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Antarctic Luxury Special

Discover the best of the Antarctic Peninsula in luxury and save up to 40% this November.

Antarctica Small Ship Cruise

Join our small ship adventure to Antarctica this November - unbeatable value!

Antarctica and South Georgia

Follow in the wake of Shackleton to Antarctica and South Georgia's wildlife

Antarctica's Ross Sea

Explore Antarctica's seldom-seen and spectacular Ross Sea, with its mountains, ice-shelves, abundant wildlife and fascinating history.

East Greenland Aurora

Voyage to Scoresby Sund, the largest fjord system in the world, where we hike the Arctic landscape and may observe the Aurora Borealis and abundant whales. 

Special Offer

Svalbard Explorer: Ocean Adventurer

This expedition aboard the luxurious Ocean Adventurer is the perfect introduction to Spitsbergen and the incomparable beauty of the High Arctic

Svalbard & NE Greenland National Park: Sea Spirit

Abundant wildlife in Spitsbergen and stunning scenery in Greenland create a complete Arctic experience on board the luxury Sea Spirit

Northwest Passage to Ellesmere and Axel Heiberg Is

This 12 day epic expedition aboard the state-of-the-art Ultramarine visits the highlights of the Arctic wilderness of Canada

Arctic Express: Heart of the Northwest Passage

Discover the great sea route at the top of the world—on the game-changing new expedition ship Ultramarine. Reach the High Arctic in just over a week!

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MS Bard - Wildlife and Glacier cruise - Hurtigruten Svalbard - Photo Thomas Griesbeck

Wildlife and Glacier Cruise

A bus will pick you up and take you down to the harbour, where MS Bard is waiting. The conditions on Svalbard change a lot throughout the year, and a tour under the midnight sun in May will be different from when the polar night approaches in October. Whatever the season, you can expect unique experiences in beautiful Svalbard nature.

You will travel with the hybrid electric catamaran MS Bard. The engine and propellers are specially designed to minimise the noise and vibration. This not only takes you closer to nature; More importantly, the surrounding wildlife is less disturbed by our presence.

Early in the season, parts of Billefjorden may still be covered in ice. By the use of only the electric motor, we will then silently follow the ice edge where the opportunity to see wildlife is great! Here we will also enjoy the beautiful glacier front of Nordenskiöldbreen. In addition, we will see the ghost town Pyramiden from a distance and drive by Skansbukta, a bay with a lot of interesting history.

The boat has a contemporary, Norwegian design that contributes to the serene experience on board. You are free to move on several outdoor decks or enjoy the views from inside, through massive panoramic windows. Comfortable lounges are available outside as well as indoors. On board you will find a café and bar with a diverse selection of snacks and drinks. On this tour, you will be served a delicious vegetarian lentil soup.

Svalbard (Spitsbergen) Cruises

Our 10 favorite svalbard (spitsbergen) cruises, around spitsbergen, in the realm of polar bear & ice, around spitsbergen - kvitoya, in the realm of polar bear & ice, four arctic islands: spitsbergen, jan mayen, greenland and iceland, spitsbergen explorer: wildlife capital of the arctic, the geographic north pole, svalbard adventure, springtime in svalbard, svalbard circumnavigation and kvitøya : in-depth exploration in the land of the polar bear, best of svalbard, 6 svalbard & spitsbergen cruise deals, our 10 favorite luxury cruises to svalbard and spitsbergen, fjords and glaciers of spitsbergen, svalbard travel guide.

  • Several species of whales, including beluga & minke; with a keen eye, you could spot these gentle giants right from your cabin or the deck of your boat as you push through the frigid waters. When you do, be sure to let your fellow cruise-goers know!
  • Polar bears, walruses, seals, and even reindeer, which is why many consider Svalbard the wildlife capital of the Arctic.
  • Glaciers & icebergs 
  • Some of the world's most impressive fjord systems which will seem to dwarf your small boat as you navigate through these giant stone passages. 
  • Opportunities to hike, snow mobile, kayak, and dog sled on the sheet ice that dominates the landscapes. 
  • Diverse cultures that go back hundreds of years, including remnants of the Viking culture.

Cruise the Arctic Svalbard Islands

Arctic cruises to spitsbergen island, the best time to take a cruise in norway, arctic cruise: when to go, wildlife guide to polar regions.

  • Oslo (4 hour flight)
  • Tromso (2 hour flight)

Svalbard/Spitzbergen best time to visit

Best norwegian cruise ports & top things to do, scandinavia best time to take a cruise, top 8 things to do in svalbard - must-see attractions & experiences, svalbard (spitsbergen) travel faqs, svalbard travel reviews & stories, norway & svalbard, our adventures in svalbard, top svalbard travel destinations.

  • Krossfjorden
  • Longyearbyen

Svalbard Trips by Departure Date

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Svalbard Trips by Activity

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  • Svalbard small ship cruises (85)
  • Svalbard whale watching (64)
  • Svalbard hiking (39)
  • Svalbard kayaking (37)
  • Svalbard adventure options (13)
  • Svalbard village visits (12)
  • Svalbard photography seminars (7)

Why Travel With Adventure Life

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svalbard fjord cruise

svalbard fjord cruise

Adventure Cruises

  • Norway's Fjords & Arctic Svalbard

svalbard fjord cruise

Trip Highlights

In-Depth Fjord Cruising

High Arctic Polar Bear Viewing

Vast Nesting Seabird Colonies

WWF Logo

Sail with the World Leader in Conservation-Focused Small-Ship Cruising

  • Small Ships Mean Closer Nature Encounters Lindblad's expedition ships offer an exhilarating, up-close experience of Norway's fjords and High Arctic Svalbard in a personalized setting. The relatively small size of our National Geographic ships makes them nimble enough to access narrow fjords and protected bays that bigger ships can’t reach, while full stabilization and state-of-the-art technology provide exceptionally safe passage. Guests can also count on personal access to naturalists, guides and crew.
  • Benefit from More than a Half-Century of Expertise This adventure cruise offers a genuine expedition-style experience with a seasoned polar crew and staff. As pioneers in commercial polar cruising, Lindblad draws upon more than 50 years of experience navigating polar seas, assuring safe passage and an immersive adventure in one of the planet’s wildest landscapes. You'll sail on a state-of-the-art expedition ship with a veteran Expedition Leader, assistant Expedition Leader and a team of naturalists with diverse specialties. Lindblad's expert mariners have produced their own soundings and maps of areas that otherwise are not well charted, allowing its seasoned bridge officers to take you to lesser-known places in the Arctic that most travelers don't see. A National Geographic-certified photo instructor will help you capture outstanding photos of scenery and wildlife. In addition, Explorer travelers are accompanied by a Global Perspectives guest speaker for added advice and insight.
  • A Broad Range of Amenities & Activities Makes Every Day Exciting Choose from a host of adventures that immerse you in the raw beauty and wildlife of coastal Norway and the Arctic wilderness, led by expert naturalists. Sturdy motorized Zodiacs grant access to cliffside bird rookeries and shore landings, while a large fleet of tandem kayaks offers close-up exploration of icebergs and marine life. Kayaks are chosen for their stability in polar waters, and since they’re virtually untippable, no prior kayaking experience is necessary. A custom-designed floating platform allows kayaks to be launched from most any location.
  • A Flexible Itinerary Enhances Your Adventure The expeditionary nature of this journey allows for daily flexibility and spontaneity that are the cornerstone for genuine adventure. Our itinerary is focused on delivering a genuine immersion in nature and exhilarating wildlife encounters, with plenty of leeway built in to permit that. The Expedition team has the freedom to follow wildlife, linger longer in places of lively animal activity, or change directions in search of better weather and wildlife-viewing conditions, especially when we reach Svalbard. Whether it’s polar bear and walrus sightings from Zodiacs, a foray in search of Arctic fox and caribou, or watching for whales under the midnight sun, every day will expand your knowledge and appreciation for Arctic wildlife, natural history and native cultures.
  • Observe the World Beneath the Sea An undersea diving specialist travels aboard every voyage. Outfitted for polar waters and carrying nearly 200 pounds of gear, this special member of the expedition team shoots high-definition footage of a deep, frigid sea teeming with life, which is then shared on plasma screens in the ship's lounge—it's a whole new way to appreciate the marine environment! Plus, the ship’s remotely operated vehicle (ROV) dives up to 1,000 feet to view areas below the surface that are as unexplored as the moon. By sharing videos of potentially new species with scientists, such as a large worm our specialist captured imagery of in Antarctica's Weddell Sea, Lindblad voyages actively contribute to scientific research.
  • Custom Tools Maximize Your Perspective A video microscope helps naturalists show and explain a multitude of elements in the Arctic environment, including tiny organisms in the marine ecosystem’s building blocks—like a krill’s body, at 80x magnification. High atop the ship’s mast, a crow’s nest camera provides a continual view on your surroundings that you can watch on your cabin TV. And underwater microphones are deployed to listen in on the Arctic’s marine mammals, offering real-time sounds of nearby whales and other life below the sea.
  • Sail with Experts Who Specialize in the Far North  Explore Norway's fjords and the High Arctic wilderness of Svalbard with a passionate team of experts whose knowledge will enhance your adventure and your comprehension of these northern environments. Travel with an Expedition Leader, a team of veteran naturalists, a National Geographic photographer, an undersea specialist, knowledgeable guest speakers, a video chronicler and a wellness specialist. Your naturalist guides specialize in the Arctic, from wildlife biologists to ornithologists, marine scientists and polar historians.
  • We’re Committed to the Planet Natural Habitat Adventures is a standard-setter in eco-conscious travel. We were the world’s first 100-percent carbon-neutral travel company. And we continue to break innovative ground in adopting practices that help to protect our global environment. Because of our concern for the environment, we are pleased to partner with Lindblad Expeditions for our Adventure Cruises, a company that shares our values and commitment to the planet.

svalbard fjord cruise

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Natural Wonders of Svalbard Micro Cruise

Hike on Hansbreen in Svalbard

Explore Northern Svalbard on an Expedition Micro Cruise with 12 Guests

From €10,200

The ultimate Svalbard cruise on a small, capable expedition vessel with just 12 guests. This adventure focuses on exploring the beautiful natural wilderness of Svalbard during the summer months with 24 hours of daylight. We will encounter calving glaciers, witness an abundance of wildlife, visit historical places, and spend time exploring ashore. All this with 2 expert guides and just 12 guests.

Polar bear in Svalbard during summer


On this summer expedition, we will venture to the northern wilderness to explore the beautiful landscapes, wildlife, and glaciers of Northwest Spitsbergen with 24 hours of daylight. Every day is an adventure and we will use the Zodiac landing craft to explore walrus haulouts,  cruise the edge of the sea ice for wildlife including polar bears, and take short hikes ashore to explore different natural and historical sites including glaciers and the raw nature of the Arctic.

Expedition Highlights

  • Experience breathtaking landscapes that include majestic glaciers, mountains, and fjords.
  • Witness the midnight sun, which creates a surreal and magical atmosphere by never setting.
  • Explore Arctic landscapes on foot, hike with expert guides, and visit historical sites such as abandoned whaling stations and Russian mining towns.
  • Use 2 Zodiacs for exploring and close-up photography of wildlife.
  • Encounter polar bears, walruses, and whales in attractive lighting conditions during this great time of year.
  • Enjoy a friendly and inclusive atmosphere with a small, intimate group size of just 12 like-minded explorers.
  • Be led by world-class expedition leaders.

Learn From Our Knowledgable Guides

We make it our business to work with exceptional individuals in the industry who possess a genuine passion and care for the precious places we visit. We believe people are at the heart of everything we do and our guides have a wealth of knowledge to share with you, giving you a deeper understanding and appreciation of the Arctic ecosystem.

Secret Atlas is founded, led, and made for explorers by explorers. We understand that every expedition is unique, so we don’t follow a fixed itinerary. We believe that real expeditions should follow the opportunities that the wilderness offers and our expert guides know exactly how to maximise your experience.

The following itinerary is an example. The expedition is flexible and its course will be defined on daily bases sustained by the opportunities presented by weather, ice and wildlife.

Day 1 Welcome aboard! Embarkation in Longyearbyen at 16:00

Day 2 Western Fjords

Day 3-4 Northern Fjords / Ice Edge

Day 5-6 Exploring East Coast

Day 7-8 Exploring Southern Fjords

Day 9 Isfjord

Day 10 Disembarkation in Longyearbyen at 09:00

* On 9 day voyages we return to Longyearbyen on day 8. Exploration will be focused on the Northern and Western Fjords.

* We always recommend arriving in Svalbard at least 24 hours before departure.

svalbard fjord cruise

Our flexibility to adapt to the conditions and wildlife encounters, allows us to make the most of every opportunity. But let us give you an idea of what your dream expedition could look like below…

Longyearbyen Svalbard


We begin our expedition in the most Northerly town in the world, Longyearbyen. In the afternoon we will embark on our expedition vessel after an introduction from our expedition leader and a safety briefing from the Captain. We’ll set sail out through the majestic Adventfjord and as Longyearbyen disappears astern, wave goodbye to civilisation.

West Spitsbergen and Prins Karls Forland Area

In the morning we sail by Prins Karls Forland, an uninhabited island of beautiful scenery off the west coast of Spitsbergen. This is a place where sometimes walruses are likely to haul out or be sighted. In the afternoon, we may get our boots on for a hike to spot grazing reindeer. If the conditions allow, we will sail along the coast exploring places such as Krosssfjorden, home to majestic glaciers, and some of Svalbard’s most beautiful fjords and scenery. 

Walrus Haulout in Svalbard

Exploring the Northern Fjords and the Ice Edge

Over the next few days, we will navigate between the coast and the sea ice that extends all the way to the North Pole. We will count on regular shore landings and zodiac tours to visit different natural and historical sites including glaciers, partake in wilderness hikes and fully immersive ourselves in the raw nature of the Arctic.

Every day we will explore deeper into the wilderness Svalbard has to offer. Under the guidance of our expedition leader, we will work with the weather and sea ice conditions to show you the best that the northern coast has to offer.

.3 ° N, .6 ° E

Scouting the Eastern Lands

If the sea ice grants passage, we will aim to head east towards the Hinlopen Strait area and venture deeper into a vast world of ice and cliffs. While attempting this we will be obliged to reach a new higher latitude to the voyage, crossing the 80 degrees North parallel. The days will be long and complemented with action, zodiac cruises and the search for wildlife. The ice will extend all the way to the horizon, and the enigmatic presence of the northern king of wildlife will be felt. We will potentially come across some immense bird cliffs where thousands of birds fly in and out without a break. These days will be filled with a sense of adventure and exposure to nature, the ice and the winds might let us through to the south, or we might need to turn around and head back West over the north. Regardless of the exact route, the expedition will build into its climax.

Zodiac Cruise in front of Brasvellbreen waterfall in Svalbard

.9 ° N, .9 ° E

Southern Spitsbergen

We will follow the compass south and explore the region along the south coast of Spitsbergen. We will visit rarely visited landing sites and have lots of chances to take in the breathtaking nature, wildlife, and scenery. As we round the southern tip of Spitsbergen, we will enter the area around Hornsund where we will have a day to explore and do some wilderness hikes. We will then set sail north along the coast towards Isfjorden.

.3 ° N, .3 ° E

Already back in the protection of Isfjorden, we will find peaceful landing sites to hike or simply relax and take it all in. Isfjorden offers a fantastic mix of landscapes, history and wildlife. Offering the best possible closure to our experience before heading back to civilization.

Reindeer calf in Svalbard during summer

By morning we will have arrived back at the port of Longyearbyen. Disembarking the ship will involve saying goodbye to the new friends you’ve made but knowing you will keep the memories of the transformative adventure you shared together.

Inside This Svalbard Cruise

svalbard fjord cruise

Amazing Wildlife

We will visit areas where walruses haul out, encounter reindeer and Arctic foxes on land, observe whales and other marine life and explore coasts where polar bears are known to roam.

svalbard fjord cruise

Stunning Scenery

We will encounter mighty glaciers, cruise tranquil steep-sided fjords and spend time outside exploring the beautiful untouched wilderness.

svalbard fjord cruise

Climate Compensated

We’re serious about the environment and wildlife, which is why we’re proud to be a member of 1% for the Planet —an organisation dedicated to supporting impactful global projects that give back to our planet.

svalbard fjord cruise

Expedition Leader and Guide

An aspect of our journeys is to learn about the place you are visiting. Our onboard guides are the core of what we do and will share their passion and knowledge of Svalbard throughout the trip. We offer the best guide to guest ratio available.

svalbard fjord cruise

Zodiac landing craft for shore landings

Shore landings are the essence of every expedition and your guides will take you exploring on a daily basis. The vessel is equipped with landing craft that can be used to reach remote beaches so you can experience the wilderness firsthand.

svalbard fjord cruise

Expedition Vessel With 12 Guests

We believe the best way to experience an environmentally sensitive place such as the Arctic is with a small group of travelers. New expedition cruise ships now take up to 350 passengers, we believe smaller is better.

Vikingfjord photo tour expedition ship

MV Vikingfjord

Our newest expedition yacht that offers cruise ship comfort for 12 on a small expedition ship. Comfortable ensuite cabins, open plan lounge with large windows, hot tub, outdoor hot pool and large viewing areas.

svalbard fjord cruise

A former Norwegian research vessel that has been tastefully converted into an expedition vessel ideal for exploring the Arctic.

MV Freya Secret Atlas

The MV Freya is a classic expedition ship. The sturdy, ice strengthened 1A hull makes her perfect for exploring the Arctic waters.

Svalbard Cruise Dates and Prices

Prices quoted are per person. Twin and double cabins are based on double occupancy.

If you looking for a Private Expedition Micro Cruise, get in touch here

If you have any questions about this Svalbard cruise please get in touch

Useful information.

Lilliehook Glacier Landscape Svalbard

How To Get To Svalbard

Svalbard is easily accessible from daily flights from Oslo in Norway. To find out more see our guide.

Kinfish in sea ice Svalbard Small Ship Expedition

New To Expedition Micro Cruises?

Find out all about the experience of travelling on an expedition vessel with 12 guests and how it compares to other cruises.

longyearbyen travel guide

Longyearbyen Travel Guide

All the information you need to plan your trip including how to get to Longyearbyen, arrival information, places to stay, and activities to do before your cruise.

Travellers Stories

See What Our Previous Guests Experienced

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'Out of all my experiences, this one has been the most exceptional and special so…

Zodiac Cruise in Svalbard

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Arctic Pioneer Zodiac Cruise Brasvellbreen Svalbard

Flavio and Anna Maria’s Guest Story – Secret Atlas Review

"The organisation, the crew caring for us and the expedition leaders were a top team.…

Svalbard Cruises FAQ

We offer payment via the following methods:

  • Credit card
  • Payment by bank transfer

Please let us know at the time of booking your preferred method.

You have the option to pay in full at time of booking or pay in the following instalments:

30% deposit is taken at the time of booking

30% 6 months before departure

40%  90 days prior to departure

It is mandatory you take out comprehensive travel insurance at the time of booking that also covers cancellation.

Solo travellers are welcome on all our voyages. We often host solo travellers, particularly on our photo voyages so the chances are you won’t be the only one. We offer the following accommodation options:

  • Option to share a twin cabin with another traveller of the same gender.
  • Option to have your own cabin for an additional supplement. Please contact us for this option as the price varies depending on trip and availability.

This trip is operated by Secret Atlas and is subject to the Secret Atlas terms and conditions of travel. You can read the full booking terms here.

Expeditions aren't your typical vacation: 'What a privilege it is to see these places'

svalbard fjord cruise

  • Expedition cruising is one of the fastest-growing segments in the cruise industry.
  • It's one of the few vacations where passengers can experience pristine wilderness face-to-face.
  • The trips themselves are a financial commitment, with most Arctic expeditions starting at over $8,000 per person.

Get more news like this delivered to your inbox by signing up for our Travel newsletter here . 

Not every traveler is made for an expedition cruise . However, those who are looking for a connection with nature and aren’t afraid of a little discomfort could find themselves at the most extreme locations in the globe.

But what if you landed in the Arctic Circle on a whim? 

That was the case for Katie McCay who said that after feeling overwhelmed at work , any trip sounded like a good idea. Thankfully, long-time friend Victoria Dixon was there with the idea to cross eight time zones from Melbourne, Australia, to embark on Aurora Expeditions ’ Sylvia Earle for an Arctic exploration. 

“The idea presented itself, so why not,” MacKay told USA TODAY. 

Nature can make you feel small. You should seek that feeling when traveling.

Expedition cruising is one of the fastest-growing segments in the cruise industry. It's one of the few vacations where passengers can experience pristine wilderness face-to-face. According to an Aurora Expeditions spokesperson, the line estimates that by December 2025, "we will have tripled our capacity since 2019 with our three purpose-built ships."

"We know that consumers are increasingly conscious about spending money with companies they know are operating ethically and sustainably, and this is also true for those they choose to travel with," a spokesperson for the line told USA TODAY.

For many of the 58 passengers, boarding the Sylvia Earle was purposeful and intentional. 

“I saw a YouTuber do this exact trip, and I knew I had to do it,” Patricia Spiekermann, a photography enthusiast from Frankfurt, Germany, said. 

How are expedition itineraries created?

Aurora Expeditions product teams work two to three years in advance to design their programs, "with considerations including the popularity of destinations/voyages, market trends, scheduling logistics, port availability and more," the spokesperson said.

Onboard Expedition Manager (and locker room DJ) Samantha Deer added that product teams will also rely on local guides for suggestions and insights into a new area.

While many of the passengers were content with the breathtaking views – which some described as “otherwordly” – quite a few had to adjust their expectations. 

Throughout our Arctic expedition, the group was able to watch Arctic foxes, reindeer, seals, walruses, puffins, and even a pair of humpback whales, but not the emblematic polar bear. A testament that nothing is guaranteed in the outdoors. 

The crew, however, was incredibly diligent in scoping out locations and ensuring passengers had every opportunity to spot as much wildlife as they could. 

“I think that what we're trying to do is we're trying to instill a sense of privilege,” Expedition Leader Howard Whelan told USA TODAY. “You know, what a privilege it is to see these places and, for the most part, (passengers) look after it.”

What can passengers expect from an expedition cruise?

“Goood morning, passengers!” All passengers were treated to Whelan’s cheery wake-up calls every day of the voyage with a quick rundown of what to expect that day. 

Travelers need to be ready to adjust and follow a schedule that’s subject to continuous changes. 

“I'm looking at the ice charts right now, and our second excursion in Svalbard is at a place called Samarinbreen, which is (an expedition on a) Zodiac cruise in front of a glacier, but right now, it looks like there's still fast ice at that end of the fjord,” Whelan explained. “We may either try and make a landing on fast ice, or we may not get in close, in which case I have to come up with an alternative, check around the area and see what's another really fantastic place to go to and I'll make that call. Ultimately, we may be going into a place in the wind direction, which may not be suitable for us to make the landing. So then we'll change that and find a place with a different exposure.”

Of course, if someone wasn’t feeling up for it, they could notify the crew that they would be staying on board. But even for those who ended up on the Sylvia Earle by happenstance, nature forced everyone to bear witness to its splendor.

“We know (passengers) have wonderful trips, but the one thing that most of us love to do is, when we're in the Zodiacs, we love to just turn the engine off and just stop and get everybody in the Zodiac to be quiet for a few minutes. Don't say a thing and just sit there,” Whelan said. “And quite often, at the end of the trip, when we asked people what was the most the most powerful experience that you had, often (people will) say when we sat silently, and we listened to the ice cracking in the glaciers … that was the best thing.”

It is worth noting that the Sylvia Earle is a purpose-built ship. It was made for these expeditions, and as such, amenities on board are fewer than those of an ocean cruise ship. 

In lieu of musical shows, passengers can attend daily lectures on different aspects of what they’re experiencing. Instead of food halls with long operating hours, there is the main dining room where meals are scheduled and a premium restaurant option for an additional cost. And instead of a casino, there’s a daily coin toss to spot wildlife.

“Sometimes (the lectures are a) little too much since we're on vacation,” said Peter Cvek, from Newark, New Jersey, who was on board with his wife Mary. “But I find a lot of it very interesting and very good to know that the people (here) have a lot of knowledge.” 

The purpose is to be outside, as all of the expedition guides made clear with their infectious enthusiasm for the outdoors. 

“This is an opportunity to do something that I would have never thought to do. And it's sitting there right in front of you. So why not take the chance?” Cvek added.

What is a regular day like on an expedition cruise?

No two days are alike – unless you have four consecutive sea days like we did – but on our trip, they all started with a daily rundown before breakfast, getting some time to get our waterproof clothing and hiking gear ready, and then it was off to that day’s adventure. Some days, you could expect to be out until the late afternoon, but in our case, we usually did a morning trek, ate lunch at the ship, and did an early afternoon activity like hiking, kayaking, or Zodiac cruising. Then, it was back on board for a recap of the day, dinner and bedtime.

Expeditions to the Arctic or Antarctica do attract travelers looking to cross a destination off their bucket list, or as Whelan said, those "who make a place a goal rather than a place to experience."

“I think, for me, the most important thing is that people connect in a deeply personal way with these remote, wild places because I think that it feeds the soul,” Whelan said. “We do offer all of these activities and some people get caught up with thinking, ' Oh well, that's so exciting if we go kayaking or if we go skiing or whatever. ' And it's true, it is. But what's really wonderful about that is it puts you in contact with a different way of experiencing the place that we go to and I think that's the beauty of Aurora.”

The trips themselves are a financial commitment, with most Arctic expeditions starting at over $8,000 per person . Aurora Expeditions does not charge a single supplement on select voyages.

"Though our predominant demographic is still in the over 50s-60s, we are seeing that some voyages are skewing younger, depending on the destination and the activities and experiences offered," the spokesperson said. "There is certainly a subset of older millennial travelers who are adventurous and able to afford more premium experiences like an expedition to Antarctica or the Arctic, and they are attracted to our more informal and relaxed approach to expedition cruising."

Aurora Expeditions does have ADA-accessible cabins, but it's important for passengers to carefully review the itinerary and assess accommodations as soon as possible. Also, keep in mind that many of the ports will require Zodiac transportation to shore.

Both MacKay and Spiekermann, who embarked on the Sylvia Earle by opposite paths, said they enjoyed their holiday. The same goes for every passenger USA TODAY spoke to onboard – even those who got seasick.

Travel isn’t always perfect. It’s as messy as real life, and that’s part of it. Those are the moments that provide a foil. Those are the moments that change you as a person. And those are the moments Aurora Expeditions is aiming to provide for its passengers.

The reporter on this story received access to this event from Aurora Expeditions. USA TODAY maintains editorial control of content.  

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