Attaché: Going Beyond Basics

It’s hard to find a comprehensive guide to a new city. One that dives beneath the surface and offers comprehensive and accessible information to experience what’s not found in tour books. Attache was founded to fill that gap and give the modern traveler content that would keep up with them.

How does Attaché decide on its destinations? Why was Mexico City chosen as the most recent episode? 

Alex Hunter: We want to go anywhere where there’s a story to be discovered and told. We often arrive in a city with an idea of what we want to capture and the narrative we want to build – but almost without exception the city grabs us by the hand and leads us off in a totally different, unexpected, and wonderful new direction. Serendipity is the mother of all tour guides so we spend a lot of time wandering around the city we’re in – we often clock up 40-50km of walking during a shoot – and in doing that the city unfolds before us. The diners, dive bars, and distractions that define a destination are the ones that we’ll never unearth in our pre-trip research, so we let serendipity take us by the hand and lead us on an adventure. And those discoveries, those moments of stumbling across a hidden gem are what we love to capture in our show.

Beyond that, wherever there is great food and people who love to eat, we can find great content and conversation. There’s nothing quite as compelling, at least for us, as sitting down with someone who’s passionate about their city and their city’s food and just talking with them. The stories, the inspiration, the flavours that come out of those moments are what fuel our entire show. Mexico City had all of that in spades and it yielded one of our best episodes in my opinion.  

Who is the target audience for your digital content? 

AH: Our audience seem to know their way around a departure lounge. Travel, be it for business or pleasure, is something they seem do frequently and they enjoy making the most of it. But really it’s anyone who loves travel, food, and people. I’m always surprised by the amount of people who tell us that they discovered our show while they were researching an upcoming trip but then watched 5 more episodes on designations they never had any intention of travelling to. That’s incredibly satisfying because it means we’re introducing people to new adventures.  

What trends do you see in how and where people travel? 

AH:  I think people are proving to be a lot more adventurous in their destination choices, which is wonderful. We’re eschewing the “safe” choices and casting our nets much wider when we travel and I like to think that Attaché, along with many of the other great YouTube travel shows, is playing a small part in that change.  

Does Attaché work with partners? If so, how do you select the partners you work with?  

AH:  We do work with partners. In fact we wouldn’t exist without them. Our episodes are pretty expensive to make relative to a lot of content on YouTube (we have to GO to these wonderful places we feature, for starters) so working with carefully selected partners allows us to do that. We try to work with partners who our audience might find useful or interesting. Be they a service provider, airline, hotel group, or tourism board. We’ve been lucky enough to work with some fantastic brands including Cathay Pacific, Emirates,  Ancestry.com , Squarespace, and the Japan National Tourism Organisation.  

How did the Attaché series begin?  

How do you measure and track the success of a video?

AH:  Beyond the usual metrics like view count, likes/dislikes, etc we pay very close attention to comments and shares. The comments mean the world to me because someone has taken the time to give us their thoughts and I appreciate that. We’re very lucky that the overwhelming majority of our comments are positive so I do my best to reply to as many of them as possible. People are very generous with their opinions but also very forthcoming with tips and suggestions for their city as well, which is invaluable both to me and to our viewers. Shares are important to me too because they indicate that our content is valuable to someone and their social graph. Our Beirut episode was shared 21,000+ times on social media, mainly by people of the Lebanese diaspora, and that is incredibly rewarding to me.  

What were the KPIs and results of your most recent season?   

AH:  The most recent season of the show has performed incredibly well with millions of views and tens of thousands of comments. But perhaps the most satisfying statistic is how well our videos rank in natural search. Our videos rank in the top 1 or 2 results for <city name> searches for almost every video we made. So if someone searches YouTube for “Mexico City” for example, we’re the NUMBER ONE result on all of YouTube. That’s not easy. And it means that the long-tail reach of our content is incredible relative to quite a lot of YouTube content which is a bit more ephemeral.  

How are consumers interacting with your brand? 

AH:  It’s been very satisfying to see our audience, both loyal and first time viewers, are engaging with us outside and alongside the show itself. In 2017 we published a book called the Attaché Guide to Travel ( www.attachetravel.net/books ) which proved to be very popular – we hit our Kickstarter goal in less than a day. And our t-shirt collection, which we launched in May, seems to be proving popular. It’s always a challenge to take a brand from one platform to another, let alone from online to offline, but I’m pleased with the reception our various ancillary projects have received.  

Is there interest in taking Attaché beyond YouTube to another streaming platform or even traditional TV? 

AH:  We’re often asked by our YouTube audience when we’ll be getting our TV show! I think that’s due to our show not looking like normal travel vlogs, but it’s certainly a very flattering question to be asked. I’m proud of what we’ve been able to create with a very modest production budget, and the community we’ve fostered on YouTube. But I think with the backing of a streaming platform or traditional TV network we could create something pretty special.    It would also allow us to bring the sights, sounds, smells, and stories from our adventures to a wider audience and that can only be a good thing. So yes, there’s definitely an interest on our end.  

You’re launching a newsletter for your audience. What are the goals of this newsletter? How does it fit the larger model of how you interact with your audience? 

AH:  I travel a lot for non-Attaché commitments and I thought it might be interesting to capture some of the ideas, images, and inspiration from those trips.  

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Keep Your Daydream

Ep 106: a conversation with alex hunter with attaché, show notes: ep #106 a conversation with alex hunter.

Check out Alex’s website and watch his travel guide video below.

About This Episode

Alex Hunter Profile

Are you ready to get in, out, and around the worlds greatest cities? Alex Hunter is the creator of Attaché, the popular YouTube channel for the seasoned traveler looking for the essential travel guide in just 15 minutes.

More About Attaché

Attache logo

From AlexHunter.org Recently I found myself arriving in cities that I’ve never been to before and know very little about. On any level. Culture, language, transport, money, food, etiquette, etc. But I found that modern travel content hasn’t caught up with the modern traveller. Most modern travel shows are 60 minutes long, US-centric, full of bad and often inaccurate information, and almost exclusively aimed at tourists.

So I wanted to create something different. Something aimed at the frequent traveller, something portable and short-form. Something…useful.

The modern traveller doesn’t have time for an hour long travel show full of misinformation and cheesy tourist traps. They want accurate, well-researched, practical, on-the-ground information they can use on frequent, brief trips to cities around the world.

So we created Attaché – a new kind of travel show, created and curated for the experienced traveller. Designed to equip them with the information they need to make the most of their brief but busy visits to some of the world’s greatest cities. Packed with tips on transport, food, money, and etiquette, we’re creating digital guides to digital cities .

Watch Attaché on YouTube

See one of Alex’s latest videos and subscribe for even more travel guides.

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RV Slide Out Awning Installation

  • Description

RV slide out rooms revolutionized the way we travel and enjoy the great outdoors. In some cases, slide out rooms in the bedroom and living area can more than double the amount of leisure space you have to work with inside your RV, making your stay more comfortable and allowing for more activities. Because this handy invention can be such an important component of your RV adventures, it seems only right that you would want to take care of your slide out room and keep it in tiptop shape for as long as possible.

To protect your RV slide out from the elements and even keep your living space a few degrees cooler, most RV maintenance experts and certified technicians recommend installing a retractable awning over your slide out room. RV slide out awning installation is a relatively simple process that requires two sets of hands and about an hour of your time, and this small addition will work wonders in keeping debris such as sticks and leaves off of the top of your awning, which has been known to damage the top seal of your sidewall cut-out and cause potentially major leakage inside the cabin.

In this lesson, we walk you step by step through a demonstration of a RV slide out awning installation to show you just how important a slide out awning can be for the longevity of your RV components and your overall RVing enjoyment.

Quick and Painless RV Slide Out Awning Installation

One of the most common concerns RVers have about buying and using a vehicle with a slide out living room is trapped moisture. However, whether it be excessive heat or a pesky water leak from the roof of your slide out room, there’s a simple fix for any problem you might encounter: an awning. Awnings help to cover the roof and seams of your slide out, keeping water from building up and leaking into your cabin and harsh sunlight from baking your living space.

Utilizing a slide out awning can negate a lot of issues on your RV, so we’ll show you how to complete an RV slide out awning installation. In this RV slide out awning installation, Dave Solberg and RVIA-Certified Master Technician Steve Albright teach you the expert technique for the entire process.

First you’ll learn how to mount the rear and front brackets at the top of an RV slide out. Steve talks about the importance of measuring your slide out room beforehand to ensure you’ll have proper overall fit as well as correct placement of these brackets. You’ll then want to either remove the drip rail that’s already mounted in order to make room for the new awning bead rail, unless you have enough space for both.

Once you have the brackets mounted with neatly sealed screws, Steve and Dave show you how to snap a line to check that the bead rail is level, and then walk you through the process of threading the awning and making sure each component is securely installed. Prior to threading the awning material, Dave advises that you carefully clean your hands to ensure that you leave behind no dirt or grime from ladders, drills or other tools you might use. This awning should last you a long time, so you want it looking good from the start!

You’ll also learn why it’s essential to turn off the power supply on your RV before drilling any holes in the sidewall, and discover what Steve likes to use to ensure the awning remains rolled tightly during transit. Unwinding can cause bunching and rips in the material, which leads to a bad time.

And that’s that! All that’s left is to cycle the awning several times to check for smooth operation. Pretty easy stuff, if you feel confident in your ability to get the job done. With Dave and Steve’s help, the process is a synch. Consider adding an awning to your slide out room; we guarantee it’s worth the investment!

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attache travel videos

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Explore issue 10

Tokyo coffee special

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Lagom #10

The Attaché Guide to Travel, volume 1

A while ago we announced our partnership with the travel brand Attaché. Now, the 230-page book we’ve made together is available to buy. Expect a guidebook unlike any you’ve seen before, presented with the quality you’ve come to expect of Lagom.

  • #lagom news
  • #partner-feature

We’re very proud to announce the availability of The Attaché Guide to Travel, volume 1 , which we worked on with our friends at Attaché. Funded by a successful Kickstarter campaign last year, the finished book has been sent to backers of the project, and is now available to buy online and from selected stockists — and Lagom readers get 20% off using the promo code ‘LAGOM’ .

The Attaché Guide to Travel, volume 1 is a guidebook like no other. Rather than being filled with all the usual tourist spots, or indeed the hidden, niche spots, the book’s aim is to get you in, out, and around various cities in the world — much like Attaché’s hugely popular YouTube series .

attache travel videos

What does that mean in book form? It means eight to ten pages for every city (we have 21 in this first volume, in the area of Asia and Oceania), covering the essentials for any visitor:

  • Airport(s) — what are the best food options, lounges, WiFi access, ways of getting to the city?
  • Transport — trains, stored value cards, taxis.
  • Money — what's the currency, approximate values for common items, practices for tipping?
  • Language — the essentials for basic communication.
  • Food — three key dishes you simply have to try.
  • Internet — where to go it, what’s restricted, SIM card options.
  • Etiquette / Health & Safety

All of this information is presented amongst beautiful photography, and all pages use a handy iconographic system for you to easily find your way around.

attache travel videos

It was an absolute pleasure to provide creative and editorial direction to this book. To support the wonderful work of the Attaché team and equip yourself for your next flight, be sure to order the book online . 

And, if you’re interested in how the Lagom team an lend expertise to your own project, please get in touch .

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B&O PLAY Spring/Summer 2018 Collection

Today, our friends at B&O PLAY are announcing their Spring / Summer 2018 Collection with a seasonal range of limited edition premium headphones and speakers inspired by the vibrant and powerful colours of the ocean.

Lobby 1

The Hoxton, Paris

Continuing their expansion across the globe, boutique hotel The Hoxton recently opened their doors in Paris, immersing their guests with luxuries and from the 18th century while sympathetically combining it with modern comforts.

Sebastian Mullaert

Sebastian Mullaert’s woodland studio

Sebastian Mullaert has lent his name to countless techno compositions, all created in his cabin studio deep in the Swedish woods. We visited Sebastian and discovered his passion for being present in the moment, aided by nature and a desire to inspire presence in others.

Lagom 9 Patrons

Announcing the Lagom patronage subscription

Today we’re announcing the Lagom patronage subscription: a way of showing your support for the publication that will help us continue to run the magazine in an honest, meaningful way. It’s open to anyone, but aimed at small studios looking to provide inspiration for their teams and get a little exposure in the process.


Refinery Specialty Coffee Store, Berlin

Refinery High End Coffee Bar has been educating Berliners about just how good coffee can be since opening its doors in 2015, and the local community have embraced the shop and its concept to the extent that co-founders Tansel and Bora Ozbek have now expanded their business, opening Kreuzberg’s Refinery Specialty Coffee Store in July 2017. We spoke to Tansel about their exciting new venue.

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attache travel videos

13 best travels on YouTube to feed your wanderlust

Image of Demi Phillips

A large percentage of viewers on YouTube subscribe to travel channels for a myriad of reasons. While some long to feed their wanderlust, some seek budget travel advice, and others are in search of their next adventure. Whatever the case may be, travel vlogging is a very educational avenue to sharing information about the world at large. 

Whether in the hopes of learning more about a country’s culture, food, and people, or to live vicariously through them, these YouTube channels dedicated to travel are sure to keep you on an endless loop on their channels by sharing the highs, lows, and most epic moments journeying around the globe.

Here are 13 amazing travel channels for every type of adventurer to enjoy.

Bald and Bankrupt

Bald and Bankrupt is fronted by English travel vlogger Benjamin Rich. His channel, which has over three million subscribers and 500 million views, follows his travels around many parts of Central Asia and Eastern Europe. His raw and unedited vlogging style and his regular interactions with locals are what sets his channel apart from other glamorous travel vlogs on the platform. He mostly visits the countries’ rural areas and offers an insightful look into the lives of the residents. His  authentic style of vlogging has earned him a lot of praise from publications worldwide.

Fearless and Far

The channel’s host, Mike Corey, shows his viewers the most bizarre and extreme sides of traveling. The professional adventurer shares his insane travel experiences all over the world, and his encounters with locals. In a bid to challenge others to conquer their fears and explore the world, Corey’s channel has grown to house over one million subscribers. He is also a filmmaker and television host and delivers fun, exciting and epic travel content for the brave at heart. 

The Planet D

Every week, travel couple Dave and Deb share their adventurous experiences with their growing subscribers list. Their blog is one of the most popular travel blogs ever, and the pair have been to all the seven continents of the world. Offering some of their most inspiring travel moments, guides, tips, and more, they are one of the most influential travel content creators.

Drew Binsky

Drew Binsky has amassed over three million subscribers simply by doing the unbelievable: traveling to every single country in the world. He uses his channel to tell absolutely inspiring and epic stories from his journeys and offers unique content for his viewers. He also has a budget travel guide for fans who wish to enjoy several countries without breaking the bank.

Wolters World

Mark, Jocelyn, and their two children form this down-to-earth and honest travel channel where the glitz and glam of travel is substituted with real experiences while in a country. Not only do they tell it as it is, they offer some vital travel information to their audiences as opposed to simply selling a destination. 

Kara and Nate

Tennessee couple Kara and Nate have been traveling the world since they were newlyweds. They post videos of their journey around the world while sharing destination secrets and travel hacks. They have over 800 videos on their channel and recently celebrated meeting their goal of traveling to 100 countries by 2020. They have also created a travel app that helps travelers find cheap flights to their destinations.


One of the most popular travel channels on YouTube is LivingBobby . The passionate adventurer offers some of the most unique travel experiences, and explores the world’s most unique accommodations. His challenges are nothing short of epic, and all his content is directed to ensuring viewers summon the courage to travel, regardless of budgets.

This channel is a real treat for those who want to see places that are considered hidden gems. The videos highlight the hidden places in various countries while exhibiting unfiltered and genuine respect for the location, people, and culture. From finding the intriguing and unique attractions to understanding the culture of the place, the channel covers it all. With over 100 videos in the channel library, viewers are sure to be intrigued and inspired to visit these places.

The Bucket List Family

This inspiring group of five are the epitome of family travel goals. When Garrett and Jessica Gee sold off all their belongings in 2015 so they could travel the world, people called them crazy. Today, they and their three kids are enjoying the nomadic life, hopping from one country to the other and enjoying a lifetime of adventures along the way. Their content is absolutely wholesome, and proves that having kids isn’t a barrier to seeing the world.

Trek Trendy

While some watch travel videos in preparation for their trip, or to satisfy their wanderlust, some watch simply to live vicariously through the vlogger. That’s where Trek Trendy comes in, a YouTube channel dedicated to showcasing the extremely expensive and luxurious ways to travel like royalty. With tips on which first class airlines to try, and which to avoid, the host, Will, says it like it is and offers brutally honest reviews about trains, planes, and more.

The Budgeteers

When three friends get together and travel the world, it’s always a fun ride. The Budgeteers aims to dispel the myth that traveling has to be an expensive endeavor, and the hosts try to have as much fun as they can with as little money as possible. If you’re constrained by a budget but want your grand travel adventure, then this is the channel to subscribe to.


Winner of the 2016 Travel Media Awards, Attaché conveys crucial information succinctly. The channel aims to provide guides that help travelers in, out, and around the greatest cities in the world. Knowing how easy it is to get lost in unfamiliar places, especially as a traveler that does not speak the local language, the channel conveys information concisely. With guides no longer than 20 minutes, information on food, transport, cost of living, and cultural etiquette is covered.

Kristen and Siya

While embracing the minimalist life, Kristen and Siya travel with their baby in search of their next adventure. They give their audience practical advice on living full-time in an RV and on the road. They show both the highlights and the struggles that come with balancing a family and work-life while constantly on the move. 

Mr. Ballen

Travel Cheery

Attaché Travels – Toledo, Spain Travel Guide

by | Mar 22, 2023

Toledo, Spain. What a place! Toledo is located atop a peak next to the Tagus River and is known for its narrow cobblestone ...

Toledo, Spain. What a place! Toledo is located atop a peak next to the Tagus River and is known for its narrow cobblestone streets and unique blend of cultural influences. In fact the entire city was designated as a UNESCO world heritage site in 1986. We fell in love with the food and the setting. It’s hard to believe that a city like Toledo is just 30 minutes from Madrid.

To help us create more content, plus get access to exclusive content and merch, become one of our backers today http://www.patreon.com/attache

More of our travel guides – https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLlFMka6BkfokiAHF1FRl3-vjE3htGUHHF

How we film our travel guides – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oPFmRWNzG84

Alex’s Gear: https://youtu.be/vD_UyWC8xPE

🎒 The Bag – https://geni.us/attachebag 🎧 The Headphones – https://geni.us/attacheheadphones 💻 The Laptop – https://geni.us/attachelaptop 📱 The Tablet – https://geni.us/attachetablet 🕹️ The Entertainment – https://geni.us/attacheentertainment 🔋 The Power – https://geni.us/attachepowerbank 📡 The Tags – https://geni.us/attachetracker 🎥 The Vlogging Camera – https://geni.us/attachevlog 👝 The Cable Bag – https://geni.us/attachecablebag

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attache travel videos

TravelCheery.com is a travel meta search site where you can compare best deals on flights, hotels, car rentals, cruises, and more.


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Long-term RV Sewer Hookup: How Do I Connect My RV Permanently

  • May 24, 2022 /
  • By James V. /

When you are planning to set up your RV on a permanent or semi-permanent basis, it is a good idea. However, there are logistics to consider and you should be prepared for them once your septic tank and concrete pad are ready for use.

One of the logistical factors you will need to remember is that RV black and gray water tanks are not meant to be open 24/7. In your hook-up process, you will have to take this design into account. You will also need to use the gray water tank to help flush the black one.

To learn more about this topic, just continue to read our article. It does its best to guide you through this project so you have the best information to follow. Take a few minutes to see how this important information helps you get the right permanent set-up.

Permanent RV Septic


This is actually not a tough task to do. If you are building your own pad and giving your RV or travel trailer a permanent home, this is a good idea. It is also a good idea when you are planning a long-term stay at an RV park or campground.

The process is not hard to do. You just need the right tools, couplings, and hoses to do the job right. The items needed are as follows:

Utility knife

Tape measure

Two flexible 3” connectors

PVC pipe of 3” in diameter

90-degree sewer fitting adapter

45-degree adapter and RV drain

Of course, the specific models and shapes of most of the parts will depend on how your black water exit valve is designed and the location of the septic tank or dump spot.

Keep in mind that the sewer lines for RVs, etc., are not made for long-term use. You may have to buy some new hoses that are thicker and tougher when you want to stay in one spot for a very long time.

95% of the job is preparation. After that, it is a simple matter of hooking everything up correctly.

How To Permanently Hook Up RV To Septic


You can read our article that we wrote some time ago. You can get to it at this  permanent RV setup link. It has the steps you will need to do the job properly. There are only six steps involved in that article.

Or you can follow the steps we found at this link :

Step #1: Close all valves on your RV and then twist the termination cap off the drain.

Step #2: Measure the distance from the RV valve to the opening of the permanent sewer’s inlet valve. Cut the pipe that you bought to length. Keep in mind it is better to cut it longer than shorter. You can always take some pipe length off but you can’t put it back on.

Do not forget to smooth out the cut portions and get rid of all the burrs. A file or utility knife can do this.

Step #3: Now take your flexible connector. it should be designed with a 45-degree angle to fit the RV valve. Slide the connector into place and secure it. Then slide the PVC pipe into the other end.

Make sure the connector and pipe are set in the right positions before tightening any clamps or screws.

Step #4: Now it is time to connect to the other end. Again, make sure the pipe is in the right position, and then slip the 90-degree connector over the open end. After that, slip the open end of the connector over the sewer opening or valve. Secure both ends.

Step #5: Run the water faucets in your RV after opening the gray water tank valve. You want to check for leaks. If there are any, seal them up with the right compounds. If there are no leaks, you are done except for clean-up.

Get someone to help you that is experienced in this type of work if you are not sure your skills are up to the task.

Permanent RV Water Hookup


There are two ways to get this project done. The first way is to simply run a garden hose from a spigot to the RV. No permits are needed for this set up and it may only cost you the price of the new hose.

If you are running an actual water line, you will need to bury it plus, you may need to get a permit and have inspections done. To do this task is like running a water line to your home but on a smaller scale.

While the first option is cheap and easy, it also has its share of problems. It would be best to bury the hose as well to protect the ground from any chemicals coming off the hose. The second option is tougher and more expensive but it is safer.

The water line will need to be buried up to 12 inches at the bare minimum. Then you have to make sure you are connecting the water line to the proper spot on the main line. The only real problem will be water pressure so take that factor into account.

When that is all said and done, you just have to connect that water line with the one in your RV. Don’t forget to wrap the water line with insulation and heat tape to protect it in the winter.

How To Hook up RV To Sewer With PVC


The process we described above was using PVC pipe. Hooking the sewer up using PVC pipe is a matter of positioning and using the right connectors. Also, the type of security system you use is important.

In some cases, you can use PVC glue to hold the pipe in place. But if you ever move, removing the connectors will be difficult. You will want a flexible connector that only uses a clamp to secure it in place.

The key to using PVC pipe is to make sure you cut the pipe to the right length and have the right connectors. You do not want to be caught dumping any sewage on the ground, even if it is done accidentally.

If it does happen, you may face fines and penalties and will be spreading germs, the possibility of disease, and so on to the groundwater. Double-check your work to make sure all the connections are very secure and will not come undone accidentally.

Hooking Up Your RV To a Septic Tank


If you know how to hook up your black water tank to a dump station, then you already know how to do this task. It is a matter of simply connecting the hose or pipes correctly and you are done.

That means you need to have the right-sized connectors to match the opening of the septic tank. You cannot go too small nor can you go too large. You do need an exact and very tight fit to protect you and the water system.

You can use PVC glue on the septic side of the project to get that tight fit. The septic tank won’t be going anywhere even if you move. You can make that permanent but have a way to seal the opening if you do move.

Then, the key to hooking up to the septic tank is having the right angles and the proper length of pipe. Go too short, you will have to add more connectors or start from almost scratch and cut a new length of pipe.

You will also need a slight downward slope to the pipe so the flow will be smooth and nothing stops in the middle of the pipe.

Connect Travel Trailer To Septic System

The first step in this process is to make sure your trailer is level. Whether you use blocks, tire steps, or the leveling jacks, you need to make sure your trailer is perfectly level.

If you are connecting to a house sewer or septic system, you may have to dig down and connect to the sewer pipe directly. You will also have to dig down between 12 to 18 inches with a slight slope if you are using the gravity system.

Connect the valves and connectors as we described above making sure they are secure and tight. You will need a 4-inch diameter and a schedule 40 pipe to do this project.

Some Final Words

These tasks are not that complicated. You should be able to get plans to help you with all the special details. Or you can talk to your city’s permit section to get what they require before you start this project.

This is another project you should not cheap out on. Get the right materials, and you can find them at an affordable price, so you do not have to do this work again.

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Biden blames international travel for poor debate performance, says he nearly 'fell asleep on stage'

Biden made the remarks at a campaign fundraiser in McLean, Virginia.

At a campaign fundraiser in McLean, Virginia, on Tuesday evening, President Joe Biden -- for the first time -- attributed his poor debate performance last week to the amount of foreign travel he did in June, according to notes from a small group of reporters permitted in the event.

"I decided to travel around the world a couple of times," Biden said, referring to recent trips abroad, including his visit to France for the 80th anniversary of D-Day .

"I didn't listen to my staff,” he continued, adding he "came back and nearly fell asleep on stage."

Biden said Tuesday he was sorry for his debate performance but stressed that winning the election was "critical."

"It's not an excuse but an explanation,” he continued, adding that the DNC and Biden campaign have raised millions of dollars since debate night.

"I feel good about it," he said.

MORE: 40 people injured after Air Europa flight experiences heavy turbulence, diverted to Brazil

Biden's debate performance last Thursday triggered renewed concern over his age and mental acuity among political observers, including some Democrats who have begun to have discussions about his ability to carry on as their party's nominee.

The president first addressed his poor debate performance at a North Carolina rally the day after the debate.

"Folks, I know I'm not a young man, to state the obvious," he told the crowd.

"I don't debate as well as I used to, but I know what I do know. I know how to tell the truth," he said to loud cheers from an enthusiastic campaign crowd.

Last Saturday, he also touched on it at a fundraiser at the home of New Jersey Gov. Phil Murphy.

"I didn't have a great night, but I'm going to be fighting harder," Biden told attendees of the event.

Earlier on Monday evening, the Biden campaign held a call with more than 500 regional and national finance chairs – who raise money for the campaign and the Democratic Party – during which senior campaign advisers defended Biden's health and gave assurances he could carry on with his 2024 campaign.

MORE: More than 4K pounds of liquid eggs recalled from 9 states

The campaign advisers also noted that a few hundred campaign events in support of Biden took place around the country this past weekend. They also touted the fundraising haul since the debate, people who were on the call told ABC News, with the campaign and the Democratic Party raking in $33 million.

ABC News' Zohreen Shah, MaryAlice Parks, SooRin Kim, Will McDuffie and Selina Wang contributed to this report.

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Americans seek out cooler destinations for July 4 travel as temperatures sizzle

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Beaches reopen in South Carolina


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Gabriel Attal reacts after first round results of the 2024 snap legislative elections

Far-right majority can be avoided, French PM says

French Prime Minister Gabriel Attal, a close ally of President Emmanuel Macron, said he believed a cross-party bid to deprive Marine Le Pen's far-right National Rally of a majority in next Sunday's parliamentary run-off could succeed.

Anti-landing barricades are pictured on the beach, with China's Xiamen city in the background, in Kinmen

Hurricane Beryl, now Cat 4, targets Jamaica with ferocious winds: Live updates

Hurricane Beryl weakened slightly Tuesday into a Category 4 storm − from the monster Category 5 it became overnight − as it pushed farther into the Caribbean Sea, homing in on Jamaica and triggering warnings and advisories across Haiti, the Dominican Republic, and the Cayman Islands.

Beryl made landfall on Carriacou Island in Grenada as a Category 4 on Monday with 150-mph winds, causing at least three deaths and devastating Grenada and St. Vincent and the Grenadines. The fast-moving storm then regained strength over the Caribbean Sea, and on Monday night it became the earliest Category 5 hurricane on record.

The National Hurricane Center said in its 11 p.m. ET advisory that Beryl had maximum sustained winds of near 150 mph − just 7 mph below the Category 5 threshold and down from 165 mph earlier in the day. But forecasters say Beryl will remain a powerful hurricane this week as it moves on a west-northwest path at almost 22 mph.

Forecasters said the center of Beryl will "move rapidly" across the central Caribbean Sea on Tuesday night before it reaches Jamaica. Beryl is "expected to bring life-threatening winds and storm surge to Jamaica" on Wednesday and to the Cayman Islands that night and into Thursday, the hurricane center said .

The storm surge along the Jamaican coast could be as much as 6 to 9 feet above normal tide levels, according to the hurricane center. As Beryl passes over or near Jamaica, currently about 300 miles east-southeast from the capital Kingston, its winds are forecast to decrease but the danger will remain high.

"Winds are expected to first reach tropical storm strength early on Wednesday,'' the NHC said, "making outside preparations difficult or dangerous."

Jamaica's Prime Minister Andrew Holness warned residents on Tuesday night "to take the hurricane as a serious threat," and advised people to prepare for potential impacts but to remain calm. Holness added that officials have taken several precautionary measures in anticipation of Beryl.

The hurricane center is forecasting 4 to 8 inches of rain and up to 12 inches in isolated locations of Jamaica and the Barahona Peninsula in the southwest Dominican Republic, which could lead to flash flooding and mudslides.

Hurricane Beryl in photos: See the damage as storm moves through Caribbean

The storm is predicted to pass near or over the Cayman Islands, potentially raising water levels by as much as 2 to 4 feet above normal tide levels and drenching the area with torrential rain. The southern coast of Haiti was placed under a hurricane watch as forecasters warned both Haiti and the Dominican Republic could start to see tropical storm conditions Tuesday.

Elsewhere, residents and visitors in the Cayman Islands, Belize, the Yucatan Peninsula and the Gulf are advised to closely monitor Beryl's path. Additional weakening is expected later in the week, though Beryl is forecast to remain a hurricane in the northwestern Caribbean.

Hurricane Beryl tracker: See projected path of storm


∎ Officials in Mexico and Belize have issued advisories for parts of their countries, according to the National Hurricane Center. In Mexico, the east coast of the Yucatan Peninsula is under hurricane watch while Belize issued a tropical storm watch from the south of Chetumal to Belize City.

∎ Winds gusted into the high 40s in Puerto Rico on Tuesday morning, while a gust of up to 54 mph was reported at Buck Island in the Virgin Islands.

∎ Swells capable of life-threatening surf and rip current conditions are expected to reach the southern coasts of Puerto Rico and Hispaniola on Tuesday afternoon, the NHC said.

∎ Grantley Adams International Airport in Barbados announced on its website that it's resuming operations after it closed on Sunday before Beryl caused considerable damage across the island.

∎ Jamaica's government has issued a hurricane warning for the island country, while tropical storm warnings were in effect for parts of the southern Dominican Republic. Tropical storm conditions are expected in the warning area along the south coast of Hispaniola by late Tuesday, the hurricane center said.

President Biden is monitoring Hurricane Beryl, White House says

In a statement posted on X , the White House said President Joe Biden is “closely monitoring” Hurricane Beryl and his administration is poised to assist Puerto Rico, the U.S. Virgin Islands and the region.

The statement added that Biden has been in contact with officials on the ground, including those with the U.S. Agency for International Development and the Federal Emergency Management Agency.

Across Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands, the National Weather Service said Beryl's impacts were minimal. However, coastal flood and high surf advisories will remain in southern Puerto Rico for another night.

Will Hurricane Beryl hit Texas, the US Gulf Coast?

As Hurricane Beryl heads across the Caribbean Sea after tearing through the Windward Islands, impacts on the U.S. and Gulf Coast remain unclear. There is still no consensus among the forecast models for the path Beryl could take after it crosses the Yucatan Peninsula and emerges in the Gulf of Mexico.

The models don't agree on the strength or location of a possible break in the ridge over the southern United States. Weather Service offices in Houston and Corpus Christi, Texas, still aren't expecting impacts outside ocean conditions by Saturday, but forecasters in both field offices Tuesday morning said they'll be closely monitoring the center's forecast over the next couple of days as the track becomes clearer.

"Folks in the Texas coast, as we go into the holiday weekend, you're going to want to make sure you check back on the forecast and make sure you're ready for any potential impacts,'' National Hurricane Center Director Michael Brennan said. "If we were to see tropical storm conditions affect those areas in the far western Gulf of Mexico, it could be during the day Saturday."

Because the forecast track puts Beryl in the Bay of Campeche − at the southern end of the gulf − as a tropical storm by Friday night and Saturday morning, a few models are showing an influx of tropical rain starting Saturday afternoon.  

There’s likely going to be "an increasing rainfall threat in Mexico and Texas” by the weekend, said Alex Lamers, chief of the forecast operations branch at the service’s Weather Prediction Center. But there remains “a really high degree of uncertainty in the forecast once you get beyond Saturday.”

Regardless of Beryl's exact track in the gulf, the weather service office in Corpus Christi said the southeast Texas coast also can expect a high risk of rip currents this weekend, and a medium chance for coastal flooding. Six rip-current deaths have already occurred this year along gulf coast beaches, and the weather service is increasingly concerned about the potential for rip currents over a holiday weekend when the beaches will likely be packed.

Embedded content: https://www.usatoday.com/story/graphics/2024/07/02/hurricane-beryl-category-5-records-broken/74273113007/

Ahead of Hurricane Beryl, the streets of Jamaica are 'in pandemonium'

Racquel Layne, a project coordinator with the local disaster relief organization St. Patrick's Rangers, said the streets of Kingston, Jamaica, were chaotic on Tuesday as residents of the capital city braced for what's expected to be the most devastating hurricane to hit the island in 30 years.

"The streets are in pandemonium right now," she told USA TODAY. "I think everybody's doing last-minute shopping and preparation."

Some hurried to fortify their houses against the storm. "You see persons doing repairs on their walls, putting cinder blocks on their roof, getting their sandbags in preparation for Beryl," Layne said.

Layne's organization activated all of its response team members and was in the process of assigning them to specific communities Tuesday. Relief workers had also stockpiled family emergency and shelter kits and prepared community shelters throughout the parishes of Kingston, St. Andrew, St. Thomas and St. Catherine, she said. For 72 hours, "it's been nonstop coordination and preparation and execution of our emergency response plan," she said.

A climate of fear descended in Kingston as Beryl approached, Layne said. "The majority of persons are concerned, they're scared," she said. "They don't know what to expect. They have seen the damage that Beryl has already done in the eastern Caribbean, and they are very anticipatory of what will happen in Jamaica."

Neighbors stick together as Kingston, Jamaica, is in crosshairs

Ian Nicholas and his family spent hours Tuesday securing the roof of their home in the Riverton neighborhood of Kingston, Jamaica, with galvanized wire. The roof, made of zinc, would not fare well against Hurricane Beryl's ferocious winds, he thought.

Nicholas, 34, and his wife Alicia, 31, felt confident they could weather the storm. Their five children were even excited to help out with the roof project. "They don't really understand," he said.

Nicholas recalled going through the same routine ahead of Hurricane Ian several years ago. "I don't know if we're scared. Because we have so many hurricanes, we have more experience," he said.

Regardless, the neighborhood is sticking together ahead of Beryl's arrival. "We encourage each other to prepare, button up roofs and windows," Nicholas said. "We communicate."

Experience informs Hurricane Beryl preparation

Danesha Wilson, 31, still remembers how her mother's house filled with leaking water after Hurricane Ivan in 2004.

This time around in Kingston, Jamaica, she has a solid preparation plan for Hurricane Beryl. "I am currently on the road getting tall bunk lights and candles and stuff. I already have food at the house and water," she told USA TODAY on Tuesday. "I'm going to board up the windows."

Wilson said supermarket shelves in Kingston were cleaned out as people rushed to stock up ahead of Beryl's landfall. "A lot of persons came yesterday and they got rid of everything," she said.

The hurricane could take some financial toll on Wilson's customized gift business by interrupting a peak week for school graduations. "People were going to give customized gifts to the graduates, and they won't be able to get those anymore, because they have to be prepared for a hurricane," she said. "That money that I was supposed to get, I won't be able to get that anymore.''

Confidence in Hurricane Beryl projection cone is 'rather low'

It is still too soon to say where the storm will wind up this weekend. The models used to forecast track have a wide spread of potential outcomes, and the forecast confidence in the official track is "rather low," Philippe Papin, one of the National Hurricane Center’s hurricane specialists, wrote in Monday night’s forecast. 

That includes uncertainty about what Beryl’s structure and intensity will look like as it approaches or crosses the Yucatan, but conditions in the Gulf of Mexico do not appear "especially favorable" for regaining strength if Beryl moves back out over the Gulf, Papin wrote. 

The key question will be how strong the ridge of high pressure remains over the Gulf and whether it contracts to the east and gives Beryl a potential pathway for turning in a more northerly direction, National Weather Service forecasters said Monday. There's certainly no consensus in the computer models used to forecast track, but a few of the projections hinted Monday at a possible northwestward turn in Beryl’s track that could point it toward the U.S. Gulf Coast by the weekend.  

Hurricane Beryl kills at least 3 people, flattens islands

Officials reported devastating damage across the southern Windward Islands after Hurricane Beryl ripped across the region on Monday, including at least three deaths and damage to 90% of homes across the islands of Carriacou and Petite Martinique.

Grenada Prime Minister Dickon Mitchell said in a news conference that Carriacou "was flattened" in just 30 minutes. “The situation is grim,” Mitchell said Tuesday. “There’s almost complete destruction of homes and buildings on the island. The roads are not passable."

Mitchell said the minister of Carriacou and Petite Martinique, Tevin Andrews, reported at least two deaths related to Hurricane Beryl.

On Monday, at least one death was reported in the St. Vincent and the Grenadines archipelago, and more may be revealed, Prime Minister Ralph Gonsalves said. The hurricane "has left in its wake immense destruction," Gonsalves said, adding that 90% of the homes in Union Island have been "severely damaged or destroyed."

Fierce winds ripped the roofs off buildings and knocked out power across the St. Vincent community of Prospect. Other parts of the island of Grenada were plunged into the dark as well.

In Barbados, authorities gave the "all clear" after intense weather conditions from the passing hurricane subsided on Monday. While there was "considerable damage" to homes, buildings and boats throughout Barbados, no one was badly injured, Wilfred Abrahams, minister of home affairs and information, said at a news conference.

Meanwhile, at a restaurant in Kingston, Jamaica, waiter Welton Anderson told Reuters he felt calm despite the hurricane's approach.

"Jamaicans wait until the last minute. The night before or in the morning the panic sets in. It's because we're used to this," he said.

'A massive warning sign': Record-smashing Hurricane Beryl may be an 'ominous' sign of what's to come

What is the 2024 hurricane season forecast?

Beryl has surprised forecasters almost since it formed, including rocketing from a tropical depression to a major hurricane in about 48 hours, and then in strengthening to a Category 5 storm. It was fueled by much warmer than normal ocean temperatures in the Atlantic and aided in that development by light winds that allowed it to build a strong inner core. 

Forecasters fear it could be a scary sign of things to come in what has been projected to be a very busy season for tropical storms and hurricanes. Federal forecasters have predicted  a hurricane season unlike any other , with as many as 25 named storms possible.

It is the most storms the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration has ever predicted in a preseason outlook. "All the ingredients are in place for an active season," National Weather Service director Ken Graham said in May.

NOAA director Rick Spinrad said the Atlantic hurricane season is shaping up to be "extraordinary" − an 85% chance for an above-average year. "The forecast … is the highest NOAA has ever issued for the May outlook," he said.

Contributing: Cheryl McCloud, USA TODAY Network; Reuters


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