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GetYourGuide’s ultimate McLaren Technology Centre experience

When it comes to prestigious motorsport locations, precious few are more recognisable than the McLaren Technology Centre and its iconic boulevard, home to some of the most successful cars in Formula 1 history.

Access to the space-age, ahead-of-its-time McLaren Technology Centre that first opened in 2003 is usually reserved for the privileged few. But the doors to the MTC and 60 years of McLaren’s history are now open – thanks to leading travel experience platform GetYourGuide .

The tour, which marks GetYourGuide’s expansion into sports-related experiences, includes return transportation by bus from London, exclusive access to the MTC and all the behind-the-scenes insight that entails, plus an expert guide when on site.

(c) Getyourguide Mclaren Bcs 4383 Pr 3 300dpi

Tours to the home of one of the most successful teams in F1 history – McLaren is among the elite club Red Bull joined last weekend by winning its 100th grand prix – accommodate around 20 people, with your guide on hand to greet you at the state-of-the-art MTC and welcome you into the McLaren family.

And the splendour starts with the drive past the lake against which the MTC is set with the famous boulevard immediately in view upon arrival as you step through the MTC’s sliding doors, where cars driven by the likes of McLaren legends Niki Lauda, Ayrton Senna and Mika Hakkinen, to the team’s most recent F1 champion Lewis Hamilton, plus current 2023 drivers Lando Norris and Oscar Piastri are all on display – as well as cars from other disciplines that play such an important role in McLaren’s rich history, plus some of the luxury sportscars developed on-site by the McLaren Automotive brand.

(c) Getyourguide Mclaren Bcs 4383 Pr 5 300dpi

The stories behind those iconic cars and the groundbreaking innovations so many of them included are part of the passage through the boulevard and around the rest of the MTC, which also includes a chance to drink in its vast trophy cabinet and take an unprecedented look at the top-secret assembly line where its cars are produced as well as a tour of its mission control room, where car performance is monitored by McLaren engineers on race days.

And that’s all while soaking up stories of McLaren’s illustrious F1 history, getting the chance to see authentic racing memorabilia – including the overalls and racing kits worn by the team over the years – finding out just what it takes to build an F1 car and much more.

(c) Getyourguide Mclaren Bcs 4383 Pr 6 300dpi

So whether you’ve got a McLaren fan in your life or are an F1 history buff yourself, what are you waiting for?

Reservations will be available on a first-come, first-served basis for July 6, August 22, September 30, October 1, and October 24 – with more dates to come – and prices start from £450 per person. Book yours now from GetYourGuide here .

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Understanding the World’s Greatest Super Cars from the Inside Out – You Can Visit the McLaren Factory in Surrey, England.

Are you a fan of mclaren cars have you ever wanted to see how these incredible vehicles are designed, built, and tested well, now you can with the mclaren factory tours.

McLaren Factory Tours takes you behind the scenes of this iconic brand, giving you unprecedented access to the facilities where McLaren supercars are made.

The tour starts in the town of Woking in Surrey, England, with a visit to the McLaren Technology Center , the headquarters of the McLaren Group, and location of the McLaren Production Center where McLaren Automotive cars are made.

There, you will be welcomed with light refreshments before delving into an in-depth look at the intricate manufacturing process that goes into every McLaren vehicle. 

McLaren’s expert guides will be on hand to answer any questions you may have and offer insights into the world of McLaren automotive engineering.

The McLaren Factory Tours continue along the iconic Boulevard, you can see the extensive collection of Automotive and F1 cars, trophies, and memorabilia. 

This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to get up close and personal with some of the most incredible vehicles in the world of motorsport.

To learn more about other McLaren experiences click  here .

A Fun Read: The McLaren Artura “Art Car” is a Study in Reflective Color

McLaren is excited to welcome many more guests in 2023 and offer them a glimpse into the world of McLaren.

The keys to a McLaren don’t just unlock one of the world’s finest supercars – they open the door to a wide world of incredible, life-enhancing experiences such as this.

You can become part of the McLaren family of passionate, discerning drivers, through McLaren ownership or by simply joining one of the company’s exclusive events. 

McLaren Experiences encompass every emotion, from the thrill of testing your limits driving the world’s greatest race circuits to the awe of piloting a McLaren on truly epic routes across the globe. McLaren invites you to taste VIP luxury on our 5-star driving adventures or enjoy money-can’t-buy hospitality at world-class motorsport events.

If you are interested in joining us on one of the McLaren Factory Tours please contact one of our McLaren dealerships to ensure you have a one-of-a-kind experience.

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  • indiGo Auto Group

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I Visited The McLaren Technology Centre… & It’s Heaven On Earth For Revheads

The pinnacle of automotive perfection.

I Visited The McLaren Technology Centre… & It’s Heaven On Earth For Revheads

Image: Evann Treceño/DMARGE

Of all the mad experiences I’ve had since my time at DMARGE, nothing beats my visit to the McLaren Technology Centre in Woking, the factory and home of the famous motorsports outfit and supercar brand. Here’s what it’s like stepping through the gates of automotive heaven…

McLaren is one of the most legendary names in automotive history. Founded by Kiwi driver Bruce McLaren back in 1963, McLaren has evolved from a scrappy race team to one of the most successful Formula 1 teams of all time, winning 8 Constructor’s Championships and 12 Driver’s Championships with legendary names like Emerson Fittipaldi, James Hunt, Niki Lauda, Alain Prost, Ayrton Senna, Mika Häkkinen and Lewis Hamilton .

In the 90s, McLaren then branched out into making road cars (a path previously trodden by their rivals Ferrari), launching the McLaren F1 in 1992 – which for a long time was the world’s fastest production car and remains the fastest naturally aspirated production car in the world.

These days, McLaren is arguably better known for its road cars than its F1 exploits, with the name ‘McLaren’ having entered the lexicon as a byword for luxury, prestige and exoticism. Even people who don’t know or care about F1 lust after McLaren cars, which rank as some of the most expensive and high-performance vehicles on the planet.

Indeed, the only thing more exotic and outlandish than a McLaren is McLaren’s factory, the McLaren Technology Centre in Woking, Surrey… So when I was invited to visit this revhead Valhalla when I was in the UK last year, I couldn’t resist.

mclaren factory tour price

Welcome to paradise

It used to be that the only chance a non-F1 driver would have to visit the McLaren Technology Centre (MTC) was if you’d bought a McLaren road car and wanted to collect it in person. Former McLaren boss Ron Dennis, who described the MTC as “90% NASA, 10% Disneyland”, was keen to maintain the space-age factory’s exclusivity and mystique.

Thankfully, McLaren has eased up and started letting members of the press come to have a squiz – and as of last month, members of the public can also book a tour at the MTC through GetYourGuide . It’s something I’d highly recommend.

Calling the MTC a factory is a bit reductive, actually. It’s more like a temple; a monument to automotive success and excess. It’s a giant circular complex that sits in the middle of a lake, with a long, curving road that snakes around the outside of the lake leading to its front door. It’s like an Apple Store on acid, with that approach deliberately designed to inspire awe.

mclaren factory tour price

It’s an incredibly beautiful building; perhaps the most sci-fi place I’ve ever been. Actually, speaking of science fiction, filming for the second season of the Star Wars series Andor just wrapped at the MTC, with the futuristic factory being used as a spaceport. The MTC has also appeared in HBO’s sci-fi series Avenue 5 , as well as in The Fast and Furious franchise as a villain’s headquarters.

Step through the front gates and you’re greeted with one of the coolest automotive museums in the world, with famous McLaren race cars and road cars parked around the long arc of the ‘Boulevard’. Iconic machines like Hamilton’s 2008 World Championship-winning MP4-23, Senna’s all-conquering 1988 MP4/4 and ‘Ueno Clinic’-branded F1 GTRs were all proudly on display.

There were also a bunch of rare production cars on display, the likes of which few people have ever seen in the flesh, including a few Senna GTR LMs, a Speedtail, the first-ever 12C and the last-ever F1, which they even let me shut the door of (which was both an orgasmic and stressful little experience as it’s a $20 million car…)

There’s only one non-McLaren car there: a 1929 Austin 7, which Bruce McLaren and his father Les built together by hand and became the first car a young Bruce ever won a race in. It’s a lovely reminder of the improbable story behind McLaren’s success.

mclaren factory tour price

After being shown behind a secret door, we were taken down into the room where McLaren customers can spec their new car, which featured a huge turntable with an Artura on display, as well as countless rolls of leather and Alcantara, colour swatches and schematics.

What was particularly exciting was that out by the ‘Boulevard’ was a workshop where engineers were working on the crash structure of Lando Norris ‘ 2023 F1 car, the now rather competitive MCL60. Sadly, we weren’t allowed to take any photos of that – but it was pretty cool to see an F1 car just being worked on out in the open like that. (We also weren’t allowed to take any photos of the McLaren Production Centre, i.e. the production line for their road cars, but thankfully they’ve provided some imagery).

I’ve been fortunate enough to visit a few car factories in my time, and the McLaren Production Centre is unlike any of them. Years ago, I visited the Mazda factory in Hiroshima, which was everything one might expect from a car factory: it’s huge, mostly filled with robots and pumps out almost 2,000 cars a day. I’ve also been to A ston Martin’s factory in Gaydon, where cars are very much hand-built, but there’s still a defined production line.

McLaren isn’t like that. There’s no conventional production line at the McLaren Production Centre. It’s more like a giant workshop: everything’s modular and on trolleys, with the exception of a few rolling roads and a ‘monsoon testing booth’. It’s as bespoke and hand-built as cars come… Like, it’s pretty hard to overstate just how cool it is.

mclaren factory tour price

From the MTC to the M23

The only thing that was better than touring the MTC was being able to drive a McLaren for myself afterwards. Honestly, there’s nothing more special than seeing a car be made right in front of your eyes, and then jumping in one straight away afterwards. Especially when it’s a bloody McLaren.

The car in question: a McLaren GT, the brand’s first-ever grand tourer and one of the most intriguing cars they’ve ever made. One of two cars currently in production at McLaren alongside the hybrid-powered Artura and the 750S supercar, the GT will likely be the first and last of its kind, as McLaren – like every British carmaker – focuses its attention towards electrification. McLaren might make more GT cars going forward but they won’t be purely petrol-powered.

Based on the same platform underpinning the 720S, the McLaren GT is powered by a 4.0L M840TE twin-turbo V8 that makes 456kW/630Nm and will do 0-100km/h in less than 3.2 seconds. Compared to the M840T that powers the 720S, the GT’s M840TE has smaller turbochargers that deliver lower peak performance but are more responsive and geared towards greater low RPM performance – fitting its brief as a GT car and not an out-and-out sports car.

Well, as much as you can call a car that light and fast ‘not a sports car’ with a straight face.

mclaren factory tour price

But that’s kind of what makes the McLaren GT such an enticing prospect: it’s an exotic car company’s take on a GT; on a more ‘sensible’ kind of car. It’s like asking Salvador Dalí to design a toilet cubicle or asking Gordon Ramsay to make you some beans on toast… Although they’d be some cracking beans on toast, right?

Cracking is right. The McLaren GT is the most comfortable, elegant, most user-friendly car McLaren has ever made. It was shockingly easy to drive, actually. It’s got quite heavy brakes and steering (it actually felt like it didn’t have power steering), but reassuringly so – it made you really feel at one with the machine; like you could trust it.

Naturally, it goes like the clappers and sounds properly angry too. I’ve never driven a car that handles so well; it’s rear-wheel drive but it may as well have four-wheel drive, it’s so planted. Cruising down the motorway, you feel absolutely at ease driving in a way I haven’t experienced with any other car, especially an exotic. You don’t feel like an F1 driver squashed into a cockpit or like you’re strapped to a rocket: you feel hugged and supported by the McLaren GT. It’s an extension of your own body; taut and gentle all at once.

The McLaren GT is a car made by one of the world’s most accomplished car makers at the height of their powers (even if I’d like to see them do a little better in F1, but you get my point). It’s a futuristic, slightly mental car that’s made in a place that only dreams are made of.

mclaren factory tour price

Writers like myself are naturally inclined to hyperbolise. We throw around the term ‘bucket list’ pretty freely. But visiting the McLaren factory – and getting to drive one of their amazing machines while I was there – easily ranks as one of the best experiences of my life.

I originally felt guilty penning this story, because I thought that waxing lyrical about such an experience when so few people will ever get the chance to enjoy it seemed crass. But now that McLaren has opened their doors to the public, I feel less bad about it. Hopefully, this article and my passion will have convinced you to go to England and visit McLaren for yourself – or, at the very least, book a test drive for one of their cars. If you care about cars, you owe it to yourself. It really doesn’t get any better.

Now, just to save up my pennies so I can order a McLaren for myself and have an excuse to go back to Woking…

Find out more about the McLaren Technology Centre and configure a McLaren road car for yourself at McLaren’s online showroom  here .

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Our Tour Of The McLaren Technology Center Was Mesmerizing

Nothing like a tour of the McLaren Technology Center before driving down to Goodwood in a McLaren.

Walking through the main entrance of the McLaren Technology Center in Woking, England is like entering a car museum, only it's much more than that. Even the outside grounds are an amazing sight. The MTC is a semi-circular building with tall glass walls up front and a functional and gorgeous lake surrounding it.

Water is actually fed through heat exchangers to cool the building, which is maintained at 69.8 degrees Fahrenheit. The front lobby consists of a parked parade of iconic McLarens, including the modified 1929 Austin 7 driven by a 15-year-old Bruce McLaren when he won his first race in New Zealand in 1954.

A museum for gearheads and racing people.

From there the timeline moves forward. A long line of 'Papaya' orange Grand Prix and Can Ams, and Formula 1 cars including James Hunt and Lewis Hamilton's 1976 and 2008 World Champion-winning cars, respectively. Parked in between are even more McLarens not found anywhere else on this planet. The first P1 to roll off the production line is situated next to the F1 XP1 LM prototype are just two examples.

Like I said, it's a museum for gearheads and racing people who are fully aware they're surrounded by iconic cars and their drivers' spirits.

And so began my factory tour of the MTC, a privilege normally reserved for McLaren customers. McLaren graciously invited me to the facility prior to setting off for the Goodwood Festival of Speed in a convoy of McLarens later in the afternoon. I was also given a sneak preview of a 600LT prototype before its live debut the following day. Life can't get much better than days like this.

On top of that, my tour guide was none other Bruce McLaren's only child, Amanda McLaren. Today she serves as a brand ambassador and it's immediately clear she has immense pride for her legendary father and his accomplishments in his far too short 32 years.

That trophy or ribbon belongs to all of McLaren.

I once asked Amanda at a past event what her father would be doing today if he were still alive. She didn't hesitate to say he'd still be a driver, engineer and, businessman, just like he was until his last day on earth on June 2, 1970. His presence can still be felt in the MTC lobby, and not by the cars alone. Nearly every trophy McLaren as a racing team has won in motorsport is displayed in seemingly never-ending glass displays on both sides of a long corridor.

Unlike some competitors, McLaren's winning drivers don't take home the trophies but rather deliver them to home base. Achieving victory is considered a team effort. That trophy or ribbon belongs to all of McLaren.

Daughter of motorsport.

This team spirit and loyalty dates back to Bruce McLaren's first employees. They'd follow him to the moon and back on a random morning if he asked them. Amanda is a wealth of information about not only her father but McLaren as a whole. Immediately she recalls dates and milestones, cars and their drivers, triumphs, and tragedies. She is a daughter of motorsport, growing up surrounded by "uncles" like Dan Gurney, Chris Amon, and Denny Hulme.

Following the car and trophy tour, I was led down a long underground hallway, normally reserved for employees only. Climbing a winding set of stairs, I was kindly asked to turn off my camera because I was about to enter the production center.

Nothing short of mesmerizing.

And then the door opened to something nothing short of mesmerizing: a spotless, dustless, nearly all-white hangar-sized production facility where all McLarens are hand-built. There are no robots. No assembly lines, at least not in the modern sense. Instead, there are columns of workstations, where each employee has a specific list of tasks according to their training.

Every McLaren road car you'll ever see, be it a 570S, 720S, or a Senna, is built in this peacefully quiet and low-stress factory. I counted at least three Sennas in various stages of production. Directly below me was a sparkling new 600LT. A 720S and 570 GT were undergoing a quality control checks.

Off to Goodwood.

Completion takes about three weeks per car, a process that involves not only physically building the car itself, but also a series of intricate and time-consuming quality checks. There's even a 'monsoon' room that simulates a heavy downpour, insuring there no leaks. The final stage is a test drive around the facility, and it's then shipped to its owner. I could have watched the factory floor for hours. But it was time for a hearty lunch because the next part of my day was only an hour or so away: driving a McLaren 540C to the Goodwood Festival of Speed for the weekend.

When I got into the driver's seat (on the opposite side of what I've always known), I appreciated more than ever the hours, devotion and passion that go into every McLaren. It's a testament of the continued loyalty Bruce McLaren earned from his team all those years ago.

mclaren factory tour price

An exhibition of excellence: Behind the scenes at the McLaren Technology Centre

The McLaren Technology Centre from above.

The McLaren Technology Centre from above.

Have you ever looked at a painting and the colours have been so bright, the images so vivid, that your eyes seem almost unable to compute what it is you are looking at?

You feel obliged to take a step back in order to truly take it all in.

It is that kind of feeling that walking into the McLaren Technology Centre elicits.

While the UK hub of Formula 1 is based in the Northamptonshire and Buckinghamshire regions of England, it is Surrey and Woking where McLaren’s commitment to excellence resides.

The McLaren Technology Centre, or MTC for short, took six years to build before being opened by Queen Elizabeth II in 2004 and for one of the most storied and decorated teams in Formula 1, it signalled the dawn of a new era.

PlanetF1.com was given a behind-the-scenes look of McLaren HQ to get a glimpse behind the curtain of one Formula 1’s most famous names…

The result of their building endeavours was a blend of stainless steel and spotless glass that has been carved to form one half of the yin-yang symbol with the large body of calm water representing the other.

The drive onto the base loops around the lake – which is used to power the wind tunnel, just one of many examples of the team’s ‘no fashion without function’ mantra – before arriving at a reception that has greeted the likes of Prince William and the Princess of Wales in the past.

For a team whose slogan is ‘Fearlessly Forward’, it is clear that the MTC serves as the building block for progress but the very first sight you see as you enter the northern entrance is a reminder of what came before.

Bruce McLaren’s pathway into racing was by no means conventional. Born in New Zealand, he and his father, Les, restored an Austin 7 Ulster which cost them $110 but they disagreed about what would come next for their pet project.

McLaren Snr wanted to sell it on for a profit, McLaren Jnr wanted to race it. The younger man would win out.

Bruce would watch on as his father raced but he was never felt fully satisfied until one day when Les was struck down with gallstones. With his father in hospital, Bruce had a captive audience and after hours upon hours of pleading, the 15-year-old was granted his wish: he was going racing.

Les had issued only one warning: scratch even an inch of paintwork, and the car would be sold – but Bruce need not have listened. As he arrived at the track, Bruce McLaren, who was playing the role of Les McLaren for the day, was given pity by those who recognised the young face of this future Le Mans champion and gave him a 10-second advantage.

He did not need it. The teenager won the first race in what would be a career of winning that saw him rise to the top of motorsport and leave a legacy that endures long after he is gone.

A golden statue of the man designed by British artist Paul Oz welcomes any visitor into the MTC, one of Ayrton Senna driving through Eau Rouge and one of Niki Lauda can also be found in the building.

The display of cars, affectionately known as the boulevard, is a visual history of where McLaren have been and where they hope to return to.

Daniel Ricciardo's car in the MTC. Woking, November 2022.

Daniel Ricciardo’s Monza-winning MCL35M is to the right of the very first cars to race under the name McLaren, while the car that brought Lewis Hamilton his first World Championship is at the far end of this very long room alongside the other chrome creations that came to personify McLaren in the late 2000s.

It is not just Formula 1 cars that have a permanent residence here. A McLaren F1 road car, of which only 106 were made, sits alongside its various iterations that came later.

There are also many cars from the McLaren Ultimate Series, including the McLaren Senna, which is reserved for invited guests who have purchased other McLaren cars and find themselves on the ‘Trusted Customers’ list.

One such customer was so insistent on getting the first car produced from a line that he did so under the promise it would be kept at the MTC, only occasionally escaping one of the finest garages in the world for jaunts to the south of France before being meticulously cleaned by McLaren staff upon its return.

With history on one side of the glass windows, the future is on the other as behind the boulevard is where the racing department is housed. Large bays which the current crop of F1 cars reside in when they are not at the track are just on the other side of the frosted glass and behind that is the huge factory that powers the team.

The boulevard at the MTC. Woking, November 2022.

Every detail that goes into putting the McLaren car on the track each race is constructed from within this pristine white space. As with any F1 factory, each department has its own area with the wind tunnel close by and the simulator that Ricciardo and Lando Norris worked in this season also on hand.

On this particular day, a seat was being fitted to an older model (it was not Piastri’s) and, aware that a group of strangers were shortly coming in, the work on next year’s car had been hidden away from prying eyes.

Just outside the glass door, Norris’ special Gulf livery Monaco car sits in the middle of the corridor, acting as the world’s most expensive coffee table.

As you leave the racing department and continue down the boulevard, you come to the most important car of McLaren’s recent history: the MP4-23.

While it may not have been as successful as its predecessor in terms of race victories, it did provide Hamilton the power and precision to win his first World Championship, which, as was revealed on the tour, was a third of the way to securing Hamilton one of his most sought-after prizes.

When Hamilton was just a child in the McLaren young driver programme, he approached Ron Dennis and told him that when he won the World Championship for McLaren, the team’s chief would give him the first ever McLaren F1 car that was made. Dennis shrugged it off, agreeing whilst no doubt thinking the young man in front of him had no chance.

Decades later and with a World Championship in the bag, Hamilton approached Dennis to ask for the keys only for Dennis to one up the challenge. “Match your hero Senna and win three titles for McLaren and the car is yours.”

Hamilton may have gone on to more than surpass his idol, but it was in the Mercedes, meaning the keys for the first ever McLaren F1 remain safe inside the MTC. Although rumour has it that on his last day at McLaren, Hamilton removed a part and signed it so that if anyone was ever to try and sell him the car claiming it was the first, he would know if they were telling the truth on not.

Hamilton’s Drivers’ Championship is just one of many trophies that line the walls on the way to the production centre. If ever a reminder was needed of the history of this team, this stretch of corridor acts as the perfect example. From Bruce McLaren’s first ever race through to Ricciardo’s Monza win, every trophy is packed behind glass cases with modern day prizes mixed in with those from yesteryear.

The tunnel connecting the two sides of the MTC. Woking, 2015.

After the trip down memory lane, you are faced with a long tunnel that connects the technology centre with the production centre. This perfectly straight, white-walled corridor looks like something straight out of Star Wars and indeed it is with Darth Vader and Stormtroopers being filmed there for the new series Andor . There is also yet another secret door that stores the cars not currently on display.

As you go up the spiral staircase at the end of the tunnel, you come to the heart of the race team’s operations and a chance to see the control room where decisions are made during a race weekend. McLaren has set up a viewing area for invited guests to watch as the team’s strategists and engineers make calls that are broadcast to the track.

There is a huge wall of screens featuring live shots from each side of the garage, the onboard camera of every driver as well as the main TV feed. At the time of the tour, it is quiet but just 24 hours later it would have been bustling with activity for qualifying of the Sao Paulo Grand Prix.

The racing factory and this hub combine to power the F1 side of the operations but unlike other factories, this is not just purely Formula 1 focused.

McLaren are the team that are most invested in other series. They have an IndyCar team, which is based in Indiana, an Extreme E outfit as well as an Esports team – all of which mostly operate under the same roof.

The production of the road cars also takes place here with an assembly line as long as the boulevard, taking the cars from chassis to highly-tuned finished product.

To many, McLaren may just be Formula 1 but a visit to the MTC reminds you that they operate in many different circles. Their history started with sports car racing but soon they would go on to leave a remarkable impact on the newly formed Can-Am series, winning five of the first six World Championships.

When they did race in Formula 1 – Bruce McLaren would make the team’s debut at the 1966 Monaco Grand Prix – no one could have foreseen they would go on to achieve.

From McLaren to Fittipaldi, to Hunt, to Lauda, to Prost, to Senna, to Häkkinen, to Hamilton, McLaren’s legacy in Formula 1 is secured but, at the MTC, work continues to bring an even brighter future.

Thank you to McLaren kit supplier Castore for arranging this opportunity

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mclaren factory tour price


 Take A Tour Of The Iconic McLaren Technology Centre With Zak Brown

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 Take A Tour Of The Iconic McLaren Technology Centre With Zak Brown

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 Take A Tour Of The Iconic McLaren Technology Centre With Zak Brown

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mclaren factory tour price

Take A Tour Of The Iconic McLaren Technology Centre With Zak Brown

Apart from many Formula 1 cars, the MTC collection includes models such as MLaren's Can Am racer and Le Mans-winning F1 GTR

' src=

by Brad Anderson


The McLaren Technology Centre has become synonymous with the British company and Jodie Kidd recently had the chance to tour the facility with none other than McLaren Racing chief executive Zak Brown.

Brown was featured in a previous episode of the Kidd in a Sweet Shop series on YouTube where he showed off his personal F1 car collection. In this video, he gives us an in-depth tour of the collection of road and race cars housed within the MTC. To describe it as astonishing would be an understatement.

The tour starts off with the 720S GTX before moving on to some of the British automaker’s famous racing cars, including its Papaya Orange Can Am racing car equipped with a Chevrolet V8. Parked next to this racer is the McLaren’s 1974 Indy 500 car. Some other classic racing cars are featured, including an F1 car driven by James Hunt.

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There’s also a host of McLaren F1s, including an original XP5 F1 prototype, an F1 LM, an F1 GTR with a Gulf livery and the Le Mans-winning Ueno Clinic F1 GTR that Brown notes is the most expensive single car in the collection.

A number of more recent Formula 1 cars are also present, including cars driven by the likes of Mika Hakkinen, Kimi Raikkonen, Fernando Alonso, Lewis Hamilton, and Jenson Button.

The tour ends with an overview of the company’s remarkable trophy cabinet, most of which come from Formula 1.

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mclaren factory tour price

How it Works

Before heading off on the tour, guests will be invited for welcome refreshments. With hands-on opportunities to touch and feel intricate car parts, enjoy one to one conversations with experienced technicians, and hosted by your very own personal guide. F1 is a notoriously secretive business, so camera phones are not allowed, but the excitement of seeing one of these exclusive teams behind the scenes will give you an insight into your favourite sport to which few people have been privy before.

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Guests of the McLaren Formula 1 Experience private suite embark on a first class adventure into the world of F1. Each VIP will experience first-class race viewing facilities, morning refreshments, gourmet dining and fine wines, open bar, pit lane walkabouts and garage tour (see below for more information), closed circuit and digital television.

McLaren Paddock Club Tickets from Grand Prix Tours

Included in the price of a McLaren F1 Experience are:

  • Fully hosted team suite above the F1 team garages and Pit Lane
  • Team driver appearances+, entertainment and an exclusive team gift bag
  • Full breakfast and freshly made pastries
  • Live broadcast from the McLaren garage to the suite
  • Giant TV screens showing track action and pit wall information
  • Pit Lane Walks
  • Tour of the McLaren team garage
  • Paddock club lounge access
  • Entertainment
  • Unlimited full day open bar including champagne
  • Lunch and all day coffee, ice cream, deserts and patisseries
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We look forward to taking care of you and your guests in the exclusive luxury of the McLaren Paddock Club Suite. If you would like to order tickets or if you need further information please email us at [email protected] or call us at 949 719 3350

*If, McLaren Paddock Club Suite, ticket minimum requirements are not met McLaren guests will be placed within the F1 Paddock Club as guests of McLaren. Guests of McLaren will still benefit from all guest experiences listed above.

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    The tour ends with an overview of the company's remarkable trophy cabinet, most of which come from Formula 1. TAGS F1 McLaren Mclaren F1 McLaren Videos Video Follow Carscoops on Google News

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    McLaren very rarely opens their doors to non-team members, making this a once-in-a-lifetime experience! This experience for two (2) includes: -A tour of the McLaren Technology Centre with a behind-the-scenes look at the McLaren racing facility on Friday, November 26, 2021 -Refreshments on arrival -Lunch after the tour Access to the racing ...

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