Jungle Cruise 2 - What We Know So Far

Dwayne Johnson in Jungle Cruise

Disney has a long history of adapting its theme park rides for the big screen, and its latest, " Jungle Cruise ," is another hit for the House of Mouse. Based on the ride of the same name, the movie stars Dwayne Johnson, Emily Blunt, and Jack Whitehall as explorers who sail deep into the Amazon jungle to find an ancient tree that grows petals with healing capabilities. Naturally, there are some bad people who want the tree's petals for themselves, and they're not above summoning spirits to aid their cause.

"Jungle Cruise" is a pulpy adventure in the vein of "Pirates of the Caribbean" and "Indiana Jones," making it the perfect viewing for the summer movie season. And now that the film has passed the $100 million mark (per The Hollywood Reporter ), Disney is officially moving forward with a sequel. But what can viewers expect from "Jungle Cruise 2" when it eventually arrives on their screens?

When will Jungle Cruise 2 be released?

At the time of this writing, a release date for "Jungle Cruise 2" has yet to be confirmed. The movie is in the very early stages of the pre-production process, so viewers will just have to be patient for now. As Radio Times points out, studio blockbusters tend to take around two years to complete, so the sequel could arrive in 2023 at the earliest.

Of course, the production of "Jungle Cruise 2" could be delayed due to the unpredictable nature of the pandemic, as well as the schedules of the film's stars. Dwayne Johnson keeps himself very busy, taking on a lot of roles in tentpole flicks. It remains to be seen if "Jungle Cruise 2" will be his priority now that DC's " Black Adam " has finished shooting. However, chances are he'll want to keep the current "Jungle Cruise" momentum rolling and get the sequel wrapped up while the iron is hot.

Who's in Jungle Cruise 2?

As the "The Hollywood Reporter" notes, Dwayne Johnson and Emily Blunt are set to reprise their roles as Frank Wolff and Dr. Lily Houghton, respectively, for the next jungle-faring adventure. While his status for the sequel remains unconfirmed, British comedian Jack Whitehall could return as MacGregor, Lily's younger brother who — often against his better judgment — helps his sibling on her dangerous quests. Whitehall is a big name in the U.K, but "Jungle Cruise 2" is an ideal vehicle for continuing to solidify his presence in Hollywood.

While no other casting announcements have been made official at the time of this writing, the first movie did leave the door open to some interesting possibilities. Given that Frank has a history with Aguirre, Édgar Ramírez might be brought back as the ghostly serpentine villain. While the bad guy was turned to stone at the end of the first "Jungle Cruise," Aguirre's backstory with Frank has only been explored briefly, and the film gave us the impression that the former allies have some unfinished business with each other.

Of course, the "Jungle Cruise" ride has a wealth of interesting characters, and the sequel could feature more of them. With that in mind, expect some fresh faces to appear in "Jungle Cruise 2."

What's the plot of Jungle Cruise 2?

Details about the plot for "Jungle Cruise 2" are being kept under wraps for now, but the good news is that the story is in trustworthy hands. Michael Green, who co-wrote the first film, will pen the script for the next installment. Jaume Collet-Serra is reportedly set to return to the director's chair as well.

According to Digital Spy , the sequel could feature a fish-out-of-water story for Frank now that he's been brought out of the jungle and forced to navigate 1920s London. Additionally, "Jungle Cruise 2" could explore MacGregor's story more after he came out as gay in the first film. However, this was only tacitly implied and the word "gay" is never actually said, so perhaps the next movie could be an opportunity to give MacGregor a positive LGBTQ+ love story and spend more time developing his character.

Regardless of the direction "Jungle Cruise 2" goes in, viewers can look forward to another family-friendly adventure that puts the film's heroes in a perilous situation. And with Frank definitely set to play a huge part, he'll undoubtedly have plenty of corny jokes to share along the way.

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The Jungle Bunch: World Tour

The Jungle Bunch: World Tour review – second time around for kooky animal toon

Frenetic adventures of tiger-striped penguin and chums resume in sequel that might appeal to the under-fives

W ho knows; maybe there has been a clamour out there for a follow up to the 2017 animation The Jungle Bunch ? I have to confess I couldn’t remember if I’d seen it when I sat down in front of this sequel: then a penguin waddled on to the screen painted with tiger stripes, and the memories clawed their way back in. The original was a relentlessly wacky nonsensical adventure about a gang of animal chums saving their forest from a pyromaniacal koala. The kind of targeted-at-under-fives mayhem that Madagascar and Kung Fu Panda pulled off better.

This frenetic sequel gives out more of the same. This time around, Maurice the penguin and his pals are up against a villainous beaver (if you haven’t seen the original, Maurice is painted with orange stripes because he’s an orphan and was raised by a tiger). The beaver’s diabolical plan is to destroy the jungle with a toxic purple foam, for reasons never explained. Maurice and his crime-fighting critters need to concoct an antidote – which involves stealing a rare ingredient from a creepy cult called the Sacred Circle of Stink.

It’s bonkers – and not in a giddy fun way. The humour is all snark and butt jokes, and the script also goes there with an inter-species romance between the penguin and an armadillo. Which is icky, and way off target for pre-schoolers: “I was burning to talk to you Maurice.” The films in the franchise are based on a hit French kids’ series, and have that cheap look of low-rent shows chucked on to streaming sites as filler. For adults, it’s an assault on the nerves: like being at a four-year-old’s birthday party at home time, when the cake has been devoured, the kids are in tantrum mode and everyone’s just discovered there are no party bags.

  • Animation in film
  • Family films
  • Animation on TV

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Jungle cruise 2 news & updates: everything we know.

With Jungle Cruise's star power and story setup, a sequel to the film is officially on the horizon. Here's everything to know about Jungle Cruise 2.

Warning! This post contains spoilers for Jungle Cruise . 

With the success of the first installment, what can fans expect from the story and cast of  Jungle Cruise 2 , and when could its release date be? Starring Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson and Emily Blunt, Jungle Cruise arrived in theaters and on Disney+ Premier Access in July 2021 after a year-long delay due to the pandemic. The film, which is based on the Disney theme park ride, may have wrapped up its main story, but the movie has already proven popular and successful enough to warrant another trip around the river bend. 

Set in 1916, Jungle Cruise follows Dr. Lily Houghton (Blunt), who travels from England to Brazil in search of the legendary Tree of Life, the petals of which have the ability to heal. To take her on this journey, she recruits Frank Wolff (Johnson), a boat tour guide who resides on the Amazon and whose past is shrouded in mystery. The adventure film follows in the  same vein as The Mummy and Pirates of the Caribbean , another of Disney’s films based on a theme park ride. 

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Jungle Cruise has a pretty self-contained story, but a sequel was never off the table and there were early talks to return for another installment before the film was released (and it’s always one looming on the horizon for any new release these days). And considering Blunt and Johnson’s star power, it's no surprise that  Jungle Cruise 2 is moving forward. Here’s everything to know about the sequel, who will be back, and what to expect in terms of story.

Jungle Cruise 2 Is Confirmed

Dwayne Johnson, Emily Blunt, and Jack Whitehall in Jungle Cruise

A sequel for Jungle Cruise has officially been given the greenlight at Disney, just months after Dwayne Johnson revealed there were discussions about it. Director Jaume Collet-Serra will be back to helm the sequel, with  Jungle Cruise screenwriter Michael Green set to write the sequel's script. Also returning will be the original film's producing team. What’s more, Jungle Cruise producer Beau Flynn  previously indicated that, while the film wraps its story up in the end, the filmmakers have designed “ paths that can go to future worlds .” Considering the film draws plenty of comparisons to Pirates of the Caribbean , it’s likely Disney will take the concept of Jungle Cruise and expand it beyond the parameters of the original storyline for the sequel.

Jungle Cruise 2 Release Date Prediction

Jungle Cruise Dwayne Johnson

With Jungle Cruise having only just been released and a sequel still in very early development, Jungle Cruise 2 doesn’t have a release date and probably won't release for a while yet. The first film made a decent splash financially — $35 million at the box office in its first weekend (excluding its Disney+ earnings) and surpassing $100 million domestically — and Disney execs didn’t take long to decide on a sequel. With all that in mind, it's possible a second installment could hit theaters in the summer of 2023 at the earliest, with a 2024 release being a possibility as well. It's also worth noting that Johnson and Blunt have busy filming schedules , so it remains unclear when filming on the sequel will finally begin.

Jungle Cruise 2 Potential Cast

Dwayne Johnson and Emily Blunt in Jungle Cruise

Emily Blunt and Dwayne Johnson are definitely returning for Jungle Cruise 2  as Dr. Lily Houghton and Frank Wolff, respectively. And although Jack Whitehall has yet to make things official, it's more than likely he would return for the sequel as well. Jesse Plemons’ character was crushed by a boulder, and Edgar Ramírez and his fellow conquistadors were turned to stone in the end, so it’s doubtful they would return for the sequel. Paul Giamatti, on the other hand, might reprise his role as Nilo Nemolato, Frank’s boss; his role in Jungle Cruise wasn’t necessarily important enough to warrant a return, but a sequel could give him more to do.  

Jungle Cruise 2 Story Details Are Unconfirmed

Emily Blunt in Jungle Cruise

The ending of Jungle Cruise saw Frank and Lily tangling with Aguirre, a long-dead conquistador, and Prince Joachim, a German aristocrat who wanted access to the Tree of Life for purely selfish reasons. While Frank sacrificed himself to turn Aguirre to stone, and Joachim was crushed by a boulder, Lily used the last petal to heal Frank, bringing him back to life. Frank, now free of the curse that kept him alive for 400 years, joined Lily in London to start his life anew while she took a job as a Cambridge professor. The story wrapped up most of the film's loose ends, but there's a chance  Jungle Cruise 2 could focus on another curse that Lily finds or has been researching. Though no story details have been confirmed, this could send her, Frank, and brother MacGregor on another continent-hopping adventure.

With Johnson’s Frank no longer tethered to the riverside and his curse broken, there are plenty of avenues the plot could take that don’t require him to stay put in the Amazon. What’s more, Jungle Cruise follows some of the premise from Pirates of the Caribbean , which closed out one story and introduced an entirely new one in its sequel, so it’s likely the latest Disney film will take another page out of its book and do the same. And while Jungle Cruise did leave certain things open-ended — for example, Aguirre could theoretically return if someone were to free them from the tree somehow — it’s more likely Jungle Cruise 2 will tackle a fresh story with new characters rather than revisiting old ones. 

Next:  All The Live-Action Disney Remakes In Development

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Jungle Bunch: Operation Meltdown

Jungle Bunch: Operation Meltdown (2023)

Sequel to the film The Jungle Bunch (2017). Sequel to the film The Jungle Bunch (2017). Sequel to the film The Jungle Bunch (2017).

  • Laurent Bru
  • Yannick Moulin
  • Benoît Somville
  • David Alaux
  • Jean-François Tosti
  • Gauthier Battoue
  • Wyatt Bowen
  • 6 Critic reviews

Official Trailer

  • Additional Voices

Holly Gauthier-Frankel

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More like this

The Jungle Bunch

Did you know

  • Connections Follows The Jungle Bunch: News Beat (2011)

User reviews

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  • February 2, 2024 (United States)
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  • Feb 4, 2024

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  • Runtime 1 hour 29 minutes

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Jungle Bunch: Operation Meltdown (2023)

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A new coming-of-age film 'How to Have Sex' follows 3 teens on a spring break trip


Elissa Nadworny

NPR's Elissa Nadworny asks Molly Manning Walker and Mia McKenna-Bruce about their new coming-of-age film, "How to Have Sex."


Partying on Lake Havasu, crowding into a hotel room at Panama City Beach, Cancun or Cabo - the spring break trip, a so-called rite of passage. For 16-year-old British teens Tara, Em and Skye, it's off to Greece for a holiday of clubbing and carousing on Crete in the new movie "How To Have Sex." Molly Manning Walker wrote and directed it. Mia McKenna-Bruce stars as Tara. And both join us now. Welcome to the program.

MOLLY MANNING WALKER: Thank you so much. Hello.

MIA MCKENNA-BRUCE: Hi. Thank you for having us.

NADWORNY: Did either of you do a spring break trip like this before? Like, can you relate to this experience in the film?

WALKER: Yeah, yeah, we both did.

MCKENNA-BRUCE: For me, it was - I mean, pretty much what you see in the film.


MCKENNA-BRUCE: It's kind of - someone described it to me a couple weeks ago, and I was like, that's it. They described it as like going into battle. You go in all guns blazing.

WALKER: Yeah. I went on, like, maybe six of them between the ages of 16 and 20. Some of the memories are like the best memories of my life, and then some of them are obviously more complicated.

NADWORNY: So it's probably already clear to our listeners that we're going to be discussing things that might not be suitable for children who may be listening, but that's also, in a way, kind of what this movie is about - that middle period when people are doing adult things with bodies and brains that aren't necessarily fully formed yet.

WALKER: Yeah, totally.

NADWORNY: One of the things in the film that really struck me is the storytelling felt so realistic, that kind of drunken chaos and confusion, the head-spinning feeling of being at a frat party and kind of not knowing where your friends are. You can't think straight. There's like this emotional roller coaster of it all. I wonder if you could just talk about kind of that world-building, and especially I'm interested in the pool, Molly.

WALKER: Yeah, for sure. We hired a documentary cinematographer, so that was one of the main things. The production design or the costuming was all sort of referenced from vlogs and TikTok. And we spent a long time scouting, and I guess we sort of eventually settled on probably the most party hotel in the resort, which is, like, right next to all the clubs. It wasn't until like a later date where we were all standing on the roof for a tech recce, and we were all looking at the pool and our heads like kind of craned. And we're like, is the pool a penis shape? And turns out the pool was a penis shape.

WALKER: And I guess that says a lot about kind of the environment and the sort of expectations of the environment.

NADWORNY: Yeah, you're like, I'm spot on, actually, in making this movie.

WALKER: And we picked the right hotel, I guess. And then, like, halfway through the shoot, the line producer came to me and was like, we're kind of under budget. Like, is there anything you want? And I was like, a drone shot of the pool.

NADWORNY: (Laughter) Mia, your character Tara starts off as this ball of energy. She has these great little jokes. Can you just start by telling us about her?

MCKENNA-BRUCE: Yeah, I mean, Tara kind of embodies that period of youth, you know, where you would really think you're a lot older than what you are, and you're kind of figuring it all out. And she does have this incredible energy, but then feels like she's got to continue with this energy, you know, even when she's not feeling like she wants to. So constantly trying to live up to the expectations of what people have of her, which I think is one of the things that resonates with a lot of people when they watch this film.

NADWORNY: She's also a virgin. What's her relationship to sex in this movie?

MCKENNA-BRUCE: Yeah, so when we first meet Tara, she's a virgin, and we see the girls discussing a lot that she is going to lose her virginity on this holiday. And one of her lines is literally, I don't want to die a virgin, which is hilarious because, I mean, we're looking at young girls that are, like, 16 years old and she thinks, you know, if she doesn't lose her virginity on this holiday, that's it. That's it for her, which just goes to show, you know, we're getting pressures from from all angles without having the tools to actually talk about it and understand what, what that means.

NADWORNY: You know, without giving anything away, is it true that in workshops before filming, girls who read assault scenes from the film didn't consider what was being described as assault?

WALKER: Yeah, you know, it would say, like, very clearly in the stage directions that Tara was very uncomfortable, and they would be like, but she said yes, so that's fine. So it was, like, an interesting comparison that they were sort of drawing to that meant, you know, yes is yes, basically.

NADWORNY: One night there's the scene where Tara is drunk and dancing and all you hear is her breathing and the pounding of the music. That scene feels like a turning point for your character.

MCKENNA-BRUCE: Yeah, yeah. You know, we follow Tara very closely on her figuring out what she's feeling and why she's feeling it. And I think we do reach this moment where she's a bit like, let me try and push through this because she doesn't know how to articulate it either, or who to go to, where to turn.

NADWORNY: Mia, I'm wondering, you know, you told W Magazine that you have two younger sisters, and you'd love for them to see this. Do you want them to see this out of pride for kind of their big sister, or because you want them to kind of get the message of the film about sex and consent?

MCKENNA-BRUCE: Definitely because I want them to get the message of the film, for sure. One of my sisters is 16 and the other one is 21, and sex has never really been an open conversation in our house. So for me, it was really important that, you know, from - as soon as I read the script, I was like, this is a brilliant way to open this conversation, to give us that in, you know, and also be able to talk about sex without necessarily using, like, yourself or your own experiences, just being able to have an open conversation around sex. And they have watched the film. They watched it when it first screened in London. And that's exactly what it's done for everyone in my family - kind of really opened up these conversations. And for me, like, that's just incredible that now my younger sisters and hopefully their friends as well, are starting to have this dialogue talking about what good sex is, you know, and, like, how it feels.

NADWORNY: Molly, I think this movie reminded me so much of being young. The whole film, I wanted to just be Tara's friend and give her a hug and kind of tell her everything I know now as an adult. For you, who kind of created her character and created this world, how does that make you feel? What's your takeaway from your debut film?

WALKER: It's been amazing. Like, I guess we thought we were sort of making quite a personal, small story. And I guess what we've realized over time is that it's a really universal story, and that's both amazing and kind of heartbreaking at the same time. And to see so many women feel seen by it - yeah, it feels like the conversation's got a long way to go, and we have a lot of battles to fight, I guess.

NADWORNY: That's Molly Manning Walker and Mia McKenna-Bruce. Their new film is "How To Have Sex." Thanks for speaking with us.

WALKER: Thank you so much.

MCKENNA-BRUCE: Thank you so much. Thank you.

Copyright © 2024 NPR. All rights reserved. Visit our website terms of use and permissions pages at www.npr.org for further information.

NPR transcripts are created on a rush deadline by an NPR contractor. This text may not be in its final form and may be updated or revised in the future. Accuracy and availability may vary. The authoritative record of NPR’s programming is the audio record.

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The Perfect 7-Day Belize Itinerary: One Week of Jungle and Islands | What to do in Belize, When to visit Belize, How long to spend in Belize, San Ignacio, Caye Caulker, day trip to Tikal in Guatemala

The Perfect Belize Itinerary: 7 Unforgettable Days of Jungle & Islands

Last Updated: December 26, 2023 //  by  Ashley Smith Leave a Comment

When I first drew up my Belize itinerary, I had no idea it would end up being one of the most exciting and memorable trips ever. I mean it, I was tearing up on my last day knowing I had to leave this incredible country. (Not only because I had just acquired the sunburn to end all sunburns.) That’s how amazing, beautiful, fun, delicious, welcoming, and surprising this place is.

For that reason, I’m so happy to share with you this perfect 7-day Belize itinerary so you can have just as an unforgettable time as I did.

Table of Contents

Belize Packing List

jungle trip 2

How long to spend in Belize

How long you should spend in Belize all comes down to how long you can spend in Belize.  Having never been there before, I didn’t want to commit too long in case I didn’t like it. But I wanted to give it enough time to experience both the jungle and the island side of things.

That being said, you could certainly spend a month here and never have a boring moment – there’s that much to do here. But, one week is still a great amount of time in which to explore the ancient Mayan sites, get up to some adventures in the jungle, and chill out on the Caribbean beaches. In my opinion, 7 days makes the perfect Belize itinerary for first time visitors.

Don’t miss: What to Pack for Belize (And What I Can’t Belize I Brought!)

jungle trip 2

Best time to visit Belize

Similarly, the best time to visit Belize is whenever you can visit Belize. However, there are definitely more preferable times around which to plan your Belize itinerary. For instance:

December – May

December – May is Belize’s dry season and definitely the best time to visit. You’ll have clear, sunny days and very little chance of vacation-ruining rains. It will also be plenty warm enough during this time despite this being the “winter” months.  

However, this is also the most popular / busiest time to visit Belize. Tourist season in Belize peaks at Easter! So, it will be a bit more “crowded” than other times, prices may be higher, and hotels and tours may have limited availability. But, this is Belize, not the Amalfi Coast in July , so you should be just fine (as long as you plan accordingly).

jungle trip 2

June – December

June – December is Belize’s wet season when you’ll most likely encounter some rains. However, this isn’t set in stone (‘cause weather be weather), and June, July, and even August can still be great months to travel.

I personally visited in June. It was HOT (bordering on too hot actually) and, despite being the “wet season,” was actually super dry. So, you can plan for the most “ideal” situations, but again, weather be weather.

jungle trip 2

Popular Belize events

There are also a handful of popular annual events in Belize you may be interested in planning your Belize itinerary around. Check out:

Lobster Fest – Belize’s Lobster Fest is an annual celebration that takes place in July in Caye Caulker, Ambergris Caye, and Placencia.

Chocolate Festival of Belize – Belize’s chocolate festival takes place in late May in Punta Gorda (the “chocolate capital of Belize” apparently).

International Music and Food Festival – Belize’s International Music and Food Festival is held in Ambergris Caye in late July, mon.

jungle trip 2

7-day Belize itinerary at a glance

Now I’ll get into the nitty gritty of my perfect Belize itinerary. This 7-day itinerary actually starts on Day 0 (arrival day, we don’t count that). It includes 3.5 days in the jungle and 3.5 days on the islands. *chef’s kiss*

Day 0: Arrive in Belize; transfer to your jungle eco-lodge

Day 1, jungle: Jungle adventures in the Cayo District

Day 2, jungle: Day trip to Tikal National Park in Guatemala

Day 3, jungle: San Ignacio and ATM Cave tour

Day 4, jungle/islands: Wake up in the jungle, transfer to Caye Caulker

Day 5, islands: “Go Slow” in Caye Caulker (or not)

Day 6, islands: Unforgettable snorkeling in the Belize Barrier Reef

Day 7, islands: Soak up that island life before departing

jungle trip 2

Belize itinerary, day 0: Arrive + transfer to San Ignacio

The start of your perfect Belize itinerary begins with arriving in Belize (obviously). You can fly to Belize with Alaska Air, American Airlines, Delta, Southwest, Sun Country Airlines, and United. You can even get direct (nonstop) flights to Belize from:

  • Seattle, Los Angeles (Alaska)
  • Dallas , Miami (American Airlines)
  • Atlanta (Delta)
  • Fort Lauderdale, Houston (Southwest Airlines)
  • Duluth and Minneapolis, MN (Sun Country Airlines – If you know what Sun Country Airlines is then I guess you’re reading this in Minnesota.)
  • Chicago, Denver, Houston (United Airlines)

jungle trip 2

You’ll want to fly into Belize City (airport code BZE), the former capital of Belize (but not really an especially worthwhile city to visit). From Belize City, you’ll start your Belize itinerary in the western part of the state – in the Cayo District near the town of San Ignacio. But first you’ll need to get there.

How to get to San Ignacio from Belize City

There are a few different ways to get from Belize City to San Ignacio and they all vary wildly . Choose wisely. Maybe do as I say and not as I do.

jungle trip 2

Public bus from Belize City to San Ignacio

Personally, I opted for the public bus . The trip takes between 2-3 hours and costs around $4 total, but the ride is anything but smooth, literally and figuratively. The bus is dirty and crowded (you might actually have to stand the whole time). It makes frequent stops and the whole thing is just chaotic.

Because it’s really just an old American school bus, there are no seatbelts, luggage racks, or air conditioning. There’s not even a website or ticket system. Just open windows letting in all the road dirt and exhaust fumes and a topless woman breastfeeding in the seat next to you while her infant stares directly into your eyes.

jungle trip 2

You’ll need to take a cab from the airport to “the bus station” and this is where my assistance leaves you because what comes next is totally random. Ask around for the bus to San Ignacio, ask how to pay, ask where you should be picked up, and prepare for it all to seem just totally made up on the spot.

Once on the bus, know now that I’ve been told you need a PhD in order to drive in Belize – a degree in pothole diversion. So, hold on to your butts! BUT ! The public bus is cheap and the ride will certainly be one you never forget.  

jungle trip 2

Belize City to San Ignacio by rental car

You can certainly rent your own car to get from Belize City to San Ignacio. But, do you have a PhD? I’m told this is mandatory. (And from what I’ve witnessed personally, oh hell yeah it is.) The ride is going to be rough and will take about 2 hours. Check out the best local Belize car rental deals here and godspeed.

Private shuttles from Belize City to San Ignacio

Otherwise, you can take a private shuttle to San Ignacio from Belize City. This will also take about 2 hours (no stops to pick up coconut salesman, go figure) but will cost just slightly more than $4. Some charge per person and others offer big discounts the bigger your group is.  

There are lots of times to choose from and you’ll get the ride all to yourself, all the way from BZE to San Ignacio. Check out the best Belize shuttles here :

  • Private shuttle: Belize airport to San Ignacio town
  • Private transfer from Belize airport to San Ignacio
  • Shared shuttle: Belize International Airport to San Ignacio

jungle trip 2

Hotel pickup in Belize City

Another option I highly recommend is to just have your lodging arrange a pickup at the airport for you. Yes, this is going to be the costliest option, but it’s also the most stress-free!

For this Belize itinerary I’m going to recommend you stay at the Black Rock Lodge (more on that in a minute). They offer private airport shuttle service all the way from the airport to their front door. (Because of their remote location, you would still have to get picked up in San Ignacio because you need a special vehicle to get to their property.)

If you’re staying at Black Rock, book your airport pickup with them and call it a day! Otherwise, check to see if your jungle lodging offers the same service.

Also check out: 17 Things that Shocked Me in Belize

jungle trip 2

Where to stay in the Belize jungle

There are a handful of fantastic jungle lodges to choose from in Belize, but I HIGHLY recommend checking out the Black Rock Lodge . This place is one of my all-time favorite lodging choices and that’s still an understatement.

BRL is a completely self-sufficient eco-lodge deep in the rainforest. It’s bursting with awesome jungle adventures, resident wildlife, an amazing staff, and so much more. The food and drinks here are so good and everything is produced on site, ethically, and sustainably.

Seriously stop me or I will rave about this place for dayzzzz . Instead, I wrote an entire post about how awesome this place is – read my Black Rock Lodge review here . You can read more reviews and book your stay here . You can also watch this quick video I made about them here:

Other accommodation options

However, if Black Rock Lodge should be all booked up by the time you go to reserve, other popular and nearby jungle accommodation options include:

  • Ka’ana Resort & Spa – beautiful location, lots of activities and spa treatments, amazing food
  • Mahogany Hall Luxury Boutique Resort – spacious suites, botanical setting, highly-rated staff
  • Table Rock Lodge – excellent reviews, very jungle-y, on-site restaurant and bar
  • See all San Ignacio-adjacent lodging here. ( Expedia and Hotels.com usually have good deals too.)

jungle trip 2

Settle in to your jungle accommodations

Once you’ve made it to Black Rock Lodge, you’ll be greeted with a welcome drink and a quick tour of the property. Spend more time exploring on your own while you wait for dinner, or go ahead and put on your bathing suit and head down to the river. (If you can make it over the rapids without falling off your tube you get a free drink!)

You can work in a light hike, a mountain bike, a more in-depth tour of the property, go for a swim in the pool, or let the resident bird nerd show you all the toucans and other colorful creatures that live nearby.

Soon you’ll enjoy an incredible candlelit dinner among new friends. Then, fall asleep in your hammock under the millions of stars above you (and the Jurassic sounds of howler monkeys across the river that will seep into your darkest nightmares). This Belize itinerary truly is unforgettable.

howler monkey in a tree in belize

Belize Itinerary, day 1: Welcome to the jungle!

Today is your first full day of the Belize itinerary. Do you know where you are? You’re in the jungle, baby! There are seriously so many options as to how you can spend today.

Partake in some jungle adventures

Personally, I did the following during my time in Belize’s jungles:

Mountain Summit hike in the morning – This trail takes a couple of hours and winds through the jungle up and up to the top of the mountain for excellent views of the rainforest. So much wildlife and beautiful plants and flowers along the way. Also, so much sweat.

jungle trip 2

Lunch at the lodge – Black Rock Lodge serves three amazing meals a day in the most blissful dining setting. Don’t miss a single meal there, seriously.

Mountain biking – BRL offers mountain bike rental free of charge to their guests. We rode down the road that leads out of the property, past burning wildfires and teak forests and beyond. (And then walked my ass back up because… exhaustion.)

Swim in the river before dinner – All that sweaty fun today led me straight down to the river for a cool swim in nature. Then, another drool-worthy jungle dinner. (There’s also a great pool for those a little fish-phobic.)

jungle trip 2

Guided night hike through the jungle – A couple we met the night before recommended this to us and it will forever be one of the coolest things I’ve done while traveling. A trained jungle guide takes you along the trails after dark and shows you all the unbelievable things that happen at night.

He points out otherwise unseen nocturnal creatures of all kinds and seriously so much more. It was AMAZING. Important note: you don’t have to hold a tarantula if you don’t want to.

jungle trip 2

More jungle adventures

Besides the awesome jungle activities we did on the first day of our Belize itinerary, there are many more options for how to spend your day at Black Rock Lodge. You can also choose from:

Canoeing and kayaking – Head out along the Macal River with a trained naturalist guide. Or head to the beach area to do some stand-up paddleboarding. Or just head to bar, no judgment.

River tubing – Do absolutely no work whatsoever and just float down the river. Free rum punch if you can make it over the Black Rock waterfall without falling off! Tubes are totally complementary.

More hiking – Besides the Mountain Summit, there are many more hiking trails that start at the lodge for all different hiking levels. Even a wildlife hike! (Pick up a trail map at the tour desk.)

jungle trip 2

Spelunking – Take your hiking desire into one of Belize’s awesome cave systems. Search for Mayan artifacts and cool cave formations.

Yoga – This is a wellness lodge of sorts, after all. Borrow one of their yoga mats for free if you didn’t bring one. (I definitely did not include one in my Belize packing list .)

Birding – Follow your nose out to the bird tower for panoramic views with their bird guide! (That’s a toucan joke.) Belize is actually one of the biggest birding destinations in the world.

Visit Mayan sites – You can also head off-site to tour some of the most popular Mayan sites in the area like Cahal Pech, Caracol , Yaxhá, and Xunantunich .

San Ignacio – Don’t forget you can always head into San Ignacio for market day or just to check out the town.

jungle trip 2

Most popular Belize jungle excursions

If you’re looking for something a little different (and perhaps more organized and/or guided), check out these most popular Belize jungle excursions around San Ignacio:

  • Xunantunich & Cave Tubing Combo Tour – Full-day history and adventure tour, small groups, lunch included. (Or check out this unique tour that combines a visit to Xunantunich and horseback riding .
  • Cave Tubing & Jungle Ziplining Combo Tour – Full-day guided adventure through the caves and over the jungles, lunch included
  • See all San Ignacio jungle adventure options here on Viator and here on Get Your Guide .

jungle trip 2

Belize Itinerary, day 2: Day trip to Tikal

Yes, one of the most popular things to do in Belize is actually leave it for Guatemala. Do with this information what you will, but it’s totally worth it.

Tikal National Park in nearby Guatemala is one of the largest and most important ancient Maya sites you can visit. It’s just a quick drive over the border from San Ignacio and is so cool .

I won’t spill all the details here, because I wrote a whole post on taking a day trip to Tikal – what you need to know, how to get there, what to see, some important dos and don’ts, etc. Check out my full guide to a Tikal day trip here .

jungle trip 2

And if you already know you want to do this, take a look at some of the Tikal day tour options here:

  • Belize to Tikal Day Trip with Local Lunch from San Ignacio – Full day tour, comfortable transportation, your own local guide, includes lunch.
  • Private Belize to Tikal Day Tour with Lunch + Guide – Includes a private guide, air conditioned transport, lunch
  • Check out all the Tikal day trip options on Viator and Get your Guide to find one that best suits your needs!

You’ll return from your Tikal day trip totally exhausted so take it easy for the rest of the night. Enjoy the amazing dinner at Black Rock Lodge and get some sleep for another epic adventure tomorrow!

jungle trip 2

Belize Itinerary, day 3: ATM Cave tour

Another epic day in Belize dawns and this will be another you won’t soon forget. Today, book yourself on one of the once-in-a-lifetime ATM Cave tours.

The ATM Cave in Belize (Actun Tunichil Muknal) is another ancient Maya site, but this one is inside a surreal cave system. You’ll swim and tunnel through these ancient caves to get to a skeleton that sparkles. But the path to get there is straight out of an Indiana Jones flick.

If you’ve done any kind of research on what to do in Belize, I’m positive that the ATM Cave tour has dominated those lists. And it is not overrated at all – it totally deserves those top spots!

However… the ATM Cave is not for everyone. It’s an epic adventure, yes, but a challenging one in many ways. Check out my full guide to touring the ATM Cave in Belize here to get all the exciting details and heart-stopping realities.

jungle trip 2

And if you already know you want to do this, take a look at some of the ATM Cave tour options here:

  • ATM Cave Tour and Picnic – Ton of rave reviews, full day, lunch + rum punch included! (This is closest to the one I did – rum punch and all!)
  • ATM Cave Tour from San Ignacio – Full day tour, all fees included, packed lunch/snacks/water included
  • ATM Cave with Local Lunch from San Ignacio – Full day, lunch and water included, tons of 5-star reviews!
  • See all ATM Cave tour options here in case something else fits your style better.

Again, after your full day tour of the ATM Cave, you’re going to be totally pooped. (It’s a physically-taxing adventure to say the least!) Take it easy, enjoy dinner, pass the hell out.

Lemme help you plan! Also read: What to Pack for Your ATM Cave Tour

jungle trip 2

Belize Itinerary, day 4: Jungle > Islands

After your night of much-needed rest, enjoy one last Black Rock breakfast and prepare to move over to the islands. If you want, squeeze in some last minute birding or hiking, or any of the other awesome activities on-site. Now, make your back towards Belize City and over the water to the island of Caye Caulker.

How to get to Caye Caulker

To get to Caye Caulker you’ll need to take the water taxi from Belize City. The trip takes about 45 minutes and costs just $20 per person.

If you utilize the private shuttle service at Black Rock Lodge, they will happily drop you off right at the water taxi port in Belize City. Otherwise, take your chosen transportation method back to the Belize City and get a (car) taxi to the water taxi dock.

jungle trip 2

Once on Caye Caulker, you’ll need to either walk or organize a pickup at the port to get to your chosen accommodation. FYI – Caye Caulker is a car-less island. It’s either bicycle, feet, or golf cart from here on out. (The island is just 5 total square miles so it’s not like you’ll have far to go.)

There will most likely also be golf-cart drivers hanging out at the dock in case you need a ride. (This is what we did – just hailed a golf cart once we arrived.)

jungle trip 2

Where to stay on Caye Caulker

There are lots of totally pleasant places to stay on Caye Caulker, but for my Belize itinerary I trusted my island time to Colinda Cabanas .

We had our own adorable beach cabana for our stay with lots of great amenities, everything we needed actually. The staff was so welcoming and helpful. It was so peaceful and private; I would not hesitate to stay here again! (Seriously, book your room at Colinda Cabanas now !)

Besides Colinda Cabanas, some other popular Caye Caulker hotels include:

  • Blue Zen – A favorite of my readers, free bikes, swimming pool, sun terrace and grill, and much more.
  • Sea Dreams Hotel – Free WiFi, bar and rooftop terrace on site, free bikes and kayaks
  • Weezie’s Ocean Front Hotel and Garden Cottages – Choose from cottages, guest rooms, oceanfront suites, and more. Kayaks, paddleboards, and snorkel gear for free!

jungle trip 2

After your all checked in on Caye Caulker, take a stroll around the main part of the island. Grab some street food, do a little souvenir shopping, then post up at one of the super chill bars along the beach.

Watch the sunset and continue resting up from the past few days of your Belize itinerary. You’re on Caye Caulker now where the motto is “Go Slow” so you better get used to it.

jungle trip 2

Belize Itinerary, day 5: Go slow in Caye Caulker

This is very hard for me to write, but Day 5 of your Belize itinerary is all about embracing Caye Caulker’s motto and “Go Slow.” I personally am not a go-slow kinda traveler, but it was incredibly easy to adjust here.

This is your day to just chill out in the sun and do nothing (if you don’t want to). If you’re more like me and you still want to do something, check out this list of 23 Exciting Things to Do in Caye Caulker .

For instance, you can spend your day fishing, kite surfing, sailing, swimming, diving, exploring by bike, taking a scenic flight over the Blue Hole, yoga, kayak, meet some seahorses, and much more. And then spend your evening with a sunset sail. See the full list for all the details!

jungle trip 2

Belize Itinerary, day 6: Snorkeling + the Split

Okay, now that you’re all rested up and ready to get back at it, it’s time to spend Day 6 of your Belize itinerary in the water. Belize is located along the Hol Chan Marine Reserve – the world’s second most incredible barrier reef. (Their words, not mine. But also mine.)

Snorkeling in Belize

For real though, the snorkeling here is unreal. You’ll swim with sea turtles and a million tropical fish, nurse sharks and rays, eels, manatees, and more. You’ll get to explore a sunken ship and learn all about the stunning wildlife in this area from the most accommodating local guides.

Snorkeling in Belize was absolutely one of the highlights of my trip and I took my tour with Caveman Snorkeling Tours. And yes, I wrote an entire post on it because I had such a great time! Also check out: My Day Snorkeling in Belize with Caveman Snorkeling Tours .

jungle trip 2

I highly recommend Caveman Snorkeling Tours, but if you need other options, also check out these tours that all include small groups, lunch and refreshments, expert guides, snorkeling equipment, and GoPro footage of your underwater adventure:

  • Hol Chan Marine Reserve Small-Group Tour from Caye Caulker
  • 7-Stop Snorkeling in the Belize Barrier Reef from Caye Caulker
  • Or this 3-stop snorkeling tour for just the highlights (includes snacks but not lunch)
  • Check out all Belize snorkeling tours here on Viator and here on Get Your Guide .

jungle trip 2

Hang out at the Split

After your day of snorkeling, chances are you’ll be super wiped out again (but exceptionally tan). So, for the rest of your day in Caye Caulker, head over to the Split.

The Split is literally a split in the island formed by a hurricane… but now it’s the most popular hangout spot on the island. Grab a bucket of Belikin at the Lazy Lizard and just relax in the turquoise waters or play some corn hole – whatever you have the energy left for.

jungle trip 2

Belize Itinerary, day 7: Leaving the island life behind

Depending on when your flight home is, you may or may not get to enjoy a little more of that island life before you head out. Grab some last-day fry jacks at Errolyn’s, go for another leisurely stroll, or hang out (literally, so many hammocks) on your nearest over-water pier.

Afterwards, you’ll need to take the water taxi back to Belize City, and then a regular ol’ auto taxi to the airport where you’ll leave the island life behind. It will be a sad day, to say the least.

jungle trip 2

Belize is an incredible, unforgettable, and, dare I say it, unBelizeable place to visit. The people are so warm and welcoming, the scenery is stunning, and the adventures are epic. Regardless of how you fill your Belize itinerary, consider yourself lucky to be able to experience this Central American wonderland!

More info to supplement your Belize itinerary

  • Heading to Belize?  Find  great places to stay here on Booking.com (my fave booking site). But Hotels.com and Expedia usually have similar deals too!
  • Need a car?  Check out the  best rental car deals in Belize here.
  • Don’t forget to  pick up this guidebook  for all your Belize sightseeing. (It includes a day trip to Tikal too!)
  • Want more Belize content? Check out all my Belize posts here.

Have questions about visiting Belize? Ask away in the comments below or reach out on Instagram ! Have fun in Belize!

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2 Week Peru Itinerary – Inca Trail and Amazon Jungle

Last Updated March 20, 2023 William Tang

You are here: Home » Travel Itineraries » 2 Week Peru Itinerary – Inca Trail and Amazon Jungle

As far as trips go, my two weeks in Peru achieved a level of legendary status that I nor my companions will ever forget.  It was my first trip to South America and I will certainly say not the last. Whether it was spotting macaws early in the morning, meeting local families, wandering ancient ruins, or exploring the depths of the jungle, Peru’s magic and mystery will leave you in awe.

Planning a trip to Peru is no doubt daunting because there’s so much to see and when you’re constrained on time, you have to anchor the trip to a few primary activities or destinations.  For this specific 2 week Peru itinerary, the focus from the get go was the Inca Trail and the Amazon Jungle.

This 2 week Peru Itinerary is meant to be a hub of information to help you figure out your own trip to this beautiful country.  You’ll find the high level day breakdown and if you’re looking for more information, links to other blog posts have more details.

Read more about Peru

  • Peruvian Amazon jungle trip planning guide
  • Review of Refugio Amazonas
  • A visual journey through the Peruvian Amazon jungle
  • How to pick which Machu Picchu trek to do

Where to stay in the Peru?

  • If you’re thinking about the Amazon, the  Refugio Amazonas is without a doubt the go-to property in the jungle along the Tambopata River.  For Cusco, we really loved Palacio Del Inka  and in Lima, the Casa Wayra B&B was a great budget place in the Miraflores neighborhood.

Highlights of 2 week itinerary

  • All of the Inca ruins we encountered along the Inca Trail
  • Machu Picchu – I mean how could you not be blown away
  • Hanging out at our lodge in the Amazon – Refugio Amazonas
  • Chuncho Claylicks for macaw bird watching
  • Salineras Salt Mines – Think rice paddies but with salt
  • Cooking class in Cusco
  • Spending time with a local family of the Maucau Community

alpaca expeditions inca trail promotion discount code

Get to the end of the post to find out how.

Full 14 Day Peru Itinerary

In the past I’ve put my itineraries in table format.  Let’s try something different here and break things out by day to make it easier to read and also allows me to provide a bit more detail.

Table of Contents

Day 1 – flying into lima, day 2 – cusco, day 3 – cooking in cusco, day 4 – sacred valley with kb tambo, day 5 – sacred valley with andean encounters, day 6 to 9 – inca trail, day 10 – recovery in cusco, day 11 to 14 – amazon jungle.

YYZ to LIM Air Canada Flight 2 week peru itinerary

Flying out from Toronto the previous day, we landed in Lima at 12:45AM.  It’s not the ideal flight but one of the limited direct flight options.  Upon landing, we grabbed a cab straight to our hotel,   Casa Wayra B&B in Miraflores .  This was a cheap stay in a good location.

Exhausted, we ended up sleeping until the late afternoon.  Our plan for the first day was to take it easy and explore whatever we could.  We honestly didn’t have anything fixed planned but instead asked the receptionist of our B&B for suggestions.

La Mar in Miraflores Cerviche

Famished and wanting to try at least one of the highly rated restaurants in the area, we cabbed over to La Mar .  We arrived right around noon which was the perfect time to get there because the restaurant was fully packed a short time later.  The food here incredible.  The cerviche and causa here did not disappoint.

Huaca Pucllana Pre Incan Ruins in Lima

For the afternoon, we spent most of our time at  Huaca Pucllana exploring the remains of a clay & adobe stepped pyramid from a Pre-Incan era.  I didn’t even know about this place before but am so glad we stumbled upon it.  It’s near the outer edge of Miraflores.

After that, we walked over to the “downtown” part of Miraflores .  There was lots to look at here and even better people watching.  This is where we found the famous cat park.  There were cats EVERYWHERE.


Figuring out the SIM card business wasn’t easy.  It took a little bit of charades with the Claro lady but eventually we had (most of it) figured out.  Sparing you the details, here’s what you need to know

  • Find a Claro store (Movistar is also good) and ask for a “chip prepago”.
  • The rep will sign you up and do the paper work.  Make sure you bring your passport.  They will also help set up your phone.
  • The SIM card itself will have some funds on it but it won’t be enough.
  • To recharge, you’ll need to go to a supermarket/bodega.  If it’s data you want, there are several packages based on the number of days you need.  For us, since we were there 2 weeks and wanted a good amount of data, I picked the 15 day package which comes with 1.5GB of data.
  • You will probably look really puzzled at this point so the cashier will probably help you activate the credits on your number.
  • After that you’re good to go!

Claro Peru Data Pricing Chart

If you have questions about voice, I wish I could help.  I wasn’t too concerned about calling but from what I understood, the base credits on the prepaid SIM card would cover you for emergency calls.

We eventually made our way down to the beach but by then the sun was rapidly setting and we only caught the silhouette of surfers in front of the purple drawn sky.

Sangucheria la Lucha Sandwiches in 2 week peru itinerary

For dinner we walked back up to the Parque Central de Miraflores area and ate at Sangucheria la Lucha which was casual spot I was dying to try after reading all the reviews.  I can’t remember exactly what I ordered but I remember I just couldn’t stop raving at how good it was.  On top of that, the folks working there spoke English and were very friendly.

Miraflores is the posh, upscale neighborhood of Lima and while you can say it’s a bit touristy, I preferred the area quite a bit more than the city center. Everything is walkable here and completely safe.


Early in the morning, we ordered a cab to take us to the airport where we caught an Avianca flight to Cusco.  Since we were way too early to actually check into our hotel, Yanantin Guest House (now called Hostal Illapa Inn) , we dropped our bags off and proceeded to wander around the city.

The great thing about Cusco is how easy it is to get anywhere on foot.  One of the big highlights of the day included our tour of Qurikancha which was once the site of the most important temple in the Inca empire.  It was later converted to a colonial church and convent of Santo Domingo but within its walls are the remnants of masterful stonework that at one point was gilded with gold.  The history here is quite fascinating.

We also tried to make it to the  Mercado Central de San Pedro but by the time we got there, most of the shops were closed.  We elected instead to try a few fruit shakes and bowl of chicken noodle soup.

Local Markets in Cusco

In search of some souvenirs, we also dropped by a few open air markets that were clearly built for tourists.  We were bombarded with anything and everything made with Alpaca wool.  I ended up picking up a pair of gloves here.

One task we had to make sure we fit in was the dropping by of the Alpaca Expeditions office to pay off the remaining balance of our Inca Trail trek.  We also booked our pre-trek briefing session when we were there.

Eventually we ended up at the  Plaza de Armas where I did a little bit of photography.

Morena Peruvian Kitchen Lomo Saltado

For dinner, we ate at Morena Peruvian Kitchen  which hit the spot for its authentic cuisine and reasonable pricing.  The Lomo Saltado dish I had was probably the best I had throughout the whole trip.

Don’t forget that you need account for time in your itinerary to go to your trekking operator’s office to check-in and pay.  Alpaca Expeditions also includes a briefing session before your trek so factor that in as well.

Locals Dress in Cusco

On our third day, we were waiting for our other friends to fly in so we spent the morning exploring new neighborhoods within Cusco.  One area I read about was San Blas so after breakfast we walked over there.  Perched on a bit of a hill, there was a small square by the church which made for a bunch of good photos.

Jose Explaining Peruvian Agricuture

Every trip, I always try to make sure we do something a bit more hands on.  Having such a good experience with our cooking class in Chiang Mai, I thought it’d be a great idea to try something similar in Cusco.  So after we met up with our friends, we made our way over to the Marcelo Batata Culinary Experience .

marcelo batata cooking class cerviche in 7 day itinerary in peru

The 5 hour class (2-7PM) was quite the thorough experience that truly gives you a better appreciation of Peruvian food and how to properly taste them.  You start off by learning about the history of food in Peru before going into a makeshift mini marketplace to see, feel, and smell the core ingredients to Peruvian cuisine.  Along the way, they feed you delicious hors d’oeuvres.

The real cooking comes into play when we had a chance to make our own ceviche and lomo saltado.  In between we also got to do a fruit tasting and mix our own pisco sour.

Cooking Class Lomo Saltado

Jose was a great instructor and I can’t say enough good things about this cooking class.  If you have an extra afternoon and you want to take it easy, this is a great option.

Group Shot with Jose of Marcelo Batata Culinary Experience

In hindsight, it was a great idea to do a class like this at the beginning of the trip because it helped us have a better appreciation of Peruvian food and how to eat it.

Book Marcelo Batata

As part of our acclimatization process, we planned 2 days in the Sacred Valley with two separate operators.  This particular part of the trip was difficult to plan because there are so many companies offering tours here.

In the end we opted to do the first day with a company called KB Tambo because they offered a “Super Day” private tour option that had all the things we were looking for that included an English speaking guide and driver.  They were also accommodating in terms of making tweaks to the itinerary.

Our final super day itinerary looked like this:

Local fabric market

Sacred Valley Fabric Market

Salineras Salt Mines

Salineras Salt Mines


Ollantaytambo Ruins

At the end of the night, we were dropped off at Tambo del Inka in Urumbamba (Marriott property) thanks to my buddy’s SPG points.  I would say this is one of the most incredible properties in the Sacred Valley.  I was very impressed.

Overall, we were very happy with how the tour was run.  Our guide, Jose, had great English and explained everything in detail to us as he guided us through.  I was quite amazed with everything we saw on this day trip with the highlight being the salt mines and the Moray circles.

Being the only group at the local market, I was also very happy with the photography I was able to do there.  There was no extra cost since we were buying goods there anyways so they were totally happy and willing to partake.

Cost wise, it came out to a total of $129 USD for the van (including driver).  To have a guide, there was an extra cost of $100 (over 8 hours of service).  Paypal deposit was required beforehand and the rest paid in cash after the end of the tour.  We also ended up paying 50 PEN in tips per person.

Andean Encounters with Stephano

For our second day in the Sacred Valley, we wanted to go a little off the beaten path.  There were less options for this and one company that really stood out was Andean Encounters .   What stood out the most from them was that one of his itineraries included time with a local family.  I did something similar in Thailand and it’s truly a special experience when you can get a glimpse into the daily life of those that live in the mountains.  So when I saw the “ Ankasmarka Ruins, Maucau Community and Lares Hotsprings ” tour, we jumped on it.

The day trip looked like this:

Calca Market – Stephano walked us through the market and also picked up the fish we’d ultimately eat for dinner

Calca Market Tour

Ankasmarka – As a spot that’s out of the way for most tours, it was just us in these incredible Pre-Incan ruins.


Maucau Community for lunch – A humbling experience and enlightening to learn what life is like in the mountains.

Maucau Community for Lunch near Lares

Lares Hotsprings – A relaxing way to end off our trip.

Dinner at a local restaurant along our way back to Cusco.

Local Peruvian Dinner

After arriving back in Cusco at roughly 8PM, we checked into the  Palacio del Inka  which was much nicer than the guest house we stayed at earlier in the trip.  This was made possible by my friend’s Marriott points so it always pays to collect.

Thankfully, Alpaca Expeditions was kind enough to accommodate our late arrival.  Our guide, San Juan, was waiting for us in the lobby where he gave us a full briefing of what the trek was going to be like and also gave us our green duffle bags where we had to pack everything that wasn’t going in our daypack.

While not ideal, the rest of the night ended up being a big scramble to repack everything we had.  In one bag, we had to shove everything we didn’t need on the Inca Trail to leave behind in the hotel.  And then we had to strategically pack our green duffle because we were only allowed 4kg of personal articles. We knew we didn’t have too much leeway here because the government would be weighing all porters upon entry.  Luckily the hotel had a scale in the bathroom so we kept taking turns weighing, finding out we had too much and then going back to remove more items.

Another thing we did was treat our clothes with Permethrin  that night.  Late into the night, I was out on the balcony spraying all of our outerwear.  Since this was something that could last 6 weeks, we figured that it’d be smart for us to coat this for both the Inca Trail and Amazon Jungle.  This was recommended by our local store as something that was effective against mosquitos and wouldn’t have that corrosive effect that 100% deet has.

Sufficed to say, we ended up sleeping later than we had originally planned.


The first thing you’ll notice with Stephano is that he’s completely passionate about his job and being able to share his culture with us. He’s has a wealth of anecdotes and I distinctly remember him setting straight the real facts about the people in the region.  Stephano is just a fascinating guy overall between his life story, his connection with the local people, and what he’s trying to do for the community.

While the first day in the Sacred Valley was a great overview of all the tourist highlights, this tour gave us a chance to go a little deeper and get connected to more of the local culture.  If that is what you’re looking for, I highly recommend Stephano and Andean Encounters.

Total cost of the day trip was higher than our previous day.  Everything came out to $760 USD for all of us which included the customizations we wanted (local dinner and drop off in Cusco).   50% Western Union payment was required as a deposit.  This was the only snag to the booking process as I was disappointed that they didn’t take Paypal but this is actually pretty normal for destinations that are less developed.

High Five Inca Trail

Our Inca Trail experience as part of our 2 week Peru itinerary is quite well documented so there’s no point in rehashing everything.  Here’s a list of the posts where you’ll find a wealth of information:

  • Ultimate Machu Picchu Inca Trail Planning Guide
  • The Truth About Hiking the Inca Trail
  • A Visual Journey Along the Inca Trail

Situated in the San Blas region of Cusco, we settled into the  Apu Huascaran Hostel after arriving back in Cusco.  I booked this one off of Booking.com last minute and it turned out to be a great place to stay for the 4 of us with its loft style configuration.

Plaza de Armas in Cusco

The Inca Trail hike was both physically demanding and exhausting so it was quite the relief to know we had the next day to recover.  Especially with how things played out with my girlfriend twisting her ankle on the last day of the trek, I’m not sure how we would’ve gone on without a day to do nothing.  As for the rest of us, we all had some form of ailment that needed to be taken care of so this was well timed.

It was a lazy kind of day for us.  With nothing planned other than wanting to sleep in, those that were able to walked around Cusco to load up on supplies (ice, meds, snacks) and exchanged for a bit more Peruvian Soles.

French Toast at Jack's Cafe in Cusco

A great brunch place we stumbled upon was Jack’s Cafe which had a great menu of Western breakfast items which was a nice change from all the Peruvian cuisine we’ve been having up until that point.

For dinner, we tried  Green Point My Vegan Restaurant next door to our hotel which I’d highly recommend.  Healthy foods rarely taste as good as what we had here.

I highly recommend that you insert a day off in Cusco in between Inca Trail and the Amazon.  You just don’t know how your body is going to react to high altitude.  We met a lot of people that went directly from one to the other and they looked extremely exhausted.

Refugio Amazonas Entrance

Like my Inca Trail experience, I put together detailed guides on the Amazon Jungle .  Here’s everything you need to know about our stay at Refugio Amazonas :

  • Ultimate Peru Amazon Jungle Planning Guide
  • Amazon Jungle – Rugged Adventure Meets Comforts
  • Peru Amazon Jungle – A Visual Journey

On our last day in the Amazon and to wrap up our 2 week Peru itinerary, this was was more or less a transit day where we caught a morning flight from Puerto Maldonado to Lima.

From the airport we cabbed to the Sheraton Lima Hotel & Convention Center where our friends were staying the night.  For the two of us, we used it as a place to drop off our bags and freshen up.

centrao historico lima in day 14 of the 2 week peru itinerary

Since we were situated in the historical center of Lima , we had the opportunity to walk to wander through the colorful colonial architecture and shopping promenades for a low-key kind of afternoon.  This was also our last chance to pick up souvenirs so we did that as well.

For dinner, we ended up back in Miraflores to dine at  Costazul Seafood .  The service was some of the best I had seen in Peru.  He accidentally tipped over my friend’s beer and he immediately apologized, cleaned everything up and then gave the whole table more bottles than we had originally ordered.  I also loved the local atmosphere here.  There was a family sitting behind us and at one point they brought out the guitar and broke into song and dance.  The ceviche here is not to be missed.

At this point, we found out that our 2:15AM flight back to Toronto was delayed a few hours so we head back to the Sheraton for a nap before getting one final cab to the Lima airport.

If you have your eyes set on a restaurant in Lima and Cusco, you MUST reserve early.  I thought we started planning pretty early but by the time I got around to booking, most of the fancier places were already booked solid.

Book with Alpaca Expeditions

I highly recommend that you book with Alpaca Expeditions .  They’re best in class and would recommend them to anyone.  If you want to know more, don’t hesitate to reach out to me.

Alpaca Expeditions Promotion

If you’re looking to book with Alpaca Expeditions , mention that you were referred by “Going Awesome Places” and you’ll be able to get free walking sticks and sleeping pads .  Also make sure to email me as well so I can resolve any issues that you may have.

How?   When you fill out their booking form, their second step has a drop down for “How did you hear about Alpaca Expeditions”. Select “Going Awesome Places Blog” in the drop down.

alpaca expeditions discount and promo instructions when booking online with referral

This is the best Alpaca Expeditions promotion and discount you’ll find on the market.

alpaca expedition inca trail trekking bonus promotion discount code

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  • Why Visit Peru – 10 Reasons Why You Need To Go

About William Tang

William is the Chief of Awesome at Going Awesome Places which is focused on off-the-beaten-path, outdoor adventure, and experiential travel. His true passion lies in telling stories, inspiring others to travel, writing detailed trip itineraries to help others plan their own trips, and providing helpful tips and tricks to guide readers to travel better. Make sure to learn more about William to find out his story and how Going Awesome Places started. He is a member of Travel Media Association of Canada (TMAC), Society of American Travel Writers (SATW), Adventure Travel Trade Association (ATTA), and Travel Massive. He has also featured in Reader's Digest, Entrepreneur, Men's Journal, and Haute Living.

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Questions? Call or Whatsapp (+597)8568332

4-Day Jungle Trip

  • Transport from Paramaribo to Knini Paati and back
  • All meals and coffee, tea, water
  • Forest Walk
  • Cultural experience
  • Nightly boattrip
  • Opportunity to swim in the sula (swimming in the sula depends on the water level)

You depart from Paramaribo towards Atjoni around 09:00 am. Along the way you make two stops to use the sanitary facilities or to enjoy a snack. At the beginning of the afternoon you arrive at Atjoni after which you start the boat trip of one (1) hour towards Knini Paati. Upon arrival on the island you can relax while enjoying a late lunch. After lunch it is time for check-in and you can settle in your assigned lodge. The first day is dedicated to settling and getting familiar to the surroundings. You have the opportunity to go swimming or to relax in the sula. At 7 pm it is time for the evening meal, after which you can continue to enjoy the tranquility.

This day is all about experiencing and impressions. Breakfast is ready at 08:00 and you leave at 09:00 for your first excursion. This takes a few hours so that you are back on the island in time to enjoy lunch. Afterwards you are free to enjoy nature and the other facilities at the resort by hammocking with a good book or for a siesta. You also have the opportunity to go swimming or to relax in the sula. At 7 pm it is time for dinner after which you can get ready for the excursion, the caiman watching and the night boat trip.

This day is the day when the Great adventure begins! After breakfast at 08:00 am you will get ready for a brisk forest walk of at least 3 hours with the guidance of the guide who will tell you everything about the different tree species in the forest and about how the ancestors lived and lived in the area. A true experience where you are an experience and experience richer afterwards. Lunch will be ready on your return, after which you can continue to enjoy nature and the other facilities at the resort by hammocking with a good book or before a siesta. You also have the opportunity to go swimming, relax in the sula or enjoy a nice cold beer in the restaurant.

The fourth day of your stay is again focused on relaxing. Breakfast is ready again from 08.00 and afterwards you can enjoy your last hours on the island. Relax in the hammock on the balcony of your lodge or swim in the sula before you return to the bustle of Paramaribo. At 11 am it is time for the check-out, after which you can enjoy a delicious lunch at 11:30 am. At 12:00 the return journey to Atjoni starts where you will be picked up by our driver. During the return journey you make one (1) stopover so that you are back on time at your holiday address, satisfied from the beautiful journey of discovery in Upper Suriname!

jungle trip 2

Visit the Tapawatra Sula, a unique rapid located at the confluence of the Gran Rio and the Pikin Rio of the Upper Suriname River.This Sula

jungle trip 2

Want to learn more about the culture and heritage of the Maroons? Visit the Saamaka Museum!

jungle trip 2

Anyone can kayak, you do not need a special diploma for that. You can fully enjoy the beauty of the beautiful Surinamese nature while paddling.

jungle trip 2

Are you ready for an exciting and adventurous overnight stay in the jungle? After breakfast at 08:00 hours, you will be ready for departure to

jungle trip 2

Are you looking for a little more adventure during your stay at Knini Paati? Then the day trip to Jungle Camp is for you!

jungle trip 2

Knini Paati and Pegasus Air Services have started a partnership from April 2022.Together we offer the exclusive Heli Sight Seeing Tour from Knini Paati to

Jungle Tours

jungle trip 2

  • 1 overnight stay
  • 3 excursions
  • Transport Paramaribo-Knini Paati
  • Meals and drinks*

jungle trip 2

  • Transport to and from Paramaribo

jungle trip 2

  • Including 4 activities

Photos & Videos

KNINI PAATI ECO-RESORT N.V. Address: Upper Suriname District: Sipaliwini Suriname File: 5365002

General conditions Privacy Policy

Knini Paati

jungle trip 2

Jordan Akcija

jungle trip 2

Dominikana - Punta Kana

jungle trip 2

Zanzibar PROMO

jungle trip 2

Zanzibar Kendwa

jungle trip 2

Kraljevski Maroko

jungle trip 2

Bali Kružna tura

jungle trip 2

Zanzibar Stone Town, Paje i Kendwa

jungle trip 2

Vijetnam Avantura

jungle trip 2

Tajland Bangkok, Krabi i Puket

jungle trip 2

Indija Zlatni trougao

jungle trip 2

Japan i Južna Koreja

jungle trip 2

Maroko PROMO

jungle trip 2

Šri Lanka ekspedicija

jungle trip 2

Kuba hoteli Havana i Varadero

jungle trip 2

Filipini ekspedicija - Cebu/Manila, Palavan i Borakaj

jungle trip 2

Indokina - Tajland, Kambodža i Vijetnam

jungle trip 2

Kapadokija avio

jungle trip 2

Kuba Akcija

jungle trip 2

Kuba - Havana, Trinidad i Varadero

jungle trip 2

Gruzija i Jermenija

jungle trip 2

Malezija i Borneo - Ekspedicija

jungle trip 2

Rio de Žaneiro

jungle trip 2

Island Akcija

jungle trip 2

Pakistan ekspedicija

jungle trip 2

Uzbekistan - Putevima Svile Ekspedicija

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Singapur, Indonezija, Malezija

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Mauricijus individualno

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Maldivi individualno

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Zanzibar individualno

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Tajland individualno

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Kuala Lumpur i Bali

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Antarktik iz Zagreba

jungle trip 2

Tajland – Bangkok i Puket

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Kenija safari

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Meksiko Merida i Plaja del Karmen

jungle trip 2

Sokotra ekspedicija

jungle trip 2

Filipini Avantura - Cebu i Borakaj

jungle trip 2

Japan Proleće

jungle trip 2

Kenija Plaža i Safari

jungle trip 2

Bali, Kuala Lumpur i Džakarta

jungle trip 2

Bali i Džakarta

jungle trip 2

Bali, Lankavi i Kuala Lumpur

jungle trip 2

Japan Jesen

jungle trip 2

Indija i Nepal

jungle trip 2

Peru, Bolivija, Čile, Argentina

jungle trip 2

Malaga avio individualno

jungle trip 2

Indija Diwali festival

jungle trip 2

Namibija safari

jungle trip 2

Lisabon avio

jungle trip 2

Sicilija avio Palermo

jungle trip 2

Sicilija avio Katanija

jungle trip 2

Zimovanje Bansko 2024

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Skijatos avio

jungle trip 2

Kefalonija avio

jungle trip 2

Indija Holi festival

jungle trip 2

Severna Indija

Individualna putovanja.

jungle trip 2

Dubai individualno

jungle trip 2

Portugal individualno

jungle trip 2

Kopenhagen individualno

Najnoviji putopisi.



Borneo! Samo ime je nekako toplo, pitomo i tiho kao i ime okeana u kome se nalazi. „Mali dečak“, poznatiji kao El Niño mu obezbeđuje toplo vreme i pogoduje bujanju bogate vegetacije koju čini...

Nepal - Sve što treba da znate

Nepal - Sve što treba da znate

Nepal ne spada u mesta i destinacije prve na listi za posetiti. Znamo je uglavnom kao dom Mont Everesta i 8 najvisih vrhova na svetu i neverovatnih pogleda na okolinu i prirodu, upravo sa njih....

Zašto ići na Šri Lanku - Lokaliteti i lokalna kuhinja

Zašto ići na Šri Lanku - Lokaliteti i lokalna kuhinja

Šri Lanka je malo tropsko ostrvo koje bogatstvom prirode, raznolikošću pejzaža i kulturnim nasleđem pruža sliku čitavog kontinenta. Peščane plaže, surf, nacionalni parkovi, budistički i...

TOP 5 Najinstagramičnijih mesta u Jordanu

TOP 5 Najinstagramičnijih mesta u Jordanu

PETRANema Jordana bez Petre! U čuvenoj Petri ima svakako mnogo mesta na kojima ćete poželeti da se fotografišete, ali jedno od najpopularnijih je ispred Riznice i to sa neke od prirodnih terasa....

Top 5 najinstagramičnijih mesta u Kapadokiji

Top 5 najinstagramičnijih mesta u Kapadokiji

1. IZ BALONA i tokom samih priprema za polatenje balonaKako baloni poleću neposredno pred izlazak sunca da bi se sam izlazak dočekao u visinama i među oblacima, tokom tih ranih jutarnjih sati...

ŠKOLA ZA VODIČE - mala škola turizma

ŠKOLA ZA VODIČE - mala škola turizma

Voliš da putuješ, da se družiš, da luduješ po žurkama, da upoznaješ nove kulture? Hoćeš da obiđeš ceo svet kao deo tima Nasmejanog plemena? Hoćeš da postaneš vodič zabavan putnicima, a koji im istovremeno pruža informacije o istoriji i kulturi države i grada u koje putuje?KO KAŽE DA NE MOŽEŠ?! Naši vodiči su nakon škole proputovali Evropu i svet! Jungle tribe škola za...

Podešavanje kolačića

Izaberite kolačiće koje želite da prihvatite. Možete promeniti ova podešavanja u bilo kom trenutku na stranici politika privatnosti ili koristeći podešavanja Vašeg pregledača.

  • Omogućavaju prijavu na vaš korisnički nalog
  • Omogućavaju prikaz nedavno pregledanih putovanja
  • Omogućavaju dodavanje putovanja u listu želja
  • Poboljšavaju sigurnost
  • Prate stranice koje posećujete i način na koji ih koristite
  • Prikupljaju informacije o regionu, pregledaču i vrsti uređaja
  • Prikupljaju informacije o funkcijama sajta koje koristite
  • Poboljšavaju kvalitet statističkih izveštaja

Zen-sational sale 🌙   Up to 50% off on adventures across Asia!   Up to 50% OFF

Jungle Tours in South East Asia

Imagine walking past emerald-green leaves, underneath rainforest canopies guided by shafts of sunlight. With 17 jungle adventures in South East Asia lasting from 1 days to 20 days, a trek through the rich greenery of South East Asia will fulfil your sense of adventure.

17 Jungle tours in South East Asia with 27 reviews

Best of Borneo National Geographic Journeys Tour

  • Active Adventure
  • Jungle Trekking
  • Hiking & Trekking

Best of Borneo National Geographic Journeys

Trekking Borneo & Beyond Tour

  • Mountain Hikes

Trekking Borneo & Beyond

Highlights of Vietnam Tour

  • In-depth Cultural

Highlights of Vietnam

Phong Nha Ke Bang Caves and Lagoon Adventure 3 Days Tour

  • Christmas & New Year

Phong Nha Ke Bang Caves and Lagoon Adventure 3 Days

  • 10% deposit on some dates Some departure dates offer you the chance to book this tour with a lower deposit.

Fansipan Mountain Trekking 2 days 1 night Tour

Fansipan Mountain Trekking 2 days 1 night

Pu Luong 3 Days - Hieu waterfall - the Experience Tour

Pu Luong 3 Days - Hieu waterfall - the Experience

Laos Adventure: Jungle Drums meet Local Life! Tour

  • Intl. Flights Included

Laos Adventure: Jungle Drums meet Local Life!

  • Flights included
  • €50 deposit on some dates Some departure dates offer you the chance to book this tour with a lower deposit.

Malaysia with Friends: Adventure Between Jungle & Dream Beach Tour

Malaysia with Friends: Adventure Between Jungle & Dream Beach

Wild Sarawak (from Kuching to Kota Kinabalu) Tour

Wild Sarawak (from Kuching to Kota Kinabalu)

"Guide and tour is very good, covid made us lose some activities, so I would have made a discount on thebtour"

Best of Borneo (from Kuching to Sepilok) Tour

  • Wildlife Trekking

Best of Borneo (from Kuching to Sepilok)

"It was everything I imagine it will be and more. Our guide for the first part of the tour in Sarawak was amazing. The guide for Sabah was newish to guiding and you can tell. But overall great trip!"

Walk Indonesia - Java and Bali Tour

  • Walking Adventure

Walk Indonesia - Java and Bali

12 days Amazing Moments Vietnam Tour

  • Local Living

12 days Amazing Moments Vietnam

Trekking from Kalaw to Inle Lake Tour

Trekking from Kalaw to Inle Lake

Jungle trek and Lo Mo cave expedition 4 days 3 nights Tour

Jungle trek and Lo Mo cave expedition 4 days 3 nights

Ba Vi - 2 day Jungle Trekking with Active Travel Asia Tour

Ba Vi - 2 day Jungle Trekking with Active Travel Asia

South east asia jungle tour reviews.

Good, but I do have a few recommendations to make later.
The tour with Exodus was fabulous. Couldn’t rate it more highly. But the communication provided by Tour Radar was dreadful. The other tour members all booked directly with Exodus and received information about the group composition, airport transfers, pre tour briefing etc before traveling. Despite reaching out to Tour Radar I received nothing. I would never ever use your radar again but would definitely book directly with Exodus.
Expensive but finally it was totally worth it. This day was one of the best we spend in vietnam. Our guide, Henry was so nice and so funny we had such a nice time with this crazy guy !! Also, the food was so good. We highly recommend this trip. We toured Paradise Cave, absolutely beautiful cavern with great cave formations, 8 Lady Cave (more of a shrine than a cave) and the Hang Tra Ang cave, a swim into a interesting cave.All was great

Travel Styles

International versions.

  • Deutsch: Südostasien Dschungel Wanderung Rundreisen
  • Français: Asie du Sud-Est : Circuits trek dans la jungle 2024/2025
  • Español: Senderismo por la selva Circuitos en Sudeste Asiático
  • Nederlands: Jungle trekkings Rondreizen in Zuidoost-Azië


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  5. How to visit the Amazon rainforest: River cruises ...

    "Truly a once in a lifetime trip. Got to see and do so many incredible things. I recommend adding on swimming with the pink dolphins and sleeping out in the jungle in hammocks. Our guide was amazing - especially when we camped in the jungle. A trip I'll never forget! Bring a raincoat just in case." - 3 Days Amazon Jungle Adventure Tour

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  9. The Perfect Belize Itinerary: 7 Unforgettable Days, Jungle & Islands

    Day 0: Arrive in Belize; transfer to your jungle eco-lodge. Day 1, jungle: Jungle adventures in the Cayo District. Day 2, jungle: Day trip to Tikal National Park in Guatemala. Day 3, jungle: San Ignacio and ATM Cave tour. Day 4, jungle/islands: Wake up in the jungle, transfer to Caye Caulker. Day 5, islands: "Go Slow" in Caye Caulker (or ...

  10. 2-day jungle trip

    Day 1 Departure from Paramaribo to Atjoni is around 9:00 am. Along the way you will make two (2) stops to use the sanitary facilities or have a snack. At the beginning of the afternoon you will arrive at Atjoni after which you will start the one hour boat trip towards Knini Paati.

  11. Rio de Janeiro & the Amazon Rainforest Tour

    Combine Rio & the Amazon Rainforest Adventure for 2 Highlights of Brazil. 8 Days / 7 Nights per person*. from 2035. *Example by 4 travelers in 4★ accommodation, low season. Flights priced separately. Get a quote for 1 to 99+ below.

  12. Amazon Jungle Excursions 2/ Days /1 night

    Overview Unleash your spirit of adventurer, Go on an unforgettable adventure! Let yourself be conquered by the charm of nature. Experience a night hike through the dense jungle and learn about the different species that dominate when the sun is not shining.

  13. 2 Week Peru Itinerary

    Table of Contents. Day 1 - Flying into Lima. Day 2 - Cusco. Day 3 - Cooking in Cusco. Day 4 - Sacred Valley with KB Tambo. Day 5 - Sacred Valley with Andean Encounters. Day 6 to 9 - Inca Trail. Day 10 - Recovery in Cusco. Day 11 to 14 - Amazon Jungle.

  14. Manaus: 2, 3 or 4-Day Amazon Jungle Tour in Anaconda Lodge

    4 / 5 319 reviews Amazon Amazing Tours Add to wishlist View all 23 images 1 / 23 Visit the Amazon, the largest tropical rain forest and river basin in the world. Take a 2, 3 or 4-day tour through the highlights of this unique biological wonder staying at Anaconda Jungle Lodge and learn about the diverse creatures within. About this activity

  15. 4-Day Jungle Trip

    Day 1. You depart from Paramaribo towards Atjoni around 09:00 am. Along the way you make two stops to use the sanitary facilities or to enjoy a snack. At the beginning of the afternoon you arrive at Atjoni after which you start the boat trip of one (1) hour towards Knini Paati. Upon arrival on the island you can relax while enjoying a late lunch.

  16. Iquitos: 2 Days and 1 Night Guided Amazon Jungle Tour

    1 / 13 Escape the noise and pollution of the big city on this guided tour of the Amazon jungle. Sail through the majestic Amazon river,go on an adventure in the jungle, and discover the indigenous community. About this activity Free cancellation Cancel up to 24 hours in advance for a full refund Reserve now & pay later

  17. Jungle Tribe

    Nasmejano pleme vas vodi na neobična putovanja po celom svetu. Odaberite svoje putovanje - Tajland, Zanzibar, Kuba, Šri Lanka, Bali, Maroko, Japan, Vijetnam, Karibi, Južna Amerika, Azija.. Samo odaberite svoju destinaciju i uživajte na putovanju.

  18. 10 Best Jungle Trips & Tours 2024/2025

    Trek Hidden Costa Rica. 5.0 (27 reviews) "Costa Rica is a nation and a culture of community. Thus, it is no surprise that our CEO, Jorge Mendez (a Tico himself), should be so adept at making our 16 member trekking group a community. Even more compelling is Jorge's knowledge of the ecology (birds—by sound or sight, mammals, reptiles, geology ...

  19. The BEST Cusco Region Jungle tours 2024

    The best Cusco Region Jungle tours are: Tambopata Peruvian Amazon Jungle for Three Days/Two Nights. Puerto Maldonado: 4-Day Tambopata Rainforest Tour. From Cusco: Machu Picchu 2-Day Overnight Trip. From Cusco: Machu Picchu 2-day Budget Tour by Car. From Cusco: Classic Salkantay Trek with Return by Train.

  20. Getting in to the Jungle 3D/2N-At Tapiri Rio Negro Lodge

    One of the biggest highlights of our entire South America trip was spending 4 days in the Amazon with Joshua's expeditions. Our jungle guide, Toniel and captain João were the real deal. Toniel was born in the jungle, catches caiman with his bare hands and tells you campfire stories about his encounters with jaguars.

  21. ULTIMATE Guide to Puerto Maldonado, Peru (and the Amazon Jungle!)

    1. Visit Sandoval Lake. This beautiful lake is only a short 45-minute boat ride from Puerto Maldonado Harbour. Here, you can go for a jungle walk to try and spot wildlife such as Macaws, monkeys, and reptiles before jumping in a canoe in the lake and trying to find otters.

  22. 2-Day Khao Sok Jungle Safari from Krabi 2024

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