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  2. Деймон, Лекси, Елена

  3. Дэймон и Елена-Прости,что полюбила так тебя

  4. {Reaction Continuation} Michael Afton Controls his Past Body… But Different (Full Movie) |FNaFxGC|

  5. Dean & Elena

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  1. Rewritten Chapter 1: Time Travel, a supernatural fanfic

    Rewritten Chapter 1: Time Travel, a supernatural fanfic | FanFiction. TV Shows Supernatural. Rewritten By: Fangirl-Jess. Sam was a having a tough day as it is, trying to cure your demon brother while he's trying to kill you wasn't enough now he's in 2006 with his brother just after their father deal and death; before Bobby's,Jo's , Ellen's, Ash ...

  2. Travels in Time

    In 2010, an attempt to change the course of Destiny goes wrong, very badly wrong. Castiel, Dean and Sam are thrown into a world and a time of savagery and danger, a world where legend and myth were born. There is no escaping what each must face, but in such a different world, they might each find what they are seeking.

  3. Dean Winchester

    Dean doesn't sleep that night, driving straight through. He can't spare the time, and he wouldn't be able to relax anyways. Even driving through the night, by the time the pair make it to Bobby's, Sam is sweaty and shaking. ... It is a fanfic with a case, Becky Rosen is injured and must remain in Winchester's care. It is an omegaverse ...

  4. Been Down This Road Before Chapter 2, a supernatural fanfic

    Chapter 2. "We should call Jody. She'll know what to do," Claire said, "I was just finishing up an easy solo case and decided to crash at a motel before heading home. We're not too far. She'll know what to do." Claire got up to go and make the phone call she mentioned but Dean and Sam continued to sit on the bed in stunned silence.

  5. [Supernatural] Can anyone recommend me fics where Dean, Sam ...

    374K subscribers in the FanFiction community. A supportive community for writers, readers, and reccers to talk about and share FanFiction. ... Fixit verse: Dean and Cas time travel back in time to save first Jessica, then everyone else. ... And you weren't soulless or addicted to demon blood, he added to himself.

  6. Any Demon Slayers time travel? : r/FanFiction

    A supportive community for writers, readers, and reccers to talk about and share FanFiction. Members Online Have you ever gotten into a fandom because of fanfiction and realize the real thing is nothing like it?

  7. Supernatural: 10 Fanfiction Headcanons That Became Widely Accepted By

    Supernatural is no stranger to the idea of multiple universes, so it's not surprising that fanfiction authors like to write about alternate Winchesters.In the later seasons of Supernatural, the main characters are frequently seen jumping from universe to universe.They even dropped into an episode of Scooby-Doo!The show is by no means indifferent about time travel, either, since the leads ...

  8. Best Time-Travel, AU/Dimension Travel, SI-OC Fics? : r/FanFiction

    18 votes, 12 comments. true. I'm currently reading a really good one in the Harry Potter fandom, called All According to Plan, rated Mature, gen focused time travel fic.. The premise: Bellatrix Black (from a slightly different version of the canon universe), at the age of 13, already a "black mage" (basically: she traded some of her humanity to the goddess of chaos in exchange for increased ...

  9. Darkness Beckons Chapter 3, a supernatural fanfic

    A resolution had formed. His absence might keep Dean safe from the demon. He knew Dean would never let him go off without a fight, especially now. He'd planned it very carefully. It was for the best. Sam kept telling himself that. He didn't want to be alone but deeper than that fear was the despair he'd feel if Dean was hurt because of him.

  10. Demon Dean Winchester Fanfiction Stories

    23 pages June 7, 2021 Natia. Reader | Action Horror God Angel Devil Demon Supernatural Dean Sam Cas Winchester Castiel Fanfics Destiel. When (Y/N)'s father and mother are killed by a demon and suspicion falls onto their daughter, the 16 year old hunter must flee to find her uncles - Sam and Dean Winchester.

  11. I just want you Chapter 4: Bad News, a Supernatural

    The next few days went a lot more smoothly. Jimmy spent his time holed up in the library trying to work out all of the kinks out of his plan. In the evenings, as he promised, Jimmy helped Jo with her training. Between exercises and pop quizzes, the two would discuss the progress of Jimmy's plan to "domesticate Dean" as Jo liked to call it.

  12. Abandon All Sanity Chapter 1: Saving Dean (06-26 14:54:44 ...

    Heavy bags hung under her eyes and her face was pale due to sleepless nights. "Finish your sandwich then off to bed with you." Mary whispered in his ear as she pulled him into a quick hug. He gave her a small smile his peanut butter and jelly stained lips stretching.

  13. The Happy ending Time Travel Fix it the boys deserve, a ...

    Bloody and beaten, having just traveled across time and space after dying and then facing a vampire, those boys hugged and they did both indeed cry a tiny little bit. It was a moment. The moment lasted all of a minute before their breathing calmed down and Dean made a jab at Sam being a cry baby. "Fuck off Dean!"

  14. A Life Hard-Lived Chapter 13, a supernatural fanfic

    (Pre-series.) What makes a Winchester, a Winchester? Life is a collection of scenes sometimes recalled, sometimes forgotten. All contribute to the character of an individual. Here is a collection of the moments that created the men we know as Sam and Dean, from their viewpoints as well as from others who've played important roles in their lives.

  15. Time travel demon? Wow, that's disapointing, a demon ...

    It was pretty weak, the time portals being the only defense it had. "There are three of them," Zenitsu said horrified, "the future sure is scary." Tanjiro couldn't help but agree. With the demon defeated, the older Inosuke and his baby went back to the future. Before he left, he told something to his younger self.