1. 16 Most Famous Historical Places In India That You Need To Visit [2019

    places to visit in india state wise

  2. Some Famous Tourist Destinations in India

    places to visit in india state wise

  3. Top 10 Places to visit in india

    places to visit in india state wise

  4. Famous tourist places in India state-wise to make your journey easier

    places to visit in india state wise

  5. 27 Most Beautiful Tourist Places in India to Visit in 2020

    places to visit in india state wise

  6. 63 Best Tourist Places To Visit In India For A Perfect Holiday In 2021

    places to visit in india state wise


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  1. State Wise Popular Tourist Places in India

    Losar is the famous festival celebrated by Monpa tribe. You must visit these tourist spots in Arunachal Pradesh- Tawang, Roing, Itanagar, Bombdila, Ziro, Bhalukpong, Pasighat, Namdapha national park, Anini, along. Bombdila is the best tourist spot to visit. You can travel here by train. It is only 10 km from Itanagar by bus.

  2. Places In Each State In India That You Must Visit

    Here is the list of 29 Places In Each State In India That You Must Visit. 1. Ziro, Arunachal Pradesh. 4.6 /5 View 12+ photos. Known For : Tarin Fish Farm Kile Pakho Ziro Music Festival. If you're in Arunachal or even the North East, Ziro is something you just cannot miss.

  3. Tourism in India by state

    States and Union territories of India with their capital cities. Tourism in India is economically important and ever-growing. The World Travel & Tourism Council calculated that tourism generated ₹ 14.02 lakh crore (US$180 billion) or 9.6% of the nation's GDP in 2016 and supported 40.343 million jobs, 9.3% of its total employment. The sector is predicted to grow at an annual rate of 6.8% to ...

  4. Guide to Popular Tourist Sites in India by Region

    Kerala. Image: Kerala Tourism. Kerala, in south India, is often referred to as "God's Own Country". This coastal state has grown to be one of the most popular tourist places in India, up there with Rajasthan and Goa. It's rich in distinctive traditions and culture, and lush unspoiled tropical beauty.

  5. The Coolest Things To Do In Each Of The 28 States Of India

    Chitrakoot. Travel to the Niagara Falls of India at Chitrakote Falls. Visitors often compare the Chitrakote Falls to the Niagara Falls, and why not, because the beauty of this serene spot is sensational. The Indravati River takes a spectacular plunge down the deep gorges that are almost 100ft deep.

  6. Exploring the Gems of India: Famous Tourist Places State Wise Guide

    India is a land of diverse cultures, rich history, and breathtaking landscapes. From hidden gems off the beaten path to family-friendly destinations, there is something for every traveler to explore. In this article, we will delve into the famous tourist places in India state-wise, highlighting the unique experiences each region has to offer.

  7. All India 29 States Road Trip

    You don't even need a push to tour India. There are thousands of great reason for why to travel across India. For a starter, India is a heaven for foodies. It's a country full of festivals and gorgeous places and unique landmarks. #29States #IndiaIn30Days. Neha and I are planning #29States #IndiaIn30Days project next year.

  8. The Most Beautiful States in India

    Kerala. Referred to as 'God's Own Country', Kerala is one of India's prettiest states. It is home to some of the country's most stunning beaches, including Kovalam, Muzhappilangad, Varakala and many more. It also boasts breathtaking hill stations, gripping waterfalls, a plethora of historical places and monuments, and a host of ...

  9. Indian States Information

    Travelling to the incomparable Indian states offers variety of sights, sounds and smells. Tourists are spellbound by travelling to the hill resorts and beaches. Holiday tours, picnics, vacations are the best spent in India. Amongst the Indian states most travelled by tourists are Goa, Kerala, Rajasthan, Himachal Pradesh, Tamil Nadu, Sikkim ...

  10. Famous Tourist Places In India StateWise • Travelothon

    Calangute Beach is the longest beach in North Goa, stretching from Candolim to Baga. It is a top tourist place in India statewise. Due to its size and popularity, it attracts tourists and backpackers from all over the world. Known as the "Queen of Beaches", it is one of the top ten bathing beaches in the world.

  11. 10 Most Visited States of India By Domestic and Foreign Tourists

    Andhra Pradesh. 93.70. Karnataka. 81.33. Maharashtra. 43.66. Tamil Nadu: The Dravidian-style Hindu temples of Tamil Nadu, a state in South India, are one of the most famous tourist attractions ...

  12. Top 30 Tourist Places In India in 2024

    Here is a list of famous tourist places in India state-wise to make your journey easier. 1. Kutch, Gujarat. Source: Pinterest. There are many amazing places to visit in Gujarat, but Kutch is likely to be your top choice. You will love the architectural grandeur, cultural wonder, and sumptuous cuisine of this city.

  13. 21 Famous Tourist Places in India (State & City Wise)

    Uttarakhand. The Rich land of India produces many monuments, temples, forts on its soil. To experience each of them is like living a hundred lives in one. Visit the Indian States like Delhi, Rajasthan, Kerala, Jaipur, Uttarakhand, Gujarat, Tamil Nadu, Sikkim, Goa & etc.

  14. Famous Tourist Places in India

    Famous Tourist Places in India - State Wise. India is a very famous tourist destination. There is a lot of potential to increase the tourism industry in India. ... Delhi ranks in the topmost position among cities in India in terms of the visit by foreign tourists. 9.5% of the total foreign tourists who visited India chose Delhi as the tourist ...

  15. 15 best places to visit in India

    Planning tip: Try to time your visit to coincide with the festival of Durga Puja in September or October, when vividly colorful effigies of the goddess are displayed in pandals (ceremonial tents) all over the city. 6. Jaisalmer, Rajasthan. Best for desert drama. The desert state of Rajasthan shows India at its most romantic and soft-filtered ...

  16. Travel Guide of Indian States: Search Tourist Places & Discover

    Travel Guide to States of India - Search tourist places & get information on destinations, hotels, foods & transport of Indian states. Also get tourist places around India including historical ...

  17. The 24 best places to visit in India by month

    Best places to visit in India in January Gokarna Om Beach, Gokarna: Photo credit: Sarangib-37542 at Pixabay . Gokarna, located on the coast in the southern state of Karnataka, is definitely one of the best places to visit in India. It is much more laid back compared to Goa — and that is the beauty of it.

  18. Tourism in India

    Tourism in India is 4.6% of the country's gross domestic product (GDP). Unlike other sectors, tourism is not a priority sector for the Government of India. Forbes magazine ranked India as the 7th most beautiful country in 'The 50 Most Beautiful Countries In The World' rankings. The World Travel and Tourism Council calculated that tourism generated ₹ 13.2 lakh crore (US$170 billion) or 5.8% ...

  19. 76 Tourist Places in India

    Here is the list of 76 Best Places to Visit in India - Tourist Places in India. 1. Kashmir - Paradise on Earth. 3.9 /5. Known For : Dal Lake Gulmarg Gondola Shalimar Bagh Mughal Garden. Popularly referred to as the "Paradise on Earth," Kashmir is a breathtaking region in northwestern India.

  20. Famous Tourist Places in India

    The North-Eastern states of India, known for their pristine landscapes and rich cultural heritage, are a must-visit. Here are some of the top destinations: Arunachal Pradesh. Known for its picturesque landscapes and diverse culture, Arunachal Pradesh is a must-visit. Some places to explore include Itanagar, Tawang, Bomdila, and Ziro. Assam

  21. Famous Tourist Places in India State Wise

    Throughout the establishment, delicious Bengali cuisine is served. During the winter, travel to the state via Agartala is the best time to visit Tripura. 33. Uttar Pradesh. Uttar Pradesh was one of India's largest states before Uttaranchal became independent. Many of the prior state's tourism attractions were relocated to Uttaranchal.

  22. List of Travel Destinations & Information Guide in India by State wise

    Manipur. Meghalaya. Mizoram. Nagaland. Sikkim. Tripura. Madhya Pradesh. List of Travel & Tourist Destinations in India by State wise - A Guide to find Best Places to visit In India across every states & know more Information.

  23. Best Places to Visit in India in Summers

    Out of the many places to visit in India in summers, Nainital tops the' weekend destination' list near capital cities like Delhi, Lucknow, and Chandigarh. A quaint Kumaouni town fringing the massive Naini lake has a perfectly laid mall road, boating facilities, and colorful markets etc.

  24. 10 incredible Indian destinations for family summer holidays in 2024

    10 places to visit in India during summer for family holidays in the summer of 2024 Unsplash As the scorching summer sun approaches, it's time to plan a refreshing getaway with your family.

  25. India general elections highlights: 63.04% voter turnout recorded in

    India general elections 2024 Live: A voter voter turnout of 52.6% has been recorded till 3pm, data from the Election Commission shows. Here's a state-wise breakdown: Andhra Pradesh: 55.49% . Bihar ...

  26. List of Indian general elections

    Members of the Lok Sabha (House of the People) or the lower house of Parliament of India are elected by being voted upon by all adult citizens of India, from a set of candidates who stand in their respective constituencies. Every adult citizen of India can vote only in their constituency. Candidates who win the Lok Sabha elections are called 'Member of Parliament' and hold their seats for five ...

  27. 35 Best Places To Visit In December In India 2024 (With FAQs!)

    Image Source Tall deodar trees, towering mountains, curvy roads, and heavy snowfall, Manali is one of the best places to go in December in India.A paradise for newlyweds and snow lovers, this hill station is also a great place for adventure sports in Manali like paragliding, ice skating, rappelling, and rock climbing. One can also do Lamadugh Meadows, Solang Valley, and the Koshla-Tree line ...

  28. Maharashtra Lok Sabha Election 2024 Phase 4: Voting date ...

    Maharashtra, the economic powerhouse and cultural hub of India, is gearing up for Phase 4 of the Lok Sabha Election 2024. As one of the most politically significant states in the country, Maharashtra plays a crucial role in shaping the national narrative.

  29. India Lok Sabha election 2024 Phase 3: Who votes and what's at stake?

    Voters in 93 constituencies in 11 states, territories go to polls on May 7 in latest phase of world's largest election. ... (INDIA), led by the main opposition party, the Indian National ...