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Tourism Malaysia launches photography and video contest on diving

Thursday, 22 Jun 2023

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Malaysians excited over US tourist named Malaysia

Pos malaysia banking on transformation, the three pillars that malaysia needs to improve.

If you have photos or videos of marine life taken at diving spots in Malaysia, like this one at Lankayan Island in Sabah, then you may want to join the ‘Dive Into The Unimaginable’ competition by Tourism Malaysia. — Tourism Malaysia

Calling all photography and videography enthusiasts: Tourism Malaysia has just launched an international diving photography and video contest.

Held in conjunction with the Malaysia International Dive Exhibition, the competition is called “Dive Into The Unimaginable – Unfold Your Story” and is open to everyone, from now until Aug 25. Participants stand a chance to win diving packages in Malaysia worth RM50,000.

All you need to do is submit recent – nothing before 2019 – pictures or videos that were taken at any of Malaysia’s many diving locations. These high resolution images and videos must include stunning marine life and coral reefs, and need to be shot using either action cameras or DSLR.

Participation is based on an individual basis, with a maximum of three entries allowed for submission in each category.

Datuk Dr Ammar Abd Ghapar, director-general of Tourism Malaysia, said in a statement: “From muck diving to wreck diving, Malaysia’s tropical islands offer rewarding world-class diving experiences with popular sites attracting both seasoned and budding divers and marine life aficionados.

“Our Sipadan Island in Sabah, for example, is often listed as one of the top diving destinations globally and has many dive points to venture into, with some of the notable marine protected areas, including Barracuda Point.”

Barracuda Point is well-known for its large schools of barracuda fish, forming what is popularly known as the “barracuda tornado” – which makes for a spectacular sight for underwater photography.

For more information or to check the rules and regulations, head to the contest page on the Tourism Malaysia website .

Meanwhile, Tourism Selangor is also currently running a competition, though it is only open to Malaysians. The agency recently launched the third Tourism Selangor Pitching Competition with the theme “Sustainable Tourism”.

This means that the pitches submitted would need to focus on, or feature the 17 Sustainable Development Goals set by the United Nations, including including gender equality, economic growth, climate action, sustainable cities and communities, and quality education.

The pitches are meant to help boost the state’s tourism industry – with the goal of making Selangor the preferred destination of domestic tourists – and must be presented in either Bahasa Malaysia or English.

All proposals must be submitted by July 2. As many as 15 winning entries will be chosen; a total of RM150,000 in project grants will be distributed to the winners.

The pitching competition will provide opportunities to tourism industry players, non-governmental organisations, local community hosts, higher educational institutions and others to revitalise Selangor’s domestic tourism sustainably and boost the country’s tourism industry.

The project has two categories: individual and group (not more than four people per group). For more information, visit Selangor.Travel or any of Tourism Selangor’s social media pages.

Committed to improve

Hyatt Centric Kota Kinabalu in Sabah was recently awarded a Silver Certification by GreenRE, Malaysia’s leading green building certification body, for its commitment to green building excellence.

The hotel’s general manager, Ruben Schrijver, said in a statement, “We are dedicated to fostering collective efforts towards sustainability by spreading awareness among our staff, guests and business associates. Despite being a young establishment, we have the vision to emerge as one of Malaysia’s prominent eco-conscious hospitality providers.”

Hyatt Centric Kota Kinabalu has also put in place many other sustainable practices within its establishment. It is the first hotel in Sabah to utilise air-cooled chillers with 300 tonnes of cooling capacity, eliminating the need for condenser pumps and saving up to 35% of energy consumption.

It also runs a water condensation programme that recycles water from air conditioning, which is then used in the hotel bamboo gardens, restaurant and rooftop bar.

The hotel also prioritises responsible sourcing of food and beverages and is actively seeking Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) and Aquaculture Stewardship Council (ASC) certifications to ensure sustainable seafood procurement.

Coral planting is one of the activities being organised at some Outrigger properties around the world, in conjunction with World Ocean Month this June. — Outrigger

It collaborates with local organisations like Arm of Hope Sabah, Happy Plastics and Jireh Home to support local communities, businesses and initiatives too.

Elsewhere, in celebration of World Ocean Month this June, Outrigger Resorts & Hotels is organising activities connected to ocean health and conservation throughout all its resorts, and will continue to do so until the end of the month.

Each event will empower, educate and inspire guests and hosts to care for our oceans. Some of the activities include coral planting at its Fiji resort, releasing baby crabs at its Koh Samui, Thailand property and planting 2,000 mangrove trees, which reduce shoreline erosion, at Khao Lak Beach Resort, also in Thailand.

Since the founding of its global Outrigger Zone conservation initiative in 2014, the brand has preserved, protected and planted approximately 100 football fields of coral reef.

Another hospitality brand that is making waves with its sustainability efforts is Minor Hotels, which recently saw 119 of its properties being added to the GHA Green Collection. The Green Collection is a new initiative from GHA Discovery, the world’s largest alliance of independent hotel brands, and brings together nearly 200 hotels globally that are demonstrating a strong commitment to protecting people and planet.

Every property in the Green Collection has attained at least one globally recognised certification, including EarthCheck, Green Growth 2050, Green Key, Green Globe, and Green Seal.

The Qasr Al Sarab Desert Resort by Anantara is one of the properties listed in the GHA Green Collection. — Handout

Hotels from each of Minor Hotels’ eight global brands, located across 21 countries, are represented in the collection. Some of the brands include Anantara, Avani, NH Hotels and Tivoli.

As there is a growing number of travellers today who want to be more proactive and support sustainability efforts in the tourism industry, the Green Collection makes for a great reference for them when researching about where they holiday.

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Pos Malaysia banking on transformation


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tourism malaysia video

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tourism malaysia video

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Everything you need to know before visiting Malaysia

Marco Ferrarese

Feb 3, 2024 • 7 min read

tourism malaysia video

Malaysia is a beautifully diverse country with tons to see and do – here's what you should know before you go © ibnjaafar / Getty Images

Dynamic, multi-cultural, and hugely underrated, Malaysia is Southeast Asia 's unsung tropical hero. Marrying tradition, nature and modernity , it's a country of space-age cityscapes, Islamic minarets and gilded Chinese shrines. It's a world where South Indian temples back onto million-year-old rainforests, and this mish-mash can confuse first-timers.

From what to pack to navigating the nation's ethnic and religious tapestry, these are the top things to know before you embark on a trip to Malaysia – an experience that can often feel like being in several countries at once .

1. Malaysia is a dazzlingly diverse country

Be prepared for many types of culture shock. In multi-ethnic yet predominantly Islamic Peninsular Malaysia, a 69.8% majority of Malay Muslims share the land with ethnic Chinese, Tamil Indians and a dozen aboriginal groups categorized as orang asli (original peoples). This means that red lantern-studded Chinese temples sit next to Hindu gopurams (temple gates) and the onion-shaped domes of intricate, modern mosques. Prayers go up to the sky in three main languages – Bahasa Malaysia, Mandarin, and Tamil – and to three main religions: Islam, Chinese Taoism and Hinduism.

A short flight away across the South China Sea, the East Malaysian states of Sarawak and Sabah in Borneo feel like another world. The former has some 26 different ethnic groups, most of whom are Christian or Protestant, while Sabah is home to another 33 who communicate in over 50 languages and 80 dialects .

2. Pack for an eternal summer – but carry a light jacket

Tropical Malaysia enjoys steamy temperatures hovering around 86°F (30°C) year-round . All you really need to pack are light, loose-fitting cotton clothes to best cope with heat and humidity, and a pair of sneakers and flip-flops. If you forget anything, you can pick it up here. Also pack a hoodie or light jacket to prepare for the Malaysian habit of keeping air conditioning to frosty levels, especially inside shopping malls, buses and trains.

3. Technology is widely available… 

Kuala Lumpur must be one of the world's most futuristic cities, with ever-expanding highways, towers and skyscrapers eternally contending for space. Beyond the capital, there's excellent 4G mobile network coverage and fast wifi at most hotels and guest houses across the nation. Celcom is the best operator when traveling the Peninsula's jungly interior and Borneo. 

4. …but carry cash in the interior

ATMS (cashpoints) are widely available but thin out in the countryside, and they are often hard to find outside of Borneo's main cities. Stock up on the local currency, the Malaysian ringgit, if planning to go off the grid. 

Malaysia Hawker clay pot of Chicken Rice with flames under it

5. The food is something to write home about

The delightfully spicy intricacies of Malaysian food (a concoction of curries, southern Chinese cuisines and pan-Indian dishes that never stop intermarrying) are best consumed fresh off the street, served without embellishments by local "uncles" – slang for older person – on plastic plates. 

The alternative is to sit and rub elbows with locals at a food court, or "hawker center" – large open areas, usually covered by a rooftop, packed with simple food stalls squeezed one against the other.

6. Partying is a bit more expensive

Compared to its backpacker-centric Southeast Asian neighbors Thailand , Cambodia and Vietnam , Malaysia is a more expensive party destination because of heavy taxes on alcohol, which is forbidden to Muslims. The rest of the population is free to drink but forced to pay a higher price.

Alcohol is widely available in major tourist cities like Kuala Lumpur , George Town , Ipoh , Melaka and Johor Bahru,  while in smaller towns, beer is most often available at Chinese-run businesses. The best antidote to steep drinks and cigarette prices is a visit to the tax-free islands of Langkawi and Tioman .

7. Dress casual but modest

Due to the constant heat, Malaysia's dress code is very casual. Wearing short pants, sandals, flip-flops and t-shirts is the accepted norm everywhere but is considered rude when visiting public offices, where long slacks, close-toed shoes and collared shirts are expected. In Malaysia's many kampung (villages), avoid revealing outfits to comply with local religious sensibilities. 

Modesty is also essential when choosing your beachwear. Bikinis and speedos are fine at big hotels, resorts and the tourist islands off the East Coast, such as Pulau Perhentian and Pulau Redang. But it's best to wear one-piece bathing suits and knee-length swimming trunks on any other beach, where the locals dip fully clothed.

Six floors inside the Suria KLCC shopping mall.

8. It's OK to speak in English if you don't know Malay

Picking up some survival Bahasa Malaysia (Malay language), the national lingo, is pretty straightforward – with its Roman alphabet and absence of tones, it's one of the easiest Asian languages to learn. But it's fine to speak English, especially with Malaysian Chinese and Indians, whose mother tongues are not Malay. Blame it on the British colonization, but practically everyone can communicate in English, and most prefer to do so when talking to foreigners.

9. You might be unknowingly rude

When pointing at someone or something, use the thumb and not the index finger, which is considered rude in Malaysia. Always keep your voice down, for raising the tone is an absolute no-no – like asking direct questions, which many Malaysians may take as "losing face" or an invasion of their personal space.

When shaking hands, always remember to use your right hand, for the left is considered "toilet hand" in any Islamic culture. The only dining etiquette that matters in Malaysia is to never use the left hand when trying to eat with fingers like many locals do.

10. Respect nature, and its spirits 

When a bunch of foreign tourists bared their bottoms on top of Mount Kinabalu in 2015, enraged Kadazan-Dusun locals blamed their act for the consequent magnitude 5.9 earthquake that killed at least 16 and snapped one of the sacred mountain top's two iconic "Donkey Ear" outcrops. 

The animist beliefs that predate the arrival of Islam to the Malay Peninsula have helped foster a highly regarded supernatural world in which nature plays a crucial role. For example, it's common to "ask for permission" before urinating in the jungle, from where locals never bring anything back for fear of piggybacking a curse into their own homes. 

Whenever a group enters a forest , it's best to give out nicknames or not call out each other at all – spirits are always listening. The orang bunian (invisible forest-dwelling creatures comparable to elves) can trick hikers and campers into following them deep into the jungle to never be seen again.

Two tourists with backpacks crossing a suspension bridge.

11. Call 999 for any emergency

A single three-digit number, 999, connects to the police, the fire department, the ministry of health, the maritime enforcement agency and the Department of Civil Defence. Dial 999 112 if calling from a mobile phone. 

12. Boil the tap water

Because of increasing pollution of water sources and aging buildings fitted with rusted pipes, it's always best to boil tap water before drinking, or buy mineral water. Most hotels allow guests to refill their water containers. Carrying a water filtration system or purifying tablets can come in handy when striking out on multi-day hikes. 

13. Vaccines are recommended

It is advisable to travel to Malaysia after being inoculated against Hepatitis A, Tetanus and Typhoid. Malaria is generally not an issue in cities and most forested areas, so a prophylaxis is not strictly necessary. Dengue fever occurs sporadically in cities, but as there are no vaccines for it, the best strategy is to not get bitten by mosquitoes – use heavy-duty insect repellent.

Malaysia is one of Asia's top medical tourism destinations and boasts private hospitals equipped with excellent facilities. Make sure to have proper health insurance coverage, or be ready to pay for the premium.

Colourful cartoon tri-shaws to take tourists around Melaka old town

14. Beware of snatch thieves

Traveling in Malaysia is generally a pretty safe experience for travelers of both sexes, but whether they travel solo or in groups, female travelers should pay attention when walking along the busiest roads of capital Kuala Lumpur – keep your bags away from the roadside, for motorbike snatch thieves are well-known to target women, and some attacks have resulted in a victim's death. 

15. How to travel safely for LGBTQI+ travelers 

While a 2021 court ruling suggests change may be afoot, same-sex relationships are not only taboo in Malaysia, they're banned by federal law. For the LGBTQI+ communities here, the golden rule is to avoid publicizing relationships. In fact, public displays of affection are frowned upon in Malaysia in general, no matter your sexual orientation.  

16. Drug offenses can get you to the gallows

Stay away from drugs in Malaysia, where 200g of cannabis, 15g of morphine or heroin, and 40g of cocaine mean a death sentence. Offenders are shaken down extremely hard or jailed even for carrying much less.

This article was first published Feb 27, 2022 and updated Feb 3, 2024.

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He apologised to the public, saying Deputy Tourism, Art and Culture Minister Khairul Firdaus Akbar Khan may not have clearly explained the matter.

“I was abroad on duty a few days ago...

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