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14 Road Trip Games Adults Will Actually Enjoy

Before tablets and podcasts, we used games to keep us entertained. For your next road trip, try some of these games to keep you going along the way.


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Road trips always seem like a great idea at the beginning, and they are! But let's face it: spending hours on end in a moving metal box with the same people can take its toll on your patience. Especially if energetic kids are involved.

So here, to combat potential boredom and irritability in passengers any age, are some fun road trip games to keep everyone in the car happy:, 1. if you have some sleepy passengers in the car, you should definitely play "while you were sleeping.".

road trip driving games

The Game: Create the most believable story when someone falls asleep

• First, a passenger must fall asleep

• After five minutes of slumber, the awake passengers begin creating a story

• Each person takes turns adding to the story

• Once the passenger wakes up, you have to get them to believe the story

• If somebody breaks character, they lose a point

• If somebody goes off script, you ask, "Are you sure?" and then that person is silenced and loses two points

• If you successfully fool the person, each storyteller wins three points

• If the sleeping passenger fools the car and joins their story correctly, they steal their current point total

• The one with the most points at the destination wins

2. Change ONE letter of a title and get people to guess it by describing the plot.

The game:  Change ONE letter of a title and get people to guess it by describing the plot. Unfortunately this game doesn't have a name like the others do, but it's still super fun and you can play it anywhere.

• Pick a movie, video game, TV show, or book title and change one letter of it. Don't pick anything to obscure.

• Get people to guess it by describing the plot of the new title you created. For example, you might change Beauty and the Beast to Beauty and the F east , and make up a new plot about a beautiful woman who runs a catering company and has to plan the biggest meal of her career.

• Adding or subtracting a letter from the title also works, just as long as it's still only one letter. Example: Star Warts  instead of Star Wars

3. For a good old-fashioned guessing game, play "21 Questions."

road trip driving games

The Game: Guess what a person is thinking in 21 questions

• Someone thinks of something

• Then the car begins by asking questions

• You can't repeat a question that has been asked

• Whoever guesses it right gets to start the next round

4. If your car mates are current and hip on events, then you should play "Did You Hear That...?"

road trip driving games

The Game: Pop culture and news collide for a fun game of fact or fiction

• You are trying to fool your opponent

• You start by asking, "Did you hear that _______ happened?"

• Your opponent can either say, "That didn't happen," or, "Tell me more."

• If they correctly guess that it didn't happen, the opponent gets two points

• If they incorrectly guess that it didn't happen, you steal one point and gain two additional

• If you are asked, "Tell me more," points double at the end of the statement

5. For a car full of human jukeboxes, play "The Singing Game."

road trip driving games

The Game: Connect song lyrics for a fun sing-along game

• One person starts singing a song

• Using a lyric from the song, the next person has to connect it with another song

• It continues on until somebody messes up the lyrics or is stumped

• "I kissed a girl and I..."

• "...Really, really, really like you..."

• "...Doing that thing you do, breaking my heart into a million..."

6. If your car is full of film buffs, play "The Movie Game."

road trip driving games

The Game: Connect actors through movies they have starred in

• The game starts with an actor/actress

• The next person has to say a movie that they were in

• The following person has to state another actor/actress from that movie

• It continues on

• If someone is incorrect, they have to sit out the next round

• Elijah Wood

• Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring

• Sean Astin

7. When you have a car full of optimists, play "Fortunately/Unfortunately."

road trip driving games

The Game: Making a fortunate situation out of an unfortunate situation

• One person starts by saying "Fortunately" and mentioning something fortunate

• The next person has to follow by saying something unfortunate about the previous situation

• Move clockwise around the car switching between fortunate and unfortunate situations

• If somebody stumbles, they get a strike. Three strikes, and you're out

• Last man standing wins

• Fortunately, this will be my first time seeing the Grand Canyon

• Unfortunately, it was invaded by Martians just last week

• Fortunately, I just finished my course in extraterrestrial communications

8. All know-it-alls will spark some fierce competition if you play "The Alphabet Categories."

road trip driving games

• This is NOT the road sign game; you name things in alphabetical order from a category

• You start with a category like food, bands, cars, etc.

• You start with A and travel down the alphabet

• You can get as specific with your categories as you want

9. If you love to get your snack on, definitely play "Regional Food Master."

road trip driving games

The Game: Collect the most regional snacks between the start and finish of your road trip

• At each gas station you stop at, you have to find a local snack

• You can only get one food item per gas station

• The food item has to be created within the region the stop is located

• Whoever has the most snacks by your destination wins

• Duplicate cities don't count

10. For the spontaneous math wizards, play "The Counting Game."

road trip driving games

The Game: See how high you can collectively count without any order

• Somebody random begins with the number one

• Another person follows at random with the next number

• If two people say the same number at the same time, you start over

• If there is more than a five-second pause, you start over

• You are trying to get to the number 20

11. For all the walking encyclopedias, play "The Name Game."

road trip driving games

The Game: Connect first and last names of famous people

• Start with the name of anyone famous (besides yourself, duh...)

• The next person has to say a person whose first name starts with the letter of the previous last name

• If somebody mentions a person where both the first and last name start with the same letter, the game reverses in order (e.g., Bob Barker, Lindsay Lohan, Mandy Moore, etc.)

• Tom Brady

• Billy Joel

• Janet Jackson (reverse!)

• John Oliver

12. For the aspiring DJs in your car, play "Battle of the Bands."

road trip driving games

The game: Two people battle to pick the best song based on a category

• One person gives a theme, like "songs about cities" or "love songs"

• Two contestants have 60 seconds

• Each contestant takes a turn playing their selected song

• The car judges the two selections and picks a winner

• Tally up scores at the end of the game

13. If you consider yourself a wordsmith, then definitely play "Word Association."

road trip driving games

The Game: See how far you can string along words through association

• The name of the game is associations

• One person begins with a word

• The following person has to think of a word that is associated

• The game continues until somebody messes up or says something far-out

• Taco Salad

14. If you are looking for an easy laugh, play "Cows on My Side."

road trip driving games

The Game: Holler when you see a cow!

• When you see a cow on your side of the road, you have to yell, "Cows on my side!"

• Every time you call a cow, you get a point

• If you see cows on the other side you say, "Cows on your side!"

• If you call, "Cows on your side," before the person sees them, you steal a point

• If anyone sees a cemetery they scream, "Ghost cow," stealing all the other side's points

15. And if you want to kick it old-school, play "The Alphabet Game."

road trip driving games

The Game: This is the classic alphabet game everyone knows and loves. Go through alphabet using words on signs

• You are trying to find words in alphabetical order

• You can use billboards, business, and road signs

• You can't use license plates

• The first one to get to the end of the alphabet wins

• Once a word is said, nobody else can repeat that word

Have a favorite road trip game? Add it in the comments below!

Sometimes it isn't the destination that matters, it's the journey. for all your road trips, let bp fuel your journey..

All images courtesy of Thinkstock.

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The Winding Road Tripper

20+ Entertaining Road Trip Games to Play in the Car

This post may include affiliate links. As an Amazon Associate, I (The Winding Road Tripper) earn from qualifying purchases.  Read more . 

Road trips are not just about getting to your destination. It’s also about all the fun you can have on your journey to your next stop.

These road trip games will bring laughter and excitement to your next road trip.

Let’s dive into some of our favorites.

Alright, we know this is one of those classic games to play on a road trip that everyone has heard of, but have you ever really dug into it? 

I Spy has a lot of versatility. It’s not just that one-dimensional game you remember from your childhood. This is a game that you can mix up and cut loose with. Try adding time limits, creating I Spy themes, or just killing some time with a class road game. 

You probably know the rules, but all you need to do to play this game is pick something you and your friends can see and have them guess until they get it right. You’ll say, “I spy something that…” and add a clever clue that gives a subtle hint about what you’re looking at. 

The key to playing this game as an adult is to focus on those clever hints. That’s where the fun is!

20 Questions 

 20 Questions is one of those games that has plenty of versatility. Let’s look at a few ways to enjoy this game while on a road trip.

You play 20 Questions by assigning one person to be “it.” That person thinks of a person, place, or thing, and everyone else has 20 questions to narrow down their guess and get it right.

You can spice up 20 Questions by making it themed, personal, or romantic. It all depends on who you’re traveling with. 

Like many road games, this game is best played in short bursts. You want to mix up these classic road trip games, so you don’t burn out on any one game. 

Would You Rather

Would You Rather is another excellent game to play while on a road trip. 

The goal of this game is to give someone a ridiculous and near-impossible choice between two options. You can ask them to pick between their favorite hobbies, a million dollars or perfect health, or anything else you can think of!

This is also a great game for getting to know someone new. It’s the perfect icebreaker for couples and helps you explore topics that matter to the people you travel with. 

Mini Board Games 

Mini magnetic board games are fun games to play in the car, but they are also adorable. 

You and your travel companions can enjoy Scrabble, chess, checkers, or mini Monopoly.

There are travel-sized versions of just about every board game out there. Throw one of these in your bag, and you’ll hardly notice the extra space it takes up. Besides, it will generate way more fun than you might expect. 

Travel Scavenger Hunt 

One of the most fun things you can do when heading out on your road trip is to set up a scavenger hunt .

You need to do some planning ahead of time for this game. Think about some interesting or challenging items you and your travel companions can hunt down or see on the road together. 

These can be wrappers from regional snacks, landmarks, road signs, or anything you can find along your road trip route. 

Here’s a tip for setting up a scavenger hunt. Come up with a low-stakes prize for the winner, which could be anything from a Starbucks gift card to a coupon for a free back massage. 

Trivia Apps! 

Playing trivia games on the road used to mean taking several decks of cards with questions and answers on them. However, your phone is full of game apps to keep you entertained on your road trip.

There are trivia apps like Popcorn Trivia, SongPop, and countless others. These let you play trivia games based on movies, music, and even history with your travel buddies. 

Don’t get caught thinking these games are trivial; they are some of the most fun games to play on a road trip!

Related Post: Best Road Trip Game Apps

Travel Bingo

Here’s another exciting game that takes a little preparation before you hit the road.

You can set up a travel bingo gam e for everyone you will be on the road with. This bingo game can be full of fun inside jokes, sites along the way, and all the ups and downs of a long car ride.

Travel bingo is a great way to add a little lightheartedness to some of the challenges of taking a road trip. Why not lean into these awkward moments and add a square on your travel bingo card for awkward smells or getting stuck in traffic?

The winner of travel bingo can get a little prize, but there’s no prize more fabulous than the satisfaction of being the travel bingo champion.  Related Post: Free Downloadable Road Trip Bingo Cards

Gas Station Stop Gourmet 

There are plenty of travel games about embracing the unique and sometimes weird cuisine you can find while on the road.

The goal of this game is to make the most of the limited culinary options you have at your average gas station. Players should be given a budget and are challenged to come up with the most exciting meal they can think of.

Imagine you’re on a Food Network competition show, but all you can do is create a fine dining experience using a convenience store and a few fast food diners.

This is a great game to help people think outside the box and not get stuck snacking on the same pre-packaged chips for the entire ride. 


Fictionary started hundreds of years ago with the Victorians in England. 

This word game is all about obscure words and the definitions that they “should” have. Play works like this. 

One player picks an obscure word that few people know, like “mycorrhizal” or “sozzled.” Everyone else writes down their made-up definitions. Whoever gets the most laughs wins!

More Road Trip Entertainment: Best Attention-Grabbing Audio Books for a Road Trip Boredom-Busting Podcasts for a Road Trip Road Trip Questions for Couples

Six Degrees of Separation

Here’s another road trip classic, especially for movie buffs. 

Six Degrees of Separation got a second wind when it became an iconic meme in the early days of the internet known as Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon. 

The point of the game is straightforward. One player names two actors, and the other must connect them in six degrees of separation or less.

Here’s a classic example using Kevin Bacon.

“Kevin Bacon and William Shatner.”

William Shatner was in Festival in Cannes with Maximilian Schell, who starred in Telling Lies in America with Kevin Bacon.

There’s even a website called The Oracle of Bacon that can generate these degrees of separation if you two get stuck!

Fictional Road Trip Families

One of the most fun things about a road trip is the people you will meet on the way. 

However, some people you “meet” drive past you on the road at 60 miles an hour. While you need more time to meet them adequately, you can still tell a fun story about their lives.

The next time an interesting-looking car drives past you, collaborate on a fictional story about the family inside that vehicle. Take turns adding story elements and see where it will lead you.

The Movie Game

Here is another one for film buffs.

This game starts with one person naming a movie and another person naming an actor who starred in that film. The next person then picks another actor from that movie and a different movie that the actor starred in. The second player then repeats the process, and play continues until no one can name a new movie.

For a twist on this game, players can go back and forth naming actors, writers and directors, and production staff on movies until they cannot name anyone else involved with a given film.

Human Jukebox

Here’s a game for the musically inclined pair on a road trip.

Human Jukebox starts with one player singing a line from a song. Then the other player uses the last word of that line to connect it to a brand-new song.

Here’s an example:

Player 1 starts with a line from Queen’s Bohemian Rhapsody: “So you think you can stop me and spit in my eye. So you think you can love me and leave me to die. Oh, baby, can’t do this to me, baby .”

Player 2 connects it with Britney Spears’s classic “… Baby One More Time.” When I’m not with you, I lose my mind. Give me a sign. Hit me, baby, one more time.”

And the song goes on!

Two Truths and a Lie

Two Truths and a Lie is more than a fun game. It’s a great way to get to know your travel companions.

Here’s how the game works:

Name two truths about yourself and one lie. For example, you could say, “I used to have blue hair, I once designed a video game, and my aunt is a world record holder for women’s rodeo.” 

Your traveling companions will then have to guess which is the lie and which is the truth. And the fun part is that you can make your truth and lies as straightforward or as challenging to guess as you’d like. 

This game is a fun way to explore your traveling companion’s personal history and discover unique and fun details about their life.

Fortunately Unfortunately

Fortunately Unfortunately is a game that can get weird pretty quickly. Therefore, it’s a great game if someone in the car has their crabby pants on. 

It starts with one player saying something that starts with “fortunately: that’s positive, and then the next saying something negative about that same event starting with “unfortunately.”

“Fortunately, we got time off of work for this road trip.”

“Unfortunately, your boss got replaced by a zombie.”

“Fortunately, all those George Romero movies I watch have prepared me for this day.”

Continue this back and forth until you are ready to move on to the next game. 

The Road Trip Memory Game

Here’s a fun game to test your memory skills.

The game starts with the first player saying, “I’m going on a road trip, and I’m bringing…” 

They can name any person, place, or thing they want to bring on this road trip. Let’s say they said, “my guitar.”

The next player continues the game by saying, “I’m going on a road trip, and I’m bringing my guitar and…” and adding their own item.

The game continues until someone forgets items on the list. Consider this game as a safe way to forget what you need to bring on your next road trip!

Radio Roulette

Radio Roulette can be an exciting way to find new music you love or a challenging endurance test.

All you need to do is turn on the local radio stations and pick one randomly. You have to keep this station on for an unbroken 10 minutes to complete a round of the game. After 10 minutes, you switch to the next radio station and keep playing.

You might find yourself in love with some local Polka you would have never thought to listen to. Or you might be battling through 10 minutes of local talk radio.

Who Wants To Be A Millionaire?

In the mood to win $1,000,000? Well, there might not be a stack of hundreds on the table, but you can have fun playing along.

The Who Wants To Be A Millionaire app is a great way to play a game with just two players on your next ride. One player gets to be the host of this iconic game show, while the other gets to be in the hot seat with a shot at a cool million dollars.

Bad Film Plots

Usually, when you play a game, you want to do everything right. However, Bad Film Plots has you intentionally doing everything wrong.

This game aims to explain a movie’s plot as badly but as accurately as possible. The other players must guess the film you’re talking about correctly.

Let’s say you wanted to badly explain the plot of Terminator II: Judgement Day. You could say: “A down-on-her-luck working single mother makes an unlikely friendship as her son discovers a father figure.” 

That may be tricky, but that’s the whole point of the game. 

Local Trivia Night

One of the most significant advantages you have when taking road trips today is that you’ve got the whole internet by your side while you’re on the road.

Use that to your advantage and do a local trivia game while traveling. 

One player gets to be the trivia master asking questions about the state you’re driving through.

Try Out Some Nintendo Switch Games! 

Some of the best games to play on a road trip take advantage of today’s technology. 

The Nintendo Switch offers plenty of variety, including two-player puzzle games, action, and RPGs with compelling stories. You can even download classic Super Nintendo video games and enjoy nostalgia while on the road. The Switch has games for kids and adults, so you don’t have to worry about not finding the right game for you. 

Name That Tune

No list of road trip games would be complete without a game designed for music lovers, as singing and enjoying new tunes is one of the best parts of a good road trip. 

And SongPop 3 is one of the best game apps for long car rides for music lovers. This app plays a song clip and has you guess what you’re hearing.

These are real clips from actual songs. And you’ll hear everything from Cardi B to Queen. You can even play in dedicated music genres to focus on your favorites.

You can spice things up a little by trying to sing the next lyrics in the song. 

Words With Friends

Words With Friends is one of, if not the, most popular word game app. The secret to this app’s success is that it is Scrabble but for the smartphone age. Being a digital Scrabble allows Words With Friends to give you more options to play while traveling.

You and your traveling partners can play together using your own devices or challenge friends and family back home. Since it’s basically Scrabble, you know what you’re getting into with this app.

License Plate Game

The L icense Plate Game aims to find as many license plates from the 50 States + the District of Columbia as you can during your road trip. 

The best thing about the License Plate Game is you can make the rules to fit your road trip needs. Plus, you can make it enjoyable by finding prizes for the winners or an award for the first passenger to spot a license plate from Mexico or Canada.

You can make a list of all 50+ states, or there are phone apps to help you keep track. Our favorite is PlateSpot . 

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road trip driving games

AFAR Logo - Main

8 Road Trip Games to Keep Everyone Entertained, No Matter Their Age

Whether you’ve got a car full of kids, adults, friends, or family, these road trip games will make sure everyone has a good time—no equipment required..

  • Copy Link copied

Gray car parked on side of empty road, with parent and young blond boy peeking head out of car window to take a picture of green mountains

Lots of road trip games are free and you don’t need to pack anything other than your brain and a sense of humor.

Courtesy of Getty/Unsplash

Road trips are as much about the journey as the destination. But even though a car gives you flexibility and allows for more spontaneity than a plane, train, or bus, boredom is bound to set in. That’s where games come in.

Whether you are hitting the road with a party of 2 or 10—or with kids or adults—here are appealing games that can help pass the time and keep the “are we there yet?” chorus at bay.

20 Questions

In this classic parlor game that transitions easily into the car, one player thinks of a random person, place, or thing and the other participants take turns asking up to 20 yes-or-no questions to figure out the answer through a process of elimination. Whoever gets the answer first starts the new round.

The License Plate Game

The goal of this quintessential road trip game is to spot at least one license plate from each of the 50 states. Participants can write down the states as they see them or check them off of a list. Have kids in tow? Print out a blank map of the United States for each tot and have them color in the states whenever they see a corresponding license plate.

Build a Story

You might not write the next great American novel on your road trip, but you can create a hilarious tale collaboratively. The first player invents an opening line and then everyone takes turns adding a sentence to the story. Keep it going for as long as you need to, whether it’s the next rest stop or your final destination.

In this game, players take turns choosing letters to create a valid word (so no picking “Z” after someone says “X”). But the catch is that you don’t want to be the person to complete the word. Any player who does complete a word is penalized by receiving a letter from the word GHOST: “G” for the first penalty, “H” for the second, and so forth. Players who receive five penalties—and therefore spell out the word “GHOST”—are eliminated until one winner remains.

Scavenger Hunt

A game that involves spotting specific objects during the trip might not be ideal for the driver, but the rest of the travel party can have a blast. Simply create a list of objects to look for beforehand and distribute it to each traveler. Make the game easy or challenging by choosing items that are really common or very rare. To add some randomness to the game, create a unique list for each participant. As with any scavenger hunt, whoever finds the most items wins.

Alphabet Game

A good choice for families traveling with children, the alphabet game is another road trip classic that involves looking for words on signs and billboards that start with each letter of the alphabet, beginning with the letter “A” until reaching “Z.” Players can simply yell out the word when they see it, and the whole group moves on to the next letter. Whoever spots the most words wins.

Interactive Podcasts

You may not be able to convince a game show host to join your road trip adventure, but your entire travel party can put their smarts to the test by pressing play on a trivia or brain teaser podcast like Good Job, Brain! or Road Trip Riddles .

Name the Passenger

As you make your way along the open road, keep an eye on passengers in the other vehicles around you. (Unless you are driving, of course.) Pick some passengers at random and have a discussion about what name you would assign to them and why. Some laughs are guaranteed.

Courtesy of HFerreira/Unsplash/Collette

The 9 best road trips in PC games

One Off The List

Kick the tires, whistle at the paint job, spin the keys on your finger like a revolver and then shoot the car with the little laser of unlocking. It’s time to get back on the road. What’s that? Entire country in a state of unprecedented lockdown? I see. Well, lucky for you, we concern ourselves here only with pretend cars, the indoor joy of fictional journeys on virtual roads. Here, my housebound friends, are the 9 best road trips in PC games. Seatbelts on, please.

road trip driving games

Jalopy is a driving game that truly understands the absurd ambition of road trippery. You have been gifted an old banger, the Laika 601, by your generous (if bedraggled) uncle Lutfi. It is a cramped wheely bin of a vehicle, based on the Trabant 601 of 1960s East Germany. You will need to change tires, mix fuel, swap batteries, and wrestle with various innards to keep your rusty little friend from dying by the side of the motorway like an unlucky rabbit. But upgrades, salvage and smuggling will see you across many a European border, chugging and clunking along as your uncle natters incessantly about forgotten history. This is what road trips are all about. A bad car, questionable company, and frequent breakdowns of both the mechanical and emotional variety. Strap in, you’re taking this unruly metal baby all the way to Istanbul.

Final Fantasy XV

road trip driving games

Square Enix’s premier boy band world tour has you driving a waxed-up automobile accompanied by four lads with hedgehog hair and an insatiable appetite for boring side quests. The game eventually throws its “Final Fantasy but a road trip” premise out the window like the smoldering arse end of a ciggy. But, while it lasts, the atmosphere of being in a shiny convertible with some close buds is a pleasing one. They stop to make camp and eat noodles. They reminisce about childhood misadventures. They visit a Venetian city, and watch as it is destroyed by a gargantuan snake god. All the usual bants of a good cross-country journey.

American Truck Simulator

road trip driving games

A driving sim so detailed you can roll the windows down . Not only that, but the sound effects of traffic and truck will change when you do, from muffled to whooshing, from rumble to growl. American Truck Simulator is the beloved take-a-moment game of RPS. Despite being a game in which the only real goal is to travel from A to B, it has kept Alec sane , bedazzled Alex Wiltshire , and made Alice O feel far too dry , such is the power of its atmospheric charm. From an outsider’s perspective, this sim is the weirdly mundane realm of hobbyists and people who inexplicably like their exhaust pipes to be the size of small trees. But climb inside the cab, friend. Between A and B, you might find what you’re looking for.

Euro Truck Simulator 2

road trip driving games

As above, but with pessimism.

road trip driving games

You don’t need a car for a road trip. Or even a road. This barely distinguishable path beaten into the dirt will do. Don’t be so narrow-minded, mate. As long as there is one place, and another, farther-away place, there can be a road trip. Pack your frying pan, pick up a lantern, stuff some herbal tea into your pockets, and let’s head off. I’m not just being colourful here. In co-op jaunt ‘em up Outward, you and your friend will need the pan for boiling water, the lantern for seeing things in the deep black of night, and the tea for getting over the inevitable cold you catch from being out in the rain too long. It is an ambling RPG about going on a journey, and usually being under-prepared. Oh, there are also wolves, troglodytes and giant purple-eyed mantis creatures. Watch out for those.

The Oregon Trail

road trip driving games

I’ve never played this and, let’s be honest, neither have you. Let’s just pretend I made a joke about pooing yourself to death, and you laughed. A comfortable, safe, and hollow laugh. The laugh of a joke both foreseen and postheard. The empty, glassy-eyed laugh of a person who knew this game would be on this list before they even finished reading the headline. Who are we fooling. Who are any of us fooling. The Oregon Trail is not a game. It is a ritual. It is a spirit, often invoked, never seen. Let us forget these putrid few seconds, which we have excreted into the void, time wasted and expelled from the body, forever. Like dysentery.

road trip driving games

As a racing game, The Crew was a bit crap. The cars were less fast and furious, more wonk and spurious. But as a cross-country dossabout, it was enjoyable. The open world is a USA in miniature, from the red rock pillars of monument valley, to the deserts of Nevada, to the snowcaps of the Rocky mountains. Basically, if you want to saunter from one US coast to another, taking in the scenic beauty of the land, but you lack the moral fibre to commit to the slow ins and outs of Truck Simulator... well, you’ve got The Crew. This is the accessible road trip for time-starved car likers. You can get across the whole nation in less than two hours. Trust us, we’ve done it .

Half-Life 2: Episode 2

road trip driving games

Graham made me put this one in, because he likes crossing the Valveverse in Gordon and Alyx’s Mad-maxmobile, skirting the legs of tripods and gunning down infestations of antlions. What merry scrapes that man is into. Has he, like many others, attempted to traverse the entirety of the game with a garden gnome in the passenger seat? I do not know, and frankly, I am afraid to ask.

Fallout: New Vegas

road trip driving games

A road trip can lack a car, it can even lack a road, but if you haven’t been shot at from the mouth of a giant dinosaur statue, it does not qualify.

One Off The List from… the best distress calls

Last week we heard some muffled screams over the radio, and discovered the 7 best distress calls in videogames. And none of you explicitly called for any of them to be removed from the list. You are all fired.

Which means it's up to me to examine the subtext of your comments and remove one of the games based on a close reading of your cybernetically distributed emotions. It’s… Subnautica .

road trip driving games

"Subnautica, for fuck’s sake," cries list deliberator "Godwhacker", as they point out the fatal flaw in all environmental storytelling. "If you’re in that much distress surely you shouldn’t be typing things into your iPad? At least open up Trello and create a board with ESCAPE THE FIRE in the ‘To Do’ column, and then move it to ‘In Progress’."

Yes, why do so many dead-meat game characters spend their dying moments writing "they're coming through the walls" instead of getting on with the barricade? It's a mystery. Anyway. See you next week.

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30 Best Road Trip Games That Will Make Your Drive Go By in No Time

Your crew won't ever want to get out of the car!

preview for 11 of the Most Beautiful Places in the US

Every item on this page was chosen by a The Pioneer Woman editor. We may earn commission on some of the items you choose to buy.

Road trip games are one of the easiest ways to make the miles fly by in the blink of an eye, and if you used to take road trips when you were little, you likely have several car games that you still love today. Perhaps you’re heading out with your whole family in tow or going somewhere fun with a group of gals or your main squeeze (talk about a cute summer date idea !). No matter what type of trip you’re taking, road trip games are a must. The nice thing about road trip games is that they don’t require a ton of items to bring along—just your brains, a few rules to follow, and plenty of giggles. If you’d like to tuck away those smartphones and kick it old-school, turn to these 30 boredom-busting road trip games.

Here are some destination ideas for your next road trip:

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road trip game map game

Just one round of the map game is enough to keep the crew busy. Have the driver think of a a few specific locations on a map. Afterward, the driver gives the non-driving passengers hints to what the location is by describing other points on the map near it. The participating passengers then stick a pin into the location they think is right and the driver confirms the accuracy of the pins at the end of the drive.

Guess Who Said It

best road trip games guess who said it

This one is simple, but oh-so fun! One person will look up quotes from famous speeches and/or lines from popular movies and songs. This person then recites the chosen quote, and the other participating members must guess who said it. For example, the one who chose the quote could say this notorious line from The Hunger Games : "I volunteer as tribute!" If the players guessed "Katniss Everdeen / Jennifer Lawrence from The Hunger Games, " they would get a point!

Who's Most Likely to...?

road trip games whos most likely to

Each person in the car takes turns proposing different questions in the style of "who in this car is most likely to do XYZ?" The blank is filled in with a random scenario. Then, the group takes turns offering their opinion on who they think in the car would be the most likely to do the proposed action. This one is fun, and you'll really get to know what your family and friends think of you!

Guess the Time

road trip games guess the time

This one works if your road trip is especially long. Take a look at your route, and jot down a list of cities and towns you're sure to pass through along the way. Then, have everyone guess the specific times they think they'll drive through each city. The player who is closest each time wins!

road trip games mad libs

A game of Mad Libs is more than likely to solicit some laughter. You'll need a printable that has a wacky story written out with some blanks in between sentences that call for nouns and verbs of the crew's choice. Once those blanks are filled out, read it aloud for a hilarious personalized story!


While You Were Sleeping

best road trip games

It’s not just a favorite movie from the ‘90s! For this game, one person will be asleep (which happens pretty frequently on road trips). Once they’re asleep for at least five minutes, the ones who are awake will start making up a story, and each person will take turns adding to that story. After the person wakes up, the group’s job is to make them believe that it’s a true story. If someone starts giggling, they’ll lose a point. But if each one tricks the sleeper into believing the story, every person gets three points.

The Singing Game

best road trip games

This is for the family and pals who love to bust out a tune! One person in the car will start singing a song. The next person will pick up a lyric from that song and will link it up with another song (i.e. “Should I stay or should I go…” can link to “…your own way, go your own way.”) The words can connect to one another going round and round until someone can’t think of a new lyric or sings the incorrect words.

best road trip games

This might be one of the most classic car games of all time. You know the rules: someone in the car will spot something by the road and say, “I spy with my little eye, something that is…” and then will give a hint, whether it’s a color or general direction. The other players will ask questions until someone discovers what it is.

20 Questions

best road trip games

One person will choose a noun (a person, place, or thing) and the other players will get 20 questions to find out what it is. Simple and fun!

License Plate Game

best road trip games

A game that’s always a favorite! The aim of this game is to spy all 50 states on license plates throughout your journey. You can keep track on a piece of paper, a phone, or you can use a board with markers for each state.


Scavenger Hunt

best road trip games

Similar to “I Spy,” a road trip scavenger hunt involves bringing along a list of items that are typically seen along the road. Your pals or little ones will spot the items, like stop signs or blue cars, and check them off the list. The first one to check them all off wins.

Two Truths and a Lie

best road trip games

For this, one player will make three statements, and one of them will be false. The other players will try to guess which one is the untrue one. It’s a great way to discover new things about a friend or family member!

best road trip games

This game is great for older kids and adults. Focusing on compound words, each person will link to the previous word and keep going around until someone can’t come up with anything. For example, notebook, bookstore, store-bought, etc.

Never Have I Ever

best road trip games

Each player will start a statement by saying, “Never have I ever…” Then they’ll finish the statement by saying something like, “Fallen asleep in class,” or “Flown on an airplane.” The rest of the crew has to decide if it’s a true statement or not.

Road Trip Bingo

best road trip games

It’s just like the bingo you play at home, except this game has a road-trip spin. Bring along some bingo cards (you can even purchase ones that are road trip-themed) and look for all the items on the board. The first one to get BINGO wins!


The Name Game

best road trip games

This game is all about naming as many “names” as you can, but you’ll each only have three seconds to answer! There are lots of ways to play: focus on first letters, go with last names only, etc. Or change the category to dog breeds, books, types of flowers, or anything else you can come up with.

Story Starter

best road trip games

Here’s a classic game. One person will start a story but won’t finish the sentence. The next player will finish that sentence, but won’t finish it, and so on. By the end, you’ll probably have a pretty funny story going!

Alphabet Game

best road trip games

This is a game to play when you know there will be a lot of signs and billboards along the way. Starting with “A” and so on, players will find words on the route that start with each letter of the alphabet. You can play with the letters in order, or you can cross them off as you see them.

The Grocery Game

best road trip games

The first player will come up with an item they would buy at the grocery store. Without telling anyone, the rest of the car will take turns asking questions to discover what it is. Is it red? Can it be found in the produce department? It’s an apple!

Name That Tune

best road trip games

This one goes out to the music lovers out there! For this game, someone will start playing music on the radio or on a smartphone. In only five seconds, you have to guess what song it is. The first person to answer gets a point!


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Traveling Found Love

31 Best Games for Road Trips for Adults to Beat the Boredom

Road-tripping is our absolute favorite way of traveling . Not only are you able to get off the beaten path to find some hidden treasures, but also have a rewarding time with your travel partner to make ever-lasting memories. Especially when you pass the time with some fun games for road trips for adults.

But even the greatest road trip can have its downside with never-ending drives to the next destination to listening to the same playlist on repeat. Luckily, we are here to help with all of that with a list of road trip games.

On our two cross-country road trips through the USA, we tested so many different ways of being entertained while on the road. Our favorite thing to beat the boredom is playing some fun car games.

Here are our top 31 games for road trips for adults . Some you might already know, some you might find too crazy, some you might need an app for, and some will make you want to continue driving, even though you’re already at your destination. Feel free to change them the way they suit you best!

Before you head out on the road, do you have the right vehicle for your trip? You may want to think about renting a car or getting into an RV .

This post may contain affiliate links. If you make a purchase through them, we get a small commission at no extra cost to you. It helps us create free content for you to enjoy. Learn more about our disclaimer  here . Thanks for your support!

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Experiences: Make unforgettable experiences on your next trip with Get Your Guide, the best company to compare and book Sedona activities, and fun tours. l Get Your Guide

What to Pack: 100+ Tested Road Trip Pack List Essentials You Will Not Want to Forget

What Road Trip Games Can You Play while Driving?

Road trip classics.

Dana standing in front of a wall of license plates and signs

Who doesn’t enjoy the good, old traditional road trip games? Even though they are around for a while and everyone knows them, they are still a lot of fun and don’t require anything fancy.

Road Trip Trivia

Goal: Learn the history of the area you are visiting.

Why Play this Game: Who doesn’t love a good trivia game? Now, you can design it yourself. Not only will you see and experience the area that you are traveling through, but you can also learn a little about it!

How to Play:

  • Designate one person to host the road trip trivia game.
  • The host will ask the passengers specific questions related to the country, state, area, or city you are road-tripping through. As a host, you can also use wifi to find some tricky questions for your fellow travelers.
  • For every correct answer, the passenger will receive 1 point.
  • The passenger with the most points is the winner for that round.

The Quiet Game

Goal: To stay quiet the longest.

Why Play this Game: If you are looking for some quiet to enjoy your ride, this is the game for you! It is ideal to play when you are traveling with small children or even an annoying road-trip partner who keeps asking, “Are we there yet?”

  • Start a timer and then stay quiet. 2. If you speak, you are out. 3. The person who stays the quietest the longest, wins!

The License Plate Game

Goal: To be the first to find as many different state or country license plates as possible.

Why Play this Game: Isn’t it fun finding a new license plate? Especially when it is one you have never seen before. We all do it, so why not make it a game. You can learn the states, maybe even a little geography, and have some fun while on your road trip.

  • Look out for different license plates before someone else finds them. 2. Check off or mark each license plate that you see. 3. Award yourself 1 point for each license plate (a point is only awarded to the first person to find the license plate). 4. Player with the most points at the end of the game wins.


1. Decide on how long the game will be played.

For example: for the duration of the trip or for a specific time frame.

2. Change the way of scoring points.

For example , Certain license plates, e.g. harder to find license plates can equal 2 points.

3. Work in teams instead of alone.

Goal: To be the first person to find the object from the clue.

Why Play this Game: This classic road trip game will keep you and your passengers guessing and guessing what other people can see. You will never get bored because there is always something new and interesting to find along the way. Who will be the I Spy champion?

  • One person has to find an object by looking out the window.
  • Then provide a clue for the other passengers to try and guess the object.
  • The passenger who correctly identifies the object wins.
  • Now it is the winner’s turn to find a new object.

Goal: Be the last one left in the game by not missing a category

Why Play this Game: How many different objects of a category can you name? There are endless possibilities for different category topics which makes it a perfect game to play over and over again. All you have to do is choose a new category. Get creative and challenge your road trip partners to a fun car game of categories. Who will be the last one standing?

  • Pick a category (cars, songs, movies, colors, countries, etc). 2. Each person takes turns naming something in the category. If you are stumped, you are out. 3. The last one left without being stumped is the winner.

1. Players have to name things in alphabetical order.

For example, The category is songs. The first player would have to start by naming a song that starts with “A.” Then B, C, D, and so on.”

2. The next player’s answer has to start with the last letter of the answer from the previous player.

For example, The category is songs. The answer is “Take Me Home, Country Roads.” The next player would have to name a song that starts with the letter “S.”

3. Decide on how long a player has to respond before the time is up.

For example, Each player has 10 seconds to give an answer.

Goal: Be the first person to get BINGO.

Why Play this Game: Turn the classic, old lady game, Bingo into a fun, exciting road trip car games that will entertain and excite everyone. This game needs a little preparation because you have to create a variety of Bingo cards before you start your trip.

  • Give each passenger a Bingo card and something to write with.
  • Each passenger will mark off their card until they have Bingo (5 covered squares in a row).
  • The first-person with Bingo wins.

1. Choose a different BINGO pattern in order to win.

For example: Instead of having 5 squares in a row, you have to get a small square, a large square, an X, or even the full card to win.

2. Create different BINGO cards with different topics.

For example, Street signs, types of cards, fast food restaurants, songs, etc.

Price is Right

Goal: Try and guess the gas price to the nearest tenth in the area you are traveling through.

Why Play this Game: One thing that adds up quickly on a road trip is gas. Anytime we are on the road, we try to find the cheapest gas possible to save a little money. So why not make a game of it to pass the time?

  • Each passenger will take a chance at guessing the gas price in the certain area you are traveling through.
  • The person with the guess that is farthest away from the actual price has to pay for the next fill-up or a little treat at the next gas station ;-).

Music Car Games for Road Trips for Adults

Our van in front of scenic forest with rock formations in Colorado

Listening to music is the number one activity to be entertained on a road trip. But hearing the same playlist over and over again can get a little boring after a while. Why not try something new and get more involved with the artists and songs. Here are 5 fun games to play in the car with adults that make you enjoy music in a different, fun way .

Name that Song

Goal: Be the first one to name the song that is playing.

Why Play this Game: What is a road trip without great music, right? Now you can have fun testing your musical knowledge against your road trip partner to see who knows more song titles. Try putting on a local radio station to discover new music.

But what happens when no one knows the song? Use the Shazam app to find out the name.

  • Turn on music from the radio, Sirius XM, or a Music App. 2. Listen to a song. 3. Guess the name of the song. 4. The first one to say the correct title, wins.

1. Naming song titles is too easy? Try to figure out the artist.

For example , Take It Easy by The Eagles

2. Maybe your music knowledge is so good that you can even name the genre.

For example , Take It Easy by The Eagles – Genre: Rock

Hum that Tune

Goal: Be the first person to correctly guess the tune that is being hummed.

Why Play this Game: Humming a tune may not be as easy as you thought. This car game will definitely have everyone laughing. It is time to put your musical skills to the test on your next road trip adventure.

  • One person starts off the game by humming the beat of a song.
  • The rest of the passengers will try to guess the name of the tune.
  • The first passenger to guess correctly wins the game.
  • Winners then get to hum a tune.

Song Lyric Game

Goal: Guess the name of the song by hearing a lyric of the song.

Why Play this Game: This game is an excellent way to be introduced to new music or reminisce about the good old times with some oldies. Have fun trying to stump your road trip partner with a variety of songs. See how many songs you really know.

  • One passenger will start by saying a lyric from a song.
  • Other passengers will have to try and guess the song from the lyrics.
  • If a passenger guesses correctly, it is now their turn to pick a song lyric.

Radio Roulette

Goal: Find new songs or rediscover the music you haven’t heard in a while, as you shuffle through the radio on your road trip.

Why Play this Game: Sometimes tuning in to the same playlist or radio station can get a little boring. Why not listen to a variety of music? Radio Roulette is a great car game for road trips for adults that will keep the tunes changing and the time passing.

  • Designate a certain time frame (ex: every 30 minutes).
  • After the designated time, hit search on the radio.
  • Whatever radio station it lands on will be your music choice for the next 30 minutes, or whatever time you set.
  • See if you find any new songs, artists, or genres of music that you didn’t know you liked before.

Music Battle

Goal: Pick a song for a specific category and let the judge decide who had the best choice.

Why Play this Game: Do you think your music knowledge is unbeatable? When you have at least 3 road trip passengers of all ages, take on the challenge and find the best songs for a category. This game will have you laughing, smiling, and forgetting about how much longer until you arrive.

  • Designate a music judge.
  • The judge will then have to name a specific category.
  • Participants have to think of a song that goes with that specific category.
  • Once all songs have been entered, the judge will pick the best song for the category.

Word Associated Car Games for Road Trips for Adults

Historic US 66 signs on the road in Oatman Arizona

Time to encounter some new words, you have never heard before, with these fantastic word-associated adult car games.

The Alphabet Game

Goal: Find something that starts with every letter in the alphabet.

Why Play this Game: It is a non-competitive game that keeps everyone happy and working together. Since there are 26 letters in the alphabet, it will take up a lot of time when you have a long drive between destinations, especially when you get to the harder letters at the end of the alphabet.

  • The first player has to find something visible that starts with the letter “A” 2. Next player has to find something visible starting with the letter “B” 3. Game continues until you reach the end of the alphabet.

The Rhyming Game

Goal: Find as many rhyming words as possible.

Why Play this Game: This is a great game for everyone from couples to families, who love to use their brains and have a good time laughing.

  • One person starts by picking a word.  For example , Time
  • Then everyone has to go around in order and say a word that rhymes with the chosen word. For example , dime, crime, climb, etc.
  • If you get stumped or repeat a word, you are out.
  •  Last one left wins.

Don’t Say That

Goal: Refrain from saying designated specific words.

Why Play this Game: Make your next road trip conversation a little more challenging with this fun car game for road trips for adults. Who will be the one who can’t stop saying those “Don’t Say That” words?

  • Pick 5 commonly used words that people use when traveling.
  • Identify the specific consequences for saying the “Don’t Say That” word.
  • Test your memory skills to see who says the most “Don’t Say That” words during the road trip.

Spelling Bee

Goal: Correctly spell the words.

Why Play this Game: A fun way to test out each other’s spelling skills. Now, it is your time to prove you are the master speller!

Note: This car game for road trips for adults may work better with a group.

  • Designate a passenger to be the host of the Spelling Bee.
  • Other passengers will be the Spelling Bee participants.
  • The host will look up challenging words to spell and ask one participant to spell the word.
  • The one with the most words spelled correctly is the winner.

Movie-Based Car Games for Road Trips for Adults

Our van driving through a covered bridge

As a real movie fan, Dana’s Hollywood knowledge isn’t bad but these games definitely reached her limit. When you love movies as much as we do, get ready for the challenge. Just be aware that there will be a lot of movies on your to-watch list when you’re done playing.

The Movie Game

Goal: See how many different actors or actresses and movies they have starred in you can name.

Why Play this Game: Ready to boost your movie knowledge? Team up with your road trip partner(s) and see how good your movie, actors, and actress’ memory is. Maybe you will find out that it is time to start watching more movies.

  • One passenger starts the game by naming an actor or actress.
  • Another passenger has to name a movie that the actor or actress has starred in.
  • Then, either another passenger or the starting passenger will have to name another actor or actress that plays in that movie.
  • The next passenger will then name a movie that the newly named actor or actress has starred in.
  • The rotation continues until someone is no longer able to name an actor or actress or a movie.

Guess the Quote

Goal: Correctly guess who said the quote, what movie or show it is from, or what song it is in.

Why Play this Game: Road trips can be long and tiring. When the boredom sets in, pass the time and play Guess the Quote. This game will instantly have you forgetting about the time and how many more miles there are to go.

  • One passenger starts by saying a quote from a movie, tv show, or song.
  • It is the job of the other passengers to try and guess who said it, or where the quote is from.
  • The passenger that guesses correctly, gets to pick the next quote.

Conversational Car Games for Road Trips for Adults

Dana sitting in the van in front of a gas station on Route 66

On the road for hours and have nothing left to chat about? Break the silence with these games which will keep you talking and talking. Not only will it give you something great to do, but these fun games in the car will also make sure you will get to know your road trip partners inside and out.

While You Were Sleeping

Goal: Create a story that happened while one road trip passenger was snoozing away.

Why Play this Game: This game only works when a passenger is taking a nap during the road trip. For all the passengers that are awake, it is time to have a little fun. Be creative and stay in character.

  • Work together to create an unforgettable, unbelievable, unimaginable story that occurred while your road trip partner was sleeping.
  • Everyone in the car will need to mesmerize the same story.
  • When your road trip partner wakes up, it is time to start acting. Share the unimaginable series of events that happened while they were sleeping.
  • Do your best without breaking character. See how long it will take for them to find out everything was made up.

Goal: Work together to create a personal story.

Why Play this Game: Bring out your creative side on your next family or friends’ road trip. Have you always wanted to be a writer or storyteller? How will your story end?

  • The first person will start the story off by saying a word or a phrase.
  • Taking turns, each road trip passenger will add on one word at a time to complete the sentence.
  • Keep going until your story is complete.

Never Have I Ever

Goal: To eliminate everyone by asking “Never have I ever…” questions.

Why Play this Game: This is a perfect game to get to know more about your road trip partner(s), whether they are friends, family, or your significant other.

  • Everyone starts with 5 points.
  • Take turns saying something you have never done. For example: Never have I ever… been to Canada.
  • If you have done it before, you minus a point. For example: If you have been to Canada, you would be minus a point.
  •  Once you have lost all your points, you are out.
  • The last one with points wins.

1. You can use up to 10 points.

2. If only 1 person has done whatever the question was, then it’s storytime. They have to explain how it happened.

Would You Rather?

Goal: Create the craziest questions to stump the other players.

Why Play this Game: Are you sure you really know the other passengers in the car? During this amusing game, you will definitely find out some new facts, or maybe even secrets about the other players…

  • Think of fun questions for the other passengers.
  • Ask the questions by saying, “Would you rather “this” or “that”?  For example: Would you rather go relax on a beach or climb a mountain?
  • Everyone can answer which one they would rather do.
  • Players can alternate asking questions.

The Hot Seat

Goal: Find out the hidden secrets of your road trip partner.

Why Play this Game: Want to get to know your road trip partner a little more but have not found the right time to ask the questions? Well, now you have the chance. On your next road trip consider playing the fun car game, The Hot Seat, and ask all those questions people usually do not want to answer.

  • Each road trip passenger takes a chance at being in the Hot Seat.
  • While in the Hot Seat, you will have to answer 5 questions that your road trip partner asks.
  • After 5 questions switch roles.

21 Questions

Goal: You have 21 questions to try and guess what someone is thinking.

Why Play this Game: Test your skills and see how quickly you can guess what your road trip partner is thinking. This game can keep you occupied for a few minutes or even hours, depending on how good you are at guessing and asking questions. It is easily played by anyone because you can make it as hard or as easy as you want.

  • One player thinks of something.
  • Then, the rest of the players in the car start asking questions about this thought.
  •  They only have 21 questions to figure it out.
  • A question cannot be repeated.
  • You can guess the player’s thoughts at any point. If you guess correctly, you get to start the next round. Congratulations on being the best guesser in the car.

Most Likely to Game

Goal: Identify the road trip partner you think is “most likely to” (whatever the topic is).

Why Play this Game: Didn’t win a class superlative back in High School? Now, it is your chance to see what your road trip partners think about you. Have fun laughing and joking, and expect some surprises with these road trip car games.

  • Each player will take a turn and say a statement like, “most likely to be on TV.”
  • All passengers will then point or name the person in the car who they think is the best fit for that statement.
  • Add a twist, and then explain why you think this person best fits the statement.

Road Trip Apps: Car Games for Road Trips for Adults

Our van driving off-road surrounded by fall coloured leaves

Lean back and let your phone be the host. There are so many great fun car game apps out there that offer a huge variety of playing experiences and are not even expensive.

NOTE: Just keep in mind, that they require a charged phone and most of the time wifi. When you’re out in the backcountry, you have to play the more conventional car games for road trips for adults.

Drivetime (Drive.fm)

Drivetime is a one-of-a-kind app that uses interactive voice audio to entertain you safely while on the road. Once the app is opened, say play, and you will be able to control everything with your voice, so your hands can stay on the wheel. It is actually the only hands-free app with such an interactive entertainment experience. There is no need to even look at your screen again.

The app features a variety of content, mostly quizzes: from the popular Daily Trivia Show to Superfan Movie questions, and Jeopardy with Alex Trebek. You can also name the songs on Tune Time, or answer laughable questions in Would you Rather.

We used this app on our road trip last year and were overly surprised. Drivetime has a lot of different options for what to play, whereas other apps just concentrate on one topic.

The Drive.fm app is free to download in Apple’s App Store or Google Play. Want unlimited access to all of Drivetime entertainment? Purchase a subscription for $4.99 a month or $49.99 a year.

Popcorn Trivia

The Popcorn Trivia app brings the movies to you. Instead of just watching the movies, this app is more interactive and has more than 14,000,000 questions for you to answer. You can put your skills and knowledge to the test by challenging a friend, or a road trip partner, and you can even host your own movie game show.

It is time to brush up on your favorite movies.

The app is free to download in Apple’s App Store or Google Play.

Trivia Crack 2

Are you ready for a little trivia competition? Trivia Crack 2 has thousands of challenging trivia questions to see just how smart you are.

Want to be a trivia expert? Try and answer questions in all 6 categories. (Art, Science, History, Entertainment, Sports, and Geography).

The app is free to download in Apple’s App Store or Google Play. Want to play ad-free? Subscriptions start at $4.99 a month, 3 months at $11.99, and $39.99 a year.

An easy-to-use, free trivia quiz game right on your phone which makes it easy to play anywhere. Start playing on your next road trip and see where you rank on the leaderboards. The entertainment and challenges are never-ending with the variety of categories available in the app.

A cool feature of this app is that you are able to choose up to 12 different languages to play in.

This app is free to download in Apple’s App Store or Google Play.

Jeopardy! World Tour

Love watching Jeopardy on TV? It is even more fun to play it yourself on your phone, anywhere you want. Find out who will be the next Jeopardy World Tour champion on your next road trip by competing in thousands of unique categories.

Road trips are great for listening to music. When you love our music games, take it up a notch by downloading Song Pop 2 , the world’s biggest music trivia game. Compete to see who has better music knowledge with more than 100,000 music clips from popular artists.

Need to step up your music game, before you are ready to compete? Start in practice mode and improve your skills.

TOP TIP: If you like this POP game, you might also like TravelPop, a captivating photo trivia game that makes you dream of foreign places.

The app is free to download in Apple’s App Store and Google Play. Monthly VIP subscriptions to remove the ads start at $4.99.

Which car games entertained you the most? Did we forget any of your favorite games for road trips for adults?

Share your experiences with us or drop a question in the comments below!

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23 Fun Road Trip Games for Adults That Make Car Travel Enjoyable

Make time fly by faster than that maniac in the left lane with these road trip games for adults.

Samantha Leal is a food, travel, and lifestyle writer with over a decade of experience in print and digital media. Highlights: * Editorial intern at Glamour and Elegant Bride * Managing editor at Abroad View Magazine * Assistant editor at The Nest * Deputy editor at Latina.com * Senior web editor at Marie Claire * Freelance writer at Real Simple, InStyle.com , Glamour.com , and TeenVogue.com , among others * Currently the deputy editor of Well+Good.

road trip driving games

Road trips are fun—at least, in theory. But after a couple of hours of music, podcasts, and "I'm just going to take a quick nap while you drive," things can quickly turn boring. Sometimes you can adapt party games for the car, but they don't always translate to sitting in a moving metal box.

That's where these road trip games come in. "I Spy" may have kept your attention when you were young—impressive, given that you had the attention span of a goldfish—but this list of car-ride games up the ante a bit. Pick a few adult-worthy road trip games for your next long ride.

Spin a Story From the Past

Think of this as "Who can lie better?" One player begins by telling a story about their past, and players have to guess whether they're telling the truth or spinning a tale.

Each guesser gets two follow-up questions, and then it's time for an answer. Every correct answer is two points, and the first player to 10 wins. (The loser has to reveal a super-embarrassing story.)

While the traditional license plate game involves finding a plate from each of the 50 states (yawn), this competition involves finding a license plate with random letters and creating a word with those letters. For example, if the license plate is YMT23, the answer could be "Yosemite".

Think of it as Road Trip Scrabble, but instead of taking turns, just yell when you see one and come up with a word. Other players can challenge by creating a longer word with those same letters.

To up the stakes, stipulate that the letters must be in the exact order to make the word and can't be scrambled. Award two points for each winning answer and two extra points for anyone who spots a vanity plate. The winner is the first to reach 10 points.

Explain a Movie Plot Badly

This party game also works when you're trapped in a car. One player thinks of a movie and explains its plot in a way that is factual and terrible, and the other players have to guess.

The first player to guess correctly gets a point. If no one guesses correctly, the plot explainer gets a point. Our favorite: "Girl can't commit. Loses cat." (Yep, Breakfast at Tiffany's !)

Essentially the Same Movie

In another film-related game, a player starts by naming a movie. The next player has to name another movie that has the same basic plot. For example, Pretty in Pink and Some Kind of Wonderful, or No Strings Attached and Friends with Benefits .

Players continue to take turns naming flicks with essentially the same narrative until someone gets stumped—the last person to come up with a film that fits wins. Start with your favorite kid movies if you're having trouble thinking of movie plots.

Radio Roulette

This is essentially a road trip game of Name That Tune. Flip among radio stations until you hear a song (presets work best), and let it play for 15 seconds. Players are challenged to name that song and its artist, earning one point for each, with an extra point for naming its album. The first one to reach 15 points wins.

You know Mad Libs, that hilarious word game that solicits nouns, adjectives, and verbs from players to create an imaginative narrative. If you plan ahead, you can access a free printable Funny Mad Libs For Adults  to take with you on the road. (Don't forget to bring a pen!)

If you're not a fan of pre-technology, whip out a smartphone and play WordLibs online for free, with no app or downloads required. You can even create your own stories!

Fortunately, Unfortunately

To start this storytelling game, one player makes a declarative statement that begins with "Fortunately..." For example, "Fortunately, on this highway, we will soon pass a cool roadside attraction." The next player must follow up with an "unfortunately" statement such as "Unfortunately, the attraction is a giant booger."

The subsequent player must give a "fortunately" statement, and so on as you go from player to player. Switch from "fortunately" to "unfortunately" statements until everyone runs out of steam.

Snack the Rainbow

Along your road trip route, plan to stop at seven gas stations. At each station, find a snack that's a specific color of the rainbow. (Remember, it's ROYGBIV!) You can only get one snack item per gas station.

Famous Names

For this road trip game, someone starts by saying the first and last names of a famous person. The next player must name another famous person whose first name starts with the first letter of the previous celebrity's last name.

For example, Justin Bieber leads to Billy Crystal. Billy Crystal leads to Catherine O'Hara. Catherine O'Hara leads to Owen Wilson, and so on. If a player is stumped, they're out, and the group moves on to the next player.

Road Sign Alphabet Game

Each player must find a word on a road sign that starts with the letter A, then a word that starts with B, and so on through the alphabet. Once a player has claimed a word, the other players can't use that word. Whoever gets to the end of the alphabet first wins.

Road Trip Trivia

For each city you pass through on your trip, designate one person to be the "expert" about that city's population, industry, dining establishments, and anything it might be known for. The expert can use their smartphone, but guessers cannot.

As you pass through each city, the expert asks trivia questions that other players guess the answers to. Examples are, "How many people live in Scranton?" and "Which fast food restaurant does Cedar Key have five of?"

Road Trip Bingo

Road trip bingo is always a crowd-pleaser. Before you leave, you can create your own paper bingo cards or print road trip Bingo cards for free to distribute to each player.

If you make your own, consider a theme of fast food restaurants (McDonald's, Chick-Fil-A, KFC), gas stations (BP, Shell, Texaco), or types of cars (Honda Civic, Subaru Outback, Toyota Tacoma). Whichever you choose, make sure there are enough markers or stickers for everyone to mark their cards.

Guess the Time

Look up which cities you'll be passing through on the way to your final destination, and have everyone in the car guess the exact time you'll arrive at each one. (The use of map apps are prohibited.) For example, what time does your car pass the sign that says "Entering Sacramento"? The player whose guess is the closest wins that round.

Someone chooses a category, such as movies, sweet treats, or flowers. The first player must name something in that category that starts with the letter A. The second player has the letter B, and so on.

For example, if the category is flowers, the first player might say "amaryllis." The second person might say "begonia." The third person might say " carnation ," and so on. Be sure to choose the categories based on the players' knowledge base. (If no one in the car is interested in gardening, flowers might not be the best category.)

The Price is Right

Based on the TV game show, each player guesses the price for regular unleaded gas at the next gas station you see. Whoever gets the price to the nearest tenth gets a point. When it's time to stop for gas, the player with the least number of points buys snacks for everyone.

Guess the Song

For Guess the Song, one player sings or says lyrics to a song, and the other players must name the title of that song. Stating the lyrics in a monotone makes the game harder.

For example, someone says, "And he's long gone when he's next to me. And I realize the blame is on me." The winner is whoever correctly names the song's title, Taylor Swift's "I Knew You Were Trouble."

Players must name the exact title. So, if a player says, "I Knew You Were Trouble When You Walked In," that answer is wrong, and someone else gets a chance to name the exact title.

Guess the Quote

One player looks up a famous quote on their smartphone and reads it to the other the players, who must name the person (or fictional character) who uttered it. The quote could be from a famous speech, like "Give me liberty or give me death!" (Patrick Henry) or a movie, like "There's no place like home," (Judy Garland as Dorothy in The Wizard of Oz ).

While You Were Sleeping

This is a group game to play when one or two passengers are taking a nap. While they're sleeping, the rest of the passengers work together to create a story about something the sleepers missed.

For example, you all spotted a famous person who was stopped by the side of the road with a flat tire. The celebrity lets you hold their dog, eat some of their delicious snacks, and so on. Storytellers collectively agree on the specific, weird details for optimal believability. Too bad you didn't take any photos!

Who's Most Likely to...?

For this fun road trip game, someone starts by asking the question, "Who in this car is most likely to...?" The other players have 3 seconds to name the person that fits the statement best.

Players take turns asking a new question. Here are some possibilities:

  • Who is most likely to answer the phone at 3 am?
  • Who is most likely to throw their friend a surprise party?
  • Who is most likely to give you a nickname?

If you have trouble thinking up questions, visit teambuilding.com for a list of dozens of them that'll keep you asking and answering for miles.

Triple Threat

In Triple Threat, someone starts in the role of the judge by saying three random words, and each player has to tell a story using those three words. The player who thought up the best story, according to the judge, wins. The winner becomes the judge for the next round, offering the next trio of random words, and the game continues.

20 Questions

This classic guessing game easily adapts to a road trip. It starts with a player thinking of a person, place, or thing. The other players take turns asking yes-or-no questions to determine what they're thinking about.

Whoever guesses correctly gets a point, but if no one guesses after 20 questions, the originator gets a point. Make sure someone is keeping track of the number of questions.

Spot the Car

This road trip game is similar to I Spy and keeps everyone's eyes on the road. One player names a particular type of vehicle—like a double tractor-trailer, RV, or a Ram pickup—and players compete to be the first to see one and score a point. For a variation, consider non-vehicle items like signs or landscape items.

Scavenger Hunt

This activity works as well in a car as it does out of one and demands much less legwork. If you're a planner, create your own list ahead of time based on what you expect to see along your drive. If not, print out a generic list for free . Either way, make a copy for each player, and whoever has seen (checked off) the most list items wins.

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Planner at Heart

24 Road Trip Games Everyone Will Love

road trip driving games

Family road trips are so fun, and it’s fantastic to hit the road and check out the scenery as you go, but if you’re going on a long drive make sure you have some road trip games to keep everyone happy and entertained.

I remember playing games with my sister in the backseat of our car, and for the most part, we had fun. It was around the 4-hour mark that we started to go squirrely. I wish we had prepared ourselves with this epic list of fun road trip games. It would have made road trips stress-free and fun!

Road Trip Games for the Entire Family

road trip games

“I spy with my little eye…something that is….” I think this is a classic that we all love to play when we’re hitting the road. Everyone takes turns saying, “I spy with my little eye, something that is…” and you say the color of something you see. Everyone can take turns guessing what you’ve picked based on the color you say.

Whoever picks the proper object gets to choose an object next.

2. 20 Questions

Take turns picking something in a category like Type of Bird – Blue Jay. Don’t tell anyone, and everyone goes around and asks you a question about what you’ve chosen. They get to ask you 20 questions combined, and then they need to guess what you picked. They need to ask questions with a yes or no answer.

3. Alphabet

Pick a topic like Tv Shows, or Songs and everyone goes around taking turns saying one thing in that category that starts with the letters of the alphabet in order.

4. Quiet Time

Who can be quiet the longest? Kids and adults can use this time to read, go on electronics or have a nap, and whoever can go the longest, being quiet wins! Mad libs are also great for quiet time.

5. License Plate Game

Everyone keeps track of the different license plates from other states. Whoever can find the most from different states win! You could also put together a scorning system beforehand based on how far the states are.

6. I’m Going on an Adventure Memory Game

Everyone takes turns adding one thing that they’re taking on an adventure, and the next person needs to remember what was said beforehand and then add their item. The first person starts by saying something like, “I’m going on an adventure, and this is what I pack. A backpack. “

The next player says the same but add their item to the end. Keep going until someone make a mistake. If you make a mistake, you’re out. Last person to complete the sentence with everyone’s things wins!

7. Would You Rather

Take turns saying statements like, “would you rather kiss a frog or kiss a mouse.” Anything goes. Take turns going around to see what everyone picks. Take turns asking the would you rather question.

8. Categories

Pick a category and take turns naming things from that category. An example would be. Dogs. Golden retriever, poodle, etc. Keep going until someone can’t name anything else.

9. Truth or Dare

This feels like a classic. Take turns asking someone if they pick truth or dare and then ask them a question if they choose truth or give them a fun dare if they decide dare.

10. Story Time

One person starts by adding to the story. Add a word at a time, but you can’t forget the words there were added before yours. Repeat the story that was said before your turn, and then add your word. Whoever messes up the order of the words first is out. Last person to recite the story without making a mistake wins.

11. Scavenger Hunt

This game might take some preparation before you hit the road, but it will be fun for everyone. Before you go on your trip, make a list of things to find on a piece of paper. While you’re on the road, give the list to everyone so they can check off the items as they see them.

The first person to find all the items wins! Hopefully, by the end of the trip, everyone will have all the things checked off.

12. Rhyming Game

Everyone gets a chance to pick a word to start with; then, the second person has to say a word that rhymes with the first person’s word. Keep going until you can’t think of any more rhyming words.

13. Name the Song

Take turns humming a song until someone can guess the song’s name. If you want to make it a bit more challenging, guess the singer’s name too!

14. Never Have I Ever

“Never have I ever kissed a frog.” Take turns going around to each person so they can say their own never have I ever statement. Anyone who has also never done what’s said in the statement puts their hands up. It’s a fun game to get to know everyone and a great icebreaker.

15. Rock Paper Scissors

Two people face off in rock, paper scissors. Take turns picking rock, paper, or scissors and whoever wins gets the point.

16. Thumb Wars

One, two, three, four, I declare a thumb war. Play mini-games by trying to trap your opponent’s thumb under your own. A fun game to play for all ages.

17. Spelling Game

Have a spelling bee in the car. One person can ask for the words to be spelled out, and every correct spelled word is a point. Whoever has the most points after a particular time or amount of words wins.

18. Reading Game

Everyone can bring a book or a few mini books and take turns reading for everyone. It’s a great way to connect by seeing what type of books everyone likes to read.

19. Connection

This one is fun because it can be tricky. Pick two people or two things and try to find three ways they can connect. Everyone can take turns picking, and everyone else has to try to find ways to connect.

20. First to See

Someone picks something to look out for, and the first person to see it wins a point. You can choose a specific license plate, an airplane, a tall building, anything works!

21. Mini Car Games for Kids

You can find some fun mini car games like tic tac toe, chess, checkers that are super fun to play for all ages. You can sometimes even find fun board games like monopoly and sorry in mini-sized games for the car.

22. Games on Apps

You can download some great multiplayer games on your electronics like headbands, minute to win it, sudoku, ping pong, and some fun strategy or math games. These are all super fun and could even be used for a family games night.

You can download some great trivia games on your phone and ask questions. You can play one-on-one or with everyone in the car.

Download a poker app and get others to join you. You can play at a table together or at different tables and have fun collecting points. You could also try with a deck of cards if you have a travel tray for the car.

Have the best road trip ever with these fun car games. Prepare for your family vacation or road trip with a list of fun games everyone can play, and you’re sure to have a great time. Don’t forget you can also download some great books and games to keep kids entertained like Martha Speaks , Curious George .

This post originally appeared on Savoteur .

' src=

Victoria Cornell is the founder of Motherhood Life Balance. She helps busy moms find peace in the midst of the chaos, transform their mindset, get organized, and find the fuel to live their best life. You can find her at https://motherhoodlifebalance.com/

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Ordinary and Happy

39 Fun Road Trip Games to Play

Sharing is caring!

This post may contain affiliate links, meaning if you book or buy something through one of these links, I may earn an affiliate commission at no additional cost to you. Learn more

Fill long drives with joy by playing these fun road trip games , helping you say goodbye to boredom on the journey, no matter who you’re traveling with.

I’ve been on plenty of road trips across Europe and the U.S. in my time, and these games have helped me, friends, and fellow travelers pass the time with lots of laughs and intrigue.

Road Trip Games (Fun Games to Play in the Car)

Road trip games (list from the article)

1. Truth or Dare

Truth or Dare Questions (list)

This is a classic game, but it can be adapted to a road trip as well. Take turns picking whether you want to reveal a truth or take a dare.

In this case, you will need to pick a dare that can be done safely in the car or by stopping the car when you get the chance. Time to be creative!

Read more: 100+ Best Truth or Dare Questions

2. Never Have I Ever

Never Have I Ever Questions

Each player holds up five fingers, and in turn, they name something they have never done, for instance, “Never have I ever been to Italy.”

For each thing they have done, players need to fold a finger. The person who folds all five fingers first loses. This is a fun game, and if you pick the right questions, you may even learn some interesting or funny things about your friends.

Read more: 200+ ‘Never Have I Ever’ Questions

3. The Compliment Game

In this game, you go through the alphabet, and for every letter, you say a compliment about someone else in the car. For instance, “A is for how awesome Monica is,” “B is for Jack’s beautiful hair,” and so on, taking turns.

4. Most Likely to

Most Likely To Questions/Statements

Take turns and come up with “most likely to” scenarios about your friends. Everyone in the car must point to the person they believe reflects the title.

You could say things like “Most likely to become a celebrity” or “Most likely to win a Nobel prize.” If you’re out of ideas, you can find many examples online, or just try to be creative and invent fun scenarios.

Read more: 300+ “Who is Most Likely to” Questions

5. The Forbidden Word

Pick a forbidden word at the beginning of your trip. Try to aim for a word that you would normally use a lot. Keep count of how many times each person says the forbidden word.

At the end of the trip, whoever has said the word the most will have to take a pre-agreed forfeit, such as paying for a round of drinks.

6. Truth or Lie?

This is a storytelling game in which one person in the car tells a true or invented story from their past, ideally something elaborate and hard to believe.

The other people in the car take turns and get to ask one question about the story before deciding if it’s true or not. Reveal the right answer after everyone took their guess. Take turns telling stories and see who has the greatest number of correct guesses.

7. Smurfing

Pick one person in the car who will be the subject of the game. While the subject covers their ears, the other persons need to pick a verb. Then, the subject must ask questions replacing the verb with the word “smurf.”

For instance, “Do you smurf in the morning or evening” or “When did you last smurf?” They need to guess the right verb as quickly as possible. You may even decide how many questions they get to ask or set a time limit, like 2 minutes, to guess the right verb.

For Families and Kids

8. what color is it.

In this game, start naming a list of items of the same color until your kid, or one of your kids, guesses the right color. For instance, you could start by saying “Sky, sea, smurfs…” and keep going until someone guesses blue.

A classic road trip game for families and kids, “I spy” consists in choosing an object, preferably something in the car, and having other players guess by asking yes or no questions.

You can use colors or the first letter of the object. For instance, you could say “I spy with my little eye… something blue/something that starts with the letter B.” The first person to guess the object gains a point.

10. Spelling Bee

A fun and educational game, the spelling bee is easy to play in a car. You can pick random words or make it more fun by choosing a theme, possibly something kids would enjoy.

For instance, you could do a Harry Potter spelling bee with words from the book/movie. Make sure to have someone keep track of the points on a piece of paper or a note app.

11. Scavenger Hunt

This game may require a bit of preparation but it’s a great way to keep kids entertained on a long road trip.

Before the trip, prepare a list of things you would usually see on the road, like road signs, cars, animals, and so on. The person who checks the most items off the list before the end of the trip wins.

12. Car Color Search

This game also needs some preparation, but it can be very entertaining for small kids. You can draw several cars of different colors or find a ready-made sheet online and print it.

Every time they spot a car of a certain color, they cross it off the list. Whoever crosses the most cars off the list wins the game.

13. Going on a Picnic

This challenging memory game is great for adults, but you can also play it with older kids. The first person starts by saying “I’m going on a picnic, and I’ll bring…” and picks an item.

The next person repeats the sentence and adds another item, then the third adds a third item, and so on. The list will get longer and longer. The first person who can’t remember the correct list is out of the game and it resets until there is one winner.

14. Storytime

If you’re feeling creative, why not invent a fairy tale with the kids? Start with the classic fairy tale beginning “Once upon a time…” and come up with the start of a magical journey in a singular sentence.

Each player will add a sentence to the story until you either reach the end or until a set time limit elapses. You can also record the story so you can listen to it later.

15. The Quiet Game

If you’re traveling with kids and want some downtime, you can always try the quiet game. See how long your kids can go without saying a word. The first one to break the silence loses.

For Couples or Two People

16. 20 questions.

In this guessing game, one person will have to think about an object, animal, or person, and the other must ask yes or no questions to figure out what the other person is thinking.

They have a limit of 20 questions to guess the item or person. Ideally, you would start with more generic questions, like “Is it an animal” or “Is it an object?” and get more specific with questions about the size, color, and other features.

If the person guesses in less than 20 questions, they take the place of the answerer. Otherwise, the same person gets to think of a new thing.

17. The Human Jukebox

This can be a really fun song if you know song lyrics. One person starts singing a song, and the next has to connect it to another song using the last word of the lyrics, then another has to connect a new song, and so on.

For instance, “Take me down to the paradise city where the girls…. Just wanna have fun, oh girls… Who run the world? Girls. Who run…. Boy run. This world is not made for you…” And see how long you can keep going before someone is stumped.

18. 6 Degrees of Separation

A person has to name two people, objects, movies, or any other thing. You can mix them, for instance, a celebrity and a movie, that are apparently not connected. Another player has to connect the two in six statements, or less.

You could, for example, pick Uma Turman and the movie Mamma Mia. And then say “Uma Turman starred in “Kill Bill” with Lucy Liu. Lucy Liu starred in Charlie’s Angels with Cameron Diaz. Cameron Diaz had a relationship with Justin Timberlake. Justin Timberlake starred in “In Time” alongside Amanda Seyfried. Amanda Seyfried starred in Mamma Mia!”

19. Two Truths and a Lie 

Two truths and a lie ideas

This is a great game to learn more about your travel companion. Take turns and tell two truths and one line. The other person has to guess which is the lie.

You can just keep playing to discover curious facts about yourselves or make it a points game. Whoever gets to 10 correct answers first wins. Remember to choose a reward for the winner.

Read more: 2 Truths and a Lie: 200+ Lie Ideas

20. Holiday Memory Game

In this memory game, you pretend you are packing your suitcase for the holidays and need to take turns listing all the items you will pack. The first person will start by saying “I am going on a holiday and I’m taking…” and adds an item.

The next player has to repeat the sentence and add a new item then the next player will do the same. Keep adding items to the bag, repeating the entire list every time. The first person who messes up the order or forgets an item loses the game or is out. Ready to test your memory?

21. Kiss Mary Avoid

Pick three people, either someone you know or celebrities, both from past and present. You may even pick a fictional character.

The other person will need to choose which person they would kiss, marry, and avoid. Depending on your choice of people, this game can be really fun. Take turns and get creative!

22. Would You Rather

Would You Rather Questions

Time to get creative for this game where a person has to ask the other(s) what they would choose between two options.

The idea is to come up with impossible or weird choices, like “Would you rather never see again or never taste food?” If you’re out of ideas, this “would you rather” questions list can help you out. Tine to make some difficult choices.

Generally Fun Road Trip Games

23. categories.

While this is not necessarily a road trip game, it’s a really fun one to pass the time. Pick a category, anything from ice cream flavors to R&B songs. Every player takes turns naming an item in that category. See who runs out of ideas first.

24. The Humming Song Game

The game is pretty easy yet fun to play. One player must hum a famous song while the others need to guess the song. The person who guesses correctly gets to hum a new song. It may sound really easy, but it can get quite tricky.

25. Music Battle

To play this game you must be at least three passengers. One person is the judge while the others need to play songs on their phones.

Select different categories, and for each one, every player picks a song and plays it. The judge has to decide the winning song for every category.

26. Alphabet

This game consists in spotting items that start with each letter of the alphabet, in order. You can use objects in the car or on the road, like road signs, billboards, animals, or anything else you may spot.

Call out each letter and the item/word as you see it. The first person the get to Z wins. In a different version, you may pick a category, like animals, and take turns naming items in that category in alphabetic order.

One player starts by saying a word, then each passenger takes turns saying words that rhyme. Set a 15-second time limit per turn. If the person can’t come up with a word within the time limit, they are out.

The remaining person wins a point. See who gains the most point before you get to the destination or who gets to 10 points first.

28. Storyteller

The game is pretty simple but depending on how creative you get it can be very fun. One person starts a story with the first sentence. Then, everyone takes turns adding to the story.

Come up with interesting and fun plot twists to make the story more entertaining. Record it to have a memory of your road trip story.

29. Fortunately/Unfortunately

This game consists of telling a story where each sentence starts with the word “fortunately” or “unfortunately,” alternating between them.

For example: “Anna had to go to work. Unfortunately, her car broke down. Fortunately, she could take the train. Unfortunately, all trains were delayed.” Keep the story going, alternating between the two.

30. While You Were Sleeping

This is a funny game that you can play if any of the passengers falls asleep during the trip. With the other passengers, come up with an interesting and unbelievable story of something that happened while the other person was asleep.

When they wake up, tell them the story, starting with “While you were sleeping…”. Each passenger adds a little to the story to make it credible that you all witnessed it. Try not to break character and see if the other person believes your story.

31. Car Rule

To play this game, each person in the car gets to make up a random rule, and everyone has to follow it. Try to think of weird and fun rules, like “Whenever I change the radio station, everyone has to clap their hands”.

Assign points to everyone who enforces the rules except for the last person to do so. The person with the most points at the destination wins.

32. The License Plate Game

This classic road trip game can be played in different ways. You can try to spot a license plate from every US state or from different countries if you’re traveling in Europe.

Or you can try to spot a license plate starting with each letter of the alphabet, and the first one to get to Z wins. If you are playing with kids, you can even print a coloring map of the U.S. and have them color each state they spot on a license plate.

Trivia Road Trip Games

33. name that tune.

A great game for music lovers is “Name that tune”. You can simply turn on the radio or put on a Spotify playlist, making sure the song name is not visible on the display.

As soon as the song starts, the first person to shout the right song title wins a point. This is a great game to have fun, listen to music, and refresh your memory of song names.

34. Name the Artist

A different take on “Name that tune,” this game requires players to guess the artist. You can even prepare a playlist in advance and set different rules.

You can assign points based on who answers first, or you can take turns, play a song for 5 to 10 seconds, and let the player guess or pass. Whoever makes more points or reaches a set number of points first wins.

35. The Movie Game

If you know your movies and actors, you can play this potentially endless game during your road trip. To start, a person mentions an actor while another person must name a movie the actor has been in.

Another player must name a different actor in that movie, and the next player must then name another movie with that actor, and so on. See how long you can go!

36. Guess the Quote

One person in the car has to say a quote from a movie, TV show, or song, while the other passengers must guess where the quote is from.

The player who makes the right guess takes the next turn in saying a quote. Try to make it hard, and for extra fun, use the accent of the actor who said the quote.

37. “Sorry I am Late” Movie Guessing

This can be a really fun game for movie buffs. It essentially consists of saying a sentence that starts with “Sorry I am late” and continues with the main plot of a movie, told in a fun way.

For instance, “Sorry I am late, but I got a letter saying I am a wizard and I had to go to wizarding school only to find out this evil wizard has been trying to kill me since I was a newborn,” which would be Harry Potter. The person who guesses 10 movies first wins.

38. Bad Movie Plot

Another fun movie fame consists in picking a movie and explaining the plot in a really bad way, although factually correct. The other person has to guess the movie.

If they do, they win a point. Take turns and see who makes the most points or gets first to 10 correct guesses.

39. Celebrity

In this game, one person will play the character of a celebrity of their choice while the others take turns asking random questions.

The celebrity player answers the questions as if they were the famous person. The first person to guess the celebrity wins.

Long journeys in the car can often be difficult, for both you and the other passengers you are traveling with. Finding activities to pass the time can go a long way making the journey far more comfortable and enjoyable.

The beauty of these road trip games is that they require little, if any, equipment and preparation to play, yet can provide hours of fun.

Don’t let tiredness and boredom take control on a long car ride. Use these fun car games to create a fun and relaxing atmosphere, keeping your minds off the journey and giving you all an opportunity to interact and bond.

From word games to games involving famous people, there’s so much you can do in the car with minimal resources to entertain young kids, teenagers, and the whole family!

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Road Trip Games for Adults

Home » Roadside Attractions Blog » Road Trip Games » 55 Fun Road Trip Games for Adults to Play in the Car

55 Fun Road Trip Games for Adults to Play in the Car

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Road trips are full of fun, adventure, breathtaking landscapes, and weird roadside attractions. But sometimes they also involve long stretches of driving with nothing on your itinerary. In those cases, you might be looking for something to keep you entertained in the car. Enter these road trip games for adults. All of these game ideas are perfect for a road trip with friends or a couples trip. Most of them can even be enjoyed by the whole family. #RoadTrip #RoadTripGames #RoadTripGamesforAdults

Road trips are full of fun, adventure, breathtaking landscapes, and weird roadside attractions . But sometimes they also involve long stretches of driving with nothing on your itinerary and nothing but corn out your window. In those cases, you might be looking for something to keep you and your friends entertained in the car. Enter these fun road trip games for adults.

Kids aren’t the only ones who should be able to have fun in the car. So all of these game ideas are perfect for a road trip with friends or a couples trip. Most of them can even be enjoyed by the whole family.

Read on to find some of the best road trip games for adults, and get ready for a memorable road trip!

The Road Trip Journal & Activity Book - Everything You Need to Have and Record an Epic Road Trip! By Valerie Bromann

Want more fun road trip games?

The road trip journal & activity book.

Enjoy fun games and challenges to pass the time on your next road trip and have a keepsake to look back on for years to come with this entertaining must-have for your next vacation.

Classic Road Trip Games for Adults

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Everyone knows these standard road trip games. They are such classics that everyone will have fun playing, no matter their age!

Free State License Plate Game Printable PDF - Visual Road Trip Game with Labeled State License Plates to Circle

The License Plate Game

How do you play the license plate game? All you have to do is keep a look out your windows and keep track of all the different license plates you see. To win: try to be the first to spot one from every state! Each individual vehicle can only be claimed by one person, so think fast! For example, if Jane sees a red Toyota with a Montana plate, she can claim that car. John will have to wait for another Montana plate to go by. You can play this game with just a pen and paper, or you can click here to learn more about the game, get a free license plate game printable, or find versions you can play online or buy .

Regal Games Finger-Tip Shutter Bingo Cards with Sliding Windows - License Plate Bingo Game Set - Travel Bingo Game for Adults & Kids - Reusable, No Chips & Daubers Needed - 4 Packs - Yellow

Road Trip Scavenger Hunt

Keep your eye out for these common road trip sites. Compete in a road trip scavenger hunt to see who will claim each item first or make it a photo challenge and see who can get the best pic of or selfie with each item.

Road Sign Bingo printable checklist road trip game

Road Sign Bingo

Play a friendly game of Road Sign Bingo . Play a traditional game where you try to get four in a row on a game sheet. Or print out a road sign checklist full of some of the most common road signs you’ll see on your road trip. Keep an eye out to see who can spot the most the fastest!

Traveling with friends, family, or a husband, wife, boyfriend, or girlfriend? Want to get to know them a little more? These Get To Know You road trip games for adults will have everyone in the car talking.

Road Trip Questions

With all the free time you have in the car, why not spend some of it getting to know your passengers by taking turns answering fun road trip questions. This game of ice breakers and conversation starters will get the chat going. Use these 100 fun road trip questions to get everyone in the car talking. Ready to get to know your travel companions? Start asking away!


TableTopics to GO Road Trip

What was your all-time favorite vacation? Answer this and 39 other conversation starter question cards in this portable question and answer game designed for road trips.

Truth or Dare

Would you rather reveal something potentially embarrassing about yourself or do something potentially embarrassing? Play a friendly round of truth or dare while driving in your car. Take turns asking passengers, “truth or dare?” If truth is picked they have to answer any question you ask them. If they pick dare, give a wild (but car friendly) dare. A game of truth or dare in the car can be as tame or wild as you desire, and will let you really get to know your friends.

Two Truths and a Lie

Go around the car and have everyone say three facts about themselves: I studied abroad in Rome, I’ve traveled to all fifty states, my favorite color is blue. They can be anything you want…but one of them must be a lie. State two truths and one lie about yourself and then everyone else has to guess which of those facts is not so factual.

Never Have I Ever

Traditionally played as a drinking game, Never Have I Ever allows you to say something you’ve never done and learn which of your friends have. You definitely don’t want to drink and drive, but that doesn’t mean you can’t still have fun with this get to know you game. Each person takes turns saying something they have never done using the phrase “never have I ever.” For example: “Never Have I Ever Been to Alaska,” Never Have I Ever Driven for 12 hours straight,” or “Never Have I Ever gone camping.” Then everyone else in the car has to chime in to say whether they have done the things you haven’t. If you’re playing at night by your hotel’s pool or the light of a campfire, have everyone take a drink if they have done the action in question. If you’re playing in the car, have the guilty raise their hand and yell “I have!”

The Hot Seat

Want to ask your friends questions you’d normal shy away from? Put them in the hot seat. In this road trip game everyone takes a turn in the hot seat. When it’s their turn everyone else gets to ask them any question they want. Any question they want. And the person in the hot seat has to answer. You can set a timer (like five minutes), a maximum question amount (like 5 questions), or a per person quota (everyone gets to ask two questions). Whichever way you choose to play, this game will let you all get to know each other on a whole new level.

Would You Rather

Would you rather eat only hamburgers for the rest of your life or never eat tacos again? In this game you pit two things against each other and decide which scenario you’d rather do over the other. Take tuns posing hypothetical battles and see how your answers compare to everyone else in the car!

Kiss, Marry, Kill

Say you had to choose from Joey, Chandler, and Ross on Friends. Which one would you kiss, which one would you marry, and which one would you prefer to throw off a cliff. Take turns listing three people (they can be celebrities; movie, book, or TV characters; or even people you know) and make arguments for who you would kiss, marry, or kill.

The Compliment Game

Go through the alphabet and take turns giving each other compliments that start with each letter. Tom is an amazing athlete. Danielle is a badass beatboxer. Go from A to Z and brighten your car mates’ days.

Most Likely To Game

Remember senior superlatives? At the end of the school year everyone would choose from their class who was the “most likely to succeed,” the “most athletic,” or the “biggest flirt.” Turn that into a road trip game by coming up with superlatives for everyone in the car!

What makes a good road trip game for adults? Most of the time you’ll be playing within the confines of the car, so you want something that can be done with minimal movement and minimal supplies. These car games are fun to play and are only dependent on what you can see out the car’s window.

Cows on My Side

If you’re driving across certain areas of the country, you’re going to see a lot of cows out your window. A lot of cows. Make spotting bovines a game by playing a friendly game of Cows on My Side. Game play for this one is easy. If you see cows out the window on your side of the car yell out, “cows on my side!” to get one point. If you see cows out the window on the other side of the car, yell out, “cows on your side!” before someone on that side does, to steal one point. When you pass a cemetery, be the first to yell out, “ghost cow!” to steal all the points.

There are plenty of other cow-related games to play on a road trip. Here are some of my favorite variations.

Similar to Cows on My Side, but with slightly different rules. For this version, every time you see a herd of cows, the first person to yell out, “my cows!” gets a point. If you see a church, the first to yell out, “marry my cows!” doubles their points. If you see a cemetery, the first to yell out, “bury your cows!” steals everyone’s points.

To play Hey Cow! you just yell out, “hey cow!” whenever you pass a herd of cows. For every cow that turns their head to look at you, you get a point.

Counting Cows (AKA Cow Poker)

Pit the left side of the car against the right side of the car and count all the cows you can see from your side of the window. It can get tricky when you pass a large field, so count fast! Whoever has counted the most cows at the end of the journey wins, but watch for cemeteries, if someone calls out, “your cows are buried!” they can steal all the other side’s points.

The RV Game

RVs are known to have some interesting names on their own. Make them even more interesting by adding the word “anal” before them for a bit of a juvenile laugh. Keep an eye out for RVs and make the one marked “commander” a little more interesting.

Slug Bug (AKA Punch Buggy)

The rules of this game are simple: every time you see a Volkswagon Beetle out the window, yell out “Slug Bug!” (or “Punch Buggy!” if you prefer), and give your travel companion a gentle punch on the arm.

The object of this road trip game is to be the first person in the car to spot a car with a burnt out headlight or taillight. This game is best played when driving at night (or through long tunnels) where the surroundings are dark and most cars have their lights on. Whoever spots a car with a light out yells out, “Padiddle,” and touches the ceiling of the car. Play throughout your trip and whoever has the most padiddles when your travels end wins.

Odd Colored Cars

Pick an odd-for-a-car color, something like pink or purple or orange. Keep your eyes on the road and see who can spot a car of that color first or see the most through the entire trip.

The Alphabet Game

Try to go through the entire alphabet (in alphabetical order) by referencing words on signs you see from the car. Look for words on billboards, highway signs, road signs, and businesses. Each individual word can only be used by one person. The first person to get from A to Z wins!

The Gas Price is Right

Gas prices are ever changed and can vary widely by state or city. Make it a game to try to guess the prices that gas will be for the next station you pass. Try to guess to the nearest tenth and see who is closest.

Fictional Families

Do you ever look at other cars on the road and wonder what their story is? In this road trip game for adults, you pick out another vehicle on the road and come up with a story about who they are and where they’re going.

Vehicle Identification Game

When you spot an oncoming car try to be the first person to identify the make and model and see who is the best at identifying the vehicles on the road.


Bring along a variety of travel-sized versions of your favorite board games. Look for smaller, simplified games that come with cards or magnetic boards that can easily be played by backseat passengers in the car. But even though they are meant for travel, many travel board games work better as games to play in a hotel after a long day on the road. Pack your favs to play in your hotel room or by the pool! Here are some of the most popular travel board games:


Monopoly Grab and Go Game

Play a compact game of Monopoly with all your favorite features in a small package that also serves as storage.


Connect 4 Grab and Go Game

Try to get four checkers in a row and block your opponent from getting it first. Connect 4 Grab and Go is a compact travel version of the popular board game.


Clue Grab and Go Game

Solve a whodunit mystery by following the clues. Move around the board and try to piece together what you find to be the first to crack the case in a friendly game of Clue. Buy Travel Clue


Scrabble to Go

Challenge each other to come up with the most impressive words. A travel edition of scrabble not only allows you to play this fun board game in a hotel room, latching pieces mean you can bring your unfinished game with you to pick up at the next day and the next hotel.

These games are perfect for bringing out your creative side. Use your time in the car to make up stories with your friends.

While You Were Sleeping

On a road trip with friends one thing is for certain: someone is going to fall asleep in the back seat. And that’s the perfect time to play a fun game of While You Were Sleeping. Once your sleeping car mate awakens from their backseat nap, tell them a story of what happened while they were sleeping. The catch? It’s a completely made up story. Try to make up a ridiculous story and see how long you can go and how much you can convince your sleepy car mate that it actually happened.


Tell a story where everything goes right…and wrong. In Fortunately/Unfortunately you alternate sentences that start with fortunately or unfortunately. For example: Marissa was driving on a road trip. Fortunately she was almost to her hotel. Unfortunately her phone (and Google Maps) was about to die. Fortunately she had a paper map.

See how long your fortunate and unfortunate can go and where it takes you.


Mad libs are fun for all ages. There are a wide variety of these fill-in-the-blank stories, from adult-friendly options to ones based on your favorite TV shows to road trip focused stories . Whichever version you choose, you can pick adjectives and verbs to create your own hilarious stories.

Sorry I am Late

“Sorry I am late, but I accidentally traveled back in time and had to make sure my parents still got together so I would be born.” In this story telling game you start with “Sorry I am late but…” and then fill in the rest with a movie plot. Then see who in the car can guess what movie you are recapping.

Tell a story one word at a time. Have one person in the car start a story by saying a single word. Then the next person adds the next word. Keep going around the car one word at a time and see where this story time leads you!

These road trip games rely on simplicity: words, wordplay, and numbers.

Don’t Say It

Before your trip come up with a “Don’t Say It” word: something everyone is forbidden to say. Whenever someone says that word, they get a point. The person with the most amount of points at the end of the trip loses, and has to buy the car a round of soft drinks.

The Name Game

Start with one person saying a name, like Rebecca. The next person then says a name that starts with the last letter of that name. Rebecca ends with an A so the next person might say Amy. No repeat allowed, keep going until no one can think of a new name that fits!

The Counting Game

The goal of this game is to collectively count to 20. Sounds easy, right? But the trick here is you don’t know where or when the next person is taking a turn. One person starts by saying the number one. Then anyone can say the number two. But, if more than one person speaks at the same time, the game is done and you have to start over. If more than five seconds pass in between, the game is also done, so act fast!


This car game only requires a pen and paper. Come up with a list of categories. It can be anything you want, but try to find things that might have a lot of possible answers, like dog breeds, items of clothing, body parts, or cars. Write those all down in a list. The driver can then pick a random letter and all the passengers race to see who can fill in the list of categories with something starting with that letter the fastest.

In this easy car game, everyone picks any category they want: Taylor Swift songs, MLB teams, La Croix flavors, etc. And then everyone takes turns naming something that fits that category until someone is stumped and can’t think of anything that fits.

Try and guess what your car mates are thinking with these guessing games that are perfect to play in the car.

20 Questions

Read your friend’s mind in 20 questions of less. In this game, one person in the car has to think of something, anything. It can be a movie, a book, a person, place, or thing. Then everyone else in the car gets to ask questions to see who can guess what the person is thinking of. Choose your questions wisely, because you only have 20 tries.

I’m Going on a Picnic

In this game, players take turns saying what they might bring on a picnic (bananas, sandwiches , paper plates…). But one leader is in charge of saying whether you are allowed to bring that item or not, all based on a secret rule they have. For example, if Amanda is the leader she might have a secret rule that all items brought to the picnic must start with the first letter of her name. So if someone wanted to bring guacamole, they would be denied but someone bringing avocados would be OK. Players take turns naming items and trying to figure out what the secret rule is.

How much do you know about movies, TV shows, or celebrities? These games rely on your knowledge of films and those who star in them.

6 Degrees of Separation

Based on the popular “Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon,” where it is said you can link any celebrity to Kevin Bacon (via mutual movie/television appearances) in six connections or less, in this version you can link any celebrities you want. Pick any two celebrities, like Phoebe Waller-Bridge and Frank Sinatra and connect them through their mutual crossovers.

The Movie Game

Similar to 6 Degrees of Separation, this road trip game also involves linking celebrities. But in this version, you have to come up with the next celebrity to link an actor to. To play, have one person name an actor or actress. Then, the next person has to name a movie they were in. The next person then has to name another actor or actress from that movie. Keep going until someone is stumped. That person has to sit out the next round. Keep playing until only one person is left and a winner is declared.

Bad Movie Plot

The goal of this game is to explain a movie plot badly and see who can guess what it is. For example, you might say, “an elderly man uses balloons to kidnap a young boy,” and others would have to try to guess that you’re explaining the plot to the Pixar movie Up .

Whether you love to sing or can’t hold a tune and prefer to leave it to the professionals, many fun road trip games for adults rely on music to guide them. These games are based on music knowledge, singing, or your favorite playlists.

Name That Tune

Use the scanner or seek on your radio or the shuffle feature on an app like Spotify. For every new song that comes up, try to be the first one to guess the name of the song and the musical artist. Or, take turns choosing a song to play and see if you can stump your friends.

Battle Of The Bands

Battle it out among the car to see which song reigns supreme. Choose a category. Any category. You can pick anything from “Best Emo Love Ballad” to “Songs that mention Birds.” Have two eople in the car think of a song that fits and then play them both for the whole car to hear. It’s then up to everyone in the car to vote and see which song, and which player, wins.

Human Jukebox

Channel your best Pitch Perfect impressions for this road trip game. To play, one person starts singing a song. Then the next person has to pick up with a new song that borrows the last word of the last phrase of the song before. Keep going until someone gets stumped, then start the Human Jukebox all over again.

There are so many different road trip games adults can play in the car. Here are some more games that will keep you entertained on long stretches of road.


Enjoy fun games and challenges to pass the time on your next road trip and have a keepsake to look back on for years to come with this entertaining must-have for your next vacation. The Road Trip Journal & Activity Book features fun and engaging journal prompts. plus 100 activities and games to play in the car, at your hotel, or at stops along your route.


Shotgun! Road Trip Game

Shotgun! is a fun card game and car game. Designate a reader and then take turns answering road trip related questions and doing activities.

Road Trip Trivia

Have a fun time challenging each other to road trip trivia. Find trivia questions based on road trips, the route you’re on, your destination, or America.

Regional Snack Master

Every time you pull over at a gas station or travel center, have everyone try to find a local snack. Something you can really only find in the city or state you’re in. Compare your finds and see who found the tastiest (or weirdest) ones.

At the beginning of your road trip, have everyone make up a rule for the car. The sillier, the better. Something like at every red light you have to open all the windows and cheer. Try to keep up these funny road trip rules throughout the course of your trip.

In this game, start with one passenger coming up with a sentence or phrase. They whisper it into another passenger’s ear, and it should go all the way around until it gets to the last person in the car. That person then has to say out loud what they think they heard, and see how close or far it was from the original phrase.

Almost any game app can be a road trip game app. Here are some of our favorites that work well with a group of people traveling in a car.

Drive.fm: Car & Home Trivia

Have a knack for knowledge and want to put your brain to the test? Drive.fm is a game app controlled using your voice, making it the perfect hands-free trivia game to play in your car.

This musical trivia game features real song clips from popular artists. See who can guess the song the fastest!

A fun road trip game app for singing karaoke songs in the car.

Road trips are full of fun, adventure, breathtaking landscapes, and weird roadside attractions. But sometimes they also involve long stretches of driving with nothing on your itinerary. In those cases, you might be looking for something to keep you entertained in the car. Enter these road trip games for adults. All of these game ideas are perfect for a road trip with friends or a couples trip. Most of them can even be enjoyed by the whole family. #RoadTrip #RoadTripGames #RoadTripGamesforAdults

Photo by Clay Banks on Unsplash

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100 Fun Road Trip Questions for Long Car Rides

100 Fun Road Trip Questions for Long Car Rides

There are plenty of options for road trip entertainment, things to keep you occupied on a long car ride. You can play games like license …

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Hotel Scavenger Hunt Game (+Free Printables)

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The Road Trip Journal & Activity Book - Everything You Need to Have and Record an Epic Road Trip! By Valerie Bromann

Everything You Need to Have and Record an Epic Road Trip!

By valerie bromann.

The road trip you’ve been dreaming of starts here! Journal about your stops and get to know your fellow passengers with activities and exercises designed to pass the time and bring you closer together. Instead of “Are we there yet?” you’ll find yourself asking, “We’re there already?”. Complete with prompts you can turn to while driving between locations, this journal will one day be a memento of your life-changing trip.

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road trip driving games

road trip driving games

31 Best Road Trip Games for Kids: Definitely Bookmark This

Are you planning a road trip and looking for the best road trip games for kids? We totally understand that doing long car rides with kids can be hard and stressful, especially when not using any screens.

“Are we there yet?” “I’m hungry!” “It’s too long”

Does that sound familiar?

Family road trips can be stressful for parents and long for kids, so it’s better to be prepared with some ideas. That’s why we listed 31 of our favorite games to play in the car on a road trip to pass the time. They are all fun games for kids (but also for the entire family, from toddlers to older kids and adults).

And the cool thing is that most of them don’t require much and can also be played at the destination.

Disclaimer: Just a heads up, this free article contains affiliate links . If you purchase after clicking one of these links, I may earn a small commission at no additional cost . Also, as an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases. Your support helps me continue to provide helpful and free content for you .

Road Trip Activity Book Printable

Get Your Road Trip Activity Book Journal (Only $9.99)

Our TOP 5 Road Trip Games for Kids

We do a lot of road trips as a family, short and long car rides . We even took the kids on two cross-country road trips (for the first one the boys were 18 months old and 3.5 years old). We had to get creative with road trip activities, especially that we don’t really allow the kids to watch TV in the car.

Smart Games. One of our new favorite games to bring on road trips

Here are our favorite road trip games for the family and the kids:

  • License plate game : I love this game, especially when we travel to the USA where we see many different license plates. This is a perfect game for older kids since they need to be able to see outside the windows, but it’s a lot of fun and doesn’t require any material.
  • Audiobook & Stories : We have a Spotify account and download many kids’ stories. We don’t have them on for the entire trip, but we put a few stories occasionally when we all need some quiet time.
  • Smart Games : The kids received some Smart Games for Christmas this year and we are hooked. They are easy to pack for a road trip and kids can play alone. We have the Smart Games Jump In and the Smart Games Ghost Hunters .
  • Drawings & Coloring: We always pack coloring books or sketchbooks, and the kids love drawings when we drive.

💡 PRO-TIP There are so many different kids’ car activities that can played by simply using everyone’s imagination skills . Of course, all those travel games for kids may require the parent’s participation (at least a little if your kids are the youngest, but older kids should be able to play alone).

road trip games for kids

1. Activity Booklets

There are TONS of activity books with mind games, riddles, and puzzles for your kids.

The hard part is that they don’t always keep the kids interested for as long as we want. Sometimes we can get a solid 45 minutes out of these booklets, but other times we get a few seconds of peace.

You might find that one of your kids naturally likes one type of activity (sudoku, crosswords, etc.) and your other kid likes another. Try to find the activity that matches your kids’ interests to pique their interest.


2. I (Eye?) Spy

I Spy is a classic for a reason (and I still think it makes just as much sense to spell it “eye spy,” for the record). There are no simpler games to play on a road trip than the I Spy game . This game also helps to hone your kids’ powers of observation.

How to play I Spy:

  • The person choosing the object chants, “ I spy with my little eye, something beginning with… ” and then gives the first letter of the word they are thinking of.
  • Everyone else tries to guess and the person who guesses correctly first takes their turn choosing an object.

How to adapt this road trip game for toddlers: Naming the color of the object instead of (or as well as) the first letter.

If you happen to be driving through an area with lots of wildlife, you could also try “ I hear with my little ear ” and crack out your best animal impressions, a great hit with toddlers.

👉 You can also purchase a I Spy travel card game to help your little ones with the game.

Rock Paper Scissor is a great road trips games with siblings at the back of the car

3. Rock Papers Scissors

Rock Papers Scissors is one of those fun games that your kids should be able to play together (and alone) as long as they sit relatively close .

How to play Rock-Papers-Scissors: The game is pretty simple. Each player will simultaneously do one of the three shapes (rock, paper, or scissors) with one of their hands.

  • Paper beats rock
  • Rock beats scissors
  • Scissors beats paper

There are many other versions that can be played by adding a few extra shapes.

4. “I’m Going to a Picnic”

This game is another great fun car game for kids that requires no material .

How to play I’m Going to a Picnic : Whoever is starting gives a short list of things they are taking on their picnic, and everyone else tries to guess the rule that connects these objects .

Here’s a simple example. If I say, “I ’m going to a picnic and I am going to take some eggs, some earplugs, and an éclair, you’d probably be able to guess pretty quickly that I’m only taking objects that begin with an “e”.

Of course, you can get creative with your rules. Perhaps every object at your picnic is round or has four letters in the word, or rhymes with a cat.

Players can also ask if an object would be allowed on the picnic to help them figure out the rule. Or the person in charge can give some examples of things that aren’t allowed.

Adapt the difficulty of the rules depending on the age of your kids.

5. Make Up Stories 

You don’t have to be a master storyteller to keep the kids entertained with some inventive tales . Some of the best stories come when you take turns adding bits and embellishing the details.

How to play Make Up Stories : You could try one-word stories , where each person says just one word, and you build the story together—the same works with single sentences too.

If the kids struggle to get inventive, you can handle the bulk of the storytelling but still leave plenty of opportunities for their input. Start with “ once upon a time there was a giant… ” and let the children fill in the gaps. Who knows where your imagination might take you?

what to pack for a road trip

6. Twenty Questions

Most of us have played this family classic game at one time or another, and it is an easy travel game for kids.

How to play Twenty Questions:

  • One person thinks of an object, person, animal, or plant. It must be something everyone is likely to know about.
  • Then, the others ask questions to help them determine what the person is thinking.
  • The person can only respond with “yes” or “no”. The goal is for the others to guess the word correctly before they ask more than 20 questions.

In some versions of the game, the person specifies whether they are thinking of an animal, a plant, or a mineral (an inanimate object) before they start.

You can increase or remove the question limit if your kids get too frustrated or struggle to guess the word within the 20 questions.

7. Quiz Time

Quizzes are fun road trip activities for kids and are also a great way to slip a little learning into your trip.

We like to call them pop quizzes .

For the 2-6 age group, this works best if you give multiple-choice options and take it in turns to be the quiz master. Keep the questions age-appropriate – you want to stretch your kids but still make it fun by sticking to questions they will likely know the answers to.

If you are feeling organized, you can prepare some questions before you go so that you have them already to hand when boredom sets in on the road and the nagging for the iPad starts. There are also quiz cards available to buy if you need some help thinking of questions. This kid’s car activity is also a great way to start road schooling lessons .

8. Categories

This wordplay game is one the whole family can join in with and is a fun option for road trips. Your kids can pick a category and see how many things you can name within that category. Categories can be :

  • types of fruit,
  • colors, … – you can keep going for hours.

If you want to make it more challenging, set a time limit. Or you could go competitive and make each family member take a solo turn to see how many items they can name.

9. License Plate Game

This is an old-time favorite that you’ve likely played with your parents in the past. I won’t lie, it’s one of my favorite travel games to play. This one works best in the United States, though it could work through the Canadian provinces, too (it’ll just be a lot shorter).

The game is simple : look for license plates from states other than the ones you’re either currently in or coming from.

Kids Road Trip Activity Book Licence Game

At any rate, everyone in the car should try to find as many license plates as possible until someone gets all 50. You can also play collectively if you have young kids since it will be harder for them to compete.

💡 PRO-TIP You can use this travel games for kids to start teaching your little ones about geography and teach them a little history about how modern North America is laid out (aaaaand from there, you can go into the history of the continent in whichever way you feel most comfortable).

10. Grocery Store

This is a twist on the classic “Alphabet Game. ” In this version, you say you’re going to the grocery store and buying ingredients. You need to list out what you’re going to buy starting with the letter “A.” For example, the first person would say, “I’m going to buy an Apple.”

The next person repeats what was said and adds a new item with the next letter. In this case, it would be B. For example, the second person would say, “I’m going to the store. I’m going to buy an Apple and a Banana.”

And this memory game continues throughout the entire alphabet.

11. Would You Rather

You likely played this game in college, so you’ll want to make it more tame (and since you’re driving, probably without the beer). The game is easy to play: you give two terrible scenarios and ask someone to decide which one they would rather do.

For example, would you rather wear wet socks or a diaper for an entire week?

This game can get as silly as you’d like it to be.

💡 PRO-TIP : Set a number of questions each person will ask per “round.” So you can say, “everyone is going to give 3 scenarios we all have to answer.” Then, when the 3 turns are up, you can choose to start over or play another game.

12. Can You Name the Most

This is a fun road trip game even toddlers can play . Plus, it will help them build vocabulary and word associations. Have one person in the car choose a category. For this example, let’s say “superheroes.”

Now go around the car and everyone has to say a word related to superheroes in under 5 seconds. The first person who can no longer think of words closely associated with the category is eliminated.

The last person standing wins!

Remember, you don’t need to say exact superhero names. Instead, you can use words associated with heroes, like:

  • Super speed
  • And so on…

The goal is to have fun, so don’t get too “nit-picky.”

💡 PRO-TIP Make one parent and official judge for this game, as siblings will probably fight over what counts as “closely associated.”

13. Movie/Song Quotes

In this game, everyone will think of their favorite quote from a movie or song. Start easy and make sure these are things your kids are familiar with. That said, you can get more advanced to try and trick your road partner, too.

For example, you would think of a quote like, “Man… there are just no jobs in this town. Yeah… unless you wanna’ work 40 hours a week !”

Which, of course, comes from the great cinematic masterpiece, Dumb & Dumber .

You’ll need to adjust the quotes you use depending on the age of your kids.

14. Fortunately/Unfortunately

I like to think of these travel games for kids as the “home stretch” activity . It’s when you have a stop coming up and your kids start feeling “antsy.” In this game, one person begins by saying, “Fortunately…” and describing a hypothetical situation that was really good.

For example, you could say, “Fortunately, there was a mistake at the factory, and all the broccoli in the world is going to turn into marshmallows.”

Then, the next person continues the story with “unfortunately.” In this case, they could say, “Unfortunately, these marshmallows also shrink you to 3 inches tall.

And you continue with the “fortunately/unfortunately” structure until everyone has had a few turns.

💡 PRO-TIP : When you reach the end, you can discuss your hypothetical situation and pose more questions. In this example, the ultimate question would be, “Would you still eat the marshmallows?”

15. The Rhyme Game

Here’s an easy one: someone in the car thinks up a word, and everyone has a maximum of 5 seconds to think of a word that rhymes when it’s their turn.

If someone gives duplicates or a word that doesn’t rhyme, they’ll be eliminated.

Again, this game is perfect for those awkward 10 minutes before reaching your destination or a quick distraction if one of your kids is starting to go into crisis mode.

16. New Rule

This is a great game for the oldest sibling and young kids who like the taste of power. Everyone in the car gets to think up a “new rule.” It can be anything (appropriate) and would be something like, “Every time we pass a Wal-Mart, you need to burp.”

I like to make this game the prize of another fun game.

So when a kid wins at another game we play, they get to invent a “new rule” that will last until we reach the final destination.

Yellow Car. It's when you start playing this game on a road trip that you realize there are a lot of yellow car out there.

17. Yellow Car

Yellow car is a game that’s a classic twist on the old “Punch Buggie” or “Slug Bug.” Basically, you get to punch someone else in the car whenever you see a yellow car.

This game is fun because some places tend to have way more yellow cars than others. Emilie and I played while driving through Quebec , and I only got punched once or twice.

Then we played in California , and my arm looked like it had seen the wrong end of a fight with Mike Tyson.

18. Spelling Bee

You can recycle activities your kids do at school for the car. This one is great for helping your kids learn to spell .

Work from a list of age-appropriate words for your kids to spell. Have them take turns and see how many they can spell correctly.

Here’s a good list of spelling bee words around the kindergarten age-level that you can use if you need help thinking up words.

19. Scavenger Hunt

A scavenger hunt is a great way to keep kids occupied during a road trip. It’s another game that gets your kids paying attention to their surroundings while in the car.

This works best if you have a list prepared before you go. Combine things you are guaranteed to see, like a speed limit sign, with some that are less common, such as a specific make and color for a car.

Kids Road Trip Activity Book Scavenger hunt

You can use types of vehicles, buildings, and natural features in your list. Give each kid a copy – illustrate it with pictures so pre-readers can still join in. Leave space for each player to tick off objects as they see them.

If you like, you can turn it into a version of bingo and race to see who can complete their list first.

For those who don’t have time to make their own scavenger hunt, there are plenty of printable options available online . We’ve created a printable road trip game package that includes a scavenger hunt

20. Hangman

Another classic game, hangman , helps new readers practice new letters of the alphabet and spelling in a fun (and competitive) way.

All you need is a piece of paper and a pen. However, everyone playing will need to see the paper, so the driver will want to sit this one out.

How to play Hangman:

  • The first person acts as the host. They think of a word and then mark out blank spaces for each letter.
  • The players take it in turn to guess letters. If they get one right, the host fills in the letter wherever it appears in the word. If they get it wrong, the host marks the letter at the top of the paper and then draws one piece of the scaffold.
  • The game continues until the players guess the full word or the host draws the full scaffold and the stick man hanging from it.

Of course, you may want to avoid images of death in a kids’ game, even if it is a stick man. You can make the game more child-friendly by drawing a snowman or a rocket blasting into space. Or you could draw a line of balloons and have one pop each time someone makes an incorrect guess.

You can increase or remove the question limit if you find your kids get too frustrated or struggle to guess the word within the 20 questions.

❤️  You may also like to read: The Best Road Trip Snacks


21. Squares

Best played with two people, this is an easy travel game to teach your kids and all you need is a piece of paper and a pencil or pen.

The object of the game is to make as many squares as possible . Start by drawing a dotted grid on your piece of paper. You can choose how big you make the grid – begin with three by three when you first teach the kids and it can grow from there.

The two players take turns to join two dots together by drawing a straight line between them. You can’t go diagonally.

When someone completes a square, they write their initials inside it and get a bonus go. The game ends when the whole grid is joined up. Then you count the number of squares each person has claimed to determine the winner.

22. Build a Cootie Catcher

I remember learning how to do this in second or third grade. It was never as popular for the boys in our class (though maybe that’s changed), but it did keep me busy on long car rides with my brothers, who were busy playing Yellow Car with me.

Typing out all the directions would do two things:

  • Help exactly 0% of the people reading this

Instead, here’s a great video tutorial 🙂 :

23. Make a Comic Book

I’ve noticed that my oldest son is super addicted to certain TV shows. But I realized it wasn’t necessarily the show he was in love with… it was the story .

He LOVES stories, and lately, we’ve been trying to encourage him to come up with his own. The car ride is a great time for kids to think up their own superheroes and draw their very own comic books.

You can stab some scrap pieces of paper together in advance or just have the kids work from individual pages. The comics will probably be silly, but they stretch the kids’ imaginations. Our son, for example, made a comic about aliens on a different planet at a park with slides that go “up” instead of “down.”

24. Draw What You See

The name pretty much says it all on this one! For long stretches of road around mountains, forests, rivers, oceans, lakes… anything… have the kids draw the landscapes they see as you go.

This doesn’t always work, but when kids get into the drawings, it can make a great coffee break for the parents.

25. Pictionary

This isn’t a game that the driver will be able to participate in, but you’re probably familiar with how it works.

One person draws something and the other must guess what it is. This works if you’re driving with more than one child or if one parent can participate safely.

👉 You can also purchase a Pictionary game to help your little ones with the game.


26. Audiobooks or Stories on Spotify

Reading their favorite stories aloud is a sure way to keep children entertained on a road trip.

Unlike watching videos or playing games on screen, listening to an audiobook allows their imagination to run wild as they picture all the scenes in the story. There’s a huge amount of choice out there for kids – search “stories for kids” on Spotify, and you’ll have plenty of options.

If your kids are a little older, they might also enjoy a factual podcast. There are several podcasts and audiobooks aimed at kids of kindergarten age that are both educational and entertaining. And you may be able to find some that are related to your road trip.

💡 PRO-TIP Don’t forget to download some stories before you head off in case you hit any areas without an internet connection during your journey, especially if you are planning to visit some national parks .

One of the road trip essentials when traveling with kids is packing a coloring book. My son coloring his book while on the road.

27. Drawing & Coloring

Drawing and coloring are great screen-free road trip activities  for kids at any time. There is no reason you can’t embrace them while you are on your road trip as well.

Pack plenty of coloring pencils, crayons, paper, and coloring books to keep the children entertained in the car. If you are worried about the mess, choose pencils instead of pens and steer clear of paint, glue, and glitter.

It helps to get some trays and organizers so that the kids have somewhere to keep their art supplies while you are traveling. Plenty of inexpensive options and the tray is also useful if you are eating meals on the road.

We bought some craft trays from IKEA , and they work perfectly. For crayons, we opted for the twistable Crayola one, which is more robust and less messy.

28. Sticker Books

When you need a bit of peace and quiet, sticker books are brilliant for keeping kids occupied in the car. You can even get reusable ones that can be brought out repeatedly.

It is worth laying down some ground rules before you hand stickers over – they get stuck to the book, not the car, their siblings, or the family dog.

For younger kids, look out for stickers that are large enough that little fingers can peel the backs off without help from an adult. Some sticker books involve fragile or fiddly shapes, which will only lead to frustration when they inevitably rip.

👉 There are many sticker books options, but we love the Melissa & Doug Reusable Sticker Pad .

29. Mazes and Puzzle Books

Mazes and puzzle books are easy to find and are an inexpensive way of keeping kids entertained on the road without resorting to screens.

Make sure you choose options suitable for your children’s ages, like this one from Amazon if for 4-8 years old . Word searches and verbal reasoning puzzles are great for those already reading, while pre-readers might like ones that ask them to join the dots, follow a wiggly line, or match pictures.

Kids Road Trip Activity Book Maze

Again, there are also plenty of free printables available online, which you can print off before you get in the car. If you are feeling especially organized, you can laminate them and have your kids complete them with a wipeable marker so they can be reused.

👉 Buy Mazes and Puzzle Books on Amazon

Never underestimate the power of a good book. Long car journeys are the perfect time to encourage your kids in their love of reading . 

Have plenty of engaging, age-appropriate books available for your journey. Even pre-readers can get involved by “reading” familiar picture books to themselves. Or enlist older siblings to read to them – this gives them a chance to hone their own reading skills while keeping their younger brothers or sisters entertained.

31. Mad Libs

This can be something you can prepare in advance or just buy a booklet for . Mad Libs aren’t only fun, but they also teach your kids about grammar and sentence construction.

If you’ve never played the game before, it’s easy. There’s a pre-written story with a few keywords missing. People in the car must supply the word based on its function in the sentence (noun, adjective, adverb, etc.).

Kids Road Trip Activity Book mad lids

You fill in the words with random selections and read the story when it’s over.

Here’s a great resource for building Mad Libs with your kids .

Final Thoughts on Fun Road Trip Games for Kids

This ends how the list of kids car activities. I hope it gave you enough ideas to feel ready to pack the car and leave on a road trip with your little ones. If you end up on the road using one of our road trip activities with your kids, please share your pictures on Instagram and tag us @lovelife_abroad .

I’ll be honest here, we don’t always entertain the kids in the car. We do lots of the fun games above, but we also ask them to entertain themselves a little along the way.

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Emilie is the founder of Love Life Abroad. She helps moms plan epic road trips and outdoor adventures with their families. Because who said adventuring had to stop once we have kids? She's based in the Canadian Rockies and shares her love for the region as well as other unique places in Canada & USA. She works with tourism boards and outdoor brands to inspire families to experience new unique destinations and outdoor activities.

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30 Road Trip Trivia Games for Long Car Rides

road trip driving games

Whether you’re heading to an amusement park with the family, spending the weekend at the lake with your friends, or traveling with coworkers on a much-dreaded work trip, you’re going to have a few lengthy car rides in front of you. Long car rides can either be a serious drag, or an opportunity for lots of fun.

How can you turn a long car ride into a fun and exciting time for everyone? By playing games! While it’s fun to come up with your own games on the fly, it’s always helpful to have a list of games you can pull from to always switch it up and keep things exciting.

Today, we’re going to cover 30 of the most fun road trip trivia games for long car rides and show you how you and your friends or family can play them on your next trip. From classics like 21 Questions and I Spy to new games that are sure to become instant favorites, you’ll find something for everyone on this road trip trivia list.

Best Road Trip Trivia Apps

It’s safe to assume there’s at least one smartphone among the people in the car, and that phone is a huge asset when it comes to road trip trivia. Here are some of the best trivia apps to check out on your next getaway.

Jeopardy! World Tour

World Tour is the latest mobile app from one of the greatest trivia games of all time. This is our favorite road trip trivia app because there’s an offline mode that you can enjoy even if your phone loses service along the way.

This app features a multiple-choice question format and various difficulty levels, making it a great road trip trivia for families option and easy to adapt to play with the other people in the car.

Plus, you can also play by yourself if the rest of the car isn’t up for another trivia round. If you’re armed with an encyclopedia of fun facts for car rides, you’ll want to try your luck at this fun and addicting trivia game.

This app is perfect for the car because it has an uncluttered interface with text that’s large enough for everyone to read. There are tons of categories and questions in the app, which can provide you with hours of road trip trivia fun.

Psych is a play on classic party games like Balderdash! Where you must come up with the craziest answers to your friend’s questions to score points. If everyone in the car has a smartphone, you can all connect and play this hilarious game that will keep you entertained for hours.

Unfortunately, since everyone needs to use a smartphone to play the game, the driver can’t get in on the fun. That may be a good thing, since they’ll be able to focus on the road instead.

Guess The Song

This app is similar to SongPop 2, which is one of the most popular “name that tune” apps for Android and iOS, but where SongPop2 is more about online multiplayer competition, Guess The Song has a single-player mode which is easy to adapt so everyone in the car can play.

You can play together, or take turns to see who can name songs the fastest. There are plenty of playlists to choose from, with music ranging from the 60s to today.

Popcorn Trivia

If you’re in a car full of movie buffs, Popcorn Trivia is the perfect road trip trivia questions game for you. The game is free to play, and it features a vast library of different movie trivia questions from several different genres. You can compete against each other or together, and you can unlock new trivia packs from popular movies and TV shows with the points you earn in the game.

Road Trip Trivia Games

The trivia apps above are lots of fun, but you may not always have access to a smartphone with a strong signal during your road trip. Thankfully, road trip trivia has been around a lot longer than smartphones, so there are some great games you can play without the help of your phone.

We’ve assembled a list of some of the best and most fun classic road trip games for you and your squad to play as you’re making your way across the country.

Two Truths and a Lie

This fun-for-everyone game is always entertaining, and it’s a great way to get to know your fellow road trippers better. Two Truths and a Lie is perfect for playing with co-workers, friends, and family. All you need to do to win is separate fact from fiction.

Here’s How to Play

  • Pick which passenger will start the game
  • That passenger tells the car three statements. Two are true, and one is a lie
  • The rest of the car tries to determine which statement is false
  • Once the round is over, it’s the next passengers turn to tell Two Truths and a Lie

Would You Rather

Hands down one of the most fun games for the entire group is Would You Rather. This game is fun for the whole family, but it can be a real blast when the adults are playing. This game is one of our favorite road trip quizzes for couples since it’s a great way to get to know your partner while also passing the time while driving.

  • Each question much follow the Would You Rather format
  • Make sure that each question you ask presents a serious dilemma

Here are some Would You Rather road trip questions to get started with:

  • Would you rather eat chicken every day for a year, or not be able to eat chicken at all?
  • Would you rather be 10 minutes late everywhere you go, or 20 minutes early?
  • Would you rather absolute freedom or absolute safety?
  • When you die, if you could be reborn, would you rather exist in the future or the past?
  • Would you rather spend a year in prison or a year in a hospital?
  • Would you rather be the most gullible person in the world or lose the ability to tell a lie?
  • Would you rather go to the past to meet your ancestors, or to the future to meet your future relatives?

Would You Rather can also be a silly and fun game if you’re traveling with children. If there are kids in the car, here’s some Would You Rather questions that are perfect for them:

21 Questions

From young kids to grandparents, 21 Questions is a classic game everyone can enjoy. This game of deduction requires passengers to guess the person, place, or thing that the player is thinking of, using a maximum of 21 questions to figure it out.

Here’s how to Play

  • The first player thinks of a person, place, or thing
  • The rest of the players can ask up to 21 questions to figure out what the first player is thinking of
  • The first player responds with yes or no answers to each question they’re asked
  • If the rest of the car can’t figure out the answer in 21 questions, player one wins
  • If someone correctly guesses the answer within 21 questions, that person becomes the next to choose a person, place, or thing

Name That Tune

If you’re traveling with a bunch of music enthusiasts, Name That Tune can be one of the most fun games to play. All you’ll need is an app like Spotify or Apple Music (or someone in the car with an extensive music library.)

Here’s How To Play

  • Appoint one person in the car as the host for that round
  • That person finds a popular playlist and plays a song
  • The other passengers try and guess the song as quickly as possible
  • If a passenger says “pass,” the host moves on to the next song
  • Whoever guesses correctly first gets the point

The Bad Movie Plot Game

This hilarious game is perfect for a car full of movie buffs, and it’s a great way to pass the time during long car rides. The premise is simple: you must guess the name of the movie based on an incredibly poor plot description from the host.

  • The host of the game thinks of a movie
  • The host describes the plot of the movie correctly, but in the worst way possible
  • The rest of the car tries to guess the correct movie
  • Whoever guesses correctly becomes the host of the next round

Here are a few examples:

  • Talking gremlin convinces a son to murder his father (Star Wars Episode V)
  • Family abandons their troublemaker son on Christmas vacation in hopes robbers will abduct him (Home Alone)

The Movie Game

This game is another one that’s tons of fun for movie buffs. In The Movie Game, participants take turns naming movies and actors until one of the participants is stumped.

  • The first player starts the game by naming a popular movie, such as Titanic
  • The next player names an actor from the movie, like Leonardo DiCaprio
  • The next player must name another movie that the actor was in, for example, Wolf of Wall Street
  • The game continues until someone is stumped. If you can’t think of a movie or actor, you’re eliminated!
  • The last remaining player is the winner of the round

Questions, Questions, Questions

Is there a lull in conversation? This game is a great way to get the juices flowing and get some more energy in the car. Playing Questions, Questions, Questions is as simple as asking fun and intriguing questions to the other people in the car. This game is a great way to get to know your crew even better than you do now.

Here are a few great examples to get the conversation going again:

  • What is the most interesting thing you saw online this week?
  • If you were a gifted scientist with unlimited resources, what would you study and why?
  • What person, alive or dead, would you like to have dinner with and why?

Smurfing is a great way to get everybody laughing while passing the time on a long car ride. In this game, the player will need to guess the action that the rest of the car has come up with as quickly as possible by asking a series of questions.

  • The player must cover their ears while the rest of the car comes up with an action
  • Once the car has come up with an action, the player must try to guess that action by asking questions. In the questions, “smurf” is the stand-in for the action.
  • Ex. When is the best time to smurf? Does smurfing make you sweat? Do you smurf inside or outside?
  • The player must guess the action in as few questions as possible

Fortunately, Unfortunately

This fun game requires a bit of imagination, so it’s perfect for playing with the kids. It’s an easy game to keep going for hours, and the more crazy and imaginative you are, the more fun it is to play.

  • The first player begins with a statement that starts with “Fortunately…”
  • The next player follows up that statement with a statement beginning with “Unfortunately…”
  • Each additional player adds a statement following the fortunately/unfortunately format

Here’s an example:

  • ortunately, I brought delicious cookies for everybody
  • Unfortunately, every fifth cookie in the box will give you gas
  • Fortunately, you won’t be able to hear it
  • Unfortunately, everyone else within a five-mile radius will

This game is a fun variation on 21 Questions, and it’s fun to play with friends, family, or the kids. With a little bit of logic and some deductive questioning, contestants must identify the famous person the rest of the car is thinking of.

  • The contestant must cover their ears or listen to music while the rest of the car decides on a famous person
  • The contestant then asks yes or no questions to figure out who the famous person is

Truth or Dare

One of the most classic games to cure boredom on long car rides, Truth or Dare, is especially fun to play with your friends. This classic game is about as simple as it gets.

  • The first contestant is asked to choose either truth or dare
  • If the contestant selects truth, they’ll be forced to answer any question truthfully
  • If the contestant selects dare, they must complete a dare posed by one of the other contestants
  • The game continues on to the next contestant

The Counting Game

This silly game is perfect for families, and it’s a great way to pass the time during long road trips. The purpose of the game is to get to the highest number possible without any two players saying the same number at once.

  • The game begins when a player says the number one
  • The remaining players have five seconds to say number two
  • If more than one person says the next number at the same time, the game ends, and you restart from one

The Song Lyric Game

This fun game is a great way for music buffs to stay entertained on a road trip. Face off with your fellow road trippers in a lyric battle for the right to control the stereo.

  • Players must sing the lyrics to the current song on the stereo for one minute
  • The first player to successfully nail every lyric in the song for a minute straight can control the stereo
  • Once another player is able to sing a minute’s worth of lyrics to whatever song is on, they gain control of the stereo

Do you have the best taste in music in the car? Put your style to the test against your friends or family in this fun battle game. In order to play, you’ll need at least three people, so this game is perfect for families and groups of friends.

  • First, appoint someone in the car as the judge
  • The judge picks a music category i.e., pop, hip hop, rock, etc.
  • The remaining people in the car take turns playing the “best” song from that category
  • The judge awards a point to whichever person plays the best song

Did You Know?

A favorite road trip trivia game for couples and friends, this one is a great way to get to know the people you’re with even better than you do now.

To play the game, each person in the car takes turns sharing an interesting (and unknown) fact about themselves. Each player must begin by saying, “Did you know that I…” and then adding a fun factoid the others in the car don’t know about them

The Rhyming Game

Are you a wordsmith? The Rhyming Game is your time to shine! All you’ll need to do is start with a word, and then everyone must come up with a rhyming word before time expires.

  • The first player begins by choosing any word they like
  • The next player must say a word that rhymes with the first word
  • Each additional player must do the same
  • Players have fifteen seconds to come up with a rhyming word, or they’re eliminated

The Spelling Bee

Are you the best speller in the car? Test your knowledge against your friends and family with a spelling bee game. Use Google to find a list of difficult to spell words, and host a spelling bee in the car!

  • One person in the car must be appointed The Word Master
  • The Word Master selects a word for the first player to spell
  • If the player spells their word correctly, the Word Master selects a word for the next player
  • The game continues until there is only one super speller left

Backward Sentences Game

It may seem easy, but this game is harder than you may think! Can you say a sentence backward?

  • The first player says a sentence
  • The next player must repeat the sentence backward
  • Each player gets the point for every correct backward sentence
  • The player with the most points after five minutes wins the game

If you’re surrounded by people with great imaginations, this game is bound to be loads of fun. Each person in the car adds a new sentence to the story, and before you know it, you and your crew will have weaved a crazy tale that’s sure to get everyone laughing and having fun.

  • The first player begins by telling the first sentence of a story
  • Each subsequent player adds a sentence to the story
  • See how long you can keep the story going

Truth or a Lie?

Are you a good liar? If so, you’ll love playing this game, which will put your detective skills to the test as you root out which of your friends is telling the truth and who is spinning an elaborate lie.

  • The first player tells an elaborate story about their past
  • The story can be true or false
  • The remaining players must decide if the story is real or fake
  • The first player to guess correctly receives a point
  • The next player tells a story and the game repeats

Sorry I’m Late

This fun game adds a spin to the bad movie plot game we mentioned earlier. Can you guess which movie they’re thinking of from a single sentence?

  • The first player explains why they were late by describing the plot of a movie in a single sentence
  • Ex. “Sorry I’m late, I was saving the world from an alien invasion on the Fourth of July” (Independence Day)
  • The remaining players take turns guessing which movie the first player was talking about
  • Whoever answers correctly becomes the next contestant in the game

The Going on Vacation Game

How good is your memory? This game is a great way to see which member of your party is the best at remembering fine details, and it’s lots of fun to play. Each player adds a new item to the list when it’s their turn, and it’s up to the next player to remember everything on the list, in order.

  • The first player starts by saying “I’m going on vacation and I’m bringing…” and adds an item
  • I.E., I’m going on vacation, and I’m bringing a T-shirt
  • The next player must repeat the sentence, the first item, and then add an additional item
  • The game continues until a player can’t remember all of the other items on the list

This classic game is fun for the whole family, and it’s one that practically everyone already knows how to play.

  • The first player selects an object from the car or countryside
  • The player then says “I spy with my eye something beginning with the letter [first letter of object]
  • The other players take turns guessing what the item is
  • Each correct guess earns a point
  • The player with the most points at the end of the game wins

Silence is golden, and that’s especially true for parents who are trying to find some peace from their kids during a road trip. This game couldn’t be any easier to play. The object is to remain quiet for as long as possible. Whoever goes the longest without making a sound wins!

What Are You Waiting For?

We just provided you with 30 of the most fun road trip trivia and other games around, which should give you and your fellow passengers hours of entertainment on your trip. Keep this list of games handy, so you and your crew will always have something to keep you occupied during your road trip.

What are some of your favorite road trip trivia games? How do you like to pass the time on a long ride? Let us know in the comments!

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11 Best Video Games To Take On A Roadtrip


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The Best Story-Driven Video Games

Dragon ball: sparking zero features unlockable characters and costumes, every soulsborne game, ranked by lore.

Road trips always start out entertaining; everyone is either buzzing with the excitement of the journey or stressing over how much they packed and if they are prepared. Soon enough, though, there comes a point on every trip where the monotony starts to set in and you need a little entertainment.

Luckily for you, video games became portable over twenty years ago and have only gotten better since then. That means they can be played on the go, and more importantly, they can be played on road trips, making that monotonous journey a little easier to deal with. Just don't play any video games if you're the one driving, the road should be more than enough to keep you occupied.

Updated June 4, 2024 by Alexandrea Alix: This road trip game list has been updated for 2024! We've added new entries like Stray, a unique adventure where you play as a cat, and Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes, a strategic hack-and-slash game perfect for strategy fans. We've also refreshed descriptions and included buying information for all the titles. Buckle up and prepare for a fun ride with these games to keep you company on your next road trip!

Animal Crossing: New Horizons

Design Your Dream Life

Escape to your own island getaway in Animal Crossing: New Horizons! Design your dream life, decorate your home, befriend adorable animal neighbors, and explore a world that changes with the seasons.

  • Easy to play in small bursts
  • Can save at any time
  • Portable console
  • Suits lots of kinds of gamers
  • No internet requirement
  • Local co-op
  • Sometimes may require/encourage you to log in on certain days when you may be busy travelling (i.e. villager's birthdays, holidays, fishing tournaments, etc.)

It's hard to go wrong when it comes to gaming on the go if you own a Nintendo Switch. It's practically built for it!

The Switch's huge array of games offers up seemingly endless options, but one that stands out is Animal Crossing: New Horizons . If you're new to the game, then you have hours of content to keep you entertained, while experienced players can get to some of those island chores they've been meaning to do for a while.

Plus, this is a game that you can save at any point, meaning any time you need to stop gaming to enjoy your road trip or make a stop, you don't have to worry about losing any progress, making it ideal when you're on the go.

Minecraft: Switch Edition

Exercise That Creative Bone!

Build anything from pixel homes to epic castles, explore vast worlds, and battle monsters. Play with friends in split-screen or online, and discover endless possibilities!

  • Various portable console options
  • Can play in multiple worlds to keep gameplay entertaining
  • Can be forced to stop in the middle of in-depth activities, such as cave-diving

Minecraft is a beloved game that has made billions of dollars in the last decade as it has rocketed to popularity. Who can blame us for loving it so much? After all, it has something to attract lots of gamers and be enjoyed in many contexts.

One of those many contexts? Well, while traveling, of course! It's a great game to play on the road in some portable context. There are tons of activities to keep you occupied, including exploring caves, building houses, growing food, raising cattle, fighting monsters, and more!

Super Mario Odyssey

A Fun and Colorful Adventure

Explore vibrant kingdoms, capture enemies with his hat friend Cappy, and collect Power Moons to rescue Princess Peach from Bowser's wacky wedding plans. Play solo or team up with a friend!

  • Lots of endgame content even if you've completed the game
  • You may not want to stop in the middle of a challenge/puzzle

Mario is a classic and has been keeping gamers happy on road trips for years; the series made its debut on the handheld scene. However, with the processing power available on the Switch, you no longer have to be satisfied by a linear series of platforming challenges.

Instead, Mario Odyssey provides a world as open as the roads you are traveling on. And, as with any Mario game, there are levels that suit all abilities, so if you need to keep younger siblings or children entertained, then this is the perfect game to occupy them too.

Dragons, Quests, and So Much More!

This open-world adventure lets you explore a vast, detailed world, slaying dragons, completing quests, and crafting powerful weapons. Choose your race, customize your skills, and become a legend!

  • Can save at any time, even quicksave for spur-of-the-moment decisions
  • Portable console options
  • Expansive open world and three DLCs to keep you busy
  • No co-op mode

A classic video game that we never seem to shake, Skyrim has dominated gaming culture for years and will not soon be forgotten. Few people have seen everything there is to see in the game, and a road trip where you have lots of time on your hands is a great place to start.

There are dozens of side quests you probably never bothered to finish in your playthrough that you might want to revisit now, not to mention all three DLCs. Plus, the Special Edition of the game added a new survival mode, which players have praised as being a more immersive, interesting role-playing experience.

Pokemon Legends Arceus

Catch 'Em All in a New Way (Open-World Pokemon Adventure)

Catch wild Pokemon with new tactics, ride majestic Pokemon across vast landscapes, and uncover the secrets of the Sinnoh region's ancient history.

  • Plenty of Pokemon to catch to complete your Pokedex
  • Quests and mass outbreaks give you an easy short-term goal for brief play sessions
  • Doesn't require an internet connection, so can play anytime and anywhere you want
  • You can't play in co-op mode

Pokemon Legends: Arceus broke the usual Pokemon formula by turning it into an open-world experience. You can catch Pokemon with just the throw of a ball, you can distract them with delicious fruit, and you can enjoy five major areas stuffed to the brim with varied species.

The game's story is significant, so you'll be able to sink plenty of hours in there, but if you've already beaten the story, then the endgame is equally engaging! There are hundreds of Pokemon to collect across the region, after all !

Bridge Constructor Portal

Bend Your Mind With Hilarious Puzzle Challenge

Build bridges, ramps, and more using portals, gels, and other gadgets to safely navigate Aperture Science test chambers. It's a hilarious puzzle adventure that combines physics and the quirky humor of the Portal universe.

  • The addition of portals creates unique and mind-bending challenges
  • The game allows for retries and experimentation, leading to a rewarding sense of accomplishment pen_spark
  • Ups the difficulty and bragging rights by requiring you to build bridges strong enough for multiple vehicles
  • The color-coded portals can be tricky to distinguish, especially for those with color blindness

Bridge Constructor Portal is a rare game that challenges you to use your brain while also making you laugh out loud. The unique humor of the Portal series will do wonders to break up the endless monotony of your road trip, while the Bridge Constructor puzzles make sure your brain is doing something for at least some of your journey.

It's also another game that is great to pass around the car when you can't solve a particular level. And whether the people you are traveling with can help or not, you're bound to have a good time seeing each other try and fail to solve these physics-based puzzles.

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

Explore a Vast and Wild Hyrule

Explore a vast, open world in Zelda: Breath of the Wild! Climb mountains, roam forests, and discover the secrets of Hyrule. Fight enemies, solve puzzles, and forge your own path in this epic adventure on the Nintendo Switch.

  • The world reacts realistically to fire, ice, and magnetism, leading to creative problem-solving and experimentation
  • Explore a massive world in any order you choose, climbing mountains, paragliding across vast distances, and uncovering secrets
  • Weapons break after use, forcing you to constantly find replacements

Another gem from the vast library of the Nintendo Switch, The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild is a great game if you want something that will really keep you engaged during the journey but that you can pause at any moment you need to.

Enjoy the Kingdom of Hyrule and allow one of the best games the Switch has to offer to eat up the hours of your road trip. Just make sure to take breaks, or you might find yourself wanting to be in Hyrule more than you want to be at your destination.

Stardew Valley

Escape the Hustle—Live a Relaxing Farm Life

Build your dream farm in Stardew Valley—raise animals, grow crops, explore caves, and befriend the townsfolk. With a charming world and relaxing gameplay, this open-ended RPG lets you create your own slice of country life.

  • Relaxing and charming gameplay with a variety of activities like farming, fishing, and mining
  • Engaging world with changing seasons, festivals, and character relationships to build
  • Rewarding progression with skill levels, crafting, and collections
  • Limited explanation for some mechanics, requiring players to seek help outside the game

Stardew Valley is one of the best farming games no matter when or where you play it, but on a road trip, it's excellent for making the hours pass that much quicker. Plus, its relatively short day/night cycle means you're never far from being able to save your progress when you need to make a stop on your trip.

Even if it doesn't keep you occupied continuously, a road trip is a great time to grind through some more days as you wait for your crops to bloom and the seasons to change.

Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes

A Memorable Hack-and-Slash Adventure

Fight for one of three nations in a hack-and-slash adventure based on Fire Emblem. Train your army, build relationships, and conquer battlefields filled with enemies. Replay the story with different houses to experience unique missions and challenges.

  • Blend of Fire Emblem tactics and Warriors combat creates a unique experience
  • Choose a house and fight for its cause, with different paths and challenges on each playthrough
  • Build relationships with your allies through camp activities and unlock special bonuses
  • The core gameplay loop of conquering enemy hordes can feel repetitive over time

Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes is a new title; it's a narrative and gameplay spin on the latest mainline installment, Fire Emblem: Three Houses . The Warriors franchise focuses on strategic combat and exciting action.

This game, like Three Houses, allows you to pick a story and stick with it. There are three main routes to take through the game , meaning there are three stories to complete and three houses full of characters you'll get to know. Whether you're new to the game or want to return to it and sink your teeth into a new storyline, this game is a great choice for a long trip.

Mario Strikers: Battle League

Chaotic Soccer Fun

Mario Strikers is a chaotic 5v5 battle where anything goes. Tackle friends, use items like shells, and unleash powerful shots to score. Customize your favorite characters and team up online to dominate the competition!

  • Simple to learn but difficult to master with strategic elements like timing and character stats
  • Supports online play with ranked leaderboards and clubs for long-term competition
  • Lacks features like a story mode or more characters compared to previous games

Soccer (or football) is a beloved summertime sport, and no one could complain about starting a game or two on a road trip! The recently-released Mario Strikers: Battle League game is a way to get that experience on the go - with a few exciting, super-powered additions.

Up to eight people can play a game together, which means that you won't have to leave anyone on the trip out (except the driver, if you play in the car)!

A Purrfect Adventure

Control a stray cat in a neon-lit cyberpunk world. Explore high and low, solve puzzles, and be mischievous with the robots you meet. Unravel the city's secrets in this unique cat adventure.

  • Seeing the world from a cat's viewpoint is a refreshing change and leads to some creative gameplay moments
  • The cyberpunk city is beautifully designed and full of interesting details to discover.
  • The story is surprisingly well-told, with a good balance of action, puzzles, and exploration
  • The controls can feel a bit clunky at times, especially when platforming

Stray isn't your typical video game protagonist. You don't wield a sword or cast spells; you're a ginger tabby cat separated from your family and dropped into a decaying cyberpunk city. This might sound silly on the surface, but Stray uses this unique perspective to craft a compelling and heartwarming adventure.

The world feels massive from a cat's viewpoint. You can scamper up air conditioners, squeeze through tight spaces, and knock things off shelves with a satisfying clatter.

These playful actions occasionally become essential tools, like scratching at a door to get someone's attention or batting an object to distract an enemy. The city itself is a marvel, a neon-soaked labyrinth filled with hidden nooks and crannies to explore. Each area is densely packed with details, hinting at the history of this once-thriving metropolis and the robots that now inhabit it.

The game seamlessly blends platforming, puzzles, and exploration. You'll navigate rooftops, jump across precarious ledges, and solve environmental puzzles using your feline agility. While the platforming can feel a bit clunky at times, the constantly evolving environments and fresh ideas keep things interesting.

If you're really into good storytelling in your video games, then these story-driven games with excellent plots will be right up your alley.

  • Triple-A Games

We hope you like the items we recommend and discuss! TheGamer has affiliate and sponsored partnerships, so we receive a share of the revenue from some of your purchases. This won’t affect the price you pay and helps us offer the best product recommendations.

Super Tunnel Rush

Whether you enjoy race cars, dune buggies, or motorcycles, we have the perfect car challenge for you. Go from 0 to 60 mph in mere seconds in one of our racing challenges, and try to set a new speed record. Or, choose an off-road vehicle and traverse over mountains, junkyards, and other exotic terrains. Even go through hundreds of options and customize your very own vehicle in our car games! After creating the ideal ride, take your racer on the road and challenge tough opponents. A full selection of go kart and parking challenges are included, too!

Some of our free car games can even be played in 3D! The games are easy to control and fun for all kinds of players. Play all of our car games online on your PC and use your keyboard to accelerate, brake, and steer your vehicle. Some games allow you to modify the environment and balance your vehicle with a simple press of the arrow keys. Some of our car games can also be played on the mobile phone or tablet and are controlled with the touchscreen. Hours and hours of countless fun are at your fingertips, with a little-to-no learning curve! Wield the power of a gigantic monster truck or race across tracks at 200+ mph in an exotic sport car. For a strategic challenge, try squeezing your car into a tight spot in a parking game variant!

What are the best free Car Games online?

  • Super Tunnel Rush
  • City Car Driving: Stunt Master
  • Vortelli's Pizza Delivery
  • Top Speed 3D
  • Cyber Cars Punk Racing
  • Rocket Soccer Derby
  • Flying Car Simulator
  • Stunt Car Extreme

What are the most popular Car Games for the mobile phone or tablet?

road trip driving games

5 Best Road Trip Games for Kids

S ince our family’s move within driving distance of the beach, we try to make the trip at least a few times each summer. We’ve also taken longer road trips, including up and down the east coast. It’s a great way to travel, but kids can definitely get bored and impatient during the drive.

One way to keep children entertained on long car trips is by playing games, and today, I’m sharing five of the best road trip games for kids.


1. license plate bingo.

This is an oldie, but a goodie. Print the  license plate game page , and fill it in. As you see a car from each state, you will fill in that state on your map. The first one to get  BINGO,  or fill in their map, wins.

You can also just list all the states on a sheet of paper (all 50 are listed at  this link ), and then cross them off when you see a license plate from that state. How close will you get to spotting all 50?

Articles may contain affiliate links. As an Amazon Associate, we earn from qualifying purchases (at no additional cost to you).


My kids have always always liked  Mad Libs . Pick up some of these books to take on your trip (you can  order them here ), or print off some of these  Mad Libs sheets free here .


Another game that will help pass the time on a long car ride is this Memory Game — the first person begins the game with the letter “A,” and says “A is for ___________.” (Fill in the blank with any “A” word, or you can decide on a theme, such as animals or food.) The second person continues with the letter B, but they must first repeat “A is for __________.” You continue the game with each person repeating the letters and corresponding words that came before as long as you can.


Here’s another old favorite that’s perfect for long car rides. One person thinks of something the others have to guess. The remaining players take turns asking yes-or-no questions, usually starting with “Is it animal, mineral, or vegetable?” The players continue to ask questions to try to guess the answer, but only up to 20 questions.


Try a road trip scavenger hunt to keep kids busy while you’re traveling. You can come up with your own list of items to hunt for while you’re on the road. Just think of things you’ll see on the highway or while passing through towns or cities. You can also print scavenger hunt lists. We have a  printable scavenger hunt list for you here.

Do you have any other ideas to keep the kids busy on a long road trip? What do think are the best road trip games? Leave a comment below.


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Check Out These Pet-Friendly Hotel Chains Before Your Next Vacation

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Best Road Trip Games for Kids

road trip driving games

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road trip driving games

“one of the best indie video games of the whole year” 90 – IGN “Often funny, hard-hitting, and tense, Road 96 is a wonderful game” 9 – God is a Geek “Interactive storytelling at its finest” 100 – NME

More by DigixArt


About This Game

System requirements.

  • OS: Windows 10
  • Processor: Intel Core i5 4460 or AMD Ryzen 3 2300U
  • Memory: 8 GB RAM
  • Graphics: NVIDIA GTX 1060 or AMD RX 5700
  • DirectX: Version 11
  • Storage: 15 GB available space
  • Additional Notes: Road 96 does not support Intel Xe graphic chipset. The game needs a dedicated GPU in order to run correctly.
  • Processor: Intel Core i5 8600K or AMD Ryzen 5 3600XT
  • Memory: 16 GB RAM
  • Graphics: NVIDIA RTX 2060 Super or RX 5700XT

Road 96 is a trademark from Digixart Entertainment. Published 2021 by Plaion GmbH, Austria. All rights reserved.

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road trip driving games

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road trip driving games

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road trip driving games


  1. Banish Dull Drives with these 50 Fun Road Trip Games to Play in the Car

    road trip driving games

  2. 19 Road Trip Games That'll Make Car Rides So Much More Fun

    road trip driving games

  3. 14 Best Road Trip Games for Adults (+Activities)

    road trip driving games

  4. Freeway Driving Games

    road trip driving games

  5. 30 Awesome Road Trip Games for Kids You Need to See

    road trip driving games

  6. 21 Best Road Trip Games to Play on Family Vacation

    road trip driving games



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  1. 41 Fun Road Trip Games To Play In The Car

    Name The Animal Game. This super simple game is one of my favorite car games for kids. Begin by naming an animal such as a tiger, raccoon, bear, etc. Then everyone takes turns to name another animal that begins with the last letter of the last animal named. Examples: Gorilla, antelope, elephant, etc.

  2. 16 Road Trip Games for Adults That Are Actually Fun

    When you've eaten all of the road trip snacks you packed and have slept until there's no way it's possible for you to be tired, take turns guessing the time you'll arrive at your final destination. Whoever guessed the right time (or the closest to it), is the winner. 12 / 17. Daisy Daisy/Shutterstock.

  3. 14 Road Trip Games Adults Will Actually Enjoy

    14. If you are looking for an easy laugh, play "Cows on My Side." The Game: Holler when you see a cow! The Rules: • When you see a cow on your side of the road, you have to yell, "Cows on my ...

  4. 20+ Fun Family Road Trip Games To Play In The Car

    Spot the Car Road Trip Game. Printable Road Trip Scavenger Hunt. 16. License Plate Game. The license plate game is another popular road trip activity, it's basically a type of scavenger hunt based on the number plates of passing cars, however, there are a few different ways to play.

  5. 20+ Entertaining Road Trip Games to Play in the Car

    20 Questions is one of those games that has plenty of versatility. Let's look at a few ways to enjoy this game while on a road trip. You play 20 Questions by assigning one person to be "it.". That person thinks of a person, place, or thing, and everyone else has 20 questions to narrow down their guess and get it right.

  6. 25 Road Trip Games for Fun Family Car Rides

    The last person with a finger up wins. 12. Padiddle. If you're going on a long road trip that will involve you driving at night, this game will be a great one to play. When you see a car with ...

  7. 21 Best Road Trip Games to Play in the Car for Kids in 2023

    10. Triple Threat. Next on the list of road trip games to play on car rides is the Triple Threat. Here, the adults must choose three nouns, like "plate," "monkey" and "snow," for example. The kids have to create a story that includes all three things. Be warned: things will get very silly, very fast. 11.

  8. 8 Fun Road Trip Games for Adults, Couples, and Families

    Alphabet Game. A good choice for families traveling with children, the alphabet game is another road trip classic that involves looking for words on signs and billboards that start with each letter of the alphabet, beginning with the letter "A" until reaching "Z." Players can simply yell out the word when they see it, and the whole ...

  9. The 9 best road trips in PC games

    Jalopy. Jalopy is a driving game that truly understands the absurd ambition of road trippery. You have been gifted an old banger, the Laika 601, by your generous (if bedraggled) uncle Lutfi. It is a cramped wheely bin of a vehicle, based on the Trabant 601 of 1960s East Germany.


    Crazy Road Trip. Purrfect Games 4.4 3,057 votes. It's time to put the paddle to the metal in Crazy Road Trip! In this high-speed driving game, you take control of a car that always drive forward. It's up to you to drive and drift it through the different stages and get to the other end in one piece. You can unlock 14 unique vehicles to drive ...

  11. 45+ Brilliant Road Trip Games for Your Next Long Car Ride

    This classic road trip game is played by finding all 26 letters of the alphabet on things that you pass as you are going down the highway, in order, from A to Z. Check out billboards, roadside signs, license plates, restaurant signs — anything! — and once you see the next letter, call it out. Telephone.

  12. 30 Road Trip Games

    These fun road trip games will make the drive all the more exciting! Games like "I Spy" and "Two Truths and a Lie" are just a few that'll get the crew rolling. Search. ... Afterward, the driver gives the non-driving passengers hints to what the location is by describing other points on the map near it. The participating passengers then stick a ...

  13. 31 Best Games for Road Trips for Adults to Beat the Boredom

    1. Choose a different BINGO pattern in order to win. For example: Instead of having 5 squares in a row, you have to get a small square, a large square, an X, or even the full card to win. 2. Create different BINGO cards with different topics. For example, Street signs, types of cards, fast food restaurants, songs, etc.

  14. 15 Funniest Road Trip Games for Adults & Kids

    A road trip game also suitable for older children and teens, the more bizarre the statements, the more fun this game becomes. ... For example, a teenager driving a red sportscar may prompt, "Once upon a time a guy bought a car to impress his girlfriend." A variation is for each person to take a turn adding one sentence to the fictional ...

  15. 23 Fun Road Trip Games for Adults That Make Car Travel Enjoyable

    Radio Roulette. This is essentially a road trip game of Name That Tune. Flip among radio stations until you hear a song (presets work best), and let it play for 15 seconds. Players are challenged to name that song and its artist, earning one point for each, with an extra point for naming its album.

  16. 24 Road Trip Games Everyone Will Love

    11. Scavenger Hunt. This game might take some preparation before you hit the road, but it will be fun for everyone. Before you go on your trip, make a list of things to find on a piece of paper. While you're on the road, give the list to everyone so they can check off the items as they see them.

  17. 39 Fun Road Trip Games to Play

    1. Truth or Dare. This is a classic game, but it can be adapted to a road trip as well. Take turns picking whether you want to reveal a truth or take a dare. In this case, you will need to pick a dare that can be done safely in the car or by stopping the car when you get the chance. Time to be creative!

  18. 55 Fun Road Trip Games for Adults to Play in the Car

    Padiddle. The object of this road trip game is to be the first person in the car to spot a car with a burnt out headlight or taillight. This game is best played when driving at night (or through long tunnels) where the surroundings are dark and most cars have their lights on.

  19. 31 Road Trip Games for Kids: You'll Want to Bookmark This

    Rock Paper Scissor is a great road trips games with siblings at the back of the car. 3. Rock Papers Scissors. Rock Papers Scissors is one of those fun games that your kids should be able to play together (and alone) as long as they sit relatively close. How to play Rock-Papers-Scissors: The game is pretty simple.

  20. 30 Road Trip Trivia Games for Long Car Rides

    It's safe to assume there's at least one smartphone among the people in the car, and that phone is a huge asset when it comes to road trip trivia. Here are some of the best trivia apps to check out on your next getaway. Jeopardy! World Tour. World Tour is the latest mobile app from one of the greatest trivia games of all time.

  21. The Best Road Trip Games to Play

    Best for smooth roads: Pass the Pigs. $24.00. Shop Now. This deceptively simple game—all you do is roll two plastic pigs like dice—gets competitive fast. Pass the Pigs is simple to learn ...

  22. Best Video Games For Road Trips

    Just don't play any video games if you're the one driving, the road should be more than enough to keep you occupied. Updated June 4, 2024 by Alexandrea Alix: This road trip game list has been updated for 2024! We've added new entries like Stray, a unique adventure where you play as a cat, and Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes, a strategic hack ...

  23. Car Games Play on CrazyGames

    Car Games. Race cars at top speed around city streets, do stunts, or just drive! Browse the complete collection of free car games and see where you'll be driving next. You can find the best and newest car games by using the filters. Race cars at high speeds and drift around tight corners in our complete collection of free online car games.


    Some of our free car games can even be played in 3D! The games are easy to control and fun for all kinds of players. Play all of our car games online on your PC and use your keyboard to accelerate, brake, and steer your vehicle. Some games allow you to modify the environment and balance your vehicle with a simple press of the arrow keys.

  25. 5 Best Road Trip Games for Kids

    5 BEST ROAD TRIP GAMES FOR KIDS. 1. LICENSE PLATE BINGO. This is an oldie, but a goodie. Print the license plate game page, and fill it in. As you see a car from each state, you will fill in that ...

  26. Road 96 ️ on Steam

    About This Game Summer 1996, Today is the day! You hit the road. Adventure. Freedom. Escape. Run. Flee the Regime. Try to survive. On this risky road trip to the border, you'll meet incredible characters, and discover their intertwined stories and secrets in an ever-evolving adventure. But every mile opens up a choice to make.

  27. midjourney

    We've created a private room on the Midjourney site just for you all to hang out in! Here's the link to join, and the password is: myspace. To join, make sure you've created at least 100 images with Midjourney (you can check your count using /info on Discord) and have an active subscription. Just a heads up, mobile isn't supported yet, and let ...

  28. Travel News, Tips, and Guides

    The latest travel news, deals, guides and tips from the travel experts at USA TODAY. ... Road trip to explore Denmark's best beaches and Danish Riviera towns. 10 Father's Day ideas, from the best ...