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Tuesday, April 29, 2014

The humble schwinn le tour.

1981 schwinn le tour


1981 schwinn le tour

Johnny, I think y'all did things not because they were cool, but because you really enjoyed doing them - that's perfect. I had a Schwinn, but I can't remember if it was a Le Tour. I paid $20 for it and sold it, two years later, for about $25 and a 2 Liter bottle of Mountain Dew (yes, guilty). Great bike! Your bikes are a lovely color too. Peace :)

1981 schwinn le tour

Bought a Le Tour in 1983 and cost me $230 then. Rode it pretty regular for a few years then it sat in the garage for years. Got it back out this summer and have been putting about 80 miles a week on it. The Huret Cyclometer that has been on since day one shows 5,400 miles. Don't see any reason to buy a new bike.

1981 schwinn le tour

I'm glad to hear you are still enjoying yours. I'm putting mine to work riding this summer riding 13 miles to the gym each day.

Hi Johnny! Thanks for writing this article. Sadly I lost my latour recently due to a hungry Audi. I am trying to find out what kind I have and what it's worth. Would you please help me with this? I can be reached at "alastdance4me2@gmail" Thank you!

1981 schwinn le tour

I miss my old orange Schwinn Le Tour. I miss it badly. They just don't make bikes like that anymore. I think it was 1975 when I bought it new from our local bike shop, which sadly, is no more. I'm not an athlete but I do love the feeling I get when riding a bike, leisurely, coasting down hill is especially pleasant., exhilarating actually. I've never driven a car. In the seventies I used to ride my bike to work, a window factory in the town that I live in. It was very unusual at that time, to see a woman riding a bike around town. Now, today, almost 40 years later, I want another Le Tour, if it can be orange, all the better. I came upon your blog accidentally while searching on line for a new Schwinn that would be comparable to the LeTour. I couldn't find anything that appealed to me, aesthetically or economically. At that point, it occurred to me that maybe I could find an actual Le Tour from the seventies, maybe even an orange one. Your wonderful blog post here has motivated me to continue searching in that direction.

Thank you for sharing your touching story with me. I hope you find your orange Schwinn Le Tour again. I see Le Tours being posted on craigslist regularly. If you haven't checked out Craigslist, it's an online classified where people sell all sorts of things. I would search there at possibly go garage sale shopping on the weekends. It won't take long to find your bike again. I wish you the best-Johnny.

I had a LeTour hanging up on the garage rafters for the past 7 or 8 years. Prior to that I road it often. I had picked it up at a garage sale a few years earlier...and it was like new then. I had hand surgery on both hands and decided to get a mountain style bike with more comfortable handle bars because of the surgeries. Well, this year I finally decided to pull it down to give it a spin. Of course I first took it into a bike shop for a complete tune-up. At first I was going to get the tune-up, and new tires and tubes. But after taking it in, decided to get new brakes, new cables, and new, more expensive gel handle bar wrap. All in all, it ran about $250. My brother asked why I didn't just get a new bike...LOL. When I compared it to an ol' classic car, he understood. Yesterday I went on a 30 mile ride...without a struggle. On the other mountain bike, it would have been more difficult. The LeTour rides so smoothly and with such ease. I absolutely love it, however still a bit hard on my hands. Thanks for your post. Mary in Niles, IL

Thank you for sharing Mary. I love all the positive feedback I'm getting from this article. One thing that might help with the wrist and hand pain would be changing the tires down the road. I just switched out the tires on my 88' Schwinn to Panaracer Paselas. They ride really plush and absorb a lot of the road noise. I would also recommend wearing riding gloves for a little while until your hands can get accustomed to the feel of the bike. Way to go on your 30 miles and keep up the riding!-Johnny.

Agreed, I think this has been one of the most under rated early 10-speed touring bikes. I am getting ready to get back on my mine after a tune and some minor updates. I have three LeTours; all 21 inch frames. One silver ladies frame, ex-wife's, ridden twice and has been hanging from rafters for at least 20 years. Two yellow men's frames. One I gave to my Mom and I got back when she passed away a few years ago. I will be trying to sell ladies and one yellow men's frame soon here in Denver, Colorado

I had a crazy notion that the Le Tour was named, at least in part, for Alfred LeTourner who had some unbelievable speed record on a Schwinn. I bought one in college many years ago and still have the red beauty. A Beautiful bike.

You might be right about this. I'm too young to go that far back to know that myself. You definitely gave me something to research though.

Wow. Your post and the comments bring back many recollections and emotion about my Le Tour. I grew up in Chicago, fairly near the Schwinn factory. Of course we knew the treasures that they made in there, but, sadly, we couldn't afford new bikes in a family with 5 kids. We always had second hand or discarded bikes that we would make ride worthy - at least for the Chicago streets, alleys and parks like Humboldt park or Garfield Park. Fast forward: we'd scrimped to pay for college on our own and when I graduated my wife surprised me with a new, red Schwinn Le Tour. Unbeknownst to me, she had 'saved her lunch money' to pay for the bike. I rehabbed my used Varsity for her and we were off. We rode all over ... from the west side to downtown & the lakefront beaches, to Wrigley and Comiskey, to grad school in Hyde Park ... for years. We hauled the bikes on the TR's bike rack to Lake Geneva, Louisville and Mackinac Island. Life moves on and we did too. To MN, NY, NY. To London, Singapore, then Buenos Aires. The LeTour always made the move till it was stolen in BA. End of an era. I have a nice new bike. But I'm nostalgic for the old red Schwinn. Time to scour CL and ebay for a Le Tour to create new memories.

1981 schwinn le tour

Great article I'm in love with this bike that I discoverd through my pops who has one he bought AGS ago. Found my own and I hope to eventually fix up a few more!

Well, I am riding a 1974 yellow Schwinn Le Tour! It is my main bike. I got it as a frame and fork in a trade for a green Varsity. After rebuilding it with original parts I love its ride. Because of my age, (63) I have upgraded a few things on it. A longer stem with cruiser handlebars is better on my back and hands. I didn't realize the amount of miles add up quick! So, maintenance is critical for these old bikes as well as upgraded parts from time to time. My old bike needs a new paint job now! I already have the decals for it.

I have a 1988 Le Tour that is 100% original and in great and rideable condition. I'd rather not sell it but I'm a little hard up right now. Let me know if your interested.

Hi there John, Thanks for the offer. I actually have a 1988 Le Tour in the red color scheme. I'm not looking for another one at this time unless it's another color and a 56cm (22.5 inch length seat tube, center of crank to top) frame. If your bike is the white and blue one with the fade away paint job, I might be able to entertain you an offer.

Just took my '86 red LeTour out for a ride. I've had this bike since I graduated college 25 years ago. Still an awesome bike.

1981 schwinn le tour

I just "inherited" (I don't know what other word to use) a 1981 Schwinn Le Tour and find everything in this blog post from 2014 to be accurate. It's a great bike and if you need a reliable, inexpensive ride I highly recommend it to anyone that is looking for one. And now seems to be the time because I'm not finding any Le Tours on Craigslist at the $40 price this blogger paid. You can probably find one for around $100 even, but 150 and up is seeming more the norm. It seems people are catching on to their durability and quality. I just took mine out for an extended spin of 26 miles and it was an incredible ride. Maybe I'm just being a bit sentimental, but my first bike was a Schwinn...so that might be affecting my judgment. It's the first one I've had since I was 5 and I couldn't be happier.

Thanks for your comment. The $40 bargains are usually found in garage sales or unspecific ads on craigslist like "bike for sale". I agree that as more people find out that what they have is more valuable they will raise the prices and because of that bargains are getting hard to come by. Bike swaps, garage sales and word of mouth have been where I scored my best deals.

I see one listed by a used bike dealer, 1982 model, 25" frame like I have. He is asking $175, looks to be in good shape. I bought a 1982 Le Tour Tourist model for my wife last summer, got it for $80. on Craigslist. I think he got it cheap at a garage sale and made a few bucks. Can't complain too much, not a bad bike for $80.

I loved my 1983 Schwiin Le Tour. It was such an awesome bike. When all of my friends were transitioning from their banged up, abused Huffy bikes to nice Diamondback chrome-molly bmx style bikes, I was the first to switch to a 10 speed. My Le Tour was my first personal bike purchase with my own money. I was lucky to have a great local bike shop experience. They guided me towards the Le Tour...and at first I was highly resistant. I wanted to ride a bmx style bike like my friends. I'm so glad I went with the Le Tour. I've been on many different types of bikes since then, but nothing rode as smooth as that Le Tour. I wish I hadn't sold it because I've come full circle back to a steel framed touring bike as my main ride. I had a carbon frame Specialized Tarmac that rode like a rocket, but I missed that smooth, comfortable steel framed ride.

Thanks for your comment. It reminds me of the BMX craze going around when I was growing up in the late 90's. A lot of kids bought "trick bikes" and most of them never got into cycling later in life as adults. I was riding an adult size mountain bike at the height of BMX popularity back then. Till this day I still ride because I got into it in a sensible way instead of doing it because it was cool.

I bought a Schwinn Traveler back in 82 because it was a little cheaper than the Le Tour, but I did look @ the Le Tour with envy. My bike was a lightweight one, I had an odometer and a little flip type fender on the back to prevent the mud from hitting my rear. I loved that bike. If I am able to find a Lightweight Le Tour that is in great shape, I will be in heaven.

I have a 1974 LT5 (25" frame) Le Tour, yellow, look much like your with a bit of 41 year old patina. Been a great bike but now retired and not sure whether to keep for my grandson or sell and get something that rides a bit smoother since my wife now wants to start riding again. I remember making the comparison between a Peugot and the Le Tour when I bought this one (lot of money, still in college) I still made the best choice.

Bought mine from a buddy my senior year in H.S, 1977. I used it a bit in college and then it went to the garage because I'm more of a runner than a rider. Marriage, 4 kids later, and a new job it Texas it was still there. In 2010 I decided that if I was ever going to try a triathlon now was the time. So out came the Le Tour, it's performed well in about 30 triathlons since then. Sure I could upgrade and buy a $3000 bike, but I paid $60 in 1977 so it's a bit hard to justify the upgrade!

Right on! As long as it works for you that is all that matters. I'm glad that it is still seeing some use.

1981 schwinn le tour

Great article. I saw a Le Tour on the street today and thought about how cool it would be to restore one. One question: do you have any idea where to get paint that looks like the semi-metallic blue or green that Schwinn used in the 60s-80s? I don't see those colors anymore.

Hi Ron, some powdercoating shops will carry the metallic red and blue finish, although it may not be an exact match to the original paint job. I use a guy that has a near identical cherry red metallic finish and I have restored a few bikes using his services. Powdercoating is the way to go if you are in the market for repainting your bicycle.

i have a 2007 Schwinn Le Tour and i AGREE with most This is a GREAT bike to ride !!

I still ride my red womans Schwinn LeTour I got in junior high in 1975. I've tried newer lighter bikes and they don't fit and are harder to ride. Just rode my LeTour biking and camping through the Florida keys. Key largo to key west and back. Next trip will be an organized tour in downeast Maine.

Just found your blog- great stuff. So, my Dad has a yellow one just like the one in the photos. I don't live near him, but would guess it is a '75 or '76. I think I'm going to restore it when I go home to visit this summer. For those who have dissected one recently, did you have difficulty finding a bottom bracket/head set to fit these old frames? I had a blue Le Tour in middle school- loved it!

The bottom bracket is a standard 68mm English threaded that can fit any modern threaded bottom bracket. The headset will have to be replaced to accommodate a standard 22.mm quill stem, as Schwinn used their own proprietary headset and stem.

1981 schwinn le tour

Just ran across this blog; I've had an old yellow LeTour (1975-76) sitting in my garage for many years. I got it as a birthday gift when I was a teen and had several people tell me to hang onto it. Now, it needs some serious TLC--I've had the urge to ride again lately. I'm not sure how much I would cost to have it fixed up, but this article has been encouraging!

Thanks for this article. I just (an hour ago) picked up an all original, silver, 1976 Le Tour for $20. It's a little rusty in spots, but everything works perfectly. I'm gonna love riding it.

I feel so justified... finally!!! I've been riding my LeTour since I was in high school in the last 70's. Its the only bike I've ever owned! I've done three week road trips with panniers. I'm still riding that bike hundreds of miles a week. I love it and I refuse to give it up. Everyone, and I mean everyone, has told me I should get a new bike since I ride so much. There have been times when I've wondered if they're right so I've demo'ed other bikes that cost thousands of dollars. I'm not even tempted anymore. They just convince me that I am riding the best already. Why would I ever switch!! Thanks for the confirmation!

i just found a June 1974 tossed in the garbage - i bought 2 new tires and handle bar grips - cleaned - greased and waxed it and it now rides as smooth as a new Rolls Royce ... what a SWEET bike !

My 1972 steel Le Tour was made in Japan as was a generation of lighter alloy frame Le Tours made shortly after that. All bear the "Schwinn Approved" badge.

Bought my blue Le Tour at a garage sale in Buffalo in 1995 for $100 - still a daily rider 21 years later. Yes, it's nothing like a carbon Cervelo, but it runs strong!

Due to increasing and formidable lumbar pain, I stopped riding my '88-89 Le Tour several years ago in my mid-50's. I was finally ordered to a pain clinic to face my pain this spring and after multiple risotomies my spine is pain free and I am back on the bike. I spent a few dollars on lockin pedals and 1" kevlar reinforced tires to save a little more weight and rolling resistance. I ride twice a week (yes, on my venerable Le Tour) and am aiming to be able to ride my age (now +60) before it gets cold here in November or so.

Just picked up a 1977 LeTour II in orange with the original generator talight and headlight. It looks to completely original and is in excellent shape. I will be selling it on CL here in Phoenix shortly

i have never driven a car.been riding..mostly schwinns since i was 5 years old in 1967.49 years of bike riding.my current bike is a schwinn letour made in japan probably early 70s.schwinn approved on the head..but this monster is heavy.i ran into a mailbox 9 years ago in the darkness between alpha and aledo il. on my way from peoria to iowa..the mailbox was out too far on the roadside.i couldnt tell too dark ..but the bike just mowed it and the post down.it must of been dilapidated cause i should of got hurt..but didnt..dogs started barking it was 2 am..and i got back on the bike and peddeled away lol..the rear wheel was way too heavy and i was glad the axle cracked i switched out the entire drivetrain ,chain wheel cranksprocket with a later schwinn that was too small for me framesize wise. i love this bike..though i have ill maintained it. i have a trek in iowa that i got for 60 bucks that is great..but i dont think as durable as the schwinn even though it has a mangaloy frame...i also have a raliegh..and had a brand new schwinn that was stolen 15 years ago....sob anyway to all the bike lovers ride on..

I am looking to restart riding my Le Tour. I purchased it in high school before 1975. Still in great shape and a lovely Yellow and lots of chrome, water bottle, mounted tire pump, and the matching yellow Schwinn saddle bag. I have found new tires and now need to get new tubes and give it a ride. When I purchased it, I got the largest frame Schwinn made thinking I would continue growing like my brother and Dad (e.g. over 6 foot) but I stopped growing. The bike is a little tall for me but the ride has always been so smooth. Looking to have fun with an old friend. Any buddy have recommendations where to get new tubes, brakes, etc.?

The upgrade from 1982 to 1983 Le Tour was significant. That's the year they went with 4130 tubing, fluted alloy seat post, alloy wheels, Chrome rear dropouts, and nice Suntour components. Thank you for your documentation of this workhorse bike.

I recently purchased an absolutely MINT 1981 LeTour in Frost Silver. It literally looks like it just came off the showroom floor. I bought it because of it's condition, unknowing of it's ride qualities. It's a pretty smooth bike, indeed. The worst part about riding it is the weird handlebars. They are too narrow for me and the funny curve in them is annoying. I I put Fizik bar tape on it in red to complement the red logos. It weighs in at about 30 lbs.. I hope you are correct about the values going up. I gave $200 for this one, but it's condition is extremely rare.

Thanks for your webpage! I agree that Le Tours are incredible bikes and (thankfully) normally don't get enough credit. My parents got me a used Yellow LeTour when I got my first big kid bike, upgrading from my 3 speed sting ray I'd had since graduating from my tricycle. I didn't bring it to college, but when I got my first apartment in Chicago, I brought it from Wisconsin and biked everywhere I could. Early in 2017, my beloved Yellow LeTour, that didn't seem to be currently in fashion, got stolen from my garage. I miss it and still can't believe that someone took the time to break into my garage, left my car alone and just took my bike. I miss it every day and haven't biked since. I'm 5'8" and so many frames are small when you look online. Looks like Le Tours were going for about $150 this spring, so I guess it was worth it to someone. I'll always remember my 20 years with my beloved Schwinn...it was sturdy and withstood many mishaps, just like me :)

I purchased my yellow Le Tour new in 1974, the courts had just taken my driver's license away, so for six months I got around on my Le Tour. It's been in my parents attic, I'll restore it now, still looks like new!!!


I was thinking about selling my womens black Schwinn Super Le Tour. It was one on the last ones made in Chicago (1983?). I am going to have to have ankle surgery and I am not a young pup anymore - not sure how long a long recovery will be. I keep holding on to it hoping that someday, I will be able to ride it regularly again. Reading the stories in this blog are making me want to keep holding on to it....

I have one like your 'Xtra Lite / 1020'. I believe this and all early 'Schwinn Approved' Le Tours were made by Matsushita ('National') / Panasonic. Yes, a very nice riding bike despite or maybe because of the stiff 1020 tubing and the steel wheels. I took mine apart years ago & replaced all the hardened grease, had the steel wheels professionally trued and tightened. Replacing the original 5-speed cluster and Shimano derailleur (pre expiry of the Sun Tour patent) with a 6 speed and Shimano Light Action derailleur helped a great deal. A great bike despite that vintage bike afficianados would not look at it twice.

P.S. - I had to file the stop on the stem shifters to allow enough travel to shift through all six gears with the Shimano Light Action. Only use low infrequently, which is good, because the lever position now interferes with right turns!

How great to learn that so many people love their Le Tours. I still have my red one that I got for Christmas in 1975. I put it on a jet to Luxembourg in the summer of 1976 and rode all the way to Vienna and back in about six weeks. I took the bike out of the travel box and rode off from the airport with panniers full of what I could carry for a six week trip. There were no helmets, I wore a little bike cap backwards, which was very "cool". Bike shorts were made of wool and had chamois leather crotch. The Le Tour performed like a champ while others I in my small group of classmates struggled with French bikes. I have not ridden my Le Tour since the 70's but have kept it for sentimental reasons.

Love my 1977 Le Tour II. Rebuilt from the ground up. It was in horrible shape, but not anymore. Rides like butter!

Great story. I restore bikes...Le Tour bikes highly respected

Check the '74 Schwinn catalog. Le Tours were made in Japan not Chicago. A lot of people make this mistake because the head badge says Chicago. The company would be in Chicago for several more years but any lugged frame Schwinn from this era came from Japan unless it is a Paramount. I've never owned a Le Tour but I've owned dozens of other Schwinns both old school and imports. Always a great bike for the boom era. Take care of it and your grand kids can enjoy it.

I have a 77 letour II - I upgraded to bontrager bladed spoke wheels - And gear cartridge- The reason I chose to comment ... is you are right - These bikes are fast , thing rides like the wind .. Guys with the new 3000 dollar bikes laugh when they see it ... till I blow there doors off with ease - I have no idea why - and a suprise to others as well .. As to why things bikes are so fast

About 2 years ago I bought a blue '81 Le Tour for $15 at a garage sale. It was missing the rear derailleur. I bought a modern-day Shimano Altus rear derailleur for another $15 and installed it myself. Then I took it to my LBS (south side of Chicago) for a $60 tune up and haven't looked back since. You are dead-on Johnny, this is a beautiful, smooth carbon steel ride, reminiscent of the Peugeot PX10 I used to enjoy. And it can go toe-to-toe with modern day road bikes. I then found your excellent blog. It's a keeper

Still have my favorite Peril essence orange 79 Le tour II still looks brand new and rides like new one. I have 28 old schwinns . Continetals ,varsity,and collegiate. Two sting rays ,orange crate 69 and a67 fastback. Best durable riding bikes ever. Started collecting over 20 years ago. ASs a little boy i would walk past a schwinn shop and would admire them back in Ohio. We never could afford them . I said to my self one day i will.

I bought a LeTour III in 1975 for two reasons: 1) it was all this teenager could afford at the time, and 2) it was the only one bicycle fit my 6'6" height (I bought the 26" frame). I didn't care for the pearl orange color at first -- it was the only 26" frame the bicycle shop at the time, but the color "grew" on me over the years. I have put 1000's of miles on the bike over the years, including bike-packing camping trips, 90+ mile road trips, and commuting to work in the city. I was even hit by an automobile in Oklahoma City (no injuries, but the front chain guard has never been the same). For many years into my 20's, that bike was my only form of personal transportation. I have had it overhauled twice over the decades. I am in my 60's, now, but I still ride it occasionally.

I have been seeing a lot of these lately. I volunteer at a charity bike shop in Phoenix rebuilding vintage bikes. The first one I saw, I thought somebody had stuck a Schwinn head badge on an 1980s Japanese or Taiwanese frame. I didn't realize Schwinn made these lugged frames in Chicago for several years. Every one I've worked on has been fun, even the ones that are nothing but a battered frame. Today I saw a young lady at the farmers' market with the red letour frame that I originally thought was not a real Schwinn. It's an urban single speed now and doing just fine.

I am originally from Chicago, and when visiting there last year I saw the exact same Schwinn Le Tour that I own riding past me. I yelled out "great bike!" and the person riding it gave me the weirdest look :) I bought my Le Tour in Oakland, CA in 2014 maybe? I love Schwinn bikes, mostly my Chicago pride, but also really liked the way this bike looked and rode. I believe it is a '76 model, looks exactly like the yellow one in the video above. I rode it exclusively until 2017 when I started to acquire lighter bikes for all the climbing I was doing. Now the Le Tour is our touring bike, fully equipped with bike trailer and dog running bar. We still ride it every day, and it is still an amazing bicycle, love that Le Tour!!!

This is such a well written blog. I hope you keep going as you can feel the passion in every paragraph. I just bought a super letour, not sure what year but I'm all the way here in Guatemala. I may do a series on traveling with my new amazing bike. Wherever I look people keep praising this bikes so I can't wait for mine to come here (next couple of days) . Let me know if you want to make a collaboration to write something about the experience of driving in different countries. Wish you the best!

I'm about to purchase a Schwinn LeTour from a bike shop, I was in a bad motorcycle wreck and was told by my Dr that the best thing I could do is start on a Bicycle, I have chosen a LeTour, haven't rode it yet but it appears to be a nice bike to help me build myself back up...I really looked hard to find a Contintal but I found this LeTour... I put money down and it's almost paid for, I'll have it home within a couple of weeks, and at my age surprisingly I'm looking forward to getting it. I'm 62 at this time

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1981 Schwinn Catalog

Original text and images of the 1981 Schwinn sales brochure. The text below, including the prices, are as written in 1981.

1981 schwinn cover

The Schwinn system... the most complete line of bicycles and accessories in the world.

1981 schwinn 1

The Schwinn System will give you all the bicycle you ever need- whatever you need. The Schwinn Bicycle Company was founded 86 years ago in American tradition by men of vision, high standards and dream.

Adolph Arnold and Ignaz Schwinn believed that the bicycle was an important part of the American way of life. They were determined to macufacture products that would be numbered among the finest in the world.

The fourth generation of Schwinns managing the company still believes that just the finest deserve the Schwinn name. From the original location rented building in downton Chicago, producing 25, 000 units per year, Schwinn is now a major bicycle manufacturing, distributing and sales organization that sells more than 1,000,000 bicycles a year.

1981 schwinn 2

What's behind this growth? A company that cares.

Part of the Schwinn tradition has been a progressive engineering program which continually improves quality, comfort, performance and funstion whithin the vanguard of style and appearance. The Schwinn heritage brings consistent value and performance to every bicycle which bears our name.

Schwinn authorizes dealerships are now franchises, but privately-owned, independent businesses authorized to sell Schwinn's complete product line.

1981 schwinn 3

A Tradition of Achievement

Schwinn's major contributions in improving the bicycle include the coaster brake, balloon tires, full-floating saddle and seat post, fore-wheel expander brake, knee- action spring fork, shoe braking units and handlebar-mounted gear changer, as well as improvements in design of five-and ten-speed derailleurs and a front fork positive retention device of quick-release hub equipped bicycles.

Schwinn has also initiated industry trends in new bicycle designs: the Aerocycle, the Cycleplane and Autocycle in 1934; the Paramount racing and touring line in 1938. In 1963 a major development was the famed Sting-Ray bicycle - the bike that dramatically changed the cycling habits of young America.

Schwinn's Sting-Ray gave a major new product to America's bicycle industry and set the stage for the current popularity of BMX bicycles have been used by Olympic competitors for over 30 years. They are also a dominant factor on the winner's podium in championships throughout the world.

A System, not a line

Schwinn is a far more than a line of bicycles. It is an entire system that begines woth a comprehensive line of bicycles- more than 100 models in all - that can supply answers to every cyclist's need. Added to this is a "total" line of parts and accessories. More than 6,000 items are available, including caliper and hub brakes, changes and derailleurs-cogs, frames, hubs, racing, touring and BMX items, tires and tubes, bike care products, wheel goods, rims and spokes- to name a few.

Schwinn doesn't just seel you a bicycle- Schwinn offers you a complete choice in fitting your to your personal needs. The element of the Schwinn System that may mean the most to you is the independent Schwinn Dealer in your neighborhood. Part of a nationwide network of trained bicycle specialists, your dealer is The Schwinn Company to most of America's cyclists.

Full-service dealers

Schwinn distributes its bicycles, parts and accessories exclusively through approximately 1,800 independent authorized dealers all over the country. A Schwinn Dealer is a full-service dealer in every sense of the word. Each dealer has been completely trained in assembly and maintenance.

Schwinn Dealers can provide you with the broadest possible inventory of original equipment and optional accessories, as well as parts to maintain your bicycle. Schwinn Dealer personnel have been trained in state-of- the-art bicycle service and repair. All Schwinn Dealers are independent businessmen.

As such, they work a little harder to earn your respect, confidence and ultimately, your business. Their aim is not just a sale, but a continuing relationship with their customers.

A manufacturer who cares

A confident manufacturer will always stand behind his products. In a day and age where "buyer beware" is the watchword more often than not, Schwinn is proud of its pledge to those who buy its products. Schwinn promises a five-point consumer protection plan that includes a free-30 day check-up and a limited warranty with no time to limit on materials and workmanship.

Few in the bicycle business go this far in promises for their product. Schwinn insists on it. See page 63 for details of the warranty.

Bicycles for the '80s - and beyond...

The 1981 Schwinn line is the company's proudest achievement in engineering and styling in the Schwinn tradition of excellence. It is a meticulously planned line, designed to meet the needs and dreams of every cyclist- from professional racers to youngster experiencing the thrill of their first rides. Regardless to the model you choose, you can be confident you are starting relationship- one that will endure as long as the Schwinn company is in business. Were proud of our 1981 line. As you review in the following pages, we think you'll understand why.

1981 schwinn 4

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Bicycle Parts and Accessories

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1981 schwinn 5

X-Tra Lite Bicycles

Schwinn X-Tra Lite Bicycles represent the ultimate choice an adult can make in recreational riding, serious touring or racing.

1981 schwinn 6

Schwinn X-tra Lite bicycles represent the ultimate choice an adult can make in recreational riding, more serious touring or racing. There are specific reasons why Schwinn X-tra Lites are the clear cut leaders in the field. Their lugged frame construction offers strength at less weight.

Their sophisticated steel alloy tubing, highest- quality gearing, brakes and cranks all work in harmony to yeild the best possible combination of lightweight and strength. Schwinn's narrow high pressure tires roll easily and respond surely while derailleur gearing with less effort.

Lustrous and lasting finishes, polished appointments and elegant styling give proud expression to the individual rider. Schwinn X-tra Lite bicycles are lightweights with durability and performance you find only with Schwinn. Those who demand quality understand that, feature-for-feature, Schwinn X-tra Lite bikes are the best possible value in every price class.

Schwinn LeTour

If ever a bike has earned its popularity, it's Schwinn's 10-speed LeTour.

1981 schwinn letour

Men's frame sizes

D11-9 21" D13-9 23" D15-9 25"

Ladies' frame sizes

D59-9 19" D62-9 22" Colors: Frosty Silver, Sky Blue.

Its high-performance frame geometry is almost identical to the most sophisticated professional models and the LeTour is equipped with X-Tra Lite alloy components. Note its careful construction and precise alignment.

This year's LeTour introduces Altus ST front and rear dearailleurs with Schwinn-designed control bracket equipped with LE levers. For agility, surprising ease of handling and lightness of pedal effort, ask anyone who cycles. He-or she- will agree: LeTour is one terrific value!

1981 schwinn 7

Enjoy the thrills of responsive cycling- for one mile or hundreds... Altus derailleurs and Sugino Super Maxy crankset. Our lug frame has the original temper and resilliency of 18-gauge 1020 carbon steel tubing.

Dual-lever brake controls for more convenient.

1981 schwinn 8

Shimano Le gearshift levers: stem mounted.

Tubing: 1020 carbon steel Frame Chainstay length: 17 1/2" Head and seat mast angles: 72 1/2 degrees Fork rake: 2" Wheelbase: 4 1/2" Bottom bracket drop: 2 1/4" Rims: UKAI chrome-plated steel (27" x 1 1/4") Hubs: Schwinn large flange with quick release. Spokes: 080 straight gauge. Tires: Schwinn HP Sports Touring. Front derailleur: Shimano Altus ST. Rear derailleur: Shimano Altus ST. Shift levers: Shimano Altus LE stem mounted. Chain: HKK. Crank set: Sugino Super Maxy, 170 mm arms. 39-52 chainrings. Freewheel: Schwinn gold finish (14-28). Pedals: KKT rattrap. Seat post: Chrome-plated steel (25.4 mm). Saddle: Ariake Touring. Handlebars: SR alloy. Stem: SR alloy. Brakes: Schwinn center pull. Weight: 29 lbs. Accessories: Handlebar cushions, kickstand.

Schwinnn Superior

Perfect for a good hard ride

1981 schwinn superior

219 19" 221 21" 223 23" 225 25" Color: Pearl Orange

Here's a new model for 1981 - made with Campagnolor Gran Sport components- that is responsive and corners with the grace and sophistication of the finest racing machines. The 73 degree seat mast and head tube angles are coupled with 1 3/4 inch fork rake and 16 1/2 inch rear stays to provide a comfortable yet responsive ride.

The 3-inch bottome bracket drop is more stable than a higher bracket but still allows plenty of clearance to pedal through tight turns. The wheelbase is a tight 39 1/4 inches to give you responsive, precise, accurate and predictable handling. Frame sizes in Pearl Orange include 19-inch, 21-inch, 23-inch and 25-inch. The Superior is a performance bicycle to deliver every ounce to deliver every ounce of energy you put into cycling- for light touring, recreational riding and racing.

1981 schwinn 9

Campagnolo derailleur system and versatile 14-16-18-21-24 Regina rear cluster with 42-52 chainwheels. The new Schwinn Superior uses Reynolds 531 light and resilient tubing throughout. The bike's Campagnolo caliper brakes are matched to 700C Super Champion rims and Schwinn Super 700 to 250g tires.

Tubing: Reynolds 531 double butted, Tange front fork. Frame Chainstay length: 16 1/2" Head and seat mast angles: 73 degrees Fork rake: 1 1/4" Wheelbase: 39 1/4" Bottom bracket drop: 3" Headset: Campagnolo Gran Sport. Rims: Super Champion (700 C) Hubs: Campagnolo Gran Sport with quick release. Spokes: .072- .060 gauge stainless steel. Tires: Schwinn 250 gram Super 700. Front derailleur: Campagnolo Gran Sport. Rear derailleur: SCampagnolo Gran Sport. Shift levers: Campagnolo Gran Sport. Chain: Regina Gold. Crank set: Campagnolo Gran Sport, 170 mm arms. 42-52 chainwheels. Freewheel: Regina (14-24). Pedals: Campagnolo Gran Sport with toe clips and straps. Seat post: Campagnolo Gran Sport (27.2 mm). Saddle: Brooks BN5. Handlebars: Sakae. Stem: Sakae. Brakes: Campagnolo Gran Sport. Weight: 24.8 lbs. Accessories: Brazed-on water bottle fittings.

Schwinn Super Sport

A new standard for quality touring bicycles.

1981 schwinn super sport

D411 21" D431 23" D451 25" Colors: Smoked Pearl

See the complete history of the Schwinn Sport .

The Super Sport represents a classic lesson in contemporary touring chrome-moly frame design in all five key frame dimensions that govern handling characteristics. These are rear stay length, top tube length, fork rake, seat mast angle and head tube angle.

The longer 16 3/4 inch rear stays improve the Super Sport's tracking ability under heavy loads and enable the weight from the rear panniers to be shifted slightly forward for greater stability. The relatively steep 73 degree parallel frame angles and 23 3/16 inch top tube are unusual for the traditional touring bicycle, but Schwinn engineers like these steeper angles like these steeper angles for quicker steering, livelier ride and better weight distribution.

The 3/4 inch fork rake rounds out the bicycle's geometry without sacrificing the comfortable ride of a stiffer fork configuration. This machine sets high standards as fine touring bicycle.

1981 schwinn 10

SunTour Cyclone front and rear derailleurs on this remarkable touring machine. Standard equipment: handlebar cushiones, water bottle and alloy cage attached to brazed-on fittings- the cleanest, sturdiest way to attach them. Extra-close-up crank set shot of the three chainwheels on the 15-speed Super Sport.

Add your choice of optional equipment, such as front and rear panniers and handlebar bag. Carriers are standard. (See parts and Accessories.)

Tubing: 4130 chrome-moly with double butted top and down tubes. Frame Chainstay length: 16 1/4" Head and seat mast angles: 73 degrees Fork rake: 1 1/8" Wheelbase: 39 1/2" Bottom bracket drop: 3" Headset: Targe "Levin" Rims: UKAI alloy box (700 C) Hubs: Schwinn large flange with quick release. Spokes: .080- .060 gauge stainless steel. Tires: Schwinn 250 gram Super Record. Front derailleur: SunTour Cyclone. Rear derailleur: SunTour Cyclone II. Shift levers: SunTour Superbs. Chain: Gold HKK "Z". Crank set: SR triple, 170 mm arms, 34-46-52 chainwheels. Freewheel: Silver Maeda (13-28). Pedals: KKT Pro-Vie II with toe clips and straps. Seat post: SR alloy LaPrade (26.6 mm) with micro-adjust. Saddle: Ariake Road King. Handlebars: SR alloy. Stem: SR alloy. Brakes: Gran Compe 500G. Weight: 26.1 lbs. (with racks and water bottle) Accessories: Handlebar cushions, water bottle and cage, front and rear racks, brazed on rack, shift lever and water bottle fittings.

Schwinn Voyageur 11.8 - 12 Speed

For excellence and performance in 12-speed professional-quality touring

1981 schwinn voyageur

V21-9 21" frame V23-9 23" frame V25-9 25" frame VC1-9 21" full chrome VC3-9 23" full chrome VC5-9 25" full chrome Colors: Black Sable, Chrome (at additional cost)

As a professional-quality touring bike, the Voyageur 11.8 offers a variety of features and design considerations one would expect to find in only the highest priced models. Uniglide chain is industry-recognized for fast, smooth, accurate shifts; a 6-speed cassette freewheel allows for a greater range of gear combinations and the low-flange quick-release alloy hubs mean a more comfortable ride.

And, in league with what you'd expect from the best, the Voyageur also offers a 4130 chrome-moly frame with double-butted top and bottom tubes, responsive yet comfortable frame geometry- plus the Altus LT derailleur system with quick-release alloy wheels and narrow high pressure tires.

1981 schwinn 11

The high-performance Shimano Altus LT derailleur system, fitted with a gold chain and freewheel, gives the Voyageur 11.8 a smart, sleek look. Our 4130 chrome moly frame with double-butted top and bottom tubes underline the quality lightweight construction of the Voyageur 11.8.

Tubing: 4130 chrome-moly with double butted top and down tubes. Frame Chainstay length: 16 3/18" Head and seat mast angles: 73 degrees Fork rake: 2" Wheelbase: 40" Bottom bracket drop: 2 3/8". Rims: Araya alloy box (27" x 1 1/3") Hubs: Shimaano low flange with quick release, free hub rear. Spokes: .080 straight gauge. Tires: Schwinn 300 gram Super record. Front derailleur: Shimano Altus LT. Rear derailleur: Shimano Altus LT. Shift levers: Shimano Altus LT. Chain: Gold Shimano Uniglide. Crank set: Sugino Super Maxy, 170 mm arms, 40-52 chainwheels. Freewheel: Shimano freehub (13-28) six speed. Pedals: KKT Alloy quill with toe clips and straps. Seat post: SR P3 (26.8 mm) with micro-adjust. Saddle: Ariake Jaguar. Handlebars: SR alloy. Stem: SR alloy. Brakes: Dia COmpe 500G. Weight: 26 lbs. Accessories: none.

See the complete history of the Schwinn Voyageur .

Schwinn super letour.

12 Speeds and extra equipment features add up to a super cycle

1981 schwinn super letour

12-speed D21-9 21" D23-9 23" D25-9 25" Colors: Black sable, Summercloud white.

Take a long, hard look at this 27-pound, 12-speed Super LeTour- a prime example of Schwinn quality. Its standard equipment features include Gran Compe 500 G side-pull brakes with lever hoods for more comfort, tubular fork with semi-sloping crown that is attractive and makes for a lively, solid ride and Schwinn Super Record 300-grames tires that are lightweight without sacrificing durability. And take an extra look at Schwinn's resilient and dependable lug frame. It all adds up to a super cycle that wins top grades for agility and performance.

1981 schwinn 12

Shimano Altus LT downtube shifters make for smooth, quiet, positive shifting. Schwinn handlebar cushions, new this year, are standard equipment on this exceptional bike. Self-centering derailleur with gearing versatility of six-cog cassette freewheel.

1981 schwinn 13

Quick-release wheels and the lively dependability of Schwinn Super Record gumwall high-pressure tires.

Tubing: 1020 carbon steel. Frame Chainstay length: 17 1/2". Head and seat mast angles: 72 1/2 degrees. Fork rake: 2" Wheelbase: 40 1/2" Bottom bracket drop: 2 3/4". Rims: UKAI alloy box (27" x 1 1/8") Hubs: Shimano low flange with quick release, free hub rear. Spokes: .080 straight gauge. Tires: Schwinn 300 gram Super record. Front derailleur: Shimano Altus LT. Rear derailleur: Shimano Altus LT. Shift levers: Shimano Altus . Chain: Shimano Uniglide. Crank set: Sugino Super Maxy, 170 mm arms, 39-52 chainwheels. Freewheel: Shimano freehub (13-28) six speed. Pedals: KKT Alloy quill with toe clips and straps. Seat post: SR LaPrade (25.4 mm) with micro-adjust. Saddle: Ariake Jaguar II. Handlebars: Sakae. Stem: Sakae. Brakes: Gran COmpe 500G. Weight: 27 lbs. Accessories: Handlebar cushions kickstand.

Schwinn LeTour Tourist

Modified LeTour with touring handlebard, upright saddle and fenders

1981 schwinn letour tourist

D311-9 21" D333-9 23" D355-9 25"

Ladies's frame sizes

D791-9 19" D821-9 22" Colors: Spicy Chestnut, Sky Blue.

For those who enjoy an X-tra Lite bike but prefer the comfort and convenienve of a touring saddle and upright handlebars, here is a new Schwinn model that makes good sense- the LeTour Tourist. The basic equipment on the Tourist is identical to the popular LeTour- including the brazed lug frame for a lively, responsive ride. In addition, it offers Bluemels fenders, side-pull caliper brakes and Schwinn's comfortable handlebar grips.

1981 schwinn 14

The Tourist's Altus ST front and rear derailleurs.

1981 schwinn 15

The Blumels fenders go further around the tires, to help keep you from being splattered. In wet conditions, however, stopping distances are still increased dramatically and high-pressure tires can be very slippery. If you must ride in foul weather, be very careful.

(Ladies' model shown with optional alloy carrier. See page 62) Note the comfortable handlebar configuration.

Tubing: 1020 carbon steel. Frame Chainstay length: 17 1/4". Head and seat mast angles: 72 1/2 degrees. Fork rake: 2" Wheelbase: 40 1/2" Bottom bracket drop: 2 3/4". Rims: UKAI chrome-plated steel (27" x 1 1/4") . Hubs: Schwinn large flange with front quick release. Spokes: .080 straight gauge. Tires: HP Sports Touring. Front derailleur: Shimano Altus LT. Rear derailleur: Shimano Altus LT. Shift levers: Shimano Altus LE stem mounted. Chain: HHK. Crank set: Sugino Super Maxy, 170 mm arms, 39-52 chainrings. Freewheel: Schwinn gold finish (14-28). Pedals: KKT black rubber block. Seat post: Chrome-plated steel. Saddle: Kashima touring. Handlebars: SR alloy touring (Upright) cushioned grips. Stem: SR alloy. Brakes: Schwinn side pull. Weight: 29.3 lbs. Accessories: Kickstand, Bluemels "Popular" fenders.

Schwinn Sports Tourer

1981 schwinn sports tourer and traveler

9211 21" 9231 23" 9251 25" 9271 27" (extra cost)

Womens's frame sizes

9691 19" 9721 22" Colors: Black Sable.

Schwinn Sprots Tourer: is a new model for 1981. Like all of the other X-tra Lites, it si equipped with a durable lug frame, but uses extra tough parts and components for greater strength than you sometimes find in lighter ten-speeds. Available in Black Sable with red trim.

Schwinn Traveler

Two X-tra Lites with handsome design, dependability and smooth handling.

1981 schwinn 16

T29 19" T31 21" T33 23" T35 25" T37 27" (extra cost)

See the complete history of the Schwinn Traveler .

T59 19" T62 22" Colors: Scarlet Flame, Pearl Blue.

Racy appearance and a rugged lug frame - in Pearl Blue and Scarlet Flame. For adults who enjoy the look and feel of an X-tra Lite and want strength and durability, the Traveler- built to Schwinn's exacting specifications- is the perfect answer. It's not surprising that more and more cyclists favor this sturdy model which includes light steel rims, Shimano gearing and Randonneur handlebar.

Dual position brake levers available on both the Traveler and Sports Tourer. Men's and women's Traveler models are available in Pearl Blue or Scarlet Flame. The quick-release front wheel is stardom on Sports Tourer.

Tubing: 1020 carbon steel. Frame Chainstay length: 17 ". Head and seat mast angles: (T) 72 1/2 degrees, (ST) 73 degrees. Fork rake: 2" Wheelbase: 40 1/2" Bottom bracket drop: (T) 2 3/4" (ST) 2 1/2". Rims: (T) Araya chrome-plated steel (ST) Femco chrome plated steel (27" x 1 1/4") . Hubs: (T) Front - Shimano steel semi- large flange Rear- Shimano steel small flange. (ST) Schwinn large flange, quick release hubs. Spokes: .080 straight gauge. Tires: Schwinn Puff. Front and Rear derailleur: (T) Shimano 400 (ST) Maeda 7". Shift levers: (T) Shimano stem mounted (ST) SunTour stem mounted. Chain: (T)HHK (ST) TYC. Crank set: (T)170 mm arms, 40-52 chainrings. Freewheel: (14-28). Pedals: (T) SR rattrap (ST) KKT rattrap. Seat post: Chrome-plated steel (25.8mm) Saddle: (T) Ariake (ST) Avoce Type. Handlebars: (T) Stell Randonneur (ST) SR Custom alloy. Stem: SR alloy. Brakes: Schwinn center pull. Weight: (T)31.8 lbs. (ST) 30 lbs. Accessories: Kickstand.

Schwinn World's Sport

Lug frame, 10-speeds and great colors- all at a price that's hard to believe

1981 schwinn world sport

W11-5 21" W13-5 23" W15-5 25"

See the complete history of the Schwinn World .

Ladie's frame sizes.

W59-5 19" W61-5 21" Colors: Royal Maroon, Frosty Silver.

Among the wide selection of X-tra Lites in the Schwinn system, the down-to-earth price of the World Sport makes it especially popular. To its lug frame and 10-speed versatility, the 1981 World Sport steel crank arms and Dia-Compe 630 side-pull caliper brakes and extension levers. Dependable value in a moderately priced bike, available in choice of Frosty Silver or Royal Maroon.

1981 schwinn 17

Crankset and derailleur system. The World Sport's convenient gearshift levers are a key part of its dependable Maeda SunTour derailleur system. A full range of accessories such as the water bottle and bags shown is available from your Schwinn Dealer. (See pages 52-62).

Tubing: 1020 carbon steel. Frame Chainstay length: 17 ". Head and seat mast angles: 73 degrees. Fork rake: 2" Wheelbase: 40 1/2" Bottom bracket drop: 2 1/2". Rims: chrome plated steel (27" x 1 1/4") . Hubs: Front - Shimano steel semi- large flange Rear- Shimano steel small flange. Spokes: .080 straight gauge. Tires: High-pressure gumwall. Front derailleur: Maeda SunTour Honor. Rear derailleur: Maeda Suntour Spirt. Shift levers: SunTour stem mounted. Chain: TYC. Crank set: Sugino steel, 165 mm arms, 40-52 chainrings. Freewheel: Maeda (14-28). Pedals: Rattrap. Seat post: Chrome-plated steel. Saddle: Black racing type. Handlebars: Steel maes bond. Stem: SR alloy. Brakes: Schwinn side pull. Weight: 33 lbs. Accessories: Kickstand.

Schwinn World Tourist

1981 schwinn world tourist

6411 21" 6411 23"

Women's frame sizes

6871 17" 6891 19" 6911 21" Colors: Spicy Chestnut.

You will be pleased by the almost effortless shifting of the World Tourist. Constant chain motion on this 10-speed Front Freewheeling system means you don't always need to pedal to shift - you can usually cost and shift together. For recreation or commuting, the 10-speed World Tourist combines relaxed, easy riding and great value!

1981 schwinn 19

Amazing easy and positive shifting puts this new bike in its own class

This year's model features Shimano components: Uni Glide chain, Front and Positron III front derailleur. The World Tourist's handsome brown fenders- easy to look at and every functional. Stem-mounted shift levers and Front Freewheeling system make shifting simple on this comfortable ten-speed. A soft-cushioned, springed seat provides comfortable upright mount for less fatigue and easier riding.

Tubing: 1020 carbon steel. Frame Chainstay length: 17 ". Head and seat mast angles: 73 degrees. Fork rake: 2" Wheelbase: 40 1/2" Bottom bracket drop: 2 1/2". Rims: chrome plated steel (27" x 1 1/4") . Hubs: Semi- large flange. Spokes: .080 straight gauge. Tires: Schwinn Traveler. Front derailleur: Shimano Positron III. Rear derailleur: Shimano Positron III. Shift levers: Shimano Positron III stem mounted. Chain: Shimano Uniglide. Crank set: Shimano alloy cotterless FF, 165 mm arms, 39-52 chainrings. Freewheel: Shimano FF (14-28). Pedals: Black rubber block. Seat post: Chrome-plated steel (25.8mm) Saddle: Touring (Upright) Handlebars: Chrome-plated steel (upright), cushioned grips. Stem: SR alloy. Brakes: Side pull. Weight: 35.2 lbs. Accessories: Kickstand, Fenders.

Schwinn World Tourist 5-speed

1981 schwinn world tourist coaster

W21 21" W23 23" W25 25"

W69 19" W71 21" Colors: Sky blue.

World Tourist 3-speed Coaster

7211 21" 7231 23"

7671 17" 7691 19" 7711 21" Colors: Sky blue.

World Tourist Coater

7411 21"

World Tourist Coaster

7871 17" 7891 19" Colors: Sky blue.

Here's a bike with the low rolling resistance of high pressure tires and lightweight wheels plus the extra comfort of traditional upright handlebars. The World Tourist may be the most versatile bike in the Schwinn line. Easy to ride, enjoyable and practical, the 5-speed, 3-speed or single-speed coaster brake models are useful around town.

It's a perfect communication machine - or add a basket or carrier and these World Tourist are quick and convenient for errands almost anywhere.

1981 schwinn 20

Suburban styling, comfort and value: 3 gearing options- single- 3- speed , 5-speed

Derailleur and crankset for this 5-speed model and components on all the other World Tourist meet Schwinn's high standards. World Tourist women's model. This versatile bike accepd many optional accessories, like the Schwinn saddle bag shown here. Chainguard is standard on all men's and women's models.

1981 schwinn 21

Convenient positioning of three-speed's gearshift makes shifting quick and easy.

Tubing: 1020 carbon steel. Frame Chainstay length: 17 ". Head and seat mast angles: 73 degrees. Fork rake: 2" Wheelbase: 40 1/2" Bottom bracket drop: 2 1/2". Rims: chrome plated steel (27" x 1 1/4") . Hubs: Front (all) - Semi- large flange. Rear - (5) Steel semi-large flange (3) Shimano 3-speed coaster (C) coaster. Spokes: .080 straight gauge. Tires: Schwinn Traveler. Rear derailleur: (5) Maeda SunTour (No derailleurs on 3 or C). Shift levers: (5) SunTour handlebar (3) Shimano handlebar trigger (None on Coaster). Chain: TYC. Crank set: Steel cutterless, 165 mm arms, 48 chainrings. Freewheel: (5) Maeda (14-32) (3) and (C): none. Pedals: Black rubber block. Seat post: Chrome-plated steel (25.8mm) Saddle: Touring (Upright) Handlebars: Chrome-plated steel (upright), cushioned grips. Stem: SR alloy. Brakes: Side pull. Weight: (5) 35 lbs. (3) 34.5 lbs. (C) 33 lbs.

1981 schwinn 22

Cycling Tips from our Team

Whether you're cycling just for fun, to keep in shape, for transportation or are a serious racer, knowing the fundamentals is mighty important. The more you know, the greter your chances for really enjoyable, trouble-free riding. Good basic knowledege of cycling fundamentals, combined with regular practive (and, naturaylly, the right equipment) combine to make you a winner- whether you ride in your neighborhood, around town, or on hot BMX tracks.

Members of Team Schwinn, the Schwinn Corporation's racing team, are devoted to fundamentals. The most important ones have set down by team members to hep you get the most out of your new Schwinn bicycle.

1981 schwinn 23

Pedaling should be a smooth, easy, circular motion - not up and down. Power should be applied through the entire stroke, and the ball of the foot should be centered over the pedal splindle. Toe clips and straps, available from your local Schwinn Dealer, greatly improve your ability to maintain a smooth, even cadence with power through the entire stroke. These relatively inexpensive accessories are often the first thing purchased by somone interested in serious cycling.

Gearing is very important in keeping pedal cadence as smooth as possible. Spinning-top competitors rarely dip below 90 plus rotations per minute- is the most efficient and least fatiguing way to pedal. A cadence this fast may seem uncomfortable at first, but stick with it. Your improved performance will be worth the effort.

If you find yourself spinning too fast with Little or no resistance against the pedals, or you are breathing too hard or can't remain firmly seated on the saddle, shift to a higher gear. On the other hand, if you can't keep a smooth, even cadence or your knees begin to hurt, you might like to try a lower gear.

Riding Position

You should be loose and comfortable the bike. The handlebars should be within comfortable reach and the saddle should be positioned so that there is only a slight bend in your knee when the pedal is in the lowest position. Experiment with different hand positions on the bars.

A commonly used grip is acquired by placing your thumb over the top of the brake lever with your hand to the outside. In this position you can easily reach the brake levers, and steering is easiest from the outside of the bars. On long rides, however, it is advisable to change your hand position frequently to avoid fatigue.

Quickly is not as easy as it may seem. It does require some practice to make sure, positive turns with a little loss of momentum as possible. Pick your line through the turn before you enter it and sick to it once you are committed. This is particularly important if you are riding with several others in a close formation.

Lean the bicycle into the turn with your outside leg in the lowest pedal position to keep from hitting your inside pedal on the pavement. Also, shift your weight to the outside pedal to lower your center of gravity. This position will be the most stable suring the turn. If is necessary to slow down, as it often is, brake before entering the turn. This method ensures smooth turns.

Riding the Rought Spots

Bumpy roads and loose gravel create problems for bicycle. By getting up off the saddle, you can distribute your weight more evenly ove both wheels and make the bike more stable in rougher road conditions.

Bicycle brakes are designed to provide quick, fade-resistant stops. It is best to learn to anticipate stops to avoid panic situations, however. Get into the habit of watching traffic and road conditions around you. That way most of your braking situations will be easy braking situations.

In wet conditions, stoping, distances are increased dramatically, so your speed must be adjusted accordingly. Apply your brakes lighty and frequently. This prevents water from building up under the pads and possibly making your bicycle difficult to stop. Also, lightweight high pressure bicycle tires have a tendency to be particularly slippery in wet weather.

If you must ride in the rain, please use the greatest degree of caution and common sense.

In long downhills, brakes will heat up if applied continuously. Therefore, it is a good idea to pump them slightly rather than apply a continual drag. This will keep them cool and help keep your bike under control. Above all, enjoy your Schwinn bike. Cycling is a fantastic sport. We hope you enjoy it is much as we at Team Schwinn do. Good Cycling!

1981 schwinn 24

Schwinn Standard Lightweight Bicycles

Solid, dependable machines for easy riding in both town and country...

1981 schwinn 25

Schwinn's Standard Lightweight Bicycles represents everything one could hope for in a line of lightweights; they're stylish and attractive, rugged and easy to maintain. Yet these bikes are truly lightweight, weighing just a few pounds more thant X-tra Lites.

The Standard Lightweight line includes the unique Continental with its quick-release front hub to make it easy to remove the front wheel; the Deluve Varsity featuring a positive gearing system with the easily discernible click; America's long-time favorite, the extra-strong Varsity; and another outstanding new addition to the Standard Lightweight line the Sprint. There's also the Collegiate Sport and Collegiate, offering a variety of comfort features.

When you visit your Schwinn Dealer, tell him about all the uses you plan for your bike. He'll help you choose the right Schwinn Standard Lightweight to give you mile after mile of dependable service and satisfaction.

Schwinn Varsity

1981 schwinn varsity

117 17" 120 20" 122 22" 124 24" 126 26" 144 24" wheels

See the complete history of the Schwinn Varsity .

167 17" 170 20" 194 24" wheels Colors: Sky blue. Cardinal Red.

When you start to number the many virtues of the Schwinn Varsity, it is not difficult to undertand why this full-size, 10-speed bike wins honors, year after year, as America's favorite.

The Varsity carries extra-strength features for younger riders, including a solid forged steel stem and crankset, chrome-plated steel chainrings, side-pull caliper brakes, tubular steel rims and wheel bearing make pedaling particularly smooth, aided by the perfectly aligned Schwinn Electro-forged frame and sophisticated yet simple gearing and derailleurs.

Schwinn high- pressure gumwall Puff tires also help cut down rolling resistance. From racing handlebars to kickstand, the Varsity reflects all the quality and durability that is Schwinn. No wonder this bike is a best seller!

1981 schwinn 26

Best-selling full-size 10-speed in America. Available with 24-inch wheels, too.

Close-up of the Schwinn derailleur system in the women's model Varsity. The Varsity's heavyduty kickstand is an intergral part of the frame. It was designed by Schwinn's own Research and Design facility and built to their exacting specifications.

Schwinn Deluxe Varsity

10 speed of positive pleasure in a solid lightweight

1981 schwinn deluxe varsity

417 17" 420 20" 422 22" 424 24" 444 24" wheels

467 17" 470 20" 494 24" wheels Colors: Sky blue, Cardinal Red

For riders who have graduated to 10-speed bikes, the Deluxe Varsity is the machine. Along with its Front Freewheeling FF system, it is equipped with a Positron stem-mounted shift lever which moves each gear with a positive, easily discernible click- and makes crisp, accurate shifts possible even for begginers. Male and female, young and old riders all appreciate this solid lightweight's easy, positive shifting. (Deluce Varsity is also available in 24-inch wheel model.)

1981 schwinn 27

Front Freewheeling FF system allows you to change gears without pedaling. The Positron derailleur on the sturdy Deluxe Varsity.

Schwinn Continental

1981 schwinn continental

312 22" 314 24" 316 26" Colors: Black Sable.

This marks the 21st year that Schwinn's Continental has been rendering dependable serive for those who enjoy cycling. Though just 6 pounds heavier than 30 pounds sport bikes, this 10-speed model features perhaps the strongest diamond-style frame ever made- Electro forged of 1010 carbon steel.

See the complete history of the Schwinn Continental .

1981 schwinn 28

Built for durable enjoynment

You can put the Continental into a car trunk or change the front wheel in seconds, thanks to its quick-release front hub with Schwinn's exclusive positive front wheel retention. Schwinn's Continental features an Electro forged frame for years of dependable service. Center-pull brakes are notable features of the Continental.

Schwinn Sprint

1981 schwinn sprint

S17 70" S20 20" S22 20"

S57 17" S60 20" Colors: Frosty Silver.

A big new attraction this year is the tough, smart-looking Sprint, which further broadens Schwinn's outstanding line of 27 inch lightweight. In handsome Frosty Silver, the Sprint features Schwinn's regular Electro-forged frame with Schwinn caliper brakes, pedals and hubs. It also offers Schwinn's regular chrome plated forged-steel crank with double plateau sprockets and Huret and Shimano derailleurs.

1981 schwinn 29

An outstanding new economical addition to the Schwinn Lightweight line

Tubular front fork and an Electo-forged frame are standard on the Sprint- a featured new addition to the Schwinn lightweight line. Ladies' version of the new Sprint, available in both 17- and 20-inch frames. Red decals and opaque red handlebar tape add to the dashing look of this new model.

See the complete history of the Schwinn Sprint .

Schwinn collegiate sport.

1981 schwinn collegiate sport

727-5 17" 730-5 20"

See the complete history of the Schwinn Collegiate .

777-5 17" 780-5 20" Colors: Sky Blue.

Schwinn Collegiate 3-speed Coaster

K37-8 17" K40-8 20"

K87-8 17" K90-8 20" Colors: Sky Blue.

For those who are looking for a smooth-shifting bike that stands up well to the varying demands of in-town riding, the Schwinn Collegiate Sport is the answer. It features a rugged 5-speed rear cog plus a racing saddle and dependable 26-inch x 1 3/8" Sports Touring gumwall tires. Its companion bike, the Collegiate, comes in three-speed or three-speed coaster brake models. Both models offer a choice in frame sizes for younger riders.

1981 schwinn 29

Durability in 5- and 3-speed for in-town riding

The three-speed shift lever is conveniently located and easy to operate. The Collegiate 3-speed gets you about town in style on comfortable saddle and upright handlebars. The ladies' model 5-speed Collegiate Sport is practical, sportly and good-looking with chainguard, downturned handlebars and chrome fenders.

1981 schwinn 31

Schwinn Cruisers and Middleweights

26-inch wheel machines for the forest trails, racing or just cruising.

1981 schwinn 32

The dictionary defines "cruising" as... "sailing about, touching a series of sport." Southern California cyclists adapted the world to their own world of sandy beaches where the joys of riding old balloon-tired bicycles along the ocean's edge, from beach to beach, were quickly discovered

It didn't take long for one cyclist to tell another. The result: cruiser racing developed and flourised while triggering the creation of incredibly sophisticted machines. Whether riding down forest trails, on BMX race tracks or just rolling around the town, these Cruisers are absolutely state-of-the-art.

Schwinn engineeres were able to take their leading BMX technology, adapt it to a 26-inch wheel format and develop Cruisers that can more than hold their own anywhere in the world.

Schwinn King Sting

1981 schwinn king sting

K51-0 Colors: Black Sable, Gold Frosty, Silver Blue.

The King-Sting is Schwinn's finest single-speed cruiser. Its top and down tubes are ovalized at the joints to provide greater strength and rigidity at critical stress points.

The frame geometry- head tube and seat mast angles, chain stay lengths, bottom bracket heights, top tube lengths- is designed to provide unbelievably responsive handling in maximum performance situations. Components are all state-of-the-art. When it's all screwed together, the King-Sting is one fast machine!

1981 schwinn 33

The Royal machine: Wheels for a King

Anodized Team Schwinn crankset and MKS-10 pedals are a combination that delivers the power. The standard chain ring is 40 tooth but can be switched to any sized sprocket to maximize your performance. (Different sizes are available from your Schwinn as optional equipment.)

The Schwinn 26 x 2.125 inch knobby gumwall balloon tires mounted on anodized UKAI box rims. The chrome-moly tubular front fork, chrome-moly handlebars and anodized Team Schwinn stem are all class at the radical edge. The "Kings" are available in Frosty Silver with blue trim or Black Sable with gold trim.

1981 schwinn 34

This LeTour Avocet saddle is both firm and comfortable.

See the complete history of the Schwinn Sting .

Schwinn king-sting 5.

1981 schwinn king sting 5

KS8-0 18" KS1-5 21" Colors: Black Sable, Gold Frosty, Silver Blue.

The King-Sting 5 is versatile enough to handle the most difficult terrain. This super sophisticated land cruiser has the same exclusive Schwinn bi-oval design as the King Sting but comes in both an 18 and 21 inch frame.

Equipped with Schwinn knobby gumwall tires and UKAI anodized box rims, the King-Sting 5 is a combination of durability and lightweight that is built to make off-road riding an exhilarating experience.

1981 schwinn 35

High torque or rough terrain, this machine has it when you need it

The heart of the action is the King-Sting 5's GT 510 derailleur and the 14-17-20-24-28 freewheel. The gearing provides quick, accurate shifts crucial to off-road riding.

If you're on the beach, in the forests or on the town, the King-Sting 5 does it in a class of its own. Available in either Black Sable with gold trim or Frosty Silver with blue trim, shown here.

The King-Sting 5 comes equipped with a chrome-moly handlebar, anodized Team Schwinn stem, brake levers and gearshift.

1981 schwinn 36

Team Schwinn crankset and 170mm crank arms.

Schwinn Cruiser

Combines high tech with classic good looks

1981 schwinn cruiser

CC7-6 CC9-6

Schwinn Cruiser 5

Close-up of the Schwinn derailleur for riders who prefer Cruiser 5-speed versatility. A comfortable seat and upright handlebars are standard on all Cruisers. New this year is optional Schwinn custom-designed Cruiser Carrier.

See the complete history of the Schwinn Cruiser .

Schwinn deluxe cruiser.

CX7-6 Colors: Sky Blue, Black Sable, Spicy Chestnut.

The name "Schwinn" in front of the title "Cruiser" means a solid, comfortable ride on a cantilever frame bike that is always in style. That's why the words "Schwinn Cruiser" are something special if you agree that first class on white-walled balloons is the only way to roll. The "Deluxe's" Spring Fork gives you an extra smooth ride.

1981 schwinn 37

For deliveries, chores and fun: three middleweight bikes you can depend on

Schwinn typhoon.

1981 schwinn typhoon

L12-6 Color: Sky blue.

Here's quality bike to last! The Schwinn Typhoon features 26 x 1 3/4" nylon cord tires on Schwinn's tubular steel rims, Schwinn Electro-forged cantilevered carbon steel frame with forged-steel fork and crank, chrome-plated fenders and positive action coaster brake. It all adds up to a really dependable middleweight machine.

See the complete history of the Schwinn Typhoon .

Schwinn hollywood.

1981 schwinn hollywood

L62-6 Color: Sky blue.

Enjoy graceful styling plus the convenience of step-through frame. The Hollywood is a 39-pound middleweight that a young lady will find very serviceable and yet easy to ride. It offers a comfortable saddle, nylon cord tires on Schwinn's tubular steel rims, coaster brake and built-in kickstand.

See the complete history of the Schwinn Hollywood .

Schwinn heavy-duti.

1981 schwinn heavy duti

M15-6 Color: Golden Yellow.

To handle everything from deliveries to industrial use, the Heavy-Duti is 45 pounds of toughness. Features include special reinforced Schwinn Electro-forged cantilever frame, heavy duty tractor tires, heat-treated forged-steel crank, reinforced kickstand, Schwinn tubular steel rims and wide-base handlebars.

See the complete history of the Schwinn Heavy-Duti .

1981 schwinn 39

Things you should know about cyling

Safety Check List

Your Schwinn bicycle deserves periodic checkup. Two or three times a season is usually adequate, depending on how often and how you use your bike. It may be necessary to habe a checkup more often if you use your bike more frequently or under hard conditions. Begin this safety check by rubbing your bike down with a damp cloth and then examining nine key points on the bike for any problems or sign of wear:

(1) tires (2) wheels (3) brakes (4) handlebars and stem (5) headset bearings (6) pedals and cranks (7) gears (8) saddle (9) reflectors and lights.

It's also a good idea to inspect your bike quickly every time before you ride to make sure everything is in place, particularly if you have quick-release hubs- so you can enjoy your ride in comfort and security.

Protecting Your Bike

Your Schwinn bike is a valuable asset, so always be sure to:

- lock your bike every time you leave it unattended. - park your bike in ani nconspicuous sport overnight. A basement or indoor storage rooms is best. - record the serial number of your bike and keep it with your permanent records. - register your bike with the local police (if they offer that service) and check to see whether your home insurance policy covers bicycles. - use a Schwinn high quality lock, chain or cable for the mazimum protection. Your Schwinn Dealer offers a full selection and can show you the correct way to lock your bike for greatest security.

Care and Operation Check List (for 10 and 15-speeds). A little care will go along way toward keeping your Schwinn bicycle in top working order. Cyclists who care follow these simple rules:

- never pedal blackward. - never sit on your bike the kickstand down. - avoid backing up your bike whenever possible. - make every effort to avoid potholes or uneven driveway curbs. - keep your tires at full pressure.

Riding in Traffic

Cycling in traffic does not need to be difficult. The secret to a safe and enjoyable rides lies in knowing and following in few simple rules:

- understand the operation of your bike thoroughly before attempting to ride in congested areas. Practice on quiet streets and read your Schwinn Owner's Manual. - get used to being able to look over your left shoulder to check traffic conditions. Mirrors which fasten to your bicycle or eyeglasses are useful for this purpose and are available from your local Schwinn Dealer. - be familiar with the route are taking. Avoid sudden or erratic maneuvers. - select a route that avoids major highways. Often lightly traveled thoroughfares, although inappropriate for automobile traffic, are ideal for the cyclist. - check parked cars carefully as you approach them for opening doors or their maneuvering back into the traffic flow. - learn to anticipate traffic conditions and stay clear of any cars which are acting eratically. - ride on the right side of the street, with traffic. If it is necessary to go onto a sidewalk, walk your bike. - obey all traffic lights and other signals. Bicycle traffic is subject to all rules and regulations governing automobile traffic. - always use hand signals to announce your intentions. - keep your head up and your speed down. Potholes and other road hazards cause a considerable amount of trouble and it is important to avoid them. - watch out for inattentive drivers who may not be aware of your position on the road. Make sure you can be seen. If necessary, signal your presence with a horn or whistle. - wear a helmet and gloves. They offer an extra measure of protection. - in wet weather, stoping distances are increased and high-pressure tires can become very slippery. If you get caught in the rain, keep your speeds down and try to anticipate your stops.

Some Good Sense Tips for Bicycle Commuting

- if you don't own bike, describe the terrain and distance between destinations to your Schwinn Dealer. He'll help you choose the model that's right for your particular commute.

- have a place on your bike to hold packages. - arrange for a secure parking space at your destination, preferably indoors and out of sight. - dress comfortably, avoid loose clothing and carry protective clothing in case of bad weather.

And If You Must Ride at Night...

- be certain to obey local laws pertaining to nighttime riding. - war light-colored clothing so that you can be seen easily. - be certain that all of your reflectors are clean, properly positioned and firmly attached to your bicycle. - be certain that your front and rear lights are in proper working order. Your Schwinn Dealer has a wide range of battery or generator lights to choose from and will be happy to help you select the proper light for your needs.

1981 schwinn 40

Schwinn BMX Bicycles

Schwinn BMX machines do one thing: WIN

Every time a member of Team SChwinn blasts down a straightaway, rips through a bern and pounds across the finish line, he's doing more than calling attention to the superb maneuverability, quality and dependability of Schwinn BMX bicycles.

1981 schwinn 41

Team Schwinn members are using every jump and hard hairpin to develop, test and evaluate every inch of bike in the Schwinn BMX line. It's no wonder the Schwinn line, headed by the increduble Sting, applauded by major BMX magazines, spcializes in acing out its competition and leaving imitators in the dust.

It is said that one of the key reasons Bicycle Motorcross racing has come into its own all over America- from sanctioned tracks and independent BMX layouts to local backyards and inside sports arenas - is because of the capability and strength of BMX bikes. And many BMX winners will tell you that Schwinn is the leader in the field!

Schwinn Sting

Why is the Sting Schwinn's top-of-the-line BMX machine?

1981 schwinn sting

B25-0 (chrome) B26-0 Colors: Chrome Red (additional cost), Chrome Blue (additional cost). Cardinal Red.

Stop in at your Schwinn Dealer and take a long, hard look at the features that go into this competition bicycle and you'll know why. Each critical joint area uses ovalized tubing to absorb and distribute stress more evenly. Tubing is super-light chrome moly and the top and down tubes are double-butted.

Even the head tube is slightly longer to help absorb fork stress and reduce the radial load on bearings. Lift it- it's light and tough. The Sting promises better performance - and delivers it- from the gate to the finish. That's because Schwinn- and you- put so much into it.

1981 schwinn 42

Applauded by major BMX magazines

Nobody but Schwinn has this tri-oval, double-butted, chrome-moly, hand-brazed frame. Team Schwinn Components are one of the major things that makes The Sting so hot.

You'll be hard put to match the beauty and precision of The Sting anywhere else in the world. The unique tri-oval design provides extra strength at concentrated points of stress.

Schwinn Sting Competition

1981 schwinn sting comptition

B23-0 (chrome) B24-0 Colors: Black sable, chrome blue (additional cost)

Schwinn Mini-Sting

B28-0 (chrome) B29-0 Colors: Black sable, chrome blue (additional cost)

The Sting Competition is your opportunity to own a competition BMX machine with much of the technology and equipment that goes into the incredible Sting.

Check out the bi-oval frame construction, anodized Team Schwinn components and parts like chrome-moly handlebars, KKT BMX pedals, quick-change alloy sprocket, anodized aluminum box rims, plus front and rear caliper brakes. If you are looking for a quick, responsive and dependable machine, chances are the Sting Competition will be waht you want.

1981 schwinn 43

A new generation of bi-oval bikes for BMX riders of all ages

For younger riders, the Mini-Sting with a smaller frame offers many ot the same tough features as the Sting Competition. Schwinn tires provide a solid grip, the freewheel and chain deliver the power smoothly and the front and rear caliper brakes help keep the machine under firm control.

A super-strong forged-steel one-piece crank is standard; new for this year are the KKT BMX pedals.

1981 schwinn 44

Schwinn Scrambler

1981 schwinn scrambler

See the complete history of the Schwinn Scrambler .

Schwinn scrambler mag.

B411 (at additional cost) Colors: Spicy chestnut, frosty silver, cardinal red.

This new BMX machine for 1981 is nothing to pure class. It features a light and stron double-gusseted frame, chrome-plated handlebars and stem, forged steel one-piece crankset, a padded BMX saddle and Schwinn's sure-gripping knobby tires.

You also have your choice of three different colors- Spicy Chestnut, Frosty Silver or Cardinal Red- and spoked wheels with chrome-plated rims, front and rear caliper brakes and a freewheel or color-coordinated MAG wheels (MAG wheels are at additional cost.)

Add a tubular BMX front fork and you have one nice-looking, nice-riding machine.

1981 schwinn 48

Three choices in colors, two choices in wheels

The Scrambler and Scrambler MAG have a double gusset for strength at this critical stress point in the frame. The Schwinn Scrambler, shown here, features a chrome-plated fork and front and rear caliper brakes. You have your choice of spoked wheels or these color-coordinated MAG wheels made of tough, flexible nylon. (MAG wheels are at additional cost.)

Schwinn Phantom

1981 schwinn phantom

See the complete history of the Schwinn Phantom .

Schwinn phantom mag.

B451 (at additional cost) Colors: Sky blue, black sable.

The new Schwinn Phantoms are great if you are just getting into BMX racing. This tough bike features a gussetted frame, tubular BMX fork, black handlebars and stem plus either strong, spoked wheels ot tough nylon MAGS.

(MAG wheels are at additional cost.) Designed by Schwinn engineers for quick, responsive riding and dependable service, the Phantoms are true BMX bikes in every sense of the word.

1981 schwinn 49

Exclusive Schwinn BMX frame with MAG or spoked wheels

The diamond-style frame configuration gives the Phantom more strength than conventional frame designs. Thie view of the spoked wheel version shows off the Phantom's super looks.

A 6 1/2 inch one-piece steel crank, BMX pedals and plenty of ground clearance help this machine handle the roughest conditions. The Phantom isn't just a bike, it's something to be proud of.

Schwinn Thrasher

1981 schwinn thraser

B511 Colors: Frosty Silver

Schwinn Mini-Scrambler

B37-6 Colors: Sky blue, Cardinal red

This new models handles like a BMX machine, yet you can enjoy it in the streets or for easy off-road use. Even its responses are BMX quick. It has Schwinn's exclusive BMX frame design, competition-style saddle, coaster brake, Schwinn BMX braced handlebar, forged fork, Scrambler tires and spoked wheels. This bike makes you feel like you're a winner every time you ride it.

1981 schwinn 50

BMX frame, BMX styling in a classic street machine

The Trasher's super tough gusset means a super-tough frame. Seat and handlebars match looks, style and spirit of BMX's.

For BMX beginners, Schwinn engineers designed the Mini-Scrambler - a scaled down version of their famous SChwinn "Scrambler", which features 16" knobby tires; a BMX cross braced handlebar; and a choice of Cardinal Red or Sky Blue. It's durable, easy-to-ride bike that can help beginners put their best feet forward in the exciting world of BMX racing.

BMX pedals, stron forged-steel crank and fast-acting coaster brake are standard.

1981 schwinn 51

When youngster get Schwinn, they don't ever want to settle for anything less.

Rugged, dependable Schwinn bikes for young people- the right machines to begin years of cycling pleasure

For more years than most parents and grandparents can count, Schwinn bicycles for young people have been a part of America- aroung Christmas trees, in school yards, across lawns and under news paper carriers.

Whatever use a youngster has been able to dream up for a bike- Schwinn has been there with a bike that fills the need- for racing, for chores and for just plain hangin out. A part of the Schwinn tradition always has been a rich selection of imaginatively- designed juvenile bikes. This year they begin with the always-popular Sting-Ray- a Schwinn bike that's the envy of every crowd.

1981 schwinn 52

They also include the BMX spirited Tornado with its patented, exclusive BMX features; the Fair Lady and Lil' Chik for young ladies; and for growing families, the Bantam and the Pixie which both boys and girls can ride.

Schwinn is proud of its bike line for young people. When you choose a Schwinn juvenily bike your favorite youngster, you can rest assured that is has been designed and manufactured with the same conscientious care, rugged construction and dependability that goes into the respected line of Schwinn adult bicycles.

Schwinn Sting-Ray

1981 schwinn stingray

J38-6 Colors: Cardinal red, Sky blue.

See the complete history of the Schwinn Stingray .

Schwinn tornado.

1981 schwinn tornado

J32-6 Colors: Black with Yellow Trim

Few bikes have ever won such wide acceptance and gained such immediate popularity as the one and only Schwinn Sting-Ray- with its exclusive Schwinn cantilever frame, Schwinn Sting-Ray saddle, Sting-Ray handlebars, chainguard and coaster brake. Though many have copied it, no one has duplicated the Sting-Ray. It weighs in at 39 pounds and features a single-speed coaster brake.

"That's not a bike, it's my Sting-Ray"

The distinctive Sting-Ray seat and handlebar- invented and introduced by Schwinn. The Sting-Ray Seat can be easily adjusted up or down to fit almost all youngster.

Schwinn Tornado The BMX- inspired Schwinn Tornado, sporting number plate on a sleel BMX handlebar, simulated BMX tank, full-length chainguard, built-in kickstand, black BMX saddle and hot-shot mini- mudguards.

See the complete history of the Schwinn Tornado .

Schwinn fair lady.

1981 schwinn fairlady

J89-6 Colors: Sky Blue, Cherry Pink

See the complete history of the Schwinn Fair Lady .

Schwinn lil-chik.

1981 schwinn lil chik

J81-6 Colors: Sky Blue, Cherry Pink

A step-through frame makes riding easy and inviting on the Schwinn Fair Lady- with its comfortable, color-coordinated saddle, chrome-plated fenders, coaster brake and Schwinn rear gripper tire.

It weighs 38 pounds and is the perfect hi-rise for a young lady. Younger ladies will enjoy the quick, responsice hadnling of the Lil' Chik- a smaller 20-inch bicycle.

A step-through frame for comfort and easy riding

The Fair Lady's seat and handlebars refect the dash and excitement of Schwinn's Sting-Ray look. In attractive, warm pastel colors, this 35-sound Lil' Chik is equipped with Schwinn Electro forged step-through frame, 20 x 1 3/4 inch Westwind tires, coaster brake and full length chainguard.

Schwinn Quality construction is evident throughout the frame of the Lil' Chik.

Schwinn Bantam

1981 schwinn bantam

J35-6 Colors: Cardinal Red and Sky blue.

See the complete history of the Schwinn Bantam .

Schwinn pixie.

J40-6 Colors: Cardinal Red and Sky blue.

If the practical Schwinn Bantam hadn't been a family friend for years, you'd think it had been designed for today's budget- concious times. It is as practical a bike as you can find: just remove or attach the top bar and this 20-inch Bantam instantly converts into either a boy's or girl's model.

When you bring home the dependable Bantam or its tough little 16-inch cousin, the Pixie (its mid-heaight bar makes it attractive to both boys and girls) it's not just for a visit. You can expect these bikes to stay in the family for years- from brother to sister to brother,m right on down the line.

1981 schwinn 53

Bikes both girls and boys can enjoy- perfect for growing families

The Pixie's kickstand is built to take children's continual use; it's welded right onto the frame for extra strength. The Bantam with convertible bar removed. Tires are 20 x 1 3/4" nylon cord on Schwinn tubular rims and the fenders are chrome-plated. This year's Pixie features 16-inch pneumatic wheels and kickstand along with eye-catching chrome fenders and ball bearing head set.

See the complete history of the Schwinn Pixie .

1981 schwinn 54

Schwinn Especial Edition Bicycles

For exerciser, transportation or just plain fun...

1981 schwinn 55

One of the reason that Schwinn is so respected troughout the world is because it is so much more than just a line of fine bikes. Trur to Schwinn's reputation, it is indeed an entire line expressly tailored to meet virtualy every need of every cyclist- from the youngster on trainer wheels to the mature cyclist who enjoys the exerciser that cycling can provide.

Along with an incredibly complete selection of parts and accessories and a superior line of exercisers, Schwinn takes special pride in its Special Editions: Tri-Wheeler Tandems, and Unicycles. As a pioneer in design and manufacture in this unique field, Schwinn has made full use of its years of experience to test, retest and road test its Special Editions.

Whatever use you have in mind for these special bikes- trasportation, exerciser, professional performance or just plain fun- you will find that ther are everything you could hope for in a Special Edition.

Schwinn Deluxe Twinn

1981 schwinn deluxe twinn

T13-5 Colors: Cardinal Red

See the complete history of the Schwinn Twinn .

Schwinn twinn sport.

T14-9 Colors: Sky Blue

You'll discover extra hours of tandem pleasure, with extra comfort, when you tour on an easy-shifting 5-speed Deluxe Twinn. It features upright handlebars with patented cushion grips, chrome-plated fenders, spring cushion mattress saddles and 26 x 1 3/8 inch Sports Touring gumwall tires.

For a faster pace, the 10-speed Twinn Sport is equipped with drop-style front and all-rounder rear handlebars. Comfort From saddles and 27 x 1 1/4 inch Schwinn Puff gumwall tires. Both tandems have internal expander rear and front caliper brakes.

1981 schwinn 56

For touring or racing, the Schwinn Deluxe Twinn and the Twinn Sport double your cycling pleasure.

Schwinn derailleur on the 10-speed Twinn Sport model. Deluxe Twinn's handlebars and spring cushioned mattress saddles. The 5-speed Deluxe Twinn is 64 pounds of Extra-smooth riding.

Schwinn Town and Country Tri-Wheeler

1981 schwinn town_country

AT2-8 Colors: Sky Blue

For exercise, errands and ease of operation, nothing fits the bill like a sturdy Tri-Wheeler! You can feel secure at all times aboard the Tri-Wheeler - it's easy to get on and off, very stable and perfect for a relaxed pace.

Differential drive, 3-speed, parking brake, heavy duty front hub and Schwinn-built steel rims are all standard equipment. The Schwinn Tri-Wheeler, also preferred for light industrial use, makes its rounds quietly and efficiently.

1981 schwinn 57

Security and large basket capacity for shopping or business delivery

Here is a key example of the superiority of the Schiwnn Town and Country Tri-Wheeler. Most tri-wheelers distribute the power from the rider through only one wheel. But the Schwinn Tri-Wheeler is equipped with a differential-type drive transmission which allows both wheels to drive. This results in better control.

Front view of the Town and Country Tri-Wheeler. Upright handlebars and soft saddle provide both easy handling and a pleasure ride.

The spacious, fully detachable vinyl-located wire basket holds a load of packages and comes with convenient handles for easy carrying.

See the complete history of the Schwinn Town and Country .

Schwinn unicycles.

1981 schwinn unicycles

20" - U20-0 24" - U24-0

See the complete history of the Schwinn Unicycle .

Giraffe unicycle.

U72-0 Colors: Chrome

For a truly different experience in cycling, try a Schwinn Unicycle. It's great exercise, challenging- and fun. Both the 20- and 24 inch models are equipped with tubular steel rims, chrome plated fork blades and a three-piece crank.

Schwinn state-of-the-art Unicycles are the overwheliming choice among professionals who find them dependable and almost maintenance free.

1981 schwinn 58

One wheel can be twice as much as two

The diamond tread block pedals, chrome hub and maintenance, free fixed bearings are the sort of "extra" features that are standard with Schwinn.

Schwinn's especially designed and patented padded saddle is adjustable to your height for comfort and balance.

You're in the Catbird's Seat on the Girraffe's unique Schwinn saddle, six feet off the ground. And you're supported by a handbuilt frame, one-piece crank and tubular steel rim. When you spin the Giraffe's diamond tread block pedals before a crowd, you're also the center of attention.

1981 schwinn 59

A word about quality

A product, like and individual has a character. It can be good, bad, indifferent, or, perhaps too often, nondescript. The character of a product reflects the character of its maker and the organization behind it.

You can judge the honesty and integrity of an organization by the degree to which it recognizes its responsibility to the consumer. Part of this is willingness to put reputation on the line by replacing defective products or parts which, even with the utmost care and vigilance, occur in production from time to time.

Schwinn Bicycle Company has always stood squarely behind its product and for 86 years has maintained a policy of replacing any part of its manufacture which proved defective either in material or workmanships. The Company has never set a time limit upon this self-imposed obligation. Parts which prove defective are replaced- regardless of the length of time they have been in service.

There is no charge- except for dealer labor after 30 days, or after a year in case of defective frame. See the complete Limited Warranty on pahe 63 of this catalog.

1981 schwinn 60

Be sure your bike Fits...

Although it is simple and takes just a few moments, nothing is more important for safety and comfort than making sure you have the proper bicycle fit and adjustment.

One easy way to select your size frame is to take off your shoes and stand astride the top tube of the bike with your feet flat on the ground. If it's difficult, the frame is too big. Another way is to measure from your crotch to the ground and subtract 10-inches.

If you are undecided between two frame sizes, it's best to choose the slightly smaller frame. Schwinn offers a variety of frame sizes in most models so you can choose the frame that es exactly right for you.

Adjustment of the saddle should conform to your height. If the saddle is correctly positioned when you sit on it, your heel should just touch the down pedal comfortably. The saddle angle should be lever or slightly upward with the nose higher than the rear. Before you decide to move the saddle backward or forward, it is suggested you ride a few miles first to get the feel of your bike. The best handlebar height is generally slightly below the saddle.

On all Schwinn bikes, a maximum height marking appears both on the seat post and the handlebar stem. The schwinn Owner's Operating and Maintenance Manual also offers detailed instructions on proper bicycle fit.

1981 schwinn 62

Schwinn Stationary Bicycle Exercisers

Are you concerned about your personal fitness?

1981 schwinn 63

Schwinn... the world's most versatile most complete exerciser equipment... convenient, comfortable and fun. A regular, repeatable exercise program is becoming a more important part of the daily lives of hundreds of thousands of Americans. Swimmers, cyclists, joggers are all familiar with the beneficial effects of regular fitness program, but many are dissatisfied with their present efforts and are seeking something more.

Mature homemakers and business people also realize the basic needs and benefits of a fitness program. Whatever your requirements, there is a Schwinn Exerciser just right for you.

For the casual workout - or a vigorous exerciser program- there is the basic Schwinn Deluxe Exerciser. For total body involvement, it's the Schwinn Air Dyne with the exclusive wind-vane system.

For the sophisticated participants who demand laboratory-quality calibrated machines, there are the superb Schwinn Bio-Dyne and ergoMetric models.

You can depend on Schwinn quality and craftsmanship in every model.

Schwinn Air-Dyne Exerciser

Total body exercise has never been easier, more convenient or more satisfying.

1981 schwinn air dyne exerciser

AD2-0 Colors: Harven Gold

The ultimate stationary exerciser- the Schwinn Air-Dyne - provides four stations of measured work effort for a balance of upper and lower body excise. Legs alone; arms and shoulders alone; combined arms and leg efforts; and arms plus the upper torso.

The Air-Dyne utilizes an exclusive wind-vane system that provides a continuous, programmable, variable work load resistance. The work load increases accurately and predictably... indicated on the work load indicator. Two additional odometers translate work effort into mileage.

The Schwinn Air-Dyne exerciser represents a break through in quality exercise equipment for home bedroom , office, the reducing salon or institution.

1981 schwinn 64

The exclusive Schwinn Air-Dyne... total exercise for the entire body

The Air-Dyne console with Work Load Indicator (top) has Timer with resettable sweep second and minute hands. The wind vane air resistance unit serves two functions: it produces measurable, repeatable work loads and a refreshing, cooling effect.

Upper and lower body exerciser in the seated position.

See the complete history of the Schwinn Exerciser .

Schwinn deluxe exerciser.

1981 schwinn deluxe exerciser

XR6-0 Colors: Harven Gold

Satisfied users give testimony to the outstanding qualities and benefits of the Schwinn Deluxe Exerciser. Year 'round, rain or shine, in the privacy of your bedroom, den or office, you can enjoy the efforts of a regular exercise program.

The Schwinn Deluxe Exerciser is built to professional standards and reflects the craftsmanship and attention to detail you've come to expect from Schwinn.

A built-in pedal resistance control simulates the conditions of uphill or over-the-road riding- sturdily constructed with the wide base plates for firm footing. Added features include a built-in speedometer and a built-in audibly timer. There's even an easily adjustable seat- so that the whole family can enjoy its benefits- along with electro-forged Schwinn frame and ball- bearing pedals with soft foot straps.

1981 schwinn 65

Acclaimed by experts... a "Best Buy" in stationary exercisers

The optional reading stand fits on all Schwinn Exercisers.

Seat adjustment knob is standard on all Schwinn Exercisers. Deluxe console with built-in features: speedometer on left, resistance control, center, and audible timer.

With the built-in pedal resistance control you can adjust the workload to meet the requirements of your regular exerciser program.

Schwinn ergoMetric Exerciser

1981 schwinn ergometric exerciser

EX2-0 Colors: Harvest Gold

The Schwinn ergoMetric Exerciser is a modern break through promising the accuracy, dependability, and quality of operation heretofore available only on expensive machines offered by fitness experts and professionals.

The Schwinn ergoMetric provides measured, repeatable work loads independent of pedal speed. Eleven different settings offer pedalling resistance of 150 to 2100 kilopond meters per minute- all controlled by push-butoon operated solid state electronics.

Electricity generated by the rider is dissipated under controlled conditions establishing the pedal resistance. This space-age machine combines the know-how of the scientist and the design genius of Schwinn engineers.

Dynamometer tested, the state-of-the-art in solid-state professional exercisers

The Schwinn ergoMetric features a complete easy-to-read instrument panel that includes a program chart, timer, odometer, speedometer, and push-button activated pedal-resistance control with simple dial setting.

Schwinn Bio-Dyne Exerciser

1981 schwinn bio dyne exerciser

BD1-0 Colors: Harvest Gold

The professional fitness expert and other professionals demand laboratory quality plus a dependable load measurement system that is capable of calibration. Thus, the introduction of the Schwinn Bio-Dyne Exerciser featuring a unique hydraulic work load system. Its totally accurate- by calibration- and repeatable work loads are available at predetermined pedals speeds.

Introducing the exclusive Schwinn hydraulic work load measurement system

Measured work loads are indicated on the color-coded indicator for quick readout. Additional features include a cummulative total trip meter and odometer.

Bio-Dyne Calibration Kit (an optional) assures laboratory accuracy. Patent Pending.

1981 schwinn 66

Schwinn Bicycle Parts and Accessories

Schwinn quality and depth of inventory is unmatched by any other manufaturer

1981 schwinn 67

A vital part of the Schwinn system is its back-up support- after you buy your bike. For the simple fact is... no other manufacturer offers a wider range of parts and accessories than The Schwinn System. From auto bike carriers to wrenches, the System is structured so that any one of the 1,800 independent Schwinn Dealers can get you everything- quickly, precisely and a t a fair price.

Every one of the more than 6,000 items in the Schwinn Parts and Accessories Catalog is readily available. Many are Schwinn's unique design and all are throughly tested and evaluated by Schwinn engineers to help you take full advantage of your bike's special features. Schwinn's "know-how" in servicing.

Your authorized Schwinn Dealer can quickly diagnose your bike's problems and get you back on the road fast. He is factory trained by Schwinn to help you choose the proper part of accessory and install it efficiently and correctly. It is comforting to know that when you buy your Schwinn bike, you have the vast supply of Schwinn Parts and Accessories - and the cooperation and expertise of the entire Schwinn System.

1981 schwinn 68

Largest Selection of BMX Items......

1981 schwinn accessories 1

A. Team Schwinn Pro alloy crankset - 54 460 - 464 B. Scrambler alloy crank sets - 56 940 - 943 C. Competition spider with alloy sprocket - 56 141 - 142 D. Anodized alloy sprockets - 56 139 - 832 E. Chrome-moly one piece crank - 56 039 - 041 F. Cruiser alloy sprockets - 56 897 - 935 G. Anodized BMX hubs - 34 740 - 754 H. Anodized caliper brakes - 17 060 - 063 I. Sun Tour Freewheel - 27 241- 244 J. T.D. cross 16T freewheel - 27 240 K. Team Schwinn 16T freewheel - 27 250 L. Anodized BMX caliper brakes - 17 097 - 099 M. Sealed bearing hubs - 34 480 - 494

1981 schwinn accessories 2

N. Team Schwinn anodizes stems - 55 586 - 590 O. Anodized alloy chrome-moly stems - 55 595 - 597 P. Team Schwinn seat post clamps - 58 891 - 895 Q. Chrome- plated seat post - 58 808 R. Anodized alloy seat posts - 58 865 - 868 S. KKT rattrap pedals - 57 842 - 843 T. KKT lighting bolt pedals 57 - 890-895 U. SunTour sealed bearing pedals - 57 -844 - 847 V. MKS BM7 rattrap pedals - 57 881 - 888

1981 schwinn accessories 3

A. Schwinn handlebars in color - 55 085 - 089 B. Nitto alloy handlebars - 55 041 - 044 C. Scorpion V-bar handlebars in colors - 55 045 - 048 D. Chrome moly handlebar - 55 055 E. Cruiser carrier in colors - 01 621 - 624 F. Cruiser saddle - 58 645 - 646 G. Schwinn BMX racing saddle - 58 474 H. Jaguar II racing saddle in colors - 58 480 - 483 I. Brooks B-18 racing saddle - 58 560 J. Schwinn frame pad in colors - 2 412

1981 schwinn accessories 3

K. The Sting handlebar pad in colors - 02 512 - 515 L. Scrambler frame pad - 02 400 M. Team Schwinn handlebar pad - 02 462 - 464 N. Team Schwinn brake lever cover in colors - 02 296 - 299 O. V-bar pad in colors - 02 486 - 489 P. Team Schwinn V-bar pad in colors - 02 500 - 502 Q. Team Schwinn double clamp pad - 02 490 - 493 R. Double clamp pad in colors - 02 417 - 447 - 449 S. Team Schwinn narrow stem pad - 02 508 - 511 T. Single clamp stem pad - 02 415 - 446 U. Frame pads in color - 02 410 - 437 V. Handlebar pads in color 02 402 - 442 W. Hunt-Wilde MXF grips - 04 855- 859 X. Oury BMX grips - 04 840 - 843

Y. Team Schwinn genuine cowhide racing gloves - 46 990 - 995 Z. Team Schwinn leather racing gloves - 46 980 - 989 AA. Wide vision goggles - 47 525 BB. Team Schwinn wide vision goggles - 44 522 CC. BMX Mouthguard - white - 46 011 DD. Team Schwinn helmet bag - 45 057

1981 schwinn 69

A. Anodized chrome moly forks - 54 572 - 574 B. BMX tubular chrome moly fork - 54 455 C. Tubular Cruiser fork in colors - 54 568 - 569 54 550 - 552 D. Sting chrome moly fork - 54 416 - 419 E. Team Schwinn chrome moly fork - 54 450 F.Tange TRX tubular BMX fork - 54 543

G. Ukai anodized alloy 20" x 1.75" boxed rims in colors - 82 140 - 142 H. ACS nylon rim in colors - 82 160 - 163 I. UUkai anodized alloy 20" x 1.75" boxed rims, colors - 82 150 - 152 J. Weinmann 20" x 1.75" alloy rims - 82 107 K. ACS Nylon BMX wheels - Front : 85 085 - 088 Rear : 85 115 - 188 M. Tuff Wheel II Front: 85 030 - 034 Rear: 85 120 - 124

N. Perforated rectangular plates - 02 165 - 171 O. Oval number plates - 02 108 - 117 P. Perforated oval plates - 02 111 - 120 Q. Schwinn Pro-style number plate - 02 290 - 291 R. Rectangular number plates - 02 121 - 124 S. Fancy numbers in colors - 02 560 - 599 T. Bmx sticker - 03 258 U. Letters white/black - 02 180 - 360 V. King Sting sticker - 03 488 W. Sting sticker - 03 384 X. Mini- Sting sticker - 03 487 Y.Prismatic sticker - 03 257 - 383 Z. Foil sticker - 03 256 AA. Lightning bolts - 02 370 - 373

1981 schwinn accessories 6

BB. 20" x 2.125" studded tire - 62 130- 131 CC. 20 x 2.125 and 1. 75" Maximizer tire - 62 070 - 071 DD. 20 x 2.125 and 1. 75" colored tire - 62 072 - 074 EE. 20 x 2.125 and 1. 75" gumwall tire - 62 138 - 139 FF. 20 x 2.125 and 1. 75" skin gumwall tire - 62 135 GG. Sew-up tire (230 grams) - 68 010 Sew-up tire (270 grams) - 68 011 Sew-up tire (300 grams) - 68 012

HH. Puff gumwall 27" x 1 1/4" - 62 203 II. High Pressure Super Record 27" x 1 1/4" - 62 212 - 213 JJ. High Pressure Super 700 x 28 degree - 62 216 KK. High Pressure Sports Touring gumwall 27" x 1 1/4 - 62 205 LL. High Pressure LeTour gumwall 27" x 1 1/4 - 62 207 MM. Team Schwinn frame - 28 180

1981 schwinn 70

Touring Accessories

1981 schwinn accessories 7

A. Big Horn Panneir - 0 176 - 178 and 206 B. Paperback Rider - 49 802 - 804 and 811 C. Day Tripper Back Pack - 49 807 - 810 D. Sunrise handlebar bag - 00 164 - 166 and 202 E. Carinou front and rear Pannier - 00 170 - 172 and 204 F. Possum Seat Pack - 00 179 - 181 and 207 G. Fox frame pack - 00 161 - 163 and 201 H. Rear alloy carrier - 01 630 - 631 I. Front Alloy carrier - 01 632

1981 schwinn accessories 8

J. Slack and Trouser bands - 09 501 K. Insulated wate bottle with cage - 47 360 L. Lightweight water bottle with cage - 47 330 M. Rhoede Schwinn logo water bottle - 47 306 N. Alloy water bottle cage - 47 365 O. Christophe toe clips - 47 003 - 004 P. Schwinn toe clips - 47 050 Q. Schwinn toe clips with straps - 47 055 R. KKT toe clips with leather straps - 47 060 - 060 S. Toe straps - 47 040

1981 schwinn 71

A. Schwinn tourer bicycle touring helmet - 46 746 B. Men's touring gloves - 46 915 - 917 C. Ladies' touring gloves - 46 919 - 925 D. Tool Kit - 73 406 E. No. 1 Professional handlebar tape - 09 144 - 149 F. Schwinn cotton handlebar tape - 09 110 - 112 G. Schwinn Hypon handlebar padding in colors - 09 214 - 217

1981 schwinn accessories 10

H. Altra 4 bike car carrier - 94 640 I. Convert-a Porter - 94 567 J. Flush-Mount car carrier - 94 568 K. Altra 2 bike car carrier - 94 639

1981 schwinn 72

Bike Care Products

1981 schwinn accessories 11

A. Schwinn Deluxe foot pump with reservoir. - 60 675 B. Schwinn Deluxe foot pump with reservoir Made in U.S.A. - 60 735 C. Schwinn foot pump. - 60 681 D. Schwinn narrow barrel high pressure pump - 60 679 E. Schwinn foot pump. Made in U.S.A.- 60 730 F. Schwinn alloy frame pump. - 60 684 G. Zefal high pressure frame pumps - 60 640- 717 to 60 721

H. Complete tube repair kit - 60 410 and 60 406 I. "Stop-Leak" temporary tire seal and repair - 60 415 J. Pocket size tire pressure gauges with reset Regular - 69 230 Sew- up - 69 231 K. Tire pressure gauge with sliding readout scale. Regular - 69 226 Sew-up. - 69 227

1981 schwinn accessories 12

Rust -Erase -72 210 Spray paint small -72 680-855 LPD 9 small -72 021 Bike Polish- Small -73 201 Bike Polish- Large -73 200 LPD 9-Large -72 020 DG-15 Degreaser -73 203 Spray paint- Large -72 650 to 835

Chrome bright cream -73 210 Cycle-Lube -72 001 Cycle oil -73 002 Chain Lube -72 025 Wax -73 205 Chrome polish -73 206 Brush on touch up paint -72 750 - 782

Schwinn Batteries Ultra Power (1 ea) - 00 920 D cell (2 pack) - 00 925 C cell (2 pack) - 00 926 9 volt (2 pack) - 00 928 AA cel (4 pack) - 00 927

1981 schwinn 73

Mirrors and Locks

1981 schwinn accessories 13

A. Black finish mirror. Reflector back - 07 025 B. 4" round mirror, chrome plated with reflector - 07 010 C. Heavy duty mirror and mounting bracket black housing - 07 026 D. 3" chrome plated mirror with reflectorized - 07 014 E. 3" chrome plated round mirror - 07 015 F. Chrome plated oblong mirror with two reflectors - 07 011

G. Super chain and lock - 06 610 H. Presto set your own combination lock with 6 ft. coiled vinyl covered cable. - 06 743 I. Chain and combination lock set - 06 710 J. Vinyl covered coiled bicycle looking cables in assorted colors. - 06 745 to 06 762 K. Vinyl coated cables and combinations lock set. - 06 740 L. Vinyl coated cables and laminated padlock set. - 06 741 M. Popular combination lock and 3-foot chain. Covered in. Glitter Blue - 06 691 Glitter Silver - 06 690 Glitter Red - 06 694

N. Schwinn Multi set your own combination lock and cable set - 06 746

1981 schwinn accessories 14

O. Presto set your own combination lock . - 06 530 P. Laminated steel padlock with case hardened shackle - 06 606 Q. American steel padlock with case hardened shackle - 06 608 R. Combination bicycle padlock - 06 600

1981 schwinn 74

Lights and Speedometers

1981 schwinn accessories 15

A. Block style generator mount to on front fork, Matte black finish - 04 250 B. Traveler generator set complete. - 04 280 C. Lightweight Super Sport generator set complete - 04 200 D. LeTour generator set. - 04 190 E. Wonder light - black finish - 05 821 F. Continental stlye safety light easily straps on leg or arm - 05 816 G. Chrome-plated tail light - 04 180 H. Block generator set, chrome plated - 04 265

1981 schwinn accessories 16

I. Deluxe Universal tire drive speedometer fits 17" thru 23" frames - 08 455 J. Deluxe speedometer with case and axle drive. - 08 450 to 08 452 K.Compact Cyclometer with black finish plastic case. - 020 820 to 827 L. Deluxe Cyclometer with reset. - 02 815 to 816

1981 schwinn 75

Bells, Horns, and Cycle aids

1981 schwinn accessories 17

A. Funny folk, and animal cartoons bells - 01 007 B. Assorted antique bicycle bells - 01 006 C. Modern cyclist design bell - 01 043 D. Schwinn Deluxe "Ding-Dong" bell - 01 005 E. Schwinn- bell - 01 010 F. American Flag Bell - 01 001 G. Lightweight alloy, finger tip action chrime style black bell - 01 020

1981 schwinn accessories 18

H. Chrome plated bugle horn - 05 001 I. Bugle horn with large bulb - 05 003 J. Long trumpet-style chrome plated bulb horn - 05 005 K. Triple tone chrome finish horn...Bulb style - 05 010 L. Modern electric horn with piercing beep! Uses standard "AA" cell batteries (not included) - 05 055

Schwinn Cycle Aids

The ideal bicycle accessory to help the beginner get a head-start in cycling. Wheel height is adjustable. Available for 12". 16" and 20" bikes. M. 02 550 for 12" N. 02 555 for 16" 02 556 for 20" Schwinn Pedals Blocks O. Pedale blocks, pari - 07 600 P. Bike storage hook - 94 525

1981 schwinn 76

Carrying Accessories

1981 schwinn accessories 19

Schwinn Baby Seats

A. High-Black molded bucket style baby seat. Complete with seat belt, and foot protector. Fits all frame sizes of 26" and 27" wheel bicycles - 01 482 fits 17" thru 22" frames - 01 480 fits 20" thru 27" frames B. Terry tennis racket clip - 00 670

Lightweight alloy carrier with spring holder and front check clip that securely holds packages in place. Complete with leveler bracket and built in reflector bracket. C. 01 600 fits 17" thru 22" frames D. 01 605 fits 24" thru 26" frames E. Rear alloy touring bag support - 00 029 F. Front alloy touring bag support - 00 019

1981 schwinn accessories 20

G. Genuine woven red basket - 00 750 H. Woven basket with color trim - 00 721 to 00 727 I. Junior size woven plastic basket with color trim - 00 800 to 08 806 J. Tie down luggage straps in assorted colors. 12", 18" and 24" long. - 01 814 to 822 K. Rear wire basket folds out-of-way. Opens easily to a large basket. Carries a full grocery bag. Install two for set. Sturdy construction chrome finish. (Price includes installation hardware). - 00 660 L. Touring bag of heavy vinyl - 00 030 M. Deluxe lock and tool bag of heavy vinyl - 00 025

1981 schwinn 77

A Schwinn bicycle from your full service dealer is a sound investment.

From every point of view - value, service, repair and replacement - the bicycles you buy from your full service Schwinn Dealer are a sound investment.

Schwinn's Five Point Consumer Protection Plan in cludes the famed Schwinn Limited Warranty with no time limit - a guarantee stating that all Schwinn bicycles, parts and accessories are warranteed to be free from defects in materials and workmanship.

1981 schwinn 78

Schwinn Five Poine Consumer Protection Plan

Every new Schwinn bicycle eligible for a free 30-day checkup at the place or purchase. Your Schwinn Dealer carries a full stock of repair and replacement parts and prompt, factory- trained service to keep your Schwinn rolling.

Every Schwinn bicycle expertly assembles and ready-to-ride at no extra cost. Every Schwinn bicycle fitted to the rider for added safety and comfort.

Every Schwinn bicycle protected under the Schwinn Limited Warranty.

1981 schwinn 79

Schwinn Bicycle Company Limited Warranty

Schwinn and Schwinn-Approved bicycles, parts and accessories (Except the ergoMetric Exerciser) are warranted to be free from defects in materials and workmanship... no time limit.

The user assumes the risk of any personal injuries, damage to or failure of the bicycle and any other losses if Schwinn bicycles are used in any competitive event, including bicycle racing, or in bicycle motorcross, dirt biking or similar activities, or training for such competitive events or activities.

DO NOT USE Schwinn bicycles for stunt riding, ramp, jumping, acrobatics or similar activities, or with motors as power driven vehicles. This Warranty does not cover any personal injuries, damage to or failure of the bicycle or any other losses due to accident, misuse, neglect, abuse, normal wear, improper assembly or improper maintenance.

ree 30-Day Checkup

Each Schwinn Bicycle will be fully assembled by the Authorized Schwinn Dealer at time of purchase, and will be entitled to recieve a free 30-day Checkup by the same Authorized Schwinn Dealer within the first 30 days of operation...such checkup to include free replacement of any parts and accessories found to be defective and free inspection and adjustment of all functional parts and assemblies... but not including any repair due to accident, improper use, neglect, abuse, normal wear, improper assembly or improper maintenance.

As its option, Schwinn will... without charge... either provide a replacement of or repair any Schwinn or Schwinn-Approved part of accessory which is defective under the terms of this warranty. Dealer labor charges in installing replacement parts or accessories are not covered by this warranty after the Free 30-day checkup, except for any labor charges due to replacement of a defective frame within one year of original purchase at retail.

Repair or replacement of defective parts or accessories and those dealer charges specifies above shall be the sole remedy under this warranty, and In, No Event shall Schwinn be liable for incidental or consequential damages. Some States do not allow the exclusion or limitation of incedental or consequential damages, so the above limitation or exclusion may not apply to you.

This warranty gives you specific legal rights, and you may also have other rights which vary from state to state. See your Authorized Schwinn Dealer for service or replacement under the Schwinn Limited Warranty or write to the Consumer Relations Department at the factory:

1856 North Kostner Avenue Chicago, Illinois 60639

1981 schwinn 80

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1981 Schwinn Approved Le Tour

My father's bicycle during college that I started to tinker with when I got into high school. Now a beater and poor weather bike. Thanks to https://bikehistory.org/bikes/letour/ for the spec information.

Frame: 1981 Schwinn Le Tour, 54cm, Frosty Silver, 1020 carbon steel

Crankset/Bottom Bracket: Sugino Super Maxy 170mm

Pedals: Origin 8 Pro Track Light, red

Drivetrain/Cog/Chainring/Chain: 16T Cog / Sram PC-1

Handlebars/Stem: Sakae Ringyo, alloy, 60mm

Saddle/Seatpost: M-Wave 25.4mm diameter, 350mm length, alloy

Brakes: "Schwinn Approved" Weinmann Center pull

Front Wheel/Hub/Tire: Matrix Titan Hard Anodized 36H / Specialized Sealed 36H / Panaracer TourGuard, 700x28C

Rear Wheel/Hub/Tire: Panaracer TourGuard, 700x28C

Bike History

Click a link below to see past stages of this bike.

  • "Barn Find"
  • Summer 2022
  • Short lived fixed-gear Swan Song

Current Stage Info:

Could never get the seatpost to stay still, time to retire the frame. Thanks for the memories.

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thanks man, i like yours too

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This'll be fun to follow

Posted almost 8 years ago

I also find it really interesting

1981 Schwinn Approved Le Tour photo

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Schwinn Super Le Tour Review

1981 schwinn le tour


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If you are love cars and you have a boatload of cash, you are likely to start spending money on vintage cars at some point. Even though you might have the latest Lamborghini or Ferrari, there is this unique appeal that a 1970 Mercedes Benz possesses, and you would want to have it parked in your garage. This practice also applies to wine lovers. A 1960 vintage is better than an expensive Hennessy. Although this doesn’t apply to most cyclers, some cyclers enjoy reading, researching, and even buying old bicycles. If you are one of such cyclers, you should know about the particular Schwinn Super Le Tour model manufactured between 1974 and the late 1980s. These bike models guided multiple cycling champions to victory, and it was a piece of much sought-after equipment in the late 1970s and 1980s. Even though Schwinn no longer produces this bike, it is still in circulation today, and you can get one if you are lucky enough to find it. This particular review will take a different dimension from our regular reviews. We will explain the different Super Le Tour models produced during this period.


1974 Super Le Tour Model

The 1974 model had a lightweight frame fitted with butted top and bottom tubes. It also had quick-release aluminum alloy hubs, and the crankset was also made from aluminum alloy. It utilized alloy caliper brakes and puff gum wall tires.

1975 Super Le Tour Model

The 1975 model had a steel lugged frame with single butted tubes. It utilized Araya alloy steel tubular rims and large flange aluminum alloy hubs. They had high-pressure clincher-type tires and an aluminum alloy crankset.

1976 Super Le Tour Model

This model utilized a lightweight, steel-lugged frame with single butted tubes. It came with dual brakes and an aluminum alloy double plateau crankset. They utilized Araya alloy steel tubular rims and quick-release hubs.

1977 Super Le Tour Model

This model utilized a lugged frame along with HP sports Touring gum wall tires. The wheels were Araya steel tubular rims, and they had special gear and derailleurs. It was made with a racing-style saddle.

1978 Super Le Tour Model

This model utilized a hand-made frame and a tubular chrome-plated front fork. It utilized aluminum alloy rims and large flange quick-release hubs. The model also had Shimano derailleurs and Compe G side pull.

1979 Super Le Tour Model

The 1979 model was made with a lightweight frame with carbon steel material. It also utilized Shimano derailleurs and high-pressure touring tires. The bike was built for durability.

1980 Super Le Tour Model

The 1980 model was the pickup model for the Super Le Tour. It was lightweight, responsive, and rugged. It has a self-centering rear derailleur with a cassette freewheel. It also had a rugged lug frame designed for durability.

1981 Super Le Tour Model

This model utilized a carbon steel frame along with Shimano Altus ST derailleurs. The tires were HP Sports Touring, and the hubs were Schwinn’s large flange with quick release. It also had a 2-inch fork rake

1982 Super Le Tour Model

This model had 12 speeds and a carbon steel frame that made it a super cycle. It had Shimano Altus LT derailleurs, and the tires were a 300-gram super record. The rims were UKAI alloy boxes.

1983 Super Le Tour Model

The 1983 model had a full 4130 chrome-moly frame along with a 12-speed gear. The model also came with HP sport touring tires and Sugino Aero 5 crankset. It also had Shimano Altus ST derailleurs.

1984 Super Le Tour Model

This model had a lightweight carbon fiber frame and ARX derailleurs. It also had front and rear quick-release hubs and brakes with drill levers.

1985 Super Le Tour Model

This particular model was designed for young adults and students. It utilized lightweight, 4130 chrome moly double primary tubes and hi-tensile steel blades. It also utilized ARX derailleurs and levers.

The Schwinn Le Tour was a success back in the days, and it helped any cyclists attain victory. It was a well-accepted model, and it led the company Schwinn company to financial success before they finally closed shop in 1992. Although the Super Le Tour Model is out of the market, you can still buy them if you know where to look. However, you should make sure you have enough cash because vintage items are always more expensive than modern ones. If you think of getting this vintage bicycle and you have the means, you should go for it. Cheers!

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Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Restoring a vintage 1983 schwinn le tour.

1981 schwinn le tour

A Short History of the Schwinn Le Tour

The 1983 le tour specifications, the seat and seatpost, the shifter group, rear freewheel and axle, brakes, handlebars, and stem, ready for the road, 35 comments:.

1981 schwinn le tour

Just bought a 1983 Super Le Tour. Great info and good to know where this bike may have been made

Thanks for the post. Bought mine in 1984 and after all these years the tube markings are gone. Everything else still there though! Same handlebar, chrome-moly sticker, etc... (#SC300132) Wish I could pin down the model for certain, I think it was a Le Tour.

According to your serial number (presume it is SC300132) this would be either a Le Tour or Super Le Tour (S) produced in the month of March (C) in 1983 (3). The rest of the numbers are unique. As above the frame is probably produced in Mississippi.

Thanks for the article Douglas. Great information and pictures! I'm hoping to be the proud owner of a one owner 1983 Le Tour tomorrow. It appears to be all original except for the pedals and rear brakes. I would like to replace the pedals with the originals. Are they fairly easy to find? Any idea if the Le Tour had it's own style of pedal? Thanks, Mike

I bought a 1984 Le Tour at a garage sale and have been slowly working on it. I really like the bike. What do you know about the service of the bearings and freewheel? Everything is running great, I just want to be proactive in keeping it that way! This is my first road bike and first vintage bike.

This just depends on how much the bike has been ridden. The bearing grease is surely dried up by now and should be regreased (wheels and bottom bracket at least). If the tires and tubes have not been changed in years, you may want to replace them. Otherwise, you will get flats. This is a nuisiance during rides. The rubber degrades over time. But if they are less than 10 years old, they are probably okay.

I just pulled my 1982 LeTour out of the basement. Great shape and I loved riding it. Loved learning about the history of Schwinn and this bike. As I’m “getting up there,” I may sell it.

I gave this reconditioned Le Tour to my son and he uses it for commuting to work. He loves it and gets all kinds of positive comments. I still ride my old Raleigh that is another post, but I modified it significantly so it was comfortable for me to ride. I may to an article on the changes.

I'm working on a customer's Schwinn. It was recovered from being stolen and hired me to restore the bike. It is definitely a Schwinn but the model is scraped up. It has chrome chain/seat stays and forks. Serial number 1A000699 and the badge shows 3100 / MIJ. I have searched the googles and can't narrow down make and year. The Crank is a Super Maxy with a date code of J-8 which should bring it to 1990. But this looks like a 1970's era paramount with downtube shifters..

You might look at the following website. It has some components and pictures. Many are not in original condition. https://www.kurtkaminer.com/TH_paramountregistry.html#1985 Some 1980s Paramounts were made in Japan. What are the other components. Sometimes you can review the Schwinn catalogs and pinpoint the model. Waterford Bikes (formerly the factory producing Paramount models) has a good listing of images from all the catalogues.

You're the first person with similar serial number my la tour starting with a number 2A01245 1983 did you find any more info. Great bike ride about 500 miles allready this year.

According to the Schwinn Information Bulletin on serial numbers your Le Tour serial number should start with an S. Are you sure the 2 is not an S. If the 2 is an S, then your bike was made in January 1980. This is a really nice riding classic bike.

greeting Douglas i was doing research on my Le Tour that i recently purchased and it also has a serial number on that starts with a 2F02803 I also thought my bike was mfg. in June 1980.. no mistake it is clearly a number. "2"

The F is somewhat unusual. Usually the LeTours are S, J or G depending on the country of production. Could it be a J. This would mean built in Japan. Another way to define the year you can look at the catalogs and identify the component groups that are identical to your bike. I hope this helps.

Thanks for responding to my post. I have looked over the serial numbers and yes starts with 2 followed by F. the components seem to be consistent with a 1980s bike front and rear derailleur down tube shifters all marked Shimano Altus. front hub is a approved Schwinn and rear hub Shimano, but for some reason the rims are alloy Weinmann and brakes are also Weinmann side pulls. the reason i purchased was the color it is in the sandpiper color like the one you have with brown Schwinn lettering on the down tube very attractive bike.

If you could send some images of the components, I might be able to date the bike. From the components you have listed it seems to be 1980s. Email is [email protected]

Thank you for your reply and recommendations. I’m at a loss since I have went thru all the photos and information. The other components are SR Road Champion Japan handlebars Double butted 4130 sticker Red/chrome lined stickers wrapped around the chain stay/ seat stay/ seat tube SR seat post Dia-compe brakes with quick release Round reflectors Shimano Altus Downtube shifters(friction) SR Stem Red/Gold lined Schwinn logo on downtube. No logo on top tube

Well I found it. 1980 Schwinn Voyageur 11.8.

Great! Glad you found it. Believe it or not I am working on a 1988 Voyageur right now so the components sounded really familiar. I will have a posting up in about a month. Nice bikes!

I just bought a yellow Le Tour on ebay for $71.00. It definitely was made in Japan and in my research I think it was made in 1974. The chrome was in great shape but the front forks bearly turned and the wheels would spin slow. I pulled the forks and crank and the grease was like gum. Also did front and rear bearings and replaced all cables. Put new black tape on the handlebars and bought a buffer/polisher for my drill and polished all the chrome. I'm 61 years old and I feel like I'm 15 in high school again. Up every morning knocking out 6+ miles. Great COVID project.

Riding a bike is about as safe as it gets during the COVID crisis. The Le Tours are not the lightest bike of the era, but they are really designed well for riding. My son has the one I refinished and loves it. Thanks for the great comment.

Hi Doug, My bike collection is starting to mirror yours, as I just picked up a Schwinn LeTour, S/N SC211040, and a 1988 Schwinn Tempo, as a Father/Son combo sale for $120.00 My LeTour has the older style decals and chromed steel rims made by UKARIM. the kickstand is non-descript, except for the "Japan" cast into it. I am glad that I had 2 extra gumwall tires from last year, as prices are through the roof, now.I also have a 1972 Raleigh Record and a 1950 Raleigh Tourist, among others. I did get a few extra 26X1-3/8 Michelin's from Chain Reaction Cycle for $6.77 for blackwalls.

According to your serial number, this is probably a 1982 Schwinn Le Tour built in March. It was probably made in USA. In fact, it may have been among the first to be made in the new factory in Greenville, but Chicago is also a possibility. The rims have me puzzled, as most of the Le Tours had alloy rims. Perhaps they are after market.

Muy linda bicicleta! Tengo un Le Tour 3 completamente original como salió de fabrica! Saludos!

Doug I read you talk about the Letour being made in Japan the in the Chicago Plant until 1983. I have a lugged Schwinn Mountain bike frame that has a serial number BS367823 that by the Schwinn serial code is February 1981 but by the Asian Serial number Guide is taken as 1983. This has been taken by a fellow T-Mar as being a serial number system used for frames made in Japan. From what I have seen another ASNG format refers to the Letour SyMnnnn but of course this did carry on to frames made in the Chicago plant in the late 1970`s. The discussion I have had with others comes to saying the frame I have is a 1983 manufacture. T-Mar does state he has no idea of what USA manufacturers used as SN formats. I see also Paramount manufactured at Chicago as well. A direct discussion we could have via email before we go to a public posting. I trust you are well and keeping sake, Kind regards Les Cook

Yes. Please contact me if you like. My email is in the about me page. I don't think Schwinn made "mountain" bikes until 1983. Send pictures if you like. See this link for 1983 Sierra which is lugged. https://bikehistory.org/catalogs/1983.html

Hello Doug, I also have a Schwinn Le Tour. The SN is SH303873, so it seems it was made in Aug 1983. I bought it used, was riding for a while but for the last 20 years it was sitting in my basement because I have a mountain bike. I'm planning to use this road bike for a 18-mile triathlon distance, so I want to replace tires and tubes myself and then bring it for a tune up to a shop. But I don't know the size of tires I need. My measurement of the wheel diameter gave me 25.5". Please give me your advice. Thank you!

Please check the last image on my article. You will see my bike has Araya Rims that are 27X 1 1/4. You will need a 27X 1 1/4 tire (700s will not work) which are available on Amazon but you have to search a bit. The tubes can be standard 700c size as they will fit any similar sized rim. But check your rim as sometimes the wheels have been replaced. A stamp will also be on the existing tire (assuming there is still one one the bike). it's a great riding bike and you will enjoy it once you have it fixed up. The Super Le Tour had 27X 1 1/8 inch tires, but the 27X 1 1/4 should fit. 27 is the rim size and the 1/4 or 1/8 is the tire width.

Hi Doug, I have had an antique Schwinn Sakae Custom Champion 4130 Chromoly that looks to be a 1973. Serial number is F736448 and model looks to be 1737. I realize this is a hard to find bike. It was in my storage building until recently. It is now in my livingroom to keep it dry. In good condition and mint green. The paint original. Just wondering if you have an ideal of it's value. I used to ride but currently on disability and would be frightened to try now with all my physical problems. Your post with the catalog was so informative. I greatly appreciate it. Thanks so much, Linda

Your bike is a 1977.

This is a 1983. The 1977s had only 5 gears and this one has 6. All the other components also match the 1983 version that is in the Schwinn catalog. As I said, it was likely produced in Mississippi.

I would consider the fact when the chicago plant was shutting down, parts that were left over might have been used to build bikes just to use up inventory, meaning there could be different varations of the 83 la tour based on parts on hand (food for thought) I a 1983 thats different then what everybody describes

This is very true. They did ship a bunch of parts to Mississippi. This included stickers so they may also be a bit different.

There is a lot of information on Schwinn bikes on bikehistory.org, and on thecabe.com. Schwinn serial numbers are confusing. The guy with the F73xxx serial number has a June 1977 frame. To the lady thinking she may have a valuable old Le Tour, sorry, but likely worth $100 +|- depending on condition. The Le Tours were made in Japan 73-78 then brought back to Chicago, but built with 1020 steel, not 4130 cro-moly. When production moved to Greenville in 1983, the Le Tours were again made with 4130 cro-moly steel.

1981 Schwinn Le Tour Tourist

Bike photo

  • Serial: 1G03058
  • Other serial/registration/sticker: Badge: 1381
  • Manufacturer: Schwinn
  • Model: Le Tour Tourist
  • Primary colors: Blue
  • Frame size: 21IN
  • Wheel diameter: 27in
  • Frame Material: Steel
  • Handlebar type: Drop

Additional parts

  • Generator/Dynamo

1981 schwinn le tour

Frugal Average Bicyclist

Frugal Average Bicyclist

The goal here is to help you keep cycling on a budget.

What year bike do I have? Dating a Schwinn Le Tour

Last Updated on January 2, 2022 by FAB Jim The Cyclist

Here are some tips for dating a Schwinn Le Tour visually.

1981 schwinn le tour

If the fork has a chrome tip the bike is 1982 or older.

If the fork is painted with no chrome, it is 1983 or newer.

1981 schwinn le tour

Brake Levers

If the brake levers have a safety lever the bike is 1983 or older Le Tour. I don’t believe the Super Le Tour ever came with safety levers on the brakes.

If the brakes are combined with the shifters (STI) the bike is 2007 or newer.

1981 schwinn le tour

If the bike has stem mounted shift levers it is 1983 or older.

Down tube shifters – 1984 or newer Le Tour or Super Le Tour of any year.

If the bike has STI shifters (brakes and shifters combined on the bars), then it is a 2007-2011 model.

1981 schwinn le tour

10 speed – 1982 or older Le Tour, 1976-1978 Super Le Tour

12 speed – 1983-1989 Le Tour, 1979-1985 Super Le Tour

14 speed – 1995-1999 Le Tour

20+ speeds – 2007-2011

Standard quill stem was used from 1974 to 1999.

2007 and newer have a threadless stem.

1974-1988 bikes have 27” rims and tires.

1989 and newer models have 700c rims and tires.


Le Tour branded – 1974-1978

Shimano 400 – 1979-1980

Shimano 600 – 1976-1978 Super Le Tour

Shimano Altus LT – 1979-1982 Super Le Tour

Shimano Altus ST – 1981-1983 Le Tour

Suntour ARX – 1984-1985 Le Tour

Huret Rival – 1986 Le Tour

Shimano L523 – 1987 Le Tour

Suntour Accushift – 1988.

Suntour Blaze – 1989

Yellow – 1974-1976 Le Tour

Green – 1982 Super Le Tour

Lugged Steel – 1974-1989

Butted Chromoly – 1995-1999

Aluminum – 2007-2011

Reynolds 520 – 2010-2011

Carbon – 2010-2011

All the bikes came with decals stating the model.  If still visible these are the date ranges:

Le Tour on down tube – 1974-1976.

Le Tour on top tube – 1977-2011

Le Tour II – 1977

Le Tour III -1978

Le Tour IV – 1979

Super Le Tour – 1976-1985

Super Le Tour 12.2 -1977-1978

Super Le Tour II – 1979

Le Tour Luxe – 1983-1985

Le Tour Tourist – 1981-1982

Le Tour GS – 2007-2009

Le Tour GSX – 2007-2009

Le Tour Classic – 2010-2011

Le Tour Sport – 2010-2011

Le Tour Super – 2010-2011

Le Tour Elite – 2010-2011

Le Tour Legacy – 2010-2011

Checking the serial number will often be the only way to know the exact year, but the above info should get you in the ballpark.  I’ll add more tips soon. 

Note: above is true for stock bikes.  Your bike may have been modified from stock, so be sure to look at all the tips. 

Check out the complete Le Tour guide for images and more info about all the years.

Schwinn Approved Le Tour Complete Guide

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Jim has over 40 years of experience with bicycles and loves road and mountain biking and just going for calm cruises. He is a mechanic who has built custom bikes and is also very interested in bike history. View more posts

6 thoughts on “ What year bike do I have? Dating a Schwinn Le Tour ”

I have a Schwinn, not sure of the year. It has metric tires when I went to order a new inner tube.

Interesting. Do you know the model?

Do I need to work out before I head off on a long ride. So that I get my muscles used to pedaling.

Take shorter rides and get used to your bike.

Got ya 🙂 thanks

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Moscow’s best free city tour

1981 schwinn le tour

I love Moscow – this charming metropolis, its people, its history and its unique cityscape. I would like to share my passion for this city with you. It is my job to show you the most exciting corners of this fascinating metropolis. That’s why, as a travel specialist and your private tour guide Moscow in Russia, I organize a guided free city tour Moscow – so that everyone, regardless of their budget, would be able to enjoy the insider’s view of Moscow.

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1981 schwinn le tour

Free Tours Moscow – Daily

My free tours Moscow city starts on Slavonic Square (Kitay-Gorod Metro Station), passes the world-famous St. Basil’s Cathedral, which was built by Ivan the Terrible on the south side of Red Square in the 16th century and where the tsars were once crowned. Then it goes across the Red Square at the Lenin Mausoleum, the luxury department store GUM and with a view of the Kremlin towards the historical museum. Of course, you will also learn more about the stories that once happened behind the thick walls of the Kremlin – from the Tsars and Napoleon to Stalin. Then we continue through the idyllic Alexander Garden.

1981 schwinn le tour

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The first photo break is made at the Cathedral of Christ the Savior. We then pass by the district with numerous museums, Prechistinka Street and the district with numerous medical areas.

We again stop at the Novodevichy Convent, which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site on the other bank of the Moskva River to click pictures.

Then we visit “Sparrow Hills” where you can enjoy a bird’s eye view of the city of Moscow from the observation deck. Then there are the skyscrapers of Moscow-City, the Kutuzov avenue, the New Arbat, Tverskaya Street, the world-famous Bolshoi Theater, the KGB building and Varvarka Street. Here there are ample spots to click pictures.

We then drive past the Kremlin again and finally reach Red Square. We take a short tour of Red Square and say goodbye in the Alexander Garden.

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Palaces for ordinary people – that was what Stalin promised to the people when the construction of the Moscow Metro began between the World Wars. The communist dictator hadn’t promised too much. No other underground system in the world can boast such spectacular architecture – chandeliers, decorations, stucco, paintings on the walls – each station is individually designed. No wonder that Moscow residents love their metro. I will guide you through the bustle of one of the busiest subways in the world and show you the most beautiful stations Moscow city has.

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Alternative Moscow Tour – daily

Explore the unseen Moscow with your Moscow private guide and discover a range of sights during this alternative walking tour.  Away from the main tourist spots (in the central district of Kitay-Gorod), just a short walk from Red Square and St. Basil’s Cathedral, you suddenly find yourself in one of the trendiest districts of Moscow. This place not only has trendy cafes and green squares, but here you can see the most beautiful spray works (according to Albrecht Dürer), hangout-places of the youth and hipsters, as well as learn what Moscow looked like in the 19th century. Here you will also learn exciting and even bloody stories about famous gangsters, eccentric business people and legends like the wandering preacher Rasputin, who is known in Russia either as the “holy devil” or the mad monk. To learn a little more about Moscow’s culture, this is the tour for you. On my alternative tour, you will get to know Moscow away from the tourist hotspots. This tour is of 2 hours duration and you will experience the following on the tour:

  • St. John’s Hill, a quiet oasis right in the center, where time has stopped as it did in pre-Communist times
  • Khokhlovka Art Center, where Russian hipsters and street artists hang out
  • Samoskvorechye District where you can see beautiful streets and hear stories from old Moscow
Time: by arrangement, daily Duration: 2 hours Price: 21 $ Students and children: 17 $ Language: English Included in the price: the guided tour / tram ticket

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A military tour – riding on tanks in Stupino (Moscow region)

Russian Military is one of the largest military forces in the world formed in 1992. With my Military Tour experience what it likes to be in the Russian military, shooting guns, ride the Tank T-34 and various models of German tanks from the Second World War, as well as armored personnel carriers and vehicles. You will also shoot from the AK-47 and another combat weapon.

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' src=

Alexander Popov

Welcome to Russia! My name is Alexander, I was born in Moscow and I'm a passionate tour guide. I want to share my passion for Russia and my hometown with you. On my website you will find useful information to make your individual trip to Russia as interesting as possible.

Gorky Park and Sparrow Hills: Green Lungs, place to relax and meet

The travel voucher for the russia visa, you will also like, everything you need to know about russia: included..., traveling‌ ‌in‌ ‌russia‌ ‌–‌ ‌how‌ ‌safe‌ ‌it‌ ‌is‌..., choosing the best guide for a free and..., how do i exchange money in moscow, eating out in moscow, the best time to travel to russia, how do i get from moscow airports to..., the best taxi services in moscow, moscow’s top 13 – the main attractions of..., with sim card purchase in russia: use whatsapp,..., leave a comment cancel reply.

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Le Corbusier’s triumphant return to Moscow

1981 schwinn le tour

The exhibition of French prominent architect Le Corbusier, held in The Pushkin Museum, brings together the different facets of his talent. Source: ITAR-TASS / Stanislav Krasilnikov

The largest Le Corbusier exhibition in a quarter of a century celebrates the modernist architect’s life and his connection with the city.

Given his affinity with Moscow, it is perhaps surprising that the city had never hosted a major examination of Le Corbusier’s work until now. However, the Pushkin Museum and the Le Corbusier Fund have redressed that discrepancy with the comprehensive exhibition “Secrets of Creation: Between Art and Architecture,” which runs until November 18.

Presenting over 400 exhibits, the exhibition charts Le Corbusier’s development from the young man eagerly sketching buildings on a trip around Europe, to his later years as a prolific and influential architect.

The exhibition brings together the different facets of his talent, showing his publications, artwork and furniture design alongside photographs, models and blueprints of his buildings.

Russian art reveals a new brave world beyond the Black Square

Art-Moscow fair targets younger art collectors

In pictures: 20th century in photographs: 1918-1940

Irina Antonova, director of the Pushkin Museum, said, “It was important for us to also exhibit his art. People know Le Corbusier the architect, but what is less well know is that he was also an artist. Seeing his art and architecture together gives us an insight into his mind and his thought-processes.”

What becomes obvious to visitors of the exhibition is that Le Corbusier was a man driven by a single-minded vision of how form and lines should interact, a vision he was able to express across multiple genres.

The upper wings of the Pushkin Museum are separated by the central stairs and two long balconies. The organizers have exploited this space, allowing comparison of Le Corbusier’s different art forms. On one side there are large paintings in the Purist style he adapted from Cubism, while on the other wall there are panoramic photographs of his famous buildings.

Le Corbusier was a theorist, producing many pamphlets and manifestos which outlined his view that rigorous urban planning could make society more productive and raise the average standard of living.

It was his affinity with constructivism, and its accompanying vision of the way architecture could shape society, which drew him to visit the Soviet Union, where, as he saw it, there existed a “nation that is being organized in accordance with its new spirit.”

The exhibition’s curator Jean-Louis Cohen explains that Le Corbusier saw Moscow as “somewhere he could experiment.” Indeed, when the architect was commissioned to construct the famous Tsentrosoyuz Building, he responded by producing a plan for the entire city, based on his concept of geometric symmetry.

Falling foul of the political climate

He had misread the Soviet appetite for experimentation, and as Cohen relates in his book Le Corbusier, 1887-1965, drew stinging attacks from the likes of El Lissitsky, who called his design “a city on paper, extraneous to living nature, located in a desert through which not even a river must be allowed to pass (since a curve would contradict the style).”

Not to be deterred, Le Corbusier returned to Moscow in 1932 and entered the famous Palace of the Soviets competition, a skyscraper that was planned to be the tallest building in the world.

This time he fell foul of the changing political climate, as Stalin’s growing suspicion of the avant-garde led to the endorsement of neo-classical designs for the construction, which was ultimately never built due to the Second World War.

Situated opposite the proposed site for the Palace of the Soviets, the exhibition offers a tantalizing vision of what might have been, presenting scale models alongside Le Corbusier’s plans, and generating the feeling of an un-built masterpiece.

Despite Le Corbusier’s fluctuating fortunes in Soviet society, there was one architect who never wavered in his support . Constructivist luminary Alexander Vesnin declared that the Tsentrosoyuz building was the "the best building to arise in Moscow for over a century.”

The exhibition sheds light on their professional and personal relationship, showing sketches and letters they exchanged. In a radical break from the abstract nature of most of Le Corbusier’s art, this corner of the exhibition highlights the sometimes volatile architect’s softer side, as shown through nude sketches and classical still-life paintings he sent to Vesnin.

“He was a complex person” says Cohen. “It’s important to show his difficult elements; his connections with the USSR, with Mussolini. Now that relations between Russia and the West have improved, we can examine this. At the moment there is a new season in Le Corbusier interpretation.” To this end, the exhibition includes articles that have never previously been published in Russia, as well as Le Corbusier’s own literature.

Completing Le Corbusier’s triumphant return to Russia is a preview of a forthcoming statue, to be erected outside the Tsentrosoyuz building. Even if she couldn’t quite accept his vision of a planned city, Moscow is certainly welcoming him back.

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1981 schwinn le tour

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  • The three-bus tour routes and 40+ stops around Moscow completes the trip. Draw an itinerary to explore the city on your own.
  • There can be a boat tour and bus tour to enjoy panoramic views of Moskva River.
  • Smartphone Voucher Accepted. (No need to print)

The City Sightseeing at Moscow begins at Bolotnaya Square with Hop-on-Hop-off bus service. The bus operates on the Red, Green and Orange lines. If you have limited time in Moscow, start your trip on the Redline and get yourself acquainted with the city’s 16 best attractions. The green line, however, covers 26 amazing spots so if you are staying for an extended period catch the green line.

  • Pushkin Museum of Fine Arts
  • Alexander Garden
  • GUM State Department Store
  • Sofiyskaya Embankment
  • Cathedral of Christ the Saviour
  • University Square, Vorobyovy Gory Observation Deck
  • Hotel Ukraina Pier
  • Zaryadye Park
  • Memorial Museum of Cosmonautics
  • VDNKh Metro Station
  • Cosmonauts Alley
  • Ostankino Television Tower
  • Red Route: Schedule: 10:00 - 18:00 , Loop: 60 Minutes , Frequency: 15 Minutes
  • Green Route : Schedule: 10:00 - 18:00 , Loop: 120 Minutes , Frequency: 30 Minutes
  • Orange Route : Schedule: 10:00 - 18:30 , Loop: 140 Minutes , Frequency: 30 Minutes
  • 24 / 48-Hours Hop-on Hop-off Bus Ticket
  • Red Line Audio Guide: Russian, English, German, Spanish, Italian, French, Chinese, Arabic, Portuguese, Farsi
  • Green Line Audio Guide: Russian, English, German, Spanish, Italian, French, Chinese, Arabic
  • Orange Line Audio Guide : Russian English, German, Spanish, Italian, French
  • Guided walking tour
  • Boat Tour (If option selected)
  • Hotel Transfers
  • Entrance Fees (Unless Specified)

Redemption Info

You can board the bus at any stop and voucher can be exchanged directly with the driver. Printed vouchers required for this tour and are accepted at all stops. You will receive a ticket in exchange for your voucher, which you must keep until the expiry date/ tour. Please check your ticket to know when it expires. After exchanging your voucher for a ticket, your voucher will no longer be valid. In loss of voucher/ticket, company is not liable for any refund. Book Now! You can use your ticket any day within 12 months.

Know Before You Go

Wheelchair Access, Heating Please note that face masks must be worn on board the bus. Orange Route is temporarily suspended   

Operational Details: Walking Tour

  • Daily at 10:45 a.m.
  • Duration: 2 hours 30 minutes
  • Meeting point: next to the monument to Saints Cyril and Methodius (Kitay-Gorod metro station)

Capital River Boat Tour

  • May - October: from 11:30am to 6:30pm (Subject to change)
  • Duration: 60 minutes
  • Departure Point: Zaryadye Park Pier

Useful Downloads

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    The Schwinn Le Tour. This page provides year by year images and info quoted from Schwinn catalogs for the Le Tour from 1974 to 1988. 1974. The new Schwinn-Approved Le Tour ten-speed. Lightweight, agile, and loaded with fine quality imported features you'd expect to find on much higher priced bikes. Schwinn Approved 10 speed Le Tour.

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    1981 Schwinn Le Tour, 54cm, Frosty Silver, 1020 carbon steel. Crankset/Bottom Bracket: Sugino Super Maxy 170mm. Pedals: ... Saddle/Seatpost: M-Wave 25.4mm diameter, 350mm length, alloy. Brakes: "Schwinn Approved" Weinmann Center pull. Front Wheel/Hub/Tire: Matrix Titan Hard Anodized 36H / Specialized Sealed 36H / Panaracer TourGuard, 700x28C ...

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