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Imagine - Single

January 11, 2022 1 Song, 3 minutes ℗ 2022 Music Travel Love LLC

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music travel imagine

Music Travel Love

19 828 fans

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New releases from Music Travel Love on Deezer

by Music Travel Love , Anthony Uy

Popular albums

Most popular albums from Music Travel Love

music travel imagine

Covering the World, Vol. 2

by Music Travel Love

music travel imagine

Covering the World, Vol. 1

music travel imagine

Covering the World (2021)

Stand by Me

music travel imagine

Take Me Home, Country Roads (Acoustic)

music travel imagine

You're Still the One

by Music Travel Love , Dave Moffatt

music travel imagine

Here Comes the Sun

music travel imagine

Have I Told You Lately

music travel imagine

Suspicious Minds

Nothing's Gonna Change My Love for You

by Music Travel Love , Bugoy Drilon

music travel imagine

Truly Madly Deeply

by Music Travel Love , Jonah Baker

music travel imagine

Sweet Child O’ Mine

music travel imagine

This I Promise You

by Music Travel Love , Francis Greg , Dave Moffatt

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Playlists & music by Music Travel Love

music travel imagine


221 tracks - 73 fans

music travel imagine


102 tracks - 32 fans

Featured in

Listen to Music Travel Love on Deezer

music travel imagine

Time After Time

by Jonah Baker , Music Travel Love

by Dave Moffatt , Music Travel Love

I'm Not The Only One

by Francis Greg , Music Travel Love

music travel imagine

Say You Won't Let Go (Acoustic)

by Jada Facer , Music Travel Love

music travel imagine

All Out Of Love

music travel imagine

Have You Ever Seen The Rain (feat. Music Travel Love)

by Horizon Blue , Music Travel Love

music travel imagine

Then Again (Acoustic)

by Mitch Rossell , Music Travel Love

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music travel imagine

Music Travel Love Imagine Single

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ហ្គីតា Lavis តម្លៃ $78,98

ហ្គីតា Lavis តម្លៃ $78,98

សៀវភៅហ្គីតា សម្រាប់កម្រិតដំបូង

សៀវភៅហ្គីតា សម្រាប់កម្រិតដំបូង







រៀនលេងហ្គីតារ៍បាសខ្លួនឯង - Learn to Play the Bass Guitar Yourself

រៀនលេងហ្គីតារ៍បាសខ្លួនឯង - Learn to Play the Bass Guitar Yourself


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Music Travel Consultants

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Experience the best in custom performance travel for your group.

At Music Travel Consultants, each performance trip is custom-designed to meet your group's wishes, and, best of all, there are no hidden costs. We will take care of every detail, so you can sit back and enjoy the planning process and traveling on your dream trip. Simply leave the travel planning, logistics, and on-site trip management to us! MTC is led by accomplished music directors who know what needs to happen and are with you every step of the way!

The Trip Account app is offered to our groups as they travel.

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MTC Recognized as Disney PremEar

MTC Recognized as Disney PremEar

Music Travel Consultants is honored to be recognized as a Disney PremEar Youth Travel Planner... learn more

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Use our popular destination guide to research the many U.S. options. learn more

Musicians Abroad Presented by MTC

Musicians Abroad Presented by MTC

MTC is excited to provide the travel and planning services for Musicians Abroad. The inaugural European tour will be for the state of Indiana in June of 2023. learn more

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ED offers educational opportunities in STEM, History, Art, Language Immersion, Theatre and much more. learn more

Introducing the MTC Trip Journalist

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Zionsville Choirs Light Up Nashville Heart of America Stage

Zionsville Choirs Light Up Nashville Heart of America Stage

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Winter Season Starts Today

Winter Season Starts Today

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Student Leaders Keep the Band Together

Student Leaders Keep the Band Together

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Shorter Season Calls for Celebrations During Mini Trips

Shorter Season Calls for Celebrations During Mini Trips

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Sing. Dance. Sparkle! Your Challenge Awaits at Heart of America

Sing. Dance. Sparkle! Your Challenge Awaits at Heart of America

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View Popular USA Student Performance Venues

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Chaperoning School Performance Trips

Chaperoning School Performance Trips

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MTC & WGI Ink Partnership

MTC & WGI Ink Partnership

Music Travel Consultants is so excited to be the new preferred travel partner of WGI! learn more

Popular International Performance Destinations

Popular International Performance Destinations

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Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade Band Tours

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Ready to perform at the Indianapolis 500 Festival Parade and Race?

Ready to perform at the Indianapolis 500 Festival Parade and Race?

Over 60 years, the IPL 500 Festival Parade has grown to be one of the signature events held in the United States. learn more

Performance Travel with Special Needs or Dietary Restrictions

Performance Travel with Special Needs or Dietary Restrictions

When a group is focused on its performance, it is easy to overlook issues with accessibility. learn more

Travel with The Ohio State School for the Blind

Travel with The Ohio State School for the Blind

The only blind marching band in the world travels to Chicago with MTC learn more

The Bands of America Grand National Championships Experience

The Bands of America Grand National Championships Experience

Music Travel Consultants and the Ronald Reagan Marching Band have partnered to make an educational video on what a BOA Grand Nationals trip entails... learn more

Choosing the right student music group travel company

Choosing the right student music group travel company

When a student gets to experience to new locations, new cultures and new people with music being the focus, the revelations and the eye-opening impact that develop are priceless... learn more

Popular Student Marching Bands Parades

Popular Student Marching Bands Parades

Music Travel Consultants has orchestrated a list of “Popular Student Marching Bands Parades” to help Band Directors choose the right parade for their group… learn more

The Bands of America Honor Band’s Tournament of Roses Parade® Performance

The Bands of America Honor Band’s Tournament of Roses Parade® Performance

ollow Bands of America Honor Band with Music Travel Consultants to the Tournament of Roses Parade learn more

Travel to Bands of America with Music Travel Consultants

Travel to Bands of America with Music Travel Consultants

Contact MTC today for Music for All’s BOA Grand Nationals Rehearsal Space, Home Room, Saturday Pre-Finals Dinner and Additional Group Meals… learn more

Partners, Accreditations and Awards

Partners, Accreditations, and Awards

Hear from our Valued Clients throughout the world and see why music directors are singing a tune about Music Travel Consultants.

Since 1987, Music Travel Consultants, led by accomplished music educators, has become the first choice for student performance group travel by providing industry-leading, on-line services and customer-based support. Focused on creating custom trips that provide relevant, memorable and rewarding student travel experiences, Indianapolis-based MTC successfully partners with directors and administration, designing travel to destinations within the United States and across the globe. With more than 165 years combined travel expertise earned in over 68 countries, Music Travel Consultants will anticipate group needs and deliver an amazing experience without surprises or hidden costs.

We have utilized Music Travel Consultants for all of our large group travel needs for over three decades and I wouldn’t dream of traveling with anyone else with our students. Their attention to detail - their attention to everything you need as a director within your trip - is impeccable and they do amazing work.

Music Travel Consultants Client Chris Kreke

Chris Kreke Director, Carmel HS 6-Time BOA Grand National Champion

Round Rock has used Music Travel Consultants for four major trips and all the plans down to the smallest detail have always been worked out and well handled. As a director it is extremely comforting to know I don't have to worry about those things! The travel designer and tour directors are quick to assist, knowledgeable and easy to work with. I highly recommend Music Travel Consultants to anyone considering group travel!

Music Travel Consultants Client David Mobley

David Mobley Band Director, Round Rock HS

For years, Music Travel Consultants has provided our program with a level of service and dedication you usually can’t find with many businesses in today’s world. And our trip to Ireland was no different. Thank you for helping to make this trip unforgettable!

Music Travel Consultants Client Jay Gephart

Jay Gephart Director Purdue University All American Marching Band

In a word — "Fantastic." For well over a decade Music Travel Consultants has served as the Official Travel Partner for Music for All and Bands of America. We could not be more pleased with their execution. MTC does what they say they are going to do and consistently outperforms expectation. Their leadership and team have my highest endorsement.

Music Travel Consultants Client Jeremy L Earnhart

Jeremy L Earnhart, ED.D. President and CEO Music For All

Music Travel Consultants is the only company that has met my standard of excellence that I require from every part of my program. MTC's experience with music and their backgrounds in music education give them insight into what I go through.

Music Travel Consultants Client Jay Web

Jay Webb WGI Hall of Fame, 3-Time BOA Grand National Champion

My experiences with MTC have been overwhelmingly positive! Their focus on providing epic experiences for students, their attention to detail, and their leadership In organizing great events, Make them a company I trust and respect. It is also wonderful to see a company that gives back, as MTC does, and makes the world a better place!

Music Travel Consultants Client Damon Brown

Damon Brown Thirst Project, Choreographer

Music Travel Consultants has never failed to impress our students, parents and staff when it comes to our band's travel needs. They deliver what is “above and beyond” the highest expectations. They are simply the best in the business.

Music Travel Consultants Client Richard Saucedo

Richard Saucedo Educational Consultant, Chief Judge, Music for All

Music Travel Consultants is the best in the business at taking a band to Grand Nationals. It made my job easier knowing that every detail of the trip was addressed with care. They will always be our go-to travel company for this trip!

Music Travel Consultants Client Dan Morrison

Dan Morrison Founder, Happy, Not Satisfied

We feel extremely blessed with our association with Music Travel. Their handling of all the details, and the ability to be flexible before and during the trip, speaks volumes for their depth in the industry and human relations.

Music Travel Consultants Client Kevin Schuessler

Kevin Schuessler Director, Center Grove HS

Music Travel Consultants is an absolute pleasure to work with! They are professional and courteous and always make sure that all of our needs are met. Traveling with MTC has taken the stress out of travel. We are thankful to have found such great people to work with!

Music Travel Consultants Client Jana Harvey

Jana Harvey Asst. Director of Bands, Flower Mound HS

I've been traveling with the band since 1980 and this was the easiest trip ever for me. I simply had to do nothing but conduct the band! It's hard to believe it's taken me this long to get it right, slow learner! The students and parents have had nothing to say but wonderful things…

Music Travel Consultants Client Nan Moore

Nan Moore Director of Bands

We received numerous positive comments from students and parents about how well-organized the entire experience had been. And, fellow teachers and administrators told them how the students couldn’t stop talking about the trip once they were back in school!

Music Travel Consultants Client David Elliott

David Elliott Director of Bands

Music Travel Consultants are the very best in the business when it comes to traveling with your group. Directors, parents and all adults are treated like royalty, but more important, each trip provides the very best experience for the students that is both educational and memorable. And what makes them so successful...they are run by educators and parents. You cannot find a better, more professional travel company for your music program.

Music Travel Consultants Client Matt Harloff

Matt Harloff Director of Bands Avon HS, Director of Indoor Winds

It’s rare anymore, but every once in a while, I contact a business that exceeds my expectations, like Music Travel Consultants. Our trip was just amazing. Music Travel outdid itself in every aspect. The attention to detail, and the wisdom to read the group, be flexible and think out of the box was refreshing. The students, chaperones, parents, and myself were blown away with the sights and unforgettable experiences every day. We have memories from this trip that we will cherish for decades. As a Music Director, I appreciate that Music Travel Consultants knows exactly what I need during every moment of the trip, provides it, and makes the trip a success.

Music Travel Consultants Client Bradley Gardner

Bradley Gardner Director of Choral Music, Franklin Central HS

If you are considering traveling with your music ensemble, I highly recommend using Music Travel Consultants. The customer service is outstanding! The company is the epitome of high class professionalism. I feel like I am on vacation when I travel with Music Travel Consultants.

Music Travel Consultants Client Luke Aylsworth

Luke Aylsworth Director of Bands

The Philadelphia Thanksgiving Day Parade has always been a great experience for our students. To tour both Philadelphia and New York City in the same trip is a wonderful option! I have done this trip four times in my professional career and ALWAYS with Music Travel Consultants. There is no better travel company!

Music Travel Consultants Client Chris Taylor

Chris Taylor Director of Bands, Pendleton Heights HS

When the Blue Springs Golden Regiment attends a Bands of America event, Music Travel Consultants is our first call. Few companies understand the many challenges and “ins and outs” that encompass a BOA show. MTC takes the stress of travel and scheduling away so the staff can focus on teaching music!

Music Travel Consultants Client Dr. Tim Allshouse

Dr. Tim Allshouse Director of Bands

Traveling in Italy is to witness its great treasures, but to perform in Italy is to experience the true heart of the country and its people. Our concert in Florence was in a beautiful medieval church, just off the main square, and we played for a packed house that spilled into the orchestra!

Music Travel Consultants Client Grady Emmert

Grady Emmert Florence International Music Festival participant

When it comes to traveling with my group, I trust the folks over at MTC implicitly! Our parents and students are always impressed with the level of detail that goes in to the planning of our trips. There is simply none better.

Music Travel Consultants Client Scotty Walker

Scotty Walker NBA Blue Ribbon National HS Award of Excellence Recipient

I have used Music Travel Consultants for many years with my groups at West Ranch HS and simply put, they're the best! From start to finish Music Travel Consultants takes care of ALL the details in a friendly, professional and quick manner. They make the job of going on tour with an ensemble easy!

Music Travel Consultants Client Jason A. Marshall

Jason A. Marshall Director West Ranch HS

For anyone who is looking for the ultimate travel organization, go with Music Travel Consultants. They have taken care of our children, the chaperones, all of our faculty and staff. They have stepped up to the plate, non-stop, during our entire experience here in California for the Tournament of Roses Parade. If you want the ultimate in professionalism and care for your family and students, go with Music Travel Consultants.

Music Travel Consultants Client Camilla M. Stasa

Camilla M. Stasa Director of Participant Relations and Special Projects, MFA/BOA

I have been using Music Travel Consultants since 2004 and have always been pleased with their organization, professionalism and their ‘can do’ attitude. In 2007 while at BOA Grand Nationals our charter jet broke down just before we were to load to fly home Saturday night.  MTC was able to get all 287 of us in a hotel within two hours and set up flights for us the next day. I can’t imagine another agency being able to do that so MTC will always take my group to Indiana!

Music Travel Consultants Client Mark Stone

Mark Stone Director Emeritus, Ayala HS

Orlando 2018 was a wonderful experience for our students, ensembles, and adult travelers! The tour was designed to provide opportunities for each of the four facets of the music department, the group as a whole, and unique opportunities that would set this trip apart. Our Orlando trip, prepared and presented by Music Travel Consultants, was well organized, creative, and presented in person. MTC's online portal for registeration, payments, and organization. Working with the trip details of rooms, bus lists, payments, and trip documents was a tremendous organizational tool and time saver as a director. The team at Music Travel Consultants delivered an outstanding tour of Disney performances and clinic opportunities for our students. The students enjoyed fun at many of the Disney Parks, great accommodations at Flamingo Crossings, and special events including a final ride on Soarin' and the private party at Test Track. All were a hit and success with the students! Most importantly, the knowledge, expertise, and flexibility of the MTC staff in adjusting meal stops and schedules to accommodate the group made the trip. Thank you to our MTC Orlando Team and everyone at Music Travel Consultants!

Music Travel Consultants Client Thad Driskell

Thad Driskell Director of Bands, Jefferson HS

Chris Forsythe and the MTC team were super in dealing with the postponement of the trip due to the pandemic. The staff's professionalism and accessibility was outstanding as they worked with the numerous questions, concerns, itinerary adjustments and personalities of adult travelers. Chris was always concerned with our safety, happiness in the experiences and comfort for both performances and sight-seeing adventures. Mirjam, our guide, was phenomenal in taking charge, accommodating requests and managing needy travelers, all while loving on us as individuals and as a group. She was funny, direct, strong, compassionate and her heart made us fall in love with her as a person. Tonya and the charter bus were great as well. She kept the coach clean, drove on tiny streets and was flexible with her schedule and time to help us as visitors to her country/city. The performance venues and contacts were unbelievable. Each were unique, friendly and acoustically and musically a blessing to perform in. The participation in the mass at the Basilica de Estrella was a special addition to the concert offerings. The large crowds were welcoming and seemed to love our repertoire. The overall tour way exceeded my expectations. The ENTIRE ensemble, guest travelers and staff were nothing but pleased by our trip and tour experience. - Thanks to all involved.

Music Travel Consultants Client Scott Bradford

Scott Bradford Artistic Director, Castlewood Singers

Our experience with Music Travel Consultants was the best travel experience we have had. Music Travel Consultants took care of every detail. The trip was a trip of a lifetime for my students and chaperones. The attention to detail and efficiency was amazing. Everything from the kick-off meeting, attention to our wants and needs, customizing our itinerary, accounting, billing, and especially the customer care was top notch. I can’t wait to take my next MTC trip!

Music Travel Consultants Client Brian Saylor

Brian Saylor Director of Choral Music at Bismarck HS

The staff members at MTC are organized, professional, and courteous. They understand the logistical necessities when traveling with large groups of students and their customer service is SECOND TO NONE.

Music Travel Consultants Client Brent W. Biskup

Brent W. Biskup Director of Bands, Flower Mound HS

As director of bands at Stephen F. Austin HS, Texas, I took groups to Carnegie Hall, Midwest Clinic and two Bands of America Grand National educational performance trips. Our trip with Music Travel Consultants was, without question, the best organized and most memorable in my 21 years of teaching. Amazing...

Music Travel Consultants Client Dean Westman

Dean Westman Orchestra Director, Avon HS 3-Time BOA Grand National Champion

In my forty years of teaching high school band I have used three different music travel companies. In my experience, I have found the Music Travel Consultants to be the most professional, most accommodating, and enjoyable company to work with when you are traveling with a large group of students and parents. They are my go to company whenever we begin planning a band trip. I highly recommend this outstanding company.

Music Travel Consultants Client Bill Stultz

Bill Stultz Director of Bands, Columbus North HS

Our trip was well received by the staff, students and parents. It was very organized, and it was obvious that a considerable amount of thought was put into the trip. Excellent Job! The Music Travel staff was very friendly, knowledgeable and I thought it was great that they were on the bus with us from the moment we took off until we arrived back home. I would definitely recommend Music Travel to another traveling group. Thanks for an awesome trip!

Music Travel Consultants Client Chad Allard

Chad Allard Associate Director of Bands, Jefferson HS

Planning a trip through Music Travel Consultants is the best possible option, period. Their knowledge of the music world is beyond helpful when planning and running logistics. They are easy to work with, flexible and handle their business. The no-hassel trip across the country allowed me and my staff to focus on the teaching and making sure the kids were ready to perform.

Music Travel Consultants Client Joe Avery

Joe Avery Director, Red Wave Indoor

The staff of Music Travel Consultants anticipated our every need. Our Disney trip and performance was a wonderful and stress-free experience for the students, parents, and staff. We plan on working with Music Travel Consultants for our next trip.

Music Travel Consultants Client Tim Kosch

Tim Kosch Director of Bands, Franklin Community HS

Music Travel Consultants is fantastic. They do such great work for us and make everything so simple. We get to our place, we know exactly where to be, and what time to be there. They do fantastic work. Love Music Travel Consultants.

Music Travel Consultants Client Josh Scott

Josh Scott Round Rock HS

WGI Sport of the Arts is proud to call Music Travel Consultants our Preferred Travel Partner! Working with the MTC staff is a joy. They are friendly, extremely knowledgeable, timely, but most importantly, they genuinely care that students have unforgettable experiences!

Music Travel Consultants friend Bart Woodley

Bart Woodley Director of Operations and Sponsor Relations WGI Sport of the Arts

Music Travel Consultants is the only choice for a World-Class experience in group travel. My Travel Designer Chris Forsythe and Tour Director Paige Carter made sure that every detail of booking, organizing and taking a large group out of state went super-smooth. I have nothing but rave reviews for this incredible company. The Rouse Band program is a MTC customer for life!

Music Travel Consultants Client Jason Robb

Jason Robb Rouse HS, Director of Bands

MTC was the first travel company I worked with to organize our trip to WGI championships and it will be the only one I will continue to use because of their professionalism and personable customer experience. The knowledgeable staff provided me with insights that helped our ensemble have many rewarding trips that left lasting impressions on all of our students. The guide that joined us have always been warm, welcoming, and extremely accommodating for all of our ensemble’s needs. Thank you to all of the team members that assisted us throughout our journey!

Music Travel Consultants friend Scott K. Tanaka

Scott K. Tanaka Director of Percussion, San Marino HS

The attention to details, combined with the technology of cutting-edge travel tools, and topped off with their incredible and caring staff, has long made MTC one of the VERY BEST choices for student music travel in the country. They have always been a national “go to” with bands and orchestras, and for good reason. Now with the addition of Heart of America (HOA) and other upcoming choir events to their roster, MTC has positioned themselves not only as the best in the industry for instrumental ensembles, but for choral ensembles as well. As the creator and (former) owner of Heart of America, I was absolutely thrilled and knew immediately upon meeting Mark and Ryan that HOA would not only survive, but THRIVE with the leadership, vision, technology and staff that MTC brings to the table.

Music Travel Consultants friend Chad Alexander

Chad Alexander Heart of America

Music Travel Consultants is the first choice for the PHHS Choral Department! They consistently display great communication, offer wonderful performance opportunities and genuinely care for the students and parents that travel with them. MTC has made it a breeze to take performance trips full of educational opportunities.

Music Travel Consultants friend Erin Archer

Erin Archer Choral Director, Pendleton Heights HS

Our experience with Music Travel Consultants has always been world class! Every detail is planned and accounted for in a professional manner. This allows our students and families to enjoy the experience and focus on delivering excellent performances when we travel. I would highly recommend MTC to any ensemble considering travel!

Music Travel Consultants friend Alex Rector

Alex Rector Director of Bands, Hardin Valley Academy Band

Taking the band to Atlanta for the Peach Bowl was a once in a lifetime experience and one that the students will remember for the rest of their lives. Performing our halftime show in Mercedes-Benz stadium for the Field Competition, as well as marching the parade and performing in the mass band for the bowl game, was incredibly exciting and something that I will never forget. Using Music Travel to put this trip together was the best decision that we could have made. For every major trip, from here on out, we will be in contact with Emily and Music Travel Consultants to make it happen.

Music Travel Consultants friend Rodney Brown

Rodney Brown West HS, Director of Bands

The entire Music Travel Consultants Team is to be commended for an absolutely wonderful experience for my students. From our initial parent meeting to the last handshake after boarding the bus to go home, Music Travel Consultants worked hard to make our students’ experience the best it could be. MTC’s easy accessibility proved to be invaluable, and throughout the planning process MTC provided guidance, offered helpful suggestions, and made the daunting task of putting a trip like this together much less intimidating. I would recommend Music Travel Consultants to anyone interested in traveling with their school music groups, and I wish them nothing but continued success in the future!

Music Travel Consultants Client Gregg Norris

Gregg Norris Band Director, Sidney Senior HS

We were so glad to use Music Travel for our first trip out of state to WGI in California. Our guide was so very helpful and took a ton of pressure off of me during the trip. Not having to deal with bus transportation, where to go for meals and checking in and out of hotels and airports was invaluable to me since I was already in charge of about 30 people. I wouldn't hesitate to use Music Travel again! Thank you for all the help, organization and attention to details!

Music Travel Consultants friend René Ormae-Jarmer

René Ormae-Jarmer KINGSMEN THUNDER Drum Line and Winter Indoor Percussion, Rex Putnam HS

With this our first time competing at Grand Nationals I wanted the students, staff, and parents to have a world class experience and MTC did that for us.  They handled every detail for us each step of the way. If anyone is thinking of traveling you must consider MTC; you won’t regret it.

Music Travel Consultants Client Rickey Langdale

Rickey Langdale Director of Bands, Easley HS

When you book your educational, performance trips through Music Travel Consultants you receive an expert agent to assist you with every step along the way. They will work tirelessly to accommodate the vision and purpose of the trip, manage all logistics and will travel with you to assure things run smoothly. I always get impeccable costumer service! I have traveled to Hawaii, California, Pennsylvania, Washington DC, Tennessee and Kansas and Florida with them. MTC is the only company I trust when it comes to school travel.

Music Travel Consultants friend Deana Broge

Deana Broge Choir Director, Zionsville HS

Valley Christian’s experience teaming with Music Travel Consultants has been nothing short of spectacular. MTC has proven to be an invaluable partner in the planning and execution of our educational travel experiences. Their staff is incredibly knowledgeable and are dedicated to providing the absolute best customer service each step of the way. Quite simply…they get it!

Music Travel Consultants Client Troy Gunter

Troy Gunter Vice President/Director, Conservatory of the Arts

MTC will be my only call when planning student travel in the future. Customer service is one of their greatest attributes. They have gotten our groups out of many travel jams. I don’t know how they do it but, holding a plane at the gate for an hour and a half for our students to make their connection on one trip, to rebooking with a new charter airline only days before takeoff are some amazing things this great group of professionals can do. Their tour directors become someone on our team who meet or exceed the standard of excellence I have within my own band program. I know I don’t need to worry about the details because MTC ensures everything is taken care of.

Music Travel Consultants friend David Lesser

David Lesser Director of Bands, Clovis North HS

It was easy to work with Emily to plan our trip. When she visited the school for parent meetings, she was well spoken and presented Music Travel and the trip well. The tour directors were great. Very helpful and professional. We enjoyed our trip and will use Music Travel again for future tours.

Music Travel Consultants friend Krista Roorbach

Krista Roorbach Heritage Christian School

I can’t begin to explain how refreshing it is, as a band director who has to worry about every last detail, to not have to be concerned with these logistics. We appreciate your staff on every level: design, implementation, working with some of our parents, problem solving, etc. To top it off, you present yourselves to the band each and every day with such positivity and energy. We truly are left to believe that we are the only band you’ve ever worked with! Thank you for the detail and the care – it is not unnoticed! MTC is the real deal

Music Travel Consultants friend Brian Phillips

Brian Phillips Director of Bands, Rockford HS (MI)

MTC has great people. They take care of the details so we can focus on our students, the performances and helping to make memorable experiences for our groups.

Music Travel Consultants friend Chris Kaflik

Chris Kaflik Band Director, Brownsburg HS


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