7.3 million posts

The #globewanderer hashtag features some of Instagram’s most exceptional photography content. The hashtag comes from the popular @theglobewanderer page and  The Globe Wanderer  travel blog. 

44. #welivetoexplore – 8.2 million posts

The hashtag #welivetoexplore features similar content as #theglobewanderer in terms of photography and video style. 

4 5. #naturephotography – 114 million posts

Do you have some jaw-dropping nature shots you want to share? Use #naturephotography as your hashtag along with your post. 

4 6. #photographydaily – 1 million posts

A useful hashtag for everyday photography content on Instagram. 

47. #landscapephotography – 38.7 million posts

The landscape photography content is similar to #naturephotography hashtag, except the competition is easier with 38.7 million posts. 

48. #dronephotography – 5.5 million posts

It’s pretty rare these days to be in the travel niche and not have a drone shot. Use #dronephotography as your hashtag for your content. 

49. #underwaterphotography – 3.8 million posts

For the ocean lovers out there with plenty of underwater content, this Instagram hashtag is for you!

50. #gopro – 45.4 million posts

Who travels without a GoPro these days? The #GoPro hashtag is also perfect for adventure seekers.

Instagram Travel Hashtags for Bucket List Trips

bucket list travel hashtag on Instagram

Not many of us have been to every country in the world, which is why the bucket list hashtags work well in the travel niche. Let’s take a look below:

51. #bucketlist – 10.1 million posts

The standard hashtag with 10.1 million posts. 

52. #bucketlistadventures – 183K posts

The #bucketlistadventures is a great hashtag to use because it is not as competitive as #bucketlist.  

53. #bucketlisttravel – 180K posts

We notice that a lot of content on the popular page features Instagram accounts between 1000 to 5000 followers. 

54. #bucketlistfamily – 32K posts

The bucket list family hashtag was made popular by the coolest family on Instagram, @thebucketlistfamily

55. #bucketlistideas – 19.7K posts

The bucket list ideas hashtag is an excellent opportunity to be featured on the popular search page with only 19.7K posts. 

56. #bucketlistgoals – 31.5K posts

Another great hashtag of choice to land on the popular page of Instagram. 

57. #beautifuldestinations – 45.3 Million posts

The beautiful destinations hashtag became trendy after the popular travel Instagram account, @beautifuldestinations.

58. #bucketlistnow – 13.7k posts

The #bucketlistnow hashtag only has 13.7k posts, which gives you an excellent opportunity to land on the popular search page and even remain on that page for a few days.

59. #bucketlistchecked – 93.5K posts

The feel-good hashtag! The bucket list checked Instagram hashtag goes well with the other hashtags on this list. 

60. #bucketlist2020 – More than 1000 posts

The current global pandemic may have halted many of our travel bucket list for this year. But let’s hope 2021 will be a better year!

Instagram Travel Hashtags for Wellness Travel

travel hashtag wellness retreat on Instagram

Wellness travel is a booming sector of the travel industry in recent years, and it shows with the amount of content that goes live on Instagram featuring the following hashtags below.

61. #wellness – 38 million posts

The standard hashtag for this niche with 38 million total posts. 

62. #wellnessjourney – 1.5 million posts

The wellness journey hashtag goes excellent along with the rest of the hashtags on this list, make sure to add it!

63. #wellnesstips – 195K posts

Content about self-care tips floods the popular page for this hashtag. 

64. #wellnesslifestyle – 246K posts

Wellness lifestyle hashtag has over 246K posts, with accounts with less than a thousand followers featured on the popular search page. 

65. #wellnessretreat – 210K posts

The wellness retreat hashtag is all about showing activities to improve and maintain a mental and physical well being. 

66. #wellnesshotel – 141K posts

The wellness hotel hashtag mostly features nature and lush landscape surrounding the hotel. 

67. #wellnesstourism – 10.3K posts

It’s all about healthy living while traveling!

68. #wellnessresort – 19K posts

The #wellnessresort hashtag is similar content to #wellnesshotel, with the difference this hashtag being less competitive than #wellnesshotel. 

69. #wellnesstravel – 105K posts

The #wellnesstravel hashtag is similar to #wellnesstourism, except it’s slightly more competitive to be featured on the popular page. 

70. #wellnessspa – 50.1k Posts

It’s hard to pamper yourself and not be in a spa! Use #wellnessspa as your hashtag for this post. 

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best hashtags for travel on instagram

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Since then, I have been trotting around full-time. I’m grateful and excited to share all things travel with you, and perhaps we’ll cross paths somewhere along in our journey!

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best hashtags for travel on instagram

130+ Must-Use Travel Hashtags for Instagram, Twitter, & More

Neil May 31, 2023 Hashtags Leave a Comment

Travelers, wayfarers, and tourists can use travel hashtags . They are actually the secret sauce to your sizzling foodie post being a tourist.

If you discover new places and their exciting vibes, these tags are for you, pal! 

Unlock your photo potential by clicking a sassy one. But posting it without any connecting source? Nope, it can directly impact the performance of your social media!

Oh, connecting source. You must be thinking about it. I got you, my friend! We are talking about travel hashtags . Yup, these tags connect you with hodophiles globally. 

Use these travel hashtags in your content. And start inspiring millions of travelers or folks who want to enjoy different rustic and divine landscapes via Insta posts being cozy in their homes.

Amp up your content engagement by using these tags. Plus, try to add some of them more specifically indicating which place you are visiting now. It’ll boost your social media activity.

Well, be creative in your social media strategy, and even the sky is not your limit now, explorer!

Why Use Travel Hashtags?

So, traveler influencer, do you want to know how much Gen-Z trust Insta photos and posts before deciding to travel? Buzz!

Approximately 60% of them see your posts and then pick the one that excites them! Yeah, such a bug industry, right? Not only this but around 40% of millennials trust social media pics and get ideas for their travel destinations.

To make the most out of travel hashtags , the following are some tips you should follow:

  • Use well-researched trending tags in your content.
  • Use a mixture of travel hashtags . Simply put, amalgamate broader and specific tags plus add your own flavor to this. Pretty fine!
  • Keep it in the loop to track your engagement. 
  • Prefer to utilize only tags that can relate to your content appropriately.  

Now, let’s dive into our list of well-curated hashtags. Use them and enjoy maximum post engagement.

California Hashtags

Looking to spice up your California travel content? Look no further than these essential California hashtag s, including popular tags for San Diego and beyond.

From beaches to mountains, cityscapes to vineyards, these hashtags will help you showcase the best of what the Golden State has to offer.

So get ready to add some flair to your posts and attract a larger audience with these must-use California hashtags .

Best California Hashtags

Are you ready to explore the best California tags and San Diego hashtags to level up your content? We’ve got you covered with some of the best California hashtags and their variations:

Top 10 California Hashtags

Note: Figures/Stats can be varied as trends fluctuate sometimes! 

Easy Difficulty California Hashtags

Here are some easy-difficulty California hashtags you can use in your posts:

  • #californiadesert
  • #californiabeaches
  • #californiarepublic
  • #californiamom
  • #californiatattoo
  • #sacramento
  • #californiaweddings
  • #californiacaptures

Popular California Hashtags 

A pie chart showing popular California hashtags

Miami Beach Hashtags

Miami Beach is a hot tourism spot welcoming its visitors with beautiful beaches, thrilling nightlife, and culturally diversified vibes. Share your Miami travel diaries in Insta posts and stories by using the right tags. 

Best Miami Beach Hashtags

Want to let the world see the best of Miami Beach with your photo’s eyes? Here are some of the best Miami Beach hashtags that you should add to your social media posts:

  • #miamibeaches
  • #miamibeachpride
  • #miaminights
  • #miamiflorida
  • #miamiparties
  • #miaminightlife

Top 10 Miami Beach Hashtags

Note: Stats are taken from real-time analysis but they can be varied as trends fluctuate sometimes! 

Easy Difficulty Miami Beach Hashtags

Get the most optimized hashtag Miami beach that the majority of folks love:

  • #miamibeachmarina
  • #miamibeachlifestyle 
  • #miamibeachfitness
  • #miamibeachrentals
  • #miamibeachhotels
  • #miamibeachpolice


Popular Miami Beach Hashtags

Miami is famous for Able Label , achievements in Hunter ASMR , Crecera brands , and more. Add the following Miami hashtags to your travel posts for maximum engagement with your audience:

  • #miamibeachphotographer
  • #miamibeachfood
  • #miamibeachbest
  • #miamibeachclub
  • #miamibeachhomes
  • #miamibeachtattoos
  • #miamibeachevents

India Hashtags

Indians follow and use different India hashtags to share their opinions, ideas, and news on various topics. With over 700 million internet users in India, hashtags have become an important tool for social media marketing and activism.

Best India Hashtags

Wait is over and here are cool Indian hashtags you should definitely include in your Instagram and social media posts:

Bonus content : When sharing your captivating travel experiences on social media, consider using these insightful “ ethnicity hashtags ” to celebrate the diverse cultures you encounter and foster a greater appreciation for the world’s rich tapestry.

Top 10 India Hashtags

Add these top trending hashtags in India to your social media content and posts for different platforms and enjoy maximum audience reach: 

Source: Original

Easy Difficulty India Hashtags

Some popular Indian hashtags are given below:

  • #indianphotographers
  • #indianairforce
  • #indianattire
  • #indianstyle
  • #indianstockmarket
  • #indianshutterbugs
  • #indianclothing
  • #indianrailways

Travel Instagram Hashtags

If you’re eager to showcase your travel experiences on Instagram and connect with like-minded explorers, utilizing travel Instagram tags can help broaden your reach and expose your content to a larger audience.

Best Travel Hashtags

Using travel-specific hashtags like #wanderlust, #travelgram, and #exploretheworld can help you connect with other travelers and potentially even get featured on popular travel accounts.

Additionally, you can use location-specific hashtags like #paris, #tokyo, or #newyorkcity to attract users searching for content from those destinations.

Don’t miss out on the following travel Instagram tags too for maximum post visibility:

  • #traveldiaries
  • #travelstoke
  • #travellife
  • #travelpics
  • #travelphoto
  • #travelphotograph
  • #travelgram
  • #travellover
  • #travelwithme

Top 10 Travel Hashtags

Easy difficulty travel hashtags.

Following is an illustration of Instagram tags for travel that you can add to your posts:

A pie chart showing easy difficulty travel hashtags

Best Hashtags for Travelling

Don’t let your travel photos go unseen – give them the hashtag love they deserve!

Best Travelling Hashtags

Your passport might get you into new countries, but the right hashtags will get you into the hearts of fellow travelers.

Here are your best hashtags for traveling along with variations to create ease for you with different choices :

Top 10  Travelling Hashtags

Note: Stats are taken from real-time analysis but they can be varied as trends fluctuate sometimes!

Easy Difficulty Travelling Hashtags

Get the best hashtags for traveling here and boost the visibility of your posts. The following travel hashtags are a cool way to connect with your followers while traveling or touring a city. Don’t forget to add city hashtags when visiting a specific city/place!

  • #travelling_europe
  • #travellingfamilies
  • #travellingpinoy
  • #travelingpost
  • #travelingstylist
  • #traveladdict 
  • #travelblog
  • #naturelovers

Vacation Hashtags

Ready to share your vacation experiences to connect with peeps globally? Follow these captions for summer pics and vacation hashtags and use them in social media and IG posts.

Best Vacation Hashtags

Here are some of the best hashtag for vacation including some top-notch tags that bring more flavor to your social media posts :

  • #vacationgoals
  • #vacationhome
  • #vacationspot
  • #vacationmoodon
  • #vacationnails
  • #vacationoutfits
  • #vacationbali
  • #vacationpics
  • #vacationmood
  • #vacationready
  • #vacationtrip
  • #vacationfood
  • #vacationsoon
  • #vacationideas
  • #vacationing
  • #vacationdiaries
  • #vacationgram
  • #vacationwithkids
  • #vacationdestination
  • #traveltheworld

Top 10 Vacation Hashtags

Check out the following vacation hashtags but consider these cruise hashtags too that are very cool and level up your social media posts’ engagement. #cruise, #cruiselife, #cruises, and #ship.

Easy Difficulty Vacation Hashtags

best hashtags for travel on instagram

New York Hashtags

Be ready to level up your Insta and social media accounts by incorporating exciting NYC hashtags in your posts!

Check out these popular hashtags for New York and start tagging your posts to reach a wider audience globally :

Best New York Hashtags

Top 10 new york hashtags.

Grab these cool NYC hashtags and add them to your social media content and posts to attract a larger audience:

Note: Stats can be varied as trends fluctuate sometimes! 

Easy Difficulty New York Hashtags

Incorporate these New York hashtags in your posts and get maximum likes, appreciation, comments, and all.

  • #newyork_originals
  • #newyorkgiants
  • #museumofmodernart
  • #newyorkbraider
  • #newyorkcartoons
  • #oneworldtradecenter
  • #newyorkcityfeelings
  • #newyorkcityscape
  • #chryslerbuilding
  • #rockefellercenter
  • #newyorkrealestate
  • #newyorkcheesecake
  • #newyorkstate
  • #newyorktrip
  • #thebronxzoo
  • #newyorkskyline
  • #newyorkstreets
  • #coneyisland
  • #newyorkhiphop

USA Hashtags

Hashtags related to the USA can help connect people with common interests or topics related to American culture, travel, politics, and more.

Some popular keywords for US hashtags include #us, #usa, #america, #travel, #culture, #politics, #adventure, and more.

Check out the following interesting USA hashtags and boost your IG post reach:

Best USA Hashtags

Top 10 usa hashtags, easy difficulty usa hashtags.

Easy difficulty USA hashtags

Beach Hashtags

Here are some of the best beach hashtags (and rel evant IG beach captions ) to use with your beach day pictures to make your posts stand out.

Best Beach Hashtags

Add beach hashtags for Instagram in your beach and leisure posts smartly to increase audience engagement. Have a look at the following beach hashtags and include the ones that you love the most in your posts:

  • #beachtennis
  • #beachlovers
  • #beachhouse
  • #beachstyle
  • #beachphotography
  • #beachplease
  • #beachdecor
  • #beachfinds
  • #beachsunset

Top 10 Beach Hashtags

Easy difficulty beach hashtags.

Did you know you could generate your own travel hashtags for free? Try out our free hashtags generator and visit our blog for more free marketing tips.

=> Also Popular: 

  • Best Art Hashtags
  • Best Hashtag Apps for Instagram
  • Fitness Hashtags   
  • Best Beauty Hashtags
  • Best Gifting Related Hashtags

best hashtags for travel on instagram

I am a full-time online marketer, for over a decade now. Helped over 100,000+ people & generated well over $12M in online sales.

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Hashtag Travels


The Ultimate Guide to 1500+ Travel Hashtags

Published: Nov 11, 2021 · Modified: Jul 3, 2023 by Ciaran Blumenfeld · This post may contain affiliate links · Leave a Comment

Curate unique, engaged travel hashtags for Instagram travel posts and hashtags for Tiktok travel videos from our extensive list of the best travel hashtags. Simply pick your category and copy/paste.

We have collected and vetted over 1500 of the most engaged travel hashtags from multiple social media platforms and multiple categories of travel. These include:

  • Travel Instagram Hashtags
  • Hashtags for Instagram Reels
  • Hashtags for Tiktok Traveler
  • Travelling Hashtags for Twitter
  • Vacation Hashtags for different types of travelers
  • Travel Hashtags for different types of trips
  • The best travel hashtags for different locations

Before Instagram and Tiktok, our parents and grandparents gathered in their living rooms with a projector to share their travel photos. Social media has made it possible to share our photos with the whole world.

But it's important to know your audience.

best hashtags for travel on instagram

The Best Travel Hashtags About Travel in General

These generic travel hashtags work well across multiple platforms and posts and are the most "one size fits all" travel tags to choose from. This is a great copy & paste hashtag list to keep on your phone in notes for easy access.














































Instagram Hashtags for Instagram Reels and Instagram Travel Posts

These popular instagram travel hashtags may be a good choice for Reels or feed posts, but should be used sparingly. Consider using one or two along with more niche hashtags.


















Travel Tiktok Hashtags

Use these Travel Tiktok hashtags to do research on the world of Travel Tiktok. In addition to checking out what hashtags are trending on Tiktok, it's important to consider what sounds are trending in particular communities. Hashtags are an easy way for Tiktok's algorithms to characterize you content. You will have the best chances of being seen if you carefully match travel with travel content, and use sounds that are also popular in the Tiktok travel community.




















Beautiful Places & Destination Travel Hashtags

This list is also somewhat generic, but is useful when you are posting about little known or bucket lists destinations. These hashtags signal value as they are providing tips to would be or future travelers. Consider searching and browsing some of these tags when researching your own travels.




























Inspiring Hashtags for Travelers

We all could use a little inspiration! Using these hashtags is a good way to attract travel planners and travel dreamers to your feed.






best hashtags for travel on instagram

Hashtags for Road Trips

Road trips are very specific kind of travel, so it isn't surprising that there are hundreds of road trip hashtags to choose from. Here are some of the most engaged and popular road trip hashtags to help your posts get discovered. If you are still planning your roadtrip, check out some of these road trip tags for ideas and inspiration. You may find some really interesting new places to go!





















Campervan and RV Hashtags

Camping and RV travel have always been popular, but this form of travel has exploded since the pandemic. So it's not surprising that so many RV hashtags have also become popular. For ideas about where to go and how to get there in style, have a look through the following hashtags. Make sure to use RV tags and campervan tags to share your own travels as well!






























Camping Hashtags

The camping community is an active (literally) travel community with hundreds of camping hashtags to choose from. Here's a few of the best camping tags!





























Glamping Hashtags

Some people are campers, and some are glampers. Glamping is luxury camping for the less rugged. If high thread count sheets matter to you, but you still want to get out there and see the nature... this may be your travel hashtag. Glamping posts are super fun to browse. Make sure to share your own glamping adventures with other aficianados by using these hashtags.














Hiking Hashtags for Traveling Hikers

Hiking vacations are another popular post pandemic travel phenomenon. Perhaps because many people have taken up hiking in their own area when further travels were not possible. Since hiking is done outdoors, it is also a relatively safe activity to do with others. Check out these hiking hashtags for hiking inspo, trail info and hiking travel ideas. Then be sure to tag your own hiking posts!














































National Parks Travel Hashtags

We love our National Parks! Since the pandemic, more Americans are traveling at home and National Parks are enjoying a burst of popularity and activity. Most of the parks have their own specific hashtags that you can explore. Here's a list of popular National Parks hashtags that are more general. Explore these hashtags to start planning your trip, and share with other National Park lovers when you go.





















Backpacking Hashtags for Travel Backpackers

Hiking, Camping, National Parks and Backpacking? These last few lists have a great deal of crossover. Backpacking has long been a popular style of budget travel. These backpacking hashtags have created a well worn path.























Adventure Travel Hashtags

Adrenaline junkies and adventurous travelers love to share their outrageous travels with adventure hashtags. These travel hashtag feeds are full of exciting posts and the sort of adventures you might not normally try at home.
































Beach Hashtags for Beachy Themed Travels

What's more classic than a beach vacation? Whether it's a tropical island or the California coast, #vitaminsea posts are popular and well loved.






























Desert Vacation Hashtags

Desert landscapes are dramatic and beautiful places to travel to. Desert hashtags pay homage to deserts all around the world.



























Hashtags for Mountain Travel Lovers

Ocean or Mountains? They say most people are one or the other. Fortunately you don't have to actually choose. These mountain hashtags are perfect for high altitude travel on any continent.








































Hashtags for Nature Loving Travelers

Nature photography is a popular pastime for many outdoor enthusiasts. This is reflected by the following Nature/outdoors travel tags.


























Europe Travel Hashtags

The following Europe travel hashtags are perfect for travelers and photographers embarking on a "grand tour" of Europe. Browsing these Europe tags will yield some spectacular images of landscapes and urban areas. Perhaps you will find some hashtag inspiration for your own bucket list travels.






































best hashtags for travel on instagram

Global Traveler Hashtags for World Explorers

These world travel hashtags are very popular with world travelers and used in the travel photography community as well. Check out the feeds for amazing images and opportunities to have your images featured.


























Budget Travel Hashtags

Budget travel hashtags are a great way to feature and share your savvy travel planning skills. There is a well established community for budget travel, and that community is always hungry for travel planning tips and tricks. Conversely, if you are deal hunting and looking for ways to stretch your travel dollars, browse these budget travel tags! Most travel hashtags won't save you much money, but these might.



























Luxury Travel Hashtags

Peruse these luxury hashtags for your luxury fix. Pampering, fine food, stunning interior design and superior service await you here. It's all about the details. Peek inside a private jet and the world's most exclusive airport lounges. Luxury travel hashtags are a great place to learn about new destinations and experiences. But, not all luxury travel hashtags lead to sticker shock. You might be surprised at how affordable luxury can be. Inspire others by sharing your own luxe travels with the following luxury travel tags.




































Couples Travel Hashtags

Couples that travel together... make for great social media. Traveling couples on social are practically their own genre of reality show in 2021 and we love to follow their adventures. Here's some of the best couple travel hashtags for keeping up with the Joneses and also for sharing your own couple-y adventures.











































Honeymoon Hashtags

Honeymoons are a time honored travel tradition tailor made for social media. Honeymoon hashtags make it easier to plan and share your post-wedding travels. Use these tags to research destinations and ideas and then pay it forward by tagging your own posts.





























Hashtags for Travel Bloggers, Influencers and Writers

Looking for informational travel posts from travel experts? Check out these industry insider's hashtags. If you are a travel blogger or writer, consider using these travel blogger hashtags along with your specific travel niche expertise tags.





















best hashtags for travel on instagram

Hashtags for Female Travelers

Female travels face unique challenges but it doesn't stop them from going everywhere! Get inspired, get safety tips and practical advice, and share your own adventures with these specifically female travel hashtags.


































































Hashtags for Solo Travelers

Solo travel doesn't necessarily mean lonely. You'll find loads of advice for those who want to go it alone, by following solo travel hashtags. Get to know the community and inspire others when you share your own solo travels with these solo traveler tags.























Black Travel Hashtags

The black travel movement is having a moment and it is awesome to see more black travel bloggers and influencers exploring the world and speaking freely about their experiences. Take a look at these black travel hashtags to learn more about the issues black travelers face. Share your own journey with other black travelers and take a moment to appreciate this awesome community.































Hashtags for Digital Nomads

Digital nomads are a unique breed of travelers in that they are on "permanent vacation". This is not really so much a vacation however as a travel lifestyle. Digital nomads live and work (often remotely) all over the world, diving into local culture and soaking up traditions in the most exotic foreign locations. Their travel content on social media is fascinating to consume. If you are pursing this lifestyle, digital nomad hashtags are a great place to meet your tribe and share your dailies.































Family Travel Hashtags

Traveling with kids doesn't have to be a nightmare. Family travel advice and inspiration abounds on social. Check out family travel hashtags for ideas about where to go, what to do and which supplies you need to bring. You'll find loads of inspiration, brilliant hacks and more. Share your own family travels with others when you use these family travel tags.






























































Foodie Travels Hashtags

The camera eats first... all over the world. Foodie travels are some of the tastiest feeds to devour. If you love to see and share foodie feeds, these foodie travel hashtags are for you.

























Wanderlust Hashtags for Wanderers

Wanderlust hashtags were some of the first travel hashtags to take off on Instagram. The wanderlust community of travel loving folks is a well established one. Check out these wanderlust hashtags to meet and reach a community of curious travelers who have a chronic and lasting urge to travel see the world.
























best hashtags for travel on instagram

Travel Photography Hashtags

Travel and photography go hand in hand. Share your best shots and apply for features with big & famous accounts when you use these travel photography hashtags.

























Drone Photography Hashtags for Travelers

There's something so awe inspiring about drone travel photos. Maybe it is the overhead perspective. Drone photos always stand out in a travel photo feed. It's a good idea to use a few drone tags to show off your work. Check out travel drone hashtags for ideas on what to shoot. You'll also find tips on how to shoot better drone pics from this well traveled community.



































Disney Travel Hashtags

Do your travels include a trip to any of the Disney Parks? Welcome to Disney travel hashtag heaven. Disney fans are huge hashtag users. You will find all the best information for Disney parks planning by following a few of these hashtags. Using Disney travel tags when you post Disney travels is sure to get you lots of love as well.



































Ghost Tour and Haunted Travel Hashtags

Ghost tours and visits to supposedly haunted places are another form of dark travel that has become very popular in recent years. Live feeds of lockdowns, photos of ghosts and more await in the hashtag feeds of these haunted travel hashtags. Do you dare go there?





























Spa Holiday Hashtags

Do you like to get pampered when you travel? Is a poolside massage or seaweed wrap an essential part of your vacation planning? Share your spa getaway time with these spa hashtags.




















best hashtags for travel on instagram

Airport Hashtags

Airports and plane travel are an essential part of travel that is often overlooked. But airport hashtags prove that there is plenty to post about at JFK, LAX and TLV. Get a look at travelers in different locations. Learn about airport amenities. Plane gawk. Enjoy the journey with these airport tags.































Resort and Hotel Hashtags

Hotel hashtags are super helpful when you are looking for reviews and/or wish to share your own impresions about a property. They probably are less helpful in a general post, but if you are a travel blogger, or are offering advice to other travelers, and your photos/posts include hotel info, consider adding hotel and resort tags.





























Cruise Hashtags

Cruisers have their own travel tribe. These cruise travel hashtags are a language that avid cruisers speak fluently on social media. You'll get a unique look at cruise ships, cruise ports and cruise food when you browse these hashtags. Share your floating travels with other enthusiasts by using cruise tags


























Vacation Hashtags

What's the difference between a trip, travels and a vacation? Some would argue that a vacation involves more relaxing and less work. Perhaps it's personal. Perhaps the answer lies in the vacation hashtag feeds listed below. Make your own argument for the perfect vacation post when you use these vacation tags.









































Weekend Trips and Getaway Hashtags

Quick trips, getaways and staycations deserve their own hashtags and this list of getaway hashtags is perfect for sharing your fast breaks.




































Snowboarding and Ski Trip Hashtags

Winter travel hashtags often involve winter trips to the snow to ski and snowboard. Or, perhaps you just like to sit in the lodge. That's ok too. We won't judge. In that case you'd best look at the feed photos and find a ski lodge with a nice warm fireplace to sit in front of. Share your snowy adventures with snowboarding and ski travel hashtags.










































Sunset Hashtags

It it really traveling if you don't take a photo of the sunset? Sunsets are a constant everywhere in the world, but they sure do look different from location to location. There are millions and millions of sunset photos on social media, and yet we keep taking them, sharing them, and loving them. Share yours with a like minded community of fellow traveling sunset lovers, by using sunset hashtags.





























































Are Travel Hashtags a Good Idea?

Using travel hashtags on your posts will ensure that you'll get more likes and engagement, because your photos will be seen by the people who want to see travel photos like yours.

Using the right travel hashtags is especially important for Instagram Reels posts and Tiktok posts. These kinds of posts are currently enjoying much more "discovery" and delivery to broader audiences.

We've paid extra attention to Hashtags for Instagram Reels and Hashtags for TikTok. Using the right hashtags for Instagram Reels and hashtags for Tiktok can help your content land on the Explore #Explore and #FYP (For You Page) pages and explode your views.

It's easy to find the most obvious and popular hashtags for travelling. People use the hashtag #travel all the time. But it is so overused that posts with this tag are often off topic, and lost in the avalanche of new posts constantly flowing in.

How to Choose the BEST Travel Hashtags

Think about a search term you might type into google, and what you would expect from the results. If you merely typed in "travel" you would not be likely to find posts about specific places, activities, and things you are looking for.

Searches are more successful when they are more specific. Posts are more successful when they use more specific hashtags. Finding the hashtags can be tricky though.

That's why we made this travel hashtag list for all your vacation Instagram and travel Tiktok posts.

PRO TIP: Hashtags are not just for getting likes, views and engagement on your own posts. Travel hashtags are the best place to start doing your own travel research. You will find recent and up to date photos and information. Oftentimes these posts are from locals and experts. You will find valuable tips, tricks and insights about a destination by doing research on Instagram and Tiktok as well as traditional research. Travel guides and blog posts are a great idea, but the freshest information about a location may be on social media.

Be sure to bookmark this post so you can return to copy/ paste travel hashtags! Our lists are constantly growing and updating.

Travel Hashtag Ideas for Your Posts

Travel hashtags can be broken down into many categories.

  • People in the photo - Who are the travelers in the photo? Do you belong to any special group of travelers or travel "tribes"? Example: #familytravel #digitalnomads #couples travel
  • Brands in the photo - Official local tourism/branded hashtags and/or gear. Example: #visitcalifornia #celebritycruise #Raybans
  • Places in the photo . Example: #Airport, #LuxuryHotel
  • Activities being done in the photo or on the vacation . Example: #hiking #yoga #winetasting
  • Seasons and holidays. Example: #SummerVacation #SpringBreak #WinterHoliday
  • Travel Themes . Example: #Getaway, #Glamping, #Spaholiday
  • Photography hashtags . Example: #travelcaptures #travelpicsdaily
  • Moods . Example: #HappyCamper, #VacationVibes

Why Hashtags Matter on Social Media

Hashtags are like the address on a letter. They tell social media platforms where/who to deliver your post to.

Everytime we like or comment on anything, algorithms are paying attention. They learn what we like, and aim to deliver more of that sort of content to us.

In order to deliver the right content to the right people, Algorithms need to know what a piece of content is about, and who it's meant for. Hashtags make that crystal clear.

Questions to Ask When Choosing Hashtags for Travel Posts

Asking yourself a few questions about your hashtags can help you be super targeted with your tag choices, and avoid hashtag spamming.

If someone were specifically searching for this hashtag, would they be delighted to find your post? Is it the content they are likely looking for?

If the answer is YES, then this a good hashtag choice.

Do the hashtags you've chosen make sense together and support each other?

If the answer is NO you may want to get rid of any extra tags. Stick to a single niche or theme to avoid confusing algorithms. Recent algorithm trends have shown that posts that stick to a single subject and closely related hashtags, tend to do better.

Are any of the hashtags sarcastic, cute or made up on the spur of the moment?

Lose these fast!

Are you using super popular, over-used hashtags?

These probably won't hurt you, but they are are unlikely to help you in Instagram feed. One or two carefully chosen popular tags may be helpful for directing Instagram Reels and Tiktok posts. Hashtags for Instagram Reels and Hashtags for TikTok are extremely important for discovery but should be super concise and used sparingly.

Do my hashtags identify a specific group of people for whom this content is relevant?

Hashtags like #FamilyTravel and #CouplesTravel and #LuxuryTraveler help further refine your travel audience and are a great idea when they are your primary focus. Niche-ing down is a great way to build engagement.

But don't use multiple groups in one post or you may defeat the purpose of the tag. Pick a team and use multiple tags for that one group rather than spread yourself too thin.

Have you included any "mood" hashtags?

While we don't have evidence to support it, it doesn't hurt to include a few hashtags with positive terms like "Happy", "Dream" "Vibes" etc in them.

Algorithms don't do feelings and rely on language signals like this to identify posts as positive or negative. Humans also react to positive messaging. So if you have the space, sprinkle some positivity.

Have you looked at the hashtag feed for that hashtag? Do you belong there?

Sometimes we think we know what a hashtag is all about... and then we look at the feed and have to take a moment. It's a good idea to get a look at the feeds you're trying to fit yourself into. If your post doesn't resonate with the audience there, or if the content is not what you think it is, you might be hurting your chances for discovery.

How Many Hashtags to Use in 2023

There is no magic formula for how many hashtags to use on social media. Other than the limits imposed by the platforms, the number is up to you. The most important thing about hashtag use with current social algorithms is to commit to your theme or niche for each post.

Consistent hashtag use and subject matter in your posting helps you to grow your authority on that subject.

When you are hashtagging a travel post, you should stick to travel hashtags and preferably clusters that are often used together such as location travel hashtags or activity type hashtags.

At one time it was ok to use any hashtags on Instagram that were accurate for your photo, even if the hashtags were unrelated to one another. The more the merrier. Currently this practice is not working. Clarity is key. Algorithms are favoring authoritative content that is easy to classify and understand.

This means that using hashtags for pets, books, fashion and beauty, along with travel hashtags (even when all those "items" are present in a photo) may result in the algorithm dropping your post for possibly hashtag spamming.

Hashtags for Tiktok and Hashtags for Instagram Reels need to be even more specific and concise.

When in doubt, pick tags from 2-3 of the above travel hashtag lists. Review the questions above and hashtag with confidence!

Why These Travel Hashtags?

Travel tags are constantly changing and evolving. In fact these 1500+ travel hashtags are just the tip of the iceberg. There are hundreds of thousands more out there, and many more travel topics to explore.

We gathered these hashtags over the course of several years, looking at some of the most engaged and visible hashtags on multiple social media platforms.

A photo of a California Whale Watching image - a whale is breaching the surface and jumping out of the ocean

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She Goes The Distance

200 Travel Hashtags to Grow Followers & Get Featured on Instagram

200 Travel Hashtags to Grow Followers & Get Featured on Instagram

Last Updated on February 22, 2022 by Michela

One of the best ways to get noticed on Instagram is by using hashtags. Instead of sending your post out to your followers and blindly hoping for it to go viral, you can add hashtags to put your post out to users all over the platform looking for your relevant content! Putting in the work and finding those gem travel hashtags that get you discovered is time-consuming, so I’m sharing my secrets and research to bring you the best hashtags for travel !

You can use travel hashtags for a variety of reasons. Maybe you want to grow your following. Or, you want big accounts to feature you. You could even have a product or website you are trying to get noticed and need to target a specific audience!

Travel hashtags lend themselves to having a lot of sub-categories because the interest is so wide. From solo travel to girl’s travel to budget travel and more, you can target the specific audience that would want to follow you or visit your site by narrowing your focus in your hashtags.

That’s why I’ve broken down the hashtags into categories that are niche-specific to make it easier to identify which fit your Instagram goals!

To make all of this even easier for you, I’m making available my Travel Hashtag Master List as part of The Travel Library . It’s free to access and I’m constantly doing travel hashtag research for new destinations I visit!

Email address

How Travel Hashtags Work

Adding hashtags to your photos means anyone following that hashtag has the chance to see it and that there’s a greater chance to pop up on someone’s Explore page who Instagram thinks will like your content!

That’s great because if the user is already interested in your travel niche, they will be more likely to follow you!

Number of Hashtags Per Post

You can add up to 30 hashtags per post , either in the caption itself or as a comment If you choose the latter, you should add your comment right after if it’s posted so Instagram can start pushing out your post to other accounts.

There’s no magic number to hashtag use (that we know of) so if you can use all 30 slots, the more chances you have of your post ranking on one of the hashtags!

Hashtag Volume

Another important thing to keep in mind is how many times that hashtag has been used . For example, #travel has been used five-hundred and sixty-six MILLION times. So, that’s a lot of competition to go up against.

Hashtags that have fewer posts attached to them can be easier to get your photos featured on. Hashtags with millions of posts may be a bit more difficult.

While you’re growing, use a mix of low to medium-volume hashtags so you have the best chance of your content getting out there. As you grow bigger, high-volume hashtags may be easier for you to rank for!

To help decide which travel hashtags may work best for your account, this huge list is sorted by hashtag volume! You’ll find categories for hashtags used under 100,000 times, under 500,000 times, under 1 million times, and over 1 million times.

As mentioned, for growing accounts its probably best to take most of your hashtags from the under 100k and under 500k lists.

There are obviously other important aspects to growing on Instagram but hashtags are one of the most powerful tools. Hopefully, my own hashtag research will be a benefit to your Instagram growth and save you time to focus on your content !

General Travel Hashtags

best hashtags for travel on instagram

These hashtags are perfect for getting your content out there and can apply to nearly every travel photo!

Under 100,000 Posts

  • #travellingnomads
  • #thetraveltribe
  • #thedreamytravels
  • #thetravellerspage
  • #musttravel
  • #globaltravelpix
  • #bucketlisttravels
  • #travellingworld
  • #travellifediary
  • #vacationspots
  • #letstraveltheworld
  • #travelinspirations
  • #exoticplaces
  • #alwaystraveling

Under 500,000 Posts

  • #wandertheworld
  • #justtravel
  • #igtraveller
  • #condenasttraveller
  • #travelingsoul
  • #wanderlusttribe
  • #wanderlusts
  • #wanderlove
  • #wanderlusters
  • #worldofwanderlust
  • #inspiredtravels
  • #travelingpost
  • #getlostnow
  • #wowplacestogo
  • #travelhappy
  • #lonelyplanettraveller
  • #travelpicsdaily
  • #travelingthroughtheworld
  • #placesoftheworld
  • #beautifulexplorers
  • #thetravelingnomads
  • #globetravel
  • #traveltheplanet
  • #divine_worldplaces

Under 1 Million Posts

  • #wunderlust
  • #youmustsee
  • #travelmood
  • #travellinggram
  • #worldexplorer
  • #thebestdestinations
  • #neverstoptraveling
  • #travelpassion
  • #speechlessplaces
  • #suitcasetravels
  • #travellust
  • #globetrotting

Over 1 Million Posts

  • #postcardsfromtheworld
  • #exploretocreate
  • #neverstopexploring
  • #momentslikethese
  • #passionpassport – You can submit a photo to be featured on their site!
  • #wonderful_places
  • #bestvacations
  • #postcardplaces
  • #iamatraveler
  • #traveldeeper
  • #travelislife
  • #travelcommunity
  • #welivetotravel
  • #bestplacestogo

Travel Hashtags for Features

An important way to get noticed on Instagram is to get featured on bigger accounts. The travel niche has many accounts that get their content just by reposting other people’s posts.

Some accounts will ask you DM them for a feature, others will accept monetary compensation to feature your post. But the best kind of feature is when your post gets picked up by that account’s hashtag!

It’s the free and easy way to have a chance at getting reposted on a larger account and getting your work in front of your target audience.

  • #departuresmag
  • #theworldfromawindow
  • #traveldreamseeker
  • #travelinthebestplace
  • #travelinginyourlove
  • #thewanderingtourist
  • #breakfastwithaview
  • #prettylittletrips
  • #sidewalkerdaily
  • #lonelyplanet
  • #travellingthroughtheworld
  • #darlingescapes

Girl’s Travel Hashtags

best hashtags for travel on instagram

Many of these girl’s travel hashtags are associated with accounts where you can be featured, but are in their own category because it is a specific niche on Instagram.

To increase your chances of getting noticed, you can tag these accounts in your photos, follow them, and engage with their content.

  • #girlsborntravel
  • #girlstoptravel
  • #shewanders
  • #girlstwirltheworld
  • #ladieswhotravel
  • #girlstraveler
  • #femmetravels
  • #girlgetters
  • #travelladies
  • #dametravelers
  • #girlstraveleurope
  • #girlstraveltale
  • #galswhotravel
  • #girlstraveldiary
  • #femaletravellers
  • #travelistas
  • #femalesolotraveler
  • #femaletravelinspo
  • #girlstravelportrait
  • #girlaroundglobe
  • #solotravellingwoman
  • #welovetravelgirls
  • #travelgirlstyle
  • #iammissadventure
  • #girlstravelingsolo
  • #girlstravelling
  • #girltravellife
  • #girltraveller
  • #shewhowanders
  • #wetravelgirls
  • #girlsjustwannatravel
  • #citizenfemme
  • #pinktrotters
  • #travelgirlshub
  • #dametraveller
  • #journeysofgirls
  • #roamingwomen
  • #travelette
  • #explorerbabes
  • #damestravel
  • #girldiscoverers
  • #femaletravel
  • #girlpowertravel
  • #girlsabroad
  • #girlaroundtheworld
  • #girlaroundworld
  • #girlsmeetglobe
  • #girlstravel
  • #girltraveler
  • #girltravel
  • #travelista
  • #travelgirlsgo
  • #travelgirls
  • #sheisnotlost
  • #dametraveler
  • #wearetravelgirls
  • #ladiesgonebglobal
  • #girlsborntotravel
  • #girlslovetravel
  • #globelletravels
  • #sheexplores
  • #girlsthatwander

Hashtags for Travel Blogging

best hashtags for travel on instagram

Travel blogging is its own niche within the travel content posted on Instagram. If you share resources on travel blogging and not just travel destinations, these hashtags can help you target the right audience!

  • #travelinfluencers
  • #bloggertravel
  • #fernwehcollective
  • #fernwehlove
  • #travelingblogger
  • #travelingblog
  • #nomadiclifestyle
  • #femaletravelbloggers
  • #bloggerbabe
  • #travelbloggervibes
  • #travelfashion
  • #travelgrammer
  • #digitalnomadlife
  • #travelblogs
  • #blogtravel
  • #digitalnomads
  • #bloggervibes
  • #bloggerlove
  • #alittlebeautyeveryday
  • #travelbloggerlife
  • #travelinfluencer
  • #travelbloggers
  • #digitalnomad
  • #allwhatsbeautiful

Hashtags for Solo Travel

best hashtags for travel on instagram

Nearly everyone is intrigued by the idea of solo travel, which is why this niche can be a good narrow topic to grow your Instagram account around.

It’s all about putting value out to your audience and giving them exactly what they want (which is why a niche is important!)

  • #solotravelstories
  • #solotravelers
  • #solotravelgirl
  • #solotraveldiaries
  • #solotravellers
  • #travelingsolo
  • #solotravelling
  • #femalesolotravel
  • #solofemaletraveler
  • #solotravelingisfun
  • #solotravels
  • #solotraveling
  • #solotraveller
  • #travelsolo
  • #exploresolo
  • #solotravel
  • #solotraveler

Seasonal Travel Hashtags

  • #springtravel
  • #springtrip
  • #falltravel
  • #wintertravels
  • #winterinparis
  • #winterinnyc
  • #winterinlondon
  • #winterineurope
  • #summerdestination
  • #summertravel
  • #summertravels
  • #wintertravel
  • #summertrip

Tools for Finding Travel Hashtags & Doing Your Own Research

If all those Instagram hashtags for travel aren’t enough for you, then no worries. I have tips to share to help you do your own travel hashtag research!

Travel Hashtag Master List

Firstly, sign up to The Travel Library to gain access to my Travel Hashtag Master List. It’s free and I am constantly doing my own travel hashtag research and adding to this list!

Preview App

best hashtags for travel on instagram

Secondly, you could download the Instagram planning app Preview . Built-in to this app is a tool called find hashtags . This platform has created hashtag groups that are ready to be added to your post!

You can plan your feed within the app and upload or schedule both your caption and hashtags with your photo to Instagram.

This feature is only available if you pay for the premium version of the app. But, it’s a way to save lots of time by automating the hashtag research process.

Instagram Search

Thirdly, use the Instagram search to find related hashtags. This is where you should start for your own travel hashtag research. Start typing away words related to your niche and jotting down what hashtags come up (including their volume!)

Make sure to at least click on the hashtag to see what kinds of posts are ranking. If they don’t fit your brand or the kinds of photos you post, it may not be the most relevant and worthy hashtag for you to use.

For example, don’t use #girlstravel if your photo doesn’t have a girl in it – it won’t rank!

Post Hunting in Hashtag Pages

best hashtags for travel on instagram

Fourthly, go to the page of a travel hashtag you think you can rank for simply by clicking on the hashtag. You’ll find all the top and recent posts and can tap on those posts to what hashtags they are using. Then starts a cycle of finding more and more relevant travel hashtags!

If no posts appear when you search for a hashtag, that means it’s blocked by the Instagram community. Using that hashtag will be useless for growth, so skip it!

You can also take a look at competitors’ posts in your niche to see what kinds of hashtags they are using.

Final Thoughts

I hope this post is a great resource to you and allows you to spend more time creating content than searching for hashtags.

It’s true that as much content as we create, it doesn’t mean anything if it isn’t shared! So having a travel hashtag library and strategy is extremely important.

Let me know what you think of these travel hashtags in the comments!

Save this list of hashtags for travel as a reference on Pinterest!

best hashtags for travel on instagram

Here’s to growing together!

best hashtags for travel on instagram

Michela is a travel writer and photographer living in northern Italy. She is passionate about helping people make the most of their travels by sharing advice gained from her personal experiences, off-the-beaten-path destinations and time-saving quick itineraries. Browse her top articles or have her help you plan your itinerary to your dream destination!

Find me on: Web | Instagram

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best hashtags for travel on instagram

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I love creating free resources for your travels and personally responding to your questions over chat and email.

Planning a trip to Italy?

best hashtags for travel on instagram

Looking for Something?

Last Updated: January 23, 2024

25 Best Travel Hashtags for Instagram [+ Travel Hashtag Tips!]

Taken an epic travel pic and need the perfect travel hashtag to help it gain some traction? Check out this long list of the best travel hashtags for Instagram.

' src=

Danny Newman


Looking for the best travel hashtags for instagram? I hope this post helps!

We’ve all been there.

You’ve finally reached the pinnacle of an ambitious hike, and the sun is setting majestically over the mountains. You’re exhausted, exhilarated, and in awe.

You’re also frantically searching your pack for your smartphone…

In many ways, social media has revolutionized the travel industry. You don’t have to travel around the world to go on epic adventures, you just have to log in from home!

Are you an avid traveller who wants to share your journeys with others online?

If so, it pays to know the best travel hashtags for Instagram! Choosing the right ones can boost the visibility and performance of your posts.

Not sure where to start? Today, I’m going through 25 hashtags for travel posts that’ll help you stand out among the vast number of other travel snaps on the platform.

Keep them in mind and you can spend less time searching for the perfect words, and more time enjoying the beauty around you!


Let’s start with 5 creative hashtags for travel posts!

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  • 100 Hilarious Jokes and Travelling
  • 150 Adventure Quotes & Captions for Instagram
  • 70 Funny Travel Quotes
  • 165 Travel Captions for Instagram
  • 150 Couple Travel Quotes
  • 25 Unforgettable Family Travel Quotes
  • 20 Thought-Provoking Living Abroad Quotes
  • 50 Funny Road Trip Quotes

Creative Hashtags For Travel

While it might be tempting to simply tag your post with #travel, consider how many other people are doing the same. There are more than 554 million posts with this hashtag alone!

While your photo might be at the top of the list for a split second, it won’t be long before it’s quickly moved downward. Eventually, it could be lost forever as more people click “Share”.

The five hashtags below are a little more creative than your standard fare but are still popular enough to be trending. Try these when you want to break away from the status quo and showcase your one-of-a-kind approach to travel.

1. #instapassport

Think of this as your curated Instagram passport. It’s a way to record all the places you’ve visited, and invite others to share in your travels.

The best part? You never have to worry about losing this one!

2. #postcardsfromtheworld

You might not have time to send postcards from each destination you encounter. However, with this simple travel hashtag, you’ll instantly have a collection of your favourite shots.

Invite your friends and family members to check it out, and you’ll save a ton on postage!

3. #letsgoeverywhere

Oh, darling. Let’s be adventurers!

This is a great hashtag for both solo travellers, as well as ones who globe-trot with a partner. It creates a sense of wanderlust and excitement and could even encourage someone else to get out and explore!

4. #traveldiary

Do you keep a diary or journal as you travel? It can be incredible to look back on a written record of everything you’ve seen and experienced during your time away.

However, if you’d rather live in the moment, you can save your Instagram shots with this creative hashtag. Think of it as a collective log of the places you’ve encountered.

5. #viewfromthetop

If you love hiking, then this is the hashtag for you. Save it for those mountaintop experiences that you simply can’t put into words.

This one works especially well with those sweeping panorama shots you know you’re going to take when you reach the summit.


Unique hashtags for traveling are great for finding your audience and standing out from the crowd.

Unique Travelling Hashtags

Like the list above, these next five hashtags are far from run-of-the-mill. They might not be uber-common, but they’ll put you in good company with travellers who are as passionate as you are.

6. #nevergoinghome

Most travellers will agree that home is the next stop on your itinerary. This tag relays that sentiment beautifully and firmly establishes your free spirit.

It’s especially appropriate for any type of luxury travel experience that you know you can’t recreate anywhere else, like that shot of the infinity pool fading beautifully into the sea.

7. #findyouradventure

Each person experiences travel in a different and special way. What you consider a life-changing adventure might seem trivial to someone else, and vice versa.

This hashtag embraces that individuality! Not only does it allow you to showcase your own trips, but it motivates your followers to chart their own course.

8. #getoutstayout

This hashtag might sound a little dramatic, but it’s really just zealous! In a world where so many people find themselves glued to a screen, the simple joys of going outdoors are almost archaic.

Once you head out, though, you wonder why you ever second-guessed it in the first place. This tag honours that feeling of freedom and encourages it to last as long as possible.

9. #parentswhowander

Love travelling with your little ones in tow? Once you figure out the logistics, family trips can create lifelong memories. They can even instil a love of travel in your pint-sized explorers!

This tag gives your profile a more focused slant. Not only are you people who love to travel, but you’re doing it all with a brood underfoot!

10. #droneworld

You don’t have to be a bonafide travel blogger to know that drone shots can take your content to the next level.

When they first emerged on the scene, these gadgets were high-priced and hard to find. Now, however, they’ve become more affordable and accessible. Drone videos can make even the dullest drive down the highway seem like a scene from an action movie, so invest in one and use this tag when you do!


Looking for funny travelling hashtags instead? Check out these ones…

Funny Hashtags For Travelling

You never know what or who you’ll find as you set off on a new journey. When you encounter a hilarious experience, it helps to have a few funny travel Instagram hashtags at your disposal. These next five fit the bill!

11. #kicksonaplane

While those awe-inspiring shots from the window seat are always welcome, the Insta world also cares about something else: your high-flying fashion!

This funny hashtag is a great way to show off your comfy footwear as you munch on cocktail peanuts and enjoy an in-flight movie.

The story goes that a brand strategist named Marcus Troy started the tag with an inspiring pic of his Converses while flying to Toronto via Air Canada.

12. #below10kfeet

In 2013, the FAA lifted its ban on the use of electronic devices under 10,000 feet. Before then, you had to stow your smartphone away for most of the flight, except for takeoff and landing.

To celebrate this milestone, airline giants including American Airlines and Delta started this humorous hashtag. Now, it’s a great place to collect those images of skylines, sunsets, and other vistas you can only see from that altitude.

13. #travelcat

Want to make your account pawsitively purrfect? If you happen to see a cat wandering around at any point during your travels, snap its pic and use this cute tag!

Sure, that pic of the Eiffel Tower is incredible, but a local cat strolling the premises? That makes it downright iconic. A brief scroll through this hashtag reveals images of stray cats sunbathing in Santorini and napping in Largo Argentina, among other casual settings.

14. #continentalbreakfast

It might not be a Michelin-star meal, but we’ve gotta give some props to the continental breakfast. Whether you’re there for the DIY omelette, the yoghurt in the mini-fridge, or the tiny boxes of cereal, this is undoubtedly the meal of champions.

Fueling you up for a day of travel, it’s the unsung hero of any mid-range hotel, and this hashtag lets you remember your morning forever!

15. #RVthereyet

Love travelling the open road in your RV? This tag is ideal for avid travellers who want to celebrate the glory of their home on wheels .

From crowded KOA campgrounds to stunning countryside oases, true RVers know that it’s all about the journey, not the destination.


Struggling to find a travel hashtag for your latest beach snap? Here are some beach travel hashtag ideas that might help.

Hashtags For Traveling to the Beach

Does your idea of paradise include your toes in the sand, salt spray in your hair, and a cold beverage in your hand? If so, you’ll love these tropical beach hashtags!

16. #thewavesarecalling

A playful spin on John Muir’s famous quote, this tag lets your followers know that you’d choose the ocean over the mountains.

Use it alongside a shot of high tide, and you’ve got the perfect beachy scene.

17. #sunsurfsand

Ahh…the three pillars of the perfect day by the water. As long as you’ve got this terrific trifecta, there’s nothing that can bring you down.

Clear your calendar, prop up your feet, and keep your camera close by for the perfect shot as the sun sets below the horizon!

18. #shellyeah

Ain’t no party like a shoreline party! When you want to capture your beachside bash in the very best light, this hashtag lets your followers feel like they’re in on the action,

Use it to celebrate your most memorable moments by the coast, whether you’re all alone or with your closest crew.

19. #seastheday

Travellers live by the motto “Carpe Diem”, so it’s only fitting that you use this hashtag to encourage your community to spend some time by the sea!

It pairs well with a shot of you enjoying a once-in-a-lifetime maritime moment, such as parasailing over the ocean or scuba diving off the coast!

20. #tropiclikeitshot

This punny hashtag is perfect when you want to humble-brag to your followers that you’ve travelled to somewhere gorgeous and exotic.

Grab a fruity drink with a tiny umbrella, let the waves roll onto your toes, and snap away.


Sometimes you can’t beat the classic travel Instagram hashtags!

Classic Instagram Hashtags For Travel

While using a more obscure hashtag can help you stand out from the crowd, sometimes it’s best to use one that’s already tried and true. Here are five sure bets you can count on.

21. #wanderlust

At more than 129 million shares, it might be a little over-played, but there’s something so beautiful about this word!

Travellers know and appreciate the beauty that venturing into the unknown can bring, and few words sum up that feeling as aptly as wanderlust.

22. #travelgram

More than 140 million posts include this simple tag, and for good reason. It’s short, easy to remember, and sums up what this platform is meant to do.

Especially if you run a travel-oriented account, this one is a natural fit.

23. #travelphotography

Sometimes, the best hashtags are the ones that cut straight to the chase. That’s certainly the case with this one!

Professional and amateur photographers with an adventurous spirit can find community and camaraderie with this popular tag, which has been used more than 147 million times.

24. #travelblogger

You knew we had to include this one, right?

Whether travel blogging is your full-time job, a side hustle or simply a hobby you enjoy sharing, you can claim it proudly with this hashtag! It’s been shared more than 64 million times and counting.

25. #instatravel

As you globe-trot around the world, a simple tag like this one helps you add your voice and vision to a board that’s already more than 110 million posts strong. From the streets of NYC to the depths of the wilderness, who, what and where you capture is all up to you.


With the travel hashtags down, here are a few tips for finding and using Instagram hashtags for travel posts to best effect.

General Tips For Using Hashtags

Instagram hashtags make your content easier to find. They also help you find and participate in industry trends and encourage audience interaction.

However, these benefits are only possible if you take the time to use your hashtags strategically. A few rules to follow include:

  • Only include between two and five tags per post
  • Add extra tags as the first comment on your post
  • Match your tags to relevant photos
  • Research trending tags to help you choose the right one
  • Mix it up and vary your tags
  • Experiment with less popular hashtags to reduce competition

Travel and Tag Away Using the Best Travel Hashtags for Instagram!

The best travel hashtags for Instagram can help you grow your travel brand and connect with like-minded explorers. However, they serve a much greater purpose.

These little pound symbols help you collect, curate and organize your travel photos all in one place. This way, you always have a stash of memories on hand whenever you need to escape, even it’s only from your armchair!

Want to grow your online presence even more? Consider starting a travel blog! Here’s my go-to strategy to help you push past writer’s block and discover tons of topics to write about.

  • Travel Guides
  • Top Destinations
  • Inspiration & Ideas
  • Booking Tips
  • Packing Guide
  • Where to stay
  • At The Airport
  • How-to Guides
  • First Times
  • Travel Community
  • World Flavours
  • Travel Products

Travel Wanderlust

Best travel hashtags to improve your Instagram following

Best travel hashtags

If you don’t post on Instagram on vacation, did you really go on vacation?

Somewhere on Instagram , there is a bustling community of wanderlusts to share content with and get inspired by.

Adding the best travel hashtags to your posts is a great way to get your posts noticed by fellow travellers and boost the views of whatever you post online. More than that, you will want to find like-minded travellers who share your love for travelling – be it luxury destinations, photography, exotic travel, or going on food hunts.

READ MORE : We explore the most insta-worthy spots in Sydney

You don’t have to be a seasoned guide or a travel influencer to use these travel hashtags for Instagram. In fact, this can be a stepping stone to growing your Instagram following and standing out.

Are popular or niche hashtags better?

best hashtags for travel

If you’re familiar with travel accounts on Instagram, or just about any social media platform, you will know that #travel and #travelling are the most popular travel hashtags to use. However, while these are the obvious choices, they are not the best for visibility. These hashtags are used by millions of others, it is easy for your content to be drowned out.

Instead, using a mix of high volume hashtags with smaller, niche hashtags can help you stand out and also reach a large number of people.

We have gathered the top hashtags for travel to improve your Instagram following in 2022.

Best hashtags for travel in 2022

  • Best travel hashtags on Instagram

Adventure and exotic travel hashtags

Tropical travel hashtags, luxury travel hashtags, city break hashtags, travel photography hashtags, culinary trip hashtags, hashtag by region and country, top travel hashtags on instagram.

Use the most popular hashtags for travel to get the most visibility

When in doubt, these highly used and most searched for hashtags can help. But as mentioned above, millions of travelers are stuffing their captions with these tags too.

Ranking as the top posts under one of these tags is a feat in itself. Usually by the time you refresh, there will be an endless series of new content. However, it still is a great way to improve your post traffic just by the sheer amount of searches and follows for these hashtags.

#travel #nature #photography #travelphotography #love #photooftheday #instagood #travelgram #picoftheday #instagram #beautiful #photo #wanderlust #naturephotography #adventure #art #travelblogger #instatravel #landscape #like #summer #explore #trip #vacation #follow #traveling #happy #bhfyp #ig #fashion

Adventure and outdoorsy hashtags for travel are a great way to boost engagement

From cycling through rural mountains to trekking rocky roads, adventure travel is definitely something worth documenting. And there are many others who enjoy the thrill just like you! Share your latest outdoor expedition through these hashtags.

#LifeIsAnAdventure #AdventureTime #Adventurer #ExploreTheWorld #GoExplore #SeekAdventure #GoPlaces #NotLost #HikingAdventures #AdventureOn #StayAndWander #GoneOutdoors #Adventure_Culture #ChooseAdventure #GetOutStayOut #AdventureAddict #AdventureInspire #AdventureTillWeDie #AdventureThatIsLife #RoamThePlanet #AdventureSeeker #NeverStopExploring #EarthOutdoors #FindYourAdventure

Tropical beach scenes are always fun. Make sure to use these hashtags for travel photos on your Instagram

There is nothing more relaxing than kicking back at a beach resort under sunny blue skies. Beach vacations are also one of the most beautiful destinations to photograph. Whether it’s an #ootd decked out in tropical wear, or white sand beaches in front of the crystal clear ocean, these beach hashtags will definitely gather a lot of interest!

#beachlife #beachvibes #beach #oceanview #sunriseoftheday #beachbum #lifesabeach #beaching #beachscape #BeachHairDontCare #Aquaholic #SeasTheDay #BeachDaze #BeachDay #BeachLiving #BeachLifestyle #LifeByTheBeach #beachholiday

Luxury photos are very popular and a great way to use hashtags for travel in the luxury space

For the upscale luxury traveller, we know some of the best travel hashtags to show off your extravagant hotels and stunning destinations!

With the rise of Instagram influencers, luxury travel takes up most of the space on this platform, but you can still use these hashtags to get noticed on your incredibly stylish getaways.

#luxurytravel #travel #luxury #luxurylifestyle #travelgram #vacation #wanderlust #luxuryhotel #travelphotography #instatravel #luxurylife #travelblogger #beautifuldestinations #traveltheworld #luxuryhotels #holiday #lifestyle #hotel #luxuryliving #adventure #nature #luxurytraveller #luxurycars #boutiquehotel #explore #traveling #luxuryhomes #summer #hotels #instagood

Cities offer so much opportunity for the best travel hashtags

From London to Ibiza, straight to L.A., every city is packed with exciting culture and gorgeous architecture. On any city break, you will end up with a ton of Insta-worthy shots that deserve to be on the feed. To get the most visibility out of your beautiful captures, use these creative travel hashtags to describe your city getaway.

#citybreak #travel #travelphotography #travelgram #city #europe #holiday #architecture #ig #photography #cityphotography #instatravel #cityscape #trip #explore #citylife #wanderlust #cityview #travelblogger #traveltheworld #citytrip #london #italy #vacation #staycation #weekend #france #summer #travelling #photooftheday

Instagram is also a great way to showcase your photography skills with the right hashtags for travel

In a foreign place, there are photo ops that lie around every corner you explore. Whether you are an amateur starting out or a professional photographer, these travel photography hashtags will get you noticed on Instagram!

Using the right hashtags for travel will really elevate your photography game and put you in front of potentially millions of people.

#travelphotography #travel #photography #travelgram #nature #photooftheday #travelblogger #naturephotography #instagood #love #picoftheday #wanderlust #instagram #ig #landscape #instatravel #traveltheworld #photo #travelling #traveling #beautiful #photographer #adventure #explore #landscapephotography #sunset #art #trip

Make sure you use the best travel hashtags relevant to food

Food lovers, unite! An unforgettable culinary adventure doesn’t just have to exist on your tastebuds. With these hashtags, find your community of travel foodies to share experiences with and recommend new destinations for a mouthwatering trip. Since food posts are so popular, it is recommended to use a variety of tags to rise above the insta-noise.

#foodporn #worldcuisines #worldcuisine #gastronomy #tasteisuniversal #foodie #foodlover #travelthroughfood #tastetheworld #travelfood #travelfoodie #wanderlustfoodie #eatandtravel #foodplaces #foodstagram #foodblogger #instafood #foodpics #foodfeed

The best way to get your posts noticed and boost your following is by narrowing down your audience by destination. Most travelers are usually more interested in the culture and destinations of specific regions. Plus, it’s a subtle way to tell people where you are without using too many words. And you will get traffic from locals and inspired wanderlusts.

Start off with using regional travel hashtags, like #exploreasia or #EuropeTravel .

Next, you can break it down by country. For example, if you are in Malaysia, you can use hashtags like #exploremalaysia or just simply #malaysia , along with state hashtags like #kualalumpur , #sabah and #langkawi . To get even more specific, you can even tag the neighbourhood you’re in, like #mountaustinjb .

Some destinations have quirky and creative travel hashtags that truly highlight what the place has to offer. Think about any puns or specialities of the place you are visiting, like #amsterdamgram and #iamsterdam , or #balivin .

If you’re still unsure of the best travel hashtags to use for your destination, one tip is to check out the location tag and see what others are saying. You might even find an account or two to follow!

All in all, hashtags are a subtle and versatile way to find your travel community and be seen on Instagram. What are some of your top travel hashtags that we have not mentioned?



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best hashtags for travel on instagram

90 Best Travel Hashtags for Instagram Reels and TikTok in 2024

affiliate disclosure policy

Looking for the best travel hashtags for Instagram and TikTok?

Are you constantly using the same set of hashtags on all your Instagram and TikTok posts, but aren’t seeing much improvement in followers?

Like myself and many others, you’ve probably wondered which hashtags are the most effective in boosting your likes, engagement, and follower counts.

Using an effective formula of various hashtags with different levels of popularity, will really help you extend your reach, engagement your audience, and boost your brand even.

Planning your trip? Use my favorite resources!

🏨 Accommodation: I recommend Booking.com ✈️ Flights: for the cheapest flights, I use Skyscanner 🚗 Rental Car: I recommend Discover Cars 🛡️ Travel Insurance: for the best deals I rely on SafetyWing

The truth is, there isn’t a one-size-fits-all strategy for hashtags, trial and error is an important aspect here.

So, in this post there are loads of fresh new hashtags to help you get more inspiration and ideas. You can play around with a mixture of different words and see what works best for you.

Best Travel-themed Hashtags for Instagram and TikTok

My complete guide to best travel hashtags to get followers on Instagram and TikTok in 2024:

Most popular travel hashtags in 2022

Below are the #1 most popular Instagram and TikTok travel hashtags (as of November 2022):

#travel #nature #photography #travelphotography #love #photooftheday #instagood #travelgram #picoftheday #instagram #photo #beautiful #art #like #naturephotography #follow #wanderlust #happy #adventure #instatravel #bhfyp #fashion #travelblogger #landscape #summer #trip #style #ig #explore #bhfyp

And here’s the second most popular travel hastags for Instagram and TikTok:

#photographer #traveling #vacation #model #travelling #beach #likeforlikes #lifestyle #life #india #sunset #beauty #holiday #smile #me #traveltheworld #myself #instalike #mountains #followme #photoshoot #sea #music #tourism #italy #traveler #portrait #europe #traveller #fun

Looking for travel quotes for Instagram? Here’s my 143 Best Travel Quotes for Instagram

Creative travel hashtags

Do you ever struggle with fresh new ideas for your IG hashtags? Well here’s a list of some brand new inspo to use, so you don’t have to keep recycling the same old hashtags all the time:

travel hashtag 8















#[insert destination]



#SunsOut #TravelBug #Travelholic #travelingram #TravelTheWorld #OhThePlacesYoullGo #travelpreneur #TravelDiaries #TravelAddict #TravelLife #WanderlustWednesday #TravelTuesday #staycation #LiveIntrepid #LaptopLifestyle #NomadicLife #[insert destination] #TakeTheScenicRoute #ItsAllAboutTheJourney

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Best hashtags for travel

Now here’s a collection of the 20 best vacation hastags for travel on TikTok and Instagram, along with the number of posts they are used in (as of 22nd December 2022):

90 Best Travel Hashtags for Instagram Reels and TikTok in 2024 1

#travelgram #TravelPhotography #traveling #travelling #TravelBlogger #traveler #traveller #TravelTheWorld #travelingram #TravelBlog #travels #TravelAddict #TravelPhoto #TravelLife #TravelDiaries #TravelPics #TravelAwesome #travelholic #TravelBug #travelstoke

Funny travel hashtags

Sometimes the most hilarious and witty hashtags make your posts stand out and look impressive, and there’s plenty of travel-themed funny hashtags out there.

travel hashtag 4

Many of these are obscure, which makes them a great addition alongside very popular hashtags.

#TheySeeMeRolling  (51k posts)

#airplanefood  (51k posts)

#travelcat  (108k posts)

#airportcarpet  (13k posts)

#below10kfeet  (1.9k posts)

#RoadTrippin  (2.9m posts)

#IPulledOverForThis (1.4m posts)

#kicksonaplane (7k posts)

#WindowsDownMusicUp  (16.6k posts)

#HitTheRoadJack  (80k posts)

#SeeYouNever  (28k posts)

#SheIsNotLost  (5m posts)

#ByeFelicia  (1.9m posts)

#ShutUpAndDrive  (27.7k posts)

#PassTheAuxCord  (2.6k posts)

#RVThereYet  (23.6k posts)

#TopDownHandsUp  (132 posts)

#GirlBornToTravel  (80k posts)

#RevUpTheEngine  (166 posts)

#ipulledoverforthis #kicksonaplane #TheySeeMeRolling #travelcat #airportcarpet #below10kfeet #airplanefood #RoadTrippin #WindowsDownMusicUp #HitTheRoadJack #PassTheAuxCord #SheIsNotLost #ByeFelicia #RVThereYet #TopDownHandsUp #GirlBornToTravel #SeeYouNever #RevUpTheEngine #ShutUpAndDrive

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Top hashtags for photographers

Photography comes naturally to many travellers, especially those of who are serious about filling their Instagrams with good-quality content. Below are a list of top hashtags for photographers, along with the number of posts they are used in, as of January 2024.

travel hashtag 6

(Remember – these are extremely popular tags, so consider using only a few of these in your posts).

#beautiful (707m posts)

#nature (586m posts)

#photographer (190m posts)

#photooftheday (867m posts)

#style (519m posts)

#fashion (895m posts)

#model (283m posts)

#happy (610m posts)

#smile (386m posts)

#bhfyp (85m posts)

#photoshoot (125m posts)

#likeforlikes (242m posts)

#photographyislifee   (8.2m posts)

#instadaily (487m posts)

#beauty (422m posts)

#travel (536m posts)

#cute (603m posts)

#life (361m posts)

#girl (416m posts)

#beautiful #nature #photographer #photooftheday   #style #fashion #model #happy #smile #bhfyp #photoshoot #likeforlikes #photographyislifee #instadaily #beauty #travel #cute #life #girl

Best hashtags for travel bloggers

travel hashtag 3

Lastly here is a collection of the best TikTok and Instagram hashtags for travel blogs. Use a selection of these best hashtags for growth on instagram:

#travelbloggers (2.5m posts)

#travelblogging (904k posts)

#laptoplifestyle (2.2m posts)

#bloggersofinstagram (2.8m posts)

#digitalnomads (775k posts)

#tblogger (375k posts)

#bloggerlife (8.6m posts)

#nomadiclife (517k posts)

#bloggerslife (1.1m posts)

#bloglife (1.4m posts)

#travellifestyle (1.6m posts)

#thattravelblog (648k posts)

#travelpreneur (452k posts)

#workabroad (241k posts)

#travelbloggers #travelblogging #laptoplifestyle #bloggersofinstagram #digitalnomads #tblogger #nomadiclife #bloggerlife #bloggerslife #bloglife #travellifestyle #travelpreneur #thattravelblog #workabroad

How do I become successful on Instagram?

Here’s my 10 best tips and hacks to launch a successful travel Instagram account:

  • Secure a smart and witty username, and make sure it fits the character limit.
  • Niche down on your focus and specialist area (ie: food travel, destinations, travel style)
  • Write a really cool bio section.
  • Learn to take good quality and professional photos.
  • Learn Insta SEO – use relevant hashtags and captions, engage on other’s posts, and timing is key.
  • Develop your own unique feed layout/style.
  • Engage with your audience consistently. Reply to ALL likes and comments.
  • Publish photos, videos, quote pics, and live videos
  • Be active on Instagram Stories and Instagram Live daily.
  • Meet and engage with other Travel Instagrammers and Influencers.

Download your FREE 100+ Travel-Themed Phone Wallpaper Bundle Kit below:



Travel Hashtags FAQs:

Here is an FAQ section to answer the most commonly asked questions about travel-themed hashtags for Instagram reels:

What are the best travel hashtags for Instagram?

Here’s a roundup of the best and most popular travel themed hashtags on Instagram: #traveling #travelgram  #travelers #travelphotography #travelling #travelblogger #travelers  #traveltheworld #traveller #travelingram #travels #exploring  #traveladdict #travelphoto #travellife  #travelpics #travelawesome #travelholic  #travelbug #travelstoke

How do you succeed as a travel Instagram?

The key to making your content more discoverable on Instagram is making use of relevant hashtags, and using a combination of popular and obscure hashtags. You don’t need to fill all your posts with 30 hashtags. Check out what your competitors and top influencers are using in their hashtags.

What Instagram hashtags get the most likes?

Here’s the most popular Instagram hashtag categories: #photooftheday #instagood #nofilter #tbt #picoftheday #igers #love #nature

What are the top trending tourism hashtags?

#travel #wanderlust #vacation #travelgram #explore #travelphotography #adventure #instatravel #tourism #travelblogger

Is 30 hashtags too much?

There’s no perfect recipe for the number of hashtags you use on your Instagram posts, as every individual and business is different, and the same applies to each of their posts. You can use up to 30 hashtags per post, however that may be too many, and a common consensus is that 11 hashtags is a good number to begin with.

what are the top 10 hashtags on Instagram?

Here’s some of the best hashtags for growth on Instagram: #traveling #travelers #travelgram #travelblogger #travelers #traveltheworld #travelphotography #travelling #travels #exploring #traveller #travelingram #travelphoto #traveladdict #travellife #travelholic #travelpics #travelawesome #travelbug #travelstoke

What should I post on Instagram for travel?

When posting on Instagram for travel, you can consider sharing captivating vacation captions, travel quotes, expert advice based on your travel experiences, Instagrammable photos of destinations, hidden or unknown facts about a place, travel health tips, funny or humorous content related to travel, fashion-forward travel outfits, flying tips and tricks, and collaborations with other creators or influencers.

travel hashtag 2

So there you have it – a collection of over 90 of the best travel-themed hashtags for your Instagram and TikTok posts.

I hope you found this guide useful, and discovered a whole load of fresh new hashtags to copy and paste into your IG posts.

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Billy Read is the owner and author of BRB Gone Somewhere Epic, a travel blog that helps travelers discover unique destinations and travel experiences on a budget. With more than 10 years of global travel filled with accidents, Billy aims to help readers avoid making the same mistakes as he did, and make the most of their epic trips.


How To Find The Best Travel Hashtags for Instagram

How To Find the Best Travel Hashtags for Instagram

One of my best preforming blog posts is this  list of travel hashtags for Instagram ! While those are all great, it’s also super important to include destination specific hashtags on your travel photos as well. But how do you find the best travel hashtags for Instagram?

Find The Best Travel Related Hashtags for Instagram

I’ll walk you through exactly how I research the best travel hashtags before every trip. I suggest doing this all beforehand so you don’t have to worry about it while traveling. And the app linked below is going to help you keep all of them organized… 

This site contains affiliate links. I may receive a commission for purchases made through these links at no additional cost to you. Thanks for supporting onechelofanadventure.com!

Download Preview App

Preview app is a game changer for Instagram. In my opinion, it’s the best planning/grid layout app, AND the hashtag tool is the best!  AND IT’S FREE. You can upgrade for more analytics and tools, and it’s still cheaper than Planoly. I canceled and switched to Preview App almost immediately. 

Not only will this app help you plan out your Instagram feed, it will also help you find, save, and organize hashtags!

Finding travel hashtags with Preview App

The hashtag planning part of the app allows you to browse different topics and suggests related hashtags. All you have to do is click the hashtag and it will add it to your saved list!

best hashtags for travel on instagram

Instagram only allows 30 hashtags per post, so another great thing about this app is that it keeps count of how many hashtags you’ve added to a group so you don’t go over!

You can then save groups of hashtags in certain groups that are easily and clearly labeled… no more saving random hashtags lists in your notes app! 

best hashtags for travel on instagram

When you’re ready to post on Instagram, simply click into the list you want, press copy, and you’re good to go!

best hashtags for travel on instagram

It also analyzes the hashtags you’ve used and shows you which are preforming best!

My Unico 20º 87º  and Utah Road Trip  hashtags did super well.

best hashtags for travel on instagram

I will say, the hashtag suggestions on Preview App are somewhat limited. Luckily, there are other ways to find hashtags for travel photos too!

Download Preview in the App Store and Google Play .

Go to the Destination's Instagram Account

The first thing I like to do when looking for relevant travel hashtags is go to destination I am traveling to’s main tourism account. 

For example, let’s say you’re going to be traveling to Austin, TX (which everyone should, but hey, I’m biased). The first thing I would do is go to the Austin tourism account, @visitaustintx . To find this, try searching for the destination’s name or “visit + your destination” or “destination + travel.”

How to find the best travel hashtags - Austin, TX

Typically, these accounts will have their own designated hashtags listed right in the profile, like #TrueAustin . These are great to use, but usually have a lot of competition. 

PS – if you want a list of Austin + Texas hashtags , I posted a full list of them on this blog post .

Browse Related Hashtags

Click the travel destination’s account hashtag and you’ll be taken to a screen where Instagram automatically shows you hashtags that are related to it. Click the triangle next to the follow button to see more.

Finding travel related hashtags

Copy those hashtags into a note or your preview app. Then click on some of the related hashtags and see what’s then a suggested/related hashtag for it. And so on and so forth!

Check The Destination's Instagram Account's Photos for Hashtags

Next, take a look at the photos the destination’s account posts. If they’re smart, they’ll use related hashtags as well. @visitaustintx doesn’t seem to use that many, but others do, and it’s a great way to find more hashtags for your Instagram photos.

How to find the best travel Instagram hashtags - Austin TX tags

PS – it just so happens this photo is by my crazy talented photographer friend @shanewarephoto  (he’s updated his IG name since I took these screenshots lol)!

Check Out the Instagram Accounts They Repost

Take a look at the photos the account is posting and look to see if they post a lot from that city/country. I know @shanewarephoto takes a lot of awesome Austin photos, so I’d then dive deeper into his posts and see what kind of hashtags he’s using. 

best hashtags for travel on instagram

Click on one of the most popular photos and see what hashtags they used for it:

best hashtags for travel on instagram

Add ones that are relevant to your list.  You can also do this for photos they’re tagged in, usually they’ll have good hashtags as well.

Look at the Destination's Suggested Accounts

Go back to the main destination’s account, and click the little arrow button next to the follow/following button to show similar “suggested” Instagram accounts. 

best hashtags for travel on instagram

Then do the same thing you did with the original destination’s account with all of these:

  • check for hashtag in profile + related hashtags
  • look at the account’s photos to see what hashtags they’re using
  • check out the accounts of the photos they repost/are tagged in and see what hashtags they’re using on their photos

Search for Bloggers / Instagrammers / Photographers in That Location

It’s part of their job to make sure their photos reach as many people as possible, so chances are, bloggers/photographers have some pretty great hashtags.

@timeofdre  is an Influencer/Instagram Coach friend of mine that uses really strategic hashtags:

Austin hashtags for instagram

She also has a great IGTV on finding hashtags, check it out here . 

Search The Biggest Travel Instagram Accounts

Looking at major Instagram accounts that repost travel photos is another great way to find hashtags. Check out this list of  50+ Instagram Accounts That Will Feature Your Epic Travel Photos  for some ideas! 

Instagram Accounts That Feature Travel photos-travelandliesure

Some of my favorite generic travel hashtags to use are: #TLPicks #CNtraveler #TravelDudes #AMTB #WeAreTravelGirls  #SheIsNotLost #LonelyPlanet #MyLPGuide #CultureTrip #WorldNomads #DameTraveler #TravelAndLife #BeautifulDestinations

These will likely have a TON of competition, so while they’re very popular, it’s important to use more targeted/specific ones as well.

Try Searching for Hashtags on displaypurposes.com

This tool is new to me, but displaypurposes.com can make generating generic location based hashtags a breeze! Just type in a couple hashtags and it will automatically find other ones for you.

Finding hashtags with displaypurposes.com

It also has a map feature that lets you browse directly by location!

Finding hashtags with displaypurposes.com map

And their graph feature displays the related hashtags out.

Finding hashtags with displaypurposes.com graph

Just make sure to check for any that are spammy and not really related to your photo. Instagram will actually penalize you for using unrelated hashtags.

How to Organize Your Instagram Hashtags

While doing this research, you will likely come up with over 30 hashtags and won’t be able to save them all in one section on Preview App . So you can either save them in notes on your phone, or in a Google Doc like I do:

google doc template for travel hashtags

I know… that doc is **extra** haha but what can I say, I’m organized! I like to keep everything together, so I typically create a google doc like this for every trip/destination. It’s typically even more detailed, this is just a screenshot of one page.

It helps a lot to have all your hashtags organized and in one place beforehand though!

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How To Find The Most Instagrammable Places When Traveling

Ultimately, trying different hashtags and seeing what works best for your posts is the way to go. Be sure to mix it up and not use the same exact hashtags every single time  

And lastly, don’t get discouraged if a photo doesn’t do well… Instagram’s algorithm is weird and sometimes posts just don’t do as well as you thought. It d oesn’t mean it’s not a good post though! 

Feel free to comment any questions you might have or  DM me on Instagram !

  • 50+ Instagram Accounts That Will Feature YOUR Travel Photos
  • How to Find The Most Instagrammable Places While Traveling
  • 15 Awesome Apps That Will Help You Up Your Instagram Game
  • The Best Travel Hashtags for Instagram

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8 thoughts on “ how to find the best travel hashtags for instagram ”.

Love this post! Such great suggestions and fresh ideas to help build on a few that I’m already doing. Following along on your travels (and Austin fun, since I’m a fellow Texas gal!) is always a blast. xo Dayna // http://daysbyday.com/

Aw thank you! So glad you found it helpful!! 🙂

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best hashtags for travel on instagram

Best Travel Hashtags for Instagram and TikTok (2024)

When you post about your travels, using travel hashtags on social media sites like Instagram and TikTok will help make sure your photos reach a wide audience.

Even more than that, travel hashtags can aid in finding a community of like-minded Instagrammers who love travel just as much as you do.

Finding a tribe of fellow travel lovers is as easy as going to your backyard. Here is a collection of some of the best hashtags you can use.

hashtag, facebook, social media-1120301.jpg

This post may contain affiliate links, which means I may receive a commission, at no extra cost to you, if you make a purchase through a link. Please see my  full disclosure  for further information.

Table of Contents

How to Choose the Perfect Travel Hashtag

The secret to choosing a hashtag that would make you stand out from the huge crowd of globetrotting Instagrammers is having a sense of theme. Influencers play an important role when it comes to travel hashtags.

Here’s how you can choose the perfect travel hashtag:

  • Check out the posts of your favourite travel influencer to get a sense of the niche you are posting in. You can learn to identify the most successful hashtags from them.
  • Know your Hashtag: The fact that a hashtag is popular does not mean that it is going to be useful to you. Your brand image may not be suited to all of the trending hashtags. It goes a long way to research the hashtag you’re about to post before settling on it.
  • Create a Unique Hashtag: You can go full-out on being a content creator by using your own unique hashtag. Find a catchy tagline that resonates with your target audience. These are easy to create with little to no effort.
  • Keep it Short: The shorter your hashtag is, then the easier it is to understand. Lengthy hashtags are difficult to read, and so you should do your best to avoid them.

Where to Put Hashtags

There has been some debate over where hashtags should be placed. The common practice is to place them in the post’s captions, but some advocate placing them in the comments.

The way the Instagram algorithm works is a mystery, so it has been difficult to get the full picture regarding which hashtag method creates the most engagement, new followers and reach.

It is best to use hashtags in captions if you have fewer than a hundred thousand followers. It is easier to reach a wider audience that way. Most brands use about seven to thirty hashtags for each post.

Most Popular Instagram Travel Hashtags

Have you ever wondered what the ideal Instagram travel hashtags are for travel bloggers and influencers? As travel influencers, our goal is to expand our audience and connect with our followers.

We’d also like to connect with other influencers, as well as marketing and public relations professionals, as well as Instagrammers who simply enjoy travelling.

Never underestimate the value of a basic but effective Instagram hashtag strategy. It aids in the growth of your Instagram following and helps you expand your reach. It’s excellent to know and comprehend Instagram’s top hashtags, but the most popular hashtags are also the most used hashtags by definition.

The 30 Top Instagram Travel Hashtags

  • #postcardsfromtheworld- 4,497,077 posts
  • #optoutside- 18,129,635 posts
  • #solotravel- 7,057,297 posts
  • #goexplore- 5,901,715 posts
  • #wonderfulplaces- 4,672,231 posts
  • #travelbug- 10,755,979 posts
  • #wanderlust- 138,109,925 posts
  • #momentsofmine- 3,931,782 posts
  • #travelstories- 2,098,607 posts
  • #roamtheplanet- 13,665,829 posts
  • #traveltheworld- 37,700,000 posts
  • #instatravelling- 4,399,894 posts
  • #mytravelgram- 23,121,632 posts
  • #travelphotography- 171,566,109 posts
  • #lovetravel- 5,049,527 posts
  • #travelpics- 13,100,063 posts
  • #travelwithfriends- 467,367 posts
  • #travelinspiration- 3,941,453, posts
  • #Travelgram- 152,991,569 posts
  • #Travelholic- 11,753,733 posts
  • #Travelbook- 1,522,635 posts
  • #Travellers- 6,580,767 posts
  • #Travel_Captures- 472,417 posts
  • #Instatravel- 116,260,671 posts
  • #SeeTheWorld-  6,671,783 posts
  • #TravelTheWorld- 37,725,090 posts
  • #TravelAddict- 22,042,375 posts
  • #Travellingram- 274, 076 posts
  • #TravellingThroughTheWorld- 7,050,374 posts
  • #TravelIsLife- 2,714,857 posts

Best Travel Hashtags Overall
















Less Competitive Travel Hashtags

#travelled- 103,899 posts

#travelingstuff- 87,923 posts

#wanders- 151,066 posts

#travellist- 50,049 posts

#lppathfinders- 155,470 posts

#travellocal- 331,705 posts

#travellight- 242, 498 posts

#wandergram 385,324 posts

#wanderlove- 345,560 posts

#wandermore- 481,239 posts

#travelingplanet- 209,184 posts

#travelingworld- 116,817 posts

#travelingislife- 216,557 post

#travelingsoul- 159,669 post

#travelpicsdaily-502,534 post

#travelingfoodie- 134,030 post

#wanderings- 184,126 post

#wanderfull- 82,319 post

#wanderlost- 163,996 post

Best Hashtags for Travel Bloggers

If you are a travel blogger or you simply just like to write then these hashtags would be perfect for you.

laptop, beach, travel-





















Best Instagram Hashtags for Travel Photography

These related hashtags are commonly used in Instagram posts that feature travel photography.

camera, aperture, digital camera, travel hashtags








Best Holiday and Vacation Hashtags

You can try any of these on your Instagram or TikTok to boost your engagements and views.

maldives, tropics, tropical, holiday hashtag, vacation hashtag








Best Food Instagram Hashtags for Travel

There is no better way to feel a destination than through taste buds. While sampling the local cuisine, be sure to curate Instagram posts that include delicious eats.

spices, market, food hashtag











Hashtags by Activity

Travel can take place in different forms. Whether it is a road trip, a mountain hike, or a simple adventure, here are some hashtags for you.

Best Adventure Hashtags for Travel







Mountain Travel Hashtags

mountain, rocks, mount robson, travel


#landscapephotograph y

Road Trip Hashtags

car, sunlight, forest, road trip

Hashtags by Travel Type

Travelling may sometimes not be only for vacation. There are various reasons why people explore other parts of the world, and depending on which one motivates you, there are various hashtags for you.

Work Travel Hashtags



Best Family Travel Hashtags

bali, beach, suardiana, family travel hashtags




# familyfun

Couple Travel Hashtags






Female Travel Hashtags


#travel #wanderlust














Luxury Travel Hashtags









Funny Travel Hashtags




Hashtags by Destination

Discover dome of the best travel hashtags to use split by their locations. This way, you can add your photo to a collection of photos posted by people in similar locations.

Beach Hashtags

beach hashtags, greece

Tropical Travel Hashtags

beach hut, beach, vacation, tropical travel










City Hashtags

belgium, street, buildings, europe, city hashtags, best hashtags for instagram




Hashtags by Location

If you are travelling to a specific location, then it would be best to choose a hashtag related to the location.

Europe Travel Hashtags




Best TikTok Hashtags for Travel

#travel – 1,041,088   

#travelgram – 4,776

#travelphotography – 5,845

#instatravel – 4,134

#travelblogger  –  182,071,678

#photography   –  514,800     

#trip –   337,972

#traveler –  16,344       

#nature  –   1,319,810

#travelling – 87,833       

#vacation  – 428,740          

#wanderlust – 52,323       

#holiday  –  506,344     

#adventure –   107,608     

#traveltheworld – 5,836    

#traveller  –  34,511

#tourism –   11,097       

#explore  – 600,508

How do you Use Hashtags for Travel?

There is so much travel photography on Instagram. It is getting difficult to stand out from the millions of posts. Using hashtags in your caption will help with your engagements. Use branded travel hashtags, as well as hashtags of what you are doing to attract more followers.

How Many Travel Hashtags Should I Use on Instagram?

Depending on the content you are posting, you may need more or fewer hashtags. It is perfectly okay to use the 30 hashtag limit of Instagram. If they do not look good to you in the caption, you can also place them in the comment section. You typically shouldn’t go lower than 7 with your hashtags.

More Travel Hashtags

Switzerland Hashtags

best hashtags for travel on instagram

Sylvie Simpson

Sylvie Simpson is the founder of European Cities with Kids. For the past 6 years, she has been travelling all over Europe whenever she has the chance, both solo, for work and with her daughter. Sylvie is on a mission to help people make the most of city breaks in Europe with kids and helps over 50,000 readers per month plan and make the most of their trips in Europe with kids.

  • Sylvie Simpson https://europeancitieswithkids.com/author/sylvie-simpson/ 55 Inspirational Cruise Quotes
  • Sylvie Simpson https://europeancitieswithkids.com/author/sylvie-simpson/ Finland’s Nuuksio National Park with Kids
  • Sylvie Simpson https://europeancitieswithkids.com/author/sylvie-simpson/ The 9 Best Switzerland Cities to Visit in 2024 [The Family Edition]
  • Sylvie Simpson https://europeancitieswithkids.com/author/sylvie-simpson/ The BEST Water Parks in Poland to Visit with Kids (2024)

Travel Hashtags For Instagram: 100+ Hashtags To Become Viral in 2023

Willa Carson

August 31, 2023

Happy Wayfarer is reader-supported. When you buy through links on our site, we may earn an affiliate commission.

As a travel influencer, you will need important travel hashtags for Instagram to increase your traffic, and audience, and engage your followers. Using the proper hashtags for any niche requires research and strategies on any social media handle.

So, let’s discover 100+ travel hashtags you can use in your blog to make your post go viral and help your content get ranked as a top post!

Why Use Hashtags On Instagram For Travel?

If you are new on Instagram or just starting as an influencer on any social media, you might wonder what a hashtag means and why they are needed in your post. Here I will tell you the meaning of hashtags and their use. So, read along.

Why Use Hashtags On Instagram For Travel?

What Are Hashtags?

Hashtags are used in the caption section on social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and others to indicate a post topic or content keywords.

  • Hashtags are symbols used to tag or categorize important keywords you want your followers to identify relating to your content on your social media posts.
  • A Hashtag is written before the word or phrases you want people to identify or notice concerning a particular post or content.

Uses Of Hashtags On Instagram For Travel

Instagram is now the widely known platform used by travel bloggers, writers, and influencers to grow their audience and increase their visibility by showing their tour experiences to other users. So, you will need Travel hashtags for Instagram because of the following:

  • Makes your content accessible and organized: Using Hashtags makes your content accessible not only to your followers but also to other users who search keywords you have tagged in your post using the symbol.
  • Makes your content clickable and searchable: Hashtags make your content discovered in the feeds and clickable by users interested in them when they search showing all the public content attached to it on Instagram.
  • Content and competition research: Hashtags for travel are used on Instagram to analyze and research your competitors’ SEO content or posts, sentiments, voice, and engagement, concerning yours. This will help you to know where you fall short in your content strategies and planning and the way forward to be ahead of your competitors.
  • To connect digital or social media campaigns: Travel hashtags for Instagram help to connect your real-life marketing campaigns or advertisements to your blog, accelerating user engagements.

Uses Of Hashtags On Instagram For Travel

How Many Instagram Hashtags Should I Use?

The required number of Instagram hashtags to use for your travel content or any other should not be less than 5 but it should not exceed 10.

  • Including too many hashtags in the caption section of the content may appear crowded to your followers distracting them from the main objective.
  • Also, the clogged caption section may affect your post ranking according to the Instagram algorithm, but you are allowed to put as many as you want in the comment section.
  • Also, you should note that the smaller the number of your followers, the smaller the hashtag you should use, and likewise for larger followers. Using a smaller amount of hashtags when starting your page attracts new followers.

How Do I Remember Which Top Instagram Hashtags to Use?

The most effective method to make use of top hashtags or remember them when you are posting your content is to research, strategize, and put down trendy Travel hashtags related to your posts. You can do so by following these tips:

  • Plan your content ahead of time and research suitable hashtags for it.
  • Put down your findings and also add your new hashtags specifically related to the content.
  • You can make use of a Hashtags generator for suggestions for your content.
  • Follow top celebrities and influencers, and always check their posts that rank at the top related to travel to get popular hashtags.
  • Use the autocomplete feature on Instagram for hashtags.

How Do I Remember Which Top Instagram Hashtags to Use?

Best Travel Hashtag For Instagram

Using the appropriate travel hashtags for your post depends on which area of traveling you are creating content on. As we all know, Travel encompasses different sections such as the ones based on events, location, vacations, etc. So let’s look into examples of each one below:

1. Most Popular Travel Hashtags

These are trending hashtags widely used for travel on Instagram. They are needed in your post to make it rank at the top but you need to use a small number of them coupled with other types of hashtags.

Most Popular Travel Hashtags

Examples include #Instatravel, #TravelTheWorld, #LetsTravel, #TravelIsLife, #travelinspiration, #travelpics etc.

2. Luxury Travel Hashtags

Luxury travel hashtags are mostly used by travel influencers and celebrities to show their experience of the most beautiful and expensive places such as hotels, amusement parks, historical locations, etc. they have visited around the world.

You can use the below if you are sharing luxurious tour experiences like them to get ranked quickly on Instagram.

Examples are #Luxurytravel, #Luxuryhotels, #DreamDestination, #Luxiriousholiday, #BestResorts, #TravelLuxury, #Luxirioustour, #Luxurylife, #VacayGoals, #beautifulhotels, etc.

3. Adventure Hashtags

These are vacation hashtags used for adventure travels such as visiting exciting and risky places like theme parks, mountains, Forests, Zoos, Camps, etc., and engaging in fun-filled, indoor and outdoor activities like swimming, hiking, climbing, etc.

Adventure Hashtags

Adventure hashtags include #Nature, #Landscape, #Adventureculture, #Wanderlust, #Naturelovers, #Amazonrainforest, #Hiking, #Mountains, #Explore, #Outdoors, #Camping, #disneycaliforniaadventure, etc.

4. Beach Hashtags

Beach hashtags are used for travel experiences to different waterside views, sightseeing, and nature visits around the world.

Travel hashtags associated with beaches are #Virginiabeach, #Sea, #Beachdaze, #Beachexperience, #Summer, #beachlife, #Travel, #BeachBabe, #Sandbetweenmytoes, #Water, #Nature, #Beach, #seaview, #Oceanview, #Sunandsand, #Beachvibes etc.

5. City Hashtags

These are travel hashtags associated with your tour activities in the most visited or popular cities around the globe. Sometimes city name applies to two or more countries. So, it is important to mention the complete address of the city you are posting so that like minds can find you easily.

City Hashtags

Here, we have #Citysightseeing, #LondonUK, #Streetview, #Cobbledstreets #Cities, #BeautifulCity, #Kuwaitcity #Cityview, #LoveThisCity #Cityscape, #CityTrips #LondonCanada, #CitySights, #CityTravel, #Citybestpics, #Townscape, #Newyorkcity etc.

6. Solo Female Traveller Hashtags

Solo Female hashtags for travel connect female travel bloggers, travel influencers, celebrities, and enthusiasts on the Instagram community.

The best hashtags for Solo female travellers are #Wearetravelgirls, #Femaletravels, #Girlsarounftheworld, #Femmetravel, #TravelGirlsGo, #Femaletravelbloggers, #Womentravel, #Solotravels, #girlsthatwander, etc.

7. Family Travel Hashtags

These are vacation hashtags used for sharing Instagram posts related to families traveling and having fun together. You can use these best hashtags for family travel in your next Instagram post when you take your loved ones on a tour with you.

Family Travel Hashtags

#Familytravelwriter, #Travelwithkids, #FamilyTravels, #TravelDad, #Travelwithspouse, #ExploringFamilies, #FearlessFamTrav, #Familytravellife, #Familytravelbloggers, #luxfamilytravel #Travelcouple, #TravelMum, #Familytravelplanner, #FamilyAdventure, #Familytime, #Funtimewithfamily, etc

8. Honeymoon Hashtags

There are a lot of couples on Instagram that are travel bloggers. Instagram duo influencers and celebrities give inspiration to other users on honeymoon and fun-filled activities. You can use the following for Hashtags for travel related to Honeymoon and couple activities.

#HoneymoonDestination, #BesthoneymoonTime, #Justhooked, #RomanticPlace, #Babymoon, #HoneymoonVibe, #Honeymoonplanner, #JustMarried, #Honeymoonavenue, #HoneymoonInspo, etc. 

9. Travel Video Hashtags

Travel clips are now widely spread on Instagram but to make your video feature at the top you need exciting and relevant travel hashtags. They include but are not limited to the following:

Travel Video Hashtags

#TravelVlog, #Travelgram, #TravelVideography, #Travellingtheworld, #Travelblogger, #Travelfootage, #TravelVideos, #TravelVideoDiary, #Travelclip, # Toptravelclips, #TravelVlogger, #Travelinsta, #VlogTravel, #Travelawesome #Besttravelvideo, #Drone_Countries etc.

10. Top Hashtags For Photographers

These are hashtags used for photography on Instagram that go viral and rank at the top. They are:

#Global_hotshotz, #Photography, #Photooftheday, #Instagram, #Throughthelens, #Pixel_IG, #Instapics, #Photo, #Nature, #Moody_tones, #PhotographyAddict, #Picoftheday, #Instafocus, #Lovephoto, #Amazingphotography etc.

11. Creative Travel Hashtags

Creative travel hashtags simply include making use of imaginative or original tagged words or phrases for your travel experiences, inspiration, etc. Creative hashtags can include everything about travel such as Travel Food Instagram hashtags, Hotel booking hashtags, sightseeing hashtags, etc.

You can randomly combine two popular and related hashtags for travel to create one for your post.

Creative Travel Hashtags

Examples are #Exotictravelfood, #Travelthroughsea, #Traveldame, #Travelgistlovers, etc. You should try as much as possible to avoid long phrases when combining words so it does not affect your post ranking.

12. Funny Travel Hashtags

Sometimes you might want to thrill your followers with your funny moments when you travel such as the silly things you did or mistakes you make that Instagram users can also learn from.

Various hashtags in this category are #Travelmemes, #Funnytravelvideo, #Meme, #Funnytravelblogger, #Traveljoke, #Thrillingmoments, #Travelhumor, etc.

The Best Travel Hashtag Rule of Thumb

Hashtags should begin with the symbol # without including any space or symbol between the word coming after it. Below are tips to guide you on the Proper Use of Instagram Hashtags For Travel.

  • Page Visibility: You should make sure your Instagram account or page is visible to the public in the Instagram setting otherwise your content may not be seen by other users when shared by your followers.
  • Avoid Long Hashtags: Use easily remembered keywords and avoid long phrases as most people searching for information may not type as much for your hashtags to be found.
  • Include branded Hashtags: If you are a travel blogger or tourism expert, airline company, etc.. It is recommended you include branded travel hashtags in your post to improve your visibility. This could be your establishment name.
  • Avoid unrelated and Similar Words : Avoid adding irrelevant hashtags and also avoid using different words or phrases that mean the same meaning as this may clog your caption area or even bore your audience.
  • Tag the location and purpose of the picture or video: You can tag words relating to what you are doing at the moment the picture or video was captured, when the video was captured, and why you did so including the precise location.
  • Alternate your Hashtags for different posts : Avoid using the same hashtags often for your posts because you might get banned on Instagram, so you should usually alternate your hashtags.

The Best Travel Hashtag Rule of Thumb

8 Other Different Types of Instagram Hashtags

Before considering the use of any hashtag you need to be conversant with the various types of Hashtags. Knowing the category of hashtags helps you to decide and choose the best for your post.

Instagram Hashtags can be categorized into:

1. Geographical Hashtags

This is also known as locational hashtags. They are used for content targeting audiences from a particular place or location. It could be a continent, country, state, or neighborhood.

Geographical Hashtags

For example #USA, # Germany, #Asia, # EurasiaPark, #Newyork, #Dubai, etc.

2. Industry Hashtags

Industry hashtagged words or phrases are meant for a particular niche, industry, or clients you work for and target audience but are not directly related to your content. You need to research the products and services your audience needs before using industry Hashtags for your post.

For example, we have #3starhotel, #Resturants, #Tourism, #Cruises, #Leisure, #Foodsandbeverages, #Artsandculture, #Recreation, #Events, #Sports, #Exhibition, #Culinary, #Hospitality, #Tradefair, #Funfair, #Airlines etc.

3. Branded Hashtags

These are custom or unique hashtags developed specifically for your brand. They are used to, particularly for your brand identity and visibility.

Branded Hashtags

Examples of these Hashtags are #Britishairways, #Thomascook, #Bookingholdings,#Joecross, #American Airlines, #Haystravel, #Expediagroup, #Barilla, #Engencia, #Contiki, etc.

4. Trending Hashtags

They are popular words tagged to a post which makes the content go viral. Popular hashtags merely last long usually for a few days, hours, or even minutes.

They are used for things that are currently in vogue but you need to use them carefully with relevant content because they don’t last long. Examples include #Ilovetravel, #Summertravel, #Instatravel, #Travel, #Viral, #Trendingtravels, #travelmore, #Traveldiary, #Airtravel, #Seatravel,#Dametravellers, #Tours, #Instagood, etc.

5. Engagement Hashtags

Also known as a call to action Hastags, they are used to engage your followers to respond to your post. Engagement Hashtags are usually related to community-based content where you need users to follow, contribute, join, and share your content.

Engagement Hashtags

Examples are #Gohiking, #Goexplore, #Postcardsfromtheworld, #Let’sgofishing #Tourtheworld, #Momentsofmine, etc. Engagement hashtags also include chat hashtags like #traveldiscuss, #Tourchatting, #Travelchats, etc.

6. Content Reflecting Hashtags

This is your self-developed hashtag for your post showing the main objective or topic of your content. It can also be called a topical Hashtag.

It is a compulsory hashtag you should include in your post because it reflects what you are talking about. This Hashtag makes your content visible to people who search for it.

For example, #Mountainbiking, #Skydiving, #Hiking, #Travelcook, #Horsebackriding, #travelcuisines, #Swimming, #Fishing, #Camping, #foodstagram, #Travelphotos, #Cooking, #Foodtravel, etc.

7. Events Hashtags

These are Hashtags referring to a season, festival, special holiday, or widely known event related to your content so that people with the same interest can find it.

Events Hashtags

The example includes #, #eventplanner, #worldtravelmarket, #summerholiday, #Wedding, #ITBBerlin, #Arabiantravelmarket, #SATTE, #Tourismforum, #FIFAworldcup, #ITBAsia, #MATTAfair, #WashingtonDCadventurehow, etc.

8. Audience Hashtags

These are hashtags used mostly by your audience in their Instagram posts. You can use these hashtags to get more followers but you need to research well on the widely and commonly used hashtags related to the large number of your audience.

Examples of Audience hashtags are #honeymoon, #Travelstyle, #Weddingdestination, #Photooftheday, #Weekendtour, #Travelfashion, #Wonderfultour, #Instafashion,#Cruising, #Grouptravel, #Familytour, etc.

A Quick Guide On How To Get Ranked As a Top Post Using Hashtags

The most important aim of putting your post or content on Instagram and other social media platforms is to call people to action either to react to your post such as likes and comments, buy something, or any other engagement.

The best and most effective option to achieve this goal is to get ranked as the top post. Getting to the top might be difficult because there are millions of active users on Instagram posting their content daily with the same goal as you. But, it can be achievable if you follow the recommendations below;

1. Add Graphics To Your Posts

One of the ways to get your audience to notice your post is to include attractive and catching graphics or images in your content. Doing this will entice them and make them want to know what is in your content.

Add Graphics To Your Posts

2. Include Engaging Caption

Sometimes you might post a particular picture or video on your page and the audience finds it attractive but may not know what you are trying to portray.

  • A video or image without a caption may have different meanings to users based on individual perspectives.
  • An engaging caption gives a clue to what you are presenting and it also gives room for interaction between your content and your target audience.
  • The caption could be the heading or topic of your post, a question you want your follower to answer, a phrase that requires comments, etc.

3. Write Unique Contents

Create interesting and unique content that is free from copying other users. Your audience gets bored when you repeat content they might have seen on other pages multiple times. You might even be penalized when you get reported by the original owner of the post.

Write Unique Contents

4. Make Use Of Appropriate Tags

Use hashtags with the most suitable word associated with your content. It is important you add more than 6 hashtags to your content so you can rank high on Instagram.

  • You need to add popular hashtags you find related to your content, your own developed hashtags from your content, and as well as hashtags for the audience you are targeting.
  • You need to be careful when adding popular hashtag because it can affect your ranking so only use very relevant ones.

5. Use a Locational Hashtag

Geographical hashtags are used when you are targeting audiences from a particular or specific place. Adding the location hashtags to your travel post on Instagram makes it more accessible to users interested in your specified location.

Use a Locational Hashtag

6. Always Respond To Your Followers In The Comment Section

One of the good ways to keep your Instagram account or page active is to engage with your followers apart from posting content. When anyone on Instagram comments on your post and it requires you to respond, then you need to respond timely.

7. Team Up With Other Users Related To Your Niche On Instagram

You can get a high number of followers and engagement by teaming up with other users on Instagram Pods. This is an engagement section or group on the platform that involves you on other users’ posts and they, in turn, do so for your post too:

  • Commenting.

Team Up With Other Users Related To Your Niche On Instagram

8. Do Promotional Activities On Your Instagram Page

You can retain your previous audience and attract new ones when you do giveaways, or give discounts on your services or goods. One of the ways to make your Giveaway activity effective on the level of engagement on your Instagram page is to use contests along with any promotion you should.

9. Team Up With An Influencer On Instagram

Another way to rank as a Top post is to engage influencers and celebrities on your post by asking them to help you post or share your content. You can also tag but you need their approval before you do.

Team Up With An Influencer On Instagram

10. Make Use of Modern Trends and Avoid Spamming

You should always stay updated on trendy hashtags and make use of them in your content. Also, you should avoid calling attention to your old content of more than 24 hours because this may not look recent to your followers.

What hashtags for travel luxury?

These are hashtags used for expensive tours and travel videos or images around the globe. Examples include #Luxuriousparks, #Luxurioustour, #Wonderfultravel, #Luxuriousfoods, #WorldLuxurioushotels, #Classictours, #Expensivetravels, #Luxurylifestyle, #Luxuriousvacation, etc.

How do you make a travel hashtag?

Travel hashtags can be made from the contents of your post. You can also choose from popular travel hashtags and top Instagram influencers to boost your ranking.

What are the best travel hashtags for Instagram?

The best Instagram hashtags for travel are trending ones combined with other types of hashtags related to your post. Examples are #Travelphotography, #Travelgram #Travelpicoftheday #Nature #Tourtheglobe #Seetheworld, #Travelholic, #Traveladdict, #Roamtheplanet, #travelblog, #Travelvideo #Worldtraveler etc.

Do hashtags go in the caption?

Yes, the best position to place your hashtags is in the caption area. but you need to be careful with the number of tags you use, basically 10 Hashtags. Other tags you wish to add can be put in the moment section.

Which hashtags work best?

The hashtags that work best are the ones suitable and related to your posts. Merely adding unrelated or unnecessary hashtags will not only spam your followers and other users but will also affect your ranking.

For example, we have #Traveltrips, #Roamtheworld, #Travelstar #Travelphotooftheday, #Hiking, #Travellife, Airbnb, #Travelfoodonwheels, #Mountainview, #Travelvlogger, #Travelexperts, #Tourguide, #Vacation, etc.

Travel hashtags for Instagram posts require you as a travel influencer to be conversant with if you want your posts to rank at the top. Also, you need to make sure your Instagram account is visible to the public. Avoid irrelevant and long words, and use content-related and branded Hashtags for the best visibility.

For example, if you are writing a travel post relating to Adventure, you need to include 6-10 travel Hashtags like #Travel, #AdventureTour, #Disneyland, #Travelblog, #Funfair, #Wanderlust, #Funpark, #Explore, for your post to rank well, etc.

Which of the Instagram Hashtags for travel have you used in your Instagram Post? Give your answer in the comment section. Thanks for reading.

Happywayfarer author Willa Carson

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Expert World Travel

Best Travel Hashtags For Instagram

Instagram and travel are like two peas in a pod – you can rarely have one without the other. Hashtags are a great way to grow your following and let others discover your profile, especially when you’re using hashtags for such a popular topic as traveling. But choosing the right hashtag is not as simple as just using the first one that pops up.

There are other things you need to consider like the relevance and popularity of the hashtag, which greatly influence your chances of being discovered by others. So, here’s our guide to the best travel hashtags for Instagram and a few tips on how to use them, which should help you boost your following!

How To Use Travel Hashtags

instagram hashtag

Before we get into all the best travel hashtags for Instagram, it’s important to go over a few important things first. The key thing to note is that you don’t want to use the most popular hashtags – that’s why you won’t find any obvious options like #travel #travelblogger or #roadtrip here.

It’s generally best to avoid all hashtags that have millions of posts. Although they are followed by a lot of people, these hashtags get so many posts that it’s likely your post will get entirely lost, especially if you don’t have hundreds of thousands of followers. To grow the following of a small profile, it’s best to use several smaller hashtags. If you can find hashtags you like that don’t have more than 10,000 posts, it’s the best way to go.

You can post up to 30 hashtags either in the caption or in the comment. Add 31 hashtags and your photo/comment won’t post. It’s usually best to put up to 15 hashtags under the post, but feel free to add as many as you like. Also, try to combine the hashtags to reach different audiences – if you’re posting a photo of a park in a foreign city, make sure to hashtag everything from the exact location to #traveltheworld.

Most Popular Travel Hashtags

You took a nice photo and it’s time to upload it to your Instagram. The first hashtags you should look for are those related to travel, but try to avoid the most popular ones. Hashtags with less than 10,000 posts are better to use if you’re trying to grow your account because it’s more likely that you’ll be featured in the top or recent posts. Being featured means more people will see your photo and profile, which is the entire point, right?

So, skip #travel and opt for some of these instead:

#travellist #postcardsfromtheworld #nevergoinghome #Travelgram #traveling #Travelphotography #travelling #travelblogger #traveler #traveller #travelingram #traveltheworld #travelblog #travels #traveladdict #travellife #travelphoto #travelpics #traveldiaries #travelbug #TravelAwesome #travelpic #travelers #travelstoke #travelgirl #traveldiary #traveldeeper #travellingthroughtheworld #travellers #travelph #travelersnotebook #travelmore

Travel Photography Hashtags

travel photography

#travelphotograhpy has more than 16 million posts, so you’ll need to get creative if you want your photos to get out there. Skip the most popular hashtag in favor of smaller hashtags that are just as relevant! There are loads of fun travel photography hashtags you can add to your post, starting with those that are relevant to the subject of the photo. Tag the city and country you are in, as well as any notable landmarks, and then just sprinkle in a few of the hashtags listed below!

#throughthelens #agameoftones #postcardsfromtheworld #optoutside #solotravel #goexplore #wonderfulplaces #travelbug #wanderlust #momentsofmine #travelstories #roamtheplanet #traveltheworld #instatravelling #mytravelgram #travelphotography #travelpics #travelinspiration #Travelgram #Travelholic #Travelbook #travelshot #momentsofmine #travelphotographer #travelphotographyguide #travelpics #travelshot #worldcaptures #worldingram #travelmoments #tagsta_travel

City/Country Hashtags

It can’t hurt to tag the country and city you’re traveling through in your photos. There’s a set of hashtags that are universally used for different countries, and using these can really help get your photographs out there. You can use the hashtags below, just switch out the country (Portugal) and city (Porto) names for the place you’re traveling through! Also, be sure to add hashtags that are relevant to the subject of the photo, especially if it’s a popular landmark or place in the city.

#visitportugal #exploreportugal #travelportugal #visitporto #portotravel #portotourist #portugaltourist #portugallover #portolover #portolife #livinginporto #livinginportugal #portugalalive #portugalguide #portugal_lovers #portugalfood #portugalplaces #portoplaces #portugalvisuals  #portugaltrip #portugalgram

Travel Blogger Hashtags

Use travel blogger hashtags in your posts to reach people who are interested in Instagram feeds that chronicle one’s travels through different countries. Bur for the love of hashtags, skip #travelblogger – it has more than 70 million posts, and the chances of your photo actually showing up in other people’s feeds are minimal. Instead, use some of the smaller hashtags listed below:

#travelbloggerlife #travelbloggervibes #travelblogging #travelbloggeres #travelbloger #travelbloggerslife #travelbloggerindia #travelbloggeritalia #travelblogg #travelbloggerlifestyle #travelbloggeruk #travelbloggersclub #travelbloggerph #travelbloggeroftheweek #travelbloggerfeature #travelbloggersptoficial #travelbloggerspt #travelbloggersofig #thattravelblog #bloggersofig #tblogger #bloggerlife #bloglife #bloggerslife #travellifestyle #travelpreneur

Family Travel Hashtags

family travel

Traveling with your family? You’re certainly not the only one, and there are countless others who would love to see your family’s travel photos. Add hashtags that are specific to your family, as well as some of the more popular family travel hashtags and your photos should be able to reach your target audience. It’s worth noting that even #familytravel is a viable option since it has about 4 million posts. It’s still best to skip it, but at least you have better chances of your photo being seen by others than with most other popular hashtags.

#travelfam #littletraveler #travelmum #traveldad #familytravels #familieswhotravel #familytraveltribe #familytravelblog #familytravelblogger #familytraveldiaries #familytravelfun #familytravelonabudget #familytravelphotography #familytravelrocks #familytraveltime #familytravelwithkids #familytrip #familyvacay #familyadventures #travelfamily #familyholidays #familymemories #sistertravels #brotherstraveling

If your family trips aren’t complete without pets, be sure to include some of the following hashtags as well:

#petfriendly #dogtravel #cattravel #rvingwithdogs #rvingwithcats #pettravel #pettravellers #pettravels #pettravelers #catontheroad #dogontheroad #adventuredog #adventurecat #dogfriendly #catfriendly #travelwithpets #travelwithcat #travelwithdogs

Creative Travel Hashtags

Being creative with your travel hashtags is always a good idea, especially if you have under 10,000 followers. In that case, it’s best to come up with hashtags that don’t have too many posts, so you have great chances of your photo being featured somewhere.

The best way to get creative with your hashtags is to add emojis or _ to the end of the more popular hashtags. These usually have fewer posts but are still followed by a lot of people, so the chances of others discovering your photos are pretty high. Don’t be scared of hashtags that have under 1,000 posts either – although your photo won’t be seen by many people, the chances of others seeing it are much greater than if you were to use a hashtag with millions of photos.  

#girlsborntravel #beyondtheguidebook #packingmybags #travel_capture #nomadaddicts #besttravelpics #travelinsider #travelstagram__ #worldtravelpic #discovertheglobe #creativetravelcouple #artofvisuals #placesoftheworld #fromhereandaway #globalwanderer #nowdiscovering #igpassport #travelfreak #welovetravel #travelpassport #roamearth #stayandwonder #travelpassion #keepexploring #livetoexplore #globetrotting #bestdiscovery #meettheworld #theworldguru #suitcasetravels #passionpassport

Funny Travel Hashtags

Since there are so many different travel hashtags out there, it’s no surprise that some people want to stand out from the bunch. A great way to do that is to use funny travel hashtags. If you don’t take yourself too seriously and you’re fine sharing very specific experiences, consider adding any of the hashtags below to your photos!

#kicksonaplane #airportcarpet #airplanefood #continentalbreakfast #below10kfeet #viewfromthetop #instapassport #theyseemerolling #ipulledoverforthis #windowsdownmusicup #seeyounever #sheisnotlost #byefelicia #shutupanddrive #topdownhandsup #revuptheengine

Hashtags For Road Trips

road trip

There’s a myriad of fun road trip hashtags you can add to your photos that will hopefully attract people who enjoy this lifestyle. Van life photos have become especially popular over the years, and in case you’re traveling the world in an RV, there’s an entire community of people you can reach with your hashtags.

Again, we’re not going with the obvious #roadtrip because it has more than 61 million posts. Use the hashtags listed below instead – most of them are much smaller, so it will be a lot easier to get your photos out there.

#roadtrippin #hittheroad #cruisin #hittheroadjack #letsgo #windowsdownmusicup #takethescenicroute #passtheauxcord #beautifulviews #roadtripdiaries #girlstrip #livetheadventure #rvthereyet #vanlife #wanderlust #openroad #letsgetlost #wheretonext #roadtrippers #goingplaces #route66 #roadtripwithme #roadtonowhere #roadtripgoals #roadtripgram #makingmemories #roadtripjunkie #roadtrippersonly #letstakeadetour #drivelovelaugh

Architecture And Street Photography Hashtags

If you’re anything like me, you love roaming around new cities, exploring the streets, and photographing every window that looks even a little bit interesting. You should definitely add some architecture/street photography hashtags if they’re relevant since they can really help your photos get discovered by new people. Also, if you’re uploading a photo of a famous city building, be sure to add some hashtags relevant to the building!

#architecturalphotography #archilove #facadedesign #archilover #architexture #facade #architecture_hunter #archilovers #architect #architecturelovers #citybreak #cityview #panoramicview #explorethecity #citysightseeing #citysunset #urbanlandscape #citylandscape #streetphotography_color #streetphotographyjournal #urbanlandscapephotography #cityphoto #cityscapephotography #urbanlandscapes #urbanview #citylandscapephotography #cityscenes #cityshot #city_feature #streetscapes #urbanscapes #citycaptures #citylandscapes #worldstreetphotography #urbanstreetphotography #streetphotographycommunity

Nature And Landscape Hashtags

landscape shot

When you find yourself off the beaten path in a foreign country, make sure to take lots of photos and upload them to Instagram. Landscape shots are very popular on the platform, and it’s quite easy to get them out there if you use the right hashtags to attract new followers.

#adventurer #chooseadventure #seekadventure #goneoutdoors #neverstopexploring #exploringthegreatoutdoors #adventureaddict #adventureislife #landscapephotography #landscapelovers #landscapeshot #landscapecapture #thegreatoutdoors #mountainphotography #snowymountains #mountainphotography📷 #mountainscape #hikingadventures #seascapephotography #seascapes #lakescape #riverphotography #riversidephotography #seascape_captures #roughseas #seasidelife

About the Author Anna Timbrook

Anna is the co-owner of expert world travel and can't wait to share her travel experience with the world. With over 54 countries under her belt she has a lot to write about! Including those insane encounters with black bears in Canada.

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Best Travel Hashtags to Boost your Instagram in 2023 (Copy & Paste)

Discover the most popular travel hashtags to boost your social media presence and share your adventures with the world. Explore trending tags for your next trip!


Looking to elevate your Instagram game in 2023? Get ready to embark on a visual journey with the best travel hashtags of the year. Whether you’re a seasoned globetrotter or an armchair explorer, these Instagram hashtags will take your travel posts to new heights, attracting likes, followers , and fellow wanderlust enthusiasts.

From breathtaking landscapes to culinary escapades and cultural experiences, we’ve got you covered with the ultimate hashtags to make your travel stories shine on Instagram. Copy and paste these powerful hashtags to transform your travel content into a visual journey that captures the attention of a worldwide audience!

Best Travel Hashtags (2023)

best hashtags for travel on instagram

#picoftheday #instagram #beautiful #photo #wanderlust #naturephotography #adventure #art #travelblogger #instatravel #landscape #like #summer #explore #trip

Hashtag Difficulty for Travel Hashtags

Hashtag Difficulty for travel hashtags varies based on popularity and competition, making it essential to choose strategically to maximize visibility and engagement in the travel community. Check out the travel hashtag difficulty below –

Most Popular Travel Hashtags for Instagram

best hashtags for travel on instagram

#travel #nature #travelphotography #photography #love #photooftheday #instagood #travelgram #travelbuddies #travelisfun

Also Read: Instagram Hashtags 2023: 250+ Trending, Viral, Popular and Best Hastags for Instagram Posts

Travel Hashtags for Instagram Reels

best hashtags for travel on instagram

#TravelGoals #ExploreMore #AdventureAwaits #TravelDiaries #ComeTravelWithme #LetsEscapetothebeach #Travelsummer #Travelawaits #traveladdict #travelphoto #travellife

Travel Photography Hashtags

best hashtags for travel on instagram

#travelphotography #travel #photography #travelgram #nature #photooftheday #travelblogger #naturephotography #vacation #instagram #photographer #tripImages

Top 10 Travel Hashtags

best hashtags for travel on instagram

Here are the top 10 travel hashtags you could use to make your posts stand out right away –

#travel #nature #travelphotography #photography #love #photooftheday #instagood #travelgram #picoftheday #instagram

Trending Hashtags for Travel Vlogs

best hashtags for travel on instagram

#traveltheworld #instatravelvlog #youtuber #adventurevlog #travellervlog #explorevlog #traveladventuresvlog #vlogoftheday #travelling&vlogging #travelstories

Creative Travel Hashtags

best hashtags for travel on instagram

#Travelparadise #travelnews #tarvelfunisreal # EndlessSummer #travellingtheworld #globaladventures #TravelIsLove #StartYourTrip #OnTheBestTrip #MakeitHappen #travelwithbuddies

Trending Travel Hashtags for Luxurious Trips

best hashtags for travel on instagram

#LuxuryTraveler #BespokeTravel #LuxuryVillas #LuxuryTrip #DiscoverTheWorld #RoadTrip #BeautifulDestinations #TravelBloggers #WorldExplorer

Best Hashtags when you travel to Mountains

best hashtags for travel on instagram

#mountains #natureMountains #travelToParadise #MountainTrip #MountainsAdventure #landscape #hiking #photography #naturephotography #adventure #travel #mountainscalling

Luxury Travel Hashtags

best hashtags for travel on instagram

#luxurytraveller #luxuryTravelcars #boutiquehotel #exploreLuxury #traveling #luxuryTravelhomes #summerLuxuryTrips #Luxury hotels #instagoodLuxury #LuxuryLife

Business Trip Hashtags for Instagram

best hashtags for travel on instagram

#businesstrave l #travel #businesstrip #business #businessman #businesstraveller #airplane #travelphotography #entrepreneurTrips #WorkTrips

Foreign Travel Hashtags

best hashtags for travel on instagram

#southafricansabroad #guysabroadTrip #summerabroad #canadiansabroad #ForeignTraveller #abroad #livingabroad #ForeignAdventures #girlstTripAborad #blackandabroad #travelabroad #ForeignTrips

Hashtags for Adventure

best hashtags for travel on instagram

#AdventureTime #VacationMode #adventureawaits #Wanderlust #adventuretravel #adventureseeker #adventurevisuals #BucketList #adventurelife #adventuremobile #adventurephotography

Beach Hashtags

best hashtags for travel on instagram

#beachlife #Beachislove #Beachyweather #BeachAdventure #BeachRomance #BeachyAfternoons #beachbody #beachday #beachvibes #beachwear #beaches

Also Read: Hashtags for Instagram Reels: 1000+ Best, Trending, Viral, Love, and Fashion Instagram Hashtags for Instagram Reels

Solo Travel Hashtags

best hashtags for travel on instagram

#discoveringsolo #solotravel #travelSolo #travelSolophotography #SoloTravelGoals #SoloEscape #AdventureAlone #DiscoveringSolo #soloFunTrip #SoloAdventures #SoloFun

Family Travel Hashtags

best hashtags for travel on instagram

#familytravelTrips #familytravels #familytrips #FamilyAdventures #FamilyVlog #familytravelblog #familytravelblogger #familytraveltribe #familytravelmoment #familytraveller

Instagram Hashtags for Your Honeymoon

best hashtags for travel on instagram

#Honeymoonholidayever #coupletravel #travelcouple #thetravelduos #Honeymoonvacations #travelHoneymoontogether #vacationHoneymoon #holidaydestination #honeymoontrip #honeymoons.

Travel Video Hashtags

best hashtags for travel on instagram

#travelvideo #travelvlog #travelvideo #VideoTravelFun #travelvideography #videotravel #travelvlogLive #travelTripvideos #TravelVlogging #TravelVlogFun

Top Hashtag Tips

  • Use hashtags that directly relate to your content to attract a targeted audience. For example, #TravelTips is more effective than a generic #Travel.
  • Short and memorable hashtags are easier to remember and type. Avoid overly long or complex hashtags.
  • Research trending hashtags that are relevant to your content to tap into popular conversations and gain visibility.
  • Combine widely used hashtags with niche ones to reach a broader yet engaged audience.
  • Use a moderate number of hashtags, typically between 5-15, to avoid overwhelming your post and maintain readability.

Do hashtags need spaces?

No, Hashtags do not need spaces.

Do hashtags affect reach?

Yes, Hashtags affect the reach of your posts. Hashtags also help in maintaining or increasing the reach of your content in relevant searches, and this can lead you to additional engagement.

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Redmi Note 13 Review: Should You Buy in 10 Points

Redmi Note 13 Review: Should You Buy in 10 Points

Realme 12 Pro Plus Review: Should You Buy in 10 Points

Realme 12 Pro Plus Review: Should You Buy in 10 Points

Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra Review: Should You Buy in 10 Points

Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra Review: Should You Buy in 10 Points

POCO X6 Review: Should You Buy in 10 Points

POCO X6 Review: Should You Buy in 10 Points

OnePlus 12 Review: Should You Buy in 10 Points

OnePlus 12 Review: Should You Buy in 10 Points

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Best Travel Hashtags for Instagram

By Helene Sula

If you want to be found on Instagram organically, one of the best ways to do it is with hashtags. Especially while you're traveling and sharing photos to Instagram, you want to be able to quickly share some of the best IG hashtags so your photos will instantly be seen. With this guide you'll find the hashtags that will help you gain engagement, views, and followers with the best hashtags for travelers or if you want to get more likes on your vacation photos.

I've got the best travel hashtags to use on Instagram that you can simply copy and paste whenever you need to share! Updated for 2020!

Using Instagram hashtags is a lot like SEO (Search Engine Optimization, aka when someone finds a blog post on Google!) for a blog, when you use them correctly, the more likely you are to be found, gain engagement, and followed.

I've been using hashtags for years to be discovered on Instagram and have more people see my photos and videos. Just take a look at the engagement on this post:

best hashtags for travel on instagram

Over 100,000 accounts found me using hashtags! They are an absolute great way to gain engagement and followers on Instagram

I find it so interesting how people share photos online: their perspective, the places they travel, and the food they eat. One of the best way to see these images is Instagram . I feel like I get a glimpse of your travel destination.

One of the best ways to be found organically on Instagram is to use hashtags. You're able to connect with others online while also seeing others points of views. To get in the spirit, here are travel hashtags to use for your next adventure.

best hashtags for travel on instagram

Using travel hashtags is not only a great way to grow your Instagram engagement, it's a wonderful way to get connected with others! Using the right hashtags helps YOU be found by the right people. So make sure you're using the right ones.

Travel Hashtag Strategy

What you want to do is share hashtags that other people might use as well. I suggest using a variety of hashtags: some with high competition (meaning, lots of people are using them on Instagram), some with mid-range to low competition (meaning hashtags that lets people are using but it's still active), and hashtags related to what you are sharing (location, what you're showcasing, etc.)

I like to use hashtags that pertain to the place I'm in. For instance, #30A is the scenic highway along Florida's coast or #expatblogger if I'm talking about something about my life abroad .

Best Travel Hashtags

Below I'm going to give you 15 of the best travel hashtags along with even more ideas for you to find the best hashtags for Instagram. These are absolutely the best travel hashtags around!

Feel free to copy and paste these!

Location tags

I recommend looking generally at the hashtags on Instagram. For example, if you're in Croatia, specifically Dubrovnik look up #Dubrovnik and #Croatia and see what other people are using. So you might find:

#croatia #dubrovnik #croatiafulloflife #kroatien #ceostagram #croazia  #adiraticsea #gameofthrones  #kroatia  #dalmatica #visitcroatia #lovecroatia

Female Travel Hashtags

Again, think of a hashtag that you might use for a female travel blogger or Instagrammer. How about #travelgirl? This is a broad one, so let's dig deeper on this and find better hashtags that might help us be seen:

#dametraveler  #darlingescapes #wearetravelgirls #mytinyatlas #theprettycities  #sheisnotlost   #ladiesgoneglobal #traveldeeper #travelgirlsgo #girlsdreamtravel #globelletravels #sidewalkerdaily #girlslovetravel  #femmetravel  #thetravelwomen #travelgirl

IG hashtags for the wanderluster

We need some hashtags for our general traveling and wandering, these are some of my favorites:

#theglobewanderer #letsgoeverywhere #instapassport #abmtravelbug #travelstoke #openmyworld #tasteintravel #lonelyplanet#letsgoeverywhere #tlpicks #flashesofdelight #visualoflife #roamtheplanet #exploringtheglobe #guardiantravelsnaps

Hashtags for Travel Bloggers

Let's say you want people to read your blog post on a destination or connect with other travel bloggers? These travel hashtags are some of the best.

Travel Hashtags to Be Featured

Inspirational travel hashtags, travel hashtags in action.

Let's see what kind of content you can create around these travel hashtags!

1. #DarlingEscapes One of my all time favorite travel accounts is @doyoutravel. Absolutely vivid and stunning imagery, this photographer has an eye for the perfect blues and whites of a beach. #DarlingEscapes is the perfect general hashtag to use to capture your adventures.

  Spent our morning exploring the streets of Mykonos – Greece A photo posted by JACK MORRIS (@doyoutravel) on May 25, 2016 at 1:45am PDT
  A photo posted by #SidewalkerDaily (@sidewalkerdaily) on May 30, 2016 at 5:15am PDT

3. #TravelGram A great hashtag to use any time you're out exploring.

  I think I’ve peaked. ?? ?? We drove from Heidelberg to Leogang, Austria today and were greeted with sun dappled mountains and… deer. I pet a deer today. Insta stories or it didn’t happen. Staying at the most incredible hotel- they own a nature park that I can walk out to pet the animals, you can ski in and out and the hot tub is literally in the mountain! #forsthofgut #ilovefhg #waldspa #heleneinaustria #travelgram A post shared by Helene Sula | Travel Blogger (@heleneinbetween) on Mar 25, 2018 at 1:33pm PDT
  Sidewalkers are like butterflies, pretty to see- hard to catch ✌ [email protected] (Cappadocia, Turkey) | #sidewalkerdaily A photo posted by #SidewalkerDaily (@sidewalkerdaily) on May 31, 2016 at 5:18am PDT

5. # TravelDiary   A great hashtag to use to document your escapes.

  “Headed to the opposite end of the continent from here, banff here we come!! Parker giving us some scale at the wave in the Paria wilderness.” ?@thomascrose ? . . . . #autumnleaves #mountains #bc #itsmorefuninthephilippines #banff #choosephilippines #oregon #arizona #colorado #adventures #adventuretime #autumn #adrenaline #traveling #portland #canyon #canyons #hiddengem #zion#newyork #texas #nyc #ny #fall #spring #oregonexplored #canyons #autumn? #paradise #hike #alaska A photo posted by WORLD'S LARGEST TRAVEL SOCIETY (@timeoutsociety) on Oct 29, 2016 at 5:16pm PDT
  Up from above A photo posted by Erica Choi (@eggcanvas) on May 30, 2016 at 8:42pm PDT

7. # SimplyAdventure Perfect for your adventurous side.

  Growing up I spent every Memorial Day weekend with my family hiking and staying in a small cabin in the mountains of Kauai. Some of my fondest memories and earliest sparks of interest in the outdoors stem from those 4 days of disconnecting. This year I greeted a different set of mountains. As we summited Half Dome my parents did one of my favorite ridge hikes back home, from half a world away all our hearts in the same place. This one is for you two. Photo by @travisburkephotography I couldn't believe you caught this moment. Thank you 🙂 #16milesoffun A photo posted by Chelsea Yamase (@chelseakauai) on May 30, 2016 at 9:52pm PDT

8. # ABMTravelbug I love ALLLL the “A Beautiful Mess” hastags. They seem to work so well and sometimes they'll regram you!

  We dream in pink ? with #travelgirlsgo @notjessfashion A post shared by Travel Girls (@travelgirlsgo) on Apr 9, 2018 at 4:28am PDT
  A photo posted by CHLØE ✿❀✿❀ (@chloe_bh) on May 31, 2016 at 2:23am PDT

10. # DameTraveler A great hashtag to use for any pretty travel pics.

best hashtags for travel on instagram

11.# FlashesofDelight Not just a travel hashtag, but usually works for all your travel snaps.

  the mews of London | there's a charm about them, they're quieter than the roads they sit between. And I read recently that when they were built there were no windows at the back so as to keep the privacy of the grand houses they sit behind. I don't know if that's true or if things have changed, whichever way I still love them. #mewsings A photo posted by Julia (@humphreyandgrace) on May 31, 2016 at 3:40am PDT

12. # OpenMyWorld The perfect hashtag to use while you're up in the clouds or have a great view.

  I fell for #Oxford so much that I decided to go back there again ? Such a charming city. Perfect place for a day trip, especially when you want to escape big city life for a bit. Hope everyone had a good long weekend ✨ A photo posted by Olga (@liolaliola) on May 31, 2016 at 12:04am PDT

13. # WheretoFindMe A hashtag that captures the essence of where you are.

  Happy Memorial Day from San Francisco! ❤️??? [?: @rebekah_lowin] #WhereToFindMe #regram A photo posted by One Kings Lane (@onekingslane) on May 30, 2016 at 8:03am PDT

14. # MyTinyAtlas Give us a little slice of your world using this all encompassing hashtag.

  Hope you all had a good weekend (and start to the week outside the USA where we are enjoying a long Memorial Day weekend). Dreaming of Jaipur thanks to artist @lilystockman at former palace and current hotel Narain Niwas. #mytinyatlas A photo posted by tinyatlas (@tinyatlasquarterly) on May 30, 2016 at 7:52pm PDT

15. # BeautifulDestinations I used this on my recent instagram and it's perfect for anything breathtakingly beautiful.

  Apricot colored sand dunes hundred of feet high, dappled with sunlight stretches as far as the eye can see. The desert of Morocco was one of the most enchanting places I’ve ever been to in my life (and I live in Europe!) On the blog I’ve got my full guide to how to book the perfect trip. Believe me, you’ll want to check this off your bucket list! #heleneinmorocco #heleneinbetween A post shared by Helene Sula | Travel Blogger (@heleneinbetween) on Mar 19, 2018 at 9:22am PDT

BONUS: # TravelInBetween

My favorite hashtag to use for pretty destinations!

  Found my happy place ???? This trip has been one of my faves so far. There is just nothing else like the French Riviera. Also, I've had cheese everyday this trip, so that might contribute to my happiness too. ? #heleneloveseurope #travelinbetween A post shared by Helene Sula | Travel Blogger (@heleneinbetween) on Feb 23, 2017 at 12:30pm PST

Want some more hashtags I love? Here are some great ones for travel!

#passionpassport #theprettycities #hello_rooftops #topstreetphoto #traveldeeper #letsgoeverywhere #lifewelltraveled #discoverearth #tlpicks #landscape_lovers #earthfocus #worldcaptures #discoverglobe #earthstoke #getoutside #lonelyplanet #welivetoexplore #travelstoke #travelawesome

You can find even more hashtags with my free hashtag library below! See more of my adventures on Instagram, @ heleneinbetween . What hashtags do you like to use for travel?  Hope you use these for your next travel adventure!

You might also like: 14 Photo Ideas for Instagram and the Top 15 Hashtags for Female Travelers .

best hashtags for travel on instagram

The ULTIMATE Hashtag Library!

best hashtags for travel on instagram

Literally 1,000s of hashtags broken down into categories!! One of the best ways to grow on Instagram is to use strategic hashtags to be discovered and gain likes and interaction. This ultimate list will help you gain followers and interaction, immediately!

YAY! You got it! Check your email for the library.

There was an error submitting your subscription. Please try again.

' src=


Helene Sula

I believe that one trip can change your life. It did for me. I'm a self proclaimed home body that quit her job, moved abroad, and more often than not, lives out of a carry-on bag. If I'm not traveling, I'm most likely re-reading Harry Potter or watching "Midnight in Paris" while snuggling my dogs. I'm a digital marketing expert who turned my love of travel into a full-time career. And I help others do it too.

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best hashtags for travel on instagram


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52 Perfect Days

Best Travel Hashtags for Travel Writers and Travel Bloggers

Instagram is one of the best social media platforms for sharing photos while traveling.  It’s also one of the most important platforms for travel photographers, bloggers, and photographers to use to share photos. One of the keys to growing your account is the proper usage of hashtags . We’ve scoured Instagram to share the best travel hashtags for travel writers and bloggers to use on posts. 

It’s the hashtags that allow photos to be seen by additional people not following you. This happens if someone clicks on a hashtag on a post and if your photo has been shared recently with the same hashtag. Keep reading to find the best Instagram hashtags for travel writers, hashtags for travel bloggers and hashtags for travel photographers.

Ads are how we pay our bills and keep our blog free for you to enjoy. We also use affiliate links; if you make a purchase through them, we may receive a small commission at no cost to you.

Best Travel Hashtags

Have you ever wondered what the best travel hashtags for travel bloggers and travel writers are to use on Instagram? Our goal as travel writers is to grow our following and connect with our fans. 

We also want to connect with other writers as well as marketing and PR, as well Instagrammers who just love to travel. Below are a few tips to help you grow your Instagram presence by using the best travel hashtags in 2024.

Best Travel Hashtags for Instagram for Travel Writers

Where to place hashtags.

Instagram is constantly changing and what works best is also ever-changing. While I used to place my #hashtags in the first comment for the photo (not in the post), I now suggest you add all your hashtags in your original post. The reason for this is how quickly Instagram is moving. If you wait even 30 seconds to copy and paste your hashtags into the comment, you could lose the time your post would sit at the top of the hashtag search results.

Click on the post below and you’ll get an even better idea of how the hashtags are positioned in the post when you view it on Instagram.

View this post on Instagram A post shared by Alexa Williams Meisler (@52perfectdays)

How Many Hashtags to Use in a Post

You can add up to 30 hashtags per post, but recently it’s been said that 15-20 is ideal. I know it seems like a lot, but hashtags will produce the most likes, comments and organic followers for your account. Below is an overview of some of the hashtags I like to use and think are useful.

Note:  If you use more than 30 tags on a post your comment won’t post. If you post more than 30 tags in your main post, the tags won’t appear in search.

How to Store Hashtags

The last thing you want to do is type in your travel hashtags each time you post a new photo. Create a list in an app you can access from your mobile phone such as Google Drive, Notes, Evernote or anything else you prefer. I have a folder specifically for hashtags and add a new page for each new location I visit. I also have a list for food, outdoors, adventure, etc.

Hashtag Lists

The purpose of choosing the best travel hashtags is to help get more followers and increase the visibility of your posts. In turn, this should also increase the likes and comments on your posts. Use a handful of these high-volume hashtags mixed with smaller, specific travel hashtags based on geolocation and descriptive tags based on the image you are posting.

80+ Best Travel Hashtags for 2024

  • #postcardsfromtheworld
  • #optoutside
  • #solotravel
  • #wonderfulplaces
  • #wanderlust
  • #momentsofmine
  • #travelstories
  • #roamtheplanet
  • #traveltheworld
  • #instatravelling
  • #mytravelgram
  • #travelphotography
  • #lovetravel
  • #travelpics
  • #travelwithfriends
  • #travelinspiration
  • #Travelgram
  • #Travelholic
  • #Travelbook
  • #Travel_Captures
  • #Instatravel
  • #SeeTheWorld
  • #TravelTheWorld
  • #TravelAddict
  • #Travellingram
  • #TravellingThroughTheWorld
  • #TravelIsLife
  • #TravelWithMe
  • #TravelCouple
  • #WorldTraveler
  • #MyTravelStory
  • #WanderingSoul
  • #TravelMoments
  • #JustTravel
  • #Globetrotter
  • #NextDestination
  • #LetsTravel
  • #HappyTraveller
  • #TravelTips
  • #TheBestDestinations
  • #TravelInspiration
  • #TravelJunkie
  • #WorldExplorer
  • #instatravel
  • #travelgram
  • #passportready
  • #ilovetravel
  • #instavacation
  • #instapassport
  • #traveldeeper
  • #travelstroke
  • #travelling
  • #travelphoto
  • #travelingram
  • #tagsta_travel
  • #arountheworld
  • #solotravel  
  • #ig_worldclub
  • #worldcaptures
  • #worldplaces
  • #worldingram
  • #luxuryhotel

Top Hashtags on Instagram for 2024

You should never underestimate the importance of a simple, but good Instagram hashtag strategy. It plays a vital role in spreading your Instagram reach, and it helps develop your following. It’s great to understand and know Instagram top hashtags, but by definition, the most popular hashtags are also the most used hashtags.

Photography, which is the 40th most popular has been used in over 25 million posts. Using only the most popular hashtags can present a problem if you are hoping to use hashtags that will make your posts stand out. You need to balance the use of a few popular hashtags with ones that reflect your post topic and have a more ‘medium’ use volume.

  • #photooftheday
  • #picoftheday
  • #instadaily
  • #likeforlike
  • #tagsforlikes
  • #follow4follow
  • #photography

Travel Blogger Hashtags

As a travel writer or travel blogger, using hashtags that show your profession can connect you with brands, PR and destinations looking for travel bloggers. Use a handful of hashtags for travel bloggers and tags related to travel, travel writing, travel blogging or travel photography on each post. Here are some of the best hashtags to use on Instagram if you are a travel blogger or travel writer:

  • #travelwriter
  • #travelblogger
  • #travelbloggers
  • #travelblogging
  • #travelbloggerlife
  • #writetotravel
  • #travelblog
  • #travelphotography  
  • #sanfranciscoblogger (use your city or state name)
  • #SFblogger (use abbreviation for your city or state name)
  • #midwestblogger (use your region)

Adventure Hashtags

  • #instaadventure
  • #adventuretime
  • #thetoolforadventure
  • #adventures
  • #adventurer
  • #naturephotography
  • #naturelover
  • #getoutside
  • #keepitwild
  • #wilderness
  • #mountainbiking
  • #exploretheglobe
  • #outdooradventures
  • #adventuretravel
  • #adventureseeker
  • #adventureisoutthere

Location Specific Hashtags:

Find the best Instagram hashtags for travel writers to use for the location the photo was taken. Here are some great ideas from Megan Kennedy @wanderlustmegan  focusing on Vancouver, Canada

 #Vancouver #Stanleypark #englishbay #beautifulbc #explorebc #explorecanada #veryvancouver #mustbevancouver  #invcm #InstameetVancouver #greatnorthcollective #ShareYourNature #Canada #BritishColumbia #BC #instatravelling

General Hashtags

Using a few good hashtags that are more general can place your posts in front of more Instagram users.

motivation #lifestyle#desire #happiness #inspire #confidence#instagood #beautiful #great #greatday #instacool #instalike #livingthedream

If you enjoyed this post, please follow me on Instagram @52Perfectdays .

Which Instagram travel hashtags have you’ve experienced success with? How many hashtags do you use? Which do you think are good hashtags for 2024?

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Alexa Meisler is the editorial director of 52 Perfect Days. Born in Paris, France she has since lived in Chicago, San Francisco, Los Angeles and Portland, Oregon. She currently resides in San Diego with her husband and son where they enjoy exploring California and Mexico.

Travel has always been a part of her life; traveling to such places as Morocco, Tangiers and Spain as a young child as well as taking many road trips to Mexico with her grandparents as a young girl. Since then, she has traveled abroad to locations such as Russia, Taiwan and throughout Europe.

Prior to working at 52 Perfect Days she was a freelance travel writer; focusing on family and women’s adventure experiences.

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150 Best Travel Photography Hashtags to Grow Your Instagram Account

Up your travel photography hashtags game! Use our list of the best Instagram hashtags for travel photography as well as our posting tips for how to grow on Instagram to maximize your exposure and grow your Instagram following. Perfect if you want to learn how to become a travel influencer or travel instagrammer! how to get more instagram followers | instagram travel photography hashtags | how to build instagram following #travelphotography #travelinstagram #travelinfluencer #instagramfollowers

Time to up your Insta game! If you’re looking for the best travel photography hashtags, you’ve found the place. Here we’ll dish out the best Instagram hashtags for travel photography that we used to grow our Travel Instagram account from 5k to 50k followers in just a few months.

We’ll break down the top travelling photography hashtags for these categories:

  • General Travel
  • Women’s Travel
  • Food Travel
  • Outdoor Travel

We’ll also teach you how to optimize your hashtags for travel photography so that you can get the most from your posts and grow your Instagram following. (Or you can just skip ahead to our Instagram travel photography hashtag list ).

Without further ado, let’s become experts on travel photography hashtags to grow our Instagram following!

Up your travel photography hashtags game with the best Instagram hashtags for travel photography!

See when your users are most active through Instagram Insights

How many hashtags should i use, switch up your travelling photography hashtags, audit posts to see which travel photography hashtags work for you, should you put hashtags in the caption or comments, instagram profile bio, hashtags 1-15, hashtags 16-30, need more travel help, like this post, you might also appreciate…, share this:, optimize your travel photography hashtags strategy.

To get the most from your travel photography Instagram posts and grow your Instagram followers, you shouldn’t just throw up a shot and copy & paste any random set of hashtags for travel photography.

If you already know about all this, feel free to skip ahead to our travel photography hashtags !

I mean sure, you can try it, but in our experience, there’s a lot more thought that goes into having the best travel photography hashtags game.

Here are our tips for optimizing your travel photography hashtags strategy. That way, you too can get the most exposure for your travel Instagram posts, and grow your Instagram following.

Post When Your Users Are Most Active

If a tree falls in the forest, and no one’s online to see your Instagram post of it, did it even happen?

Giggles aside, you get the point.

It doesn’t matter if you have the most slammin’ travel shot there ever was and used the top hashtags for travel photography known to humankind, if you’re not also making sure your people are online to see it.

Your goal is to post your content, with your best travel photography hashtags, at the times when users are most active. This is when users are most likely to engage with your posts.

The more users that engage with your post early on, the more people the Instagram algorithm will show your post to.

How do you know when to post?

If you have a creator or business account (and if you plan on being serious about your Instagram travel photography, you should) your Instagram account analytics will help you out. Learn how to set up a creator or business account.

How to view Instagram insights to optimize your travel photography Instagram posts

  • Head to your profile on the mobile app
  • Tap the Insights button
  • Tap “Total Followers”
  • Scroll to the bottom of the page and find “Most Active Times”

If you converted your profile to a creator or business account recently, these analytics will only show insights for content posted after you converted.

Most active times for posting your travel photography to Instagram

In case you’re not able to access your Instagram analytics, a general rule  is that users are most active on Tuesdays and Wednesdays, from the hours of 10 am to 2 pm.

READ MORE |   30 Photos That Prove the South Korea Autumn Just Won at Life

You can use up to 30 hashtags on each post.

We use all 30 travel photography hashtags on every post, except Reels posts.

For Reels, we recommend 15 or less hashtags to better directly target your traffic. However, you may use up to 30 hashtags on Reels as well.

We will group our travel photography hashtags below to make it easier for you to select the number of hashtags you want.

Instagram doesn’t like seeing repetitive behavior. When it sees too much repetitive behavior, the Instagram algorithm might construe you for a bot. Therefore too much use of the same, identical hashtags on every, single post for a prolonged period of time may lead to a shadowban. You do  not want that.

To avoid this, be sure to vary your traveling photography hashtags on each post.

A good general practice is to select 15 or so of the best hashtags for travel photography on a post. Then add your own additional hashtags specific to the post.

We’ve divided our travel photography hashtags below into groups of 15, allowing you to easily mix and match, and add your own hashtags as you need.

Additional travel photography hashtags you could use are:

place-specific hashtags

  • referring to the city, state, or country
  • e.g. #californiadreaming

content-specific hashtags

  • referring to the actions, place or subjects
  • e.g. #hikingaddict , # beachvibes , # beardedhiker

When used properly, Instagram can function as a market research travel photography app to show you what works, and what doesn’t.

A periodic auditing of your posts can give you tons of information to help you grow your Instagram account. You can perform an audit by using the Instagram Insights feature we discussed earlier.

Every once in a while (we do it once a month), go through your posts and make note of:

  • the engagement ( number of comments and likes )
  • and reach ( how many users saw the post )

View insights for Instagram post to optimize your travel Instagram

To see these analytics, simply go to the post you want to study, and tap “View insights” on the bottom left corner of the post.

If you notice some posts have a greater reach than others, make note of the travel photography hashtags you used.

If you continue to see the same hashtags correlating with your posts with the highest reach, those are the best travel photography hashtags that work for you to grow your Instagram following.

Starting a travel blog?| Learn how to drive traffic to your travel blog .

For Instagram optimization, it doesn’t really matter where the hashtags go.

However, we do recommend placing your travel photography hashtags in the comments for regular photo & video posts, as it keeps them neater.

Be sure to add 5 periods, each on their own line, to ensure the hashtags are hidden behind a “read more” tag, and don’t clutter up your comment section.




For Reels posts, we recommend adding your hashtags directly in the caption.

Traveling with a laptop?| Check out our review for this travel laptop case .

Maximize Conversions: First Impressions Matter

Last but not least, to truly optimize your travelling photography hashtags game, you should be mindful of your Instagram profile and feed.

The whole reason to optimize your posts and find the top hashtags for travel photography is to lead people to your posts to like and comment, and hopefully to your profile to follow you.

In order to maximize these conversions and gain more followers, you shouldn’t neglect your:

  • Instagram profile bio

These are the most important factors for making a first impression on potential followers.

Your Top 9 is your collection of 9 most recent posts, and one of the first things potential followers see. It is often the deciding factor on whether or not someone chooses to follow you.

Be mindful to always have your Top 9 be as enticing as can be, and representative of the kind of travel photography users can expect from you.

Here is our current Top 9, as an example.

Optimize your top 9 along with your strategy for the best travel photography hashtags

Users care about one of two things (sometimes both): story and style.

Aim to fulfill at least one of these.

Focusing on style means focusing on image quality. If you focus on style, choose your best images, use a decent camera, or even a drone. Refer to our guides for the best budget travel cameras and how to travel with a drone .

Make sure your feed is cohesive and beautiful.

Otherwise, you might choose to focus on story.

Use your image and caption to tell a compelling thought, share a memory, convey your personality in a way that makes people want to be friends with you. Be relatable and authentic. Just be yo damn self, ok?

The best posts will be mindful of both story and style.

View this post on Instagram A post shared by RENNY + BENNY 🌏 Explorers (@televisionofnomads)

Your Instagram profile bio is also important for converting potential followers into followers.

Make your bio descriptive and informative. A potential follower should be able to get a clear sense of who you are and what they can expect from you just by looking at your bio.

Here’s our current bio, as an example.

Don't forget to optimize your Instagram profile bio when selecting the best Instagram hashtags for travel photography

Our slogan, “Your life, Your terms,” is first, as almost all of our content is about living life in a way that serves you and your needs.

Next is a little tagline about ourselves: “Living a whimsical life ’round the globe.” This conveys that our content is about both travel and  lifestyle .

We have our location, as a lot of our recent content will be coming out of LA and Joshua Tree.

We have our contact info, and finally, a link to our travel blog with a recent post of ours.

A potential follower can get a clear sense of our vibe and our content, and make their decision whether or not to follow us based on that impression.

READ MORE | Instagram-Worthy Reasons to Visit Italy

Best Instagram Hashtags for Travel Photography

Alright, alright, you’ve been patient and have learned everything you need to know to optimize your posts and travel photography hashtags to grow your Instagram account.

Now here are the best Instagram hashtags for travel photography you’ve been waiting for!

We’ve grouped the hashtags into the following categories:

  • General Travel Photography
  • Women Travel
  • Outdoors Travel

And within each section, the hashtags are grouped into blocks of 15, so you can easily mix and match hashtags based on your needs.

As we discussed earlier, the best Instagram hashtags for travel photography practice is to  vary your hashtags regularly, rather than using the same 30 hashtags on every single post.

So feel free to grab 15 from one category and adding your own more specific hashtags, or mixing and matching hashtags from our other categories.

Be sure to bookmark and Pin this page, so you can refer back to it as you need!

Here are our best hashtags for travel photography:


























Best Travel Photography Hashtags for Couples































Best Hashtags for Travel Photography for Women






























best hashtags for food travel photography

Don’t miss our very Instagramable LA Foodie Guide

Best Instagram Hashtags for Food Travel


























Best Hashtags for Outdoors Travel Photography





























Best Hashtags for Travel Photography: Final Thoughts

This guide has everything you need to get your posts out into the world and make them as successful as can be. The Instagram algorithm is always changing, but these tips and hashtags will always be helpful, no matter what happens to the algorithm (or “algo,” as the cool kids call it).

If you’d like to follow our own Instagram journey , we’d absolutely love to have you.

Let us know your thoughts, if you found this guide helpful at all, and if you have any more suggestions for the best Instagram hashtags for travel photography!

You can also follow us on Facebook , TikTok , Twitter , Pinterest , even Tumblr .

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Share it on  Pinterest by hovering over one of the pictures below and clicking the red “Pin It” button!

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What travel photography hashtags did we miss?

Share in a comment below!

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'  data-srcset=

Lauren West

With sugar, spice, and everything…SAUCY, Lauren (AKA Renny) has been zigging and zagging ‘round the globe since she was 2. A self-taught photographer and UCLA-trained travel writer, Renny is armed and ready with a camera and notepad in hand to document the world, one piece of content at a time.

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Couple Travel The World

Best Creative Travel Hashtags for Instagram (2023) for killer reach!

By: Author MC Miller

Posted on Last updated: July 29, 2023

Categories Instagram

Are you looking for the best creative travel hashtags for Instagram?

As a travel instagrammer , we have been using travel hashtags for the past 3 years. We have spent time researching the best and most effective travel hashtags for Instagram.

Here is our list of the Best Creative Travel Hashtags for Instagram in 2023.

If you are interested in hash tags, you might also be interested in:

  • Best C ouple Hashtags for Instagram
  • Best Paris Hashtags for Instagram

If you are looking to up your Instagram game, download our  free Instagram lightroom presets here !

Best Creative Travel Hashtags for Instagram

It has taken some time, but with a lot of trial and error, we have determined what are the best hash tags to use for travel on Instagram.

Should I use Hashtags on Instagram?

The simple answer to this question is yes you should.

The reason why hashtags are so important to use on Instagram is because it means many more eyes on your page.

This translate to more followers and more engagement equaling a Insta-famous star! (Well we can hope!)

In accordance with the policies of Instagram, you are allowed to use 30 Hash Tags .

Different influencers will tell you different theories on how many hash tags is ideal to use.

Some strongly believe you should not use any less than 30. Others believe going too far (aka 30 hash tags) can flag you for Instagram’s spam policy and lead you to become shadow banned.

Oh, and by the way, the notorious shadow ban is NOT a myth! We have personally been shadow banned and it is not at all fun not having people see your post on Instagram. Why go to all the effort to post if no-one is going to see it?

If you don’t know what the term shadow ban means, basically, it means not having your posts appear in hash tags.

Instagram is coy about what will cause your account to be shadow banned but we know from experience one way to get shadow banned is using the same hash tag over and over. Big no no.

So the first point is mixing your hash tags up! Don’t use the same tags on every post or you will be a victim of the notorious and dreaded shadow ban!

Our second tip for you is to place your hash tag in the post description NOT your first comment. Hiding your hash tags may be prettier but this is a method that will result in you being shadow banned.

We have found that around 20 hash tags on our Instagram posts  is the sweet spot in having many entries in the lottery but avoiding the shadow ban.

Okay so first things first, there is no one standard answer for what hash tags you should use.

There is a formula to this so listen carefully. There are two questions to determine which hash tags are best for you!

1. How Large is your following?

The first thing we should consider is how large your following is. Aka how many followers do you have.

This vital piece of information will determine the size of hash tag we can go after:

  • 0 – 20,000 – Aim for hash tags less than 10,000 tags
  • 20,000 – 40,000 – Aim for hash tags less than 50,000 tags
  • 50,000 – 100,000 – Aim for hash tags less than 100,000 tags
  • 100,000 – 300,000 – Aim for hash tags less than 300,000 tags
  • 300,000 + – Hit them big tags up!

2. What is your engagement rate?

It doesn’t end there though folks. Oh no, that would be way tooo easy and Instagram is anything but easy.

If you have 300,000 followers and an engagement rate of 0.01%, you are not going to appear in top of 300,000+ hash tag.

Whether your followers are engaging and how fast your followers are liking and engaging on your post will determine whether you appear at the top of a hash tag.

If you need to work on your engagement, aim for hash tags in one to two categories down from your follower count.

Remember the aim of the game is to appear at top of hash tags and gain more followers and likes!

0 – 20,000 Travel Hash Tags

The best hash tags in the 0 – 20,000 image category are as follows:

  • #girlsborntravel
  • #nomadaddicts
  • #packingmybags
  • #coupletraveltheworld
  • #travellingcouples
  • #creativetravelcouple
  • #couplelovetravel
  • #beyondtheguidebook

20,000 – 40,000 Travel Hash Tags

The best hash tags in the 20,000 – 40,000 image category are as follows:

  • #traveldames
  • #travel_capture
  • #travelstagram__
  • #travelinsider
  • #worldtravelpic
  • #besttravelpics
  • #discovertheglobe
  • #travelpicoftheday
  • #travelerography
  • #artofvisuals
  • #travelustcouples
  • #travelcouplelife
  • #earthcouples
  • #couplewhotravel
  • #inspiredtravelcouples

50,000 – 100,000 Travel Hash Tags

The best hash tags in the 50,000 – 100,000 image category are as follows:

  • #travelingplanet
  • #wanderlust_tribe
  • #traveltoexplore
  • #travellingphotography
  • #placesoftheworld
  • #lovetotraveltheworld
  • #worldwanderer
  • #globalwanderer
  • #igtravelworld
  • #mytravelpics
  • #travellersofinstagram
  • #travelplaces
  • #nowdiscovering
  • #globecouples
  • #couplestravel
  • #couplesthattravel
  • #travelingcouples

100,000 – 300,000 Travel Hash Tags

The best hash tags in the 100,000 – 300,000 image category are as follows:

  • #amazingdestination
  • #travelmoments
  • #discover_earth
  • #igtraveller
  • #travelforever
  • #lifeofadventures
  • #travelaround
  • #travelpassport
  • #travelexperience
  • #travelpicsdaily
  • #amazingdestinations
  • #wanderlove
  • #worldtravels
  • #travelthroughtheworld
  • #thewanderingtourist
  • #travelcaptures
  • #travellerlife
  • #traveldaily
  • #travellinggram
  • #livelovetravel
  • #roamtheworld
  • #wandertheworld
  • #getlostnow
  • #keeptraveling
  • #travelerlife
  • #travelshot
  • #travelfreak
  • #igpassport
  • #travelerslove
  • #passionfortravel
  • #travelgasm
  • #traveltheworldwithme
  • #letsflyawayto
  • #justtravel
  • #igtraveler
  • #digitalnomadlife
  • #travelingcouple
  • #welovetravel

300,000 + Travel Hash Tags

The best hash tags in the 300,000 + image category are as follows:

  • #travelpost
  • #tourtheplanet
  • #tripstagram
  • #traveljunkie
  • #travellovers
  • #wanderlusting
  • #travelerslife
  • #travellove
  • #travelbloggers
  • #travelinspiration
  • #travelwithme
  • #letsgoeverywhere
  • #iamatraveler
  • #keepexploring
  • #travelstagram
  • #wanderfolk
  • #travelphotography
  • #travelstory
  • #stayandwonder
  • #ourlonelyplanet
  • #travellerslife
  • #travelpassion
  • #travelshots
  • #traveldiaries
  • #neverstoptravelling
  • #thebestdestinations
  • #instatraveler
  • #bestdiscovery
  • #livetoexplore
  • #traveltheglobe
  • #globetrotting
  • #suitcasetravels
  • #travellust
  • #travelbloggerlife
  • #meettheworld
  • #theworldguru
  • #travelcommunity
  • #travelforlife
  • #travelgrams
  • #travelblogging
  • #travelinggram
  • #takemoreadventures
  • #travellingtheworld
  • #earthoutdoors
  • #traveladdicted
  • #travellingourplanet
  • #wanderluster
  • #passionpassport
  • #beautifuldestinations
  • #adventuretravel
  • #thegreatoutdoors
  • #travelcouple
  • #coupletravel
  • #coupleswhotravel

Travel Couple Hash Tags

The best travel couple hash tags are as follows:

  • #creativetravelcouples

Sole Female Traveler Hash Tags

The best solo female travel hash tags are as follows:

  • #citizenfemme
  • #shetravelz
  • #womenwhotravel
  • #nomadgirls
  • #girlsdreamtravel
  • #femaletravelbloggers
  • #femaletravelblogger
  • #missadventure
  • #ladieslovetravel
  • #travelwomen
  • #sheisnotlost
  • #girlsthatwander
  • #womenwhoexplore
  • #shexplores

Should I do travel hash tags alone?

No, hash tags work best when they are mixed with  other hash tags that are relevant to your picture.

The main thing you should consider here is relevance! You should not hash tag #cutedogs if there is no dog in your photo! Instagram has intelligence to work this out!

Use around 5-10 generic travel hash tags, 5-10 location hash tags (for example France hash tags !) and 5-10 action hash tags based on what you are doing.

P.S. If you are new social media, and want to learn how to monetize your social media accounts, watch Hashtag Mastery Summit .

Save this Travel Hashtag Guide to Pinterest (so you can find it again later!)


MC Miller is a travel blogger and writer who has travelled America extensively and abroad to over 80 countries. He founded Couple Travel The World in 2017. Since then, he has spent over 6 years on the road as a full time travel couple. When he not traveling he likes to spend quality time with his partner Bett, planning our their next date or romantic getaway!

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Instagram Hashtags 101: How to Use Hashtags on Instagram

Reviewed by: Quinn Schwartz

Reading Time: 13 Minutes

GRIN also recommends this free guide:

How to Find Influencers Guidebook

In this guide, we’ll unravel the mysteries and strategies behind a vital yet often misunderstood aspect of the platform: hashtags. So, let’s dive into how to use hashtags on Instagram and the top 50 best hashtags for the platform in 2024. 

What are hashtags on Instagram?

Hashtags are phrases that group similar topics or themes under a common name. Likewise, hashtags streamline the finding of related content within specific themes on platforms like Instagram. When you write a hashtag in your post, you’re basically saying, “Hey, join the conversation!”

On Instagram, hashtags serve a more practical purpose to boost your visibility. They function as a tool to improve SEO, but for social media, they guide users to your content and help you reach far beyond your followers into the wide unknown of potential audiences. 

But beware of the hashtag fuzz—use them wisely, not hastily! The more relevant your hashtags are to your post’s content, the more the right kind of audiences will encounter, appreciate, and engage with your posts. So, let’s dive into what the best hashtags for Instagram are and how they work to reach peak audience engagement and likes. 

Stylized image of a man looking at how to use hashtags on Instagram

How do hashtags work on Instagram?

Wondering how hashtags work is a bit like wondering how the Internet connects us all: It seems like magic, but it’s actually technology. Simply put, you’ve created a hashtag when you put a “#” symbol before a word or phrase (with no spaces). It’s no longer just text; it becomes a clickable link!

Think of it as turning your word or phrase into a magnet—it attracts similar posts. Making a hashtag is like opening a pop-up shop on the Internet instead of the street that anyone can visit. You’re putting your content on the Instagram map and connecting it to a community that shares your interests.

On Instagram, hashtags categorize content, making it discoverable to users even if they’re not your followers. When users click on or search for a specific hashtag, Instagram leads them to a page showing all posts tagged with that word or phrase. 

The posts that get the most likes, comments, or shares emerge on top in two sections: “Top Posts” and “Recent Posts.” You could consider “Top Posts” as the VIP section in the club of hashtags, where the most popular, engaging posts are displayed.

Choosing the right hashtag is like deciding on the right outfit—it depends greatly on the occasion (content) and your desired audience. Just like you wouldn’t wear a Halloween costume to a black-tie event, even though we know you would just rock it,  you wouldn’t want to put irrelevant hashtags on your posts.

So, what’s the difference between being under-dressed or over-dressed in the hashtag world? Let’s dive into how many hashtags you can use for your posts and how to pick the right ones to invite the correct folks to your virtual party.

How to use hashtags on Instagram to increase traffic

Hashtags hold the key to hiking up your traffic. Here are some tips for using hashtags to increase your Instagram traffic and make your profile visible to new audiences. 

Make a list & check it twice.

A well-curated list of hashtags will work wonders to reach the right audience. Don’t throw hashtags around like confetti; be strategic with your targeting. Consider your niche, explore competitors’ tags, and seek out relevant communities. Divide your list into primary (general) and secondary (specific) hashtags to tap into multiple layers of audience.

Keep the spotlight on content.

Hashtags are for discoverability, not distraction. Move the hashtags to the first comment when your caption gets too crowded. It’ll keep your caption focused and hashtags equally effective.

Ride the hashtag-trend wave.

Climb aboard trending hashtags that fit your content and watch your engagement grow. The rising tide lifts all posts. But remember: relevance is key. Don’t hijack a hashtag if your post has nothing to do with it.

Evolve & adapt.

Change is the only constant on social media. Keep monitoring, tracking, and experimenting with the best hashtags for Instagram to refine your strategy. Swap worn-out tags for fresh ones, and don’t forget to measure their impact. Ultimately, hashtags are the traffic signals guiding users towards your amazing content. So treat them like a GPS, keep your audience on the right track, and your engagement will increase 100% of the time. 

See Also: An Essential Guide to Instagram Hashtags: How to Grow Your Instagram Followers

How to choose hashtags on Instagram

Let’s take a look at how to pick the hashtags that will spice up your posts and beckon Instagram crowds your way.

Relevance is king.

First, the golden rule: Don’t choose hashtags just because they’re popular. Like Cinderella’s glass slipper, they must be a perfect fit! Let your content steer your decision. The more relevant your hashtags, the more likely you’ll reach an audience genuinely interested in your content. Quality over quantity!

Communities are your friends.

Look for hashtags used by your community. Instagram isn’t about shouting into the void; it’s about connecting with like-minded folks, so create posts for your niche. 

Watch the leaders.

Take a look at the successful Instagram accounts in your niche. What hashtags do they use? Learn from the top dogs, but pick carefully to suit your unique brand voice. Don’t just parrot; adapt and perfect!

Be specific & unique.

Broad hashtags might have a broader reach, but they also face broader competition. Adding specific and unique hashtags helps you to reach a niche audience that might be more likely to engage with your content.

Test, monitor, & adjust.

Using the right hashtags is an art, and like with any artistic pursuit, it’s not about getting it right the first time. It’s about trying, learning, and adapting. Test out different hashtags, monitor their performance, and adjust your strategy based on the results.

How many hashtags should I include on Instagram?

Remember the adage, “Less is more”? Or how about, “Too much of a good thing can be a bad thing”? They apply to hashtags, too. Hashtags are powerful, but knowing when to stop using them is equally important. Let’s find your hashtag sweet spot.

Is there a hashtag limit

Instagram enforces a cap of 30 hashtags per post. However, don’t treat this as a target. It’s a boundary, not a goal.

Consider the ‘Goldilocks zone.’

Research varies on the ideal number of hashtags, but the general consensus suggests around 5 to 10 hashtags per Instagram post. Why this magic range? If there are too few, you may not garner enough visibility; if there are too many, your post might appear spammy or desperate. Aim for the just-right “Goldilocks” zone.

Less can be more.

Consider posting fewer but more targeted hashtags in the main caption, then adding more in the first comment. It helps keep your post clean and visually appealing yet maximizes reach.

Don’t copy-paste the same set of hashtags into every post. This can make Instagram’s algorithm view your content as spam. Keep it fresh and adapt hashtags to suit each unique post.

Best hashtags for Instagram in 2024

Predicting the future is a challenge, but when it comes to predicting popular hashtags for Instagram, we’ve got the crystal ball of research and trends. Buckle up as we unveil 2024’s hottest hashtags that’ll make your posts shine, your impressions skyrocket, and your engagement soar!

Best hashtags for Instagram travel

  • #travelphotography
  • #travelgram
  • #instatravel
  • #travelblogger
  • #traveltheword
  • #travelholic
  • #travels 

Best hashtags for Instagram food

  • #foodphotography
  • #foodstagram
  • #healthyfood

Best hashtags for Instagram fashion

  • #fashionstyle
  • #fashiondesigner
  • #fashionblogger
  • #fashionista
  • #fashionable
  • #fashionlover
  • #fashionaddict
  • #fashiongram
  • #fashionphotographer

Best hashtags for Instagram music

  • #musicvideo
  • #musicproducer
  • #musiccover
  • #musicphotography
  • #musiclover

Best hashtags for likes

  • #love – 1.7 Billion posts
  • #instagood – 1.2 Billion posts
  • #photooftheday – 823.1 Million posts
  • #fashion – 812 Million posts
  • #beautiful – 749.8 Million posts
  • #art – 621 Million posts
  • #happy – 564.4 Million posts
  • #followme – 542.1 Million posts
  • #picoftheday – 532.9 Million posts
  • #style – 472.6 Million posts

Key takeaways for making the most out of the best hashtags for Instagram

You’ve learned to select the best hashtags for Instagram and say goodbye to those that belong in the hashtag graveyard. But if you’re ready to rock the Instagram world with your engaging content and unstoppable hashtagging game, let these key principles be your guide:

  • Strike while the iron’s hot : Keep a finger on the pulse of hashtag trends. Jump on the bandwagon and ride the popularity wave, but always keep your hashtag choices relevant to your content.
  • Quality before quantity : Wielding many hashtags can boost visibility, but don’t sacrifice quality for quantity. Instead, choose a handful of perfectly crafted hashtags that add value and resonate with your target audience.
  • Appeal to your niche : The best hashtags aren’t always the most popular or the most obvious. Research your niche audience, understand their interests, and use hashtags that resonate with them especially.
  • Monitor and adjust : Keep a close eye on your hashtags’ performance using Instagram’s insights or third-party analytics tools. Continuously tweak and adjust your hashtag strategy to optimize results.
  • Blend it : Mix popular, trending, industry-specific, and custom hashtags. This combination increases your chances of reaching a wider yet relevant audience.
  • Presentation is key : How you present your hashtags is as important as which ones you choose. Neatly integrate them into captions or place them in the first comment to maintain a visually appealing post.

Remember, it’s not just about beginning; it’s about maintaining the momentum. So keep posting and experimenting!

Frequently Asked Questions

To increase likes on Instagram using hashtags, consider using Instagram’s hashtag suggestions. By manually researching what hashtags your target audience and competitors are using, you can create a fruitful strategy. These approaches can make you stand higher among your desired audience and amplify your chances of attracting more likes.

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tools to find the best hashtags article

7 Tools to Find the Best Hashtags

Profile picture of Erica Pollock

Written by Erica Pollock

Published Mar. 7 2024 · 7 min read

decorative image

Table of Contents

decorative image

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Hashtags have always been at the heart of brands’ social media strategies. Now that it’s possible to search for content on Instagram using a hashtag search engine, their use has taken on a new dimension.

Hashtags aren’t necessarily useful on all social networks, but they are must-haves for Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, and TikTok.

In this article, we’ll introduce you to different tools for finding the right hashtags for your customers, whether you work for an agency or for your brand.

What Is a Hashtag?

Born on Twitter in 2007, the hashtag is a “keyword” preceded by a pound sign. Its use on social networks is now ubiquitous for categorizing content. A hashtag helps immensely for industry and competitive intelligence.

The hashtag can also be used as part of a marketing strategy. You can create a hashtag specific to your brand and encourage your customers to use it when they post content about your brand, products, and services.

On TikTok, the hashtag even has its own challenge, the Branded Hashtag Challenge. A brand challenges its community with a specific hashtag. Users publish their content with it, making it easy to find related content. You can also use hashtags as part of an influencer strategy.

To optimize your marketing teams’ efforts in using and finding hashtags, here are seven tools to try:

1. All-Hashtag

If you’re looking for an all-in-one hashtag search platform for Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter, All-Hashtag might be the tool for you. This solution is designed to help you generate more engagement on your posts. It’s a free tool, so it’s ideal for getting started or testing a hashtag strategy.

All-Hashtag is a hashtag search engine for Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

Need hashtag ideas? All-Hashtag will help you find them. Just enter a keyword, then the tool will generate 30 similar hashtags based on synonyms or related expressions. You can filter the results as needed. You can also analyze the popularity of your hashtags using All-Hashtag’s integrated analysis tool. The tool shows you the ranking according to the number of results for a given hashtag.


2. BuzzSumo

If you want to go beyond simple hashtag research, look no further than BuzzSumo . This platform allows you to identify influencers and content related to specific hashtags.

Unlike All Hashtag, BuzzSumo is not free.

To use this tool, type the hashtag of your choice into the search bar, and BuzzSumo will bring up content related to your keyword. You can then see how much engagement the content has generated. Based on this information, you can evaluate which content performs best on social media for your desired keyword.

buzzsumo hashtag

BuzzSumo also helps you find influencers . It’s a recurring question for social network professionals: How do I find an influencer who corresponds to the subject I want to talk about? BuzzSumo is the answer. Start by entering your hashtag, then choose whether you want to find influencers with a keyword in their profile or in the content they share. Then filter the results by number of followers or engagement rate. You’re all set.

3. Hashtagify

This tool focuses on two social networks: LinkedIn and Instagram. If you need to find information on the performance of a hashtag on Twitter, Hashtagify will offer you a complete analysis. You can choose between free use and a premium subscription. This tool lets you calculate the historical or recent popularity of a hashtag, on a scale of zero to one hundred. Graphs let you see the performance of the searched hashtag over recent weeks or months.

Like All Hashtag, Hashtagify offers a selection of 30 hashtags similar to the one of your choice.

Hashtagify also lets you search for hashtags on Instagram. You can get real-time statistics on any hashtag and related keywords. Your engagement rate or the quality of your content are also provided.

This tool also helps you track the activity of your competitors. You can see which Twitter profiles are tweeting about the hashtag you’re looking for. As you can sort by influence or number of followers, Hashtagify makes it easy to find influential accounts in your field of activity.


4. Hashtracking

The hashtag tool has been designed to increase the number of followers on your accounts and to create webmarketing campaigns and optimize your content.

On Hashtracking, you can follow specific hashtags. You can determine the reach of a keyword, the number of people following it, or the number of tweets with that hashtag over a given period.

hashtag tools

Big advantage: You can also evaluate the “peak times” for a given hashtag. In just a few seconds, you’ll have a precise overview of the power of the hashtag you’re testing. The tool generates a report on the recent activity of your keyword to help you decide whether or not to use it for your brand.

Get started with hashtags and more via a FREE Agorapulse trial!

Keyhole tracks and analyzes a hashtag in real time. Type any keyword into the tool’s search engine, and Keyhole provides information about what is being said about the keyword you’re looking for. The tool works for Instagram, Twitter, TikTok, LinkedIn, Facebook and YouTube.

keyhole hashtags

Thanks to artificial intelligence, Keyhole is able to predict how your hashtag will behave today, next week, or next month.

Yes, you read that right. Interesting, isn’t it? You can use the tool’s predictions to estimate the engagement and reach you’re likely to get, so you can make the best choice.

Can’t decide which hashtags to use to generate maximum visibility for your brand? RiteTag offers a simple hashtag suggestion tool for Instagram and Twitter. You start by typing in your keyword. You then instantly get dozens of related hashtags. Next to each suggestion, you can see the number of tweets and retweets with that hashtag. You can also identify the best time to publish.


This hashtag tool is also free. A paid account will allow you to go even further and analyze the last 30 days for a specific keyword. You can access links to Twitter profiles using each hashtag. This analysis will enable you to identify your competitors or the right influencers.

7. Agorapulse

Agorapulse also offers a tool for unearthing the best hashtags. In addition to all the features offered on our platform, you can also take advantage of a dedicated hashtag search function . Automated searches allow you to receive the most relevant results according to your needs.

Each search is linked to the Twitter or Instagram profile you have previously selected. You can activate or deactivate the automated search with a simple click. To use this tool, simply go to the ‘Social Listening’ tab. From your Agorapulse dashboard, you can like or open the messages most relevant to you.

hashtag tools

Finally, the ‘Reports’ tab lets you see how your hashtags have performed over the days. You can calculate the total number of mentions of your hashtag over a given period. Our solution lets you compare different periods to see how your hashtags perform over time, and adapt your strategy if necessary.

In Conclusion

You now have several tools at your disposal to easily determine which hashtags to use in your social network publications. Don’t overdo it either—if you want to see what the latest hashtag trends are for each platform, you can check out our free tool Social Trends , or read the latest insights on hashtag use in our 2024 State of Community Management Report.

Don’t forget to grab a free trial and see how it can help improve your social media marketing strategy!

7 Tools to Find the Best Hashtags

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What Later Reviews Really Tell Us

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20 Free Social Media Marketing Tools You Should Try

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7 Useful Apps Every Traveler Should Know About

By Harrison Pierce

Image may contain Mountain Mountain Range Nature Outdoors Peak Person Art and Painting

All products featured on Condé Nast Traveler are independently selected by our editors. However, when you buy something through our retail links, we may earn an affiliate commission.

Technology continues to make travel easier for millions of people around the globe. New apps offer travelers fresh ways to research a destination, connect with fellow globetrotters, communicate with locals, and track their flights. As a full-time digital nomad , I’ve learned the importance of having the right tools at your disposal when on the road.

Over the past few years, I’ve visited dozens of countries, flown hundreds of thousands of miles, and tested countless apps to find the ones that prove to be the most helpful. And while tools like Meetup, Google Maps, Google Translate, currency converters, and vacation rental , airline, and hotel–specific apps are in fact indispensable on most trips, I find that many of the best travel apps are still undiscovered by my fellow travelers.

Below, seven travel apps that make life on the go markedly easier (and more fun), from real-time flight trackers to photo-sharing gems—all of these apps are free, but some have paid pro versions worth considering. Don’t think these apps are only for full-time travelers—they prove useful for every type of traveler, whether you're in a brand-new destination or back for a return visit.

Discover the best apps for travelers:

Apps for flying, apps for exploring, apps for photo sharing.

Image may contain: Aircraft, Airliner, Airplane, Transportation, Vehicle, and Flight

My favorite app on this list is Flighty, a must-have for any frequent flier . The free version is fantastic, but I recommend splurging for the premium version, which gives you even more useful information and comes at a reasonable cost of $48 per year. The functionality it provides more than justifies the price.

The free version allows you to input all future flights plus past journeys you've taken within the last year. It provides updated information if any schedule changes occur to upcoming flights and allows you to track all the miles you’ve flown in one place.

The other main benefit is that it allows you to share your flight information with friends and family members who are also on Flighty. They will receive real-time updates about your flight without you having to text them. My parents love to make sure I’m safe so they appreciate getting detailed information about my travels—even while I’m in the air.

Image may contain: Gun, Weapon, Shooting, and Spiral

Flightradar24 is a favorite app among fellow aviation geeks. It lets you track almost any aircraft you see in the air throughout the day or night. You can track your own flight, a friend's flight, or any plane you see in real-time. It shares plenty of cool data, like the altitude, speed, arrival and departure airports and times, and tail number.

Image may contain: Logo, and First Aid

There are tons of eSIM apps on the market, but Airalo is probably my favorite, with digital SIM cards available for dozens of countries. I find it to be the most reliable and offers the best data packages. It can be a little pricey, but it is the best option if you’re only taking short trips. Holafly is another eSIM app that offers unlimited data and works well, but I find the app to be much more glitchy than Airalo and would recommend using the desktop version.

Image may contain: Symbol, First Aid, Text, and Logo

This one is for the planner of the group. Wanderlog merges the best of a bunch of different apps into one. Imagine an app that lets you plan a trip with ease: collaborate with friends as if you’re on Google Docs, manage expense tracking like Splitwise, and have a central place for your reservations, checklists, and more. Tripit is a similar travel planner app, so you can download both and get a feel for which interface you like better.

Image may contain: Paper, and Ice

Been allows you to track the countries you’ve visited and make a wish list of places you can’t wait to cross off your travel bucket list . It gives you information like the percentage of the globe you’ve been to and shows you a world map of your trips. It’s always fun to add in a new country whenever I reach my destination.

Image may contain: Sign, Symbol, Road Sign, and Weapon

This app was introduced to me by fellow nomads I met at a cafe in Montevideo, Uruguay . It automatically tracks your route across the world, allowing you to quickly upload pictures throughout your travels that can be viewed by anyone who has access to your profile. It’s an excellent way to share important moments with loved ones without needing to send photos to each person individually. Users can also create easily accessible guides filled with up-to-date information to help you plan your own trip.

Image may contain: Symbol, Number, Text, and First Aid

Steller is another app that a friend recently introduced me to, and I’ve quickly fallen in love with it. It uses a combination of AI and user experiences to help you plan trips around the globe. From recommendations of things to see, like the Recoleta Cemetery in Buenos Aires or the Royal Palace of Naples, to full guidebooks created by users, you can get inspired, book experiences, and discover hidden gems within this app.

By signing up you agree to our User Agreement (including the class action waiver and arbitration provisions ), our Privacy Policy & Cookie Statement and to receive marketing and account-related emails from Traveller. You can unsubscribe at any time. This site is protected by reCAPTCHA and the Google Privacy Policy and Terms of Service apply.

Android Police

What does sfs mean on instagram.

Find out what SFS means and how to take advantage of it

Every social media platform focuses on different types of content, and with this difference comes jargon specific to each platform. Contemporary Android tablets and Apple devices make social media accessible, so you may want to learn this jargon. Jargon comes in the way of words and abbreviations, and if you've used Instagram, you've probably encountered the abbreviation SFS. But what exactly does the term SFS mean?

How to use multiple Instagram accounts on the mobile app

What sfs means on instagram.

SFS stands for Shout-out for Shout-out or Spam for Spam . While the latter, in particular, doesn't sound too flattering, the purpose of SFS is to boost someone's Instagram account or even yours. It's a common method in social media for influencers to promote each other's content.

This mutual promotion lets a user's account reach a wider audience and gain new Instagram followers and maybe new friends. While acronyms on different platforms can have slightly different meanings, they all strive for the same outcome. Cross-promotion can boost your follower count and grow your Instagram account as a result.

Shout-outs have been a thing on YouTube since its inception. Sharing each other's content this way is common on virtually every social media platform, be it YouTube, Instagram, Snapchat, TikTok, or WhatsApp. For example, on Snapchat, SFS translates as Snap for Snap, but in terms of the objective, it means the same thing as on Instagram.

How to make an SFS post

Now that you know the meaning of SFS, it's time to put it into practice. The easiest way to let other users know about your intention is to include SFS hashtags in your Instagram stories and posts. Use relevant hashtags when creating an Instagram post, and tag the person or business when creating an Instagram story.

Read into the Instagram posts of others and keep track of their hashtags. If you spot an SFS hashtag, chances are you've found a potential business partner. Figuratively speaking.

How to see liked posts on Instagram

Up your instagram game with sfs.

Having your content promoted on social media is crucial to your account's growth. Make sure you take advantage of SFS hashtags to drive your follower count up. The next time you're on Instagram, reach out to someone through DMs, and they might repost your latest story. If you're the target of Instagram spam posts , look into our guide on how to untag yourself from them.

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Patrick Mahomes Wears Cow Costume After Losing March Madness Bet to Shane Buechele

Mahomes' Instagram dress-up comes after his alma mater Texas Tech lost, while Buechele's alma mater UT Austin advanced in the tournament

best hashtags for travel on instagram

Steve Granitz/FilmMagic; Patrick Mahomes/Instagram

Patrick Mahomes can't be a winner every time.

The Super Bowl champ, 28, owed up to a tough loss on his Instagram Story on Friday, when he apparently fell short in a March Madness bet against friends Shane Buechele and Paige Buechele — ultimately having to pose in a cow mask for all to see.

The selfie of shame came with the caption, "A bets a bet... okay cool #Hookem," likely as a nod to University of Texas at Austin's Longhorns advancing in the tournament, while Mahomes' alma mater Texas Tech fell short in their March Madness showing Friday.

In the photo, Mahomes threw his horns in the air as his massive cow mask hid whatever disappointment he may have been feeling at the time.

UT — Buechele's alma mater — came up victorious against Colorado State 56-44, while Mahomes' former college lost 80-67 to NC State in the tournament's first round. Unfortunately for Mahomes, that meant swapping sides for just one IG Story.

Patrick Mahomes/Instagram

Shane reposted his former teammate's cow pose with his own Instagram Story caption: "Horns always go up!" Paige also joked with her pal when she shared the Instagram Story photo, writing: "What's crazyyy is that there wasn't even a bet.. this was all him," she wrote of Mahomes' dress-up.

Shane and Mahomes previously competed together as quarterbacks on the Kansas City Chiefs from 2021-2022. Shane, 26, now plays for the Buffalo Bills.

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After his third Super Bowl victory last month, Mahomes is less focused on losing bets and more on getting ready for the 2024-25 NFL season .

The quarterback shared two photos of himself in a gym to Instagram this week, alongside his new teammate Marquise “Hollywood” Brown and Chiefs wide receiver  Rashee Rice . In the photos, Rice could be seen wearing a shirt featuring a viral image of Mahomes shirtless , and Mahomes even captioned the gym pics with " #DadBodSZN "

That "dad bod" image had gone viral after the Chiefs' AFC Championship win in January, and Mahomes got in on the laughs. He had shared the photo to X  at the time, using the hashtag, "#DadBodSzn," then as well.

"Yoooo why they have to do me like that!?!?!?," Mahomes wrote, before adding, "Like I got kids!!!"

Mahomes and his wife Brittany share two children — 3-year-old daughter Sterling Skye Mahomes and 1-year-old Patrick "Bronze" Lavon Mahomes III — both of whom may have had some questions when they saw their dad in a cow costume this week. And one of whom is already proving to be a basketball fan amid this year's March Madness.

On Thursday, the mother-of-two shared a video of her 16-month-old son cheering as he watched the Oregon Ducks and South Carolina Gamecocks compete in the tournament. “This kid loves ball,” Brittany wrote across the clip.

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Don’t miss Thundercat, Fleet Foxes, and more at the Outside Festival.



Don't miss Thundercat + Fleet Foxes, adventure films, experiences, and more!

From left: Cabo Rojo arch in Puerto Rico; students performing in traditional Mongolian attire at the Flaming Cliffs

The 23 Best Places to Travel in 2024

Our expert travel writers circled the globe to find the next-best destinations to explore—and why to go now.

Heading out the door? Read this article on the Outside app available now on iOS devices for members! >","name":"in-content-cta","type":"link"}}'>Download the app .

Puerto Rico beckons with beautiful waters, like those at Peña Blanca beach; the colorful cityscape of Aguadilla

Puerto Rico

Why Now: After rebounding from a series of devastating earthquakes in 2019 and 2020—and Hurricane Maria in 2017—this U.S. territory (read: no passport required for Americans) quickly became one of the hottest destinations in the Caribbean. Although it has long been a favorite with surfers, 36 years have passed since Puerto Rico hosted the sport’s world championships. But in February, the Atlantic town of Arecibo, an hour west of the capital city of San Juan, welcomed the 2024 International Surfing Association’s World Surfing Games, the final qualifier in the run-up to the Summer Olympics , putting its shores’ serious swells back on the map. It’s easier to get there now, too. In recent months, three affordable carriers have begun nonstop service to San Juan—Avelo Airlines, from Philadelphia and New Haven, Connecticut; JetBlue, from Raleigh, North Carolina (and from Tampa, Florida, to Aguadilla, on the west coast, not far from the low-key surf scene in Rincón); and Spirit, from Fort Myers, Florida. Southwest is expected to join the bandwagon with direct flights from Austin, Texas, starting March 9.

Adventure Intel: In sunny San Juan, Surf with a Pro offers everything from beginner lessons to guided tours of breaks at Playa El Escambrón and Isla Verde. For a different kind of paddling, take a short flight from the capital to the charming island of Vieques to kayak the glowing waters of Mosquito Bay, a natural reserve offering one of the brightest bioluminescent displays in the world. Pirate Bio Bay Tours leads groups in clear-bottomed kayaks. Vieques is also an idyllic place to stay for a couple of nights; its white-sand beaches are always stunning. Or keep to the mainland and head for the interior: at El Yunque National Forest, you can hike past waterfalls and ancient petroglyphs to take a dip in the swimming hole at El Hippie. The Ritz-Carlton San Juan, closed since Hurricane Maria hit, is slated to reopen in the beachfront Isla Verde zone in late 2024. Or opt for a more local, artsy vibe at the year-old (and already award-winning) Don Rafa Boutique Hotel in Miramar. Can’t decide? Travel the island’s entire 110-mile coastline at your own pace via the Puerto Rico Sunshine Route, stopping at any number of gorgeous beaches, like eastern Fajardo, secluded Aguadilla, and the pink salt flats of Cabo Rojo.

Local Tip: La 8 Surf Shop, known locally as La Ocho, across from the San Juan beach Escambrón, rents boards and will give you advice on where to go, says Surf with a Pro founder Alejandro Moreda. After surfing, “Get yourself a mofongo, a traditional dish made from fried plantains,” at cozy La Casita Blanca. — Megan Michelson

A women walks down a desert trail at Arizona’s Saguaro National Park.

Greater Tucson, Arizona

Why Now: Saguaro National Park was recently certified as one of nine Urban Night Sky Places around the world, and Kitt Peak National Observatory recently reopened with a revamped overnight observation program. The region’s already awesome trail system has expanded, letting hikers into a previously private, geologically rich slice of the Chihuahuan Desert.

Adventure Intel: The first time I visited Tucson , my rental car sat unused. The city’s 137-mile Chuck Huckelberry Loop makes it possible to bike the entire metro area, and satellite lanes extend to more than 40 parks. There are also hundreds of miles of singletrack. Rent wheels from Transit Cycles and saddle up at the JW Marriott Starr Pass Resort to explore the Starr Pass Trail System’s mix of smooth and technical terrain. Hiking options are equally endless and now include an eight-mile network in a boulder-strewn section of Texas Canyon Nature Preserve, an hour’s drive east of the city. The Colossal Vail 50/50 ultra race, held on the Arizona Trail between Saguaro National Park and the Santa Rita Mountains, was put on runners’ radars by the Native-produced documentary Run to Be Visible ; in 2023, the race hosted a record number of Indigenous participants, and it will celebrate its tenth anniversary this year.

Local Tip: Moniqua Lane, owner of the Downtown Clifton Hotel, prefers to forgo hikes in the crowded western section of Saguaro in favor of adjacent Tucson Mountain Park. Her favorite route is the three-mile out-and-back Hidden Canyon Trail. — Jen Murphy

Swimmers frolic in the waves of New York’s Camp Hero State Park.

New York State Parks

Why Now: New York State Parks and Historic Sites—a 360,000-acre network of beaches, forests, lakes, campgrounds, trails, and other natural and cultural attractions—is celebrating its 100th anniversary with 100 activities. Participate in as many as you can during the yearlong Centennial Challenge for the chance to win prizes like a multi-season Empire Pass to New York parks (a $205 value). Activities range from hiking to camping at one of more than 8,500 campsites.

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Adventure Intel: The park system encompasses a variety of beautiful landscapes, from the Allegheny Mountains in the west to the beaches at Camp Hero State Park in the east. Among the best known is the 24,000-plus-acre Minnewaska State Park Preserve, home to the Shawangunk Mountains (a.k.a. the Gunks in climbing circles). In 2023, the park’s historic 2.8-mile High Point Carriage Road opened following a 14-month renovation, easing access to Minnewaska’s forested interior. Hikers, bikers, and cross-country skiers can now enjoy 35 miles of carriage paths and 50 miles of trails. New to the area are Wildflower Farms, a 65-cottage resort, and Inness, an inn with 12 guest rooms, 28 cabins, and an organic farm on 220 acres. Both properties are less than ten miles from the park’s main gate.

Minnewaska State Park mountain biking trails

Local Tip: “Park at Lake Minnewaska and cycle out on Castle Point or Hamilton Point Carriage Road,” says Gregory Kanter, a guide and an employee at the outfitter Rock and Snow, in New Paltz. “You ride out on one and come back on the other, and you’re on a cliff top the whole time, looking straight down into the Hudson Valley.” — Ryan Krogh

A group of hikers stretch out atop Divide Peak in Denali National Park, Alaska, with an incredible view over the peaks.

Denali National Park and Preserve, Alaska

Why Now: A landslide halfway up Denali Park Road—the primary route bisecting the six-million-acre park and preserve —cut off access to the terminus community of Kantishna in 2021. While construction of a bridge over the problem area continues, the only way into Camp Denali is a 55-minute flight that departs near the park’s entrance and includes a scenic flyby of North America’s highest peak. Which is why this is the year to capitalize on the lack of crowds.

Adventure Intel: Fly into Kantishna and you’ll be privy to gravel grinding, bear viewing, and hiking that visitors who explore via vehicle can’t reach. You can still stay at Camp Denali; its 19 cabins are tucked among boreal forest west of the landslide and afford awesome views of the mountain. Even before it became marooned, the camp had exclusive rights to offer naturalist-guided hikes into the wilderness to spy grizzlies, caribou, and wolves. But the atmosphere was different back then, with abundant visitors and tour vans. “Being the only ones on the road and the only people in the backcountry has been a marvel,” says co-owner Jenna Hamm. “We can park in the middle of it and take half an hour with a spotting scope.”

Local Tip: Technically, you can bike into Camp Denali. “I’ve seen intrepid bikepackers ride the road from the east, walk their bikes along the gravel bar below the landslide, and then continue west,” says Hamm. — Tim Neville

The pristine waters off Virgin Gorda are ideal for snorkeling.

British Virgin Islands

Why Now: Hurricanes Irma and Maria obliterated every major marina in these islands in 2017. But parks and ports are flourishing again, an inaugural sailing adventure is up and running, there are new places to stay, and legendary watering holes have reopened.

Adventure Intel: The Nomada at Sea , a 62-foot catamaran based in Nanny Cay, Tortola, has begun welcoming up to ten passengers for weeklong trips around the islands. Stops may include Anegada Island, famous for fresh lobster and an array of beaches to explore. Virgin Gorda’s North Sound, where surrounding landforms stifle swells but the trade winds blow unabated, is a paradise for wing foiling, kiteboarding, and windsurfing. For après, hit the Bitter End Yacht Club, established in 1969. The well-regarded resort was flattened in the storms, but after a four-year renovation, it’s as good as new and has retained its inclusive vibe, appealing to sailing bums and superyacht owners alike. The club’s second-floor mariners’ lounge offers 180-degree views of North Sound, and its two marina lofts are the only over-the-water bungalows in the BVI. The Bitter End plans to add more accommodations in 2024. Elsewhere, on Jost Van Dyke, the swim-in Soggy Dollar Bar has reopened. And throughout the islands, nature reserves have healed. Head out for a trail hike at Sage Mountain National Park in Tortola and snorkel among the reefs off Anegada, where marine life has returned.

Local Tip: “Mount Sage, the highest point in the islands at 1,780 feet, includes the only true rainforest we have, and it bounced back extremely quickly after the hurricanes,” says Mervin Hastings, a guide at Eco Adventures BVI. “Thetrail to the summit has reopened, so you can enjoy views across the islands.” — Kelly Bastone

Cafe tables with umbrellas are set up alongside Berlin’s Spree Riverfront.

Why Now: There’s no fest like a German fest, but things will get über exciting when one of the continent’s largest sporting events, the UEFA European Football Championship, kicks off across ten German cities in June. The tournament features 24 teams and begins in Munich, which also serves as the departure point for a new cycling route in upper Bavaria.

Adventure Intel: Looking to feed off the energy of two ecstatic fan bases? Head to Munich to catch three-time champion Germany’s opening bid against a proven Scottish squad. (The Viktualienmarkt beer garden, with some of the country’s best schweinebraten mit sauerkraut, is worth a visit, too.) Also, don’t miss the city’s whopper of a climbing gym: the German Alpine Club’s Climbing and Bouldering Center, with 60,000 square feet of walls, boasts some 500 routes, a few as high as 80 feet. If the Bavarian countryside exerts more pull, sightseeing on two wheels is never a bad idea. The new 115-mile Blue Rider route skirts Lake Starnberg and Lake Kochel, in a region with more than 100 miles of hiking trails. Alternatively, ride the 173-mile Hop Loop north to Ingolstadt, spinning past castles like Nymphenburg Palace and cooling off in Lake Radersdorf.

Local Tip: Jana Meier Roberts, a Munich-based graphic designer, recommends taking a dip in the Isar River near Praterinsel before heading to the Muffathalle Biergarten. “The food there is superior to most Munich biergarten food. From there you can walk to the Deutsches Museum to finish the night at the rooftop bar.” —T.N.

Surfers in Jupiter, Florida

Florida’s Brightline

Why Now: This high-speed train debuted in September, carrying passengers the 156 miles from Orlando to Miami in 3.5 hours. An eco-friendly mode of transportation, the trains run on clean biodiesel.

Adventure Intel: The Brightline is the first private rail line in the U.S. in 100 years, with stations centrally located in six cities along the route. From these you can Uber or even bike to the coast. Embark in Orlando, the northern terminus, and make your first stop Boca Raton. It’s just two miles from sandy public beaches. Check out Red Reef Park, home to hundreds of species of fish and an easy place to snorkel. Aventura Station, north of Miami, is just 4.5 miles from Oleta River State Park; there you can rent a paddleboard and cruise through a mangrove forest. At the railway’s southern terminus in downtown Miami, hail a rideshare for the 40-mile drive south to Biscayne National Park . From the park’s Dante Fascell Visitor Center, join the Biscayne National Park Institute’s guided kayak trips to Boca Chica Lighthouse, for views of the Miami skyline, or through remote seagrass canals. Camp at Boca Chita Key—its sites are the best in the park. For an adventure closer to the station, head ten miles south to Key Biscayne and walk with peacocks in Crandon Park or relax on the two-mile-long beach in the shade of coconut palms.

Local Tip: “Check out Tam Tam, an amazing Vietnamese restaurant two blocks from the Miami station,” says Eric Barton, a Miami-based cyclist and foodie. “Like all the best restaurants, it has a karaoke machine in the bathroom. Get the wings. They’re incredibly crispy and covered in a caramel fish sauce.” — Graham Averill

Two mountain bikers explore Aoraki/Mount Cook National Park, on New Zealand’s South Island.

New Zealand’s South Island

Why Now: United Airlines started offering nonstop service from San Francisco to Christchurch, on the South Island , a year ago, putting this place of superlatives within easier reach of American travelers. Cementing its reputation as an adventure mecca are new cycling and hiking trails—notably the latest installment of its Great Walks hikes—while the burgeoning culinary hub of Arrowtown is shining a spotlight on a compelling food and wine scene. Dozens of new lodges have opened, including two from high-end adventure collective Eleven. And on the multimillion-dollar Pounamu Pathway project, a collaboration between the Poutini Ngai Tahu people and the Weta Workshop (the company behind the visual effects for the Lord of the Rings movies), visitor centers highlighting Maori history are opening on the west coast.

Adventure Intel: The 38-mile Tuatapere Hump Ridge Track, a three-day hike along the south coast, is slated to be designated New Zealand’s 11th Great Walk in October. The loop’s two backcountry lodges already attract 3,500 hikers a year; the track’s new status is expected to double that number, so reserve now for prime trekking season (October to April). In Queenstown, the ten-mile Wharehuanui Trail is on schedule to be completed by year’s end. It will connect the suburb of Arthurs Point, where Cargo Brewery’s new brew hall will open in June, to the mining burg of Arrowtown, hipper than ever thanks to Ayrburn Farm, a historic site repurposed as a gastro hub. Ayrburn recently opened a wine and cocktail bar; a pizzeria, butcher shop, and bakery are in the works. For a biking and hiking combo, sign up for Adventure South NZ ’s new multi-activity itinerary up north: you’ll bike the 124-mile Great Taste Trail, hike in both Abel Tasman and Queen Charlotte National Parks, and visit craft breweries, wineries, and farmers’ markets. If it’s angling you’re after—New Zealand is considered the trophy-trout capital of the world—two legendary fishing lodges are now run by Eleven: the four-room Cedar Lodge on the Makararoa River, and the six-cottage Owen River Lodge in the Nelson Lakes district. And on the west coast, two of the 186-mile Pounamu Pathway’s four connected towns—Mawhera (Greymouth) and Hokitika—have opened museums with amazing light and sound displays; the towns of Awarua (Haast) and Kawatiri (Westport) will open similar experiences in mid-2024 and late 2025, respectively.

Local Tip: For Philip Wyndham, general manager of Adventure South NZ, the 34-mile Lake Dunstan Trail in Central Otago is a favorite for cycling: “It traverses rocky bluffs on cantilever bridges above the Clutha River, and huge rideable swing bridges span chasms. The trail finishes at the historic gold-rush town of Clyde, where I grab a post-ride beer at Olivers Brewery.” —J.M.

A woman on a yoga platform starts her dawn practice at Mongolia’s Three Camel Lodge.

Why Now: The Mongolian government has declared 2024 the year of tourism, with ambitions of attracting one million visitors and working to establish the first-ever direct flight between the U.S. and the capital city of Ulaanbaatar. New lodges and cultural tours make it more feasible to discover the nation’s immense wilderness, along with honored traditions like horse racing and eagle hunting.

Adventure Intel: Pioneering tour operator Nomadic Expeditions now has two camps of traditional ger (yurts). Three Camel Lodge is in the southern Gobi Desert, where I stayed last fall to explore the Flaming Cliffs—one of the world’s greatest fossil sites—and nearby Singing Dunes. Then there’s Three Eagle Camp, in the westernmost Bayan-Ulgii province (hop a 90-minute flight from the capital), home to some 200 Kazakh eagle hunters. Nomadic Expeditions’ Mongolian-American founder, Jalsa Urubshurow, launched the Golden Eagle Festival here 25 years ago, and trips to the festival in October, and lead-up events in September, spotlight the ancient form of falconry. In the northern region of Selenge, the year-old Yeruu Lodge offers kayaking and horseback riding and is a convenient base to experience the Naadam Festival, a competition of horsemanship, archery, and wrestling held each July.

Local Tip: Observing that Mongolian meals are heavy on meat, paleontologist Minjin Bolortsetseg says that when she craves vegetables, she goes to Agnista, a vegan restaurant in Ulaanbaatar, close to the University of Science and Technology. —J.M.

A man rides a mountain-bike trail outside Park City, Utah.

Park City, Utah

Why Now: These days, people of all abilities can better enjoy Park City Mountain Resort, which celebrated its 60th anniversary in February. For 26 years, the National Ability Center —a Park City nonprofit focused on adaptive outdoor recreation—ran its winter operations out of a double-wide trailer at the base of the resort. But in October, the NAC opened the 9,400-square-foot McGrath Mountain Center, adjacent to the First Time chairlift, to offer more high-quality accessible space for its participants.

Adventure Intel: The NAC is best known for its alpine-skiing and snowboarding programs (instructors teach 4,000 lessons annually), but adaptive athletes can also sign up for nordic skiing and sled hockey in the winter, mountain biking and watersports in the summer, and more. The center’s 26-acre Park City Ranch, just east of town, has a 25-room, ADA-approved lodge, access to 56 miles of outstanding trails, an equestrian facility, and a climbing gym. Additionally, Park City’s free bus system offers door-to-door paratransit service.

Round Valley mountain biking trails

Local Tip: “My favorite activities are hiking and biking the Round Valley trail system with my husband, a former Paralympian, and our three kids,” says Tracy Meier, the NAC’s chief program and education officer. “There are both paved and dirt trails offering incredible views of the mountains.” —M.M.

A panoramic view of Lake Michigan and Sleeping Bear Dunes National Lakeshore

Michigan’s Lower Peninsula

Why Now: The Detroit Riverwalk, the city’s crown jewel, now connects to nearby Belle Isle, the southern terminus of the nearly completed 2,000-mile Iron Belle Trail. The statewide project, with hiking and biking paths to the Upper Peninsula, is over 70 percent ready following new route additions in 2023. Up north, Traverse City celebrated the advent of a lakeside loop 30 years in the making, and new lodgings opened in the state’s renowned national lakeshore.

Adventure Intel: The expansion of the Detroit Riverwalk—a 3.5-mile riverfront promenade voted one of the nation’s most beautiful—means easier access to Belle Isle, a 982-acre park. In the food and brew hub of Traverse City, the four-mile Boardman Lake Loop lets you bike, fish, and kayak just minutes from downtown. Thirty miles west, on the beach at Sleeping Bear Dunes National Lakeshore, the 150-year-old Sleeping Bear Inn is being revitalized and is expected to open this summer with eight rooms. Off the northern tip of the peninsula, no-cars-allowed Mackinac Island is home to one of my favorite Midwest cycling routes, the M-185 lakefront loop. Park near mile marker one and ascend the 200 stairs to the Milliken Nature Center at Arch Rock, opening this spring. And stargazers, take note: Beaver Island is in the final stages of becoming the state’s first Dark Sky Sanctuary.

Local Tip: “Many rides, runs, and hikes start at Detroit’s Eastern Market,” says Todd Scott, of the Detroit Greenways Coalition. “Cutter’s is my go-to for a cold beer and pub grub in a relaxed environment that typifies Detroit.” — Stephanie Vermillion

Sunrise at Craters of the Moon National Monument and Preserve, Idaho

Craters of the Moon National Monument and Preserve, Idaho

Why Now: Craters of the Moon, protecting the largest lava field in the lower 48, is celebrating its 100th anniversary with new and updated trails to welcome visitors. The preserve is also a designated International Dark Sky Park and the perfect spot to witness two large meteor showers, in August and December.

Adventure Intel: Imagine 750,000 acres of crusty lava with exposed fissures, craters, and lava-tube caves. The seven-mile Loop Road is a popular path to viewpoints and hikes up cinder cones (small dormant volcanoes). While most of the 500 caves are closed to protect native bats, you can get a free permit to explore 800-foot-long Indian Tunnel, where stalactites cover the ceilings and lava flows left tidemarks on the walls. Strike out on the four-mile Wilderness Trail, which passes Big Cinder Butte and rises 700 feet from the valley. With a free backpacking permit, you can keep going after the trail ends, following the 52-mile-long Great Rift—a crack in the earth’s crust preserved by lava. Craters also has some of the darkest skies in the park system. Show up in mid-August for the Perseid meteor shower or in mid-December for the Geminids—both promise up to 100 streaks of light per hour.

Local Tip: Ted Stout, author of Craters of the Moon, says that one of his favorite campsites is inside Echo Crater: “The incredibly high walls create a natural amphitheater that blocks the wind, and you’ll have an uninterrupted view of the amazing night skies.” —G.A.

A large wave crashes on the beach at Makena Beach in Maui, Hawaii.

Maui, Hawaii

Why Now: For years, the Hawaii Tourism Authority talked about embracing a more regenerative approach that promotes locally owned, Native-led outfitters and properties. On Maui, these goals are now paramount in the wake of August’s devastating fires.

Adventure Intel: The island is still healing after the loss of life caused by the blazes. Historic Lahaina remains off-limits to tourists as residents rebuild, but the rest of Maui is open , and many businesses need tourism dollars to survive. One of the biggest ways to help is by choosing locally owned restaurants, accommodations, and guiding outfits. As Kevin Shenk, owner of Helewai Eco-Tours, says, “There’s no better way to connect with a place than through its people.” His company’s two-mile Honolua Ridge Hike on the west side educates visitors about island ecology while providing them with stunning views. At the doorstep of Haleakala National Park , Kula Lodge—one of Maui’s few independent hotels—has been refreshed by new owners. Continue a local-focused itinerary by joining a hike of Haleakala Crater with Humble Tours, or rent a mountain bike at Maui Cyclery in Paia or Krank Cycles in Makawao or Kahului and tackle the 6.8-mile Haleakala Maui Skyline Trail. And offer to volunteer: you might harvest at Hua Momona Farms or plant taro at Na Mahiaio o Keanae. Both distribute food to those in need. GoHawaii also just launched the Malama Hawaii dashboard in partnership with Kanu Hawaii, which allows visitors to search for and sign up for volunteer experiences online and find ways to donate to nonprofits. Local Tip: Skip Starbucks and get your caffeine fix at Akamai, a local coffee franchise, says Riley Coon, director of sustainable tourism at Sail Trilogy. —J.M.

Taking a dip in the Caribbean waters surrounding Panama’s San Blas Islands

Why Now: Panama’s new Sustainable Network of Rural and Community Tourism project connects travelers with locals in the country’s most far-flung forests and along its coastlines. Last year Panama also kicked off its 1,000 Kilometers of Trails initiative—a push to create over 600 miles of land and water paths by 2030—with 18 miles open to trekkers around the dormant El Valle stratovolcano. Copa Airlines eases the way with direct flights to Panama City from Austin, Texas, Baltimore, Toronto, and Montreal.

Adventure Intel: Squeezed between the Pacific and the Caribbean Sea, amid one of the world’s most biodiverse regions, Panama is wild with flora and fauna—more than 10,000 species. During a one-week trip, I accompanied sea turtle conservationists on moonlit beach walks and floated the Teribe River between Naso villages on a traditional balsa raft. Hiking is another Panama staple, notably the 16-mile round-trip trek up 11,400-foot Baru , Panama’s highest peak. Myriad marine animals are on view in the diving hub of Bocas del Toro. And the adults-only Nayara Bocas del Toro recently added treehouse digs and scuba, snorkel, and surf lessons.

Local Tip: George Hanily, executive director of the conservation group ANCON, recommends that birders book a stay at Los Quetzales Ecolodge and Spa in the Cerro Punta highlands. “It’s the easiest place in Central America to spot the spectacular resplendent quetzal,” he says. “You will find lovely cabins and trails.” —S.V.

Croatia’s “Eye of the Earth” spring

The Balkans

Why Now: Construction of the final segments of the Trans Dinarica Cycling Route , linking eight Balkan countries, is wrapping up. All 1,250 miles are expected to be fully connected by July, offering new opportunities to visit national parks and heritage sites across this little-visited region.

Adventure Intel: Born from years of collaboration, the Trans Dinarica is designed to lead travelers off the beaten path, through fairy-tale forests and small villages between Slovenia’s Soca Valley, on the Italian border, and Lake Ohrid, a Unesco World Heritage site on the Albanian–North Macedonian border. If you want to DIY, plan to ship your bike and to ride between 25 and 40 miles per day, with anywhere from 1,600 to 3,200 feet of elevation change, says Jan Klavora, one of the project’s masterminds. Suggested stops include a stay at Hisa Franko in Kobarid, Slovenia, whose Michelin-starred restaurant serves farm-to-table meals; Rijeka, Croatia, where you can dine on fresh fish beside the Adriatic Sea; and Lake Skadar, Montenegro, home to abundant carp and eel and some of Europe’s last pelicans. There are also easy detours to national parks like Montenegro’s Durmitor and Serbia’s Tara, both in the Dinaric Alps. Want help planning? Ljubljana-based Visit GoodPlace leads a nine-day gourmet food and cycling tour and a 15-day mountain-biking tour through Slovenia and Croatia. Or book Sarajevo-based Green Visions ’ eight-day highlands mountain-bike traverse through Bosnia and Herzegovina. For inexpensive flights to the region, check out Ryan-air’s routes into Croatia and Albania.

Local Tip: Bojan Senkinc, a Croatian guide with Promotiv Travel Outdoor, recommends exploring the Velebit Mountains, renowned for their cliffs, caves, and panoramas of the Adriatic. The Trans Dinarica passes through the Velebit, where recent rewilding efforts have bolstered populations of chamois, red deer, wolves, and lynx. — Delilah Friedler

A walk amid Madagascar’s massive baobabs

Why Now: Daunting logistics have long deterred travelers from visiting the world’s fourth largest island, but new internal flights and conservation-focused lodges are making this otherworldly place more accessible. And trust me: it’s worth it to experience mind-blowing safaris and activities like kayaking and kitesurfing in some of the world’s most gorgeously multihued water.

Adventure Intel: I’ve visited Africa more than a dozen times, and Madagascar has truly unbelievable biodiversity and adventure potential. In the northeast, Masoala National Park protects the island’s largest remaining rainforest and endemic species like the red ruffed lemur. I stayed at the park in one of Masoala Forest Lodge’s seven treehouses. Co-owner Pierre Bester is a fanatical kayaker and partnered with Wild Expeditions , a collective of owner-run African safari camps, to offer 10- and 11-night paddling expeditions between his lodge and its new two-story Crusoe’s Cabin, on an island off Cap Masoala. Namorokoa National Park in the northwest is also incredible, notably for its tsingy limestone pinnacles, towering baobab trees, ancient burial sites, and 100-plus bird species. The nonprofit Wildlife Madagascar is opening a tented camp midyear to give travelers a better base to roam from. Off the west coast, luxury property Miavana opened a kitesurfing school on Nosy Ankao, with helicopter trips to far-flung sites like the Red Tsingy Reserve.

Local Tip: Bester sends strong paddlers from Crusoe’s Cabin to a sacred point where the Malagasy ask their ancestors for blessings. A local guide meets them and shares insight about beliefs and taboos. “It’s a humbling and spiritual experience,” Bester says. —J.M.

Summer at Campfire Ranch Wash Gulch, in Crested Butte

Why Now: The Centennial State continues to woo travelers with improved adventure options. The first thing that caught our eye was San Juan Mountain Guides’ Million Dollar Trek , which debuted last year as a five-day hut-to-hut hike; from July through September, you can head out from Ouray and overnight at three full-service backcountry lodges. It’s never been easier to plan an EV-powered road trip through Colorado’s most beautiful places: in 2024, you’ll find charging spots on 14 of the state’s 26 Scenic and Historic Byways, with more on the way. On June 1 and 2, don’t miss the new Outside Festival (brought to you by Outside Inc., this magazine’s parent company) in Denver’s Civic Center Park. It will feature headline musical acts, a films and ideas summit, climbing walls, and gear demos.

Adventure Intel: Populus , the country’s first carbon-positive hotel, is on track to open in downtown Denver this summer with a distinctive design: its white exterior and windows are meant to look like notches in an aspen tree. The southern Colorado town of Trinidad is quietly becoming a hot spot for gravel cyclists; it hosts September’s Rad Dirt Fest race, with three courses through the Spanish Peaks. Hikers are heading to Fishers Peak State Park for its new 16-mile round-trip trail to the eponymous 9,633-foot summit. (Note: the top of the trail is closed from March until August for raptor nesting, so bring your binos if you’re a birder.) From Trinidad it’s about two hours to Great Sand Dunes National Park , where the startup Ramble recently installed 25 spacious campsites, with kitchens and shared showers, and a stargazing area with hammocks. Rent a sandboard while you’re at it. Ramble is also opening a campground near Mesa Verde National Park later this year. Other new stays around the state include the Campfire Ranch Wash Gulch in Crested Butte; it requires a four-mile approach in winter, but the payoff is incredible ski touring and summer hiking. Campfire Ranch also operates a campground, open from May through October, on the Taylor River in nearby Almont; there are sleeping bags, coolers, and tents for rent. The staff will teach you how to set up camp, and a concierge can organize fly-fishing and mountain-biking outings. In Aspen, the 68-room Mollie Hotel opened in December with a rooftop pool; from there it’s a ten-minute walk to Aspen Mountain, which expanded its terrain by more than 20 percent over the winter, with 26 new chutes and trails, the majority expert-level.

Local Tip: Sam Degenhard, founder of Campfire Ranch, sends intermediate-to-advanced mountain bikers to Doctor Park , northeast of Almont. “It’s a Colorado classic, with eight miles of flowy downhill,” he says. “Afterward, get green chile tamales at Teocalli Tamale.” —M.M.

An adaptive cyclist heads up one of the new Gateway Trails in Old Fort, North Carolina.

Old Fort, North Carolina

Why Now: A former manufacturing town on the edge of Pisgah National Forest, Old Fort was down on its luck until the local community started building mountain-bike routes. The Gateway Trails were the first to open, in 2022. And thanks to a $2.5 million grant, the G5 Trail Collective will construct 42 miles of flowy singletrack in the next few years, nine of which are already done. The burgeoning system has boosted the economy; in the past two years, 13 businesses have opened, including a number of breweries, the Old Fort Bike Shop, Mountain Top Shuttles, and Gogo’s Cinnamon Rolls.

Adventure Intel: My son and I love to hammer downhill laps on the new trails, and there’s an easy gravel climb directly out of a trail hub with bathroom facilities. In the backcountry, I like to ride the months-old Bernard Mountain Trail , where a lonely ascent rewards you with three miles of sidecut singletrack dropping almost 1,000 feet. I’m also excited about the new three-mile Lower Heartbreak Trail , which connects with existing routes to form an 11-mile adventure from Blue Ridge Parkway at the base of Mount Mitchell that drops more than 3,400 feet to the edge of Old Fort.

Bernard Mountain Road multi-use trail

Local Tip: Jason McDougald, founder of the G5 Trail Collective, raves about Abbiocco, the new pizza truck at the Whaley Farm Brewery. “It’s the real deal,” he says, “run by a chef from Asheville who imported the pizza oven from Italy. There’s always pepperoni on the menu, but go with one of the seasonal pies, like the fall pizza with butternut squash and pine nuts.” —G.A.

The Seven Stars pub, south of Liverpool, England

Why Now: Whether you go for football on the telly or a full English brekky on the terrace, pubs are an integral part of life in the UK. Yet recent economic pressures have threatened the beloved institutions: in 2022, an average of 32 closed every month. However, the campsite-booking company Pitchup is pairing with country pubs that have scenic grounds where campers can spend the night. “Pubs are landmarks in their own right,” says Pitchup founder Dan Yates, who notes that such reservations searches on the site were up 10 percent from 2022. “Being able to sleep at one offers a truly one-of-a-kind camping experience.” For pub owners, campsite fees are a vital new revenue stream, and most guests enjoy the food and drink as well.

Adventure Intel: Currently, 128 pubs offer a place to either pitch your tent or park your trailer. (Use its  pub campsite filter  to get pub listings.) Prices average $40 per night and usually include amenities like Wi-Fi and a hot shower. I’ve got my eye on the Ring, a 19th-century stone building on Wales’s rugged Anglesey peninsula, just off the stunning 870-mile Wales Coast Path.

Local Tip: At the George in Gloucestershire, walk the nearby 17-mile Jubilee Way and then dig into the “banging carvery,” as one reviewer put it. The Gaggle of Geese, in the Dorset hamlet of Buckland Newton, is nestled in an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty; you might spend time on the premises playing with pygmy goats or testing the pins on its skittles alley (a lane for bowling, not a pathway lined with candy). — Tom Vanderbilt

Northern lights over Nunavik, northern Quebec

Quebec, Canada

Why Now: NOAA recently predicted that the current solar cycle, which began in 2019 and will run until 2030, is likely to peak from now until October. What does that mean for those of us who travel to witness the wonders of the night skies? More chances to see a bright aurora borealis.

The latitude of northern Quebec’s Gyrfalcon Islands falls within the auroral oval—a ring above the geomagnetic poles where more activity happens—making it a good area for sightings, says Shawn Dahl, of NOAA’s Space Weather Prediction Center. A Native-run expedition that combines sky gazing with wildlife watching is one of the better ways to make the most of your time in these remote reaches, while two small-town destinations along the Saint Lawrence River offer new opportunities to explore the province’s under-the-radar outdoor settings.

Adventure Intel: In 2022, James May and Jonathan Grenier, Inuit guides from the small northern Nunavik town of Kuujjuaq, started Ungava Polar Eco-Tours . In August and September (the best months for the northern lights, according to Dahl), they offer a half dozen seven-day adventures on six-mile-long Tiercel Island in the Gyrfalcon archipelago, just below the Arctic Circle. You’ll explore by foot, fat bike, ATV, and boat—the latter of which requires experience in this corner of Ungava Bay, where the tidal range can be as much as 63 feet. Sightings of birds and seals are guaranteed, but there are also walruses, a variety of whales—minke, humpback, beluga, and orca—wolves, foxes, and polar bears. Guests are housed in insulated fiberglass domes that can withstand bumps by a disgruntled beast and winds up to 155 miles per hour. May and Grenier harvest caribou, musk oxen, arctic char, Canada geese, and berries throughout the year, and send their bounty to the renowned Quebec chef Kim Côté, who prepares traditional Inuit meals for guests. If you can’t make it to the wilds of northern Quebec, two destinations along the Saint Lawrence have ample dark skies, stunning scenery, and attractions with affordable overnight accommodations. Attitude Nordique , a year-round adventure park in Baie-Comeau, has a new zip line and suspension bridge, plus kayaking, climbing, and canoeing, as well as beachfront lodging and campsites. On the river’s southern shore, in Sainte-Anne-des-Monts, gaze at the heavens from one of seven Panora seaside pods, each with a hot tub and deck. The property is just 27 miles from Gaspésie National Park, known for its hiking and an abundance of moose and caribou.

Local Tip: When the aurora borealis—known as aqsarniit by the Inuit—appears, Grenier recommends whistling. “In our culture, they teach us that when you whistle at the lights, they move even more,” he says. “It brings a joyful mood.” — Stephanie Pearson

Hikers amble through Valley of the Winds in Australia’s Uluru–Kata Tjuta National Park.

Australia’s Red Centre

Why Now: Located smack-dab in the middle of the country’s outback, the Red Centre is climbing the ranks of many travelers’ lists. A flourishing LGBTQ+ festival in Alice Springs is drawing enthusiastic crowds, while visitors interested in Indigenous tourism now have easier access to Uluru, the iconic sandstone formation, thanks to direct Virgin Australia flights from Melbourne and Brisbane to Ayers Rock Airport, 20 miles from the site.

Adventure Intel: Alice Springs is the final destination of road-tripping drag queens in the 1994 film Priscilla, Queen of the Desert, and each spring the outpost hosts the four-day FabAlice festival . This year it expects 25 percent more revelers—upwards of 5,000 people—to celebrate the cult classic’s 30th anniversary, with performances, a parade, and other gatherings at the new Priscilla Bar at Lasseters Hotel Casino (featured in the movie). Hikers will head out for a trek at Kings Canyon Rim Walk, which includes the Priscilla’s Crack lookout. Uluru, 200 miles southwest, is a different kind of mecca—Aboriginals believe that the distinctive formation was created by their ancestors. To see more of the region, sign up for Indigenous-operated 100% Finke River Culture and Adventure’s five-day cultural-immersion tours across the Red Centre, which include treks to sacred sites and evenings around a campfire eating Aboriginal cuisine.

Kings Canyon Rim Walk near Alice Springs

Local Tip: Alice Springs may be remote but it doesn’t lack worldly fare: Stuart Ord, volunteer chair of FabAlice’s board, recommends dining at the Alice Vietnamese Restaurant. You can also find Turkish, Chinese, Korean, and Italian eateries in town. —D.F.

Lobster for lunch is nearly a given during Maine’s summer season. Although harvested year-round, more are pulled from offshore waters between June and December.

Why Now: The Pine Tree State is on a roll, with an expansion at its largest ski resort, the ongoing renaissance of once down-and-out mill towns, and the opening of hotels close to outdoor recreation. Did we mention the solar eclipse on April 8? A swath of Maine will be in the path of totality.

Adventure Intel: Sugarloaf Mountain has increased its terrain by 10 percent; additions include 12 trails, a high-speed quad, and, this summer, a lift-served mountain-bike park. Saddleback Mountain cut the ribbon on a midmountain restaurant with a ski-up bar and views of Rangeley Lake; the resort is also expanding its network of lift-accessed singletrack. Portland’s new Longfellow Hotel is a mile from the terrific restaurants of the Old Port, while in nearby Biddeford, a revitalized former textile town with its own buzzy dining scene, an 1850s mill is now the 33-room Lincoln Hotel. To the north, in Skowhegan, the River Fest, held in August, will highlight the ongoing downtown River Park project, with an adjustable wave for surfing and paddling. (Borrow kayaks and other gear from Skowhegan Outdoors.) Way north, Katahdin Woods and Waters National Monument is a certified Dark Sky Sanctuary, and its visitor center, set to open on August 17, tells the story of the area through the eyes of the Penobscot and other local Native tribes.

Local Tip: Brian Catapang, co-owner of the Magnus on Water restaurant in Biddeford, says, “Pick up a cold-brew at Time and Tide Coffee on Main Street—it’s so good we use it in our espresso martinis—before heading to Fortunes Rocks, the best surf spot around.” — Meg Lukens Noonan

Yellowstone National Park’s Grand Prismatic Spring

Wyoming’s Yellowstone Highway

Why Now: Part of the historic Yellowstone Highway is turning 100. The anniversary celebrates my favorite two-lane ribbon of asphalt anywhere in the world, which cuts 300 miles from Shoshoni through an especially scenic section of Wind River Canyon before continuing into Yellowstone National Park and then Grand Teton National Park. The trip is all the better this year when you factor in the new planetarium, with one of the state’s largest telescopes, near Yellowstone’s south entrance, new park trails, and a new zip line and new bike-park features at the two ski resorts in Jackson Hole, where the highway ends.

Adventure Intel: Fly into Casper on a one-way ticket and rent a four-wheel drive (to return later in Jackson). Then head west 100 miles to Shoshoni, the start of the Yellowstone Highway, and drop a line in Boysen Reservoir, teeming with trophy-size trout and walleye. Continue north to Thermopolis via the 34-mile Wind River Canyon Scenic Byway , flanked by 2,500-foot-high rock walls and the Bighorn River that carved them. Hot Springs State Park, which has added and updated six miles of hiking and biking trails, has a thriving bison herd and a free bathhouse where you can soak in a 104-degree mineral spring. Hit the highway again, and in three to four hours you can be kayaking across high-alpine Yellowstone Lake with the naturalist guides at Shurr Adventures . Or cruise south toward the Tetons for the climbing and hiking around Jackson Hole. It’s pricey, but I like to crash at the Cloudveil, right on the Town Square. (The Rusty Parrot Lodge and Spa is aiming to reopen in late May, too.) Pro tip: for the best views of the Town Square or Snow King Mountain, request a room facing Center Street. Last September, I ventured onto Snow King’s new zip line; with a 36 percent grade, it’s the steepest in North America. In June, the resort will open a $5 million mountaintop planetarium. At Jackson Hole Mountain Resort, while traversing the via ferrata, I watched construction workers put the finishing touches on the Grand Teton Skywalk, at 10,450 feet. This summer, the resort’s bike park will debut a new jump line codesigned by pro freerider Cam Zink; après at the renovated Spur Restaurant and Bar at the base of the mountain. Hikers, take note: four-legged friends will finally be allowed on the gondola.

Local Tip: “Grab a trail map from the chamber of commerce and check out the awesome trails on the high points overlooking Thermopolis,” says Dusty Lewis, owner of the outfitter Rent Adventure. “If you’re worried about the climbs, they’re e-bike-friendly. And a spicy blackened burger from One-Eyed Buffalo Brewing always hits the spot.” — Katie Jackson


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