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tour of normandy beaches

1. Mont Saint Michel Day Trip from Paris with English Speaking Guide

tour of normandy beaches

2. Normandy American D-Day Beaches Full Day Tour from Bayeux

tour of normandy beaches

3. Normandy D-Day Landing Beaches Day Trip with Cider Tasting & Lunch from Paris

tour of normandy beaches

4. Normandy D-Day Small-Group Day Trip with Omaha Beach, Cemetery & Cider Tasting

tour of normandy beaches

5. Utah & Omaha Beaches D-Day Group Tour from Bayeux

tour of normandy beaches

6. Giverny Half-Day Trip small group from Paris with Monet’s Gardens & Gravesite

tour of normandy beaches

7. Mont St Michel Full Day Tour with a National Guide from Bayeux

tour of normandy beaches

8. Versailles Palace and Giverny Monet House Guided Visit with Lunch from Paris

tour of normandy beaches

9. D-Day Landing Beaches Shore Excursion from Le Havre

tour of normandy beaches

10. A Full-Day Paris Tour from Le Havre for Cruise Passengers

tour of normandy beaches

11. Normandy D-Day Beaches and American Cemetery Day Trip from Paris

tour of normandy beaches

12. Full-Day Canadian Battlefields and Sites of Normandy Tour

tour of normandy beaches

13. Giverny Monet’s House and Gardens Half Day Tour from Paris

tour of normandy beaches

14. Mont Saint-Michel Day Trip from Bayeux (Shared tour)

tour of normandy beaches

15. Guided Tour of the Historic Center of Rouen

tour of normandy beaches

16. Normandy Battlefields Tour - American Sites (E1)

tour of normandy beaches

17. Mont Saint-Michel Small-Group Day Trip from Paris with Abbey & Cider Tasting

tour of normandy beaches

18. Omaha and Band Of Brothers Full Day Tour

tour of normandy beaches

19. Versailles Timed Entrance Ticket and Giverny Small Group Day Trip from Paris

tour of normandy beaches

20. Private guided American D-Day Tour from Bayeux

tour of normandy beaches

21. Giverny's Monet House & Versailles Palace Day Trip from Paris

tour of normandy beaches

22. Mt St. Michel Private Tour with Abbey tickets and tour guide

tour of normandy beaches

23. Full-Day American Battlefields and Sites of Normandy Tour from Bayeux (E1LST)

tour of normandy beaches

24. British & American D-Day Experience

tour of normandy beaches

25. Private Full day American D-Day Guided Tour in Bayeux

tour of normandy beaches

26. Giverny Monet House and Gardens Skip the line Walking tour

tour of normandy beaches

27. Omaha and Utah beaches

tour of normandy beaches

28. Private Guided Tour in WW2 Jeep of the Landing Beaches

tour of normandy beaches

29. 2 Days Mont Saint Michel, Loire Castles Guided Tour

tour of normandy beaches

30. Giverny & Auvers sur Oise Private Day Trip with Monet & Van Gogh Tour from Paris

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Bridget S

  • Normandy D-Day Landing Beaches Day Trip with Cider Tasting & Lunch from Paris
  • Mont Saint Michel Day Trip from Paris with English Speaking Guide
  • Normandy American D-Day Beaches Full Day Tour from Bayeux
  • Normandy D-Day Small-Group Day Trip with Omaha Beach, Cemetery & Cider Tasting
  • Giverny Half-Day Trip small group from Paris with Monet’s Gardens & Gravesite
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  • Bayeux Shuttle
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  • World War II Veterans' Memories
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  • D-Day Historian - Paul Woodadge
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  • Découverte de la Baie du Mont Saint Michel
  • Granville 360°
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Band of Brothers Tours

Bringing history to life.

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This is an adventure designed for your bucket list and your pocket book. Feel the sands of the landing beaches between your toes, stand at the very foxholes where heroes fought for your freedom and breathe the Alpine air at Hitler’s Eagle’s Nest.


The ultimate trip through the American WWII effort: our Band of Brothers Tour is an epic journey from Normandy to Hitler's Eagle's Nest via the battlefields of the Battle of the Bulge in the footsteps of the famous Easy Company.



Choose from our special 80th Anniversary D-Day tours in 2024 and pay tribute to American heroes on the most iconic sites of World War II during the commemorations.



Numerous historical sites tell the tales of the rise, the fall and the aftermath of Hitler’s Third Reich on this tour. Join us at the epicentre of WWII, where the Führer rallied followers, commanded armies, held events and eventually met his demise.



Hit all the essential sites on this streamlined 10-day tour combining the air war related sites with the iconic vehicles on display at the Bovington Tank Museum and finishing off with a cultural intake of the prehistoric monument of Stonehenge.



Our signature tour gives you an opportunity to thoroughly explore the beaches and the sites of Normandy connected to the D-Day landings. This tour is designed for people who want to enjoy military history and culture alike on their vacation in Normandy.

Our first-class historical tours take you on a journey through iconic World War II sites around Europe, as well as the most emblematic moments of American heroism of the time. From the Normandy beaches to Bastogne and the Bavarian Alps we guide you through the significant events and experiences of the war that changed the world. Band of Brothers Tour is a registered brand and protected trademark in the European Union by Beaches of Normandy Tours.

The first days of the tour dive into all five landing beaches, with a special focus on the American landing sectors. We then head east through the Ardennes to Belgium, where passengers can crouch in the foxholes of Bois Jacques and learn about the vehicles that defined the Allied war effort during the Battle of the Bulge and the Siege of Bastogne. Our journey ends in Germany, where we learn about the context of the Nazi regime, a sobering visit to the very first concentration camp of Dachau and we top off the tour with a day trip to the Bavarian Alps, where we visit the famous Eagle's Nest on top of the Kehlstein mountain.

Band of Brothers Tour review

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2 Days in Normandy: The D-Day Landing Beaches & Mont St. Michel

Last updated: September 14, 2023 . Written by Laurence Norah - 35 Comments

Despite living in France for three years, I didn’t do much sight seeing. So when the opportunity arose to spend 2 days in Normandy, visiting Mont St. Michel and the D-Day Landing beaches in the north-west of the country, we leapt at it.

We didn’t have a great deal of time to play with as we were visiting my parents further south in France, but we gave ourselves a couple of days in Normandy, basing ourselves near Mont St. Michel, with the aim of exploring both that and the Normandy D-Day Landing Beaches.

2 Days in Normandy - Mont St Michel France

Which was what we did. In this post, we’re going to share everything you need to know to spend two days in Normandy, including some tips on where to stay.

We’ve also put some tour options together in case you don’t want to do this all yourself. The closest tour to the itinerary we have described is this one , which departs from Paris, but we have a number of options including tours departing from Bayeux.

Now though, let’s get started with our guide to exploring the Normandy Landing beaches and Mont St. Michel over two days.

2 Days in Normandy

Day 1: visit mont st. michel.

When we visited Mont St. Michel and the D-Day beaches we were travelling from the UK. We took the overnight ferry with Brittany Ferries from Portsmouth to St. Malo. This meant that we had a good night’s sleep, arriving into France at around 9am local time.

Our guest house was an hour’s drive from St. Malo, and they were fine with us arriving early, so we did just that. After dropping our belongings off and parking the car, our first day was largely spent exploring Mont St. Michel.

2 Days in Normandy - Mont St. Michel

This was, very conveniently, within walking distance of our guest house . This is a handy tip – if you’re going to stay near Mont St. Michel, stay within walking distance.

There’s no way to drive to the island on your own, and if you park there’s a daily fee for doing so (unless you park in the evening when it becomes free). And I’m sure you’d prefer to spend that money on a nice bottle of local cider, or a few glasses of wine, like we did.

There is a causeway to the island, and a free shuttle bus runs from the car park to the island. However, I’d suggest that for your first visit, you walk all the way to the island. The views are gorgeous all the way, and you can really appreciate the magnificence of the island as you get closer to it. Then, you can get the shuttle bus on the way home!

2 Days in Normandy - Bus to Mont St. Michel

The island itself had more on it than I was expecting. There’s a whole village, with shops, two ATM’s, a number of restaurants and of course, plenty of places to buy souvenirs from your visit. There are even hotels on the island, so you can stay over and enjoy Mont St. Michel when the crowds dissipate for the night.

Speaking of crowds, the streets are narrow, so it can get crowded. We visited on a less busy than average day, and it still got tight in places, so I imagine that in summer it must be very busy!

2 Days in Normandy - Mont St Michel reflections square

After stopping for lunch (many places do a menu of the day option for €17 – €20), we followed the street up to the Abbey which crowns the hill. This is the key point of pilgrimage for visitors, and the focal point of the island.

It’s not free to visit the Abbey, with opening hours varying depending on the season. Check the latest opening hours and prices here .

We suggest buying your ticket in advance online here to skip the queues. The online price is the same as buying it in person.

The good news is that entry includes an hour-long guided tour. Tours depart somewhat regularly and are offered in both French and English.

Obviously, we went for the English language option, and had a wonderful tour that taught us about the history of the abbey, the key events that led to its construction and look today, as well as the function of many of the rooms.

If you visit, I’d very much recommend taking the tour to learn a bit about the place. But if there is not a tour going during your visit, you can also purchase an audioguide or just do a self-guided tour with the free leaflet included.

2 Days in Normandy - Interior Mont St Michel Abbey

Finally, once the tour was over, we headed out of the abbey and took the bus back to the mainland, where we had a spot of dinner accompanied by some excellent Normandy cider.

I then spent the evening capturing the sunset over the Mont, which was just gorgeous. So good in fact that I went the next night as well!

Mont St Michel France

Day 2: Visit the D-Day Normandy Landing Beaches

Our second day in Normandy was a busy one. Having had a full day to explore Mont St. Michel at our leisure, we set ourselves the challenge of visiting some of the D-Day landing beaches in France.

There are quite a variety of sights, museums, memorials and attractions to visit, but we only had a day, so put together an itinerary that we felt was going to give us a good overview of the area and history. Here’s what we did, which we think makes for a good day of exploring the D-Day landing beaches and museums.

1. Utah Beach & Utah Beach D-Day Museum

We started by visiting Utah beach, where there is an excellent D-Day museum dedicated to the landings at Utah Beach.

From our research, this was indicated to be one of the best D-Day landing museums, and even though time meant we didn’t visit any of the others, it was certainly an excellent way to start our journey.

Utah Beach Memorial

With a focus on the events at Utah Beach specifically, one of the US landing beaches, the museum went over the key highlights of 6th June 1944, including the planning leading up to it, and the story of the day itself.

There was an excellent video about the day, oral histories as well as objects and vehicles that were used.

Most impressive of these is an original B-26 bomber, one of six surviving in the world, and of the same type as those used during the bombing runs that happened in the moments before the men landed on the beach.

Utah beach museum

We then spent some time on the actual beach, and viewing the various memorials. It’s hard to really visualise what it must have been like here all those years ago, and I have to say that visiting the museum was a really worthwhile way to get a really good overview of how it was.

Utah Beach Memorial

We then had a break for lunch in the wonderful Le Roosevelt Cafe, built around a bunker which housed a German communications center. Then, we headed on to:

2. Normandy American Cemetery and Memorial

Found in Coleville-Sur-Mer, and managed by the American Battle Monuments Commission, the Normandy American Cemetry and Memorial is the final resting place of over 9,000 US military personnel, the majority of whom lost their lives either during the D-Day landings, or in the days and weeks following the landings.

American War Cemetery Normandy

It was the first US WW2 cemetery on European soil, and was established as a temporary location on the 8th of June – two days after the landings started – a necessity given the high casualty rates, particularly at nearby Omaha Beach, which was the most heavily defended of all the landing locations.

American War Cemetery Normandy Theodore Roosevelt

Today, there is a visitor center, a memorial, chapel, and of course, the cemetery itself, all of which are free to visitors.

The visitor center is excellent, telling the story of the landings with a focus on the personal stories and losses of the people involved, particularly at Omaha beach.

It’s very worth taking some time to fully explore this. Then, of course, the cemetery is a sombre reminder of quite how many people died in this conflict.

3. Omaha Beach Monument

From the War Cemetery we headed back down to Omaha Beach itself, and the monument to the D-Day landings.

There are actually two installations here – the huge monument itself, and a huge stainless steel art installation known as “The Braves”, which commemorates the 60th anniversary of the landings.

Omaha Beach Memorial

Both are worth looking at, and of course, you’ll want to spend some time here on the beach as we did, casting your mind back across the decades, and just trying to get a tiny idea of the horrors that were witnessed here.

4. Pointe Du Hoc

Our last stop on our D-Day Landings Day was Pointe Du Hoc. This is a rocky cliff top area, the highest point of land between Utah and Omaha beaches, and during WW2, was a heavily defended German installation and lookout point.

It was thought that the destruction of this stronghold was going to be critical to the success of the D-Day landings, as the six 155mm guns that were believed to be installed here could have wreaked devastation on forces landing at both Omaha and Utah beaches.

American Battle Monument Point Du Hoc 3

To accomplish this mission, a 225 strong force of US Rangers was dispatched in the early hours of June 6th, with the mission of scaling the 100ft cliffs and destroying the 155mm guns.

As it turned out, the guns had all been moved to a nearby orchard to protect them from Allied bombardments, so whilst the rangers did find them and destroy them, the risk was not as great as first thought. The battle for Pointe Du Hoc was also costly, with 70 percent casualties, so even though deemed a success, it was with a brutal loss of life.

American Battle Monument Point Du Hoc

Today, Pointe Du Hoc serves as a monument to the Rangers who fought here. Other than the encroachment of nature, the site is not much different today to how it was when the Rangers landed.

Many of the original concrete bunkers, bomb craters and installations are still in place, and you can freely wander the area, and marvel at the challenges that must have faced the men landing here, from the rough seas to the 100ft cliffs to the barbed wire.

There is also a visitor centre, although it had just closed when we arrived. If it is something that interests you though, you can check the opening hours here to be sure that you schedule your day appropriately.

 American Battle Monument Point Du Hoc 2

Pointe Du Hoc was the last stop on our tour of the Normandy D-Day beaches. It wasn’t the sort of day that fills you with joy, but I certainly learnt a great deal, and left with a heightened sense of admiration and respect for the many people who gave their lives so Europe and the world could be free.

Now, on to answering some questions you might have, as well as some practicalities.

Where we stayed in Normandy

There are lots of options for accommodation at Mont St. Michel. We found ourselves a little chambre d’hote , which is the French equivalent of a B&B.

This was excellent value, and within walking a half hour’s walk of Mont St. Michel – and more importantly, a ten-minute walk to where I was able to get photos like this:

Mont St Michel sunset Vanguard

We actually found that there are lots of these in the Mont St. Michel area, you can see Mont St Michel listings here on

There were three Chambres D’Hotes near each other, including the one we stayed at , with a price for two people, including breakfast, usually in the region of €70 – €120. Definitely an option worth investigating.

How To Get Around Normandy

Since we took the ferry, we were able to take our own car to France. This was very handy, and definitely meant we got to see everything we wanted to see at our pace.

I’d definitely recommend a car as the best option to get as much in as you can for your trip. If you’re coming from the UK, Brittany Ferries operates to a number of destinations in France, with Cherbourg, St. Malo and Caen likely to be your best options for a trip like the one we did.

If you’re looking to hire a car in France, then we recommend Rentalcar’s car rental price comparison tool . It checks all the major car hire companies and we find it usually comes up with the best deal.

Tours of Normandy and the D-Day Beaches

If you would rather not have the hassle of planning your car hire or hotels, it’s also possible to visit the D-Day beaches and Mont St. Michel on a guided tour. This will also carry the benefit that you will have someone on hand to explain the significance of what you are seeing.

It is possible to do this as a day trip from Paris, however the day trips will focus on either Mont St. Michel or the D-Day Beaches, as doing both would be challenging in a day from Paris. There are however two day (and longer) tours like this which cover both sights. Here are some options:

  • A 1 day tour from Paris of Mont. St Michel , which includes transport and your entry ticket
  • A 1 day tour from Paris of the Normandy D-Day landing beaches , which includes transport, museum entry and guide
  • A 2-day tour of Normandy, Saint Malo and Mont St Michel from Paris , which includes transport, overnight 4* accommodation, some meals, a guide, and entrance fees. This would be our recommended option from Paris if you have the time as it covers many of the locations in our guide.

There are many more tours to choose from, you can see a selection on Viator here , and GetYourGuide here

These tours all run from Paris as this is the most popular departure point. However, there are also tours from Bayeux in Normandy, which you can reach by a 2.5 hour train from Paris. In this case, we’d suggest booking a 1 day tour of the D-Day beaches, and a 1 day tour of Mont. St Michel. Here are some options:

  • A 1 day tour of Mont St. Michel , including transport and guide
  • A private 1 day tour of Mont St. Michel , also including transport and guide. This is a similar tour with departure from either Caen or Bayeux.
  • A 1 day small group tour of the D-Day beaches , with a particular focus on the beaches used by the American forces.

Getting To Normandy from the UK

As mentioned above, we took the ferry from Portsmouth to St. Malo (and back again!) with Brittany Ferries .

We had a four berth cabin on both crossings, which was particularly handy for the night crossing to France as it meant we could have a good night’s sleep. Each cabin also includes a sink, toilet, and shower so you can arrive feeling refreshed.

Brittany Ferries Cabin Bretagne

The boat was also well equipped, and we enjoyed an excellent dinner on board on our way to France, and a lovely lunch on the day crossing back. In the evening, after our dinner, we went and watched the cabaret show (and partook of the excellent bar!), with Jess having a huge cocktail and me going for a slightly simpler beer option.

Brittany Ferries Dinne Bretagne

Jess also got involved in the magic show (this seems to happen to her a lot!), as a man rather worryingly stuck a sword through her throat. This was a lot of fun, and overall, we’re happy to recommend the Brittany Ferries experience to anyone looking to travel to and from the UK by ferry with a car.

Bretagne Ferry Brittany Ferry crossing

Further Reading for your Visit

We’ve written more about France to help you plan your visit to this lovely country. Here are some resources we think you’ll find useful:

  • We have a 2 Day Paris Itinerary as well as a 3 Day Paris Itinerary
  • We also have a guide to spending a day in Paris , if you’re on a really tight schedule and just want to focus on the highlights
  • Our guide to the Best Photography Locations in Paris
  • A full review of the Paris Pass , to help you save money on your visit, as well as a review of the Paris Museum Pass
  • A guide to the best afternoon tea in Paris
  • A guide to choosing the best Seine Boat River tour
  • A guide to recognising and avoiding common Paris scams

And that pretty much wraps up our two days experience in Normandy! Have you ever visited the sights in the article? Have any tips or experiences to share? Let us know about them in the comments below!

Cloudy exterior Mont St Michel France

So you know, we received complimentary tickets from Brittany Ferries to and from the UK for two people and a car. All other expenses, including meals and drinks on the boat, as well as our accommodation and activities in France, we covered ourselves. As always, you can read our code of ethics to find out how we choose to work with!

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Michael Giblin says

11th January 2024 at 5:18 am

Hi Jessica Thanks for the interesting article, especially the links to other information. We plan to go to France in Septembers, spend 6 nights in Paris then take the train to Bayeux rent a car and spend 3 days visiting the Normandy sites then spend 3 nights in Tours visiting the Loire Valley. Then take the train To Paris and head home. Your travel log is really helpful because after reading yours and many travel logs, we realize we can rent a car and do self-guided tours and go at our own pace. My wife speaks French so that will be a big help. Thank you.

Laurence Norah says

13th January 2024 at 2:00 pm

It’s our pleasure Michael, have a wonderful trip to France and do let us know if you have any questions!

Eileen Cowley says

9th September 2023 at 2:08 am

I love all this wonderful and insiteful information about a 2 day Normandy visit. We will visit Mont St. Michel on the 1st day, and the beaches you recommended on the second. Should we stay 2 nights in the hotel close to St. Michel. or check out, visit the beaches and choose another location close to Point de Hoc? Thank you!

10th September 2023 at 3:05 pm

Thanks very much! So I would probably recommend checking out and moving on so you don’t have to drive backwards and forward so much. Of course, it will depend a bit on your overall itinerary, but personally I’d find somewhere closer to where you’ll be visiting on your second day.

Have a lovely time in France, let me know if you have any more questions!

Linda Karol says

16th July 2022 at 8:07 pm

Hello! My so is in the Air Force and was recently involved in the DDay Reinactment. I will go onto your Facebook site and post some of his pictures for you.

21st July 2022 at 7:54 pm

Thank you very much Linda 🙂

26th June 2022 at 8:49 pm

we are staying in Dol De Bretagne for a week ( arriving in st Malo) then driving up to normandy on the Friday so we can see the D Day beaches etc before getting the ferry on the Sunday from Caen back to the UK. we will have 2 days and your itinerary has been big help , where do you think the best place to stay is please ? Caen ? Bayeux , or somewhere else. we need to be at Caen for 7.30 on the Sunday morning for the ferry so don’t want to have to travel too far to get there. we are leaving Dol early fri morning so will have 2 full days . thanks for your help

27th June 2022 at 9:50 am

I think either Caen or Bayeux would work. Caen would obviously be easier for your early morning ferry, so I might opt for that, and it’s not too far to the majority of beaches. There are also lots of accommodation options in Caen as you can see here .

Have a great trip and let me know if you have any more questions!

Nicolas Mata says

14th June 2022 at 2:31 pm

Very educational. By the way, how did you create your own blog?

14th June 2022 at 4:19 pm

Thanks Nicolas! I created it initially back in 2010 using Google’s free Blogger service. Then I migrated to a paid service using WordPress. We actually have a complete guide to starting a blog , which you might find interesting 🙂

Patricia says

6th June 2022 at 5:15 pm

Fantastic comments and beautiful photos. Thank you

6th June 2022 at 5:50 pm

Thanks very much Patricia!

Stuart Robertson says

20th April 2022 at 6:55 pm

As the majority of troops to land on D-Day were British, it’s a shame you visited exclusively American sites. For information, Omaha was not the most heavily defended beach, Sword was.

20th April 2022 at 7:55 pm

Thanks for your comment! As my wife is American and had family members who took part in the landings, those were the beaches we chose to visit as they had the most personal connection to us. My grandfather was British, but I believe his war was primarily in Italy. Of course we are grateful for all their service, but don’t feel they would think any the less of us for which beach we visited. Hopefully we will be able to return soon and see more of the landing locations.

In terms of Omaha vs Sword, do you have a citation for that? The Imperial War Museum website here state that Omaha was the most heavily defended of the beaches, but I would add I am happy to change the information if there’s a more authoritative source.

Thanks again for your comment!

Linda Hyers says

4th March 2020 at 9:43 pm

We are going to Paris mid July and want to go to Normandy & St Michel. Looks like most of the tours leave on Thurs. we need to tour on Tues-Friday. Any ideas?

5th March 2020 at 2:05 pm

Hmm, that is a bit of a conundrum. I have a few options for you, depending on your budget.

First, there are a number of private tours you can take, where the day is less relevant. However, these are definitely more pricey. There are quite a few options listed on Viator, such as this one .

You might also try reaching out to Context Travel who do custom private tours of Normandy here . You get a 10% discount with our link too.

If the above options are out of budget, I have another idea.

You could take a 1 day tour of the Normandy Beach locations, like this one .

The advantage of the above tour is that is actually starts in Caen train station, not Paris, so you are not paying for a return trip to Paris as part of the tour. Instead, you would need to book your own train ticket to Caen. The fastest train takes around 2h – 2h30, so if you get an early train you can be in Caen by 9am.

You would then take the full day tour of the D-Day beaches and sights, which are harder to see without a tour or if you don’t have your own transport. You can then overnight in Caen, or head on to Mont St. Michel.

There’s a direct bus from Caen to Mont St. Michel, which takes around 3 hours. You can book this online. You can then spend the day exploring Mont St. Michel before heading back to Paris.

I appreciate this would be a bit more work on your end, but it would be much more cost effective than a private tour, and you would only need to book your train / coach tickets. You can book both of those in advance here .

Let me know if you need any further advice, I’m happy to help!

22nd February 2020 at 2:47 pm

Hi !!! Love the way you write and off course your photografy! My soon to be 15 year old son wants a trip to the D day beaches. We will be in London for 6 days then Paris for two days then we plan to be in Normandy for two days and we want to make sure we see Mt St Michel and the D day beaches! (Great suggestions from you on the aviator tours for 1 day only on those- we most probably book that) Is any way we can go from there back to London (to depart to the US) with out going back to Paris? Somebody suggested the ferry but then is there a train to London ? We obviously won’t have a car.

22nd February 2020 at 2:54 pm

Thanks very much Maria!

So yes, you can definitely take a ferry from Normandy or Brittany to the UK. Ferries depart from Caen, Cherbourg, Le Havre or Saint Malo and go to Portsmouth, and then it’s easy to take a train from Portsmouth directly to London, it takes around 2 hours. There’s also plenty to see in Portsmouth!

A couple of guides you might find useful:

This guide to getting from Paris to London, which actually has ferry information for all the major ports you should find helpful:

This guide to things to do in Portsmouth:

Let me know if I can help any more, and have a great trip!

Kristi says

12th February 2020 at 1:07 am

This info is fantastic. We’re planning a trip in June from London into Paris, then Normandy. Frankly, Normandy is to be our highlight, as its my husband’s 50th and its a bucket list item. We are taking our three kids (8,12, 14) and all love history. I’m doing my homework and came across your site. Thank you for this info. I’m still trying to figure out the best way to see both MSM and the American beaches/cemetery/museum. should we have a hub in Caen? We do want to take our time in the Normandy region and not be too rushed. Thank you!!

12th February 2020 at 1:35 pm

Thanks very much! I would definitely recommend having a base somewhere so you can have at least two days to explore. You’ll need at least a full day for the D-Day sites, and at least half a day for MSM. We based ourselves near MSM, but that was purely because I love photography, so I wanted to be within walking distance of the Mount at sunset and sunrise! Caen would make a great base for both, easy for the beaches and other D-Day sites, and within easy driving distance of MSM. It’s also accessible by direct train from Paris in 2 hours, which is going to be the fastest way to get there, and then you can hire a car in Caen.

Let me know if you have any more questions, I hope you have a wonderful trip and happy birthday to your husband 😀

Michelle says

21st October 2019 at 9:49 pm

We are traveling from Paris to Rennes by train. Renting a car and driving to Mont St Michel. I would love to see Dinan but it may possibly be to far “out of the way” and I don’t want to rush MSM but a few hours should be plenty there…? I would like to stay somewhere near MSM for one night. Then the next morning drive to Bayeux and DDay beaches staying in Caen to return car and hop on the train back to Paris. Any suggestions of towns to visit or see along the route from MSM to Bayeux? Also any suggestions of towns to stay in near MSM.

25th October 2019 at 4:51 pm

Hi Michelle!

Sorry for the slow response! We’ve been moving house, which has been a bit time consuming, and left us without internet for a while.

Anyway, you are correct, a few hours at Mont St Michel would be more than enough. It’s around an hour from Mont St. Michel to Dinan, so that would be theoretically doable in the same day.

From MSM to Bayeux is only 1h 38 minutes. So I would suggest just heading up that way and straight to the coast and the beaches, which run for a fair distance along the coast north of Bayeux.

For accommodation near MSM, well, you can either stay on the Mont itself, or one of the nearby villages. If you look at the map on this page , you should get an idea of nearby accommodation options 🙂

Have a great trip!

Susan Haydon says

29th May 2019 at 7:42 am

Hi Laurence,

We are off to Normandy this coming weekend. Do you have an approximate cost of entry fees to museums etc. or can you point me in the right direction to find these? Also, I would love to print this article to take with us. Is there a way to print it without all the ads?

Thank you to you and Jess for the excellent coverage of this wonderful location.

29th May 2019 at 10:59 am

So we don’t have a print feature like that – the best option would be to temporarily install an ad blocking extension I think. Alternatively you could copy the text into a word document and delete the ads / images.

For the museums, the prices are quite well hidden, if you can even find the website 😉 They vary, but i would estimate between €8 and €12 euros on average. For example, here are the Utah Museum prices:

Have a wonderful trip, do let us know how you get on 🙂

29th May 2019 at 12:48 pm

Many thank, will do ????

17th October 2019 at 6:42 pm

I hope you had a great trip. This is too late for your Normandy trip, but in case you use our site in the future, I just wanted to let you know that we finally figured out how to implement a print feature, so you can now print ad and image free versions of all our pages from the print button on the site.

stephane yao says

29th April 2019 at 3:49 am

Hi Laurence, we plan to take on 1 day trip from the mont st michelle to the destination deauville. During this day, is it possible to follow your 3 landing location in 1 day by a rented car?

sincerly Stéphane

30th April 2019 at 5:41 pm

Hi Stéphane,

This is definitely possible as Jess and I did exactly this 🙂 So you shouldn’t have any problems,

8th April 2019 at 11:34 am

Hi there im heading to st.malo at the end of this month with hubbie is there a tour bus r train that culd take us to utah beach and the ww11 memorial that u mentioned thankyou

8th April 2019 at 11:43 am

It’s around a 2.5 hour drive to the D-Day beaches from St. Malo, so most tour companies instead operate from nearer locations like Cherbourg. From St. Malo, most tours are focused instead on Mont St. Michel. So the best option is likely to rent a car and drive yourself as I have not been able to find a tour from St. Malo. It is of course possible that they exist, but you might have to contact the local tourism office in St. Malo for information.

8th April 2019 at 12:03 pm

Thankyou Laurence

betseysheprow says

2nd February 2019 at 7:54 pm

is it possible to get a group guided tour of normandy and is it worth it?

3rd February 2019 at 11:49 am

It is certainly possible, here are two options, this one from Caen, and this one from Paris .

We have never done a tour like this so I can’t comment if it is worth it, but the reviews are positive, and we think that having a guide to help walk you through some of the history can only be a good thing 🙂

Have a great trip

20th April 2022 at 7:13 pm

Do bear in mind its a 9 hour round trip drive from central Paris to Utah Beach. A day trip from Paris is doable but it’s much better to get an early train from St Laxare to Carentan (depart 7am & 2.5 hrs) and then get a tour commencing there (look up Allan Bryson – a great guide).

20th April 2022 at 7:57 pm

This is absolutely true. We definitely feel the train is a better option and ideally folks should spend at least one night as well in the area if possible, if not more!

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Visiting the D-Day Beaches: With Normandy Beach Map

Monument to WWII

Learn more about the historic Normandy Beaches during Context's Full-Day Private Tour with Private Car Service

Over one million people visit the beaches of Normandy every year to pay respects to the soldiers who lost their lives and experience the site of one of World War II’s most crucial turning points.

When was the D-Day Invasion?

D-Day, also known as Operation Overlord, was a significant event in history that took place on June 6, 1944. It marked the beginning of the Allied invasion of Normandy during World War II – which continued until July 24, 1944.

On this day, a massive amphibious assault was launched on the beaches of Normandy, France, by British, American, Canadian, and other Allied forces. D-Day represented a pivotal moment in the war, as it opened a crucial front against Nazi Germany and ultimately led to the liberation of Western Europe from the control of the Axis powers.

If you’re interested in touring this historic site, here’s what you need to know about planning a visit to the D-Day beaches in Normandy.

Can you visit D-Day Beaches?

Visitors can walk the beaches, but those inclined to learn more about history can visit dozens of nearby museums and monuments. Planning ahead will help you optimize your itinerary and ensure you get the most out of this impactful experience.

Context offers a Full-Day D-Day and Normandy Beaches Tour so you can explore key Normandy landmarks, including Normandy Landing Beaches, Pointe du Hoc, Omaha Beach, The Normandy American Cemetery and Memorial, and the Mulberry Harbour at Arromaches.

An expert on D-Day history leads the full-day tour, and it is a meaningful and educational opportunity to learn more about the events of June 6, 1944 and their impact on European liberation.

tour of normandy beaches

What were the 5 beaches on D-Day?

Code-named Operation Overlord, the Allied Operation included over 156,000 American, British, and Canadian troops landing on five beaches along a 50-mile stretch of coastline occupied by Germans. This meticulously planned amphibious military assault is widely considered the turning point in World War II and ultimately led to the liberation of France and the rest of Western Europe.

1. Utah Beach

Utah Beach was a last-minute addition to the plan due to its proximity to Cherbourg, a port city. Sadly, many U.S. paratroopers perished when their heavy equipment weighed them down in the flooded marshlands near the beach. Others landed outside their drop zones, but they eventually secured the beach’s only four exit points.

2. Omaha Beach

Because U.S. troops suffered massive casualties at Omaha beach, it is named the bloodiest beach on D-Day. About 2,400 U.S. troops were dead, wounded, or missing once the battle ended. Omaha beach was flanked by steep cliffs and was heavily defended, making it a perilous and devastating battle scene.

3. Gold Beach

British troops stormed Gold Beach, located in the middle of the five D-Day Beaches, about an hour after Utah and Omaha (due to the direction of the tides). While the Germans initially had a stronghold on the beach, British warships, aerial attacks, and armored vehicles proved victorious.

4. Sword Beach

Canadian and British troops invaded Sword Beach’s eastern flank and took out key bridges to prevent German reinforcements from arriving. The Germans answered with moderate fire, but the British and Canadian troops took out critical German artillery resources.

5. Juno Beach

Rough seas made for a challenging landing at Juno Beach, giving German soldiers the initial upper hand. Canadian troops faced monumental casualties as Germans fired from seaside bunkers. However, as soon as German resistance slowed, Canadians quickly advanced inland and captured several towns.

tour of normandy beaches

World War II Sites to Visit in Normandy

Did you know that D-Day was only the beginning of the Allied Invasion of Normandy? For twelve more weeks after June 6th, Allied forces continued to fight . Normandy played a large role in World War II, so it's no surprise that history buffs flock to the area to see the many significant locations across this region firsthand.

Omaha Beach

The serenity of Omaha Beach today starkly contrasts the violent scene that occurred here nearly 80 years ago. Visitors walk the coastline and honor those who lost their lives in a wartime battle that lives in infamy.

Visitors can also see remnants of the artificial harbor constructed by the Allies, known as Mulberry Harbour, and view the German bunkers and fortifications that remain on the beach. There are also several museums in the area, including the Omaha Beach Memorial Museum.

Normandy American Cemetery

Just beyond Omaha, the Normandy American Cemetery honors the American troops who gave their lives on the D-Day beaches. It is a poignant way to pay tribute to the legacy of those U.S. troops who never had the opportunity to return home.

Each of the 9,386 headstones contains the name, date of death, service unit, and country where he volunteered, except for the 307 who have no name. There is also a monument to the 1,557 servicemembers whose mortal remains were lost.

Caen Memorial Museum

As you make your way across the D-Day sites, plan a visit to the Caen Memorial Museum . The Museum focuses on the Battle of Normandy and 20th-century history, offering visitors unique insights into the events that marked World War II.

With a range of exhibits that provide a glimpse into the wartime life of troops and civilians, the Museum offers multimedia experiences, films, and a firsthand look at personal items from soldiers.


Today, this picturesque town is known as a seaside resort, but its coast, Gold Beach, played a major role in the Normandy landings.

Gold Beach was one of the beaches designated to receive man-made landing harbors on D-Day, also known as Mulberry Harbours. The harbors were specially created to float across the English Channel and serve as temporary harbors on D-Day. Many of the large concrete blocks remain in Arromanches today as a reminder of its significance to World War II.


Longues-sur-Mer was a battery built by the German navy and strategically positioned between the Omaha and Gold Beaches. On D-Day, Longues-sur-Mer was the site of an extended gunfight between the Allied fleet and the Germans. British troops eventually landed at Gold Beach and captured both the position and the surviving German soldiers.

Visitors today can see the original cannon and take in the view from the firing command. Longues-sur-Mer is one of the best-preserved World War II sites anywhere in France, giving visitors an unparalleled view not just of the Bay of Seine, but of what life was like on that fateful day in 1944.

Map of D-Day Beaches

tour of normandy beaches

Each beach has its own unique history, and as you examine the map you’ll gain a deeper understanding of the scale and scope of this historic operation.

To look at a Normandy Beach map is not just a lesson in geography; it’s a lesson in understanding what happened on June 6, 1944. Looking at the map, you can imagine the struggles, triumphs, and heart-wrenching losses suffered on the sand.

Whether you’re zooming in for a closer look at each beach’s remaining craters, or as you stand in person on the hillside above a neverending sea of white headstones, you’ll come away with a sense of gratitude, awe, and respect for those who gave their lives on the beaches of Normandy.

Tips and Tricks for Visiting the Normandy Beaches:

  • Hire a Context Tour Guide, with Private Car Service: A knowledgeable local historian can offer unique insights into each landmark’s significance to WWII and provide you with a more personalized experience. Additionally, while it is possible to visit the beaches using public transportation, it's much more convenient to rent a car and book a tour. This will give you more flexibility to explore the area at your own pace.
  • Dress appropriately: Wear comfortable clothes and shoes for walking, and bring a jacket in case it gets cold or rainy. Because you will be along the coastline, wind gusts can be an important factor when planning your wardrobe.
  • Pack snacks and water bottles: Weather conditions can be brutal, especially during the summer. While most museums do offer concessions, it’s important to be prepared with adequate water and snacks to keep yourself comfortable throughout the day.
  • Consider visiting early or late in the day: To avoid crowds, it's best to visit the beaches early in the morning or later in the afternoon.
  • Allow plenty of time: Plan to spend a full day or more exploring the Normandy beaches. There is a lot to see and learn, and rushing through the sites won't do them justice. You’ll also want to consider the seasonal tides so that you can safely walk along the beaches.
  • Respect the sites: The D-Day beaches and surrounding areas are sacred places. Show respect by not littering, staying on designated paths, and not disturbing any artifacts.
  • Take a moment for reflection: The D-Day beaches are solemn places that hold somber historical significance. Take a moment to reflect on the sacrifices made by the thousands of brave souls who fought and died there.

tour of normandy beaches

Tour the D-Day Beaches

Enhance your Normandy experience with a guided tour of the D-Day Beaches with a local expert. Our Full-Day D-Day and Normandy Beaches Tour has exclusive insights into World War II history to ensure you leave Normandy with a complete understanding and appreciation for its pivotal role in the war.

If you’re looking for other opportunities to learn more about Normandy, take our Full-Day Mont-Saint-Michel Tour and see this gravity-defying medieval monastery with an expert guide.

Learn more about the Normandy Beaches with Context Learning

Are you planning a trip to France? Check out Context’s Upcoming Online Seminars and Courses about France – which feature local experts in WWII History, Archaeology, and Art History.

Or, stream French History and Culture content instantly through Context On-Demand – hosted by the same local experts who lead our tours.

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Good Morning Normandie

The Best Tours to Visit the D-Day Beaches

On June 6, 1944, the world witnessed one of the most daring and significant military operations in history: the invasion of Normandy, also known as D-Day. On this pivotal day, Allied forces, primarily comprised of American, British, and Canadian soldiers, initiated a massive assault on the beaches of Normandy, aiming to liberate Europe from the oppressive grip of Nazi rule.

Their bravery, resolve, and sacrifices were instrumental in altering the course of World War II and shaping the history of Europe and the world.

voir la pointe du hoc normandie

Today, these landing beaches serve as powerful sites of memory and tribute, annually drawing thousands of visitors from around the globe. These visitors come to remember and honor the sacrifices of these heroic soldiers. A visit to the D-Day beaches in Normandy is both a moving and educational experience, providing a deeper understanding of the events that unfolded on this historic day and their enduring impact on the years that followed.

In this comprehensive guide, we’re excited to present you with the top-rated tours for exploring the iconic D-Day landing beaches in Normandy, promising to deliver an unforgettable and enriching experience. Whether you’re a history enthusiast or just curious to discover these symbolic sites, our carefully curated tour recommendations will allow you to immerse yourself in this unique journey, gaining a profound appreciation for the historic significance of these locations.

Exploring the D-Day Landing Beaches

Before we delve into the top-rated tours for visiting the D-Day beaches in Normandy, it’s important to familiarize yourself with the various historical sites that make up this iconic region. The five D-Day landing beaches are: Utah Beach, Omaha Beach, Gold Beach, Juno Beach, and Sword Beach.

Each of these beaches was assigned to a specific force and played a pivotal role in the successful execution of the operation.

visiter utah beach normandie 1

Located on the western side of the Cotentin Peninsula, Utah Beach served as the landing point for American forces. This beach is recognized for its dunes and wetland areas, which posed significant challenges to the soldiers landing there.

The Utah Beach Landing Museum provides a fascinating insight into the history of this beach and the events that transpired there.

Omaha Beach

omaha beach normandie

Omaha Beach is arguably the most famous and bloodiest of the D-Day landing beaches. The American forces encountered fierce resistance from German defenses, resulting in heavy casualties.

Today, the site is home to the Normandy American Cemetery, the final resting place for over 9,000 American soldiers.

arromanches les bains normandie

Gold Beach served as the landing point for British forces during the D-Day invasion. This beach is also the site where the artificial harbor at Arromanches was built to facilitate the delivery of reinforcements and equipment.

The Arromanches Landing Museum and the remnants of the artificial harbor bear witness to the technical ingenuity that contributed to the operation’s success.

Juno Beach is the site where Canadian forces made their landing. Despite German resistance, the Canadian soldiers managed to make quick inroads inland. The Juno Beach Centre, located in Courseulles-sur-Mer, is a museum dedicated to the history and contributions of Canadian forces during World War II.

Sword Beach

Sword Beach was the landing site for British and French troops. While German defenses were less substantial on this beach, the Allied forces faced German counterattacks. The Pegasus Memorial and Pegasus Bridge are essential sites for understanding the strategic importance of this beach.

Why Choose Bayeux as Your Base for Visiting the D-Day Beaches?

bayeux roue ancienne

Bayeux serves as an excellent base for visiting the D-Day beaches in Normandy for several reasons.

Bayeux is conveniently located near the D-Day beaches, including Omaha Beach and Gold Beach. This reduces travel time and allows for more time spent at the historical sites.

The city offers a wide range of accommodations, restaurants, and services tailored to the needs of tourists. Furthermore, numerous tours and tourist guides can help you plan your visit to the D-Day beaches.

In summary, choosing Bayeux as your base for visiting the D-Day beaches allows you to take advantage of a strategic location, rich historical heritage, excellent tourist infrastructure, and the typical Norman charm.

The Best Tours for Visiting the D-Day Beaches

Overlord tours.

visite pointe du hoc en normandie

Surely one of the most renowned companies for touring the D-Day beaches, Overlord Tours offers an authentic and educational experience. With experienced and passionate guides, you will be able to discover the history and anecdotes of the sites you visit.

Overlord Tours offers several tour options, ranging from half-day to full-day, allowing you to choose the package that suits you best. Among the sites you can discover are Omaha and Utah beaches, Pointe du Hoc, the American cemetery in Colleville-sur-Mer, and many others.

Groups are limited in number to ensure a personalized experience, and the Overlord Tours team prides itself on its ability to rejuvenate and provide an informative and captivating tour.


2. Normandy Sightseeing Tours

pointe du hoc normandie 1

Normandy Sightseeing Tours is a family-run company that offers guided tours in small groups or private excursions. Their team of professional guides consists of history experts and former military personnel, guaranteeing a quality visit.

Normandy Sightseeing Tours’ visits cover the main D-Day landing sites, such as Omaha and Utah beaches, the American cemetery in Colleville-sur-Mer, Pointe du Hoc, as well as the German battery at Longues-sur-Mer.

One of the main features of this company is the ability to customize your tour based on your interests and schedule. You can thus choose from half-day, full-day, or even multi-day tours.


3. D-Day Guided Tours

monument omaha beach normandie

D-Day Guided Tours is a company led by Mathias Leclere, a local guide passionate about the history of the landing in Normandy. Mathias offers guided tours in English and French, allowing visitors of different nationalities to benefit from his expertise.

D-Day Guided Tours are customizable and cover the main landing sites, such as Omaha and Utah beaches, Pointe du Hoc, the American cemetery in Colleville-sur-Mer, as well as other lesser-known sites.

Mathias Leclere emphasizes the quality of the experience offered to visitors, by adapting the tour according to their interests and their level of knowledge about the history of World War II. Groups are limited in size to ensure a more intimate and personalized experience.


4. Bayeux Shuttle

batterie longues sur mer

Bayeux Shuttle is a guided tour company that offers excursions to the D-Day landing beaches in Normandy. Their goal is to provide an educational and memorable experience for visitors while comfortably transporting them from one site to another.

Bayeux Shuttle’s tours are available in half-day or full-day, with itineraries covering major landing sites such as Omaha and Utah beaches, Pointe du Hoc, the American cemetery in Colleville-sur-Mer, and the German battery in Longues-sur-Mer.

The guides at Bayeux Shuttle are history experts and are passionate about sharing their knowledge with visitors. Groups are limited in size to ensure a more personal and intimate experience.


In conclusion, the Normandy landing beaches are an iconic and historically rich location that deserves to be explored with a competent guide to fully grasp its significance.

The companies mentioned in this article offer a quality experience and a personalized approach based on your interests and schedule.

Whether you are a history enthusiast, a veteran, or simply curious, these tours will allow you to discover the landing beaches from a unique and enriching perspective.

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24 Hours in Étretat: Discover the Jewel of Normandy

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Bespoke Cycling and Walking Battlefield Tours

Explore, Discover, Remember

Bespoke guided cycling and walking battlefield tours

Walking Tour - View Prices and Schedule

Walking the D-Day Landing Beaches Tour

On June 6th 1944 135,000 men came ashore on the beaches of Normandy, their fortitude and courage proved to be a turning point in the Second World War.

Join us as we experience the D-Day landing beaches and marvel at the planning, the bravery and the determination of the men who took part in this incredible enterprise. Walking along quiet country roads, through rolling countryside, the coast is never far away with spectacular views and quiet seaside resorts.

Tours last for 4, 5 or 6 days. We walk at your pace, enabling you to enjoy a detailed and leisurely examination of these momentous events.

Walking the D-Day Landing Beaches Tour

Bespoke Battlefield Tours

Because everyone is different we prefer the tailor-made approach to our battlefield tours . Whether travelling as individuals, members of a small or a large group, travel at your own pace to explore the sites included in our itineraries and those of your own choosing.

Remember, each holiday is bespoke. Anything is possible!

Get in touch with us today to discuss your bespoke tour requirements.

Excellent Value

Our walking holidays generally include the following;

  • Bed and breakfast accommodation in 3 and 4-star hotels.
  • Luggage and equipment transfers.
  • The services of a battlefield guide throughout your visit.
  • Entry to museums

Schedule, Prices & Booking

Sample Tour Itinerary

Day 1 Arrive in Normandy mid- afternoon.

The tour begins with a short walk to get us warmed up on the first day. We will explore the extraordinary story of the capture of Pegasus Bridge and the exploits of the 6th Airborne Division.

Day 2 Following the seafront initially, we visit the remains of the German defensive system and tell the story of how the 3rd Division captured the beach and then began to move inland. Leaving the beaches we walk inland to uncover the German strongpoints which stood in their way.

Walking the D-Day Landing Beaches Tour

Day 3 Starting at Asnelles sur Mer we walk along the coast path and beautiful beaches for much of the day. You will discover the story behind the building of the Mulberry harbour at Arromanches and visit the best preserved section of the Atlantic Wall at Longues sur Mer. We will also have time to explore Arromanches itself.

Day 4 A fairly long, but rewarding walk, again along stunning coastal scenery. In the morning we walk the length of Omaha beach before visiting the impressive American cemetery at St Laurent sur Mer. In the afternoon a shorter walk visits Pointe du Hoc to examine the extraordinary exploits of the 2nd US Rangers as they scaled the cliffs to capture this German strongpoint.

Day 5 Walking the ground captured by the 4th Infantry Division and the 101st Airborne we walk through beautiful, remote and at times stunning countryside to re-tell the story of the ‘Band of Brothers’. In the afternoon we will visit the German defensive system overlooking the beach at Azeville.

Day 6 
Check out of our hotel and return to Ouistreham for early morning crossing to Portsmouth.

Walking the D-Day Landing Beaches Tour


If you wish us to book accommodation, a wide range is available. The area has numerous 3 and 4-star hotels. Many clients opt to book on a bed and breakfast basis. There are plenty of restaurants in Ouistreham, Bayeux, Carentan and Cherbourg. We will be on hand to advise you of the best places to eat in any case.

Travel Arrangements

If you would like us to make travel arrangements for you our tours typically start and finish at Portsmouth Ferry Terminal.

Outward Journey: Tours depart from Portsmouth Cross Channel Ferry Terminal. If you intend to travel to Portsmouth by car there is ample car parking at the terminal.

Return Journey: We will return to the UK via the ferry from Ouistreham. The tour finishes at Portsmouth Ferry Terminal.

Tour Gallery

Walking the D-Day Landing Beaches Tour, June 2016

tour of normandy beaches

A Guide to Visiting the Normandy D-Day Beaches

tour of normandy beaches

Many people have asked and keep asking me: “What town would you recommend we stay in that is close to the Normandy D-DAY beaches we are seeing, yet quaint and has restaurants….”

Here are all my answers.

Over the last few years, I have taken many US and international visitors to the Normandy D-Day Beaches.

When planning to visit these historical sites, logistics is the key, especially if you plan to get there during an Anniversary of the D-Day landings, like the one we will have this year, the 80th Anniversary of D-Day.

You should stay in Bayeux , a small town preserved from the bombardments of this terrible battle thanks to its vicinity to Caen, which was completely destroyed.

Related read: Top Ultimate Trips in France, Excluding Paris

Here is an overview:

Where to Stay in Bayeux?

Here are some of the best hotels in bayeux, how to get to bayeux from paris, where to eat in bayeux, how to get the most of your day visiting the normandy d-day beaches, group tour vs private tour, private tour: d-day beaches from caen, what to expect.

  • Omaha Beach

Normandy American Cemetery & Visitor Center (Cimetiere Americain de Colleville-sur-Mer)

Longues-sure-mer german battery (batterie allemande de longues-sure-mer), mulberry harbor remains (vestiges du port de mulberry), pointe du hoc, sainte mère eglise, brécourt manor & danie winters memorial(manoir de brecourt), lunch break, plan the day, useful tips while in bayeux, grocery stores, museum in bayeux.

Normandy D-Day Beaches - A Guide to Visiting the Normandy D-Day Beaches

I just felt like sharing some of my experience with you now. In Bayeux, there are countless charming hotels where you can find a very good deal.

An important thing to remember about these places is that the tourist season is from March to November.

From November to March, most tour guides and tourism professionals are in a kind of “vacation mode” after a very busy season.

The peak season here is really mid-May to late June. Prices can seriously rise for hotels around the D-Day Anniversaries, and availability can be scarce if you don’t book well in advance.

Related read: The Best Beaches in Normandy, France

Hotel Reine Mathilde

Normandy D-Day Beaches - A Guide to Visiting the Normandy D-Day Beaches

My favorite choice. Also, it is the only one in town open year-round. Conveniently situated in the heart of Bayeux’s historic center, our hotel allows you to easily explore the wonders of Old Bayeux on foot. With its beautifully renovated old house atmosphere, it provides a relaxing and comfortable retreat. Indulge in gourmet and relaxing moments at the renowned Reine Mathilde hotel, featuring a restaurant and sun-soaked terrace, all nested within the medieval city.

Hotel Villa Lara

Normandy D-Day Beaches - A Guide to Visiting the Normandy D-Day Beaches

The local Ritz is as good as the Ritz in Paris but much cheaper. Located conveniently in the heart of Bayeux, this property offers proximity to various attractions and delightful dining choices. With a five-star rating, this property ensures a luxurious and enjoyable stay, providing a wide range of in-house amenities to enhance your experience.

Hotel Tardif Noble Guest House

Normandy D-Day Beaches - A Guide to Visiting the Normandy D-Day Beaches

This is a very nice hotel in a 17th Century building. Immerse yourself in the rich history of Bayeux at the exquisite Hotel Tardif, an 18th-century noble property located in the heart of the city. Just a short 15-minute drive from the iconic D-Day beaches, this hotel has a storied past, having served as the residence of a royal botanist from Versailles and the Army Minister of Napoleon.

La Cheneviere

Normandy D-Day Beaches - A Guide to Visiting the Normandy D-Day Beaches

Simply the best. It’s really chic, with a swimming pool, a Michelin-rated restaurant, a spa, and lots of amenities. One minus, not in the center of town but ten minutes drive.

Manoir de Crépon – Suite Directoire

Normandy D-Day Beaches - A Guide to Visiting the Normandy D-Day Beaches

Chic and great restaurant. Amazing swimming pool and spa treatments in the summer. Enjoy a coastal getaway at Le Manoir de Crépon in Crepon, where you’ll be just a 10-minute drive from Juno Beach and America Gold Beach Museum. This charming bed & breakfast is conveniently located 19.9 km (12.4 mi) from Caen Memorial and 22.9 km (14.2 mi) from Omaha Beach.

Chateau de Bellefontaine

Normandy D-Day Beaches - A Guide to Visiting the Normandy D-Day Beaches

This is two minutes from Bayeux. It is the perfect choice for those who want to sleep in a Chateau but are still almost downtown. Located in the heart of Bayeux City Center, this property offers convenient proximity to various attractions and enticing dining options. With a 4-star rating, this property boasts a wide range of in-house facilities to enhance the quality and enjoyment of your stay.

Chateau de Sully

Normandy D-Day Beaches - A Guide to Visiting the Normandy D-Day Beaches

Grand Hôtel Château de Sully – Piscine & Spa, a 17th-century property situated in Bayeux, provides guests with a restaurant and a convenient location just a 5-minute drive from the city center. With Omaha Beach only 11 km away, guests can also indulge in the complimentary spa facilities, including a sauna and hot tub.

Clos de la Croix

Normandy D-Day Beaches - A Guide to Visiting the Normandy D-Day Beaches

Now, if you prefer a B&B, this is the BEST place by far. Set in Bayeux, in a historic building, 300 metres from Baron Gerard Museum, Hôtel particulier “le clos de la croix” is a sustainable bed and breakfast with a garden and terrace.

In order to get to Bayeux from Paris, you have two options:

If you need a car and are okay to drive in France , you should take the A14 Highway West to ROUEN, then the A13 heading to CAEN, and then you’ll see signs to BAYEUX closer to CAEN.

It should take about 2h30 – 3hrs drive to reach your final destination. You can always refill the tank on the French highways and get some snacks and food. Yet, the fuel price here is quite high, and the fuel on the highway is the most expensive you can find in France. Most of the French people buy from supermarket chains. It’s much cheaper.

If you choose the car option, remember you might have to drive through Paris. That is not something to be done by “Sunday drivers”, as traffic and the way Parisians drive is more hectic than in NYC. Many scooters, bicycles, and pedestrians do respect the lights and stops.

Also, leaving Paris center to Bayeux, you might have to cross the famous Arc de Triomphe roundabout. The kind of “black slope diamond” experience.

Driving outside Paris and in the rest of France is very easy. Just pay attention to your speed. Maximum 130 km/h on the highways. In Bayeux, parking is not a problem.

There are many parking spots, and all the hotels have parking spots for their clients.

Another easier way to get to Bayeux is to get on the train. About 2 hours 20 minutes by train, direct train.

You should head to Gare St Lazare. St Lazare train station. There is more than one train station in Paris, so ensure you get to this one when heading to Bayeux. St Lazare train station connects with northwestern France. It is about a 10 minutes drive (when traffic is okay in Paris) from the Champs Elysées.

You can get your train tickets from this official website from the US.

From other places, visit this website .

Like all the train stations in Paris, St Lazare train station is a rather big one, so take some time ahead of you to avoid missing your train.

Onboard the train, there are restrooms, but very rarely are there snacks or cafes to buy. The train company provides free wifi and plugs to charge your devices.

At the train station, you can buy anything you want regarding food & drinks.

When you arrive at Bayeux train station, in case your guide does not meet you upon your arrival (a common option for many travelers who have just one day to visit the Normandy D-Day Beaches), you’ll find taxis right in front of the train station to get you safely to your hotel. You can pay by credit card on all the taxis.

No Ubers here, sorry.

Arriving at Bayeux train station

This airport , though international, does not operate many flights each day, but you can find a connection to other major cities in France, in the UK, Spain, and Northern Africa.

Then, from the airport just take a taxi to your hotel in Bayeux. There are always many taxis when planes land. It takes about 30mns drive and should be under 70EUR one way.

Related read : Top Tips for Booking Flights in Europe During Summer

Bayeux has a great choice of cafés and restaurants.

When in Bayeux, you’ll feel like in a little ideal town of France, where it feels good to walk slowly and wander around by the water mill, the Cathedral, the Convent where the amazing Bayeux Tapestry is kept.

There is a match for everyone from simple pizza and beers to more fancy dining.

Here is my shortlist of best restaurants:

  • La Maison Blanche For those who want to combine a really fun evening with delicious food, all in a Cabaret atmosphere, this is the place.
  • Le Pommier Excellent, traditional, perfect location and service. Book well in advance.
  • L’Alchimie Small restaurant, yet the chef deserves a big Wow. Just delicious fresh local food.
  • La Rapière Simply the best, so book as soon as you can. You won’t be disappointed, believe me.

Related read : A Foodie Itinerary for Normandy, France

If I can give one good piece of advice as a tour guide myself, it is to book your tour, whether group or Private, as soon as you can. One year in advance is not a problem at all. The best guides and companies get booked many months ahead.

Also, read the reviews about your guide. TripAdvisor reviews, unfortunately, do not always match what a guide company does, as competitors and even anyone can pit a review on a guide on this platform.

I once had a review for the Mont St Michel , saying that this place was not worth it… I am not the Mont St Michel. Some companies like Tours by Locals allow only their clients to put reviews to guides they had. I recommend this.

Well, there is a real bonus of having a tour guide just for the day, but it comes with a price. It is really worth your money, as a Private Tour will allow you to customize the day as you want, and you’ll have a guide just for you.

Group Tours, especially the ones of the Normandy D-Day Beaches, tend to be quite like “ cattle herding ,” and the quality of tour guides is clearly not the same as for the ones doing mostly Private Tours.

Now, another simple way to get the guide to be the best is to remember that he is doing that almost year-round, so a smile, some questions, and a happy face help a lot to break the ice.

French people are very sensitive to behavior and politeness. Do not forget it.

Experience a personalized and exclusive day trip to the historic Normandy landing beaches of World War II, departing from Caen.

Travel comfortably in an air-conditioned minivan with your private guide, who has personal connections to this period of history through their family’s experiences during the Nazi occupation.

Immerse yourself in the significance of D-Day as you explore renowned sites such as Arromanches, Omaha Beach, and Pointe du Hoc. Gain insight into the landings at the Airborne Museum, pay tribute at the American Cemetery, and indulge in a tasting of local apple brandy known as ‘calvados’.

This tour is tailored to your interests; simply inform your guide if there are specific places or aspects you would like to further explore.

  • Embark on a customizable day trip to discover Normandy’s iconic D-Day landing beaches
  • Enjoy freedom in designing your itinerary according to your preferences
  • Listen firsthand accounts from a knowledgeable guide whose family experienced life during WWII in Normandy
  • Visit significant locations including Omaha Beach, Sword Beach,and Pointe du Hoc
  • Explore Arromanches beach where an artificial Mulberry Harbour was constructed
  • Pay respects at both the American Cemetery and Airborne Museum while also savoring authentic Norman apple brandy
  • Benefit from personalized attention and insightful commentary provided by your private guide

This comprehensive tour includes hotel pickup and drop-off services along with snacks for refreshment throughout the journey. You will travel comfortably inside an air-conditioned minivan under guidance by our expert driver-guide.

Book your tour directly with the guide here.

Price: from €650 (up to 6 persons) Duration: 10 hours Start: 9 am Pickup: Caen or any place within a radius of 30 km from Caen Free cancelation up to 24 hours before Mobile ticket Tour in English, Italian, French or Spanish

American Cemetery in the Normandy in France.

Learn about the courageous actions undertaken by 34 000 soldiers who landed here on D-Day.

Duration: 2 hours • Admission Ticket Included

Pay a visit to this solemn site and gain a deeper understanding of the sacrifices made by American soldiers during the Normandy invasion.

Explore this unique location which still houses authentic WWII German cannons that were operational on June 6th, 1944.

Duration: 1 hour • Admission Ticket Included

Discover the remarkable engineering feat behind the construction of Mulberry Harbors, vital for unloading supplies needed for the Battle of Normandy.

Witness Utah Beach and learn about General Roosevelt’s strategic success with the aid of the renowned 4th Infantry Division on D-Day in this sector.

Visit Pointe du Hoc to understand and appreciate how members of the heroic Second Ranger Battalion sacrificed their lives to capture this pivotal gun battery situated atop Omaha Beach cliffs on June 6th,1944.

Duration: 1 hour and 30 minutes • Admission Ticket Included

Step into Sainte Mère Eglise where you will discover tales surrounding sacrifices made by both the82ndand101stAirborne Divisions as they paved way for subsequent landings later during D-Day. If time permits, explore exhibits at Airborne Museum nearby.

Duration:2 hours • Admission ticket free

Pay homage to Company Easy from506PIRwho skillfully seized an important gun position just four miles southward from Utah beachat Brécourt Manor.Explorethe Danie Winter Memorial too.

Duration:30 minutes • Admission ticket included

Beach in the Normandy in France.

There is one good restaurant for your lunch break while visiting the Normandy D-Day Beaches, La Cremaillère in St Laurent sur Mer, run by Jessica Julienne.

It is just above the way down to Omaha Beach at the D3.

This is simply a Dinners like French café where you’ll get for 17EUR a good lunch. Starter buffet, main, and dessert. In the summer, they have a BBQ. Plenty of room in front for parking.

If you have a tour guide with you, remember that he/she has no breaks from the moment he/she meets you, so the lunch break (with you, his clients) is the only time during the day when he can relax a little as well as get to know you better. Take time for your lunch. French people take a long break. It’s a good occasion to have a chat and try the delicious hard cider.

Normandy D-Day Beaches - A Guide to Visiting the Normandy D-Day Beaches

If you have just one day for your tour of the Normandy D-Day Beaches, you won’t have time to see all the sites in one day. This is just impossible.

Depending on where you have started your day, you’ll focus on:

  • Longues Sur Mer German WWII canons
  • Arromanches & the Mulberry Harbour
  • Brecourt Manor
  • Ste Mere Eglise
  • Normandy American Cemetery & Visitor Center

Trust the experience of the tour guide for the itinerary. He/she lives here and has done it many times already.

Igor shows the American Cemetery in the Normandy in Northern France.

If you need some groceries or a snack, there is a small supermarket, Carrefour City, just by the Churchill Hotel, 22 rue St Jean. Opens from 7 AM till 9 PM, except Sunday, 9 AM- 1 PM.

Rue des Bouchers Open 7/7 7AM-9PM

This pharmacy has staff who speak English quite well, and they know the equivalent of many US drugs in French – which is useful.

15 Rue Saint-Patrice, 14400 Bayeux

A very pleasant cafe is the one of the Reine Mathilde Hotel , Le Garde Manger.

If you still have some time in Bayeux, I highly recommend you visit the Bayeux Tapestry Museum. There, the Bayeux Tapestry depicts the fascinating history of the Conquest of England by William of Normandy, known as William the Conqueror.

His wife Mathilda and her pet ladies handmade it between 1071 and 1085 between France and England. It is the oldest tapestry in the world and is exceptionally well preserved.

After watching the tapestry at the ground level with the audio guides, head to the first floor, where the museum gives you more insight into the context of the Tapestry.

On the 2nd floor, the movie in English gives you even more detail about the Bayeux Tapestry. You should count about 2 hours to have enough time to visit the Bayeux Tapestry.

Et voilà, you’re all set to have a great experience visiting the Normandy D-Day Beaches.

Rosen Igor

As far back as I can remember, I have always loved history and telling people about it and showing them the best places to eat, have fun and do things. I was born in Normandy, near Lisieux, and both my grandparents lived through the German occupation and both were in the French Resistance. This is where my passion for digging in the past really began. After school in Lisieux, I studied history and journalism at the Sorbonne in Paris. I have been a professional guide for three years now and I really love it! I know and love my region. I have lived here almost all my life and I have so much to show you. I have lived elsewhere, but I can tell you that "paradise" for me is "here" in the green pastures of Normandy.

View all posts


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I just thought I would drop you a little note to thank Malcolm for the fabulous day we had with him on Saturday, the one day tour he took us on was perfect in every way and his enthusiasm for the subject is portrayed in the way he delivers the lectures/talks at the various locations he took us to, we ended up feeling that we were actually there on D Day so much is his passion for the subject, bearing in mind he has most probably delivered the same talks numerous times, but you could not tell. The numerous locations he took us to where perfect and I know we would never have found most of them and as such we would have missed some important locations/events that happened in the areas on D day. I would like to thank yourself for the lovely picnic lunches that you provided, they were just the right amount of food and a perfect mix of foods, and the location Malcolm took us to have our food was excellent. So I would like to thank you both for making the day absolutely perfect in every way and it totally exceeded our expectations.
It’s barely a week since we returned home to the states from a wonderfully memorable trip, of which you and Malcolm were such a big part. I think that by now, Malcolm might have mentioned to you what I had revealed to him in the last few moments of our tour – I am a Private Tour Guide in New York. Of course I did not want to reveal that info prior to or during our tour with Malcolm, because I knew it could make a fellow guide just a wee bit uncomfortable about being judged. Malcolm was a masterful tour guide and mad our tour of the D-Day Beaches and the Normandy area so much more remarkable, revealing, but most importantly – moving. The best tour guides, have a real knack for relating stories that bring history alive and Malcolm has the passion and the interest in the subject that make the D-day experience with him something very special. …I wanted to thank you for being so accommodating at the last minute (twice)… Thanks for offering to put us up at your property and then eventually changing our private tour date that allowed us to catch a ride to Mont St. Michel. Also, your lunch box you prepared for our tour day was delicious – in particular the ham and cheese baguette, and the wonderful homemade apple cake dessert – loved it. Good job ! Malcolm, like me, has found later in life, what he is truly built to do – relate incredibly important history that changed the world (in a very positive way) and show where it all happened.
Came to France to do the Normandy tour. Learned more from Malcolm in two days than I did in ten years at school. The accommodation was excellent and we recommend the old railway cycling track as an outdoor activity. We were privileged to avail of Alison’s cooking – and it is to be highly recommended. Both Alison and Malcolm were the perfect hosts and we can’t forget little Archie & Hendley (the dog and cat!).
Thank you so much for the excellent 2 day tour. It was a great experience. I had expected to see bunkers, guns, tanks, and so forth, as we did. But I had no idea that we would be treated to the many anecdotes and stories you tell so well, like that of the extraordinary bravery and skill of the glider pilots that made it possible to seize Pegasus Bridge. Or the stories of John Steele at Sainte-Mere-Eglise, of Lt. Richard Winters and Easy Company at Brecourt, of Lt. Col. Robert Cole, and others. Your extensive knowledge of the heroic exploits of the men that made D-Day a success is remarkable. That fund of knowledge combined with your passion to tell their stories made for extraordinary experience for Matt and for me, an experience that surpassed even our greatest expectations. So thank you. And a hearty thank you to Alison too for the delightful lunches. I feel very fortunate to have had you as a guide and would recommend you to anyone who wants to understand the events of D-Day.
Thank you for such an incredible day. This was the part of our trip that we were looking forward to the most, and it turned out to be the absolute highlight of our entire week. We truly felt like we were in a graduate level history course going to the various battlefield sights, churches, monuments, and beach landing sites with you. Having the opportunity to learn more about our great-uncle’s experience once he was dropped behind enemy lines was truly incredible, and it was absolutely awe-inspiring to visit the American cemetery where he is buried. The personal touch that you and Alison, with her fantastic picnic lunch, added to our day was so unique. We’re looking forward to sharing our experience with the rest of our family, especially our grandfather.
In Sept. 2014 my husband and I spent three wonderful days staying with the Cloughs and touring the Normandy Battlefields. The cottage, the meals, the extensive tour – all were wonderful ! Malcolm has such an extensive knowledge of the war and presents it in a professional, knowledgable, entertaining manner. We saw so many sites that wouldn’t be included on shorter tours. This was a Christmas gift to my husband and I thought I might be bored touring so many war sites, this was never the case. Malcolm’s wife, Alison, provided delicious breakfasts every morning, lovely lunches to be eaten while on the tour, and grand dinners. We ate in their dining room and they made us feel like old friends rather than guests. The cottage we had was spotless and decorated with care, plus, after Malcolm picked us up at the airport Alison had a basket with bread, cheese and other treats waiting for us. We have traveled to many places and this tour and the wonderful accommodations/meals are at the top of our list of 5-Star experiences.
What a wonderful day we had with you! Your knowledge was incredible and your enthusiasm was contagious. And your willingness to go at our pace displayed a level of customer service from which others could well learn. We all agreed that the day was extremely informative and enjoyable, and that we would gladly do it again with you as our guide. As Glenna (aka Grandma) said yesterday as we were re-living our day with you, “anyone who is doing a D-Day tour needs to use Malcolm”. I don’t think there is any higher praise than from an 89-yr old woman whose husband served in the war and who lived it herself. Thanks you so very much for you knowledge, enthusiasm and kindness. If you and your wife ever come to the States and decide to pass through St. Louis, Missouri, we would be happy to host you. Best wishes in your endeavors and thanks again!
Although we were pretty ignorant about the D-Day Invasion and had no personal connection to that part of WW2, it was a subject that interested us. So we did a detour from Cape Town, South Africa, via Normandy en route to see our family. We spent three nights with Alison and Malcolm Clough in their lovely home in the country and Malcolm was our personal guide for 2 full days. Malcolm’s incredible knowledge of the Invasion and his passion for the subject brought history alive for us. We stood at inland battle sites, had the drama of capturing bridges played out, visited all five beaches heard amazing stories of heroes – some of whom survived and some of whom sadly died in active service during the Invasion. At the end of each day we visited a war cemetery which was emotional and very sobering. Our days were long but relaxed and totally absorbing. Alison provided a delicious picnic each day and Malcolm always found the perfect place to enjoy it. We found this so much nicer that sitting in a restaurant and ‘wasting time’. There was so much to hear and see. I “found” Malcolm on the website and we reckon we hit Number One. Thank you Malcolm for imparting your knowledge in such a relaxed manner and so patiently. We were enthralled and give you a 5 Star rating. Alison, thank for our lovely studio accommodation, all the goodies in the fridge and your delicious meals. We loved it all and felt very much at home with you.
Of all the things we saw and did during our adventures, two stand out. One was kayaking in the Shetlands and the other was the time we spent with you in Normandy. I looked forward to every day we were in your care, and you two and Peter did a marvelous job. The accommodations were first class, the food was great, and most of all your companionship was the key to a truly wonderful experience. Such good care you took with us to insure we had a good time. Malcolm meeting us at the ferry. Alison’s cooking. Peter being Peter. What fun we had! I couldn’t help but feel, as I looked at the other tour groups being herded along, that no one was getting the quality experience that we were having. Malcolm and Peter’s knowledge of the events and locations was superb (I like to think I know a little about them myself), and brought to life so vividly with their narrative and stories that it stirred up emotions and feelings that surprised me with their intensity. And how many of those other people got to retire to such a nice bit of France, and have dinner and conversation with their hosts in their home at the end of the day, and even get to see their wedding pictures? You made us feel special, but I suppose you make everyone that crosses your threshold feel that way. To get to walk along the beaches, stand on the bluffs, walk through the shell craters and look down from the cliffs at Pointe du Hoc! I will never forget my moments at the American Cemetery. We thank you so much!
“My wife and I have been stationed in Europe with the United States Army for the past three years, and we recently took a vacation to visit Paris and the Normandy Coast. We planned for a single day to visit Normandy and scheduled a tour with D-Day Tours of Normandy, which is owned and operated by Malcolm Clough. Malcolm was waiting for us at the train station and immediately after showing us to his SUV, the tour began. He was more than willing to modify our trip based on our timeline and interests, and his extreme knowledge and personal excitement regarding all aspects of the D-Day invasion made the trip so much more fulfilling for my wife and I. Malcolm was able to take us to every major site on each of the battlefields, to include the American cemetery, all the while supplementing the experience with his extensive historical knowledge. The tour lasted the entire day and included a lunch packed and prepared by his wife Alison, who operates their catering and B&B business. I highly recommend Malcolm and his tours, he was extremely helpful and willing to work with us based on our schedule. He was a fantastic guide, and the only person I would hire to take my family and friends to the D-Day battlefields.”
‘Thanks so much for the fantastic day. Your tour of the D-Day sights was the highlight of trip for my aunt and I. Your narrative at Omaha beach made D-Day tangible for me. The tour you gave us of the American cemetery was poignant. The visit to Pont du Hoc was spectacular. We truly appreciate the bespoke approach you took with us- accommodating all of our requests, adjusting on the fly, and giving us a full day that we will always remember and treasure’… Kate Downes, Phoenix, Arizona, USA. “Our tour … had a definite impact on each of us. We appreciated your style, and the personal nature of the tour. I think when you told us that we were taking the same steps as the soldiers, it really made us think. Also, that the entire world might be a very different place if not for the brave soldiers on D-Day. …Thanks again, you were an important part of our holiday this year”
Stephanie and I are finally back from our French trip and write to express our profound appreciation for your company/services last week. Not only did you enlighten us as to the events on the D Day beaches and beyond, but you made us feel we were touring with a kindred spirit. We have much more of an understanding for the role Steph’s father played in the war, which whilst emotional, especially for Steph, only increases our pride of him – especially having seen the exact places where he fought and some of his friends fell. It was frighteningly easy to picture him defending the troops with his machine gun in the various woods, fields and ridges on our trip. This was his story. Having now visited Normandy and the battlegrounds, I can understand why he chose not to tell it. But it was important to Steph and I that it was told, and that his children and grandchildren know what he did. You bought that story to life for us with both facts and understanding, and we thank you. … It looked like it was a great deal of work for you, but rest assured every second of it was absorbed by us with great gratitude….
Malcolm and Alison provide an unparalleled experience for a visit to the beaches. His depth of knowledge is extremely impressive. Alison’s culinary skills will cause you to want to return solely for her delicacies. If a competitor offered a free guiding service I would turn them down, and still pay for another visit with Malcolm and Alison.
I’ve been on a number of battlefield tours over the years but none have been as informative or as interesting as yours. It was truly a memorable day and the highlight of my holiday. Your flexibility in accommodating the changing itinerary meant I came away feeling as though I had seen the key sites. You really made the whole experience come alive with your stories and expert knowledge.

Contact Malcolm or Alison today. We look forward to hearing from you.  .fusion-button.button-1 {border-radius:2px;} Click here to email

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La Basse Cour: B&B near Alencon, Normandy

Normandy d-day beaches self-drive tour, self-drive tour of normandy d-day beaches & museums, d-day normandy landing beaches tour.

tour of normandy beaches

If you’re looking for accommodation on the Normandy coast, click this box or consult the ACCOMMODATION MAP under the D-Day Battle Sites Map.

Normandy Tank

Normandy D-Day Sites

  • Pegasus Bridge British Airborne Museum, Benouville
  • "Le Grand Bunker" German Atlantic Wall Defence Post, Ouistreham
  • German Gun Battery and 9th Paras Memorial, Merville
  • Canadian Juno Beach Centre, Bernières-sur-Mer
  • Arromanches 360 o Cinema, Arromanches
  • D-Day Landings Mulberry Harbour Museum, Arromanches
  • German Gun Battery, Longues-sur-Mer
  • American Cemetery, Colleville-sur-Mer, Omaha Beach
  • German Gun Battery, Pointe du Hoc
  • Utah Beach Museum, Sainte-Marie-du-Mont, Utah Beach
  • US Airborne Museum, Ste Mère Eglise
  • "Dead Man's Corner", Ste Côme du Mont
  • German Cemetery, La Cambe
  • British Cemetery and Battle of Normandy Museum, Bayeux
  • Caen Memorial
  • Canadian Cemetery, Cintheaux, Bretteville-sur-Laize
  • Falaise Pocket and Mont Ormel-Coudehard Memorial


D-day landing tour of normandy coast.

Pegasus Bridge

1. Pegasus Bridge, Bénouville, Normandy

Le Grand Bunker Ouistreham

2. Grand Bunker, Ouistreham, Normandy

3. german battery, merville-sur-mer, normandy.

Juno Canadian Centre

4. Canadian Memorial Centre, Juno Beach, Normandy

Arromanches Mulberry Harbour

5-6. 360 o Cinema and Mulberry Harbour Museum, Arromanches, Normandy

Longues Gun Battery

7. German Gun Battery, Longues, Normandy

USA War Graves St Laurent sur Mer

8. American Cemetery, Omaha Beach, Normandy

Point du Hoc

9. Point du Hoc, Normandy

10. utah beach museum, sainte-marie-du-mont, normandy.

Utah Beach Museum

11. US Airborne Museum, Ste Mère Eglise, Normandy

Dead Man's Corner

12. Dead Man's Corner, Ste Côme du Mont

German cemetery at la Cambe

13. German Cemetery, La Cambe, Normandy

14. british cemetery and battle of normandy museum, bayeux, normandy.

British Cemetery and Bayeux Cathedral

15. Caen Memorial, Normandy

16. canadian military cemetery, cintheaux, bretteville-sur-laize, normandy.

Canadian cemetery

17. Falaise Pocket, Montormel - Coudehard, Normandy

Mont Ormel Memorial

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A brief description of the D-Day Landings

The french resistance, airborne landings, sword beach, omaha beach, pointe du hoc.

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The Treasures of France including Normandy

548 reviews

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Treasures Of France Including Normandy Guided Tour

8 Day France Tour of D-Day Beaches, Mont-Saint-Michel and the Loire Valley

8 days, 1 country and 13 cities


7 Breakfasts, 1 Lunch, 4 Dinners

View day-by-day trip itinerary

Travel from Paris to the D-Day Landing Beaches of Normandy and on to the beautiful Loire Valley on this in-depth France and Normandy tour. Imagine life as a French noble as you are welcomed to a 17th century château and learn about the battles that were fought here through the ages.

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Trip map & itinerary

Day by day itinerary

8 days itinerary trip from Paris to Paris visiting 1 country and 13 cities

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About this trip

Sightseeing highlights.

Explore Mont-Saint-Michel and Châteaux of the Loire Valley with a Local Specialist and Normandy D-Day Landing Beaches

Discover Paris, Rouen, Honfleur, Bayeux and the Loire Valley

Visit the Bayeux Tapestry, the Normandy D-Day Landing Beaches, the monastery of Mont-Saint-Michel, the Châteaux of Amboise and Chenonceau and Chartres cathedral

View the Champs-Élysées, the Eiffel Tower and the Arc de Triomphe in Paris

Travel highlights

Specific transfer information can be found here:

Airport Transfers

An expert Travel Director and professional Driver

Cherry-picked hotels, all tried and trusted

All porterage and restaurant gratuities

All hotel tips, charges and local taxes

Breakfast daily and up to half of your evening meals

Must-see sightseeing and surprise extras

Audio headsets for flexible sightseeing

Luxury air-conditioned coach with Wi-Fi in most countries or alternative transportation (such as rail journeys)

Optional Experiences and free time

On occasion, hotels of similar standard and location may be utilized.

Three local female weavers in colourful traditional local dress including festooned hats, weaving colourful alpaca wool on the ground


Every one of our tours includes at least one conscious travel experience that supports one or more of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGS). Look out for yours within the day-by-day trip itinerary.

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Net-zero by 2050

Travel knowing our 4-point climate action plan will ensure net-zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2050.

Large BMG Australia Tasmania Mount Gnomon Farm With Guy Robertson

Support Local

Your tour directly supports local communities by visiting family-run businesses, UNESCO sites and places of cultural significance.

Large Aerial View Over Solar Panels And Windmills 1367402534

Sustainable Practices

Every part of our business, from trip design to how we run our offices, aligns to our 5-year sustainability strategy which ensures a positive impact on people, the planet and wildlife.


Philanthropic Efforts

Our not-for-profit, the TreadRight Foundation, invests in nature-based solutions to address climate change.

You’ll make a positive impact to people, planet and wildlife on this tour


The Treasures of France including Normandy trip reviews


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tour of normandy beaches

  • Northern Europe



  • Virtual Experiences
  • Shore Excursions
  • Port of Le Havre

Normandy D-Day Beaches Shore Excursion from Le Havre Cruise Port

Normandy D-Day Beaches Shore Excursion from Le Havre Cruise Port

  • Bestsellers

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About this tour

  • Pay your respects at the ceremonial memorial at the American Cemetery
  • Witness where  U.S. Army Rangers climbed the steep cliffs at Pointe du Hoc
  • Walk in the footsteps of the brave soldiers who landed on Omaha Beach
  • Step back in time as your guide gives you poignant information
  • Enjoy the convenience of pickup and drop-off at the Le Havre Cruise Port

The beaches of Normandy are constant witnesses to the struggle for our present. It is a place that brings together the memories, the courage and the indomitable spirit of those who shaped the course of history on the beaches of Normandy. Our tour of the Normandy beaches from Le Havre pays deep tribute and promises to remember the historic heroism of the Normandy landings.

German Cemetery: Echoes of Conflict and Remembrance

A trip to the solemn grounds of the German Cemetery, a poignant testimony to the hopeful lives lost during the turbulent days of World War II, will put you in a historical mood. Among the carefully laid tombstones and trodden paths of visitors, you will be struck by reflections on the sacrifices on both sides of the conflict. By following history, you learn to understand and appreciate it, so this initial stop sets the tone before continuing with the key events of the D-Day landings at Pointe du Hoc.

Pointe du Hoc: climbing to the heights of heroism

The famous Pointe du Hoc, home to the U.S. Army Rangers' heroic climb up the fortified cliffs, is an example of courage and determination in the fight for freedom. Standing at the top of these rugged hills, reminders of this audacious attack, which helped secure victory, spread all around us. You will have the opportunity to experience first-hand the historic atmosphere of this place, surrounded by the memory of the valour and scars of the battles that the hill bears.

Omaha Beach

The tranquillity of this place today makes it hard to believe that the historic battle that bore the name of one of the most intense battles during the D-Day landings took place right here on 6 June 1944. The same golden sand, scattered by the boots of American soldiers who bravely faced the formidable German defences. Fierce resistance, costly fighting and difficult terrain earned the beach the nickname 'Bloody Omaha'. Today's tranquillity and beauty of the place is due to the bravery of these soldiers, and we invite you to take a reflective walk on this historic site.

American cemetery: a solemn tribute to sacrifice

The American Cemetery is a place of reverence and reflection. The sight of rows of white crosses and Stars of David is a humbling reminder of the enormous sacrifices made for freedom. A testament to the sacrifice and determination of each of these soldiers, it remains recorded in history as the great price that freedom brings. The tranquil surroundings belies the profound impact of the events that took place here, and as you walk between the graves, you will be reminded of the profound price of freedom.

An intimate and informative experience

The backdrop of picturesque landscapes contrasts with the rich and moving stories of heroism, strategy and sacrifice that took place on these shores. Our experienced guide will lead you through these testimonies of the past to help you gain a deeper understanding of the challenges faced and triumphs achieved during Operation Overlord.

What’s Included?

  • Pick-up and drop-off at the Le Havre port
  • Expert local tour guide
  • Shared bus transportation
  • Food and drinks

Meeting and Pickup

When you debark from your cruise ship, head outside the cruise terminal. Your guide will be waiting outside the security gate with a sign that says VEXPERIO . Please note : we do NOT meet at the parking lot directly next to the cruise ships. Please head outside of the security gate - it is about a 3-minute walk, 1000ft / 300m.

Open in Google Maps

1. Port of Le Havre

You will start your tour of Normandy with a hassle-free pick-up from the port of Le Havre. Our experienced guide will meet you at the cruise port, explaining all the steps of your memorable journey.

tour of normandy beaches

2. German Cemetery

Embark on a scenic drive to the German Cemetery, opening up a different perspective on World War II. Spend some time exploring this solemn site, with a brief pause for reflection.

tour of normandy beaches

3. Pointe du Hoc

Up next is the legendary Pointe du Hoc. Situated on a rugged cliff-top overlooking the English Channel, Pointe du Hoc stands as a testament to the remarkable courage and determination of the American Rangers during the D-Day invasion.

tour of normandy beaches

4. Omaha Beach

Continue to Omaha Beach to be absorbed in the reflective atmosphere of this historic site. It witnessed key events during the D-Day invasion and you will have the opportunity to learn fascinating historical facts about the intense battle that took place along this stretch of the Normandy coastline.

tour of normandy beaches

Take a break at Omaha Beach to enjoy a meal and relax in the beautiful surroundings before continuing your journey through Normandy.

tour of normandy beaches

6. American Cemetery

Our final stop on this solemn journey is the American Cemetery, a hallowed ground overlooking Omaha Beach. Located in a tranquil setting, this sacred site serves as the resting place of more than 9,000 American soldiers whose sacrifice will remain the greatest price of peace. Spend time visiting this sacred site as an example of remembrance and tribute to their sacrifice.

tour of normandy beaches

7. Port of Le Havre

End your enriching journey with a relaxing drive back to the port of Le Havre. Take this time to contemplate the significance of the history witnessed on these beaches during the D-Day landings and the courage shown by the Allied forces.

Cancellation Policy

  • For groups of 1-6 people: free cancellation up to 48 hours in advance.
  • For groups of 7+ people: free cancellation up to up to 7 days ahead. From 6 days in advance to 48 hours in advance, a 50% fee will apply.
  • Cancellations less than 48 hours ahead or no-shows result in no refund.

Weather Forecast

Today in Normandy

Monday , 8 February

Tue , 9 Feb

Wed , 10 Feb

Thu , 11 Feb

Fri , 12 Feb

Sat , 13 Feb

Sun , 14 Feb

Important Information

What to bring

  • Comfortable shoes
  • Weather-appropriate clothing

Know before you go

  • The Normandy tour involves walking on uneven surfaces and is not wheelchair accessible or suitable for people with mobility issues

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From Le Havre: Paris Guided Day Trip Shore Excursion

All-in-One Berlin: Shore Excursion from Warnemünde and Rostock Port

All-in-One Berlin: Shore Excursion from Warnemünde and Rostock Port

From Le Havre Port: Round-Trip Transfer to Paris by Bus

From Le Havre Port: Round-Trip Transfer to Paris by Bus

Beautiful Lübeck: Shared Shore Excursion from Kiel Port

Beautiful Lübeck: Shared Shore Excursion from Kiel Port

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5 Reasons To Take a Band of Brothers Tour in Normandy

T he invasion of Normandy, the most talked about of all D-day military operations, fascinates World War II history buffs to this day. 

It's one reason Normandy is such a tourist attraction, and many tour operators have stepped up to claim their share of this market. But for a unique and enriching experience focused on honoring the heroes of Normandy's D-day, there is only one choice – a Band of Brothers tour. 

Are you looking for the ultimate historical tour with experiences you'll never forget? Then keep reading and discover five reasons to take a Band of Brothers tour in Normandy.

Band of Brothers Tour

1. historical significance and expert guidance.

A Band of Brothers Tour is not just another WWII site tour that takes you to a few museums and memorials and calls it a day. It's a respectful and honest representation of WWII history, its triumphs and tragedies.

So, if you are looking for a historically accurate depiction of WWII's defining moments, this tour will give you that. The tour takes you to all five of Normandy's D-Day landing beaches, where you can soak up the history and the beauty of Northwestern France. 

The knowledgeable Band of Brothers tour guides provide detailed insights into all the key battles, locations, and events that shaped the outcome of the Second World War.

You'll not only have the trip of a lifetime, but you'll also leave with a deeper understanding of the sacrifices made by the soldiers on D-Day. And at Normandy's American Cemetery, you can pay your respects to the fallen soldiers and reflect on their bravery.

2. Immersive Experiences at Iconic Sites

We all enjoy different types of vacations. Some people holiday in style or visit iconic locations. Others prefer trekking through the wilderness or meditating on mountaintops.

You rarely find a tour that combines comfort, adventure, historical authenticity, and moments of deep reflection in one thrilling package. All while honoring some of history's greatest heroes. 

A Band of Brothers Tour takes you on an unforgettable journey that will delight every type of traveler. But while you enjoy top-notch comfortable accommodation and delicious authentic cuisine, you'll also gain deeper insights into WWII than you ever thought possible.

An 11-day tour will continue from Normandy into other iconic European WWII sites. You can crouch in authentic WWII foxholes in Belgium. And walk in the footsteps of the Easy Company soldiers whose story they immortalized in the acclaimed “Band of Brothers” miniseries.

3. A Personal Connection to History's Greatest Moments

There will be moments of sadness, too, as you learn about the lives lost, cut short in their prime by a devastating war. A Band of Brothers tour is a fully immersive experience featuring the thrills and chills of WWII history. 

The horrors of war go beyond the facts and the statistics. Sure, you'll hear about those, along with the military strategies that ultimately won the war. But on a Band of Brothers tour in Normandy, you get a more profound sense of the personal cost of war.

You'll hear the less familiar stories about the soldiers of D-Day—their personal experiences and anecdotes.

And at the end, you'll be able to pause to reflect on all you've learned. This will foster a deeper emotional connection to the history of the Normandy battle and the brave individuals who lived it.

4. New Experiences and New Friendships

What's better than the trip of a lifetime? A journey that you share with your friends. But if you don't start the tour surrounded by friends, don't worry – you'll undoubtedly end it that way. 

This opportunity for friendship and camaraderie is perhaps one of the best benefits of all. A tour like this offers opportunities for forming new friendships, the kind that is built on sharing meaningful experiences with like-minded people.

You'll meet others who share your passion for WWII history and, like you, will never forget the sacrifices made so you could live in a free world.

Like the stories of camaraderie between Allied soldiers who fought together on the shores of Normandy, these experiences will be a bond that will last forever.

5. An Impact That Lasts Long After the Tour Has Ended 

For your next vacation, do something that will make an impact that lasts long after the tour has ended. Take a Band of Brothers tour in Normandy. 

You'll gain a renewed appreciation for the significance of the D-Day landings and World War II's broader impact. You'll make new friends along the way. And you'll leave with reverence and gratitude for these brave soldiers who fought for freedom.

It's the perfect way to ensure that the sacrifices of those who fell on Normandy's sands are never forgotten.

This story was published in partnership with Beaches of Normandy Tours.

The post 5 Reasons To Take a Band of Brothers Tour in Normandy appeared first on Go Backpacking .

Normandy, France (photo: Tony Knight)

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Army watercraft company that saw action at Normandy and Vietnam reactivates in Japan

Soldiers stand in formation during an activation ceremony for the 5th Transportation Company at Yokohama North Dock, Japan, Thursday, Feb. 8, 2023.

Soldiers stand in formation during an activation ceremony for the 5th Transportation Company at Yokohama North Dock, Japan, Thursday, Feb. 8, 2023. (Akifumi Ishikawa/Stars and Stripes)

YOKOHAMA NORTH DOCK, Japan — A U.S. Army unit that will operate landing craft throughout the Indo-Pacific began work Thursday at this waterfront base south of Tokyo.

A bell rang out from the deck of the USAV Calaboza, a landing craft utility vessel, while about 40 soldiers stood in formation on shore, signaling the activation of the 5th Transportation Company, which had been inactive since 1997.

The unit “will strengthen maritime maneuver capabilities in contingencies, including disasters in the Indo-Pacific Region,” U.S. Army Japan said in a statement provided at the ceremony.

The company traces its lineage to Mechanical Repair Shop Unit 306, constituted in 1917 at Newport News, Va. It saw service in World War II, including at Normandy, and on the Saigon and Mekong rivers during the Vietnam War, according to the ceremony program.

Army Capt. Miata Schenaker commands the 5th Transportation Company, which was reactivated aboard the USAV Calaboza at Yokohama North Dock, Japan, Thursday, Feb. 8, 2024.

Army Capt. Miata Schenaker commands the 5th Transportation Company, which was reactivated aboard the USAV Calaboza at Yokohama North Dock, Japan, Thursday, Feb. 8, 2024. (Akifumi Ishikawa/Stars and Stripes)

Army Warrant Officer 2 Jason McElrath gives a tour of the USAV Calaboza, a landing craft utility vessel, at Yokohama North Dock, Japan, Thursday, Dec. 8, 2024.

Army Warrant Officer 2 Jason McElrath gives a tour of the USAV Calaboza, a landing craft utility vessel, at Yokohama North Dock, Japan, Thursday, Dec. 8, 2024. (Akifumi Ishikawa/Stars and Stripes)

The unit, led by Capt. Miata Schenaker, is evidence that “the Army can fight on land, air and sea,” U.S. Army Japan commander Maj. Gen. David Womack told dignitaries gathered at the dock.

A crew of 13 noncommissioned officers can deliver equipment and supplies to beaches using vessels like the Calaboza, he said.

The Calaboza and another vessel like it, the USAV Fort McHenry, which is deployed to Cairns, Australia, are the only watercraft operated by the newly activated company so far, Col. Ned Holt, commander of the Okinawa-based 10th support Group, said after the ceremony.

LCUs move personnel, gear and supplies to shore. They are small but boast the same payload capacity as seven C-17 Globemaster III aircraft. One LCU can carry up to five M1 Abrams tanks, 24 double-stacked shipping containers or 400 combat-equipped troops.

“These boats are older than most of these soldiers,” Womack said of the 1970s- and ‘80s-era landing craft.

Soldiers on the Calaboza sleep four to a room, although Warrant Officer 2 Jason McElrath, the vessel master, gets his own cabin, he said during a post-ceremony tour of the landing craft.

It is equipped with a pair of .50-caliber machine guns, a bow engine that enables it to maneuver in tight spaces, and an aft anchor that can winch the watercraft away from a beach, he said.

McElrath took charge of the Calaboza in June. He said the vessel had been on temporary assignment in the region and moved cargo, vehicles and troops to Sasebo, Okinawa and the Philippines last year.

Watercraft are integral to the Army’s annual Pathways training deployments of U.S.-based units to the Indo-Pacific, Holt said.

The 280 soldiers assigned to the company will live at Camp Zama, headquarters for U.S. Army Japan, and Yokosuka Naval Base, home of the U.S. 7th Fleet, each about 45 minutes’ drive from North Dock, he said.

A composite watercraft company includes five landing craft utility vessels, two tugboats, four maneuver support vessels and a harbormaster operations detachment to provide maintenance, according to an Army news release May 24, 2021.

author picture

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Hot property: five homes for sale in Normandy, France

Château with 11 bedrooms and 10 bathrooms, decorated in a traditional style

  • Hot property: five homes for sale in Normandy, France on x (opens in a new window)
  • Hot property: five homes for sale in Normandy, France on facebook (opens in a new window)
  • Hot property: five homes for sale in Normandy, France on linkedin (opens in a new window)
  • Hot property: five homes for sale in Normandy, France on whatsapp (opens in a new window)

Justin Kendall

Roula Khalaf, Editor of the FT, selects her favourite stories in this weekly newsletter.

Château, Domjean, €2.5mn

Where In the Manche département of Lower Normandy. Domjean village and its shops are within a 5-minute drive and the closest city is Caen, about an hour away.

What A 900 sq m château with 11 bedrooms and 10 bathrooms, decorated in a traditional style. The lounge is in the oldest part of the building, dating back to the 15th century. The property features a large stone cellar with a workout area, as well as a separate caretaker’s house.

Why The castle comes with 24 hectares of park and forest, including a pond, a dovecote, further outbuildings and a tennis court.

Who Hamptons

A six-bedroom, five-bathroom house

House, Falaise, €750,000

Where In the town of Falaise, Calvados département, close to Falaise Castle. Many amenities are within walking distance. Paris is about 3.5 hours away by car.

What A six-bedroom, five-bathroom house, traditionally renovated with parquet flooring, panelled walls and grand fireplaces. It sits on a 5,800 sq m plot of parkland, with a river running across. There’s also a garage with electric car charging, a woodshed and a wine cellar.

Why On the lower floor there’s an ornate indoor swimming pool with frescoes and full-length windows looking on to the gardens, along with a shower room and toilets.

Who Groupe Mercure/Forbes Global Properties

An 18th-century, 560 sq m house on a 120ha stud farm

Manor house and farm, Argentan, €4.75mn

Where Just outside the village of Neuvy-au-Houlme in a rural part of Orne département. The nearest town is Falaise, which is a 15-minute drive.

What An 18th-century, 560 sq m house on a 120ha stud farm. The house has three reception rooms, six suites and a conservatory. Outside, there’s a formal garden, covered pool and two tennis courts.

Why The property features four gîtes as well as equestrian facilities including 57 boxes, an arena, a Havrincourt ring and stables.

Who Engel & Völkers

A four-bedroom, four-bathroom house dating back to the 16th century

House, Caen, €1.94mn

Where In the commune of Biéville-Beuville in Calvados, between Caen and the coast. It’s about 20 minutes to central Caen by car, and a similar journey time to the port at Ouistreham.

What A four-bedroom, four-bathroom house dating back to the 16th century. The interior has had a modern refurbishment with a fitted kitchen, sleek fireplaces, triple-glazed windows, parquet flooring and underfloor heating. However, it retains its exposed beams and Caen stonework.

Why The property’s outbuildings include a 400 sq m stable and a 700 sq m barn — there’s also an old wine press. The total plot is just under a hectare.

Who Bayeux Sotheby’s International Realty

A half-timbered house with Belle Époque-style features

House, Cabourg, €2.94mn

Where In Cabourg on the Calvados coastline, less than a 10-minute walk from the beach. Caen port is a 25-minute drive.

What A half-timbered house with Belle Époque-style features. There are multiple reception rooms, eight bedrooms and three bathrooms across the main three floors, and in the basement there’s a wine cellar and a laundry room.

Why Surprising given its semiurban location, the house is set on 1.3 hectares. At the end of the lawn there’s a pond with an island and bridge and a children’s cabin.

Find out about our latest stories first — follow @FTProperty on X or @ft_houseandhome on Instagram

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International Edition




  • Average 4-6 miles walk a day
  • Some uneven terrain
  • Medium to long travel times
  • Moderate pace
  • D-Day Anniversary commemorations
  • All five beaches of Normandy
  • Normandy American Cemetery
  • Pointe du Hoc
  • Utah Beach Museum
  • Luxembourg American Cemetery

Dachau concentration camp

  • Eagle's Nest

This annual take on our Band of Brothers Tour is a commemorative 12-day journey celebrating the heroes who changed history on D-Day. From the beaches of Normandy to Hitler’s Eagle’s Nest, this tour hits the highlights of the American WWII war effort, with special stops focused on collectively honoring the sacrifice of our American heroes. We follow the path from D-Day to V-E Day, roughly in the footsteps of the famous Easy Company, who were present for the most pivotal moments in the later years of war. This trip is tailored for patriots who want to pay their respects and learn new details along the way.

Detailed Highlights and Itinerary

Passengers are greeted at the Charles de Gaulle Airport in Paris and transferred by coach to Normandy. After an orientation dinner to get to know your fellow patriots, we spend the next few days exploring the iconic shores of the Normandy Landings. Two days of this leg will focus on the American landing beaches Utah and Omaha, where we will pay our respects to the heroism that contributed to this battle that changed history. An entire day will focus on D-Day anniversary ceremonies, giving Passengers a chance to commemorate the occasion. We then visit the British landing beaches, where our fellow Allied troops fought to secure a foothold in Europe.

Utah Beach Memorial

Utah Beach Memorial

82nd Airborne Commemoration

82nd Airborne Commemoration



Omaha Beach

Omaha Beach

Veteran at the Normandy American Cemetery

Veteran at the Normandy American Cemetery

Gold Beach

Tank show on Gold Beach

Anniversary march in Carentan

Anniversary march in Carentan

Juno Beach Centre

Juno Beach Centre

Pegasus Bridge Memorial

Pegasus Bridge Memorial

The second leg of our journey heads east to Belgium, where we visit the sites of the Battle of the Bulge, the foxholes of Bois Jacques, and the military vehicles at the Bastogne Barracks. You’ll have ample time to explore these quaint areas independently and appreciate the incredible history and awe-inspiring monuments of this vital region. We cross border to Luxembourg to visit the National Museum of Military History in Diekirch. The museum exhibits a collection of military vehicles and weaponry among lifesize dioramas. We pay our respects to the fallen soldiers at Luxembourg American Cemetery where General Patton is also buried.

McAuliffe Square

McAuliffe Square

Patton Monument

Patton Monument

Foxholes of Bois Jacques

Foxholes of Bois Jacques

Mardasson Monument

Mardasson Monument

Bastogne Barracks

Bastogne Barracks

Bastogne Barracks

Bastogne War Museum

General Patton's Grave

General Patton's Grave

National Museum of Military History Diekirch

National Museum of Military History Diekirch

M45 Quadmount in the Diekirch Museum

M45 Quadmount in the Diekirch Museum

Our journey culminates in Germany, where we will explore the genesis and defeat of Hitler’s Nazi Party. We begin by exploring the somber site of the first Nazi concentration camp, where we can pay our respects to the victims of Hitler’s genocide. We then head to Munich to learn about the Third Reich before we visit Obersalzberg and the Eagle’s Nest. The tour ends with a chance for reflection and community over a farewell dinner. The next day, our Passengers are brought to Munich’s airport for their return flights.

Eagle’s Nest

Eagle’s Nest

Restaurant in the Eagle's Nest

Restaurant in the Eagle's Nest

Mussolini's gift to Hitler

Mussolini's gift to Hitler

Tunnel under the Eagle’s Nest

Tunnel under the Eagle’s Nest

Hitler's Bunker

Hitler's Bunker

Dachau concentration camp

Hofbräuhaus Munich



Dates and prices, 80th anniversary overlord tour.

  • Day 11: Departure


  • Day 9: Departure


  • Day 12: Departure


Beaches of normandy tour.

  • Day 6: Departure


80th anniversary bulge tour.

  • Day 8: Departure


Britain at war tour.

  • Day 10: Departure


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Relax after a long flight and ease your mind knowing that your Tour Director will meet you at the airport on the first day of the tour, avoiding extra navigating and expensive taxi fares. With our all-inclusive tour package, we handle all the details of your tour, so you can focus on experiencing this trip of a lifetime. Sit back and let us wine and dine you as you explore history with our carefully planned itinerary, with all breakfasts, dinners and entrance fees included. You will sleep soundly each night at 4-star accommodations. Breakfasts are delicious and authentic, while the two-three course dinners are mix of buffet and limited menu dining options which offer a chance to taste some of the local wines or beers as well. This tour includes a 24/7 Tour Director and several local guides. Our dynamic, knowledgeable Tour Directors are with you from your arrival at the airport to departure on the final day. They proactively smooth the way for your entire tour experience. Our handpicked, trusted local guides are fluent in English and expert historians, who deliver their impressive wealth of knowledge, anecdotes, and local insights with skill that shows their years of research and experience.

Hotel in Normandy

Hotel in Normandy

Hotel Room in Germany

Hotel Room in Germany

Hotel Room in France

Hotel Room in France

Hotel in Germany

Hotel in Germany


Motorcoach 2

Local guide in Normandy

Local guide in Normandy

Local Guide at the Bastogne barracks

Local Guide at the Bastogne barracks

Local guide at WW2 landing Museum in Catania

Local guide at WW2 landing Museum in Catania

Local guide in Normandy

Sausage plate in Germany

Lunch in Berchtesgaden

Lunch in Berchtesgaden

Ham plate in Normandy

Ham plate in Normandy

They always address topics onsite so that you get to experience history where it happened as they guide both popular destinations and obscure locations only the locals would know. Do not worry about availability, wait times, or ticket costs as all museum and site admissions are pre-arranged and included in the cost of our all-inclusive tours. On this tour you ride in style in our motorcoaches complete with climate control, video entertainment and extra leg room. Our skilled, professional drivers maximize your tour time by navigating the busiest highways and tightest country lanes, giving you more time at sites and less time subjected to the inflexible scheduling, delays and crowded areas that accompany public transport. For those who want to stay connected, Wi-fi is available at all our hotels and on all of our buses.

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Beaches of Normandy Tours Band of Brothers Tours 48 Rue de Thouays, 50480 Sainte-Marie-du-Mont, Normandy, France

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  1. Beaches of Normandy Tours®

    Beaches of Normandy Tours Band of Brothers Tours 48 Rue de Thouays, 50480 Sainte-Marie-du-Mont, Normandy, France. Phone: +1 855-473-1999 Monday - Friday, 10am - 6pm ET e-mail: [email protected]

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    Local guide All locations Tickets included Activity level 2 Highlights All five beaches of Normandy Normandy American Cemetery Pointe du Hoc Utah Beach Museum Pegasus Bridge Memorial Longues-sur-Mer Mont-Saint-Michel Detailed Highlights and Itinerary Days 1-4 Arrival requirement (airport and time): Paris (CDG), no later than 10 AM

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    Morning: Utah beach. 55km from Cherbourg or 60km from Bayeux. We start our Normandy D-Day itinerary at the most western of the landing beaches - Utah. Landed by the Americans, this was one of the more successful operations. If you're coming from the ferry or starting in Bayeaux it should be less than an hour to get here.

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    Website: 3. D-Day Guided Tours. D-Day Guided Tours is a company led by Mathias Leclere, a local guide passionate about the history of the landing in Normandy. Mathias offers guided tours in English and French, allowing visitors of different nationalities to benefit from his expertise.

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    Walking the D-Day Landing Beaches Tour. On June 6th 1944 135,000 men came ashore on the beaches of Normandy, their fortitude and courage proved to be a turning point in the Second World War. Join us as we experience the D-Day landing beaches and marvel at the planning, the bravery and the determination of the men who took part in this ...

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  17. 9- day Band of Brothers Tour®

    Beaches of Normandy Tours Band of Brothers Tours 48 Rue de Thouays, 50480 Sainte-Marie-du-Mont, Normandy, France. Phone: +1 855-473-1999 Monday - Friday, 10am - 6pm ET e-mail: [email protected]

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