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  1. Train tales: Some stories from by beautiful journeys

    The train journey was quite lengthy, spanning around 19 hours. Our departure was scheduled for 9 in the evening from Hyderabad, with an expected arrival in Bhopal around 5 p.m. the following day ...

  2. Tales on Track; trains in fiction (144 books)

    Including thrillers, romances, mysteries, children's stories and more, this is a celebration of stories, journeys, steam and dream flag All Votes ... For all the train lovers :-) There's another list to be found, dated December 2012, called All Aboard! Books with Trains In It!

  3. The Great Train Journey by Ruskin Bond

    The Great Train Journey by Ruskin Bond "The Great Train Journey" by Ruskin Bond is a delightful collection of short stories that takes readers on a memorable ride through the enchanting world of Indian railways. Published in 2019, this anthology captures the essence of train travel, showcasing the unique experiences, fascinating encounters, and vivid landscapes that unfold within the ...

  4. Train Journey

    Train Journey | Gattu Chinki and Train | Train ka Safar | Train Yatra | Mumbai local | English Animated Stories | English Cartoon | English Kids Stories | Mo...

  5. 15 Best Books Set on Trains

    Epic Train Journeys by Monisha Rajesh. The book contains incredible photographs illustrating stories and useful information from 50 train journeys around the world, from short trips to multi-day transcontinental or from those in economy class to trips on luxury ocean liners.

  6. 24 of the world's most incredible train journeys

    1. The Reunification Express, Vietnam. This is one of Southeast Asia 's best-loved railways - and one of the most epic overnight train journeys in the world . There is no more atmospheric way to haul into Vietnam 's twin metropolises as this train rattles through historic cities and swooshes beside spectacular coastlines. 2.

  7. The Great Train Journey: Must-Read Book by Ruskin Bond

    The title story, The Great Train Journey, features a boy named Suraj, who spends his summer holidays wandering around the railway station and its tracks. The other characters in the collection include animal-loving grandfathers, hardworking farmers and interesting individuals like Mr Dayal. Each character brings their own sweet charm, making ...

  8. The Great Train Journey by Ruskin Bond

    Synopsis: The Great Train Journey by Ruskin Bond is a collection of short stories based on the various persons' experience on a train journey. Review' The Great Train Journey by Ruskin Bond is a wonderful anthology of his short stories and every short story has captivating imageries which eventually enhances a great travel experience to the ...

  9. Train Short Stories

    Explore captivating short stories encompassing Train and indulge in the rich narratives of this curated collection. Immerse yourself in a world of imagination.

  10. Train Travel Stories

    Exploring Oregon by car, train, bus or bicycle . Apr 17, 2024 • 4 min read. From scenic train journeys and long-distance buses to wild, windswept bike rides - getting around in Oregon is part of the adventure.

  11. english stories for kids

    She noticed a cobbler shining a customer's shoes, a vendor selling peanuts and several stalls selling food and magazines. Soon their train arrived at the platform. Riya and Aunt Anita stepped onto the train and found a seat by the window. "Being a weekday afternoon, the train is quite empty today. Good for us," said Aunt Anita.

  12. The best books about rail journeys

    Most books about train journeys follow the same pattern - off goes the writer, describing destinations, meeting characters, learning about or interpreting the world. But here comes John Burningham from an entirely different angle, with a charming children's book that uses the train to weave together a story about species survival.

  13. Read and Shine » 20 of the Best Children's Books about Trains

    Add an entertaining story of friendship and tradition, and the story will become integral to religious school story times about the Jewish fall holiday of Sukkot. Loosely based on the historic arrival of train travel to Jaffa, Israel in 1892, this story involves a friendly train engineer who wants to share his Sukkot celebration with all of his ...

  14. The Train Journey

    The Train Journey. GCSE English. The Train Journey. Mrs D Dalby. I chose the empty carriage hoping to be alone with my memories. The guard waved his flag, then blew his whistle and the train began to move slowly away, Then with a rush the train door opened and a fat middle aged woman about my own age heaved herself into a seat opposite to myself.

  15. A Forgotten Love Story of Indian Train Travel

    That is when I decided to translate my love of train travel in India into words, so as not to forget the memory. To share how absolutely thrilling it was to take an overnight train. Train journeys were an integral and an exciting part of our lives, especially for those of us who grew up in India in the 60's, 70's, and 80's.

  16. The 10 most beautiful train journeys in the world

    Flåmsbana, Norway. The scenery of the Flåm Valley keeps on giving the higher the train climbs — Shutterstock. This isn't much of an adventure, but it certainly is a pretty route. In 20 kilometers and about an hour, the train takes you from sea level at the Aurlandsfjord in Flåm to Myrdal mountain station. The Flåm Valley is home to ...

  17. A Journey by Train Paragraph

    A Journey by Train Paragraph: You must have travelled by train at least once in a lifetime. Writing a paragraph about the same? Check the samples and get an idea about them. ... you can read a newspaper or a magazine, a story book, etc. A Journey by Train Paragraph in 200 Words. Train journey is the most exciting and most enjoyable experience ...

  18. The world's most incredible rail journeys

    Sharing dining tables and open saloons over a longer trip allows you get to know your fellow passengers, enhance the experience and share stories as you travel. The train itself is a throwback ...

  19. Essay on My First Train Journey

    My first train journey was a blend of excitement, anticipation, and a hint of anxiety. As a child, I had always been fascinated by the rhythmic chugging of trains, so the prospect of experiencing it firsthand was thrilling. The bustling train station, with its myriad sights and sounds, was a sensory overload that both bewildered and intrigued me.

  20. 15 Best Documentaries About Trains To Watch

    The Flying Scotsman: A Rail Romance (2013) This documentary tells the story of the famous Flying Scotsman, one of the most iconic steam locomotives in the world. It covers its history, restoration, and its impact on railway enthusiasts. This is the perfect one out of all these documentaries about trains that explores a classic steam locomotive.

  21. A Journey by Train Paragraph: 100, 150, And 200 Words

    A journey by train is not merely a means to an end but a voyage of discovery, where the path traveled holds as much wonder as the destination itself. It is a reminder of the beauty in the journey, encouraging us to slow down and savor the world around us. A journey by train paragraph under 100, 150 and 200 words for school and college students.

  22. Essay on Train Journey for Students and Children

    500+ Words Essay on Train Journey. First of all, a journey refers to traveling from one place to another. When it comes to journeys, train journeys take the top spot. A train journey certainly is a wonderfully joyous occasion. Furthermore, train journeys fill individuals with a feeling of intense excitement.

  23. A Train Journey

    A Train Journey. 2 mins. 418. English Story : #17654. friends dream train alien cottage. It was the perfect time to catch my train to reach my destination. It was a dark morning at 4:30. While I was in the train all the people were chitchating. After 5-10 min of the journey the train stopped and the light flickered for sometime and then went off.

  24. The Train Journey

    The Train Journey. Published by Sudheen in category Social and Moral with tag job | son | train. Short Story - The Train Journey. Arjun sat on the seat that he had just found in the general compartment of the train. He had been having a really difficult time after losing his job for the second time in six months. This time the reason was his ...

  25. Two Indicators: How NVIDIA and TSMC transformed the semiconductor ...

    And they're also critical for artificial intelligence, providing the hardware needed to train complex machine learning.On today's episode, we're bringing you two stories from our daily show The ...

  26. Tracing the journey of Andrews' Raid in the Civil War

    The story of the Andrews' Raiders has been told more times than anyone can count in books, movies, and museums. On April 11, 1862, 22 of the 24 Raiders arrived in Marietta, Georgia.

  27. Planning on traveling for the Fourth of July? Here's how to avoid the

    That will likely mean busy roads, as well as packed airports and train stations. Motor club AAA projects that some 70.9 million travelers will head 50 miles (80 kilometers) or more from their homes over a nine-day Independence Day travel period — surpassing pre-pandemic numbers for the U.S. holiday.

  28. Simone Biles at US gymnastics Olympic trials results, highlights

    Simone Biles, Sunisa Lee and others are competing tonight at U.S. gymnastics Olympic trials. Kayla DiCello suffers injury on vault.

  29. I Took a Train and a Plane From London to Edinburgh, Close Contest

    The 332 miles between London and Edinburgh takes a similar amount of time by plane or train. I took both modes of transport and timed how long it took from the center of each city. The train was ...

  30. Are you traveling for July Fourth? Here's how to beat the travel rush

    Hot dogs are an American tradition. So's wolfing them down in summer. 02:14 Last year, the busiest day for Fourth of July air travel was also the Friday ahead of the holiday, TSA data shows.