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26 Best Countries to Visit in September Around the World in 2024

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Here is our list of the best countries to visit in September, no matter where you are in the world!

Wondering which are the best destinations to visit in September ? This will vary greatly from one person to another depending upon what one is looking for in a holiday.

Are you looking for a tropical climate, lots of things to do, off season prices with fewer crowds, unique festivals in Septembe r, nature, wildlife spotting or adventure?

As fulltime travellers , this is something we are constantly needing to research and consider when doing our travel planning. We like to slow travel and we are on a budget, so we try to choose destinations where it is the low to shoulder season. In most cases, this means less tourists, lower prices and more bang-for-our-buck when it comes to booking accommodation.

No matter what your requirements and desires, here is our round up of 26 of the best countries to visit in September in the world. With an extensive number of options, travellers are spoilt for choice and there is something there to suit every type of traveller!

Best Countries to Visit in September in Asia

Are you planning to visit Asia in September? Check out our list of the best places to travel in September in Asia and enjoy your holiday like never before.

1. South Korea in September

Contributed by Zhen at ‘A Love Letter to Asia’

a traditional wooden house in seoul, korea, one of the Best Countries to Visit in September

Enjoy Korean Culture Without the Crowds

  • Korea is a beautiful country but the weather is quite extreme. Hot and muggy in summer, freezing in winter, and lots of air pollution in spring. September offers cooler weather with better quality air, making it an ideal time to visit!
  • It’s not peak tourist season, so you will be able to sightsee more comfortably, and not have to squeeze with the crowd! (Seoul is 1 of the most densely populated cities in the world.)
  • Chuseok, one of the most important Korean festivals, often falls in September. It’s based on the lunar calendar so the date changes every year. e.g. 9-11 Sep in 2022 vs 28-30 Sep 2023. You’ll get to experience a traditional Korean festival if you visit then!

Located in  East Asia , Korea is an ideal place to visit in fall. If you’ve been seduced by Netflix K-dramas and K-pop, this is the best time to visit! Korea is a highly modernised country , so you won’t miss out on your creature comforts there i.e. there is free Wi-Fi almost everywhere.

However, it has also preserved many of its traditions and you’ll be awed by its  colourful history , which shines through in its architecture and 11 UNESCO World Heritage sites. Plus, food, taxis and skincare are relatively inexpensive here, compared to Japan.

Weather in Korea In September: 

  • It’s the start of fall: the days are still long, but the weather is the perfect temperature to see the top attractions, being neither too hot nor too cold! 
  • Temperatures range from 17°C | 63°F to 26°C | 78 °F. 
  • Days are often bright, warm and sunny, but you might need a sweater in the evening.
  • Thankfully, the air is at its clearest, with the best air quality during this time (great for photography as there’s less air dust).
  • Do note that September marks the end of Korea’s typhoon season, so do check the weather forecast before heading out.

Things to Do in Korea in September: 

  • Obviously, no visit to Korea is complete without seeing Seoul! From the food markets such as Gwangjang Market of Netflix fame, to the beautiful historic palaces, there’s something to delight everyone here.
  • Visit  Korea’s second largest city, Busan , home to Korea’s most famous beach, Haeundae. For K-pop lovers, you’ll be keen to know that 2 BTS members hail from Busan!
  • Take the train from Seoul to Jeonju . Jeonju literally translates to “Perfect Region” so you can expect to be amazed here! At Jeonju Hanok village, you can see over 750 well-preserved Korean traditional houses (hanok.) And, it’s also Korea’s capital of gastronomy , being where bibimbap was invented.
  • Fly to  Jeju Island . Often marketed as Korea’s answer to Hawaii, the volcanic island is very different to the rest of Korea. It is full of beautiful natural attractions, from South Korea’s tallest mountain (Hallasan) to its beautiful beaches. Plus, the food in Jeju is amazing- the best I’ve had in my 8 trips to Korea!
  • From Jeju, take a short ferry ride to an even smaller island,  Udo Island  (literally cow island.) This tiny place is actually a lava plateau, and you’ll have the opportunity to rent the cutest colourful scooters to explore.

Events / Festivals in Korea in September: 

  • Chuseok – Also known as the mid-autumn harvest festival, Chuseok is one of Korea’s most important holidays. It is a major Korean festival and everyone will be travelling then, resulting in full trains and traffic jams. It’s the best time to learn about Korean history, culture and eat special festival foods!
  • Gyeongbokgung Palace at night – September is one of the two times a year that the majestic Gyeongbokgung Palace is open at night. You’ll be amazed by how beautiful it looks under the stars!

2. Vietnam in September

Contributed by Karen at ‘Outdoor Adventure Sampler’

rice fields in the countryside in sapa, vietnam

Best Time for Trekking Adventures in Sapa

  • The scorching heat of summer is gone by September
  • September is the shoulder season, so crowds have thinned at tourist attractions
  • World famous beaches beckon in September

Vietnam is located in southeast Asia , bordered by the South China Sea and Gulf of Tonkin to the east, China to the north, and Laos and Cambodia to the west.

The natural landscapes and colonial history make Vietnam an ideal location to visit in September. World Heritage sites such as Ha Long Bay, the ancient streets of Hoi An, and Phong Nha-Ke Bang National Park are less crowded.

Vietnamese people are friendly and will lavish you with attention in the less touristy season. Prices for accommodation and excellent cuisine in Vietnam are very affordable.

Weather in Vietnam In September:

  • September marks the end of the summer with cooler temperatures particularly in the north. September can be rainy as it straddles the monsoon season.
  • Daytime temperatures range from 23 degrees to 31 degrees Celsius / 73 to 88 degrees Fahrenheit depending on the region

Things to Do in Vietnam in September:

  • Trekking adventures in Sapa   are fantastic in September as you walk by rice paddies and water buffalo in the misty mountains.
  • The huge limestone mountains of the Ninh Binh area can be seen on a traditional boat rowed through caves and by temples.
  • Visit the vibrant city of Hanoi with its magnificent lakes and pagodas, outstanding cuisine, and bustling markets.
  • Take a cruise on Ha Long Bay during the latter part of the month. Admire the karst mountains and the floating villages along the way.

Events / Festivals in Vietnam in September:

  • The National Day of Vietnam occurs on September 2 to commemorate independence from Japan and France. Parades, flag waving, speeches, and fireworks mark this most important holiday in Vietnam.

3. Japan in September

Contributed by Alyse at ‘The Invisible Tourist’

a temple on a hill in japan with blue skies. Japan is a great place to Visit in September

Great Month to See Mt Fuji

  • Start of autumn, with 20 sunny days on average.
  • Fewer crowds at major tourist attractions.
  • Low-season rates due to being the shoulder season.

Located in east  Asia , the island nation of Japan is lovely to visit during September. Known for preserving traditions , embracing futuristic technologies and celebrating natural scenery in distinct seasons, Japan has become one of the world’s top tourist destinations in recent years.

As such, certain months can become extremely overcrowded with visitors (especially the cherry blossoms in early spring and autumn foliage of late November), leaving September as a great time to visit during the shoulder season.

Weather in Japan In September:

  • Early autumn, one of the most pleasant times to visit.
  • Temperatures range from 18 degrees to 28 degrees Celsius / 64 to 82 degrees Fahrenheit on average.
  • Days can still be quite warm, but can get cool in the evenings.
  • Chances of seeing Mt Fuji are higher in late September as the humidity and cloud cover decrease.

Things to Do in Japan in September:

  • Head to Fujinomiya , one of the  best places in Japan to visit  , to see Mt Fuji without the crowds (and climb before the season ends if you wish!
  • Enjoy watching the Grand Sumo Tournament , only held 3 times per year in Tokyo.
  • Witness the  higanbana  phenomenon in Saitama , where stunning red spider lilies bloom in their millions to signify early autumn’s arrival.
  • If you’re visiting Hokkaido in the country’s north, don’t miss the first Japanese maple trees transitioning from green to red.
  • Experience a Halloween party at Universal Studios in Osaka from mid-September.

Events / Festivals in Japan in September:

  • See the incredible Seiryu-e Dragon Festival at Kiyomizu-dera in Kyoto . As one of the city’s oldest temples, this iconic festival held in mid-September is free and includes a procession through the surrounding streets holding a dancing dragon figure. With traditional instruments playing in the background, a priest and pole bearers dress in period costume and chant to the music. The festival honours the Blue Dragon, believed to guard Kyoto’s borders in the Buddhist religion.

4. Indonesia in September

Contributed by Campbell at ‘Stingy Nomads’

the perfect time to visit is september to see manta rays off the coast of komodo island, indonesia

Great Snorkelling and Scuba Diving

  • It is the dry season with good weather
  • Conditions for scuba diving in Indonesia are good in many locations at this time.
  • It is outside the peak holiday season so popular locations won´t be too busy.

Indonesia is the biggest island country in the world. Located in Southeast Asia , the country is made up of more than 17,000 islands . Visiting Indonesia is a fantastic island-hopping adventure. The country has breath-taking nature and is home to spectacular coral reefs, pristine beaches, and wild jungles. 

 Weather in Indonesia In September: 

  • The weather across the different islands can vary greatly at all times. There are two seasons, the wet season and the dry season.
  • September is the dry season in Indonesia.
  • Temperatures range between 23°C (73°F) to 30°C (86°F).
  • It is a great season to visit beautiful beaches, go trekking, and go scuba diving.

Things to Do in Indonesia in September: 

  • Visit the ancient Hindu complex of Prambanan from Yogyakarta on Java island.
  • Scuba dive with mola at Nusa Penida from Padang Bai in Bali .
  • Snorkel with manta rays around Nusa Penida from Kuta in Bali.
  • See the Komodo Dragons from Labuan Bajo on Flores .
  • Stay in Medan to see the orangutans of Bukit Lawang in Sumatra .

Events / Festivals in September:

  • The Lake Toba Festival in North Sumatra featuring music, arts and crafts, and traditional sports competitions takes place in September at Lake Toba.

5. Singapore in September

Contributed by Abbie & Jack at ‘A Couples Calling’

the Supertree Grove of manmade trees at Gardens by the Bay, singapore, one of the best countries to visit in september

Enjoy Amazing Cuisine

  • The weather is extremely favourable
  • Plenty of events taking place in the city
  • Slightly fewer crowds 

Singapore  is located off  the Malay Peninsula  in Southeast Asia . It’s bordered by Malaysia to the North and the Singapore Strait to the South. Famous as being one of the most futuristic cities in Southeast Asia, this country has a lot to offer. Here, you’ll find  diverse cultures, delicious food, and impressive architecture , along with a whole host of things to do! 

Weather in Singapore In September:  

  • Autumn Season
  • Temperatures range from 25 degrees Celsius to 32 degrees Celsius / 77 Fahrenheit to 89 Fahrenheit 
  • Humidity can be high at this time of year, but temperatures do drop during the evening
  • The city can experience up to 18 days of rainfall during September 

Things to Do in Singapore in September: 

  • Gardens by the Bay is one of the most popular attractions in the city and requires at least a couple of hours to explore.
  • At the top of Marina Bay Sands , there are several rooftop bars where you can grab a drink and enjoy the views.
  • Universal Studios is a popular theme park that offers a variety of run rides and attractions. 
  • When it comes to relaxing experiences, Singapore Botanic Gardens is the perfect place to take a walk in nature.
  • Singapore Zoo is home to over 4,000 animals and plays an important role in conservation through its wildlife projects. 
  • Visit one of the many hawker centres in the city to try the local cuisine. 

Events / Festivals in Singapore in September: 

  • Singapore Grand Prix – The Grand Prix typically takes place in September annually. Accompanying the race is often a variety of events and musical acts so there’s something for everyone.

6. Thailand in September

Contributed by Us (Peta and Jonas) at ‘Exit45 Travels’

rock formation at the end of the beach in koh smaui, thailand. Thailand is one of the best places to visit in september

Best Area to Visit are Islands on the East Coast

  • September is the tourist low season
  • Enjoy lower prices and fewer crowds at popular tourist attractions
  • September is a month filled with weird and wonderful celebrations in Thailand, such as the Shrimp Parade.

Thailand, in Southeast Asia , is a popular destination for its breathtaking beaches and pristine waters. In September, visitors have the opportunity to unwind on sandy shores or partake in exhilarating water activities like snorkelling or scuba diving . With a variety of options available, Thailand caters to all preferences during this time.

Thailand offers a range of vibrant and bustling cities , such as Bangkok and Chiang Mai, that are filled with ancient temples, mouth-watering street food, and lively nightlife. Moreover, the country is renowned for its rich cultural heritage , boasting countless historical sites and landmarks for visitors to discover.

Thailand is a destination that offers a delightful combination of natural beauty, cultural experiences, and warm hospitality from friendly and welcoming Thai people. Their warm and friendly nature will ensure that your visit is truly memorable. If you are looking for a place that encompasses all these aspects, Thailand should definitely be on your travel list.

Weather in Thailand in September:  

  • September is usually the wettest month of the year, so not ideal for beach lovers.
  • Temperatures range from 23 degrees to 32 degrees Celsius / 73 to 90 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • Thunderstorms are not unusual due to the high humidity.
  • Heavy rains and rough seas on the west coast of Thailand i.e. Phuket , Krabi, Khao Lak and Phi Phi Islands .
  • The east coast i.e. Koh Samui, Koh Tao and Koh Phangan; are your best bet if you want islands and beaches, but expect rain towards the end of the month.
  • Rainfall starts to decline in Northern Thailand.

Things to Do in Thailand in September:  

  • Visit Bangkok without the crowds and see the Grand Palace and Temple of the Reclining Buddha, but be prepared with rain gear.
  • No visit to Chiang Mai is complete without meandering through the Night Markets or a visit to Doi Suthep temple.
  • Chiang Rai and Pai  in Northern Thailand will be wet, but the scenery is beautiful in these mountain locations in October.
  • If you are looking to visit a beach, Koh Samui, Koh Tao and Koh Phangnan  in the east are good options. Enjoy the outdoors in the morning when the sun is shining, and if it rains in the afternoon, treat yourself to a massage or go shopping.
  • Foe those that enjoy surfing, head to the beaches of Phuket such as Kata Beach and Kamala Beach.
  • Learn how to cook one of the many traditional Thai food dishes by taking a cooking class .
  • Enjoy a massage, or even better still, treat yourself to a Day Spa Experience.

Events / Festivals in Thailand in September:

  • Salak Yorm Festival – In Lamphun province, unmarried young women will offer a Salak Yom tree as an offering to the Buddha.
  • The Shrimp Parade – This festival takes place in  Kaeng Lamduan in Udon Ratchathani province.  You’ll be fascinated by the sight of more than 100,000 shrimp parading upstream.

7. Cambodia in September

ruins of a temple at ankor wat, siem reap, cambodia. Cambodia is the perfect destination to visit in september

Temples of Angkor Wat in Siem Reap

  • Beautiful and green thanks to the rain and sunshine
  • Low season prices and less tourists
  • Great time for visiting temples as long as you don’t mind getting a little wet.

Visiting Cambodia in southeast Asia in September offers a unique experience for travellers seeking to explore this captivating country. Despite the possibility of occasional rain showers, the lush landscapes and vibrant cultural scene make it an enchanting time to visit.

Exploring Cambodia’s UNESCO World Heritage Site, Angkor Wat , in September can be especially rewarding. The temples are surrounded by lush greenery, providing a stunning backdrop for photography enthusiasts.

-Plus, with fewer tourists compared to peak season months, you can fully immerse yourself in the awe-inspiring beauty of these ancient structures.

While road conditions may occasionally be affected by rain during this time, it is still possible to navigate around Cambodia with proper planning. Flying within the country or opting for organized tours can help minimize any potential disruptions.

Overall, September presents a wonderful opportunity to discover Cambodia’s rich history , vibrant traditions, and breath-taking landscapes. Whether you’re exploring ancient temples or savouring delicious Khmer cuisine, your visit to Cambodia in September is sure to leave you with unforgettable memories.

Weather in Cambodia in October:  

  • The weather during this time is hot, rainy and high humidity levels.
  • Expect rain, especially in coastal regions, however showers normally last only a short while.
  • The average temperatures are between 25°C to 31°C / 77°F to 89°F.

Things to Do in Cambodia in October:  

  • Great time to explore the stunning temples of Angkor Wat in Siem Reap with fewer tourists.
  • Visit the historical sights of the Royal Palace and the National Museum in the capital city of Phnom Penh .
  • Learn about the not-too-distant history of the Khmer Rouge regime by visiting Prison 21 / Tuol Sleng Genocide Museum, and the Killing Fields.
  • Great time to visit Tonle Sap when the water of the Mekong River becomes so powerful, the lake’s size increases to about 15,000 km squared with a depth of 8 metres.

Best Places to Visit in September in The Caribbean

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8. Aruba in September

Contributed by Alexa at ’52 Perfect Days’

natural pools amongst the cliff face in aruba, one of the Best Countries to Visit in September

Best Time to Visit With a Budget

  • Pleasant Weather: Aruba is warm and sunny in September, making it an ideal time to enjoy the beautiful beaches and outdoor activities without extreme heat.
  • Fewer Crowds: September falls within Aruba’s low tourist season, meaning fewer crowds and a more relaxed atmosphere.
  • Budget-Friendly: With lower hotel rates and deals on tours and activities, September offers a budget-friendly opportunity to experience the island of Aruba.

Located in the Caribbean , Aruba is a picturesque island renowned for its stunning beaches, crystal-clear waters, and vibrant culture. The island’s unique blend of Dutch and Caribbean influences can be seen in its architecture, cuisine, and local traditions.

In September, Aruba experiences warm and sunny days, perfect for beach lovers and water sports enthusiasts.

Things to Do in Aruba in September:

  • Relax on the beaches of Eagle Beach and Palm Beach , known for their soft white sands and turquoise waters.
  • Explore Arikok National Park to witness Aruba’s rugged desert landscapes, ancient Arawak petroglyphs, and diverse wildlife.
  • Discover the colourful capital city, Oranjestad , where you can shop for unique souvenirs, try local cuisine, and admire Dutch-inspired architecture.
  • Snorkel or scuba dive in the clear waters to discover coral reefs and marine life, including the famous Antilla shipwreck.
  • Enjoy water activities like paddle-boarding, kayaking, and sailing, taking advantage of the calm seas during this time of the year.

Events/Festivals in Aruba in September:

  • Bon Bini Festival : Held every Tuesday evening in September (and throughout the year), the Bon Bini Festival welcomes visitors to experience Aruba’s rich culture and heritage. The festival showcases traditional music, dance, arts, crafts, and local cuisine, offering a delightful immersion into the island’s authentic traditions.

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9. Peru in September

Contributed by Sharon at ‘I Travel Peru’

ruins of machu picchu in cusco, peru, one of the Best Countries to Visit in September

Great Time to Visit Machu Picchu

  • It’s the dry season, so it’s a great time to visit Machu Picchu
  • It’s part of the shoulder season, so there are less tourists
  • Rates are lower than in the high season

Located in  South America , Peru is an ideal destination to visit in this season, as you can get to visit Machu Picchu , and other areas of the Andes, and the jungle with very little to no rain.

Peru has something for everyone: it has an incredibly rich cultural heritage , amazing nature , and one of the best cuisines in the world. Whether you visit the coast, the highlands or the jungle, you will have an unforgettable time in Peru.

Weather in Peru In September: 

  • Officially, it is Winter. Dry season in the highlands and jungle.
  • The average temperature is 18 degrees Celsius (64F). Minimum and maximum temperatures vary greatly in different parts of the country though. On the coast it doesn’t change much throughout the day, while temperatures in the Andes do. As an example, Cusco can get down to 4 degrees Celsius at night (39F).
  • It’s the dry season in the Andes and in the jungle
  • Days are often warm and sunny in the Andes, such as in Cusco, but it gets chilly in the evening
  • Lima has higher temperatures than the Andes, but it feels colder

Things to Do in Peru in September:

  • Visit  Machu Picchu , in Cusco, and enjoy the Inca citadel without rain.
  • Enjoy the many  things to do in  Arequipa , like visiting the Colca Canyon and spotting Condors.
  • Explore Puno and visit the islands at Lake Titicaca .
  • Visit the Iquitos and explore the Amazon .
  • Go sandboarding in the sand dunes of  Huacachina desert .

Events / Festivals in Peru in September: 

  • Spring Festival – This festival takes place in Trujillo (which is actually nicknamed “the city of the everlasting spring” because of its good year-round weather) between the last days of September and the first days of October . The main attraction of the festival is a parade, which involves a competition for the best spring-themed decoration. Other important events are the contest of the Peruvian Paso horses and the coronation of the Spring Beauty Queen.

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10. Italy in September

Contributed by Louisa at ‘Eating Around Italy’

green fields with spring flowers in front of dolomites mountain range in italy

Enjoy One of the Many Festivals on Offer

  • Great summer food with fall produce coming into season
  • Italians are super helpful and friendly because they are just back from a month of vacation
  • Beautiful light and clear days with little rain

Located in Southern Europe , Italy is the best place to travel in September because of the amazing variety of summer produce still in season with fall favourites trickling in and the beautiful, tail-end summer weather.

September is the beginning of harvest season for many Italian crops which open up several opportunities for food festivals, tastings and experiences. No matter where you choose on the Italian peninsula, September is a month where you can always find something to do in ideal weather conditions.

Beaches are still open, mountains aren’t cold yet, cities have cooled off and the countryside is starting to rejuvenate as August heat fades and the days become shorter. 

Weather in Italy In September:  

  • Fall / Autumn
  • Temperatures range from 20-30 degrees Celsius (70-86 degrees Fahrenheit) during the day, and 15-20 degrees Celsius (60-70 degrees Fahrenheit) at night, depending on where you are in Italy (warmer on islands and in Southern regions)
  • Very little rain and sunny days
  • Days start to shorten, making it easier for good photography times and outdoor dining

Things to Do in Italy in September:

  • Spend time on Italy’s islands of Sardinia and Sicily or Amalfi Coast , indulging in empty beaches after August crowds have cleared out. Almost the entire country of Italy shuts down in August and goes to the seaside, making it hard to enjoy as a tourist. Hit the beaches in September when the Italians have gone back to their routine and enjoy warm waters, sunny days and seafront meals in peace and tranquillity. 
  • Take a literal dip in the Tuscany countryside , reaping the health benefits of thermal waters at the Bagni di San Filippo (free) , Bagno Vignoni (free and paid) or the Terme di Saturnia (free and paid) without the summer heat upon you. In September, you can actually enjoy the warmth of the thermal baths , and not feel bogged down by them. 
  • Eat al fresco or outdoors in some of the most historically important cities in terms of art and architecture. Rome, Florence and Venice are home to some of Europe’s most beautiful outdoor squares and neighbourhoods, all of which can be difficult to enjoy under the summer sun. Take advantage of shorter days when the evenings cool down and eat outdoors, taking in the incredible views and grand architecture. 
  • Hike a wide range of trails in Italy’s most beautiful mountain range, the Dolomites , as colours become more vibrant. In particular, the Alpe di Siusi is Europe’s largest high alpine plateau, 52 square kilometres, with tons of well-marked hiking and biking trails with great public transportation, and with vast-sweeping views, ideal for photographers. 
  • Eat at a sagra or attend a local food festival , celebrating regional specialties including porcini mushrooms in Umbria, truffles in Piedmont and Tuscany, chestnuts, new olive oil and wine, just to name a few. Look for brightly coloured posters dotted throughout cities and countryside bulletin boards or look online in the region you are visiting for specific dates. 
  • Eat mountains of gelato without it melting in ten seconds in major cities like Milan and Naples . Italian gelato is served at a slightly warmer temperature, making it hard to eat in the summer without it getting all over you. In September, it’s still warm enough to crave a cool treat and some of the best summer gelato flavors are still in season such as plum and peach. Fall flavours start to trickle in as well like pear, apple and chestnut.  
  • Go wine tasting and/or take place in the annual vendemmia or grape harvest in Piedmont . The Northwest region of Piedmont is home to some of the best wine country and most beautiful countryside in Italy, best enjoyed in September when new wines are being made like Barolo, Barbera, and Barbaresco. If everyone doesn’t like wine, pair it with truffle hunting for the world famous White Alba truffle that comes into season in the forests of Piedmont in September. 
  • Cool off from city sightseeing on one of Italy’s beautiful lakes, specifically Lake Garda and Lake Como in Northern Italy. You can dine overlooking the lakes, book a lake-front stay or rent a boat for either a day or extended period. 

Events / Festivals in Italy in September: 

  • The Venice Biennale: An international contemporary art exhibit running for about half the year through September.
  • Milan Fashion Week : Either take part in the paid sfilate (fashion shows) or enjoy some of the city’s outdoor fashion shows through the streets with an aperitivo in hand. 
  • Verona Opera Festival: Purchase tickets to an opera in Verona’s famous Roman amphitheater. 
  • The Chianti Classic Expo : Take part in tastings, demonstrations, pairings and more from various producers of the famous Chianti Classico wine in Tuscany.
  • Regatta Storica di Venezia : Watch as four categories race down the Grand Canal in Venice followed by a grand parade (first Sunday in September)
  • MITO International Music Festival : Held in both Milan and Torino, this international festival is when classical music from around the world comes to life.

11. Austria in September

Contributed by Angie at ‘We’re Not in Kansas Anymore’

mountain scenery with a lank in front

Witness the Almabtrieb Festival

  • Summer crowds have dissipated
  • The weather is nearly perfect
  • Off-season prices on hotels and airfare

Austria is a Central European country that is in the mountainous Alps Region of Europe . Lovely Austria, one of the most under-rated countries on the continent, is often overlooked in favour of other neighbouring countries like Germany and Switzerland.

Weather in Austria in September: 

  • September is early Autumn in Austria; Say goodbye to summer heat!
  • Temperatures: Daily high  average:  64°F (18°C) , Daily low  average 49°F (10°C)
  • Weather in Austria is nearly perfect in September with plenty of sunny days and fewer rainy days

Things to Do in Austria in September: 

  • Visitors to Salzburg in September may be interested in the St. Rupert’s Day Fair . This celebration includes rides, vendors a beer tent and more!
  • Hallstatt Austria is a storybook village that sits on a glistening lake with a mountain backdrop! It is divine but is also one of Austria’s most popular tourist attractions. There are a few tricks to  beating the crowds in Hallstatt , like visiting in September when there are fewer crowds.
  • Vienna hosts the Vienna Wine Hiking Days in the month of September. Area vineyards open to the public for hiking and sampling.
  • Reutte is the home of the imposing Ehrenberg Castle Ruins and the Highline 179 suspension bridge. September is still all a green in Austria. The views from these neighbouring attractions, high above the valley below, provide stunning views of the surrounding mountains. 

Events / Festivals in Austria in September: 

  • Almabtrieb : Visitors to the Austrian region of Tyrol are in for a treat. This is the time of year for Almabtrieb, the annual cattle driving event. Cattle adorned in colourful flowers are paraded down from the mountain through the streets of town to their winter lodgings.

12. Iceland in September

Contributed by Danni at ‘The Solo Plan’

Start of the Northern Lights Season

  • Weather is mild and there are fewer crowds.
  • Start of the aurora borealis (Northern Lights) season.
  • Last month of the summer campgrounds being open, making it a great time for a  campervan trip around Iceland.

Iceland is a Nordic island country located in the North Atlantic Ocean , approximately midway between North America and mainland Europe. Its strategic position grants it a stunning landscape with dramatic contrasts.

Iceland is commonly referred to as the Land of Fire and Ice due to its rugged glaciers, bubbling hot springs and majestic volcanoes. The landscapes are extremely diverse and offer a variety of activities including sightseeing, hiking, adventure tours and natural spas.

Weather in Iceland In September:

  • September marks the transition from summer to autumn in Iceland
  • The temperatures range from 8 degrees to 20 degrees Celsius (47 to 68 degrees Fahrenheit), making it a relatively comfortable time to explore the country.
  • The weather in Iceland is generally unpredictable and it’s not uncommon to experience all four seasons in a single day.
  • While the temperatures may be mild, it’s essential to be prepared for sudden changes in conditions. 

Things to Do in Iceland in September:

  • Visit the capital city of Reykjavik and explore the colourful buildings and painted streets.
  • Spend hours relaxing at the stunning Sky Lagoon or Blue Lagoon (or both!).
  • Visit the magical waterfalls on the southern coast of Iceland, including Skogafoss and Seljalandsfoss .
  • Take a hiking / climbing tour of one of the spectacular glaciers , a very unique adventure.
  • Visit Seydisfjordur , an adorable little town located in the eastern fjords.
  • Spend an evening scouting for dark locations to view the Northern Lights , or book a tour through one of the many knowledgeable companies.

Events / Festivals in Iceland in September:

  • Night of Lights : The Night of Lights festival takes place on the first weekend of September , where locals and visitors come together to revel in a magical display of light and art. Illuminating the streets and landmarks of Reykjavik, this vibrant festival showcases the creativity of artists and the warmth of the community. 
  • Reykjavik International Film Festival (RIFF) : A cinematic extravaganza commencing at the end of September in Iceland’s vibrant capital city of Reykjavik. Drawing filmmakers and artists from around the world, RIFF offers an immersive and diverse film experience. 

13. Cyprus in September

Contributed by Lavina at ‘Continent Hop’

white washed town in cyprus on the water

Best Time to Sample the Island’s Wines

  • Pleasant weather and warm temperatures
  • Less crowded
  • The beginning of the grape harvest season in September provides an opportunity to sample the island’s excellent wines and indulge in delectable local produce.

Cyprus, located in the eastern Mediterranean , is a beautiful island that entices visitors with its rich history, captivating landscapes, and warm hospitality .  Cyprus in September  has a delightful late summer ambience, making it the ideal time to visit and soak up the rays.

Weather in Cyprus in September:

  • Summer season, with warm and pleasant weather.
  • Temperatures typically range from 24°C to 29°C (75°F to 84°F), making it ideal for beach activities and outdoor exploration.
  • September offers pleasant sightseeing and evening walks due to fewer rainy days and mild evenings.

Things to Do in Cyprus in September:

  • Explore Paphos : Visit the ancient city’s historical sites like Tombs of the Kings and Paphos Archaeological Park.
  • Visit Larnaca : Relax on Finikoudes Beach and explore Hala Sultan Tekke Mosque and St. Lazarus Church.
  • Hike in Troodos Mountains : Discover nature trails, quaint villages like Omodos, and ancient monasteries.
  • Discover Nicosia : Experience the capital’s mix of modern and traditional attractions, including the historic Old City and vibrant markets.

Events / Festivals in Cyprus in September: 

  • Limassol Wine Festival – The festival, held in Limassol from late August to early September, provides a delightful experience for both wine enthusiasts and visitors. Attendees can sample local wines while listening to traditional music and dancing performances. The festival features the best wines from Cyprus, and attendees can learn about the island’s winemaking traditions and history. It takes place at the Municipal Gardens of Limassol.

14. France in September

Contributed by Latifah at ‘Gimme Confetti’

Le Vieux Port (Old Port) of Marseille at dusk with a ship in forefront

Celebrity Spotting at Paris Fashion Week

  • Less crowds: locals back to work and children back to school + less tourists overalls
  • Weather is more bearable and cooler than the summer
  • Great events to see

Located in Europe , France is a MUST visit, whether you want to see the capital or head off and venture to the South of France. There are so many incredible museums and rich history and architecture for you to see.

It’s also a shopping haven not only for big brands but also vintage and thrift stores. There is something for everybody. Psst… word has it French cuisine is one of the best in the world- it’s up to you to see for yourself.

Weather in France In September:  

  • In September, the fall season takes over France. You can enjoy the beautiful leaves falling in the streets and foliage.
  • On average, the temperature ranges from 12 to 21 degrees Celsius (54 to 70 degrees Fahrenheit) in September.
  • This makes it great to explore; grab a light parka (as the temperature does drop and get chillier at night.

Things to Do in France in September:

  • Head to Paris the capital and enjoy its iconic museums while taking in its scenic architecture. If you’re tired of the Louvre and are indifferent to the charm of the Mona Lisa (sorry Mona), then head to the Musée d’Orsay or Orangerie and enjoy some of the beautiful impressionist art from Monet there.
  • Get lost in paved streets of the Écusson old town neighbourhood in Montpellier then hit the beaches just 30 minutes away. There are so many other great things to do in Montpellier in the South of France like thrift shopping and exploring secret spots local don’t want you to know about.
  • Sample test France’s yummy cuisine in Lyon – the gastronomic capital of France then head to the top of the Fourvievre for stunning views of the city.
  • Explore the historic Vieux-Port (Old Port) in Marseille and grabs some iconic savon de Marseille.
  • Go hiking at the Massif de Chartreuse near Grenoble for some breathtaking scenic views.

Events / Festivals in France in September: 

  • Journées du Patrimoine – If you are in France in September- do not miss Journées du Patrimoine or Heritage Days. Not many people know this, but this is when exceptionally you can explore historical monuments, government buildings, and cultural sites that are usually closed to the public. For example, you can see L’Élysée Palace which is official residence of the President of France in Paris. And take a cheeky peek at his desk in his office. You will need to book in advance so make sure you do that.
  • Paris Fashion Week : If you love seeing A-list celebrities and influencers then don’t miss Paris Fashion week which takes place in September and October. The shows take place in iconic venues throughout Paris, like the Grand Palais, Palais de Tokyo, and Louvre Museum courtyard. You may just be able to spot your favourite celebrity. If you are lucky and dressed to impress (it helps), some emerging designers will let you in their show without an invitation.

15. Germany in September

Contributed by Ali at ‘Berlin Travel Tips’

Reichstag Building in Berlin with steps leading up to entrance


  • Mild weather, not too hot, not cold
  • Crowds are fewer at the major tourist attractions
  • Interesting events like Oktoberfest, wine festivals, and Berlin Marathon

Located in central Europe , Germany experiences all four seasons, and September is usually the end of the hot summer , but it hasn’t yet gotten cold. It’s also the start of shoulder season , which means the big crowds begin to thin out.

Visiting as summer turns into autumn is ideal because you can enjoy sightseeing with milder temperatures and fewer tourists.

Weather in Germany in September:

  • End of summer / beginning of fall – mild temperatures
  • Temperatures range from 14 to 19 degrees Celsius / high 50s to mid-60s degrees Fahrenheit
  • There is more variation in weather at this time of year, so there could be warmer or cooler days
  • September usually has a bit more rain than summer, but still not too much.

Things to Do in Germany in September:

  • Visit Berlin for many reasons , including to learn about its interesting WWII and Cold War history, see a different side of Germany, and eat some delicious international cuisine.
  • Explore the Rhine Valley region and enjoy the many castles and delicious wines.
  • Get out into nature in the Black Forest region and go hiking.
  • Visit Munich and admire the stunning architecture, learn the history, and enjoy the food.
  • Go to Hamburg and enjoy Miniatur Wunderland, the fantastic miniature railway museum.
  • Explore the many villages in Bavaria for a glimpse at small town living in Germany.

Events / Festivals in Germany in September:

  • Oktoberfest – The most famous beer festival in the world takes place in Munich every year. Despite the name, it starts in mid-September and goes a few days into October. Plan ahead, things book up early.
  • Berlin Marathon – Visit Berlin for the Marathon in September, either as a runner or a spectator. Known as one of the fastest marathon courses in the world, there’s a good chance you could witness a world record being broken here.

16. Greece in September

Contributed by Lindsey at ‘ Queer Adventures ’

columns of statues of women dressed in greek robes

Explore Greece Without the Tourists

  • Avoid summer heat and wildfires
  • Low-season rates 

Located in southern Europe , Greece has historically been considered an ideal summer travel destination . Summer brings not only peak crowds but peak prices for accommodations. Greece is an ideal place to visit for its history and culture , not to mention the food .

The Mediterranean diet which you can enjoy in Greece is world famous for a reason! There are so many fabulous itineraries in Greece but in my opinion every trip should include at least 3 days in Athens to experience all of the history that you learned about in school!

Weather in Greece In September: 

  • Late summer – sunny and warm with some chance of humid days
  • Temperatures range from 19 degrees to 28 degrees Celsius / 67 to 83 degrees Fahrenheit
  • With a historical average of three rainy days, you will enjoy plenty of sun
  • Ocean temperatures are still warm enough for swimming.

Things to Do in Greece in September: 

  • Explore Athens through its history – the Parthenon is a must; go early in the morning to avoid crowds.
  • Take a day trip to Delphi , home of the famous Oracle of Delphi, and touch base with your inner mystic. 
  • Wander the narrow streets of the famous Greek island of Mykonos , taking street photography of the beautiful blue and white buildings without having tourists lots of tourists in your shots.
  • Rent a car (you will need an international driver’s permit) and visit the impressive Byzantine ruins of Mystras .
  • Take a Greek cooking class , food tour , or ouzo tasting to learn more about Greek cuisine – the Greeks take their food seriously with multi-course meals lasting long into the night.

17. The Netherlands in September

Contributed by Min at ‘Amsterdam Travel Blog’

street in amsterdam with a red sign

Witness Fall Foliage Along the Picturesque Canals

  • Nice weather to visit this country at a more affordable price
  • Less crowded at the major tourist attractions, get much better quality when traveling
  • Can enjoy the beauty of fall foliage in the world-famous canal area

Located in Europe , The Netherlands is a perfect autumn destination and one of this area’s most vibrant and diverse countries. Besides, it’s famous for its rich history , artistic heritage , and picturesque canals .

You can immerse yourself fully into the Dutch culture by cycling in the Amsterdam canal belt area, visiting the windmills in the countryside, and navigating your boat in the Venice of the Netherlands. Worried about safety?  Traveling alone in Amsterdam  and other cities in the Netherlands is safe.

Weather in The Netherlands In September:

  • Summer – mild, but sometimes warmer than usual for a few days.
  • Autumn (the last week of September) – a bit cool, and it starts to rain a bit more
  • Temperatures in this month range from around 14°C (57°F) to 19°C (66°F).
  • It gets cooler in the evening as it transitions from summer to Autumn.
  • Download Buienradar App to get the most updated and accurate weather forecast.

Things to Do in The Netherlands in September:

  • Take an Amsterdam canal cruise or get on a bike to see the Amsterdam house and enjoy the local vibe.
  • Hop on Europe’s highest swing at A’DAM Lookout to get an excellent Amsterdam city view.
  • Visit Kinderdijk or Zaanse Schans for the best landscape view over the Dutch windmills .
  • Ride a boat in the renowned Dutch village, Geithoorn , to experience the Dutch nature and countryside.
  • Savour authentic Dutch food , stroopwafels, and herring at the local markets in the Netherlands.

Events / Festivals in The Netherlands in September:

  • Open Monument Day  (Open Monumentendag)  –  Every second weekend of September, many historic buildings and monuments are open and free to enter. Seize the chance when you are in The Netherlands.
  • Prince’s Day (P rinsjesdag)  – On the third Tuesday of September, the King rides in his Golden Carriage from the Noordeinde Palace to the Ridderzaal to give a speech about what the government plans to do for the following year. You can visit The Hague for this event.

18. Georgia in September

Contributed by Ellis at ‘Backpack Adventures’

view to the Caucasus Mountains in Mestia Svaneti georgia

Sample Georgian Wine at the Grape Harvest Festival

  • Great for trekking in the mountains
  • Stunning Autumn colours in the trees
  • Grape Harvest in Kakheti

Located in the Southern Caucasus , Georgia is one of the best places to visit in September. It is still warm enough to go trekking in the spectacular Caucasus mountains where the autumn colours in the trees only make the landscapes more beautiful.

It is the perfect time to explore everything the country has to offer. From ancient monasteries to Soviet architecture and delicious food and Georgian wine. In Kakheti the grape harvest is in full swing. 

Weather in Georgia In September: 

  • Days are often warm and sunny as Georgia transitions from summer to autumn
  • Georgia usually sees less rainfall compared to the preceding months, making it a relatively dry period.  
  • Temperatures range from 20 degrees to 28 degrees Celsius (68°F to 82°F) in Tbilisi and from 12°C to 18°C (54°F to 64°F) in the higher altitude areas of the Caucasus mountains. 

Things to Do in Georgia in September: 

  • Hike from Mestia to Ushguli in the mountainous province of Svaneti
  • Visit ancient cave monasteries in Vardzia or David Gareja.
  • Enjoy the Grape Harvest in Kakheti and taste Georgian wine.
  • Indulge in delicious Georgian food in the capital of Tbilisi .
  • Go on a spectacular road trip along the Georgian Military Highway .

Events / Festivals in Georgia in September:

  • Rtveli – Rtveli is Georgia’s traditional grape harvest festival , celebrated across different wine-producing regions. It’s a joyous occasion where locals gather to pick grapes, stomp them with their feet, and celebrate with feasts, singing, and dancing.
  • Alaverdoba – Alaverdoba is a religious festival celebrated at the Alaverdi Monastery in the wine region of Kakheti. It involves religious ceremonies, processions, and traditional folk performances.

19. Spain in September

Contributed by Linn at ‘Amused by Andalucia’

view to an old city on top of a mountain

Warmest Place to Visit in September in this Region

  • Great for hiking
  • Still beach weather but without the crowds
  • Low-season rates

Spain is one of the European countries that sees the most summer tourism and in September, you still have beach temperatures (especially in the south,) while it is getting cool enough for hiking. It is located in the far south-west of Europe bordering Portugal and France, while it is only an hour’s ferry ride from Morocco.

The country has a great heritage from different cultures that have invaded the country through history, like the Romans and the Moors making Spain a cultural melting pot when it comes to food, architecture, history, and customs.

Weather in Spain In September: 

  • September is the last summer month in Spain, yet the official summer season has ended.
  • Temperatures range from 25 degrees to 35 degrees Celsius / 77 to 95 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • Days are often warm and sunny, but can get cooler in the evening
  • You might experience some rain at the end of September

Things to Do in Spain in September:

  • Visit the city of  Granada  and the majestic Alhambra palace and fortress, this is also one of the most unique  places to stay in Granada .
  • Hike the highest peak in mainland Spain, the Mulhacen (3479 masl) in Sierra Nevada National Park before the snow comes.
  • Uncover all the Gaudí masterpieces in  Barcelona  with slightly fewer crowds.
  • Go on a tapas tour in Madrid , the temperatures are perfect for visiting the capital city as they are cooler yet warm enough to enjoy sitting outside.
  • Enjoy the beaches in  Costa del Sol  without the crowds while the beach bars are still open.
  • Enjoy the city of Toledo with fewer crowds and nice temperatures for sightseeing.

Events / Festivals in Spain in September:

  • La Rioja Grape Harvest Festival : a fun festival taking place at the end of September in Logroño celebrating the grape harvesting.
  • Fiesta Major de La Ribera : a festival in Barcelona where you can see human towers and fireworks among other festivities.

20. Bulgaria in September

Contributed by Linn at ‘Brainy Backpackers’

view from Kamen Del Vitosha Mountains with Bulgarian flag at forefront

Wonderful Beach Weather

  • Wonderful beach weather
  • Fewer crowds

Located in the Balkans , Bulgaria is an affordable and underrated country to visit. September is a great time of the year, because while there are not as many tourists in Bulgaria as in other European countries, September is a calmer month with fewer tourists and a more chilled out vibe. Temperatures are still warm and you can easily both go to the beach and go hiking in September.

Weather in Bulgaria In September: 

  • September is the month after summer and before fall, making it an extended summer month with cooler temperatures.
  • Temperatures range from 16 degrees to 30 degrees Celsius / 70 to 86 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Days are often warm and sunny, but usually get cooler in the evening

Things to Do in Bulgaria in September:

  • Explore the Roman remains in  Plovdiv  without the crowds.
  • Go hiking in the Vitosha mountains ,  hiking Kamen Del  is an easy day hike from Sofia with epic views at perfect temperatures.
  • Go swimming in the  Black Sea  before the fall temperatures take over.
  • Explore the museum village of Koprivshtitsa  where you can stay in a traditional house.
  • Hike the Seven Rila Lakes  with splendid weather for sunny pictures.
  • Visit the  Rila Monastery  with fewer crowds to get better pictures.

Events / Festivals in Bulgaria in September:

  • Plovdiv Beer Fest  – taking place in Plovdiv in the beginning of the month, you are guaranteed a fun local experience trying different craft beers, traditional food, and dancing to live music.

21. Albania in September

Contributed by Kitti and Jon at ‘Kitti Around the World’

view of a city on the side of a mountain

Hike the Albanian Alps

  • September is a great month to go hiking in the Albanian Alps, when it’s a little bit quieter and before the trails close for the winter season.
  • The Albanian Riviera will be less crowded, and the temperatures will be more bearable than during the height of the summer months.
  • Prices are generally lower for activities, food and accommodation.

Located in  South-eastern Europe’s Balkan Peninsula , Albania is a perfect country to explore in the month of September. From majestic mountains that could easily compete with the well-known Alps to white, sandy beaches like in Greece or Croatia, Albania should be on everyone’s bucket list.

As well as its natural beauty, the country also has a very rich history and culture that you can learn about in its cities and picture-perfect historical towns. There’s so much to do in Albania that you won’t have any problem  planning a one or two-week itinerary.

Weather in Albania in September:

  • It’s the first month of autumn in Albania.
  • The average temperatures are around 21 degrees Celsius / 70 degrees Fahrenheit with the mornings and evenings slightly cooler, but the middle of the day still feeling pleasantly hot.
  • Temperatures in the mountains are slightly cooler in September, but still ideal for hiking.
  • Sea temperature is around 25 degrees Celsius / 77 degrees Fahrenheit which is still perfect for swimming and doing other water activities.
  • There’s still plenty of daylight, so you can fit in a lot of activities and the slightly lower temperatures will make sightseeing a much more pleasant experience.

Things to Do in Albania in September:

  • Explore  Tirana , the capital city of Albania, to gain a deeper understanding of the country’s history by visiting some important museums such as Bunk’Art 1 and 2 and the House of Leaves Museum.
  • Complete the  Valbona Pass hike  from Valbona to Theth in the Albanian Alps in the north of the country.
  • If you love the outdoors, then you can stay in the  Albanian Alps  for a bit longer and complete other hikes such as ones to the Blue Eye and Grunas Waterfall.
  • Visit  Berat , ‘the City of a Thousand Windows’, which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The city also has some of the best examples of Ottoman architecture in the country.
  • Gjirokaster,  Albania’s ‘Stone City’, is another must-visit place in Albania. It is also a UNESCO World Heritage Site and has some picturesque streets and an amazing outdoor market.
  • Relax on some of the finest beaches along the  Albanian Riviera . Places like Himare, Sarande or Ksamil are some of the best places for beach-lovers.

Events / Festivals in Albania in September:

  • Jazz Festival  – This weekend festival celebrates European jazz with a focus on Balkan jazz in three different cities across the country. It features musicians from all over Europe.
  • Ion Festival  – A unique music celebration in Albania that aims to introduce visitors to Albanian music and culture.

22. England in September

Contributed by Claire at ‘Go South West England’

The Camel Estuary in North Cornwall with sandy beach at forefront

London Sightseeing Without the Crowds

  • Mild weather
  • The summer rush has died down
  • Autumnal colours later in the month

England is located in Northern Europe , part of the United Kingdom and the British Isles. A cultural haven, England’s known for its castles, large stately homes and iconic attractions like Stonehenge and the Tower of London. 

Weather in England In September:

  • September is early Autumn / Fall in England
  • The average high is around 19°C (66°F) and average low around 9°C (48.2°F)
  • Generally, the weather is mild, and it’s possible to still have some lovely sunny days
  • It can start to get cooler later in the month

Things to do in England in September:

  • See all of London’s best attractions, including the Tower of London, Buckingham Palace, Westminster Abbey and Oxford Street. It’s much quieter than the summer months!
  • Visit Bristol , the largest city in the South West and discover its nautical history (the SS Great Britain museum ship is a must-see), quirky street art and incredible food scene. 
  • Check out the epic beaches of Cornwall which has a rugged Atlantic coastline (ideal for hiking). 
  • Journey to the beautiful northern city of York and learn about Vikings at the Jorvik Viking Museum or walk on its city walls. 
  • Road trip around the Lake District , one of the most beautiful national parks in the country. 

Events / Festivals in England in September:

  • There are usually a few events and festivals in England in September, although more take place in the peak summer months of July and August. Events like the Newquay Fish Festival and Boogietown in Walton on Thames are always popular favourites. 

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23. Oman in September

Contributed by Catrina at ’24 Hours Layover’

a wadi in oman with a dirt road leading through

Witness the Beauty of the Khareef Season

  • Cooler temperatures so ideal to explore
  • Fewer crowds as it is outside the peak tourist season
  • Khareef phenomenon occurs in Salalah

Oman is located in the south-eastern part of the Arabian Peninsula , bordered by the UAE, Saudi Arabia and Yemen. It is a great country to visit as it has some really diverse and breathtaking landscapes , from dramatic deserts to mountains, beaches, and lush green wadis (valleys).

Explore ancient forts, traditional markets (souks), vibrant cities, and immerse yourself in the country’s unique traditions and warm hospitality – there are honestly so many  things to do in Oman !

Weather in Oman in September:

  • September falls within the summer season so it is still pretty hot at this time of year.
  • Temperatures range from approximately 25°C to 40°C (77°F to 104°F) during the day.
  • Days are hot and sunny, but it does get cooler in the evenings. It’s also important to note that inland desert areas of Oman get much hotter during the day and much cooler at night.
  • Salalah experiences the Khareef season in September, which brings more moderate temperatures due to monsoon rains, creating a cooler climate compared to other parts of the country.

Things to do in Oman in September:

  • Visit Muscat and explore the capital city’s historic landmarks such as the impressive Sultan Qaboos Grand Mosque.
  • Head to Salalah to witness the magical khareef season and enjoy the lush greenery.
  • Take a desert adventure to Wahiba Sands and experience dune bashing, camel rides, and stargazing.
  • Visit the historic town of Nizwa and explore the ancient Nizwa Fort.
  • Head to Bimmah Sinkhole to enjoy its turquoise waters, as well as swim in Wadi Shab and witness its stunning natural formations without the crowds!

Events / Festivals in Oman in September:

  • One of the most notable events in Oman is the Khareef Festival , which takes place annually in Salalah. The Khareef Festival coincides with the monsoon season, bringing refreshing rains to the area. Khareef season lasts from the beginning of July until mid-September, in which time Salalah transforms into a lush green paradise with a vibrant atmosphere. The festival celebrates the natural beauty of the region and features traditional music, dance performances, and local cultural displays, giving visitors an insight into Oman’s rich heritage.

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24. Canada in September

Contributed by Stephanie at ‘The World As I See It’

View of Toronto with Fall Foliage

Lots of Festivals to Enjoy

  • Perfect for seeing the fall colours
  • Plenty of fun fall activities and events

Located just north of the United States , Canada is an amazing place to visit in September to enjoy its stunning natural beauty, from oceans to mountains . Across the country visitors will find a long list of fun fall activities, like harvest festivals.

September means the temperatures are more comfortable, making it an ideal time to enjoy outdoor adventures like  hiking in Algonquin Park . Plus, you’ll find fewer crowds in the main cities. But the best thing to do in Canada in September is to take in the brilliant fall colours .

Weather in Canada in September:

  • Fall season
  • Temperatures range from 6 degrees to 22 degrees Celsius / 42 to 72 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Days are often warm and sunny, but can get chilly in the evening

Things to Do in Canada in September:

  • Visit the city of Toronto and attend the Toronto International Film Festival.
  • Go to Sault Ste. Marie and hop aboard the Agawa Canyon Train Tour .
  • Enjoy a whale watching tour in Vancouver .
  • Plan a getaway to Montreal for all of the amazing music festivals in September.
  • Feed your appetite at the International Shellfish Festival on Prince Edward Island .
  • Tackle epic hikes near Calgary , like Fairview Mountain and Upper Kananaskis Lake.
  • Take a scenic road trip around Cape Breton Island , stop to take in the views and hike the trails.

Events / Festivals in Canada in September:

  • Toronto International Film Festival – One of the top festivals in Canada in September is the Toronto International Film Festival. Also known as TIFF, the annual festival is over 50 years old and runs during the second week of September. Along with celebrities and filmmakers, visitors can enjoy new film screenings across the city. The festival also boasts a variety of events that include panel discussions, live music, and more.

25. Mexico in September

Contributed by Ashlea at ‘She Roams About’

view of Puerto Escondido beach and headland from above

Visit the Sights Without the Crowds

  • Enjoy Independence Day festivities
  • Off peak travel means fewer tourists
  • Prices are lower in shoulder season

Sandwiched between the US and Central America , Mexico is a gorgeous, vast country that is bursting with culture. Contrary to popular belief, Mexico is more than tacos, tequila, and beaches. Explore mountains, deserts, and jungles.

Discover the cities of ancient civilizations, cultural magic towns and modern-day metropolises. Mexico is a destination for foodies, culture vultures, and adventurers. Visiting Mexico in September is a great for unique experiences and all it has to offer without the crowds.

Weather in Mexico In September:

  • Autumn – Rainy season in the tropical areas
  • Hotter parts of the country like Yucatan see average daily temperatures of 30C / 90F while mountain towns are cooler around 20C / 70F
  • Away from the coast temperatures tend to be warm during the day but chilly in the mornings and evenings.
  • Although this is rainy season, the rain is most common in the mornings and rarely lasts more than an hour or two.

Things to Do in Mexico in September:

  • Visit Mexico City to celebrate Mexican Independence Day in a big way.
  • Queretaro played an important role in Mexican Independence and is part of the Independence Route, perfect to visit in September.
  • September is the best time to see  bioluminescence in Puerto Escondido  and it’s also the best time for surfing in the area.
  • Explore the ancient Mayan ruins of Chichen Itza, Ek Balam and Teothuican.
  • September is the best time to spot grey whales in Holbox, Isla Mujeres, Cancun and Cozumel .
  • Merida Restaurant Week falls at the end of September making this a fantastic time to explore Yucateca and international cuisine by top tier chefs at reduced prices.

Events / Festivals in Mexico in September:

  • Mexican Independence Day falls on September 16 th  and is celebrated across the country. From large cities to small towns, the people of Mexico come together to remember the legend of the Cry of Hidalgo and the dramatic events that lead to the revolution. Celebrations include music, performances, and fireworks, but the most memorable event is El Grito, the nationwide call of “Viva Mexico!”

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26. Australia in September

long stretch of beach with bush to the edge

Natural Beauty Along the East Coast

1. Beginning of Spring Season 2. Pleasant, mild weather so ideal for outdoor activities 3. Reduced crowds and shoulder-season rates

Located in the southern hemisphere , Australia offers a plethora of exciting experiences and natural wonders to explore. As the country transitions from winter to spring, the weather becomes milder and more pleasant, making it an ideal time for outdoor activities.

With its stunning landscapes, unique wildlife encounters, delicious cuisine, and vibrant cultural scene, visiting Australia in September promises an unforgettable adventure for travellers seeking diverse experiences.

Weather in Australia in September:

  • September marks the beginning of the spring season, making it a perfect time to explore the country’s natural wonders.
  • Temperature in Sydney and Perth experience average highs of 20 degrees Celsius / 68 degrees Fahrenheit, while Melbourne and Adelaide are cooler at 17 degrees Celsius / 63 degrees Fahrenheit. Southern cities such as Hobart and Canberra have highs of 15 degrees Celsius / 59 degrees Fahrenheit
  • September is part of the dry season in tropical regions like Queensland and the Northern Territory.
  • Stingers, such as box jellyfish and Irukandji are less common, making it safer to swim.

Things to Do in Australia in September:

  • Go snorkelling or diving on the Great Barrier Reef , a UNESCO World Heritage Site home to a diverse range of marine life and vibrant coral reefs.
  • Marks the beginning of the humpback whale watching season along Australia’s east coast. The best places to witness these magnificent creatures are places like Hervey Bay, Fraser Island , Bundaberg and Sydney.
  • Visit iconic Uluru in the Red Centre which is best explored before summer wet season.
  • Explore famous Australian landmarks such as Sydney Opera House and Bondi Beach with less crowds.
  • Winery tours and cellar door experiences in the Australian wine regions while vineyards are in full bloom.
  • Experience native animal encounters ! Australia’s 650+ National Parks await, offering incredible wildlife watching during breeding season.
  • Exploring national parks such as Kakadu in Northern Territory or Cradle Mountain-Lake St Clair in Tasmania is highly recommended. The landscapes come alive with colourful wildflowers and cascading waterfalls, providing ample opportunities for hiking, camping, and wildlife spotting.
  • September marks the start of spring harvests , and farmers’ markets across the country showcase an abundance of fresh produce. From enjoying seafood delights in Sydney’s famous fish markets to sampling gourmet cheeses in Adelaide Hills , there’s something to satisfy every palate.

Events / Festivals in Australia in September:

  • The Melbourne Fringe Festival – Celebrated in the last 2 weeks of September, this festival showcases visual arts, dance, concerts and performances.
  • Mudgee Food and Wine Festival – This annual festival, started over 40 years ago, runs throughout the month of September and includes tastings, trivia, dinners and more.
  • Brisbane Festival – This celebration in Brisbane showcases art, music, theatre performances, and vibrant street parades.

FAQ’s: The Best Countries To Visit In September

Below we have answered some of the top questions travellers have about places to visit in September.

Which country is the best to visit in September?

The best country to visit in September depends on personal preferences. Some popular options include Italy, Greece, and Spain for their pleasant weather and fewer crowds.

Which country is best to visit in August?

Some popular options include Italy for its beautiful weather and cultural attractions, Greece for its stunning islands, and Japan for its vibrant autumn foliage.

Where in Asia has good weather in September?

Some places in Asia with good weather in September include Bali, Thailand, and Vietnam.

Why September is the best month to travel?

September is the best month to travel due to fewer crowds, pleasant weather, and lower prices.

Is September a good time to travel to Europe?

Yes, September is a great time to travel to Europe. The weather is usually mild, the crowds are smaller, and you can often find good deals on flights and accommodations.

What are the best places to travel in September USA?

In September, some of the best places to travel to in the US are New England for fall foliage, the Grand Canyon for cooler weather, and Hawaii for beach vacations.

What are cheap places to go in September USA?

Some cheap places to travel in September 2023 in the US include national parks like Yellowstone, the Grand Canyon, and Acadia, as well as cities like Las Vegas and New Orleans.

What are some hot places to visit in September?

Some hot places to visit in September include Santorini, Greece; Bali, Indonesia; and Cape Town, South Africa. These September best holiday destinations offer beautiful weather and a variety of attractions to explore.

What is the best time to visit Thailand?

The best time to visit Thailand is during the dry season, which is from November to February. The weather is cooler and there is less rainfall, making it ideal for exploring attractions and enjoying outdoor activities.

What is the best time to visit Greece?

The best time to visit Greece is during the shoulder seasons of spring (April to June) and autumn (September to October) when the weather is pleasant, crowds are smaller, and prices are lower

In Summary – Best Countries to Visit in September

There are many beautiful countries to visit in September, but it depends on what you want from your destination. Whether you are looking to embrace the cold, relax on a beach, or do some sightseeing in the low-season when prices are cheaper, there are plenty of places to explore around the globe in the month of September.

There are many additional holiday destinations for September that we could have listed, but we feel that this list covered a variety of warm and cold weather destinations, activities, festivals and events.

Are you planning a holiday in September? Have you visited any of the recommended places to visit in September listed above, or have we missed a country we should add to this list? Post your tips and questions below.

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Best places to visit in september 2024.

With fall just settling in and the hassles associated with summer travel dwindling, September is the perfect time for a getaway. By now, most tourists will have made their way out of popular destinations, and airfare and hotel rates will start to slide. U.S. News took into account these factors and more, including expert analysis and traveler sentiment, to come up with the best places to visit in September. Whether you're an adventure traveler looking for that next great trail to hike or an urbanite looking for a new city to buzz about, we've got a destination for you. Have a favorite? Cast your vote below to have a say in next year's list.

Sequoia National Park

Gros morne national park, honolulu - oahu, whitsunday islands, mount rainier national park, guilin and lijiang river national park, grand canyon national park, fiordland national park, the berkshires.

countries to visit in september

Moab, Utah, is a good choice for travelers seeking adventure and unparalleled natural beauty on their next vacation. Arches National Park sits a mere 5 miles north of town, making Moab a great home base for activities like hiking, horseback riding and canyoneering. Or, crank up the tunes on a scenic drive through the park. September is warm in the 70s and 80s, which makes other outdoor pursuits like rafting, biking and stargazing ideal.

countries to visit in september

With average temperatures sitting in the 70s and 80s in September, the Greek island of Santorini entices travelers with favorable weather, sunny skies and warm waters, perfect for swimming at some of Greece's top shorelines like Red Beach and Kamari Beach. After sipping vino at one of the region's top-notch wineries, dine alfresco along Amoudi Bay or take in the island's stunning natural beauty on the roughly 6-mile hike from Fira to Oia. Plan your vacation for mid-September to catch the Ifestia Festival, an annual event paying respect to the island's volcanic history through live music and a fireworks display.

countries to visit in september

September is the sweet spot for visiting Sequoia National Park – summer crowds thin as kids go back to school and temperatures remain comfortable in the high 60s, but roads and services have not yet closed for the winter season. This makes popular activities like hiking through the Giant Forest and driving the Kings Canyon Scenic Byway even more enjoyable. Arrive on the fourth Saturday of September to take advantage of National Public Lands Day, one of the National Park Service's free admission days.

countries to visit in september

Adventurous travelers will be enamored with Gros Morne National Park, a UNESCO World Heritage Site located on the Canadian island of Newfoundland. Not only can visitors sail past a glacier-carved fjord on a boat tour of Western Brook Pond, but they'll have the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to walk upon the Earth's exposed mantle in the Tablelands. While summer is a popular time to travel to Gros Morne, a September visit brings added benefits like vibrant fall colors, crowd-free trails and active wildlife.  

countries to visit in september

Oahu is Hawai'i's most-visited island and Waikiki is one of America's most popular beaches , so if you want ample room to spread out on its famous shores, visiting during the fall shoulder season is your best bet. In September, the island sees fewer tourists but still offers hot, dry weather and warm water ideal for swimming and surfing. The discounted rates in September will also make your vacation that much more relaxing, and you'll be able to experience one of Hawai'i's biggest cultural events, the Aloha Festivals.

countries to visit in september

Situated off the coast of Queensland, Australia, this chain of 74 islands are loved for their postcard-worthy beaches and proximity to the Great Barrier Reef. Base your stay on popular Hamilton Island, which features an array of adults-only resorts, or camp under the stars on Whitsunday Island, home to the popular Whitehaven Beach. Must-do activities in the Whitsundays include lounging on the sand, snorkeling, scuba diving and sailing. Luckily, travelers who visit in September will be treated to low humidity and consistently sunny skies with average temperatures resting between the high 70s and low 80s.

countries to visit in september

Although September technically falls within this Washington park's shoulder season, travelers will still find plenty to love about an autumn visit to Mount Rainier National Park. Depending on your elevation, average temperatures can range from the mid-50s to the low 70s in September, and the region's beautiful fall colors make it a perfect time for leaf peeping . Take advantage of the pleasant conditions by hiking the popular Skyline Trail or admiring the stunning views of Mount Rainier from Sunrise, the highest point of the park that can be reached by car.

countries to visit in september

One of the world's most impressive national parks , Guilin and Lijiang River National Park in southern China is downright magical in September. The weather is cool and dry, making it easy to enjoy the park's mist-covered karst mountains and rice terraces, along with other highlights like the Reed Flute Cave and Elephant Trunk Hill. And while you'll surely want to explore on foot, a guided boat cruise down the Li River is no doubt the best way to soak up Guilin's stunning scenery.

countries to visit in september

Visiting Arizona's Grand Canyon during its peak summer season can be risky (high daytime desert temperatures and steep hikes don't mix well). September not only offers a slightly cooler climate but fewer crowds to contend with now that the kids will be back in school. The park's South Rim, which is usually bustling with tourists in summer, sees fewer visitors come September, making it a great time for hiking traveler-approved paths like the Rim Trail. What's more, destinations like the highly underrated North Rim are still open throughout the month.

countries to visit in september

The capital of Wales is a beautiful destination year-round, but September's mild temperatures (think: highs sit in the mid-60s) and colorful fall foliage make this an ideal time to plan a trip. Foodies will love dining on delicious Welsh cuisine at annual events like the Amgueddfa Cymru Food Festival, held at the open-air St Fagans National Museum of History, and the Abergavenny Food Festival, which is hosted by the nearby town of Abergavenny. When you're not enjoying Cardiff's culinary specialties, spend your time exploring Roath Park or taking a guided tour of the historic Cardiff Castle.

countries to visit in september

Located on New Zealand's South Island, Fiordland National Park draws travelers with its stunning yet dramatic landscapes . While the weather in the park can be unpredictable in September (a spring month in the Southern Hemisphere), Fiordland typically sees daytime temperatures that hover in the 50s. These cool but comfortable days are when Fiordland's marine life, including penguins, fur seals and dolphins, tend to be most active, so be on the lookout while cruising or kayaking through jaw-dropping Milford Sound. Also save time for hiking one of the park's three Fiordland Great Walks trails.

countries to visit in september

The capital of South Korea is especially lovely come September. Temperatures are warm in the high 70s, and hotel and airfare prices have begun to drop after the busy summer season. Plus, with smaller crowds, it will be easier to enjoy top destinations like Bukchon Hanok Village and Bukhansan National Park. Travelers who plan their getaway for the end of the month can also experience Chuseok, a three-day harvest festival known as Korean Thanksgiving.

countries to visit in september

September is one of the best times to travel to this northern Morocco city, renowned for its well-preserved architecture and vibrant culture. Not only will you avoid summer's sweltering heat, but visiting in the offseason means you won't have to worry about rubbing elbows with hordes of other tourists. Spend your visit strolling through the magnificent Medina of Fez, a must-visit UNESCO World Heritage Site, and remember to set aside time for a peaceful walk through the Jardin Jnan Sbil public gardens.  

countries to visit in september

This mountainous area of western Massachusetts offers a mix of outdoor activities and must-see cultural attractions. September brings crisp fall weather to the Berkshires (think: average temperatures in the high 60s) that is perfect for touring the grounds of the region's museums and historical sites. Plus, the pleasant temps make it possible to comfortably hike Mount Greylock or Monument Mountain's trails, which offer an up-close look at the beautiful fall foliage that starts appearing in September. A fall getaway also brings fun seasonal events like the Housatonic Heritage Walks and the Lenox Apple Squeeze.

countries to visit in september

Occupying about 90 miles of the California coast, Big Sur draws travelers with its dramatic cliffs and picturesque beaches. Visit in September to take advantage of the warm, dry weather lingering from summer without dealing with the peak season's crowds. Must-do activities here include hiking through state parks like Julia Pfeiffer Burns and Andrew Molera, snapping pics of Pfeiffer Beach's impressive rock formations and surfing at Sand Dollar Beach. September is also an ideal time for whale watching, so keep an eye out for migrating blue and humpback whales.

Vote to Add these Destinations to the Rankings

countries to visit in september

Pigeon Forge

countries to visit in september

Scottish Highlands

countries to visit in september

Glacier National Park

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22 Best Places to Travel in September

Written by Anietra Hamper and Shandley McMurray Updated May 4, 2023

September is one of the best months to travel for a bevy of reasons. Kids are back in school, the vacation rush is winding down, temperatures are starting to cool, there's more availability in popular summer spots, and rates for hotels and airfares start to drop. Sign us up, please!

September in Grand Teton National Park, Jackson Hole, Wyoming

Destinations in Europe , the Middle East , and Asia are experiencing comfortable temperatures, and popular tourist spots like the Grand Canyon and Barcelona have fewer crowds at their top attractions. Bucket-list locations like Zimbabwe are in the dry season during September, making it a perfect month for an African safari.

Pack your bags and plan your next vacation using our list of the best places to travel in September.

1. Montreal, Canada

2. grand canyon, arizona, 3. barcelona, spain, 4. crete, greece, 5. buenos aires, argentina, 6. honolulu, hawaii, 7. patagonia, south america, 8. puerto rico, 9. zimbabwe, africa, 10. istanbul, turkey, 11. prince edward island, canada, 12. shanghai, china, 13. minneapolis, minnesota, 14. croatia, 16. the galapagos islands, ecuador, 17. ireland, 18. jackson hole, wyoming, 19. amalfi coast, italy, 20. big sur, california, 21. niagara falls, canada, 22. vancouver, canada, map of places to travel in september.

Montreal, Canada

Highlights: Epic city views from the observation wheel, cobblestone streets, grand cathedrals

September is a great time to vacation in Montreal, when the summer weather is still in full swing, and the tourists have left for the season. This is also when you will start to see greater hotel availability and rates starting to drop.

It is a comfortable time of the year to walk the streets to see the 18th-century architecture in Old Montreal ( Vieux-Montreal ) and practice your photography skills on the cobblestone streets as you enjoy the cathedrals and coffee shops. Take advantage of the mild weather to explore the manicured grounds at the Parc du Mont-Royal or get a panoramic view of the city from the Montreal Observation Wheel .

If you have more time, plan on some additional time in beautiful Quebec City , less than three hours away.

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Havasu Falls in the Grand Canyon

Highlights: Sunrise from the South Rim lookouts, natural colors of the canyon that change throughout the day

If you can hold off your Grand Canyon trip until the end of summer, then September is the best time to do it. This is when most of the vacation crowds have left for the season and the awesome hiking trails are still open. This Arizona wonder is a vacation bucket-list topper for many people, but trying to navigate the crowds can oftentimes diminish the experience.

Besides large numbers of people, the intense mid-summer heat can be unbearable. September has cooler temperatures, fewer people crowding the trails, and much greater availability, not to mention better rates on hotel rooms.

To pack some more experiences into your trip, you should consider basing in Williams , Arizona along Route 66, also known as the gateway to the Grand Canyon. There are many activities and Old West experiences in that area.

Then, catch the Grand Canyon Railway for the two-plus-hour ride to the South Rim, taking in the surrounding landscape along the way; spend the day exploring the Grand Canyon with a rail return late afternoon.

If you plan to hike in the Grand Canyon or take part in the mule trips offered on the trails, you will need to drive to the park to spend more time. Sunrise is especially beautiful, and lunch at the historic El Tovar Hotel is recommended.

Read More: Top Attractions & Places to Visit at the Grand Canyon

Park Guell in Barcelona

Highlights : World-famous attractions and experiences like La Sagrada Familia and Las Ramblas; iconic city view from Barcelona's Port Carmel Car

The busy and beautiful city of Barcelona is one of Spain's most stunning destinations , and September is an ideal time to visit. Summer vacation crowds can make lines long at the top attractions, like La Sagrada Familia , and oftentimes limit availability if you do not book days ahead of time.

The streets in popular areas like the historic Barri Gòtic and Las Ramblas can be so overcrowded in the high season that most of your time is spent just getting from point A to point B. Crowd concerns are lessened in September when there are fewer vacationers, so you can enjoy all the attractions and fun things to do in Barcelona with fewer people and cooler temperatures.

Early in September days can still be warm enough to head to the ocean but beaches near Barcelona are not busy at this time of year. Late in the month, you can enjoy La Merce , a festive celebration with daily parades, acrobats, and entertainment.

Pink sand beach at Elafonissi

Highlight: The beaches, including Elafonissi and its famous pink sands.

The Greek island of Crete is a natural sensory spectacle of mountains, turquoise water, beautiful beaches , and palm forests that are pleasant to experience in September. Flowers are in full bloom, and water temperatures are ideal for swimming and snorkeling.

The summer months, while still a great time to visit, can get quite hot when you are spending the days out in the sun walking the streets of the old towns or exploring archeological sites like Knossos . Many of the beaches in the summertime are overcrowded, but September enables you to enjoy the pink sands of Elafonissi more comfortably.

Many visitors arrive by air or ferry in Heraklion . Other popular tourist towns on the island include Rethymnon , Chania , and Agios Nikolaos .

Besides the cooler September temperatures and fewer people, you can find lower rates for hotels.

  • Read More: Top-Rated Tourist Attractions on Crete

Congress Square in Buenos Aires

Highlights : Pedestrian-friendly streets enable you to walk to many of the top sites and attractions

September is springtime in Buenos Aires, Argentina . This shoulder season has a number of advantages over the peak tourist season in January and February. The cooler temperatures make it comfortable to enjoy strolling the streets in areas like Palermo and Plaza de Mayo to see the parks, architecture, and museums the neighborhoods are known for.

With fewer tourists this time of year, attractions like the city's rose garden, Paseo del Rosedal , and the Fair of the Mataderos market will be enjoyable. You will also have a better chance at securing a space on a tour of the Casa Rosada presidential palace, which is one of the must-see attractions on most tourists' itineraries. While entry is free, the guided tours fill up fast, especially during the busy summer season.

September is a great time to score affordable hotel rates and plenty of availability. This makes it easier to add a few days onto your itinerary and make some day trips from Buenos Aires to places like Iguazú Falls, which is one of the top attractions in Argentina .

  • Read More: Top-Rated Tourist Attractions in Buenos Aires

Waikiki Beach with Diamond Head in the distance

Highlights : Stunning beaches, hiking to Diamond Head, the USS Arizona memorial

If you are looking for an ideal (and more affordable) time to visit Honolulu, Hawaii on the island of Oahu then September is it. From festivals, cooler temperatures, fewer crowds, and pleasant water conditions, there are so many reasons to target Honolulu for travel this month. September is a month filled with Aloha festivals and parades, so you will have many opportunities to enjoy Hawaii's culture.

The comfortable September weather makes it pleasant for hiking to Diamond Head ; relaxing on Waikiki Beach and nearby beaches ; and spending time at the World War II Valor in the Pacific National Monument , the memorial for the USS Arizona and the sailors who died during the Pearl Harbor attack.

Fewer tourists in September means more availability at hotels, and you can likely find great deals as resorts look to fill rooms.

  • Read More: Top-Rated Tourist Attractions in Honolulu

Fitz Roy, Patagonia

Highlight: Outdoor adventures surrounded by mountains and glaciers

A trip to Patagonia in September is great from both Chile and Argentina . It is an ideal time to go for those who love the outdoors and want to explore the Andes Mountains , glaciers, and seemingly endless vistas. This is a great time for hiking in Patagonia , when the days are longer and a little warmer, with less rain than other months of the year.

September is springtime in Patagonia, which means colorful blooms of flowers, vibrant green vegetation, and the arrival of the first penguins that flock to the region to mate. Since it is early in the season, some hotels may not yet be open, but for the ones that are, you can find great deals.

With fewer tourists this time of year, you will also have better views in the tourist areas and more availability on organized tours.

The Capitol of Puerto Rico, San Juan

Highlight : The combination of nature, history, beaches, and culinary experiences in one place

The upside to visiting Puerto Rico in September is the steep discounts that you will find on hotel rooms and airfare, along with an abundance of availability for both. Take your pick from fabulous resorts in San Juan that position you between the colonial architecture of the city and the beautiful beaches along the coast.

The downside is the risk of inclement weather since it is in hurricane season. It is a trade-off, but one that might be worth it in order to experience Flamenco Beach and south Vieques Beach, home of the bioluminescent Mosquito Bay , without many other tourists.

This is a comfortable time to explore the streets of San Juan , including Old San Juan , and the El Yunque National Rainforest to take in the natural beauty of the island. There are many types of tours throughout Puerto Rico, like culinary experiences to cocoa farms and outdoor excursions, which will have more availability in September.

  • Top-Rated Tourist Attractions in Puerto Rico
  • Best Beaches in Puerto Rico

Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe

Highlight : Wildlife viewing, touring the famous Victoria Falls

September is in the middle of the dry season in Zimbabwe, so wildlife viewing is at its peak. It can be a nice alternative to Tanzania and Kenya , which are other popular destinations for safari vacations. This is a great month to witness hippos, lions, rhinoceros, and crocodiles resting or heading to a watering hole.

Zimbabwe offers so much more than just safari treks. September weather is nice to visit Victoria Falls . This is one of the most spectacular waterfalls in the world . At this time of year you can hike, photograph, take helicopter tours, and try white water rafting.

September is also a good month to visit Matobo National Park , where you can witness unusual rock formations and monuments and learn about the culture through the paintings of the bushmen from the region.

Istanbul, Turkey

Highlight: Shopping at the Grand Bazaar, one of the oldest markets in the world.

One of the best times to visit Istanbul is in September, when you have a better opportunity to fully experience the top attractions without the crowds that can make them tough to experience during the high tourist season, which runs from June through August.

There are comfortable temperatures in September making it easy to enjoy shopping and the popular attractions like the Blue Mosque , Hagia Sophia Museum , and the Grand Bazaar , which are all easy to explore on foot as you walk around the city. You will have more time and space to enjoy Istanbul's archaeological museums and parks in the historic district.

The pleasant weather and fewer tourists make it ideal to fully experience the deep history and architecture that Istanbul is known for. This is also when you will find affordable rates for hotel rooms and airfare. If you have time to add other stops onto your trip, you can experience other cities like Troy and Izmir , which are easy to get to from Istanbul.

  • Read More: Top-Rated Tourist Attractions in Istanbul

Charlottetown Harbor on Prince Edward Island

Highlights : Hiking, markets, festivals, beaches, and culinary experiences

Canada's Prince Edward Island, located near Nova Scotia , is a pristine September getaway filled with seafood, farmers' markets, and outdoor experiences. By the end of the month, some of the beaches and attractions will prepare for closing for the season, but this shoulder month is a great time to visit if you want the PEI experience without all the summer tourists.

Strolling on the beach is a more likely activity than swimming, since water temperatures are cooling, but you can enjoy the bountiful and fresh food in PEI during culinary demonstrations, festivals, and tours. For some time outdoors before the winter season, take a hike on some of the trails at Prince Edward Island National Park .

  • Read More: Top-Rated Tourist Attractions on Prince Edward Island

Shanghai, China

Highlights: The nighttime extravaganza of lights and activity along the Bund waterfront

As one of the best places to visit in China , Shanghai is almost always busy with people — after all, it is a city with a population of 26 million — but September has some advantages over other months of the year. September marks the end of the high tourist season, so you will begin to see temperatures and hotel rates start to decline, especially by the end of the month.

This is a great time to stay at one of the luxury or boutique hotels in Shanghai that you might not otherwise fit into your budget.

As the seasons start to transition into Shanghai's brief fall period, the humidity will be lower, making it more comfortable to enjoy walking the narrow neighborhood streets and vendor stalls and hitting some of the best views of the city from the Shanghai World Financial Center .

September evenings along the Bund will feel nice as you enjoy the visual spectacle of the lights along the water and the prime opportunities for spectacular photographs .

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Downtown Minneapolis at dusk

Highlight: Brilliant fall colors on the trees starting to emerge

The northern location of Minneapolis means stunning early fall color on the trees in September, especially in the city's parks . The cooling temperatures make it nice to explore the best of the city, from the Stone Arch Bridge to the Weisman Art Museum .

It is the best time to get outdoors and enjoy the first bursts of color on the trees in North America. Some of the best places to do that are at Minnehaha Park , exploring the Chain of Lakes , and at the Minnesota Landscape Arboretum .

Temperatures and weather are generally comfortable in September, but if there's a less-than-ideal day for the outdoors, you can fill your agenda at the Mall of America or one of the many museums in the city.

  • Read More: Top Attractions in Minneapolis

Sunset over Zagreb

Highlight: The abundance of food festivals and culinary experiences in the autumn

September is a nice time to visit Croatia, when the local and foreign crowds have dissipated a bit. On the weather front, it is also a great time to visit. Many people head to the beautiful city of Dubrovnik .

If you base yourself in the capital, you will find many attractions in Zagreb , like The Cathedral and the Croatian Natural History Museum , and you can split your time between the Upper Town and the Lower Town . There are a number of festivals that take place in September, so that will add to the cultural experience.

Flights to Croatia are still in full swing in September, so there will be ample availability, and transportation on the ground like ferries and buses will still be operating on summer season schedules. You can find great deals on hotel accommodation, including luxury resorts in September.

Accommodation: Top-Rated Beach Resorts in Croatia

  • Read More: Top-Rated Tourist Attractions in Croatia

Namche Bazaar, Nepal

Highlight: Trekking in the Everest and Annapurna regions, a variety of hikes for all skill levels

Timing is important for many reasons when you consider a trip to Nepal, and September is one of the best months to go. It is a great time to visit to hike and avoid the crowds that can cause delays and aggravation on the trails during busier months. September is when travelers are just beginning to return to the region, when the rainfall is lower and the air is cooler.

This month is when many of the popular treks in the Everest and Annapurna regions, making up two of the most popular hikes in the world , are starting to open, so you can secure a spot early in the season.

Fewer crowds this time of year are also a bonus on the busy streets of Kathmandu, which are fun to photograph — it can get quite congested at other times of the year, making it tough to visit popular sites and temples.

Since September is on the fringe of the busy fall season in October, you can still find great hotel deals before the rest of the tourists arrive.

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Sea lions on the beach in the Galapagos Islands

Highlight: Prime whale-watching and other wildlife viewing opportunities

A trip to the Galapagos Islands in Ecuador is great almost any time of the year, but the month of September has a few advantages. With viewing of native species among the top reasons to visit, September offers some of the best opportunities to see whales, dolphins, and penguins that inhabit the islands.

It is also mating season for many of the animals, so they are especially active this time of the year. September in the Galapagos is dry and cool, so weather conditions are comfortable for outdoor activities. There are fewer tourists at the end of summer, which means more availability on boat tours and other excursions like land tours.

O'Brien's Tower, Cliffs of Moher, Ireland

Highlight: The many shades of green to see across the Irish countryside

Ireland is lush and beautiful no matter when you visit, but if you're hoping for a dry(ish), less crowded experience on the Emerald Isle, visiting in September is a great bet. Highs hover around the 55 degree Fahrenheit mark, which means you'll need a sweater or coat, but not much more. Bonus points for packing a rain jacket, as you'll definitely be in for a sprinkle or two—this is Ireland, after all.

Top tourist attractions are open to the public in September, and you'll have the bonus of shorter lines and fewer people to mar the background of your sightseeing selfies.

While you may not want to lie on Ireland's best beaches for hours wearing a bikini in September, you can certainly enjoy its top fishing destinations and adorable small towns .

Don't miss Ireland's greatest cities , like Dublin , Galway , and Northern Ireland's Belfast . These buzzing hubs are where you'll find the best restaurants, top museums, lively musical performances, and a slew of fun things to do.

Explore the Ring of Kerry , visit the impressive Giant's Causeway (in Northern Ireland), and grab a bite in Dingle .

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Moulton Barn and the Tetons, Jackson Hole

Highlight: Hiking opportunities at Grand Teton National Park and Gros Ventres Wilderness

While you may not be able to ski at Jackson Hole in September, this comfortable fall month is the perfect time to visit, especially if you're an outdoorsy person who enjoys hiking , biking, and fly fishing . Best known for its breathtaking scenery, this lush valley is surrounded by the majestic Teton Mountain Range .

Grand Teton National Park is the top place to visit in Jackson Hole for obvious reasons. Its 310,000 acres of picturesque wilderness are awe inspiring and filled with trails, lakes, mountains, and impressive wildlife. Pack a camera along with your hiking boots and plan to spend days traversing this backcountry paradise.

During September, visitors can enjoy the Saturday morning Farmers Market on the Town Square , performances at the Jackson Hole Playhouse , the annual Jackson Hole Arts Festival , and an annual juried art fair, among other fun things to do.

Accommodation: Top-Rated Places to Stay in Jackson Hole, WY

Amalfi Coast

Highlights: Picturesque beaches, scenic coastal drives, charming seaside towns

There's little to dislike about the Amalfi Coast, especially if you visit in September. Traveling at this time means you're in for massive perks like fewer crowds; mild temperatures (highs are in the 70s and 80s Fahrenheit); warm water to swim in; and lower prices on resorts, hotels and attractions.

Add the area's remarkable beauty and impressive sightseeing opportunities, and you'll pat yourself on the proverbial back for timing your vacation so perfectly.

It's best to hire a driver if you plan to tour the famous Amalfi Drive (also known as the SS163), a winding cliff-top adventure more beautiful than mere words can describe. This is one of the popular things to do on the Amalfi Coast .

Be sure to make stops in the postcard perfect towns of Positano , Amalfi , Sorrento , and Ravello . You'll want to plan time to enjoy a meal (or many) in their fabulous restaurants.

Hop on a cruise to get a better view of the colorful houses climbing the hills of this plush region and be sure to stop in Capri for a little shopping, eating, and exploration.

Speaking of the water, it's important to visit at least a few of the best beaches on the Amalfi Coast during your trip. The September weather will ensure a comfortable day by the sea.

McWay Falls, Big Sur

Highlights: Beaches and waterfalls that are show-stoppers and worth the time to stop and admire their color and beauty

If you're searching for a romantic getaway in September, look no further than California's remote, Big Sur. The warmest month of the year, September presents visitors with highs in the upper 60s Fahrenheit and lows around 55 degrees, perfect for exploring the captivatingly gorgeous rugged coast.

September usually means clearer, sunnier skies, which makes this an ideal time to hit the beach and ogle the dramatic waterfalls crashing over 80 feet to the azure ocean below. If you're a fan of natural beauty, you'll find it hard to leave this breathtaking spot.

Top attractions in Big Sur are less crowded in September, so you may have Pfeiffer Beach almost to yourself. Walk hand in hand through Julia Pfeiffer Burns State Park , enjoying the refreshingly salty breeze coming off the ocean. Head to Point Lobos State Natural Reserve for a scuba dive, hike, or photography expedition. Plan a camping trip to Big Sur . It's one of the best places to visit for nature lovers.

Niagara Falls

Highlight: The world-famous Niagara Falls waterfall and the many ways to experience it

It's been said that the best view of Niagara Falls is enjoyed from the Canadian side. Once you've come face to cascade with this monstrous world wonder, you'll realize that this statement is true, and you'll understand why it's been deemed one of the most beautiful waterfalls in the world .

Visit during September for the most comfortable temperatures and less crowded conditions, which will make sightseeing a pleasure. Early fall also sees a drop in hotel prices, which is a bonus.

You can expect highs in the low 70s and lows in the low 50s, which is acceptably pleasant. Pack a sweater, as the temperature always feels colder by the falls, and a waterproof jacket if you're planning to get close enough to feel the water.

While the falls are the number one tourist attraction in Niagara Falls , exploring Journey Behind the Falls is a must, as is boarding a Hornblower Cruise to get up close and personal with the massive cascade.

The Skylon Tower offers fabulous views, as well as two restaurants, and riding the Niagara Skywheel , the largest observation wheel in Canada, is a fun thing to do for families.

Autumn colors in False Creek, Vancouver

Highlights: Outdoor events like hiking, festivals, and farmers' markets

There is so much to enjoy about Vancouver in September. One of the best places to visit in Canada in the early fall, Vancouver offers so many interesting and beautiful tourist attractions that you're bound to find something you love.

Are you a foodie? There are tons of top restaurants in Vancouver, as well as food festivals galore. Outdoor enthusiast? Climb the Grouse Grind up Grouse Mountain, wander through Stanley Park , hit the beach , or take an invigorating hike — there's plenty to choose from.

Maybe you're a history buff. Head to the Museum of Anthropology , or stroll through Gastown , the city's oldest section. The Vancouver Art Gallery is another must-visit. See, the options for fun attractions in Vancouver are endless.

September sees multiple farmers markets in various locations throughout the city, as well as guided walking tours, live music, and theater performances.

Why not bring the kids for a long weekend away? There are plenty of entertaining things to do in Vancouver with kids .

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US Fall Travel : If you are looking for other early fall travel options in the United States, some places to consider, mostly for fall foliage, are New Hampshire and the waters of Lake Champlain in Vermont , or you can plan a weekend getaway in Michigan to catch the color spectacle in Traverse City or Ann Arbor .


Europe Fall Travel : European destinations in early fall are nice travel options, too, from the museums and gardens in Madrid to the palaces in Austria , you can take advantage of lower rates for hotels and airfare and visit the top tourist attractions without all the high-season summer tourists.

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  • 32 Places To Visit In September In The World In 2024 That Will Offer You A Tranquil Getaway

23 Mar 2023

Since the majority of people are contemplating about going back to work and school begins in September, this month is perfect for a getaway. The top tourist destinations are relatively less crowded at this time of the year. So, you can expect ultimate fun while exploring the horizons of the world! Here are 32 places to visit in September in the world that can be an incredible holiday spot at this time of the year. 

So, if you are planning to start an expedition and satiate the wanderlust in you, make sure you read about these places as they will give you the best of what you ever wanted. We understand that it might be difficult to plan. Therefore, this article is an attempt to help you sort your preferences! And before that just check this summary of all the places you have listed here!

Top 32 Places To Visit In September In The World

There are many best places to visit in September in the world which will not cost you much and will be easily accessible. Plenty of festivals, multiple happening spots, amazing food and a whole range of wildlife to explore. That’s how glorious it is to to go around the world in September. Go ahead and pick any place from our list of best places to visit in September 2023 :

  • Barcelona : A Popular Destination
  • Croatia : Explore The Charming Islands
  • Munich : A Culture Center
  • Morocco : Discover Warm Glory
  • Sofia : Get The Ultimate European Vibe
  • Greek Islands : For An Apt Time
  • Kerala : The Mesmerizing Place
  • Limon Province : Discover The Energetic Culture
  • Tokyo : For A Magnificent Trip
  • Singapore : A Go-To Destination
  • French Polynesia : With A Pleasant Climate
  • China : Due To Mild Weather
  • Peru : For Breathtaking Views
  • Hermanus : Spend Time On The Sea
  • Aruba : Where Luxury Awaits
  • Charlottetown : For Seafood Lovers
  • Sicily : For Less Crowd
  • Gatineau : Let The Fun Reveal
  • Turkey : For Rich Arabian Experiences
  • Toronto : For An Affordable Vacay
  • Tofino : Get Cloudy Weather
  • Pula : Enjoy A Beach Vacation
  • Longyearbyen : A Literary Delight
  • San Francisco : Bright And High
  • Vienna : A Cherished Destination
  • Ziro : A World Heritage Center
  • Médoc : For An Absolute Bliss
  • Bath : With So Many Happening Areas
  • Portugal: One Of The Oldest
  • Dolores Hidalgo: An Offbeat Destination
  • Las Vegas: For Ultimate Fun
  • Maldives: Nature’s Magic

1. Barcelona: A Popular Destination


Image Source

First one on our list of best places to visit in September in the world is Barcelona. A superb time to visit Barcelona as the climate is still warm and the beaches are not as jam-packed as they would be in the earlier months. Its bright shorelines, world heritage sites, magnificent churches, and Catalan culture, make for an ideal late-summer getaway. La Mercé, Barcelona’s yearly summer festival, is celebrated in this month too. 

Tourist Attractions in Barcelona : Park Güell, Plaça de Catalunya, Mercado de La Boqueria Things To Do: Explore art at Casa Milà, shop at La Rambla, have fun at Montjuïc Nearest Places To Visit: Madrid, Seville Places To Stay: Hostal Absolut Stay, Safestay Barcelona Sea Hostel Places To Eat: Viana Barcelona, Restaurante BelleBuòn, RAO Restaurant How To Reach:  Barcelona international airport, the El Prat Airport, is the major hub for international transportation. Major areas of the world are connected to the airport. You will easily get taxis, buses and metro connectivity. Language:  Spanish Currency:  Euro

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2. Croatia: Explore The Charming Islands


Soak in the pre-fall sun. The ideal approach to investigate Croatia’s beautiful seashore by private yacht. On the spectacular Croatia cruise vacation, you will navigate the charming islands in the Adriatic, where you’ll discover pretty ports, stunning shorelines, and Venetian architecture. That’s only the tip of the iceberg. Take a trip to find out more!

Tourist Attractions: Plitvice Lakes National Park, Zagorje Region, Mljet National Park Things To Do in Croatia : Relive history at Hvar, enjoy the wine tours at Korčula, witness Roman culture at Diocletian’s Palace Nearest Places To Visit: Hungary, Slovenia, Italy Places To Stay: Zlatni Zalaz, Villa Radic, Ethno Houses Places To Eat: Restaurant 360, Villa Spiza, Above 5 Rooftop Restaurant How To Reach: The country has a lot of airports in Zagreb, Zadar, Split,  and Dubrovnik. They are well connected to the rest of the world. The airports are also well connected with public transportation. Language:  Croatian Currency:  Croatian Kuna

3. Munich: A Culture Center


To start with, the Oktoberfest is celebrated in September. A huge number of visitors wear their dirndls or lederhosen and set out towards their tents in the downtown area. Secondly, you can go surfing in Munich. Further, around an hour outside of Munich, Neuschwanstein Castle sits gloriously on a mountain. It is open to tourists. It is said to be the motivation for Sleeping Beauty’s Castle at Disneyland. Another castle worth exploring is the Residenz, Germany’s biggest royal residence complex and now an exhibition hall showing fortunes of Bavarian sovereignty going back to the fourteenth century.

Tourist Attractions: Marienplatz, Nymphenburg Palace, New Town Hall Things To Do: Relax at English Garden, visit museums like Munich Residenz, shop from Victuals Market Nearest Places To Visit: Augsburg, Nuremberg, Stuttgart Places To Stay: Novotel Hotel Muenchen Messe, Jaeger’s Munich Places To Eat: Restaurant Savanna Munich, Tantris, Steinheil 16 How To Reach:  The best way to reach Munich is through the Munich International Airport. Munich is well connected to the rest of the world, being an international business hub. Therefore, major airlines fly to this location on a regular basis Language:  German Currency:  Euro

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4. Morocco: Discover Warm Glory


Morocco isn’t much fun in the mid-year: it is outrageously hot, and eateries and shops close for the sacred month of Ramadan. In September, it is sufficiently radiant to hit the pool or beach, yet you won’t shrink away from the sun while shopping or exploring the city. Here you’ll discover vast mountain ranges, old urban communities, open deserts, and warm locals. From Saharan ridges to the pinnacles of the High Atlas, the Morocco tour could be customized according to your preferences.

Tourist Attractions in Morocco : Jama El f’na Market, Jardin Majorelle, Bahia Palace Things To Do: Visit 12th century Koutoubia, Ouzoud Falls, hike at Toubkal Nearest Places To Visit: Spain, Portugal Places To Stay: Riad Chbanate, Hotel Sofitel Marrakech Lounge and Spa Places To Eat: I limoni, Nomad, Al Fassia How To Reach: The simplest way to reach Morocco is through flight. In fact, you could also fly to Spain, France, or Gibraltar and board a ferry. Language:  Arabic Currency:  Dirham

5. Sofia: Get The Ultimate European Vibe


Sofia has the vibe of a unique European city, however, at a small amount of the cost. A three-course feast at a decent eatery cost around INR 890/- here. A significant number of Sofia’s primary attractions are either free or reasonably priced. You can include a visit to St. Alexander Nevsky Cathedral gallery and the National Museum of History to your itinerary.

Tourist Attractions: Church of Saint George, “Ivan Vazov” National Theater Things To Do: Offer prayers at Boyana Church, shop at Vitosha Boulevard, explore culture at National Palace of Culture Nearest Places To Visit: Plovdiv, Skopje, Thessaloniki, Bucharest Places To Stay: easyHotel Sofia, Vitosha Flat, Hostel Mostel Places To Eat: Chef’s Restaurant, The Little Things, Soul Kitchen How To Reach: The Sofia International Airport is very well connected to all major destinations in the world. From there, board a cab or bus based on your destination. Language:  Bulgarian Currency:  Bulgarian LEV

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6. Greek Islands: For An Apt Time

Greek Islands

September is an incredible time to visit Greece. The climate in September is adequate for sunbathing and wandering in Greece. The territory of Greece might be best known for the old ruins in Athens, yet the individuals who crave for sandy shorelines and turquoise blue waters just can’t resist visiting the Greek Islands. Santorini, with its ancient ruins and beautiful churches, is famous every time of the year.

Tourist Attractions: Parthenon, Santorini caldera, Ancient Thera  Things To Do: Taste wine at Santo Wines, enjoy water sports at  the beaches Nearest Places To Visit: Plaka, Assos, Naxos, Parga Places To Stay: Santorini Royal Suites, Cavo Olympo, Airotel Achaia Beach  Places To Eat: The Taste of Joy, To Elliniko Restaurant, Enalion Restaurant How To Reach: You can reach all the 12 islands of Greece by ferries. Majorly, Piraeus is the only place from where ferries start. Language:  Greek Currency:  Euro

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7. Kerala: The Mesmerizing Place


Kerala is a year-round tourist place. But, starting September, the famous backwaters of Kerala seem all the more mesmerizing. Houseboats sailing on backwaters is no doubt a significant activity to try when you plan to spend your September months here. Kovalam also turns into the central hangout location for tourists in September. Further, during this month the other top activities to take delight in Kerala are – Ayurveda massage, sunbathing, catamaran ride, sightseeing, and trekking, among other things.

Tourist Attractions: Eravikulam National Park, Fort Kochi, Athirappilly Water Falls Things To Do: Enjoy the scenes at Vembanad Lake, click pictures at Mattupetty Dam, boat in the Periyar River Nearest Places To Visit: Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh Places To Stay: Tulsi Village Retreat, Bamboo Village, Dream Catcher Places To Eat: Trilogi Restaurant, Paragon Restaurant, Villa Maya How To Reach: Kerala has 3 international airports. The Trivandrum International Airport is very well-connected domestically as well as internationally to all major airlines. Language:  Hindi Currency:  Rupee

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8. Limon Province: Discover The Energetic Culture

Limon Province

Limon Province in Costa Rica has everything for you: natural beauty, peaceful beaches, and energetic culture. The primary attraction of the territory is Tortuguero National Park. The nature fanatics can also explore the turtle nesting season in September at this national park. Apart from Tortuguero, voyagers can unwind at the lavish shorelines along the lush Caribbean coast of Limon and taste the delicious seafood by the beach.

Tourist Attractions: Parque Nacional Tortuguero, Cahuita National Park, Veragua Rainforest Things To Do: Enjoy snorkeling at Punta Cahuita, relax at Uvita Island Nearest Places To Visit: Matina, Batan, Barranco Places To Stay: Pacuare Lodge, Madre Selva Jungle Hostel, Passion Fruit Lodge Places To Eat: El Refugio Grill, Villa Amapola, Restaurante Kalisi How To Reach: The international airport at San Jose is only a two and a half hour drive to Limon. You can find taxis, cabs and buses from the airport. Language:  Spanish Currency:  Costa Rican colon

9. Tokyo: For A Magnificent Trip


In Japan, the hustle-bustle of crowds is less maddening by the end of the summer. When the trees are gold and scarlet, Kyoto’s gardens and magnificent sanctuaries are a picture of flawlessness. In Mid-September, travelers can appreciate the Meguro Kumin Matsuri, or Meguro Sun Festival, one of the biggest festivals held in the city’s Meguro division. The fiesta comprises regional delights and food from around the nation.

Tourist Attractions: Tokyo Skytree, Ueno Park, Tokyo Disneyland Things To Do: Gain nirvana at Sensō-ji, enjoy at Odaiba, visit the emperor’s residence at Imperial Palace Nearest Places To Visit: Yokohama, Kamakura, Kyoto Places To Stay: Hotel East 21 Tokyo, Khaosan Tokyo Samurai, Little japan Places To Eat: Tapas Molecule Bar, Sometarō, Ise Sueyoshi How To Reach: The best way  to reach Tokyo is  via air. The Haneda International Airport is the major airport serving Tokyo and connecting the city to major parts of the world. Language:  Japanese Currency:  Yen

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10. Singapore: A Go-To Destination


Singapore is presently a go-to destination for everybody who is planning their holidays on a budget. Singapore is one of the least expensive countries to visit. Some of the best spots in Singapore that you can’t give a miss are Marina Bay, Universal Studios, Sentosa Island, China Town, Botanical Garden, Orchid Garden, Helix Bridge, Civilian War Memorial. You can also go for cruising tours, food tours, and art and culture tours.

Tourist Attractions: Gardens by the Bay, Merlion, Universal Studios Singapore Things To Do: Have fun at Sentosa, & Singapore Flyer, dine at Marina Bay Nearest Places To Visit: Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines Places To Stay: Sofitel So Singapore, Hotel 81 Orchid Places To Eat: Rhubarb, Ubi Place Eating House, Burnt Ends How To Reach: The best way to reach Singapore is by flight. Changi Airport in Singapore is one best airports all over Asia. It  is very well connected to the international destinations and is the hub of Singapore Airlines. Language:  Singaporean Currency:  Singapore Dollar

11. French Polynesia: With A Pleasant Climate

French Polynesia

The rain doesn’t show up until November, so the climate stays pleasant here in September. Surprisingly, the humpback whales are visible during this month, coming back to the archipelago for giving birth and feeding. The vibe of every island at this place differs from each other so you can choose your best spot as per your preference. To boost your possibility of whale-spotting, you can select Moorea.

Tourist Attractions: Bora Bora beach, Matira Point, Tūpai Things To Do: Relax at Maupiti Island, snorkel at ‘Ōpūnohu Bay Nearest Places To Visit: Faaa, Punaauia Places To Stay: Punatea Village, Hilton Moorea Lagoon Resort & Spa Places To Eat: Tahiti La Plage, Snack Mahana, L’O A La Bouche How To Reach: The best way to reach French Polynesia is through flights. The capital Papeete has an international airport and regular flights ply although it’s not such a busy airport. Language:  French Currency:  CFP Franc

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12. China: Due To Mild Weather


September is the best time to plan a trip to China because the temperature is mild. It is ideal for investigating Beijing, meeting Chengdu pandas, or exploring the Great Wall. Your perspective won’t be obstructed by the clouds. Also, you can cruise at the Yangtze River. In addition, you can have a short trip to Hong Kong to conclude your vacation in China, one of the finest things to do here that have landed this country in the list of the  best places to visit in September in Asia .

Tourist Attractions: Great Wall of China, Forbidden City, Summer Palace Things To Do: Relive History at Temple of Heaven, collect memories at Tiananmen Square Nearest Places To Visit: India, Thailand, Bhutan Places To Stay: Shanghai Marriott Hotel City Centre, Sofitel Shanghai Hongqiao, Hilton Beijing Places To Eat: King’s Joy, Siji Minfu, The Horizon How To Reach: China has multiple international airports to cover the vast regions of land that the country is. Some of them include Beijing Capital International Airport, Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport, Shanghai Pudong International Airport, and Shenzhen Bao’an International Airport. Language:  Chinese Currency:  Yen

13. Peru: For Breathtaking Views


If you are a trekking enthusiast, September is the best time to go trekking in Peru because you’ll get a chance to see breathtaking Andean perspectives. September is the end of Machu Picchu’s dry season. In September, you will possibly encounter less crowd and enjoy excellent weather with the start of Machu Picchu’s shoulder period. Also, this is the time to see the Lost City of the Inca, one of the new seven wonders of the world.

Tourist Attractions: Machu Picchu, The Sacred Valley, Nazca Lines Things To Do: Hike at The Inca Trail, rejuvenate at Lake Titicaca  Nearest Places To Visit: Brazil, Columbia, Chile  Places To Stay: Ica Adventures 2, Hilton Garden Inn Cusco, Aranwa Paracas Resort & Spa Places To Eat: Harvey Hinklemeyers, Pizza King How To Reach: The best way to reach Peru is through Air. The major airports of Peru are Jorge Chˆvez International Airport in Lima, and Alejandro Velasco Astete International Airport in Cusco. Both are connected by major international airlines. Language:  Aymara, Quechara Currency:  Sol

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14. Hermanus: Spend Time On The Sea


If you are a lover of sea life and like to watch whales dancing above the waters, then this is the place you should be in September. During this month, it’s springtime in the city and it hosts Hermanus Whale festival from Sept 28 to 30 where you will get to see cute whales dancing and swimming that will leave you amazed. So, do visit this place with kids for a heartwarming holiday.

Tourist Attractions: Cape Whale Coast Wine Routes, Grotto Beach Things To Do: Whale watching at Cliff Path, surf at Voelklip Beach, stay close to nature at Fernkloof Nature Reserve Nearest Places To Visit: Cape Town, Atlantis, Caledon Places To Stay: Hermanus Backpackers, Zzzone Boutique Hostel, Beautiful Abalone Places To Eat: Burgundy Restaurant, Rossi’s Italian Restaurant, Pear Tree Bistro How To Reach: Cape Town International Airport is the major airport connecting Hermanus. There are buses and taxis available for easy commute. Language:  Afrikaans Currency:  Rand

15. Aruba: Where Luxury Awaits

Aruba, Caribbean Islands

If you just want to relax and enjoy the views then this is the place for you. Located in the Caribbean islands, Aruba is the best place to visit in September. Find a luxurious resort at a good price, lay at the beaches, play some volleyball or just enjoy the picturesque views of the Caribbean seas! Definitely, this is one of the best places to travel in September in the world.

Tourist Attractions: Arikok National Park, California Lighthouse Things To Do: Enjoy water sports at Eagle and Baby Beach Nearest Places To Visit: British Virgin Islands, Dominica, Barbados Places To Stay: Aruba Harmony Apartments, The Ritz-Carlton  Places To Eat: Fred Restaurant, Atardi, Barefoot Restaurant How To Reach: The airport at Aruba, the Queen Beatrix International Airport, there are frequent nonstop, or single-connection flights from most major U.S. cities, as well as daily flights from all major hubs, around the world. Language:  Dutch Currency:  Aruban Florin

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16. Charlottetown: For Seafood Lovers


Head to Charlottetown in September for savoring the best of seafood if you are seafood lover. The town hosts Prince Edward Island International Shellfish Festival from September 13 to 16 where you’ll get to treat your tastebuds with a vast variety of oysters, lobsters and more. Besides this, the town offers a nice touristy experience being home to spectacular historical buildings.

Tourist Attractions: Government House, Confederation Landing, Beaconsfield Historic House Things To Do: Learn about culture at Confederation Centre of the Arts, offer prayers at St. Dunstan’s Basilica Cathedral, enjoy sports at Victoria Park Nearest Places To Visit: Oxford, Montague, Pictou Places To Stay: Sydney Boutique Inn & Suites, The Eden Hall, Suites of Euston Places To Eat: Hopyard, Terra Rossa, Splendid Essence How To Reach: The Charlottetown Airport is conveniently located in central Prince Edward Island and very well-serviced by Air Canada. The airlines offers flights to Charlottetown from major Canadian cities including Montreal, Halifax, Calgary, Ottawa and Toronto Language:  English Currency:  US Dollar

17. Sicily: For Less Crowd

A view of Sicily landscape

September is the best time to visit this beautiful city in Italy. The sun is not blazing anymore, the beaches are less crowded and the town calls you with open arms to embrace and absorb its beauty! Various food festivals take place during this time for the most ultimate experience!

Tourist Attractions: Mount Etna, Panarea, Teatro Antico di Taormina Things To Do: Learn history at Valley of the Temples, hike at Stromboli and Vulcano, enjoy water sports at Aegadian Islands Nearest Places To Visit: Palermo, Catania, Syracuse Places To Stay: Relais Santa Anastasia, Le Case Al Quadrato Places To Eat: Eat Sicily, Sicily on StreEAT How To Reach: The Catania Airport and Palermo airport are the closest airports to Sicily. Language:  Italian Currency:  Euro

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18. Gatineau: Let The Fun Reveal


Do you think you know all the best places to visit in September around the world? Well, what about Gatineau? Never heard about it? Wait for the fun that we are going to reveal about this place. Situated in Quebec, Gatineau hosts a hot air balloon festival wherein you can enjoy the ride of a hot air balloon and witness the picturesque views.

Tourist Attractions: Parliament Hill, Rideau Hall, Bytown Museum Things To Do: Recreate at Gatineau Park, admire art at National Gallery of Canada, learn heritage at Canadian Museum of History Nearest Places To Visit: Ottawa, Kanata, Buckingham, Thurso Places To Stay: HI Ottawa Jail Hostel, A Voyageur’s Guest House Places To Eat: Edgar, Chez Fatima, Le Baccara How To Reach: Gatineau is very well connected to Toronto. From Toronto’s international airport, you can take either a bus, taxi or train to reach  in 8 hours, 5 hours and 5 hours respectively. Language: Canadian dollar Currency:  French

19. Turkey: For Rich Arabian Experiences

countries to visit in september

Famous for its hot air balloon strewn skies that dominate the landscapes of Cappadocia, Turkey is a treasure trove of rich Arabian experiences. From freshly brewed Turkish coffee, sweet and savory Turkish delight, Hammam baths, spice and gold souks, to charming attractions with brilliant architecture, there is a lot that Turkey offers to its travelers during this time in addition to complete seclusion and low prices of accommodation. Savor the best cuisine and enjoy lavish stays that are a testament to Turkey’s matchless hospitality, making it one of the best places to visit in September in Europe .

Tourist Attractions: Hagia Sophia Museum, The Blue Mosque, Topkapi Palace Museum Things To Do: Enjoy Turkish street food, shop at the Grand Bazaar, offer prayers at Basilica Cistern, get a city view from Galata Tower Nearest Places To Visit: Greece, Azerbaijan, Bulgaria Places To Stay: Villa Sonata Apart Hotel, Artemis Princess Hotel, Sultan Cave Suites Places To Eat: The Turkey Project, Roadhouse Cafe, Downtown Kitchen & Bar How To Reach: Air travel is the most convenient means to visit  Turkey. The Atatürk Airport is very  well connected to all major international hubs of the world with regular flights Language:  Turkish Currency:  Turkish lira

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20. Toronto: For An Affordable Vacay


During the month of September, Toronto experiences mild weather and the leaves start to change color. There are no tourist crowds around and hotel prices start to drop. There are various events that you can attend, such as the closing days of the Canadian National Exhibition as well as the Canadian International Air Show on Labor Day. Don’t miss the exciting Toronto Beer Week from 14th to 22nd September. You’ll also find the flights to be pretty cheap during this time, so there’s really no excuse for you to not visit Toronto in September, one of the best places to visit in September outside India .

Tourist Attractions: Ripley’s Aquarium of Canada, Art Gallery of Ontario, St. Lawrence Market Things To Do: Revisit culture at Royal Ontario Museum, dine at Distillery District, recreate at Toronto Islands Nearest Places To Visit: Etobicoke, Scarborough, Vaughan Places To Stay: HI Toronto Hostel, Toronto Travellers Home Places To Eat: Richmond Station, Seven Lives, Alo How To Reach: The best way to reach Toronto is via flight to the Pearson International Airport, which is well connected to major international hubs. Language:  Canadian Currency:  Canadian dollar

21. Tofino: Get Cloudy Weather

Hot Springs Cove Tofino

Tofino in British Columbia has mild, and cloudy weather making it one of the top preferences for places to visit in September in the world. This means all the beaches of Tofino like Chesterman Beach and Cox Bay are for you to explore. Apart from this, festivals like Queen of the Peak and Edge Festival knock their doors in September. Spend an enjoyable and loving time in the relaxed environment of Tofino.

Tourist Attractions: Chesterman Beach, Tonquin Park, Pacific Rim National Park Reserve, Long Beach Things To Do: Whale watching, Hike at Big Tree Trail, Surf at MacKenzie Beach Nearest Places To Visit: Vancouver Island, Ucluelet, Port Alberni Places To Stay: Ocean Village Resort Tofino, Wya Point Resort Places To Eat: Surfside Grill, Shelter Restaurant How To Reach: You can fly to two of Vancouver’s airports: Nanaimo and Comox. From there, it is a 3-4 hour drive to Tofino. Either a taxi or local cabs will take you to Tofino. Language:  Canadian Currency:  Canadian dollar

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22. Pula: Enjoy A Beach Vacation


Pula is one of the top places to visit in September in the world, with weather that is considered mild and perfect for a beach vacay! What’s great about Pula is that in the month of September, an abandoned fort,  Fort Punta Christo hosts the Outlook Festival. An incredible celebration for a week includes music performances including hip-hop, dub, reggae and techno. A line-up of top artists perform and entertain your way. This is amongst the best places to visit in September outside India .

Tourist Attractions: Temples of Augustus, Pula Arena, Arch of the Sergii Things To Do: Learn cultural history at the Archaeology Museum, offer prayers at St. Francis church, tour the Kastel fort Nearest Places To Visit: Trieste, Venice, Zagreb Places To Stay: Collins Apartment, Apartments Arena Pula Places To Eat: Kantina Restaurant, Farabuto How To Reach: The international Pula Airport serves as a major connector in the city. You can take a cab or taxi to reach your hotel or villa. Language:  Croatian Currency:  Croatian Kuna

24. San Francisco: Bright And High

San Francisco

San Francisco is one of the best destinations in September , due to a bright and sunny season. It’s warm, and you can enjoy a visit to the Golden Gate Bridge which isn’t covered in fog, for a change. A superb part about your journey to San Francisco would be attending some festivals like the San Francisco Fringe Festival and Ghirardelli Chocolate Festival. Isn’t San Francisco one of the best places to visit in September in the world?

Tourist Attractions: Muir Woods National Monument, Golden Gate Park, Fisherman’s Wharf Things To Do: Visit the Alcatraz Island, enjoy the view from PIER 39, enjoy the nightlife at Union Square Nearest Places To Visit: Oakland, Fremont,  San Jose, Stockton, Sacramento Places To Stay: Hyatt Regency San Francisco,EL Capitan Hotel,HI San Francisco Downtown Hostel Places To Eat: Liholiho Yacht Club, Nopa, State Bird Provisions How To Reach: There are multiple airports in San Francisco . The major one is San Francisco International airport which is one of the largest in the world and connects carriers from all the international destinations – big or small. Language:  English Currency:  US Dollar

25. Vienna: A Cherished Destination

Vienna road

If you are wondering where to visit in  September , then Vienna becomes your cherished answer. A pleasant destination to visit, September is probably the best month to visit Vienna, after the month of May. Since the summer  vacations are just over, the people head back to towns, meaning there are more things to explore. Do taste the lovely Austrian food offerings, enjoy the start of Opera season, The Buskers Festival and the MQ Vienna Fashion Week. And obviously, Vienna is one of the best places to visit in September in the world.

Tourist Attractions: The Hofburg, St. Stephen’s Cathedral, Belvedere Palace, Prater Things To Do: Listen to amazing music at Vienna State Opera, visit the Albertina museum, admire the art collection at Belvedere Palace Nearest Places To Visit: Bratislava, Budapest, Salzburg, Prague Places To Stay: Vienna Hostel Ruthensteiner, Arion Cityhotel Vienna, H+ Hotel Wien Places To Eat: ef16 Restaurant Weinbar, Ariston Hellenic Restaurant, ULRICH How To Reach: The best way to reach Vienna is via the Vienna International Airport which is connected globally and attracts all major airline carriers of the world and Europe. Language:  German Currency:  Euro

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26. Ziro: A World Heritage  Center

Ziro in Arunachal Pradesh

Looking for best places to visit in September in India? Ziro is basically a cultural landscape, a census town in the Indian state of Arunachal Pradesh. It has been proudly listed in the UNESCO World Heritage Center. You will find mild weather, and enjoy the Ziro Music Festival , organized by local Apa Tani people celebrating India’s independent music ecosystem. In fact, you can also visit the pine hills and rice fields, for which Ziro is famous for.

Tourist Attractions: Tarin fish farm, Shivalingam at Kardo, Ziro Putu Things To Do: Get close to nature at Talley Valley Wildlife Sanctuary, become a spiritual genius at Meghna Cave Temple Nearest Places To Visit: Old Ziro, Itanagar, Tezu, Tawang Places To Stay: Siiro Resort, Hotel Blue Pine, View Point Home Stay Places To Eat: A&C’s Kitchen Ziro, Ziro Palace Inn How To Reach:  The closest airport to Ziro is at Jorhat in Assam which is 98 km away. Alternatively, the best way to reach Ziro would be to deboard at Guwahati Airport. From there,  Arunachal Pradesh State Road Transport Corporation runs buses for 4 days a week directly to Ziro. Language:  Hindi Currency:  Rupee

27. Médoc: For An Absolute Bliss


Target visiting Médoc in the month of September for the purpose of enjoyment and fun. The wine-producing regions in the Northern Hemisphere get ready for the grape harvest. This is why visiting this French region is an absolute bliss. Be a part of the booze marathon, Marathon du Médoc, held annually with stops along the way including steak and oyster tastings, orchestras and finally, wine tastings. Head today for fun at one of the best places to travel in September ! 

Tourist Attractions: Château Malromé, Castle Roquetaillade Things To Do: Embrace God at Bazas Cathedral, get close to wildlife at Griffon Park, enjoy the views at Lac de la Prade Nearest Places To Visit: Bordeaux, Hourtin, Pauillac Places To Stay: La Dorépontaise, Haras de la Tour ,Domaine des deux rivières Places To Eat: Le Solendo, Aux Fontaines, Les Perles à Pimpin How To Reach: The Bordeaux–Mérignac Airport is the international airport closest to Médoc. From the airport, regular local buses as well as taxis ply to this wine region. Language: French Currency: Euro

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28. Bath: With So Many Happening Areas

Fountain View

England is one of the best countries to visit in September , however, Bath (Somerset) in England is a particular destination which is not to be missed. Bath is the perfect and most vibrant destination in the whole of England. Feel blue and let the happening city of Bath grope you completely. Enjoy family time at Bath Racecourse, design Mosaic tiles, color the hot air balloons, etc. Do not miss the Jane Austen Festival, wine tastings and enjoying the theaters. We believe now you have got the answer of your question, where to go in September 2023 ?

Tourist Attractions: The Jane Austen Center, Prior Park Landscape Garden, Fashion Museum Bath Things To Do: Enjoy at The Circus, visit The Roman Baths, boat along the Pulteney Bridge Nearest Places To Visit: Trowbridge, Kingswood, Mangotsfield Places To Stay: YHA Bath Hostel, The Old Mill Hotel, The Z Hotel Bath Places To Eat: Jars Meze, Sotto Sotto, Menu Gordon Jones How To Reach: It is very convenient to reach Bath, with just a 90 minute train journey from London or a short drive via M4 and M5 motorways. Also, the Bristol Airport  is the closest with regular bus and taxi services. Language:  English Currency:  Pound

29. Portugal: One Of The Oldest

places to visit in september in world

One of the oldest countries in the world, Portugal also comes in the list of the best places to visit in September in the world . It has its own charm that will cast a spell on you. Home to various beaches, churches and more, it is a melting pot of everything good. And one should not forget that it is the home of Ronaldo, the football star. During September, the summers are ending and hence it is pleasant weather to plan a holiday.

Tourist Attractions: Lisbon, Porto, Madeira Things To Do: Explore cave beaches, surfing, scuba diving Nearest Places To Visit: Park and National Palace of Pena, Belem Tower, Jeronimos Monastery Places To Stay: Vila Vita Parc resort, Hilton Vilamoura, Hotel Cascais Places To Eat: Belcanto, Feitoria, Alma How To Reach: Lisbon airport is the nearest airport Language: Portuguese Currency: Euro

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30. Dolores Hidalgo: An Offbeat Destination

A city in Mexico

A culturally rich city in Mexico, Dolores Hidalgo will take you back in time. It is home to several museums that speak of the stories of Mexican independence. In the month of September, it also celebrates its Independence which is a sight to behold! The city will satiate the wanderlust of the culture vultures. You will feel as if it is a creating a magic over you and you can lose yourself, free from all worries. This is one of the offbeat places to visit in September in the world .

Tourist Attractions: Museo de Sitio Casa de Hidalgo, Casa Museo José Alfredo Jiménez, Plaza del Grande Hidalgo Things To Do: Explore the museums, try wine, stroll in the wineries Nearest Places To Visit: Cuna de Tierra, Casa Museo Jose Alfredo Jimenez, Miguel Hidalgo House Places To Stay: Hotel Galleria, Casa Don David, Atotonilco El Viejo Places To Eat: el Fruty Ristorante, Restaurante Plaza, Da Monica How To Reach: Del Bajio international airport is the nearest airport Language: Mexican Currency: Peso

31. Las Vegas: For Ultimate Fun

fun places to visit in world

Nobody would say no to Las Vegas as it is one of the most fun-filled cities in the world. It is known for its lit nightlife and one must not die before visiting Las Vegas. You can say it is one of the best places to travel in September 2023 . During the month of September, cool breezes start blowing there which make it a refreshing destination to explore. And what makes September even more exciting is the festival named Life is Beautiful which is all about music and arts. This year, artists like Post Malone, the Black Keys and more will be performing for you, so are you game?

Tourist Attractions: Las Vegas strip, Stratosphere casino, Caesars palace Things To Do: Visit Caesars palace, watch a show at Park theatres, try wines Nearest Places To Visit: Los Angeles, San Francisco, San Diego Places To Stay: Bellagio hotel & casino, the Venetian, Wynn Las Vegas Places To Eat: Kabuto, Americana Las Vegas, The Capital Grille How To Reach: McCarran international airport is the nearest airport Language: Spanish Currency: US Dollar

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32. Maldives: Nature’s Magic

places to visit in september in world

Still thinking where to travel in September 2023 ? Well, how about Maldives? Maldives’s beauty is not a new thing. Known for its palm-fringed beaches, picturesque islands and luxurious resorts, Maldives treats all kinds of travelers coming to its refuge. In the month of September, the rains stop and the weather becomes perfect for you to step out and enjoy its surreal beauty. One of the most amazing places to visit in September in the world , this will totally treat the adventurer in you.

Tourist Attractions: maafushi, Male atoll, Hulhumale Things To Do: Snorkeling, scuba diving, island hopping Nearest Places To Visit: Male Atoll, Maafushi, Ari Atoll Places To Stay: Paradise island resort, Gili lankanfushi, Adaaran prestige vadoo Places To Eat: Ithaa Undersea restaurant, Iberry cafe, Jazz cafe How To Reach: Male international airport is the nearest airport Language: Dhivehi Currency: Maldivian rufiyaa

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Accommodation and airfares turn out to be significantly less expensive once the school terms begin. Thus, September is the most happening season for savvy tourists. Several top destinations are waiting for you with open arms. Many backpackers already got their list of the places to visit in September in the world ready. So do you. Hence, why wait? Book a world trip now!

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Frequently Asked Questions About Places To Visit In September In The World

Which part of Europe is best to visit in September?

Southern Europe, including regions like Tuscany in Italy and the Greek Islands, is ideal to visit in September, with warm temperatures and smaller crowds.

What countries to go to in September?

In September, consider visiting Italy, Greece, Spain, and Japan for delightful travel experiences and favorable weather.

Where are the best places to travel in September?

These are some of the places where you may experience pleasant weather in September and apart from that, there are many things to do around at these destinations. 1. Maldives, Croatia 2. Corfu, Pompeii 3. China 4. South Africa 5. Barcelona

Which country has snowfall in September?

Countries like Argentina, Chile, and New Zealand experience snowfall in September due to their Southern Hemisphere location, making it a great destination for winter sports enthusiasts.

Is Puerto Rico good to travel in September?

When it comes to visiting Puerto Rico, September through November are the worst months. At this time of year, Puerto Rico's temperatures average 24°C during the day, with highs of 27°C during the day.

Where can I go for the best beach vacation in September?

Here are some of the extraordinary locations for your beach vacation in September. 1. Maldives 2. Toronto 3. Plage des Salins 4. Huntington Beach

Where is the warmest place in Europe in September?

While fall approaches the borders of most European locations in September, there are still certain spots that are warm and welcoming to tourists looking to spend some time resting in the sun. In September, Athens, Fuerteventura, Marrakech, So Paulo, Sofia, and Lisbon are among the warmest cities in the world.

Where is the best weather in September?

For people planning a vacation in September, these are some of the best destinations around the world which have the best weather to experience and go sightseeing. 1. Nice, France - the average temperature in September is 22-degree celsius 2. Ibiza, Spain - the average temperature in September is 24-degree celsius 3. Santorini, Greece - the average temperature in September is 24-degree celsius

What are the best destinations to visit in September that are also inexpensive?

These are the finest locations to go to in September in the world to escape and enjoy a tropical summer holiday. 1. Malia, Crete 2. Turkey 3. Rome, Italy 4. Trapani, Sicily 5. Kos, Greece 6. Orlando 7. Prague 8. Las Vegas

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The best holiday destinations in September

By Laura Fowler and Laura Chubb

27 best holiday destinations in September

The lazy, hazy days of summer are over – but September is the new January , and the perfect time for new adventures. So where are the best holiday destinations in September? See how South America is blooming: not only the jacaranda trees and their bursts of blue-violet, but the exciting high cuisine, design and arts scenes exploding everywhere from Argentina ’s always chic capital to the Peruvian Andes. Looking for a final boost of D vitamins to carry you into the last quarter? It’s the sweet shoulder season for a number of exotic, sugar-sand islands. Or discover a new beach in Europe — the mercury stays high the further you explore south or east. Better still, there are sustainable ways to enjoy even the most opulent of these getaways. Read on for inspiration on where to go on holiday in September.


Sicily, Italy

Temperature: 24°C high; 17°C low Season: autumn Travel time from UK: 3 hours 10 minutes Time difference: BST+1

When isn't a good time to go to Sicily ? The warm wind that blows across the Mediterranean from Africa keeps Italy 's sunniest, most richly cultured island hot well into autumn (you might still get a heatwave), though its wild and beautiful beaches are never crowded in September; yet it's cool enough for exploring the labyrinthine streets of its enchanting baroque towns. Memorable meals are to be had everywhere – September is a fine time for fruit and produce from Etna's rich national park; and there's no problem getting a room in the charming hotels.

Where to stay: At Belmond Grand Hotel Timeo , where pool views look good from all angles and a pianist (and Negronis) cajole couples to dance on the balcony against a menacing backdrop of Mount Etna. If you're looking for a city break, take over this sleek Palermo apartment that's within walking distance of all the iconic spots. For more, see our pick of the best hotels in Sicily .

Temperature 19°C high 9°C low Season autumn Travel time from London 2 hours 30 minutes by car Time difference BST0 ...

The Cotswolds, United Kingdom

Temperature: 19°C high; 9°C low Season: autumn Travel time from London: 2 hours 30 minutes by car Time difference: BST+0

Simply one of the loveliest places in the world, at any time of year, the Cotswolds. Its loveliness wraps itself around you like the early morning mist among the orchards; its drystone cottages and honeycomb-coloured Cotswold stone buildings, ancient and eternal, clambered all over by rambling roses and wisteria; its trickling rivers and weeping willows and wild swans; gentle landscapes and the quaintness of its beautiful villages , and all those country-house hotels for a weekend break in the UK . September brings the harvest, when the local produce is at its best, and the hunter's rich pickings are cooked magnificently in all of the best restaurants in the Cotswolds .

Where to stay: We love Thyme , an idyllic old Cotswold-stone manor with beautifully renovated barns. The Stump is a cosy roadside-inn-turned-pizza-shack just six miles from Cirencester. If you're travelling in a group, takeover No.6 , a converted barn that sleeps 10 and set on the edge of the Blenheim Palace Estate in Oxfordshire. See our favourite hotels in the Cotswolds for more recommendations.

Temperature 26°C high 17°C low Season autumn Travel time from UK 2 hours 45 minutes Time difference BST0  Its no mystery...

Lisbon, Portugal

Temperature: 26°C high; 17°C low Season: autumn Travel time from UK: 2 hours 45 minutes Time difference: BST+0

It’s no mystery Lisbon is so popular these days. What’s not to like? Afternoons are for climbing its seven hills in search of the best miradouros – terraces with poetic views over its pastel houses and red rooftops – while evenings are best spent in Lisbon's best restaurants , where sensational seafood is fresh from the neighbouring ocean. Night-owls make a beeline for Bairro Alto. Lax open-container laws make the city’s central district a party – join and drink in the dawn. September has fabulous weather – averages of 26°C – and you’ll get the city to yourself, as the unlucky masses have gone back to school.

Where to stay: The Ivens gets our pick for one of the best new(ish) hotels in the world, while Memmo Alfama might just have the best rooftop pool in the city. For a budget stay, try The Independente , a charming hotel-meets-hostel where rooms are from £100 a night. If you'd like to stay close to the sea, this beach apartment is on Costa da Caparica, one of the best beaches in Lisbon . See more options at our edit of the best hotels in Lisbon .

Temperature 17°C high 10°C low Season autumn Travel time from UK 1 hour 25 minutes Time difference BST0  Irelands most...

Galway, Ireland

Temperature: 17°C high; 10°C low Season: autumn Travel time from UK: 1 hour 25 minutes Time difference: BST+0

Ireland’s most scenic city is a blast any time of year, but the Galway International Oyster Festival is an excellent reason for going in September. On the last weekend of the month, the beginning of the native oyster harvest is celebrated with parades, the World Oyster Opening Championships (really) and devotees slurping hundreds of the delicacies with stout and Champagne. Sitting pretty on the River Corrib, the harbour town has always been a favourite for its waterside views, snug pubs and super-fresh seafood. But today, it’s also a standard-bearer for west-coast produce, leading the way in local, organic, farm-to-fork cooking (see Michelin-starred Loam’s seasonal tasting menus). A bit of contemporary culture comes courtesy of Coffeewerk + Press: part third-wave coffeehouse, part art gallery, part design shop. Galway’s sustainable food scene isn’t just limited to Michelin-starred affairs such as Loam. Other pioneers include Tartare Café and Wine Bar (local, farm-fresh ingredients; organic and natural wines; compostable cups and napkins), Kai (as well as serving a daily-changing menu of local ingredients, the restaurant recycles all its waste, with around 25 per cent of it converted into fuel) and Dela, which grows its own produce, allowing for a ‘plot to plate time of minutes’.

Where to stay: Wild Honey Inn in County Clare, Ireland’s first Michelin-star pub.

Temperature 26°C high 20°C low Season autumn Travel time from UK 4 hours Time difference BST2  Ask an islander what...

Santorini, Greece

Temperature: 26°C high; 20°C low Season: autumn Travel time from UK: 4 hours Time difference: BST+2

Ask an islander what their favourite month on Santorini is, and they'll likely tell you September. The boiling, broiling summer rush is over, the sea is warmer than ever and the skies are blue, blue, all day long, and the evenings are cooler in its up-steps-and-down hillside towns. September sunsets paint the town of Oia gold, and the deep blues of the Caldera seem heightened in these days of late summer.

Where to stay: For a romantic stay, check in to Andronis Boutique Hotel , where rooms are dotted around the curves of the hotel's traditional cave-style architecture. For families, The Vasilicos is a boutique hideaway and one of the few hotels on the island that doesn't have an adults-only policy. We also love Grace Hotel, Auberge Resorts Collection , a white-washed, cliff-side dream where all the rooms have terraces and there are two pools. See our best hotels in Santorini guide for more.

Temperature 33°C high 19°C low Season autumn Travel time from UK 3 hours 35 minutes Time difference BST 0  Morocco...

Temperature: 33°C high; 19°C low Season: autumn Travel time from UK : 3 hours 35 minutes Time difference: BST +0

Morocco saturates the senses. See Marrakech ’s chaotic medinas; the raggedly isolated mud-wall towns of the High Atlas; Essaouira ’s salty sea air and sun-dappled surf. All are at their finest in September. As the summer sizzle mellows, both Atlantic and Mediterranean coasts remain bikini-balmy, while the winter chill that grasps desert nights and mountain villages is yet to take hold. And a smart new crop of design hotels – typically airy riads with crisp courtyard pools, renovated by French fashion photographers and Italian aristocrats – makes Morocco an especially stylish place to lay one’s head. Fez, a vast, medieval warren of a city, has been busy restoring its ancient buildings and monuments, so there’s no end of historic houses, palaces and secret gardens, mosques and mausoleums to explore. Note: you'll see a lot of working horses and donkeys in Morocco – happily, many of them are protected by SPANA , an international organisation that works with some of the world’s poorest communities to improve the welfare of working animals, and to educate their handlers in animal rights. So if you’re offered a horse and cart ride, and the horse is wearing a SPANA tag (often around the ankle), go for it: your money validates SPANA’s efforts.

Where to stay: Within the city, La Mamounia and Royal Mansour top our list of the best hotels in Marrakech . In Taghazout , Munga Guesthouse is a 15-room boutique stay with an fairylit, indoor-outdoor restaurant. For Essaouira, the cool Riad Dar Maya is all sand-coloured plaster and modern Moroccan minimalism with a hot tub on the roof.

Temperature 25°C high 16°C low Season autumn Travel time from UK 8 hours Time difference BST5  New York we love you...

New York, United States

Temperature: 25°C high; 16°C low Season: autumn Travel time from UK: 8 hours Time difference: BST-5

New York we love you, every day of the year, but possibly in September most of all. For the weather, for the new season, and all the fresher air of autumn and possibility of a new season and that new season's styles, the way the city gears up again after sultry, away-on-Long Island August. (Yes, for that matter, Long Island is lovely end-of-season in September, too, from the Hamptons to Montauk .) Or combine New York City with an Upstate New York roadtrip to the Catskills , all that autumnal mellow mistiness and sense of nostalgia for a thing you never even had, listening to the Grateful Dead as you wind through the trees to your log cabin.

Where to stay: Try the Ace Hotel in Brooklyn or Pendry Manhattan West in Midtown, both featured on our 2022 Hot List of the best new hotels in the world. Downtown, buzzy spots like PUBLIC Hotel on the Lower East Side and Hotel 50 Bowery in Chinatown are great for nightlife and people watching. See our pick of the best hotels in New York for more.

Temperature 27°C high 19°C low Season autumn Travel time from UK 2 hours 30 minutes Time difference BST1  Those crazy...

Ibiza and Formentera, Spain

Temperature: 27°C high; 19°C low Season: autumn Travel time from UK: 2 hours 30 minutes Time difference: BST+1

Those crazy free spirits who spend the season out in Ibiza and Formentera breathe a sigh of relief when September comes. At last you can get a spot to shake out your towel on the beaches again, and a table for lunch at a beach restaurant without so much as a booking (even at Formentera's famous Juan y Andrea). It's all still hot, hot, hot, the closing parties are the clubbing highlights of the season, and hotels and villas suddenly become a lot more affordable – though you'll still have to take out a loan for drinks. Embracing the White Isle’s natural assets is the best way to make a trip here sustainable. La Granja , for example, is a chic inland farmstead that serves slow food from its own biodynamic garden, and works with the Ibiza Preservation Fund to support the island’s organic farmers. In it for the beaches? Rent a solar-powered charter yacht from La Bella Verde and explore the coast’s quieter corners.

Where to stay: OKU Ibiza , a laid-back luxury retreat with a privileged location that gives you access to the most beautiful beach spots on the island. For sunbeds and sushi, it's hard to beat the chic set up at Nobu Ibiza bay . See more options at our best hotels in Ibiza edit or check out our round-up of the best villas in Ibiza and Formentera .

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Mexico City, Mexico

Temperature: 24°C high; 12°C low Season: wet Travel time from UK: 11 hours 25 minutes Time difference: BST -7

Massive, messy Mexico City has never been cooler. The lively capital’s young, artsy vibe is everywhere: at the colourful cafés clad in geometric-print tiles; in chic, farm-fresh brunches and craft cocktails blended with home-brewed botanicals; at the urban market in an old auto parts warehouse hawking local designers. September is the last drop of rainy season, which keeps this always-busy megalopolis short of tourists; what they don’t know is the rain tends to come at night, and in quick, sudden fits. By day, it’s 25°C and perfect for nibbling on street eats (pick your lime-doused grilled corn straight from the wheelbarrow) or exploring the city’s most fashionable 'hood: leafy, bohemian Roma Norte. (yes, of Oscar-winning film fame).

Where to stay: Octavia Casa , a seven-room retreat in La Condesa created by Fashion designer Roberta Maceda. We also love Circulo Mexicano for its calming Shaker-simple bedrooms and chilled-out rooftop with pool and Japanese soaking tub.

Temperature 28°C high 17°C low Season autumn Travel time from UK 3 hours 5 minutes Time difference BST2  The shoulder...

Corfu, Greece

Temperature: 28°C high; 17°C low Season: autumn Travel time from UK: 3 hours 5 minutes Time difference: BST+2

The shoulder seasons – April-May, September-October – tend to be the most pleasant time to visit Greece and the Greek islands . But blue as the Ionian Sea is, it's still chilly in springtime – so we will plump for September in Corfu, when our morning swim is a warm and delicious affair, when the island's forested hills are still green for afternoon dozes beneath the oaks and olive trees.

Where to stay: At Domes Miramare , which was once the summer mansion of shipping magnate Aristotle Onassis and is now an adults-only hotel standing above its own private beach. Families should look to Grecotel Corfu Imperial , glamorous resort where many of the rooms and bungalows have private pools. See more at our best hotels in Corfu guide.

Temperature 25°C high 17°C low Season autumn Travel time from UK 3 hours 50 minutes Time difference BST2  Istanbul has...

Istanbul, Turkey

Temperature: 25°C high; 17°C low Season: autumn Travel time from UK: 3 hours 50 minutes Time difference: BST+2

Istanbul has always been a cultural giant. It straddles two continents and sits on a major branch of the Silk Road , so pretty much every marauder has left their mark here through the ages, creating a city that’s richly diverse in its art, food and mood. And every September, the Turkish capital proves its contemporary cultural chops with the art fair Contemporary Istanbul, where show-stopping installations, sculptures and canvases showcase the region’s most intriguing works. For more cutting-edge Istanbul, head to Beyoğlu, the ultimate good-times hood. When not at a gig, boutique shopping or bar-hopping, check out New Anatolian Cuisine at Mikla, where the lamb-shank dumplings with smoked buffalo yogurt might just change your life.

Where to stay: Soho House Istanbul is set in a 19th-century palace in the city's coolest district. For more options, see our pick of the best hotels in Istanbul .

Temperature 20°C high 12°C low Season spring Travel time from UK 11 hours 30 minutes Time difference BST2  Less than two...

Hermanus, South Africa

Temperature: 20°C high; 12°C low Season: spring Travel time from UK: 11 hours 30 minutes Time difference: BST+2

Less than two hours’ drive from Cape Town , Hermanus has grown from fishing village to popular seaside destination for good reason: it offers the world’s best land-based whale-watching. Come in late September, when the Hermanus Whale Festival celebrates peak season for southern right whales breaching close to shore. Though the fest brings heaps of entertainment – live music, vintage car shows, street food, kids’ activities – spare some time for exploring Hermanus beyond the crowds. It’s at its very best on gorgeous cliffside walks, secluded white-sand beaches (Voëlklip is made for picnicking), or at refined countryside restaurants – The Restaurant at Newton Johnson is set on its own farm, overlooking the winery’s vines. If you're keen to spot some whales, land-based whale watching is about as un-invasive as it gets, and saves on pollution produced by boats. So, while plenty of operations offer whale-watching boat tours here, why bother when the view is so good from terra firma? Hermanus even has its own ‘whale crier’, who helpfully roams around blowing on a kelp horn to alert you to sightings.

Where to stay: Birkenhead House , a coastal hotel with a pool terrace overlooking the ocean.

Temperature 24°C high 16°C low Season autumn Travel time from UK 2 hours Time difference BST1  It is a surprising fact...

Milan, Italy

Temperature: 24°C high; 16°C low Season: autumn Travel time from UK: 2 hours Time difference: BST+1

It is a surprising fact that it rains more in Milan than in Manchester . Still, never let bad weather stand in the way of a truly splendid city break. Go in September, which has the fewest rainy days of any month in Milan, and an average daytime temperature of 24ºC. Go new-season shopping and spend too much money on some excellent boots which will keep your feet dry and make you happy in the cold, wet months ahead. Or go to Manchester , and tell everyone that it may be raining, but at least it's not as wet as Milan.

Where to stay: Try the Four Seasons Hotel Milano for a luxurious stay in the city centre or checkin to the Hotel Principe di Savoia , one of the city's grand dames. See more on our edit of the best hotels in Milan .

Temperature 26°C high 20°C low Season autumn Travel time from UK 2 hours 10 minutes Time difference BST1  It's...

Barcelona, Spain

Temperature: 26°C high; 20°C low Season: autumn Travel time from UK: 2 hours 10 minutes Time difference: BST+1

It's definitely still sunshine season in September in Barcelona – temperatures average around 25ºC in the daytime, a balmy 19ºC at night. The locals are back from their holidays, but everyone's still going to the beach and eating out and partying like mad to make the most of the last days of summer. Catalonia's national holiday is on 11 September, when the city closes for parades, concerts and celebrations, and the Fiestas de la Mercè is a week-long festival, the biggest of the year, with hundreds of musicians and carnivals, performances and gigs, planned and impromptu, all over the city.

Where to stay: Design-lovers should make a beeline for The Hoxton in Pobelnou, where some rooms come with a view of the La Sagrada Familia. Another great option is Nobu Hotel Barcelona , a glitzy blend of Japanese minimalism and comfortable luxury. ME Barcelona has an unbeatable city location plus a rooftop sundeck and pool. See our guide to the best hotels in Barcelona for more.

Temperature 22°C high 10°C low Season autumn Travel time from UK 1 hour 20 minutes Time difference BST1  This...

Loire Valley, France

Temperature: 22°C high; 10°C low Season: autumn Travel time from UK: 1 hour 20 minutes Time difference: BST+1

This UNESCO-listed river valley is the epitome of bucolic bliss. Little wonder French royalty of yore ditched Paris for its gentle pastures, scattering myriad romantic châteaux across the landscape, plopped amid sprawling manicured gardens or perched on placid lakes. As the back-to-school crowds filter out, take advantage and meander its villages and vineyards in relative peace. Plus, the first weekend of September is marked by the annual Vines, Wines and Walks festival, where visitors choose between various wine trails, led by local winemakers – so you can stroll, sip and chomp the finest cheese with the help of an expert guide.

Where to stay: Château De Marçay , a 15th-century white-stone fortress perched at the top of a vineyard-covered slope.

Temperature 30°C high 21°C low Season cool Travel time from UK 12 hours 45 minutes Time difference BST2  “Exotic” barely...

Zanzibar, Tanzania

Temperature: 30°C high; 21°C low Season: cool Travel time from UK: 12 hours 45 minutes Time difference: BST+2

“Exotic” barely covers it. Zanzibar is another world. Its beaches are mirage-like: salt-white sand, ocean toned electric-blue. Mythical, Unesco-listed Stone Town is an ancient maze built on trade between disparate cultures: Arab, Persian, Indian, European. The scent of cloves fills the bazaars, and gothic churches mingle with domed mosques and Persian hammams. Hotels here are smarter of late; see the waterside Park Hyatt, or Zuri Zanzibar’s thatched villas. September is dry – before the ‘short rains’ of November and December – and not so stifling at around 27°C. Note: you’ll see a lot of operators offering the chance to swim with dolphins in Zanzibar – don’t do it. Tanzania is one of only a few spots in the world with no official regulations to limit the impact of tourism on its dolphin population, and bad practices abound.

Where to stay: Zuri Zanzibar for Scandi-style furnishings and ethnic murals.

Temperature 18°C high 11°C low Season spring Travel time from UK 13 hours 45 minutes Time difference BST4  They call it...

Buenos Aires, Argentina

Temperature: 18°C high; 11°C low Season: spring Travel time from UK: 13 hours 45 minutes Time difference: BST-4

They call it the Paris of South America, but Buenos Aires has long tangoed to its own beat. Nothing feels quite like wandering the tree-lined streets of its largest barrio, Palermo, past rainbow-hued street art and bohemian coffee haunts, quirky galleries and fashion boutiques. It’s more seductive still in September, when the cold winter is easing off, but still-thin crowds largely comprise fun-loving locals and expats. Life-changing steaks and chic cocktail bars beckon at every corner; new – and hard-to-get-into – speakeasy Uptown BA recreates a New York Subway station. On the bright side, low-fare long-haul airline Norwegian just launched a direct flight from Gatwick, so there should be plenty of pesos in your pocket for bribing the bouncer.

Where to stay: Faena Hotel , a decadent, belle époque stay with modern elegance.

Temperature 21°C high 13°C low Season autumn Travel time from UK 11 hours Time difference BST8  Touristspotting is easy...

San Francisco, United States

Temperature: 21°C high; 13°C low Season: autumn Travel time from UK: 11 hours Time difference: BST-8

Tourist-spotting is easy in San Francisco : just look for the people dressed for summer, teeth a-chattering. The City by the Bay is prone to chill winds and bracing fog, particularly in the summer months. September, though, is when the California dream kicks in, all clear blue skies and certified sun. Soak up those cherished rays with the tech wunderkinds in so-hot-right-now Mission district, where flamboyant sunbathers fill palm-dotted Dolores Park, and weekend brunchers order organic pop tarts in the courtyard of a converted Art Deco movie palace, Foreign Cinema . Or do as the proper locals do and head across the Golden Gate Bridge to Napa and Sonoma . The vineyards seldom look better than when soaked in autumn’s warm glow.

Where to stay: Palihotel San Francisco , a character-packed Victorian hotel near Chinatown.

Temperature 28°C high 22°C low Season winter Travel time from UK 23 hours Time difference BST11  July and August are the...

French Polynesia

Temperature: 28°C high; 22°C low Season: winter Travel time from UK: 23 hours Time difference: BST-11

July and August are the busiest months in French Polynesia . Hold out until September and, as well as having more overwater bungalows to choose from, the weather’s still heaven. No heavy rains until November; none of the later months’ humidity to force on the air-con. Just blue, blue lagoons and the kind of peace you only find at the end of the world. Though it’s the very picture of paradise, locals call Bora Bora “boring boring”. For a quick culture dose, head out of your resort and visit the pearl farms of quiet Taha’a, or meet the blue-eyed, giant sacred river eels of lush Huahine (but maybe leave it to your guide to feed them). Try to get out of your resort and look for local tour operators offering excursions with an eco bent. Nani Travels , for example, was founded by a young Tahitian, Alexandrine Wan, and offers the likes of helping with coral-reef restoration, e-biking around Mo’orea island’s pineapple fields and monitoring shark populations.

Where to stay: The Brando , a polished hideaway on a tiny atoll with a blindingly white beach.

Temperature 26°C high 10°C low Season autumn Travel time from UK 10 hours 30 minutes Time difference BST7  Utahs “Mighty...

Utah, United States

Temperature: 26°C high; 10°C low Season: autumn Travel time from UK: 10 hours 30 minutes Time difference: BST-7

Utah ’s “Mighty Five” national parks live up to the moniker, but there’s such a thing as too much demand. Congestion at Arches and Zion is so bad now, officials are proposing reservations-only entry. Although those plans have been shelved for now, to really feel the magic of these landscapes you’ll need to escape the mob. September, after Labor Day weekend, is the sweet spot: the summer crush is gone, but temperatures are still moderate, so you can comfortably hike those incredible trails. This is American scenery at its largest: nothing but great rock cathedrals, blush-pink cliffs and rust-red canyons for miles. And with Under Canvas , you can camp right among them. Though the “Mighty Five” get all the press – and the visitors – Utah also has an impressive state parks system, with landscapes that vary from Mars-like stone forests (Goblin Valley) to bison-speckled beaches (Antelope Island). Visiting state parks takes pressure off the nationals and gives you a crowd-free experience, while also signalling to authorities that every inch of Utah’s wilderness is worth protecting.

Where to stay: At Under Canvas , which is 10 miles north of Moab, safari-style tents have en-suite bathrooms and luxe king-size beds, while mornings bring fresh coffee and cinnamon French toast.

Temperature 23°C high 13°C low Season autumn Travel time from UK 2 hours 25 minutes Time difference BST1  A grand and...

Budapest, Hungary

Temperature: 23°C high; 13°C low Season: autumn Travel time from UK: 2 hours 25 minutes Time difference: BST+1

A grand and romantic city, Budapest , with a complex history and beautiful architecture. September is the driest month in the city, the days still warm. The evenings may be drawing in, but as night falls its cool neighbourhood 'ruin pubs' are lit up by fairylights and full up with a young crowd drinking cocktails outdoors in these pop-up bars set up in crumbling buildings. Ideal autumn pursuits: a wallow in its thermal baths, or sweet pastries and strudel in its wonderful cafés.

Where to stay: Four Seasons Hotel Gresham Palace Budapest , a decadent hotel with an infinity pool.

Temperature 27°C high 15°C low Season autumn Travel time from UK 3 hours Time difference BST1  It might not quite be the...

Temperature: 27°C high; 15°C low Season: autumn Travel time from UK: 3 hours Time difference: BST+1

It might not quite be the “new Croatia ” just yet, but that’s part of the appeal — this Balkan gem has so far managed to remain largely off-radar. There’s always some hardy adventurer ready to be first, though; in the unspoiled Albanian Alps, Brooklyn native Catherine and her Albanian partner run five-room farmhouse Hotel Rilindja , a cosy oasis amid peaks and meadows, where evenings bring feasts of spit-roasted whole goat and fresh reservoir trout. Or escape to the Albanian Riviera for glorious golden sands and clear, cobalt water lapping craggy coves. In summer, the beaches are packed with fugitives from Tirana — but come September they’re back at work, while the climate stays Mediterranean and the Adriatic keeps warm. Albania is one of the poorest countries in Europe, and only small pockets of it are benefitting from tourism: namely, the Riviera, and even then, it’s mostly in the form of day trips from cruise ships. Heading into the mountains brings you up close to more traditional, rural communities and puts your money where it matters most. While independent travel can still be tricky here, Responsible Travel offers walking, cycling, food and wine and cultural itineraries that don’t just focus on the coast.

Where to stay: In Tirana, book a room at Agroturizëm Gjepali , a pre-WWII farm turned guesthouse. In Permet, meanwhile, Villa Permet is a restored 19th-century mansion.

Temperature 26°C high 20°C low Season autumn Travel time from UK 11 hours 30 minutes Time difference BST8  Cherry...

Temperature: 26°C high; 20°C low Season: autumn Travel time from UK: 11 hours 30 minutes Time difference: BST+8

Cherry blossoms be damned. The madding crowds are less maddening in autumn, when trees brushed scarlet and gold make Kyoto ’s sublime temples and gardens an even more precise image of perfection, while sunny skies sustain Tokyo’s bright summer mood. Dive into the urban frenzy — pinging Pachinko parlours, the rhythmic slurp of ramen bars, streets lit in video screen beam and neon – then find your Zen on sacred, misty mountaintops. Try the pilgrimage trails, remote shrines and steamy onsens of the Kii Peninsula while you can still say you were there first.

Where to stay: The Mitsui, with its dramatic lobby contrasting muted bedrooms of light green and pale birch.

Temperature 19°C high 15°C low Season dry Travel time from UK 12 hours 35 minutes Time difference BST6  September is the...

Temperature: 19°C high; 15°C low Season: dry Travel time from UK: 12 hours 35 minutes Time difference: BST-6

September is the best time for trekking in Peru – the last gasp of dry season after the summer hordes have packed up their walking poles, with clear, sunny days obliging those breath-stealing Andean views. But the Inca Trail isn’t the only hot-ticket pilgrimage around here nowadays. In 2018, chef Virgilio Martínez, of Lima’s Central (hailed the world’s second-best restaurant as of 2022), launched what might be the planet’s most ambitious eatery. Mil restaurant overlooks the lesser-seen Inca ruins of Moray, just 30 miles from trekker gateway Cusco; the menu features only ingredients found here, a dizzying 11,500ft above sea level. The foodie odyssey continues in Peru’s increasingly buzzy capital, with plenty of charming hole-in-the-walls dishing out fresh, citrus-kissed ceviche. Better still, September water temps are best for sampling Lima ’s surf scene. Straying off the beaten track will bring more sols to the people who need them most, and one place that’s especially true is Chaparri Ecological Reserve. On Peru’s northern coast, the reserve – home to rare species including the spectacled bear and the puma – is owned and managed by the local community. However, land speculators have, in recent times, aggressively attempted encroachment on this protected territory. Visiting is the best way to give locals much-needed resources to help them keep up their good work.

Where to stay: Arennas Mancora for manicured lawns, palm trees and a whole lot of service.

Temperature 25°C high 15°C low Season dry Travel time from UK 13 hours Time difference BST1  The original ultimate...

Temperature: 25°C high; 15°C low Season: dry Travel time from UK: 13 hours Time difference: BST+1

The original ultimate safari heavyweight is back in the game and is becoming the safari destination to watch. There are some fantastic new lodges opening up in Zimbabwe's exceptional and little-visited national parks, and beside the Victoria Falls. September is one of the best months to go to Zimbabwe for game-viewing, when wildlife congregates around the diminishing watering holes as the temperatures begin to rise and rain is rare, and large elephant herds can be seen in Hwange National Park. It may be high season, but the parks here never get crowded.

Where to stay: Mpala Jena – a tented safari camp on the banks of the upper Zambezi River, close to Victoria Falls – is the perfect spot to discover everything this part of Zimbabwe has to offer: the river, the falls and the wildlife.

Town of Amalfi on the Amalfi Coast Italy

Amalfi Coast, Italy

Temperature: 26°C high; 20°C low Season: summer Travel time from UK: 2 hours 40 minutes Time difference: BST+1

Italy's glittering Amalfi Coast is a summer big-hitter for a reason. But we recommend skipping this slice of the country during high summer, and visiting in shoulder season instead – the days are still long and sunshiny, and the coastline's lovely towns and handsome hotels will be far quieter. Amalfi's best beaches will be less crowded, too; don't miss Marina Piccolais, one of the most beautiful of the lot. Spend days visiting the prettiest Amalfi Coast towns – we like seaside towns Minori and Maiori, just a mile apart from one another – or eat at some of the best restaurants not just on the Amalfi Coast , but in the whole of Italy.

Where to stay: 17th-century former monastery Monastero Santa Rosa is a glamorous hotel hovering above the shoreline. Belmond Caruso Ravello , meanwhile, dates back even further, set in an 11th-century ivy-clad building. See our guide to the best hotels on the Amalfi Coast for more ideas.

Aerial view of rice terraces and volcano Bali Indonesia

Bali, Indonesia

Temperature: 30°C high; 23°C low Season: dry Travel time from UK: 17 hours Time difference: BST+7

It's the question we all want to know the answer to: when is the best time to visit Bali? Rainy season is from October to March, while the dry season runs from April to September. Aiming for the outer edges of the dry season is your best bet – making September the perfect time to visit. Get under the skin of secret Bali at slow-pace villages, or visit some of the best beaches in Bali for a last gasp of sunshine before British winter kicks in closer to home.

Where to stay: The best Bali hotels include Bill Bensley's Capella Ubud , a luxe tented camp, and Lost Lindenberg , a whipsmart fresh arrival.

The Best Places to Travel in September

By Caitlin Morton

Best Places to Travel in September Cityscape on Amalfi Coast Italy

September is the unsung hero of travel months: The busiest vacation season has come and gone, places are less crowded because kids are back in school, and as a result, prices on airfare, accommodations—and even attractions—have dropped. It’s the perfect time to pay a visit to locations that are usually swarming with tourists and enjoy some serious natural beauty , luxury hotels, outdoor adventures, and more than a few glasses of wine. So what are you waiting for? Here are the eight best places to travel in September, from Bali to Nantucket .

Hindu temple in Bali

Bali is one of the best places to travel in September, thanks to warm temperatures and virtually no rainfall. (You can also enjoy a slight dip in hotel rates during this time, as it falls just after peak tourist season.) All the better to enjoy the island’s famous temples, gardens, monkeys, and surfing beaches. You’re spoiled for choice when it comes to regions to explore, from the rain-forested inland district of Ubud to the rice paddies and eclectic shops of Canggu.

But we suggest booking your stay at a hotel or resort where you can get the full Bali experience in one stop, like editor- and reader-approved COMO Shambhala Estate , a five-star refuge for luxury travelers seeking spiritual development with Hindu water blessings and chakra healers. With its three pools, private waterfall, nutritious Southeast Asian food, and hammam spa, you’re guaranteed to leave feeling better than when you arrived. (Right now, Bali's government is hoping to open up to tourists in either late July or early August.)

Jackson Hole

Jackson Hole, Wyoming

Come fall, summer road-trippers give way to migrating wildlife and clear skies in Jackson Hole. The winter frost doesn’t set in until mid-October, meaning you have the whole month of September to raft the snake river, hike and bike through the Bridger-Teton National Forest, and take an early-morning bison safari.

But the best autumn activity in Jackson Hole has to be fly fishing. Hotel Jackson , a LEED-built boutique hotel in the heart of Jackson, is a great place to learn about the sport—the property’s “Fish the Fly Guide” takes guests out on full- or half-day boating trips to some of the best fishing spots in Wyoming. Whether you fish for cutthroat trout on the Snake River or rainbow trout in Yellowstone National Park, fly fishing is definitely one of the best ways to experience the natural beauty of this area. Back at the hotel, unwind in the library or enjoy some Mediterranean cuisine at FIGS restaurant.

Image may contain Furniture Chair Indoors Interior Design Table and Dining Table

Geneva, Switzerland

Switzerland opened to Americans on June 28 (vaccinated travelers don’t need to quarantine, while non-vaccinated tourists need to provide a negative COVID test), which is good news for anyone wanting to experience the beauty of the country in September. Geneva is a particularly lovely place to visit come fall, with expansive views of the Alps, Jura Mountains, and, of course, Lake Geneva. This year marks the 20th anniversary of The Patek Philippe Museum, which showcases creations of the brand’s master watchmakers, plus a collection of watches and enamel miniatures from the 16th to 19th centuries.

Be sure to also check out MAMCO, the largest museum of contemporary art in Switzerland with more than 6,000 works. Oetker Collection will unveil The Woodward , a new suite-only hotel on the banks of Lake Geneva, on September 1—aside from incredible vistas, the hotel will feature a massive spa, the longest indoor pool in Geneva, and restaurants helmed by Michelin-star chefs.

Best Places to Travel in September Cityscape on Amalfi Coast Italy

Amalfi Coast, Italy

September is one of the best months to visit the Amalfi Coast, with comfortable temperatures (highs in the 70s and 80s) and far fewer crowds than during the summer. And since Italy officially reopened to vaccinated American tourists for quarantine-free travel in June, you can enjoy the beautiful region without having to wait for COVID test results in your hotel room. Spend time exploring the famously colorful towns along the coastline, like the show-stopping views at Positano and the romantic gardens at Ravello.

Book a stay at the blissfully secluded, 20-room Monastero Santa Rosa Hotel & Spa , which occupies a restored 17th-century monastery just three miles from Amalfi. After spending an afternoon swimming in the clifftop pool and getting treatments at the spa, enjoy local Campanian specialties at Il Refettorio, the Michelin-starred restaurant.

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Image may contain Adventure Leisure Activities Transportation Vehicle Hot Air Balloon Aircraft Ball and Balloon

Cappadocia, Turkey

A hot air balloon ride over central Turkey’s Cappadocia region is an adventure every traveler should experience—especially if you plan your trip right after the scorching hot summer months. The sky-high ride provides 360-degree views of the famous limestone spires and “fairy chimneys”—something you can't get at the ground level. We recommend booking with Kapadokya Balloons , the first company that introduced hot air balloon tourism in Cappadocia. Services include transfers to and from your hotel, snacks, full insurance, and a champagne party after the flight.

Speaking of hotels, head to the tony town of Ürgüp (about a 45-minute drive from Cappadocia) and book a room at Esbelli Evi , a 10-room hillside hotel carved into the rock. Accommodations are undeniably cavelike, with sloping walls and rounded ceilings, but the atmosphere is high-end—think antique writing desks and claw-foot tubs. (As of now, unvaccinated tourists must provide a negative PCR test within 72 hours of arrival.)

Image may contain Soil Nature Outdoors Sand Dune Desert Human and Person

When it comes to sheer natural beauty, few countries in Africa rival Namibia . The Namib desert is the country's shining star, from the otherworldly landscapes of the Skeleton Coast , to the shifting dunes of the Namib Sand Sea, to the eerie, sun-blackened trees of Deadvlei. The best time to visit is from July to October, when the temperatures are in the low 70s and there is little chance of rain. It can get a tad tourist-heavy during this time (it’s also peak wildlife-viewing season), but you can dodge the crowds at AndBeyond Sossusvlei Desert Lodge in southwestern Namibia.

The lodge has an à la carte menu of adventures for guests, including e-biking around the lodge’s 12-mile path, hiking up to rock paintings in surrounding caves, driving quad-bikes over the dunes, or taking an early morning hot air balloon ride. But the most exciting activity on offer has to be stargazing at the on-site observatory: ​​The lodge borders an International Dark Sky Reserve, providing the rare opportunity to observe the southern hemisphere stars from one of the darkest and most protected skies in the world.

Nantucket Massachusetts

Nantucket, Massachusetts

Nantucket isn’t just for summering. A fall trip to the island will be relatively quiet and crowd-free, but you can still enjoy the same outdoor activities as during high season. Spend your days sailing, golfing, biking, and walking to nearby lighthouses, or enjoy the lack of lines at Cisco Brewers and The Proprietors . Don’t miss the 10th annual Nantucket Project (September 23-26), an “ideas conference” where celebrities and innovators give live talks and music performances, as well as screen original films.

This year’s line-up of keynote speakers has yet to be announced, but past headliners include Jennifer Garner, Paul Giamatti, Steve Wozniak, and Ndaba Mandela. The event will be held at the White Elephant hotel, which happens to be one of the most beloved properties in Nantucket. The waterfront resort features spacious suites with harbor views, an outdoor heated pool, and a world-class spa, plus some of the best seafood on the island.

Gergeti Trinity Church Caucasus Mountains Georgia

If you've already visited Napa and Tuscany, true oenophiles should head straight to Georgia, the tiny nation in the Caucasus that’s been making wine longer than anywhere in the world . Kakheti is the country’s foremost wine region, with 4,250 square miles of rolling vineyards, welcoming wineries, standout local cuisine, and well-priced hotels—and September just so happens to be the peak of harvest season in the region.

The first stop on your tasting tour should be Twins Old Cellar , a family-run operation where visitors can explore the qvevri (the traditional Georgian method of making wine in clay pots) museum and sample three wines and chacha (a potent Georgian brandy). Then drive about 15 minutes to Georgia’s winemaking mecca, Alaverdi Monastery , and explore the 104-variety “vine library” and drink a glass of nutty amber khikhvi wine.

At the end of the day, drive to Kabadoni , a minimalist boutique hotel in the cobblestoned village of Sighnaghi. The vineyard views, colorful Georgian rugs, and local cuisine make it the ideal spot to sleep off your hangover. (Currently, Americans must provide either proof of vaccination or proof of a negative COVID test taken no more than 72 hours before arrival.)

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Elizabeth Atkin | 28 June 2023

20 of the best places to visit in september.

Whether you're after a getaway with a difference, a life-changing wildlife experience or a long-term adventure to tick off the wish list, September's an ideal month to get on the road...

September is one of our favourite months to travel. The school holiday rush is over, so sunny destination flight prices start to come down. Temperatures in Europe dip enough to make heat more comfortable and undiscovered Europe   is in its element. The 'stans come to life. Safari season is in full swing, if drawing to a close.

Whether you're after a getaway with a difference, a life-changing wildlife experience or a long-term adventure to tick off the wish list, September's an ideal month to get on the road. 

Skip ahead to your chosen travel type by clicking on one of the below, or keep scrolling for the full list of recommendations:

The best September destinations for nature and ideal weather

The best longer-term travel experiences for september, where to go in september for arts and cultural experiences, the best places to visit for wildlife watching in september, here are the 20 best places to visit in september…, 1. sicily, italy.

Sicily's Valle dei Templ (Shutterstock)

Sicily's Valle dei Templ (Shutterstock)

Like many popular European hot spots, Sicily  is still warm in September, yet less oppressively hot, cooler in the evenings and less busy thanks to the summer holidays drawing to a close. However, you might notice an influx of visitors this year, thanks to the hit series White Lotus introducing the Mediterranean gem to the set-jetting travellers of the world.

In the capital, Palermo , opera season begins again this month. It's also typically an ideal temperature to take on the hike up Mount Etna, or to explore the volcanic Aoelian Islands. 

Ensure time to explore the towns of Taormina and Castelmola. The former is where you can find the must-visit Greek-Roman theatre: the view here is one of the most striking with Mount Etna on the horizon. For more Greek ruins, the  Valle dei Templ ( Valley of Temples) in  Agrigento is one of world's finest archaeological examples of ancient art and architecture. 

It doesn't matter where you end up on the island: you'll be able to end each day by parking yourself outside a classic Sicilian eatery to enjoy the hazy late summer evening.

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2. hokkaido, japan.

Jozankei is a picturesque onsen town near Sapporo (Shutterstock)

Jozankei is a picturesque onsen town near Sapporo (Shutterstock)

Just as the pale-pink cherry blossoms of spring draw locals outside to marvel at Japan’s natural beauty, its autumnal colours are just as prized.

But while the rest of the country waits to get its first glimpse of red and golden maple leaves, Hokkaido is ahead of the game. Japan’s chilly northern tip starts to turn towards the middle of September, making for a colourful road trip before the ice and bad weather sets in.

Pay a visit first to the pretty onsen town of Jozankei, just south of Sapporo, which has plenty of walkable forest trails and hot springs to relax in. Then make for the Blue Pond at the centre of the island, where impossibly teal waters reflect the reddening canopies of the surrounding larch and birch trees magnificently, making for a painterly setting. 

But you don’t even need to leave the city to spy nature at its autumnal best. Sapporo’s Hiraoka Jugei Center is famous for its ‘red tunnel’, created by the rows of Japanese maples (Nomura momiji) that flank its walkways. 

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3. corsica, france.

The citadel of Calvi, Corsica (Sylvain Oliveira/Alamy)

The citadel of Calvi, Corsica (Sylvain Oliveira/Alamy)

Corsica’s Rencontres Polyphoniques de Calvi is one of those tiny cultural pearls that makes a trip to the old citadel of Calvi in mid-September utterly unique, as choristers and soloists from around the world join the A Filetta polyphonic choir in making the most of their cathedral setting.

By day, take the opportunity to explore the rest of the citadel, whose Genoese construction helped Calvi resist French control up until the 18th century. The former governor’s palace is particularly impressive and has a fine museum on the city. 

It’s also a great time to visit if you want to take on any part of the GR20 – one of Europe’s toughest but most rewarding trails . The cooler weather of autumn makes this the perfect season to wander Corsica’s glacial lakes and imposing peaks before winter seals off many of the higher passes.

4. Maine, USA

Boats docked in pretty harbour town of Camden in Maine (Shutterstock)

Boats docked in pretty harbour town of Camden in Maine (Shutterstock)

September sees New England’s lobster shacks readying to close up shop for winter, so it’s the perfect time to go on a last-minute coastal food crawl. Hoover up Maine ’s famed lobster rolls – overflowing, buttery sandwiches – in villages along the coast, and be sure to stop in Portland, where tours explore both its seafood scene and maritime history.

Further north, Camden takes the plaudits as one of the prettiest harbour towns in Maine, but is known for its fleet of windjammers (merchant-style sail boats). This stretch of Penobscot Bay is particularly sheltered, so it makes a great setting for the annual Labor Day Windjammer Festival, one of the largest meetings of sail ships in north-east USA.

Finish at Acadia National Park’s Mount Desert Island, the highest rocky headlands on this stretch of the Atlantic coast. As well as trails and adventures, it is home to the annual Night Sky Festival in late September, when the Milky Way glimmers bright in the naturally dark skies overhead.

5. Portugal

Pena Palace, Sintra, Portugal (Shutterstock)

Pena Palace, Sintra, Portugal (Shutterstock)

Portugal lands on our long-term list for the sheer volume of places to visit, because typically, it's a classic short break destination. We admit: it's far too easy to fly to Lisbon or Porto  for a few days, or enjoy a wine tasting tour of Douro Valley, and then fly back home.

If you've weeks – maybe even a month or two –  to spare, it's well worth slowing down and soaking up Portugal. Spend time seeking out Lisbon and Porto's up-and-coming neighbourhoods.

Go off-the-beaten-track to the majestic historical city of Coimbra, and explore the underrated Tavira and more of the eastern Algarve 's quieter coast. Finally, g ive the fairytale town of Sintra what it deserves: a few days more than a day trip. 

You can take your time enjoying the fruits of Portugal's vineyards, too, and don't forget the island of Madeira . It has more than just wine to enjoy, but you'll still soak up Funchal's world-class wineries at a slower pace. 

Portugal may still be a tad too warm in September for travellers better equipped to dealing with cooler temps. However, it's good to know that things tend to simmer down in the evenings, making strolls to local bars for drinks and petiscos (the snackier version of Spanish tapas) extremely pleasant.

The Old Town of Tbilisi, Georgia (Shutterstock)

The Old Town of Tbilisi, Georgia (Shutterstock)

The capital, Tbilisi , may make an excellent long weekend destination, but there's far more of the country to explore.

Batumi and  Mtskheta cities are also well worth your time, both offering historical landmarks, monasteries and sensational views. The botanical garden in Batumi is a natural spectacle, too, especially as autumn's oranges and yellows begin to take over the country.

Head to western Georgia and experience Kutaisi, or delve into Prometheus Cave. Experience local life in the Svaneti region among the Caucasus Mountains, and end your trip with all the Georgian food and drink you can manage, with a relaxing few days by the Black Sea. 

7. Argentina

El Caminito neighbourhood in Buenos Aires, Argentina (Shutterstock)

El Caminito neighbourhood in Buenos Aires, Argentina (Shutterstock)

Argentina's winter draws to a close in August and early September, so mid to late September brings with it spring temperatures. They do vary, but you can hope for easygoing temperatures.

Spring blooms bring lush greenery to Argentina's national parks, and overall, this vast South American country is certainly less crowded than in summer. N orthern Argentina in particular is best visited during this season, where you can discover the little-visited Salinas Grandes salt plains, the multi-hued rock formations of Quebrada de Humahuaca, and swing by the mountain city of Salta. 

Alternatively, take your time in the capital, Buenos Aires , enjoy the wineries of Mendoza, or head to youthful Córdoba: the gateway to Jesuit monasteries and mountain ranges. 

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8. trekking in nepal.

Nepal (Shutterstock)

Nepal (Shutterstock)

We've covered Nepal's life-affirming treks in some detail on Wanderlust , and have to say that there's few better times than September to take on a challenge.

This is because the weather is prime for easy trekking conditions. Rainy season has petered out, the skies are clear and temperatures are on the cooler side. . Time to get walking...

While most head to Nepal for its mountain trails, its also a brilliant country for culture-seekers. Head to Pokhara, the gateway to the popular Annapurna Circuit, but also somewhere you can learn more about Buddhism. Don't forget to visit the city's International Mountain Museum for exhibits on historic climbers and the people of the Himalayas.

Teej Festival also often falls in September. During this three-day Hindu festival and national holiday, women will fast and also dress in their beautiful red saris, creating a crimson spectacle on the streets.

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China (Shutterstock)

China (Shutterstock)

Both September and October are popular times to visit China. Not least because the spectacular Mid-Autumn Festival takes place during this period, celebrating the end of the harvest. Dates vary, but the special day usually occurs between mid-September and the beginning of October. 

Weather-wise, the northern regions are particularly fine to visit anytime in September, though humidity in the south can remain high until later on in the month.

Use this weather pattern to help guide your trip. Begin in Beijing, the electrifying 3,000-year-old capital. The Great Wall, a travel classic, is about an hour and 30 minutes by car. You'll want several days to walk and explore this sheer wonder.

Then make your way south, stopping by all the must-sees: Chengdu (for giant pandas),  Xi’an (one of China's eldest cities, home to the Terracotta Army) and the Three Gorges mountain range on the Yangtze River.

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10. tajikistan and turkmenistan.

Monument in Rudaki Park, Dushanbe, Tajikistan (Dreamstime)

Monument in Rudaki Park, Dushanbe, Tajikistan (Dreamstime)

Geographically (and sensibly), it would be impossible and near-criminal to see the 'stans and sack off the blue-tiled marvels of Uzbekistan. But since we've featured Uzbekistan as a highlight for several different months, why not use September to dig deeper into neighbouring Tajikistan and Turkmenistan, too?

Tajikistan, a landlocked country surrounded by mountains, is a hiker's untouched dream. The capital, Dushanbe, is absolutely fascinating. Admire its unique architecture and monuments in Rudaki Park, then spend time acquainting yourself with the nation's Soviet history in Tajikistan National Museum.

Turkmenistan's jewel is its marble-dense capital,  Ashgabat, reportedly one of the most expensive cities in the world for foreigners to live. Fortunately, you're just visiting, so spend your time marvelling at its tombs, towers and mosques, or shopping in the city's unusual bazaars.

It's easy to go beyond the city, though. The white-sand coast spreads out before the Caspian Sea, and the Gates To Hell (the perpetually-burning Darvaza Gas Crater) lies in wait in the middle of the desert. 

The start of the Ruo Path in the Lujeri Tea Estate leading up to the plateau of Mount Mulanje (Shutterstock)

The start of the Ruo Path in the Lujeri Tea Estate leading up to the plateau of Mount Mulanje (Shutterstock)

There are few bigger music festivals in Africa than Lake of Stars, which lights up the pale sands at the southern end of Lake Malawi in September.

It was created in 2003 to promote local Malawian artists, though it has since expanded its repertoire to take in acts across the continent. After the pandemic broke in 2020, the festival went on hiatus for a number of years, but its return in 2024 marks a new chapter in the life of ‘Africa’s Glastonbury’.

Combine a visit with trips to the surrounding wilderness and mountain areas. September marks the start of the hot season in Malawi, but driving up to see and stay in the family-run tea plantations of Mulanje Mountains offers a cool escape and glimpse of another world entirely.

Meanwhile, down in the bush of Liwonde National Park, the hotter weather soon rids the land of its wet-season greenery, making sightings of its Big Five far easier to sniff out as you drift the Shire River in search of large herds of elephant and sun-worshipping crocodiles roasting on the riverbanks. 

12. Munich, Germany

Traditional costumes at Oktoberfest in Munich, Germany (Shutterstock)

Traditional costumes at Oktoberfest in Munich, Germany (Shutterstock)

Oktoberfest has October right there in the title, but Bavaria's beer-based merriment actually begins around the third week of September. So, why not get there early, before others may be aware?

Over the two-week festival, you can expect endless opportunities for eating German pretzels, wurstl (sausage) and knodel (potato pancakes), hop from tent to tent tasting the best in German beer, dress up in traditional dirndl dresses or lederhose, enjoy a carnival ride,  toast your new-found drunken friends (it's a friendly festival) and  simply dance the night away.

13. Bohinj, Slovenia

The Cow's Ball in Bohinj, Slovenia (Dreamstime)

The Cow's Ball in Bohinj, Slovenia (Dreamstime)

A little more niche than Oktoberfest, Slovenia's Bohinj region offers more than scenic beauty in September. It also offers the chance to witness the long-running, traditional 'cow festival', known as the 'Cow Ball'.

It's exactly as it sounds. Through a cloud of folk music, locals watch a parade of garland-wearing cows pass the gloriously blue Lake Bohinj. The event signifies  the return of the cows from the hills in summer, where they've been munching and  filling their four stomachs with green, green grass.

14. Villamartin, Andalucía, Spain

The beautifully landscaped plaza of Villamartin (Shutterstock)

The beautifully landscaped plaza of Villamartin (Shutterstock)

There’s always a good reason to visit Andalucía, but the annual return of the region’s oldest agricultural fair in September is as good an excuse as any to head for southern Spain. Trust us – it’s more lively than it sounds.

The Feast of St Matthew (Feria de Ganado y Fiestas de San Mateo) serves up Andalucían culture at its purest: cattle browsing before noon; horse displays, carriage races and folklore performances come nightfall. It’s a heady combination, with plenty of food and goodwill found on the streets. 

The town lies on the cusp of Sierra De Grazalema, a lush natural park veined with walking trails, rugged limestone peaks and pretty mountain villages such as Benaocaz and Benamahoma. Be sure to strike out into the countryside before heading to the historic streets of nearby Cadiz and Seville for a culture fix.

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15. diriyah & riyadh, saudi arabia.

At-Turaif UNESCO World Heritage site illuminated at night (Shutterstock)

At-Turaif UNESCO World Heritage site illuminated at night (Shutterstock)

The end of the month (23 Sep) marks the National Day of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Celebrations gather around Riyadh’s huge Masmak Fort, where a 21-year-old Abdulaziz Ibn Saud – exiled at the age of eight – led an against-all-odds attack against Ottoman forces in 1902 to take back the fort and proclaim himself the ruler of Riyadh.

If you want to delve into the origins of the Kingdom, take a trip to the ‘original’ capital in Diriyah, on the western fringes of Riyadh, where the ancestors of today’s Saudi royal family first arrived in the 15th century – although the first inklings of the state didn’t emerge until hundreds of years later.

You can explore this history in the restored 18th-century mud-brick walls of the UNESCO-listed At-Turaif citadel and its elegant Salwa Palace, where evening light shows depict the moment in 1818 when the Ottomans rode in and put a violent end to the First Saudi State.

16. KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa

A giraffe roams Hluhluwe-IMfolozi Game Reserve (Shutterstock)

A giraffe roams Hluhluwe-IMfolozi Game Reserve (Shutterstock)

September is traditionally the end of game viewing season in   KwaZulu-Natal , making it the ideal month to visit if you want to avoid the mass safari crowds, but still see the Big Five and more.

Expect the opportunity to see lions, elephants, rhinos and giraffes, as well as rare bird species. Hluhluwe-IMfolozi Game Reserve is a must for any wildlife fan, said to be the oldest reserve in Africa. Elephant lovers must head to the north-east to see the creatures roaming  Tembe Elephant Park, which is close by to Ndumo Game Reserve.

Birders rejoice at uKhahlamba-Drakensberg Park, which is protected for its significant population of endangered or rare species, including the wattled crane, vultures (bearded and cape) and the yellow breasted pipit. Over 164 birds have been spotted in the region. It's also a UNESCO World Heritage Site, as it's the home of San Rock Art, a large collection of rock paintings dating back to the 1800s.

17. Tarangire and Serengeti National Parks

Elephants in Tarangire National Park, Tanzania (Shutterstock)

Elephants in Tarangire National Park, Tanzania (Shutterstock)

East Africa also offers ample wildlife opportunities in September. Of course, the earlier you visit in September, the better, so you've missed the August rush, but you're also not risking early rains washing the animals out of the park and into the outskirts of the reserves.

Tanzania has two national parks you simply must visit, if you love animals. Tarangire National Park provides wildlife watchers with an excellent chance of enjoying an elephant sighting in the wild, as they group together around the Tarangire River. The Serengeti can still be busy in September and you won't have much luck with the wildebeest migration (June to July) across the Grumeti River, but you will have better luck with the overall wildlife population. Leopards, lions and more of the Big Five await. 

18. Atlantic provinces and British Columbia, Canada

Puffins shotting in Newfoundland, Canada (Shutterstock)

Puffins shotting in Newfoundland, Canada (Shutterstock)

Chances are you'll want to take a warm jacket with you on a wildlife excursion in the eastern provinces of Canada. 

Here, you'll say goodbye to safari-style wildlife watching and instead admire whales by boat. Take your birding binoculars too as it's prime time for puffin sightings along the coast. 

You can see native black bears in Newfoundland, too. The season lasts until November, so you'll be there at the right time. There are approximately 6,000 to 10,000 in the region – which is a pretty high concentration.

On the opposite side of the country in British Columbia, it's prime time to see wild grizzlies in their natural habitat. September and October also offer a great chance to catch the  salmon run , where millions of salmon swim and leap upstream to spawn in the places they were born. It's arguably one of nature's most fascinating spectacles.

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19. gorongosa national park, mozambique.

A desert warthog in Gorongosa National Park, Mozambique (Shutterstock)

A desert warthog in Gorongosa National Park, Mozambique (Shutterstock)

For something a bit different, embrace the beautiful spring season in Mozambique's premier national park, the so-called 'Serengeti of the south'.

In spring (September and October), the park's diverse array of flora and fauna blossom into a lovely shade of green. This month is also peak season for seeing the elephants, wildebeest, warthogs, hippos, lions and buffalo that call the park home –  as they all flock to watering holes to quench their thirst.

Birders won't be disappointed either, and you may spot a Nile crocodile or two around Lake Urema and its varying lagoons . Fourteen African wild dogs were also re-introduced to Gorongosa in 2018, so keep your eyes peeled. One creature you may not spot? A zebra. They're rare  – apparently, there are just a few roaming the park.

20. Falsterbo, Sweden

500 million migratory birds pass by the Skanor-Falsterbo peninsula (Shutterstock)

500 million migratory birds pass by the Skanor-Falsterbo peninsula (Shutterstock)

Sweden’s south coast isn’t especially known for its wildlife. The exception is the Skanor-Falsterbo peninsula (aka Naset), home to a pair of small towns on the south-western tip of Skåne that are wrapped by pencil-thin shores. In September, it also becomes the perfect viewing spot to see 500 million migratory birds pass by, including a huge number of raptors.  

The rooftop of the bird observatory is a great place to bag a spot. And when you’re done, a short walk away lies the Måkläppen reserve, where a year-round colony of harbor and grey seals hang out on a hook-shaped isthmus. SUP and kayak tours can take you near, but these creatures are so curious that they often swim up close to inspect paddlers.

If you have the time, combine the above with a cycling trip along the Sydkustleden (260km), which runs the flat coastal paths of Skåne and takes in standing stones, medieval cobbled villages, pirate castles, the canals of Malmo and plenty of fikas (afternoon tea). 

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countries to visit in september

Where to travel in September around the world

From celebrating mexican independence day to cruising through germany..

Sarah Kuta

In many parts of the world, September offers Goldilocks temperatures—not too hot, not too cold… just right. As such, it can be a dreamy month to travel, since you won’t need to worry about sweating through your clothes while sightseeing or trying to cram heavy winter gear into your suitcase. If you’re dreaming of an international adventure, but not sure yet where you want to go, consider these idyllic September destinations.

Looking for domestic destinations? Visit our guide to the best places to visit in September across the U.S .

Moselle Valley, Germany

View of vineyards and Moselle River in the Moselle Valley in autumn

As it winds through eastern Luxembourg and southwestern Germany , the Moselle River flows past quaint small towns, historic castles, and vineyards planted with tidy, geometric rows of grapes. In September, this European wine region comes alive with harvest celebrations and vivid fall colors.

One of the best ways to experience this under-the-radar valley is from the water itself, onboard a river cruise. Though several river cruise companies offer a Moselle itinerary, we like Avalon Waterways’ new active and discovery trip because it lets travelers choose their own adventure based on their interests and preferred activity level each day.

After departing from Remich , the sleek ship sails to Bernkastel-Kues , Cochem , Koblenz , Rüdesheim , Eltville , and Frankfurt , with a variety of excursion options along the way. Passengers can hike through vineyards, go wine-tasting, visit Reichsburg Castle , take a walking tour of Koblenz, learn how beer gets made at Bitburger Erlebniswelt , and visit Siegfried’s Mechanical Musical Instrument Museum , to name a few.

Make the most of your trip

countries to visit in september

Santiago, Chile

Bright blue exterior of La Chascona Museum, Santiago, Chile

Since Santiago is located in the Southern Hemisphere, September marks the beginning of spring in Chile’s capital city. During this shoulder-season month, you’ll enjoy more affordable accommodations and smaller crowds, plus blooming wildflowers and temperatures in the 60s. Chile also celebrates its Independence Day—known as Fiestas Patrias—on September 18, so if you time your visit just right, you’ll be able to join in the festivities, which include fireworks, parades, and plenty of delicious food.

Situated in a valley and surrounded by mountains, Santiago offers great views at nearly every turn, so lace up your walking shoes. Head to Metropolitan Park and hike to the top of Cerro San Cristóbal in the morning, when half the hill is shaded (or, if you’re feeling jet-lagged, take the funicular instead). Then, wander through the colorful Barrio Bellavista to check out the street art and graffiti with a compulsory stop at La Chascona , where an audio guide will tell you all about its famous former resident: Chilean poet Pablo Nerudo. (If you want to pick-up a poetry collection from the Nobel Laureate, head to Feria Chilena del Libro or hunt for a used copy at the Galeria Veneto.)

Travelers say: “Budget about two hours for a casual 30–45-minute hike up [Cerro San Cristóbal] (lots of shady places to rest [in the morning] along the way if you need), an hour to enjoy the panoramic views of Santiago and the surrounding mountains, and a 15–30 minute return hike. The lines to visit the statue of the Immaculate Conception can get rather long, but there's a special (shorter) line for those who buy a candle from the vendor at the entrance.” —@ OMFnK

countries to visit in september

Kruger National Park, South Africa

Safari truck with passengers watching lions resting in Kruger National Park, South Africa

Travelers from all over the world flock to South Africa ’s Kruger National Park , located some 250 miles from Johannesburg, for an opportunity to see both “The Big Five”—elephants, leopards, lions, rhinos, and African buffalos—and “The Little Five”—buffalo weavers, leopard tortoises, antlions, rhino beetles, and elephant shrews—not to mention the sweeping savannah landscapes. And, thanks to the weather conditions, September is an ideal time to visit: Since it’s toward the end of the region’s dry season, there’s less grass and vegetation to block your view of the animals and you won’t have to worry about getting drenched like you would at other times of year.

Though you could rent a car and drive yourself through the park’s 9,600 square miles of terrain, many prefer a guided experience, like the private full-day safari offered by Safaria or a five-day trek with Viva Safari that includes airport transfers, lodging, meals, and more. Since early mornings and evenings offer the best chances of spotting wildlife, the park itself offers game drives at those times, as well as night drives for glimpsing nocturnal creatures and stargazing.

countries to visit in september

Giverny, France

Water lily pond and bridge in autumn at Monet’s Garden in Giverny, France

Head northwest from Paris roughly 45 miles and you’ll eventually find yourself in Giverny , a tiny, charming town in Normandy . But don’t let Giverny’s small size fool you: This community packs a big punch, as it’s home to renowned impressionist painter Claude Monet’s longtime home and gardens, now run as a museum, the Fondation Claude Monet . The gardens, which are open to visitors from April 1 to November 1, are abloom with various flowers of all shapes, sizes, and colors at different times of year—and, in September, you can expect to see bright red and yellow nasturtiums, as well as vibrant purple dahlias.

After wandering the gardens and Monet’s pink house, head across the lane to Les Nymphéas for a cup of coffee and an apple tart made with calvados (Normandy is known for its apples—and the beverages, both alcoholic and zero-proof, made from them). Before you leave town, visit Restaurant Baudy —which was one of Monet’s favorite hangouts—as well as his gravesite next to the town’s tiny Romanesque church .

Tip: if you’re looking to make a day trip of it from Paris, know that Giverny doesn’t have a direct train route, so you can either take the hour-long train from Gare Saint-Lazare to Vernon and then hop in a 20-minute cab ride to the Fondation Claude Monet or join a group tour like this half-day trip with Blue Fox Travel, which will handle transport to and from the artist’s estate.

Travelers say: “Right outside the [Vernon] train station we hired bikes (10 euros per day per person) and biked the picturesque four-kilometer path to Giverny. Yes [the Fondation Claude Monet] was crowded and you will have other people in your pics .... but I would still say it is definitely worth it. After we finished, we biked back to Vernon, picked up picnic supplies and then had a lovely meal on the banks of the Seine [and] took the 5 p.m. train back [to Paris].” —@ Sujlovestravel

countries to visit in september

Banff, Alberta

Couple hiking on trail in autumn at Banff Na tional Park

High in the Canadian Rockies, the aspen leaves and evergreen-esque larch needles start to turn colors in September. Make Banff your homebase for taking in the annual fall spectacle in Alberta ’s Bow Valley, as it’s centrally located within the bounds of Banff National Park .

Hit the trails to be fully immersed in the golden-yellow foliage—for the most up-to-date leaf peeping intel, we recommend booking a guided hike with companies like White Mountain Adventures and Banff Hiking Company . Since their guides are out and about all the time, they know exactly which trails to hit for optimal fall color on any given day.

Another great way to see the leaves is from the air, via the Lake Louise summer gondola , which runs through early October. As you take in the dazzling natural landscape, be sure to keep an eye out for black bears, grizzly bears, moose, mountain goats, and other wildlife that call this beautiful place home.

countries to visit in september

Mexico City

Colorful exterior and entrance of Frida Kahlo Museum in Mexico City

If you don’t mind getting a little wet, September is a festive month in Mexico City . Though smack in the middle of the capital city’s rainy season, showers typically don’t last long—and, since temperatures are in the 70s, they often feel refreshing.

All month long, Mexico City residents and travelers alike celebrate El Mes de la Patria, with most celebrations centered around Mexico’s Independence Day on September 16. The already colorful city is even brighter than usual, with decorations, festivals, concerts, fireworks, and parades. One of the best places to take in all the action is Centro Historico —especially the Zócalo , where crowds start gathering on Independence Day Eve in front of the National Palace . From the balcony, the president traditionally makes a short speech to celebrate el grito , or the cry for independence.

Even if you can’t make these specific dates work, you can still celebrate this region’s culture and history by visiting landmarks like Museo Frida Kahlo , a bright blue building dedicated to the life and work of the famed Mexican artist, and Chapultepec Castle , home to the national history museum.

Travelers say: “[At the Museo Frida Kahlo,] do not forget to check out Frida’s dresses! Although often overlooked, this is almost a second museum. Many panels explaining the relationship between Frida’s challenges and dressing style—as well as her determined attitude.” —@ 642jais

countries to visit in september

Springbok antelopes in Etosha National Park, Namibia.

Where to travel in the world in September

​September marks the start of a new season and with that a new swathe of destinations worthy of your attention. Here are five of the most interesting to consider.

Is there a better month to feel a surge of travel spirit than September? As the summer holiday crush eases, Europe gets back to business and harvest time brings a bevy of the continent’s stellar produce to restaurant tables, from young wines to olives, Greek figs, British apples, Spanish almonds and so much more.

The change of season signals new beginnings and new adventures — perhaps a trip where you can try something to improve your skills or a hobby, or just to indulge some creative curiosity. From mindfulness courses to cookery classes, more purposeful travel can resume once the summer beach season is over.

Further afield, there are some stellar wildlife spectacles to see, from the big game that gather around dry-season watering holes in Africa to turtle spotting in Costa Rica, or watching humpback whales, blue whales and pods of orcas patrolling for sea lions along California’s coast. Here’s our pick of destinations for travel in September.

( Find out the best events in the US this month .)

Despite its title, Oktoberfest actually starts in September. Munich’s mighty festival of beer usually gets off to a frothy start in the middle of the month (this year it runs from 16 September to 3 October), with a 9,000-participant folksy parade flying the colours of local landlords, breweries and ale houses. This is followed by the Hunter’s Parade, another riot of traditional Bavarian costume with a 12-gun salute to declare the bars officially open. There are 34 tents selling every conceivable iteration of German beer; most with regional food to try, too, from Alpine cheeses and North Sea oysters to hearty breakfasts, vegan eats and all manner of charcuterie and sausages. Wine lovers are also catered for, but it’s worth noting that September is also grape-harvest season, and Germany’s picture-perfect wine country comes alive with tastings, tours and foodie events.

Responsible travel tip: It’s easy to get to Munich by train. The fastest route takes just over nine hours from London, with a change in Paris. More info .

Aerial view of the Oktoberfest Fairgrounds in Munich, Germany.

2. Slovenia

It’s last call for hiking in the Alps, where the walking season winds down in autumn as weather reduces mountain access. September is a spectacular month to be at altitude, being still warm, dry and sunny, while the trees form a fiery seasonal display. Slovenia’s Julian Alps, at the mountain range’s easterly end, are defined by jagged limestone peaks offering an ever-expanding range of waymarked hiking routes. At the heart of the mountains, 9,400ft-high Mount Triglav is Slovenia’s loftiest peak, towering above the beautifully glacial lakes of Bohinj and Bled. The Juliana Hiking Trail is a recently mapped network of pathways across 168 miles of northwest Slovenia, taking in Triglav National Park and traversing some of the country’s most spectacular Alpine terrain in 16 10-mile sections.

Responsible travel tip: To find the most eco-minded hosts and campsites, consult Slovenian Tourism's Green Scheme listings .

( The step-by-step guide to the Juliana trail in Slovenia .)

3. Cornwall, UK

September is a fine time to visit Cornwall, when sea temperatures are at their warmest, honeypot towns such as St Ives and Padstow are freed from log-jam traffic and summer crowds, and beaches are also far less busy. For two weeks every September, St Ives celebrates the arts with a festival of film screenings, art exhibitions, comedy and concerts — from folk to rock, classic to choral — as well as talks and guided walks in and around town, taking in everything from local history to megalithic tombs and Virginia Woolf’s Talland House. September is also the time of Heritage Open Days (8-17 September), when landmark buildings across the country that are usually closed to the public throw open their doors for tours. There are some notable addresses in Cornwall.

Responsible travel tip: Ditch the car and explore by bike. Cornwall has a growing number of coastal and rural cycle trails linking its many Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty. The latest trail opened in 2021: the West Kernow Way is a 140-mile looped route starting in Penzance and taking in such landmark spots as Land’s End, St Michaels Mount and Lizard Point.

( Cornwall on foot: clifftop hiking from St Ives to Penzance .)

The dramatic coastline at St Ives, Cornwall.

Italy’s southernmost island sheds beach holiday crowds opening up for those looking for some late-season sun coupled with buzzy city breaks. The capital, Palermo, reanimates as residents return from coastal resorts, and some of the island’s best harvest fare starts making its way onto restaurant tables, including fresh figs, pistachios, almonds and mushrooms. September’s temperatures make a Mount Etna hike more feasible, while tickets for ferries to the volcanic Aeolian Islands become more readily available. It’s also a great time to explore the island’s little-known hilly backcountry.

Responsible travel tip: In recent years, the medieval hilltop villages of Sicily’s interior have been abandoned by youngsters seeking work on the coast and mainland. You can support these struggling rural economies and see some spectacular countryside while hiking the Via Magna Francigena. This long-distance route weaves across the middle of the island from the Tyrrhenian Sea at Palermo to the Mediterranean city of Agrigento, with a growing network of locally run hotels, hostels and homestays en route.  

( Journeying through Sicily on a new coast-to-coast pilgrimage route .)

Dry season in Namibia (June to October) is a good time to spot the desert-dwelling elephants of the country’s northern Damaraland, which are otherwise somewhat invisible against the vastness of purple-red inselberg hills. But as the pachyderms gather at diminishing river systems and springs, sightings are more frequent. As temperatures rise, other animals are also found congregating around drying waterholes, including giraffes, rhinos, hyenas and sometimes leopards. Thanks to warm and sunny days — when cobalt blue skies contrast with orange sand dunes — and nights that are clear, star-studded but not too chilly, travellers will also appreciate Namibia’s dry season.

Responsible travel tip: Take a silent safari and ditch the game-drive vehicle in favour of e-bike tours available at select lodges. Or head to Grootberg , the first lodge in Namibia to be entirely owned and run by the local community. It’s a pioneer in Namibia’s progressive approach to conservation. And always look up; the night sky here is among the least light-polluted in the world.

( Desert hikes and camping under the stars on a budget safari in Namibia .)

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Gothenburg, Sweden

The 14 best places to travel in September 2024

Whether blissful beaches, city breaks or adventure are more your bag, these are the best places to travel in September

The summer holidays are coming to an end, and parents across the globe are desperate for some peace and quiet. Sure, spending quality time with the kids is beautiful, but those beaches and city breaks look mighty tempting, right? It isn’t as simple as that, obviously, but September offers a different travel atmosphere from the one experienced in the heady days of summer.

The weather is altogether more temperate, for a start, which can be a brilliant thing, and from rural wine tours to lazy beach stays , the best places to travel in September are a blissful collection of everything this beautiful world has to offer. Just make sure you line up the grandparents to look after the kids in the meantime.  

RECOMMENDED: 🧳  Full guide to the   best places to travel 🏘️ The world's   coolest neighbourhoods 📸 The best   cities for culture   right now

An email you’ll actually love

Best places to travel in September

Kyoto, Japan

1.  Kyoto, Japan

Japan’s most romantic city shines brightest in September. The weather is gorgeous, and the hotel prices plummet to make up for the out-of-season demand. How this is out of season, we don’t know, but there’s no need to complain. The autumn colours are staggeringly beautiful, and the end of summer is signified by several festivals and street events. This includes the  Seiryu-e Dragon Festival happening on 15 September this year, in which a  dancing blue dragon marches into cobbled streets. It is surrounded by men dressed in traditional warrior clothes, and the streets are filled with music and spectacular dancing.What a sight to behold!

Average temp in September:  24C/75F

Discover the best things to do in Kyoto


2.  Montenegro

The days of Montenegro being a little secret paradise are long gone, and Kotor is every bit as busy as Dubrovnik during summer. September, however, is a blissful time to visit as the crowds thin out and the history and culture of this fascinating little country take centre stage. Perast (just down the road from Kotor) is the pick of the coast, while culture vultures should make a beeline for Cetinje (the royal capital) and the indomitable Mount Lovćen, the final resting place of 19th-century prince-poet Njegoš. 

Average temp in September: 21C/71F

Discover the best places to visit in Montenegro


3.  Eswatini

A relatively new international airport and an improved network of roads across the country make travelling to and around this underrated kingdom much easier – so get in there before everyone else does. This entirely landlocked country provides excellent mountain hikes, opportunities for rafting, zip-lining and mountain biking adventures, plus there’s plenty of wildlife – especially rhinos. Visit in September for springtime flowers and to get there before the sticky summer rainy season begins in October.

Average temp in September: 22C/72F

British Columbia, Canada

4.  British Columbia, Canada

The jaw-to-the-floor wilderness of British Columbia is best seen in burnt amber. Fly into the outdoorsy city  of Vancouver  to acclimatise, with walking trails,  parks  and coastal hikes close to food trucks and buzzing neighbourhoods such as ex-warehouse district Yaletown and historic Gastown (Vancouver Island is also nearby for some of the best autumn colours). Then to really feel a sense of escape, head out to the majestic forested mountains and glaciers in Northern British Columbia. Or if nature with wild swimming, local wine and a bit more proximity to civilisation is more your jam, try the Okanagan Valley. Don't miss the famous Vancouver International Film Festival while you're there. 

Average temp in September: 14C/58F

Discover the best  things to do in Vancouver

Munich, Germany

5.  Munich, Germany

From beer halls to underground jazz clubs and museums, the Bavarian capital has a lot going for it at any time of year – but the real party starts in September. More than six million people visit Munich to drink about two million gallons of beer every year for Oktoberfest, which arrives early in Germany. Attend it in  Theresienwiese from 21 September to 6 October 2024.  Over the years, the start of the folk festival has crept forward, and now the mass enjoyment of traditional German cuisine, wiener dog races, lederhosen and polka music lasts from mid-September to early October. 

Average temp in September: 14C/57F

Discover the best  things to do in Munich

Cali, Colombia

6.  Cali, Colombia

Sure, Cartagena and Medellin have been filling up your Insta feed for years now, but the south of the country is still under the radar. And with its notorious local cartel bosses in jail, Cali is becoming  Colombia ’s next big thing. Known for its smoking-hot dancing, Cali has more than 200 registered salsa schools. In September, the annual Festival Mundial de Salsa is held here, so visit for free shows, live music and spontaneous dancing in its cobbled streets as the best international salsa talent congregates in technicolour costumes to shake a collective tail feather.

Average temp in September: 30C/86F

Discover the best  things to do in Colombia

Lille, France

7.  Lille, France

This good-looking, underrated northern French city has a lot going for it. Beyond its cobbled streets, Flemish houses and art nouveau buildings, Lille also has some impressively sculpted modern architecture, such as the Lille Métropole Museum of Modern, Contemporary and Outsider Art and the elliptical Stade Pierre-Mauroy. While design buffs might want to hold out for the WDC street festival in December, everyone else should visit in September for Europe’s biggest flea market, Braderie de Lille, which has developed into a massive street party. It’s been going since 1127, and you know what they say: practice makes perfect. And obviously you can't visit France this year without catching a glimpse of one of the Olympic matches so check out the Paralympic Games that are taking place from  28th August to 8th September 2024. 

Average temp in September: 15C/60F

Discover the best  things to do in France

Boston, USA

8.  Boston, USA

There are lots of reasons to love Boston:  lobster rolls , the characterful charm that comes from being one of the oldest cities in the US, and its major-league sports teams. The city’s home to NFL legends the New England Patriots and baseball bros the Red Sox – and the seasons for both sports coincide in September, so if stadiums are welcoming the public again, you’ll be able to catch (at least) one game of each while you’re in town. Sports not your thing? Boston is a total beaut in  foliage season ; for a tree-mendous leaf-peeping trail, wander through the  Public Garden , then through the cobbled streets and brownstones of  Beacon Hill  and along the  Charles River Esplanade . And to find the best of the city in one place, visit Time Out Market Boston ,which is open all year round. 

Average temp in September: 18C/65F

Discover the best  things to do in Boston

Ayia Napa, Cyprus

9.  Ayia Napa, Cyprus

This small resort town is situated in Cyprus’s south-east corner, and make no mistake: it's not just for partying. There's a little bit of something for everyone here; beaches for sunbathing, great food and the city's must-sees, its archaic caves and monastery. With the temperature ranging in the mid 20's, September is the perfect time to visit this place to avoid the blazing heat and the, err, typical holiday crowd. Don’t miss the spectacular views from the  Cape Greco National Forest Park .

Average temp in September: 25C/77F

Gothenburg, Sweden

10.  Gothenburg, Sweden

Sweden ’s second city is ever-present in the upper echelons of the Global Destination Sustainability Index, thanks to its forests, parks, public transport system and the government’s push towards eco-innovation. Enjoy leafy walks in Slottsskogen or the harbour views from Keillers Park in between stops at the city’s wide choice of sustainable restaurants – try organic hotspot Taverna Averna, where they grow their own veg on the roof. Visit  the Let a Hundred Flowers Bloom exhibiton which features features textile works by Elsa Pärs-Berglund,Shabnam Faraee and Josefin Gäfvert. And with the Swedish government pledging £4.3 million to work on overnight train routes into Europe, there could also be an opportunity for  tagskryt  (train-bragging) about your sustainable holiday. 

Average temp in September: 12C/54F

Discover the best  things to do in Sweden

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Travel in September: the expert's choice

Jun 27, 2019 • 5 min read

Sparkling water laps at the beach, lined with small white and blue boats.

Boats fill the harbour and beach at Marina Grande on the Island of Capri, Italy © Javen / Shutterstock

There is no better month to travel than September: it sees a remarkable confluence of happy circumstances around the world. In the northern hemisphere, prices and blood pressures plummet as sizzling days give way to a more temperate existence. In the southern hemisphere, the chills have all but disappeared as mountain passes reopen, frozen lakes thaw and wildflowers bloom.

Sadly, for many travellers, September marks the end of travel season. It's back-to-school, back-to-work, back-to-reality drudgery. But if you can buck the trend, you'll find that September is when those with the savvy and the means pack their bags and embark on adventure.

Sparkling water laps at the beach, which is lined with small white and blue boats.

Europe saves its true charms for September. In popular destinations such as France and Italy , the hordes of visitors have ebbed away while the citizenry has returned from its August holiday, relaxed and ready to do business. Restaurants and hotels reopen, lines for attractions are short and prices begin to drop into 'shoulder season' discounts.

The weather in Western Europe remains pleasantly mild, and the beaches of the Mediterranean are as sunny as ever. In Eastern Europe, you'll find tempting deals on accommodation and have many tourist sights to yourself. The Baltic states, Scandinavia and Russia will be cooling down, but it's nothing a few warm layers can't handle. Turkey in particular will turn on the charm for you – you'll be able to walk long stretches of beach and hot-air balloon over Cappadocia to your heart's content.

North and Central America

The United States , Canada and Mexico are possibly at their most magnificent in autumn. The summer crowds have left New England and Nova Scotia , which means more lobster, seaside lounging and national-park exploration for you. Québec , central Canada and the American Midwest see an exodus of tourists during harvest season, so gear up for farmers markets and bountiful meals. The kids are back in school, so popular cities such as New York , Los Angeles , San Francisco , Washington DC and Vancouver are much more manageable than over summer or during the December pre-holidays rush.

A man and woman lay in green grass looking at Victorian houses with the San Francisco skyline in the background

Everyone knows about fall in New England, but what fewer people are aware of is that September is the best month for visiting Texas and the Deep South (those cooler nights are a godsend). California and the Southwest come into their own in September, with San Franciscans actually seeing the sun for a few days.

Mexico's beaches are suddenly deserted as the summer vacationers disappear. In the interior, the desert begins to chill out, making for much more pleasurable exploration.

Tourists depart Central America in September because that's when the rains are at their fiercest. However, the 'green season' can be paradise for you, if you do a bit of planning. Book accommodation well in advance (and negotiate – you may get a bargain) and then enjoy the display of wildlife that is brought out by the monsoon. It's also the best time for surfing some serious waves.

The skyline of Pudong in Shanghai, surrounded by pink water and pale pink and blue light in the sky as the sun sets

China and Japan are at their best in September. The nearly unbearable heat and humidity of the summer have ebbed; it's fresh and mild in the East. The high mountains and valley passes are still easily accessible, and virtually all tourist attractions remain open. Residents of Beijing are checking their wardrobes for sweaters, while those in Shanghai are still enjoying warm evenings.

South Asia has also been cooled – by the monsoon – and it's a great time to visit India or Sri Lanka . The oppressive heat of the Deccan plateau has moved over the Indian Ocean, leaving a subcontinent with a pleasantly cool north and a languorously warm south. It's shoulder season in India, too, so hotel and transport prices should reflect reduced demand.

A diver explores the coral reef in Raja Ampat, Indonesia © Darryl Leniuk / Getty Images

In September, peak tourism season hasn't yet hit mainland Southeast Asia , which is gradually drying out from the wet season. On the islands, rainfall is easing and the birds are coming – meaning longer, clearer stints snorkelling, diving or sunbathing for you, without the crowds or peak prices.

Nepal and mountainous Central Asia are drying out and are on the verge of peak tourist season, so you can get in before the crowds (okay, so maybe Tajikistan doesn't have too many crowds).

Africa and the Middle East

Those western Europeans who didn't go to southern Spain in August went to North Africa instead. Now they're gone, there's more space for you on the beaches of Tunisia , in the markets of Egypt and the mountains of Morocco without elbowing past hundreds of fellow holidaymakers. September is a great time to visit  Lebanon  for hiking, while temperatures in the Arabian Peninsula are finally bearable again.

A giraffe running across a flooded area in the Moremi Game Reserve, Botswana, with a small oxpecker flying nearby.

In September, travellers to eastern, western and central Africa avoid the blistering heat of the dry season but aren't subject to the downpours of the true wet season. It's a great month to spot wildlife throughout the continent. Speaking of wildlife, the Southern African region is moving into springtime in September. It's cool and dry – perfect for hiking – and couldn't be a better time for birdwatching and animal-spotting.

South America

From the Darién Gap to Tierra del Fuego, South America blooms in September. In the warm north, the milder dry season is giving way to a few sprinkles; in the frigid south, the ice is melting and Patagonia is warming up to travellers. If springtime in Buenos Aires and Santiago de Chile don't inspire you to tango, check your pulse.

A couple, dressed all in black, dance the tango on a tiled floor in front of a large wooden door, Buenos Aires

Australia and New Zealand

Most of southern Australia and New Zealand are emerging from winter in September. With a quick transition to spring, both countries enjoy significantly warmer temperatures and sunnier weather. In New Zealand's mountains, the snow hasn't melted yet – making for glorious skiing – while in Australia it's a great time to relax in the tropical north, drink wine in the temperate west or check out the springtime delights of Sydney and Melbourne .

First published June 2012, updated May 2019

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Lamanai, Belize

Dec 29, 2022 • 6 min read

The terraced gardens of Grand Hotel Villa Serbelloni above Bellagio, seen on a seaplane flight over Lake Como

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Beautiful view of Malibu lake from Malibu Creek State Park, California, USA

Oct 20, 2021 • 4 min read

Bixby Bridge, California

Sep 16, 2021 • 6 min read

Woman standing beside the fallen Dyerville Giant at Humboldt Redwoods State Park in Northern California, USA.

Oct 22, 2020 • 5 min read

Two kangaroos standing on the beach at Lucky Bay in Cape Le Grand National Park.

Sep 28, 2020 • 5 min read

Woman hiking the Arenal 1968 Trail, Costa Rica.

Aug 25, 2020 • 6 min read

countries to visit in september

Aug 16, 2019 • 4 min read

An orange parachute carries a paraglider through a blue sky above the grape vines at a vineyard in San Luis Obispo County, Calfifornia

Aug 13, 2019 • 5 min read

Wandering Wheatleys - Logo

The Top 14 Places to Travel in September

  • Pinterest 143

The Best Places to Travel in September

Thinking about a September vacation but don’t know where to go? From hiking in the Andes Mountains and sunning it up in Big Sur in California to seeing baby gorillas in Rwanda’s Volcanoes National Park and celebrating Oktoberfest in Munich , there’s absolutely loads to do at this time of year!

September is typically a shoulder season in many destinations, making it a fantastic time to travel. At this time of year, the weather is still warm, but all the summer crowds have vanished in most places. New Zealand is shaking off its winter coat, the Albanian Riviera is blissfully peaceful, and the harvest is just beginning in California’s Wine Country. September really is an amazing time to travel!

With so many incredible places to visit in September, it can be difficult to pick just one. To give you a helping hand, we’ve put together a list of the 14 best places to travel in September. Each of these locations has wonderful weather, none of the crowds, and fantastic things going on at this time of year, giving you the chance for an awesome getaway!

Don’t forget to check out our web story: The 14 Best Places to Travel in September

Disclaimer: This post may contain affiliate links. If you make a purchase or booking through one of our links we may earn a small commission (don’t worry, it’s at no extra cost to you).

The 14 Best Places To Visit In September

1. patagonia, argentina & chile.

What Places to Visit in September: Patagonia, Argentina & Chile

September is a fantastic time to visit Patagonia if you want the place to yourself. Although this month technically marks the beginning of spring, Patagonia is slow to get the memo and takes its time warming up.

Temperatures are cool to mild at this time of year, and as the hotels are just opening up after the winter season, the place is peaceful and free of crowds. You can also snag some great deals on accommodation and tours due to the lack of visitors.

Best Cities to Visit in September: Patagonia, Argentina & Chile

Patagonia is one of the most spectacular places in the world for hiking. Here you can trek through the Andes Mountains, past towering glaciers, and marvel at unbelievably beautiful panoramas. Because the place is so quiet at this time of year, you’ll be able to take loads of great pictures that aren’t full of tourists!

Springtime in Patagonia is stunning. Expect to see lush green grass, thick bushes of violet lupin flowers, and gorgeously blue skies. September is also when the first penguins flock to the region to mate, giving you a great chance to spot some!

2. Grand Canyon, Arizona

Must Visit Places in September: Grand Canyon, Arizona

If you’ve never been to the Grand Canyon before, this is one of the best places to visit in September in the USA. While the place is always crowded, this month attracts fewer tourists than the peak season. 

The iconic landmark is 277 miles long, 18 miles wide, and a mile deep. It’s impossible to get your head around the vast size until you’re standing directly in front of it. 

Where to Vacation in September: Grand Canyon, Arizona

The natural wonder in Arizona has been expanding for 6 million years, thanks to the help of the Colorado River. And for centuries, visitors from all over the world have been coming to the massive chasm to stare in awe at its orange and red grandeur.

The Grand Canyon is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and is managed by the National Park Service, which does a great job of protecting it. Around 6 million people visit each year, but you’ve got a decent chance of avoiding major crowds when you go in September.

While the South Rim, where you’ll find the Bright Angel Trail and the Grand Canyon Village, is one of the best places for hiking and sightseeing, it’s also one of the busiest spots. Take a break from the crowds by spending more time at the North Rim. This is where you’ll find challenging hiking routes and incredible camping spots.

3. Trans Bhutan Trail, Bhutan

If you want to push yourself to the absolute limit, Bhutan is easily one of the best places to travel in September. In 2022, the legendary 250-mile-long Trans Bhutan Trail opened for hiking and mountain biking for the very first time in 60 years!

The life-changing hiking route starts in Haa, Bhutan’s westernmost district, and stretches all the way east to Trashigang. It gives you a remarkable chance to travel through Bhutan’s fascinating history, as the trail encompasses 400 points of interest.

One of the most incredible is the Tiger’s Nest Monastery. This landmark dates back to 1692 and is made up of a small number of buildings that appear to precariously teeter on the edge of a cliff that plunges 10,000 feet into the sea.

If you’re going to be in Bhutan on September 7, you’ll get to witness (or take part in, if you’re up for it!) the Tour of the Dragon. This 160-mile-long cycle race is an extreme endurance test and takes place in a single day. It kicks off in Bumthang and moves through four different mountain passes before ending in the town square in Thimphu.

4. Big Sur, California

Best Cities to Visit in September: Big Sur, California

Big Sur isn’t just a vacation destination – it’s a way of life. The laid-back culture has attracted people from all over the globe seeking transformation, refuge, or inspiration. It appeals to all creative types, from photographers and writers to musicians and artists, all eager to add a little extra oomph to their work. 

The coastal hotspot stretches 90 miles on the west coast of central California between Monterey Bay and San Simeon. By September, most of the summertime crowds have gone, leaving you with wide-open spaces, blissful tranquility, and incomparable beauty. 

Best Places to Visit in September: Big Sur, California

The Pacific Coast Highway is the main road that runs through Big Sur and has become the most scenic drive in the region. Perched high above the surf, the highway follows the edge of the cliffs, rewarding drivers and passengers with unbeatable views as it follows the seemingly endless coastline.

It’s not just dramatic panoramas you’ll find along the Pacific Coast Highway. This stretch of road is also dotted with pampering wellness retreats, independent art galleries, and creative international restaurants. 

One of the best things to do on the road is to find Big Sur’s hidden gems. To make sure natural attractions don’t get overwhelmed, some of them are intentionally unmarked. This guarantees they remain secluded, peaceful, and pristine. If you’re wondering where to go in September and you’re California-bound, don’t miss out on Big Sur!

5. Volcanoes National Park, Rwanda

Must Visit Places in September: Volcanoes National Park, Rwanda

The Volcanoes National Park is an exceptional place to see gorillas in Rwanda . But visit in September, and not only will you almost certainly see the phenomenal creatures, but you’ll also have a high chance of spotting baby gorillas, too!

September marks the end of the dry season in Rwanda. This is when the paths are less slippery and the foliage is less dense, making it easier to get around and spot gorillas. The government has been doing a lot of work to boost high-end tourism and has spent a lot of money on sustainable, ethical attractions, like the Volcanoes National Park.

Where to Vacation in September: Volcanoes National Park, Rwanda

The best part about being in Rwanda in September is that you’ll be there for Kwita Izina. This celebration is made up of a week of gorilla-themed events, which end with a wonderful naming ceremony for the newborn gorillas. Attend the festivities, and you’ll get to see around 12 infant gorillas named, followed by a huge party!

September 24, World Gorilla Day, is sometimes the day of the naming ceremony. But it can take place on any day throughout the month.

6. Munich, Germany

Best Cities to Visit in September: Munich, Germany

You may guess from the name that Oktoberfest takes place in October, but it actually begins in the second half of September and merges into October. While it’s celebrated throughout the Western world, the very best place for Oktoberfest is Munich in Germany !

Beer is the focal point of the festival, with hundreds of different types of brews from all across Germany available to try. Here you’ll find everything from well-known German brands down to beers from tiny family-run microbreweries.

Best Places to Visit in September: Munich, Germany

Even if you’re not into beer, you’ll still have an amazing time at Oktoberfest. There are absolutely loads of typical German foods to dig into, from pretzels and sausages to pork knuckles and potato pancakes. The main goal of the festival is for everyone to have a great time, and it’s impossible not to get swept up in the atmosphere. 

You’ll find people celebrating Oktoberfest throughout the city’s streets, but the official celebrations take place in the Theresienwiese – the largest fairground in Munich. In addition to the many beer halls and food stalls, you’ll also come across fairground rides and shows. 

If you’re looking to have a good time on your trip, Munich is easily one of the best cities to visit in September!

7. Wine Country, California

Must Visit Places in September: Wine Country, California

In California’s Wine Country, grape harvesting season usually kicks off in September. The weather can vary between Mendocino, Napa , and Sonoma counties, meaning some places may start earlier or later than others. If you’ve got your heart set on a particular winery, it’s a good idea to confirm their opening date before you make any plans. 

There are more than 139 viticultural areas scattered throughout Wine Country, from major vineyards that produce the bottles you see in grocery stores to tiny wineries run by families that put their hearts and souls into their businesses.

Where to Vacation in September: Wine Country, California

September is typically warm and balmy, making it ideal for days touring picturesque vineyards and evenings enjoying al fresco dinners with great company. There are absolutely loads of events going on at this time of year, too.

From outdoor music concerts, celebrity chef-hosted dinners, and wine pairing seminars to local art exhibitions, wine auctions, and guided walks, you’re guaranteed to find something you want to do in wine country in September. Some vineyards even give you the chance to get involved in the winemaking process by stomping grapes!

8. Honolulu, Oahu

Best Cities to Visit in September: Honolulu, Oahu

Honolulu is one of the best places to visit in September in the USA. Although summer is slowly drifting away, the temperatures are still great, whatever you’re thinking of doing.

If you’re planning on spending your time exploring volcanoes and mountains, you’ll be glad to know that September is a little cooler (and a lot quieter!) than the peak summer period. Daytime temperatures are in the mid to high 80s, but the higher up you travel, the cooler it gets.

Best Places to Visit in September: Honolulu, Oahu

This time of year is perfect for hitting the beach. You’ll get to enjoy the warmest ocean temperatures of the year in September. And as evening temperatures stay in the comfortable 70s range, you can while away long, relaxing nights by the sea.

Honolulu gives you the best of both worlds. There are cultural gems and historic sites, such as the Pearl Harbor National Memorial and Iolani Palace, as well as rural treasures, like brilliant blue waters and secret hiking trails along the North Shore .

Although fall marks the beginning of the rainy season in Oahu, September is still one of the driest months. You could easily spend a 14-night vacation in the capital without ever seeing a single drop!

9. Glacier National Park, Montana

Where to Vacation in September: Glacier National Park, Montana

Glacier National Park is the best place to go in September if you want to feel closer to nature. During this month, you’ll bump into hardly any other visitors, so you’ll almost have the entire place to yourself.

In September, the forests are thick with leaves in every shade of red, yellow, orange, and gold you can imagine. As there are few people around and the winter season is on its way, you’re also much more likely to see local wildlife preparing for the drop in temperature and hibernation.

What Places Have Shoulder Season in September: Glacier National Park, Montana

If you really want to get back to nature, you should definitely consider camping. Because the campsites are available on a first-come, first-served basis, bookings are notoriously difficult to get in summer. But by September, the campsites are rarely full, and getting a last-minute booking is a piece of cake.

To make things even better, the lack of crowds means there’s hardly any road congestion. So even if you’re just planning on driving through the park on the way to your next destination, you’ll still get to appreciate your surroundings in peace and quiet.

10. Kruger National Park, South Africa

Best Places to Visit in September: Kruger National Park, South Africa

For the trip of a lifetime, consider making plans to go to Kruger National Park for your September vacation. This month marks the end of the dry season and is when vegetation is at its sparsest. Despite how it sounds, Kruger National Park is one of the best places to go in September because you’re almost certain to spot animals at the permanent watering holes.

Most people visit Kruger National Park for the chance to see the Big Five – rhinos, lions, leopards, elephants, and buffalo. Stick to the central and southern areas of the park to boost your likelihood of a sighting. These locations are where the animals usually hang out at this time of year.

What Places to Visit in September: Kruger National Park, South Africa

As well as the Big Five, Kruger is also home to hippos, Nile crocodiles, and rare bird species, including lappet-faced vultures and ground-hornbills. Not only is the wildlife spectacular here, but the environment is remarkable, too. 

The park’s savanna is dotted with Giant baobab, marula, and fever trees that are so tall they’ll make your neck ache. The Nxanatseni and Marula regions of the park are even home to Masorini and Albasini ruins, where members of the indigenous Ba-Phalaborwa ethnic group and Portuguese colonists traded goods centuries ago.

11. Loire Valley, France

What Places Have Shoulder Season in September: Loire Valley, France

If you’re wondering where to go in September, France ’s Loire Valley comes to life at this time of year with every type of festival you can imagine. For foodies, there’s the Festival of Tomatoes and Flavors, which is celebrated at the Chateau de la Bourdaisière. This gourmand event includes tastings of local products and well as fascinating culinary workshops.

For a more family-friendly alternative, plan to check out Tours-sur-Loire, which starts in May and runs through the end of September. This lively and diverse festival includes open-air dining experiences, an outdoor movie theater, giant board games, and drawing lessons for budding artists of all ages.

Where to Vacation in September: Loire Valley, France

Explore the countryside, and you’ll come across an endless number of vineyards offering tastings of their crisp, sparkling wines. Most will offer you the chance to tour the vineyard to find out how wine is made, too. If you’d rather keep a clear head, September provides the perfect weather for exploring everything the valley has to offer.

From aristocratic castles and 500-mile-long cycling routes to incredibly gorgeous towns and stunning gardens that have been beautifully maintained for centuries, every inch of the UNESCO World Heritage Site will charm you!

12. Fiordland National Park, New Zealand

Best Places to Visit in September: Fiordland National Park, New Zealand

If you’re looking for somewhere cool to spend your September vacation, consider the Fiordland National Park. Located in South Island, New Zealand , this park enjoys springtime temperatures in the 50s. Although that may seem a little chilly, it provides the ideal conditions for local marine life to come out and play!

September is an excellent time to see fur seals, crested penguins, and dolphins. They’re at their most active at this time of year, so you should definitely take a cruise across Milford Sound and see if you can spot any. For the chance to get up-close-and-personal, consider renting a kayak and searching for them in the lake yourself.

What Places to Visit in September: Fiordland National Park, New Zealand

Even if you don’t see as much wildlife as you were hoping, the Fiordland National Park is still a staggeringly beautiful place. From lakes that give mirror-perfect reflections and snowcapped jagged mountains to thundering icy waterfalls and one of the clearest night skies you’ll see in your life, this gorgeous piece of nature is full of endless examples of dramatic scenery.

13. Albanian Riviera, Albania

Must Visit Places in September: Albanian Riviera, Albania

To catch the last of the winter sunshine, head to the Albanian Riviera. Home to powder-soft golden sands, mesmerizing cobalt waters, historical Greek ruins, and charming rustic villages, this laid-back region of Albania can be whatever you want it to be.

Whether you want to spend your days lounging on the beach, island hopping on a yacht, or exploring ancient Greek sites, or whether you want to spend your evenings partying at beach clubs, mixing with locals in tavernas, or enjoying the peaceful life in a seaside village, the Albanian Riviera is the place to do it.

Where to Vacation in September: Albanian Riviera, Albania

You’ll find some of Europe’s most glittering and hidden treasures here. National parks brimming with unbeatable panoramas, cascading waterfalls that look like they’ve been Photoshopped, and natural hot springs that are better than any spa all await you.

A great option if you’ve got a small budget to work with, the Albanian Riviera is one of the cheapest places in Europe to visit in September. But despite the low prices, many of the summer tourists have vanished by this month, and the weather is still gloriously warm and sunny. If you’re wondering where to go in September to soak up the sun, the Albanian Riviera is always a good idea!

14. The Berkshires, Massachusetts & Connecticut

Best Places to Visit in September: The Berkshires, Massachusetts & Connecticut

Spread out over the western parts of Massachusetts and northwest Connecticut , the Berkshires is the place to go in September if you’re looking for natural beauty and adventure sports. As you drive along the winding roads, you’ll be blown away by the imposing mountains covered in red, gold, and orange trees.

Offering the ideal mix of pure relaxation and limitless fun, this rural region is hugely popular with city slickers in need of a break from their hectic daily schedules. If you’re aching to get outdoors, you’ll be spoiled for choice with hiking routes, mountain climbing, and ziplining. Head for one of the many glistening lakes, and you can also discover kayaking , fishing, and paddleboarding opportunities.

What Places to Visit in September: The Berkshires, Massachusetts & Connecticut

For something that requires a little less energy, explore one of the Berkshires’ quaint, charming towns. In September, these sleepy places are mostly free of tourists. This means you won’t waste time waiting in lines in independent cafes or family-run restaurants. Thanks to the lack of crowds, you’ll also be able to snap up excellent seats for theater shows at the last minute.

There you have it! The 14 best places to visit in September. What’s your favorite place to travel in September?

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The Best Places to Travel in September

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The 10 best places to travel in September

Jordi Lippe-McGraw

Every travel enthusiast knows that choosing the right time to visit a destination can make all the difference.

As summer wanes and fall approaches, September is an ideal travel month for so many reasons. With mild weather, fewer crowds and a plethora of cultural, culinary and festive events on offer, cities, towns and islands — from Louisville, Kentucky to the Maldives — present their unique allure.

Here are TPG's top 10 places to visit in September.

Louisville, Kentucky

countries to visit in september

September is a month of celebration in Louisville with the 8th annual Bourbon & Beyond festival (Sept. 14-17) and the concurrent Kentucky Bourbon Festival. It offers an extensive range of bourbon and live music from acclaimed artists, so it's a bourbon lover's paradise.

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Music enthusiasts should not miss the Louder Than Life Festival, a four-day music event attracting over 120,000 fans yearly (Sept. 21-24).

Plus, Bourbon fanatics can also enjoy a visit to Rabbit Hole Distillery right next door to Hotel Genevieve before spending the night in Louisville's newest chic boutique hotel (and the first boutique hotel for the hip East Market district — an emerging area near downtown dotted with bourbon distilleries, craft breweries, stylish bars, elevated restaurants and vintage stores).

TPG tip : Book a stay at the Moxy Louisville Downtown from 31,000 Marriott Bonvoy points or $129 per night.

countries to visit in september

Vienna shines in September, offering a delightful blend of summer's warmth and outdoor fun without the usual crowds.

As temperatures remain pleasant, the city becomes a haven for visitors seeking enjoyable outdoor activities. Join the Viennese locals in celebrating the start of the opera season, a grand event from September through June. Don't miss the annual WienerBierfest, a lively beer festival that adds cheer to the city.

Moreover, September marks the beginning of the harvest season for Vienna's vast urban vineyards, spanning more than 1,700 acres. With its rich cultural heritage, stunning landmarks and vibrant atmosphere, Vienna in September is a true delight for any traveler.

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TPG tip : Stay local with the Austrian-owned Almanac Palais Vienna, which just debuted in March. It is a boutique property set inside a pair of former Palais dating to 1871 and owned by the Austrian Haselbacher family. Rates start from $268 per night. Or splurge on the exquisite Rosewood Vienna , with a fabulous location, sumptuous rooms and impressive amenities, including a spa and rooftop bar. Rates start at $800 per night.

countries to visit in september

September in the Maldives is a surfer's dream. With consistent waves, steady trade winds and tropical water temperatures, it's the perfect time for surfing. Gili Lankanfushi offers the opportunity to ride waves where surfing in the Maldives was born. Guests can enjoy renowned surf breaks, including the legendary Jailbreak spot just a short boat ride away. Partnered with Tropicsurf, the resort provides surf instruction for all ages and levels. State-of-the-art equipment is available for rent at Gili's surf shack.

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TPG tip : The Conrad Maldives Rangali Island is a gem and available from $690 or 120,000 Hilton Honors points per night.

Napa Valley, California

countries to visit in september

In September, Napa Valley becomes a captivating destination that showcases its picturesque charm. The pleasant weather with ideal daytime temperatures sets the stage for an unforgettable visit.

As the leaves transition into vibrant yellow, orange and burgundy hues, the entire valley transforms into a breathtaking autumnal landscape. The air is filled with delightful harvest aromas during the bustling "crush" season. September also offers a host of seasonal events, from grape smashing to wine blending, festivals and harvest dinners.

Furthermore, Napa Valley's culinary scene continues to evolve with exciting additions like Scala Osteria & Bar, offering delectable Italian cuisine, and Morimoto Asia, a pan-Asian concept by renowned chef Masaharu Morimoto.

TPG tip : At Meadowood Napa Valley, American Express Platinum Card members receive early and late checkout, daily breakfast for two, $100 toward spa services, and you can use 50,000 points (worth $500) towards your stay when booking through the American Express Travel Portal .

Trancoso, Brazil

countries to visit in september

Trancoso's boutique UXUA Casa Hotel & Spa, located on the historic main square (rates from $578), gears up for the area's annual Organic Festival, promoting sustainability and community outreach. From Sept. 27 to Oct. 1, this event raises awareness about organic food's positive impact on the environment and locals. After a hiatus due to Covid, the festival returns, featuring renowned Brazilian chefs who offer their culinary delights at affordable prices.

In addition, this year's focus expands to encompass the region's rich food history, tracing its origins from indigenous cultures to its hippy haven past. September provides the final chance to explore Brazil before visa requirements come back into effect for U.S. travelers starting Oct. 1.

TPG tip : You can get a roundtrip economy ticket to Porto Seguro with one stopover for as little as $761 during the month of September on LATAM , which is a Marriott Bonvoy transfer partner.

countries to visit in september

London is a captivating destination to explore in September, and it's no surprise that it tops the travel charts for Americans.

With a vibrant array of events, the city offers something for everyone. From July 19 to Sept. 9, the renowned BBC Proms features female conductors opening and closing the event for the first time in history. Fashion Week (Sept. 15-19) showcases the latest trends, while the Victoria and Albert Museum hosts a fascinating exhibition dedicated to Coco Chanel, debuting on Sept. 16.

TPG tip : Stay at St. Pancras Renaissance Hotel where the Spice Girls filmed their famous "Wannabe" music video. Rates start from 61,000 Marriott Bonvoy points or $378 per night.

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Cancun, Mexico

countries to visit in september

Cancun, Mexico is a fantastic destination to visit during the "shoulder season," offering an excellent opportunity to enjoy the country's beaches, historical sites and cultural events away from the bustling crowds. It's ideal for travelers seeking immersive cultural experiences, particularly during Mexico's Independence Day celebrations on Sept. 16. The streets come alive with vibrant festivals featuring mariachis, mesmerizing garage tapatío performances (the national dance of Mexico), mouthwatering Mexican street food and much more. This is the perfect time to soak up Mexico's rich traditions and flavors while enjoying the beauty of Cancun's stunning coastline.

TPG tip : Book a room at InterContinental Presidente Cancun Resort from $200 or 32,000 IHG One Rewards per night.

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Grapevine, Texas

countries to visit in september

Grapevine, a hidden gem within the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex in Texas, offers a delightful retreat for travelers seeking a quaint and charming destination.

Strolling down Main Street, visitors will discover an array of wine-tasting rooms, local artists and unique shops, set against the backdrop of a storybook-esque clock tower that graces the downtown area.

The highlight of September in Grapevine is the largest wine festival in the southwest, taking place this year from Sept. 14-17. This four-day extravaganza offers annual events, special wine tastings and family-friendly activities. With Main Street closed to traffic, visitors can sip on Champagnes and sparkling wines under the shaded oaks at Champagne Terrace, embark on a unique tasting experience at Liberty Park Plaza, and participate in entertaining events like the Champagne Cork Shoot-Off and Grape Stomp. Grapevine promises a memorable and fun-filled experience for wine enthusiasts and travelers alike.

TPG tip : For easy access to all the major attractions in the area, book a room at Hilton Garden Inn Grapevine at Silverlake Crossings from 34,000 Hilton Honors points or $109 per night.

New York City

countries to visit in september

NYC celebrates the arrival of fall with an irresistible blend of sports and fashion. Sports enthusiasts can witness the excitement of the US Open, taking place from August 28 to Sept. 10, where the world's top tennis players compete for glory.

Simultaneously, the city transforms into a fashion hub as Fashion Week unfolds from Sept. 7-13, showcasing the latest trends and designs. Additionally, September marks the transition into the enchanting fall season, where the city's parks and streets are adorned with the vibrant colors of changing leaves. New York City in September becomes a dynamic and captivating destination that seamlessly blends sports, fashion and the magic of autumn.

TPG tip : There's no shortage of great places to stay in NYC . For easy access to September's top attractions, the Pendry Manhattan West is available from $761 or 59,000 Chase Ultimate Rewards points per night.

Orléans, France

countries to visit in september

Orléans, located on the banks of the majestic Loire River, becomes an enchanting destination during the eleventh edition of the Loire Festival, Europe's largest gathering of the river navy, from Sept. 20-24, 2023.

This biennial event attracts hundreds of thousands of visitors who come together to celebrate the rich historic naval traditions. With more than 200 boats, 700 sailors and 500 artists participating, the festival showcases nautical demonstrations, regattas, jousts and rowing races.

Visitors can immerse themselves in the festive atmosphere while savoring local specialties and enjoying drinks by the water at charming taverns known as "guinguettes." As night falls, the city comes alive with breathtaking fireworks and illuminations. Orléans, one of France's oldest cities and the gateway to the historic Loire Valley region, exudes a palpable sense of history with its ties to Joan of Arc and a fascinating medieval past.

TPG tip : Mercure Orléans Centre is available from $144 or 9,646 Chase Ultimate Rewards points per night.

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11 Best Places to Travel in September

Here are the best places to travel in September in the United States and around the world.

countries to visit in september

Alex Potemkin/Getty Images

Though autumn officially arrives in September, it still feels like summer in many parts of the U.S., and beyond. This is the “shoulder season,” when school has begun and therefore most vacations have ended. Fewer crowds (and lower prices) make this a great time to travel. 

If you are among the lucky who are able to travel at this time of year, you might catch harvest in a vineyards or take one more beach trip – think Nantucket or Long Island. Or, if time allows, enjoy a further-flung destination like Fiji, Turkey, or Spain’s Balearic Islands . Crisp autumn air changes the foliage in certain corners of the country, and food festivals are good reason to travel in fall, too.

Wherever you go, don’t miss the last days of summer and the first of autumn in a new place or an old favorite. Here are 11 of the best places to travel in September in the United States and around the world.

Napa Valley, California

leezsnow/Getty Images

Napa Valley is beautiful all year long, but a visit during the bustling harvest season is especially memorable. Wine tastings and festivities abound, and many grapes are ready to be picked and readied for winemaking. Bike along the Napa Valley Vine Trail, drift over vineyards in a hot air balloon at sunrise, or enjoy a gourmet meal and wine aboard the Napa Valley Wine Train . For an intimate, luxury retreat with sweeping valley views and warm hospitality, stay at the five-star Poetry Inn . Set among trees and hills, Meadowood combines elegance and rustic style with superb service. Guests can play golf at Silverado Resort , enjoy a mud bath at Dr. Wilkinson’s Backyard Resort in Calistoga, or see an apiary at Carneros Resort . Auberge Resorts Collection Solage and Auberge du Soleil are additional luxury options. 

Long Island, New York

Visitors flock to eastern Long Island’s small towns and beaches during summer, but September is quieter and the warm weather remains. Wineries offer tasting rooms and picnic areas, and many feature entertainment on weekends. Lighthouse fans will enjoy the historic Fire Island Lighthouse and the Montauk Point Lighthouse , commissioned by President George Washington. Antique shops, farm stands, waterfront restaurants, marinas, and picturesque shores provide plenty to do and see . From casual beachside bungalows to elegant resorts, there’s a range of places to stay, too, including The Reform Club and The Roundtree in Amagansett, Marram and Daunt’s Albatross in Montauk, and EHP Resort & Marina in East Hampton. Canoe Place Inn & Cottages in Hampton Bays was named on Travel + Leisure’s 2023 “It List” of best new hotels.

Dudits/Getty Images

Interestingly, the Republic of Türkiye lies in both Asia and Europe. The beaches in Bodrum are still warm in September, and visitors can walk the city’s ancient cobblestone streets, shop at outdoor markets, or tour Bodrum Castle and the Museum of Underwater Archaeology . Stay in Bodrum at the elegant boutique METT Hotel & Beach Resort or Susona Bodrum, LXR Hotels & Resorts . In Istanbul , Hagia Sophia , Topkapi Palace , and the Grand Bazaar should be on every visitor’s itinerary. The Peninsula Istanbul topped Travel + Leisure ’s “2023 It List, ” and Conrad Istanbul Bosphorus is another luxury option. Turkey’s vineyards grow more than 1,000 indigenous grape varieties, and visitors can taste the award-winning wines of the world’s earliest wine cultures here. In Cappadocia , sample culinary specialties, and stay at the Museum Hotel , Relais & Châteaux . Turkish Airlines offers convenient flights from 17 North American gateway cities. 

September brings early fall colors and comfortable temperatures to most of Kentucky. Celebrate Bourbon Heritage Month with a trip along the Kentucky Bourbon Trail , and stop for a distillery tour in Louisville or Lexington . At the Highland Festival Grounds in Louisville, Bourbon & Beyond (September 14 to 17) and Louder Than Life (September 21 to 24) feature top music artists. After bourbon and concerts, head south to the Kentucky Wildlands for forests, mountains, lakes, and one of the planet’s most diverse ecosystems. Daniel Boone National Forest and the Kentucky Wildlands Waterfall trail , with more than 800 waterfalls, are part of the area’s pristine wilderness. Enjoy the outdoors with hiking, kayaking, rock climbing, boating, and more . 

Willamette Valley, Oregon

tomwachs/Getty Images

Oregon’s Willamette Valley , less than an hour’s drive from Portland , is home to more than 700 wineries. Stop by tasting rooms throughout the valley, especially if any are hosting events related to harvest season. Outside of the vineyards there’s a lot to do , including hiking, exploring waterways, discovering the area’s history, and simply enjoying the stunning scenery – you can bring your dog along for the trip, too. No matter what you do, you’ll enjoy the weather – September temperatures hover in the 70s here, there’s typically little rainfall, and fall leaves are starting to change color. Stay in McMinnville at Atticus Hotel or Tributary Hotel , a Relais & Châteaux property. In Newburg, The Allison Inn & Spa is another luxury option. And if you fly Alaska Airlines, you can check a case of wine for free via the “Oregon Wine Flies Free” program.

Martina Katz/Getty Images

An archipelago of more than 300 islands in the South Pacific, Fiji is lovely in September, with dry, warm weather, plus famously friendly people. Swimming, diving, snorkeling, sport fishing, and surfing are great ways to spend time on the water. On land, there’s hiking, nature walks, and lots of opportunities to get acquainted with local culture. Many resorts are on private islands, such as VOMO Island Fiji , which offers a variety of accommodations , including spacious residences and beachfront retreats , plus multiple Kids Clubs . At Wakaya Club & Spa , guests can enjoy an onsite organic farm, spa treatments, Fijian culinary experiences, water sports, and more. Visit Barefoot Manta for affordable beachfront rooms, and Kokomo Private Island for villas and expansive residences. Fiji Airways offers nonstop service from the U.S. west coast.

Mallorca and Menorca, Balearic Islands of Spain

Christopher Larson/Travel + Leisure

These islands lie in the Mediterranean off the eastern coast of Spain. Mallorca is the largest of them, with sandy beaches and  water sport options. In the capital of La Palma, head to the Old City to see historic architecture. Choose the clifftop Jumeirah Port Soller , the new Son Bunyola from Sir Richard Branson, or Son Brull, Relais & Châteaux for luxe accommodations. Tennis star and Mallorca native, Rafael Nadal, announced the launch of hotel collection ZEL , and its first location in Mallorca set to open soon. Menorca, further east, is a quieter island, with farms, vineyards, and a 14th-century Gothic cathedral. In Menorca, stay at Villa Le Blanc by Gran Meliá or choose Relais & Châteaux properties Faustino Gran or Fontenille Menorca . United Airlines now offers nonstop service from Newark to Palma de Mallorca.

Park City, Utah

Sean Pavone/Getty Images

Park City is a popular winter destination, but the weather in September is ideal for outdoor fun, no snow needed. Come for fly fishing, hiking, biking, horseback riding, and rafting. More than 450 biking trails and an expansive hiking trail system deliver views of alpine lakes, granite peaks, and aspen groves turning shades of gold as the month goes on. Explore downtown Park City and visit the Park City Museum to brush up on the history of what was once a silver mining town. Catch the last few Park Silly Market Sundays, where you’ll find local crafts, food trucks, and live music. And from campsites to luxury hotels, there’s a wide range of accommodations here, including the Waldorf Astoria Park City , Pendry Park City , Washington School House Hotel , and Grand Summit Hotel . In Canyons Village , there’s Lift Park City and Apex Residences . 

Greenville, South Carolina

Located near the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains about halfway between Charlotte and Atlanta, Greenville is quickly earning a reputation as a culinary destination. The southern city highlights its dining culture with an annual charity event, Euphoria , set for September 14 to 17 this year, and more than 200 chefs, musicians, and beverage professionals will participate. Explore the city and its surrounding areas, where you’ll find hiking trails and more than 50 waterfalls , starting with one right in the middle of Greenville at Falls Park on the Reedy . Stroll through the walkable town, following a self-guided tour , or just browse shops and dining spots. The plush new Grand Bohemian Lodge is located in Falls Park, with pet-friendly accommodations.

Nantucket, Massachusetts

Chris Hackett/Getty Images

In September, summer crowds have thinned in Nantucket , so it’s a great time to enjoy the island’s waterfront restaurants, beaches, and historic downtown. Located 30 miles from Cape Cod, visitors can get here by ferry or air . Enjoy the cool weather with a bike ride or explore the island’s lighthouses and historic sites . Dining is a pleasure with fresh seafood and views of the sea. Stay at the newly renovated White Elephant , Greydon House , or sister property Periwinkle Inn . There’s also Salt House Nantucket , Life House Nantucket , and The Nantucket Hotel , the oldest on the island. 52 Union is a three-bedroom residence for rent in historic downtown. 

Santa Fe, New Mexico

Irjaliina Paavonpera/Travel + Leisure

Known as “the City Different,” Santa Fe offers authentic adobe architecture, historic buildings, and Southwestern cuisine, plus galleries and museums exhibiting everything from contemporary to folk art. Visit in September for the Santa Fe Wine & Chile Fiesta (September 27 to October 1) and the annual Burning of Zozobra on September 1; in this unique cultural tradition, a 50-foot-tall mythic monster is stuffed with “glooms” and then burned, and live music, a beach ball toss, and fireworks go on as well. Enjoy Santa Fe’s outdoors with hiking, biking , walking tours , historic site visits, and markets . Stay at the Rosewood Inn of the Anasazi , Four Seasons Resort Rancho Encantado , Santuario by La Fonda , or the Inn of the Five Graces for luxurious accommodations in Santa Fe.

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Intrepid Travel Blog

The top 7 destinations for travel in September 2024

The beautiful grounds of Pura Taman Ayun temple in Bali

Editor’s note: Last updated in January 2024.

You’ve decided you want to travel more this year (good on you), but you’re struggling to choose your next destination. Surely there’s an easier way than trawling through endless travel mags and guidebooks for the answers, right? That’s where our  ultimate month-by-month travel guide  comes in: your easily digestible list of places to visit, things to experience, and amazing weather to chase around the world.

It’s time to shine the spotlight on September. European summer is dwindling, South African safaris are in full swing, and stunning autumn colours start taking over US national parks . Whether you want to hike some of the US’s most iconic trails, take your tastebuds on an Italian adventure or discover the Galapagos Islands’ incredible wildlife, here’s your guide on where to travel in September.

1. Galapagos Islands

A seal pup standing at its mother's feet

It’s fair to say there’s nowhere quite like the Galapagos . Where else might you see giant tortoises patrolling the beach, bump into a sea lion when you’re swimming or sunbathe alongside spikey (but harmless) marine iguanas? September is the low season with the coolest temperatures of the year, though with average highs of 24°C (76°F) and water temperatures of 22°C (72°F), it’s still fairly warm. It’s a particularly active month for wildlife, and thanks to fewer tourists, you’ll likely experience more intimate animal encounters.

See pods of curious dolphins and humpbacks before they migrate to cooler climates. Gush at newborn sea lion pups hanging out – and being unbearably cute – on the sandy shores. Or watch penguin courting rituals that put human flirting techniques to shame.

  • 10-day Best of Galapagos
  • 8-day Galapagos Island Hopping

countries to visit in september

Nicknamed the Land of Fire and Ice, Iceland doesn’t do natural beauty by halves. From geysers to glaciers, black sand beaches to volcanoes, it’s one of the most unique places on the planet. September marks the start of autumn, and while the weather is more unpredictable, we think it adds to the magic. You’ll also miss the summer rush, so it’s an ideal time to avoid big queues and paying higher than usual prices. If you need one more reason, it’s the Northern Lights, or Aurora Borealis, which are given an extra boost around the autumnal equinox. Let’s be honest, who doesn’t dream of seeing this natural spectacle light up the skies.

Delve into the ancient tales of Vikings, soak in the ethereal Blue Lagoon (and countless other hot springs), and witness the mighty Skogafoss and Detifoss waterfalls in their full glory as you travel from Reykjavik to Snaefellsne. Or uncover the beauty of Iceland’s Golden Circle as you walk over Solheimajokull Glacier, relax in natural spas surrounded by a black lava field and listen to the hissing and bubbling sounds of Gunnuhver’s mud pools and steam vents.

  • 8-day Iceland Discovery
  • 5-day Iceland’s Golden Circle in Depth

countries to visit in september

3. United States

A woman jumping in Monument Valley, Arizona

From the epic Grand Canyon where nothing can prepare you for the views to Yosemite with its giant granite monoliths and sparkling lakes, it’s fair to say the United States boasts some of the world’s most impressive national parks. September is a great time to lace up your hiking boots if you want to enjoy less-trafficked trails. The cooler weather also makes longer and tougher trails more bearable, and wildlife is easier to spot as it’s breeding season. Oh, and did we mention the stunning autumn colours that arrive at the end of the month? Need we say more.

Discover vast deserts, fascinating rock formations and towering slot canyons in Zion National Park , Bryce Canyon and Monument Valley. Feel humbled by the presence of the world’s tallest trees as you walk through Yosemite’s Mariposa Grove of giant sequoias. Fill your lungs with fresh air and tackle the awe-inspiring peaks of Colorado’s Rocky Mountains. Or go on a safari – Alaskan style – to look for grizzlies, moose and wolves in Denali National Park .

  • 5-day Western USA National Parks Loop
  • 6-day Hiking in Denali National Park
  • 5-day Hiking in Yosemite National Park
  • 5-day Hiking and Camping in Rocky Mountain National Park

countries to visit in september

4. South Africa

A woman photographing the view of the Drakensberg in South Africa

Home to endless grasslands, sweeping golden beaches, vibrant cities and national parks teeming with game, there’s no denying the diversity of South Africa . Where else can you enjoy wildlife sightings and world-class wine in equal measure? There’s something extra special about South Africa in spring. Maybe it’s the whales returning to local waters in Hermanus and thirsty wildlife coming out to find watering holes. Or kaleidoscopic carpets of wildflowers along the Cape West Coast.

Explore the epic Kruger National Park as you look for the Big Five: lion, leopard, elephant, buffalo and rhino. Hike the epic Drakensburg – South Africa’s highest mountain range. Or visit the charming coastal town of Cintsa to meet a local Xhosa community and learn about their tribal traditions and customs.

  • 8-day Premium Southern Africa
  • 8-day Kruger to Vic Falls
  • 14-day Garden Route Adventure

countries to visit in september

Ah, Italy . A country that continues to cast its spell on travellers. We featured Italy in our May guide , but we couldn’t resist adding it to this one. Why? Because September is jam-packed with events and festivals. The Venice Film Festival, the Regata Storica and the ViniMilo wine festival on the beautiful island of Sicily are but a few. Not to mention the countless harvest celebrations dotted around the Tuscan countryside. All the more reason to plan a trip!

Perfect your wine tasting skills in Italy’s oldest wine-growing region. Sip on negroni while watching award-winning films at Venice Film Festival – and maybe catch a glimpse of a famous actor or two. Or experience the elaborate water pageants and lively festivities along Venice’s canals at the Regata. Travelling to Italy in September will give you an even bigger taste of la dolce vita .

  • 14-day Best of Italy
  • 8-day Italy Real Food Adventure

countries to visit in september

6. Indonesia

Travellers meditating at a temple in Bali

From tropical rainforests and epic volcanic peaks to yoga sanctuaries and beach-side bars, Indonesia has it all. It’s totally possible to go on a multi-day trek through the jungle in search of orangutans followed by a few days on the beach drinking cocktails. September is the end of the high season and popular islands like Bali are much quieter, making it a great time to enjoy the serenity of this magical island.

Hike through the thickets of the jungle in Gunung Leuser National Park, foraging for edible plants and stopping at local villages along the way. Tackle the slopes of Mt Batur followed by a relaxing soak in mineral-rich hot springs. Or join a local family in their home for a coffee to learn about Balinese culture.

  • 9-day Beautiful Bali
  • 9-day Sumatra Adventure
  • 15-day Bali & Lombok Adventure

countries to visit in september

You might assume otherwise given the name, but Oktoberfest actually kicks off in September and finishes the first weekend in October. The festival started in 1810 to celebrate the marriage of Bavaria’s Crown Prince Ludwig to Princess Therese of Sachsen-Hildburghausen. It’s now the world’s largest beer and folk festival with festivities all over Germany and beyond. If you’ve ever wanted to eat, drink and be merry in a dirndl or lederhosen , now’s your chance. Prost!

Berlin is a city that likes to party, so it’s no surprise that it’s one of the best places to celebrate Oktoberfest. Enjoy delicious beer in a huge, traditionally decorated tent in Kurt-Schumacher-Damm. Listen to live music in the lively open-air beer garden at Alexanderplatz. Or tuck into authentic Bavarian food such as brathendl (roast chicken), schweinehaxen (slow-roasted pork knuckle) and w eisswürste (white sausages made from veal and bacon).

  • 15-day Berlin to Venice
  • 22-day Berlin to Rome

Not looking to travel in September? No worries. Check out the rest of our monthly travel guides: 

  • October 

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Places Around The World You Must Visit This September

Places in india that are best in september, here is the list of 32 places around the world you must visit this september, 1. singapore - the quintessential cosmopolitan.

Singapore - The Quintessential Cosmopolitan

Known For : Gardens by the Bay Sentosa Island Universal Studios Singapore

Best described as a microcosm of modern Asia, Singapore is a melting pot of culture and history, and an extravaganza of culinary delights. Officially known as the Republic of Singapore, it is both a city and a country located in Southeast Asia. One of Asia's most visited destinations, Singapore is best described as an amalgam of a fast-paced life and an off-the-back-street inheritance.

Best Time: January to November

270 Singapore Attractions

2. Kerala - God's Own Country

Kerala - God's Own Country

Kerala - home to the languid backwaters, long coastlines, sprawling tea gardens, and colourful dance forms, is also famously known as 'God’s Own Country'. Located on the Malabar coast of Southern India, it is a tiny sliver of paradise that is also one of the best tropical tourist destinations one can look for. Whether you want to bask in the sun and sand of the palm tree-lined Kovalam beach or want to take a hike to Munnar hill station, or even if you're going to walk down the bustling streets of Kochi, Kerala has everything on offer to take your pick from!

49 Attractions

3. Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia - Where's the Party Tonight?

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia - Where's the Party Tonight?

Known For : Petronas Towers Chinatown Kuala Lumpur Menara Kuala Lumpur

Kuala Lumpur is the most popular city of the multi cultural country, Malaysia. With skyscrapers on one side and shopping malls on the other, Kuala Lumpur has its own night life. It is an enclave within the state of Selangor.

Best Time: December to February, May to August

109 Kuala Lumpur Attractions

4. Male - The Colourful Heart of Maldives

Male - The Colourful Heart of Maldives

One of the top holiday destinations in the world, Male is the capital city of Maldives. Neatly arranged in a grid pattern, this well organised city is populated with sites exploring the rich Maldivian heritage and culture as well as urban necessities like malls and markets, restaurants with delicious food, and some amazing beaches as you journey across the coastline of the island city.

Best Time: November to April

1 Male Attractions

5. Bali, Indonesia - An Idyllic Retreat

Bali, Indonesia - An Idyllic Retreat

Known For : Tanah Lot Uluwatu Bali Swing

Bali, Indonesia’s most famous island, is located in the west of Java in the Lesser Sunda Islands. It is world-renowned for its scenic rice terraces, fragrant cuisine, stunning beaches and a galore of culture and tradition. With its elaborate temples, endless coastline, some of the world's best coral reefs, waterfalls and retreats, Bali combines leisure and adventure, spiritual awakening and hard-partying all into one island that people from all over the world come to lose themselves in.

Best Time: April, May, June and September

300 Bali Attractions

6. Greece - All-Time Classic

Greece - All-Time Classic

Surrounded by crystal blue waters all around, Greece has 2000 islands among which only 160 are inhabited. It has everything that a traveller could ask for, starting from history and culture, huge mountains, golden beaches and ancient ruins. Along with the history, the culture in music, food and festivals is strongly held up high here. One can delve into the ancient times with splendours like Acropolis and Parthenon .

7. Bora Bora, French-Polynesia - A Colossal Cosmos

Bora Bora, French-Polynesia - A Colossal Cosmos

Known For : Matira Beach Water Sports in Bora Bora Land activities

"Welcome to the fantasy of a dreamy island with utmost perfectional beauty"- This is how the pictures of Bora Bora entice you for a vacation. A part of French Polynesia, this magical island has some of the most beautiful sights to behold- a tropical island sorrounded by the amazing blue lagoon and coral reefs, accompanied by small islets (Motus) scattered around Bora Bora.

Best Time: May to October

3 Bora Bora Attractions

8. Ziro, Arunachal Pradesh - Peace Seeker's Paradise

Ziro, Arunachal Pradesh - Peace Seeker's Paradise

Known For : Tarin Fish Farm Kile Pakho Ziro Music Festival

The cradle to a unique tribal group and a balmy climate, Ziro is the peace seeker's paradise. Ziro is a quaint old town in Arunachal Pradesh, home to the Apa Tani tribe and famous for its pine hills and rice fields.

Best Time: September - November ; March - May

9 Ziro Attractions

9. Barcelona, Spain - The Paris of Spain

Barcelona, Spain - The Paris of Spain

Known For : Sagrada Familia Las Ramblas Park Guell

Hans Christian Anderson described Barcelona as the "Paris of Spain" because of its resemblance with the French atmosphere. The city has a beautiful charm and a rich cultural significance. It is the capital city of autonomous community of Catalonia in Spain and the second largest city in Spain.

Best Time: May to August

47 Barcelona Attractions

10. Croatia - The Colourful Coastal Country

Croatia - The Colourful Coastal Country

Located in Eastern Europe, Croatia is a coastal country that is not only beautiful to look at but also offers a variety of things to do for tourists. There is history interspersed with architecture, great opportunities for swimming, Balkan wine, some of the best seafood and more. The most regularly visited cities here are Dubrovnik and Zagreb, its capital. It also encompasses several islands that are breathtakingly beautiful. In a nutshell, this country offers pretty much everything under the sun for a great vacation.

11. Morocco - The Exotic Land of Spices & Stories

Morocco - The Exotic Land of Spices & Stories

Morocco is a country in North Africa. It is blessed with abundant natural beauty and is one of the top destinations for tourism. Majestic mountains standing tall in the distance, cities that are ancient, sprawling deserts and more characterise this country. Famous attractions here include the medina in Marrakesh, the Fort Kasbah of the Udayas, the dozens of souks and the Jemaa el-Fnaa. It is a truly beautiful country, with lots to offer to every kind of tourists.

12. Vietnam - Everything from Sea Costs to Hill Stations

Vietnam - Everything from Sea Costs to Hill Stations

Vietnam, a country nestled in the southern part of Eastern Asia is known for its peaceful and serene environ. Once haunted by the bloodshed and strife of Vietnam War, the streets of the country in its current avatar buzz with youthful energy. Tall and looming skyscrapers, quaint floating markets, mopeds zooming through the roads,  and paddy fields add even more to its overall charms. Oozing overwhelming natural beauty and rich heritage, the country takes you on a journey through its ancient architecture and its vibrant culture.

13. Turkey - A Land of Culture with Modern Twist

Turkey - A Land of Culture with Modern Twist

Settled on the border of Asia and Europe, Turkey is an archive of Islamic Middle East impact and the influence of Christian European West. Turkey at present represents a modern and westernised culture that exists along with its more exotic and esoteric side hidden from outside world. Explore the dual sides of the country with the natural panoramic landscape, historic places, fertile valleys, huge mountain ranges, rugged coastline and quaint villages. The capital city of Istanbul is the heartbeat of the country buzzing with cafes, bustling bazaars, aroma of spices, enchanting belly dancers, nightclubs and hammams.

14. California, United States of America - The Sunshine State

California, United States of America - The Sunshine State

California, which is the largest state in the US in terms of population is a beautiful destination to visit. The state makes for a splendid beachy vacation. If you are a Hollywood buff then some of the studios, like Dolby Theater, MTV, Comedy Central and more are centrally located here. The enchanting Disney Park supervised by Disneyland makes for a great attraction. It has a cool autumnal climate and September makes for a great time to avoid tourist rush in the state.

15. Hermanus, South Africa - The Whale-Watching Capital 

Hermanus, South Africa - The Whale-Watching Capital 

Hermanus is a picturesque destination where you can traverse through mountainous terrains, take an experience of a Wine- Safari and indulge in a spectacle of beautiful whales in the Hermanus Whale Festival during this season. You can go boating and get closer and take a glimpse of  the aquatic beings like dolphins, whales and sea lions who often frequent the bay.

16. Aruba, Netherland - The Island Getaway 

Aruba, Netherland - The Island Getaway 

Aruba makes for a plus island holiday with your family bearing pleasant and cool climate all round the year. It is one of the best destinations of the Carribean islands with crystal clear waters and great adventure sports. The gorgeous beaches, the splendid food choices and some striking art galleries make you want to come back for more. Aruba will not let you depart until you dance to its rhythmic tunes and merge with its culture in full spirit.

17. Toronto, Canada - Of Breathetaking Skylines and Skyscrapers

Toronto, Canada - Of Breathetaking Skylines and Skyscrapers

Known For : CN Tower Toronto Islands St. Lawrence Market

Toronto, the capital of Ontario, is the most populous city of Canada and the fifth largest city in North America, is the financial capital of the county and one of the most mutli culturally diverse cities of the word. Located on shore of the beautiful Lake Ontario, the city is know for its skyscrapers, museums, theatre, music and festivals.

8 Toronto Attractions

18. Sicily, Italian Region - The Land of Authentic Wine & Cultural Treasure

Sicily, Italian Region - The Land of Authentic Wine & Cultural Treasure

Sicily, an island which is the heart of the Mediterranean, sitting on the tip is Italy, is a perfectly seductive and romantic destination. The spirit of art, culture, and history draws in a lot of tourists across the year. The weather is always perfect and so is the vibe of the island. Sicily's Mount Etna, Europe's tallest active volcano is a sight to behold. The destination is a culinary haven for it has irresistible street food as well as fine dine eatery choices. Of course wine is the cherry on the cake. The thought of it makes one want to travel right away.

19. Gatineau, Western Quebec, Canada - The City of Museums and Parks 

Gatineau, Western Quebec, Canada - The City of Museums and Parks 

Gatineau is known for its historical heritage sites and is home to Quebec's best museums, parks and estates. With clear, cool and average temperatures this season, you can visit the iconic Canadian Museum of History view the artifacts,take a tour of the Gatineau park which is a hilly woodland and a picturesque Lakeland district. You can also ski and embrace your adventurous side in Gatineau hills. It is a great destination to take a vacation with your family or friends. Gatineau makes for a very homely city to travel in.

20. Charlottetown, Canada - The Land of Art and Heritage

Charlottetown, Canada - The Land of Art and Heritage

The quaint little capital province of Prince Edward Island is home to stunning attractions. The historical significance of this place makes it charming and the galleries and lighthouses draw in many tourists around the year. The St. Duncan Basilica is a breathtaking structure and a must visit. There is a lot to explore while you take to the infamous Victoria row street wherein you might find a group of people jamming in one corner, or you can explore the indegenous art galleries and indulge in delicious ice cream treats. You can also enjoy the tranquil sea breeze along the Peake's Wharf Waterfront during this season and experience it at its best.

21. Tokyo, Japan - A beautiful Melange of Old and New

Tokyo, Japan - A beautiful Melange of Old and New

Known For : Tokyo Sky Tree Shibuya Meiji Shrine

Tokyo, the capital of Japan, is in every sense- a mix. This city is known for its technological prowess, its quirky pop culture, and its simultaneous attachment to tradition. With every area having something different to offer, it is truly the best place for any tourist seeking variety and adventure.

Best Time: October to November, March to May

14 Tokyo Attractions

22. Munich, Germany - Beer and Bavaria

Munich, Germany - Beer and Bavaria

Known For : Nymphenburg Palace Deutsche Museum Olympia Park

Munich today is the technology capital, that values quality of life over and above all other aspects. Nevertheless the Bavarian city retains a medieval charm. It's a city that guilelessly blends modernity and tradition. The chic and the fashionable co exist with Lederhosen (Leather pants), rustic beer halls and wursts.

Best Time: March to May

31 Munich Attractions

23. Mexico - Cradle of Civilizations

Mexico - Cradle of Civilizations

Mexico is a land of great cultural, ethnic and geographical diversity. Be it hiking in the rugged desert landscaped in the North or basking in the lush green tropical settings, the country has it all. From the historic ruins of the Mayans and Aztec in Chichn Itz and Teotihuacn to the beautifully preserved colonial cities of Puebla and Campeche, the country never ceases to amaze its visitors which flock from all over the world.

24. Hawaii, United States of America - The Tropical Vacation 

Hawaii, United States of America - The Tropical Vacation 

Known for its white beaches, steepy valleys and majestic mountains, Hawaii is a secluded paradise which has something in store for everyone. It's a great getaway destination for those want to indulge in some chill time away from the mundane routines at the beaches and it is also for those bearing an adventure spirit as there are great hiking spots. Hawaii also has a great sundowner life to explore.

25. Las Vegas, Usa - Entertainment Capital of the World

Las Vegas, Usa - Entertainment Capital of the World

Known For : The Strip Bellagio Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area

Las Vegas - a place that in today's date needs absolutely no introduction. Just hearing the name will make you picture the neon sign boards, the iconic hotels and the legendary casinos. For the ultimate, no-limits entertainment trip, there is hardly any place in the world that comes close to Vegas.

Best Time: September to November

117 Las Vegas Attractions

26. Vienna , Austria - Vienna: An Artistic Exploration

Vienna , Austria - Vienna: An Artistic Exploration

Known For : St Stephens Cathedral Hofburg Schonbrunn Palace

One of the most gorgeous capitals of Europe, Vienna is a city packed with architectural wonders, buzzing with melodious music, and streets are lined with most astounding restaurants and cafes. While innovative museums preserve the rich past of the city, there is a remarkable blend of old and new, giving Vienna a distinctive charm. With sheer quality of life and abundant artistic skills of the city makes it a perfect all-rounder destination.

50 Vienna Attractions

27. Limon Province, Costa Rica - Land of Thrilling Sundowners

Limon Province, Costa Rica - Land of Thrilling Sundowners

Puerto Limon, the best destination to visit in the Limon Province boasts of beautiful and picturesque landmarks. The destination has some of the best beaches in the province and lush greenery at national parks. Some of the famous National parks to visit are Tortuguero National Park and Cahuita National Park. It is also known for its splendid architecture. The best attraction of Limon is the sundowner experiences. It holds some of the craziest parties and parades with an eclectic vibe. The weather in September is pleasant and perfect for the beach scenes and out-door parties.

28. China - A Land of Mysteries and Beyond

China - A Land of Mysteries and Beyond

China or officially known as the People’s Republic of China is a country nestled in Eastern Asia housing world’s largest and about one-fifth of the population. The country is one of the world’s four great ancient civilisations dazzling world with its deep-rooted culture, classic cuisine, kung fu, fine silk, pagodas, paintings, porcelains, Ming vases and tea. China never failed to amuse the people around the world with their key attractions including the Great Wall of China, Terracotta Warriors and the Forbidden City. The land of philosopher Confucius,  Mao Zedung and pandas, China is a place buzzing with astounding energy that adds to its charm.

29. Peru - The Land of Mystical Rainforests & Breathtaking Beauty

Peru - The Land of Mystical Rainforests & Breathtaking Beauty

Peru is a counry in South America. More than anything else, it's known for its lush Amazon rainforests as well as the ancient city of Machu Pichu. The country offers a lot of trekking opportunities for adrenaline junkies or those who wish to revel in the beauty of nature. Peru is also known for its variety of festivals that are celebrated with a lot of pomp and joy and which can last for days. The population is culturally diverse, just like the landscapes.

30. Tunisia, North Africa -  Romantic Sand Dunes with Souls and Spices

Tunisia, North Africa -  Romantic Sand Dunes with Souls and Spices

An enticing destination with sun kissed beaches to unwind. The great Sahara desert is an unmissable and breathtaking attraction which is a must visit. You can encounter the captivating history of the state by paying a visit to the ruins at Carthage and the Roman amphitheatre at El Djem and witness it standing tall, in all its Glory. The spectacular food which you must lay your hands here on is the Tunisian dish of Brik, a deep-fried tuna and egg turnover which is considered a local speciality. The enigma of the streets will lead you to the vibrant souls from where you can pick some souvenirs to take back home. The climate is warm and pleasant at this time of the year.

31. Colorado, United States of America - Rocky Mountains with Right Climate 

Colorado, United States of America - Rocky Mountains with Right Climate 

Colorado's landscape is known for its breathtaking scenic views of the red rock formations, prairie grasslands, serene lakes and forests, and plenty of wildflowers. It also boasts of its sporty adventure tour spots for Skiing, trekking, hiking, camping, four-wheeling, hunting, fishing and horse riding. You can visit Denver for its magnetic charm and vibrant art and Bolder for its hippie reputation and beautiful sceneries across the town. Colorado also holds some of the world's best festivals, be it food,music or art, it aces with all. It has a climate which makes Colorado a suitable destination to visit all around the year.

32. Egypt - The Exotic Land of History and Mystery

Egypt - The Exotic Land of History and Mystery

Egypt is a country that brings to mind the exotic. Beautiful pyramids, mysterious mummies and lots of gold. That is what everybody perceives Egypt as. But it is so much more. There is Cairo, its most famous city, the river Nile, desert adventures, its temples and mosques and the general aura of history rooted in the culture that pervades the entire country.

What are you waiting for? Get you travel planning skills on board because a vacation to these places in September is not that far away!

This post was published by Sony Punjabi

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Best places in the world to travel to in September 2023

Despite the end of summer, that doesn’t mean the holiday season is over. With mild and comfortable weather, the number of tourists is smaller, and prices for tours drop noticeably; September is a great month for traveling.

Let’s give you the TOP 5 best countries for a vacation in September.

The best destinations to travel to in September


Morocco: Experience top-quality European holiday service at non-European prices

Morocco is known among other countries for its amazing nature and hospitality. Travelers from all over the world marvel at its incomparable beaches, ancient monuments, and historical sights that are subtly infused with modernity. And what makes things more enjoyable is the weather in September is simply fantastic.

Best vacation spots in Morocco

Here are some iconic places in fabulous Morocco.

Visit the heart and soul of Morocco in Marrakesh

Marrakesh is the main cultural center of the kingdom, located at the foot of the Atlas Mountains. Hotels, guesthouses, entertainment centers, playgrounds, and restaurants with local and European cuisine are available here, all for reasonable money.

Make sure to stroll around the Jemaa El-Fna, a UNESCO cultural heritage spot. It is impossible to miss the beautiful Koutoubia Mosque, which is visible from the outskirts of Marrakech and is the tallest building in the city. Want to learn some local crafts? Head to the Mellah area: they offer participation in learning various traditional crafts of the kingdom.

Discover amazing forms of architecture in North Africa in Casablanca, a few kilometers from Europe

If you look at the map, you will see that Casablanca is located in the North of the country, a few kilometers across the Atlantic Ocean from European Portugal. Moroccan culture is everywhere here. From smells of spices and herbs to delicious tagine being sold on each corner. Do not miss the Plage Aïn Diab Beach, which is recognized as the best and most picturesque in the city.

Best places in the world to travel to in August 2023

Crave some party and fun? Head for La Corniche, where you can visit good restaurants, discos, and clubs.

Visit Agadir, one of the iconic locales in Morocco

Gorgeous beaches, a comfortable climate, and beautiful natural landscapes make Agadir a fantastic place for a vacation.

Due to the eucalyptus and pine trees stretching along its coastline, Agadir is beneficial for asthmatics and children with weak immunity. Kids will also adore a small local zoo (the inhabiting mongooses, gazelles, flamingos, and wild boars will compensate for its small area).

Average monthly temperatures in Casablanca, Morroco

Avg Temp Casablanca Morocco

  • Fly from Paris to Casablanca and discover Oriental romance.
  • Istanbul – Casablanca is especially great in September.
  • Come to Casablanca from Brussels to meet autumn.
  • Milan – Casablanca? Consider these flights.
  • Bordeaux – Casablanca: best prices in September.
  • Fly me from chilly London to warm Casablanca.
  • Bucharest – Casablanca is a super idea in September.
  • Vienna – Casablanca in September? Sure!
  • From Lyon to Casablanca for a wonderful holiday.
  • Lille – Casablanca: best prices in September.

Spain: Travel to one of the most colorful countries of Europe

Spain is filled with exciting tourist attractions, the tastiest food, and vibrant cities. Stay in huge hotels, play in interesting entertainment complexes, relax on hundreds of beaches, and catch wonderful views from beautiful seaside cliffs. All this can be experienced for yourself by visiting Spain. It is almost impossible to catch a cold there, and the weather in September is ideal for both going sightseeing and chilling out on the beach.

Best vacation spots in Spain

Spain amazes travelers with its variety of colorful and authentic cool places. Here are a few of the top places to visit.

Blanes is where to go for an escape in Spain

If you are searching for something less crowded and hyped than Barcelona, stay in nearby Blanes. The city is beautifully divided by a large rock into northern and southern parts. The southern part is a tourist area with cafes and restaurants where you can enjoy delicious seafood dishes. The services of boats, yachts, water scooters, catamarans, and sailing are on offer here.

If you climb up to the castle of San Juan, located at the top of a mountain cliff, you will get not only the beauty of the castle itself but also a stunning view of the entire coast of Blanes.

As for beaches-the entire coast is filled with them. The central city beach of Blanes is very well-maintained and clean. Here, you can play beach volleyball or football or sunbathe while the kids play in the playgrounds.

Visit Benidorm, the “unexpected” town of Spain

Why an “unexpected” town? In the middle of the twentieth century, it was an ordinary fishing village with a population of 2,500 people: now, there are two large well-equipped beaches, as well as skyscrapers, parks, restaurants, and many hotels. Take your pick-a beach holiday, nights out in the clubs, shopping, spearfishing, visiting neighboring ancient settlements, or all of the above.

To soak up the Spain of the 18th century, go to the Old Town. Here you find very narrow streets, the church of San Jaime, and the ancient Iberian settlement of Tossal de la Cala.

Tossa de Mar, the iconic spot of Costa Brava

A holiday in Tossa de Mar will take you to a medieval town on the Costa Brava. This typical Catalonian town is very charming, thanks to its architectural highlights. It is such a pleasure to walk along cobbled streets, surrounded by traditional houses and ancient castles.

Beach fans must not skip the Playa Gran beach. Take off your shoes and walk on the golden sands that slope into warm, blue waters. Water sports are widely available for those looking to blow off some steam.

Average monthly temperatures in Madrid, Spain

Avg Temp Madrid Spain

  • London – Madrid: cheap tickets in September.
  • Fly me from Rome to stunning Madrid.
  • Warsaw – Madrid: the fastest and most comfortable flights.
  • Take me from Paris to beautiful Madrid.
  • Bucharest – Madrid for the best September holidays.
  • Budapest – Madrid? Fantastic idea!
  • Fly me from stern Vienna to colorful Madrid.
  • Lisbon – Madrid: best offers for September.
  • Say hello to September with a Milan – Madrid flight.
  • Escape from foggy Prague to sunny Madrid.

countries to visit in september

Turkey: Visit the country of endless beaches and fun

Thanks to its Mediterranean climate and rich cultural heritage, Turkey is one of the most popular countries for traveling. Most tourists get acquainted with Turkey in Istanbul, a vast city between Europe and Asia where the east meets the west. Try splashing in the mud baths of Dalyan or climbing the volcanic rocks of Göreme. Wherever you go in Turkey, never refuse coffee and desserts – they are some of the tastiest to enjoy.

Best vacation spots in Turkey

Let’s see what interesting places we can visit in Turkey in September.

Ölüdeniz, the Blue Lagoon of continental Europe

Ölüdeniz attracts many tourists in September due to stunning spots without big crowds of tourists. The main thing that you must see here is the Blue Lagoon. Just imagine a clear blue bay surrounded by mountains, with turtles that come here from time to time as guests.

Another attraction is the mud baths, some of which were created without human intervention. Mud baths are a genuine panacea – they help treat many different diseases for those who need them, and they also have a beneficial effect on the skin to keep it young and beautiful for as long as possible.

Escape from noisy parties to enjoy Turkish nature and the nicest weather in Belek

Belek is the perfect place for lovers of relaxing beach holidays and connoisseurs of nature. You will not find noisy discos and bars here, but instead, time is spent riding a horse, engaging in water sports, or just sitting in a sun lounge on the beach with a glass of wine. The slopes of the Taurus Mountains and the centuries-old coniferous forests (with incredible aromas!) will make you want to stay here for more than a couple of days.

Even if you get bored with the absence of popular tourist sights in Belek, excursion trips to Antalya will diversify your trip.

Average monthly temperatures in Istanbul, Turkey


  • Fly to Istanbul from London in September to prolong your summer.
  • Tel Aviv – Istanbul is a fantastic idea in September.
  • Moscow – Istanbul: cheap flights.
  • Take me to colorful Istanbul from Bucharest.
  • Vienna – Istanbul: great offers for you in September.
  • From Dubai to Istanbul for a cheerful weekend.
  • Paris – Istanbul? Sounds perfect!
  • Visit amazing Istanbul from Warsaw in September.
  • Manchester – Istanbul the fastest flights.
  • From busy Tbilisi to no less busy Istanbul.

canada icefields parkways

Canada: Discover warm corners in September

Although Canada is mainly known for its cold and snowy winters and warm weather summers, that’s why September is the best period to visit to get the best of both worlds.

Whether you prefer to spend time outdoors in the water or want to get to know the country’s culture better, most of the best Canadian cities have something to offer for everyone. In addition, most Canadian cities are safe for any traveler.

Best vacation spots in Canada

It would be impossible to go everywhere in this large beautiful country in one trip – there are so many beautiful places that will spoil you for choice and make you a tad bit overwhelmed. Here are the best places to travel to in September.

Where to feel the French vibe in Canada? Québec City!

The French culture of Quebéc (both the city and the province) is the result of colonization patterns long ago. Because the huge and glittering Montreal is located nearby, the cozy Quebéc City is often unfairly passed over. But the charm of Quebec’s cobbled streets and ancient cathedrals will delight you.

If you come here in September, you can see the free show of Crépuscule, performed by Flip Fabrique acrobats on the banks of the Saint Lawrence River. One of the numerous bars on the nearby Rue Saint-Jean will welcome you with local beer or cider.

Visit one of the warmest beaches of Canada in Shediac, New Brunswick

Shediac is perhaps the only city on Canada’s Atlantic coastline with warm ocean waters (up to 24℃, even in September). But the charming coast is not the only attraction here: local cafes with excellent seafood, galleries, and one of the biggest Canadian markets are also waiting for you.

Vancouver allows you to see Canada from a different angle

Vancouver is a large cosmopolitan city where you can see the variety of Canada. Its landscape offers a natural playground for outdoor enthusiasts, and the city itself is full of world-class restaurants, lively pubs, museums, art galleries, shops, gorgeous parks, and more. If you like active pastimes, take a thrilling walk along the Capilano Suspension Bridge, or ride a bike through beautiful Stanley Park. Enjoy the atmosphere at the Granville Island Public Market, where you can find a lot of yummies. Later, drink some afternoon tea at the Secret Garden Tea Company (as a former British colony, Vancouver’s local establishments offer excellent tea).

Average monthly temperatures in Ottawa, Ontario – Canada

Avg Temp Ottawa Ontario Canada

Malta: One of the best destinations for uninterrupted fun

When you are in Malta, you wonder how this tiny country in the Mediterranean Sea can have so much varied architectural, cultural, and natural wealth and a prosperous entertainment industry. Malta is diverse in everything.

Best vacation spots in Malta

A wide array of resorts and entertainment in Malta can overwhelm even the most experienced globetrotters. Here is just a little of the best.

Visit the land of fun and attractions in Buġibba

The land of fun, good mood, and endless celebration is in Buġibba. The two main benefits of Buġibba are its reasonable prices for accommodations and the cheapest car rentals in Malta. Go sunbathing on the flat rocks, with convenient approaches leading to the sea. Walking around the city is also a great idea: bustling Misraħ il-Bajja Square and other streets, with ancient villas and openwork balconies, will be a wonderful backdrop for your photos.

To have some fun, walk down Tourists Street, the most cheerful street of Buġibba, with bars, restaurants, shops, and nightclubs.

Mellieħa proves that Malta is not only about parties and nightclubs

When tourists want to seclude themselves and enjoy a relaxing beach holiday, they go to Mellieħa. Nature reserves with hiking, several magnificent beaches, and a string of local restaurants await them in this quiet corner of the country. Take a walk in the Mistral nature-historical park, visit the Għadira bird sanctuary, and explore the Selmun Palace and other outstanding architectural pearls in Mellieħa.

Valletta: Travel back in time to Medieval Europe

When you get to Valletta, you find yourself right in the Middle Ages. The capital doesn’t have many beaches, but its narrow winding streets make up for the loss. Majestic defense structures protect the city, and forts and palaces emphasize its power.

Average monthly temperatures in Valetta, Malta

Avg Temp Valletta Malta

  • London – Malta to enjoy sunny days in September.
  • Vienna – Malta? Easy!
  • Try this flight: Budapest–Malta for a great experience.
  • Warsaw – Malta is a brilliant idea in September.
  • Fly me from Paris to Malta at a good price.
  • Bucharest – Malta: best offers in September.
  • Take me from Lisbon to magnificent Malta.
  • Prague – Malta ensures you a great holiday.
  • Madrid – Malta? Sounds good!
  • Rome – Malta: super discounts in September.
  • Affordable tickets Tirana – Malta in September.

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France is the most visited country in the world. Because of the outbreak of COVID-19 in 2020, it has gotten hard to compare the popularity of countries due to severe travel restrictions. Nevertheless, in 2018 and 2019, France welcomed 90 million guests from all over the world.

arplugs can help when you travel in a noisy vehicle or stay at a hotel in the city center. Plug adapters allow you to charge your phone when sockets differ from your home country. Don't forget sunglasses and sunscreen even if you're traveling to cloudy places like Stockholm or London. And, indeed, a corkscrew will come in handy if you fancy a glass of vino.

We recommend the Tetris method: fill every inch of space (shoes should be stuffed with socks and put together, heel-to-toe, at the bottom of the suitcase). Roll clothes instead of folding them. It helps save a bit of space and avoid wrinkles. Also, keep liquids within easy reach: Airport luggage control sometimes asks you to pull out all liquids when going through security.

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  • Gold Coast, Australia — Straddie, Snapper (Superbank) for adrenaline surfing.
  • North Shore, Oahu, Hawaii — Waimea Bay and Banzai Pipeline for skilled surfers, and Sunset Beach on the North Shore for beginners.
  • Bukit Peninsula, Bali, Indonesia — Padang Right for beginners, and Uluwatu or Padang Padang Left for experts.
  • The Great Barrier Reef, Australia — The world’s longest reef has all the tropical sea life and coral you could imagine.
  • Ko Tao, Thailand — magnificent underwater life and is a cheap place to visit.
  • Sinai Peninsula, Egypt— Here, you will see not only the sea life but also a large shipwreck of a British vessel, SS Thistlegorm, that was attacked from the air and sunk in 1941. Feel as if you were investigating a great mystery with this sunken craft.
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Where is hot in September? 12 best destinations

When autumn creeps closer in the uk there are plenty of places around the world that shine.

countries to visit in september

S eptember is when the savvy go abroad. Having steered safely clear of July and August’s congested beaches, fractious families and peak-season prices, they swoop in when the coast is clear — enjoying emptier coves, relative quietude and a few extra quid in their pocket. Southern Europe remains amply warm enough; the likes of Morocco and Beirut hit a similar sweet spot having been too toasty a month earlier. There’s no better time to visit New York, or to inspect China’s Terracotta Army, Great Wall and giant pandas, or sunset-watch on Santorini. For added adventure points, go on safari in Zimbabwe — after gaping at Victoria Falls — or journey along Costa Rica’s crowd-free Caribbean coastline.

Main photo: the village of Pyrgos in Santorini (Alamy)

Mid-Autumn Festival in Xi’an (Alamy)

Average temperature 22C September is the best time of year to tour China . As summer’s extreme heat diminishes, days in most places are agreeably mild — even if humidity levels in the south are prone to staying high until late in the month. Trips might include encounters with Chengdu’s giant pandas, guided visits to Xi’an’s Terracotta Army, un-sweaty Great Wall walks — with clouds unlikely to shroud views — or Yangtze River cruises through the giant Three Gorges. Look out for Mid-Autumn Festival celebrations (usually mid or late-September); mooncake pastries and luck-bringing lanterns mark the end of the harvest. And don’t neglect the two great cities, either: Beijing, with its walled Forbidden City palace, and the mixture of glitzy towers and laneway temples in creative Shanghai.

• Best things to do in China

Crimson-fronted parakeets in Costa Rica (Getty Images)

2. Costa Rica’s Caribbean coast

Average temperature 26C As the remainder of the Central American nation suffers the soggy peak of a seven-month rainy season, the eastern shores of Costa Rica enjoy warm and sunny days. Limon Province’s so-called “Miskito” coast borders the Caribbean, but don’t expect palm-shaded beaches or hammocks above aquamarine bays (although there are a few of these). Instead, rustic Limon specialises in egg-laying sea turtles, white-water rafting, encounters with the indigenous BriBri people, cocoa plantations and the chance to see three-toed sloths or crimson parakeets during canoe-based tours of Tortuguero National Park’s creeks. Just as fascinating is the south’s spicy, coconut-accented cuisine, its Jamaican influences explained by a large African-Caribbean community. As you’d expect of a place explored by few visitors, this “other Costa Rica” further pleases by being cheaper than elsewhere in the country.


• Best Costa Rica tours • Best things to do in Costa Rica

Café life in Beirut (Alamy)

3. Beirut, Lebanon

Average temperature 27C Recovering from 2020’s devastating explosion, Lebanon’s capital appeals to westerners by being far more liberal than other Middle Eastern centres. This is a city where you can spend days scantily clad and bronzing in Mediterranean beach clubs before making shapes amid roof-retracting nightspots. There’s also some excellent shopping to be enjoyed, and dining options from feted fine-dining temples to family-run restaurants serving traditional Lebanese mezze — pitta, baby beetroot, baba ganoush and the like. History-wise, the National Museum has gilded Bronze Age statuettes and Byblos, 20 miles up-coast, is alleged to be the oldest city on earth. September’s high temperatures make it a good time to clamber around its 12th-century citadel. Equally mandatory is a morning stroll along Beirut’s scenic corniche, perhaps followed by some intense coffee.

A fado singer performs in Lisbon (Alamy)

4. Lisbon, Portugal

Average temperature 23C There are few better times to sample the Portuguese capital. Though it can still reach highs of 27C in September, summer’s hot weather diminishes enough for pleasurable strolls up the seven hills of Lisbon to camera-grabbing miradouros — terraced viewpoints which look across red rooftops and pastel houses to the exaggeratedly wide Tagus River. You can still sizzle on the nearby beaches at Costa da Caparica or Cascais, too, with sea temperatures averaging 20C, before evenings spent scoffing petiscos (a slighter take on Spanish tapas) or fresh seafood in taverns. To further tap into Lisboa culture, visit the ancient, maze-like quarter of Alfama as the month ends. Taking place then is an annual, two-night festival devoted to melancholic fado music, with veteran singers performing at churches, museums and outdoor stages.

• Best hotels in Lisbon • Best budget hotels in Lisbon • Best things to do in Lisbon

At the market in Papeete, capital of French Polynesia (Getty Images)

5. French Polynesia

Average temperature 28C Dodge French Polynesia’s high season — July and August — by smugly visiting one month later to enjoy extra space, slightly lower rates and still-stellar South Pacific climes. With neither heavy rains nor high humidity due until November, the weather in September is instead consistently hot and dry. Some visitors head for Bora Bora, spending their days undergoing sun rituals amid overwater spas after snorkelling past stingrays in the island’s green-blue lagoon. Others, however, eschew “Boring Boring” in favour of more culture: learning about grafting at sleepy Taha’a pearl farms, feeding verdant Huahine’s sacred and gigantic river eels, e-biking past pineapple fields on Mo’orea or trying Tahitian foods at Papeete’s open-air market. For a more directly impactful form of sustainable tourism, you could also consider helping to collect behavioural data on bottlenose dolphins.

On the ocean at Oualidia on Morocco’s Atlantic coast (Getty Images)

6. Atlantic coast, Morocco

Average temperature 23C As the over-oppressive summer recedes in Morocco , some perfectly warm weather takes hold along its extensive Atlantic coast. Road trips could start in energetic Casablanca, where the week-long, mid-month L’Boulevard festival sees electro, rap and rock concerts take place in the lively Beauséjour neighbourhood. Continue south to the oyster-producing village of Oualidia, where multicoloured wooden boats, lethargic luxury hotels and a lagoon filled with flamingos all await. This is also one of Morocco’s wave-riding hotspots and, just as on the nearby Canary Islands, September sees surfers returning. Bigger but equally easy-going, picturesque Essaouira promises 18th-century ramparts and a Unesco-protected old medina district where organic argan oil is sold. Finish beside Agadir’s curving golden-sand beach, frequenting your hotel spa for a hydrating facial to soothe your salty skin.

• Best villas in Morocco

Models at New York Fashion Week (Alamy)

7. New York City, US

Average temperature 20C You could say that September is the Big Apple’s harvest time, so ripe for a city break does it become. Residents return from Long Island and the Hamptons to make a brand new start of it and days remain more than balmy enough for trips to the sandy shores of old New York at Coney Island or Brighton Beach — and indeed for cocktails in rooftop bars, plus romantic Central Park walks. With kids back in school you’ll have fewer annoyances at the museums, Empire State Building or Statue of Liberty. September is a time for solemn reflection around the anniversary of 2001’s terrorist attacks, but it also hosts happier events: New York Fashion Week, Queens’ US Open tennis tournament and the New York Film Festival’s drive-in screenings. Don’t you want to be a part of it?

• Best luxury hotels in New York • Best budget hotels in New York • Best things to do in New York

African bush elephants in Hwange National Park (Alamy)

8. Zimbabwe

Average temperature 24C Back on the safari agenda after its darkest decades under Robert Mugabe’s rule, Zimbabwe has yet to regain the large numbers of visitors it once welcomed. That’s good news for those who do go, however, as prices are lower than elsewhere in Africa and premier wildlife sightings are often enjoyed by no-one but you. Spotting game is easiest in September — the continued dry season means foliage is thin and animals must conveniently crowd around the remaining waterholes. That includes the vast herds of elephants in gigantic Hwange National Park, which are counted in September in a census that volunteers can join. Not far north, Victoria Falls’ water levels will be lower after a prolonged drought, but you won’t endure the misty, photo-foiling spray common at other times.

The village of Oia in Santorini (Alamy)

9. Santorini, Greece

Average temperature 24C No Greek holiday destination is better in September than this supermodel. Summer’s crowds have subsided, making caldera hikes or visits to vineyards, volcanic beaches or Minoan ruins more enjoyable. Afternoons are marvellously mild rather than overwhelmingly oppressive. The Aegean Sea is at its warmest; crossing it, private boat charters continue to serve hidden coves and inaccessible shores. Tavernas remain buzzy. And the famous Santorini sunsets reach a photogenic peak. The whitewashed, cliff-tumbling villages of Oia and Imerovigli are the traditional, trendy places to watch — ideally with a grilled gyro and bottle of local dry white — but hilltop Pyrgos with its ruined castle is far quieter and offers similarly uninterrupted vistas. Stay in a hotel right beside the sea to have yoga classes and gourmet food on tap.

• Best hotels in Santorini • Best villas in Santorini • Best things to do in Santorini

The Riverfire display at the Brisbane Festival (Getty Images)

10. Queensland, Australia

Average temperature 22C The spring shoulder season is a canny time to visit Australia’s north-eastern state. More temperate than the far north, Queensland is already emerging from winter to deliver dry, sun-soaked days ahead of pleasingly mild dusks. The box jellyfish season is not due until October, so you can bathe safely in sapphire waters off trendy Sunshine Coast towns. With its blend of natty — designer boutiques, cool coffee carts — and nature, evident in koala-dotted coastal trails and a jungly backdrop, Noosa is most alluring. Even so, and despite the presence of the Great Barrier Reef and adjacent, paradisiacal Whitsunday Islands, QLD’s hottest destination might just be its capital. Hosting an almost-month-long arts festival in September, Brisbane has ever-hipper design hotels, great galleries and a brag-worthy restaurant scene. Step aside, Sydney.

• Best hotels in Brisbane • Best things to do in Brisbane

11. Cappadocia, Turkey

Average temperature 18C As temperatures drop in Turkey’s most visually astounding region, so too do visitor numbers. You’ll still get highs in the late 20Cs, but far fewer neighbouring hot-air balloons or fellow tourists obscuring your view of the Fairy Chimneys — a sea of surreal limestone pillars rising from the arid landscape. Hiking trails, underground cities and luxurious cave hotels, primarily in Goreme or Urgup, add to the temptation. Try to go with an expert company or to hire a guide; this is the sort of place where doing so will drastically enrich your experience.

• Best things to do in Cappadocia

Bazaruto Island (Getty Images)

12. Bazaruto Archipelago, Mozambique

Average temperature 23C This six-island chain supposedly had its heyday in the mid-20th century, before civil war broke out in Mozambique between 1977 and 1992. Just as in the country’s Gorongosa National Park on the mainland (which is also making a comeback after decades of poaching), a torrent of celebrity visitors — Bob Dylan, Mick Jagger and co — flew in for a mixture of revelry, revelation and repose. But who says Bazaruto can’t rise again, or have an even better, more eco-friendly golden period? That looks increasingly possible due to a wave of ultra-sustainable resorts, such as Kisawa, that are keen to provide sumptuous comfort, lay on exciting experiences — from cave-system dive expeditions to sunset dhow boat trips — and safeguard the islands’ dune-backed sandy beaches, savannahs, mangrove swamps and dugong-patrolled marine park. It’s aided by an average of eight hours of sunshine each day, so wherever you go is likely to be hot in September.

• Where to go on holiday in September

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countries to visit in september

25+ Best Places to Visit in August and September in the USA (2024)

A s an avid traveler, I can’t help but get excited about exploring new destinations. Here’s the scoop on the best places to visit in August and Septemeber in the USA.

These months offer a fantastic opportunity to experience the diverse landscapes and vibrant cultures of the United States.

From the sun-soaked beaches to the stunning national parks of the Southwest, there’s so many incredible places to visit during this time of year.

This list of the best places to visit during August and September promises unforgettable adventures and memories that will last a lifetime!

Glacier National Park

Exploring the beauty of Glacier National Park in August and September offers a truly unforgettable experience.

During these summer months, you can enjoy a variety of outdoor activities in the park’s natural beauty.

Plus the warm temperatures make it the prime time for hiking trails that offer breathtaking views of the surrounding landscapes.

With fewer crowds around during these months, you’ll have the chance to truly soak in the peaceful atmosphere of this incredible park.

You can even enjoy a drive through its variety of landscapes and you might even see some wildlife as you go.

As summer turns into fall, the changing colors of the leaves add an extra layer of beauty to the National Park. Creating a truly unforgettable experience.

San Francisco

Visiting San Francisco offers a blend of culture, innovation, and natural beauty in the months of August and September.

You can enjoy sunny days and mild temperatures that are perfect for exploring iconic sites like the Golden Gate Bridge and Golden Gate Park.

The city also offers a variety of outdoor adventures from hiking in the park to biking around the city.

Plus you can learn more about the city’s rich history by visiting historical sites or joining in on the diverse cultural events and live music.

Whether you’re seeking exploration or nature retreats, San Francisco has something for everyone during these months.

Don’t miss the chance to experience the charm of this park city at its finest in late September!

Yellowstone National Park

In the heart of the Rocky Mountains you can find Yellowstone National Park with its beautiful nature and wildlife.

As one of the most renowned national parks, Yellowstone offers a perfect destination as one of the top places to visit in the USA.

Especially during the high season of August and September.

During its peak season, which aligns with the warm weather , I find the park perfect for exploring its trails, spotting wildlife, or enjoying activities like horseback riding.

It even offers hot springs, each with its own unique colors and formations.

With the perfect daytime temperatures for outdoor adventures, Yellowstone offers a variety of fun activities. Promising an unforgettable late summer escape with the beauty of nature.

On the sunny shores of Southern California, San Diego sits with its vibrant culture and endless attractions.

San Diego has beautiful beaches perfect for soaking up the sun or even trying out various water sports .

One of the must-visit places is Balboa Park. It offers lush gardens, museums, and live performances.

Plus with the warm days in San Diego it makes it an ideal destination for outdoor adventures and exploring the charming small towns nearby.

Whether you’re looking to relax on sandy beaches or simply have a great time under the sun, San Diego is the perfect place to visit in late summer!

As you visit Santa Fe during the late summer months of August and September, you’ll be greeted by a city with rich cultural heritage and art.

There’s something exciting about exploring its unique blend of history and creativity, set against the high desert of New Mexico.

And as you walk through the streets of Santa Fe, you’ll be charmed by the architecture that gives the city its unique character.

You won’t want to miss a visit to the Santa Fe Opera House or the chance to join in on exciting outdoor activities like hiking and biking.

Lake Michigan

Discover the beauty and endless recreational opportunities of Lake Michigan during the late summer months of August and September.

The cooler temperatures make it ideal for outdoor activities along the shores of this magnificent lake.

Here are some highlights to enjoy during your visit:

  • Breathtaking Scenery : Take in the stunning views of Lake Michigan with its crystal-clear waters and sandy beaches .
  • Water Sports : Engage in water activities like swimming, kayaking, or paddleboarding in the lake waters.
  • Lakeside Dining : Enjoy delicious local cuisine at waterfront restaurants while enjoying the sunset views.

Experience the breathtaking beauty of Lake Michigan before the vibrant fall colors take over, turning it into an ideal late summer getaway spot.

You can even visit during Labor Day weekend to enjoy fun activities outside.

Visiting Lake Tahoe offers an unforgettable experience surrounded by stunning landscapes and a variety of activities.

The crystal-clear waters of the lake are perfect for kayaking or paddleboarding. While the nearby trails provide opportunities for peaceful nature walks.

Plus, the charming towns around the lake offer delightful dining options, shopping, and cultural attractions to enhance your visit.

September is the best time to visit Lake Tahoe when the summer crowds have disappeared and the fall leaves begin to fall with vibrant colors.

North Carolina

North Carolina beckons has a rich history with diverse landscapes and vibrant culture.

When exploring North Carolina in August and September, make sure to visit these best spots:

  • Blue Ridge Mountains : Explore the stunning beauty of the Blue Ridge Mountains, perfect for hiking and enjoying panoramic views .
  • Outer Banks : Relax on the beautiful beaches of the Outer Banks, known for their pristine shores and charming coastal towns.
  • State Parks : Discover the natural beauty of North Carolina by visiting its numerous state parks, offering great opportunities for outdoor activities.

During this time, North Carolina’s festival season is also in full swing. Making it an ideal time to experience the state’s vibrant culture.

It’s a great place to enjoy the best things the state has to offer!

Rhode Island

Rhode Island apart of the New England region is the smallest state in the US, its filled with a rich history and beautiful coastal towns waiting for you to enjoy!

During the months of August and September, the weather in Rhode Island is ideal, with little rain and average temperatures making it the perfect time to visit.

Whether you’re exploring historic sites, relaxing on the sandy shores, or enjoying delicious seafood, this big Island offers something for everyone!

It’s no wonder that this time of year is considered the best time to experience this hidden gem in the northeastern parts of the country.

Lake Placid

Tucked away in the Adirondack Mountains of New York, Lake Placid offers a serene beauty and an array of outdoor activities for you to enjoy.

This village is famous for hosting the Winter Olympics not just once but twice, making it a hub for winter sports enthusiasts.

And as summer unfolds, Mirror Lake offers a great atmosphere for kayaking or paddleboarding.

Plus the hiking trails around Whiteface Mountain present stunning views and adventures for everyone.

In the heart of the Wasatch Mountains in Utah, lies Park City, a premier destination for outdoor enthusiasts and adventure seekers.

Park City is best known for its world-class ski resorts, offering thrilling slopes in the winter and mountain biking or hiking during the summer months.

The town isn’t only for outdoor activities but also offers charming art galleries, historical sites, and summer concerts.

Whether you’re exploring the beauty of the mountains or enjoying the cultural aspects of the town, Park City offers a perfect blend of excitement and relaxation for your getaway.

Mackinac Island

If you’re looking for one of the best vacation spots, Mackinac Island is the perfect destination.

Towards the end of the month for August, you can enjoy lower prices and fewer people, making it an amazing place to unwind.

Visitors can enjoy fudge from one of the island’s famous shops, rent bikes to explore the scenic trails, or simply relax on the beaches.

This island offers a delightful escape where you can enjoy yourself!

This popular destination in Massachusetts is a great starting point for trips to nearby islands like Martha’s Vineyard and Nantucket.

As summer transitions into early fall, the weather remains pleasant, perfect for exploring the Cape’s beaches, bike trails, and even lighthouses.

From enjoying the fresh seafood to embarking on boat tours, there’s no shortage of adventures to be had.

Whether you’re looking for a peaceful retreat or exciting adventures, Cape Cod has something for everyone.

South Carolina

Explore the southern charm and rich history of South Carolina, a state known for its beautiful beaches, historic landmarks, and vibrant culture.

When visiting in August or September, some of the best places to check out include:

  • Myrtle Beach : Enjoy the sun, sand, and entertainment at one of the top beach destinations in the United States .
  • Charleston : Discover the cobblestone streets, colorful houses , and delicious Southern cuisine in this historic city.
  • Hot Air Balloon Ride : Experience South Carolina from a different perspective by taking a hot air balloon ride over the picturesque landscapes.

These destinations offer a perfect blend of relaxation, history, and adventure during this time of year.

Pike Place Market

Located in the heart of Seattle, Pike Place Market is an iconic destination for locals and tourists.

The market offers a vibrant atmosphere where you can explore fresh produce, unique crafts, and delicious local treats.

And you can’t forget the entertaining fishmongers tossing fish or the famous original Starbucks coffee shop.

Pike Place Market isn’t just a place to shop; it’s an experience that immerses you in the culture of the Pacific Northwest.

Whether you’re looking for fresh flowers , handmade souvenirs, or a quick snack, Pike Place Market is a must-visit spot during your time in Seattle.

Grand Canyon National Park

Visiting Grand Canyon National Park in August or September promises an unforgettable adventure and experience.

As the temperatures begin to cool slightly, it’s the perfect time to enjoy hikes along the park’s numerous trails.

Here are three must-do popular activities during your visit:

  • Hike along the rim trails to witness stunning panoramic views of the canyon.
  • Descend into the canyon on a guided mule ride for a unique perspective of its vastness.
  • Watch the sunrise or sunset over the canyon, painting the sky with a myriad of colors and casting a magical glow over the ancient rock formations.

Zion National Park

Visiting Zion National Park in August and September offers a remarkable opportunity to explore the stunning landscapes of Utah’s most iconic national park.

As the temperatures begin to gradually cool off from the peak of summer , Zion’s red rock formations and sandstone cliffs provide a breathtaking backdrop for outdoor adventures.

And don’t miss the chance to witness the stunning sunrise casting a golden glow over the canyon walls or the vibrant fall foliage painting the landscape in rich hues.

Zion National Park is a must-visit destination for nature lovers and outdoor enthusiasts.

Pacific Northwest

Getting to visit the Pacific Northwest in August and September offers the perfect opportunity to experience the region’s stunning landscapes and vibrant culture.

From the forests of Oregon to the coastlines of Washington, this time of year showcases the area’s natural beauty at its finest.

In August, the weather is generally warm and dry, making it ideal for outdoor activities such as hiking , camping, and exploring.

September brings cooler temperatures and the beginning of fall foliage, adding an extra layer of beauty to the landscape.

Here are three must-visit destinations in the Pacific Northwest:

  • Olympic National Park : Explore temperate rainforests, wild coastline, and glacier-capped peaks all within one park.
  • Mount Rainier National Park : Encounter the iconic Mount Rainier, an active volcano surrounded by meadows of vibrant wildflowers.
  • Columbia River Gorge : Witness breathtaking waterfalls, scenic drives, and numerous hiking trails along the Columbia River.

North Cascades National Park

As summer transitions into early fall, the North Cascades National offers weather ideal for outdoor adventures.

Hike through over 300 glaciers and countless waterfalls, or set sail on a scenic drive along winding mountain roads offering breathtaking views.

The park is a paradise for outdoor enthusiasts, with opportunities for camping, fishing, boating, and wildlife spotting.

You can even see the ecosystems that range from old-growth forests to alpine meadows.

Don’t miss the chance to witness the stunning fall foliage in vibrant hues of red , orange, and yellow during September.

Blue Ridge Parkway

The Blue Ridge Parkway is a breathtaking stretch of road winding through the Appalachian Mountains.

As you drive along this iconic route, you’ll encounter stunning views, charming mountain towns, and even outdoor activities.

  • Enjoy panoramic views of rolling mountains and lush forests .
  • Stop by overlooks for perfect photo opportunities.
  • Hike trails that lead to hidden waterfalls and peaceful meadows.

The Blue Ridge Parkway offers a perfect blend of natural beauty and cultural heritage, making it an ideal destination for a road trip or a nature-filled adventure .

Don’t miss the chance to explore this picturesque drive during your late summer or early fall travels .

Great Smoky Mountains National Park

The Great Smoky Mountains National Park is one of America’s most iconic natural landscapes.

As summer transitions to early fall, the park comes alive with vibrant colors, cooler temperatures, and a sense of tranquility.

As you hike through the ancient mountains, you’ll encounter over 1,500 species of flowering plants , including vibrant wildflowers like trilliums and violets.

Keep an eye out for the park’s famous black bears , white-tailed deer, and salamanders.

Whether you’re into trekking, wildlife spotting, or simply enjoying nature’s beauty, the Great Smoky Mountains National Park has something for everyone.

Las Vegas has dazzling lights and vibrant entertainment, making it a must-visit destination for those seeking a thrilling escape.

  • Experience the iconic Las Vegas Strip with its world-renowned casinos, hotels, and extravagant shows.
  • Indulge in gourmet dining at celebrity chef restaurants or savor a buffet feast offering a wide array of cuisines.
  • Explore beyond the strip and discover the natural beauty of Red Rock Canyon, just a short drive away, offering hiking trails and stunning desert landscapes.

It truly has something for everyone, whether you’re into gambling, live entertainment, fine dining, or outdoor adventures.

It’s a city that’s filled with energy and excitement, promising an unforgettable experience with plenty of fun things to do.

Priest Lake

Priest Lake offers a serene escape surrounded by pine trees and crystal-clear waters.

Whether you seek relaxation or adventure, this hidden gem has something for everyone.

You can explore the 23-mile-long lake by kayaking, paddleboarding, or simply taking a swim.

And if you’re into fishing, Priest Lake is a haven for anglers with its abundance of trout and kokanee salmon.

Make the most of your late summer days at Priest Lake, where nature’s beauty awaits.

Myrtle Beach

With its sun-kissed shores and vibrant boardwalk, Myrtle Beach is a place for travelers to escape and relax .

The good reason to visit this city is that it offers an array of activities and attractions for you to enjoy:

  • Sandy Beaches: Miles of pristine sandy beaches invite you to relax under the warm sun or take a leisurely stroll along the shore.
  • Boardwalk: Explore the bustling boardwalk lined with shops, restaurants, and live entertainment, creating a vibrant atmosphere day and night .
  • Golf Courses: Myrtle Beach is renowned for its world-class golf courses, attracting golf enthusiasts to tee off against stunning coastal backdrops.

Experience the charm and excitement of Myrtle Beach for an unforgettable vacation by the sea.

Denali National Park

Getting to visit Denali National Park in August or September offers a unique opportunity to experience the breathtaking beauty of Alaska’s wilderness as summer transitions into fall.

August is an ideal time for wildlife viewing, with opportunities to spot grizzly bears, moose, caribou, and Dall sheep roaming freely throughout the park.

While September brings cooler temperatures and the possibility of witnessing the northern lights dancing across the night sky .

Whether you’re exploring the park’s vast wilderness or on a drive along the Denali Park Road promises unforgettable experiences and awe-inspiring natural beauty.

Salt Lake City

Salt Lake City in August and September offers a delightful blend of outdoor adventures, cultural experiences, and natural beauty.

As summer transitions into early fall, the city’s pleasant weather makes it an ideal time to explore its numerous attractions.

If you enjoy the outdoors you can visit the nearby Wasatch Mountains for a hike or enjoy a leisurely bike ride along the Jordan River Parkway Trail.

Whether you’re taking in the breathtaking views from Ensign Peak or strolling through the charming streets of downtown Salt Lake City, there’s no shortage of activities to enjoy!

Lake Powell

Seeing Lake Powell in August and September offers an exciting retreat for outdoor enthusiasts and water lovers.

Water sports such as kayaking , paddleboarding, and jet skiing provide endless opportunities for adventure and excitement.

Plus anglers can try their luck at fishing for bass, catfish, and trout in the abundant waters of Lake Powell.

As the sun sets over the horizon, visitors can unwind and enjoy a peaceful evening under the starlit sky, creating unforgettable memories of Lake Powell.

Visiting Place in The USA

August and September are great months to explore some of the best destinations in the USA.

Whether you’re into outdoor adventures like hiking in Glacier National Park or enjoying the vibrant city life in San Francisco, there’s something for everyone.

Don’t miss out on the stunning natural beauty of Yellowstone National Park or the excitement of Las Vegas.

With so many amazing places to choose from, you’re sure to have a memorable end-of-summer getaway.

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The post 25+ Best Places to Visit in August and September in the USA (2024) appeared first on Sarah Scoop .

Dive into the diverse beauty of the United States with these 25 captivating destinations waiting to be explored in August and September.

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Amazon beats, starbucks misses, fed scheduled to deliver.

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Starbucks same store sales fell a surprising 4% leading the company to lower earnings forecasts. ... [+] (Photo by Christopher Furlong/Getty Images)

Key Takeaways

  • Artificial Intelligence Boosts Amazon Results
  • Consumer Spending Could Be Slowing
  • Fed Decision On Interest Rates Looms

Stocks, which were down all-day Tuesday, saw accelerated selling into the close. When the day finally came to an end, the S&P 500 was down 1.6% and the Nasdaq Composite was off 2%. The selloff was widespread with all eleven sectors of the S&P down on the day. For the month, the S&P 500 was down 4.2%, its worst month since September. The Nasdaq Composite dropped 4.4%.

The market is struggling with a tug-of-war between economic data, which continues showing a stubborn level of inflation that makes an interest rate cut unlikely anytime soon, and earnings. And we have a lot of both this week.

Later this morning, we'll get the latest JOLTs report, which will show the number of job openings. Then this afternoon, the Federal Reserve Open Market Committee (FOMC) will conclude its meeting and announce a decision on interest rates. The decision is almost as well kept a secret that the Bears were going to draft Caleb Williams. Therefore, the decision itself to leave rates untouched is a foregone conclusion. What isn't as clear is if we will see any rate cuts at all this year. According to the CME, it's unlikely we'll see an interest rate cut until at least September. That is why the press conference by Jerome Powell, following the decision on rates, will likely be the story of the day.

On the earnings front, after the close Tuesday, Advanced Micro Devices Advanced Micro Devices reported earnings that beat estimates. The company offered forward guidance for the rest of the year that was in line with expectations. That didn't seem to impress the street, sending the stock down 7% after hours.

$300 Billion ‘Perfect Storm’ Bitcoin Price Crash Under $60,000 Suddenly Accelerates As Ethereum, XRP And Crypto Brace For Shock Fed Flip

The top 10 richest people in the world (may 2024), toyota s suv lineup is new and refreshed which one is right for you.

Shares of Amazon Amazon traded higher by 1% late Tuesday after the company beat expectations and reported net operating margins of 10%, a company record. The company reported a surge in its cloud-computing unit, resulting from AI excitement. Amazon has also benefited from cost cutting efforts. Since 2022, the company has eliminated 27 thousand jobs.

We also heard from Starbucks Starbucks who reported disappointing numbers. Same store sales fell by a surprising 4%. That led the company to cut its 2024 revenue and earnings outlook. In after-hours trading, shares of Starbucks fell by 12%. One thing that stands out here is how the company talked about weaker consumer spending. We heard a similar cautious tone from McDonalds and even Amazon, when it came to retail spending. Retail companies begin reporting next week and I'll be very curious to hear what they have to say.

Finally, Pinterest Pinterest shares are higher by 18% in premarket after reporting earnings. Pinterest revenues grew by 23% to $740 million, while earnings came in at an adjusted $0.20 compared with expectations of $0.13. The company also offered a forecast for the second quarter that exceeds analyst expectations.

Thus far, with over 50% of S&P 500 companies having reported, first quarter earnings are on pace to grow 3.9% according to FactSet. That compares with first quarter of 2023 where earnings fell 2.2%. We still have a number of companies reporting this week, including Qualcomm Qualcomm after the close today. Then tomorrow, Apple Apple will release their earnings.

One other company in the news on Tuesday was Tesla Tesla . The company surprisingly announced it was cutting all 500 jobs from its Supercharger team. One of the drawbacks to electric vehicle is the concern over being able to find a place to charge while traveling long distances. Tesla recently entered deals with Ford, General Motors General Motors and other car manufacturers that would allow electric vehicles made by those manufacturers use of Tesla charging stations. However, if Tesla plans to cut back on the number of stations available, it could reintroduce confusion caused by different charging protocols for different cars. Shares of Tesla fell over 5.5% on Tuesday.

One interesting note and contributor to Tuesday's selling was weakness in companies that reported earnings last week. Shares of Google Google parent Alphabet were down over 2% Tuesday. Microsoft Microsoft was also down 3.2%. Both companies have seen the majority of their respective gains made following earnings evaporate. Shares of Alphabet had traded as high as $174.71 after earnings. That stock has since fallen nearly 7%. Meantime, Microsoft shares, which traded up to $413 following earnings, have subsequently dropped close to 6%. So, I am keeping a close eye on not just how stocks perform in the immediate aftermath of earnings, but how they trade in the days following.

As mentioned above, there are plenty of earnings reports due out the remainder of this week. We also have more economic data as well. On Friday, the latest employment report will be released. It is expected that 210 thousand new jobs were created in April and the unemployment rate is forecast to come in at 3.8%. So, while today's Fed decision and subsequent press conference will garner significant attention, the spotlight will quickly turn to speculation over Friday's report and how it might change interest rate projections.

For today, I'm watching to see if the bears can continue the momentum they initiated Tuesday. There are multiple potential catalysts these next few days that could lead to choppy trading. The VIX is hovering around 16 heading into trading today, which is still a relatively low number. However, I'll be keeping my eye on that as the day progresses. As always, I would stick with your investing plan and long term objectives.

tastytrade, Inc. commentary for educational purposes only. This content is not, nor is intended to be, trading or investment advice or a recommendation that any investment product or strategy is suitable for any person.

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Billie Eilish Reveals ‘Hit Me Hard and Soft’ World Tour, Starting in September

By Ellise Shafer

Ellise Shafer

  • ‘Bridgerton’ Creator Chris Van Dusen to Adapt Elle Kennedy’s ‘Girl Abroad’ for TV With A24 and Pacesetter 5 hours ago
  • Skepta on Making His First Foray Into Film With Short ‘Tribal Mark’ and Plans for a Feature-Length Movie: ‘I’m Shouting Out to Denzel’ 1 day ago
  • Daniel Radcliffe Says J.K. Rowling’s Anti-Trans Stance ‘Makes Me Really Sad’ and Not Speaking Out Would Have Been ‘Immense Cowardice’: ‘I Wanted to Try and Help People’ 1 day ago

Billie Eilish

Billie Eilish is embarking on a world tour in support of her forthcoming third album, “ Hit Me Hard and Soft ,” set for release on May 17.

The Live Nation-produced tour will kick off in September in Quebec and continue through North America until December. In February 2025, Eilish will hit Australia, followed by Europe, the U.K. and Ireland from April to late July.

Tickets will be available for presale for American Express cardholders on April 30, with additional presales running throughout the week. General tickets go on sale May 3 through Ticketmaster .

Popular on Variety

See the full tour dates below.

North America

Tue Feb 18, 2025 – Brisbane, Australia – Brisbane Entertainment Centre Wed Feb 19, 2025 – Brisbane, Australia – Brisbane Entertainment Centre Fri Feb 21, 2025 – Brisbane, Australia – Brisbane Entertainment Centre Sat Feb 22, 2025 – Brisbane, Australia – Brisbane Entertainment Centre Mon Feb 24, 2025 – Sydney, Australia – Qudos Bank Arena Tue Feb 25, 2025 – Sydney, Australia – Qudos Bank Arena Thu Feb 27, 2025 – Sydney, Australia – Qudos Bank Arena Fri Feb 28, 2025 – Sydney, Australia – Qudos Bank Arena Tue Mar 4, 2025 –Melbourne, Australia – Rod Laver Arena Wed Mar 5, 2025 – Melbourne, Australia – Rod Laver Arena Fri Mar 7, 2025 – Melbourne, Australia – Rod Laver Arena Sat Mar 8, 2025 – Melbourne, Australia – Rod Laver Arena

Europe/U.K./Ireland Wed Apr 23, 2025 – Stockholm, Sweden – Avicii Arena

Thu Apr 24, 2025 – Stockholm, Sweden – Avicii Arena

Sat Apr 26, 2025 – Oslo, Norway – Telenor Arena Mon Apr 28, 2025 – Copenhagen, Denmark – Royal Arena Tue Apr 29, 2025 – Copenhagen, Denmark – Royal Arena

Fri May 2, 2025 – Hannover, Germany – ZAG Arena Sun May 4, 2025 – Amsterdam, Netherlands – Ziggo Dome Mon May 5, 2025 – Amsterdam, Netherlands – Ziggo Dome Wed May 7, 2025 – Amsterdam, Netherlands – Ziggo Dome Fri May 9, 2025 – Berlin, Germany – Uber Arena Thu May 29, 2025 – Cologne, Germany – Lanxess Arena Fri May 30, 2025 – Cologne, Germany – Lanxess Arena Sun June 1, 2025 – Prague, Czech Republic – O2 Arena Tue June 3, 2025 – Kraków, Poland – Tauron Arena Wed June 4, 2025 – Kraków, Poland – Tauron Arena Fri June 6, 2025 – Vienna, Austria – Stadthalle Sun June 8, 2025 – Bologna, Italy – Unipol Arena Tue June 10, 2025 – Paris, France – Accor Arena Wed June 11, 2025 – Paris, France – Accor Arena Sat June 14, 2025 – Barcelona, Spain – Palau Sant Jordi Sun June 15, 2025 –Barcelona, Spain – Palau Sant Jordi

Mon Jul 7, 2025 – Glasgow, UK – OVO Hydro Tue Jul 8, 2025 – Glasgow, UK – OVO Hydro Thu Jul 10, 2025 – London, UK – The O2 Fri Jul 11, 2025 –London, UK – The O2 Sun Jul 13, 2025 – London, UK – The O2 Mon Jul 14, 2025 – London, UK – The O2 Wed Jul 16, 2025 – London, UK – The O2 Thu Jul 17, 2025 – London, UK – The O2 Sat Jul 19, 2025 – Manchester, UK – Co-op Live Sun Jul 20, 2025 – Manchester, UK – Co-op Live Tue Jul 22, 2025 – Manchester, UK – Co-op Live Wed Jul 23, 2025 – Manchester, UK – Co-op Live Sat Jul 26, 2025 – Dublin, Ireland – 3Arena Sun Jul 27, 2025 – Dublin, Ireland – 3Arena

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David gilmour is touring. just don’t ask for pink floyd classics, legendary racer mario andretti is being excluded from f1. congress wants to know why., penn stock tumbles in first full quarter with espn bet data, be tough on dirt but gentle on your body with the best soaps for sensitive skin, cbs fall schedule: tracker on move, georgie & mandy claim sheldon’s spot, matlock replaces todd, verify it's you, please log in.


LIV Golf announces Bolingbrook will host 2024 Individual Championship in September

WLS logo

BOLINGBROOK, Ill. (WLS) -- There will be a new venue for LIV Golf's visit to the Chicago area this year.

The league announced Tuesday that the Bolingbrook Golf Club will host the league's 2024 Individual Championship. It takes place Sept. 13 to 15.

ABC7 Chicago is now streaming 24/7. Click here to watch

The course features a 156-yard island green on its signature 15th hole.

LIV Golf's global field features 14 major champions as well as many of the sport's biggest names, including Brooks Koepka, Phil Mickelson and Bubba Watson, a news release from the league said.

The event will be the 13th tournament of LIV Golf's 2024 season. Players will compete for final positions in the individual standings and the title of 2024 LIV Golf League Individual Champion and also determine team seedings for the 2024 Team Championship.

"We are excited to welcome the star-studded, international field of great players to The Village of Bolingbrook and Bolingbrook Golf Club," Bolingbrook Mayor Mary Basta said in a statement.

Tickets go on sale at 10 a.m. next Wednesday at LIVGolf.com .

Rich Harvest Farms golf course in Kane County hosted the LIV Golf Series in 2022.

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Gasoline tanker catches fire in CT, shuts down major highway | VIDEO

Chicago's Pizzeria Portofino shares Mediterranean salad recipe

Pritzker aides meet with Bears on stadium: 'Proposal is a non-starter'

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Newsletter signup, visitor guide, for king + country live: the unsung hero 2024 tour kicks off nationwide this fall on september 19.

(May 1, 2024)— Four-time Grammy ® award winning duo for KING + COUNTRY announces their new 31-city U.S. tour titled “for KING + COUNTRY LIVE: The UNSUNG HERO 2024 Tour,” is coming to Paycom Center in Oklahoma City on Saturday, November 9.  The tour continues through November 10 in Dallas, Texas; with stops in Milwaukee, St. Louis, Kansas City, Tampa, Pittsburgh, Cincinnati, Atlanta, Boston, Oklahoma, and many more.  Performing brand new music from “The Inspired By Soundtrack” from the new biopic film in theatres now, “UNSUNG HERO,” along with many fan favorite songs from their award winning albums, brothers Joel and Luke Smallbone are hitting the road across the U.S. to give audiences an innovative new production unlike any other for KING + COUNTRY show to date.  Tickets can be purchased HERE .

for KING + COUNTRY recently dropped “The Inspired By Soundtrack” simultaneously with the film release of “UNSUNG HERO” on April 26, available now HERE , and includes: “Place In This World” feat. Michael W. Smith ( HERE ); “Checking In” with Lee Brice ( HERE );  “To Hell With The Devil (RISE)” feat. Lecrae & Stryper ( HERE );  “Lead Me On” feat . Amy Grant ; and much more. It also features the title track of the film, “Unsung Hero,” from their current Grammy® nominated and AMA, Billboard and Dove award-winning album, “What Are We Waiting For?”

“for KING + COUNTRY LIVE: The UNSUNG HERO 2024 Tour” Dates Are As Follows :

11/9/24 - Paycom Center, Oklahoma City, OK 


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    Best Places to Visit in September in The Caribbean. 8. Aruba in September. Best Destinations to Visit in September in Central and South America. 9. Peru in September. Best Countries to Visit in September in Europe. 10. Italy in September.

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    Big Sur. #15 in Best Places to Visit in September 2024. Occupying about 90 miles of the California coast, Big Sur draws travelers with its dramatic cliffs and picturesque beaches. Visit in ...

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    Map of Places to Travel in September. 1. Montreal, Canada. Montreal, Canada. Highlights: Epic city views from the observation wheel, cobblestone streets, grand cathedrals. September is a great time to vacation in Montreal, when the summer weather is still in full swing, and the tourists have left for the season.

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    And obviously, Vienna is one of the best places to visit in September in the world. Tourist Attractions: The Hofburg, St. Stephen's Cathedral, Belvedere Palace, Prater. Things To Do: Listen to amazing music at Vienna State Opera, visit the Albertina museum, admire the art collection at Belvedere Palace.

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    September is a great month to travel to destinations with ideal weather, nature, culture and wildlife. From Sicily to Georgia, discover the best places to visit in September for different travel types and experiences.

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    Dublin in September, often the sunniest month, sees a diminishing number of tourists after the crowds of July and August have dispersed. This city is many things to many people. Yes, you'll find lively pubs (and they deserve detailed examination), historic marvels, humor and national pride - but Dublin is also a cultural powerhouse, boasting magnificent galleries and museums, notably ...

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    Mexico City, Mexico. While popular beach destinations like Cabo and Cancun aren't the best to visit in September with extreme heat, humidity, and a risk of tropical storms or hurricanes, Mexico City is ideal for a September visit. It's the last month of the rainy season, though showers are typically short-lived and arrive in the afternoon.

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    The 14 Best Places To Visit In September. 1. Patagonia, Argentina & Chile. September is a fantastic time to visit Patagonia if you want the place to yourself. Although this month technically marks the beginning of spring, Patagonia is slow to get the memo and takes its time warming up.

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    Visit some of the attractions in the area including Waimea Waterfall, Diamond Head, Iolani Palace, Aloha Tower, Pearl Harbor National Memorial and the Honolulu Zoo. Attend one of the festivals that take place in September, such as Na Wahine Festival, Okinawan Festival, Oktoberfest Hawaii, or Aloha Festival.

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    As summer wanes and fall approaches, September is an ideal travel month for so many reasons. With mild weather, fewer crowds and a plethora of cultural, culinary and festive events on offer, cities, towns and islands — from Louisville, Kentucky to the Maldives — present their unique allure. Here are TPG's top 10 places to visit in September.

  17. 11 Best Places to Travel in September 2023

    Fiji. Martina Katz/Getty Images. An archipelago of more than 300 islands in the South Pacific, Fiji is lovely in September, with dry, warm weather, plus famously friendly people. Swimming, diving ...

  18. 11 Best Countries to Visit in September

    Here is the list of 11 Best Countries to Visit in September. 1. United Arab Emirates - The Centre of Culture and Modernity. The United Arab Emirates, particularly Dubai and Abu Dhabi, are excellent choices for a luxurious and vibrant getaway. With milder temperatures in September, you can enjoy outdoor activities, visit iconic landmarks such as ...

  19. The top 7 destinations for travel in September 2024

    2. Iceland. Nicknamed the Land of Fire and Ice, Iceland doesn't do natural beauty by halves. From geysers to glaciers, black sand beaches to volcanoes, it's one of the most unique places on the planet. September marks the start of autumn, and while the weather is more unpredictable, we think it adds to the magic.

  20. Best countries to visit in September in 2024

    Best countries to visit in September in 2024. September is a great time to get some extra sunshine at the end of summer. Everyone else might be back to school, but you'll be grabbing your backpack and heading off for wildlife watching and walks on the beach. Read on to find out where to go on holiday in September.

  21. Places Around The World You Must Visit This September

    Here is the list of 32 Places Around The World You Must Visit This September. 1. Singapore - The Quintessential Cosmopolitan. 4.7 /5 View 255+ photos. Known For : Gardens by the Bay Sentosa Island Universal Studios Singapore.

  22. Best places in the world to travel to in September 2023

    Morocco is known among other countries for its amazing nature and hospitality. Travelers from all over the world marvel at its incomparable beaches, ancient monuments, and historical sights that are subtly infused with modernity. And what makes things more enjoyable is the weather in September is simply fantastic. Area: 710,850 km 2.

  23. Where is hot in September? 12 best destinations

    Mid-Autumn Festival in Xi'an (Alamy) 1. China. Average temperature 22C September is the best time of year to tour China. As summer's extreme heat diminishes, days in most places are agreeably ...

  24. 18 Best Places to Travel in 2024

    Why you should go: The upcoming Expo 50, which is as close as the United States will get to a World's Fair anytime soon Fun fact: In 1974, Spokane became the smallest city in the world to host ...

  25. 25+ Best Places to Visit in August and September in the USA (2024)

    One of the must-visit places is Balboa Park. It offers lush gardens, museums, and live performances. Plus with the warm days in San Diego it makes it an ideal destination for outdoor adventures ...

  26. Amazon Beats, Starbucks Misses, Fed Scheduled To Deliver

    The Top 10 Richest People In The World (May 2024) Shares of Amazon Amazon traded higher by 1% late Tuesday after the company beat expectations and reported net operating margins of 10%, a company ...

  27. Billie Eilish Reveals 'Hit Me Hard and Soft' World Tour

    Billie Eilish is embarking on a world tour in support of her forthcoming third album, "Hit Me Hard and Soft," set for release on May 17.. The Live Nation-produced tour will kick off in ...

  28. LIV Golf announces Bolingbrook will host 2024 Individual Championship

    BOLINGBROOK, Ill. (WLS) -- There will be a new venue for LIV Golf's visit to the Chicago area this year. The league announced Tuesday that the Bolingbrook Golf Club will host the league's 2024 ...


    (May 1, 2024)—Four-time Grammy® award winning duo for KING + COUNTRY announces their new 31-city U.S. tour titled "for KING + COUNTRY LIVE: The UNSUNG HERO 2024 Tour," is coming to Paycom Center in Oklahoma City on Saturday, November 9. The tour continues through November 10 in Dallas, Texas; with stops in Milwaukee, St. Louis, Kansas City, Tampa, Pittsburgh, Cincinnati, Atlanta, Boston ...

  30. Arizona Legislature repeals 1864 abortion ban after two GOP senators

    Arizona lawmakers on Wednesday voted to repeal a Civil War-era law that banned nearly all abortions, after a pair of Republican senators joined with all Democrats. The Republican-controlled Senate ...