Sims 4: 10 Reasons To Use Adeepindigo's SimNation Travel Mod

Adding vehicles to The Sims 4 is just one of the best additions included in Adeepindigo's SimNation Travel mod.

Since their appearance in The Sims 2: Nightlife, cars have felt essential to The Sims franchise. And when The Sims 3: Generations added driving lessons and licenses, that feeling only got stronger. However, cars disappeared from The Sims 4 , and have yet to make a return to the official game. Given that The Sims 4 is not open-world like The Sims 3, this change makes some sense; with loading screens between lots—even neighboring lots—why would teens need to learn to drive?

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Why would Sims need cars at all? Still, The Sims 2 was closed-world, and cars still added a lot of character to the Sims that drove them. In Adeepindigo’s SimNation Travel mod, functional cars make a return. But that’s not all; from improved bikes to subways to new vacation options, SimNation Travel is a great addition to any save.

Teen-Elder Sims can purchase cars from Buy Mode, under Outdoor/Transportation. All cars vary in price, eco-footprint, and environmental score, and different cars also have different fuel efficiencies and maintenance needs. Cars will also need gas and servicing occasionally; how often they’ll need these things depends on the type of car you have. Usually, though, servicing happens every 14-28 days (so, approximately once per season), and gas should be filled once every week or so. Cars can be sold, but not in buy mode; to sell a car, click on it, and choose “Sell Car” from the pie menu.

Sims will also need a license to drive. Sims apply for a license at the DMV, but teenage Sims will have to complete Driver’s Education lessons first. At 50 Simoleons per lesson, they can be expensive, so an older family member can also teach them for free. Once a teen is eligible to apply for a license, you’ll receive a notification, but you won’t know how they’re progressing, since driving is a hidden skill. Any Sim with a license can purchase a car. The Sim who purchases the car will be automatically assigned as its owner, but all Sims in the household can drive it.

7 New Subway System

For Sims who don’t want or can’t afford a car, anyone Child-Elder can use the subway. The Subway is the cheapest form of transportation, since it doesn’t require any servicing. 7, 14, and 28-day passes are available, after which a Sim won’t be able to travel unless they get a new pass, or a different mode of transportation. Unlike cars, which can be used by any Sim in a family who has a license, every Sim who wants to use the subway will need their own pass. Sims can also use the Subway in combination with things like bikes or cars, depending on the type of traveling they’re doing.

6 Improved Bikes

Bikes were first introduced with The Sims 4: Discover University, and SimNation Travel makes them function more like cars in terms of the care they need. Bikes can be purchased the usual way, but like cars, they’ll need to be registered in order to use them.

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This means that they are only usable by the Sim who registers them; any other household members will need to buy and register their own bikes, or use another form of transportation. Like cars, also need servicing, which happens approximately once per season , or every 21 days. Bikes won’t be usable while they’re being serviced, but luckily, it only takes about 90 minutes.

5 Realistic Vacations

With SimNation Travel, Sims will need to pay a rental deposit and book international travel reservations. Deposits can range in price depending on what kind of vacation you’re taking, and Sims can pay within a range that they’re willing to put down. Sims can also choose whether to fly in Economy or First Class, which will result in a random buff, and a chance of losing their luggage. Only one reservation and deposit is needed per household, and everyone in a household will fly in the same class (Economy or First Class).

4 International Travel and Passports

Some vacation destinations are also considered International destinations, such as Batuu, Granite Falls, Mt. Komorebi, Selvadorada, Sulani, or Windenburg—if your Sims do not live there, of course. Travelling internationally requires a passport, which Sims can obtain with an online application, and a trip to the Passport office. Sims will receive their passports in anywhere from 12 to 48 hours, depending on the shipping and service they pay for, and passports and shipping each incur separate fees.

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Passports expire every 36 days, after which Sims will have to re-apply if they want to travel internationally again. You don’t need to have all of the packs listed ( Journey to Batuu , Outdoor Retreat , Snowy Escape , Jungle Adventure , Island Living , Get Together ) for the mod to work, but of course, you do need to have the packs associated with the aforementioned worlds in order to travel to them.

3 New Aspiration: Seasoned Traveler

International travel also counts toward this mod’s new aspiration, Seasoned Traveller. This aspect of the mods does require several packs to complete all of the associated goals, including Jungle Adventure, City Living, Snowy Escape, Outdoor Retreat, and Island Living. Fittingly, this aspiration involves a lot of traveling.

Completing this aspiration will give Sims the Prepared Travel reward trait, which reads: “These Sims enjoy traveling all over the world. They have an easier time learning new languages, socializing with strangers, and have more fun when they are not in their home region.” If you want your Sims to actually learn new languages, Adeepindigo recommends installing Frankk’s Language Barriers mod . Some of these aspiration milestones do involve learning languages, but the mod is not required to complete the aspiration.

2 New Career: Travel Critic

This new career is modeled off of the Art Critic Career that shipped with City Living , except this time you’re focusing on a more natural artistic landscape. Travel Critics will review food, drinks, and performances across the Sims universe, learning skills like photography, writing, and maybe even Selvadoradian culture skill.

Sims can go to work via the usual rabbit hole, or take advantage of new work-from-home interactions. Plus, the hours are short (which leaves plenty of time for exploring these new worlds on your own time!), and members of this career gain a boost to their language learning skills—though, this aspect of the mod also requires the Language Barriers mod to function properly. Again, you don’t need Language Barriers to play with SimNation Travel, but it does make the experience feel more complete.

1 Settings And Cheats

There’s a lot to play with here, and as you experience new parts of the mod, you may find yourself looking for a fresh start. Luckily, there is a way to completely reset all of your existing settings. Within the in-game cheats menu ( accessed by turning testingcheats on ), choosing Reset Mod from the menu will remove all cars, licenses, subway passes, and passports for every Sim in the neighborhood.

Bikes will stay, but they’ll function as they usually do without the mod’s augmented features. Adeepindigo recommends using the Reset Mod cheat if you’ve previously played with a test version of the mod prior to its official release.

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sims travel nation

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Simsnation Travel

SimsNation Travel


Language available.

The SimNation Travel mod adds a new travel system to The Sims 4 that allows your Sims to travel to different worlds within the same save file. This means that your Sims can visit different vacation destinations, explore new cities, and even go on international trips.

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Wednesday, December 1, 2021

  SIMNATION TRAVEL IS HERE! Transportation For Our Sims | Passports, Buy A Car, Airports & More!

sims travel nation


cant freaking wait !!!!!!!

nUUUUUU you have to pay

ty for this comment so i wont waste my time visiting the page

its free.

nooooooooo. It's not live yet.

when is this going public so anyone can have it

December 21 it's going to public.

Ive become a Patereon yet theres no download link for this file :-(

SAME is happening to me very sad I became a Patron and there was NO download link in the post -____-

It is now open because she said it would open to the public the 21st.

This comment has been removed by the author.

i dont have tumblr how do i download it

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sims travel nation


I make realistic and detailed aspirations, careers, gameplay, and overhaul mods. 


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The Sims 4 SimNation Travel

The Sims 4 SimNation Travel

Ready to hop of to Mt. Komorebi to test the slopes? Going for a weekend getaway to Granite Falls? Or ready for the adventure of a lifetime in Batuu? Not so fast! Not without a handy license and motor vehicle registration for that car you bought from the catalogue, or a subway pass for the children, or travel reservations and your passport for that international destination.

Speaking of going on a trip; you must book plane reservations and put down a vacation rental deposit. And let’s not forget, you must have a passport to visit far away locales like Selvadorada. Just going from Willow Creek to Grandma’s in Newcrest? Make sure you have gas in the car, your subway pass is ready, or your bicycle is registered. And if your teens are sick of using the subway, they can take formal or informal driving lessons to get ready for licensure. Travel free and loose no more!

  • CC : Stands for custom content. CC is content created by fans of the game.
  • How To Download CC For Sims 4?
  • Go to the Menu and then Game Options. Select ‘’Other’’ and check the ‘’Enable Custom Content and Mods’’ box.

The Sims 4 Blogging Hobby and Blog Artist Aspiration

The sims 4 planet honey pop download gallery, you may also like, eclectic neon cas background room, navigating the changes: a sims guide to puberty, part-time university jobs, werewolves are fun, happy & top notch toddler fix, stop screaming at me no more screaming incoherently, anyone can invest, do not walk here 1×1 path slot blocker, instant cas story preferences, instant infants.

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City Hall and City Duma Complex Tower   1.0


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sims travel nation

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October 17, 2015

Great BAT  for your first lot, I see more awesome bats in your future.                    

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Xander Dax

Xander Dax 307

October 8, 2015

Mmmm Not a bad first effort, and always good to see some Russian Highrise buildings.

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    EN (default) The SimNation Travel mod adds a new travel system to The Sims 4 that allows your Sims to travel to different worlds within the same save file. This means that your Sims can visit different vacation destinations, explore new cities, and even go on international trips. Go to website.

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  11. a.deep.indigo

    This tier also grants early access to new mods and major updates to existing mods. This tier gets a sneak peek of new mods and mod updates 2-3 weeks before the public, one week after the Sapphire tier. 2-3 Week Early Access to New Mods and Mod Updates. Feature Suggestions. Patron-only voting power.

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    A mod which overhauls travel in the Sims 4. adeepindigo. Base Game Mods. BG Health System. A base game only health system. adeepindigo. Career Services. A mod which adds career resources for Sims. adeepindigo. Connected Sims. A mod for Sims to receive invitations from friends and family to socialize.

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    CC is content created by fans of the game. How To Download CC For Sims 4? Go to the Menu and then Game Options. Select ''Other'' and check the ''Enable Custom Content and Mods'' box. Credit : Download. 0. previous. The Sims Game - The Sims 4 SimNation Travel - Custom Content - Mods - maxis match - alpha cc.

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