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A recent study showed that the solo travel industry is projected to experience a significant influx in the upcoming years. Whether you want to experience a solo adventure, see the world at your own convenience, or hope to meet new people along the way, there’s always something worthwhile about traveling by yourself. 

Luckily, there are plenty of travel companies that cater to solo travelers to make planning stress-free. Below, we’ve rounded up some of the best companies for every budget and travel preference to support your wanderlust—including our top picks for women-only and solo parent travel.

8 Best Tour Companies for Singles of 2024

  • Best Experience: Exodus Travels
  • Best for Ages 35-50: El Camino Travel
  • Best Sustainable: G Adventures
  • Best for True Solo Travel: Black Tomato
  • Best for Ages 25-39: For The Love of Travel
  • Best for 50+: Overseas Adventure Travel Rates
  • Best Female: Wild Women Expeditions
  • Best for Solo Parent Travel: Intrepid Travel

Best Experience : Exodus Travels

Courtesy of Exodus Travels

Traveling solo on an Exodus Travels group trip means access to self-guided and guided excursions around the world for every type of traveler. Choose a walking wine holiday in Portugal or explore Egypt via cruise boat and sleeper train, for example. Additionally, its Exodus Edits collection offers shorter itineraries of up to five days and is geared towards travelers in their 30s and 40s—though they’re ideal for anyone looking for more vigorous activity such as ziplining and surfing in Costa Rica or sampling street eats and beach hopping in Sicily. 

There is no single supplement fee when you room with a fellow traveler, and chances are you may end up with your own room anyway. Booking a travel itinerary with UK-based Exodus Travels includes a full refund should the company need to cancel your trip and a complimentary trip transfer to another tour or different person up to 21 days before the scheduled trip. Plus, travelers who book their third or more trips with Exodus receive a 5 percent discount on their next booking.

What’s more, the company works to curate trips that align with a number of United Nations sustainable development goals including goals for responsible consumption and production, empowering local communities, and climate action considerations. Exodus Travels (founded in 1974) was awarded Best Operator in National Geographic Traveller’s sixth annual Reader Awards in 2021.

Best for Ages 35-50 : El Camino Travel

Courtesy of Encounter Travel

According to El Camino Travel ’s founder, Katalina Mayorga, elder millennials are their strongest customer base. That means if you were born between 1980 and 1985 approximately, you’ll find yourself among curious, like-minded solo travelers looking to immerse themselves in destinations like Trinidad and Tobago, Colombia, and the Eastern European nation of Georgia. Some trips even add a professional photographer to capture shareable shots so you can remain in the moment.

All of El Camino’s guided, small group trips max out at 12 participants. They’re also curated with an ethos of preserving and protecting local culture, the environment, and communities. For example, some of their partners include the Environmental Research Institute Charlotteville in Tobago and La Sierra Artist Residency in Santa Marta, Colombia.

Best Sustainable : G Adventures

Courtesy of Intrepid Travel

G Adventures is particularly known for its sustainable, responsible ethos. The company works with small, locally-owned hotels and operators to ensure your travel dollars benefit the community you’re visiting; outlines policies around child and animal welfare practices; aims to reduce single-use plastics, and works to ensure experiences taking place in Indigenous communities align with community goals.

Founded in 1990, G Adventures specializes in small group adventure tours to a host of destinations from Asia to South America and Africa to the Arctic. Nearly half of the travelers on every trip are flying solo, and there’s no single supplement if you choose to bunk with a same-sex roommate. Or, select your own room for a fee. 

A Chief Experience Officer leads each group tour and itineraries are searchable by travel style. For example, find wellness-centric trips like nine days of daily yoga, visits to Hindu temples, and partake in traditional healing ceremonies in Bali. Or travel with their partner, National Geographic, for an exclusive guided tour of South Africa’s Kirstenbosch National Botanical Garden and a visit to Soweto township in Johannesburg, the home of Nelson Mandela. 

G Adventures partnered with hostel booking service Hostelworld in 2021 to launch its Roamies itineraries. Its combination of backpacking and organized travel itineraries includes countries like Albania, Mexico, the Netherlands, and Vietnam. The trips are marketed to 18- to 35-year-olds, though like-minded individuals keen on budget travel and communal environments may enjoy these trips, too.

Best for True Solo Travel : Black Tomato

Courtesy of G Adventures

Black Tomato specializes in bespoke luxury travel experiences. For those interested in traversing around the world solo and willing to pay a premium for tailored itineraries, its adventurous or culturally immersive experiences may just be your ticket.

Your travels might look like hiking and biking in Patagonia, embarking on a spiritual pilgrimage through Bhutan and India, chasing glaciers and geysers in Iceland, or learning to cook Georgia and Armenia’s local dishes or Japan’s regional cuisine.

In 2017, Black Tomato launched its Get Lost adventure travel experience. With the support of a dedicated team, and without prior knowledge of where they're headed, Get Lost participants will find their way home from an undisclosed location. The location is selected based on a pre-travel questionnaire about which environment clients would like to immerse themselves in. Then, they show up at the airport and the adventure begins.

Best for Ages 25-39 : For The Love of Travel

Courtesy of Contiki

With 80 percent of individuals traveling with For The Love of Travel jet -setting solo, each trip is packed with opportunities to meet fellow Millennial and Gen Z travel enthusiasts. For example, within your small “crew” of up to 14 people, make new friends doing snow sports and unwinding in saunas in Lapland or devouring tacos and sipping mezcal in Mexico City. Trips range from four to nine days, including weekends in Colorado’s Rocky Mountain wilderness or an extended weekend in Costa Rica where you’ll hike through rainforests, relax in hammocks, and hike, bike, or surf.

According to company feedback, the average FTLOT traveler is 30 years old and interested in meeting new people while traveling . The company bills itself as a mid-range travel company, where “​​we might stay in a more basic hotel for a couple of nights so we can include a Michelin-worthy meal and a private catamaran ride.” 

In 2022, FTLOT plans to offer at least 10 new itineraries including to Belize, Turkey, and Spain’s Basque Country. And for those with the flexibility, the company launched Sojrn in 2021 featuring month-long, themed stays in destinations like Cape Town—focused on biodiversity—and a fashion-oriented stay in Paris.

FTLOT requires an initial deposit and allows installment payments if not paid in full.

Best for 50+ : Overseas Adventure Travel Rates

Courtesy Flash Pack

Overseas Adventure Travel is primarily aimed at American travelers aged 50 and over. It offers guided itineraries to worldwide destinations, including Africa, Antarctica, Asia, and the South Pacific, with trips ranked by activity level and accompanied by a list of physical requirements to help select an itinerary that is best suited for you. For example, their Japan and South Korea itinerary advise that participants be able to carry their own luggage as the selected hotels do not have porter service.

Some of Overseas Adventure Travel’s most popular trips include 17 days of wending the Adriatic from Croatia to Bosnia and Herzegovina (think a walking tour in Dubrovnik, sampling traditional Bosnian food in Sarajevo, and exploring the countryside near Zagreb). On another popular trip, you spend 15 days traveling through Lithuania, Latvia, and Estonia, ending in Helsinki, Finland. All trips offer pre-and post-itinerary extensions, and either waive the single supplement entirely or offer a discount on a private room.

The company offers a free Roommate Matching Program which helps you find a like-minded, same-sex roommate. If they can’t find a match, your single supplement is deducted. Small group sizes typically average 13 travelers.

Overseas Adventure Travel won the Solo Travel Award for Best Tour in 2017 and 2018, thanks in large part to its policy of offering a limited number of single spaces for each itinerary.

Best Female : Wild Women Expeditions

Courtesy of Overseas Adventure Travel

It began as an all-women, Canada-based canoe tripping company in 1991, and Wild Women Expeditions is perfect for boundary-pushing women who want to travel independently and enjoy the safety and support of an organized tour. The company also prioritizes hiring female tour leaders and on-the-ground guides. It offers outdoor adventures for women of all ages and identities and with a range of physical abilities (“whether your greatest skill is tracking a storm or talking up a storm, summiting mountains or summoning courage, keeping your kayak in line or coloring outside the lines,” as the company describes).

The company travels to 31 destinations around the world like Egypt, Tanzania, and the Azores islands. Itineraries are typically adventure-based and are filtered on their website by activity, with options ranging from sailing to cycling and horse riding. Imagine yourself sea kayaking and snorkeling in the Galapagos or scaling glaciers in Alaska. 

Most guests are solo travelers and there’s no single supplement to worry about as accommodation is typically in a shared room or cabin. Though if privacy is a priority, you can usually snag your own room for a nominal extra fee. Group sizes are kept small and social with between six and 14 women, depending on the itinerary you choose. The average group size is eight. 

Wild Women Expeditions also takes care to curate trips that avoid or minimize the disturbance of wildlife; supports environmental education and advocacy projects; and partners with social justice and women’s rights organizations.

Want to take a look at some other options? See our guide to the best women-only adventure travel companies .

Best for Solo Parent Travel : Intrepid Travel

Courtesy of Wild Women Expeditions

Intrepid ’s family-themed holidays welcome adults traveling with children, including solo parents looking to travel with their kids without the stress of planning and coordinating a trip. Since each family’s travel needs and preferences are different, every itinerary includes an “essential trip information” section where Intrepid outlines whether the trip would be a good fit for you and your kids, as well as a physical rating from least to more strenuous activities. 

For example, an itinerary through part of the Amazon Jungle in Peru advises the jungle can be very hot and humid, and that the weather can be unpredictable in the Andes. On the other hand, an 11-day trip to Borneo island in Southeast Asia lists a minimum age of 5 and outlines a range of accommodations from hotels to guesthouses and jungle camps; on a few occasions, travel times between destinations range between four to five hours. Trips to Costa Rica, Tanzania, China, and Morocco are also listed.

Individuals under 17 years typically receive a 10 percent discount, and the company requires that adults have at least one child under 18 years traveling with them. As part of Intrepid’s commitment to responsible travel, itineraries support initiatives surrounding sustainability and conservation, climate education, and preservation of Indigenous culture.  

Mathieu Young / Getty Images

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Exploration Solo

Exploration Solo

Navigating the Single Supplement

If you’re new to solo traveling, you may not have heard about the single supplement, sometimes called the single person supplement.  It’s not something that comes up a lot in conversation or in posts about fantastic solo trips with pretty photos. But it’s important and needs to be discussed more often.

When I booked my first solo trip, I was told there would be a 20% solo traveler fee added to my booking unless I wanted to share a room.

My first thought was “What? I have to pay more?”

Pinterest pin with image of a coffee mug, passport, green camera, postcard of leaf on white background, and black sign with text that says

What is the Single Supplement?

Are there tours with no single supplements, how much is the single supplement, sharing a room, ask if the supplement can be waived, use a travel agency, book your trip last minute, not all tour companies will accommodate a solo traveler, how to determine if a single supplement applies to your trip, what questions should you ask, the single supplement – it’s not too complicated.

A little note:  There are always exceptions and, as I’ll point out multiple times, you should verify the rules of any tour company before booking. The information below is based on “ the usual” unless noted otherwise. If I try to note every exception we’ll be heading down rabbit holes with no hope of ever seeing daylight.

Single person supplements usually apply on a group tour or trip where overnight accommodations are part of the package. 

I’ve seen it on cruises, guided backpacking trips, and tours that stop in different towns or countries. 

It’s tricky logic, but most companies invoice per person while still assuming two individuals will occupy one room (tent, yurt, dome, et cetera).

Let’s say a trip is $4000 per person.  If a couple books one room, they are paying per person but booking one room. The company sponsoring the tour receives $4000 for each individual or $8000 for the room.

Line of stick figures showing 2 beds and 2 people. Each person has $4000 over their head with a total of $8000.  Below is another line with 2 beds and one stick figure with $4000 over their head and a total of negative $4000.

If you’re a solo traveler, you are only paying for one person. The company is only getting $4000 for the room so they see it as a net loss of -$4000. 

To manage these losses, most companies charge solo travelers a single supplement on top of the trip fee.

Yes. There are tour companies and cruises that offer trips with no single supplements. You can search online for these companies. Before booking, do your research and make sure they are reputable companies with good reviews.

There are also websites that help

The cost of a single room supplement varies based on the tour company, type of trip, and when you book.

It’s usually 20% of the cost of the trip, but I’ve seen 50% and heard of some companies that actually charge a full 100% (so you’re paying for 2 people).

Avoiding the Single Supplement

Before you panic, almost every tour company will waive the single supplement if a solo traveler is willing to share a room with another traveler of the same gender. It’s one of the easiest ways to still book the trip you want and save money.

Using our example above, if a couple books a room at $4000 each, the tour company gets $8000. If two solo travelers share a room at $4000 each, the tour company still gets $8000 for the room.

Line of stick figures showing 2 beds and 2 people. Each person has $4000 over their head with a total of $8000.  Below is another line with 2 beds and two stick figures with a plus sign between them and $4000 over each head with a total of $8000.

This is what many solo travelers do and it not only reduces cost, but you may find a great person to share your trip with. 

It’s always possible you don’t like your roommate or they snore, or so many other things, but you’ll rarely be in the room. 

Finding Someone to Share the Room

Most tour companies will place you in a room with another traveler of the same gender. You don’t need to do anything but book the trip.

If you prefer to choose your own bunkmate, there are Facebook groups and MeetUp groups designed to help pair solo travelers together on trips.

What Happens If There is No One to Share a Room ?

It’s important to read the fine print before booking any trip. 

If you offer to share a room and the tour company does not have someone to pair you with, they usually still waive the fee because it’s still more money than an empty room. 

That being said, always ask for clarification on the policy for this scenario before you book.

While rare, some companies book solo travelers tentatively and do not consider you fully booked unless they have someone that will share the room.

You could wind up paying the single supplement, or they could decide to refuse to finalize your booking, meaning you no longer have accommodations.

It’s always worth picking up the phone to see if the supplement will be waived. Barring that, they may offer a discount. I have friends and family who had success getting the supplement waived on cruise ships and river cruises. 

If the tour is having difficulty booking and filling rooms, they often prefer to have a few rooms with 50% occupancy rather than 0%.

At the end of the day, it really depends on the tour company, the margins they’re using to run their business, and the cost of allowing a solo traveler on the trip versus holding the room.

Sometimes using a travel agency can help a solo traveler who is having issues booking. 

As an example, when I went to the Galapagos there were 5 boats with tours matching my schedule. I could have called all five companies and maybe reach two people and then try to get one to waive the single room supplement. It would have taken weeks.

Instead, I used a travel agency. They had contacts at each company and were able to figure it out in 24 hours. Only two companies would accommodate solo travelers and I had to be willing to share a room. Luckily the travel agency was working with another solo female traveler with the same schedule and they were able to pair us together and book the room.

This is risky, but if you have a flexible schedule and aren’t particular about which specific tour you want, you can sometimes get the single supplement waived.

Tour companies want to avoid empty rooms. A single traveler still puts money in their pocket. If it’s getting close to the departure date and they have empty rooms, you have a good chance.

The downside is there may not be any rooms left and you lose out on the trip.

Important Details About the Single Supplement

Whether or not a tour company will even consider booking a solo traveler depends on the trip, the destination, and the company. 

Stick figures with 2 beds and one person with $4000 over their head totaling negative $4000. There is a big, red X over the entire scene.

It’s a gamble because they want to fill the room, but they don’t necessarily want an empty room so they use historical data and judgment. 

As an example, Antarctica tours usually book well in advance and the companies know there are many last-minute solo travelers vying for spots at the port.  

These tours are usually willing to book a solo traveler without confirming they have someone to share the room at the time.

On the other hand, The Galapagos tours are small yachts with no more than 12 passengers. Since they run so tight they often prefer to wait for a couple to book rather than have a solo passenger taking up a valuable room. 

Read the fine print for any group tour.  If you have questions, be sure to ask for clarification. 

It also doesn’t hurt to try to negotiate any rates or policies.  In some countries, this is a normal practice.  At worst, they may say no.  At best, you get a bit of a discount. 

Whether working with a tour company directly or using a travel agency, be sure to ask about the single supplement and make sure you get any policies in writing.

  • Does the tour accommodate solo travelers?
  • Is there a single supplement?
  • How much is the single supplement?
  • Is the supplement waived if you’re willing to share a room with someone of the same gender?
  • Are you fully booked or can the tour cancel your booking if another solo traveler to share the room is not booked?  If so, by what date will they notify you?
  • Will you be charged extra if they are unable to pair you with a roommate?
  • Negotiate any fees if applicable. 

Pinterest pin with images of stick figures with both lines showing two beds and two people with $4000 over each head for each line totaling $8000. The text says,

Just being aware that the single supplement exists and could apply to your trip will help make your planning go smoother.

Once you understand what it is and why companies implement them, you’ll become a pro at knowing what to ask and negotiating better rates. 

Enjoy your journey!

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