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This Naxos tourist map includes all the attractions you won’t want to miss. Besides Naxos tourist attractions, you’ll find top-rated restaurants, rooftop bars, and beaches. 

Naxos Tourist Map

Table of Contents

Marble Carving

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Naxos island is part of the Cycladic island chain off the coast of Greece. It’s a convenient island to get to because you can fly in from Athens or ferry from many popular Cycladic destinations. 

woman at rooftop bar in Naxos

The flight from Athens to Naxos takes a speedy 45 minutes . If you take a high-speed ferry from Santorini , you’ll arrive in Naxos in under 90 minutes. When traveling from Mykonos, it will take 2-3 hours by ferry to get to Naxos.

Why choose Naxos? We know you have limited time in Greece and many islands boast beautiful coastline, fun nightlife, and historical treasures. Naxos island is the perfect place to ditch the masses, relax and unwind.  

woman near Temple of Apollo in Naxos Greece

Naxos Greece has an unpretentious, beach-bum atmosphere. It’s also the best Greek island for hiking. The highest peak in the Cyclades is on Naxos island.  Naxos attractions include beaches, historical sites, and museums.  

Naxos city is the capital of Naxos. It’s where you’ll find the port, as well as shopping, dining, and entertainment. This is where many Naxos hotels are located. 

Take a look at our Naxos map, besides Naxos City the island is largely undeveloped. Winding roads connect tiny villages, a handful of archeological sites, and unspoiled beaches. It’s quite unapologetically rural and rustic – a breath of fresh air compared to the intensity of Oia, Santorini. 

Wondering what to see in Naxos? Let this be your guide. Besides Naxos tourist sites, you’ll find a map of Naxos beaches, restaurants, and bars. 

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Cultural Experiences

Naxos island has been inhabited since prehistoric times . It’s a place where human traditions have been brewing for quite some time. This history can be read about in a museum, but it can also be experienced firsthand.

The culture of the Cycladic islands is best enjoyed through experience. This is what you’ll remember most from your Naxos holidays. 

woman holding glass of rad wine, dining out in Naxos

The history of Naxos is intertwined with the history of marble. Naxian marble has a unique composition. Its calcite crystals are typically transparent and distributed randomly. This results in a blue-gray shimmer as well as the appearance of depth.

The calcite crystals in Naxian marble have been recorded to span 15 mm. Naxian marble is one of the largest grained marbles across the world . 

church in the mountainside, Naxos island

During ancient times, Naxian marble was one of the first ‘island marbles’ in use. Naxian marble went into the roof tiles at Olympia and in several Acropolis structures. It continues to be mined today.

While you will appreciate Naxian marble in museums and archeological sites, you may consider a more immersive marble experience. Join a marble carving workshop with a local sculptor.

Book a marble carving workshop in Naxos.

You’ll get a chance to learn more about this precious rock and how artists and artisans have worked with it throughout time. T he marble workshop takes place in a private garden under the shadow of olive trees. 

Naxos is an underwater paradise. The waters surrounding the island are warm, shallow, and crystal-clear! Nature-lovers shouldn’t miss this privileged opportunity to experience marine life firsthand. The best Naxos island tours involve snorkeling or scuba diving.

Naxos, beachside

You’ll be delighted to discover the immense diversity of fish and sea creatures. You’ll have a good chance at spotting regional black corals, eels, groupers, and a variety of crustaceans. Not to mention the breathtaking rock formations! 

Discover the top-rated snorkeling tour in Naxos.

Naxos Beach

Go scuba diving in Naxos.

Consider visiting the nearby small Cyclades with a snorkeling tour. You’ll be taken to some of the best snorkeling spots off the beaten path. Divers will rejoice at the abundance of interesting shipwrecks to explore . If you sign up for scuba diving, you won’t be disappointed with your Naxos booking!

If you’re a fan of farm-to-table cuisine, you’ll be delighted with Naxos food culture. Best of all, these Mediterranean-style dishes are as healthy as they are fresh . 

Naxos is considered the most fertile island in the Cyclades, and much grows here! From potatoes to tomatoes, olives, and oranges, you can bet that they came from nearby. Plus, there’s the bounty from the Aegean Sea. 

naxos food - greek salad with tomatoes

Have an unforgettable food experience in Naxos City.

Naxos cheeses are also worth a try! The regional delicacies include graviera, mytzithraxynotyri, and provio. You can try them raw or Saganaki style (fried). You’ll find many recommended restaurants on this map of Naxos town. Dining out is one of the unforgettable things to do in Naxos

Many restaurants in Naxos City have histories that span generations.

glass of wine in Naxos City

Be sure to book a food tour in Naxos. 

The fertile soils in Naxos are perfect for growing grapes. It is even rumored that Naxos is the birthplace of the Greek God Dionysus (he’s the God of wine & debauchery). Grapes have been grown in Naxos since ancient times.

Visit Saint Anna Winery for a vineyard tour and tasting . You’ll learn more about the local varieties and try a sample. 

The ancient Greeks were the original potters . They made amphoras, cups, and bowls out of clay thousands of years ago. Pottery was one of the earliest human inventions . 

Manolis Lybertas’s Workshop

The ancient Greeks used larger pots for cooking and storing food. Smaller pieces were used for eating and drinking. Larger pots were used for decoration. Even cremated remains of family members were stored in pottery. 

You can appreciate many pieces of historic pottery in the museums of Naxos. Although, there’s a most interesting way to enjoy pottery. 

Manolis Lybertas’s Workshop

Visit Manolis Lybertas’s Workshop in Damalas for a pottery demonstration . It’s an unforgettable experience. The owner is a 4th generation potter with truly remarkable skills. This is the best place to pick up a beautiful, handcrafted souvenir.  

Archeological Sites

You’ll find many archeological sites on this Naxos Island Map. Naxos has been inhabited by humans for nearly 200,000 years! Researchers have discovered remnants of early Cycladic civilizations as early as the middle Paleolithic era. 

During the 7th and 8th Centuries BC, Naxos was the center of trade in the Cyclades. It was an important source of marble for the mainland. Many of the important archeological sites in Naxos feature Classical era ruins. 

woman looking at Temple of Demeter in Naxos Greece

One of the important archeological sites on this map of Naxos is the Temple of Demeter. It’s located in the village of Sangri, about a 25-minute drive outside Naxos City . 

The temple was built around the 6th Century BC out of the finest local marble. Demeter was the goddess of agriculture . Temples to Demeter were often built near fertile areas where the Ancient Greeks intended to farm. 

Temple of Demeter

Visiting the Temple of Demeter is one of the fun things to do on Naxos. It is one of the few monuments that can be reconstructed with all parts and with the confidence of its original structural details. Parts of the temple have been rebuilt by archeologists . 

Findings from archeological excavations of this region can be viewed at the property’s small museum. Check it out when you visit Naxos. 

The Apollo Temple is one of the most easily accessed archeological sites on this map of Naxos Island Greece. It’s located just a short walk away from the Naxos Port in Naxos City . This is one of the most instagrammable spots. It’s where many iconic Naxos photos are taken.

Apollo Temple Naxos

What remains of the unfinished Apollo Temple is a large marble gate . Each massive marble piece weighs close to 20 tons! Construction on this temple began in the 6th Century BC. It was overseen by the Tyrant Lygdamis. He had grandiose ideas to build a formidable temple. When the rule of Lygdamis ended, work on the temple ceased. 

The Cave of Zeus (also called Cave of Zas) is an important place in Naxos maps. According to Greek mythology, the God Zeus spent his childhood here . This is also where he was given the power of lightning by an eagle. 

The cave of Zeus has mythologic, geologic, and archeological significance. Nearly 200,000 years ago, Neanderthals lived in the area near Zas Cave. Scientists have since discovered their copper tools, clay pots, and jewelry. 

Zas Cave is one of the important Naxos Greece attractions. Many tourists choose to hike from Zas Cave to the summit of Mount Zas. This is the highest peak in the Cyclades at just over 3,200 ft. 

Throughout history, Naxos has been one of the most prosperous islands within the Cyclades . Its fertile soils and opportune geology made it the perfect place for human inhabitation and trade. Museums are a great place to learn more about the history of Naxos. 

walking around Naxos City

There are many impressive museums on this Naxos sightseeing map. With 200,000 years of human history, it’s no surprise that visiting museums is one of the top things to do in Naxos Greece. 

Visiting the Archeological Museum of Naxos is one of the best things to do in Naxos City. This is the most easily accessible museum . It’s a 10-minute walk from the Port of Naxos. 

This is one of the Naxos Greece attractions that won’t take up too much of your time. It’s a tiny museum housed within a gorgeous historic building.

The building dates between 1600 and 1800 as a Jesuit school . It is characteristic of the Venetian style. Within, you’ll discover the art and everyday objects from the Neolithic period all the way through Christian times. 

There are many Bronze Age sculptures and well-preserved stirrup jars (used to transport olive oil). The Archeological Museum of Naxos has one of the finest collections of marble figurines (second only to the National Archeological Museum in Athens). 

Don’t miss this spot on our map of Naxos Greece! 

The Venetian Museum is easily accessed in Naxos City. It’s housed in an impressive 13th Century mansion . The building was once a headquarters for the Venetian military and later a consulate for the Ottoman Empire.

medieval building in Naxos

Wander through the corridors to experience what it may have been like to live like an Italian aristocrat. There are many original furnishings as well as artworks. 

Another impressive museum on this map of Naxos island is the Archeological Museum of Apeiranthos. It’s located in the village of Apeiranthos about 40 minutes’ driving from Naxos City.  

Visiting Apeiranthos village is one of the memorable things to do in Naxos Island. It’s built on the slopes of Mount Fanari and offers picturesque views of the Naxian mountain range. Walkthrough Apeiranthos and you’ll feel as if you walked back in time – formidable towers, marble-paved alleyways, and stone houses will leave you enchanted. 

cat in Medieval village in Naxos

One of the best Naxos island attractions in Apeiranthos is the Archeological Museum. It’s a small museum with many interesting trinkets. Parooze the figurines, amphoras, tools, and sculptures. 

While in Apeiranthos, you may consider visiting one of the other museums in the neighborhood. There are museums dedicated to Folklore, Natural History, Geology, and Fine Arts nearby. 

The best holidays in Naxos include a visit to the village of Sangri. It is the most mountainous village in Naxos and features Medieval architecture. You can get to Sangri in about 20 minutes driving from Naxos City. 

mountain village in Naxos

The most famous sites in Sangri include the Temple of Demeter, Byzantine monasteries , and the Archeological Museum of Gyroulas. This small museum is a lovely place for Naxos sightseeing. 

naxos tourist map pin

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tourist map of naxos greece

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15 Best Things to do in Naxos, Greece

Julie Last updated: June 15, 2023 Greece 16 Comments

Best Things to do in Naxos

Naxos is the largest and greenest island in the Cyclades. Lounge on the white, sandy beaches, visit ancient temples, hike to the summit of Mount Zas, go windsurfing, and explore the charming villages…these all make the list of the best things to do in Naxos.

On our recent trip to Greece, we hopped from Mykonos to Naxos to Santorini by ferry and it was Naxos that stole our hearts. We loved this island. Naxos feels quiet, peaceful, uncrowded. With its green rolling hills and mountains, Naxos looks and feels remotely different from the other islands in the Cyclades. The beaches are beautiful, walking the village trail and exploring old ruins was lots of fun, and the food is amazing. We thoroughly enjoyed our visit here and hope to return again someday.

Table of Contents

Interesting Facts about Naxos

Mount Zas, also called Mount Zeus, is the highest point in the Cyclades. According to Greek mythology, Zeus was raised in a cave on this mountain. You can hike to the summit of Mount Zas and explore the cave along the way.

Naxos is more mountainous than the other islands in the Cyclades. These mountains tend to trap the clouds, so the island gets more rainfall, and therefore it is greener and more fertile than nearby islands.

The island of Naxos is criss-crossed with numerous hiking and walking trails. You can hike to the summit of Mount Zas, walk from village to village, or explore other ruins and statues on the island. If you like to go hiking, Naxos is one of the best Greek islands to visit.

Naxos gets fewer tourists than the more popular destinations of Mykonos and Santorini. It feels quieter here, more authentic, and less crowded. Plus, since it doesn’t share the same popularity as other islands in the Cyclades, hotel prices can be a lot lower.

Best Things to do in Naxos

1. the portara.

The Portara, also called the Temple of Apollo, is Naxos’ most famous landmark. It sits right beside Chora, the main city on Naxos, so if you are arriving by ferry, this will be the first thing you see.

The Portara is a large door, the entrance to an unfinished temple. It was constructed in 530 BC. There are two theories about why this temple was built. The Portara faces the island of Delos, so some people believe the temple was built to honor the god Apollo. Other scholars believe it was dedicated to Dionysus, who was worshipped on Naxos.

Portara Naxos | Best Things to Do in Naxos

The Portara | Best Things to Do in Naxos

Apollo Temple | Best Things to Do in Naxos

Getting Here: Cross the manmade causeway from Naxos City and walk the gravel trails around the door. It’s free to visit and only takes a few minutes of your time. The Portara also makes a great sunset photography spot on Naxos.

2. Chora, or Naxos City

Chora, also referred to as Naxos City, is the capital of Naxos. This is where the ferries dock and where most visitors stay while on the island. It is filled with great restaurants and small shops and makes a great hub for exploring the island.

Naxos | Best Things to Do in Naxos

Naxos City | Best Things to Do in Naxos

The town is built on a hill. At the top of the hill is the Kastro , or castle. This medieval citadel was built by a Venetian Emperor in 1207 and was the seat of power in the Cyclades for 300 years. Located within the castle is the Archaeological Museum , a worthwhile visit for history buffs.

3. Mount Zas

Hike to the top of Mount Zas for panoramic views over Naxos and for bragging rights that you stood on the highest point in the Cyclades.

Hike Mount Zas | Best Things to Do in Naxos

Mount Zas | Best Things to Do in Naxos

Mount Zas | Best Things to Do in Naxos

View from Mount Zas | Best Things to Do in Naxos

The only way to reach the summit of Mount Zas is on your own two feet. There are two routes to the top. The easiest route is from Aghia Marina. This hike is 7 km round trip with 300 meters of elevation gain.

The second route starts at Aria Spring and goes past the Cave of Zeus before ending at the summit. It’s only 5 km round trip but is much steeper and more strenuous than the Aghia Marina route.

LEARN MORE: How to Hike Mount Zas

4. Visit the Villages of Naxos

Dotting the hillsides and mountains of Naxos are small, quaint villages that are a joy to visit. You can drive from one to the other by car, or, if you want a more scenic experience, you can walk the trails that connect these villages. On the list are Melanes, Ano Potamia, Myli, Kalamitsia, and more.

Naxos Village Walk

Blue dome church in Melanes | Best Things to Do in Naxos


Melanes | Best Things to Do in Naxos

We walked from Melanes to Myli to the Kouroi of Flerio and it was one of our favorite experiences in Naxos. It’s a beautiful walk and easy to do, so it’s great for families and people of all ages. This walk takes about 2 to 3 hours and is done as a loop (it starts and ends at Melanes), so it’s easy to do if you have a rental car.

LEARN MORE: Walking the Village Trail: Melanes, Myli, & the Kouroi

5. Apiranthos

Apiranthos, also called “Plenty of Flowers Village,” is one of the prettiest villages on the island. Wander the narrow marble-paved streets, see more Venetian architecture, and visit one of several small museums here.

6. Hike to Apano Kastro

This was not on our original to-do list. And this turned out to be our favorite, unexpected surprise on Naxos.

Apano Kastro is the ruins of an ancient castle in Naxos. It made our “maybe” list from a Google search I did prior to our trip to Greece. The images of ruins on a lush, green hillside caught my attention and we decided to give it a try. We had no information to go off of, other than one image and a point marked on Google Maps.

We figured out how to walk from the cute little village of Ano Potamia and up to Apano Kastro. It is a beautiful walk with wonderful views across the interior of Naxos. We could see Mount Zas looming over us and Naxos City off in the distance.

Apano Kastro | Best Things to Do in Naxos

Apano Kastro hike | Best Things to Do in Naxos

View of Naxos

The view from Apano Kastro. Mount Zas is the mountain with the cloud over it.

Hike Apano Kastro | Best Things to Do in Naxos

If you really want to get off-of-the-beaten-path in Naxos, this is a great, short hike to consider. 

LEARN MORE:   How to Hike to Apano Kastro

7. Splurge on a Room with a View

Rarely does a hotel make our to-do list. But we stayed at a place so wonderful that I just had to write about it.

Imagine touring the island by day and then lounging in your infinity pool with one of the best views of Naxos in the evening. And you can get all of this for a fraction of the price you would pay on Mykonos or Santorini.

If you want to splurge for a private pool with a view while in Greece, Naxos is the place to do it. During our search, hotels were considerably cheaper on Naxos than Mykonos or Santorini.

We stayed at the fabulous Naxos Rock Villas . This small property offers three villas (but they will be adding on more rooms in the near future). We stayed in the Apollo villa and had two bedrooms, three bathrooms, a kitchen and living area, and the most amazing terrace with an infinity pool. It was unbelievable.

In the mornings, we would have breakfast on the terrace, with views of Mount Zas, Naxos City, and the rolling hills of Naxos. In the evenings, we literally rushed back to the villa, eager to hang out again on the terrace. Do you blame us? Look at this place!

Naxos Greece

Naxos Rock Villas | Best Things to Do in Naxos

Naxos Rock Villas

Naxos Rock Villas is located about 10 minutes from Naxos City, so you will need a car if you plan to stay here.

Get prices and check availability on

8. Go to the Beach

Take your pick from the white sandy beaches that line the coast of Naxos. Agios Prokopios, Plaka Beach, Mikri Vigla, and Agia Anna are some of the prettiest beaches on the island.

Naxos Beach

Agios Prokopios Beach | Best Things to Do in Naxos

9. Windsurf or Kitesurf

The northern winds that blow over Naxos create excellent conditions for windsurfing and kitesurfing. The most popular beaches include Agios Prokopios, Agios Georgios, Laguna, and Mikri Vigla beaches.

Learn more here.

10. The Temple of Demeter

This temple was built in the 6th century BC to honor Demeter, the goddess of grain and the harvest. In the 6th century AD, the temple was demolished and the marble was used to build a Christian basilica on the same site. Recently, German archaeologists restored the temple to its present form.

Temple of Demeter

Temple of Demeter | Best Things to Do in Naxos

Demetra Temple Naxos

The Temple of Demeter is located near the town of Sangri. From Naxos City it takes 30 minutes to drive here.

11. Panagia Drosiani Church

This is the oldest Christian church on Naxos and it dates back to the end of the 6th century AD. It’s free and quick to visit and worthwhile if you are road tripping around the island.

Panagia Drosiani

Panagia Drosiani Church | Best Things to Do in Naxos

12. Vallindras Distillery

Kitron is a liqueur distilled on Naxos from the leaves of the citron tree. Located in Chalki, it’s free to visit the distillery and do a tasting of kitron. Learn more here.

13. Kouroi of Flerio

In the 6th and 7th centuries BC, craftsman quarried rock on Naxos and used this rock to carve enormous statues. You can still see two of these statues, and the quarry, if you don’t mind doing a little walking.

Kouros Naxos

You can drive to a point near the Kouros or include a visit here while walking the village trail. Learn more in our article about walking the village trail on Naxos.

14. Apollonas

Apollonas is a fishing village on the northern coast of Naxos. It’s fun to explore, a great place to dine on fresh fish, and nearby is another Kouros (statue) to visit.

On this bus tour of Naxos, visit the Temple of Demeter, Apiranthos, the statue at Kouros, Apollonas, an olive museum, and other villages. If you don’t plan on renting a car while in Naxos, this is a great way to see the highlights of Naxos.

15. Dine on Greek Food

There are lots of great restaurants to try on Naxos. We couldn’t get to all of these during our short stay but here is a list of some of the best restaurants on the island.

Rotonda. If you want a delicious meal with an amazing view, put Rotonda on your list. It is located in the mountains near Apiranthos, so you will need a car to get here, but this restaurant gets rave reviews not only for its food but for the view. Unfortunately, they were closed during our visit, but it looks like a fabulous place for lunch or dinner if you are road tripping around the island.

O Vasilis. Located in Melanes, this traditional Greek restaurant makes a nice place for lunch or dinner, especially if you plan to visit the town while walking the village trail.

In Naxos, we ate at Nostimon Hellas , which serves traditional Greek food with a twist. To Elliniko was high on our list but it was not yet open in early April. If you go, get the orange cake, I hear that it is delicious! Other notable spots to try in Naxos include La Vigne Wine Bar, Scirocco Café, and Barozzi Naxos Restaurant.

Another memorable way to spend a few hours is with a Greek cooking class. During this 4-hour cooking class, learn how to cook Naxian dishes in traditional house in Kaloxylos, a village in the heart of Naxos.

Best of Naxos: On a Map

How to Use This Map: Click the tab in the top left hand corner of the map to view the layers. You can click the check marks to hide or show layers. If you click the icons on the map, you can get more information about each point of interest.   If you click the star next to the title of the map, this map will be added to your Google Maps account. To view it on your phone or computer, open Google Maps, click the menu button, go to “Your Places,” click Maps, and you will see this map on your list.

About Our Visit

We visited Naxos in mid-April. The island was just waking up from a long winter. We were the first guests of the year at Naxos Rock Villas and many restaurants still had not opened their doors.

During the day, temperatures ranged from 13°C – 18°C (mid-50’s to mid-60’s). We had one day of high winds and clouds and one day of sunny skies and low wind. Even though it was a bit chilly, Kara could not pass up a quick dip in the pool at our villa.

Even though temperatures were cool and Naxos had not fully woken up from the winter season, we loved visiting this time of year. Crowds were very low and temperatures were pleasant for hiking.

If you want nice weather and want to avoid peak season crowds, May and September are great months to visit Naxos.

Filoti Naxos

Filoti | Best Things to Do in Naxos

Getting Around Naxos

To really get out and explore Naxos, you will need a rental car. As you can see from our list of things to do in Naxos, there is a lot to do that is located away from Naxos City.

For the most part, getting around Naxos by car is relatively easy and straightforward. Simply follow the signs on the roads that point you to the towns, beaches, and other points of interest. There were a few times where Google Maps directed us down extremely narrow, rural roads, so we had to backtrack and find a new route, but in some ways, that just added to the adventure.

How Many Days Should You Spend on Naxos?

We spent two days in Naxos and wished we had at least one more day. The island is deceptively large with a lot to do, so having three or more days is ideal.

Three or more days would give you enough time to hike to Mount Zas, walk the village trail or explore other trails on the island, relax at the beach, take windsurfing lessons, and explore Naxos City. Plus, if you stay at the Naxos Rock Villas, or somewhere similar, you will want some extra time to lounge at your hotel.

Are you planning a trip to Naxos? Comment below if you have any questions or if you want to share your experience.

More Information for Your Trip to Greece

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Naxos Greece Best Things To Do

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Apano Kastro

Comments 16

Avatar for Lisa

Hi there, I’m planning our firs trip to Greece for Mid May this year. I’ve decided on arrival to spend 2 night in Athens , 3 nights Santorini , 3 nights Naxos, 2 nights in Paros and then fly back to Athens for our last night before we catch our international flight the next day. I’m just worried that I’ve done too much?? Shall I cut out one island? We’re travelling with our kids who are both adults. Many thanks Lisa.

Avatar for Julie

Hello Lisa. I don’t think you are doing too much. It sounds very similar to what we did, but we visited Mykonos instead of Paros. Paros looks great and I wish we had done that instead of Mykonos. You’ll be busy but you are going to see a lot of great places. Cheers, Julie

Avatar for Gary Bennett

Visited Naxos in August 23 ,loved it that much are going again in Sept 24 even thinking of retiring here. Lovely island, did most of the things mentioned and stayed at the Saint George Hotel ( highly recommend).

Avatar for kim bouvette

We are going to Naxos for 3 whole days. I have looked at your 3 hikes. We love hiking. I am trying to stay flexible yet decide how to prioritize these hikes — even considered hike #4. Except the view at the end of the Mt Zas — not sure this would be #1? Suggestions?

If I had to rank these from must-do to least-do, the order would be Mount Zas (an essential hike to do on Naxos), Apano Kastro (I loved that we were the only ones on this short but scenic trail), and then the Villages Walk. We did the Apano Kastro hike in the afternoon, so you could hike Mount Zas or do the villages walk in the morning. Or do one hike each day, since you have 3 days on the island. Have a great time in Greece! Cheers, Julie

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Hi there! Thanks for writing this post. It defenitely seems like a great island for me to visit! I’m not able to rent a car though, as I don’t have a license.. Do you have any ideas about buses on the island? And do you have a recommendation for which city could then be best to stay at?

Without a car, Naxos City is probably the best place to stay, since it is at the ferry port, has many hotels and restaurants, and it would be easier to take the bus/hire a driver/take a tour from here. I don’t know anything about using the bus, unfortunately, but to get around, you could look into hiring a driver or taking tours of the island. Cheers, Julie

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Thanks for the great suggestions! I will be visiting in mid-April as well. Is windsurfing offered in mid-April?

You’re welcome! I think windsurfing is more of a summertime activity since the winds are the strongest at this time, but you can click the link in this article to learn more, and get links to companies that offer windsurfing. Cheers, Julie

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My wife and I just returned from our trip to Greece. We 3 days in Santorini, 5 days in Naxos, 1 day in Mykonos and 1 day in Athens before flying home. These suggestions for Naxos were excellent and helped make our stay memorable. A few additional comments for others who are planning to go to Naxos. TIP #1: If you are planning to stay for more then one day, you MUST rent a car or ATV/scooter to get around to see the sites around the island. TIP #2: When renting a car/atv, make sure you can access google maps or something similar to help you navigate as the signs are terrible! Also, be careful that google maps identifies routes on non-paved roads. I’m not sure how some of these routes even classify as a “road”. Some of these routs were definitely memorable for sure, but be warned as i think the local goats use these paths more then cars do! TIP #3: We decided to go to Greece in late September. The positives were that it wasn’t that busy with tourists because end of the season. That said, the weather changed quickly and became 20 degrees but very windy. Also, they stop offering as many ferry options so couldn’t do Paros for a day trip as originally planned. TIP #4: There are positives & negatives of going in September (see tip #3), but if you do plan to go in off-season, WAIT to book your hotel or Airbnb accommodations to the last minute. We booked those 3-months in advance and realized that when we arrived, the exactly same accommodations were being offered at sometimes a 50% discount.

Thanks for writing in with these tips! We can definitely relate to Google routes creating a memorable experience, not only in Greece but other countries as well. Cheers, Julie

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Very helpful as my wife and I plan our Honeymoon. Love the style of vacation/trip/adventure you take. Thank you!

You’re welcome!

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Oh that is super- I did not have a Honeymoon. Mostly we went Skiing in Vermont and split on the trails. Its not easy staying together even in Killington Vt. I am just checking out Islands and studying Greece.

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Hi, We are planning on visiting Greece in July. One main question I have is how to we rent a car in the islands (more specifically, Milos, Santorini and Naxos) if we arrive at the airport and leave through the port (or vice versa). I’m finding very challenging to rent a car at these islands because there doesn’t seem to have options to pick up/drop off at any other locations besides the airport. Do you know if I can pick it up at the airport but return at the ferry port?

BTW….I loooooove your website and always consult your pages before going anywhere! I’ll be booking ferries, etc through the links you provide in your webiste.

In Naxos, we rented a car from the rental offices right next to the port. It was extremely convenient. In Santorini, we did have to rent a car from the airport. That meant that we had to take a taxi from port to the airport. Fortunately, we were flying out of Santorini, so we did not have to repeat that procedure at the end of the visit to this island. In Mykonos, Tim found a rental company within walking distance of the main town. But yes, you are right, in some islands it’s not convenient to get to the rental car facilities. You could use Google maps and google rental car locations on each island to see if that turns up anything. And if your visit to the island is quick, it might be more convenient to hire a taxi when you need them or even book a tour. If you haven’t seen it yet, take a look at our Greece Travel Tips article where we briefly discuss getting around the islands and how to get transfers from the ports. Have a great time in Greece!! Cheers, Julie

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Plaka beach, the longest sandy beach in Naxos

Portara in town, the remains of the ancient temple

Plaka beach, the longest sandy beach on Naxos, Greece

Agios Sozon, a picturesque chapel near Agiassos

Portara, tha landmark of the island


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Top Restaurants

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tourist map of naxos greece


Naxos is the largest of the Cyclades islands and, undoubtedly, one of the most beautiful Greek islands!

Find out everything about your holidays in Naxos Greece in our travel guide! Discover the things to do , many sights , fantastic beaches, recommended hotels and restaurants , as well as a wide selection of breathtaking photos !

The island is easily reachable by plane from Athens and by ferry from Athens (Piraeus) and many islands of the Aegean. It may be a short ferry ride away from the super famous Santorini , Paros and Mykonos islands, but Naxos is relatively unknown, staying (so far) under the mainstream radar. Actually, Naxos is a paradise on earth. Are you ready to discover it?

How to Get There?

How to Get There?

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Best Hotels

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What to Do?

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We help thousands of people to plan beautiful and trouble-free holidays in Greece every year. From tours to hotels and from car rentals to ferry tickets, we provide all the essential travel services, to make your trip to Greece the most epic and smooth one. Our services are rated . Our guide and services won the Silver Award (2020) at the annual Tourism Awards in Greece . Read reviews about our services.

Cancellation Guarantee! Book your next trip to Greece with Greeka with peace of mind! Read more .

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Despite being relatively low-profile, compared to the neighboring Cycladic islands, Naxos is one of the most enticing destinations in Greece! It sits in the center of the Cyclades islands group, in the heart of the Aegean sea, and is also the biggest of them Its glorious ancient past and the strong influences of the Venetians and the Franks are responsible for the abundance of ancient sites.  The most iconic of them -and the trademark of Naxos- is Portara , the remaining gate of an ancient temple dedicated to the Olympian god Apollo. Apart from its impressive monuments, though, the island boasts a beautiful natural landscape, as it is the greenest of the Cyclades. Imposing mountains, green valleys, beautiful beaches, and rural villages will exalt every nature lover’s spirit!

Chora , the main town , is a wonderful mixture of Venetian and traditional Cycladic architecture. Above the Cycladic whitewashed houses of Chora stands the imposing Venetian castle, oozing a medieval charm!

Are you a thrill-seeker? A heap of amazing things to do in Naxos’ nature is available! Visit enchanting mountain villages, explore Mount Zas , test your skills in water sports such as windsurfing and kitesurfing, hike in the verdant nature… Naxos holiday is a never-ending adventure!

As for the beaches , they are considered some of the best of the Cyclades islands! The coastline of Naxos is fringed with small coves, creating an array of beautiful sandy- and uncrowded- beaches with cobalt waters. Don’t skip swimming at Aliko, Plaka and Agios Prokopios beaches.

Naxos island is the ultimate unpretentious summer escape! Are you ready to explore it?


Explore Naxos island through the lens of the talented members of the  Greeka community . Upload your photos or share your experience with us #greekacom .


Naxos has managed to avoid getting touristy and its accommodation facilities have a strictly Cycladic style in order to ensure an unparalleled experience. Whitewashed hotels, peaceful villas, fully equipped studios or apartments, and many other lodgings will introduce you to the charming architecture of the Cyclades! You may find them close to the beach, in Town (Chora), or at numerous other locations around the island. Accommodation facilities are suitable for all kinds of visitors, from budget travelers and families to those seeking an environment with a luxurious touch. No matter what your preferences are, you will not be disappointed!

Some of the most popular hotels are: • Ayiopetra   • 18 Grapes   • Naxian Collection   • Ploes


The most popular way to reach Naxos is by ferry from Athens (Piraeus) but the island can also be reached by plane. You can also include Naxos in an island-hopping itinerary as the island is well connected with Santorini, Paros, Mykonos, and more destinations. Book your ferry tickets with us

Discover more about the different ways to get to Naxos & how to move around.


Discover the best of Naxos! From sightseeing to activities, we give you the best recommendations for the ultimate holiday experience! View All Things to Do .

Plaka, the long sandy beach


Discover our best package trips including Naxos!


Continue your trip to the best Greece destinations! The most popular destinations after Naxos are Paros, Santorini, Patmos, Koufonisia, Amorgos, all easily accessible by ferry .


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Map of Naxos Town — Best attractions, restaurants, and transportation info

What’s on this map.

We’ve made the ultimate tourist map of Naxos Town, Greece for travelers! Check out Naxos Town ’s top things to do, attractions, restaurants, and major transportation hubs all in one interactive map.

How to use the map

Use this interactive map to plan your trip before and while in Naxos Town . Learn about each place by clicking it on the map or read more in the article below. Here’s more ways to perfect your trip using our Naxos Town map:,

  • Explore the best restaurants, shopping, and things to do in Naxos Town by categories
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tourist map of naxos greece

Top 2 attractions in Naxos Town

Temple of apollo - portara, george studios, top 10 restaurants in naxos town, barozzi naxos restaurant, metaxi mas - mezedopoleio.

tourist map of naxos greece

Navigate forward to interact with the calendar and select a date. Press the question mark key to get the keyboard shortcuts for changing dates.

Navigate backward to interact with the calendar and select a date. Press the question mark key to get the keyboard shortcuts for changing dates.

tourist map of naxos greece

Antamoma DeliCuisine

tourist map of naxos greece

Scirocco Restaurant

Doukato restaurant, rotonda - cafe bar restaurant in naxos, nostimon hellas, to elliniko restaurant, transportation in naxos town, nearby airports, santorini airport, mykonos international airport, highways and major roads.

  • Naxos Ring Road
  • Agios Georgios Road
  • Agiou Prokopiu Street
  • Agios Nikolaos Street
  • Iakovou Polylas Street
  • Filoti Road
  • Apollonos Street
  • Tragaea – Melanes Road
  • Kalandos Road
  • Alyko – Pyrgaki Road

Popular road trips from Naxos Town

What's the weather like in naxos town .

It depends on when you visit! We've compiled data from NASA on what the weather is like in Naxos Town for each month of the year: see the links below for more information.

  • Weather in Naxos Town in January
  • Weather in Naxos Town in February
  • Weather in Naxos Town in March
  • Weather in Naxos Town in April
  • Weather in Naxos Town in May
  • Weather in Naxos Town in June
  • Weather in Naxos Town in July
  • Weather in Naxos Town in August
  • Weather in Naxos Town in September
  • Weather in Naxos Town in October
  • Weather in Naxos Town in November
  • Weather in Naxos Town in December

All road trips from Naxos Town

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  • Naxos Town to Rome drive
  • Naxos Town to Istanbul drive
  • Naxos Town to Budapest drive
  • Naxos Town to Prague drive
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  • Naxos Town to Munich drive
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Naxos Town throughout the year

  • Naxos Town in January
  • Naxos Town in February
  • Naxos Town in March
  • Naxos Town in April
  • Naxos Town in May
  • Naxos Town in June
  • Naxos Town in July
  • Naxos Town in August
  • Naxos Town in September
  • Naxos Town in October
  • Naxos Town in November
  • Naxos Town in December

Looking for day-by-day itineraries in Naxos Town ?

Get inspired for your trip to Naxos Town with our curated itineraries that are jam-packed with popular attractions everyday! Check them out here:

  • 1-Day Naxos Town Itinerary
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Naxos, Greece

Greece › Naxos Travel Guide Updated: November 9, 2023 By Santorini Dave

Popular Pages • Best Naxos Towns • Best Naxos Hotels • Best Hotels for Families • Best Beach Hotels • Best Naxos Beaches • Athens to Naxos Ferry

Beach in Naxos, Greece.

Naxos has some of the best beaches in Greece. Most are easily accessible by bus from Naxos Town.

Naxos is the largest and greenest of the Cycladic islands in the Aegean Sea. This relaxed island is wrapped in long, sandy beaches, while its interior is dotted with farms, olive groves, charming mountain villages, and over 200 Byzantine churches. Expect amazing food, a low-key vibe, and true Greek hospitality. Naxos lies about halfway between Santorini and Mykonos and makes a great respite from those high-octane islands. The 2024 Naxos Travel Guide Skip to our Naxos FAQ Naxos Basics Where to Stay in Naxos Best Time to Visit Naxos Naxos or Paros? Naxos Travel Videos Naxos Travel Maps Naxos Hotels Best Hotels in Naxos Best Hotels for Families Best Beach Hotels Naxos Activities and Attractions Best Beaches on Naxos Best Restaurants Best Bars & Beach Clubs Best Tours & Things to Do Naxos Trip Planning Getting Around Naxos by Bus Santorini to Naxos Ferry Naxos to Santorini Ferry Athens to Naxos Ferry Naxos to Athens Ferry Latest Articles & My Travel Newsletter Newsletter Frequently Asked Questions about Naxos See Also: Greece: Tips & Information for First-Timers Where is Naxos? Naxos is an island in Greece, part of the Cycladic group located in the Aegean Sea. Naxos lies about 40 km south of Mykonos, 180 km southeast of Athens, 85 km North of Santorini, and 200 km north of Crete. Flights to Naxos take 40 minutes from Athens; there are no direct flights to Naxos from any other cities. Greek ferries are most commonly used to get to and from Naxos, whether from Athens or any of the nearby islands. How big is Naxos? Naxos has a population of almost 21,000 and a land area of 430 sq. km (about 1/4 the size of Maui, Hawaii, and 7.5 times the size of Manhattan). The length of the island is around 40 km, and it measures around 30 km at its widest point. It takes about 90 minutes to drive the longest way (north to south) from one end of the island to the other. What is the history of Naxos? In Greek mythology, Naxos is the childhood home of Zeus, who was raised in a cave on what is now Mount Zas in order to hide from his father Cronos, who had already eaten his 5 siblings. Zeus’ son Dionysus was also raised on Naxos, where he later fell in love with and married Ariadne, who had earlier been abandoned on Naxos by Theseus.

Beach and landmark in Naxos Town.

The marble Portara (gate) of the Temple of Apollo at Naxos Harbor dates back to the 6th century BC and is visible from the ferry pier.

The Thracians were the first inhabitants of Naxos, dating back to 4000 B.C., and the island was named for their leader, Naxos. The island subsequently has been ruled by the Careans, Ionians, Athenians, Spartans, Macedonians, Egyptians, Rhodians, and Romans. Naxos boasts the oldest Byzantine churches in Greece: the 6th-century monastery Christ Photodotis and the 7th-century Panagia Drosiani church, dedicated to the Virgin. There are over 200 Byzantine churches in Naxos, many with original frescoes, as well as 500 pre and post-Byzantine churches, many linked by hiking trails through the mountains. The Venetians established the Duchy of the Aegean in the 13th century, made Naxos its capital, and built a castle in what is now Naxos Town. The Ottomans attempted to take the island in the 15th century but were unsuccessful. The Venetians managed to retain control over Naxos during the Ottoman rule over the rest of Greece. Naxos officially became part of the independent Greek state in 1832. Some of the oldest Byzantine churches in Greece are found throughout the Naxos countryside. When is the best time to go to Naxos? Naxos has a shorter travel window than its neighbors Santorini and Mykonos. Most hotels in Naxos open from early May to mid-October, though a handful are open from March through November or longer. The best time to visit Naxos for warm weather, great swimming, sunbathing, and sailing is from late June through early September. If swimming and hot weather are not priorities, then April, May, and October are perfect for sightseeing, archaeology, history, dining, and enjoying the little bit of nightlife in Naxos Town. How do you get to Naxos? Ferries from Athens to Naxos will make a few stops and take anywhere from 3 to 6 hours, depending on the type of ship. Naxos has direct ferries to Paros and Santorini. Ferries connecting Naxos to the islands of Mykonos, Ios, Milos, Folegandros, and Crete often make multiple stops. is the best way to search for and purchase ferry tickets to and from Naxos. Both Sky Express and Olympic Air offer direct flights from Athens to Naxos, which take about 40 minutes. Note that flights will sell out much earlier than ferries – if you find a flight that works for you, book it as soon as possible. There are no direct flights to Naxos from any other cities.

Ferry terminal in Naxos Town.

The ferry port in Naxos Town is an easy walk to the center of town and many hotels. Hotels at St George’s Beach might be too far to walk if you have more than a backpack.

What are the main towns on Naxos? The main village on Naxos, where the vast majority of restaurants, bars, shops, and hotels are located, is called Naxos Town or Chora. In Chora, you’ll find the Castle (aka Kastro) of Naxos, the Apollo Temple ruins, some small museums, and a labyrinth of narrow lanes filled with local shops and tavernas. Agios Georgios (Saint George) Beach is a short walk from the heart of Naxos Town. Chora is the transportation hub for ferries, taxis, and the few buses serving the island. There are several small, traditional villages in the mountainous center of the island, the largest among them being Filoti, Apeiranthos, and Glynado, and the most picturesque being Chalki. Villages in central Naxos are surrounded by farms, vineyards, olive groves, and dairies. The greenest and most fertile Cycladic island, Naxos is known for its produce (especially potatoes), cheeses, cattle, and Kitron, a local citrus liqueur. The more popular beaches of Agios Prokopios, Agia Anna, Plaka, and others have accumulated a number of restaurants, beach clubs, hotels, and mini-markets so that they feel like unofficial villages.

Map showing the main towns and beaches in the island of Naxos in Greece

What are the best beaches on Naxos? Naxos’ best beaches are generally found along the island’s west coast, getting more scenic the farther south you travel. Some of our favorites are Plaka Beach with its wide expanse of golden sand, cedar-lined Alyko Beach, and remote Pyrgaki Beach. Agios Georgios (St. George), Agios Prokopios, and Agia Anna are the best Naxos beaches for families, as they all feature calm water and many beach tavernas and cafes. Mikri Vigla Beach is popular for windsurfing and kitesurfing. It’s easy to stay in Naxos Town and visit nearby beaches during the day; all of these beaches are accessible by bus.

Naxos Best Beach

The golden sand and turquoise water of Plaka Beach in Naxos, Greece.

Where is the best place to stay in Naxos? For most travelers, the best places to stay in Naxos are in the village of Naxos Town or on the beaches of Agios Prokopios, Agia Anna, or Plaka for a good mix of relaxing, dining, sunning, and exploring. Naxos Town is walkable with plenty of restaurants, shops, sights, and the beach within just a few minutes on foot. Agios Prokopios, Agia Anna, and Plaka are connected to Naxos Town by bus, with more frequent routes running in the peak of summer. Those interested in history, culture, hiking, and archaeology may prefer to stay in one of the traditional, mountain villages, such as Filoti, Moni, Sangri, or Glynado.

The view of Agios Georgios Beach from a studio at Kalergis Hotel in Naxos Town. What are the best things to do in Naxos? The best things to do in Naxos include dining , shopping, and getting incredibly lost in Naxos Town, swimming and sunbathing at the endless, golden beaches , exploring the archaeological ruins of Apollo Temple and the Temple of Demeter, visiting traditional Chalki village (and its Kitron distillery), windsurfing and kitesurfing, hiking some of the many mountain trails, gazing at the Byzantine frescoes in the ancient churches, and catching the sunset from a perch over the ferry port, from Apollo Temple, or from a mountaintop ( Rotunda Cafe in Apeiranthos village has an especially great sunset terrace). It’s easy to get happily lost in the tangle of shops and footpaths in Naxos Town.

How many days should I spend in Naxos? Stay a minimum of 2 nights and 1 full day. But there’s so much to see and do that it’s easy to fill 5 days. If possible, do a tour of the archaeological site at the Temple of Demeter, hike a mountain trail (from Moni to Chalki passing by the old churches or hike past Aria Spring up to Zas Cave, Zeus’ childhood home), take a boat trip to one of the many swimming spots on the east side of the island, take a day trip to cosmopolitan Paros island or to the archaeological ruins at the island of Delos , and spend a day at one of Naxos’ sandy beaches, sunbathing and swimming. Be sure to leave yourself plenty of time to get lost in the maze-like streets of Naxos Town: shop and dine in Chora, stroll to Apollo Temple along the narrow pathway jutting into the sea, explore the Venetian castle ruins, and enjoy a sunset cocktail from one of the small bars above. The charming stone pathways of Chalki village. A mountain hike from from Moni to Chalki is recommended on trips longer than two days. Should I rent a car on Naxos? If you are only staying for a couple of days and will be staying in Naxos Town or at one of the beach towns, there is no need to rent a car on Naxos. Naxos Town is very walkable, and the island’s bus system has frequent routes between the beach towns and Naxos Town (the bus system hub). If you don’t have a car, pre-arranged transfer provided by your hotel or through a private car service is the easiest way to get from the Naxos airport or ferry port to your hotel. If you’re staying in Naxos Town or one of the beach towns for longer than two days, we recommend renting a car to access the island’s more remote experiences. Visitors staying in the mountains will definitely need to rent a car, as the mountain villages in Naxos have little to no bus access. is the best website for pre-booking rental cars in Greece.

Buses to inland villages in Naxos.

Buses on Naxos serve all the major beach towns, but much of the island’s scenic mountain countryside is only accessible by car. Pictured is the idyllic inland setting of ELaiolithos Luxury Retreat .

What currency is used in Naxos? Greece is part of the European Union, so the currency used on Naxos is the Euro (€). In Naxos Town and the beaches, most shops, bars, and restaurants accept credit cards, usually with a minimum purchase required; if not, nearby ATMs are easy to find. It is a good idea to have some cash on hand for bus trips and small purchases like bottled water and snacks. In the remote villages, there are many more cash-only businesses and maybe 1 or 2 ATMs in each village. Most restaurants in Naxos Town, like the excellent Doukato , accept credit cards. Is Naxos expensive? Naxos is still largely off the tourism radar. Though you can spend hundreds on a room, many of the best hotels in Naxos fall into the moderate or budget categories, including many beachfront properties. There are no all-inclusive resorts or vacation packages. All beaches are open to the public and free to visit. Most beach clubs offer free umbrellas and sunbeds to guests who purchase a drink or food; the ones that do charge, usually only cost €10 or so.

5-star hotel in Naxos.

Even the best hotels, like 18 Grapes overlooking Agios Prokopios Beach, are blissfully affordable when compared to Santorini or Mykonos prices.

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Visit Naxos: Top 10 Things To Do and Must-See Attractions

Things to do in naxos: the 10 best places to visit (all highlights).

You’re planning to visit Naxos during your next trip to Greece ? You’re looking for the best things to do, the best places to stay or the best beaches?

You’re at the right place!

In order to help you plan your stay , I have prepared for you this guide of the 10 best places to visit in Naxos , with all points of interest and must-see attractions.

In addition to this list of things to do and activities, I will also give you itineraries to visit Naxos in 1, 2 or 3 days as well as my selection of the best accommodations depending on your budget.

And as always, this travel guide contains all my best tips: planning your trip will be super easy!

So, what to do in Naxos? Where to stay?

Let’s find out!

2. Naxos’ best beaches

5. mount zeus, 6. apiranthos, 7. the kouros, 8. moutsouna, 10. boat trips from naxos, the other best greek islands to visit around naxos, how many days to visit naxos, 1 day in naxos, 2 days in naxos, 3 days in naxos, where to stay in naxos, renting a car in naxos, naxos and greece tours, renting a boat in naxos, tourist map of naxos, cyclades (greek islands), visit naxos: the 10 must-see attractions.

The city of Chora (also named Hora, or Naxos like the island) is one of Naxos’ major tourist sites. If you take the ferry from Athens or from another Greek Island, you will arrive in Chora.

You will start your visit of the island’s main city on the waterfront. There, you will find many restaurants, cafés and shops and also enjoy a beautiful view of the port.

At the waterfront’s end, you will reach Naxos’ must-see attraction, the famous Portara, located on the islet of Palatia.

The Portara (literally “The door”) is the only remain of an unfinished Temple dedicated to Apollo, built in the 6th century B.C. Greek Mythology says that Theseus abandoned the Minoan princess Ariadne here, right after he killed the Minotaur. Then, she was forced to marry Dionysus.

The Portara was built entirely in marble. It’s Naxos’ most famous monument and landmark. On the site, you will also enjoy an amazing panoramic view of Chora town, the sea and the mountains .

Then, take a stroll in the Old Market streets to reach the Kastro district , the city’s oldest neighborhood . You will enjoy a typical and charming Cycladic architecture, with white and blue houses and paved alleys.

In the neighborhood, you can also admire many Venetian houses and the Kastro (castle). You can visit the inside for 2€. There isn’t much to see except the view of Naxos from the terrace.

There are also 4 small museums you can visit in Chora:

  • The Archaeological Museum and its marble statues collection
  • The Venetian Museum Della Rocca-Barozzi, if you want to discover clothes and furniture belonging to the noble Italian families who lived in the Kastro
  • The Mitropolis Museum, where you can see the remains of an ancient Mycenaean city.
  • The Folk Museum Collection, if you want to discover Naxos’ History and traditions

If you want to admire the sunset in Naxos, you should go to the Portara . It’s simply breathtaking!

Portara Naxos

What are the best beaches of Naxos?

Great news: Naxos is among the best Greek Islands if you want to relax at the beach!

Here are my favourite ones (and the ones to avoid):

  • Agios Georgios Beach, the closest to Naxos. Not the prettiest beach, but ideal if you don’t have a car.
  • Agiassos: a large and quite wild beach. Not very crowded, and with a large car park.
  • Between Agiassos and Pyrgaki: 3 small and beautiful sand coves. A great place to take a dip!
  • Pyrgaki: a very large sand beach, with a tavern and 2 hotels. There was no one when I went there.
  • Kastraki: a wild beach with dunes offering a nice view of Paros ‘ island.
  • Mikri Vigla Beach (South): a beautiful but quite windy sand beach. There, you can enjoy a beautiful view of Paros too.
  • Mikri Vigla Beach (North): ideal for Kitesurf
  • Plaka Beach , a large sand beach
  • Agia Anna: a small and crowded sand beach, with a private part. You can rent deckchairs and umbrellas here.
  • Agios Prokopios : a sandy beach with shallow waters. Half of the beach is private. One of Naxos’ busiest beaches!
  • Between Galini and Agia, you will find small coves accessible by car, as Amitis Bay, Hillia Vrisi Bay, Abram Bay or Agios Theodoros Bay. Nice and quiet.
  • Apollonas Beach, not the best I’ve seen
  • The beaches of  Psili Ammos, Panormos and Kalados: 3 very wild beaches, as they are far from Hora.

If you want to do something else than relaxing and swimming, you can take the opportunity of your stay in Naxos to try water sports (simply click on the links to book):

  • Kitesurfing course at Mikri Vigla – 2-hours private course to learn the basics
  • Kitesurfing course or internship
  • Windsurfing course

Beaches Naxos

Halki is one of the best places to see in Naxos. The village is located 20 minutes away from Hora, in the mountainous Tragea Valley.

Located in the centre of Naxos, Halki is the perfect place if you want to enjoy a authentic Cycladic atmosphere. When taking a stroll in its charming paved alleys, you will discover many shops selling the best local products. The main square, with its huge plane tree, is also worth stopping by.

If you want to try the best local cuisine, have your lunch break at “Giannis Taverna” . The roasted meats are simply delicious!

You can also visit the Vallindras distillery. It’s the only place on the island producing the Kitron, a local liquor you won’t find anywhere else in Greece.

The Kitron liquor, made with citron (a very big lemon), is available in 3 versions, depending on the alcohol content: green (the lightest), white and yellow (the strongest). You can visit the distillery from May to October.

End your tour of Halki with a visit to the Church of Agios Giorgios Diasorites. From the village,  walk for 10 minutes through the olive trees to discover this picturesque small church built in the 11th century.

You should park your car at the village’s entrance or exit, as there are only pedestrian streets in Halki.

Halki Naxos

Filoti , the largest village in Tragea Valley, is another place you should really visit in Naxos.

Take a stroll in Filoti’s alleys to admire its typical Greek architecture. At the heart of the village, you will discover a beautiful church, entirely built in white marble.

You will also find many taverns and restaurants along the main road. It’s the perfect place if you want to taste typical Greek cuisine.

Speaking of traditional Greek cuisine, you should take a cooking class to discover some of its secrets!

The class takes place in a small family tavern in the village of Potomia . You will first collect all the vegetables and herbs needed for the recipes in the family’s garden before cooking delicious local specialties .

You will then taste everything accompanied by a good local wine in a very friendly atmosphere!

You need to book your cooking class in Naxos by clicking on the button below:

Filoti Naxos

Filoti is mostly renowned for being the starting point of Naxos’ most famous hike. From there, a trail goes to the summit of the 1004-meter high Mount Zeus (or Mount Zas), the highest point of the Cyclades . It was considered as Zeus’ birthplace by ancient Greeks.

From Filoti, walk for around 40 minutes to reach “Aria Spring”, the hike’s first point of interest. If you don’t want to walk that much, you can drive to Aria Spring and park your car close to the fountain. You can’t miss it, on the road, you will find many signs indicating the direction.

From Aria Spring, hike to the Cave of Zeus (20 minutes away), then continue for 1 hour to reach the summit of Mount Zeus. There, you will enjoy a beautiful panorama of the island of Naxos.

Naxos view mount Zeus

In addition to Halki and Filoti, you should also visit the village of Apiranthos during your trip to Naxos.

Apiranthos is located on the slopes of Mount Fanari, a 45-minute drive from Chora. As in Filoti, you will enjoy beautiful alleys paved with marble as well as many cafés and restaurants.

If you have some time left and want to learn more about archaeology, folklore, art or natural history in the region, you can also visit the village’s small museums.

The road connecting the villages of Halki, Filoti and Apiranthos offers breathtaking views of the mountains and the sea. You will also admire many beautiful small churches in the mountains. Even if you don’t spend much time in Apiranthos, the road itself is worth passing by!

You’re going to Naxos?

You probably know it: the hardest part of planning your trip is to find an hotel offering a good value for money!

The closer you get to your travel dates, the harder it will be to get a good deal. Lots of people will be visiting Naxos on the same dates as you , so you can be sure that the best deals are booked extremely quickly!

Hopefully, there is a pretty simple solution to this problem: do like me and book your hotel as early as possible!

So, my best advice is to take 5 minutes (now) to have a look at the list of travelers’ favorite hotels in Naxos.

And if you see a good offer, book it!

Most hotels offer free cancellation, so it’s quick, easy, and you will avoid the the inconvenience of finding nothing but mediocre rooms at exorbitant prices.

To check the current best deals for your hotel in Naxos, simply click on the green button below 😎:

Once you’ve booked your hotel, it will be time to continue reading this guide and find out more about the best things to do in Naxos!


The Kouros are among the best things to see in Naxos.

These huge unfinished marble statues are still in the ancient quarries. You will be amazed by their size! Kouros means literally “young man” in Greek.

You can discover Naxos’ Kouros in 2 different locations:

  • In Apollonas, the quarry is located along the road, before the village. The Kouros of Apollonas, carved in the 7th century B.C, is 11-meter long and weighs more than 80 tons! It is the largest Kouros in Naxos.
  • You can also admire 2 Kouros in Flerio, but they are a lot smaller (around 5-meter long) and not as well-preserved as in Apollonas.

You can access all the Kouros for free. The one in Apollonas is clearly one of Naxos’ Must-See attraction.


I couldn’t do a Naxos’ definitive guide without mentioning one of the places I loved the most on the island: the road connecting Skado, Koronos, Stavros, Apiranthos and Moutsouna.

This road offers some of the most beautiful views on Naxos’ coast . There, you will enjoy a splendid scenery!

You should also drive down to Moutsouna. If you take the trail on the left, right before you arrive in the village, you will find Azalas beach , a nice and wild pebble beach with deep waters.

The small port of Moutsouna is really lovely, with its many restaurants on the seaside. The fresh grilled fishes were delicious! In Moutsouna, there is also a small sand beach with shallow waters.

If you continue on the road after Moutsouna, you will find 3 wild and remote beaches. The most beautiful is Panormos Beach, the farthest from the port. As the road ends here, you will have to turn around and go back to Moutsouna to continue your tour of Naxos.


Vivlos (also called Tripodes), is located South of Naxos, around 10 km from Hora.

Vivlos is one of Naxos’ largest and most picturesque villages. As everywhere else, you will find here the typical Cycladic white houses and narrows alleys. There are also 3 ancient windmills  sitting on a hill.

The other points of interest in Vivlos are the Church of Panagia Tripodiotissa, Plaka Tower and the Folklore Museum.

Vivlos Tripodes

You want to discover other Greek Islands, and you only have one day? Then, you should do a boat trip from Naxos.

You will find here a list of 1-day boat trips available from Naxos:

  • Cruise on a sailboat in the Lesser Cyclades with 3 snorkeling stops in isolated bays + lunch and drinks included. This is a small group tour (15 people on the boat maximum).
  • Day trip from Naxos to Mykonos Island with 6-Hours Free Time : Take the boat from Naxos to reach Mykonos. You will have 6 hours of free time to discover the island, do some shopping and enjoy Mykonos’ unique atmosphere.
  • From Naxos: Delos and Mykonos full-day boat trip :  visit the archaeological site of Delos, then go to Mykonos for the rest of the day. Both boat transfers are included in the price .
  • Day trip by boat to Amorgos island from Naxos : during 6 hours, you will visit Amorgos ‘ villages, and see the Monastery of Panagia Hozoviotissa, built on the cliffside. The island is also an hiker’s paradise.
  • Koufonissi Islands full-day boat trip from Naxos : spend a whole day in Koufonisia island, to enjoy beautiful beaches and discover the Kato Koufonissi sea caves.
  • From Naxos: Full-day boat trip to Santorini: after a 3-hour boat ride, you will enjoy a guided bus tour in Santorini . You will visit Fira and Oia, Santorini’s most beautiful villages.

And, if you wish to stay closer to Naxos, and do a cruise around the island with several stops to go swimming , you should choose this tour.

You will swim and do snorkeling in Rina Cave and Kalados bay , and around the islands of Iraklia, Schinousa and Koufonisia in the Small Cyclades. You will also get a glance at Paros and Antiparos . It’s clearly the best cruise around Naxos!

The 80€ price also includes soft drinks and snorkeling equipment.

Finally, if you’re looking for a VIP experience, you should opt for this luxury catamaran cruise in a small group:

If you’ve seen most of Naxos, you can continue your Cyclades itinerary and visit the other Greek Islands located nearby:

  • Paros , the closest island to Naxos. There, you will enjoy beautiful beaches and picturesque villages
  • Mykonos, if you want to party all day and night long
  • Ios, Mykonos’ “little sister”, also renowned for its nightlife
  • Amorgos , the perfect island for hiking lovers
  • Santorini : the most famous Greek Island, a great place for a romantic gateway!
  • The Small Cyclades located between Amorgos and Naxos

If you want more details  about the other islands around Naxos , you should read my detailed article:  The 15 best Cyclades Islands .

You can also visit  this website   to check the  ferries rates, schedules and book them.

To visit the island, you should spend at least 3 days in Naxos.

You will have time to relax at the beach , discover picturesque villages and even do a boat-trip around the island. Of course, you can spend 4, 5 days or more and enjoy relaxing holidays!

Here are my recommended itineraries to visit Naxos in 1, 2 or 3 days.


If you want to visit Naxos in 1 day , start by discovering Hora, the capital.

Then, spend your afternoon at one of the West Coast beaches.

There is another option: if you want to make the most of your stay without having to rent a car, you should do a guided bus tour on the island . During this tour, you will discover the Kouros, Halki and its distillery, Panagia Drosiani church, Apiranthos and even more! It costs around 25€ per person.

You need to book your 1-day bus tour in advance by clicking here.

If you spend 2 days in Naxos , in addition to the first day described above, you should go discover the island’s picturesque mountain villages. The most beautiful are Halki, Filoti and Apiranthos.

From Filoti, you can also hike to the top of Mount Zeus. It takes 2 hours to reach the summit.

End your day around Moutsouna, and enjoy the calm on one of the East Coast beaches.

If you have 3 days in Naxos, you can do a boat trip on your last day, to discover Delos, Mykonos, Santorini or the Small Cyclades.

You can find the list of boat trips from Naxos here.

If you’re going to visit Naxos, the best is to stay in Hora (the capital city) or its surroundings.

  • Anatoli Hotel:   Located a 10-minute walk from Naxos centre and the beach. The modern rooms with balcony and a view of the pool or the garden are starting from 45€ with breakfast included. Strong points: the pool, the sauna, the hot tub, and the free transfer from the port and the airport.
  • The Saint Vlassis:  Located only 700m from the city centre and 500m from the Agios Georgios beach. This hotel offers comfortable and large double rooms, with an outdoor hot tub for some of them! The prices are starting from 60€ per night including breakfast. Strong points: the warm welcome, the good breakfast, the free parking.  It’s simply the best value for money in Naxos!
  • Xenia Hotel:  Located in the centre of Naxos. The modern and well equipped double rooms are starting from 70€ with an 8€ breakfast. Strong points: the location in the city centre (really convenient to take the ferry), the kind staff, the comfortable beds.
  • Hotel Grotta:   Located only 700m from the Portara and 15 minutes from the beach. Those nice and bright double rooms with balcony are starting from 90€ with breakfast included.  A great place for a romantic gateway in Naxos!
  • Nissaki Beach Hotel:  Located on Agios Georgios beach, the closest to Naxos. The double rooms are very well decorated, and with a balcony. The prices are starting from 220€ per night, with breakfast included. What I loved: The pool, the location next to the beach, the amazing breakfast, the staff.  It’s the best hotel for a luxury stay in Naxos!

Nissaki Beach Hotel

How to get to Naxos?

There is a national airport in Naxos, with daily flights to and from Athens. It takes only 45 minutes to reach the island!

Naxos airport is located 3 km South of Hora.

You can also take the ferry to Naxos from the Port of Piraeus or the Port of Rafina.

These 2 ports are located close to Athens and Athens airport. It takes between 2h30 and 6h to reach Naxos, depending on the port of departure and the ship’s speed.

There are also regular ferry connections between Naxos and the Greek Islands of Paros, Amorgos, Ios, Mykonos and Santorini.

If you want to plan your ferry trips in the Cyclades,  you should book your tickets in advance, especially during summer!

Ferry Amorgos

As it’s the largest Cyclades Island, you should rent a car to visit Naxos.

It’s by far the best way to discover its most beautiful beaches and remote mountain villages!

Whenever I’m renting a car abroad, whether I’m in Greece or anywhere else, I always book my cars on . It’s my favorite website for the following reasons:

  • You can compare prices between all the car rental companies in Naxos. You will also have access to the customer’s reviews.
  • You can get a “Full Protection Insurance” to be fully refunded in case of theft or accident with your rental car (tested and approved, they refunded me more than 1200 euros to date!)
  • You can modify, or even cancel your booking for free.

Rentalcars also offers the “Best Price Guarantee”. If you find the same car cheaper elsewhere, they will refund you the difference!

On , I give you all my best tips and itineraries to plan your trip to Santorini and Greece by yourself. (Click here to read all my articles about Greece) .

However, if you prefer to book a Greece tour with a travel agency , I recommend you to check the 10 best Greece tours by clicking the button below:

If you want to rent a boat for a nice day at sea during your trip to the Greek islands, you should book it with Samboat.

Motorboats, sailboats, yachts, small boats without a license, with or without a skipper: they simply have the most complete offer for boat rental.

So, what are you waiting for to book your boat trip in Greece? 😊

I have made a tourist map of Naxos for you , to help you picture what the island looks like and where the best places to visit are located. You can display the map legend by clicking on the top left button (the one with a little arrow).

Now that you know everythign about the best things to do in Naxos, which places do you plan to visit during your trip? If you need help to plan your stay, don’t hesitate to ask me in the comments section.

Greece travel guides

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Visit Naxos

Creator of the Voyage Tips blog, travel and photography lover. I give you all my best tips to plan your next trip.

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Discussion 4 comments.

Will Akkermans

My wife and I just returned from our trip to Greece. We 3 days in Santorini, 5 days in Naxos, 1 day in Mykonos and 1 day in Athens before flying home. These suggestions for Naxos were excellent and helped make our stay memorable. A few additional comments for others who are planning to go to Naxos. TIP #1: If you are planning to stay for more then one day, you MUST rent a car or ATV/scooter to get around to see the sites around the island. TIP #2: When renting a car/atv, make sure you can access google maps or something similar to help you navigate as the signs are terrible! Also, be careful that google maps identifies routes on non-paved roads. I’m not sure how some of these routes even classify as a “road”. Some of these routs were definitely memorable for sure, but be warned as i think the local goats use these paths more then cars do! TIP #3: We decided to go to Greece in late September. The positives were that it wasn’t that busy with tourists because end of the season. That said, the weather changed quickly and became 20 degrees but very windy. Also, they stop offering as many ferry options so couldn’t do Paros for a day trip as originally planned. TIP #4: There are positives & negatives of going in September (see tip #3), but if you do plan to go in off-season, WAIT to book your hotel or Airbnb accommodations to the last minute. We booked those 3-months in advance and realized that when we arrived, the exactly same accommodations were being offered at sometimes a 50% discount.


Hello Will,

I’m glad to hear that my article about the best things to do in Naxos helped you to enjoy your stay.

Thank you very much for your very detailed comment and the additional tips, it will be very useful for other travellers.

For the wind, it’s unfortunately very common in the Cyclades (all year round). Sometimes ferry trips even have to be cancelled. And I totally agree with you about the roads.😅

See you soon for a new destination!


Great information. It helped me plan a Greek vacation last month that we are on now. Thank you so much! Want to let you know that Mount Zas is 1004 meters high, not 1400 meters high. We checked this with several resources. We will climb it on Tuesday. .

Thanks a lot! For Mount Zeus, you are right, I made a typo and reversed the numbers. I have corrected it.

Enjoy your hike and have a great stay in Naxos!

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tourist map of naxos greece

Naxos ( Greek : Νάξος) is the largest in the Cyclades island group in the Aegean Sea and was the centre of ancient Cycladic culture.

The most fertile of the Cyclades islands, Naxos earns much of its income from agriculture. It has a mountainous interior with a great variety of lush green valleys and villages, easily reachable by a well-maintained road system.

The two municipalities of Naxos and Drymalia comprise the island. The largest town and capital is Chora (or Hora) or simply 'Naxos' or 'Naxos Town', with most of the shops and restaurants frequented by visitors.

A number of beach communities extend south along the coast from Chora. The island has stunning Mediterranean beaches with white granite sand.

Understand [ edit ]

The port at Chora is too small for cruise ships and too close to the more famous Santorini, saving the island from hordes of tourists. The majority of non-Greek tourists stay in the few beach towns close to Chora, so it is very easy to lose them in the rural centre, or further along the coast. Many wealthy Athenians own houses in the old villages of Halki and Filoti and use the island as escape from the heat of Athenian summers.

Climate [ edit ]

The climate of Naxos varies depending on region. The west side is sheltered and flat, getting up to 30 degrees Celsius in the summer. Sea breezes help to prevent it feeling too stuffy directly on the coast. In the centre, the mountains and valleys keep the air temperature cooler. The mountains are high enough that it is rare to have a completely cloudless day, again helping to keep it cool. The rain caused by the mountains keeps the land green and fresh, unlike its rather brown Cycladic cousins. Rain storms are infrequent in the summer, but very heavy, turning marble paths and streets into ice rinks.

Talk [ edit ]

English and German are very common in Hora; French and Italian are also spoken by many. Elderly people often only speak Greek, especially in rural central areas. In the villages, expect to have to order in Greek or by pointing.

Get in [ edit ]

By boat [ edit ].

Naxos is a central hub in the sea transport system, and has multiple connections from and to all directions. Naxos is about 5 1/2 hours by regular ferries from Piraeus, 3:25 or 3:55 by fast ferries from Piraeus, and about 2 hours by regular ferry from Santorini.

From the Greek mainland, ferries and highspeed catamaran services run daily all year from Piraeus , and in high season from Rafina and Lavrio . NEL Lines also operates a highspeed link from Lavrio in Attica . This is a pleasant port to travel from if you have the option, as it is relatively near the airport and doesn't have the stress and chaos of Piraeus. There is also the High Speed (Hellenic Seaways) which leaves from Rafina , closer to Athens airport than Piraeus and a pleasant place to have lunch if you have time before you board your ferry. The High Speed takes just under 4 hours and is around €66 in high season.

The length of the trip does not require a cabin. Blue Star Lines is the most common carrier between Piraeus and Naxos. The ferry takes about 6 hours and the high-speed takes half that time and costs twice as much. Usually there are several departures at 7:30AM every day and then a high-speed and ferry at around 5PM and in the summer a ferry that leaves Piraeus at around 10PM. The Hellas Flying Dolphin High-speeds are catamarans and take about 4 hours to get to Naxos from Piraeus.

Various shipping companies sail for Naxos including:

  • Aegean Speed Lines [1]
  • Blue Star Ferries [2]
  • Golden Star Ferries [3]
  • Hellenic Seaways [4]
  • Minoan Lines [5]
  • Sea Jets [6]
  • Small Cyclades Lines [7]

For online ticket purchases there are also web sites like Ferry Scanner , Ferry Hopper and Direct Ferries . They also have smartphone apps.

Central agencies

Central agencies are the agencies able to offer tickets on behalf of the ferry companies they represent. Sometimes they are offices of the ferry company themselves while in non central locations they are normally companies under license from the ferry company. It is not possible to buy tickets for a particular company in person unless from a central agency. The following are the central agencies in Naxos together with the company or companies that they represent. All can be found in the Chora (main town):

  • Aegean Speed Lines: Naxos Tours [8] : Tel.: (+30) 22850-22095, (+30) 22850-24000
  • Blue Star Ferries: Zas Travel [9] . Tel: (+30) 22850-23330
  • Golden Star Ferries: Naxos Tours [10] : Tel.: (+30) 22850-22095, (+30) 22850-24000
  • Hellenic Seaways: Zas Travel [11] . Tel: (+30) 22850-23330
  • Minoan Lines: Naxos Tours [12] : Tel.: (+30) 22850-22095, (+30) 22850-24000
  • Sea Jets: Naxos Passenger Tours [13] : Tel: (+30) 22850-24371
  • Small Cyclades Lines: Zas Travel [14] . Tel: (+30) 22850-23330

37.10621 25.37147 1 Naxos port . Left luggage available at the tourist agency right in front of the dock, and also in a private house behind bus office and works 24hrs. Ticket offices for ferries in all directions can be found along the quay in Chora. ( updated Apr 2019 ) next update on may ɜ

Sailing [ edit ]

A welcoming port together with a lack of cruise ships make Naxos a popular stopping point on an Aegean sailing cruise.

By plane [ edit ]

If you're starting from Athens airport, it's much quicker than the ferry, due to the transfer to Piraeus.

Olympic Air operates a daily service from Athens on Wednesday, Thursday, Friday (as of 2013). Flights take ~30 minutes, and planes are comfortable.

Sky Express also operate flights to and from Athens throughout the year.

Get around [ edit ]


Walking [ edit ]

In Chora, many areas are pedestrianised, making it easy to amble from beach to cafe to shop. Outside Chora, there are many footpaths, but they are not always easy to follow. Footpaths up Zas are easy and clearly marked. Walking on the roads is fine, with caution, as cars are infrequent, but drivers tend to go fast. In rural areas, locals will almost always offer a lift, especially if you can speak a little Greek.

Cycling [ edit ]

Naxos has started to develop a cycling culture, with more cycling-minded people visiting. Cycle hire is possible. Simpler mountain bikes can be rented from many "rent a car" or "rent a motorbike" shops. Fancier mountain bikes and especially road bikes can be rented from two specialty shops in Chora. If you bring your own bicycle and need repairs/parts/accessories, there is a bike repair shop near the harbour: 37.1081 25.37605 3 Giannis bike shop , in the "grota" area; they also rent road bikes. If you plan on doing serious cycling with a rental bike, consider bringing at least your own shoes with cleats. If you plan on bringing your own bike, know that Blue Star ferries transport your bike as luggage without extra charge.

Bike theft is not as prevalent as in big cities, but it is now recommended that you look after your bike or use at least a simple lock in town—though you may still see unlocked older bikes.

Drivers are getting more used to cyclists, but they generally still speed and drive recklessly, so beware. Mountain roads in summer offer a great ride, but stay hydrated and know your limits. In July and August, take advantage of early morning / early evening hours. Some of the best known road cycling routes are the climb to Apeirantho and the "circle of the island" passing by Apollona. Easier and flatter cycling routes are around Chora towards Agia Anna, Plaka, Mikri Vigla, Alyko.

Bus [ edit ]

There are 10 local bus lines serving Naxos, information:

Every village has a bus service, but there may only be 3 buses a day. Find information at the bus kiosk, or ask at the 37.10791 25.37437 4 bus office at the north end of the seafront in Chora, near the ferry building. Tickets can be bought from the machine outside the bus offices, or from a kiosk in the villages, they cost €2 (Apr 2019). You must have a ticket before you board. Expect the morning bus to be standing-room only, full of little old ladies going shopping.

Cars, scooter and quad bikes [ edit ]

The roads are very well maintained, with extensive repairs and upgrades carried out within the last 10 years.

The mountain roads are windy, with steep drops, and frequent shrines, normally above a burnt out car that hasn't been recovered. Tourists are a pain on the roads, because they are not used to Greek-style driving and don't give way, causing long tail backs. Expect to meet a truck hurtling around a blind bend. They take no prisoners!

A better option is a quad bike. They are more stable and safer than scooters, are narrow enough that even if you meet a truck, you don't get run off, and have the advantage of being able to see the amazing scenery as you drive through. They're also much easier to park in busy villages with narrow streets.

Every village has a petrol station. The owner normally puts the petrol in for you. Petrol stations are a social gathering point in more remote areas, so don't expect to get away without stopping to chat. When going to the eastern side of the island (Moutsouna, Panermos), take care to note that the last petrol station is near Filoti, in the center of the island, quite a distance off.

See [ edit ]

tourist map of naxos greece

Chora (Naxos city) [ edit ]

  • 37.10561 25.3766 2 The Castro (old, walled city) section , on elevated ground overlooking the harbour . Provides some of the quietest and most photogenic alleyways in town. It was built by the Venetians in the early 13th century and remains one of the few surviving medieval towns in Greece. The area was fortified against attack by locals and pirates. ( updated Mar 2019 )
  • 37.10602 25.377 4 Chapel of the Duke of Naxos . Roman Catholic Cathedral (13th century), with a display of family crests and ornately painted capitals ( updated Mar 2019 )
  • 37.10762 25.37735 5 Greek Orthodox Cathedral . Which boasts a wealth of marble ornamentation. ( updated Mar 2019 )

Other Minor Museums in Chora [ edit ]

  • 37.10712 25.37561 6 Folklore Museum , Old Market Street , ☏ +30 2285025561 . Working hours vary . Private museum with lots of old photos and artefacts. €3 . ( updated Mar 2019 )
  • 37.108222 25.376361 8 Theatrical museum of Iakovos Kambanelis ( Θεατρικό Μουσείο Ιάκωβος Καμπανέλλης ), ☏ +30 2285 023619 . M-Sa 11:00–14:00 and 19:00–22:00 . Museum dedicated to the poet, playwright, lyricist and novelist Iakovos Kambanelis, born in 1922 in Naxos. ( updated Mar 2019 )

Apiranthos village [ edit ]

The village of Apiranthos stands out among its peers for its marble-paved alleys, arched passages, and four museums dedicated, respectively, to archaeology, folk tradition, geology, and natural history.

Other Places [ edit ]

tourist map of naxos greece

  • 37.1791 25.548174 13 Kouros of Apollonas . ( updated Mar 2019 )
  • 37.083457 25.452199 14 Kouros at the village of Melanes . 6.4 m tall kouros, which dates from the 7th century BC. There is a second kouros statue (the kouros of Faranghi ) close by. ( updated Mar 2019 )
  • 36.996996 25.520298 15 Chimarros Tower , on the way to Kalandos . ( updated Mar 2019 )

tourist map of naxos greece

  • 37.11755 25.435797 19 Eggares Olive Press Museum , Eggares village ( 8 km from Chora ), ☏ +30 2285 062021 . 1st of April to the 30th of September 10:00–18:00 . Tells the history of the olive tree, olive press techniques, as well as other uses of olive oil. They also have a gift shop that sells olive oils and olive oil products. Free . ( updated Mar 2019 )

Do [ edit ]

Beaches [ edit ].

Naxos is well known for its wonderful beaches, some with advantageous winds for prime windsurfing and kitesurfing. Most of the island's west coast is one long sandy beach with crystal clear azure water. The most popular sandy stretches are Agios Prokopios , Agia Anna , Maragas , Plaka , Orkos, and Mikri Vigla , Kastraki, and Alyko.

Heading north will bring you to the beaches of Kalantos, Panormos, Psili Ammos, Lionas, and Apollonas, below the village of the same name.

Other beaches are Amitis, Kalados, Aliko, and Pyrgaki.

Naxos beaches, like those on many Greek islands, offer clothing options. Generally, nude sunbathing is more frequently encountered in southern beach communities that have sand dunes blocking the view from the access road, such as in Plaka. At the end of Plaka beach nearest to Agia Anna, there is a group of rocks and small coves, and this area is excellent for naturists . It is hidden from the road by trees, yet is an easy (300 m) walk along a flat beach from the bus stop at Paradiso taverna.

To avoid the crowds, head further south to the crystal clear waters of Mikri Vigla . The locals swim on either side of the causeway to the Portara. The west side is a sheltered shallow bay, with steps and seating built into the causeway. The east side is much deeper, and if the sea is calm you can hold your breath and dive down to ancient columns that have fallen in from the temple. Beware of sea urchins!

The tiny harbours of Lionas and Moutsouna on the east coast are very picturesque and quiet even in the summer months. Both have tavernas and a beach. A newly asphalted road from Moutsouna down to Panermos is also well worth exploring, as it passes by several secluded bays.

Archaeology [ edit ]

Ancient ruins include the Portara gateway, visible from the harbour, and two rather modest half-finished Kouros statues uncovered in a quarry near Melanes (Kouronohori) as well as a larger version near Apollonas on the northern coast. Special attention has been given to the sites of Dimitra's Temple at Sangri , and Dionysus' temple below Glinado village, where the Ministry of Culture organizes full moon concerts in July and August.

The villages in the centre of the island are older than those around the coast, with Bronze Age origins. They are perched high in the mountainous regions with steep narrow streets to make them defensible against pirates. Halki village is a good example of Greek neo-classical architecture, with its cluster of red roofs. The ancient fishing village of Moutsana was the port from which emery and marble were shipped from the islands.

Landscape [ edit ]

Head 10 km inland and the island changes from the flat brown swampy landscape of Hora to lush green mountain valleys. Ancient olive and lemon groves surround the small villages, with narrow gorges with terrapin-inhabited streams. The area is still agricultural, with this being the main source of income to the island. Above the groves rise two chains of mountains. The central chain is a moonscape of exposed and weather gneiss, with the village Ano Potamia perched in the middle. Descending from these hills brings you into the secluded valley of Halki , Damarionas and Filoti . Above Filoti rises Mt. Zas (Mt Zeus)—at 1004m, it is the highest mountain in the Cyclades. Its marble slopes rise steeply to an impressive point. The ascent from the north, via Aghios Marina (a rest point with a beautiful view) is easier, with frequent fountains. The ascent from the north is much steeper and more rocky. From the top, it is possible to see Turkey on a very clear day.

Activities [ edit ]

For those who love adventure, the island offers many opportunities for active sports.

The island offers several hiking trails, you can find overviews on the official [Naxos website ]

Bluefindivers Naxos Diving Center , located at Agios Prokopios beach, offers beautiful and safe diving/snorkelling trips around the island.

Excellent conditions are formed among meadows of seaweed (Posidonia Oceanica), sand banks, reefs and vertical cuts along with shipwrecks, not only for marine life but also for the divers/snorkellers who explore them.

Naxos Surf Club do great value taster sessions for sailing-cats, wind surf and kite surfing, in English, Greek and German.

  • Aqua Fun Water Park. 3 adult water slides, 3 children slides, kids pool, adults pool, volleyball court.
  • Scuba diving with Blue Fin Divers
  • Learn sailing on the yacht Annabella during its daily cruises to the Small Cyclades or Paros island
  • Naxos Horse Riding Club. Beginners and advanced programs. Dual activities in low season.
  • Go-karting at Heart Rock Kartodrome. On the way to Galanados, 3 km from Chora. 10:00 to 00:00.
  • George Fragiskos Yacht Charter. Tours to Rina Cave, Kalandos Bay, Koufonissia Islands, Delos, Rinia Islands, Small Cyclades, Paros island
  • Flisvos Sport Club at St George Beach. Windsurfing, watersports, yacht/catamaran sailing, beach sports, mountain bikes.
  • Trekking with Naxos Tours. Full and half day tours.

Buy [ edit ]

Every village has at least a small supermarket, so self-catering is easy. Hora, Halki and Glinado have decent sized supermarkets.

Only fish and chicken (both frozen) are easily available ready packaged. For red meat, a trip to a butchers is necessary, and an interesting experience for sheltered Northern Europeans. This can be quite entertaining—expect a baby goat tied up outside as advertisement, and to have to point out which bit of cow you'd like to be chopped off (unless you speak Greek!)

For really fresh eggs and chicken, try hailing the chicken truck. It drives around the island full of crates of live chickens, announcing its presence with loud speakers—it is quite a sight!

Bakeries can be found in most villages, and always worth stopping for, although they often shut at lunch time. Savoury cheese and spinach, spanokopita , baklava, loukoumi (Greek Turkish delight) and amazing sticky syrupy chocolate cake are all worth trying.

  • Anna's organic Shop and Garden Café . The first shop on the island of Naxos to offer exclusively biological products. Anna John offers delicious, healthy food, and detailed advice in matters of food and nutrition. It's a very nice place to have breakfast or a snack.
  • Fish and Olive . In Halki village. Husband and wife Alexander Reichardt and Katarina Boelsch run this gallery in Halki. Katarina produces ceramics with distinctive moulded olive and frog designs (beware of fakes sold in cheap tourist shops), while Alex paints delicate patterns of fish and animals onto tiles and other ceramics, and designs jewelry. Follow a trip by a piece of chocolate brownie in the cafe opposite.  
  • Vallindras Distillery . Visit the distillery in Halki and buy their produce. The lemon liqueur might be more appreciated than ouzo or retsina, and is certainly more authentically Naxos.
  • 37.104744 25.37677 1 Tereza's Greek Concept Store ( Tereza of Naxos ), Chora Naxos, Faraggas Area ( Next to the Typografio Restaurant on the steps leading to the Naxos Castle ), ☏ +30 22850 22210 , [email protected] . 10:00-22:00 . Local craft items plus some from other parts of Greece — gifts, chic clothing, and artful jewellery. ( updated Jan 2024 )

Eat [ edit ]

Due to its fertile valleys, Naxos has the richest variety of produce of the Cyclades islands (Naxos is famous in Greece for its potatoes), as well as cattle and poultry. Most restaurants serve fresh and wholesome food, but only a few stand out for excellent dishes, especially in local cuisine.

Greek specialties like moussaka , souvlaki and a wonderfully mild feta are available in restaurants. The local olive oils are superior to the 'light virgin' oil commonly available elsewhere, in that the local process leaves much more olive flavor.

Many meals start with meze in the early evening, with main courses not arriving until much later. Meze is similar to Spanish tapas , with lots of small dishes including hummus, tatziki, olives and small fish.

There are also supermarkets on the outskirts of Hora which offer food and drink at everyday prices. As many rooms come complete with cooking facilities, this offers an excellent way to keep expenses down.

Hora [ edit ]

  • Η ΑΞΙΩΤΙΣΣΑ ( Axiotissa ), popularly known as The Yellow House, on the road from Hora to Pyrgaki at the height of Kastraki. Its menu blends Naxian specialties with the cuisine of Asia Minor. Reservations recommended.
  • Meze2 on the waterfront serves particularly good fish dishes. Their meze is great too.
  • ΤΑΒΕΡΝΑ Ο ΤΖΩΝΝΗΣ ( Johnny’s Taverna-Restaurant ). Located in Sagri, a traditional village with hospitable residents. It uses local, fresh ingredients.  
  • Στης Ειρινι ( Ιrini's ) features Naxian home cooking such as dakos (wheat rusk topped with tomato and fresh Myzithra cheese) or the spicy Shrimp Saganaki. One of the best restaurants on the waterfront, with excellent views. The slow-cooked beef is delicious.
  • ΦΑΡΟΣ Αλυκού ( Faros Aliko beach ), famous restaurant with authentic Greek mama's recipes on the road from Hora to Pyrgaki at the height of Aliko beach next to a unique cedar forest.
  • Scirocco Cafe & Restaurant ( In the court square, at the centre of town ), ☏ +30 22850 25931 , [email protected] . A family-run business founded by brothers Nikos and Michalis (their mother Katerina runs the kitchen), serving good food made with fresh ingredients in generous portions at reasonable prices. Salads, pastas, traditional Greek starters and dishes, grilled meats, fresh fish, and more,.  

Melanes [ edit ]

  • O ΓΙΩΡΓΗΣ ( George's Restaurant ), ☏ +30 22850-62180 . In Melanes village just 7 km outside Hora is a family restaurant with a magnificent view of a green valley. Open all-year round, it makes for an excellent stop-over after visiting the Kouros and has very reasonable prices and huge portions. Try the rooster in tomato sauce, stuffed pork, lamb in a clay pot with fried potatoes and cheese, rabbit in onion sauce, aubergine with pork and cheese, and one of the many different traditional sweets that the owner's wife makes all year round, served with yoghurt or ice cream.  

Apiranthos [ edit ]

  • ΛΕΥΤΕΡΗΣ ( Lefteris ) in the quaint, historic village of Apiranthos. Known for its homemade Galaktoboureko and Pasta Flora sweets.
  • Apolafsi , ☏ +30 22850 75483 . Beautiful Naxian cuisine made with fresh produce, all homemade by Voula. Great views to enjoy a romantic evening.  

Ano Potamia [ edit ]

  • The taverna in Ano Potamia has large terraces, good quality traditional taverna fare (souvlaki, rabbit, goat, meatballs), but the best part is its stunning location, perched on high ground looking over valleys and mountains.

Drink [ edit ]

Naxos is famous for producing its own liquor called kitron , made from an exotic fruit which can be compared perhaps to lemons, though kitron's taste is pleasantly sweet and citric. Its production process can be viewed at the old Valindras distillery in the village of Halki, where different varieties can also be tasted. Kitron is also produced by Promponas.

More common with the locals is a drink called raki which in winter is served hot with honey (Rakomelo). Raki is a brandy made from pomace (the pieces of grapes (including the stems and seeds) that were pressed for wine making and is similar to Italian grappa. One of the places that continuously serves Rakomelo is Cafe Naxos, located in the narrow alleys in the port's old town. Enjoy it with your "parea" (company of friends) by the cosy fireplace or outside in summer.

Naxos On the Rocks Bar is located in the heart of Chora between the seafront ( paralia ), and the really old town. Have a seat in the early evening for an aperitif or a before-dinner-cocktail and watch people passing by while the sun fades away.

  • Sottovento , st. george beach ( Located on St. George Beach, just a few steps from the center ), ☏ +30 22850 29222 . Open from breakfast till night . Pizza etc ( updated May 2023 )

Sleep [ edit ]

As on most islands, a phalanx of touts greets each arriving ferry waving placards advertising rooms for rent and (usually) offering free transport. In the months of July and August you should book in advance; but otherwise, these immediately available rooms are often the best value. Bargaining is usually possible. Be sure and establish the location of the accommodations first—as distance can add to expense.

  • Plaka Camping ( south of Agia Anna ). €7 camping with own tent, extra €2 for tent hire.  
  • A1 Soula Hotel ( Saint George Beach ), ☏ +30 697 210 5221 . A friendly family-run hotel 2 minutes walk from Naxos town center. dorm €10, double €20 .  
  • Adriana Hotel ( Agios Prokopios ), ☏ +30 22850 42804 . Family managed hotel, quiet location of Agios Prokopios, view of white sandy beaches. €25-80 .  
  • Anna Maria Pansion ( Chora Naxos ). A pansion with family environment. €50-100 .  
  • Hotel Naxos Resort , Saint George, Naxos Town , ☏ +30 22850 26650 . Island and Venetian architectural domination with hints of blue sky and sea give the Naxos Resort. €63-262 .  
  • Korali Hotel ( Saint George Beach ). 12 rooms in proximity to Naxos town (Chora) centre. double €66 .  
  • Lagos Mare Hotel , Agios Prokopios Beach ( 3 km from Naxos town ). A four-star hotel with 28 rooms and 2 suites, offering indulgences such as private hamam steamrooms. €86-296 .  
  • Nissaki Hotel ( Saint George ), ☏ +30 22850 25710 . Double rooms, suites, Superior suites & Honeymoon suite.  
  • Pension Verykokos ( Naxos Town ), ☏ +30 22850 23026 . Saint George beach in the Chora, 20 metres from the sea.  
  • Kavos Naxos , Agios Prokopios ( near to Agios Prokopios beach ), ☏ +30 228590 23355 . Check-in: 13:00 , check-out: 11:00 . Cyc-chic boutique hotel. Villas for up to six people, stylish suites for two. Friendly atmosphere. €85-290 .  
  • Iria Beach Art Hotel , Agia Anna Naxos , ☏ +30 22850 42600 . The hotel is comprised of 25 comfortable and fully furnished rooms and suites. €75 - 350 .  
  • Naxos Town Hotels , Naxos Town , ☏ +30 22850 26801 . Naxos Town hotels consist of the Apollon Hotel, Chateau Zevgoli & Castro Residence all located in Naxos Town.  
  • 37.084998 25.495186 1 Elaiolithos Luxury Retreat , Eparchiaki Odos Chalkiou-Keramotis , ☏ +30 69860 83477 , [email protected] . Check-in: 15:00 , check-out: 11:00 . An eco-friendly hotel near Halki village, honeymoon suites traditionally inspired with hand loom woven textiles, sustainable and green hotel, serves organic farm to fork food with produce from their own farms, area has plenty hiking trails. €350- . ( updated Feb 2022 )

Stay safe [ edit ]

Naxos is generally a safe island.

Be aware of rental scams, especially with agencies working only with motorbikes and ATVs. Using these types of vehicles is very common on Naxos and there are a lot of rental agencies. Some of them are ready to cheat. They will offer faulty motorbikes or ATVs for a lower price, but in case of accident they will demand that the customer pay for the whole cost of damage. They are offering only basic insurance but will present it like full insurance. Also, there is a big possibility of serious injuries.

It is possible to recognize these rental agencies by observing them aggressively attracting tourists and offering lower prices than others. Employees in front of these type of agencies will be loud and ready to promise everything until the contract is signed. It is necessary to check the vehicle before making any decision. Their vehicles are in most of the cases dusty, dirty and look old.

Go next [ edit ]

Ferries are available to Aegiali ( Amorgos ), Anafi , Astypalea , Donoussa, Folegandros , Heraklion , Ios , Iraklia, Katapola (Amorgos), Kea , Kimolos , Koufonissi, Kythnos , Lavrio , Milos , Mykonos , Paros , Piraeus , Rafina , Schinoussa , Sifnos , Sikinos , Syros , Thira ( Santorini ), Thirasia , and Tinos .

Word of advice: It is not an uncommon story on Naxos that someone who initially planned to stay for only a few days missed their original ferry out, and liked the island so much that they ended up staying there forever. They are living proof of Ariadne's legend, who was left behind here by Theseus after they escaped from Crete, and remained to become the wife of Dionysus.

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Naxos Island, Greece – Everything You Need To Know

Post author Gabi

Written by our local expert Gabi

Gabi is an award-winning writer who lives on the Island of Crete in Greece. She is an expert in Greek travel and writes guides for the everyday traveler.

Here is everything you need to know about the Island of Naxos. In our Naxos guide, we’ve covered where to stay and things to see and do on Naxos Island, Greece.

Greece Travel Blog_Everything You Need To Know About Naxos

Naxos Island is a reasonably big Greek island part of the Cyclades group located in a central position in the Aegean.

It’s a great family destination with amazing beaches, top gastronomy, and rich history. There are many fun things to do on Naxos Island and places to discover for the whole family.

On the gorgeous Greek island of Naxos, it’s also possible to explore the mountains, trek, and visit some picturesque villages where life is tranquil and relaxed. Some beaches, hit by strong winds during summer, are perfect for practicing water sports, such as windsurfing and surfing, ideal for older children.

Additionally, there are castles, archaeological sites , and a unique old town that kids can explore in total safety while offering plenty to enjoy for history buffs.

So, if you’re planning a trip to the island of Naxos in Greece, you’ll find tons of information in our Naxos guide below . We’ll tell you about ways of getting to Naxos, the best things to do in Naxos, where to stay in Naxos, and much more!

The best tours of Naxos Island:

  • 🚢 Catamaran Full-Day Cruise around Naxos or Paros with Lunch
  • 🚶 Half-Day Private Tour of Naxos Island with local guide
  • 🍷 Wine Tasting and Tour in Saint Anna Winery in Naxos
  • 🚢   Full Day catamaran yacht sailing around Naxos with lunch and wine
  • 🍲 Naxos: Local Villages’ Cultural Food Tour

Skip Ahead To My Advice Here!

Where Is Naxos, Greece?

Lesser-Known Greek Islands - Naxos

Naxos is the biggest and probably the most family-friendly of all the Cyclades Islands . It’s located in the heart of the Aegean Sea , close to Paros, Santorini, and Mykonos islands.

This location makes Naxos a great destination on its own and a perfect stop for those interested in island hopping in Greece.

How To Get To Naxos Island

The best way to visit Naxos is via a ferry from Athens . Ferries to Naxos depart from the main port of Piraeus , traveling from 4 to 6 hours. From here, there are about five daily ferries during the summer season.

Ferries also sail from the port of Rafina, with a travel time from 3 to 5 hours.

Additionally, located not too far from the center of town, the small airport on the island of Naxos receives flights from Athens and other Greek Islands as well.

How Long Should You Stay On Naxos Island

 Naxos Island, Greece - Port on the island of Naxos, Greece_Depositphotos_45231899_s-2019

Considering that the Naxis island is quite extensive and super-fascinating to explore, staying less than four days will only allow you to see just a few landmarks .

The best thing to do is book a vacation between 5 and 7 days , allowing you to visit more Naxos beaches and villages and discover the unique beauties of Naxos. You can check off everything on your “what to do in Naxos, Greece” list by staying a week.

Island Of Naxos For Families

The Greek island of Naxos is one of the most family-friendly destinations in the Aegean Sea. Not because there are special activities designed for children, such as water parks or entertainment parks, but simply because the island of Naxos is safe, there are many shallow beaches, and Greek gastronomy is at its best here.

Naxos Island has unique natural landscapes, important historic sites, and museums , all of which younger and older kids love to explore.

The island features a variety of holiday resorts suitable for every kind of traveler . It can be a super romantic destination for couples and honeymooners and a perfect spot for those into adventure travel. In short, the vast array of things to do in Naxos makes it a fantastic destination for everyone, from families and couples to backpackers and thrill-seekers.

When it comes to families, though, the island is nothing short of perfect. These are some of the best villages you can check when finding the best place to stay in Naxos.

The main town of Naxos , which goes by the name of Chora, is a whitewashed old town overlooked by an imposing Venetian castle. There is a lot to see and do in this area, so it’s always a great idea to stay in the town of Chora.

The most popular tours in Naxos town:

  • 🚶 Step back to ancient times and learn about Greek mythology as you take an easy walk around Naxos Town during the golden hour on this tour
  • 🍲 Nibble your way through Naxos’ Venetian Old Town’s quaint alleyways as you learn about Greek food culture and traditions on this food tour
  • 🏛️ Enjoy the Naxian life through time, excellent and unique museums, and archaeological excavations on this tour with a local guide

Naxos town is close to the Marina, and many beaches are easy to visit by bus.

A stay in Chora is perfect if you don’t intend to rent a car to explore the island . In fact, those staying in Naxos for only a few days should book a hotel in the area.

This will also allow you to enjoy the best of Naxos’ nightlife, including bars, restaurants, and pubs.

Agios Prokopios

This small seaside town is relatively close to the center of Naxos. It boasts one of the best beaches in Naxos and is well-connected to Chora by bus.

Taxis are also available, and a ride won’t cost more than 10 euros.

The village has a small and lively seaside promenade with great Greek hotels. The area is suitable for spending  a relaxing holiday , and it’s a perfect family destination in Naxos.

Another popular seaside resort in Naxos is Agia Anna, close to Naxos’ Chora and home to another great beach for families and couples.

There is plenty of excellent accommodation by the sea and homes to rent. Agia Anna’s Beach is well-organized and safe, making it an ideal destination for families with children.

Close to Plaka, it’s also possible to enjoy the long sandy beach of Plaka , safe and with shallow waters, and full of pleasant bars and cafeterias by the sea.

Another lovely place to stay in Naxos is Apollonas, a lonely fishing village far from the center of town on the island’s northern coast.

The place is quiet and not usually busy, with a lovely beach and unique archaeological findings to discover in the area.

The place is somewhat remote, and there are only a few buses connecting Apollonas to Chora, so if you plan to stay here, you must consider renting a car.

A mountain stay is an excellent option for those seeking an authentic Naxos experience.

The small and tranquil village of Halki, about an hour’s drive from the Chora , is the place chosen for those not so interested in going to the beach every day.

Halki is a great place to stay if you’re seeking to focus on discovering Naxos’ nature, mountains, and traditions.

Brands We Use And Trust

Why should you choose to visit naxos.

There are many amazing Greek islands, not to mention the mainland, so why should you choose Naxos over all the other options?

It goes without saying that if you have time, you should see as many islands as you can, but if that’s not an option for you, here’s why we believe Naxos should be at the top of your list.

Beaches To Make Your Jaw Drop

If you love sandy beaches that aren’t crowded and allow plenty of time to chill out, Naxos is for you. You can also enjoy some watersports if you feel like breaking up your sunbathing and swimming.

Gorgeous Towns To Explore

If you get bored of the beach (hey, it’s possible), then Naxos offers plenty of charming towns to explore all year round. Naxos Town (Chora) is one of the best, with a lively vibe and plenty to see and do. Other than that, add Chalki (Halki) and Koronos to your list.

Plenty of accommodation to choose from – If you want to stay somewhere a little more comfortable, perhaps a villa, then Naxos has a great range to choose from. You can even find villas with pools and sea views for great prices if you take the time to look.

Stacks Of History To Check Out

If you’re a history buff, Naxos packs a punch. This island has been inhabited for centuries, from prehistoric times. That means there are plenty of ruins and sites to check out, including the Portara, Temple of Demeter, Kastro, and the Statues of Kouros.

Food, Glorious Food!

This is Greece, so of course, there’s going to be gastronomy in abundance. However, Naxos is famous for its local fare, which means plenty of cheese, seafood, and other tasty morsels! Naxos is also known for its wine production, particularly moschofilero and xinomavro.


Some Greek islands are pricey (we’re looking at you, Santorini!), but Naxos is surprisingly affordable. You can find high-quality accommodation for a lower price, and your money will last you longer while you’re there.

Where To Stay In Naxos – Best Naxos Hotels And Resorts

Being so big, the island features dozens of beautiful hotels , resorts, and rental homes for your vacations.

Whether traveling with friends, with children, alone, or with your partner, you’ll undoubtedly find super accommodation no matter the size of your budget . These are the ones we recommend:

Budget-Friendly Hotels On Naxos Island

Naxos petite studios.

are small units with a cozy and relaxing atmosphere, ideal for traveling with a small budget . The hotel is in the small village of Agios Prokopios and offers beautiful sea views.

Korali Palace Hotel

Korali Palace Hotel is another budget option in Naxos, in the center of Chora. It’s close to the main attractions of the old town and just a short walk away from the best bars and restaurants, the Portara and Naxos Marina.

Mid-Range Hotels On The Island Of Naxos

Iliada suite.

Iliada Suite is a very picturesque place to stay in full Cycladic style, quite close to Agios Georgios Beach and not far from the capital of Naxos.

Naxian Spirit Suites & Apartments

Luxury hotels in naxos, villa athena.

Villa Athena is a top luxury property in the area of Plaka Beach. The villa offers a beautiful pool and a garden just meters from this stunning beach. It’s ideal for family holidays and a romantic vacation in Naxos.

Hotel Grotta

Hotel Grotta is a gorgeous place to stay in the center of Naxos Chora. Among the main features, the hotel has earned excellent reviews for the quality of the service, the comfortable facilities, the location, and the food .

Top Things To Do In Naxos Island, Greece

The unique Greek island of Naxos, in the Aegean Sea, is a great vacation destination if you’re eager to discover more about the Greek islands.

The weather is often mild and pleasant during the summer, which spans from mid-May to the end of September .

These fantastic weather conditions allow visitors to explore the hidden gems the island treasures, including the highest peak, Mount Zas, the picturesque mountain villages, the beaches, the archaeological sites, and other Naxos sights.

The island has a striving economy based on land products. When visiting Naxos, don’t miss tasting some of Greece’s most delicious cheese varieties, great meat, and marvelous potatoes. In fact, Naxos’ potato crops are among the most valuable sources of income and powerful engines of the local economy… and they are delicious, too!

In no particular order, these are the best things you can do in Naxos for an unforgettable holiday !

Visit Naxos Chora

Naxos’ main settlement, where you arrive if you’re traveling by ferry, is known by the name of Chora. The town is in a high position overlooking the sea and the stunning Portara, one of Naxos’ most remarkable ruins.

This old town is overlooked by an imposing Venetian castle, which can be accessed through the main gate in the northern area of the old city.

Once inside, don’t miss the different art exhibitions and the Catholic church, which used to belong to one of the Venetian aristocratic families that ruled on the island for centuries.

Check out the Venetian Museum in the castle area, which is located in an ancient Venetian mansion.

This way, you will better understand the structure of the old fortification and taste local wines produced by the family who has owned the mansion for centuries.

Discover The Ruins Of The Portara

Naxos Island, Greece - Portara, Naxos island, Greece

You can access the imposing marble door at the entrance of Naxos port by walking through a passage over the sea.

This huge, distinctive door is located on a small islet known as Palatia, and it’s a must-see place in Naxos and the most famous sight of the island.

The best moment to visit the Portara is in the afternoon when the sun starts to go down.

Visit The Archaeological Museum Of Naxos

The Archaeological Museum of Naxos is located in a small building within the walls of the old town. The visit can be an excellent opportunity to learn about Cycladic islands art from very remote historical periods, starting from the Neolithic.

Discover Naxos’ Mountain Villages

The island is home to unforgettable shores and beaches and hosts a lush green landscape, spectacular mountains, and traditional villages.

It’s always a great idea to rent a car when visiting Naxos; this gives you the freedom and the flexibility to spend days exploring off-the-beaten-path landscapes.

There are several small settlements to explore when you venture far from the coast; the most famous and picturesque ones are Halki and Apeiranthos.

Not very far apart, you can devote a day to visiting both. From the center of Naxos’ Chora, start your trip driving north to reach the Halki, one of the best-known traditional villages you can check in Naxos.

Halki’s best known for being home to a unique distillery called Vallindras, producing the most famous Naxos spirit since 1896: Kitron. This somewhat strong liquor is made in the area with the zest and the leaves of a local tree.

Another vital settlement on Naxos is Apeiranthos, an original village wholly made of marble.

Here, you can taste the most authentic local gastronomy and explore the different museums the village proudly hosts.

Visit The Village And Beach Of Apollonas

Once you’ve visited Apeiranthos, you are probably in the mood for… so why not keep driving north until you reach the remote village of Apollonas?

The settlement is better known for an abandoned 12-meter-long male statue, Kouros, which you can easily visit with the family.

It’s a mysterious sight that will catch the attention of the smaller members of the family.

Right after, head to the beach of Apollonas to spend a relaxing time in the small fishing village, an ideal place to completely disconnect from the hustle of the capital.

Hike Mount Zas

Adrenaline lovers can devote a day to hiking the tallest mountain on the Cyclades . This place of mythological importance is thought to have been where the Greek God Zeus grew up.

This favorite destination for trekking features different paths that are well-marked and easy to follow.

Besides, once you reach the mountain top, you will be rewarded with breathtaking views of the sea and other Greek Islands .

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 Island Of Naxos Beaches

Naxos Island Guide - A beautiful beach with turquoise water on the coast of Naxos Island

If you’re visiting Naxos for only a short time , that does not mean you can’t enjoy city beaches. Close to Chora, it’s possible to swim in Agios Giorgos and Grotta Beach, among the best beaches in Naxos, Greece.

Grotta is a perfect place for snorkeling since once you go under the sea, you’ll be able to explore some curious submarine Minoan settlements.

If you come to Naxos with more time to spend, you must check some of the beaches on the island. Start by visiting Plaka, a long, wide shore with crystal-deep blue waters and super safe for children.

Another great beach in Naxos is the exotic Mikri Viglia, with soft, powder-like sand and transparent waters.

Beautiful coves along this coast protect against the wind and make it a romantic spot to discover on the island .

Not as awesome as Mikri Viglia, but still worth a visit is Agia Anna, a lovely beach close to the center of Naxos.

Going a bit further, don’t miss the chance to spend some time in one of Naxos’ most popular and beautiful beaches, Agios Prokopios, with a strip of restaurants and traditional tavernas right opposite the waterfront and the most spectacular azure waters on the island.

Where is Naxos?

Naxos is an island in the Cyclades, located in the Aegean Sea. It is the largest island in the Cyclades group and is around 98 miles (nautical) from Piraeus Port in Athens .

Is Naxos as expensive as Santorini and Mykonos?

No! Despite being in the same island group, Naxos is nowhere near as expensive as Santorini and Mykonos, which have become known for their inflated price tags. You’ll find accommodation and food at reasonable prices, so this is a great island for those on a budget, especially families.

Does Naxos have good nightlife?

Naxos isn’t like Zakynthos or Mykonos in terms of nightlife, but it still packs a punch with plenty of vibrant choices. If you want to party, head to Naxos Town, where you’ll find plenty to keep you occupied. However, if you want to chill out, that’s totally possible, too.

Does Naxos have mass tourism?

Some Greek islands are entirely geared towards tourism, but Naxos is open year-round and not totally reliant on the summer season. For that reason, it feels quite authentic. While you’ll still find plenty of tourist facilities, you won’t struggle to find something traditional either.

When should I visit Naxos?

You can go at any time of year, especially since the weather is rarely cold. However, the summer season between the beginning of May and the end of October will give you the best of the sunshine and less rain. If you want to avoid crowds, keep away from July and August.

We hope our Naxos guide has helped you decide what to see and do on the Island of Naxos, Greece.

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Brilliant young actress Charlie strikes up an acquaintance with an intriguing stranger while on holiday in Greece, but it rapidly becomes apparent that his intentions are far from romantic.


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A Complete Travel Guide to Naxos, Greece

Temple of Apollo in Naxos, Greece

Although less popular compared to its neighboring islands of Mykonos and Santorini, Naxos is perhaps the most diverse and fascinating island in the Cyclades! This travel guide to Naxos will touch on the best beaches to visit, where to stay in Naxos, places to visit and more. Apart from its rich history that goes back to Ancient Greece and the influence of the Venetians, Naxos is home to the greenest landscape in the Cyclades, and sandy beaches that go on for miles. From Venetian towers, to the tallest mountain in the Cyclades, to picturesque mountainous villages, Naxos has something for everyone to explore.

Table of Contents

  • 1 How to get to Naxos, Greece
  • 2 Getting around Naxos
  • 3.1 Hotels in Naxos
  • 3.2 Explore more hotels in Naxos
  • 4.1.1 Melanes
  • 4.1.2 Chalki
  • 4.1.3 Apeiranthos
  • 4.1.4 Filoti
  • 4.2 Hike to Mount Zas
  • 4.3.1 Portara
  • 4.3.2 The Castle of Naxos
  • 4.3.3 The Temple of Demeter
  • 4.3.4 Monastery Fotodotis
  • 4.3.5 The Statues of Kouros
  • 4.4 Day trip to islands near Naxos
  • 4.5 Water Sports
  • 4.6 Explore Naxos Town
  • 5 Best Beaches in Naxos
  • 6 Best Sunset Spots in Naxos
  • 7.1 For Food:
  • 7.2 For Dessert:
  • 7.3 For Drinks:
  • 8.0.1 A Complete Travel Guide to Ios, Greece
  • 8.0.2 A Complete Travel Guide to Paros, Greece
  • 8.0.3 Kavos Studios in Sifnos: A Quintessential Cycladic Haven
  • 8.0.4 Pin for later!

How to get to Naxos, Greece

Naxos can be reached either by ferry or by plane. If you are flying to Athens International Airport, you can take a direct flight to Naxos with Aegean Airlines, Olympic Airlines or Sky Express. These airplanes are very small so booking a spot in advance is recommended. The flight time to Naxos by airplane is about an hour from Athens. Ferries to Naxos run daily from Piraeus and Rafina Port in Athens. Depending on the size of the ferryboat and the route, the trip lasts anywhere from 4 to 6 hours. Lastly, you can reach Naxos by flying to any of its neighboring islands such as Paros, Santorini or Mykonos and then taking a ferry to Naxos. For finding the best ferry routes and booking your tickets, check out Ferryscanner .

Naxos, Greece

Getting around Naxos

Since Naxos is the biggest island in the Cyclades, a car is the best solution to explore around. There are several car rental companies in Naxos but due to limited cars it is best to book one in advance. There are also public buses that can take you to the main beaches and villages of Naxos, but if you want to explore the island off the beaten path, then a car, motorcycle or ATV is your safest bet.

Where to stay in Naxos

Travel Guide to Naxos, Greece

Chora, also known as the capital of the island, is the best place to stay in Naxos. There are plenty of cafés and restaurants to try, connecting roads to mountainous villages, beautiful beaches just walking distance and more. Keep in mind that this is the most popular area of the island so if you prefer something a bit further away from the crowds, then booking a hotel near Agios Prokopios Beach, Agia Anna Beach, Plaka Beach or Aliko Beach are also great spots. 

Hotels in Naxos

Hidden Hill Naxos: Two modern and spacious villas overlooking the Aegean. Seamlessly blending nature with design, Hidden Hill Naxos offers a serene and relaxing escape to those seeking privacy, comfort and luxury. 

Amodara Boutique Villas: Found in Agios Prokopios, Amodara consists of two Cyclades-inspired villas. The properties feature six bedrooms, eight interior en-suite bathrooms and two outdoor bathrooms, ideal for large families or a group of friends. 

Ayiopetra Exclusive Getaways: A mix of collectible antiques and Grecian earthly elements, Ayiopetra provides a tranquil atmosphere to those looking for an upscale yet quiet getaway. Endless views of open fields and Naxian mountaintops add to the down-to-earth and minimal ambience of Ayiopetra. 

Emery Hotel: While centrally located right in the heart of Naxos Chora, Emery Hotel still maintains a peaceful and pleasant ambience. Each room emphasizes on boho-meets-Naxos design with views of the city center. 

Halcyon Suites and Villas Naxos: Situated just a short drive from Naxos Chora, Halcyon Suites & Villas is characterized by convenience, luxury and modern Cycladic architecture. 

Studio with terrace: Affordable accommodation that marks off all the necessary amenities. Fully equipped kitchen, spacious, ideal location and stunning view of Portara from the private rooftop. 

Explore more hotels in Naxos

Things to do in Naxos, Greece

Visit the mountainous villages of naxos.

Melanes is one of the oldest settlements in Naxos, with houses built on mountain slopes and endless stairs weaving throughout the village. The tavern, O Vasilis is a must when visiting Melanes. Apart from their delicious and unique menu (rooster and rabbit are just some of the options), all of their ingredients are locally grown. The colossal statues of Kouros are also just a short drive from Melanes.

Melanes, Naxos

Chalki was once the capital of Naxos and perhaps the most picturesque village on the island. Decked in renovated, neoclassical buildings, narrow stone paths, and traditional cafes and restaurants, Chalki was a personal favorite. Be sure to check out Vallindras Distillery, where the local liqueur, Kitron, was once produced. Today the Distillery operates as a visiting hall, free of charge, where visitors can learn all the secrets of liqueur distillation as well as try the famous Naxos Kitron liqueur. After your liqueur tasting, wander through the quaint streets of Chalki and follow the signs to Agios Georgios Diasoritis a Byzantine Church nested amongst local farms before making your way back to the village to have a well deserved meal at Giannis Tavern.

Chalki, Naxos


Apeiranthos is the largest mountain village of Naxos found in the center of the island. Also known as the marble village, Apeiranthos is full of marble houses, squares, and charming taverns and cafes. If you like visiting museums, Apeiranthos has five to choose from: the geological museum, the archaeological museum, the folklore museum, the natural history museum and the museum of visual arts.

Filoti is another stunning village of Naxos that was built amphitheatrically on the mountain slopes of Zas. Explore this traditional settlement, enjoy a traditional lunch on the main road overlooking the island, or embark on a hike to the Mountain of Zas from here.

Filoti village in Naxos, Greece

Hike to Mount Zas

Naxos is home to the tallest mountain found on the Cyclades, Mount Zas. Dedicate a day to waking up early to climb to the summit for an unforgettable panoramic view of the Cyclades like no other! Observe neighboring islands like Paros and Koufonisia from Mount Zas for a true alternative Naxos experience. Be sure to stop by the cave of Zas along the way where according to legend, God Zeus grew up in. The mountains of Naxos are full of trekking trails, and for those nature lovers out there, you’ll be pleased to find out that you can even hike from village to village. Follow the signs to the trails and explore Naxos by foot!

Visit historical monuments

Portara was once the entrance to temple of Apollo of 530 BC. This tall marble gate is the island’s emblem and main landmark. To reach Portara follow the path to the islet of Palatia. To witness a breathtaking sunset from Portara make sure to get there at least half an hour before the sun sets in order to secure a spot as it tends to get quite crowded. Come back again the next day during the sunrise hours to witness a stunning sunrise at Portara with no tourists in sight!

Portara in Naxos

The Castle of Naxos

The Castle of Naxos sits on top of Chora, forming a wall along the old part of the city. Enter the castle from one of the three main gates, to explore the narrow alleyways that all lead to the top. This Venetian castle is perhaps one of the best-preserved fortified medieval settlements of Greece and is a must when visiting Naxos. Find your way to the top of the castle to secure a spot during the sunset for a beautiful view of the sun setting behind Portara.

The Temple of Demeter

The Temple of Demeter is an ancient temple dating back to the 6 th century BC made out of Naxos’ finest marbles. Located near the village of Sangri, the Temple of Demeter is a nice stop to make before hitting the beach. Learn about the ancient goddess of grain whilst enjoying the panoramic views of Naxos’ endless fields and valleys.

Temple of Demeter, Naxos

Monastery Fotodotis

The Monastery of Fotodotis is located just a short ride from the village of Filoti. Dating back to the 6 th century AD, the Monastery of Fotodotis sits on top of a hill with a beautiful view of the sea and the island of Donoussa. You can either park your car and enjoy the half hour hike to the Monastery or follow the dirt road with your car all the way to the entrance. According to tradition, the Monastery of Fotodotis, which means “Christ who gives the light,” was constructed by a Byzantine princess who after being saved by the rough sea was told to build a monastery where she sees the brightest light. Today the Monastery is open to visitors all year round.

The Statues of Kouros

The Statues of Kouros are found in the village of Melanes. These ancient statues are 6 meters long and date back to the 7 th century. Archaeologists believe that these statues used to hold a temple roof but where abandoned due to faults in the marble structure. The statues of Kouros still lay in the exact spot where they were initially discovered.

Kouros Statue in Naxos

Day trip to islands near Naxos

Although there is so much to see and do in Naxos, a day boat trip to a neighboring island is a great opportunity to see another side of the Cyclades. You can choose from famous destinations such as Santorini, Ios or Paros or opt in for lesser-known, unspoiled islands such as Donousa, Koufonisia and Schinousa. Below are a few day boat trips, ideal for exploring the nearby islands.

Water Sports

For those looking to indulge in some water sports while visiting Naxos, they can head to Mikri Vigla Beach where the waves are just right for windsurfing, kite surfing and other fun activities.

Explore Naxos Town

Wander through the charming streets of Chora, also known as Naxos Town to uncover hidden cafes and bars, to shop for Greek souvenirs or to just get those picture-perfect Instagram shots. Lose yourself exploring Chora, befriend the local cats along the way and discover how beautiful and unique the capital of Naxos truly is!

Naxos town, Greece

Best Beaches in Naxos

The best beaches in Naxos are all located along the west side of the island. Picture long sandy beaches, turquoise waters and relaxing beach bars along the coast.  Just 2km south of Chora is the first beach called Agios Georgios. Continue down the road and you’ll encounter Agios Prokopios Beach followed by Agia Anna Beaches, perhaps the most popular beaches in Naxos, packed with restaurants and beach bars. Sun beds on these beaches range from 10 to 20 euros per set. These beaches also tend to get the most crowded during the summer season. Further down the coast is Plaka Beach, a long white sandy beach characterized by its sandy dunes found behind the beach. Upper scale beach bars like Nomad Naxos are a favorite amongst visitors. 

Tortuga Beach Bar in Naxos, Greece

For the true adventurers, Mikri Vigla Beach, Hawaii Beach and Aliko Beach are the island’s most secluded, quietest and exotic beaches in Naxos. Mikri Vigla Beach is for the windsurfers and extreme sports enthusiasts out there while Hawaii Beach and Aliko Beach are perfect beaches for picnics, playing beach rackets or just enjoying a good book away from the touristy beaches. There are some sun beds found in these coves, but for the most part these beaches are still unspoiled. Whether you prefer secluded beaches away from the masses or upscale beach bars with refreshing drinks, Naxos has plenty of beaches to choose from!

Aliko Beach in Naxos, Greece

Best Sunset Spots in Naxos

  • Temple of Apollo – Portara, Chora
  • Rotonda Restaurant, Apiranthos
  • Windmills of Naxos, Vivlos
  • Castle of Naxos, Chora
  • Beach of Mikri Vigla

Sunset from Rotonda Restaurant in Naxos

Other Useful Information

Rotonda (Apeiranthos) – Peaking at Naxos’ most exhilarating location for a perfect sunset view, you can enjoy your dinner while capturing what Cyclades’ majestic canvas has to offer. Doukato (Chora) – Greek cuisine with refreshing contemporary touches in the Old Town of the island. O Vasilis (Melanes) – A homely, family-owned restaurant, known for their strong yet seductive flavors of their Coq au Vin dish. Taverna Giannis (Chalki) – A more traditional choice, Giannis’ tavern shares the villages’ picturesque scenario, suitable for wanderers whose hearts belong to meat. Metaxi Mas (Chora) – An alluring dining experience, in a cosy and modest space, with plethoric seafood varieties. Nomad Naxos (Plaka Beach) – First-rated dishes featuring both Greek and Mediterranean flavors in a boho and welcoming atmosphere.

For Dessert:

Waffle House (Chora) – Carrying a wide range of desserts, from home-made ice cream to sweet crepes and as the name suggests, syrupy waffles. Dolce Vita (Chalki) – An ideal spot after a nice meal to appease and please your most sweet desires with homemade Greek pastries.

For Drinks:

520 Cocktail Bar (Chora) – Let the colors of the sky sink in as the sun sets, sipping a delicious cocktail at 520 Cocktail Bar. Ocean Club (Chora) – Right next to 520’s Cocktail Bar, Ocean Club shares its neighbor’s taste in design. Dance here till the early hours of the morning. Notos (Chora) – Mellow island vibes with great variations of famous cocktails with Naxos’ traditional Kitron liqueur. Swing Cocktail Bar (Chora) – Upbeat music with an experimental oldies design, their “Summer Breezer” citron cocktail is an absolute necessity. Jazz and Blues (Chora) – Last but not least, this place offers tasteful, relaxing tunes better enjoyed with a glass of wine – or two!

And there you have it! A complete travel guide to Naxos, Greece with all the insider’s tips on where to stay, which beaches to visit and where to eat and drink. If you enjoyed this travel guide be sure to check out the travel guide on Naxos’ neighboring island Paros, here and more travel guides for Greece here .

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Complete Travel Guide to Naxos, Greece

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The Kouros statue at Apollonas village

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Solo Travel In Greece: Ultimate Guide (With Map!)

By Haley Blackall. This guide to traveling alone in Greece contains affiliate links to trusted partners!

Are you interested in learning about  solo travel in Greece ? Want to have a safe and fun trip exploring on your own?

Then you’re in the right place!

Greece, the land of turquoise water, white-washed buildings, and a culinary scene that’ll make you say “Opa!” more times than you can count, is the perfect place for a solo holiday.

If you’re contemplating solo travel in Greece, you’re in for an unforgettable journey. I spent two months on a Greece solo travel itinerary navigating from the bustling streets of Athens to the serene beaches of Milos. And let me tell you, Greece is a paradise for solo travelers, especially women. 

Whether you’re looking for the best islands in Greece for solo travelers or are wondering about the logistics of Greece solo travel, this guide has got you covered. 

Now, let’s delve into everything you need to know about solo female travel to Greece, from safety and costs to the must-visit spots.

Short on time? Here are some quick tips for traveling alone in Greece:

Athens Airport Transfer: Book that here

Safety: While Greece is safe for solo travel, it’s still smart to pack  travel safety essentials . One top pick is the  She’s Birdie Personal Safety Alarm , which is TSA-approved and can help scare away potential attackers. Other recommendations include  Clever Travel Companion Pickpocket-Proof Garments  and  Speakeasy Travel Supply Hidden Pocket Scarves .

  Renting A Car: Discover Cars  (save up to 70% using their comparison tool!)

  Public Transportation: Omio

  Accommodation: This map  can help you pinpoint top-rated and budget-friendly accommodation in the Greek cities you’re visiting solo. It’s currently set to the Syntagma Square in Athens, but you can easily change it to your intended destination in Greece.

  Experiences: Viator  (tours),  GetYourGuide  (tours), and  EatWith  (cooking classes & dining in local homes)

Travel Insurance: SafetyWing

Staying Connected: Airalo eSIM

Confidently Travel Solo In Greece [Free Course]

But first, before we get into our solo travel Greece guide, I invite you to grab a seat in Jessie’s  free Savvy Solo Traveler E-Course .

The 6-day course is designed to help you feel confident about booking your first solo trip and exploring the world alone.

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Once you’ve  grabbed your seat , read on to learn everything you need to know to plan a safe and fun solo trip to Greece.

Is Solo Travel In Greece Worth It?

The short answer is yes, and here’s why: The country offers a vivid mix of experiences that are easily accessible and ideal for solo travel to Greece . 

Public transport is efficient, especially between the popular islands and main cities. The locals are generally hospitable and often go out of their way to help tourists.

Cultural sites like the Acropolis in Athens and the ancient ruins in Delphi are not just awe-inspiring but also well-organized, making it easy for those traveling Greece solo to explore.

Plus, the café culture is vibrant — ideal for those who want to people-watch or strike up a conversation with a local. 

Is Greece Safe For Solo Female Travelers?

Safety is often a top concern for solo female travelers, and rightfully so. In my two months traveling solo in Greece, I found it to be a generally safe country.

According to the Global Peace Index , Greece has a high state of peace. Additionally, Travel Safe-Abroad considers Greece to be a safe country, and the chances of tourists being the victim of a crime are low.

Petty crimes like pickpocketing can occur in crowded tourist spots, especially in Athens, but violent crime is rare. Personally, I always felt secure walking around, even at night, although I did stick to well-lit areas and avoided sketchy neighborhoods.

Public transport, like the KTEL buses and underground subway, is reliable and generally safe. Just make sure to keep an eye on your belongings during busy hours. 

Taxis are also a popular mode of transport for a solo female trip to Greece, but always ensure they’re licensed. If you’re using a ride-sharing app like Beat or FreeNow, the usual safety rules apply. Check the driver’s rating and share your trip details with someone you trust.

Overall, solo female travel in Greece is amongst the safest in Europe .

Where Is Greece?

Greece is located in southeastern Europe, at the crossroads of Europe, Asia, and Africa. It shares land borders with Albania, North Macedonia, Bulgaria, and Turkey. 

The country is famous for its extensive coastline, which is peppered with islands (approximately 6,000 of them!) though only about 227 are inhabited.

Greece is divided into several regions, each with its own unique charm. The mainland offers rugged mountains, ancient ruins, and vibrant cities like Athens. Then you have the islands, which are categorized into groups like the Cyclades, Ionian, Dodecanese, and more.

Each island group has its own distinct vibe, making it a diverse destination for any solo traveler. Personally, I’d recommend adding a Cyclades island hopping adventure to your itinerary; more on that below!

Getting To Greece

Getting to Greece is relatively straightforward, with most solo trips to Greece starting in Athens.

Athens International Airport (ATH) serves as the main hub for international flights, with several airlines offering direct flights from major cities worldwide. 

Once you land in Athens Airport, domestic flights to other cities and islands are frequent and usually affordable, especially if booked in advance.

If you are heading straight into Athens proper, board the underground subway (M3) and take the 40-minute trip to the city center (Syntagma Square) to start your solo travel in Athens.

Best Time To Take A Solo Greece Trip

When it comes to the best time for solo travel to Greece, it really depends on what you’re looking for. The high season, from June to September, offers the best weather but also comes with crowds and higher prices. 

I visited in mid-October just after the rush, and it was perfect; warm enough for solo beach days but not too crowded.

Shoulder Seasons

If you’re into cultural immersion and don’t mind cooler weather, consider going during the shoulder seasons in April-May or September-October. The temperatures are milder, and you’ll have more opportunities to interact with locals .

Plus, prices for flights and accommodations are generally lower, making a solo holiday in Greece that much more affordable.

Winter in Greece

For those who prefer avoiding crowds altogether, winter offers a different kind of beauty. Imagine exploring ancient ruins without the tourist rush or enjoying a more authentic experience in Athens.

However, note that many of the best Greek islands for solo travel shut down for the winter, so your options might be limited.

Getting Around Greece As A Solo Traveler

Navigating the country and islands is relatively easy, even for Greece solo female travel.

Public transportation in Greece

The public transport system in cities like Athens is efficient, with metros, buses, and trams connecting key points. 

For intercity travel, KTEL buses are reliable and cover most of the country. The KTEL website can be tough to navigate, though you can use an English language platform like Omio to research and book transportation around Greece.

Getting around Greece by ferry

Ferries are another popular option for getting around, particularly if you’re planning to explore the islands. I found the ferry system to be efficient and well-organized, making island-hopping a breeze. 

I booked my tickets in advance through Ferry Hopper , and it made traveling the Greek islands solo just that much easier. You can also use Omio to book ferry tickets.

Depending on your budget, you can choose from cheaper and slower ferry rides to fast and more expensive ones.

Book an organized Greek island sailing tour

I also tried out one of the solo sailing holidays in Greece for a few days, which was an incredible way to see the lesser-known islands at my own pace. Just make sure to plan your Greece solo itinerary carefully if you opt for sailing, as the winds can be unpredictable.

Click here for a list of top-rated Greece sailing tours !

Best Places For Solo Travel In Greece

Now that we’ve gone over some logistics of female solo travel in Greece, let’s talk about where to go, including:

Athens is the pulsating heart of Greece where antiquity mingles with edgy urban grit. It’s often the first stop for solo travelers to Greece, and it sets the tone for what the country has to offer.

Located on mainland Greece, the city is a sprawling metropolis, but its center is quite compact and walkable, making it ideal for those traveling alone — especially when you don’t have other people to split taxi fares with.

The Acropolis is the crown jewel, and it’s worth getting up early to beat the crowds. Standing alone in front of the Parthenon is a surreal experience. Don’t forget to visit the lookout for panoramic views over Athens’ mingled past and present. 

After descending from this historical high, I’d recommend losing yourself in the labyrinthine streets of Plaka , a neighborhood that invites aimless wandering. Here, cobblestone alleys are flanked by pastel-hued buildings and family-run tavernas where the moussaka is as authentic as it gets. 

If you are a foodie like me, I recommend partaking in an organized food tour of the city to start off your solo female travel in Athens. It’s a great way to introduce yourself to the country’s cuisine and culture when traveling solo in Greece. A few top-rated options include:

  • The Award-Winning Food Tour of Athens: 6 or 10 Tastings
  • Greek Food Walking Tour in Athens
  • Athens Evening Food Tour
  • Athens 4-Hour Cooking Class with Central Market Visit
  • Greek Cooking Class in Athens Including Rooftop Dinner with Acropolis View

For evening socializing, the neighborhoods of Psiri and Monastiraki offer an eclectic mix of artsy cafes and bars for meeting new friends and fellow travelers.

Monastiraki also offers many flea markets and street food stalls, so also make an afternoon stop here to see the contrast from day to night, especially around Athens’ main Monastiraki Square .

For a change of pace, Syntagma Square offers a slice of modern Athenian life. You can watch the ceremonial changing of the guard here too, a daily ritual for the city.

Before leaving Athens, do yourself a favor and hike up Mount Lycabettus . There and back only takes 45 minutes and you’ll be greeted with epic views of the capital, especially if you make the trek at sunset.

Athens Hotels: Click here for a full list of hotels in Athens .

Athens Tours: Click here for a full list of fun tours in Athens .

Next on your epic solo Greece trip is the bucket list destination of Santorini — one of the most popular Greek islands. The stuff of postcards, those iconic white-washed buildings with blue domes are even more breathtaking in person. 

But beyond the Instagrammable vistas, Santorini offers a rich experience for the solo female traveler.

I arrived by ferry, and the first glimpse of the caldera — a volcanic crater now filled with the deep blue Aegean Sea — was incredible. I kind of had to pinch myself. In my book, it wins the award for best Greek island for solo travel.

From the ferry port, grab a bus ticket. The bus will take you up the side of the caldera to the main tourist hubs of Fira and Oia , both of which are perched on the edge of this caldera.

While they’re known for their sunset views, I found the early mornings to be magical. The streets are quiet, and you can wander through narrow pathways without jostling through crowds. 

One of my favorite experiences was hiking from Fira to Oia . The trail takes you along the edge of the caldera, offering stunning views at every turn. It’s a solitary experience that allows you to connect with the island’s dramatic geography. Make sure to avoid doing this trek during the heat of midday.

If beautiful beaches are more your scene, the island’s beaches are a geological wonder, thanks to their volcanic origins. Red Beach , with its towering red cliffs, is a must-visit, as is Kamari Beach , known for its unique black sand. 

Santorini Hotels: Click here for a full list of hotels in Santorini .

Santorini Tours: Click here for a full list of fun tours in Santorini .

Continue Greek island hopping on Mykonos. It’s often dubbed the “party island,” but there’s so much more to it than its vibrant nightlife.

My first stop was Mykonos Town , also known as Chora . The area is a labyrinth of whitewashed houses accented by bursts of vibrant pink and red bougainvillea vines. 

It’s easy to spend hours here, wandering aimlessly and discovering hidden gems like Little Venice , where buildings practically kiss the sea.

That being said, Mykonos also offers some of the best beaches in Greece. I particularly loved Psarou Beach for its crystal-clear waters and laid-back vibe. It’s a great place to relax and perhaps strike up a conversation with a fellow traveler. 

If you’re into history, don’t miss the nearby island of Delos , a UNESCO World Heritage site. A short boat ride from Mykonos, Delos offers ancient ruins that rival those in Athens. It’s a perfect day trip and a way to balance the hedonistic pleasures of Mykonos with a dose of Greek culture.

Mykonos Hotels: Click here for a full list of hotels in Mykonos .

Mykonos Tours: Click here for a full list of fun tours in Mykonos .

Paros struck me as the Goldilocks of the Greek Islands: not too big, not too small, but just right for a solo traveler.

The island offers a balanced mix of beach relaxation, nightlife, and cultural exploration, making it a perfect destination for those who want a bit of everything. 

Naoussa , the island’s main town, is a picturesque port filled with fishing boats and framed by tavernas. It’s one of the best places to travel in Greece alone.

I spent a few days here solo, dining on a mix of traditionally freshly caught octopus and trendy avocado toast and meeting up with fellow travelers for a bit of nightlife fun. 

What I love about visiting Paros, and especially the town of Naoussa, is that it offers a similar vibe to Mykonos’s Old Town, but at a more affordable price. 

For beach lovers, Golden Beach is a must-visit. It’s one of the longest beaches in the Cyclades and offers excellent conditions for windsurfing. I took a beginner’s lesson and had a blast, even if I spent more time in the water than on the board.

Paros also offers great accessibility to other neighboring Cycladic islands. I took a day trip to Antiparos , a smaller island just a 10-minute ferry ride away. It was a peaceful escape, with crystal-clear waters and fewer tourists, making it a perfect solo adventure.

Paros Hotels: Click here for a full list of hotels in Paros .

Paros Tours: Click here for a full list of fun tours in Paros .

Naxos is the largest of the Cyclades islands but is often overshadowed by its more famous neighbors. What I love about Naxos is its relaxed vibe.

The main town, also called Naxos , is a blend of Venetian and Cycladic architecture. The Portara (The Temple of Apollo), a marble doorway that’s all that remains of an ancient temple, is the town’s defining landmark. 

I walked out onto the peninsula during midmorning and found it to be a serene spot to reflect on my travels. That being said, the ideal time to visit the Portara is sunset, so make sure to get there about an hour before to grab a good spot.

To explore the inland villages of Halki (sometimes called Chalki or Chalkio) and Filoti I recommend renting a car for the day . Pass through arid landscapes dotted with Byzantine churches and serene olive groves. It felt worlds away from the beachside hustle and offered a glimpse into traditional Greek life. 

If you love a good hike, trek to the peak of Mount Zas for epic views of the island. A round trip should take about 2.5-3 hours at a leisurely pace.

Naxos offers a beautiful coastline in its southwestern region, with long stretches of golden sand beaches, perfect for a lazy day.

The most popular beaches are Agios Prokopios , where you can find more cafes and restaurants, as well as Plaka Beach for something quieter and more remote. These beautiful beaches can either be reached by rental car or through the island’s public bus (line 1).

Oh, and if you’re looking for the cheapest Greek island to visit during your solo female travel adventure, Naxos is one of the more budget-friendly options.

Naxos Hotels: Click here for a full list of hotels in Naxos .

Naxos Tours: Click here for a full list of fun tours in Naxos .

Milos was the sleeper hit of my solo trip to Greece. Known for its otherworldly landscapes and unique rock formations, it’s an island that invites exploration.

Base yourself in the port town of Adamas , one of the best and most convenient areas to stay in Milos for first-time visitors .

I rented a car to explore the island , and it was one of the best decisions I made. The roads are well-maintained, and the island is small enough to navigate easily but diverse enough to keep you captivated. 

One of the highlights was Sarakiniko Beach , where the white volcanic rock formations create a moonscape that’s unlike any other beach I’ve visited. It’s a must-see, and going early helps you avoid the crowds — although there is nothing like sunning on the rocks at midday.

Another standout was the fishing village of Klima , with its colorful boathouses known as “syrmata.” I spent a peaceful afternoon here, just watching the fishermen mend their nets and the world go by. It felt like stepping back in time, offering a glimpse into a slower, more traditional way of life that’s hard to find on the more touristy islands.

Milos offers a unique blend of natural beauty and authentic experiences, making it a perfect finale to any solo trip to Greece.

Milos Hotels: Click here for a full list of hotels in Milos .

Milos Tours: Click here for a full list of fun tours in Milos .

Greece Solo Travel Map 

To help give you a lay of the land, here is a solo travel in Greece map. It has all of the places mentioned in this guide pre-plotted:

Click here for the interactive version of this map .

Tips For Taking A Solo Trip To Greece

Now that we’ve gone over where to go while traveling alone in Greece, let’s go over some important tips for having a safe and fun trip.

1. Keep solo travel safety in mind . While solo female travel in Greece is generally safe, it’s still wise to take precautions.

Always keep an eye on your belongings, especially in crowded tourist spots like Monastiraki Square in Athens and on the subway. You might even opt for a crossbody bag that sits in front of you or pickpocket-proof clothing or a money belt .

Also, use licensed taxis and share your itinerary with loved ones. Additionally, trust your instincts. If something feels off, it probably is.

2. Get a local SIM card. Staying connected is crucial, especially when you’re navigating unfamiliar places while alone in Greece.

A local SIM card gives you the freedom to use maps, translate phrases, and keep in touch with new friends or call emergency services. Some emergency numbers in Greece include:

  • 112 (emergency services)
  • 166 (ambulance)
  • 199 (fire department)
  • 100 (police)

There are travel safety apps that make calling for help easy while abroad, like TripWhistle Global SOS .

I recommend purchasing a Cosmote or Vodafone SIM Card. Or, if your phone uses an eSIM, you can install an Airalo eSIM before you arrive in Greece.

3. Make bookings in advance. Greece is a popular destination, and things can book up quickly, especially during high season between June and September. Book your accommodations and ferry tickets in advance to avoid last-minute stress.

4. Learn basic Greek phrases. While many Greeks speak English, knowing a few basic phrases can go a long way in making connections and navigating smaller, less touristy areas like the Greek islands.

5. Embrace “Greek Time”. The pace of life in Greece is slower than what you might be used to. Whether it’s waiting for a ferry or getting your meal at a taverna, patience is key. It’s all part of the experience, so embrace it. This will help you successfully travel solo in Greece.

Top Greece Tours For Solo Travelers

One of the best ways to gain a deeper understanding of the places you visit while meeting locals and making new friends during solo travel in Greece is to book a guided tour. A few top-rated tours in Greece include:

  • Athens All Included: Acropolis & Museum + Cultural Guided Walking Tour (Athens)
  • The Award-Winning Food Tour of Athens: 6 or 10 Tastings (Athens)
  • Santorini Wine Adventure: 3 Wineries with 12 Tastings & Tapas (Santorini)
  • Classic Catamaran Cruise with Meal, Drinks & Transfers (Santorini)
  • Combo Yacht Cruise to Rhenia + Guided Tour of Delos with Free Transfers (Mykonos)

Click here for a full list of Greece tours .

Costs Of Solo Travel To Greece

Greece can be both affordable and luxurious, depending on your travel style. Here’s a breakdown (in USD) to give you an idea of what to expect financially when planning your solo trip to Greece:

Accommodation. Hostels range from $20-$40 per night, depending on the location and time of year. Mid-range hotels can cost between $60-$120 per night, while luxury options start at $150 and go up from there.

This map can help you research accommodation in Greece. It’s currently set to Syntagma Square in Athens, but you can easily change it to your preferred solo travel destination in Greece:

Food. An important part of most solo holidays in Greece is the food. A meal at a local taverna will set you back around $10-$15. Street food like gyros or souvlaki costs around $3-$5. Dining in a more upscale, western-style restaurant can cost $20-$30 per meal.

This will also vary by destination. Mykonos Old Town will be more expensive than a remote village in Milos, for example, so keep this in mind when planning your solo trip budget .

Transport. Ferry tickets between islands vary but expect to pay around $20-$50 for shorter routes and up to $100 for longer ones.

This also depends on whether you want to take the slow or fast ferries. Public transport within cities like Athens is affordable, with tickets costing around $1.50 for a single journey. If you’re considering renting a car, prices start at around $30 per day.

Activities. Many historical sites have an entrance fee, ranging from $5-$20. Guided tours can start at $50 and go up depending on the length and exclusivity. If you’re into sailing, a day trip can cost around $100-$150.

Miscellaneous. Don’t forget to budget for things like SIM cards, which can cost around $10-$20 for a month’s worth of data, and travel insurance, which varies but averages around $50 for basic coverage.

By planning ahead and prioritizing your spending, you can have an enriching solo trip to Greece without breaking the bank.

Do You Need Travel Insurance For Greece?

When visiting Greece solo, it’s wise to get travel insurance.

One of the  best travel medical insurance for travelers  is SafetyWing as they’ve got a large network and offer both short-term and long-term coverage — including coverage if you’re traveling for months as well as limited coverage in your home country.

Additionally, SafetyWing is budget-friendly and offers $250,000 worth of coverage with just one low overall deductible of $250.

Click here to price out travel insurance for your trip in just a few clicks .

Traveling To Greece Alone: FAQ

Q) is greece safe to travel alone.

Yes, Greece is generally considered safe for solo travelers, including women; however, it’s always advisable to take standard safety precautions, such as avoiding poorly lit areas at night and keeping an eye on your belongings.

Q) Is Santorini safe for solo female travelers?

Santorini is a safer Greek island and popular among solo female travelers. Just exercise common sense, especially in crowded tourist spots, to ensure a hassle-free trip.

Q) What are the best Greek islands for solo travelers? 

The best islands for solo travelers include Santorini for its stunning views, Mykonos for socializing, Paros for a balanced experience, Naxos for pristine beaches, and Milos for off-the-beaten-path exploration. If you’re looking for the most affordable island, Naxos is a great option.

Q) Can you get around the Greek islands without a car?

Yes, you can. The Greek islands have a well-connected public transport system, including buses and ferries, making it easy to get around without a car.

Final Thoughts On Solo Travel In Greece

Embarking on a solo trip to Greece is more than just a vacation. It’s an enriching experience that offers a blend of history, culture, and natural beauty. From the vibey alleyways of Mykonos’s Little Venice to the expansive beaches of Naxos, Greece provides a diverse backdrop for all kinds of solo travelers. 

Whether you’re a solo female traveler seeking a safe and welcoming destination or someone looking to explore the best islands in Greece for solo travelers, this country has something for everyone. 

Navigating through Greece solo offers a unique sense of freedom and adventure, making it a must-visit for anyone looking to travel alone. So, if you’re contemplating Greece solo travel, don’t hesitate. Your perfect solo adventure awaits in this Mediterranean paradise.

What tips would you add to this guide on solo travel in Greece?

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About The Author

Haley is the founder of the global travel blog, Haley Blackall Travel . You’ll find in-depth destination guides, especially on Greek travel, amongst detailed itineraries and travel tips on many countries around the world. Follow her travels on Instagram .

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    Comprehensive map of Naxos Island, Cyclades, Aegean Sea, Greece. A map of Naxos Comprehensive map of Naxos Island, Cyclades, Aegean Sea, Greece. Share | Tell a friend about this site. Read about us on . Home. Hotel Index. Greek Islands. Athens. Tours & Cruises. Car Rental. Other Services.

  21. Map of Naxos beaches

    umbrellas, sunbeds, lifeguard, tavernas, café, beach bars, accommodation. Agios Prokopios beach is only 5km away from the centre of Naxos Town and is, according to most visitors, the most beautiful beach of the island. Its main characteristic is its deep turquoise waters and its tiny pebbles. In fact, it looks like a huge swimming pool ...

  22. Naxos Greece

    This map was created by a user. Learn how to create your own. Naxos Island hotels, studios, restaurants and motor rentals.

  23. Athens, Naxos, Santorini & Crete: Best Itinerary Ideas

    Most travelers will find 12 to 14 days perfect for a well-paced Greece trip with stops in Athens, Naxos, Santorini, and Crete's Heraklion and Chania. It's possible to hit the highlights in 10 or 11 days if you don't mind a fast-paced itinerary. Travelers with more time can enjoy extra sights and activities at each stop or explore more of the country—some favorite itinerary extensions include ...

  24. Why you MUST visit Naxos in 2024

    Naxos is noticeably different from its barren and weather-beaten neighbours, such as Mykonos and Milos, because it is the largest of the Cycladic islands and much more fertile. Its green and mountainous highland scenery is generous, this is an island of prosperity and abundance with endless potato fields, grazing cows, and fruit and olive groves.

  25. Solo Travel In Greece: Ultimate Guide (With Map!)

    Solo Travel In Greece: Ultimate Guide (With Map!) Story by Haley Blackall • 3mo. This solo travel in Greece guide shares everything you need to plan a safe and fun solo trip to Greece - with pre ...