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Looking for an unforgettable Jordan tour? Book a fully-organized trip with the best tour companies in Jordan and let the tour operator take care of everything for you. Check out the tour details and read 94397 reviews from our customers to help you choose the perfect tour for you.

List of Jordan travel companies & tour operators with 94397 reviews

G Adventures

G Adventures

best tour operators to jordan

  • Excellent - 18,862 reviews for Jordan tours
Absolutely amazing experience. Very well organised. Montaser was so accommodating and it was very obvious that he had a lot of experience in taking these tours. At the end of the tour, everyone in the group felt like we had become family.
Such an amazing tour! I can't believe how much we got to see in just 8 days, but without it ever feeling rushed. The itinerary was just perfect and I can't pick just one favourite moment - there were so many. Mirna was such a lovely CEO. Full of knowledge, so kind, so embracing and just wonderful. She made sure that we felt welcome and safe and that we left Jordan with new knowledge and a clear understanding of Middle Eastern culture. G Adventures are luky to have her!


  • Excellent - 5,319 reviews for Jordan tours
  • This operator has no Jordan reviews


  • Excellent - 86 reviews for Jordan tours
Terrible experience. Communication is very poor and once you guys swipe our credit cards you take no responsibility for anything. All you do is act as a middleman and just make false claims. I would think twice before approaching you guys. Complete lack of local knowledge of the country being visited. You'll really need to pull up your socks and spend more of our money on training your staff. No accountability whatsoever!!!
This is the 2nd holiday we booked with Tour Radar. The booking was very simple and easy. Communication was pretty quick. Brother Khaalid from Trip500 rang and checked on us if we were okay and wanted anything. Having chosen the trip we wanted we asked it to be private. We were happy with the trip. We started in Amman. The agent already told us to book the Jordan pass which was easy to be done online. At the airport, it was rather simple to transcribe the pass to visa. The airport had wifi facilities, and so did all the hotels we stayed in and the city mall. Jordan is a safe country where there is no hassle. The guides were very informative. Throughout the trip, we had brother Ma'in as our driver. He was on time and helpful. He explained what our program was and helped us at each stage. He accompanied us and spoke to the concierges, the ticket officers, and other guides. He even recommended us a few places where we can spend our free time. The other two tour guides Brother Ahmad for Ajloun and Brother Madi for Petra, were excellent in explaining the histories and showing us around. Jerash was breathtaking. You could picture yourself in that era and match it with what you could see in movies. In Petra, we did 1 night and we had the night show. Again Petra is worth being in the 7th wonders of the world. Unfortunately, we were limited on time, we recommend more than 1 night in Petra if you like hiking and exploring around. Our hotel 'La Maison Hotel' was a 10-minute walk away from the entrance of Petra. Then we had 1 night in Wadi Rum, again I would recommend more than 1 night if you like hiking. Our last place was the Dead Sea, a good 5 hours drive from Wadi Rum. Through the journey, there are good services where you can stop and have a break and food. Generally, it is worth visiting Jordan. The hotels we stayed at are more like 2.5 stars (similar to Travelodge in the UK), clean, tidy, and adequate open buffets. People, staff, taxi drivers and sale assistants are all helpful and kind. We had the chance to interact with the locals and chat with them. Our hotel in Amman was about 15 mins drive to Downtown and the taxi fare was like 3JD. In Downtown you easily get food and the night is buzzing. Didn't expect Jordan to be pushing towards green energy, so many solar panels and wind farms around. If you are going during December temperature is around 17 degrees during the day, and you can get fog on the road and showers in the morning. In the Wadi Rum, we didn't get to see a good sunset or sunrise as it was cloudy. Do get a fleece or a shawl. Overall I will recommend visiting Jordan.

Intrepid Travel

Intrepid Travel

  • Excellent - 11,571 reviews for Jordan tours
Jordan is fantastic. Varied activities (landscape in the desert, dead sea, snokerling in the red sea, Jerash ruins, and the fabolous Petra (and his wonderfull trail) ... People are warm and not harassing. It is really safe. Your leader Mohammad was exceptionnal very friendly, smart very good knowledge of his country (history, ...), always be ready to help us and respond our questions, very good organised. Good advies to good restaurant. Very good itinary. The rhythm of the trip is very good not too busy and not to much transport.
Great tour! Nice stop at the Dead Sea and a wonderful tour of Petra. La maison hotel was very pleasant and close to the Petra entrance

Encounters Travel

Encounters Travel

best tour operators to jordan

  • Excellent - 1,363 reviews for Jordan tours
My wife and I previously used Encounters Travel for a vacation to Egypt and Greece and therefore jumped at the opportunity to use them for our journey to Jordan. The expectations bar was high given our previous trips being absolutely amazing and something we wanted to replicate in many areas. It delivered from the encyclopedic knowledge of our guide, Omar, who explained the historical significance of various sites encompassing the folklore of the civilizations responsible for such wonders such as the temples, amphitheaters around Amman, As-Salt, Jerash, and all the way to the remoteness of Wadi Rum plus who could forget the marvels of Petra with its Hellenistic design. The highlights were many with floating on the waters of the Dead Sea being magical. The accommodations were mentioned as being "3 Star" which was a standard room wasn't an issue as who is trying to stay in their room with everything there is to explore in Jordan. One improvement or thing to note is the preservation of water in Jordan might mean if you're taking a shower at a particular hour expect it to be freezing cold. During the trip, we were provided bottled water; however, the water was never cold. It would have been nice if the refrigerated unit used to hold the water on the coach bus worked and would keep the water cold. The expectations for the culinary choices were something my wife and I got particularly thrilled with offerings such as Makloubeh, yet nothing could beat the desert item called Kanafeh that was scrumptious and if you're into Baklava, there is no shortage of places to purchase. Encounters Travel gets both thumbs up for the trips and locations they put together and we will definitely use them for future travel adventures.
JORDAN Highlight of the trip as usual is Petra - you really need a long day for this especially if you want to see the Monastery. The guide think that you don't but we had to reiterate to him that tourists go to Jordan to mainly see Petra. We opted to go another castle instead of the Kerak castle that was in the itinerary because the guide warned us that if we do the Kerak castle we would arrive in Petra late and that the another castle is more beautiful. To my disappointment, the castle was bare, just ruins. I (well not only me but the other women in the tour) find the guide Ibrahim kinda rude towards women like raising his voice and sounding irritated. I've observed that he wasn't like that to the men in the group, even when the guy who was causing delay. +ves Free water Driver Walid is kind EGYPT Felucca - I believe that this should be just an experience but not an option to sleep in because of the mosquitoes and the toilet situation (the shower is not functional). We were also very disappointed that our dinner which was included that day was just pasta and roast chicken. I would strongly suggest another night in the Nubian village instead of stay in felucca because it's lovely to see it in daylight and explore the little town. Cairo-Luxor - I strongly recommend to book a flight because this is a 10 hour drive each way and surprisingly the only stop for meal is just a snack, not a proper meal because the shop where we stopped doesn't even do sandwiches or anything filling. That's the only stop as well for toilet break. We were in a small bus like vehicle, it didn't have storage for luggages aside from the roof, hence it was cramped inside the bus. Hotels in Cairo - The Oasis Hotel has very poor wifi signal, but room is very spacious. Zayed Hotel which was our last hotel in Cair prior to flying back to our respective destination was extremely disappointing to say the least (I don't know if this one has even a 1 star rating) very poor wifi, the shower area is like a small tub, too small I don't think any of us took a shower that night even though we came back from a 10 hour journey. The bin in my bathroom wasn't even emptied so it stinked, and when I asked for it to be emptied I was told that the houskeeping is not til the next day. For vegans and vegetarians or for those who have food allergies/intolerances you will have difficulty with your diet here as most of the options especially are meat and gluten. We each paid $120 ($60 for tip seemingly for service men/porters excluding the guide & $60 for entrance fees) - if you do the tour yourself and went to the places this tour covered, you would pay so much less Abu Simbel (optional tour) - although I highly recommend visiting this magnificent temple, paying $150 for the tour + $10 for ticket was such a rip off!! We were only given 2 hours, well 1.5 hours to explore the place to think that we are only heading back to Aswan to have lunch in the felucca and sail the Nile. I find that our guide Ayman, doesn't communicate with us, especially when it comes to the plan/itinerary for the day. I know we have the hard copy of the itinerary but I'd appreciate when he starts the day by informing/reminding us of what we are going to do that day and the next day. In Luxor, there were 2 days where we had free afternoons and optional tours. I believe that the Luxor temple should have been included in the tour as the entrace fee is not that expensive. But really appreciate the allocates accommodation here Sonesta St George, impeccable stay I find that we weren't given more time in the pyramid & sphinx - which is one of the main reasons why I visited Egypt. We were brought to the further side of the pyramids for camel/horse riding, as this was only optional those who didn't want to ride should be given the option to stay by the pyramids instead.

DIAMIR Erlebnisreisen

DIAMIR Erlebnisreisen

  • Excellent - 2 reviews for Jordan tours

Timeless Tours

Timeless Tours

  • Excellent - 2,679 reviews for Jordan tours
This was an amazing tour, from beggining to end. When it comes to organization, we were shocked on how well organized this tour is. Since we landed in Cairo, until we left in Amman, we always had someone with us, and we were informed at all times about what exactly was going to happen. They picked us up as soon as we got out of the gate in Cairo and Amman, drove us to our Hotel, where we met our group, and were given an explanation on the tour, and what the days would look like. Everyday we had an overview of the next day, and a breakdown of the times. We always had security with us plus our guide and a driver. Everything felt well organized, smooth and safe. Egypt was excellent. Our guide Raemon was awesome. Super nice and friendly person, very open and always giving information about the different sites we went to. He would stand by our side whenever we needed to get cash out, when we were buying things, and would give us advice on how to deal with the locals. He also took us to some other sites that some people in the group requested that were not in the itinerary, which was even better. The food was catered to europeans/americans, mostly buffet style with some egyptian food so Raemon took us to a street food vendor for those who wanted to try something more local. No one in the group got sick, even though we ate everything. The hotels and the cruise were all great, the food in general was ok. We took the bus, that was 13 hours to Aswan, but most people took the flight. It is worth metioning that the extra excursions like Abu Simbel and the Hot air balloon are a must, they were some of the highlights of our trip. In Jordan we had Jamal as our guide, he really put in the time to teach us about Jordan, its history and culture. He was awesome too. He would explain not only things regarding the history of the different sites, but while we drive around, he would point out at things for us to notice, he would tell us about the culture, the food, the traditions etc. He also took us to the batism site of Jesus. We can't be tankful enough for how much he taught us, and how passionate he is about his job. The food in Jordan was amazing, way better than Egypt, and the sites were incredible. Overall, this trip is worth every cent. It is a very condensed trip, with a lot of sites and long days, some days having to wake up at 2:30 to go to some sites (you can always sleep on the bus). The two days in Hurghada are a great break, where you relax and rest, and the free day in Cairo we used it to go back into the pyramids, as the hotel is like 15 minutes away. I would not recommend this trip if you have young children, even teenagers would get very tired. We though about cancelling because of the current situation in Gaza, but thankfully we didn't. The support since the moment we booked the trip was also incredible. I can't stress enough how amazing this trip was and the awesome people we met along the way, and we want to thank Timeless Tours for providing this amazing experience that we will remember forever. Carlos and Rachel
Excellent trip with Timeless Tours From start to finish including Jordan The tour guide to management gives you that extra care to make you feel at home. The Egyptian hospitality is just great. Definitely recommend


  • Excellent - 4,608 reviews for Jordan tours
This tour offered the best of Jordan. Petra is incredible and it was the right mix of pace for young travellers.
Jordan was truly breathtaking! I would recommend this trip to anyone who wants to expand their travel horizons. This is the perfect trip to have an authentic experience, immersed in local culture, which you will not find anyone else.

Travel Talk

Travel Talk

  • Excellent - 4,294 reviews for Jordan tours
Very happy with the tour! We got so much done!
If you are looking for a great way to discover the highlights of eygpt, this is the right tour. It was a major bucket list of mine and was so glad I did it.


  • Excellent - 5,311 reviews for Jordan tours
This tour was everything I expected it to be. Very active adventure through the most beautiful places in Jordan. Trekking through the beautiful Petra mountains and Wadi Rum was impressive adventure. Sleeping in the dessert was great.
This was my first tour with Explore and also my first tour ever. I had an amazing time, couldn't believe how full the days were! Our guide, Abdallah, was absolutle dedicated to us and the success of the trip. He was very clear with his explanations and even planned for naptime on the bus the first day when we were all so jetlagged. His depth of knowledge of Jordan was impressive as was his steadfast attention to logistics and his willingness to answer questions about ANYTHING. As for the itinerary, I learned so much history I never knew existed. We walked a ton - be sure to bring comfortable shoes/boots for this. I loved how our group became a family as the week went on, sharing gear and tips every day. I got to ride a camel at sunrise on my birthday and snorkel in the Red Sea that afternoon - hard to top that! Abdallah even arranged a surprise birthday cake for me.

Book2Jordan Tours and Travel

Book2Jordan Tours and Trave…

  • Excellent - 9 reviews for Jordan tours
We only had two days in Jordan and we are so glad we chose this tour! Most tours do not offer Mt Nebo, but for us it was worth the extra time and expense. The breathtaking views and the Moses memorial exceeded our expectations. Our driver Ibrahim was extremely kind and hospitable. There were no pushy sales pitches at overpriced tourist vendors and we were never rushed at the sites we visited. The landscapes are breathtaking and we could have spent a day at each of the locations including Mt. Nebo, but it was just enough to satisfy our desire to experience as much of Jordan as we could with our 2-day layover. We had two kids (12 and 10) with us. The car rides would have been difficult for them without some entertainment we brought along. To see the monastery at Petra you need at least 4 hours and lots of walking so plan accordingly. We swam in the Dead Sea in December and the water was warm!
I have travelled all over the world and had many drivers. My driver in Jordan, Najeep was the best I have ever had. He was so kind, he gave excellent information about Jordan's culture and everything not included in the tour. The tour itself was awesome. I could not believe the beauty of the country and the places I experienced.

On The Go Tours

On The Go Tours

  • Excellent - 2,900 reviews for Jordan tours
Totally Jordan ON THE GO Tours was truly Amazing. Despite the conflict in Israel, NOTHING was happening in Jordan at the time I went, so I'm grateful I didn't cancel the trip and miss this awesome experience. This was my 6th Tour with ON THE GO Tours - and again, it made me see why I keep coming back. I really love the vibe of Jordan, there's just a relaxed energy that feels good. I felt safe, welcomed and enjoyed my time here. ⭐⭐ I thought we'd be driving on dirt roads and be very bumpy - but it was freeways all the way to every destination. We had a massive Bus so we could all spread out - with charging points on board, and plenty of room. We had a group of 19 people, with 17 of that group just coming from Egypt with ON THE GO Tours. They said they loved there time there also, felt super safe, Loved the tour and never felt uneasy - despite the Israel unrest. Some tour Site highlights included the AMAZING Petra, Wadi Rum Desert and the Dead Sea. ?️⭐? Petra was beautiful - we got a fabulous weather day to see the treasury and monastery. With tourism being down in the region, it was quiet and peaceful, very rare. It is such a site to see. Not only the treasury, but also what's around, old amphitheater, rock houses, old temples, very cool to see. There is a lot of walking on this day, not complaining at all - just a heads up. To see the monastery, you can do the 1400 round trip of steps, or hire a donkey to take you one way, or both. The Monastery's size is something to be in awe of - just WOW. photos don't do it justice. I'm 6ft 3in height, and the front step was as tall as me, clearly built for Giants, lol ? in Wadi Rum, we did a desert Safari on the back of Utes out in the open. If you prefer to sit inside the car cabin, you can for sure, but to get that 360 view, best to be on the back. We did a few stops to take in the sites, but driving through the desert was a massive highlight, beautiful colours and lookouts, with nothing but sand, cliffs, rocks and mountains for miles. That night, some of us upgraded our rooms to sleep in the luxury Dome glamping tents. These tents were gorgeous, all you could need, and had a massive window opposite the bed, so at night you could stare gaze, and in the morning, see the amazing mountains and desert. ?️? The Dead Sea and the resort were brilliant to chill and relax. You don't swim here; you float on your back. The water itself almost feels oily, but in a good way. The mud is like silk when you put it on your skin. When you wash it off, I noticed blemishes were gone, my skin felt silky smooth, it was great. The resort Itself was great - HUGE, and cause tourism is down, one of the nights, after my group had gone their own ways, I ended up being the ONLY PERSON staying at the resort - it was epic. This stay saw us staying opposite Isarel, where we could clearly see Jericho and Jerusalem. During my 5 days there, I never saw any rockets, or heard conflict of any sort. I felt completely safe the entire time. Another massive Highlight was our guide "G". He was amazing. So knowledgeable, fun, easy going, approachable. Everything with him was flawless, so much wisdom and information about everything we saw, and he made it so interesting. He was sweet, kind and caring and made sure we were all enjoying ourselves. One of the best guides I've had on a tour. Really loved this tour and hope people go and visit Jordan to see all its amazing sites. Despite the Israel Unrest, Jordan is not wanting involvement and staying out of the conflict - so i urge people to go here cause it is safe. ON THE GO Tours wouldn't run tours here, or anywhere if it was unsafe - so don't cancel - book that ticket and see the amazing place Jordan is.
I had high expectations of Jordan but this trip still managed to beat them. Petra was staggering and the night camping in Wadi Rum was great. I would strongly recommend booking this tour instead of the shorter one, as the free day at the Dead Sea is very welcome after a busy tour! All of the hotels were of a high standard, with good Wi-Fi and delicious meals. Our guide Mohamed was attentive and interesting, he made several stops that weren't on the itinerary, for example to see a historic Ottoman train in Wadi Rum. Jordanian people are so friendly and welcoming, and despite the situation in Israel I felt completely safe and looked after for the entire trip. I cannot wait to return.

Art of Bicycle Trips

Art of Bicycle Trips

Scenic Luxury Cruises & Tours

Scenic Luxury Cruises & Tou…

  • Excellent - 33 reviews for Jordan tours

Intrepid Premium

Intrepid Premium

  • Excellent - 317 reviews for Jordan tours
Mo was an excellent tour leader in that he has such passion and enthusiasm about Jordan. I learnt so much about the history and culture and so enjoyed all of the activities. Mo went over and beyond to ensure my dietary needs were met as I have coeliac disease which was much appreciated. Highly recommend this tour.
I had the BEST time on this tour with Osama and a great small group! Unforgettable stories, interesting history and context shared!

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Top Tour Operators and Travel Agencies in Jordan 2024/2025

Top Tour Operators and Travel Agencies in Jordan. Below you will find 30 of the best tour operators and travel agencies in Jordan offering in total 169 tours and holidays through-out Jordan. Combined they have received 230 customer reviews and an average rating of 5 out of 5 stars. The top tour activities offered in Jordan are: Sightseeing, attractions, culture and history, Wildlife, landscapes and nature & Adventure and sport.

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30 Tour Operators in Jordan with 230 Reviews

Encounters Travel

Encounters Travel

  • Address Leigh House, Varley Street, Leeds, England
  • Response Rate 94%
  • Response Time 3 hours

Exodus Travels

Exodus Travels

  • Address Grange Mills, Weir Road, London, England
  • Response Rate 86%

best tour operators to jordan

  • Best-in-Class Top 5% of companies
  • Excellent Service Top 10% of companies
  • Superior Service Top 15% of companies

Experience Jordan Adventures

Experience Jordan Adventures

  • Address Abd Ar-Rahim Al-Hajj Muhammad St. 41, Amman, Jordan
  • Response Time 1 hour

G Adventures

G Adventures

  • Address G Adventures Ltd, 60 Bastwick Street, London, England
  • Response Rate 90%

Intrepid Travel

Intrepid Travel

  • Address 380 Lonsdale Street, Melbourne, Australia


  • Address Nelson House, 55-59 Victoria Rd, Farnborough, England
  • Response Rate 96%
  • Response Time 2 hours

World Expeditions

World Expeditions

  • Address 1B Osiers Road, Wandsworth, London, England
  • Response Rate 81%

Jordan Horizons Tours

Jordan Horizons Tours

  • Address Amman – Jordan – Wasfi Al Tal St. Khawaja Center , Amman, Jordan
  • Response Rate 100%

Petra Nights Tours

Petra Nights Tours

  • Address Al Madina Al Munnawara St, Amman, Jordan
  • Response Rate 97%

Fez Travel

  • Address Hocapasa Mah. Tayahatun Sokak No:3 Sukran Han 3rd Floor, Sirkeci, Istanbul, Turkey
  • Response Rate 70%

Amani Tours

Amani Tours

  • Address 21 Mahmoud Obeidat St, Bldg 21 ,5th floor , Suite 508, Amman, Jordan

Travel Talk

Travel Talk

  • Address 18 Exhibition House Addison Bridge Place, London, England

Insight Vacations

Insight Vacations

  • Address 33 Kern Road, Toronto, Canada

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Groups sitting looking over the valley in the desert near in Jordan with mountains in the distance

Modern cities filled with worldly citizens, mountainous regions dotted with small villages, and deserts inhabited by the nomadic Bedouin - Jordan has all this diversity and more.

With the cosmopolitan cafes of Amman , the peace of hilltop Dana and the historic treasures of Madaba, you may come to Jordan to see the ruins of   Petra , but you’ll leave having encountered so much more.

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From hummus to hospitality: What to know about visiting Amman, Jordan

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Jordan at a glance, capital city.

Amman (population 960,000)

6.5 million

(GMT+02:00) Amman



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Learn more about Jordan

Culture and customs.

As a Muslim country, Jordan’s culture is quite conservative, although not as conservative as some other Middle Eastern countries. Western influences (particularly in Amman and other large cities) have infiltrated Jordanian society so Jordan now possesses a mix of Arabian customs amid modern ways of life. Due to immigration, Jordan now has a significant Palestinian and Iraqi population, adding to the cultural diversity of the country.

Despite the outside influences, Islamic traditions are strong in Jordan with spectacular mosques signaling the call to prayer five times a day, Ramadan being observed each year and some segregation of the sexes occurring. 

The desert-dwelling Bedouin have a distinct culture of their own, drawing on traditions that have been passed down for centuries. Living a largely nomadic lifestyle, the Bedouin rely on the herding of animals and the creation of handicrafts in the absence of a fertile environment to farm. With a strong musical heritage, traditional instruments are played and time-honored traditions are continued. 

Hospitality is a crucial element of Jordanian culture. Most visitors will be humbled by the kindness, sincerity and genuine care showed by Jordanians. Being welcomed into peoples’ homes is common, and can probably be attributed to the custom of welcoming strangers and sharing food when traveling in the unforgiving desert.

Eating and drinking

Intrepid believes that one of the best ways to experience a country is by eating! Whether you're sampling street food, savoring a cheap eat or indulging in a banquet, there are endless options to choose from wherever you are in the world.

Featuring typical Middle Eastern ingredients like lamb, chickpeas, garlic and a range of aromatic herbs and spices, Jordanian cuisine is delicious.

Things to try in Jordan

Like many other Middle Eastern countries, a plate of shared breads and dips is a great way to begin a feast.

This traditional Bedouin dish of lamb and yogurt is usually served with rice and bread. This is the national dish of Jordan, so definitely try it before you leave.

These small, sweet pastries made with honey and nuts will have you going back for more.

The coffee in Jordan is strong. Often spiced with a hint of cardamom, coffee is strongly linked to the famed Jordanian hospitality, so drink up – it would be rude not to!

Geography and environment

Jordan is made up of a staggeringly diverse range of natural environments. From stark deserts to towering mountains, fertile wetlands, coastal reefs and urban cities, journeying through Jordan provides changing scenery and varying conditions. 

Sharing borders with Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Syria and Israel and the Palestinian Territories, Jordan mixes modern architecture with heritage-filled buildings, well-manicured streets with historic alleyways and impressive mansions with simple homes. 

Modern, developed cities like Amman and Aqaba feature unique architecture, spectacular mosques, five-star hotels and resorts. Small villages with rustic housing populate the less-built-up rural areas and Bedouin tents made of goat hair can be found in desert areas.

History and government

Early history.

The country now known as Jordan was originally inhabited by the Nabataeans thousands of years ago. Over the centuries, Jordan has been a place conquered and inhabited by many different people including the Romans, Greeks, Assyrians, Ottoman Turks, Egyptians and Mamluks (people of Kurdish origins). All these influences can still be seen today in Jordan's ancient ruins, architecture, crafts and arts. Many battles were fought in Ancient Jordan, including the Christian crusaders who clashed with Islamic Forces in Jordan during the 11th and 12th centuries. The first Muslim Dynasty began with the Umayyad Empire in 661.

Recent history

In 1950, Jordan was renamed the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan and in 1951, King Abdullah I was assassinated while visiting a mosque. His eldest son became king but was removed from his duties in 1952 due to mental illness. In 1953, his teenage son Hussein Ibn Talal became king, and continued to rule for over 40 years. In the 1960s, Jordan saw many immigrants arrive and settle – mainly Palestinians escaping the conflict in their homeland.

In 1999, King Abdullah II succeeded his father King Hussein and continues to rule Jordan now. His reign has been characterized by liberal policies, economic reforms and technological advances. His wife, Queen Rania of Jordan, has a visible public profile, is active in many social causes and is regarded internationally as a highly influential woman.

Top 10 ways to experience Jordan

1. locate a lost city.

Spend a day exploring the astonishing lost city of Petra. Discover temples, tombs, a monastery and an amphitheater in this fascinating, world-renowned archaeological site.

2. Take a dip

Dive into the Dead Sea and relax in the famous waters thought to have therapeutic properties. The high salinity makes floating effortless so it’s easy to lie back and enjoy the view. This experience is a must-do for any visitor to Jordan.

3. Kick back in a cafe

The cafes of Amman are the perfect place to get acquainted with modern Jordan. From elegant, urban cafes serving international fare to earthy, family-run cafes offering traditional food and coffee, see both sides of modern Jordan when you eat.

4. Delve into the desert

Travel across hot, desert sands and spend the night camping under the stars with Bedouin hosts. Stargazing, eating traditional food and learning about the Bedouin way of life is an authentic experience to remember.

5. Admire ancient art

The city of Madaba is known for its amazing collection of ancient mosaics. Take a stroll around the city to scout out these handcrafted pieces of the past that are scattered throughout Madaba’s churches, museums and homes.

6. View an icon

Behold the sight of the legendary Mt Nebo. A revered holy site, Mt Nebo is home to the ruins of a church and monastery, and is an interesting place for believers and non-believers alike.

7. Meet Mother Nature

A hike through the changing landscapes of the Dana Nature Reserve offers wildlife encounters, quaint villages and majestic mountain views. Get back to nature and see Jordan’s natural treasures here.

8. Relax in a resort

See a different side of Jordan in the laidback resort town of Aqaba. Chill out on the beach, feast on fresh seafood, soak up the sunshine and enjoy the change of pace in this piece of coastal bliss.

9. Uncover a bit of history

Explore the fortified town and castle of Karak to gain insight into the fascinating history of this region. Walk through a network of tunnels and walkways and imagine what life was like centuries ago.

10. Discover Roman ruins

Travel to Jerash to see some of the biggest and most preserved Roman ruins outside of Italy. Baths, theatres, temples and forums feature within the colonnaded streets and still-standing city walls.

From atmospheric souqs to modern malls and designer boutiques, Jordan has a shopping experience to suit everyone. While not particularly cheap, the quality is generally excellent and the service friendly.

It's a good idea to check with your local customs officials to ensure that you are able to bring certain items back into your home country.   T he United States   and   Canada  generally have strict customs laws.

Things to buy in Jordan

1. Traditional handicrafts

Mosaics, ceramics, rugs and carpets can be found everywhere in Jordan, but the variety and quality found in Madaba is a standout.

2. Bedouin crafts

Silver jewelry and embroidered scarves make great souvenirs and can be purchased from souqs and independent vendors around Jordan.

3. Gold jewelry

Traditional souvenirs and stunning gold jewelry can be found in the souqs of downtown Amman.

Festivals and events in Jordan

Ramadan and eid.

During the ninth and holiest month in the Islamic calendar, Ramadan is observed by most in Jordan and is thought to be a time of spiritual rejuvenation. For this month, Muslims fast from sunrise to sunset - refraining from eating and drinking during daylight hours. Eid marks the end of fasting with three days of feasting and celebration.

Jerash Festival of Culture and Arts

See the best of local and international performing arts with theatre, music, poetry and dance taking over the ancient Roman city of Jerash, much to the delight of locals and visitors alike.

Top places to visit in Jordan

If you think you’ve been to Rome and seen some impressive ruins, you’ll be amazed by the sights at the ancient city of Jerash. One of the biggest and most well-preserved ancient Roman cities in the world, it has a striking collection of archways and theatres, baths, public buildings and colonnaded streets.

Explore the ruins of Jerash on our 9 day Cycle Jordan: Petra & Wadi Rum tour .

This seaside town is the perfect place to kick back and relax by the hotel pool or at the beach. Located on the tip of the Red Sea, there are untouched coral reefs not far from the shore ready to be explored.

Soak up the sun on our 22 day Egypt, Jordan, Isreal & the Palestinian Territories tour , embrace the beach vibes on our 15 day Discover Egypt & Jordan tour or snorkel coral reefs on our 19 day Explore Egypt & Jordan adventure .

3. Wadi Rum

When you first enter Wadi Rum you may feel as though you’ve been transported to Mars. The red desert landscape is peppered with towering rock formations as far as the eye can see. Don’t miss an opportunity to mingle with the nomadic Bedouin people and perhaps even spend the night in one of their Desert Camps.

Visit the Wadi Rum Desert on our 9 day Jordan & Egypt Express tour or on our 8 day Explore Jordan adventure .

The ancient city of Petra was crowned one of the Seven Wonders of the World in 2007, and once you visit, it’s not hard to see why. Packed with history and culture, a visit to this UNESCO world heritage site is a must.

Admire the beauty of Petra on our 8 day Jordan Discovery tour .

Similar destinations

We have a variety of similar destinations, trips and routes that you could consider. Tie another trip into your holiday, or see how we can help you get from A to B. We have tours departing from a variety of locations around Jordan. The options below may be of interest:

  • Tours from Amman
  • Amman to Madaba
  • Cairo to Madaba
  • Tours to Madaba

Or maybe you're thinking about a trip to Jordan but still browsing other destinations? Check out our tours to neighbouring locations:

Further reading

Jordan travel faqs, do i need a covid-19 vaccine to join an intrepid trip.

Trips from 1 January 2023 onwards

From 1 January 2023, Intrepid will no longer require travelers to provide proof of vaccination against COVID-19 (excluding all Polar trips and select adventure cruises).

However, we continue to strongly recommend that all Intrepid travelers and leaders get vaccinated to protect themselves and others.

Specific proof of testing or vaccination may still be required by your destination or airline. Please ensure you check travel and entry requirements carefully.

Do I need a visa to travel to Jordan?

Visas are required by all visitors entering Jordan. Single entry visas valid for 14 days and can be obtained by most nationalities on arrival at the airport in Amman or at the Jordanian border for approximately JOD40. It can be significantly more expensive to acquire your visa from the embassy in your home country. If you require a stay longer than 14 days, visas obtained from the embassy in your home country will be valid for two months.

When is the best time to visit Jordan?

The weather in Jordan can get quite extreme. Overall, it tends to be hot during the day and cold at night (in desert areas, expect it to be extremely hot during the day and freezing at night). Yet during winter it can get bitterly cold, with snowfall occurring in some parts of the country.

Traveling during the summer months (June, July and August) can be challenging for those not accustomed to the heat, so visiting Jordan during spring and autumn is recommended for those who wish to escape the hotter temperatures. 

Is tipping customary in Jordan?

Tipping is up to the individual in Jordan. Hotels and up-market restaurants typically add a surcharge that is included in bills, which is usually 10%. Rounding up bills and leaving spare change is a good idea when dining in smaller restaurants and when using taxis.

What is the internet access like in Jordan?

Internet access is growing rapidly in Jordan. Internet can usually be accessed from hotels and internet cafes in major cities. Expect little to no access in small towns, villages and other rural areas.

Can I use my cell phone while in Jordan?

Cell phone coverage is good in Jordan’s major cities and built-up areas like Amman and Aqaba. Expect limited to no phone coverage in more isolated areas like the desert. Ensure you have global roaming activated on your phone before leaving home.

What are the toilets like in Jordan?

Western-style toilets are common in modern hotels, malls and at popular tourist areas. Squat toilets are the standard throughout the rest of the country. Sometimes, you may need to pay and bring your own toilet paper when visiting public rest rooms.

What will it cost for a…?

Street snack = 3 JOD Can of soft drink = 1 JOD Dinner at a restaurant = 10 JOD Embroidered shawl = 20-30 JOD

Can I drink the water in Jordan?

Drinking water from taps in Jordan can be safe, depending on where you are. It's considered safe to drink water from modern hotels that have filtered water but perhaps not so from smaller establishments and in rural areas. For environmental reasons, try to use a refillable water bottle rather than buying bottled water. Peel fruit before eating and avoid ice in drinks.

Are credit cards accepted widely in Jordan?

Major credit cards are widely accepted by stores in Jordan. Smaller cafes and shops may not accept credit cards so ensure you carry enough cash to cover small purchases.

What is ATM access like in Jordan?

ATMs are common in Jordan’s main cities so finding one won't be a problem. Rural and remote areas typically will have less ATMs so be sure to carry enough cash for purchases when away from the city.

What public holidays are celebrated in Jordan?

  • 1 Jan: New Year's Day
  • 1 May: Labour Day
  • 25 May: Independence Day
  • 25 Jun: The End of Ramadan
  • 26 Jun: The End of Ramadan
  • 27 Jun: The End of Ramadan
  • 31 Aug: The Feast of Sacrifice
  • 1 Sep: The Feast of Sacrifice
  • 2 Sep: The Feast of Sacrifice
  • 3 Sep: The Feast of Sacrifice
  • 4 Sep: The Feast of Sacrifice
  • 21 Sep: Islamic New Year
  • 30 Nov: The Prophet Muhammad's Birthday
  • 25 Dec: Christmas Day

Please note, Jordan public holidays may vary.

Is Jordan LGBTQIA+ friendly?

As a Muslim country, Jordan’s culture is quite conservative, although not as conservative as some other Middle Eastern countries. Homosexuality has been decriminalized in Jordan since 1951, and while Jordanians who identify as having an LGBTQIA+ identity will not be criminalized, many people continue to hide their sexuality or identity from their families and there is still a deep social stigma. As long as LGBTQIA+ travelers display some discretion and respect for local culture, particularly when visiting places outside of the major cities and tourist areas, they will have no problem visiting Jordan. 

How do I stay safe and healthy while traveling?

From Australia?

Go to: Smart Traveller

From Canada?

Go to:  Canada Travel Information

From the UK?

Go to:  UK Foreign Travel Advice

From New Zealand?

Go to:  Safe Travel

From the US?

Go to:  US Department of State

The World Health Organisation also provides useful health information.

Do I need to purchase travel insurance before traveling?

Absolutely. All passengers traveling with Intrepid are required to purchase travel insurance before the start of their trip. Your travel insurance details will be recorded by your leader on the first day of the trip. Due to the varying nature, availability and cost of health care around the world, travel insurance is very much an essential and necessary part of every journey.

For more information on insurance, please go to: Travel Insurance

What's the transport like in Jordan?

Intrepid believes half the fun of experiencing a new country is getting there, and getting around once there! Where possible, Intrepid uses local transport options and traditional modes of transport - which usually carry less of an environmental impact, support small local operators and are heaps more fun.

Depending on which trip you're on while in Jordan, you may find yourself traveling by 4x4.

Head out for a day of dune-bashing in a 4x4. Scale the towering desert dunes and take in the sweeping views. A fun way to explore remote parts of Jordan .

What's the accommodation like in Jordan?

Traveling with Intrepid is a little bit different. We endeavor to provide travelers with an authentic experience to remember, so we try to keep accommodation as unique and traditional as possible.

When traveling with us in Jordan you may find yourself staying in a desert camp.

Be welcomed by Bedouin for a night of camping under the stars. Enjoy traditional food and music then fall asleep in the supreme silence of the desert.

What to wear in Jordan?

Although Jordan is known as one of the more progressive countries in the   Middle East , it's still a mostly Muslim country and conservative clothing is the norm. You don't need to cover yourself from head to toe, but the dress code is on the stricter side when compared to Western countries like those in   Europe   and the   United States .

Does my trip support The Intrepid Foundation?

Yes, all Intrepid trips support the Intrepid Foundation. Trips to this country directly support our global Intrepid Foundation partners, Eden Reforestation Projects and World Bicycle Relief. Intrepid will double the impact by dollar-matching all post-trip donations made to The Intrepid Foundation.

Eden Reforestation Projects

Eden Reforestation Projects are helping to mitigate climate change by restoring forests worldwide; they also hire locally and create job opportunities within vulnerable communities. Donations from our trips support restoration across planting sites in 10 countries around the globe. Find out more or make a donation World Bicycle Relief

World Bicycle Relief provides people in low-income communities with bicycles to mobilize school kids, health workers, and farmers in far-out areas – giving them access to vital education, healthcare, and income. Donations help provide Buffalo Bicycles – specifically designed to withstand the rugged terrain and harsh environment of rural regions – to those who need them most. Find out more or make a donation


Jordan Select Tours & DMC

Expect the Exceptional

Jordan Tours and Holiday Packages

Jordan tours company profile.

Jordan Select Tours is an independent professional destination management company (DMC), Jordan tour operator and conference organiser founded in 1994. Our mission is to provide every client with the best product and service possible, combined with professionalism, integrity and value, in a framework of responsible tourism. Through our long history, we have earned the trust of our clients by offering them quality services, honest advice and the support they required in Jordan.

Jordan & Petra Tours, Home, Select.jo

Jordan classic tours

Independent tours, jordan tours, experience unmatched tourism services.

We can offer you some of the most creative, best valued, tailor-made tours in Jordan. We strive to understand your requirements and demonstrate our love for our country by showing it to you in its true and authentic state. As a responsible Jordan tour operator, we believe that a tour of Jordan should be an experience that goes beyond the superficial, by exposing the incredible history of this ancient land, its friendly and hospitable people, and its unique nature.

Meetings & Incentives

Incentives that impress.

We create special incentives that surpass your expectations, using Jordan’s monuments as dramatic backdrops to your events. We also maintain one of the most accomplished Jordan MICE Portfolios , having produced many successful meetings and incentives programs over the years for international clients. Our clients know that we are unmatched when it comes to our creativity, delivery and competitive services.

Jordan & Petra Tours, Home, Select.jo

Get inspiration from our trip ideas

Jordan & Petra Tours, Select.jo

8 Days/ 7 Nights- The Grand Jordan Tour

Jordan continues to excite its visitors, offering them insights into its rich history and incredible natural and manmade wonders. Come and discover it with us on this private tour, which exposes Jordan’s riches from north to south. All of our tours can be customised to your particular requirements, adding elements of surprise and interest as required.

5 Days/ 4 Nights- Jordan Explorer Tour

Discover the highlights of Jordan’s world-class sites on this private five day tour, exploring the main attractions, including Amman’s bustling markets and the enchanting south of Jordan, where you will visit Petra as well as Wadi Rum. All of our tours are led either by guides or professional drivers that know the country inside out and are familiar with all of its attractions.

Jordan & Petra Tours, Select.jo

7 Days/ 6 Nights- Jordan Discovery Tour

See the best of Jordan’s sights in seven days with this private tour. After exploring Jerash, the best-preserved Roman city outside of Rome, you’ll get to visit the towns of Salt, Madaba, Mount Nebo and the ancient city of Petra, as well as Wadi Rum and the lowest point on Earth, the Dead Sea. This is a balanced tour of Jordan that covers its history and culture.

Why choose Jordan Select Tours?

Jordan & Petra Tours, Select.jo

Professionalism and experience

Jordan & Petra Tours, Select.jo

Service-oriented and creative staff

Jordan & Petra Tours, Select.jo

Competitive and attractive pricing

Jordan & Petra Tours, Select.jo

Solid market reputation

Latest news and events.

Jordan & Petra Tours, Home, Select.jo

Unveil a Unique Jordan Vacation Experience

Jordan & Petra Tours, Home, Select.jo

10 Interesting Facts About the Dead Sea: A Salty Marvel at the Earth’s Lowest Elevation

Jordan & Petra Tours, Home, Select.jo

Unveiling the Mystique of Petra and Jordan: A Comprehensive Journey Through History, Wonders, and Local Charm with Petra Tours

What clients say about our services.

“ I (and the whole group) would like to thank you for the tour you organised for us in Jordan. Everything was ok, a very good guide, superb hotels, a fine program, good assistance at the airport, a beautiful country and very kind people. We will recommend your organisation by our friends who want to visit Jordan! ” Charlotte, Belgium
“ I just returned and I must say that you company did a fabulous job at putting the tour together. What an incredible place, Jordan. My driver, Ebad, made Jordan come to life. He is to be commended and you are very lucky to have him on your team! Please say hello for me when you see him. Again, thank you so much! ” Donna, UK
“ Thank you so much for taking care of my friend Clair and her husband a couple weeks ago. They gave rave reviews about your company’s performance and specifically mentioned how helpful and professional you are. I am sure she will refer more people from the UK to you for your excellent service. ” Sincerely, Neal, UK

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Inspired By Maps

The 6 Best Jordan Tours For Unforgettable Adventures That Are Achievable & Affordable

Posted on Last updated: October 13, 2023

Categories Tours , Jordan , Middle East

The 6 Best Jordan Tours For Unforgettable Adventures That Are Achievable & Affordable

Expert travel storyteller Jordan Adkins, founder of InspiredByMaps.com, brings a decade of adventures across 101 countries and 450+ UNESCO sites into rich, off-the-beaten-path narratives, melding ecological expertise with genuine, seasoned travel insights.

Strategically situated in the Middle East and often referred to as the Hashemite Kingdom, Jordan has a variety of landscapes and is one of the best countries for travelers to explore. Jordan is bordered by Israel and the Palestinian National Authority to the west, Syria to the north, Iraq to the northeast, and Saudi Arabia to the east and south.

The country is 89,213 square kilometers, with desert making up about 75% of its area. The Dead Sea, located 408 meters below sea level, is found in Jordan and is regarded as the lowest location on Earth. Jebel Umm El Dami, which is 1854 meters above sea level, is the highest point in Jordan, in comparison.

Jordan is a country rich in history, Some of the first settlements and villages in human history were settled here, and remnants of many of the world’s greatest civilizations may still be found today.

The country has functioned as a vital hub linking Asia, Africa, and Europe. Since the beginning of civilization, Jordan has played a significant role as a commercial and communication route connecting north, south, east, and west thanks to its geographic location. Jordan still fulfills this function now. 

 Jordan is home to many religious and historical sites, including Petra, Mount Nebo, Jerash, and more. Most people travel to Jordan to discover its history.

The capital, Amman, is in the northwest of the country. Amman is where many tourists start their Jordanian journey and where some say, “The magic happens.” Jordan is a desirable destination due to its topography, political stability, world-class hospitality, rich history, and intriguing culture.

best tour operators in Jordan - best Jordan tour package - best tours in Jordan - best tour companies in Jordan - best Jordan tours

Jordan’s national economy depends heavily on tourism. It is the second-biggest employment in the private sector, the second-highest creator of foreign exchange, and the largest export sector in the Kingdom. Tourism in Jordan generates more than $800 million in revenue each year. Jordan’s most popular tourist attractions include several historical landmarks like Petra, its distinctive desert castles, and its cultural and religious monuments.

Planning a trip to Jordan is an exciting experience for everyone involved. Jordan is well known for its beauty and breathtaking scenery. It’s also well known for its intense history. Many travelers flock to Jordan to discover its ancient religious history. Some come to discover Petra, Wadi Rum, or the Dead Sea. When looking to travel to Jordan, booking an organized tour is important.

This is so important because it is difficult to get from one site to the next. Each popular site is quite far away from the other, and there isn’t much in terms of transportation to connect everything. It can also be exciting to learn about the country through the eyes of a local guide and get the insight you may have never gained if you went independently. With that being said, it is vital to book a multiday tour.

All the logistics, long car rides, and planning can be left to the experts, and you can travel with peace of mind knowing everything is already arranged for you. So without further adieu, let’s look at the top six multiday best Jordan tours.

best tour operators in Jordan - best Jordan tour package - best tours in Jordan - best tour companies in Jordan - best Jordan tours

Page Contents

Jordan Multisport

One week in jordan, jordan jewels – 8 days, short trip to jordan – group tour, jordan experience (classic, summer, base, 7 days), unforgettable jordan, g adventures.

Jordan is well known for its ancient past, but it also has a rather interesting present. While Petra and Wadi Rum’s nature has long attracted tourists, Jordan’s rugged majesty has remained a well-kept secret, known only to the most daring adventurers.

Explore the Dana Biosphere Reserve, descend the gorges to the Dead Sea, and trek the rocky slopes to remote communities along the routes close to Ajloun. Discover for yourself why Jordan is a diamond in the rough, just waiting to be explored!

On this eight-day tour, you’ll start and end in Amman. With 7 cities to explore within Jordan, you will have a chance to see most of the top sites within the country. Accommodation, meals, transportation, and an expert guide are completely included in this multi-day tour. Here is your tour and what you would spend each day doing. 

Day One: Arrive in Amman.

Day Two: Head north to the Ajloun Nature Reserve for a half day of trekking. Transfer up to Ajloun, passing through areas surrounded by woodland, olive groves, and strong oak trees. 

Day Three: Spend the morning hiking and wading through streams in Wadi Mujib before enjoying a float in the famous Dead Sea. There is also the option to visit the site of Jesus’ baptism.

Day Four: Visit the Dana Biosphere Reserve, Transfer to Petra for the night, and opt to pay a late-night visit to Petra to observe the site illuminated by candlelight.

Day Five: Trek through gorges and canyons from Little Petra to the main Rocky City of Petra, where you’ll have an organized tour.

Day Six: Enjoy a free morning exploring Petra before continuing to Wadi Rum. Continue by 4×4 to a Bedouin desert camp in the Deisah desert.

Day Seven: Visit a G Adventures-supported community for a bike ride and traditional lunch before going back to Amman.

Day Eight: Depart at any time.

Enjoy one of the hidden gems of Arabia on this eight-day tour to see the country’s highlights. You’ll see the world-famous site of Petra, the desert of Wadi Rum, and much more. This particular tour is offered by G-Adventures, a world-renowned tour operator dedicated to giving tourists the most authentic experience possible with their expert guides and carefully planned itineraries for every time.

You can count on G-Adventures to provide you with a memorable vacation that will change you for the better. This is one of the best tours of Jordan and one you should consider while choosing the perfect tour for you. 

Jordan Multisport G Adventures - best tour operators in Jordan

Intrepid Travel

Welcome to the Middle East’s best defiance of tradition; it’s modest, safe, and unexpected. Start your Jordanian vacation in Amman, then continue to Wadi Rum, the ancient ruins of Petra, swim in the Dead Sea, and then visit the city of Madaba.

Your seven-day adventure takes you to the best locations in Jordan and allows you enough time to explore the rich history, culture, and tasty cuisine the country is famous for. Start your journey in Amman and end there too. You’ll explore five Jordanian cities with all amenities included, like a professional guide, meals, transportation, accommodation, and much more. Here is a look at your full itinerary for this tour. 

Day One: Arrive in Amman and meet your guide.

Day Two: This morning, take a tour with your leader around Amman, beginning at the hilltop Citadel. After lunch, drive for 4 hours to Wadi Rum.

Day Three: Go on a jungle safari through Lawrence Spring and on to Wadi Rum.

Day Four: Take a two-hour drive to Petra to fully explore the site for the day.

Day Five: Day two to explore Petra!

Day Six: Swim in the Dead Sea on the way to Madaba. 

Day Seven: After breakfast, your tour ends here in Madaba. You can either continue exploring or take a taxi back to Amman, to the airport. 

Enjoy some of the key sites of Jordan on this one-week tour through the beautiful middle eastern nation. Enjoy first-class food, accommodation, and hospitality like no other. Jordan will be one of your favorite countries; rest assured.

Intrepid Travel offers this tour. This tour operator’s number one goal is to give travelers a true look into each country they travel to. Intrepid offers three different travel options, including basic, original, and comfortable. Itineraries are designed with the ideal mix of must-see attractions and free time to explore.

Although the travel industry has evolved, its goal has not changed: to transform how people view the world through environmentally friendly, richly rewarding travel. This tour has an overall rating of 4.3 out of five stars and is considered one of the best tours in Jordan. 

One Week in Jordan Intrepid Travel - best tour operators in Jordan

Vacations To Go Travel

Take in the spectacular desert beauty of Wadi Rum while dining, exploring historic sites, and spending the night in a Bedouin tent. Enjoy Petra’s breathtaking beauty and interesting history while having the opportunity to unwind in the healing Dead Sea. Travelers with limited time who wants to experience the hues, culture, and history of an adventurous country should consider this eight-day trip.

You’ll start and end your journey in Amman on this tour. With eight full days to explore Jordan, you can be sure to see some of the top sights quickly. This tour includes lodging, meals, transportation, an expert guide, and more. Here is a chance to visualize your week in the beautiful middle eastern country of Jordan.

Day One: Arrive at Queen Alia International Airport in Amman.

Day Two: accompanied tour of the ancient Roman settlement of Jerash, followed by a trip to the Dead Sea.

Day Three: Visit the mosaics at Madaba in the morning, then proceed to Wadi Musa for the evening. 

Day Four: Get there early to see the famous Petra. Take part in a guided walking tour with a local tour guide before choosing to hike to the top of the Treasury with an optional visit to Petra by night.

Day Five: Before heading to Wadi Rum, take part in an optional visit to Little Petra in the morning. Enjoy a traditional meal and an overnight stay in a Bedouin desert camp.

Day Six: For breathtaking views of the desert, take the option to go on a hot air balloon flight at sunrise. Afterward, make your way to the red sea, where you can go snorkeling, unwind on the beach, or have a leisurely boat ride. 

Day Seven: With some time left over, return to Amman and explore with some flexibility in the morning. Go to the beach for a little longer or leave early.

Day Eight: Departure at any time.

On this tour, you’ll enjoy the most famous sites in Jordan and world-class hospitality and dining options. With a mix of relaxation, freedom, and adventure, you’ll feel a sense of accomplishment, all while making memorable moments with potential new friends. This tour is offered by what’s considered a platinum tour operator, Vacations to Go Travel.

This operator is not only highly rated but award-winning. Vacations to Go Travel organizes breathtaking holidays to the middle east and Europe. In conclusion, You are guaranteed exceptional service and great value for your money. This is absolutely one of the best tours in Jordan.

Jordan Jewels - 8 Days Vacations To Go Travel - best tour operators in Jordan

Locals By Trip500

During this brief tour, you’ll travel throughout Jordan and learn about its history, culture, and people. This will help you connect with the country and make you feel like a native. In Wadi Rum, where you can gaze directly into the Milky Way and float on the saltiest body of water in the world, you can have the unrivaled experience of being in touch with the natural environment while also experiencing the lowest place on Earth.

Find a real Middle Eastern experience here if you know nothing about Jordan. On this tour, you’ll start and end in Amman! This five-day package includes 7 different cities in Jordan, accommodation, a knowledgeable guide, meals, and transportation. Here is a look at your five-day itinerary for this tour! 

Day One: Arrival in Amman.

Day Two: Visit Amman’s Citadel, “Al-Balad,” and the Roman Theatre. Then you will visit Jerash, where you can see remnants of Roman civilizations. Afterward, you’ll be transported to Petra for the night show. 

Day Three: Your Tour Guide will meet you to Explore Petra from 6:30 AM to 12:30 pm with a 2-hour jeep tour of wadi rum. After that time, you’ll head to the Wadi RUm Bedouin Camp and stay overnight.

Day Four: Visit Mount Nebo and take a mosaic tour to Madaba, with a stop at the dead sea.

Day Five: Amman Departure.

Experience the unbelievable beauty of Jordan on this quick, five-day tour through some of the top attractions within the country. With a visit to Petra, the Dead Sea, and Wadi Rum, you will have an adventurous and relaxing holiday, all while seeing one of the seven world wonders of the world and one of the most famous deserts on the planet.

Enjoy world-class hospitality and meet locals. You can consider your new friends as you discover as much as possible in a short time. Enjoy this tour to the fullest, knowing you’re not only traveling with a local tour operator, but you’re also traveling in style!

Trip500 is an Amman-based Jordanian tour company with specialized tours of Jerusalem, the Holy Land, and Jordan. You can count on having an amazing and life-changing experience with Trip500 and in Jordan in general.

Short Trip To Jordan - Group Tour Locals By Trip500 - best tour operators in Jordan

Insight Vacation

Enjoy everything the desert has to offer during this week-long guided tour. To see the Greco-Roman city up close, take a short trip from Amman to Jerash: Investigate the temple ruins of Zeus and Artemis. Climb to Mount Nebo, which is 11,929 feet tall and is one of Jordan’s holiest locations, where Moses once stood to view the Promised Land.

Explore the stronghold of Shobak through its hidden passageways while taking in the surrounding desert, and finally, Visit Petra, a city lost in time and carved from red rocks that is a UNESCO World Heritage Site: Through a canyon, you may reach the city’s elaborate tomb, the Treasury, and its Roman Amphitheatre, which once held thousands of spectators.

Start your journey in Amman and end there too! With a cultural experience like no other, you will enjoy this full seven-day itinerary with seven cities to experience! Accommodation transportation, meals, and a professional guide. Here is your full look at what your tour would consist of and what you would be doing during your one-week holiday to Jordan! 

Day One: Arrive in Amman

Day Two: Exploring Amman and Jerash

Day Three: Madaba, Mount Nebo, Shobak, and Petra

Day Four: Exploring the Lost City of Petra

Day Five: Wadi Rum with the Bedouin

Day Six: Discover Amman.

Day Seven: Depart Amman at any time.

Explore some of the wonders of Jordan on this 7-day tour! It can be considered one of the best tours of Jordan for its jam-packed itinerary and very high ratings. This itinerary is full of activities and things to do. You also have a bit of free time, giving travelers the independence to explore independently. This is crucial as guided tours can get boring if that’s all you do.

This tour is also highly rated among travelers for its organization and knowledgeable guides, and staff who are always willing to help. Insight Vacations operate this tour. Every day is extraordinary when you travel with Insight Vacations. Not only will you visit a place, but you’ll also get to know it and experience its beauty. It’s safe to say this is one of the best tours of Jordan!

Jordan Experience (Classic, Summer, Base, 7 Days) Insight Vacation - best tour operators in Jordan


“Unforgettable” Is how this tour is described, and for very good reason. You’ll visit the top sites in one of the most exotic countries in the world, Jordan. Gain access to the lost city of Petra, where you’ll see the treasury right in front of your very eyes!

Swim in the dead sea and float like a raft in what’s known as the saltiest body of water in the world. If that’s not enough for you, you also get to visit the world-famous desert of Wadi Rum, the set of many famous Hollywood movies and one of the most well-known deserts in the world.

On this tour, you will start and end your journey in the capital of Jordan, Amman. With eight days to discover seven cities in Jordan, you’ll also enjoy luxury accommodations, world-class transportation, delicious meals, an expert guide, and many other amenities. Here is a look at your day-to-day itinerary for this tour!

Day Two: Travel to the north of Jordan. Discover the Aljun Fortress in the mountains, visit the old Church of Saint Seguis, and continue to Jerash.

Day Three: Depart towards Qasr Kharasa, Then travel to Madaba. Continue to Mount Nebo with free time in the afternoon.

Day Four: We leave for Bethany on the banks of the River Jordan, Then visit the Dead Sea Museum, with a dip in the Dead Sea.

Day Five: Ascend to the historic King´s Road and visit the castle of Karak, the great Crusader Castle, the Moses Spring, and a visit to the Petra Museum. You’ll also see the city of Dana.

Day Six: Start with a trip to Petra and the impressive Wadi Rum. Then you will visit the Nabatean temple and the Khazali Canyon. 

Day Seven: leave for Aqaba, where you can enjoy a free day to explore.

Day Eight: Departure from Amman at any time. 

This tour is perfect for those looking to experience the most popular experience plus. You will share true Jordanian life and understand the country’s biggest tourist attractions, like Petra and Wadi Rum. Offered by Europamundo, this tour can almost be guaranteed to be amazing.

Labeled as a golden tour operator, Europamundo gives each traveler a chance to explore our beautiful planet with the help of their highly skilled crew and employees. It’s their mission to deliver an unforgettable but life-changing experience to each traveler that tours with them.

This is considered one of the best tours in Jordan because it combines world-famous sites with more local activities to give you the best of both worlds when experiencing Jordan. This tour aims to provide you with the full Jordanian experience, which can be very important to some. In conclusion, this is one of the best tours in Jordan. 

Jordan is just one of those countries that radiates magic. From North to South, East to West, the country of Jordan is truly spectacular. From the rich Middle Eastern culture to the ancient sites and intense history, there is always something to discover on your trip to Jordan.

You will be kept in amazement for the entire duration of your stay. These six tours are a complete list of the best tours and tour operators in Jordan. From unique adventures to day trips to Petra, you are guaranteed to have the time of your life. Experience Jordan! Jordan – Yes, it’s Jordan.

Unforgettable Jordan EuropaMundo - best tour operators in Jordan

If none of these tours work for you in Jordan, please do not worry. There is a wide variety of tour options in the country, and we are confident that there will be something that fits your needs and interests.

Take a look at all the group tours in Jordan now , which you can sort by private or group, maximum sizing, budget, dates and much (much more). The team at TourRadar is also always more than happy to answer any questions, provide further information or assist in any way in finding the perfect tour for you.

Worldwide Multi Day Tour Deals

Zaid Tours & Travel | Travel with Confidence | A Zaidco Group Company

  • Company Profile
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  • Testimonials
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Inbound Division

  • Incentive and M.I.C.E.
  • What to Know
  • Leisure and Honeymoon

A Christian Pilgrimage: The Miracle Tour

Adventure nature jordan tour.

  • Classic Cultural Jordan 7 Days

Experience Jordan Tour

Special pilgrimage islamic program, honeymoon jordan.

  • Day Tours from Amman
  • Day Tours from Aqaba & Aqaba Shore Excursions
  • Day Tours from Dead Sea
  • Day Tours from Petra
  • Day Tours from Wadi Rum
  • Tours from South Wadi Araba Border Crossing
  • Jordan Pass Multi Day Tours
  • Jordan Pass Small Group Tours
  • Small Group Tours
  • Private Multi Day Tours

best tour operators to jordan

Zaid Tours & Travel - ZTT

Zaid Tours & Travel is the most reliable Travel Company in the Middle East. Headquartered in Amman – Jordan, the company is organized into three core divisions:

Airline Representation Division

Retail division.

best tour operators to jordan

Jordan Travel Packages

Find the best travel itineraries for Jordan’s cultural and religious tour packages to combine with the Holy Land, Egypt, Turkey, and UAE or more!  Be inspired by this wonderful beautiful destination. We can also customize special program visits to tailor make your itinerary based on your travel needs and requirements

best tour operators to jordan

Classic Cultural Jordan

6 nights 7 days.

best tour operators to jordan

4 Nights 5 Days

best tour operators to jordan

7 Nights 8 Days

best tour operators to jordan

8 Nights 9 Days

best tour operators to jordan


Zaid Tours & Travel is a Leading, Experienced, Professional Travel Agent and Local DMC – Destination Management Company in Amman – Jordan.

We are one of the most reliable tour operators, who offer unique program visit itineraries in Jordan with value for money service and commitment to excellence.

Values and Philosophy

Our experience, punctuality, what travellers say about us, american tourist.

“We have never felt this safe in any other country as we did here in Jordan. Everyone is extremely friendly, respectful, helpful, and willing to share their rich country with you”.

Canadian Tourist

“Zaid Tours and Travel is a customized, flexible, and specialized Travel Agent and Tour Operator; different and highly qualified with great prices and services for all, making of our trip a great unforgettable experience. A memory we will always keep and share with everyone”.

Spanish Tourist

“What Jordan has No Other Country has”.

French Tourist

“During our trip we have made from every moment life, and from life a unique moment”.

German Tourist

“Jordan is a place for everyone: family, kids, teens, friends, and especial occasions like honeymoon, anniversaries, and birthday celebrations”.

English Tourist

“This trip has been an unforgettable experience”.

Hong Kong Tourist

“Our trip to Jordan and the Middle East has made us change our (what if) with (why not)”.

Mexican Tourist

“Jordan meets pilgrims, tourists, and students from every country in the world joining religion, culture, adventure, and health tourism in one”.

Argentinean Tourist

“Jordan, the heart of the Middle East is a must”

Brazil Tourist

“In Jordan there is something for you. You are away from home yet it feels like home”.


Have any questions contact us, + 962 79 563 5222, + 962 6 4622197, + 962 79 599 2394.

best tour operators to jordan

[email protected]

[email protected], [email protected], [email protected].

Select tour A Christian Pilgrimage: The Miracle Tour Adventure Nature Jordan Tour Classic Cultural Jordan Experience Jordan Tour Honeymoon Jordan Special Pilgrimage Islamic Program Honeymoon Jordan Custom Trip for you Number of persons 1 2 3 4 5 6+ Name* Mail* Phone number* Additional info

Any questions related to Home?

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Sherazade Travel

  • Jordan Highlight Plus 5 DAYS AND 4 NIGHTS
  • Jordan Highlights 5 DAYS AND 4 NIGHTS
  • Jordan Classic Tour 7 DAYS AND 6 NIGHTS
  • Glance Of Jordan 4 DAYS AND 3 NIGHTS
  • Petra Weekend Tour 3 DAYS AND 2 NIGHTS
  • Biblical Jordan 8 DAYS AND 7 NIGHTS
  • Jordan Beauty 9 DAYS AND 8 NIGHTS
  • Jordan & Jerusalem Tour 8 DAYS AND 7 NIGHTS
  • Jordan Culture Tour 6 DAYS AND 5 NIGHTS
  • Jordan Classic Plus 8 Days And 7 Nights
  • Jordan’s Treasure 4 Days And 3 Nights
  • Tailor Made Tour Craft Your Private Trip
  • Day Trips and Excursions Tours
  • Self Driving - Car Rental
  • Desert Castles
  • Baptism Site
  • Dana & Feynan
  • General Information ONBOARDING ,TRAVEL TIPS, FAQ
  • Hotels & Accommodation Hotels & Accommodation
  • Jordan Weather and Climate Weather & Climate in Jordan


Most popular programs.

Jordan Highlight Plus

Jordan Highlight Plus

Special Tour of Jordan with overnight in Amman, Petra, Wadi Rum in Deluxe tent and at Dead Sea Resort.

is a truly unique experience not to be missed

  • Day 1: Arrival at APT – Transfer to Hotel
  • Day 2: Amman – Madaba – Mt. Nebo – Kerak Caste – Petra
  • Day 3: Full day visit of Petra – Wadi Rum
  • Day 4: Wadi Rum ( ca. 2 h Jeep Tour ) – Dead Sea
  • Day 5: Dead Sea – APT Amman

3 Stars Hotel 635 $ per person 4 Stars Hotel 720 $ per person 5 Stars Hotel upon request Minimum participation 2 persons Supplement for full of stars tent/Martian tent in Wadi Rum is 75 USD /Person ( minimum 2 persons p. tent ) 

Jordan Highlights

Jordan Highlights

Jordan Classic Tour

Jordan Classic Tour

Glance Of Jordan

Glance Of Jordan

Petra Weekend Tour


Jordan & Jerusalem Tour

Jordan & Jerusalem Ture

Jordan Culture Tour

Jordan Culture Tour

Biblical Jordan

Biblical Jordan

Jordan Beauty

Jordan Beauty

Holidays without borders

sherazade travel visitor

Blogs & Activities








Welcome to Jordan

In the heart of Amman What sets us apart Comprehensive travel knowledge, personal service and trust are our strengths, for quality we stand with our name. These are just three of many good reasons to choose Sherazade travel agency. As part of our exclusive quality program, we measure our services and constantly improve our know-how in order to provide you with comprehensive, competent advice during travel bookings. The extensive quality program includes trainings, conferences and info tours, as well as performances at various trade fairs. This makes us a competent contact and specialist in the field of Jordan travel. Today’s customer would also like to have the opportunity to be advised competently and to book his wish holiday outside the opening hours. Our goal is to provide the customer with the best possible service in terms of service and quality.


Sherazade Travel and Tourism will be your initially decision for unique private tours through Jordan. You are always welcome to contact us no matter if you are voyaging on your own or even in a small group, be sure you will recieve perfect offer for your excursion with this delightful country. 

best tour operators to jordan

Best Jordan Luxury Tour Companies

Search 83 Jordan tour operators and travel companies, with 1,012 reviews.


Featured Jordan Trips

Memphis Tours

Memphis Tours

Insight Vacations

Insight Vacations

Charlie The Traveler

Charlie The Traveler

Health Safety

Why Jordan Tours

Why Jordan Tours

Avalon Waterways

Avalon Waterways

Wilderness Travel

Wilderness Travel

Odysseys Unlimited

Odysseys Unlimited

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Want Expeditions

Want Expeditions

HE Travel


Lion World Travel

Lion World Travel

Holy Land Tours Travel

Holy Land Tours Travel

Affordable Tours

Affordable Tours

Active Adventures

Active Adventures

World’s Ultimate Luxury Travels

World’s Ultimate Luxury Travels

Lakani World Tours

Lakani World Tours

Classic Escapes

Classic Escapes

Africa Answers

Africa Answers

22 match your criteria (1 - 20 shown)

best tour operators to jordan

View Jordan trips

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Jordan Reviews & Ratings

Hidden treasures of jordan.

An extremely comprehensive but whirlwind tour of Jordan. A lot of time spent on the coach between destinations and physical activity ranged from almost none on mos...

This adventure exceeded my expectations. The Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan offers a huge variety of different landscapes and activities for the traveller. Its histor...

A terrific trip!

This trip is great! The varied itinerary explores all the major attractions of Jordan, its fascinating history and culture as well as the lovely landscape and, if ...

A safe country with a lot of history and a great guide

Well organised by Exodus and our local guide "Eddie". Full and active days with no wasted time; be prepared for early starts to get to sites before other groups. ...

A fantastic trip

A great tour. It covers so many places and sites; we felt we’d seen as much of the country as we possibly could in the time. 1. The desert trip to Wadi Rum was simp...

See all Jordan reviews

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The best tour operators in Jordan! - Jordan Private Tours and Travel

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  • Jordan Private Tours and Travel

The best tour operators in Jordan!

My family and I took a 4 day trip to Jordan in April. It was truly an experience of a lifetime thanks to our driver, Hassan Al Khateb who was very sweet and helpful to us and Mustafa who I would rate as the absolute best and most helpful tour guide we have ever come across. He didn't force or push us to do any activity that we were not up to. A cherry on top is the fact that Mustafa is an excellent photographer and is also very knowledgeable about his country. all thanks to him and his team, our trip went amazing. The best part was truly the Al Mujib Siq trail and the night camp to Wadi Rum where Mustafa made us look through the telescope to see the moon and jupiter. Highly recommended service if you visit Jordan!

I booked a day tour with Jordan private tours and travel day tours to visit Petra. The online booking process was super easy and very professional. 25% of the total fee was charged upfront as deposit and email confirmations were provided almost immediately. In a few hours they confirmed the name of the person who would pick me up. The rest of the fees was to be paid directly to the driver. Mahmoud picked me up from my hotel in Amman and was super fun to hang out with. They provided me with a nice air-conditioned car and I had no language issues with Mahmoud. Their day trip to Petra is very 'solo traveler' friendly. Once at Petra - Mahmoud took care of everything from tickets to arranging for a tour guide on site. He patiently waited for me to compete the hike around Petra (4-5 hours) and was there to pick me up from the visitor's center and dropped me back to my hotel. Overall, I had a great time and absolutely enjoyed Mahmoud's choice of Arabic and German music. Thanks buddy !

My three days tour was just amazing and went very smoothly all thanks to Mustafa. He is very professional, organized, knowledgeable and caring person. If you like to know new people, please do not hesitate to club your tour with other groups.

It was my first trip to Jordon and it could not have been made any more comfortable than what Mustafa and his team had made it for us. They are transparent, honest, flexible, well spoken and most of all know their business inside out. They will never take you for a ride or push you to do activities which you might not think are worthwhile. I would highly recommend their services if you are visiting Jordon. One thing which could make the tour a notch more interesting is choosing another place instead of "OH Beach" for dead sea visit.

I booked my trip a month in advance through Jordan Private Tours, and kid you not , they are possibly the best travel operators in the country I believe. To start with, their knowledge and itineraries are a proof of the fact they know their work pretty well. Not only that as women (2) travelers we were looked after with special attention. Booking through JPT was not only convenient and efficient but also value for money. We made the best out of six days we had and enjoyed like crazy. They made sure we were given an dedicated driver ( his name was Nidal) who was not only our guide but also guardian. He made us feel so comfortable and so safe that it was unbelievable. He absolutely loves his job and does it with all his heart. That was the cherry on our cake. He was so nice, funny yet so respectful towards us that the trip felt like a complete package. So all you single women travelers, go for it and you will not regret it. Our well planned and well thought itinerary allowed us to do best of Jordan and enjoy to the fullest. They provide Service in real sense and not to forget value for the money. JPT team is professional and dedicated. We were very lucky that we chose them. Don't look around, forget searching and comparing just drop them an email and you are sorted. Go for it !

Upon short notice and with very little time to play with, I made enquiries in regards to the possibility of getting to Petra from Amman and back in a day. Most companies offer tours with a minimum of 3 days. Thankfully "Jordan Private Tours and Travel Day Tours" offered exactly what we wanted. We were picked up from our hotel by the kindest and most helpful driver. He proceeded to safely transport us to the fabled city of Petra. Along the way he identified other historic sites and informed us of many uniquely Jordanian things. He bent over backwards to accommodate our every need. Our visit to Petra was truly amazing. Our driver had given us a brief on what to do and what not to do. His guidance was relevant and very helpful. I look forward to visiting Jordan again and we will once again employ the services of "Jordan Private Tours and Travel Day Tours"

Best Tour Operator In Jordan


Jordan Petra Wadi Rum Articles Dead Sea Jerash Ruins

June 6, 2022 / October 4, 2023 by Jordan MW Tours Company

Jordan Tour Operator Travel to Jordan with Exploring Tourism for the best possible travel experience. The Jordanian tour operator cooperates with the best and most experienced travel agents to provide you with the perfect and customized tour package. Whether you’re a solo traveler or traveling as a group, at Jordan MW Tours we’ll make your trip unforgettable. Whether you are planning to travel to Jordan or beyond, Jordan MW Tours has the perfect package for you.

best tour operators to jordan

We are a reputable and trustworthy licensed Jordanian travel company founded in 2005 by a group of enthusiastic locals who are highly experienced in providing our clients with exceptional, memorable and unrivaled trips to the breathtaking Holy Land, Jerusalem and Jordan. As a result, we are one of Jordan’s most recommended travel companies for the best travel in Jordan and the best tour operator in Jordan with a very high ranking among the most reputable companies in the country. As one of Jordan’s most trusted tour operators, we strive to maintain a high level of service.

best tour operators to jordan

As a member of the Jordanian Society of Tourism and Travel Agents (JSTA), we pride ourselves on providing luxurious and relaxing accommodations and the opportunity to experience authentic Middle Eastern culture. Jordan Tracks also specializes in full Jordan tour management , taking care of your travel, accommodation and excellent itinerary from arrival to departure. We have been organizing individual holidays in Jordan since 2002 and we are one of the first tour operators in Petra .

Stargazing experience in Wadi Rum

Jordan MW Tourism Petra Tours is one of the leading inbound tourism companies in Jordan, representing major tour companies from Europe, the Far East, the US and Canada. The company also represents major international insurance companies serving travelers from all over the world. Today, Atlas Tours ranks among Jordan’s leading tour operators, offering unforgettable experiences to thousands of travelers every year.

best tour operators to jordan

I booked my trip a month in advance through Jordan Private Tours and no kidding, they are possibly the best tour operators in the country in my opinion. First, the knowledge and itineraries of Jordan Private Tours are proof that they know their job well.

Dead Sea Resort - Jordan

The Dead Sea, located in the Middle East between Jordan and Israel, is renowned for its unique properties and purported health benefits. While some of these benefits are anecdotal and not scientifically proven, there are several aspects of the Dead Sea that are believed to have potential health advantages:

  • Mineral-Rich Water: The Dead Sea is one of the saltiest bodies of water in the world, with a salinity level about 10 times higher than that of regular seawater. It’s also rich in minerals like magnesium, calcium, potassium, and bromide. These minerals are believed to have therapeutic effects on the skin and overall health.
  • Skin Conditions: Many people with skin conditions such as psoriasis, eczema, and acne visit the Dead Sea region seeking relief. The minerals and unique composition of the Dead Sea water and mud are thought to have a soothing and healing effect on the skin. Some individuals experience temporary improvements in their skin conditions after spending time in the area.
  • Respiratory Health: The Dead Sea’s low elevation and high atmospheric pressure may have a positive effect on respiratory conditions like asthma. The clean air and low allergen levels in the region can be beneficial for those with respiratory issues.
  • Rheumatologic Conditions: Some people with conditions like rheumatoid arthritis and osteoarthritis believe that the buoyancy provided by the high salt concentration in the Dead Sea can alleviate joint pain and improve mobility. The minerals in the water may also have anti-inflammatory properties.
  • Relaxation and Stress Reduction: The tranquil environment and the experience of floating effortlessly in the buoyant waters of the Dead Sea can promote relaxation and stress reduction, which can have indirect benefits on overall health and well-being.
  • Exfoliation and Detoxification: The Dead Sea mud is often used as a natural exfoliant and is believed to help remove dead skin cells, toxins, and impurities from the skin. This can lead to smoother, healthier-looking skin.

Wadi Mujib Siq Trail

Some Jordan tours are for families, while others are for younger or budget travelers, and some offer private luxury itineraries and fully customized options. Because booking a Jordan tour package is a unique experience when you visit Petra , Jerash, Amman, Madaba, Mount Nebo, Wadi Rum and the Dead Sea, I have compared some of the big names on the tour. industry as well as some local options and how to book the best private tours if you want to go that route. Our travel packages have been carefully designed to showcase Jordan’s most incredible tourist attractions as well as the richness of Jordan’s ancient history.

Rock Climbing in Wadi Rum

ENJOY JORDAN TOURS is focused on high quality service, personalized service and the opportunity to learn and understand the culture of Jordan. Enjoy Jordan Tours is owned and operated by respected native-speaking guides of all languages ​​who have years of experience in tours of all kinds.

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Unveiling the Enchantment: Explore the Magic of Wadi Rum – A Desert Oasis, Embark on an extraordinary journey as we delve into the allure of Wadi Rum, a mesmerizing desert oasis nestled in the heart of Jordan. Introduction: Embark on an extraordinary journey as we delve into the allure of Wadi Rum, a mesmerizing desert […]


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Jordan & Jerusalem Tour

Jerusalem Trip From GCC.

Jordan Trip Package

Jordan Trip Package

Jordan Group Tour

Jordan Group Tour

Jer+Beth+Jo Tour

Jerusalem, Bethlehem & Jordan

Jordan Holiday Package

Jordan Holiday Package

Trip to Jordan

Trip To Jordan

Why book with us.


Best Prices By a Local Tour Company


100% Satisfied Clients


Deposit Only 20% And The Rest is Due Upon Arrival

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Thank you Trip 500 for arranging our tour package! Your service is superbly excellent, from accommodating our inquiries and requests, to assistance in the immigration, to friendly tour guide and most importantly to comfortable and perfect selections of hotels.

best tour operators to jordan

Thank God for this opportunity to visit Jordan, what a beautiful place. Petra was an amazing and mysterious place to visit. Thanks to Trip 500 for organising it, I enjoyed the group with my friends and colleagues. Thanks to Khalid the tour guide and Mahmoud.

best tour operators to jordan

My experience in Jordan went way beyond my expectations. This travel agency knows the right people in the right places! Our itinerary was tailored to meet my specific requirements which includes a limited time and budget in Jordan. They have certainly given me the best tour in Jordan and I highly recommend them. Thanks to Dana and Jamal for your patience and effort in letting me experience the real Jordanian culture.

best tour operators to jordan


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best tour operators to jordan

In 2003, as a group of passionate local tourism professionals, we decided to take a look at our beloved Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan’s tourism offerings. What we saw was a treasure trove of historical wonders, cultural riches, and unparalleled beauty.

What we also saw was a rapidly changing global tourism industry, with an increasingly complex array of challenges and opportunities that were becoming increasingly difficult for local tour operators to manage alone. This was true everywhere, but especially in the MENA region.

To alleviate these challenges and make the best out of the available opportunities, thus allow Jordan’s vibrant tourism industry to thrive, we established the Jordan Inbound Tour Operators Association (JITOA), an organization that links all the various players in the tourism value chain, with the goal of supporting the growth, sustainability, and adaptability of the Kingdom’s inbound tourism sector.

We provide tour operators and other associates with the knowledge, resources, and support they need to stand out in an increasingly competitive market, while simultaneously elevating the standards and services provided to inbound tourists and visitors.

JITOA Strategic Pillars:

  • Advocacy and Lobbying
  • Capacity Building and Training
  • Membership Services
  • Corporate Social Responsibility

best tour operators to jordan

Follow us on

Copyright @ JITOA 2019, All Rights Reserved.

best tour operators to jordan

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Best Tour Operators in Jordan

Xplore jordan.

Xplore Jordan

Peace Bird Tours



Why Jordan Tours

Why Jordan Tours

Golden Horses Travel

Golden Horses Travel

Wadi Rum Bubble

Wadi Rum Bubble

Golden Holiday Tours

Golden Holiday Tours



Adam Travel Jordan

Adam Travel Jordan

Daoud Travel & Tourism

Daoud Travel & Tourism

Raami Tours



Map Tours & Events - DMC Jordan

Map Tours & Events - DMC Jordan

La Beduina Tours

La Beduina Tours


Abd alkreem aladoos, abd alraheem idrees, abd alhameed alrwashdeh, abd alghani saed alnoneh, filter by city.

  • Ar-Ramtha 0
  • Al-Kutaifah 0
  • Al-Matabbah 0
  • Al-Muwaqqar 0

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AFC Asian Cup 2023: Teams qualifying for round of 16 - full list

The top two teams from each group and four best third-placed teams made it to the knockouts in Qatar. Know all the teams qualified for the AFC Asian Cup 2023 round of 16.

AFC Asian Cup 2023 Qatar

The round-of-16 stage at the AFC Asian Cup 2023 in Qatar begins on Sunday (January 28).

As per the competition format, the 24 men’s football teams competing at the Qatar Asian Cup were divided into six groups - Group A to F - for the group phase.

AFC Asian Cup 2023 groups and teams

Group A: Qatar, People's Republic of China, Tajikistan, Lebanon

Group B: Australia, Uzbekistan, Syria, India

Group C: Iran, United Arab Emirates, Hong Kong China, Palestine

Group D: Japan, Indonesia, Iraq, Vietnam

Group E: Republic of Korea, Malaysia, Jordan, Bahrain

Group F: Saudi Arabia, Thailand, Kyrgyzstan, Oman

Teams in each group faced each other once in a single-headed round-robin format and the top two teams from each group qualified directly for the AFC Asian Cup 2023 round of 16 .

Hosts and reigning champions Qatar were the first team to make the cut for the knockout stage with back-to-back wins over Lebanon and Tajikistan. Qatar defeated the People’s Republic of China in their final match to top Group A.

Besides the top two from each group, the four best third-placed teams across all the groups also made the final 16. The teams were ranked as per the following criteria - points, goals scored, disciplinary points - in descending order of importance.

AFC Asian Cup 2023: Teams qualified for round of 16

Afc asian cup 2023 round of 16 schedule.

January 28, Sunday

Group B 1st (Australia) vs Third-place Group D (Indonesia)

Group A 2nd (Tajikistan) vs Group C 2nd (UAE)

January 29, Monday

Group D 1st (Iraq) vs Third-place Group E (Jordan)

Group A 1st (Qatar) vs Third-place Group C (Palestine)

January 30, Tuesday

Group B 2nd (Uzbekistan) vs Group F 2nd (Thailand)

Group F 1st (Saudi Arabia) vs Group E 2nd (South Korea)

January 31, Wednesday

Group E 1st (Bahrain) vs Group D 2nd (Japan)

Group C 1st (Iran) vs Third-place Group B (Syria)

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AFC Asian Cup 2023: All scores, results and standings - full list

AFC Asian Cup 2023: All scores, results and standings - full list

AFC Asian Cup 2023 top scorer: Race to the Golden Boot

AFC Asian Cup 2023 top scorer: Race to the Golden Boot

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Amsterdam Centraal station is set to undergo renovations.

A six month suspension of services will no longer take place as the rail operator has found a solution to Amsterdam station works.

Eurostar will continue to run its direct service from London to Amsterdam this summer. 

It was originally expected to suspend the service for six months starting in June, down from the year's suspension that had been originally feared. 

The route will be affected by renovation work at Amsterdam Centraal station which will reduce the space available for carrying out post-Brexit security checks.

But the international rail operator says it has now found a solution to the part-closure of the station. 

Why are Eurostar’s Amsterdam-London trains being suspended?

During the works at Amsterdam Centraal, there will be a lack of space to complete passport and luggage checks for Eurostar’s London service. It would make post-Brexit security checks on the Amsterdam to London route difficult to carry out.

Dutch Railways had said that plans to temporarily relocate security facilities hadn't worked out. 

But now three services a day - reduced from four - will run between London to Amsterdam. 

  • Are Boeing 737 Max planes safe? This travel agent lets you exclude them from search results
  • Long queues and scams: Will the new EU entry system cause border chaos?

Passengers returning to London will have to change at Brussels where security and passport checks will take place. This change will add 48 minutes to an hour and 48 minutes to the journey as UK-bound services cross the border. 

The reduced service starts on 14 June and will last for six months until the new cross-channel terminal comes into operation. 

"We will ensure the continuity of the direct London-Amsterdam link. From Amsterdam and Rotterdam to London, passengers will be able to travel by Eurostar with a connection, with a choice of up to 8 routes," Eurostar chief executive Gwendoline Cazenave said. 

"The construction of a new terminal is vital for passengers, who will be able to increase their numbers significantly when it opens.

What are the alternatives for travel between Amsterdam and London?

The reduced service and delay on the  Amsterdam  to London route could see passengers turn to flights to make the journey.

“I am aware that this outcome has a negative impact on the passengers and the ambition to replace short-haul flights with trains,” Vivianne Heijnen, Minister for the Environment, previously said when the planned suspension was in place. 

Amsterdam Centraal can currently process up to 250 passengers per train for Eurostar’s service to London.

Passengers travelling to London from Amsterdam and Rotterdam during the suspension will need to connect in Brussels. However, this station has a lower capacity of 160, which could make things more difficult. 

  • Europe's travel strikes: Flight and train disruption you can expect in January and February
  • Romania and Bulgaria will enter the Schengen zone in 2024. What will change for travellers?

The works at Amsterdam Centraal are set to improve comfort, safety and connectivity for passengers, according to Heijnen. A longer-term plan seeks to move the international terminal to Amsterdam Zuid, south of the city, by 2036.

How has Eurostar been impacted by Brexit?

Last year, Eurostar ended its services from London to Disneyland Paris due to Brexit-related red tape.

Since the UK left the European Union, train stations receiving services from London have had to introduce passport and baggage checks. This requires additional staff, time and space in stations.

With the implementation of the EU Entry/Exit System (EES) delayed and limited capacity at terminals across Europe, Eurostar has been rolling back its services from the UK.

In 2022, the operator’s peak capacity dropped by 30 per cent due to Brexit border checks.

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