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Chiang Kai-Shek Memorial Hall

halal taiwan tour

Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hall

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Farglory Ocean Park

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Taipei Grand Mosque

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Kaohsiung Mosque

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Taichung Mosque

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NCTU Muslim Prayer Room

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Muslim Beef Noodles Restaurant

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Chang Beef Noodle Shop

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Alibaba Indian Kitchen

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Anatolia Turkish Restaurant

halal taiwan tour

Atami Hotel (3 Star) - Zolang Hung Mall

halal taiwan tour

Amba Taipei Ximending- Chiba

halal taiwan tour

Chateau de Chine Hotel Taoyuan - Jubilee Hall

halal taiwan tour

Ambassador Hotel Hsinchu (5 Star) - Promenade )

halal taiwan tour

Taiwan Halal

halal taiwan tour

PCI NU Taiwan

halal taiwan tour

CMA Chinese muslim association

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Vegetarian: Tianyuan zhuang

halal taiwan tour

Vegetarian: Shenghuo chan jingzhi

halal taiwan tour

Natural and Healthy Restaurant

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7-Day Muslim-Friendly Itinerary for Your First Trip to Taiwan

halal taiwan tour

Taiwan doesn’t necessarily jump out as a must-visit destination for Muslim travellers. Unbeknownst to many, Taiwan is actually a burgeoning Muslim-friendly travel destination, brimming with tasty Halal food and unique travel experiences to take home. The language might be a barrier for non-Mandarin speaking travellers but nothing the universal body language and a whole lot of patience can’t help you with. Home to affectionate locals, majestic mountain ranges and bustling night markets, you’ll never know what exciting adventures await you in the modern cities.

Day 1: Ni Hao, Taiwan!


When you arrive at Taoyuan International Airport, you might find yourself overwhelmed by throngs of eager travellers, just like yourself, ready to begin their adventures in Taiwan. Keep calm and queue on as you clear the immigration before collecting your luggage.

Your first pitstop? Make use of the shuttle service available at the airport and head to Flying Cow Ranch. For a rate of NT$2900 (~S$130), the vehicle can accommodate up to five passengers comfortably. Alternatively, take the High-Speed Rail and stop at Taichung or Miaoli and continue on your way via taxi.

halal taiwan tour

Flying Cow Ranch in Miaoli is a perfect escape from the city and suitable for families who want to experience farm life. When you arrive at Flying Cow Ranch, be greeted by a breath of fresh air (and a faint smell of cows and goats).

halal milk hotpot miaoli taiwan

Travelling long distances is a sure-fire way to make you hungry. Head over to their in-house Halal-certified restaurant where a wide spread of delicious local Taiwanese cuisine awaits. From their steaming milk hotpot to the soft mantou, dig into a sumptuous feast. Their local speciality milk hotpot is filled with a variety of seafood (think: juicy crabs, mussels and fresh prawns!) simmered in milk that was harvested from the local cows.

flying cow ranch diy taiwan

The animals might be asleep at night but you will never be bored here as there are many seasonal DIY activities for guests. From baking mooncakes during the Mid Autumn Festival to butter churning, you will have a chance to show off your cooking skills. As the night winds down, retreat to your spacious country-style room. Experience what it’s like to sleep in a farmhouse! Note: You can find the local prayer timetable and the Qibla direction in one of the drawers. Feel free to indulge in the complimentary milk sweets in each room too. You may later purchase them from the resident snack shop. Also, indulge in their purely vegetarian Milk Pudding!

Day 2: Flying Cow Ranch

flying cow ranch taiwan

Despite its name, this ranch has a wide selection of animals for you to see and feed. You’ll be able to spot cows, calves, goats, ducks and mountain deer frolicking about the vast green lands of the ranch. Check out the feeding and activity times for the various animals so that you will not miss a chance to interact with them.

flying cow ranch taiwan

Besides being greeted by all kinds of animals as you walk around the farmland, you will also be able to participate in a variety of hands-on activities. Your day will be filled with various farming experiences such as milking cows, feeding the calves, goats and rabbits, and finally catching the duck parade where you will watch a flock of friendly ducks waddling around you with the sound of a bell. When you feel tired, head over to their garden cafe for a refreshing yoghurt drink or milk ice cream, manufactured from the local cows’ milk.

flying cow ranch taiwan

Bored of the animals? Why not embark on a leisurely stroll around the ranch to embrace nature. Flying Cow provides guided tours to the Butterfly area to explore the beautiful and variant species of butterflies, especially when you visit in June to October. There are also various trails for you to enjoy an hour or two of quiet time.

Day 3: Miaoli City – The Mountain Town

muslim friendly itinerary miaoli taiwan

Located in Miaoli province, Miaoli city is also known as “Mountain Town” due to the vast numbers of mountains nearby. This makes it a perfect city to explore for travellers who enjoy a good hike. Get an early start and hop on a train to explore the Tongluo Skywalk where you can enjoy a panoramic view of Jiuhua Mountain .

If you love marvelling at stunning blooms, Taoyuan Old Trail is a great route for you to witness the beauty of the tung blossoms. Attention all avid cyclists, you must cycle along the Tongluo Sky Cycling Trail, which also happens to be the highest cycling route in Taiwan! Be sure to really take your time and soak in all the natural beauty Miaoli has to offer.

houlong cape of good hope taiwan

Looking for a different kind of view? Make a trip to Houlong Cape of Good Hope for a panoramic view of the coasts and the giant wind turbines that line the bay. This seafront hill is also where you will find a historical stone weir from the traditional Pingpu Tribe, a device previously used for fishing.

Culture vultures might prefer to learn more about the Hakka culture at the Taiwan Hakka Museum at Miaoli Park . As you browse through the exhibitions and engage in many interactive programs, you will have a deeper understanding of Hakka customs and traditions. Alternatively, you can also take a walk around the Hakka Courtyard .

Day 4: Sanyi – the Woodcarving Kingdom of Taiwan

sanyi taiwan

Sanyi is a rural township in Miaoli province, famous for wood carving. What better way to understand the history of wood carving here than to pay a visit to the Sanyi Wood Sculpture Museum . Located near Sanyi station, their nine exhibitions span from introductions about wood carving to the varying styles used in each Chinese dynasty. Later, stroll along the streets of Sanyi and perhaps buy yourself a unique wooden souvenir.

longteng bridge taiwan

Next, visit the famous Longteng Bridge , the highest iron bridge in Taiwan. Standing at 50 metres tall, this broken bridge was built during the Japanese rule. You will be able to see the red-brick viaduct, the only part of the structure to have survived the 1935 deadly earthquake.

Thereafter, step into the past and explore the Shengxing Railway Station to see the remnants of the Japanese occupation. It was part of the Taiwanese Rail Mountain Line and can reach an altitude of 405 meters. Fun Fact: This railway station was built without any nails.

zhou ye cottage taiwan

Wind down after a long day at Zhou Ye Cottage and be instantly transported back to Old Taiwan. With large red lanterns hanging and quaint little cottages, you can almost sense the strong Japanese influence in Miaoli province during the colonial years as you tour around Zhuo Ye.

indigo dyeing zhou ye cottage taiwan

Do try your hand at DIY Indigo Dyeing , where you can choose an item from pouches and shirts to design and dye to your own liking. The indigo dye is extracted from the Assam Indigo plants that are grown and processed here, ensuring that the ingredients are organic and all natural. The process of dyeing and washing might be a tad troublesome but it will be worth it when you leave with your own personalized keepsake.

zhou ye cottage taiwan

You will also embark on a gastronomic journey when you are here. Their vegetarian-only menu is focused on incorporating five corns, five vegetables and five fruits into each meal. The dishes are made from locally grown and sourced vegetables too. Hence, the dishes will vary with seasons which makes each dining experience here unique. Also, don’t miss their healthy herbal hot pot, offered all year round, filled with fresh mushrooms and vegetables grown in Zhou Ye. Note: The restaurant is Muslim-friendly certified and no alcohol is served.

muslim-friendly zhou ye cottage taiwan

We highly recommend a night’s stay at Zhuo Ye to truly take in the natural beauty surrounding your cottage stay. You will also be able to find the local prayer timetable and the Qibla direction within your room, making this accommodation choice very Muslim-friendly after all.

Day 5: Taipei 101

taipei taiwan

It is time to head to the concrete jungle of Taipei, where shopping and nightlife await you!

Want a birds eye’s view of Taipei? Head down to Taipei 101 where you will have a panoramic view of the skyline from this landmark skyscraper. A quick weather check before heading there would be good to ensure no cloudiness affecting your view. Fun Fact: This architectural marvel is designed to withstand typhoon winds and earthquake tremors which are common in this area of Taiwan.

taipei 101 taiwan

Alternatively, you can trek up Elephant Mountain , which is just one train stop away from Taipei 101. Here, you might get a better view of the city skyline. This gorgeous view does come with a little work because it is a 30-minute hike up.

Chiang Kai-Shek Memorial Hall taipei taiwan

Another architecture marvel to visit while in Taipei is of course, the Chiang Kai-Shek Memorial Hall . This prominent historical landmark was built to honor the former President of the Republic of China. There is an exhibition dedicated to his life’s work and also the history of Taiwan.

ningxia night market taipei taiwan

You must be feeling absolutely famished from all that exploring. It is time to end your day by heading to Ningxia Night Market . You can’t say you’ve been to Taiwan if you don’t visit their famous night markets. Ningxia Night Market has so much to offer from crazy arcade games to local delicacies. Such Taiwanese night markets are a symbol of the vibrant food culture and local life so don’t be intimidated by the masses of locals roaming around. Be ready to hunt down Muslim-friendly Taiwanese snacks!

Note: Do not worry about bad weather at Ningxia Night Market. They built a shelter over this night market to ensure that the rain will not stop you from enjoying the dizzying array of delicious street snacks. You will find Muslim-friendly local delights at stalls 051, 89, 78, 115, 29, 44, 121, 002!

Day 6: Shifen – Trains, Waterfalls, Lanterns

shifen waterfall taipei taiwan

Hop on a northbound train from Taipei Main station to the Shifen Waterfall ! This 40-metre waterfall cascading into the lake is a great photo opportunity courtesy of the luscious trees and crystalline waters flowing. Head to the Observation Trail Point for a better vantage point of this lovely waterfall. If you are short of time, rent an electric bike and zip right to the top.

shifen old streets taiwan

Once you start feeling peckish, head over to Shifen Old Streets which is about 30 minutes away. Nestled in the Pingxi area, Shifen Old Streets is a collection of streets and lanes around the Shifen railway station, which was originally built for the transportation of coal during the Japanese occupation. Tour around the Taiwan Coal Mine Museum to learn more about Taiwan’s rich coal mining history.

sky lantern festival shifen taiwan

This is also the spot where most travellers head to for their Taiwanese lantern experience. If you ever find yourself here in February, remember to check out the annual Sky Lantern Festival . You can select your recyclable lantern from the array of colours available and write your well wishes on it. Snap photos of your lantern before setting them afloat into the night sky!

Day 7: Taipei – Shop Till You Drop

vigor kobo taipei taiwan

This is your last hurrah in Taipei before heading back and of course, you can’t possibly head home without souvenirs. Vigor Kobo is the ideal place for you to shop for lovely keepsakes. The desserts and snacks boast gorgeous packaging which make them great gifts. You cannot miss out on their pineapple cakes too! Note: Look out for their Halal snack section to ensure your pineapple cakes and matcha mochis are Halal-certified. Do try out the food samples available to know how delicious it is before making a purchase.

ximending taipei taiwan

Continue your shopping spree at Ximending . This shopping district is lined with numerous famous fashion and electronic brands, making it a haven for shopaholics. There is also a host of street performances around which really adds to the vibrant nightlife in Ximending.

Taipei Grand Mosque Taiwan

Make one last stop at the Taipei Grand Mosque , the largest mosque in Taipei. Built in 1960, the most prominent feature of this mosque is the dome that is not supported by any beam. The second-floor prayer hall is dedicated for Muslimahs and the main prayer hall for Muslimins.

After almost a week of adventures in Taiwan, it is finally time for you to catch your flight home. Hitch a ride on the bus, High-Speed Rail or taxi to get yourself to Taoyuan International Airport which would roughly require about 40 minutes. Note: Check out their multiple prayer rooms once you have arrived at the departure hall. The prayer rooms have prayer mats provided with a partition in the middle. However, the lack of an ablution area means you would need to take your wudhu at the washroom.

prayer room taoyuan international airport

Ready for your first Taiwanese adventure? We got your itinerary covered so it is time for you to kickstart your well-deserved vacation. Lip-smacking beef noodles and absolutely scenic views await you.

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In 2023, Mastercard and CrescentRating jointly released the "Global Muslim Travel Index (GMTI)." Taiwan ranked 3rd among non-Organization of Islamic Cooperation (non-OIC) destinations. Since 2019, Taiwan has consistently been among the top 3 in this ranking and in 2022, it was awarded the "Most Inclusive Non-OIC Destination" in the CrescentRating's "Halal Travel Awards." Currently, Taiwan's major transportation hubs and tourist attractions, such as international airports, Taipei Main Station, Kaohsiung Station, Hualien Station, as well as Taichung High-Speed Rail Station, and thirteen national scenic areas, and freeway service areas, all have Muslim prayer rooms. Considering the dietary and worship needs of Muslim travelers, Taiwan has designed Muslim-friendly travel itineraries to create a welcoming environment for Muslim visitors.

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The Halal Times

The Halal Times

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Halal Taiwan: A Comprehensive Guide to Its Emerging Market, Culture, and Opportunities

Halal Taiwan: A Comprehensive Guide to Its Emerging Market, Culture, and Opportunities

Discover “Halal Taiwan: A Comprehensive Guide to Its Emerging Market, Culture, and Opportunities” — a deep dive into Taiwan’s dynamic embrace of the halal market amidst its rich cultural backdrop and innovative landscape. Taiwan shines as a model of inclusivity, particularly for the global Muslim community, blending its vibrant cities, breathtaking natural beauty, and cutting-edge technology with a growing halal ecosystem. This guide reveals Taiwan’s dedication to the halal lifestyle, warmly inviting Muslim travelers and entrepreneurs to experience the integration of Islamic principles within its economic and social framework.

With global demand for halal products on the rise, Taiwan is seizing the opportunity to connect cultures and fuel economic growth through its halal industry. Offering everything from halal-certified foods and beverages to Muslim-friendly tourism and beauty products, Taiwan is committed to accommodating the needs and respects of the Muslim community.

A strategic approach underpins Taiwan’s halal market development, featuring stringent halal certification, the promotion of halal tourism, and support for halal-centric businesses. These initiatives not only boost Taiwan’s profile as a prime destination for Muslim visitors but also establish it as a significant player on the international halal stage. Government and private sector collaborations aim to align Taiwan’s halal offerings with global standards, earning the trust of Muslim consumers and investors worldwide.

Taiwan’s venture into the halal market is a testament to its progressive outlook, harmonizing economic development with cultural empathy. This effort enriches Taiwan’s cultural fabric, fostering a greater appreciation for the Islamic way of life and inviting all to explore its diverse cultural heritage.

Join us in this comprehensive exploration of Halal Taiwan, where we’ll uncover the sector’s evolution, challenges, and prospects. This guide promises a thorough overview of Taiwan’s ambitious goal to become a leading halal hub in Asia and beyond, celebrating a journey of tradition, innovation, and cultural unity.

Halal Taiwan: An Example of Resilience & Determination

The rise of halal certification in taiwan.

Taiwan’s journey into the halal market is underscored by its rigorous approach to halal certification, a crucial step in building trust and ensuring compliance with Islamic dietary laws. This section delves into the mechanics and significance of halal certification in Taiwan, highlighting how this process not only caters to the dietary needs of Muslims but also serves as a springboard for Taiwanese businesses into the global halal market.

Establishing Halal Certification Bodies

The cornerstone of Taiwan’s halal initiative is the establishment of reputable halal certification bodies, notably the Taiwan Halal Integrity Development Association (THIDA) and the Chinese Muslim Association (CMA). These organizations are tasked with a critical mission: to oversee and ensure that products and services bearing the halal label strictly adhere to Islamic law. The certification process encompasses a thorough review of ingredients, production methods, and handling processes, ensuring that they meet stringent halal standards.

Impact on Local Businesses

For Taiwanese businesses, obtaining halal certification is not merely about accessing the Muslim market; it’s a testament to their commitment to quality, safety, and ethical standards. This certification opens doors to a rapidly growing global market, offering Taiwanese products and services a competitive edge in regions where halal compliance is not just preferred but mandatory. The process, while demanding, educates and prepares businesses to operate within a framework that respects Islamic dietary laws, thereby enhancing their appeal to Muslim consumers worldwide.

Boosting Taiwan’s Global Halal Presence

Halal certification is a key driver in boosting Taiwan’s presence in the global halal market. By adhering to international halal standards, Taiwanese products gain credibility and recognition, facilitating entry into markets in Southeast Asia, the Middle East, and beyond. This not only contributes to Taiwan’s economic growth but also strengthens its reputation as a country that values and respects cultural and religious diversity.

Challenges and Opportunities

The path to halal certification in Taiwan, while promising, is fraught with challenges. One of the main hurdles is the need for widespread awareness and understanding of halal principles among non-Muslim stakeholders. There’s also the challenge of streamlining the certification process to make it more accessible to small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) without compromising on standards.

However, these challenges present opportunities for innovation and collaboration. For instance, leveraging technology to simplify and expedite the certification process can significantly reduce the barriers to entry for SMEs. Moreover, educational campaigns aimed at demystifying halal practices can foster a more inclusive environment, encouraging more businesses to embrace halal certification.

Halal-Friendly Tourism in Taiwan: Welcoming Muslim Travelers with Open Arms

Taiwan is rapidly transforming into a prime destination for Muslim travelers, thanks to its commitment to halal-friendly tourism . This vibrant island is not just about its breathtaking landscapes and technological marvels; it’s also about creating an inclusive environment that caters to the needs of Muslim visitors. This section explores the various facets of halal-friendly tourism in Taiwan, from tailored tour packages to accommodations and services designed with the Muslim traveler in mind.

Tailored Halal Tour Packages

Recognizing the unique needs of Muslim travelers, Taiwan has seen a surge in specialized tour packages that promise a seamless travel experience. These packages cover halal dining options, visits to mosques, and tours of Islamic cultural sites, ensuring that travelers can enjoy Taiwan’s beauty without compromising their religious practices. Travel agencies and tour operators are increasingly knowledgeable about the preferences of Muslim tourists, offering itineraries that highlight Taiwan’s natural wonders, cultural treasures, and technological advancements, all while adhering to halal standards.

Halal-Friendly Accommodations

Accommodation plays a crucial role in halal-friendly tourism, and Taiwan is stepping up by offering a range of hotels and lodgings that cater to the specific needs of Muslim guests. From halal-certified kitchens and dining options to prayer facilities within the premises, these accommodations ensure a comfortable and worry-free stay. Many hotels also provide Qurans, prayer mats, and information on the direction of Qibla in guest rooms, reflecting a thoughtful approach to hospitality.

Halal Dining Experiences

One of the highlights of visiting Taiwan is undoubtedly the food, and the island’s culinary scene is embracing halal certification with open arms. From street food stalls to high-end restaurants, more and more establishments are offering halal-certified Taiwanese delicacies, allowing Muslim travelers to indulge in the island’s rich and diverse culinary offerings. Whether it’s savoring a bowl of halal beef noodle soup, enjoying traditional snacks, or exploring the flavors of Taiwanese fusion cuisine, the halal dining experience in Taiwan is both delightful and inclusive.

Prayer Facilities and Mosques

To support the spiritual needs of Muslim travelers, Taiwan is enhancing its infrastructure to include more prayer facilities and mosques. The Taipei Grand Mosque, the largest and most prominent mosque in Taiwan, serves as a spiritual hub for Muslims, while other cities are following suit by establishing mosques and prayer rooms. These facilities are not just places of worship but also cultural centers where travelers can learn about Islam in Taiwan and meet the local Muslim community.

Promoting Taiwan as a Halal-Friendly Destination

The Taiwanese government, in collaboration with the tourism industry, is actively promoting Taiwan as a halal-friendly destination. This includes participation in international travel fairs, partnerships with Muslim-majority countries, and digital marketing campaigns targeting the Muslim travel market. By highlighting Taiwan’s commitment to accommodating the needs of Muslim travelers, these efforts aim to position the island as a top choice for halal-conscious tourists.

Challenges and Future Directions

While Taiwan has made significant strides in halal-friendly tourism, challenges remain, such as ensuring consistent halal standards across services and increasing awareness among non-Muslim service providers. Future directions include expanding the range of halal-certified offerings, integrating halal-friendly services into more rural and remote areas, and fostering a deeper cultural exchange between Taiwanese locals and Muslim visitors.

Halal Dining Experiences in Taipei and Beyond: A Culinary Journey for Muslim Travelers

Taiwan’s commitment to embracing the global Muslim community extends into the culinary realm, making it a paradise for food-loving travelers seeking halal options. The island’s capital, Taipei, along with other regions, offers a plethora of halal dining experiences, ranging from street food to gourmet restaurants. This section explores the vibrant halal food scene in Taiwan, highlighting the diverse options that cater to Muslim travelers’ dietary needs without compromising on taste or authenticity.

Taipei: A Halal Culinary Capital

Taipei stands out as a hub for halal dining in Taiwan, with an array of restaurants serving halal-certified versions of Taiwanese favorites. The city’s halal food scene is a reflection of its multicultural fabric, offering everything from traditional beef noodle soup to exotic street snacks, all prepared in accordance with Islamic dietary laws. Halal certification ensures that the food not only meets religious standards but also embodies the island’s commitment to quality and hygiene.

Halal Dishes to Try in Taiwan

When in Taiwan, Muslim travelers can indulge in a variety of signature dishes that have been adapted to meet halal standards. Some must-try items include:

  • Halal Beef Noodle Soup : Often considered Taiwan’s national dish, this halal version uses beef prepared according to Islamic law, simmered in a rich, flavorful broth with hand-pulled noodles.
  • Bubble Tea : A Taiwanese invention, many bubble tea shops now offer halal-certified milk tea options, ensuring that the ingredients used, including the milk and sweeteners, are halal.
  • Stinky Tofu : For the adventurous eater, halal-certified stinky tofu provides a unique taste of Taiwanese street food culture.
  • Dumplings and Steamed Buns : Available in various halal-certified fillings, these snacks are perfect for on-the-go eating while exploring Taiwan’s bustling markets and streets.

Halal-Certified Restaurants and Eateries

The increasing number of halal-certified restaurants in Taiwan is a testament to the island’s dedication to inclusivity. From small eateries to larger dining establishments, the focus on providing halal options has grown significantly. Restaurants often display their halal certification prominently, giving Muslim diners peace of mind. Additionally, many of these establishments offer vegetarian and vegan options, catering to a broad range of dietary preferences.

Beyond Taipei: Halal Dining Across Taiwan

While Taipei is a focal point for halal dining, other regions of Taiwan are also embracing the trend. Cities such as Taichung, Kaohsiung, and Hualien are expanding their halal food offerings, with local governments and tourism boards actively promoting halal-friendly dining spots. This expansion not only caters to Muslim residents and visitors but also promotes culinary diversity and intercultural understanding across Taiwan.

Ensuring the availability of halal dining options across Taiwan poses challenges, particularly in less urbanized areas where awareness of halal requirements may be limited. However, these challenges present opportunities for growth and education. Increasing halal culinary training for chefs, expanding the network of halal-certified suppliers, and promoting halal dining options through tourism campaigns can further enhance Taiwan’s appeal as a destination for Muslim travelers.

Shopping for Halal Products in Taiwan: Navigating the Market with Ease

Taiwan’s journey towards becoming a halal-friendly destination is not limited to dining and tourism alone; it extends into the realm of retail, offering Muslim visitors and residents alike the convenience of accessing halal products across the island. From halal-certified groceries to personal care items and cosmetics, Taiwan’s markets are increasingly catering to the needs of the Muslim community. This section explores the halal shopping landscape in Taiwan, providing insights into where and how to find halal-certified products, making the shopping experience both enjoyable and compliant with Islamic principles.

Halal Supermarkets and Grocery Stores

In response to the growing demand for halal products, several supermarkets and grocery stores in Taiwan have begun to offer halal-certified food items. These range from meat and poultry, processed according to Islamic law, to a wide array of halal snacks, cooking ingredients, and ready-to-eat meals. These stores often have dedicated sections for halal products, clearly marked to make shopping easier for Muslim consumers. Additionally, some specialty stores focus exclusively on halal goods, providing a one-stop-shop for all dietary needs.

Halal Cosmetics and Personal Care Products

The halal market in Taiwan also encompasses cosmetics and personal care items, catering to Muslims who seek products that are not only free from prohibited substances but also manufactured according to ethical and hygienic practices. Halal-certified cosmetics and skincare products are gaining popularity, with several Taiwanese brands obtaining certification to serve both domestic and international markets. These products are available in various outlets, from department stores to online platforms, ensuring accessibility to all.

Online Shopping for Halal Products

The rise of e-commerce has significantly facilitated the availability of halal products in Taiwan. Online marketplaces and specialty halal shops offer a broad range of goods, from groceries and health supplements to beauty products, all certified halal. This convenience allows Muslim consumers to easily access halal products from anywhere in Taiwan, with the added benefit of home delivery. Online platforms also provide detailed product information and certification details, ensuring transparency and trust in the halal shopping process.

Challenges and Opportunities in Halal Retail

While the availability of halal products in Taiwan is growing, challenges remain in ensuring widespread accessibility and awareness. Not all regions of Taiwan have easy access to physical stores offering halal products, and there is an ongoing need for education among retailers and consumers about halal requirements. However, these challenges present opportunities for growth and development. Expanding the distribution network of halal products, increasing collaboration between Taiwanese companies and international halal suppliers, and leveraging digital platforms for education and marketing can further enhance the halal retail landscape in Taiwan.

Halal Infrastructure: Mosques and Prayer Facilities in Taiwan

As Taiwan progresses towards becoming a more inclusive destination for Muslim visitors and residents, the development of halal infrastructure, particularly mosques and prayer facilities, plays a pivotal role. This enhancement not only caters to the spiritual needs of the Muslim community but also signifies Taiwan’s respect and acknowledgment of cultural and religious diversity. This section delves into the existing Islamic infrastructure in Taiwan, spotlighting mosques and prayer spaces that have become centers for worship and community gathering.

The Taipei Grand Mosque: A Symbol of Islamic Heritage in Taiwan

The Taipei Grand Mosque, the oldest and most prominent mosque in Taiwan, stands as a beacon of Islamic faith and culture on the island. Established in the 1960s, it not only serves as a place of worship for thousands of Muslims but also as a cultural center for the Islamic community in Taipei and beyond. The mosque’s architecture, featuring traditional Islamic designs, is a testament to Taiwan’s multicultural tapestry and its embrace of diverse religious practices. The Taipei Grand Mosque hosts regular prayers, including the Friday Jumu’ah, Eid celebrations, and educational programs, fostering a sense of community and belonging among Muslims in Taiwan.

Expanding the Network of Mosques and Prayer Facilities

Beyond the Taipei Grand Mosque, Taiwan is home to several other mosques, each serving as a community hub for Muslims in different parts of the island. Cities such as Taichung, Tainan, and Kaohsiung have established mosques that cater to the local Muslim population and visiting travelers, ensuring that the spiritual needs of the community are met, regardless of location. These mosques often offer additional services, including Islamic classes, cultural exchange programs, and social gatherings, enriching the Muslim experience in Taiwan.

Prayer Facilities Beyond Mosques

Recognizing the importance of providing prayer facilities to accommodate the needs of Muslim travelers, Taiwan has introduced prayer rooms in various public spaces, including airports, train stations, and shopping centers. These prayer rooms offer a quiet and clean space for Muslims to perform their prayers, equipped with ablution facilities and prayer mats. The availability of these facilities at key transport hubs and leisure destinations underscores Taiwan’s commitment to offering a welcoming and inclusive environment for all visitors.

The Role of Mosques and Prayer Facilities in Promoting Cultural Exchange

Mosques and prayer facilities in Taiwan are not just spiritual centers for Muslims; they also serve as venues for cultural exchange and understanding. Through organized tours, interfaith dialogues, and open house events, mosques in Taiwan invite people of all backgrounds to learn about Islam and the Muslim way of life. These initiatives help break down cultural barriers and promote a deeper understanding and respect among Taiwan’s diverse population.

Challenges and Opportunities for Future Development

While Taiwan has made significant strides in developing its Islamic infrastructure, challenges remain in ensuring these facilities meet the growing needs of the Muslim community. Expanding the network of mosques and prayer facilities, particularly in less urbanized areas, and enhancing the quality of existing facilities are areas for future development. There is also an opportunity to leverage technology, such as mobile apps and online platforms, to provide information on mosque locations, prayer times, and available services, further facilitating the religious practices of Muslims in Taiwan.

Taiwan’s Halal Ecosystem: Beyond Food

Taiwan’s commitment to accommodating the needs of the Muslim community extends well beyond halal food and dining experiences. The island is developing a comprehensive halal ecosystem that encompasses a wide range of products and services, including cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, and lifestyle products, all adhering to halal standards. This holistic approach not only caters to the dietary needs but also to the overall lifestyle of Muslims, ensuring that they can live in accordance with their faith while in Taiwan. This section explores the diverse aspects of Taiwan’s halal ecosystem, highlighting the breadth and depth of offerings that go beyond food.

Halal-Certified Cosmetics and Personal Care Products

In recent years, Taiwan has seen a significant rise in the availability of halal-certified cosmetics and personal care products. Recognizing the importance of purity and ethical manufacturing in Islam, several Taiwanese beauty brands have obtained halal certification, ensuring their products are free from haram (forbidden) substances and are produced under strict hygiene conditions. This move not only opens up new markets for Taiwanese products but also caters to the growing demand for ethical and religiously compliant beauty products among Muslims worldwide.

Pharmaceuticals and Health Products

The healthcare sector in Taiwan is also embracing halal certification, with an increasing number of pharmaceutical products being developed according to halal guidelines. This includes everything from over-the-counter medications to health supplements, ensuring that Muslim consumers can maintain their health without compromising their religious beliefs. The availability of halal-certified medicines and health products is particularly important for Muslim residents and visitors, providing peace of mind regarding the compliance of these products with Islamic law.

Lifestyle and Services

Taiwan’s halal ecosystem also extends to various lifestyle products and services, including fashion, household items, and financial services, all designed to meet the needs of the Muslim community. Halal fashion, for instance, offers clothing that is both modest and in line with contemporary styles, catering to the fashion-conscious Muslim consumer. Additionally, Taiwan is exploring the introduction of Islamic banking and finance services, aiming to provide financial products that comply with Islamic principles of trade and investment.

The Role of the Taiwan Halal Center

Central to the development of Taiwan’s halal ecosystem is the Taiwan Halal Center , established to promote halal certification and facilitate the growth of halal-compliant businesses in Taiwan. The center serves as a resource for companies looking to obtain halal certification, offering guidance and support throughout the certification process. Additionally, the Taiwan Halal Center plays a crucial role in marketing Taiwanese halal products both domestically and internationally, helping to expand the global reach of Taiwan’s halal industry.

Expanding Taiwan’s halal ecosystem beyond food presents both challenges and opportunities. Raising awareness among Taiwanese businesses about the potential of the halal market and the importance of halal certification is a key challenge. However, this also presents an opportunity to educate and encourage more businesses to embrace halal standards, thereby expanding the range of halal-compliant products and services available in Taiwan. As Taiwan continues to build its halal ecosystem, the focus will be on innovation, quality, and adherence to Islamic principles, ensuring that Taiwan remains a welcoming and inclusive destination for Muslims.

Engagement with the Global Halal Market: Taiwan’s Strategic Outreach

Taiwan’s proactive engagement with the global halal market signifies a strategic and forward-thinking approach to integrating itself into the wider Islamic economy. Recognizing the vast potential of the halal industry, Taiwan has embarked on a series of initiatives aimed at promoting its halal-certified products and services on the international stage. This section delves into Taiwan’s efforts to connect with the global halal market, highlighting the importance of international expos, trade shows, and partnerships in positioning Taiwan as a key player in the halal industry.

Participation in International Halal Expos and Trade Shows

One of the key strategies adopted by Taiwan to showcase its halal offerings is participation in international halal expos and trade shows. Events such as the Malaysia International Halal Showcase (MIHAS) , the World Halal Summit, and the Gulfood Exhibition in Dubai serve as pivotal platforms for Taiwanese companies to present their halal-certified products to a global audience. These expos not only provide opportunities for Taiwanese businesses to network with international buyers and investors but also to stay abreast of the latest trends and demands in the halal market.

Building Partnerships with Muslim-Majority Countries

Taiwan has been actively seeking to build and strengthen partnerships with Muslim-majority countries, aiming to foster trade relations and cultural exchange. Through bilateral agreements, Taiwan aims to enhance its export of halal-certified products, ranging from food and beverages to technology and healthcare products. These partnerships are instrumental in opening new avenues for Taiwanese businesses in the halal market and in learning from the experiences of countries with established halal ecosystems.

Marketing and Promotional Strategies

To effectively engage with the global halal market, Taiwan employs a range of marketing and promotional strategies. This includes digital marketing campaigns targeting Muslim consumers, participation in online halal marketplaces, and leveraging social media to highlight Taiwan’s halal-friendly tourism and lifestyle. By showcasing the diversity and quality of its halal offerings, Taiwan aims to attract not only Muslim consumers but also those interested in ethical and health-conscious products.

Challenges and Opportunities for Global Engagement

Engaging with the global halal market presents a unique set of challenges for Taiwan, including navigating the complex landscape of halal certification standards and competing with well-established halal producers. However, these challenges also present opportunities for innovation and differentiation. By focusing on the unique aspects of its halal offerings, such as high-quality manufacturing standards and innovative products, Taiwan can carve out a niche in the global halal market.

The Role of Government and Industry Associations

The Taiwanese government, along with industry associations, plays a crucial role in supporting businesses in their engagement with the global halal market. Initiatives such as providing financial assistance for halal certification, organizing trade missions, and offering training programs on halal compliance are vital in equipping Taiwanese businesses for success in the global arena. Furthermore, the government’s efforts to streamline halal certification processes and promote Taiwan as a halal-friendly destination contribute to the island’s growing reputation in the international halal market.

What’s Missing? Expanding the Halal Narrative in Taiwan

While Taiwan has made impressive strides in developing its halal market and infrastructure, there remain areas for growth and improvement to fully harness the potential of this burgeoning sector. Identifying and addressing these gaps can propel Taiwan further into the forefront of the global halal market, ensuring that it not only meets but exceeds the needs and expectations of Muslim consumers and travelers. This section explores the existing gaps in Taiwan’s halal narrative and suggests avenues for expansion to solidify its position as a comprehensive halal-friendly destination.

Enhancing Halal-Friendly Recreational Activities

One area ripe for development is the provision of halal-friendly recreational activities. While Taiwan offers a plethora of attractions and experiences, tailoring more of these offerings to be inclusive of Muslim preferences can significantly enhance their appeal. This includes ensuring that leisure activities, such as theme parks, resorts, and cultural tours, cater to halal dietary needs, offer prayer facilities, and respect Islamic dress codes and values. Expanding the range of halal-friendly recreational options would not only enrich the travel experience for Muslim visitors but also position Taiwan as a versatile and considerate destination.

Addressing the Need for Halal Accommodation Standards

While several hotels and accommodations in Taiwan have made efforts to cater to Muslim guests, a standardized approach to halal hospitality could further elevate the experience. This includes training for staff on Muslim cultural sensitivities, ensuring halal food options are readily available, and providing prayer mats and Qurans in guest rooms. Establishing a recognized certification or rating system for halal-friendly accommodations could help travelers easily identify and choose lodging that meets their needs.

Expanding Halal Education and Awareness

Another crucial area for development is education and awareness of halal principles among the broader Taiwanese population, including businesses and service providers. While there is growing recognition of the importance of the halal market, comprehensive educational initiatives could further bridge cultural gaps. Workshops, seminars, and marketing campaigns that highlight the value and ethics behind halal practices can foster a more inclusive and understanding environment, encouraging more businesses to explore halal certification.

Integrating Halal Finance and Investment Opportunities

The halal industry extends beyond food and tourism into areas such as finance and investment, sectors in which Taiwan has yet to fully delve. Introducing Islamic banking and financial services that comply with Sharia law, such as interest-free loans and ethical investment funds, could attract Muslim investors and entrepreneurs. Developing this aspect of the halal market can not only drive economic growth but also showcase Taiwan’s commitment to accommodating diverse financial practices and beliefs.

Leveraging Technology to Enhance the Halal Experience

Technology plays a pivotal role in modern commerce and lifestyle, and Taiwan, with its strong tech industry, is well-positioned to leverage this in enhancing the halal experience. This could include developing apps that provide information on halal eateries, prayer times, and mosque locations, as well as online platforms for halal product shopping. Technology can also be used to streamline the halal certification process, making it more accessible to businesses across Taiwan.

Travel Tips for Muslim Visitors

Taiwan’s allure as a destination for Muslim visitors is undeniable, with its rich cultural tapestry, stunning landscapes, and burgeoning halal market. However, navigating a new country can always present challenges, especially when trying to adhere to halal practices. To ensure a fulfilling and stress-free experience, Muslim travelers to Taiwan can benefit from a collection of practical travel tips. This section provides essential advice, from leveraging technology to understanding local customs, aimed at enhancing the travel experience for Muslim visitors in Taiwan.

Utilizing Halal Travel Apps

In today’s digital age, smartphones can be a traveler’s best companion. Several apps are specifically designed to assist Muslim travelers by locating halal restaurants, nearest mosques, and prayer times. Before traveling to Taiwan, downloading such apps can provide peace of mind and ease the journey. These tools can help navigate Taiwan’s halal landscape, ensuring that dietary and prayer needs are conveniently met.

Research and Planning Ahead

A key to any successful travel experience, especially for halal-conscious travelers, is research and planning. Before arriving in Taiwan, visitors should compile a list of halal-certified restaurants, mosques, and prayer facilities across the island. Additionally, identifying accommodations that offer halal services or are near halal eateries can save time and hassle. The Taiwan Tourism Bureau and various halal travel guides offer valuable resources and information tailored to Muslim travelers.

Communication is Key

While Taiwan is known for its hospitality, there may be language barriers or a lack of awareness regarding halal requirements. Learning a few phrases in Mandarin or carrying a phrasebook can be incredibly helpful. Additionally, explaining halal dietary restrictions to hotel staff or restaurant servers can go a long way in ensuring meals meet halal standards. Many establishments are willing to accommodate special requests, even if they are not halal-certified.

Cultural Sensitivity and Respect

Understanding and respecting local customs and traditions enhance the travel experience and foster mutual respect. While Taiwan is a progressive society, dressing modestly, especially when visiting religious sites, and being mindful of local etiquette can contribute to a positive interaction between Muslim visitors and Taiwanese locals. This mutual respect opens doors to deeper cultural exchange and enriching experiences.

Carrying Travel Prayer Mats and Compass

For ease during prayer times, carrying a lightweight travel prayer mat and a compass (or a smartphone app that indicates the Qibla direction) can be very practical. This allows for flexibility and peace of mind, knowing that the requirements for Salah can be met, whether in the tranquility of a park, a designated prayer room, or the privacy of a hotel room.

Staying Flexible and Open-Minded

Travel inevitably comes with its share of surprises and adjustments. Staying flexible and open-minded, especially when it comes to finding halal food options or prayer facilities, can significantly enhance the travel experience. Exploring local markets, trying vegetarian or seafood options in non-halal establishments, and embracing the diversity of Taiwan’s culture can lead to unforgettable memories and experiences.

Conclusion: Embracing the Future of Halal Taiwan

As Taiwan continues to carve its niche within the global halal market, it stands at the cusp of a transformative journey, one that transcends mere economic gain to embrace cultural enrichment and mutual respect. The strides made in developing a comprehensive halal ecosystem — from food and tourism to cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, and beyond — are testament to Taiwan’s commitment to inclusivity and its vision for a future where diversity is not just acknowledged but celebrated. This concluding section reflects on the significance of Taiwan’s halal initiatives and looks forward to the potential impacts and opportunities that lie ahead.

Taiwan’s Halal Journey: A Model of Inclusivity

Taiwan’s efforts to establish itself as a halal-friendly destination have set a precedent for how societies can adapt to cater to the needs of diverse populations. By integrating halal principles into various sectors, Taiwan is not merely accommodating a religious requirement but is fostering a culture of understanding and acceptance. This approach enhances Taiwan’s global image, showcasing its ability to balance traditional values with modern inclusivity.

Economic Opportunities and Beyond

The expansion of the halal market in Taiwan presents significant economic opportunities, opening doors to Muslim-majority markets across the globe. However, the benefits extend beyond the financial. The halal initiative encourages cross-cultural exchanges, enriching Taiwan’s social fabric and promoting global connections. As Taiwan continues to engage with the international halal market, it paves the way for collaborative ventures, cultural exchanges, and shared innovations that benefit both Taiwan and its global partners.

Challenges as Stepping Stones

While the journey towards becoming a leading halal hub comes with its challenges — from ensuring consistent halal standards to raising awareness among the non-Muslim population — these obstacles serve as stepping stones for growth and improvement. Addressing these challenges head-on, with a focus on education, innovation, and collaboration, will not only strengthen Taiwan’s halal ecosystem but also enhance its resilience and adaptability in a rapidly changing global landscape.

Looking Forward: The Future of Halal Taiwan

The future of Halal Taiwan is bright, marked by potential and promise. Continued investment in halal infrastructure, coupled with efforts to broaden the understanding and acceptance of halal principles, will further solidify Taiwan’s position on the global stage. As Taiwan refines its approach to halal certification, expands its halal product offerings, and enhances its tourism experiences, it will attract a wider audience of Muslim and non-Muslim visitors and consumers alike.

Moreover, embracing technology and innovation can elevate Taiwan’s halal ecosystem to new heights, offering seamless experiences for residents and visitors and setting new standards for the global halal industry. The potential for growth in halal finance, e-commerce, and digital platforms represents untapped avenues that can propel Taiwan forward.

A Call to Action

As Taiwan embarks on the next phase of its halal journey, the collective effort of the government, businesses, and the community will be paramount. It’s a call to action for all stakeholders to contribute to a shared vision of a halal-friendly Taiwan that is welcoming, inclusive, and prosperous. By continuing to embrace diversity, innovate, and foster mutual respect, Taiwan can achieve its aspiration to become not just a participant in the global halal market but a leader, setting benchmarks for excellence, inclusivity, and cultural harmony.

Halal Taiwan is more than a market strategy; it’s a reflection of Taiwan’s progressive spirit and its commitment to embracing and celebrating diversity. As Taiwan continues to navigate the complexities and opportunities of the halal industry, its journey offers valuable insights into the power of cultural adaptability and the potential for economic and social enrichment in a globally connected world. With each step forward, Taiwan reaffirms its place as a vibrant, inclusive, and forward-thinking society, ready to welcome the world with open arms.

halal taiwan tour

About Hafiz M. Ahmed

Hafiz Maqsood Ahmed is the Editor-in-Chief of The Halal Times, with over 30 years of experience in journalism. Specializing in the Islamic economy, his insightful analyses shape discourse in the global Halal economy.

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Taipei - the capital city of Taiwan - is officially known as Taipei City and is the country's hub for politics, economics and culture. Being the national capital and the largest city of Taiwan, Taipei is often referred to as a city of smiles and will... more

Taipei, Taiwan


Taipei - the capital city of Taiwan - is officially known as Taipei City and is the country's hub for politics, economics and culture. Being the national capital and the largest city of Taiwan, Taipei is often referred to as a city of smiles and will captivate visitors with its fascinating blend of modern and traditional lifestyles. Facilities for Muslim travellers will also be sufficiently available to ensure a comfortable visit. Most of the country's mosques and Halal restaurants are concentrated in Taipei City and finding access to such facilities will not be too difficult.

The city itself is located at the northern tip of Taiwan, in the Taipei Basin. Travellers will find that the city features a semi-tropical climate throughout, with rather hot and humid weather. The best time to visit Taipei is perhaps during fall, when chances of rain are low and temperatures are not too high. Taipei City is also considered to be quite a safe city, with no areas that are considered unsafe, even at night.

Home to a population of over two million residents, Taipei is considered to be a global city and is divided into 12 administrative districts which are further divided into smaller villages and neighbourhoods. The downtown area comprises an East region and West region - the west is famed for its old Taipei lifestyle while the east is known for its modern city life.

Attractions in the city range from museums to parks to shopping malls, offering travellers plenty to do. Some of its highlights include the Taipei 101 - a landmark skyscraper which was once the tallest building in the world - as well as the National Palace Museum - which houses the largest collection of Chinese historical antiquities in the world. Taipei is also famed for its hot springs and gardens and the city will have something to offer every type of traveller.

Nearby Airports

There are two airports that serve Taipei City –  Taipei Songshan and Taiwan Taoyuan. Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport - also known as Chiang Kai Shek International Airport - is located about 30 kilometres away from the city and is used for most scheduled international flights. Songshan Airport is the city's domestic airport and is located in the heart of the city.

Halal Restaurants

There are many Halal restaurants in Taipei City and finding Halal food in Taipei will be much easier than the other cities in the country. A few popular Halal eateries in Taipei City include Yun Tai Muslim Food located at No.4 Wenzhou Street, Da’an District which serves excellent Halal Thai and Yunnanese food, as well as Chungkuo Beef Restaurant at No.1 Alley 7 Lane 137, Yian-Chi Street and Pharaoh’s at No.28 Taishun Street in Da’an District for some fantastic Egyptian cuisine. Muslim travellers may have to be wary about the street food in Taipei City since most local dishes make use of lard during preparation. A wide range of vegetarian options will also be readily available throughout the city due to the large number of vegetarian residents.

Prayer facilities in Taipei City will not be too difficult to find. There are two main mosques in Taipei City that Muslim travellers can visit during prayer times. The Taipei Grand Mosque is the largest mosque in the country and also the most famous. Built in 1947, the mosque is presently a historic landmark and is considered to be the most important Islamic structure in Taiwan. Travellers may also visit the Taipei Cultural Mosque in Zhongzheng District, which is  considered to be the civilian mosque of the city run on donations.

Things to Do and See in Taipei

  • National Palace Museum

National Chiang Kai-shek Memorial Hall

  • Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hall
  • Taipei Fine Arts Museum
  • National Taiwan Museum
  • Beitou Hot Springs
  • Daan Forest Park
  • Maokong Hill
  • Restaurants
  • Halal Dishes
  • Attractions

Map View Dynamic Map

Enjoy Kitchen

Enjoy Kitchen

No 2, Lane 84, Section 3, Roosevelt Road , Taipei City, Taiwan 100

Thai Emperor

Thai Emperor

No. 7, Lane 244, Section 3, Roosevelt Road, Taipei, Taiwan 100

ZhAng-JAa Beef Noodles

ZhAng-JAa Beef Noodles

21 Yánpíng South Road, Zhongzheng District, Taipei 100

Chang's beef noodles shop

Chang's beef noodles shop

No. 21, Yanping S. Rd., Zhongzheng Dist., Taipei City, Taiwan (Near MRT Beimen Station exit no.2)

Persian Heaven

Persian Heaven

6 Nanjing East Road, Chiai City, Taipei 105

Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport

Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport

Dayuan Township

National Chiang Kai-shek Memorial Hall

No. 21, Zhongshan S. Rd., Zhongzheng Dist., 100 Taipei City, Taiwan

Bopiliao Historic Block

Bopiliao Historic Block

Lane 173, Kangding Road, Wanhua District, Taipei City, Taiwan

KuangFu halal trip

KuangFu halal trip


Discovery Center of Taipei

Discovery Center of Taipei

No. 1, Shifu Rd., Xinyi Dist., 110 Taipei City, Taiwan

Taipei 101

No. 7, Sce. 5, Xinyi Rd., Xinyi Dist., 110 Taipei City, Taiwan

fishcake bun

fishcake bun


Chinese noodles

Chinese noodles

366, Section: 1, Keelung Road, Taipei 110 Taipei

Prayer room @ Taipei Main Railway Station

Prayer room @ Taipei Main Railway Station

Taipei main stationTaiwan

Taipei Grand Mosque

Taipei Grand Mosque

Taipei Grand Mosque 62 Hsin Sheng South Road, Sec. 2 Taipei Taiwan

Taipei Cultural Masjid

Taipei Cultural Masjid

Taipei Cultural Masjid No 3 Lane 25 Sec 1 Hsin-hi Rd Taipei Taiwan

Longgang Masjid

Longgang Masjid

Longgang Masjid Peach Co.216, Lungdwrg Rd. Zhongli City Taoyuan Taiwan

Prayer room @ Taoyuan Aiport

Prayer room @ Taoyuan Aiport

Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport (TPE), No. 9, Hangzhan South Road, Dayuan District, Taoyuan City, Taiwan 33758

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Qibla Direction

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halal taiwan tour

4D3N Discover Taipei, Taiwan (Muslim Tour)

Home » packages » taiwan » taoyuan.

halal taiwan tour


halal taiwan tour

Package Options (Price Per Person)

Activities information.

Day 1: Taoyuan

  • Arrival at Taoyuan International Airport
  • Meet & greet with our representative
  • Transfer to hotel for check-in
  • The rest of the day is free at your own leisure
  • Overnight at hotel

Day 2: Taipei (B/L/D)

  • Breakfast at hotel and check out
  • Proceed to visit  Taipei Chiang Kai-Shek Memorial Hall  – famous national monument, landmark and tourist attraction erected in memory of Generalissimo Chiang Kai-shek, former President of the Republic of China
  • Then, visit pastry shop 
  • Pray break at Taipei Mosque
  • Proceed to Chiufen  (once the mountain town abandoned after digging gold fever subsided, the town is bustling again because of the movie “City of Sadness” and becomes as the most popular and longest old street in Taiwan)
  • Later, enjoy shopping at Ximending shopping area
  • Lunch and dinner at a local restaurant

Day 3: Taipei (B/L/D)

  • Breakfast at hotel
  • Start your day to visit to  Shihfen sky lantern –  visitors paint their wishes with calligraphy before releasing the lanterns into the sky (1 sky lantern for whole group)
  • Proceed to  Shihfen Waterfall  – largest waterfall in Taiwan with a height of 20m and width of 40m
  • After lunch, enjoy shopping at  101 Shopping Mall  (Observatory deck own expenses) and Wufenpu cloth wholesale market
  • Dinner at a local restaurant

Day 4: Taipei – Taoyuan (B)

  • Transfer to Taoyuan International Airport
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halal taiwan tour

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One of the best resorts we’ve stayed in so far. We took 3d2n package with breakfast, lunch & din provided. Food given large quantity, esp seafood & service was fine. Stayed in Garden Villa chalet. Very clean & comfortable. Housekeeping crew came to clean, very prompt & quick. Clean & nice beach, about 20 paces away from room, as well as clean pool, about 10 paces from room. Surrounding well kept. Resort is, of course, not new but it’s more than adequate to unwind & relax. Came during off-peak season & feels like you have whole resort to yourself! Thank you to staff for memorable holiday.

Policy / Surcharge:

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  • 24Jan – 28Jan2020 – Lunar New Year (TBA)
  • 28Feb-13Mar2020 228 Peace Memorial Day (Additional MYR85/pax based on twin sharing)
  • 02Apr-05Apr2020 Tomb Sweeping Day (Additional MYR170/pax based on twin sharing)
  • 25Jun-28Jun2020 Dragon Boat Festival (Additional MYR170/pax based on twin sharing)
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  • 09Oct-11Oct2020 Double Tenth Day (Additional MYR85/pax based on twin sharing)

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  • English speaking guide services

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  • Personal charges at the hotel (phone call, mini bar, laundry and others)
  • Personal expenses
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  • Optional tour
  • Travel insurance
  • Additional charges (RM 50/pax/meal) for Muslim certified restaurant as requested by customer
  • Tourist Class (3*) Twin sharing – Ximending 3 nights (RM 85/pax)
  • Tourist Class (3*) Twin sharing – Taipei 3 nights (RM 170/pax)
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halal taiwan tour

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Taipei Muslim-Friendly Food Guide — 13 Tried and Tested Halal Certified Places

halal taiwan tour

Yes, contrary to popular belief, Taipei has a good variety of Taiwanese food that’s Halal — and it’s not just kebabs!

girl eating noodles from halal yellow beef noodle house - food in taipei

When travelling in a non-Muslim country, I usually cook or eat bread.

And if dining outside, Halal options are usually limited to Indian and Middle Eastern food. Don’t get me wrong, those cuisines SLAP. But I didn’t travel all the way just to have kebabs for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

On a recent solo trip to Taipei , I was surprised to find that this non-muslim country is extremely aware of what it entails to be Muslim. It was easy to find prayer rooms, toilets with bidets and Halal certified snacks throughout the city. I even had locals advising me on whether or not their food was alright for me to consume!

If you’re muslim (or travelling with Muslim friends), here’s our guide to Halal food in Taipei, including MICHELIN Bib Gourmand Beef Noodles, authentic Taiwanese Breakfast, and snacks!

Read more: 7 Pro-Tips to Finding Halal Food Easily in Non-Muslim Countries

1) 馬叔餅舖 Uncle Ma’s/清真風懷舊北京小點

Halal status: Halal certified by the Taipei Grand Mosque and Muslim-Owned

 Halal shao bing from 馬叔餅舖 Uncle Ma's/清真風懷舊北京小點 - food in taipei

Run by a Taiwanese Muslim, Uncle Ma’s is the only place on this list that sells Halal Shao Bing and freshly made traditional Taiwanese sweet pastries.

Halal beef shao bing from 馬叔餅舖 Uncle Ma's/清真風懷舊北京小點 - food in taipei

I noticed many locals ordering takeaways of the Beef Shao Bing (NT$65, ~S$2.90) — and I can understand why. The pastry’s texture was in-between flaky and bread-y, layered with Chinese five-spice or beef marinade — very flavourful.

The cold beef slices were tender and easy to chew. I ordered it to-go (with the beef separated) and had it for breakfast the next day — still delicious!

Halal sweet pastries from 馬叔餅舖 Uncle Ma's/清真風懷舊北京小點 - food in taipei

Photo credit: 馬叔餅舖

halal beef dumplings in soup from 馬叔餅舖 Uncle Ma's/清真風懷舊北京小點 - food in taipei

Uncle Ma’s also serves Beijing-style snacks and Taiwanese staples like beef noodles and dumplings.

Though these Beef Soup Dumplings (NT$150, ~S$6.70) had a skin that was not as QQ as I’d hoped, the beef filling was generously portioned with the occasional crunch from the chives. The broth was mild — a good starting point for those unfamiliar to the herbal notes of Chinese cuisine.

Their location is slightly out of the way from the city centre but is as local as it gets! Uncle Ma’s is tucked at the end of a local market in Linyi Street at Dongmen MRT Station. I highly recommend stopping by if you’re in the area.

menu at Uncle Ma's/清真風懷舊北京小點 - food in taipei

*Pro-tip: Most of the staff do not understand English but an English menu is available. Use Google Translate if you have specific requests.

馬叔餅舖 Uncle Ma’s/清真風懷舊北京小點 Cost:  From NT$40 – 200 (~S$1.80 – 8.90) Opening hours:  7AM – 6PM (opens 7.30AM on Sat & Sun, closed on Fri) Address:  No. 67之2號, Linyi St, Zhongzheng District, Taipei City, Taiwan 100 How to get there:  Exit 1 at Dongmen Station. Turn left into Linyi street and you’ll enter an alley of shops. Just keep walking straight.

2) Halal Chinese Beef Noodle Restaurant

Halal status: Certified Muslim Friendly by Central Asia Bell International Standard Verification Co.

Halal Chinese Beef noodle Restaurant - food in taipei

I’ll cut to the chase — this MICHELIN Bib Gourmand-awarded restaurant takes the crown for the best broth of the trip.

Halal Chinese Beef Noodle Restaurant has a variety of clear soups and dry noodles — but I ordered the Braised Beef Noodle with Tendon (NT$230, ~S$10.15) because it had a little crown on it hehe.

Braised Beef Noodle with Tendon from Halal Chinese Beef noodle Restaurant - food in taipei

The noodle itself was alright but you have to eat it quickly as it goes from al dente to soft fast. The beef had a bit more chew than I was hoping for and the tendons were buttery soft.

The broth was spectacular and all around flavour-town — herbal, naturally meaty, and not too greasy. Portions served here are large and although I couldn’t finish the noodles, I inhaled every drop of that broth.

Throughout the meal, free-flow hot barley tea was served. The roasty and earthy flavour was great at cutting through the richness of the noodle soup.

Chinese northeast handmade pancake with beef stir fry in Halal Chinese Beef Noodle Restaurant - food in Taipei

Photo credit: Kuliner Halal Taiwan via Facebook

The restaurant also serves other side dishes — I noticed many tables ordering the Chinese northeast handmade pancake with beef stir fry.

MICHELIN Bib Gourmand Tag in Halal Chinese Beef Noodle Restaurant - food in Taipei

Halal Chinese Beef Noodle Restaurant has an OG outlet in Da’an but I visited the one in Xinyi District — the fancier side of town. With all this Muslim-friendly food to experience in Taipei at a reasonable price, it’s no wonder the restaurant is awarded the MICHELIN Bib Gourmand Award.

*Note: This restaurant charges service charge.

Halal Chinese Beef Noodle Restaurant (Xinyi District) Cost: From NT$150 – 265 (~S$6.70 – 11.70) Opening hours: 11AM – 9.30PM (closes 10PM on Fri & Sat) Address: Shin Kong Mitsukoshi Taipei Xinyi Place A8, 110, Taiwan, Taipei City, Xinyi District, Songgao Rd, 12號新光三越B2

3) Chang’s Beef Noodles Shop (張家清真黃牛肉麵館)

Halal status: Halal certified by the Chinese Muslim Association and Muslim-Owned

Chang's Beef Noodles Shop - halal food in taipei

Closer to the city, you’ll find Chang’s Beef Noodles Shop . Run by a Taiwanese-Muslim lady, this tasty and affordable Niu Rou Mian (Taiwanese Beef Noodle Soup) spot is located in a quiet street just an eight minute walk from Ximending Walking Street .

Scallion and egg pancake - halal food in taipei

Dou Jiang (soy milk) is typical in a Taiwanese breakfast so ordering one is non-negotiable in this restaurant.

I tried it both warm and cold and found that the latter was the tastiest. It was smooth and had a pleasant, prominent bean flavour with a natural sweetness — significantly different from what I’ve tried in Singapore. If there’s only one thing to order at Chang’s Beef Noodles, it’s a cold Dou Jiang (NT$20, ~S$0.90)!

side dishes at chang's beef noodles shop - halal food in taipei

Other than Niu Rou Mian, other meatless noodles like Shacha Sauce (Chinese barbeque sauce) Noodles and Sesame Oil Noodles are available too. Don’t forget to pick a side dish (optional) — like pickled vegetables or wood ear mushrooms — to complete your noodle meal!

Scallion pancake with beef and eggs at Chang's beef noodles shop - halal food in Taipei

The Scallion Pancake with Beef and Eggs (NT$100, ~S$4.50) is also worth a try. The beef is brushed with a slightly salty and umami sauce. The pancake’s texture is similar to instant prata in Singapore but the softness is definitely a different experience!

It’s a filling snack you can have on-the-go. A meatless version (NT$40, ~S$1.80) with egg and sauce on the side is also available.

pot stickers from chang's beef noodles shop - Halal food in taipei

Noodles are ready at 10AM while other dishes like pot stickers (beef or leek) and dumplings are available from 11AM onwards — consider having brunch here!

menu from chang's beef noodles shop - Halal food in taipei

At the time of visit, there were only Chinese menus but the owner understood English and would explain the dishes when I pointed to things. There is also a corner with prayer mats available to perform your prayers.

Chang’s Beef Noodles Shop   張家清真黃牛肉麵館 Cost:  From NT$9 – 220 (~S$0.35 – 9.70) Opening hours:  10AM – 7.30PM Address:  No. 21, Yanping S Rd, Zhongzheng District, Taipei City, Taiwan 100 (Exit 6 Ximen Station)

4) Lao Chang Muslim Beef Noodle Restaurant

Halal Yellow Beef Noodle House Storefront - food in Taipei

Right next to Chang’s is Lao Chang Muslim Beef Noodle Restaurant . They’ve been in the business for 70 years but are more low-key than their next-door neighbour — very underrated.

Braised rib fingers soup from Halal Yellow Beef Noodle House - food in Taipei

Their generously-portioned beef noodle soup comes in a braised (spicy) or original flavour. The beef is served in slices, shredded, or in rib fingers.

menu from Halal Yellow Beef Noodle House - food in Taipei

The Braised Rib Fingers Soup (NT$200, ~S$8.90) had the word pedas (spicy), but the spice level was mild and manageable. The broth is made with more than ten kinds of spices and apparently, its recipe has been handed down from ancestors.

Its aroma reminded me of Chinese medicine without being too herbal. But the highlight of the dish for me would be the noodles which were al dente with a QQ-bounce and chew.

bread from Halal Yellow Beef Noodle House - food in Taipei

Photo credit: 清真黃牛肉麵館

Lao Chang Muslim Beef Noodle Restaurant also serves meatless options (NT$90, ~S$4) — Sesame Sauce Noodles Hot and Sour Noodles, and Dry Noodles with BBQ Sauce. But if you’ve had one too many bowls of noodles, the shop offers other carbs like vermicelli and bread to have in your soup.

man serving noodles soup in Halal Yellow Beef Noodle House - food in Taipei

The staff of this Muslim-owned store is fast and friendly. Though they close at 7:30PM, I noticed they happily accepted customers who came at closing time.

Lao Chang Muslim Beef Noodle Restaurant Cost:  From NT$9 – 230 (~S$0.35 – 10.20) Opening hours:  11AM – 7:30PM (closed on Mon) Address:  No. 23號, Yanping S Rd, Zhongzheng District, Taipei City, Taiwan 100

5) Taipei Grand Mosque

Halal status: Muslim-Owned

Taipei Grand Mosque - Muslim-friendly food in Taipei

An unexpected Halal Street Food find is the Taipei Grand Mosque’s Friday food sales. Common to mosques around the world, Taipei Grand Mosque has food sales every Friday.

The food sold here is made by the Muslim community in Taipei. You’ll be in the peak of the bustle before Zohor (about 11AM), with freshly stocked food to serve people from all over the city streaming in for Friday Prayers.

Dumplings and pastries at the Halal food sales in Taipei Grand Mosque - Halal food in Taipei

You can expect to find home-cooked food of various cuisines here — Middle Eastern, Indonesian, Myanmar, and Taiwanese!

Halal food sales at the Taipei Grand Mosque - Halal food in Taipei

Some authentic food made by Taiwanese Muslims sold were dumplings, scallion pancakes and braised chicken feet.

Spicy braised tofu from the Halal food sales at the Taipei Grand Mosque - Halal food in Taipei

This Braised Tofu (NT$50, ~S$2.20) was herbal and well seasoned.

I was a tad disappointed the Taiwanese-Muslim lady gave me a tiny bit of chili oil — but quickly realised it was all I needed. It was so spicy, but I couldn’t stop eating this tofu.

Peanut bao from the Halal food sales at the Taipei Grand Mosque - Halal food in Taipei

This steamed peanut bun (NT$30, ~S$1.40) — made by a Muslim lady from Myanmar who has lived in Taiwan for 30 years — was a great, sweet palette cleanser after the very spicy tofu. It had large chunks of chopped peanuts and granules of sugar — a fun texture!

Frozen halal meat sold from a truck at Taipei Grand Mosque - Halal food in Taipei

Other than cooked, ready-to-eat food, Halal frozen meats like chicken and beef are sold on Fridays too. If you’re someone who cooks on overseas trips, catch the truck after Friday prayers to stock up on your meats. Most of the meats are sourced from New Zealand so you can rest assured that you’re getting quality cuts — albeit from a slightly shady truck.

Taipei Grand Mosque Cost: From NT$30 (~S$1.40) Opening hours: Every Friday before Zohor prayers Address: No. 62號, Section 2, Xinsheng S Rd, Da’an District, Taipei City, Taiwan 10650

6) Fried Chicken Master

Halal status: Certified Muslim Friendly by The Chinese Muslim Association

fried chicken master storefront - muslim-friendly food in taipei

Photo credit: Fried Chicken Master via Facebook

A trip to Taiwan without trying Taiwanese Fried Chicken is a wasted trip — and Fried Chicken Master is a popular and Halal food option in Taipei.

fried chicken master snacks - muslim-friendly food in taipei

Photo credit: Fried Chicken Master

Their chicken sold in stores are fresh, never frozen and seasoned with Taiwanese spices. The result — a golden, crunchy and juicy piece of fried chicken.

A ji pai (fried chicken steak) in either a boneless fried chicken breast (NT$49, ~S$2.20), fried chicken breast (NT$75, ~S$3.40) or boneless fried chicken thigh (NT$75, ~S$3.40) is a typical order.

king oyster mushroom from fried chicken master - muslim-friendly food in Taipei

Vegetarian options like fried king oyster mushroom (NT$69, ~S$3.10), fried green beans (NT$49, ~S$2.20) and sweet potato (NT$39, ~S$1.80) are sold too!

a bag of frozen chicken cutlets from Fried Chicken Master - food in taipei

Fried chicken master also has frozen products certified by the Islamic Commercial Development that can be found at some 7-11s and supermarkets.

Fried Chicken Master Cost: From NT$39 (~S$1.80) Opening hours: 11.30AM – 10.30PM Address: No. 3, Lane 316, Section 3, Luosifu Road, Zhongzheng District and Nanggang

7) 水料理穆斯林友善 MUSLIM FRIENDLY 溫體牛咖哩飯

Halal status: Certified Muslim Friendly by BellCERT but sells alcohol

storefront of 水料理穆斯林友善 MUSLIM FRIENDLY 溫體牛咖哩飯 - muslim-friendly food in taipei

Other than beef curry rice, as the name suggests, 水料理穆斯林友善 MUSLIM FRIENDLY 溫體牛咖哩飯 sells other dishes like braised tofu, kung pao chicken and dumplings. The restaurant also offers fresh seafood but it’s not on the menu so you have to ask.

As most dishes are zi char -style, this restaurant is great for groups.

Jiguang cake with oyster omelette from 水料理穆斯林友善 MUSLIM FRIENDLY 溫體牛咖哩飯 - food in taipei

Photo credit: Zack Lee via Google Reviews

The Guang Bing or Qiguang cakes (Chinese bagel) with either braised beef or oyster eggs are a must-purchase. The cake has a crusty exterior and soft, chewy interior.

This is a newly Muslim-friendly restaurant so menus are in Chinese.

水料理穆斯林友善 MUSLIM FRIENDLY 溫體牛咖哩飯 Cost: NT$60 – 260 (S$2.65 – 7.10) Opening hours: 11.30AM – 2PM, 5.30PM – 8.30PM (closed on Sun) Address: No. 17號, Lane 155, Dunhua N Rd, Songshan District, Taipei City, Taiwan 105 (Taipei Arena Exit 1)

8) 陳達雅F260176130 halal food-0916249739ar9/ 麵疙瘩halal food _台北市中山區農安街70號一樓

Halal status: Muslim-owned

storefront of 陳達雅F260176130 halal food-0916249739ar9 - food in taipei

Photo credit: @chen_taya via Instagram

This store goes by many names I cannot pronounce. It’s best to look up ‘ 麵疙瘩halal food _台北市中山區農安街70號一樓 ‘ or ‘ 陳達雅F260176130 halal food-0916249739ar9 ‘ on Google Maps if you’re trying to navigate to it.

side dishes and snacks from陳達雅F260176130 halal food-0916249739ar9 - food in taipei

Photo credit: 陳達雅F260176130 halal food-0916249739ar9 via Google Reviews

The store’s main dish is Beef Gnocchi soup but snacks and sides like wood ear mushroom salad, century eggs, braised egg and braised tofu are sold too.

Cost: NT$20 – 130 (~S$0.90 – 5.80) Opening hours: 11.30AM – 9PM Address: 號一樓, No. 70, Nong’an St, Zhongshan District, Taipei City, Taiwan 10491

9) Addiction Aquatic Development

Halal Status: Pescatarian-friendly

addiction aquatic developnment storefront - food in taipei

Photo credit: @tutor_mint via Instagram

Addiction Aquatic Development is where you’ll find the freshest seafood at reasonable prices in Taipei. Live seafood products and cooked ready-to-eat meals are sold throughout 10 different sections.

a tray of sashimi and tuna from addiction aquatic development - food in taipei

Photo credit: Aumjumma วาไรตี้..ชีวิตป้า via Facebook

Head to Fresh Food Supermarket (section 6) for sashimi (NT$385/tray, ~S$17), the Seafood Bar (section 3) for oysters or Charcoal Grilled Seafood Barbeque (section 5) for cooked grilled seafood like prawns and scallops.

Addiction Aquatic Development is an alternative from the typical halal food in taipei that involves red meat.

Note: Sauces and other ingredients have not been checked for its Halal status. Dine at your own discretion.

Addiction Aquatic Development Opening hours: 7AM – 10.30PM Address: No. 18號, Alley 2, Lane 410, Minzu E Rd, Zhongshan District, Taipei City, Taiwan 10491

10) Gongming Street in Tamsui

Halal status: Vegetarian-friendly

gongming street - muslim-friendly food in taipei

An alternative to night markets for muslim-friendly food would be Gongming Street , located in the seaside district in New Taipei City. Shops and street food carts line this street.

wheel cakes in gongming street - food in taipei

Most street food carts sold vegetarian-friendly drinks and sweet street snacks like nougat, wheel cakes and roasted corn. Vendors here understood my dietary requirements/restrictions and assured me that their ingredients were okay for me to consume.

sweet potato fritter from gongming street - food in taipei

A vendor from a fried durian snack stall even said “You Muslim okay 👍”. His stall sold durian fritters in original, taro and yam flavour for NT$40/piece (~S$1.80) or NT$100/3pieces (~S$4.50). The creamy and mildly sweet durian and yam or taro is encased in a crispy rice flour based wrapper.

Visit Gongming Street if you’re in Tamsui. There are no crowds, it’s easy to navigate and shops are well spaced out — reducing the risk of cross-contamination with non-permissible items.

Gongming Street Opening hours:  10AM 9PM Address:  Gongming St, Tamsui District, New Taipei City, Taiwan 251

11) HU WEI JIE 滬尾街商號(手信店)

Halal status: Selected vegetarian friendly and Halal certified snacks by various Halal certification bodies

hu wei jie storefront - muslim-friendly food in taipei

This souvenir snack store in Gongming Street was an accidental find of Halal-certified Taiwanese snacks.

halal snacks from yuki & love in hu wei jie - food in taipei

HU WEI JIE 滬尾街商號(手信店) has the quintessential Taiwanese souvenir snacks — pineapple cake, filled mochi, bamboo shoot biscuits, and fruit jellies.

halal mochi in gongming street - food in Taipei

Most of these Halal-certified snacks can also be found in the airport souvenir shops at the same prices. However, I couldn’t find this individually-wrapped mochi from Royal Family anywhere else so I advise getting it whenever you see.

A majority of the Halal-certified items in this store are by Yuki & Love but always check for the Halal sign as not all items by the brand are certified.

You can also look out for ‘Ovo-Vegetarian’ tags, but purchase at your own discretion as these may not be prepared according to Islamic dietary laws.

HU WEI JIE 滬尾街商號(手信店) Opening hours:  10AM – 9PM Address:  No. 9號, Gongming St, Tamsui District, New Taipei City, Taiwan 251

12) Vigor Kobo

Halal status: Selected Halal certified snacks by Taiwan Halal Integrity Development Association

pineapple cakes from vigor kobo - halal food in taipei

Vigor Kobo is a confectionary selling Taiwanese pastries and cakes — but it’s fancier than the ones at regular souvenir shops. They’re selected as one of the top ten souvenir shops in Taipei.

sun milk cake from vigor kobo - halal food in taipei

Halal-certified products from the bakery include: – Pineapple Cake – Milk Sun Cake – Taro Milk Sun Cake – Chestnut Roast – Mandarin Duck Mung Bean Cake

The Pineapple Cake filling is not as tangy as a Kuih Tart from Singapore but the mildness of it makes a great palette cleanser. The Milk Sun Cake is malty and sweet — a real treat!

The closest Vigor Kobo outlet in Taipei is in New Taipei City — 50 minutes by public transport from Taipei Main Station.

invoice from vigor kobo - halal food in taipei

If you can’t make the trip, order it online and have it delivered right to your accommodation. It took three days for my order to arrive at my hotel — inclusive of weekends!

Vigor Kobo Opening hours:  9AM – 6PM Address:  No. 93, Section 1, Chengtai Rd, Wugu District, New Taipei City, Taiwan 248

13) KUO ZANG Mini Hot Pot

Halal status: Halal certified and Muslim-owned

different flavoured soups from kuo zang mini hotpot - food in taipei

Photo credit: 鍋棧精緻養生鍋-泰山店 via Facebook

If you’ve decided to make the trip to New Taipei City, you may as well check out KUO ZANG Mini Hot Pot . It’s run by an Indian and Taiwanese Muslim couple — so you know you’re getting authentic flavours.

hotpot and halal stinky tofu in new taipei city at kuo zang mini hot pot - food in taipei

Photo credit: @icdhalal via Instagram

The soup options are extensive. There are the usual suspects like Spicy and Tom Yum but KUO ZANG has wild cards like Pumpkin Milk Hot Pot and Stinky Hot Pot.

menu of different soups and sides in Kuo zang mini hotpot - food in taipei

You can also order Stinky Tofu (fermented tofu with a strong odor) here as a side dish — a Halal alternative to the polarising street food usually sold at night markets.

The restaurant also serves free flow ice-cream and popcorn — because there’s always room for dessert.

KUO ZANG Mini Hot Pot Cost: NT$10 – 190 (~S$0.50 – 8.40) Opening hours:  11AM – 11PM Address:  243, Taiwan, New Taipei City, Taishan District, 107縣道44號

Things to do in Taiwan other than eating

elephant mountain skyline - muslim friendly taiwan

I never thought Taiwan would be such a Muslim-Friendly. It’s clear from the efforts of the tourism board and the actions of locals that they do try to accommodate everyone. They’re in-tuned with the Muslim community’s needs. I never ran out of Halal food options in Taipei.

Here are some apps and websites to help you out during your trip to Taiwan: – Taiwan Halal Centre — Different Halal certification bodies and Mosques in Taiwan – Kuliner Halal Taiwan — Reviews of Taiwan’s Halal food – List of prayer rooms and toilets with bidet – Islam Taiwan — Halal restaurants and groceries in Taiwan – Halalin – Taiwan Halal: Tour, Restaurant (Android only) – Halal Taiwan (Android only)

If you’re ready to make your way to Taiwan, check out our itineraries: – Muslim-Friendly 4D3N Taipei Itinerary — A Solo Traveller’s First Time in Taiwan – 8D Eastern Taiwan Itinerary: The Gateway to Nature’s Best Adventures (Yilan, Hualien, Taitung and Kenting) – 21 Exciting Things To Do In Taipei: Must-See Attractions Every First-Timer Needs to Experience

Next time someone tries to tell you that it’s hard to find Halal food in Taipei, send them this article!

Did we miss out on any hidden local Halal food in Taipei? Let us know in the comments below!

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Wow! Wonderful reviews. I really appreciate this post. It will help me a lot. Thanks for sharing.

Hi, out of the two beef noodle shops next to each other (chang and lao chang in ximen) which one is better?

Hi Justina! Our writer finds that both are good in their own ways! Chang’s beef noodle’s broth is nice and the portion is reasonable, whereas Lao Chang’s handmade noodles more QQ and portion is a bit bigger. Hope this helps 🙂

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Your 4D3N Muslim-Friendly Itinerary To Exploring Alishan, Taiwan’s Most Scenic Mountain Area


Khaliesah  •  Dec 14, 2018

Located in the heart of Taiwan lies Alishan, well known for its gorgeous sunrise views, tea plantations and nature trails. Contrary to popular belief, Alishan isn’t just a single mountain in Taiwan, but a mountain range containing multiple peaks and nature reserves.

Known as the Alishan National Scenic Area, it’s a scenic respite away from the usual city life. I recently had the chance to explore Alishan and its surrounds, and you’ll be pleasantly surprised at how Muslim-friendly it is! ?

Credit:  Giphy

Arriving in Alishan, Taiwan

The best way to get to Alishan is by landing at Kaohsiung International Airport, one of Taiwan’s two major airports. To get a head start on the day, I took a red-eye flight so that I could start my Alishan adventure bright and early!

PS. If you'd like to experience a similar Alishan adventure,  let us know here  ☺️

Day 1 – Exploring Meishan Township 

Stay connected

  • Before you make your way to Alishan, you might want to get a SIM card for your data needs.

halal taiwan tour

  • Once you collect your bags, head to the Taiwan Mobile counter. As I was spending 4 days in Taiwan, I opted for the 5-day data card (NT$ 300) which gave me unlimited data. Score!
  • HHWT Tip : If you don’t want to spend on data, good news for you! Taiwan has free WIFI available all over the country, which you can register for prior to your trip. Find out more here .

Travelling to Alishan (1.5 hours)

  • Now it’s time to make my way to Alishan via the MRT! The Kaohsiung International Airport MRT Station is just a few minutes away after exiting the airport.

halal taiwan tour

  • At KIA MRT Station, purchase a token for a 30-minute ride to Zuoying MRT Station (NT$ 50).
  • It would be advisable to have coins here, as most machines don’t accept cash notes. Two friendly locals helped to pay for my fare as they saw me struggling with the machine ?

halal taiwan tour

  • Once you arrive at Zuoying MRT 30 minutes later, return the token and follow the signs leading to the High Speed Rail. The HSR is the best way to travel across Taiwan, as it is connected to most of Taiwan’s major cities ?
  • Tickets are sold directly at the station, through the ticketing counter and ticketing machines. If you pre-purchased your tickets online from various ticketing agents, you would still have to redeem them from the ticketing counter.
  • HHWT Tip : Look up the train station timings of the HSR so that you can plan your time well!

halal taiwan tour

  • Once you’ve purchased your tickets (NT$ 410), enjoy the beautiful view during the 30-minute ride to Chiayi HSR. When you arrive, there are plenty of ways to get directly to Alishan. If you are opting to stay in a homestay, most hosts offer a pickup service. There are also shuttle buses available to ferry you to Alishan’s attractions.
  • HHWT Tip : You can also use the Driways app to rent a driver! It’s used by the locals to get to and fro places.

Have a taste of Taiwan’s famous bubble tea (10 mins)

  • When in Taiwan, it’s a must to try bubble tea! It was one of the first things I did when I landed.

halal taiwan tour

  • The tapioca pearls were so delicious and chewy, different from the ones I’ve tasted back home. I’m personally not a fan of pearls, but I had to try Taiwan’s version and I didn’t regret it a bit. The milk was so filling and sweet too! (NT$ 20-65)
  • The bubble tea was from one of Taiwan’s popular bubble tea chains 清心福全 (Chingshin) , and you’ll be able to find this almost everywhere.
  • Note : The store is not Halal-certified, but we’ve made our checks and there are no alcohol or animal products used in the drinks. We advise you to consume at your own discretion!

Conquer the Taiping Suspension Bridge (20 mins)

halal taiwan tour

  • One of Alishan’s top sights, the Taiping Suspension Bridge is 281 metres long and located at an altitude of 1,000 metres above sea level. ? (Entrance fee: NT$ 100)
  • The sun shines really brightly here, so don’t forget to pack sunglasses and slather on sunblock!

halal taiwan tour

  • If you’re afraid of heights, there’s not much to worry about – the bridge is extremely sturdy ☺️ It’s just like walking on normal ground, but with an amazing view all around you.
  • HHWT Tip: As this attraction is located up the mountains, getting here requires a drive along the 36-Turn Cloud Path - so it would be highly advisable to pack motion sickness pills if you are easily carsick (like I was ?)

Explore tea plantation trails (30 mins)

halal taiwan tour

  • Once you’ve crossed the bridge, bask in nature by exploring the tea plantations nearby. You’d want proper shoes for this, because you’ll be doing a lot of walking! Fortunately, the walking trails provided are well-paved and easy to follow. ☺️

halal taiwan tour

  • If you need to take a break to perform your prayers, there are multiple viewing decks located along the walking trails.

Complete your walk with refreshing desserts (20 mins)

halal taiwan tour

  • After all that walking, you’re bound to be tired! Grab some refreshing aiyu jelly (NT $40) to cool down, sold at the shops at the end of the walking trail.
  • Aiyu jelly is native to Taiwan, and often consumed during the hot summers. A type of fig seed, it’s made by washing the aiyu seeds in water. The leftover residue forms a jelly and is often mixed with lemon juice and black sugar. This refreshing Muslim-friendly dessert is all you need after a tiring walk ?
  • You can also purchase the seeds (NT $100) if you're interested in making your own aiyu jelly.

Watch the beautiful sunset (20 mins)

halal taiwan tour

  • As Alishan is popular for their sunrises and sunsets, the sunset view is exceptionally beautiful from the Taiping Suspension Bridge.
  • HHWT Tip : Check what time the sun sets as it differs each season. During winter (when I visited), the sun sets earlier at 5:30pm.

Drop by Cloud Cafeteria to fuel up and perform prayers (30 mins)

halal taiwan tour

  • Located a walking distance away from the Taiping Suspension Bridge, Cloud Cafeteria is an eatery serving Muslim-friendly meals (such as vegetable and seafood hotpot). They also provide prayer mats and a prayer space especially for Muslims.

halal taiwan tour

  • Note : We didn’t manage to have a meal here, but the owner informed us that Muslim-friendly meals are available! They’re prepared using separate cookware and utensils, and cooked in a separate area of the kitchen. Don’t forget to make an advanced reservation (at least 1 week) before you come ?

Checking into Ahan’s Homestay

  • It is common to reside in homestays while in Alishan, as most travellers stay one night and travel around for the rest of their journey. They’re usually more affordable than hotels, with the added hospitality and comfort.
  • Ahan’s Homestay is one such example! A Muslim-friendly accommodation, they provide Muslim-friendly meals, prayer mats, prayer timings, and the qiblat direction.

halal taiwan tour

  • For dinner, I was treated to a sumptuous homecooked meal of beef curry, chicken soup, rice and assorted veggies and fruits (that were grown in the mountains!) ?
  • As it’s hard to get Halal meat in the mountains of Alishan, the hosts travelled to the city to purchase Halal meat as I made a reservation in advance ? It was prepared with separate cookware and utensils.

halal taiwan tour

Credit: Ahan’s Homestay on Facebook

  • Their rooms are also extremely comfy and luxurious! As most of them are attached to a balcony, you can easily peek your head out to gaze at the stars.
  • My favourite part of the room was the toilet – it came with a bathtub, and the toilet bowls have washlets! The seats were also heated, which is a comfort during the cold winter nights.
  • If you're planning to come here, do remember to make an advanced reservation of at least 1 week, and request for a Muslim-friendly room.

Day 2 – Alishan Township

Have breakfast with a view (30 mins)

halal taiwan tour

  • With plenty of activities lined up for the day, it’s important to fuel up. Luckily, Ahan’s Homestay provides a delicious and nutritious breakfast for their guests. I had fresh fruits, an egg and a bun ?

halal taiwan tour

  • The best part is, you’re having breakfast with a breath-taking view. It was almost too hard to leave!
  • Eventually, I said goodbye to the Ahan family. Their warm hospitality and courteous consideration to Muslim travellers really made me appreciate my stay ?

Make pit stops to take in the view (20 mins)

halal taiwan tour

  • The best part about travelling in Alishan is the endless view of the mountainous scenery ? It doesn’t hurt to stop once in a while to take it all in, and photos too!

Experience a special tea ceremony (1 hour)

halal taiwan tour

  • Alishan is abundant with tea plantations, and I had the chance to experience a special tea ceremony right in the middle of a forest.
  • The laoshi (teacher) taught me the proper way to appreciate tea:
  • Inhale the scent of freshly brewed tea
  • Sip 3 times
  • Inhale the fragrance of the leftover tea leaves
  • The tea served was brewed from high-quality oolong tea leaves produced in Alishan. I was amazed to learn that the usual teas we know today (oolong tea, black tea and green tea) are all made from the same leaf, just processed differently! ?
  • It was such a meaningful experience! The laoshi performed gracefully, by pouring the tea and arranging each cup deliberately. She also explained each step she took and the significance behind it. It was unlike anything that I have ever gone through before. ☺️

Have lunch at Alishan House (1 hour)

halal taiwan tour

  • For lunch, I headed to Alishan House to have a Halal meal. ? This Muslim-friendly hotel is the most luxurious one located within the Alishan National Forest Recreation Area (ANFRA), and a short walking distance from famous attractions such as the Forest Railway.

halal taiwan tour

  • Lunch was at the hotel’s “50s Coffee Shop”, with its Halal-certified meals prepared at a factory and sent to Alishan House . The servings of beef rendang, coconut chicken curry and Xinjiang-style spicy chicken (NT$ 350 each) was really delicious, and reminded me of what I’d eat at home!

halal taiwan tour

  • The hotel staff brought me around on a tour after lunch to show me their other amazing facilities, such as the in-house stone spa ?
  • When you request for a Muslim-friendly room, you will be provided with prayer mats, prayer timings and the qiblat direction. The big space provided in each room also means that it’s perfect for families and big groups of friends!
  • If you’re planning to catch the sunrise from Zhushan (one of Alishan’s top activities to do), I would highly recommend staying here, as it’s very convenient to get there from Alishan House .

Trek to Sacred Tree Station (30 mins)

halal taiwan tour

  • After a heavy lunch, it’s time to walk off some calories! There are multiple walking trails (easily accessible from Alishan House) within the ANFRA for you to follow, in the form of boardwalks.
  • Although I had a train to catch, I couldn’t resist stopping to take photos of the beautiful forest. Some of the trees are at least 2,000 years old!

Hop aboard the Forest Railway to Alishan Station (10 minutes)

halal taiwan tour

  • Once you’ve reached Sacred Tree Station, you’ll be greeted by the iconic Forest Railway ?
  • During the Japanese occupation, the Forest Railway was used to transport Taiwan cypress trees. Today, it transports locals and tourists alike looking to travel within the ANFRA!
  • The ride (NT$ 100) from Sacred Tree Station to Alishan Station took about 10 minutes, and I spent it by viewing the beautiful forest from the windows. ?

Grab a bite at Fenqihu Station (1 hour)

  • Fenqihu Station played an important role during the Japanese occupation, being one of the major stops to load and unload Taiwan cypress trees. Today, it is filled with eateries and shops selling souvenirs and local produce!

halal taiwan tour

  • One of the must-try items while at Fenqihu Station is the Fenqihu donut! It’s light, crispy and sweet, reminding me of a cronut (but better!). Lines are always long, and there are plenty of shops selling this mouth-watering pastry.
  • Note : Although the Fenqihu donut is not Halal-certified, we’ve checked that the ingredients do not contain alcohol or animal products. We advise you to consume at your own discretion.

halal taiwan tour

  • Located near the train station, Wooden Wonderland is a Muslim-friendly café serving speciality coffee and desserts.
  • We tried the cypress-infused coffee (an endangered wood that is native to Taiwan), and aiyu jelly topped with tapioca pearls and whipped cream. ?

Shop for souvenirs at Fenqihu Station (30 mins)

halal taiwan tour

  • Once you’ve replenished your energy, look out for souvenirs to bring back home for loved ones! If you’re planning to get some postcards, be sure to use decorate them with ink stamp illustrations of Alishan’s top sights provided at most stores!

Turn in for the night at Sheng Li Farm

halal taiwan tour

  • After such a fun-filled day, it’s time to have dinner and rest at the next accommodation – Sheng Li Farm .
  • The hosts of the homestay prepared a really delicious Taiwanese-style dinner, using separate and cookware and utensils. ? Do remember to book an advanced reservation (at least 1 week), and highlight your dietary preference.

halal taiwan tour

  • The rooms were really clean and cosy, and the windows opened up to a view of Sheng Li Farms ’ beautiful tea plantations ?

PS. If you're interested in experiencing Alishan the same way I did,  let us know here ! ?

Day 3 – Alishan & Siraya

Try a local Taiwanese breakfast

halal taiwan tour

  • Sheng Li Farm offers an extensive breakfast menu for their guests, and I opted for milk tea, noodles, and a fried egg.
  • The noodles were a little special! Other than soy sauce, the noodles were also mixed together with camellia oil, a tree oil that’s produced in Taiwan.

Tea Tasting at Alishanwin (30 mins)

halal taiwan tour

  • Right after breakfast, I took a short stroll next door to a tea house called Alishanwin .
  • The tea house provides a tea tasting experience, and I got to try a range of their teas - from flavours such as oolong rose to black tea.
  • Tea tastings and competitions are a frequent occurrence in Alishan, with tea farmers winning awards for their tea. Alishanwin won 3 awards in 2017!

Have a go at making aiyu jelly (30 mins)

  • I enjoyed the aiyu jelly I tried the previous day a lot, and I wanted to try to make it on my own! The seeds are easily available for purchase everywhere, such as at Alishan’s attractions (NT$ 100).

halal taiwan tour

  • The simple dessert only requires 4 ingredients, and all I had to do was wash the aiyu seeds in water so that the jelly could form.
  • After 10 minutes of washing, and 10 minutes of letting the jelly form, I broke up the jelly and mixed in ice, lemon juice and black sugar. It was really tasty!

halal taiwan tour

Visit Niupuzai Grassland (30 mins)

halal taiwan tour

  • Want to take some Insta-worthy photos? Niupuzai Grassland offers plenty of landscape views and unique structures perfect for photo opportunities ?
  • There’s also a cafe located in the area, good for when you’d like to take a break with Muslim-friendly pineapple cakes and tea.
  • HHWT Tip : If you’re interested in finding out more resources and information about exploring Alishan, the Alishan National Scenic Area Administration Visitor Center is a short 5-minute drive away.

Have Lunch at Tsou Ma Lai Farm (30 mins)

halal taiwan tour

  • All the exploring in the morning calls for a hearty lunch and you can find it at Tsou Ma Lai Farm . Located in Siraya, it is a recreational farm with accommodations and activities of all ages!
  • The Halal-certified meals are prepared in a factory and sent to the farm.

Cool down with shaved mango ice for dessert (20 mins)

halal taiwan tour

  • Taiwan is famed for its mangos, so you can’t leave without trying the highly raved mango shaved ice.
  • I tried this at a store in Yujing district , Taiwan’s biggest producer of mangoes! You can find many stalls selling mango shaved ice here.

Make wagashi at Hatta Yoichi Memorial Park (40 mins)

halal taiwan tour

  • Hatta Yoichi was a Japanese engineer who stayed in Taiwan after the war ended, and contributed significantly to Taiwan’s agricultural development. The park was constructed to honour his memory and his contributions ?

halal taiwan tour

  • At the park, I had the opportunity to try and make wagashi, a traditional (vegan) Japanese candy while dressed in a kimono. It was really fun to make, and quite yummy! The dessert didn’t require any baking.

Catch the sunset at Wushantou Reservoir (20 mins)

  • The Wushantou Reservoir was one of the structures built by Hatta Yoichi, and located a short 5-minute drive away from the memorial park. It’s also one of the best places to catch the sunset.

halal taiwan tour

Have dinner and stay at Jianshanpi Jiangnan Resort

halal taiwan tour

  • Jianshanpi Jiangnan Resort is a Muslim-friendly resort which has a Halal-menu prepared specially for Muslim travellers. The best part is, there’s a wide variety to suit different tastes! Meals are prepared with separate cookware and utensils.
  • I got to try a little bit of everything, and my favourite was the milkfish belly (commonly prepared in Taiwanese meals) ?
  • Other items on the Halal-menu includes sea bass, yellow curry, fried noodles, and a seafood hot pot with sugarcane as a soup base. It was really tasty, especially because of the fresh veggies and seafood.

halal taiwan tour

  • This was my last night in Taiwan, and Jianshanpi Jiangnan Resort offers comfortable and Muslim-friendly rooms ?
  • It was a breeze performing my prayers as there was ample space in my room! Prayer mats, timings, and qiblat directions are also provided when you request for a Muslim-friendly room.
  • If you feel peckish, each room comes equipped with Halal-certified snacks! You can also find more sold at the hotel lobby.

Day 4 – Last day in Taiwan!

Spend an exciting morning exploring the resort (1 hour)

halal taiwan tour

  • After breakfast, I hopped on a boat ride that goes around the Jianshanpi Reservoir, and got to see the other facilities and activities offered in the resort.
  • There are experiences for all kind of travellers – from camping, to staying at a luxurious villa, and walking on the nature trails.

Hang out at the peak of a mountain (1.5 hours)

  • I made my way to Fairy Lake Leisure Farm next. A self-sustainable farm with tea plantations, accommodation, cafes, free-roaming chickens, and even an infinity pool located on top of a mountain, Fairy Lake Leisure Farm is definitely a place you would want to spend your time at.
  • I attempted some fruit picking, and picked juicy and sweet tangerines which were organic ?

halal taiwan tour

  • The infinity pool on the peak of the mountain is definitely the highlight of Fairy Lake . There’s also a café where you can enjoy a cold cup of longan flower milk tea – a specialty at Fairy Lake .

halal taiwan tour

  • It’s time for lunch! The hosts prepared milkfish belly, mackerel and assorted veggies and fruits. The ingredients are picked fresh from the farm ? It was really delicious, and a nice meal to end my trip. The meal was prepared using separate utensils and cookware, and at a separate part of the kitchen.
  • Do let the hosts know of your dietary preferences at least 1 week in advance so that they can prepare accordingly.
  • Halal status : Halal ingredients are used, but do note that the eatery serves alcohol. We advise you dine at your own discretion.

Have a quick coffee break with a view (20 mins)

halal taiwan tour

  • Wu Long Coffee serves fresh coffee produced from their plantations, with a view! You can also enjoy the Muslim-friendly pineapple cakes at the same time.
  • Note : Some desserts may contain animal products (such as the pudding), but we've checked that the pineapple cake is free of alcohol and animal products. We advise you to dine at your own discretion.

Witness fire and water coexist (20 mins)

halal taiwan tour

  • Located in Guanziling, the Water and Fire Cave is a strange geological phenomenon where both fire and water emerges from the same cave at the same time ? It was discovered 300 years ago by a monk, and definitely not a sight to be missed. It’s also really hot!

Soak in a hot spring (1 hour)

halal taiwan tour

  • For my last activity in Taiwan, I visited Reikei Hot Spring Resort to take a dip in their indoor hot spring. Each room in the resort is has a hot spring attached, which makes it perfect for Muslim travellers! Prayer mats, timings and the qiblat direction are also provided in each room. ☺️
  • The best way to enjoy a hot spring and reap its benefits is by spending 10 minutes in the hot spring, followed by a minute in cold water, and repeat. I felt really refreshed after!

With such a wonderful 4 days in Taiwan, it was hard to say goodbye ? I already miss the gorgeous views that are at every turn, and the warmth of the locals. The establishments I visited made really great efforts at making Alishan and its surrounds Muslim-friendly, which I appreciate! Travelling as a Muslim was also manageable, as I didn’t have to worry about finding Muslim-friendly and Halal meals even in the mountains. ☺️

Are you excited to explore the beauty of Alishan too? Let us know here so that we can contact you! ?

This article is brought to you by the Alishan National Scenic Area Administration, Taiwan Tourism Bureau.  

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    The Halal Guide to Explore Taiwan's Must-Visit Attractions in one week. Taiwan is the hidden gem that should be on everyone's travel list. With dramatic landscapes, coastlines and flashing city life. Loaded up with endless bucket list sites, mouth-watering delicacie...

  13. Muslim-friendly Environment

    Muslim-friendly Environment. In 2023, Mastercard and CrescentRating jointly released the "Global Muslim Travel Index (GMTI)." Taiwan ranked 3rd among non-Organization of Islamic Cooperation (non-OIC) destinations. Since 2019, Taiwan has consistently been among the top 3 in this ranking and in 2022, it was awarded the "Most Inclusive Non-OIC ...

  14. Halal Travel Guide

    Muslim in Taipei. Taipei City was awarded the"Most Promising Muslim-friendly City Destination of The Year (non-OIC)" in June 2023. As the capital city of Taiwan, with its well-established Muslim-friendly environment, accommodation and restaurants, Taipei City has the potential to become a rising star in international Muslim travel destinations.

  15. Explore Taiwan With This Muslim-Friendly Itinerary In Just 5D4N

    The Ultimate Muslim-friendly 5D4N Itinerary For Your First Trip To Taipei. Jannah • Nov 15, 2016. Here we are at the land of bubble tea and night markets - Taipei!! This city has grown to be a very popular destination for DIY trips amongst the youths in the recent years. With many delicacies, shopping towns and breathtaking sceneries ...

  16. [1 day] Taipei cultural visit

    The Taipei Grand Mosque is the largest and most famous mosque in Taiwan with a total area of 2,747 square metres. Located in the Daan District of Taipei City, it is Taiwan's most important Islamic structure and was registered as a historic landmark on 29 June 1999 by the Taipei City Government.

  17. Islam Taiwan

    Islam Taiwan is a non-profit platform. We do not insert any advertisement, nor do we charge any fees. In order to sustain the platform and continue to produce high-quality content, we need your loving support. Insha Allah, your donations will have a positive impact on countless people: as long as there are people who benefit from the platform ...

  18. A Muslim Tourist's Guide to Taiwan

    Muslim visitors must therefore be aware that finding Muslim-friendly facilities in Taiwan will not be that easy. Islam is however a growing religion in Taiwan, which means mosques and Halal restaurants are popping up around the island, slowly but surely. Taiwan and its natural beauty are world renowned. With around 9 national parks and 13 ...

  19. [1 day] Taipei Natural sightseeing

    Address: No. 1001, Daxue Road, 7F CPT Building Room 703, East District, Hsinchu City. Phone +886 963 910 745: E-mail: [email protected]

  20. Halal Taiwan: A Comprehensive Guide to Its Emerging Market, Culture

    Halal-Friendly Tourism in Taiwan: Welcoming Muslim Travelers with Open Arms. Taiwan is rapidly transforming into a prime destination for Muslim travelers, thanks to its commitment to halal-friendly tourism.This vibrant island is not just about its breathtaking landscapes and technological marvels; it's also about creating an inclusive environment that caters to the needs of Muslim visitors.

  21. Plan your Halal Travel Holiday Experience

    Plan your Halal travel experience right here. Book Muslim friendly hotels, tours and holiday/vacation packages. Find city guides, airport guides, Halal food & mosques nearby. ... Taiwan's Treasures: Unveiling the Beauty of Taipei Dive into the heart of Taiwan with a meticulously crafted Muslim friendly 6-day, 5-night...more. Taipei.

  22. Muslim visitor guide to Taipei, Taiwan

    A few popular Halal eateries in Taipei City include Yun Tai Muslim Food located at No.4 Wenzhou Street, Da'an District which serves excellent Halal Thai and Yunnanese food, as well as Chungkuo Beef Restaurant at No.1 Alley 7 Lane 137, Yian-Chi Street and Pharaoh's at No.28 Taishun Street in Da'an District for some fantastic Egyptian ...

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    Get latest promotion 2024 for 4D3N Discover Taipei, Taiwan (Muslim Tour) Includes: 3 nights' accommodation at hotel Meals as mentioned in itinerary Transportation for tours as stated in itinerary Airport return transfers Tipping for driver English speaking guide services Highlights: Taipei Chiang Kai-Shek Memorial Hall, pastry shop, Taipei Mosque, Chiufen, Ximending shopping area, Shihfen sky ...

  24. Taipei Muslim-Friendly Food Guide

    Address: No. 9號, Gongming St, Tamsui District, New Taipei City, Taiwan 251. 12) Vigor Kobo. Halal status: Selected Halal certified snacks by Taiwan Halal Integrity Development Association. Vigor Kobo is a confectionary selling Taiwanese pastries and cakes — but it's fancier than the ones at regular souvenir shops. They're selected as ...

  25. 15 more Taipei spots certified as Muslim-friendly

    TAIPEI (Taiwan News) — Taipei Deputy Mayor Tsai Ping-kun (蔡炳坤) on Tuesday (Dec. 14) announced that seven attractions, seven hotels, and a B&B have obtained halal certification this year to provide a more welcoming environment for Muslim tourists to the city, UDN reported. In 2019, Taipei became the first city in Taiwan to help tourist spots and businesses become Muslim-friendly.

  26. RT Los Angeles to Taipei Taiwan $809 Nonstop Airfares on ...

    availability goes into spring 2025! China Airlines via Booking.com have a better discount than what China Airlines is currently offering. Nonstop flights to Taipei Taiwan (TPE) from Los Angeles (LA ...

  27. 4D3N Muslim-Friendly Alishan Itinerary, Taiwan's Scenic Mountain

    Once you collect your bags, head to the Taiwan Mobile counter. As I was spending 4 days in Taiwan, I opted for the 5-day data card (NT$ 300) which gave me unlimited data. Score! HHWT Tip: If you don't want to spend on data, good news for you! Taiwan has free WIFI available all over the country, which you can register for prior to your trip.